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Monday, February 20, 2012

Nikki visited Jack at the hospital. Nikki said she'd discovered that Victor had lied to her face about his involvement with Chelsea and Anita. Jack warned that Victor would always let her down. Nikki sighed, threw her hands in the air, and cried, "When am I ever going to figure this out?" Nikki said she couldn't understand why Victor persisted with his plan to destroy Victoria and Billy's marriage. Jack said Victor hated Billy because Billy and Jack were brothers.

Nikki told Jack that Victor had frustrated her when he refused to discuss his involvement with Chelsea and her mother over the phone. Jack was stunned when Nikki explained that Victor was in Paris, meeting with Genevieve. Jack noted that Victor was also obsessed with Beauty of Nature. Nick stopped by and said he'd offered to provide moral support for Jack during his physical therapy session. Jack said that his therapist, Megan, claimed she'd never seen a patient recover from an injury similar to Jack's. Nikki told Jack that she had faith that he would walk again. Jack said he wished he could jump out of his bed and kick Victor and Genevieve's butts.

During Jack's physical therapy session, he insisted on pulling himself up on the parallel bars. Megan, his therapist, warned that Jack's upper body couldn't yet support the dead weight of his lower body. Jack cried that Megan didn't know whether he could or not because she wouldn't let him try. Megan explained that the first task in rehabilitation was to teach Jack how to get himself in and out of his wheelchair correctly. Jack scowled.

Sarge, another therapist, began yelling at a woman attempting to feed herself with a spoon. The injured woman's arm was clad in a brace. Sarge loudly challenged the poor woman to lift the spoon. Sarge berated his patient and said he'd be unable to follow her around like she was a child for the rest of her life. The woman, humiliated, rushed out of the room in tears. Jack, horrified, yelled back at Sarge and asked if he thought making a woman cry was his best attempt at helping a patient. Sarge ignored Jack.

Jack, growing livid, asked Sarge why he'd made his patient look like a fool in front of strangers. Sarge insisted that his patient would return. Nick tried to defuse the situation and said, "Easy, Jack." Sarge approached Jack and explained that doctors had told the woman that she'd never move her hand again, but she could. Sarge moved closer to Jack and asked, "Do I come to your cushy office and tell you how to do your job?" Jack asked how Sarge knew he worked in a cushy office. Sarge replied, "You are the poster child for the one percent." Sarge assured Jack that he could help patients do anything if they pushed themselves every day during therapy sessions.

Jack stayed behind in the therapy room after Nick and Megan left. Sarge's patient later returned and repeatedly lifted the spoon from a bowl on a table to her lips. Jack watched in awe. After the woman left, Sarge said, "I told you she'd be back." Jack asked Sarge to take over his therapy sessions. Sarge claimed he was booked up. Jack informed Sarge that his family had built the wing that housed the therapy clinic. Sarge, grimacing, challenged Jack to show up the following day at noon. He added, "I'll prove to you that you do not have what it takes."

In Victor's hotel suite in Paris, Genevieve was impressed to find an elegant candlelit dinner awaiting her arrival. Victor dismissed the waiter and offered Genevieve some chilled champagne, which happened to be her favorite French vintage. Genevieve asked Victor if he usually conducted business in such a manner. Victor passed a glass of bubbly to Genevieve and noted that it was the way in which he conducted business with her. Genevieve intrigued Victor with her description of the Musée des Égouts de Paris, also known as the Paris Sewers Museum. Genevieve explained that the tourist attraction was located beneath the Quai d'Orsay and was a must-see for Victor Hugo's fans. Victor smiled and invited Genevieve to "give him the lowdown" about the sewer museum.

Victor impressed Genevieve when he bragged about having purchased a piece of the Cloth of Saint Gereon. Genevieve said she'd love to see the famous tapestry. Victor promised to hang the artwork in Genevieve's office if she'd sell Beauty of Nature back to him. Victor even agreed to give Genevieve autonomy. Genevieve asked Victor how his children might react to an outsider having so much input. Victor explained that he couldn't seem to get anything right according to his children. Genevieve said she and Victor shared similar situations.

Victor told Genevieve that his children considered him to be an enemy, but he claimed he always did what was best for them. Genevieve agreed that adult children believed that they knew everything. Victor added that as youngsters, his children were fun-loving, but as adults, they were "pains in the ass." Victor warned that he took matters into his own hands whenever someone attempted to take what belonged to him. Genevieve reminded Victor that he'd promised her autonomy. Victor laughed heartily and replied, "Touché." Victor explained that unlike his children, Genevieve didn't need protecting.

Genevieve clarified Victor's statement and said he'd have no reason to supersede her decisions. Victor agreed and claimed that he and Genevieve could enjoy a tranquil working relationship. Genevieve stiffened and cried that tranquility scared the hell out of her because it seemed deadly. Victor compared a corporate partnership to a multifaceted romantic relationship. Victor encouraged Genevieve to accept his offer. Genevieve reminded Victor that they'd agreed not to discuss business. Victor said he knew Genevieve never played by the rules.

Victor told Genevieve that he'd known all along that her relationship with Jack wouldn't last. Genevieve seemed hurt, but she told Victor that his comment couldn't rattle her. Victor laughed and agreed that it would take a great deal more to unnerve her. Genevieve, smiling broadly, facetiously replied, "And you're just the guy to do it, aren't you?" Victor offered Genevieve dessert, but she said she should leave. Victor noted that Genevieve hadn't responded to his proposal to work with him. Genevieve said that Victor never seemed to give up. Victor followed Genevieve to the doorway. She whispered, "You know where to find me." Victor replied, "You have a nice evening." After Victor closed the door, Genevieve caught her breath. Inside his room, Victor glanced at his watch.

At Billy and Victoria's, Chelsea yelled at her mom for having" blown their cover." Anita claimed that it didn't matter if anyone knew that Victor had led them to town because Chelsea was carrying Billy's baby. Chelsea cried that Billy and Victoria might throw them out. Anita claimed she knew just how to handle Billy and Victoria.

At Gloworm, Paul told Victoria and Billy that Anita, with a mile-long record, had been running scams her entire adult life and was considered a "small-time grifter." Victoria asked about Chelsea. Paul explained that Chelsea had been involved in numerous scams with her mother, but she didn't have a police record as extensive as Anita's. Paul warned Billy and Victoria not to take their eyes off the pair. Victoria suggested that Anita was beginning to annoy Chelsea. Victoria said she hoped Chelsea would allow her and Billy to adopt the baby. Paul advised Billy and Victoria not to believe anything the con artists said. Paul added that Billy and Victoria shouldn't believe that Chelsea or Anita would carry through with any of their promises.

As if on cue, Chelsea and Anita showed up together at Gloworm and stood beside the table where Paul, Victoria, and Billy were seated. Anita acknowledged that she and Chelsea were in Genoa City because Victor had led them there. Chelsea, disgusted, rushed away. Victoria left to check on Chelsea. Billy invited Anita to sit down and share the details of Victor's plans. Paul and Billy glared at Anita. Paul opened the file of information he'd gleaned from Anita's arrest records, dating back to 1978, and began revealing her numerous aliases. Anita looked shocked when Paul began reciting a list of Anita's crimes, including felony theft, wire fraud, and impersonating a police officer.

Billy explained that Paul, a longtime friend, was a private investigator he'd hired. Billy added that he and Victoria needed to know what they'd be dealing with. Paul said he had a feeling that Anita's criminal history was even more complicated, and he vowed to keep digging. Billy suggested that Anita's plan was to bilk money from Victor. Anita replied, "Victor doesn't think that you're good enough for his daughter, but I think you might just be perfect for mine."

Billy chuckled and informed Anita that she and Victor had made a bad deal because he would never become happily married to Chelsea. Anita said she had no loyalty to Victor and that Chelsea did whatever her mother asked. Anita added, "With the right incentive, I think Chelsea will make the kind of decision you and your wife are hoping she'll make." Billy ordered Anita to pack her stuff and leave. Anita said that if she left, Chelsea, along with Billy's son, would leave, too.

After Chelsea left Gloworm, she walked to the patio entrance at Crimson Lights. Victoria walked in behind Chelsea and asked her if Victor had led her and Anita to Genoa City. Chelsea explained that she'd acted on her own when she seduced Billy in Myanmar. She added that she'd met Victor when he went searching for Billy. Victoria rolled her eyes. Chelsea said that Victor had paid her to stay in touch with Billy, but she'd realized she'd hit the jackpot after she discovered she was pregnant. Victoria asked how much Victor had paid Chelsea. She replied, "Enough, obviously." Victoria asked Chelsea if Victor had offered to sweeten the pot if she broke up Billy's marriage.

Victoria told Chelsea that she knew the woman had been running scams since the age of ten. Victoria asked if Chelsea truly wanted a better life for her child. Chelsea said she truly did, but Anita considered Billy to be their golden ticket. Victoria seemed crushed when Chelsea explained that Victor had promised her a chance with Billy if she broke up his marriage.

Nikki chatted with Paul at Gloworm and said she was devastated to discover that Victor had led Chelsea and Anita to town. Paul told Nikki he was sorry that Victor had hurt her. Anita brushed by Paul menacingly. Paul reminded Nikki that she should expect deceit from Victor. After Nikki and Paul were seated, he promised to keep an eye on Anita and Chelsea. Nikki shook her head and wondered aloud if Victor had any idea what he'd unleashed. Victoria phoned Nikki and told her that Victor was involved with Chelsea and Anita. Nikki said she already knew what was going on.

Later at Billy and Victoria's, Chelsea berated her mother for spilling their secrets. Chelsea ordered her mother to leave at once. Anita said Chelsea would have to leave, too. Anita warned Chelsea not to trust Billy and Victoria because they just wanted the baby. Anita pleaded with Chelsea to stick with her mother.

Paul arrived and told Chelsea that he was a private investigator and a close friend with Billy and Victoria. Paul explained that his friends knew all about Chelsea's colorful past. Chelsea didn't respond, but Paul warned that if she hurt his friends, he'd ensure that she'd suffer his wrath. Addressing Chelsea and Anita, Paul warned that he see to it that both women would be put away for a very long time. Paul slammed the door when he left. Chelsea turned to her mother and yelled that she'd ruin everything if she kept provoking the Abbotts and their friends.

Nikki later met with Victoria at Crimson Lights. Victoria told Nikki that Victor had encouraged Chelsea to pursue a relationship with Billy. Victoria said she couldn't bear having Anita in her house much longer. Nikki advised Victoria to move out and steer clear of Chelsea and Anita. Billy arrived and overheard Nikki's suggestion.

Billy told Victoria that he agreed with Nikki. He added that Paul had confirmed that Chelsea and her mother were "bad news." Billy explained that it would be best for Victoria to move out until after the baby was born. Victoria entwined her arm with Billy's and insisted that she would stick by her husband. Nikki cautioned her daughter to be careful and not let her guard down around Chelsea and Anita. Billy laughed and said, "Those two are amateurs compared to Victor." Billy's words seemed to sting Nikki.

At Crimson Lights, Avery told Phyllis that their father was dying. Phyllis seemed unaffected by Avery's harsh news. Avery explained that their father was in hospice care, and she suggested that Phyllis visit him before it was too late. Phyllis asked if she should see their father just so he could claim that he loved her. Avery asked if Phyllis felt ambivalent because she'd blown the whistle on their father. Phyllis shrugged.

Avery told her sister that she knew it would mean the world to their father to see Phyllis' face again. Phyllis claimed that Avery was delusional. Avery pleaded with Phyllis to visit her father and make amends. Phyllis said she could not visit their father. Avery handed Phyllis a scrap of paper with the name and address of the hospice facility. Before Avery left, she cried, "You do whatever you want with that information."

Avery later phoned Daisy in prison. Avery said she hoped to get Daisy's prison sentence reduced, so she could be released sooner. Daisy asked if Avery could help her fight Phyllis for full custody of Lucy. Avery replied, "You will if I have anything to say about it."

Nick ran into Phyllis again on the patio at Crimson Lights. Nick could tell that Phyllis wasn't herself, and he asked what was wrong. Phyllis told Nick that her father was dying and that Avery was demanding that she travel home to visit him. Nick told Phyllis it would be her last chance to tell him "goodbye." Phyllis said she'd vowed not to ever go back, and she didn't want to see her father.

Nick recalled when his grandfather, Albert, died. Nick said that Nikki had needed to convince Victor to see his father just before he died. Nick remembered that there was an awful scene at the nursing home because his grandfather had been a difficult man. Phyllis locked her gaze on Nick as he recalled that Victor had cried when he visited his dying father. Nick encouraged Phyllis to visit her father to get closure. Phyllis replied, "I can't do it. I can't go back there." Nick embraced Phyllis and comforted her.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Phyllis called to inquire about her father's condition at hospice and learned that George didn't have long to live. Daniel ran into Phyllis at the coffeehouse and wondered if she was all right. Phyllis resented it when Daniel suggested that Phyllis was upset over her sister, Avery. Later, Phyllis attended to Lucy after her nap and tried to get Daniel to interact with his daughter. Daniel changed the subject and pressed Phyllis to respond to his question about Avery.

Phyllis said she was focused on the future with Lucy and didn't think about Avery. Daniel was not interested in bonding with Lucy. Chloe showed up to meet Daniel, and Phyllis told Daniel that they'd continue their talk later. After Phyllis left, Chloe criticized Daniel for not choosing to acknowledge that Lucy was his daughter. Chloe wondered why Daniel was cutting Lucy off because she was an innocent child.

Daniel explained that he did not want a child at that point in his life. When Daniel was curious about Chloe not being work, Chloe said she was still very angry about Angelina and Kevin and couldn't concentrate on her job. Daniel proposed they go to Jimmy's and get plastered. Chloe followed Daniel.

At Jimmy's, Eden left a message for Daniel, saying that she'd meet him at the bar. Ricky overheard Eden on the phone and asked if she was still hung up on Daniel. Ricky chided Eden when Daniel arrived, teasing that Eden was still stuck on Daniel. Eden thought she'd have the evening alone with Daniel and was surprised when Chloe joined Daniel.

Ricky, Eden, Daniel, and Chloe shared beers together and Daniel said that he was excited about March Madness. Chloe knew nothing about the "brackets" and college basketball, so Daniel promised to tutor her. Eden was upset that Daniel ignored her. At the bar, Ricky informed Eden that flirting with Ricky had failed to make Daniel jealous. Alone at the table, Chloe told Daniel that even if he didn't see it, Chloe realized that Eden had the "hots" for him.

At the prison, Avery met with Daisy and said she'd arranged a meeting with the judge to facilitate Daisy's released. Daisy embraced Avery in gratitude. Michael walked in and saw the two of them together. Michael questioned Avery's desire to reopen Daisy's case, assuring her that he would fight to keep Daisy behind bars. Avery assured Daisy that Michael could not stop the hearing.

Daisy wondered how Avery was going to get her out. Avery explained that Sarah had victimized Daisy from the time she was a child. Daisy promised to show remorse when she testified. Avery was anxious for some kind of proof to strengthen the case. Daisy informed Avery that her brother Ryder had taken videos that documented Sarah threatening Daisy and Ryder to do her bidding. Avery demanded to see the videos that Daisy had found stashed on a storage site on the Internet.

Avery watched a video that showed Daisy trying to convince Sarah to let Jana and Lauren out of the cage, and Sarah bullying Daisy to be cruel and vicious to Jana and Lauren or else Sarah would make Daisy pay. Avery declared that the videos were proof that Sarah had terrorized Daisy. When Avery said that Daisy should have been able to count on family, Daisy revealed how sad she was to be estranged from Ryder. Daisy hoped that if Avery were able to convince the judge to return Lucy to Daisy, it would be like having family again.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren spoke with Nick and learned that Sharon was caring for Adam in Kansas. Lauren was incensed, but Nick explained that he was resigned to Sharon's choice. Nick felt that Adam was being punished by fate, but Lauren said that would never satisfy her. Later, Nick went to Phyllis' penthouse, and she mentioned that her father was dying in hospice. Phyllis was unsure about going to see her father before he died.

After Phyllis put Lucy to sleep, Nick advised Phyllis to say goodbye while she had the chance. Phyllis explained that she objected to her father's crimes because he'd been a financial advisor who'd embezzled the fortunes of his clients. Phyllis' world had collapsed when the truth was revealed, and she was the one who had turned her father in to the authorities and testified against him.

Phyllis couldn't bear what her father had done and the people he'd hurt. George had denied responsibility for his actions and had turned everyone against Phyllis. Because of her father's lies, Phyllis had been forced to leave home. Nick realized that Phyllis still wanted to see him, even though she denied it. Phyllis finally realized that she probably needed to see him.

Nick told Phyllis to get closure by facing her father. Phyllis wanted it to be over. Nick told her to deal with unfinished business by seeing her father. Phyllis called the hospice and learned that George was still alive. Phyllis said she'd go to see him.

Michael met with Lauren at Gloworm to tell her about Daisy's case being reopened. Lauren was upset, but Michael explained that he'd set up a meeting with the judge and was determined to keep Daisy in prison. Michael promised to protect Lauren, but she was clearly shaken by the news.

Later, at the coffeehouse, Avery ran into Michael again, and she said that she was ready to face the judge in Daisy's defense. Michael told Avery that Daisy was a soulless animal who'd mistreated Lauren and later abandoned Lucy right after giving birth. Michael wondered if Avery was prepared to live with the consequences of being responsible for releasing a monster into society. At the prison, Daisy was shocked to see Lauren in the waiting room. Daisy apologized to Lauren, but Lauren warned Daisy that she would make her pay for what she'd done to Lauren. Under her breath, Daisy responded, "We'll see about that."

At the farm, Adam attempted to repair a fence. Sharon watched him, then went to his side and offered to help. Adam was kind, but he didn't want Sharon's help. Adam needed to learn how to do things on his own. Later, Sharon complimented Adam on the finished fence. Adam had to take her word for it, since he couldn't see it. Adam thanked Sharon for believing in him. Sharon pointed out that when they were alone together, the world made sense. Adam felt that they were better together and kissed her.

In the farmhouse, Adam tried to navigate on his own. Sharon took his hand, and they went to the bedroom. They began to kiss and then made love. Afterwards, Adam asked if Sharon was all right, and she said she was great, but she wondered about their future. Adam asked what Sharon wanted. Adam said that everyone was against them. Sharon told Adam that she was ready to take on the world with him.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cane and Lily were home in Genoa City after their wedding in France. Just as Cane was savoring their time alone, the doorbell rang. Kay and Jill walked into the house, and Kay said that she wanted to hear all about the wedding for Lily and Cane. Lily thanked Kay for giving them the wedding.

Later, Kay and Jill looked at wedding photos on an iPad. Cane and Lily had a gift of thanks for Kay since she hadn't been able to attend the wedding. It was lavender direct from Provence. Jill urged Kay to say thank you to the kids so they could leave and Lily and Cane could be alone together. Outside the door, Jill offered to drop Kay at her appointment because Jill had something important to do.

At Jimmy's, Daniel told Chloe that he and Eden had an understanding and were not involved romantically. Chloe explained that Eden had been flirting with Ricky to make Daniel jealous. Ricky asked Eden to leave with him, but Eden continued watching Daniel. Ricky said that Daniel was a moron for not responding to Eden's come-on.

Chloe tried to explain the game to Daniel, but he refused to see Eden as anything but a friend with benefits. Devon appeared just as Chloe was dissing someone for playing Angelina's song on the jukebox. Chloe apologized to Devon, but she couldn't stand to be reminded of Kevin and Angelina. Chloe's face fell as Angelina and Kevin walked into the bar. Chloe decided to leave, and Daniel went along.

Angelina told Devon she loved the song. Devon reminded Angelina that she'd fired him. Devon also reiterated that he owned the song. Angelina said she'd changed her mind and wanted to un-fire Devon. Angelina pleaded with Devon to agree to create an album with her. Devon would only consider collaborating if Angelo were out of the picture.

Following tradition, Cane carried Lily over the threshold and headed to the bedroom. Before they could begin making love, Devon arrived with burgers and fries, assuming that they hadn't eaten dinner yet. After eating, Lily suggested that Cane go to his apartment and get the rest of his belongings so he could officially move home. Alone together, Devon said he was looking forward to the ear surgery. Devon also revealed that he was going to work with Angelina again. Later, Cane returned with his suitcase and was glad to see that Lily was alone. Lily rushed into his arms, happy to have him back home.

At the coffeehouse, Daniel and Chloe noticed that people at other tables were reading tabloid magazine stories about Kevin and Angelina's wedding. Daniel urged Chloe to talk about Kevin and Angelina, to get it off her chest. Chloe complained that Angelina drove her crazy. Chloe wanted to go to a movie where she could hide away from all the news about Kevin and Angelina. Chloe said that she felt like she was a big loser. Daniel had an idea to help Chloe deal with her Angelina issue.

Back at Jimmy's, Eden wondered if Kevin was all right. Kevin lied and said that he was happy with Angelina. Later, Daniel met Chloe in the park and had a way for her to release her anger in a creative way. With an air gun, they shot marshmallows at the magazine covers of Kevin and Angelina.

Ashley and Tucker spoke about Devon's surgery, and Tucker announced that he would be going to Dallas for the operation even though Devon had not invited him. Ashley told Tucker that he had to tell Devon his plan or risk his son's rejection. Later, Jill approached Tucker and Ashley to discuss Jabot business with Ashley. Jill wanted to discuss her position at the company in light of Jack's injury and Genevieve's firing. Jill asked if she was in charge of marketing, and Ashley said yes; she and Jack had agreed to put Jill in charge. Jill wanted to replace Genevieve by hiring Cane for the position. Jill felt that Cane was like a son to her, and Jabot welcomed family in business.

Later, Jill and Ashley went to Cane and Lily's -- interrupting a romantic moment between the two -- to offer Cane the position. Jill was confident that she could get Cane up to speed in short order. Cane asked to sleep on it, but Lily stopped Jill and Ashley from leaving because she knew that Cane wanted to say yes. Cane admitted that he did want the job, and they struck a deal.

Devon met with Tucker at Crimson Lights. Tucker explained to Devon that he wanted to go on the trip to Texas for Devon's surgery. Devon had previously said he didn't want Tucker there, but Tucker explained that it was very important for him to be there for his son. Devon understood and said that he was cool about Tucker going to Dallas after all.

Jeffrey approached Gloria about the want ad in the newspaper for work at Gloworm. Gloria mentioned the money that Jeffrey had bilked from their joint accounts. Jeffrey had no idea where Gloria's money had gone, especially with his memory loss. Angelo walked in and later told Gloria that Jeffrey shouldn't be hanging around her anymore. Gloria was determined to get answers from Jeffrey and decided to hire Jeffrey as a busboy. Angelo called Angelina to arrange for them to meet at Kevin and Angelina's new house.

When Eden learned that Kevin was moving into a house with Angelina, she was shocked. Eden said she'd be lonely without Kevin in the apartment. Alone, Angelina told Kevin that she realized that he was miserable. Angelina didn't want to hurt Kevin. Angelina said that at the start, she'd wanted to steal Kevin from Chloe, but Angelina had fallen in love with Kevin. Angelina asked Kevin if he had any feelings for her. Kevin hesitated, then said he was resigned to making the best of their marriage, even though he did not feel for her what she felt for him.

Gloria and Angelo showed Kevin and Angelina around the house. Angelo promised not to barge in on them. Gloria tossed Kevin the keys and wished him happiness. Kevin claimed that he was overwhelmed. Gloria urged Kevin to be happy.

Angelo and Gloria left, and Kevin called the house a "time warp." Angelina began to cry with happiness and then she reminisced about visiting Gladys Kravitz, the lady who had lived there before. Mrs. Kravitz had been like a second mom to Angelina. Later, Kevin and Angelina played air hockey and enjoyed being together.

Ricky was curious that Eden wasn't happy about living alone. Eden said she'd grown up in a commune and wasn't used to being on her own. Ricky said that he was looking for a new place to live. Eden agreed to let Ricky move in with her as long as he understood that he'd have his own room and they'd each be living separate lives.

Back at Gloworm, Gloria saw that Jeffrey was adjusting to the job. While Gloria went to put Jeffrey on the payroll, Angelo knocked over some glasses and told Jeffrey to clean it up.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

At the farm in Kansas, Adam and Sharon awoke in each other's arms. Sharon noted that they'd spent most of the day in bed together. Adam asked Sharon to do something for him, then he handed her his mother's diamond ring. Sharon asked if Adam was proposing to her, but Adam explained that he just wanted her to have the ring because he felt it was hers. Later, downstairs in the kitchen, Adam switched on the radio and heard that there was a storm heading their way. Adam announced that he would go to the barn to gather wood for a fire.

Sharon looked in the pantry and refrigerator for something to eat, and there wasn't much, so she offered to drive to the store before the storm. Adam said he'd make a fire while she was gone. Sharon noticed how happy Adam was. Adam asked Sharon to hurry back.

Later, Adam heard the storm whipping up outside, and was concerned about Sharon. In the car, Sharon strained to see through the driving rain. On the radio, Sharon heard about hazardous road conditions and decided to return rather than risk an accident. At the farm, the kitchen door flew open and Adam wondered if Sharon had returned. Suddenly, the power went out.

Anita and Chelsea returned to Billy and Victoria's house and told Billy that they'd been on a shopping spree at Fenmore's. Billy instructed Anita to pack up her clothes and leave. Anita said that if she left, Chelsea would go with her. However, when Billy offered to let Chelsea remain in the garage apartment, Chelsea turned on her mother. Anita tried to bully Chelsea, prompting Billy to defend Chelsea and kick Anita out of his home.

A short time later, Anita returned and said that she would not be kicked out of Chelsea's life. Chelsea asked Anita to get out. Chelsea was grateful to Billy, but he laid down the law to her. Billy would take care of Chelsea and the baby, Billy and Victoria wanted to raise the baby, but Billy loved Victoria, and Chelsea would not get between them. Chelsea understood. Billy showed Chelsea the legal papers he'd drawn up so that Chelsea would agree to give the baby to Billy and Victoria. Chelsea agreed to sign.

At the penthouse, Nick watched Phyllis packing to leave for Darien to see her father and complimented her decision to see George while she still had the chance. Nick believed she'd be fine, but Phyllis was nervous about going home. Phyllis asked Nick not to tell Avery that she'd be visiting George. Phyllis also didn't want Daniel to know about her trip. Nick agreed and urged Phyllis to take as much time as necessary when she got to Darien. Phyllis said goodbye to Lucy and promised to be back soon. Phyllis reluctantly left Nick and Lucy to get to the airport.

At Gloworm, Michael and Lauren noticed that Jeffrey had been hired as a busboy. Kevin arrived and asked Gloria for boxes to move into his new home. Gloria believed that Kevin was happy with Angelina, but Michael and Lauren wanted to question Kevin while he was away from Angelina and Angelo.

Daisy was led into the courtroom and asked Avery what was going on. Avery explained that the hearing had been moved up to accommodate the judge's schedule. Avery expected to have an advantage over the prosecution. At Gloworm, Michael took a call while Lauren and Gloria spoke with Kevin. Michael returned a moment later and announced that they had to leave because Daisy's hearing had been moved up.

When Michael, Lauren, and Kevin reached the courtroom, Avery told Daisy not to react to them. Michael told Avery that he was prepared to win. As the case commenced, the judge granted Michael the right to argue the prosecution's side for the D.A.

Michael told the judge that he was the husband of one of Daisy's victims, Lauren Fenmore. Michael offered to put Lauren on the stand to testify, as well as Kevin Fisher, whose wife had been Daisy's victim as well. Michael explained that Sarah, Daisy, and Ryder had held Lauren and Jana like animals. Michael declared that Daisy was a crazed psychopath who had done nothing to rescue Jana and Lauren.

When Avery spoke, she asserted that Daisy had been a victim herself. Avery also believed that Daisy had been rehabilitated in prison. On the stand, Kevin testified about Jana's brain aneurisms, which had been exacerbated by Daisy's cruel treatment. Kevin said that Daisy had been responsible for Jana's death. On cross-examination, Avery got Kevin to admit that he had no proof that Jana's death was caused by Daisy.

Later, Lauren took the stand and testified that Daisy had taken joy in being sadistic to her and Jana. Lauren said that Sheila, Daisy's mother, had been after Lauren for years. Lauren believe that Daisy needed to pay for what she had done to Lauren and Jana, and declared that despite the picture Avery had been trying to paint, Daisy had shown no remorse for her viciousness. Avery offered into evidence positive evaluations for Daisy from the prison authorities and Daisy's psychiatrist.

When she was on the stand, Daisy testified that she'd done terrible things but she was filled with remorse and wanted a chance to be a good person. Avery explained that she had new evidence to present. Despite Michael's objection, Avery explained that the Daisy's previous attorney had not used the material, and it was relevant. The judge allowed Avery to proceed and she showed Ryder's tape.

In the video, Daisy complained about how awful the cage was and why it was unfair to leave Lauren and Jana there. Sarah was cruel and willing to kill. Sarah bullied Daisy to do as she was told. Daisy cried on the stand. Avery told Daisy that Sarah could never hurt her again.

On cross-examination, Michael asked why Daisy hadn't used her cell phone to call for help. Daisy claimed that Aunt Sarah would have killed her. In summation, Michael told the judge that what they'd seen in court was a charade. Michael believed that Daisy had not changed and was still a threat to Lauren. He begged the judge not to fall for Daisy's con job.

Avery concluded that the video and Daisy's testimony were proof positive that Daisy deserved another chance. The judge called for a recess. Kevin told Michael he had to leave, and Michael pretended that he was confident that the judge would not release Daisy. Lauren knew better and advised Michael to warn Daniel and Phyllis.

Nick left Lucy with the sitter so he could return to work. Kim, the sitter, answered the phone, and Michael said he was trying to reach Phyllis. Kim explained that Phyllis had gone to Darien to see her father. In Connecticut, Phyllis arrived at the hospice center. Phyllis stepped into her father's room and saw him in bed. George opened his eyes when he saw Phyllis, he turned to her and asked, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Back in court, the judge reasserted that Daisy had been guilty of the crimes against her. However, he reduced her sentence to time served. Daisy was free to go, and she immediately told Avery that she wanted to get Lucy back.

Jill went to Gloworm and was surprised to see Jeffrey bussing tables. Jill laughed when Jeffrey stopped at her table and flirted with her. Later, Anita arrived and ordered a drink from Gloria. Jill was thrilled to learn that Billy had thrown Anita out on the street.

When they were alone at the bar, Anita told Gloria that she didn't know what to do, but she didn't want to leave Genoa City. Gloria offered Anita a job as a waitress. Anita was very grateful and said yes. When Jeffrey returned from unloading the delivery out back, Anita was shocked to see Jeffrey. However, Jeffrey didn't seem to recognize Anita.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sharon drove in the pouring rain, while she listened to a radio report that warned residents against being outside. Meanwhile, after the power went out at the farm, Adam inserted batteries into the radio, and he learned that a bridge had collapsed. Lightning crashed ominously overhead. Adam put on his coat and stepped outside, and he smelled smoke. He heard a horse whinny, and he realized that the barn was on fire.

Coughing from the smoke, Adam opened the barn door and heard flames crackling. He called 9-1-1 to report the fire, and he explained that he was blind. The operator said that the road was flooded, so no help could get there. Adam attempted to assemble a hose, but he couldn't figure out what he was doing wrong. He begged for Hope's help, and he finally managed to set it up properly. Adam turned on the water valve and prayed that there was enough water pressure to extinguish the fire.

Sharon returned to the farm and found Adam crouched on the ground outside. He said he'd tried to put out the fire, but he hadn't been able to remember how to work the water pump. She worried that he'd run into a burning building, and he lamented that he hadn't been able to coax the panicked horses out of the barn. She reported that the horses were fine and the barn was still standing, because of him. She called him amazing, and they embraced.

At Gloworm, Victoria asked Billy for assurance that Chelsea planned to stay, even though he'd thrown Anita out. He was certain that Chelsea didn't want the baby to grow up the way Chelsea had. Victoria expressed relief that Anita had left, and Billy suspected that Chelsea felt likewise. Anita stopped by their table to take their order, and Billy and Victoria looked at one another in shock. Billy wondered why Anita hadn't left town, and Anita explained that Gloria had understood her plight and had given her a job.

Victoria stated that Chelsea wouldn't be happy with the turn of events, but Anita blamed Chelsea's attitude on hormones. Anita pointedly said that unlike some people, she'd never abandon her family. Billy requested a moment alone, and Anita left. Billy assured Victoria that Chelsea had already agreed to sign away her parental rights, but Victoria thought all bets were off, as long as Anita was around. Billy remarked that he could kill Victor for inviting Anita into their lives, but Victoria suspected that Nikki would take care of that herself.

Victoria hoped that Michael could finalize the paperwork that night, before either Victor or Anita had a chance to manipulate Chelsea. Billy didn't want to appear too aggressive, or Chelsea might turn to Anita for advice. Victoria thought Chelsea would end up trusting them more if they handled the situation well. Anita returned to take their order, but Billy and Victoria departed instead.

At the courthouse, Michael left an urgent message for Phyllis to call him back. He then called Daniel, and he reported that he had disturbing news about Daisy. Daisy anxiously anticipated seeing Lucy, but Avery reminded her that Phyllis still had custody, and she suggested that they go through the courts. Daisy cited her visitation rights, and she assumed that Phyllis would be expecting her. Avery contended that Phyllis had no idea what was happening, or Phyllis would have been there to fight Daisy's release.

Daisy claimed that she had been thinking of Lucy constantly during her prison stay, and she was irritated that she had to wait even longer to see her daughter. Avery advised Daisy not to aggravate Phyllis, and she suggested that they work with Michael to make the transition smooth for Lucy. Lauren overheard and bellowed that she and Michael weren't done fighting. Daisy complained that Lauren had deprived her of a mother, and she refused to be denied her own daughter. Michael and Lauren vowed never to allow Daisy to get custody, but Daisy confidently sauntered out. Lauren angrily told Avery that Avery was responsible for Daisy's future actions.

Avery understood why Lauren had no compassion for Daisy, but she insisted that Sarah had tortured Daisy and that Daisy adored Lucy. Lauren explained that she had befriended Daisy and had invited her to stay in their home, because Daisy had hidden her evil nature. Lauren argued that Lucy was a defenseless victim, but Avery maintained that Daisy deserved to end the cycle of abuse. Lauren hoped that Avery would end up hating herself for what she'd done, and she stormed out.

Michael confronted Avery and queried whether she'd healed her own childhood wounds by getting back at Phyllis. Avery contended that Phyllis hadn't needed to be cruel to Daisy, and she wondered where Phyllis was. Michael disclosed that Phyllis was in Connecticut.

Lauren alerted Fen's school not to allow anyone other than herself or Michael to pick up Fen. Michael didn't think Daisy would target Fen, but Lauren recalled that Daisy had threatened their son before. Michael answered a call from Victoria, while Lauren stalked off, upset. Later, Michael handed the paperwork to Billy and Victoria, but he warned that prenatal agreements weren't always ironclad.

Billy and Victoria met Chelsea at their home. Victoria acknowledged that Chelsea had been under pressure to use the baby, but she felt that Chelsea had made the best decision for her child. Billy assured Chelsea that she wouldn't have to depend on Anita or anyone else. A confused Chelsea wondered if they intended to pay her off, but Victoria insisted that they wanted to help her achieve her goals. Billy added that he wanted to be able to tell their son that his mom was someone to be proud of. He showed her the documents regarding financial assistance and termination of her parental rights.

Billy suggested that Chelsea go over the documents with her own lawyer, and he offered to pay the legal fees. Chelsea stated that she was ready to sign the paperwork, if they promised that she'd be part of the baby's life. Victoria agreed, and Billy wanted their son to see how much Chelsea cared about him. Chelsea asked for a pen, and she signed the papers.

At Gloworm, Michael arrived with Fen and left a message for Lauren to let him know where she was. Meanwhile, Lauren practiced her aim at a shooting range, with a photo of Daisy's face attached to the target.

At Phyllis' penthouse, Daniel called out for Kim, the nanny, but he was shocked to see Daisy carrying Lucy down the stairs. Kim explained that Daisy had claimed to be family, and Daisy had entered when Kim had turned away to tend to Lucy. Daniel instructed Kim not to open the door to anyone, and he asked her to leave. Daniel also ordered Daisy out, but Daisy insisted that she had visitation rights. Daniel refused to let her near the baby, and Daisy wondered why Daniel hated her.

Daisy claimed that Sarah had been responsible for Daisy's actions, but Daniel scoffed at the notion that Sarah had been behind Daisy drugging him in an effort to get pregnant with his child. Daisy argued that she had sought help and had broken the cycle of abuse, but Daniel thought she'd spent her time in prison learning to act like a victim. Daisy said she was trying to be a good person and mother, but Daniel demanded to know what she was really after. Daisy whimpered that she wanted to be loved, and Lucy was the only person in the world who loved her.

Daniel expressed disbelief that Lucy loved Daisy, but Daisy recounted that she'd talked to and sang to Lucy during her pregnancy. Daniel retorted that Daisy had never tended to Lucy's needs after her birth, and he barked that Lucy didn't even recognize Daisy. Daisy whined that Phyllis had tricked her into revoking custody, and then Phyllis had practically stolen Lucy away from Billy and Victoria. Daniel remarked that Phyllis and Lucy shared a mother-daughter bond, and that Phyllis would do anything for her family. Daniel demanded that Daisy leave, and she cooed to Lucy that she'd be back soon. Daisy exited, and Daniel worriedly cuddled Lucy.

At the hospice center in Connecticut, Phyllis nervously stammered to George that she'd heard he was sick. He corrected that he was dying, and he surmised that she had wanted to see it for herself. "Well, what?" he snapped. Phyllis muttered that it had been a mistake to visit, and she ran out. She composed herself in the hallway and reentered the room, vowing under her breath to talk to her father.

George stated that he had nothing to say, and she questioned whether his conscience would be clear if she left. He grumbled that she wasn't going to get what she was after, and he noted that she had done all right for herself after keeping her distance. Phyllis suspected that Avery had updated him regarding Phyllis' life and family, and he retorted that things hadn't gone as well for him. She realized that he still blamed her, and he snarled that she'd ruined him.

Phyllis sarcastically asked if she had forced George to rip people off, but he insisted that he could have repaid the money. She reiterated that he'd taken what hadn't been his, and all the other suspects had been exonerated. George argued that Phyllis should have approached him rather than the police, and she huffed that he would have lied to her back then, too. He reasoned that she'd just wanted out of the house, but she cried that she hadn't wanted a con man for a father or the rest of her family to hate her. She asserted that she had been an unprepared child, but she had known what it had meant when she'd told the truth, and she held him responsible for not doing so himself. He accused her of playing the victim, but she proclaimed that she'd stopped being a victim when she'd walked out.

George coughed, and Phyllis handed him some water, while Avery stood unseen outside the door. George said they were done, unless Phyllis wanted to kill him herself. She contended that he'd ruined his own life, and she couldn't believe that he wouldn't allow her to have peace of mind. He spat that she thought he owed her, but he didn't. She recalled a childhood memory of going to church and sharing a chocolate bar together afterward. He hid his head in his hands, and he asked what she wanted. She demanded to know why he considered her the bad guy and why he'd made her family hate her.

Avery listened as Phyllis insisted that George had forced her out, but he croaked that it had been her fault. He repeated that they were done, but Phyllis adamantly refused to leave, because he was dying, and it was her last chance to know the truth. Phyllis said that George had taken away her life, her home, and her family, and she begged him to admit that he had robbed his investors. He remained silent, and she yelled at him to tell the truth. "Yes," he finally confessed, and Avery gasped in horror.

At the Newman ranch, Victor arrived home from Paris, and Nikki coldly greeted him. He said they had a lot to talk about, and he nonchalantly recognized that she was still angry with him. Nikki suspected that Victor had something awful to say, since he was stalling. He accused her of jumping to conclusions, but she demanded to know how involved he had been with Chelsea and Anita's scam. She asked if he'd hired Chelsea to seduce Billy, and Victor denied it, but he admitted that he'd found Billy in prison when Delia had become sick. Victor continued that he had wanted Billy to stay away from Victoria.

Nikki reprimanded Victor for lying to her, and he said it was immaterial how Chelsea had arrived in town. She asked why he'd lied about it, and she noted that at least Billy had been honest with his wife. Victor roared that Billy had left his family and had gotten Chelsea pregnant, but Nikki didn't think Billy's behavior justified Victor's actions. Victor maintained that Victoria needed to see Billy for who he was, and he refused to apologize.

Nikki blasted Victor for making her his accomplice by allowing her to defend him to Victoria. She griped that she'd thought they had been rebuilding their lives together, and he opined that their relationship had nothing to do with Billy. She said she couldn't trust Victor, and he berated her for marrying Deacon. She asserted that she had only done so to protect Victoria, and he called her a hypocrite, because he had been trying to do the same thing.

Nikki prepared to leave, and Victor asked if she was going somewhere. She felt she couldn't stay there, and he suggested that she go for a horseback ride to clear her head. She said she had clarity, and he wondered if she was still angry with him. She realized that he'd never change, and he again refused to apologize for who he was. He declared his love, but she replied that she couldn't change, either, and she walked out.

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