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Monday, January 16, 2012

Just after Sharon and Victor were pronounced husband and wife, Nikki arrived. After Victor and Sharon sealed their union with a kiss, Nikki cried, "You married Sharon? Why would you do that?" Victor said he'd done exactly what he'd wanted. Nikki explained that she was there because she knew the truth. Sirens suddenly blared, and Victor was whisked back to his cell. Sharon and Nikki were told that the prison was in lockdown, so they would be unable to leave. Sharon seemed disgusted after the guards bolted the door closed, leaving the two women in the visitation area.

Nikki claimed that Sharon had married Victor so he could be her savoir. Sharon retorted, "You're an alcoholic married to a bartender! Remind me how strong, brave, and independent you are!" Warden Baker returned and demanded that Nikki and Sharon leave immediately. Nikki pleaded with the warden to let her speak with Victor, but the warden said it was not possible.

Later, Michael visited with Victor. Distressed, Victor told Michael that Deacon had showed him an incriminating photo of Nikki that confirmed his suspicion. Victor instructed Michael to tell Nikki to keep her mouth shut about whatever she remembered regarding Diane's death. Speaking aloud to himself, Victor said, "Please Nikki, don't do anything I can't fix."

Nikki sought solace at Gloworm's bar. The bartender placed a drink before Nikki, but she hesitated before taking a sip. She fished her phone out of her purse and phoned Katherine. Nikki cried, "I'm in trouble. I need you." Nikki took her drink to a table and joined Katherine when she arrived. Katherine said she wouldn't watch Nikki drink. Nikki said her glass was filled with club soda. Katherine confirmed that the drink was indeed club soda. Nikki said she wanted a drink, but she clarified that she hadn't consumed alcohol since Christmas Eve. Nikki, fighting back tears, explained that Victor had married Sharon.

Katherine consoled Nikki. Struggling to speak, Nikki admitted that she had killed Diane. Nikki told Katherine about the events she'd seen on the film and cried that she had known deep down that she'd murdered Diane. Katherine told Nikki that she had fought for her life. Katherine added that had Diane left Nikki alone, she'd be alive. Katherine maintained that Diane had created her own hell. Katherine encouraged Nikki to discuss the facts with Victor. Katherine said she'd accompany Nikki to the prison, but Nikki said it was too late because Victor had already married Sharon.

Sharon rushed home and found an empty house. Frantic, she headed to the ranch house and told the maid, Bonnie, that Faith and her nanny weren't home. The maid said, "They are here, Mrs. Newman." Sharon embraced her daughter and said, "Mommy was worried because I didn't see a note from the nanny." Bonnie explained that Victor had sent orders to move Sharon and Faith into the main house. Six staff members stood at attention and welcomed Sharon, addressing her formally as Mrs. Newman.

In a casual manner, Sharon reminded the cook, Vera, that Faith loved her oatmeal bars. Vera told Sharon that she could request favorite dishes. Sharon felt uncomfortable and told the servants that they could go home. Uneasy in her new role, Sharon told Bonnie that Faith needed time to adjust. Bonnie nodded and turned to leave. Later, alone in the house, Sharon and Faith snuggled in bed together. Sharon explained that they'd live at the ranch for a while. Sharon added, "Mommy wants to do the right thing for you, and I hope I did." Sharon seemed unsure of herself.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis goaded Adam about Sharon and Victor's marriage. Adam maintained that he was at peace with recent events, but he claimed that Nick seemed to have "gone off the rails after the dark knight stepped in and prevented Nick from being the hero in Sharon's fairy tale." Phyllis flashed a sly grin when Adam added that perhaps Nick could use some of the 500 million dollars he'd won from Victor in arbitration to build a shrine to the love of his life, which Adam noted was not Phyllis.

After Phyllis left, Nick stopped by. Adam asked Nick if he thought Sharon or Victor might come to their senses before taking their vows. Nick asked if Adam thought Sharon might suddenly decide that she wanted Adam. Adam noted that Sharon clearly wasn't marrying Victor for love. Adam said he wondered what Nick had left after he abandoned Newman Enterprises and turned his back on Sharon. Nick noted how interesting it was that Adam was so concerned about him. Nick added that he never gave Adam or Victor a thought.

Later, on the patio, Nick noticed a patron watching an online news announcement, and he asked the man to increase the volume. Adam, too, listened as a reporter stated that Victor Newman had married Sharon Newman. The reporter added that the new Mrs. Newman had also been married to both of her new stepsons. Adam began questioning Nick about his feelings, but his query sounded self-reflective. Adam asked if Nick had ever imagined spending the rest of his life with Sharon, no matter how much each one had hurt the other. Nick explained that he and Sharon had kids together and shared a history that had begun long before Sharon ever knew Adam.

Nick scowled when Adam bragged that Sharon had fallen in love with him and had never worried about what others thought about their relationship. Nick accused Adam of messing with Sharon's head and exploiting her weaknesses, all the while telling her that she was strong and that he was the only person who understood her. Nick said that because of Adam, Sharon had pushed away everyone who truly knew what was best for her. Nick challenged Adam to name one good thing that had happened to Sharon after he became obsessed with her. Adam glared at Nick.

Nick said that Adam had pushed Sharon into their father's arms. Adam accused Nick of using Faith to exert control, so Sharon had been forced to use Victor as a weapon to fight back. Through clenched teeth, Nick explained that he'd kept Adam at bay because Adam had stolen Faith and tried to make everyone believe that the little girl was dead. Nick added that Sharon had married Victor because Adam continually played the hero and refused to let Sharon go.

At the police station, Paul and Ronan told Spencer that Victor had not killed Diane Jenkins. Spencer noted that Ronan, no longer with the police force, should be at his post in the District of Columbia. Ronan explained that he had film of Diane's death. Phyllis arrived, but Spencer told her to leave. Paul explained that Phyllis had helped Ronan with the investigation.

Ronan started the film. It showed Diane and Nikki wrestling on the footbridge. Diane held a syringe in her left hand. A later portion of the film showed Diane atop Nikki, choking her. Nikki struggled for her life, and ultimately defended herself by crushing Diane's skull with a rock. After Diane's body rolled away, a bloodstain was visible on Nikki's white blouse. Phyllis, stunned, said, "That's some film."

Paul declared that Nikki had acted in self-defense. Ronan added that Nikki's actions did not constitute murder, and Victor's confession had been a complete lie. Michael arrived at the police station and learned that Nikki had killed Diane in self-defense. Michael added, "Victor is definitively innocent. I'd like my client released tonight." Spencer questioned the film's chain of custody and said it needed to be forensically analyzed. Spencer noted that Victor had confessed and said he wanted to question Deacon and Nikki.

Paul told Nick that Nikki needed to make a formal statement as soon as possible. Nick phoned his mother and left a message. Nick declared that his and Phyllis' assumption that Victor had confessed to protect Nikki had been correct. Phyllis added that Victor loved Nikki more than his own freedom. Paul said, "Nikki loves him even more." Nick later charged at Deacon when a police officer escorted him toward an interrogation room.

Michael went to the prison and told Victor about the film. He explained that Nikki had killed Diane in self-defense. Michael added that Deacon had shown Victor one incriminating frame from the film. Victor seemed relieved when Michael cried that Nikki had fought for her life. Michael explained that Spencer Walsh insisted that certain protocols be carried out, but Michael maintained that Nikki wouldn't be charged. Victor sighed heavily and said, "Thank God."

Back at the police station, Ronan told Phyllis and Nick that Spencer had issued an all-points bulletin for Nikki, so she could be taken to the police station for questioning. Phyllis worried about Nikki's fragile state of mind and said they should search for her themselves. Just as the group headed out, Nikki arrived with Katherine. Nikki cried, "I am here to turn myself in."

Michael, sitting in the Abbotts' living room, told Billy and Victoria that Billy, practically speaking, had no parental rights because he was not married to his unborn baby's mother. Michael added that Billy would have to petition the court. Michael noted that the first step, already completed, was establishing Billy's paternity. Victoria urged Michael to rush the process because she and Billy feared for the baby's welfare. Victoria instructed Michael not to mention anything about the baby to Victor.

At Jimmy's Bar, Chelsea showed up and ordered a burger and a soda. Cane told Chelsea she should opt for a vitamin-packed glass of orange juice, instead. Chelsea complained that residents of Genoa City seemed overly concerned about developing fetuses. Later, as Cane and Lily put on their coats and gloves, Lily scowled at Chelsea and told Cane that the woman was in town to torture two people who'd been through enough already. Cane walked over to Chelsea and said, "You picked the wrong mark for your con."

After Cane and Lily left Jimmy's Bar, they went ice-skating on a frozen pond. Lily held Cane's hands and instructed him to push off and glide smoothly. Cane was unsteady and faltered, and the couple laughed heartily. While they took a break and warmed up with hot chocolate, Lily told Cane that they'd have to teach the babies to skate when they were older. Cane was pleased when Lily said that she and Cane still had a connection apart from sharing children together. Cane said he had never stopped loving Lily, and she said she'd never stopped loving him.

Adam showed up while Chelsea sipped her orange juice and nibbled bits of vegetables Cane had served alongside the hamburger she'd requested. Adam ordered scotch and instructed the bartender to leave the bottle. Adam peeled several bills off a thick wad of cash and handed it to the bartender. Having observed the transaction, Chelsea said, "Guys like you were always my favorite customers -- lots of money, but not a lot of talking."

Before Adam slammed back a shot, he asked Chelsea if she'd ever pushed for something she wanted even though it was something she shouldn't want. Chelsea replied, "Story of my life. Nobody desires spinach; they crave six layers of chocolate cake." Adam told Chelsea that it had been a rhetorical question before he took his bottle and walked away from the bar.

Billy and Victoria arrived. Chelsea hatched a plan and loudly ordered a beer to accompany her hamburger. Billy and Victoria were horrified. Billy snatched the beer away. Chelsea protested. Victoria admonished Chelsea and said she should consider the baby's health. Chelsea told Billy and Victoria that they couldn't stand watch over her. Billy replied, "You're going to move in with us!" Adam watched the spectacle from his vantage point across the room.

Adam consumed shot after shot of scotch. In a flashback, Adam remembered spending time with Sharon in New Orleans. He dreamily recalled Sharon telling him that she didn't want their magical romance to end. Adam suddenly rose and walked out the door. Later, Adam crept into the ranch house bedroom, where Sharon and Faith slept. He watched Sharon and Faith for a time before lovingly arranging a blanket under their chins. Adam gazed at the mother and child a while longer before turning to leave.

Chelsea was escorted to the Abbotts' humble home. She complained about Billy and Victoria's décor. Billy said he'd paid Chelsea's hotel bill and wouldn't open his wallet again. Victoria's dog, Keely, approached Chelsea and growled at her. Victoria said, "See, I told you that he was a genius." Billy agreed. Billy told Chelsea that she'd be living in an upstairs apartment. Chelsea claimed that her right to free will had been taken away. After Billy and Victoria left the room, Chelsea addressed Keely and said, "You think you don't like me now, just wait until I'm done with these people."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sharon went to the prison to visit Victor, and he was veer happy to see her. Victor commented that she looked beautiful. Victor hoped that Sharon had made herself comfortable in the ranch house and taken charge of the staff. Sharon explained that she and Faith were glad to be in the big house, but Sharon had sent the staff home because she was uncomfortable with so many servants. Sharon also told Victor that Nikki had been very cross with her, but Sharon realized it would take time for everyone to adjust to Sharon being Victor's wife.

Victor promised that Sharon would be happy in the future. Sharon assured Victor that she'd visit everyday, but she wanted to do more for him. Victor asked Sharon to vote his proxy at the Newman Enterprises board meeting, to stop Adam from getting the approval to sell Beauty of Nature. Sharon wondered why someone else couldn't be Victor's proxy. Victor said that he needed Sharon to do this for him and promised her that she need not fear Adam anymore.

Victor explained that Sharon had a lot of power as Mrs. Victor Newman. Sharon wanted to believe Victor. Victor advised Sharon to begin setting boundaries with Adam that day at the board meeting.

During an interrogation with Walsh, Nikki reiterated that she remembered leaving rehab on the day of Diane's death, renting a car, and driving to Genoa City. Nikki admitted that she had not been thinking clearly because she'd been upset by Diane's lawsuit and the tabloid photos of Nikki and Victor making love. Nikki vaguely remembered winding up in the park with Diane. Michael interjected that the film footage was proof that Diane had attacked Nikki and Nikki had simply defended herself. Walsh suggested that Nikki might have staged the images on the film with Deacon's help. Michael objected to the insinuation that Nikki and Victor had perpetrated a fraud. Nikki could not recall why she'd fought with Diane. Michael asked to speak with Walsh alone.

Nick was asleep on the couch in the police station. Ronan delivered Nick a coffee and sympathized with him pulling an all-nighter. Nick explained that Walsh was still grilling Nikki. Victoria arrived, and Nick told her that Nikki had turned herself in for killing Diane. Victoria was shocked to hear about Deacon's movies.

Ronan was pessimistic about Walsh letting Victor out of prison any time soon. Nick and Victoria agreed that Victor had confessed to the murder to protect Nikki. Victoria was floored to hear that Victor had gone ahead and married Sharon. Nick couldn't believe it either. Victoria and Nick wanted to see Nikki, and Ronan offered to pull a few strings.

In the hallway outside the interrogation room, Michael told Walsh that Nikki was in a state of shock and needed to be given a break. Ronan stepped in and asked Walsh to let Nick and Victoria see their mother. Walsh agreed. Ronan volunteered to work on the case for Walsh because he knew that Victor was innocent and had pleaded guilty to protect Nikki. Walsh said that Nikki and Victor might have plotted the whole thing. Ronan asked for one chance to interview Nikki and get her to remember the events from that night. Walsh agreed to let Ronan try.

Nikki was glad to see Victoria and Nick. Nikki recalled fighting back when Diane attacked her that night in the park. Victoria told Nikki that her conscience should be clear because she had just been defending herself. Nikki wouldn't be satisfied until Victor was out of prison. Nikki told her children that Victor had confessed for her, that he'd wanted to push Nikki away, and marrying Sharon was the way he had done it.

Victoria and Nick were stunned. Nikki blamed her drinking for causing all the pain to their family. Michael returned and said that Walsh had agreed to let Ronan interview Nikki. Victoria and Nick were asked to leave.

Nikki told Ronan that Walsh wanted her to confess to doctoring the film, but Nikki couldn't say that because it wasn't true. Nikki said that she had no clear memory of that night. Ronan advised Nikki to close her eyes and clear her mind. Ronan talked quietly and calmly and led Nikki through the night of the murder.

Nikki recalled being in the park alone, then remembered going to the bridge and seeing Victor and Diane arguing. Nikki had seen them struggle and Victor had picked up a rock. Nikki said that Victor had left the park and then Diane had made a phone call. Because of the phone records, Ronan knew Diane had called Adam. Ronan asked Nikki to picture the scene and awaken sensory images in her mind.

Nikki remembered hearing crickets, then recalled Diane speaking on the phone, and she had been anxious about Victor. Nikki remembered that Diane had told Adam that they were going to have Victor drugged and then plant Diane's blood on Victor. Nikki had confronted Diane about the plan to frame Victor. That was when Diane attacked Nikki, and Nikki had defended herself.

Walsh was still unconvinced and wanted forensic corroboration. Ronan suggested that Nikki be released, and Walsh agreed, as long as she remained in town. Nikki wanted Victor to be released, too, but Michael assured her that he would handle Victor's case. Nikki returned to Nick and Victoria and wanted to go see Victor immediately. Nick offered to go to the prison for Nikki.

At the Newman office, Adam reminded Tucker that the board meeting was approaching, and Adam expected the board to approve of the sale of Beauty of Nature. Adam admitted to Tucker that he could manipulate the sealed bids so that Tucker would have the top bid. Adam said that he would cheat for Tucker because he wanted a job with McCall once Victor fired him. Adam cynically assumed that his father would can him as soon as he had the chance. Adam wanted to seal the deal with Tucker. Tucker agreed to vote in favor of the sale and follow through with Adam's underhanded bid process.

Genevieve met with Ashley for coffee at Crimson Lights. Ashley approved of how happy Genevieve had made Jack. Ashley advised Genevieve that Jack liked to get his way in business. Ashley described Jack as obsessive and said he had a need to succeed. Genevieve was curious about why Jack was never satisfied. Ashley explained that Jack always felt he'd let John down by losing Jabot. Genevieve learned from Ashley that Jack was still very determined to get Beauty of Nature, even though Ashley was certain it would be a bad thing for Jack. Genevieve said that she would do what she could to keep Jack away from Beauty of Nature.

Jack ran into Lauren at Gloworm, wanting to talk with her about the possibility that Newman would sell Beauty of Nature. Lauren assumed that Jack wanted to buy it to merge with Jabot. Lauren said that as a board member, she would not approve of the sale and refused to back Adam under any circumstances. Lauren loved the ideas that Jack had for the future of Beauty of Nature, but she would not approve of Adam's plan. Jack said that Adam's business savvy was on target in this case. Lauren disagreed. In her mind, Adam was intent on destroying Newman Enterprises.

Later, at the coffeehouse, Jack ran into Tucker and brought up the Newman board meeting and possible sale of Beauty of Nature. Jack warned Tucker that if McCall tried to buy the property, the SEC might not approve because Tucker was a board member. Tucker assured Jack that he knew what he was doing. Jack joined Ashley and Genevieve and explained that Tucker had left for the board meeting. Ashley reminded Jack that she was against the purchase of Beauty of Nature.

Genevieve and Ashley agreed that Jack seemed obsessed with the company. Ashley reminded Jack that Jabot did not have the funds for the purchase, but Jack was going to use some of his own money. Ashley contended that Jack needed to consider the consequences. Genevieve loved Jack's ambition and understood his vision for the company, but she warned him that others might be bidding as well. Jack appreciated their advice, but he was willing to bet everything to win Beauty of Nature.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam called the board of directors meeting to order. Adam said that a simple majority vote would approve his proposal to sell off Beauty of Nature. Lauren interrupted and asked to speak. Lauren was very familiar with Beauty of Nature because of Fenmore's and how much interaction she'd had with the company over the years. Lauren believed selling the company would be all wrong for Newman Enterprises and would send the wrong message. Adam undercut Lauren's input by mentioning that she was married to Michael, Victor's attorney.

Adam proposed that they stop talking and take a vote. The votes were two for the sale and two against. Adam was ready to break the tie by approving the sale, but just then Sharon walked into the room. Adam stared at her, stunned. Tucker looked relieved. Sharon said that she was there to vote Victor's proxy. Sharon voted against the sale. With the vote tied, the sale was not approved. Adam glared at Sharon while Tucker breathed a sigh of relief.

Despite Michael's pleas, Walsh would not release Victor until Nikki's story was confirmed by an interview with Adam. Michael left to speak with a judge who might overrule Walsh's decision. Ronan asked Walsh if he'd done enough to be put back on the force. Walsh told Ronan to pick up his badge and get to work.

Nikki and Victoria went to Gloworm, but Nikki was too upset about Victor to eat. Nikki thought it was ironic that she'd admitted to killing Diane and was free, while Victor had lied to protect her and was still behind bars. At the prison, Nick went to see Victor and explained that Nikki had been questioned and released. Nick informed Victor that Nikki had been able to remember that Diane and Adam had been working to frame Victor for murder. Victor was in tears as he told his son to never forget that Nikki had killed Diane in self-defense.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Devon met with a rapper about contributing to Angelina's single, saying he'd be in touch with the guy. Neil liked the candidate, but wondered about Devon's reaction. Devon wasn't sure if putting a rap into Angelina's track was going to work. When Harmony entered and overheard them talking, Harmony assumed that Devon had been talking about the doctor who could help with Devon's cochlear implant. Neil was out of the loop about Harmony's research into Devon's condition. Harmony explained that she and Devon had talked about his pitch problems, and she'd discovered that there were new procedures that might help Devon with his implant.

At Newman Enterprises, Tucker told Adam that their deal was off because the board hadn't approved the sale of Beauty of Nature. Adam was confident that he could still negotiate the deal. Tucker claimed that he was out, but Adam revealed that he'd taped their recent conversation in which Tucker had agreed to Adam's terms. Adam would use that tape to ensure that Tucker fulfilled his end of the bargain. Sharon interrupted, and Tucker left.

Sharon explained to Adam that her vote had not been personal; she was just protecting Victor's interest as his wife. Adam attacked Sharon, prompting her to warn him to back off. Adam tried to justify the business deal to Sharon, saying that he would prove himself as a savvy businessman. Adam made himself out to be the victim in Victor's game of manipulation. Sharon disagreed, but then Adam revealed that he would get Beauty of Nature sold by proposing a secret ballot. Adam suggested that Sharon could then vote however she wanted, and Victor would never be the wiser. Sharon explained that the vote was not hers; she was just Victor's proxy.

Later, Tucker went to the music studio to see how Devon had hit it off with the hip-hop artist. Devon dodged that question and asked about Tucker calling the research facility about his implant. Tucker said it hadn't been a problem and he was happy to do it. Devon said he wouldn't agree to the procedure. Neil advised Devon to reconsider what he was saying. Tucker explained that he had spoken with doctors, but it was Devon's choice.

Devon resented that Tucker seemed to be throwing his weight around to make up for having not been around when Devon was a child. Tucker wondered why Devon turned around everything Tucker tried to do for him into something nefarious. Tucker asked if Devon would prefer if they stopped caring about him. Devon said that it seemed like he and Harmony were making decisions about his life without his input.

Harmony explained that she just wanted Devon to have the full use of his hearing. Harmony felt that she owed Devon for all the years she hadn't been there when he was growing up. Devon received a call and walked out of the room. Harmony apologized for springing the news on Devon. Tucker wondered if he should just butt out of Devon's life. Harmony hoped that Devon would get the surgery.

Tucker's phone rang, and he said that he had to leave. Tucker once again offered to help Devon if that was what he wanted, then Tucker walked out. Harmony told Devon that he was a fool and he'd been "working her last nerve." Neil advised Devon to think about the surgery. Devon thought that Tucker had been trying to buy his way into Devon's life. Neil told Devon to make up his own mind.

Harmony watched Devon walk away. Neil told Harmony that he was grateful to her for discovering the advancements in the cochlear implant procedures. Devon returned a while later and announced that he wanted the surgery.

At the prison, Victor wanted assurances from Michael that Nikki would not serve time for her part in Diane's murder. Nikki arrived told Michael that she wanted Victor freed. Victor told Nikki that Michael was working on it. Michael left to makes some calls, and Victor and Nikki talked. Nikki was still stunned that she'd killed Diane. Nikki realized her actions were the reason that Victor had confessed to the murder.

Victor realized that Nikki had been snooping around to try to get him released. Victor apologized for the things Nikki had endured for him, and he promised to make it up to her. Nikki mused that she had married Deacon to protect Victor, while Victor had married Sharon to push Nikki away from him. Nikki said that she and Victor needed to find a better way to make their feelings clear to one another. When Nikki left, Michael returned and told Victor that he'd learned that Sharon had cast Victor's vote at the board meeting. Victor assumed that Adam had put a lot of pressure on Sharon to change her vote.

Later, Sharon went to the prison and told Victor that she'd voted against Adam. Victor told her that for the next vote, he wanted her to vote with Adam, that it was part of Victor's master plan. Victor informed Sharon that he'd be getting out of prison soon because Nikki had killed Diane in self-defense, and Victor would be exonerated. Sharon suspected that Victor had confessed to the murder to protect Nikki. Sharon assumed that everything would change once Victor was out of prison and back at the ranch. Victor said that his reuniting with Nikki would not be a simple thing. Victor said he'd always love Nikki no matter what, but he pointed out that people in love were sometimes better off keeping away from one another.

At Crimson Lights, Adam walked in and overheard Nikki on the phone. Nikki was saying that Victor would be released from prison soon. Adam assumed Nikki was high on drugs because he was sure that Victor was going to rot in prison for the rest of his life. Nikki informed Adam that he was out of touch because the truth had come out about Diane's murder, and Victor was innocent. Nikki suspected that Adam would be in trouble, since he had lied about having seen Victor murder Diane. Nikki warned Adam to watch his back because the cops would be after him.

Later, Adam asked Sharon if it was true that Victor was going to be released soon. Sharon said it was very likely. Adam assumed that he had to be prepared for Victor to go after him. At the prison, Victor and Michael discussed what had happened at the board meeting, anticipating Adam's next move. Tucker arrived to meet with Victor, and Michael departed. Outside the door to the visitor's room, Sharon watched Tucker leave after he'd spent some time with Victor.

At Newman, Adam was alone at the big desk, wondering what was going on with Victor. At the prison, Victor told Nikki that Sharon was living at the ranch and would remain there. Victor explained that Sharon was Mrs. Victor Newman and would continue to be his wife when Victor got out of prison. Nikki was perplexed because she knew that Victor loved Nikki. Nikki wanted an explanation, but Victor would only say that patience was a virtue. Nikki asked what that meant. Victor left for his cell, saying that he was tired. Alone on the other side of the glass, Nikki sat there completely confused.

Chloe and Daniel ran into each other at Crimson Lights. Chloe was embarrassed about the night at Jimmy's when she had kissed Daniel. Chloe said she had been very drunk and should have known better. Daniel understood because he had been really drunk, too. Eden watched Daniel and Chloe together and was jealous.

Eden looked at the photo she'd snapped on her phone of Daniel and Chloe's kiss. Eden assumed that there was something real was developing between Daniel and Chloe. Ricky told Eden that she shouldn't be obsessed with Daniel. Eden insisted that she wasn't, but Ricky insinuated that Kevin should know how disloyal Chloe had been to him. Eden looked at the photo of Daniel and Chloe kissing and decided to go ahead and email it to Kevin.

Kevin and Angelina were stranded at the Long Island Sound cabin. With no heat and no food, they were cold and miserable. Angelina tried to use her cell phone but could not get any bars. Kevin feared that Jeffrey would tell Angelo where they were and Angelo would send his goons to kill Kevin. Angelina managed to get a signal on the phone, but it faded.

Kevin was worried about Angelina. When her cell phone rang, Angelina saw her Faceplace page and learned that everyone was searching for her on the Internet; she'd become a celebrity. Kevin managed to get into his email box. He found Eden's most recent message and opened it. Kevin saw the picture of Daniel and Chloe kissing and was heartbroken.

Angelina said that the picture had to be a fake, but Kevin knew that Chloe wouldn't pretend to kiss Daniel to make him jealous. Kevin assumed it was the real thing. Angelina apologized for getting Kevin in this situation. Kevin understood that Angelina had been thinking of her baby. Angelina confessed to Kevin that she'd lied about everything. Angelina revealed that she was not pregnant, and Carmine had not shot at them in Genoa City.

Angelina said that she'd hoped to convince Kevin that he could love her if Angelina got him to spend time alone with her. Angelina finally realized that Kevin had no interest in her romantically. Kevin said that Angelina's lies had resulted in him hurting Chloe and Delia. Angelina promised to make things right. Kevin wanted Angelina to stay away from him, and he walked out of the cabin. Later, Kevin tried the phone again but the battery was dead. Kevin told Angelina that he was determined to get off the island and away from Angelina even it he had to burn down the cabin to get someone to spot them.

Chloe told Daniel that Kevin had disappointed her by running off with Angelina. Daniel didn't believe that Kevin really wanted to be with Angelina. Eden offered to refill their coffee cups. While she poured the coffee, Eden wondered if Chloe had dumped Kevin to start up with Daniel. As Eden walked back behind the counter, Daniel laughed, but Chloe was concerned.

Chloe and Daniel went to the counter, and Chloe explained to Eden that she and Daniel were not involved. Chloe said what Eden had seen was just a drunken kiss. Chloe explained that she'd never rebound from Kevin with Kevin's best friend, Daniel. Chloe and Daniel returned to their table.

Ricky told Eden not to feel bad. Daniel let Chloe know that Eden might have reacted the way she had because Daniel had hooked up with Eden on a few occasions. Daniel tried to call Kevin, but it went to voicemail. Eden approached Daniel and Eden and apologized for misjudging them. Before Eden could tell them about sending Kevin the photo, Ricky intervened and told Eden to keep her mouth shut about that.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

At the magazine office, Billy and Phyllis discussed doing a follow-up story about how Victor had confessed to Diane's murder to cover up for Nikki's having killed Diane in self-defense. Billy left Phyllis in charge, saying he had to run. Billy passed Nick as he was getting onto the elevator. Nick was there to check up on Phyllis, but she promised Nick that she'd keep everything Nikki had revealed to her in complete confidence.

Later, Nick noticed that the newsroom was empty. Phyllis explained that the staff was out working on articles about Diane's murder. Phyllis told Nick that as editor, she would report the truth about the case, but because of her promise to Nikki and Nick, Phyllis would not reveal Nikki's secrets. Nick appreciated that Phyllis was responsible for cracking the password to Deacon's files that had led to the case being solved. Phyllis couldn't forgive Nick the way he'd forgiven her for all her misdeeds. Nick and Phyllis agreed to take things slowly in their relationship. Phyllis invited Nick to Crimson Lights for a cup of coffee.

Alone in the living room of Billy and Victoria's home, Chelsea gazed at the happy family photos on the mantel. Victoria entered and asked if Chelsea was feeling okay, if she had good food in the garage apartment. Chelsea said she wasn't sure what to eat. Chelsea assumed that her pregnancy was a sore point for Victoria, but Victoria said that she was anxious to make sure the baby was healthy. Victoria was going shopping for groceries and would buy food for Chelsea's apartment. Chelsea thanked Victoria for helping her, but Victoria assured Chelsea that she might be helping, but she didn't trust Chelsea.

At Crimson Lights, Michael showed Avery the footage of Nikki and Diane's fight in the park on his cell phone. Avery watched the video and declared that it was a clear case of self-defense on Nikki's part. Michael asked Avery if she would defend Nikki in court and see to it that Nikki was not charged. Avery agreed to try.

Nikki went to see Deacon in lockup, and he asked her to bail him out. Nikki laughed at the idea that she would do anything to help Deacon. Nikki pointed out that Deacon had lied to her, undermined her sobriety, and made her believe she was a killer. Deacon asked Nikki to understand and let him help her. Deacon claimed that he could testify for Nikki in court. Nikki didn't want any of Deacon's help and said that she would annul their marriage as quickly as she could. Nikki told Deacon she could never trust him, then she walked out.

At the prison, Kay asked Victor if he would be released soon, since Nikki had been revealed as the real killer. Victor said that Michael was working on the case. Kay was upset that Victor had gone to such extremes to protect Nikki. Kay advised Victor to try to be open and honest with Nikki. Kay also urged Victor to stop messing around with other people's lives.

Victor pointed out that Kay interfered with other people's lives, too, like the way she'd manipulated Devon and Tucker. When Kay mentioned that Victor had messed with Victoria and Billy, too, Victor insisted that he was merely protecting Victoria from a swine like Billy Abbott. Avery and Michael entered the room, and Kay said goodbye. Victor asked the attorneys about Nikki's case and Avery said that she thought Nikki had a good chance of avoiding being charged. Victor was anxious to get out of prison, too, telling Michael that he had some wrongs to right.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren ran into Hollis, one of the Newman Enterprises' board members. They discussed the fact that Adam had called another meeting about Beauty of Nature. Lauren said she'd be heading to the office as soon as she got her coffee. Lauren then saw Jack, and he asked about the stalemate in the Beauty of Nature vote. Lauren revealed that Adam had called another meeting, and she was on her way there to vote again.

Genevieve was on the phone, making wedding plans. She then received a different call and was intrigued by what she heard. Later, Jack arrived at Genevieve's, and she had a bunch of questions for him about the wedding. Jack apologized for being distracted, but he'd just heard about the Newman board meeting. Genevieve was surprised that Jack was still so intent on buying Beauty of Nature.

Sharon ran into Tucker at the Newman offices and asked him if he knew what was going on with the board meeting. Sharon wondered if Tucker was working with Adam. Sharon also was suspicious because she'd seen Tucker at the prison, visiting with Victor. Tucker said his visit had been strictly business. In the conference room, Adam greeted Tucker and Sharon when they arrived. Lauren and Davis appeared next, and Adam called the meeting to order.

Adam explained that he wanted to take the vote again to pass the proposal to sell Beauty of Nature. Adam suggested that the results might be different than the previous vote if they used a secret ballot. Lauren objected, but Adam offered to rescind his proposal if the vote was still a deadlocked tie. When the secret ballots were unfolded, the yes votes beat the no votes, and approval of the sale went through. Adam was pleased, and Lauren resented his smugness.

Adam announced that the sale of Beauty of Nature would be done quickly, with interested buyers submitting sealed bids to the accounting firm for Newman Enterprises. Adam gave his secretary the instructions. When Sharon walked out of the room, Lauren followed and surmised that Sharon had switched her vote. Sharon said she hadn't done anything against Victor's wishes.

Later, Sharon walked into Adam's office. Sharon said that she realized that Adam had anticipated the outcome of the vote. Sharon wondered how he could have known. Adam said that he'd heard through the grapevine that if there were a secret ballot, his proposal would pass. Adam expected that Sharon would rush to the prison to tell Victor.

A while later, Tucker went to Adam's office and congratulated him about the vote. Adam explained how Tucker would receive the insider information to submit the winning sealed bid. At the prison, Sharon watched as two men left Victor's room. When Sharon entered, she asked Victor about the men, and Victor said they were business associates. Victor said they were nothing for Sharon to worry about. At Crimson Lights, Tucker picked up a coffee and quietly met with an SEC investigator. Tucker told the man that Adam had taken the bait.

When Billy arrived home, Victoria admitted that she was upset about Chelsea living under their roof. Chelsea interrupted just as Billy and Victoria were getting romantic. Chelsea wanted a space heater for the apartment, and Billy agreed to get one for her. Nikki knocked on the door and was stunned to see Chelsea there. Billy left with Chelsea.

Victoria told Nikki that Chelsea could not be trusted to care for herself while pregnant, so Billy and Victoria were letting her stay in the garage apartment. Nikki thought it was a mistake. Later, Billy returned and said he'd taken care of Chelsea's heat problem. Victoria explained that Nikki was a protective mother. Chelsea said she'd never lived in a house before and wasn't really cut out to be a super mom.

Chelsea played on everyone's sympathies by making herself out to be a neglected child. When Chelsea said that she needed to go shopping for maternity clothes, Victoria advised Chelsea to go to Fenmore's, and Billy allowed her to charge the clothes to his account. Billy and Victoria hoped that Chelsea was being honest with them. Outside the door, Chelsea called someone and said that Billy and Victoria were falling for her sob story.

Jack opened the door to his house and saw Genevieve on the front step. Genevieve was on the phone, intently talking business. Jack asked about the call, but Genevieve claimed that she had been speaking with Myrna. Inside the house, Jack received a call from Adam to alert him that Beauty of Nature was officially for sale. Adam suggested that Jack get in his bid before it was too late.

Jack told Genevieve that his bid was ready to go, and he was super-confident that he'd be the highest bidder for Beauty of Nature. Jack showed Genevieve his laptop screen so she could see the bid. Genevieve was stunned and pointed out that Jack's bid was more than the company was worth. Jack said it was worth it to him.

Michael met with Lauren at the coffeehouse, and they discussed their day. Lauren told Michael about what had happened at the board meeting. Michael explained that Victor might be getting good news from him because Michael was going to be meeting with the judge to get Victor released. Lauren and Michael realized that compared to their friends -- and Kevin and Gloria, too -- their lives were dull. Lauren and Michael were grateful that they were dull and happy.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis wondered if Nick was enjoying their coffee date. Nick suggested their next date should be more exciting, like at the arcade. Avery walked in and saw Nick with Phyllis. Avery went to the counter to avoid them, but then turned and approached to say hello. Nick thanked Avery for defending Nikki in her legal case. Phyllis pointed out that for the first time, the three of them were on the same side.

Nikki and Kay met at Gloworm. Nikki said that a lot had been going on in her life. Kay mentioned that she'd gone to see Victor. Kay had been unable to get Victor to explain to her why he was staying married to Sharon. Nikki said that she'd informed Deacon that she was getting an annulment. Nikki told Kay that Victor had asked her to be patient about the Sharon situation. Nikki wasn't sure what that meant, and neither was Kay.

Friday, January 20, 2012

At the prison, Michael informed Victor and Sharon that the judge had ruled in their favor, but it could still take 48 hours for Victor to be released. Michael also reported that no charges had been filed against Nikki yet, and he believed that once forensics confirmed the validity of the film, there wouldn't be. Victor thanked him, and Michael left. Sharon anxiously pondered the thought of Victor being home soon, and he commented that it would be good to sleep in his own bed.

Sharon said that it would be a start of a new chapter for them, but Victor wanted to wait to talk about their future until he was free. She said she'd be back with an update on the Beauty of Nature sale, and she wished he'd fill her in on his plan. He assured her that she would know everything in time, and she asked if Tucker was a part of it, because she'd seen Tucker leaving the prison. Victor acknowledged that he had often done business with people he detested, but he refused to say more. She departed with a suspicious look on her face.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki assured Nick that Avery had advised that it was unlikely that Nikki would serve any time in prison. An impatient Nick wanted to know for sure, but Nikki was determined to remain optimistic, because she had an outstanding legal team, and Deacon was locked up. She announced that she had decided to have her marriage annulled. Nick wanted to celebrate, but Nikki said there was more. She added that Victor and Sharon had decided to stay married.

Nick theorized that Victor only planned to postpone an annulment from Sharon, but Nikki said that Victor had been very clear about his intentions. Michael arrived, and Nick asked him why Victor had stayed married to Sharon. Michael didn't want to get involved, but he announced that Victor would be released within a couple of days. Nikki became incensed that Victor hadn't been set free immediately.

Nick thought that Victor and Sharon's marriage made no sense, and Nikki suspected that Sharon wanted Victor's connections. Nick pointed out that Victor had to be crazy in love with Nikki to go to prison for her, and he couldn't believe that Victor would throw away the chance to reunite with her. Nikki concluded that Victor was acting out of pride, but Nick thought Victor's motives were less about helping Nikki, and more about making himself feel good. Nick couldn't believe that Nikki had simply accepted Victor's decision, but Nikki dejectedly said that they couldn't change Victor and Sharon's minds.

Nikki hung up after speaking with Victoria, and she relayed that Victoria wasn't thrilled with Victor's actions. Nick wanted to talk to Victor, but Nikki implored him to be patient. Nikki thought there was more to the story, and she counseled him to do as Victor had asked.

At Gloworm, Adam met with Davis, who expressed interest in bidding on Beauty of Nature. Adam instructed Davis to submit his bid to the accounting firm, and he headed for the door. Davis called someone and said their plan was a go. Adam ran into Sharon on his way out, and she informed him that Victor would be released soon. She spotted two men at a table across the room and recognized them from their visit with Victor.

Sharon met with Jack, and he noticed that she seemed distracted. She was surprised that he had requested to meet with her, and she refused to discuss her marriage to Victor, but he swore that he wasn't there to judge her. He wanted to talk about Beauty of Nature, and she asked if he'd placed a bid. He said he had a bit more time, and he pressed her for any details that might help him. She insisted that she didn't have any inside information and that she had only acted as Victor's proxy and wife.

Jack reminded Sharon that they had also once been married, and he was aware that she knew how much getting Jabot back had meant to him. He argued that he was fighting to keep his company competitive, but she maintained that she wanted nothing to do with it. Jack understood that Sharon was in an uncomfortable position, and she replied that he'd just put her in a similar one. He asked her to think about it. Later, Sharon watched the two men who had visited Victor leave, and she followed them.

Genevieve called Myrna and inquired whether she'd spoken to Ronan or Paul, and Myrna claimed that she had been busy organizing the house, but Genevieve pushed her to talk to the investigators. Myrna asked if she could drop off some things at Jack's home later, and Genevieve responded that she had a dress-fitting, but she instructed Myrna to leave the items with Jack. They hung up, and Patty opened a wedding gift -- a beautiful white blanket -- and recalled that it was just like the one she and Jack had once had. Later, Patty went through Genevieve's mail and found something of interest that she thought Jack didn't know about.

Jack dropped by to see Tucker and pried for information about Tucker's intentions regarding Beauty of Nature. Jack questioned whether Tucker had a conflict of interest, but Tucker refused to back down. Jack speculated that McCall Industries was "looking to go big or go home," and he warned that Tucker would be faced with uncomfortable questions if he went too big. Tucker ordered Jack to make his bid, and he declared, "May the best man win." Jack swore that he would.

Ashley stopped by Jack's home to run something personal by Genevieve, but she also wanted to see how Jack was holding up, since she thought the sale of Beauty of Nature had fallen through. Genevieve confirmed that the sale was back on, and Ashley fretted that Jack would bid on the company. Genevieve remarked that Jack had become even more determined once he'd learned that Tucker was planning to bid on it, too. Ashley was stunned.

Ashley left an urgent message for Tucker, and Genevieve apologized, because she had assumed that Ashley had known. Ashley changed the subject to a girls-only event that she wanted to set up with Genevieve and Traci. Genevieve didn't want her to feel obligated, but Ashley insisted that she wanted to properly welcome Genevieve into the family. Genevieve gushed that she'd love it.

Jack arrived home and excitedly kissed Genevieve. He revealed that he'd just submitted a large bid for Beauty of Nature, and Ashley wished he hadn't. Jack assumed that Ashley was rooting for Tucker to win, but Ashley said that she had never been on board with the acquisition and that she hadn't known about Tucker's interest in the company. Jack pointed out that Tucker was still keeping secrets. Tucker returned Ashley's call, and she left to meet her husband at home.

Genevieve told Jack that she and Ashley had planned to spend time together with Traci, and Jack worried about his sisters saying something embarrassing about him. Genevieve looked forward to getting to know Traci, and she stated that she was already fond of Ashley. She thought it was a shame that Jack was competing with Tucker, because she didn't want to see business interfere with his family's happiness. Jack was confident that he'd be the winning bidder, but Genevieve warned him that it wasn't a sure thing. He refused to even consider the possibility of an unsuccessful outcome.

Later, a veiled Patty arrived at Jack's with wedding gifts and Genevieve's mail. He asked how things were going at the house, and she nervously said that they were fine. She purposely dropped the gifts and mail as she handed them to him, and she rushed out, claiming that a cab was waiting for her. Jack picked up the mess and found an opening statement from a bank in the Caribbean. Genevieve returned with her dress, and Jack showed her the statement and asked why she hadn't told him about it.

Patty wondered how things were going with Genevieve and Jack, and she hoped that Jack wouldn't like the fact that Genevieve had been keeping secrets. Meanwhile, Genevieve complained that Myrna should have been more careful, but Jack countered that the issue was that Genevieve shouldn't have kept it from him. She reminded him that she'd been up-front that she was a wealthy woman, and she noted that they'd never had a conversation about finances.

Jack worried that they'd be open to problems with the IRS if Genevieve had gotten her money from Colin. She said she had great accountants, and she promised to let him know if there was ever an issue. They agreed not to fight about money, and they hugged. Jack asked how Genevieve felt about being a bride, and he looked forward to the upcoming week, between getting married and owning Beauty of Nature. "Who says you can't have it all?" he proclaimed.

Ashley was livid that Tucker hadn't told her about his desire to bid on Beauty of Nature. He clarified that he didn't intend to place a bid, but he'd had to make people think that was his plan. He explained that it was a sting, and that the SEC had offered to clear his name if he helped to nail Adam. He was expecting a call from Adam any minute, and then the scheme would be set in motion.

Ashley couldn't believe that Adam intended to rig the bidding, but Tucker assured her that the SEC would arrest Adam for insider trading before it got that far. Tucker explained that Victor had put the whole operation together. She wished Tucker had told her sooner, but he disclosed that he'd signed a confidentiality agreement with the SEC. She was glad that his SEC issues would be behind him, but Tucker stated that his primary motivation had been making Adam pay for what he'd done to Ashley. He recalled what she'd gone through when she'd lost Faith, and she realized that she'd hardly known Tucker at the time. He said he'd never forgotten her pain, and they embraced.

Ashley worried about Adam retaliating against Tucker, but Tucker said he had just been the bait, and Adam would never know of his involvement. Ashley thought Jack would be upset, but Tucker pointed out that Jack would be happy to see Adam taken down. She hoped Jack's marriage to Genevieve would help him to put things into perspective.

Adam visited Victor and proclaimed that Beauty of Nature would be sold that day, and he implored Victor to congratulate him on his first major Newman deal. Adam said it wouldn't be long before the bids were in, and he commented that Victor wouldn't be released soon enough to stop the sale. Adam surmised that Victor felt frustrated and helpless, but he crowed that Newman Enterprises would make truckloads of cash. Victor acknowledged that Adam wasn't selling Beauty of Nature for financial gain, but rather, to lash out at Victor. "Do you really think you're beating me?" Victor queried.

Adam found it twisted and sad that Nick and Victoria had bailed, but Adam loved running Newman and had done so just like Victor had, with drive and skill, so he felt it made no sense that Victor was angry. Victor called Adam delusional, and Adam flippantly promised that he'd let Victor know who purchased Beauty of Nature. Adam ran into Sharon in the hallway and advised her to wait a minute, because his conversation with Victor hadn't gone well. Sharon entered, and Victor smiled. She suspected that Victor wasn't being honest with her, and she asked if he was setting Adam up.

Sharon begged Victor to tell her if he was conspiring against Adam. She said she'd seen Tucker shaking hands with Adam, right before Tucker had visited Victor. Victor simply stated that Tucker was a businessman. Sharon revealed that she was aware that the two men who Victor had met with were some sort of agents, because she'd seen government plates on their car, and Victor confided that they were with the SEC.

Sharon realized why Victor had wanted her to act as his proxy, and he said he would have wanted that anyway. He didn't want her to feel used or hurt, and he insisted that he cared for her deeply. She wished he'd told her the truth, but he thought she had been safer not knowing, and he felt they'd all be better off with Adam out of the way. Sharon hesitantly agreed, and Victor said it would all be over soon.

At the ranch, Sharon watched Faith sleep on the couch and wailed that she didn't know what to do. She said that she loved Victor for being there for her and helping her to get custody, but she felt that he had used her to get back at Adam. She had agreed to stay away from Adam, but she didn't want to see him get hurt, and she couldn't live with herself if he did. She understood that warning Adam would betray Victor, and she contemplated what to do.

Michael reported to Victor that the plan was in place and that he'd convinced Spencer to let Victor out right away. Michael headed over to Crimson Lights, where he excitedly informed Nick that Victor had been released. Nick was glad that Victor was out of prison, but he loathed the thought of Victor and Sharon's first night together. Michael vaguely stated that everything wasn't as it appeared.

At the ranch, Nikki arrived in response to Victor's summons. She coldly asked if she'd left anything behind, and she offered to remove whatever it was before Sharon and Victor started their marriage. "No welcome home?" he asked, and he began to remove her coat. A flustered Nikki started to say that she didn't live there anymore, but he silenced her with a passionate kiss.

Adam's secretary informed Adam that the accounting firm had called to report that they'd received five bids. Adam called his contact at the firm and made arrangements to secretly look at the bids. Sharon arrived to stop Adam from leaving, and she warned him not to do whatever he was about to do. She blurted that Victor and the SEC had been working together to set Adam up.

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