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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 23, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, January 23, 2012

At the ranch, Victor and Nikki were kissing. Suddenly, Nikki pushed Victor away and asked, "What do you think you're doing?" Victor reminded Nikki that whenever she'd visited him while he was incarcerated, he'd told her to be patient. Nikki replied, "Until you tire of your shiny, new toy, Sharon?" Victor replied, "Until tonight. From this evening on, we'll be together again."

Nikki stood defiant with her arms crossed at her waist. Victor explained that he'd married Sharon in order to push Nikki away, so she'd drop her crusade to clear his name. Victor added that he had feared Nikki would implicate herself if she'd persisted. Victor added that he'd stayed married to Sharon in order to carry out a plan, which would come to fruition soon.

Victor assured Nikki that he wanted to be with her, and he vowed to annul his marriage to Sharon. With tears in her eyes, Nikki said, "I know why you did what you did. You love me!" Nikki embraced Victor and told him that she loved him with all her heart. Nikki suddenly pulled away again and told Victor that she wasn't sure she could be with him then or ever because she feared she might lose him again if she were imprisoned.

Victor assured Nikki that she had acted in self-defense and was innocent. Nikki remained fearful that she'd end up in prison, but Victor caressed her and begged her not to worry. Victor and Nikki later made love in their bed. Victor kissed Nikki tenderly and told her she was beautiful.

At the Abbott estate, Genevieve warned Jack that he might not win the bidding war on the sale of Beauty of Nature. Genevieve was moved when Jack presented her with an exquisite diamond bracelet. Cane and Lily arrived. Cane teased his mom and asked if she was sure she wanted to walk down the aisle with him as her escort. With tears in her eyes, Genevieve assured Cane that she wanted him beside her. Genevieve caught Jack glancing at his watch. She said, "Jack, we're not going to know anything until morning."

Lily and Cane asked what Genevieve meant by her comment to Jack. Genevieve explained that Jack was participating in a bidding war related to a business acquisition. After the women left the room, Jack told Cane that his mother was touched to have him agree to walk her down the aisle. Cane admitted that his mother had previously been like broken glass with rough edges. Cane explained that in the past, he'd often gotten cut whenever he got too close to his mom. Cane thanked Jack for helping create a positive change in his mother's temperament.

In the den, Lily admired Genevieve's snow-white wedding gown adorned with a crystal-encrusted sash. Lily remarked that she hadn't expected Genevieve to choose a gown in a traditional style. Genevieve explained that she'd been a young girl in a foreign county far away from family when she'd married Colin. Genevieve admitted that she'd had no idea what she was getting into. Lily nodded when Genevieve remarked that her relationship with Jack was exciting and intense but not vicious and unequal, as it had been with Colin. Lily said she hoped Genevieve's future with Jack would be everything she'd ever wanted. Genevieve maintained that she would have a happy life.

Later, Jack opened a wedding gift and examined a copper-colored glass bowl shaped like a shell. He asked Genevieve if the bowl had perhaps been sent as a joke and quipped that he wouldn't even feed Dave, his cat, out of it. Genevieve laughed. Before Genevieve left the room to take a phone call she claimed was from their wedding planner, Jack kissed her and proudly announced that Beauty of Nature would soon be his.

Lily and Cane went to Crimson Lights after enjoying their visit with Jack and Genevieve. Lily told Cane that his mother's wedding gown was stunning and that he'd be proud to walk her down the aisle. Cane said he was relieved that both he and Lily could enjoy being with his mother. Lily agreed that Genevieve had become the person she was meant to be. The couple acknowledged that they, too, had started over.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Michael met with two agents from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Agent Boyan told Michael that their mole at the accounting office had reported that Adam would be checking the sealed bids soon. The other agent explained that Adam would then phone Tucker McCall and reveal the amount of the highest bid. Michael glanced at his watch and noted that if everything played out as expected, the agency would have sufficient evidence to convict Adam within an hour.

At home, Tucker paced back and forth and told Ashley that Adam should phone him soon and let him know how much to bid on Beauty of Nature. Tucker added that soon afterward, agents from the Securities and Exchange Commission would move in and arrest Adam. Ashley raced toward the door after hearing a knock. Ashley was elated to discover that Abby had returned to Genoa City. Abby told her mom and Tucker that she'd returned early to attend Jack's wedding. Abby added that she also planned to ask Victor face-to-face why he'd married Sharon.

Michael stopped by the McCall residence and announced that Victor had been released. Michael warned that the press would soon print unpleasant stories about Nikki, but the truth was that she had acted in self-defense. Abby said she needed to talk to her father, but Tucker advised Abby to wait a while. Michael asked to speak to Tucker alone, so Abby and Ashley left.

Tucker told Michael that something wasn't right because he should have already heard from Adam. Michael suggested adjusting the plan. Tucker, instead, said he'd phone Adam and demand Adam tell him how much to bid, so the Securities and Exchange Commission could carry out their mission. Agents from the Securities and Exchange Commission arrived and said they had new information.

At Newman Enterprises, Sharon warned Adam that the Securities and Exchange Commission was aware of whatever deal he was about to arrange regarding the sale of Beauty of Nature. Sharon added that Victor had set a trap because he wanted Adam punished. Adam replied, "You made it very clear to me that you're Victor's wife, his proxy, and do only what he says." Sharon said that because she was Victor's wife, she knew what was going on. Sharon added, "Now do you want me to stay and explain everything, or do you want me to go away?"

Sharon explained to Adam that she'd changed her vote during the secret ballot because Victor had instructed her to do so. Sharon added that Victor had admitted he'd set up Adam. Adam seemed skeptical that Victor had so readily admitted his plan to Sharon. She warned that Tucker was evidently involved, as well. Adam said, "Maybe my father sent you here to stop me." Sharon insisted she was telling Adam the truth because she didn't want him to end up in a prison cell.

Adam glanced at Sharon's hand and in a defiant tone said, "You're wearing my father's ring on your finger. He helped you when I didn't, and you have Faith because of him. Why are you helping me?" Sharon declared that she was tired of the trickery, manipulations, and maliciousness. She added that Victor had helped her, but he'd expected blind loyalty in return.

Sharon explained that she had to put the past behind her and concentrate on raising Faith. Adam asked Sharon how she would handle Victor after he learned that she'd betrayed him. Sharon explained perhaps she'd have some time alone with Victor at the ranch to sort it out. Adam begged Sharon to stay, so they could figure it out together.

Sharon hesitated, but Adam threw aside a chair to make his way toward Sharon as she turned to leave. Adam took Sharon in his arms, swept away items on his desk, and pressed his body against Sharon's as they sprawled onto the desk. After they began stripping off each other's clothing, the amorous couple moved their lovemaking to the sofa. Afterward, Adam and Sharon, cozily wrapped in a woolen throw, relaxed near a roaring fire. Adam stroked Sharon's bare shoulder and said he was in the clear because she'd saved him just like she'd been doing for years, though she had every reason to walk away. Sharon told Adam that she couldn't let him go to prison. Adam vowed to protect Sharon.

Adam kissed Sharon, and the couple reclined together on the sofa. Victor's portrait hung above the mantle, and he appeared to stand guard over the goings-on in his former office. Later, Tucker phoned and asked Adam what was going on. Adam claimed that Tucker must have pocket-dialed him, and he hung up. Sharon cried, "It's not over." Adam told Sharon to forget Tucker and Victor because being together was the only thing that mattered.

Phyllis arrived at the tack house with Summer. Nick was enjoying time with Faith. After Summer and Faith went upstairs to choose a movie to watch, Phyllis asked Nick why Sharon had left Faith with him so soon after winning joint custody. Nick explained that his dad had just been released from prison, so the newlyweds were enjoying their first night together. Phyllis rushed to peek out the window toward the ranch house. Widening her eyes, Phyllis noted that Victor and Sharon would no longer be separated by a piece of glass, as they had been while Victor was in prison.

Nick said that despite Victor's falling-out with Nikki and the revelations about Nikki having acted in self-defense, he couldn't stop thinking about his father staying married to Sharon. Nick added that he was concerned about Noah and Faith's reactions, as well. Nick seemed repulsed by the thought of his father's marriage, so he changed the subject and declared that he'd rather concentrate on the evening he had planned with his little girls. After Summer and Faith returned with a DVD, they invited Phyllis to stay and watch the movie, too. Phyllis accepted the invitation. Nick smiled.

After Faith fell asleep, Nick carried his slumbering child to her room. A contented Summer turned to her mother and said, "Don't you wish it was like this all the time?" After Summer went to bed, Nick and Phyllis talked. When Nick and Phyllis inadvertently touched each other while reaching into a bowl of popcorn at the same time, Phyllis recoiled. Nick acknowledged that the thought of intimacy with him might be repulsive to Phyllis.

Nick and Phyllis agreed that they usually patched up the rough spots in their relationship by having sex. Phyllis assured Nick that she didn't consider him repulsive, and she admitted that she wasn't as tough as she thought she was. The couple agreed to make positive changes in their relationship. Phyllis decided to stay with Nick after he said he enjoyed having her around. While Nick and Phyllis played video games, they lightheartedly taunted each other. Phyllis cheered when she announced that she had once again beaten Nick.

Ashley and Abby chatted at Gloworm. Ashley explained that Victor had confessed to Diane's murder in order to protect Nikki. After Abby spotted District Attorney Walsh at the bar, she approached him and demanded an apology for everything he'd put her family through during the murder investigation. Ashley told Spencer that he should remember that Nikki had been one of Diane's victims and not the other way around. Spencer announced that the Jenkins' murder case was far from being closed. Ashley and Abby shook their heads in disgust after Spencer left with his takeout order.

Back at the Newman ranch, Nikki and Victor cuddled in bed. Nikki seemed to feel safe in Victor's arms, but she admitted that she was worried she could lose him again. Victor explained that Michael and Avery were working together and would prove Nikki's innocence. Victor claimed he wanted to fetch Nikki a glass of water.

Downstairs, Victor heard the doorbell and answered it. Michael rushed in and told Victor that Adam never contacted Tucker. Victor said that Adam must have found out what was going on and not followed through, in order to save himself. Michael explained that the bids were opened and that Davis Holloway had placed the high bid on behalf of the F.M.N. Corporation. Victor, angry, noted that Davis Holloway was a lackey bidding for a shell corporation.

Genevieve retreated to the den at the Abbott estate when she received a call from Davis Holloway. Davis congratulated Genevieve and told her that her bid had been successful. Genevieve, stunned, cried, "Beauty of Nature is mine?"

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In the police station, Ronan completed his interrogation with Deacon. Sharp asserted that he had told the truth about his part in Diane's murder. Ronan told Deacon that they weren't finished with him yet. Ronan walked out and left Deacon alone. Paul walked into Ronan's office and asked Walsh why all the evidence in the Jenkins murder case was still on display.

Walsh explained that even though Nikki was identified as the killer, the D.A. wanted to know why all the suspects had lied during the investigation. Walsh wanted answers from them about what all the evidence meant. Ronan returned to the office and told Walsh and Paul that Deacon had told them all he knew. Ronan was convinced that Deacon was still in the dark about key evidence in the case like the needlepoint pillows. Ronan believed that the ten main suspects didn't have the answers they sought. Walsh wondered who did have the answers if not the ten they'd questioned. Ronan and Paul agreed that there was too much evidence that didn't add up.

At the Abbott house, Jack was upset because he couldn't get any information about the results of the Beauty of Nature sale. Jack opened the front door, hoping that the morning newspaper had the story about who had made the highest bid for Beauty of Nature. A cop was standing in the doorway and served Jack with a summons. Jack said he didn't have time to speak with D.A. Walsh. The man told Jack that the summons was not a request. The cop would escort Jack to the D.A.'s office.

Paul asked Ronan about Genevieve's maid, Myrna, and learned that she had still not been interviewed. Paul called Genevieve to explain that Myrna had been ducking the investigation. Genevieve was baffled because Myrna had promised to cooperate. Genevieve offered to meet Paul at the house to make sure that Myrna spoke with him.

At Genevieve's, Patty looked at the wedding shoes the Genevieve had chosen for the event. She then unzipped the bag to look at the wedding dress. Patty reached for the wedding veil and placed it on her head. Patty pretended that she was the bride and went to the mirror to look at her reflection.

A short time later, Genevieve arrived and saw that Myrna had the veil in her hands. Myrna said that she was making sure that it was ready for the wedding. Genevieve thanked Myrna for all the help with wedding plans. Genevieve then asked Myrna to please speak with Paul Williams about the security breaches in the house. Genevieve said that Paul was on his way to the house, and she expected Myrna to cooperate.

When Paul arrived at the house, Genevieve greeted him. Paul said that he was anxious to meet the elusive Myrna. Genevieve went upstairs to retrieve Myrna. A few minutes later, Genevieve returned to the living room and told Paul that Myrna was missing. Genevieve said that it looked like Myrna had taken some things and left.

Paul was curious and wanted to search Myrna's room. Genevieve gave Paul permission to go into Myrna's room to look for clues and also urged Paul to check Myrna's computer. Genevieve was clearly concerned about Myrna. Patty went to the potting shed and anxiously tried to figure out what to do. Patty was determined to stop Genevieve from marrying Jack. Patty asked her imaginary friend, Mr. Kitty, for help.

In his office at Newman Enterprises, Adam straightened up the office after his wild sexual encounter with Sharon. A cop entered the office and handed Adam a summons. The cop explained that Adam he had to go with him to see D.A. Walsh.

Sharon returned to the ranch and was fearful that Victor might be there if he'd been released from prison. Sharon stood in the living room and recalled her night of passion with Adam in his office. Sharon remembered that she'd tipped off Adam about Victor's sting. In the flashback, Adam promised Sharon that he'd protect her.

Victor walked into the room and asked Sharon where she'd been all night. Before she could respond, there was a knock on the door. A cop appeared and handed Victor a summons and told Victor to leave with him to see D.A. Walsh. Later, Sharon went to Nick's to pick up Faith. Nick was surprised to see Sharon, assuming that she'd be busy with Victor. Sharon explained to Nick that the D.A. had sent a cop to take Victor to his office. A guard then appeared to serve Nick and take him away to see Walsh, too.

Later, Sharon made an appointment to meet someone, then assured Faith that nobody would separate them again. At Crimson Lights, Nikki and Victoria greeted Abby. Tucker and Ashley were there, too. As they all chatted about the resolution of Diane's murder, a cop appeared with a summons for each one of them. They were all instructed to go to the D.A.'s office.

Sharon met with Avery and said that her marriage to Victor would be ending. Avery was stunned, but Sharon explained that she'd only married Victor to protect her children. Sharon also said that Victor had used Sharon to set up Adam to be arrested by the SEC. Once Sharon had learned about the sting, she tipped off Adam. Avery implored Sharon to be completely honest with her about what had happened with Adam.

Sharon said that she'd assumed that Victor would remain in prison for a few days longer. Sharon revealed that when she had seen Adam, she'd never intended to stay with him. Sharon admitted to Avery that her greatest fear was losing Faith again. Avery was already representing Nick and was unable to represent Sharon. Avery wanted an explanation for why Sharon continued to be involved with Adam when he'd done so many nasty things to her.

Sharon said that Adam was a lost person, and she wanted to save him. Sharon felt she had done the right thing by protecting him from Victor. Avery admired Sharon's kind heart, but she wasn't sure how she could help Sharon. The babysitter returned Faith to Sharon. Avery watched Sharon holding her daughter. Sharon admitted that she'd made mistakes, but she'd never kept Faith from Nick and she hoped Nick wouldn't again try to keep Faith away from Sharon. Avery agreed to try to convince Nick not to file for full custody.

At Walsh's office, Phyllis, Tucker, Ashley, Nick, Nikki, Abby, Phyllis, and Victoria were all gathered together. Jack joined them and then Adam entered, too. Victor arrived next, and Abby greeted her father with a hug. Walsh and Ronan walked in, and Victor said that the gathering was ridiculous because the case was solved. Walsh said that Nikki might still be charged for murder. Ronan announced that each and every one of them was guilty of obstruction of justice. Ronan said he had many unanswered questions. Ronan started by asking who had called Nick with a threatening recording after Diane's death. Ronan wondered who had shoved the key down Diane's throat.

Deacon was let into the room with all the suspects, and Nick declared that Deacon was guilty of mucking up the evidence at the crime scene. Victoria said that Deacon had admitted that he'd been there. Ronan said that Deacon had passed a lie detector test, and he'd only done so much the night of Diane's death. Ronan offered to show everyone the footage that Deacon had shot. Ronan talked about the needlepoint pillows.

Jack pointed out that Kyle had never seen the pillows, and he'd lived with Diane. Jack admitted that, on the night of the murder, he'd been upset with Diane, but not enough to kill the mother of his son. Abby was questioned about fighting with Diane about the key. Abby said that Diane had told her that the key would unlock a hiding place to a secret. Deacon denied that he knew anything about the pillows. Ronan said that there was no evidence to link Diane to the pillows. Ronan said whomever had planted the pillows in Diane's room had known all the suspects very well.

Ronan told Ashley that Diane had tormented her. Ashley said she'd already admitted that she'd fought with Diane. Ronan showed Tucker film footage of his confrontation with Diane and pointed out where he had gotten the poison oak. Ronan then asked if Phyllis was the bitch that Diane had talked about. Phyllis was hurt by Ronan's words. Ronan showed Adam the found footage from the park that showed how Diane and Adam had tried to create the scene so it would look like Victor had been the murderer.

Ronan showed how Victoria had watched her father confront Diane but she'd done nothing to intervene. Ronan resented that Victor had interfered with the investigation by lying about having been the killer. Nikki said that Diane had tried to set up Victor for murder and then Diane had tried to strangle Nikki. Deacon said that he had rushed to help Nikki, but that when he had gotten to Diane's side, she was already dead. Deacon confessed that he had bashed in Diane's head with a rock to make it look like someone bigger and stronger than Nikki had killed Diane. Deacon had tried to protect Nikki.

Deacon said that he had placed Diane in the creek. Deacon admitted that he had gathered the evidence and hidden it in the alley behind Gloworm. Later, someone other than Deacon had taken the evidence. Ashley and Nick blamed Adam. Victor said that Adam was arrogant enough to think he could get away with using the evidence to play games. Adam scoffed at the idea that he'd do something like that. Ronan said that they were all lying, or someone else was involved in the crime. Walsh threatened to throw all of them in jail and charge them with evidence tampering and obstruction of justice.

The women were put in one holding room and Ronan told them they would be there for the night. They were in handcuffs, and Ronan said they would not be released. In a viewing room, Walsh and Ronan watched the women. Ronan didn't think they knew more than they'd already said. Walsh disagreed. The male suspects were put in a holding room, also handcuffed, and left to talk among themselves.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The male suspects were still stuck in a holding cell, all handcuffed and not speaking. Ronan and Walsh watched from the other room via a two-way mirror. Ronan told Walsh that nobody had talked in hours, so he'd decided to nudge them along by removing the cuffs. When Ronan unlocked the cuffs, Tucker wanted to be released. Ronan said that arraignments took time to be processed and they would all be given individual attention.

Jack urged Adam to confess so that they could all leave. Adam explained that he was not into needlepoint and would not have left the pillows. Adam also pointed out that his film footage was just as damning as the others, and he would have no reason to set himself up. Adam claimed that somebody else was toying with the cops, not him. Victor said that Adam was responsible for the situation because he'd been trying to frame Victor for murder. Victor called Adam "scum."

Victor said that before her death, Diane had told him all about Adam's intention to frame Victor for murdering Diane. The men all blamed Adam for causing Diane's death. Adam told them that they were hypocrites and noted that he was the only man there who had not slept with Diane. Adam said he'd never threatened to kill Diane, as Jack and Victor had. Jack called Adam a jerk. Nick accused Adam of being obsessed with Victor.

Deacon entered the holding room with all the other men. Deacon overheard what Adam had said and offered that Deacon had not treated Diane like a human being. Deacon revealed that when Diane had had trouble with the SEC, Adam had taken advantage of Diane. Deacon said that Diane had planned to go along with Adam's plan to frame Victor, but then she'd gotten cold feet.

Deacon claimed that she had wanted to back out and had gone to many of the men in the room for financial help, but they had all turned their backs on her. Diane had been forced to go along with Adam because she'd had no other choice. Victor declared that Adam was a pathological liar who didn't care about anyone. Adam said that he cared about Victor's wife. Nick flared, but Jack stopped Nick from going after Adam. Walsh watched from behind the mirror.

In the women's holding cell, Abby complained about being cuffed. Victoria said that the D.A. was trying to psych them out. Ashley said they were all there because of Nikki. Phyllis explained that Walsh and Ronan were simply playing psychological warfare with them. Ashley and Abby thought that the cops should be looking for someone other than them.

Abby complained to Ronan about the rough treatment they'd been receiving. Ronan said that they would all be arraigned in good time. Phyllis thought about the evidence and said that the needlepoint pillows were very passive aggressive. Phyllis asked for whomever needlepointed that Phyllis was a bitch to say it to her face. Abby talked about what kind of a blog Phyllis would write based on this incarceration.

Ashley assumed the Phyllis would find a way to blame Sharon for the entire episode. Phyllis good-naturedly liked their teasing her about her writing. Nikki seemed distracted and when she spoke, Nikki agreed that the pillows were an odd touch. Nikki didn't think any of them were the person behind the pillows. Ronan entered and escorted Victoria out of the room for her arraignment.

Nikki learned that all the women in the room had seen the film footage at the warehouse, and then Nikki admitted that Diane's blood was on her hands. As she spoke, Abby recalled in flashback that when she had awoken in the Athletic Club ladies room the morning after the murder, her clothes had been covered with dirt and mud from the park.

In the present, Abby told Ashley that after her meeting with Diane, Abby had found herself stained with mud and dirt. Nikki said all that mattered was what Nikki had done to Diane. Ashley and Phyllis felt that someone had been out to get Nikki. Ashley pointed out that Sharon and Nikki weren't always friendly. Ashley was also concerned that Victor usually wound up hurting Nikki.

At the coffeehouse, Paul was beginning to open Myrna's laptop to find clues. Paul left a message on Ronan's phone, saying that he was working on Myrna's laptop because she'd eluded his questioning. Ricky ran into Paul and asked him about Nikki being the perpetrator in the murder case. Ricky said that all the suspects in the murder were being held at the police station. Paul was curious about Ricky's interest in the case, but when Ricky asked to go to the station with Paul, Paul couldn't say no. Paul closed the laptop, and Ricky eyed it suspiciously.

At the potting shed on the Newman ranch, a dog sniffed around the door and began to bark. Patty was hiding inside and wanted the dog to go away. The dog continued to bark, making Patty anxious and frightened. A security guard found the dog outside the shed. He opened the door and let the dog see that nobody was inside. Patty hid from the guard and the dog.

Later, Patty made a headpiece from some dried flowers. Patty put it on her head and pretended that she was a bride, walking down the aisle. Suddenly, Patty destroyed the flowers and said there would be no happy ending for Jack and Genevieve.

Sharon ran into Avery at Crimson Lights and told her that Victor had been out of contact since the police had taken him away the night before. Sharon feared that Victor had been re-arrested for Diane's murder. Michael and Billy went to the police station, searching for Victor and Victoria respectively. Genevieve appeared and said that Jack had also been taken away the day before. Genevieve was concerned that Jack would be held so long that they'd have to delay the wedding.

Michael explained that the men were being questioned about evidence tampering and obstruction of justice. Genevieve was worried about the wedding. Billy assured Genevieve that Jack would not miss his wedding to Genevieve. Michael complained to Ronan about these tactics. Sharon and Avery arrived at the station to find out about Adam. They learned that Adam, Victor, Phyllis, and all the other suspects were in lockup.

Michael answered a caller and said he had no information about Beauty of Nature. Sharon told Avery that if they were all being arraigned, Sharon would take care of Adam's bail. Ronan pointed out to Michael that every one of the suspects had lied to him and mucked up the investigation. Ronan denied that the suspects had been harassed.

Paul entered the police station, and Ronan was surprised to see him. Paul explained that he'd been with Ricky when his son had learned about the suspects being questions. Ronan and Paul realized that Ricky had a source in the police department. Ricky approached Avery for information, but Avery was not interested in helping Ricky with a tabloid story. Ricky implied to Avery that he could use his source to keep a suspect stewing in a holding cell after the others had been arraigned. Avery liked the idea of keeping Phyllis in a cell for a while.

Ricky left for a while. When he returned, Ricky told Avery that Phyllis would be the last to be arraigned. Avery informed Ricky that Ronan and Walsh had taken in all the suspects because of questions about evidence tampering. Ricky was pleased with the information. Paul asked Genevieve if she'd heard from Myrna because Paul had not. Genevieve was perplexed by her maid's inexplicable actions.

Later, in the holding cell, Nikki thanked Phyllis for keeping the real story of why she'd married Deacon out of the publication. Phyllis wondered why Nikki wouldn't want the world to know that Deacon had blackmailed her. Nikki said she had reasons. The guard arrived, and Nikki was taken to arraignment. Phyllis was alone in the holding cell, the last of the suspects.

Still in the holding cell with the others, Jack asked Adam to reveal to him and Tucker who'd won the Beauty of Nature bid. Victor knew the answer and urged Adam to reveal the truth. Adam said that Jack's bid had been bested. Jack was stunned and wanted to know who'd won Beauty of Nature. Adam refused to speak. Tucker told Jack that his bid had not been the highest.

Ronan entered and took Adam to be arraigned. Jack was furious because he still hadn't heard who'd beaten him out for Beauty of Nature. In the lobby, Genevieve was on the phone with Davis. Genevieve asked Davis to stall the news about her having bought Beauty of Nature because she still had to break the news to Jack.

Paul was searching the desk for his car keys. Ricky entered the room and offered to help Paul. Ricky dropped the keys under the desk and pretended to find them. Ricky gave the keys to his father. While Paul turned away, Ricky said to himself that he'd used the keys to get the data off the laptop that Paul had been accessing at the coffeehouse.

When they returned to the coffeehouse, Paul bought a coffee for Ricky then they said goodbye. Ricky was pleased with himself that he'd collected the data off the laptop and transferred it onto a flash drive. When Paul sat at a table and opened Myrna's laptop, he was shocked by what he saw.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria and Billy shared a drink, and she decompressed after having been stuck in the holding cell. Victoria hoped Jack and Genevieve would be able to go ahead with the wedding. After getting bailed out, Jack told Genevieve that he'd lost the Beauty of Nature bid. Genevieve sympathized with Jack. Tucker said that he didn't know who'd won the company.

When Adam wondered who'd bailed him out, Avery said Sharon had done it and urged Adam to leave before Victor caught on. When Victor appeared, he and Sharon exchanged a look. Nikki appeared and thanked Michael for bailing her out. Nikki and Victor looked at each other, then Victor walked out with Sharon.

The last one out of the hearing room was Phyllis. Avery approached Phyllis and asked her how she enjoyed being stuck in prison. Avery told Phyllis that was like what their father had endured. Phyllis was incensed that Avery had arranged for Phyllis to be the last one released. Nick was waiting for Phyllis.

Deacon taunted Abby, saying that he knew her secrets. Abby was worried. Walsh and Ronan talked about the suspects, and they agreed that the ten who'd been in holding and Deacon were not the ones who'd screwed with the evidence or toyed with the investigation. Ronan said there was someone else responsible.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jeffrey was in a truck on his way back to Genoa City. Jeffrey told the driver that his name was Elliot and he'd hit his head and lost his memory. Jeffrey did recall that he'd left something behind in Genoa City, so that was why he was on his way there. At Crimson Lights, Jeffrey finished having coffee and something to eat. When the waitress asked him to pay his bill, Jeffrey said he had no money. The waitress asked if Jeffrey had planned to eat and run.

Jill walked into the coffeehouse and said that she'd pay Jeffrey's tab because she felt bad for the waitress. Jill was shocked when she saw that the bum who'd refused to pay was Jeffrey. Jill thought Jeffrey intended to fool everyone into thinking that he was broke, but Jill told Jeffrey he'd absconded with Gloworm's money. Jeffrey had no idea what Gloworm was and when Jill mentioned Gloria, Jeffrey was unaware who she was. He also was unaware what his name was.

Jill told Jeffrey that he was Jeffrey. Jill proceeded to test if Jeffrey was faking his amnesia by telling him that he was Victor Newman, one of the richest men in the world. Jeffrey liked the idea of being a billionaire and pretended to remember he was rich. Jill dispelled him of that notion and ordered him to go with her.

At Crimson Lights, Paul was relieved to see Nikki and explained to her that he and Ronan were trying to convince Walsh not to press charges against her for Diane's murder. Paul and Nikki arranged to meet at the Athletic Club later in the day to speak some more. Nikki left for an A.A. meeting.

Ronan was against Walsh's plan to file charges against Nikki for Diane's murder. Walsh felt the people deserved to have someone tried for the death of Diane Jenkins. Ronan pointed out that they could convict Deacon Sharpe for evidence tampering, and Ronan was determined to find the real culprit who'd mucked up their investigation. Walsh agreed to give Ronan a little more time to find the elusive suspect.

Paul went to the police station and showed Ronan what he'd found on Myrna's laptop. It was an image from the surveillance camera in the park on the night of Diane's murder. Ronan wanted Myrna taken it for questioning. Paul said that Myrna was still missing. Ronan and Paul speculated that Myrna might be a disgruntled employee looking for revenge. Ronan assumed that Genevieve would be Myrna's next target.

Alone in the potting shed, Patty pretended to speak to a pussycat, which was just a cartoon image on a kitchen towel. Patty reminisced to the towel about her childhood, speaking of her mother and brothers. Patty said that Paul had always laughed at her for being messy. Patty thought Paul would say that she was a mess if he knew she was hiding out in the potting shed.

Patty feared that Paul would put her back in the mental hospital, and Patty didn't want to go back to that cell. Patty realized that she needed to get out of the shed. Patty told the kitty that she had to get Jack away from Genevieve. Patty bundled up and walked out of the shed.

Sharon and Victor met at the ranch, and he wanted to talk. Sharon suggested Victor relax at home since he was just out of prison. Sharon apologized for not being at the ranch when Victor was released. Victor assumed that Sharon had gone to see Adam. Sharon suggested that they put off the talk until the morning. Victor told Sharon he knew that she had warned Adam about the SEC sting. Victor was ticked that he'd lost Beauty of Nature because of Sharon's loyalty to Adam. Victor admired Sharon's dedication.

Sharon assumed Victor was disappointed in her. Victor said that their marriage was an arrangement, and the next step for them was an annulment. Victor was worried that when Nick found out that Sharon had helped Adam, Nick would seek sole custody of Faith again. Victor told Sharon that those were the consequences of her actions. Sharon said that she'd warned Adam because she had objected to Victor's plan to entrap Adam and put him behind bars.

Victor ordered Sharon to come to her senses. Sharon said she knew that she could never have a serious relationship with Adam because of Nick's feelings that Faith would be in jeopardy. Victor thought Sharon had misjudged the entire situation. Victor offered that he and Sharon might still be friends, but Sharon wasn't sure.

Sharon returned the diamond wedding ring to Victor and said she'd been honored to be his wife. Victor said goodbye. Sharon walked out of the house and passed Nikki at the door. Sharon told Nikki that Victor was waiting for her. Nikki went into the house and saw Victor in the chair.

At the Athletic Club bar, Jack saw on his smart phone that a company called FMN had purchased Beauty of Nature. Jack thought that Adam was behind FMN. Genevieve asked Jack not to talk about business on the eve of their wedding. Jack agreed and told her that in due time, Beauty of Nature would be part of Jabot. Jack was obsessed about FMN, and Genevieve tried to think of a way to break the news to him that she owned the company.

Genevieve admitted to Jack they'd had a whirlwind romance and didn't really know each other very well. Jack and Genevieve agreed to take the surprises about each other that might pop up in stride. Davis called Genevieve to say that Victor had demanded to see the owner of FMN immediately. Genevieve told Davis to tell Victor that she was unavailable, and she ordered Davis to get Victor off her back. Back at the bar, Jack wondered if Genevieve was upset, then he offered to stop all the business talk until after the honeymoon.

In the cabin on Long Island Sound, Angelina asked Kevin to tell her his plan to get them off the island. Kevin was giving her the silent treatment. Angelina was frustrated that she had no way to help them out of their predicament. Kevin reminded Angelina that she was responsible for their being stuck on the island. Kevin finally showed Angelina the design he'd made for a raft to get them to the mainland. Angelina offered to help with the construction, saying she'd get the wood.

Kevin was impressed when Angelina began gathering planks from the kitchen cabinets. Outside, Angelina got down to helping with the raft, and Kevin admitted that she'd done a good job. Kevin told Angelina that if they survived, he'd take her on a shopping spree. Kevin was fearful that Angelo would kill him before he could make it home. Angelina promised to speak to "Daddy" for him, and Kevin thanked Angelina for her help with the raft. Angelina apologized for having lied to Kevin about being pregnant. Angelina handed Kevin an outboard motor that she had found on the island.

At the Athletic Club, Angelo wondered why Gloria was so depressed. Gloria said she had a bad feeling that Kevin was in trouble. Gloria asked Angelo to call one of his associates to find Kevin. Angelo agreed to try, then called Dino and pretended to order him to search for Kevin. Privately, Angelo asked Dino to teach Kevin a lesson as soon as possible. Later, Dino called Angelo to say that he'd found Kevin. Dino understood Angelo's message to rub out Kevin.

Angelo told Gloria that things were looking up. Gloria was very grateful to Angelo. Jill and Jeffrey arrived at the club and as they walked into room, Jeffrey was unperturbed by the sight of Angelo and Gloria kissing. Jill realized that Jeffrey was really suffering from a memory loss.

When Paul and Nikki met at the club, she feared that he had different feelings for her because she'd killed Diane. Nikki felt guilty about Kyle no longer having his mother. Paul said that Nikki had acted in self-defense and to protect Victor. Nikki confided in Paul that Sharon and Victor were not going to remain married much longer. Paul said that Nikki was speaking as though she knew, and he told Nikki to be careful with Victor. Ronan arrived, and he and Paul asked Jack if they could speak with Genevieve.

Jack left Ronan, Paul, and Genevieve alone, and Genevieve wondered if they'd found Myrna. Genevieve had not heard from Myrna. Ronan told Genevieve that Myrna had been involved in Diane's murder. Genevieve was stunned. Paul explained that there was evidence on Myrna's laptop.

Jack was standing in the lobby when Patty approached him, pretending to be Emily. Patty hugged Jack, and he was stunned to see her. "Emily" told Jack not to marry Genevieve, that she still wanted a life with Jack. Confused, Jack reminded "Emily" that she'd told him to go ahead with the marriage. Jack wanted "Emily" to meet Genevieve, but Patty refused to cooperate. She kissed Jack goodbye and walked out.

Genevieve told Ronan and Paul that she had no background information about Myrna. When Genevieve returned to Jack's side, she asked him about Emily.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Genevieve excitedly declared to Jack that it was their wedding day, and Jack joked that it had been a long engagement. She couldn't wait to be his wife, and he said that the feeling was mutual. They kissed, but a call from Billy interrupted them. Billy asked if he could help with any wedding preparations. Jack reminded Billy to be there in time for the ceremony, and he reported that Ashley was in the process of picking up Traci at the airport.

Jack hung up, and Cane and Lily called Genevieve to see how she was doing. Genevieve gushed that she had everything she could possibly want, since Cane had agreed to give her away. Lily volunteered to help Genevieve get ready, but Genevieve said that Ashley and Traci had already planned to do so. Cane and Lily said they'd see her at the wedding, and Genevieve marveled to Jack that she loved how their families wanted to share in their celebration.

Genevieve's phone rang again, and Jack noted that she let the call go to voicemail. She hoped that Ronan would call with word about Myrna, but Jack opined that it was a good thing that Myrna was long gone. Genevieve recalled that the Myrna she'd known had been timid and childlike, but Jack urged her not to stress out on their wedding day, just like he wasn't going to think about Beauty of Nature. She sympathized that the prior day had been awful for him, and he remarked that it had been a disaster.

Jack mentioned Emily, and Genevieve surmised that Emily wanted him back, but he thought Emily had simply needed closure. Genevieve thought there was more to the story, but Jack assured her that she had nothing to worry about. She proclaimed her belief in his words, and he replied that he had doubted his ability to trust anyone again before he'd met her, and the fact that she'd taught him to trust again was one of the reasons why he was so happy to marry her. He pulled her into his arms, and she looked guilty.

Genevieve covertly called Davis and inquired whether he'd been able to stall Victor, but Davis reported that Victor had threatened to file multiple lawsuits against FMN if he didn't meet with the owner of the company that day. She flashed back to Jack's obsession with who had won Beauty of Nature and his vow to get to the bottom of it. Genevieve told Jack that she had a last-minute errand, but he pointed out that it was the last time they'd see one another before the wedding. She said they needed to make the most of it, and they kissed.

Billy hugged Victoria, who had slept in after her tiring ordeal at the police station the day before. He wondered if the police would press charges, but she wanted to focus on enjoying the wedding. The doorbell rang, and Jill greeted them and griped about the long flight back from Australia, where she had just visited Phillip. She wanted to see Billy and Victoria before they went to the wedding, and Billy assumed that Jill had been invited, too. Jill explained that she planned to send her regrets, because Jack didn't really know Genevieve, and she thought Jack was making a mistake.

Jill showed pictures of Australian botanical gardens to Billy and Victoria, but she noticed that Billy seemed distracted. Billy hesitantly revealed that someone had shown up in town and had changed everything. After they explained the situation to Jill, Victoria and Billy said they were handling things the best they could. Jill was proud of them, but she questioned whether it was a good idea for Chelsea to live with them. Victoria argued that Chelsea couldn't even take care of herself, and Billy hoped that Chelsea would realize that he and Victoria should take care of the baby, though Chelsea was unaware of their plan.

Chelsea suddenly barged in and quickly apologized when she saw Jill; Billy introduced Chelsea and Jill. Chelsea offered to leave, but Jill insisted that she stay. Chelsea realized that Jill probably didn't think highly of her, and she acknowledged that she hadn't had an easy life and had made serious errors in judgment. Jill scolded Chelsea for setting Billy up, but Chelsea claimed that being pregnant had changed her life in ways she hadn't expected, and she appreciated everything Billy and Victoria were doing for her and her baby.

Jill couldn't pretend to forget what Chelsea had done to Billy, but she offered to give Chelsea a chance. Victoria agreed that they should concentrate on moving forward. Chelsea thanked Jill for being fair, and Jill admitted that she'd made her own mistakes when she had been young. Jill believed that people could change, especially with a baby on the way, and she promised to keep an open mind. Chelsea said it was nice meeting Jill, and she left to retrieve milk from the kitchen.

Billy appreciated how Jill had handled things, and Jill said that she didn't want to make things more difficult. Jill added that she trusted Chelsea even less than before she'd met her, because she herself had once been just like Chelsea. Victoria swore that their eyes were open, and Billy vowed to get Chelsea to trust them. Jill warned them not to let their guard down, or they'd regret it.

At Crimson Lights, Patty pretended to be Emily, and she mused to herself that Genevieve would be busy tending to wedding plans, so Jack would be home alone. A surprised Tucker asked what she was doing there, and "Emily" asked if it was such a shock that she was back. He guessed that she was there for a psychiatrist convention, and he apologetically stated that he'd meant to tell her that he hadn't felt the need to contact any of the therapist colleagues she'd recommended. She said she was glad he was doing well, and she commented that sometimes people grew when they took a break from therapy and found answers for themselves. He offered to join her, but she said she had urgent business to tend to.

Posing as Emily, Patty stopped by to see Jack and claimed that she was embarrassed about her behavior the prior day. She hoped that they could talk before his wedding, and he invited her in. "Emily" claimed that she had helped others pick up the pieces after suffering disappointment, but she'd had problems taking her own advice. She lamented that fate had cruelly intervened in their relationship, and he added that Patty had, too. "Emily" thought that they should have fought harder, and she felt that they'd never given themselves the second chance they'd deserved. She asked if he felt deep down that Genevieve was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Jack hoped that "Emily's" visit would help her to move on, because he was getting married to the woman he loved in a matter of hours, and he and "Emily" needed to say goodbye. "Emily" coldly stated that she wouldn't take up any more of his time, and he gently replied that he hadn't meant to hurt her. She said that he had spoken from the heart, so there was nothing more to say. Patty departed, and she gasped for breath once she was outside. She flashed back to walking in on Jack's proposal to Genevieve. Patty closed her eyes and seethed.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor barked orders over the phone, and Adam entered and noted that Victor had wasted no time reclaiming his office. Adam asked if he wanted to conduct business, since they were out of jail. Victor accused Adam of being responsible for the events that had led to Diane's death, and he called Adam psychopathic. Adam pointed out that he'd been released, just like everyone else had, and he added that Sharon had paid his bail. Victor said they had business to discuss, and he picked up a letter of resignation. Victor demanded that Adam sign it, pack up his things, and leave.

Adam reminded Victor that Victor had enticed Adam to return to the company, and he tore up the letter and refused to resign. Victor implored him to rethink the situation, but Adam said that his employment contract stated that he couldn't be fired without just cause. Adam bragged that he had done an exemplary job, as evidenced by the highly profitable sale of Beauty of Nature, and that the board had appointed him CEO of a public company. Victor had anticipated Adam's response, and Adam suggested that they move forward by working together. "Why the hell not," Victor said, and he asked Adam to follow him.

Victor led Adam to the men's bathroom and told him that it was his new office, and he opened the door to reveal a desk with Adam's nameplate next to the urinals. Adam called him funny, but Victor said it was no joke, because one of the provisions of Adam's contract was that Victor decided where his employees worked, and he told Adam to enjoy himself. Victor exited as another employee entered, and Adam looked embarrassed. Adam stepped into the hallway and told someone that they needed to talk.

Tucker opened his door to Adam, and he suspected that Adam was there to whine about Victor's return to Newman Enterprises. Adam said they had an unsettled business matter to discuss, and he demanded that Tucker make good on his promise of a job at McCall Industries. Tucker asked if Victor had fired Adam, but Adam argued that while Victor couldn't fire him, Victor could make Adam's life miserable. Tucker pointed out that Adam hadn't held up his end of the deal, and Adam accused Tucker of being part of the setup against him.

Tucker asked why Adam would want to work for him if Adam believed Tucker had conspired against him, and Adam conceded that Tucker had made a good business move. Adam intended to collect what Tucker owed him, and he contended that while they didn't like one another, he could do a lot for McCall. Tucker declared that he had no obligation to Adam and that no one told him what to do, but he did see an upside. Tucker suggested that Adam stay at Newman and report Victor's every move to Tucker, in exchange for a McCall paycheck. Adam agreed to think about it.

Genevieve arrived to see Victor at the Newman ranch, and he was surprised to see her, especially on her wedding day. He asked why she'd dropped by, and she mentioned that he had insisted on meeting the new owner of Beauty of Nature, so she'd obliged. He found it interesting that the head of FMN was Jack's fiancée. Victor assumed that Genevieve and Jack had worked together to win Beauty of Nature, but he hadn't expected her to bid higher than Jack. Victor asked if Jack was part of FMN, and she denied it. She agreed to keep her discussion with Victor to herself.

Victor proposed that he and Genevieve become partners, because he could protect her from a hostile takeover by keeping Beauty of Nature under the Newman umbrella, and she'd become rich in the process. Genevieve remarked that she was already very rich, and Victor chuckled and figured she was turning him down. She explained that she was glad that she had bought Beauty of Nature, but she hadn't considered her long-term plans for the company yet, and she wasn't ready to give it up. Victor asked if she intended to keep it for herself or for Jack, but she said it didn't matter, because her answer was the same either way.

Victor asked Genevieve to reconsider his proposition after she returned from her honeymoon, and she remarked that stranger things had happened. They said goodbye, and Victor left an urgent message for Michael to dig up information about Genevieve.

Over the phone, Genevieve reported to Jack that her appointments had been going fine, but she could hear in his voice that something was wrong. He said that Emily had stopped by to try to reconcile with him again, but he had set Emily straight and didn't expect to see her ever again. He professed his love for Genevieve and said that he couldn't wait to see her walking down the aisle. She returned his declaration of love, but she looked worried.

At Crimson Lights, Cane hoped he didn't trip while escorting Genevieve down the aisle, and Lily pointed out that he'd made a lot of progress in his relationship with his mother. Lily understood why he was skeptical about Genevieve's marriage, but Cane hoped it would be the beginning of something good for Genevieve. Lily couldn't wait to go to the wedding, and Cane called her a romantic. They excitedly looked forward to attending the event together.

Lily left to pick up Cane's tuxedo, and Cane saw an online article about FMN -- which stood for "Forget Me Not" -- acquiring Beauty of Nature, and he looked suspicious. Cane raced over to Genevieve's home and called her name, but no one responded. He looked at Samantha's urn on the mantel, and he saw that the words "Forget Me Not" had been engraved on it.

Patty returned to the potting shed and ranted that Jack should be spending the rest of his life with her. She vowed that Genevieve would never have Jack, and she pulled out a gun.

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