The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps for the week of February 13, 2012

Katherine threw a country wedding in Provence, France, for Cane and Lily. Anita tried to speak with Victor at the Newman ranch but lost her earring there when Victor turned her away. Chelsea faked labor pains to try to distract Billy from Victoria. Nikki noticed Anita's missing earring. Jack decided to launch legal action against Genevieve over her Beauty of Nature purchase. In Kansas, at his mother's farm, Adam struggled with his blindness and urged Sharon to leave. Without Kevin, Chloe celebrated Delia's first post-cancer birthday with a party at the Chancellor mansion. Victor flew to Paris to seduce Beauty of Nature away from Genevieve.
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Katherine threw a country wedding in Provence, France, for Cane and Lily
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Monday, February 13, 2012

At Gloworm, Victor told Katherine that ophthalmology specialists didn't give Adam much hope of regaining his eyesight. Victor added that Adam was rediscovering his roots at the farmhouse in Kansas. Katherine shook her head in disbelief. Victor said he hoped his son might find a way to cope with his condition.

At the Kansas farmhouse, Adam stumbled around the kitchen, searching for a spoon. Adam angrily refused Sharon's assistance and admonished her for not telling him that it had been Victor's idea to convalesce at the farm. Sharon explained that she'd known that Adam wouldn't have approved. Sharon added that she, too, believed it was the perfect place for Adam to regain his bearings. Adam cried that his father's aim had been to get him out of town. Sharon assured Adam that Victor cared about him. Sharon warmly embraced Adam and told him that she cared very much about him and wouldn't allow him to leave.

After the local grocer, Mr. Foster, dropped off bags of food and supplies Sharon had ordered, Adam emerged from the other room, where he'd remained hidden from view. Sharon asked about Adam's memories of growing up in the area. Adam noted that he tried never to conjure up memories of his past because he'd always wanted to get away from Kansas as soon as he could. Adam admitted that he and his mom had had some wonderful times, but he added that he'd never felt like he'd fit in.

Adam recalled that he'd worked hard to earn a degree from Harvard Business School and noted that, as Adam Wilson, he'd found success on Wall Street. Sharon seemed saddened as Adam traced the beginning of his downfall to the day he'd changed his name to Victor Newman Jr. Sharon told Adam that sharing his feelings would help him deal with suppressed emotions. Adam cried that he had no job and a family who had distanced themselves from him, so discussing his pathetic situation wasn't at all cathartic. Adam removed his dark glasses and revealed his damaged, opaque eyes. Staring into space, Adam cried, "I am blind. That is my nightmare."

Adam warned Sharon that he'd drag her down if she didn't return home to be with her daughter. Sharon said that no one deserved to be alone, and she refused to leave. Adam cried, "Go away now. Just leave!" Sharon agreed to give Adam some space, but she said she would not leave him. After Sharon stepped out, Adam lowered his head in despair.

At Kevin's apartment, Angelina emerged from the bedroom, clad in a sheer, leopard-print negligee. Kevin had just finished folding the sheets and blanket he'd used to make his bed on the sofa. Kevin explained that he'd gotten little sleep thanks to numerous calls from paparazzi. Angelina cheered for herself and said, "I'm a pop superstar!" Angelina noted Kevin's depressed mood and said she wished she'd never lied to him about being pregnant.

Kevin said, "Yeah, the whole thing sucks. It's like being on a runaway train that I can't get off of." Angelina promised to make things right. Kevin vowed to get himself out of the mess. He added, "I just hope your dad will listen to reason because I enjoy staying alive."

After Kevin left, Eden stopped by the apartment to pick up some clothes. Earlier, Kevin had mentioned that Eden had spent the night elsewhere so the newlyweds could be alone. Eden spied the folded bed linens and asked if someone had slept on the sofa. Angelina didn't respond because her dad arrived unexpectedly to check on the newlyweds. Eden escaped to her bedroom to avoid the awkward situation.

Angelo declared that Kevin's apartment wasn't good enough for his princess and the children they were sure to have soon. Angelina interrupted her dad and said, "I think marrying Kevin was a mistake." Angelina tried to explain that she'd rushed Kevin into the marriage before he'd had time to get over Chloe. Angelo said, "He's two-timing you with Chloe? Don't you worry; I'll make sure that your marriage is happy, or that mook will pay for it!" Angelo, seething with anger, rushed out even though Angelina tried to explain the situation.

At the Chancellor estate, Billy visited with Delia upstairs in her room. Before Billy left, he found a depressed Chloe alone in the sitting room. Billy tried to comfort Chloe when she explained that Kevin had dumped her to run off with Angelina, whom Chloe described as a "skanky, Jersey Shore wannabe." Later, Billy ran into Kevin on the front porch. Billy warned Kevin to tread lightly because Chloe had been hurt. Chloe answered the door after Kevin rang the doorbell. Tears welled in Chloe's eyes when Kevin said that he still wanted her to be his wife.

Chloe invited Kevin inside and said he had just three minutes to explain why he'd left her at the altar. Kevin said that Angelo had shown up at the church just before the wedding and insisted that Kevin assist Angelina at Devon's studio. Chloe recalled that Angelina claimed she couldn't sing unless she was gazing into Kevin's eyes. Kevin explained that as he and Angelina had later made their way back to the church, thugs had shot at them because Angelina had claimed that she was pregnant by her ex-boyfriend, Carmine.

Kevin spoke quickly and added that Carmine had supposedly been livid because he'd believed that Kevin had fathered Angelina's baby. Kevin said that he'd stayed away from the church because he'd feared Chloe or others gathered for the wedding might be in danger. Chloe demanded to know why Kevin had not told her the truth. Kevin replied, "Because I thought that if you were mad, you wouldn't come looking for me, and I couldn't risk you getting hurt." Chloe asked why Angelo hadn't stepped in to help. Kevin explained that he had been told that Angelo also thought that Kevin had fathered the baby.

Chloe seemed angry more than hurt as Kevin explained that everything had become extremely complicated from that point onward. Chloe's anger softened to understanding when Kevin clarified that he'd never had any doubts about marrying her. He cried that it had killed him to lie to her. Chloe listened in stunned silence as Kevin recalled being trapped with Angelina in a motel room near Niagara Falls, becoming stranded on a deserted island, and the futile attempt to escape on a homemade raft.

Kevin told Chloe that he'd later discovered that Angelina had lied about everything. Kevin noted that Angelina's aim all along had been to thwart his and Chloe's wedding. Chloe was furious and vowed to rip Angelina's eyes out. Kevin told Chloe that he'd never intended to hurt her. Chloe sighed and said, "This changes everything."

Delia walked downstairs and asked Kevin if he still planned to marry her mother. Kevin avoided answering and said he remembered that Delia would celebrate her birthday the following day. Chloe instructed her daughter to return to her room and try on her birthday dress. Chloe told Kevin to wait while she accompanied her daughter upstairs.

Angelo phoned Kevin after Chloe left the room. Angelo warned that he'd have Chloe sent to a deserted island if Kevin failed to make Angelina a happy bride. Kevin tried to explain the situation, but Angelo demanded that Kevin return home to his wife immediately.

After Chloe returned downstairs, Kevin had moved to a chair close to the front door. His coat was draped over his arm. Chloe paused in the doorway and asked Kevin why he'd married Angelina. Kevin quickly sprung from his chair and said, "I should go." Chloe was confused by Kevin's suddenly changed demeanor. Chloe said she thought they'd planned to reach an understanding. Kevin said there was something he had to handle first.

Chloe said she felt that she and Kevin were still in love. Kevin mentioned that someone had sent him a photo of Chloe kissing Daniel. Chloe insisted that the kiss had meant nothing. Kevin claimed that he had felt betrayed and had begun to see Angelina differently. Chloe seemed crushed when Kevin added that he'd never expected to fall for Angelina.

Chloe, shocked, cried, "You're serious." Chloe opened the front door and said, "Have a nice life, Kevin." Kevin forced his feet to carry his body toward the door and whispered, "I'm sorry," as he passed by Chloe. Chloe slammed the door closed behind Kevin.

Billy stopped by Crimson Lights for coffee and mentioned to Eden that Kevin had visited Chloe. Eden told Billy that something was off about Kevin's marriage to Angelina. Billy claimed that everything about Kevin seemed off. Eden explained that she felt Kevin wasn't in love with Angelina.

Angelina paced nervously in Kevin's apartment. Angelo later returned. Angelina asked, "What did you do, Daddy?" Angelo replied, "Your worries are over, princess. From this moment on, Fisher is going to treat you like the gift you are! He and I understand each other now." Angelina seemed stunned.

At Jabot, Genevieve showed up at the office she'd once shared with Jill to pick up a pair of reading glasses she'd left behind. After Jill casually mentioned Lily and Cane's wedding, scheduled for the following day, the expression on Genevieve's face revealed to Jill that Cane had not included his own mother among the invited guests. Genevieve fumed when Jill said, "Even your own son can't stand you." Genevieve sunk into a chair and admitted that she was hurt because her son had shut her out.

Genevieve listened intently as Jill admitted that she hadn't always enjoyed a close bond with Billy. Jill explained that her relationship with Billy had changed after she'd admitted to herself that she'd been a lousy mother. Jill advised Genevieve to stop putting herself ahead of Cane and his family. Jill added that she cared very much about Cane and wanted him to enjoy a good relationship with his mother, as well. Jill warned that Genevieve should change the way she interacted with Cane soon, before it was too late.

Genevieve stopped by the bar at Gloworm and ordered a glass of French wine. Victor approached and inquired about Beauty of Nature. Genevieve insisted that everything was on the right track. Victor warned that Genevieve should accept his offer to help with the company. Genevieve insisted that she could handle everything.

Before Victor walked away, he said, "Don't say I didn't warn you." Genevieve dialed Neil's number and left a message. Genevieve, sounding desperate, said, "I hope you'll join my team because I think we could do fabulous things together. Hope to hear from you soon."

At Lily's house, Sofia and Olivia made frantic calls to florists and photographers to prepare for Lily and Cane's hastily planned wedding ceremony. Lily responded to the doorbell and took delivery of a huge bouquet of roses and tulips that Malcolm had sent. Sofia seemed touched and said, "He always did have great taste." Lily consoled Sofia and assured her stepmother that the breakup with Malcolm and subsequent marriage to Moses' father, Neil, had unfolded as they'd been supposed to.

At Crimson Lights, Neil and Devon took a break from running wedding-related errands with the twins in tow to enjoy coffee. Neil received a text message from a former business associate familiar with the Atkinsons. Neil explained that he'd wanted to know more about Genevieve before accepting her job offer. Harmony joined Neil and Devon and seemed excited about Lily and Cane's wedding. Devon invited his mom to accompany him to the wedding because Roxanne was out of town. Harmony readily accepted her son's invitation.

After Neil, Devon, Abby, and the twins joined Lily, Sofia, and Olivia at Lily's house, Katherine showed up and said she had an announcement to make. Harmony and Traci were present, too, as Katherine recounted that Lily and Cane had overcome tragedy, illness, and divorce because their love for each other was strong. The bride, groom, gathered family members, and friends cheered when Katherine announced that she would fly everyone to France on her private jet to celebrate a Valentine's Day wedding.

Katherine told Lily and Cane that she'd be unable to travel with them, but she promised to be present in spirit. Harmony told Devon that Katherine hadn't mentioned anything about the surprise beforehand. Katherine said she'd already secured passports for the children. Neil told Cane to phone Jill and Genevieve. Cane explained that he would not be inviting Genevieve because she wasn't a good person. Neil pressed Cane for an explanation, but Cane said he didn't want to discuss the matter further.

Lily took Traci and Abby aside and asked them to stand up for her in honor of Colleen. Abby readily accepted, but Traci declined because she believed her place was with Jack during his recovery. Lily agreed that Colleen would want Traci to stay by Jack's side. Traci told Lily that Colleen would be present in spirit because she would have never missed such a magical day with a dear friend. Lily embraced Traci. Abby looked on, smiling.

Jill dropped by and told Katherine that she was impressed with Katherine's brilliant idea to fly everyone to France. Billy arrived just before everyone except Lily and Cane left. Billy offered congratulations on his and Victoria's behalf. Cane told Billy that he would have asked him to serve as best man, but Billy had already stated that he and Victoria wouldn't be able to travel.

Neil met with Genevieve at Gloworm and turned down her job offer. Neil explained that he'd conducted some research and had decided he'd rather not be caught up in Genevieve's questionable business practices. Genevieve insisted that her husband, not she, had been involved with shady connections. She added that Beauty of Nature was solely hers. Neil passed on the offer. Genevieve asked if her son had swayed Neil's decision. Neil insisted that hadn't based his decision on career advice from Cane.

Genevieve said, "My son is not very happy with me right now." Neil nodded in agreement and explained that the whole family would soon fly to Provence for Cane and Lily's wedding. Neil noted that the groom's mother had not been invited. Genevieve concealed her true emotions and said she hoped everyone would have a wonderful time. Neil thanked Genevieve and added, "I'm very sorry it worked out this way."

After Neil left, Victor approached Genevieve again and asked if she was ready to reconsider an alliance with him. Genevieve bristled but told Victor she was open to possibilities. Genevieve maintained that she would not relinquish ownership of Beauty of Nature.

Neil stopped back by Lily's briefly and dropped off the twins' passports before rushing off to help Sofia pack. Lily and Cane kissed and marveled that Cane's citizenship issues had been resolved. Cane noted that he'd soon be kissing his bride and needed to practice.

Cane and Lily's family later returned to Lily's and awaited limousines that would deliver them to the airport. Harmony seemed distressed and admitted to Neil that she hated flying. Neil placed his arm around Harmony and insisted that she'd be fine. Harmony smiled. Sofia noticed the interaction between her husband and Harmony. Lily announced that everyone was ready to leave, and Neil noted that the limousines had arrived. Cane thanked Katherine, and she wished for Lily and Cane to enjoy a drama-free wedding ceremony.

Back at Gloworm, Genevieve phoned her travel agent and ordered a first-class airline ticket on the next available flight to France, to an airport nearest to Provence.

Lily and Cane remarry in Provence

Lily and Cane remarry in Provence

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In Provence, France, Neil, Sofia, Devon, Abby, Harmony, Lily, Cane, and Jill admired the beautiful countryside where Katherine had arranged for Lily and Cane's wedding to take place. Sofia noticed that Neil was paying a lot of attention to Harmony, who had never been to France before. Lily was overwhelmed that she and Cane were getting married in such a beautiful locale.

Later, Sofia and Neil took Moses out for a walk around the grounds. They ran into Harmony, who was taking pictures and marveling at the place. The baby began to fuss, and Sofia and Neil headed back to the house. Jill approached Harmony and observed that Harmony had gotten very used to all the luxury around her, like the private jet and living in the Chancellor mansion. Harmony refused to let Jill bait her, since she was enjoying herself and just wanted to be happy for Devon's family.

In the house, Lily and Cane met with the minister who would be conducting the ceremony. The minister said it was his pleasure to put a family back together. Cane and Lily needed to change for the event, but before parting, they expressed their love for one another and kissed.

Later, Neil spoke with Lily before she dressed, and he said he was glad to see her so happy with Cane and the twins. She mused that it was like every bump she'd experienced had been meant to get her there with her family. Neil promised to always be there for Lily. Lily recalled that she'd previously said she would walk down the aisle alone, but she asked her father to do the honors. Neil was overjoyed.

In the garden, Jill and Cane admired the flowers. Jill wondered if Cane was sorry that Genevieve was not at the wedding. Cane explained that Genevieve had not been invited for a reason, and he considered Jill to be the mother of the groom. Jill loved that he wanted her there, and the last thing she wanted for him was any regrets. He said the day was all he could have hoped for. They embraced.

Devon and Harmony strolled around the grounds. She thanked him for inviting her to be there, and she left to change. Cane approached and asked if Devon had remembered the rings, and Devon pretended that he'd forgotten them. Neil overheard and ribbed Devon for messing with Cane on his wedding day. Neil and Devon gave Cane their blessings to marry Lily.

In Lily's room, Olivia and Abby had wedding gifts for Lily. Abby gave Lily a bracelet that had been Colleen's, and Olivia gave Lily one of Dru's combs. Lily remembered wearing the comb the first time she'd married Cane. Olivia was certain Dru would have been thrilled that Lily was getting married in France. Lily felt positive vibes from both Dru and Colleen.

Genevieve arrived in France and got into a limousine. She asked the driver to take her to Provence. Genevieve called the Chancellor mansion and tricked Esther into telling her the address for the wedding.

As the wedding began, everyone watched as Neil escorted Lily across the grass to a fountain, where Cane and the wedding party had gathered. The minister began the service in French and English. From a distance, an emotional Genevieve watched as Lily and Cane exchanged vows.

Lily spoke to Cane about how second chances had been invented for them. She compared being apart from him to being out of the sun for too long, and she never wanted to be apart from him again. Lily promised to be the best wife to Cane and the best mother to Mattie and Charlie. She made playful pledges to split dog-walking duties and not to interrupt Cane's rugby matches on cable. She swore that she wouldn't take their time together for granted.

Cane interjected his own thoughts and vowed to give Lily everything, including his undivided attention. He said he was lucky every moment to have Lily back in his life, and he wouldn't let go of their second chance. Jill spotted a tearful Genevieve as Cane and Lily exchanged rings. When the minister pronounced the couple husband and wife, Jill saw Genevieve crying.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe prepared for Delia's birthday. Katherine told Chloe that she was excited about being home for Delia's party and that she didn't need to be in France for the wedding. Chloe noted that the birthday was Delia's first since the girl had beaten cancer. Esther and Murphy took Delia into the living room, which was decorated for her special day. Chloe covered Delia in kisses and called her daughter her special Valentine.

At home, Billy and Victoria prepared for Delia's party, and he talked about celebrating Valentine's Day together later in the evening. As they shared an intimate moment, Chelsea walked into the house, saying that she needed to borrow baking sheets. Victoria invited Chelsea to use the kitchen because she and Billy were going out. Anita entered and complimented the Abbotts on being so generous.

Billy mentioned that he was going to Delia's party. He coolly added that he'd missed a lot of time with his daughter when she'd almost died while he'd been unfairly locked up in Myanmar. Victoria brightly pointed out that Delia was alive and well, so they had a lot to celebrate. Anita said God loved little children. Billy and Victoria left for the party.

Anita suspected that Chelsea sympathized with Billy about missing time with his daughter when he'd been in jail. Anita advised Chelsea not to fall for Billy. A messenger delivered an envelope for Billy, and Chelsea was impressed when she peeked inside and found front-row concert tickets with backstage passes. Anita recognized that Billy was a rich charmer, but she warned Chelsea not to buy into the fairy tale that she could win Billy from Victoria. Chelsea assured Anita that she knew what she was doing and that she was not in love with Billy. Anita suggested that Chelsea befriend Victoria.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki and Victor wished one another a happy Valentine's Day. Nikki told Victor that she was going to Delia's party and lamented that he wouldn't be welcome at the event. Victor asked Nikki to deliver a gift to Delia from him because he truly cared for the little girl. The gift was in Nikki's car trunk. Victor said he'd made special plans for Valentine's Day -- and night -- with Nikki, and she was thrilled. They kissed.

As the party commenced, Billy made Delia laugh by playing a spirited game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Chloe joked about Billy being a sore loser. Delia asked Billy and Chloe to tell a story, and Billy suggested the story of the night Delia had been born. Billy and Chloe recalled how Chloe had given birth at a snowed-in cabin in the woods with help from Billy, Cane, and Lily. Delia said it had been her first party.

Chloe marveled at all the wonderful gifts Delia had received. Victoria pulled out a big gift, and Nikki revealed that it was from her and Victor. Inside the box was a saddle for Pinkerton the pony. Katherine commented that it was a very generous gift. Delia opened one final gift -- an invitation to the Gingerbread House, a fancy teahouse. Chloe and Delia were excited about going out for tea.

Nikki, Victoria, and Billy arrived at Crimson Lights. Victoria told Nikki that she appreciated Victor's gift for Delia, but Victoria could not forgive Victor for the damage he'd done to her and Billy. Victoria said that Chelsea had been acting nicer since moving into the garage apartment, and Chelsea had seemed sincere when she'd offered to let them raise the baby. Billy didn't want to push the issue because Anita was a wild card. Nikki was stunned to hear that Anita was living with Chelsea. Billy said he believed that Chelsea and Anita were working for Victor.

Billy and Victoria returned home with Nikki, who asked Chelsea about Anita living with her. Nikki wanted to meet Anita, but Chelsea claimed that Anita had gone shopping to replace the groceries she'd used. Chelsea mentioned that a package had arrived for Billy, adding that Victoria would die when she saw what was inside. Chelsea suddenly doubled over and announced that she'd just gone into labor.

At the ranch, Michael spoke with Victor about the Beauty of Nature situation. Victor said Genevieve would not be intimidated into giving up the company because it represented independence to her, but she'd been willing to discuss a business arrangement. Michael informed Victor that Genevieve had left the country, having flown to Paris. Victor urged Michael to find out why she was there because they had only a short amount of time to convince her to let Victor have Beauty of Nature back.

Later, Victor answered the door, and Anita was there. Victor ominously stated that she knew to never show up at his home.

Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, California, served as "Provence" in this episode

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In Provence, after the wedding, Cane and Lily celebrated with family and friends. Cane thanked everyone for being there with them. Jill hugged Cane. In the background, Genevieve watched, overcome with emotion. Genevieve then walked away, hoping that nobody had seen her. The wedding guests proceeded to the reception area, where everyone celebrated Lily and Cane's happiness.

Neil assured Harmony that she'd fall in love someday. Harmony pointed out that Neil had already found his love in Sofia. As the party proceeded and everyone enjoyed the food and wine, Jill told Neil that she'd seen Genevieve watching the ceremony. Neil sympathized with Genevieve, but Jill thought Genevieve had been a bad mother to Cane.

Devon proposed a toast to Cane and Lily and said that he saw all the happiness around them and celebrated it. Olivia prompted Neil to say something. Neil thanked God for Lily and also thanked the Lord for keeping Lily safe and healthy. Neil believed that Dru was watching over Lily. Cane and Lily announced that they had to leave the party to put the children to bed, but everyone knew they just wanted to start the wedding night.

While Cane and Lily walked off, Jill insisted that they continue to celebrate. Abby said that she'd expected Genevieve to be there. At a bar in Paris, Genevieve ordered a glass of Champagne. When the bartender asked how she was, Genevieve said it was time for her to change her life. Upstairs in their bedroom, Lily and Cane lay down and rested after the excitement of the day. Lily leaned over and kissed Cane tenderly. Later, Cane and Lily were beneath the sheets, making love.

At Gloworm, Lauren and Michael wished Gloria a happy Valentine's Day. Gloria wondered if Michael had spoken to Kevin about his quickie marriage to Angelina. Just then, Angelo arrived with Kevin and Angelina in tow. Kevin looked miserable, but Angelo insisted that Kevin and Angelina were the poster children for love. Privately, Lauren told Michael that Kevin seemed very unhappy. Gloria stepped over and said she was also concerned about Kevin. Lauren suggested asking Kevin and Angelina how they had fallen in love to gauge if they were really a love match.

Jeffrey appeared in the restaurant, and Gloria was intrigued to see him there. Jeffrey called Michael over and showed him the box of chocolates he'd gotten for Gloria. It wasn't anything fancy because Jeffrey was flat broke. Jeffrey wished he knew how to get Angelo away from Gloria so he could speak with her. Privately, Angelina apologized to Kevin, knowing that he was very unhappy married to her. Kevin told Angelina that Chloe had dumped him, and Angelo was threatening him, so nothing mattered anymore. Kevin felt defeated.

Michael spoke to Kevin and offered to help him with his problems. Angelo interrupted before Kevin could respond. Michael looked at Kevin, and Kevin claimed that he'd married Angelina because he'd wanted to. One on one, Lauren complimented Angelina on her beauty and talent. When she asked Angelina to describe her wedding, Angelina started to cry.

Angelina said that she was still getting used to the changes in her life. Angelina told Lauren that she loved Kevin, but it was a lot to handle between her marriage and her career. Her father also encumbered Angelina. Lauren told Angelina to confide in Kevin.

Jeffrey apologized for having memory loss, but he offered Gloria a silk flower and the drug store chocolates. When he called Gloria "honey bunny," his pet name for her, Gloria was pleased. Just then, Angelo walked over and gave Gloria a diamond necklace. Gloria returned the fake flower to Jeffrey and went off with Angelo.

Later, Angelo and Gloria handed Kevin and Angelina a wedding gift. It was the deed to a house -- right next to Angelo's. Angelina was excited, but Kevin looked like he was going to throw up. Later, when they were alone, Angelina offered to speak with Angelo for Kevin. Angelina realized that Kevin was upset about their situation. Michael told Lauren that there was something wrong with Kevin and Angelina's marriage.

Anita went to the ranch to speak with Victor, but he told her that she was never to meet with him. Victor called security and had the two men throw Anita out of the house. At Billy and Victoria's, Chelsea told them that she thought she was in labor. Billy was doubtful, but Nikki suggested that they call Anita.

Later, at the hospital, Chelsea was in a room when Anita arrived. Billy, Victoria, and Nikki explained that Chelsea believed that she had gone into labor. Anita acted like a concerned mom. When Anita was introduced to Nikki, she noticed that Anita's earring was missing. At the ranch, Victor called Nikki to ask when she'd be home because he was anxious to celebrate Valentine's Day with her. On the floor near the phone, Victor didn't notice that Anita's earring was on the rug.

Later, when Nikki returned to the ranch, musicians in the living room serenaded her. Victor appeared, dressed in a tuxedo. Victor wished Nikki a happy Valentine's Day and said he had a gown for her upstairs, and their favorite chef would be preparing dinner for them. Victor kissed Nikki, and she went upstairs to dress for dinner. Nikki returned in her beautiful gown, and Victor declared that she looked gorgeous. Nikki said that even after all the years, Victor still made her heart flutter.

At the dinner table, Nikki told Victor about the day, including Chelsea being taken to the hospital. Nikki's phone rang; Victoria texted that Chelsea was fine and that Anita was with her. Nikki asked if Victor had anything to do with Chelsea and Anita being in Genoa City. Victor said that Billy was blaming him as a way to distract Victoria from the fact that Billy had impregnated Chelsea.

Victor denied being connected to Chelsea and Anita. Nikki was satisfied with Victor's answer, and when he asked Nikki to dance, she accepted. Victor kissed Nikki, and she reminded him that they were not alone. Victor guided Nikki upstairs to bed, where they could be alone.

At the hospital, Anita reminisced about Chelsea's childhood, telling Billy and Victoria about what a precocious child she'd been. Billy wondered if Chelsea had been faking things, like going into labor. The doctor appeared and said Chelsea and the baby were perfectly fine. Billy accused Chelsea of having played them. Victoria was relieved that the baby was healthy.

Anita urged Billy and Victoria to leave to enjoy the holiday. Alone with Chelsea, Anita accused her daughter of faking labor. Chelsea said that she resented that Billy was so in love with Victoria. Anita told Chelsea that she'd gone to see Victor, and he'd turned her away. Anita said that from that point on, she'd be running the con without consulting Victor Newman.

Billy took Victoria to Jimmy's, which had been decorated for Valentine's Day in a very cheesy way. Billy showed her a giant Valentine that asked Victoria to "be mine." Victoria said it was too late; she was already Billy's. Victoria and Billy decided to play some arcade games, and she was sure that she'd win.

When Billy mentioned Chelsea, he and Victoria agreed not to talk about her for the rest of the evening. Billy said that he felt lucky to have Victoria in his life. Victoria remembered the moment when she had fallen for Billy. In the bar, Victoria and Billy celebrated their love.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The morning after Valentine's Day, Victor and Nikki awoke in bed together. While they were happy about renewing their love, they were unaware that downstairs in the living room, Anita's gold earring had fallen on the floor. Victor handed Nikki travel brochures from sites around the world and suggested that they go around the world, just the two of them. When Nikki hesitated, Victor realized that Nikki was concerned about Victoria. Victor was worried about Victoria's happiness, too.

Nikki told Victor that she planned to visit Victoria later on and tell their daughter that Victor had nothing to do with Chelsea and Anita being in town. Later, Katherine stopped by to see Nikki, but since Nikki was out of the house, Katherine and Victor had a chat. Katherine informed Victor that she'd thrown a surprise wedding in Provence for Cane and Lily. Victor complimented Katherine on her generosity. When Katherine revealed that Cane had not invited Genevieve to the wedding, but she'd gone there anyway, Victor was intrigued.

Victor quickly recognized the situation, and Katherine agreed that Genevieve would be feeling very vulnerable over Jack and Cane's rejection. Before leaving the ranch, Katherine noticed the gift that Victor had purchased for Nikki and approved. Katherine advised Victor to give Nikki more than gifts. Victor assured Katherine that he knew what he was doing. After she left, Victor placed a call to find out where Genevieve was staying in Paris.

At the coffeehouse, Anita asked the barista if anyone had found her earring. Anita assumed that the earring was lost. At home, Billy and Victoria recalled their sexual romp at Jimmy's the night before. Chelsea walked in, and when she grabbed her belly, Billy wondered if Chelsea was faking labor again. Chelsea explained that she was just excited because the baby was kicking.

Chelsea wanted Billy to feel her stomach, but he resisted. Chelsea grabbed Victoria's hand and put it on the baby. Victoria agreed that Billy's son was strong. Later, Anita returned to Billy and Victoria's and learned that the baby had moved. Billy answered the phone while Victoria went to the kitchen to prepare a cup of tea for Anita.

Alone with Chelsea, Anita complimented her daughter on using the baby's kick to get to Victoria and Billy. Anita urged Chelsea to remember that their plan was to soak Billy and Victoria for every cent they could. Billy offered to take Chelsea to the drug store so Anita could relax, which was really Billy's way to give Victoria a chance to pump Anita for information about her relationship with Chelsea. Anita assumed that Victoria had a wonderful relationship with Victor.

Later, Nikki arrived, and Anita walked out of the room to give Victoria some time alone with her mother. Victoria asked Nikki why she looked so happy. Nikki admitted that she'd had a nice evening with Victor. Victoria explained that while she was happy for her mother, Victoria still could not trust Victor. Nikki said that Victor had looked her in the eye and declared that he'd had nothing to do with Chelsea and Anita.

Victoria explained that she couldn't believe in Victor anymore. Nikki was upset that Victoria had lost faith in Victor. Victoria reminded Nikki that Victor had lied before and damaged Victoria and Billy's marriage. Nikki declared that it was time for the family to stop the mistrust. Nikki urged Victoria to give Victor the benefit of the doubt.

Later that day, Nikki returned to the ranch, and Victor explained that he had to fly to Paris because Genevieve was there and in a vulnerable position. Victor wanted to convince Genevieve to sell Beauty of Nature back to him. Nikki understood how important Beauty of Nature was to Victor, especially because Victoria and Victor had created the cosmetics company. Victor was determined to get Beauty of Nature back. Nikki assured Victor that by the time he returned, Victoria would be convinced that Victor had had no involvement with Chelsea and Anita.

At the coffeehouse, Chelsea and Billy had a cup of coffee. Chelsea asked why he refused to touch the baby. Billy reminded Chelsea that the last time he'd touched her, she had accused him of rape. Chelsea apologized. Billy questioned Chelsea about Anita, and Chelsea admitted that her mother was overprotective. Billy assumed Victor was behind Chelsea's con job, and he warned her that Victor was a dangerous man. Chelsea let on that Anita never intended to leave town.

Later, when Victoria and Billy were alone at home, Victoria admitted that she was already in love with the baby. Billy told Victoria that Chelsea had conceded that she'd lied about her father being a missionary. Victoria wondered if Anita and Chelsea were truly working together on the con. Billy was certain that Victor was involved, even if Nikki had tried to convince Victoria that Victor was innocent. Later, Billy spoke with Anita and suggested that he might be inclined to help Anita and Chelsea after the baby was born, if they'd accept his assistance. Anita said she'd think about it.

At the hospital, Jack was put into a wheelchair, the first step in getting him to physical therapy. Ashley walked in and was glad to see Jack out of bed. Jack was anxious to see the Jabot mail that she'd taken to him from the office. Jack saw that there was a package on top, and inside, he found the diamond ring he'd given Genevieve. She'd mailed it back to him the day of the wedding. Jack grew upset and told Ashley that he was determined to get back to work. Jack refused to accept the fact that he might be slowed by his handicap. Jack asked Ashley to find his physical therapist so he could get started right away.

In Paris, Genevieve was drinking alone at a bar, still upset about not being asked to Cane's wedding. When the bartender wondered why she seemed sad, Genevieve confessed that she'd made a huge mistake that had cost her both the man she loved and her son. The man urged Genevieve to try apologizing. Jack was alone in his hospital room when the phone rang, and Genevieve asked him not to hang up on her. Jack listened, but he said that he was angry that he still couldn't walk.

Jack mentioned that he'd received Genevieve's package. Genevieve explained that Jack deserved someone better than her, and she was sorry that she'd hurt him. Genevieve said that she still loved him, but Jack announced that he had to hang up. Ashley returned to the room, and Jack pretended that nothing had happened. Jack revealed to Ashley that he'd allowed Genevieve to see his bid for Beauty of Nature, and he believed that might be legal grounds to challenge her purchase. Jack wanted Ashley to consult the Jabot lawyers about overturning Genevieve's purchase.

Megan, the physical therapist, introduced herself to Jack and explained that he had to take things slowly. She was experienced and knew Jack wanted to walk again. Jack asked Megan to be honest with him. Megan was not optimistic. Ashley returned, and Jack asked what the lawyers had said about Genevieve's purchase. Ashley said that Tom believed that Jack had a good case. Jack told Ashley to file the papers against Genevieve immediately.

In Paris, Genevieve spoke on the phone with Davis and said that she was working to find someone to run Beauty of Nature for her. At the airport, Victor called Michael to report that he would be flying to Paris to meet with Genevieve and wrest Beauty of Nature from her. At the ranch, Nikki was admiring the Valentine's Day gift from Victor. Her joy was spoiled when Nikki found Anita's earring on the rug. Nikki picked it up and realized that Victor had lied to her about not having had contact with Anita.

At the farm in Kansas, Sharon told Adam that the water heater wasn't working, and she suspected there was something wrong with the fuse box. Adam said he could fix it. Sharon told him the toolbox was on the table, and Adam tried to find the screwdriver. When all the tools fell to the floor, Sharon tried to help him, but Adam asked her to leave him alone. Adam apologized to Sharon for being cross. Adam wanted Sharon to leave, but she wanted to remain to help him.

Adam said he'd hired someone to be an assistant. Sharon assured Adam that she didn't pity him. Sharon was stubborn and said nobody could persuade her to leave, but Adam knew that she'd want to be with Faith. Later, Adam heard Sharon on the phone with Faith and told Sharon that he felt that Faith needed Sharon more than he did. Sharon agreed to return to Genoa City. Later, Sharon hugged Adam goodbye. When Adam was alone, he angrily pushed the toolbox off the table.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Nikki glared at Anita's earring and flashed back to the moment she'd noticed that one of Anita's earrings had been missing. She then reflected upon Victor's insistence that he'd had nothing to do with Anita's arrival in town. Nikki called Victor and left a brief message to call her when he got to Paris. Nikki realized she wasn't going to get answers from Victor, so she set out to find them on her own.

At home, Billy reported to Victoria that his talk with Anita had gone well. He thought that Anita had been cautious not to appear too eager, but he sensed that she had been interested when he had hinted that there would be something in it for her if she faded into the background after the baby was born. Victoria hated that it felt like they were buying a baby again, but Billy reminded her that the child was his son. He added that Anita wouldn't have any qualms about ruining her grandson's life, and he couldn't let that happen.

At Crimson Lights, Anita bragged to Chelsea that they were about to pull their biggest and easiest con ever. Anita praised Chelsea for seducing the right man on the right night, and she imagined how much Billy would pay for his own child, given that he had paid two million dollars for a kid who wasn't his. Anita headed to the counter for a refill, and Chelsea looked guilty.

Chelsea and Anita returned to Victoria and Billy's home to replace the items they'd used while baking, and Chelsea retreated to the kitchen. Victoria said it hadn't been necessary, but Anita insisted that there was too much taking without giving back in the world. Nikki arrived, and she asked Anita to join her for lunch at Gloworm. Anita left to get her purse from the apartment. Billy and Victoria looked at Nikki quizzically, and Nikki declared her determination to find out if Anita was hiding something.

Later, Billy and Victoria prepared to head out, and Chelsea assumed they wanted to check on Nikki and Anita. Billy informed her that they were going to see Jack, and Chelsea admitted that she was uncomfortable about what Anita might say. Victoria surmised that Chelsea thought Anita's words might reflect badly on Chelsea, but Chelsea asserted that Anita didn't speak for her. Victoria urged Chelsea not to worry, because nothing got past Nikki.

Once alone, Chelsea felt the baby kick, and she vowed to her unborn child that they'd spend less time around Anita because Anita only upset both of them. She implored the baby not to worry because he wouldn't have to deal with Anita for too much longer, and he wouldn't have to grow up like Chelsea had. Chelsea cooed that Billy would make sure that the baby was all right.

At the hospital, Jack asked Victoria and Billy if they knew whether Anita was really Chelsea's mother. Victoria said they didn't have proof, but Anita and Chelsea were very alike. Billy added that Anita had influence over Chelsea, but he hoped that they could divide and conquer the mother-daughter team. Jack wondered how the women had tracked him down, and Billy suspected that Victor had been involved. Victoria revealed that Victor had sworn to Nikki that he hadn't been responsible for anything related to Chelsea or Anita.

At Gloworm, Anita perused the menu, but Nikki held up the earring and proclaimed that she'd found it in her home. Anita claimed that it wasn't her earring, but Nikki grabbed Anita's purse and shook out the contents onto the table. She found the other earring and declared them a perfect match. Anita feigned disbelief that her earring had been at Nikki's home, and she alleged that she didn't even know where Nikki lived. Nikki disclosed that a security camera recorded everyone going in and out of the Newman ranch, and a defeated Anita admitted that she'd stopped by to see Victor because she had heard of Victor's vindictive reputation and had been worried about how Victor would treat Chelsea. Nikki continued to grill Anita, but Anita angrily refused to say more. Nikki announced that they were done, and she dismissed Anita, who stalked out.

Later, Billy and Victoria arrived at Gloworm, but Nikki and Anita had already left. Victoria worried that Nikki hadn't called, and Billy suspected that Nikki hadn't gotten anything out of Anita. Victoria wondered if Chelsea and Anita had pulled the same scam before, but Billy thought that Chelsea seemed thrown by her own feelings for the baby. Victoria murmured that it would be ironic if Chelsea freed herself from Anita by becoming a mother herself.

Anita returned to the house and began eating from Chelsea's plate, and she explained that Nikki had only wanted to confront her about the earring. Chelsea worried that Billy and Victoria would be furious, but Anita maintained that the Abbotts wouldn't get what they wanted until they paid up.

In Paris, Genevieve met with a French executive about his ideas for Beauty of Nature, because he had a reputation as the most innovative thinker in the business. He suggested that they make an appointment for the next day, but Victor interrupted them. Victor stated that he had business to discuss with Genevieve, and the executive left. Genevieve remarked that the man she'd interviewed could take the company in a new direction, but Victor countered that the solution that she was looking for was much closer to home.

Genevieve wondered how Victor's path had managed to cross with hers, but Victor simply stated that he'd needed to talk to her in person. She agreed that interviews shouldn't be handled by teleconference. Victor quipped that she couldn't crash a wedding via the Internet, and she clarified that she had only watched the ceremony discreetly, though she acknowledged it had been a mistake. She wanted to focus on business, where her prospects were more promising.

Genevieve asked for Victor's impression of her candidate, and Victor said that if the executive had been fit to run the company, he would have been doing so already. Genevieve respected Victor's opinion, but she was ready to shake things up. She vowed to infuse Beauty of Nature with her energy and sense of adventure, because she thought that many women would find that appealing. Victor said that men would, too, but she would have to turn her concept into reality. Genevieve was determined to find the right person to make her company a success. Victor pointed out that she'd paid a lot of money to acquire Beauty of Nature because the company was already a great success, and he was the reason.

Genevieve recognized that Victor had done an amazing job with Beauty of Nature, but she intended to top his efforts. He appreciated her fire and drive, but he contended that she had only acquired the company because he had been in prison. She was in awe of what he'd done for Nikki, but she thought there were consequences for putting love and family first. She said they'd both gotten what they couldn't live without. Victor thought he should leave if that was how she really felt, but she implored him to stay and schmooze her.

Victor pitched that Genevieve was part of the vision he had for the company, and if it became part of Newman Enterprises again, he would want her to be one of the executives. He believed that she was smart and had a predatory instinct, but she had no experience, and he could teach her more than any business school ever could. She said it sounded like he was offering her the moon, but she liked the stars, too. He replied that he could make that happen.

Nikki answered a call from Victor. He asked if everything was all right, and she blurted out that she knew that he'd met with Anita at their house, but he had lied about it. Victor said they shouldn't discuss it until he returned home, but she accused him of trying to meddle in Victoria's marriage. Victor insisted that he had his reasons, and Nikki coldly retorted that he always did.

Victor suggested that he and Genevieve have a private dinner in his suite. She said that would be lovely, and he planned to celebrate their arrangement with Champagne. She pointed out that they didn't have an arrangement, but he was confident that they would by the time they finished the bottle.

At the hospital, Phyllis congratulated Jack on being out of ICU, but he wished that he could get up from a chair. She handed him a card from Summer, who had also signed Lucy's name. Phyllis commented how Summer had become a big sister to Lucy, and Jack noted that the members of Phyllis' family were becoming close. He wondered how Nick fit in, and she said it was complicated.

Jack told Phyllis that he'd had fascinating conversations with the legal team at Jabot. He revealed that since he'd shared his bid amount with Genevieve, he had grounds to challenge the legality of the Beauty of Nature sale. Jack asked for Phyllis' opinion about his attorneys' suggestion that he outsource the lawsuit. Phyllis realized that he wanted to consult with Avery, and she reported that Avery had returned home to tend to their father, who had suffered a heart attack.

Jack was surprised that Phyllis hadn't gone, too, but Phyllis contended that she had no relationship with her father. Jack suggested that perhaps her father had changed, but Phyllis surmised from her conversations with Avery that he hadn't. Jack urged her to consider the possibility, but she adamantly refused. He wondered how she'd feel if she learned that her father was gone forever.

Later, Nikki stopped by to visit Jack, and he assumed her surly demeanor had something to do with Victor. She couldn't believe that Victor could rationalize being manipulative and controlling. Jack surmised that Victor's actions involved Chelsea and Anita.

Sharon met Nick and Faith at the airport, and Faith flew into Sharon's arms. Nick asked how things were going, and Sharon admitted that Adam wasn't doing well. Sharon explained that Adam had been angry at first, but then he seemed to have given up. She continued that he had tried to push her away and had felt bad about keeping her from Faith. Nick suspected that Adam had ulterior motives, but Sharon couldn't believe Nick would think that after Adam had risked his life to stop Patty. She maintained that Adam was devastated by his blindness.

Nick observed that Sharon had arrived at the airport with her belongings. She was contemplating going back to Genoa City with them, but she didn't want Adam to be alone, despite Adam's insistence that she leave. Sharon wanted to be home with Faith, but she worried about what would happen to Adam. Nick advised that she should stay if she thought it was important, and he offered to accompany Faith to visit whenever Sharon wanted.

Later, Phyllis spotted Nick at Crimson Lights and remarked that his trip had been quick. He reported that Sharon and Faith had shared a nice visit, and Phyllis was surprised that Sharon was okay with only occasional visits. Nick admitted that it was difficult, but Sharon hadn't been able to leave a depressed Adam. Phyllis scoffed at the idea that Adam needed Sharon more than Faith did, but Nick defended that Faith had Nick, whereas Adam had no one other than Sharon. Phyllis couldn't believe that Nick felt sympathy for Adam, and she said that Adam had Sharon right where he wanted her.

At the cemetery, Adam knelt at Hope's grave, and he gently touched the engraved letters of his mother's name on her tombstone. Adam mused that it was hard to believe that Hope had been gone for four years, because so much had happened that they hadn't expected. He speculated that perhaps Hope had known what he was capable of, and that was why she had tried to keep him far away from Victor's influence by raising him on the farm. Adam said that the farm hadn't protected him, but rather, Hope had.

Adam lamented that he couldn't find Hope in the place she loved so much, and he pondered what he should do. The caretaker checked in on Adam and offered to let him stay longer, and he remarked that Hope had been a wonderful woman. Adam sadly stated that she was gone, and he held out his arm for the caretaker to escort him away. As they left the cemetery, a gust of wind blew snow off Hope's gravestone.

Adam sat glumly at the kitchen table. He felt a hand on his shoulder, and he reached up and took it. He called out for his mom, and Hope embraced him. Hope said that she had been thinking about him when he had been a little boy who had told her everything that had been bothering him. Adam said that even back then, he had understood his restlessness and ambition. She pointed out that he was her son, too, and she was as much a part of him as Victor was.

Hope assured Adam that he could survive what was happening to him. He asked if he should use her as an example, but she insisted that he had her strength and resourcefulness, and he needed to rely on that the way he had once relied on her. She added that she knew he was capable of real happiness, joy, and fulfillment, not just ambition and pride, and she begged him to accept it. Adam said that he and Hope were very different, and he could never live happily at the farm. Hope explained that the farm offered peace and quiet, where she could be alone with her thoughts, but she realized that he tortured himself with his.

Adam admitted that no matter how many people were around, he always felt alone. He swore that he could get by on his own, and he inquired whether Hope wanted him to be self-reliant. She said yes, but not at the cost of being alienated. He felt that it was best that Sharon was gone, and he wasn't going to call her back. Hope said he wouldn't have to, and she disappeared. Adam reached out for her, but he realized he was alone, and he slumped in despair. Someone opened the door, and Adam hopefully called Sharon's name. Sharon asked him not to be angry with her.

Adam was stunned that Sharon had returned, despite the miserable company he had been. She asked what that told him, and he remained silent. She softly said his name, and he apologized and confessed that he needed her. She agreed to help him. He declared that he wanted to live again, no matter what happened with his sight, but he couldn't do it without her. She assured him that he had her, and they tearfully embraced.

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