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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 9, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, January 9, 2012

In Victor's prison cell, Sharon agreed to become Victor's wife. Victor said he'd arrange to have the ceremony the next day. Victor added, "It'll be legally binding. I want you to be protected and cared for -- the sooner, the better." Sharon said that though Victor hadn't been completely honest about what he wanted from the marriage, especially as it related to Nikki, she was willing to give him what he wanted. Sharon said she appreciated what Victor had done for her and for Faith. Victor agreed that Sharon had every right to share custody with Nick because Faith needed her mother.

In Dr. Okamura's office, Billy, Victoria, and Chelsea learned the results of the paternity test. Dr. Okamura explained that the lab had conducted the test twice to ensure accuracy and that Billy was the father of the baby Chelsea was carrying. After the doctor stepped out, Chelsea stood up, faced Billy and Victoria, and asked Billy how he planned to "do right by the baby." Chelsea claimed that Billy's true nature was dark and vicious, and she insisted she hadn't lied about how she had become pregnant. Victoria said, "I know Billy and what he's capable of, and I know you're a liar." Victoria received a text message and had to leave. Chelsea told Billy that they should deal with each other through their lawyers. Billy added, "And the bankers, of course, right?"

Later, Billy caught up with Chelsea on the patio at Crimson Lights. Billy, speaking in a calm voice, said that Chelsea had indeed been right about her baby's paternity, so perhaps they should discuss the matter. Billy spoke in a hushed tone and told Chelsea that he couldn't remember being with her the night she'd become pregnant. Billy admitted drinking too much and said he remembered dancing with Chelsea. Billy told Chelsea that she was a "bit of a spark," and he recalled that she was the one who'd flirted with him. Chelsea replied, "It's not a crime to kiss a drunk tourist." Billy agreed that he was wasted, but he maintained that he could usually hold his liquor. Chelsea blamed the tropical heat.

Billy suggested that Chelsea might have slipped something into his drink. Billy insisted that whether or not he'd been drugged, he knew he had not forced himself on her. Billy asked Chelsea to tell him the truth about what had happened. Chelsea said that she and Billy had had fun at the bar, drinking and kissing. Billy pressed Chelsea to continue, and she admitted that she and her friends sometimes did whatever was necessary to make money because not everyone, like Billy, was a trust-fund baby.

Chelsea added, "Sometimes, my friends and I would help cops fill their quotas." Billy noted that Chelsea didn't immediately turn him in after she drugged him and planted drugs inside his bag. Chelsea smiled and said, "You're a fun drunk. Some might even say that you're sexy."

Chelsea smiled sweetly at Billy, when he said, "You're a pretty girl, but I guess you weren't interested." Chelsea replied, "I was, and I made that very clear." Billy said he still wasn't sure what had happened. Chelsea leaned forward and in a sexy tone said, "I seduced you. I can be very persuasive." Chelsea readily acknowledged that their encounter had been consensual. Chelsea changed her tone and scornfully warned that she intended to stick to her original story because it was Billy's word against hers. Billy showed Chelsea a digital recorder he produced from his breast pocket and said, "Not so much anymore!"

Billy admonished Chelsea and said, "This rape B.S. might have worked for you in the past." Billy explained that the first girl he'd loved had been through a horrible ordeal. Billy said that when this woman had tried to tell her mom what had happened, the mother wouldn't listen because she didn't want to believe it. Billy noted that real victims were desperate to tell someone about the attack. Billy told Chelsea that a victim would never flirt with and try to seduce her attacker.

Chelsea became angry and told Billy that he had no right to judge her because he was a spoiled rich boy. Billy replied, "It takes quite a bit to offend my low sense of decency, but I'll be damned if you didn't just do it." Chelsea told Billy he could play back the recording and prove to Victoria that he wasn't a rapist, but he'd still have to discuss the baby. Billy blasted Chelsea for twisting the knife in Victoria's side by making her question her husband's character. Chelsea said, "You and I had fun that night, and fun doesn't come cheap." Billy seemed utterly disgusted, and he sighed deeply as he rose to leave.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar, Nikki pretended she was drunk. Deacon ordered two vodka tonics and told Nikki it would be the first alcoholic drink he'd had since she'd begun spiking his drinks. Deacon told Nikki that he knew she'd gone to see Victor on New Year's Eve. After the bartender served the drinks, Nikki pushed hers aside and claimed that she'd had an early start and would end up under the table if she had another drink. Nikki claimed that she'd been drinking when she decided to visit Victor. Slurring her speech, Nikki added, "My loving ex-husband is going to marry our former daughter-in-law. Can you believe that?"

Nikki told Deacon that Sharon envied her life and had evidently been planning to marry Victor for years. Deacon's glass was empty, so Nikki slid hers over and offered it to him. Nikki recalled Deacon having told her that they were good together. She said, "I am not good at being alone." Deacon assured Nikki that she wasn't alone, and she pretended to be elated. Later, Nikki and Deacon retired to their suite. While Deacon sipped yet another drink, Nikki waved her arms in the air and claimed that she was in the "floaty stage, where everything felt really nice." Deacon said, "I'm not going to blow this. I am going to take a shower and see if I can come around."

After Deacon closed the bathroom door behind him, Nikki began searching the room. Nikki whispered to herself, "This time, I will find out what you know about Diane's murder." Nikki opened an armoire, retrieved Deacon's laptop, and scanned through video files on the computer's hard drive. Deacon quietly opened the bathroom door and saw Nikki searching files on his laptop. He tiptoed out of the bathroom, took a silk scarf from the armoire, and fashioned a garrote. As Deacon inched his way toward Nikki from behind, Victoria knocked on the door and called out to her mother. Deacon quickly retreated to the bathroom. Nikki closed the lid on the laptop and put it back inside the armoire.

Nikki stepped out to talk to Victoria. Nikki realized that Victoria's tears meant that Chelsea was indeed carrying Billy's baby. Nikki consoled her daughter. Victoria cried that Billy had made a baby with a stranger after one encounter, but she and Billy had been unsuccessful in their various endeavors to build a family. Nikki told Victoria to think about herself first and then she'd be able to figure out how to proceed. Deacon called out to Nikki, so Victoria insisted on leaving. Victoria told her mom to take care of herself. Victoria assured Nikki that she'd be all right.

When Nikki returned to the room, Deacon was stretched out on the bed. He beckoned Nikki to lie beside him. Deacon said that the shower had not revived him, so he'd have to forgo lovemaking. He begged Nikki to snuggle beside him for the night. Nikki jumped out of bed and said she had to first wash her face. After Nikki went into the bathroom, Deacon grabbed his laptop and began deleting files. Nikki covertly watched Deacon through the partially opened door.

Victoria returned home. Billy played the recording of Chelsea admitting that she'd seduced him and that their encounter had been consensual. Victoria told Billy that she had never believed that Chelsea's accusations were true. Billy said he still couldn't change the results of the paternity test. Victoria told Billy that the adoption agency had called earlier and had hoped to meet with them. Victoria said she had explained that she and Billy were unable to go.

Victoria cried that she'd hoped to get past the mental anguish of never being able to have a biological child with Billy, but she could not. Victoria explained that Chelsea had gotten pregnant very easily, but Victoria could not no matter how hard she tried. Billy kissed Victoria's hands and told her she was an amazing wife and mother. Victor said she still wanted to carry Billy's child. Billy said he wanted that, too, and he warmly embraced Victoria to comfort her.

Nick visited Adam in jail and told him that because he'd violated his restraining order, Newman Enterprises had grounds to oust him. Adam maintained that the charges would not stick because Sharon had been engaging in conversation with him at the time. Adam told Nick that he was there to commiserate because Sharon had agreed to marry Victor. Adam added, "I am the one person who understands exactly how that feels." Nick said he didn't want to discuss the matter, but Adam asked Nick if he thought that Sharon loathed them.

Nick reminded Adam that Sharon had decided on her own to have him jailed because she didn't want to be in the same room with him. Adam told Nick that Victor had gotten the better of them both and loved to gloat. Adam added, "Dad's mustache twirls all on its own." Nick agreed that their dad enjoyed winning. Adam announced that he would funnel his energies into Newman Enterprises. He said he planned to sell Beauty of Nature and purchase distressed assets.

Adam added, "Who said a bad economy isn't a good thing?" Nick replied, "That will never happen. You hear me? You remember I said that!" Adam asked Nick why he cared about the old man and his company after what he'd done.

Michael stopped by the headquarters of Restless Style and warned Phyllis that in addition to condemning Sharon in the latest issue, she'd also declared war on Victor. Michael added, "That is a very bad idea." Phyllis maintained that she'd written the truth about Victor and Sharon. Michael reminded Phyllis that Sharon had superpowers because she was wearing Victor's ring. Phyllis reminded Michael that she'd waged war with Victor when he unleashed Patty Williams. Phyllis defended her actions, but Michael said he was there to warn her because he loved her, and he cautioned Phyllis to watch her back. After Michael left, Phyllis posted a promise to her online readers. Phyllis vowed to cover every detail of Sharon and Victor's upcoming nuptials.

Adam stopped by the prison to see his father. He quipped that it was so quiet in Victor's cell because it wasn't at all like a regular cell. Victor said he knew Adam had been jailed because he'd violated Sharon's restraining order. Adam insisted that Sharon had no reason to enforce the restraining order after gaining shared custody of Faith. Adam added, "I guess you found yourself a shiny, new robot toy." Victor claimed he didn't control Sharon.

Adam claimed he had big plans, and he suggested that Victor get used to having things slip through his fingers. Victor announced that he also had big plans. Adam's face became ashen when Victor said, "I am getting married to Sharon." Michael arrived as Adam was leaving. Adam seemed stunned and didn't respond when Michael acknowledged his presence.

Michael, grinning, said, "I think I can guess what that was about." Victor agreed that his announcement had gotten to Adam. Michael said he'd heard that Adam planned to tell the board of directors that he hoped to sell Beauty of Nature. Michael asked, "How do you wish for me to proceed?" Victor staunchly replied, "Do nothing at all."

Adam soothed his wounded pride at the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar. Chelsea happened by and claimed she could guess the brand and age of the whiskey Adam was sipping. Adam said, "Wow, bartending tricks. Why don't you go dazzle someone else while you're taking a break from tormenting my sister, Victoria?" Chelsea claimed that Adam's two moods included seething and cranky. Adam shot back that Chelsea was "Gidget with a chainsaw." After Chelsea mentioned that she was staying in a suite, Adam asked who was paying for it. Chelsea replied, "Let's just say they announced the lottery numbers, and I won. Looks like I'll be staying in Genoa City for a long time to come."

Sharon stopped by Nick's to pick up Faith. Nick warned Sharon that Victor had pulled a similar stunt with Victoria that had ended up costing her custody of Reed. Sharon insisted that she just wanted to spend time with Faith, not hurt Nick. Nick said he was never worried about anyone but Faith. Sharon claimed that Nick's battle was always against Adam, and she reminded Nick that she'd decided on her own to have Adam arrested.

Sharon announced to Nick that she and Victor planned to marry the next day. Nick scoffed and cried that he truly knew nothing about Sharon any longer. Nick added, "First it was Adam, and now it's my dad. Truth is that I haven't known you for years now." Nick mentioned Noah and Faith, who'd have to regard their imprisoned grandfather as a stepfather.

Nick accused Sharon of not considering Noah's feelings after she admitted she hadn't told their son about her marriage plans. Nick worried that Noah might decide not to return home. Sharon also admitted that she hadn't yet told her mother because the wedding date had just been set. Nick said sarcastically, "You've got awesome judgment, Sharon." Faith kissed her daddy before heading out the door. Nick asked Sharon to tell Victor that he had one less son at Newman Enterprises. Nick seemed distressed after Sharon turned and walked away.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cane was working at Jimmy's when Lily arrived and gave him a big kiss. Lily told Cane that she had her first assignment as a photographer for Restless Style. She would be detailing a day in the life of a model. Lily explained that she needed to be away for a night and asked Cane if he would stay with the twins.

Cane said that he'd love to watch the children. Lily was pleased and suggested that it was time for them to revise the custody arrangement, since Cane had been spending so much time with the twins. Cane was thrilled. Cane asked Lily out to dinner to celebrate her new profession.

At the apartment, Sofia was on the couch, watching footage from her wedding to Neil. Sofia studied Neil's face as he recited the vows and was concerned by his lack of passion. Neil walked in from the bedroom to report that Moses was sleeping. Sofia noted that the baby had been up a few times the night before. Neil didn't know that because he'd been sleeping so soundly. Sofia acknowledged that Neil needed some rest.

Neil wondered what Sofia had been watching, and she explained it was their wedding footage. Sofia assumed Neil was still uncomfortable with their marriage, but Neil suggested that Sofia look at the footage from Christmas or their bathing Moses, the times when Neil enjoyed their family time. Sofia had no regrets, but she was worried about Neil. Sofia thought something was missing, but before they could discuss their problems, Neil left the room to attend to the baby.

Tucker left a message on Devon's phone, offering to work with him on his music projects. Kay overheard Tucker and assumed that Devon was still disinterested in having a relationship with Tucker. Kay was curious. Tucker informed Kay that he and Devon had been talking. Tucker asked Kay not to pry into his life. Kay felt she had reached out to Tucker over the holidays, but he hadn't responded. Tucker didn't think it was a good idea for them to reconcile.

In the music studio, Devon worked on a new music track. Devon was frustrated. Harmony entered and asked if she could help, assuming that the mix wasn't coming together for Devon. Harmony was surprised that Devon was so sensitive about her observation. Devon admitted that his cochlear implant might have some effect on his ability to hear pitches. Devon wanted to prove himself.

Harmony wondered if Devon had seen a doctor about his hearing. Devon explained that the doctors had done all they could for him. Later, Harmony did research online about Devon's medical condition. Devon, meanwhile, struggled with mixing the sound. Harmony printed out information about cochlear implants and saw that Chancellor Industries had been a benefactor in the research, as was McCall Unlimited. Harmony called Tucker to arrange a meeting to discuss Devon's troubles.

Tucker went to Restless Style, and Harmony explained that Devon was having problems with the cochlear implant. Harmony thought that Devon's issues weren't his hearing, but that he lacked confidence. Tucker assumed that Devon had confided in her, but Harmony said she'd simply been in the right place when Devon needed to vent. Harmony showed Tucker the information she'd printed out about companies doing research into cochlear implants. McCall Unlimited had been one of the benefactors, and Tucker offered to make some calls for Devon.

Later, Tucker told Harmony that Devon would need to be examined, but the doctors were interested in seeing him. Harmony envied the fact that Tucker had the power to make things happen. Tucker was curious that Harmony went to him with the information rather than Kay. Harmony thought that Tucker and Devon were too hard on Kay, but Harmony chose to speak with Tucker primarily because he was Devon's dad. Tucker appreciated that.

Nick was excited that Summer was going to spend the night. Nick invited Phyllis to stay and join them in a video game challenge. Summer was very good at the game, and after beating her parents, she asked to check her emails on the computer. Nick and Phyllis acknowledged how fast Summer was growing up. Phyllis learned that Sharon and Victor were getting married, and she was sad that Nick had lost full custody of Faith. Nick revealed that he'd quit at Newman Enterprises because he wanted nothing to do with Victor. Phyllis did not want to say "I told you so," and she said she'd known that Victor would hurt Nick.

Summer screamed and returned to the room, complaining about her finger. Nick mentioned taking her the emergency room, but Summer was afraid of the hospital. Nick asked Summer to bend her finger and when she was able to do that, he said it was just a sprain. Nick made Summer feel better by making her laugh. Phyllis watched Summer with Nick and later told Nick how good he'd been with their daughter. Phyllis wished she and Nick could always get along so well.

Victoria walked downstairs and found Billy in the living room. They admitted that they were both worried about Chelsea having Billy's baby. Billy was determined to fix the problem and asked Victoria to join him in presenting a united front. Victoria wished that she hadn't resembled Chelsea because that was why Billy had been attracted to her. Victoria was still shocked that Chelsea had lied about being raped. Billy loathed Chelsea for telling that lie. Billy wanted to handle Chelsea in a particular way, and he needed Victoria to be on board with his plan.

At the Athletic Club, Chelsea received a phone call. She told the person on the line that Billy would be paying her bills because of the baby. Chelsea later received another call and claimed that she did not want a lawyer yet. Chelsea called Billy to arrange a meeting. After Victoria agreed to the plan, Billy told Chelsea to go to their house. Later, Chelsea went to Billy's and announced that the solution to their problem was simple. Chelsea wanted to leave town with the baby and would do that if Billy gave her three million dollars. Billy laughed and said no.

Chelsea said that she was broke and threatened to sell the story to the tabloids to make money. Billy warned Chelsea not to mess with Victoria because she'd beaten Victor and would destroy Chelsea. Billy said he didn't want the baby out of his life, and Chelsea was confused. When Cane arrived, Chelsea left in a huff. Billy told Cane that Chelsea had just realized that she was not calling the shots. Later, Chelsea called her connection and said that the meeting had been a disaster.

Victoria met with the adoption agency representative. The man assumed that Victoria and Billy wanted to know about the prospective mother who was giving up her baby. Victoria explained that the situation with her and Billy had changed, and she felt she had to explain how to the adoption agency. Later, Victoria arrived at home. Lily and Cane were there with Billy, and he was telling them that he and Victoria had decided to take away Chelsea's rights to the baby so they could raise the child themselves.

Kay went to Neil's apartment. Sofia left Neil and Kay to speak alone together. Kay had heard that Neil had interviewed with some headhunters for a new position. Kay missed Neil at Chancellor Industries. Kay asked Neil if she might convince him to return to his job. Kay said she regretted the decisions she'd made, but they were not about their friendship. Neil said that their friendship had been damaged. Kay said that what had happened would never occur again.

Kay told Neil the position at Chancellor would not remain open indefinitely. Neil understood and showed Kay out. Neil assumed Sofia had overheard his conversation with Kay. Neil could not forget that Kay had manipulated Devon to get her way. Sofia reminded Neil that everyone made mistakes. Sofia felt that Neil was the best candidate for the Chancellor job. Neil decided to go for a walk to think. Neil appreciated that Sofia was so supportive and kissed her cheek.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In her hotel suite, Nikki noticed Deacon on the computer and wondered what he was doing. When Deacon went to take a shower, Nikki looked at his laptop to discover what he'd deleted the night before. Nikki found a password-protected file and was unable to open it. Nikki emailed it to another account and closed the laptop.

Deacon returned from the shower, wrapped in a towel, and asked Nikki what she'd been up to. Nikki dodged Deacon's question and told him that she had some appointments to keep and would see him later. Deacon kissed her and went into the other room to get dressed. Nikki took her iPad and left the suite. Outside the room, Nikki placed a call and arranged a meeting.

At Crimson Lights, Nick spoke with Phyllis about Summer's sleepover. Phyllis had been making notes about Diane's murder case. Phyllis was determined to prove that Victor was not Diane's murderer. Phyllis analyzed the clues.

Nick asked Phyllis if she'd go out on a date with him, but Phyllis turned him down. Phyllis explained that she didn't want to start up a relationship with Nick again. Phyllis thought that Nick had too much baggage and they'd be doomed to fail again. Nick said he was through with Sharon and Avery. Nick confessed that he still had feelings for Phyllis.

At Genevieve's house, Myrna carried Genevieve's luggage to the door in anticipation of her moving in with Jack. Genevieve asked Myrna to reconsider going with her to Jack's. Myrna was alarmed to hear that Ronan would be stopping by later in the day to ask more questions about the incidents in the house. Myrna didn't want to see Ronan.

Genevieve assured Myrna that she didn't need to be self-conscious about her burns, and that she'd healed beautifully. Jack arrived to escort Genevieve to his house. Genevieve received a call that Ronan was at Crimson Lights and would be at the house in a little while. Genevieve thanked Myrna for cooperating with the investigation. Genevieve told Myrna that she really didn't need to use the veil anymore. When Genevieve left, Patty wondered what to do.

Later, Ronan entered the coffeehouse just as Nick walked out. Phyllis told Ronan that she'd been working on the murder investigation and wondered if there might be a suspect they had not considered. Patty was on the patio, listening in on Ronan and Phyllis as Adam sneaked up behind her. Adam wondered what Patty was doing out in public. Patty asked him to forget that he'd seen her. Adam walked over Genevieve and Jack and said hello. When Adam asked about Myrna, wondering if Genevieve's maid went out much, Jack and Genevieve were confused by his interest. After Adam walked away, Jack told Genevieve that Adam was a strange man.

Jack and Genevieve said hello to Ronan and Phyllis. Jack explained to Phyllis that Ronan had been hired to do some investigating at Genevieve's house. While Genevieve was getting coffee, Jack learned from Phyllis that she'd broken up with Ronan. Jack assumed that Phyllis had ended the relationship with Ronan because of Nick. Phyllis said that Nick has never been able to disengage from the women in his past.

After leaving the coffeehouse, Ronan returned because he'd found a page from Diane's diary stuck on his windshield. Ronan show it to Diane. Back at the house, Patty said that she'd left the piece of evidence to distract Ronan from investigating at Genevieve's. Talking to herself, Patty said that she had to remain in Genoa City because she had a plan to complete.

Phyllis read the page from Diane's diary, which described a sexual encounter. It had been written a few days before Diane's death, and Ronan wondered whom Diane had been describing. Phyllis said she had to leave and scurried off. Ronan went to Genevieve and Jack's table and asked if they knew anything about the diary page. Genevieve thought it was explicit, but she was curious if Jack was the man Diane had written about.

Jack assured Genevieve and Ronan that he had not been with Diane in that way for many months before her death. Jack suggested that Diane might have been involved with Adam. Ronan walked off, and Genevieve was a bit shocked that Jack had been vulnerable to Diane's seduction. Jack said Diane had thrown herself at him on occasion. Genevieve wasn't thrilled to hear that, but Jack said his focus was entirely on her.

Angelo and Gloria went to Jimmy's for a drink. Angelo explained that he'd wanted to take Gloria to an informal place. Alone, Angelo called Dino to check up on Kevin and Angelina and told his henchman that he intended to kill Kevin personally. Later, Gloria told Angelo that she liked the way he treated her, making her feel like a lady and a broad at the same time. Gloria wanted to go to the next level with Angelo. Gloria offered to be Angelo's girl. They kissed passionately.

Angelina led Kevin to Angelo's cabin on Long Island Sound. Kevin, who was dripping wet from having fallen in the water, was irritated that Angelina didn't have the key to open the door. Kevin wondered how to get into the place. When Kevin tried to open the door, his hand adhered to the wood because he was wet and the wood was freezing. Angelina managed to free him, then she tried to use a hairpin on the lock. It turned out that the door was unlocked. Angelina was curious about the condition of the cabin because it looked like someone had been living there.

Kevin was hungry and asked Angelina to warm up some soup. Unfortunately, they didn't have a can opener. Kevin was concerned about Angelina eating properly because of her pregnancy. Kevin thought Angelo had been acting like a jerk, placing Angelina in the predicament she was in. Kevin thought Angelo should be grateful that Kevin was watching out for Angelina.

Before Angelina could tell Kevin the truth about not really being pregnant or in danger, Kevin and Angelina heard a noise. They hid in the closet and watched as someone walked into the cabin. Kevin spied a man with a blanket covering his head. Angelina assumed it was a squatter. Kevin took a can of paint from the closet and used it to hit the squatter on the head. The man fell to the ground. Kevin turned him over and saw that the man was Jeffrey.

Nikki went to see Nick to ask him to help her open the file she'd emailed to herself from Deacon's laptop. Nikki thought that Deacon knew more about Diane's murder, and Nikki was anxious use the information to get Victor out of prison. Nick feared that Deacon would discover that Nikki had been spying on him. Nikki was confident that she could handle Deacon. Nick said that Phyllis was better at opening a password-protected file, but Nikki didn't want Phyllis involved.

There was a knock on the door and Phyllis was there to see Nick. Nick wanted to have Phyllis open the file, but Nikki didn't trust Phyllis to keep the information out of the pages of Restless Style. Phyllis gave Nikki her word to keep quiet, but Nikki didn't believe her. Nick convinced Nikki to trust Phyllis. Reluctantly, Nikki handed Phyllis her iPad. Phyllis opened the locked file and discovered that it contained a movie. Phyllis, Nick, and Nikki recognized that it was a recording of Deacon and Diane having sex.

Patty called Adam to ask for a favor. Adam wasn't interested in helping Patty anymore, but Patty promised that she'd leave Adam alone if he helped her just once more. Patty arranged to meet Adam at the loading dock. After hanging up the phone, Adam stretched out on the couch and announced that he wasn't going anywhere.

Later, Patty was waiting in the cold at the loading dock, looking for Adam to appear. Ronan appeared at Adam's door to question him about Diane. Ronan wondered if Diane and Adam had ever been lovers. Ronan showed Adam the page from Diane's diary. Adam laughed and said the page was not about him because he'd never slept with Diane. Back at the loading dock, Patty saw Deacon as he searched around the dumpster.

At the coffeehouse, Genevieve tried to reach Myrna, but she wasn't answering the phone. Genevieve wondered where Myrna might be. Jack asked Genevieve if she had ever done a background search on Myrna. Jack said that Myrna might have been helping Colin.

Genevieve felt that Myrna had been incredibly loyal to her, especially after the explosion and having suffered burns. Jack pointed out that Myrna was the only person who had access to the security system and the house. Genevieve refused to suspect Myrna. Jack said it had been just a theory and agreed not to mention it again.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

At Ronan's apartment, Paul looked at Ronan's latest discovery, the page from Diane's diary. Paul explained that he'd check up on Deacon's alibi for the murder. Deacon had been working the night of the murder at Gloworm, but he'd disappeared for at least an hour. Ronan and Paul wondered if Deacon could have committed the murder. Ronan pointed out that Deacon had opportunity, but wondered if Deacon had a motive.

At the Newman Enterprise's office, Adam looked at family pictures and kept the framed one of his mother, Hope. Adam placed it on the desk and then called his secretary to take away the other items. Adam read a press release and confirmed with his secretary that the next scheduled board meeting was in February. Adam wanted it moved up in order to discuss Beauty of Nature.

At Nick's, Phyllis, Nick, and Nikki watched the sex tape of Diane and Deacon that Nikki had found on Deacon's laptop. Zooming in on the newspaper on the night table in the video, Phyllis determined that the date was July 31 -- just a day before Diane's murder. Nikki was compelled to tell Victor what they'd discovered. Nikki felt that Deacon's alibi for the night of murder didn't stand up. Nikki confessed that she'd married Deacon because he'd blackmailed her. Deacon had claimed he had information that could destroy the Newman family.

Nick was stunned. Nikki told Nick that she was determined to catch Deacon. Phyllis offered to go to Ronan with the information about Deacon, but Nikki had no faith in Ronan. Nikki took the iPad and said she was going to let Victor know. After Nikki left, Phyllis agreed that Deacon could not be pushed into confessing, but Phyllis wondered if she could seduce Deacon into talking. Nick was down on the idea.

At Jimmy's, Angelo and Gloria kissed. Angelo was overjoyed that Gloria had agreed to be his lady. Angelo announced that he was buying a drink for everyone in the place. Angelo said that he'd always had a thing for Gloria and promised to treat her like a queen. Gloria thought that Angelo was sweet. Angelo wanted to get intimate, but Gloria wasn't ready to go all the way yet. Gloria asked Angelo if they could go steady for a while.

Deacon returned to the hotel suite and opened his laptop. He flashed back to earlier in the day when he had seen Nikki snooping around on the PC. Deacon had nearly taken a scarf to strangle Nikki, but had held back. Deacon wondered what Nikki had been doing. Deacon left a message for Nikki to meet him for a drink.

Sharon went to see Victor at the prison. Victor said that the wedding was set up for that night. Sharon was upset because Noah had reacted badly when he heard that Sharon and Victor were getting married. Victor told Sharon that he wanted her to be his eyes and ears, and he wanted her to move into the ranch. Sharon said she would go home and change for the wedding.

Nikki arrived at the prison just as Sharon was leaving. Nikki was stunned that Victor was marrying Sharon that night. Nikki wanted to tell Victor the truth, and explained that Deacon had claimed to know that Victor and Victoria had killed Diane. Victor said that was preposterous and wondered if Nikki had been able to remember the night of the murder. Nikki still had a sketchy recollection, but she was convinced that Deacon had killed Diane and manipulated all the them to get away with it.

Nikki showed Victor the sex tape she'd found on Deacon's laptop, and pointed out the newspaper evidence. Nikki told Victor that Deacon had had a motive and could have slipped away from the bar that night to commit the murder. Nikki said that if Deacon had killed Diane, then Nikki was innocent, and Victor had been taking the fall for the wrong person.

Victor told Nikki to stop playing detective and recommended that Nikki take the information to Paul, since he could be trusted. Nikki knew that Victor had been trying to protect her, and she asked Victor not to do anything rash. Victor said that he would consider Nikki's request that he give her more time to prove that Deacon was the killer. Victor called Michael to put him on standby for the wedding.

Nikki went to see Paul and discovered that Ronan was with him. Paul explained that they were still working on Diane's murder. Ronan said he'd confirmed that Deacon had left Gloworm the night of the murder. Nikki had found a link between Deacon and Diane. After watching the sex tape, Ronan said that Deacon was a prime suspect.

Paul agreed to go back into the police station to do more investigating. Nikki felt hopeful for the first time in a while. After Paul had left, Ronan told Nikki about the video snippet of her and Diane from then park. Nikki was surprised. All the footage had been filmed on Super 8, which was no longer in common usage. Ronan said that if Deacon had that camera and film, he was the killer. Nikki was determined to find that evidence and exonerate Victor.

Adam ran into Sharon at Crimson Lights. Sharon told him to stay away from her because of the restraining order. Adam offered to keep his distance. Adam made nasty comments about Victor, and Sharon asked him to stop. Adam promised not to cause any trouble.

Deacon walked into Jimmy's, and Angelo said that the drinks were on him. Deacon heard from Phyllis, and she said she needed his input on a story. Phyllis offered to interview him, and he asked her to go to Jimmy's. Later, Deacon and Phyllis had a drink at Jimmy's. Nick watched from the doorway, covered up so he wouldn't be recognized.

Deacon and Phyllis talked about sex. Deacon complimented Phyllis, but wondered why she was flirting with him. Phyllis assumed that Deacon could do better than Nikki. Deacon said that he had an arrangement with his wife. Phyllis implied that Deacon liked to watch sex, and they could film their "interaction." When Deacon grabbed her arm in anger -- wondering what Phyllis was implying -- Nick intervened, and Deacon charged out. Phyllis told Nick that she'd scared off Deacon by mentioning the camera. Nick feared what Deacon might do next.

On the phone, Ashley spoke with Abby and told her to ignore the tabloid stories about Victor and Sharon. Over coffee at Crimson Lights, Tucker told Ashley that he was shocked that Victor would marry Sharon. Ashley said Victor didn't care what other people thought. Tucker received a text message and said that he needed to return to work.

Ashley was concerned about Abby. Sharon walked onto the patio and saw Ashley. Tucker went to the counter and ran into Adam. Tucker was curious about the text message he'd received regarding an emergency board meeting at Newman. Adam asked Tucker to meet him at the office. Ashley questioned Sharon's sanity, wondering how she could consider marrying Victor. Ashley urged Sharon to stop and think about the ramifications of the marriage.

At Newman, Adam told Tucker that he was ready to sell Beauty of Nature. Adam was confident that he could convince the board to back him up in the transaction. Adam offered to ensure Tucker get the inside track to make the winning bid. Tucker wondered if Adam could deliver on his promise.

Gloria explained that she wanted to be courted, and Angelo said he'd wait to be with her. Angelo promised to court her like she'd never been courted. Proving his chivalry, Angelo gave Gloria his coat. Angelo was anxious to make Gloria forget she'd ever had Jeffrey in her life. Deacon went to see Victor. Deacon showed Victor a photograph of Nikki and Diane fighting from the night of the murder. Deacon said it was proof that could destroy Nikki.

At Angelo's Long Island Sound cabin, Kevin was stunned to discover the man he'd hit on the head was Jeffrey. Jeffrey came to and assumed that Gloria had sent Kevin to rescue him. Angelina wondered why Jeffrey was in Angelo's cabin. Jeffrey was shocked when Kevin said that Gloria believed that Jeff had dumped her and absconded with all the money from Gloworm.

Jeffrey explained that Angelo had dumped him on the island. Kevin realized that Angelo was capable of doing vicious things. Jeffrey wondered why Angelo had gone after him. Kevin revealed that Angelo wanted Gloria and might have wanted Jeffrey out of the way. Kevin told Jeffrey they couldn't go back to Genoa City because Angelo had a hit out on Kevin.

Jeffrey agreed that they needed a plan. Jeffrey left the cabin to get some water and told Kevin to start a fire. Kevin realized too late that Jeffrey had taken the boat, leaving Kevin and Angelina stuck in the cabin.

Friday, January 13, 2012

At Jimmy's, Nick worried to Phyllis that Deacon suspected that they knew about the sex tape and that Nikki had been the one who had found it. Nick tried to call Nikki to warn her. Phyllis reprimanded Nick for allowing his jealousy to ruin their plan. He denied it, and he accused her of being envious of Avery. She said that Ronan had simply been a diversion, and he acknowledged that perhaps Avery had been, too. Phyllis asked what Diane had been, and Nick called his affair with Diane a disaster.

Nick admitted that he had been careless, but not stupid, and Phyllis compared him to Sharon. She opined that the upside to Victor and Sharon's marriage was that Adam was no longer in the picture, and Nick added that Adam could only hurt Newman Enterprises. Phyllis was determined find out why Victor had conspired to have Adam appointed CEO of the company. Nick appreciated her efforts and thanked her for having his back.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley tried to convince Sharon not to marry Victor, and she was stunned when Sharon declared her intent to proceed with the wedding. Sharon explained that Victor had always been good to her and that she cared about him. Ashley suspected that there was more to the story. Ashley asked if the marriage was what Sharon actually wanted, and Sharon insisted that it was. As Victor's former wife, Ashley advised Sharon to be sure it was what Victor wanted, too.

At the prison, Victor assumed that Deacon's photograph of Nikki and Diane had been doctored, but Deacon insisted that Nikki had killed Diane. Deacon contended that the fact that he hadn't turned over the photo to the police proved that he cared about Nikki. Victor accused Deacon of lying and conning Nikki into marriage. Deacon retorted that Victor was pulling off the biggest con ever by confessing to Diane's murder. Victor confronted Deacon about lying to Nikki that Victoria had killed Diane.

Deacon swore that he wanted to protect Nikki, just like Victor had, but Victor accused Deacon of being responsible for the entire mess, because Deacon had driven Nikki back to the bottle. Deacon replied that Victor's marriage to Diane had sent Nikki over the edge, and he insisted that they needed to work together to keep the truth from Nikki. Victor vowed that it wouldn't happen, but Deacon argued that only he himself could keep Nikki from figuring out what had actually happened. Victor warned Deacon to watch his step, and he called for the guard. Victor said he'd see to it that no one learned the truth, and he ordered Deacon out.

At Gloworm, Jack planted a passionate kiss on Genevieve. Jack declared that he was celebrating, because he'd soon have the two things he wanted most -- her as his wife, and Beauty of Nature. He announced that he'd just received a tip that Adam intended to put Beauty of Nature up for sale, and he suspected that Adam couldn't pass up the opportunity to irritate Victor by selling the company to Jack. Jack instructed Genevieve to order champagne, while he headed out to talk to Adam.

Ashley greeted Genevieve, who was doing some Jabot paperwork while she waited for Jack. Genevieve invited Ashley to join her and remarked that Jabot's fourth quarter sales were far better than expected, thanks to Ashley's line. Genevieve continued that soon their product lines would diversify and double, but Ashley thought that kind of growth wouldn't happen for years. Genevieve revealed that Adam was selling Beauty of Nature and that Jack intended to acquire it.

In Adam's office, Tucker wondered why Adam thought Tucker would be interested in buying Beauty of Nature, and Adam reminded him that Tucker had given him that impression. Tucker didn't want to acquire it illegally, but Adam pointed out that they'd outsmarted the government before. Tucker asked what Adam wanted in return, and Adam said a job. Tucker noted that Adam already had one running Newman Enterprises, but Adam assumed that he wouldn't last long there.

Tucker wondered why Adam thought his position was tenuous, and Adam explained that he wouldn't be there unless Victor wanted him there, and since Victor was still calling the shots from prison, Adam suspected that he had been set up for a fall. Adam said that he "got game," just like his father, and he had an exit strategy. Tucker began to leave, and Adam cautioned that his next call would be to Jack. Tucker departed.

Later, Jack stopped by to see Adam and declared his interest in Beauty of Nature. Adam scoffed at the idea of giving Jack priority treatment, but Jack noted that Adam was a smart businessman. Adam said that he couldn't discuss anything until he had board approval. Jack thought Adam already knew what he wanted from the sale, and Jack asserted that he was the one who could provide it.

Adam asked if Jack was willing to offer more money than anyone else, and Jack replied that he'd pay whatever amount Adam wanted, but he could also give him the satisfaction of one-upping Victor. Jack contended that it would be a brilliant move, but Adam argued that it would be illegal, and he wanted to play by the book. Jack said that he had the SEC on speed dial. "With honest people like you, who needs criminals?" Adam quipped.

Jack returned to Gloworm, and Ashley demanded to know why Jack was pursuing Beauty of Nature. Ashley surmised that he simply wanted to get back at Victor, and she declared that their father would have never approved.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis sat down at a table where Adam was working, and she observed that he was taking his job as CEO seriously. He disclosed that something big was about to happen at Newman Enterprises, and he sarcastically stated that she'd be the first person he'd call when he was ready to go public. She contemplated why he was burying himself in his work, and she suspected it was because Victor was about to marry Sharon. She expressed false sympathy about Victor's mind games and compared the situation to a Greek tragedy, but Adam asserted that all that mattered was that Sharon was happy. Phyllis chuckled and called him a good liar.

Ronan commented that the footage of both the sex tape and the murder scene were shot on Super 8 film, but he couldn't tell whether they had been filmed with the same camera. Nikki thought they were closer to exposing Deacon, but she admitted that she'd never seen a camera among Deacon's possessions. Ronan suggested that Deacon had stashed it someplace other than their hotel suite, and she immediately thought of Gloworm.

Nikki and Ronan arrived at Gloworm and asked to speak with Gloria about the night of Diane's murder. Gloria dodged their questions at first, but she warmed up when Nikki complimented her dress. Nikki recalled how Gloria had helped her on New Year's Eve by discussing Deacon's possible absence from work on the night of the murder. Gloria complained that Deacon had quit shortly thereafter, and Nikki asked if Deacon had left anything behind. Gloria reported that he'd cleaned out his locker, but Nikki inquired whether there was someplace else he could have left personal items. Gloria recounted that he'd spent a lot of time on the loading docks.

Nikki answered a call from Nick, and he warned her that Deacon had figured out that they all knew about the sex tape. Nick urged her to stay at Gloworm and to steer clear of Deacon. As she stepped outside to the loading dock, she assured Nick that she would be fine. She hid when she saw a nervous Deacon approaching. She watched him move aside a storage container to access a vent, and he reached inside.

Nikki tried to call Ronan, but Deacon heard a noise and called out. Nikki greeted Deacon and said she had been searching inside Gloworm for him, and Gloria had instructed her to look for him there. She asked what he was doing, and he claimed that he had been checking for a liquor bottle that he had stashed. She headed toward the vent, but he became anxious and suggested that they go back to their hotel room. He yelled her name as she approached the hiding spot, and she was startled when she heard a popping sound.

Gloria told Ronan that she'd spent a lot of time with Deacon and that she probably knew him as well as anyone did. Ronan handed her a card and checked his phone. Ronan went to the loading dock to look for Nikki, and he spied the open vent. He reached inside and pulled out film canisters. He called the police station and urgently requested a trace on Nikki's cell phone.

Nick arrived at Gloworm and ran into Tucker. Tucker expressed regret that Nick had left Newman Enterprises, and Nick found that odd since Tucker had sided with Adam, but he acknowledged that wasn't why he'd quit. Tucker asked what was next for Nick, and Nick suggested that he work for Tucker. Nick excused himself to talk to Gloria, who said he'd just missed Nikki.

Later, Tucker approached Nick and wondered how Victor would feel about Nick working for McCall Industries. Nick replied that he didn't need to consult with Victor about personal decisions. Nick requested that Tucker think about it, but Tucker hired him on the spot.

At a deserted warehouse, Deacon had tied Nikki to a chair, and he blasted her for doubting him, because he'd done everything for her. He wailed that everyone would think that he had killed Diane, and she accused him of lying and letting Victor take the blame. Deacon insisted that he had been protecting Nikki. She warned him that Ronan and Nick would find her, and that they'd turn him in to the police.

Deacon declared that Nikki hadn't left him a choice, and he shut off the lights. He turned on a film projector, which displayed footage of Diane and Nikki struggling on the ground, and Nikki had bashed Diane's head with the rock. Nikki whimpered that she'd killed Diane. She stared in horror at her bloody image, and Deacon shut off the projector. He apologized and wished that she'd left well enough alone. She said she'd needed to know what happened, and she accused him of manipulating her with his lies, but he maintained that his actions had only been to protect her.

Ronan arrived with police officers, and he held a gun on Deacon. Ronan ordered Deacon to untie Nikki, and Deacon obliged. Ronan instructed Deacon to sit down, and he handed Nikki the handcuffs and asked her to do the honors. She cuffed Deacon to the chair, and she confessed that she'd killed Diane and that Deacon had captured it on film. Ronan said Deacon had filmed other things, too, and he presented her with a canister labeled "Nikki footage."

Ronan played the film, which showed Diane standing on the bridge and Nikki confronting her. The women had argued and had struggled over the syringe, which Nikki had plunged into Diane during their skirmish. Nikki had walked away, but Diane had followed and had attacked her, and Diane had started to strangle Nikki. Nikki had pawed the ground for anything to help her defend herself, and she had then found the rock and had hit Diane.

Nikki realized that Deacon had known the truth all along, while she had been struggling to remember. Ronan pointed out that Diane had intended to inject Nikki with the contents of the syringe, and Nikki had simply defended herself. Ronan added that they would have known the truth months before if Deacon hadn't interfered. Deacon professed his love and insisted that his actions weren't any different from Victor's. Nikki begged to borrow Ronan's car, so she could rush to the prison.

While they waited for a squad car, Ronan tried to get Deacon to talk, but Deacon refused to say anything without an attorney present. Ronan looked through Deacon's bag and found a Super 8 camera, and he speculated that it would take forensics about two seconds to connect Deacon to the footage from the park. Ronan listed off the charges that Deacon would be facing, and he asked what Deacon knew about the pillows. Deacon had no idea what Ronan was talking about.

Myrna entered a craft store, where the shopkeeper warmly greeted her by name and called Myrna her best customer. The shopkeeper wondered what Myrna had done with all the pillows she'd made, and Myrna gushed that she had a lot of people in her life.

At the prison, Victor appeared to be deep in thought when Sharon entered, holding a single rose. She called to him, and she told him that it was all right if he'd changed his mind. Sharon asked whether Victor was sure it was what he wanted, and he insisted that it was. The warden arrived to preside over the ceremony. He asked each of them if they were entering into their union of their own free will and if intended to be faithful, and they each answered, "I do."

Victor and Sharon recited their vows. They exchanged rings, and the warden pronounced them husband and wife. Victor leaned in to kiss Sharon, just as Nikki arrived.

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