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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 27, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, February 27, 2012

At a hospice in Darien, Connecticut, Phyllis questioned her dying father about swindling dozens of investors out of their life savings. Avery covertly listened just outside the doorway. George, Phyllis and Avery's father, admitted his guilt, but he maintained that he wasn't sorry for what he'd done. After Avery made her presence known, George was stunned and quickly retracted his profession of guilt.

Avery was angry and insisted that George had admitted to the thefts just to placate Phyllis. Avery seemed crushed when Phyllis maintained that George's deathbed confession was honest and forthright. Avery studied her father's face. George weakly shook his head from side to side, indicating that he disagreed with Phyllis' statement.

George accused Phyllis of tearing apart their family. Phyllis cried, "No! You did that, Dad. You did that!" Avery demanded that her sister and father stop arguing. Phyllis insisted that Avery knew the truth. Phyllis addressed her father and said, "You can die now, but you know what? We have to live with this."

Before Phyllis rushed out, she said it helped for her to know that her father would spend eternity in hell. George told Avery that he'd confessed only to placate Phyllis. Avery admitted that Phyllis was right about a person on his deathbed uttering an honest confession. Avery added, "You stole from those people. You ruined their lives and lied about it." George seemed to become weaker as Avery admonished her father for making her turn her back on Phyllis.

Avery stood close to her father. Avery indignantly noted that his situation had motivated her to become a defense attorney to fight for those she believed had been falsely accused of horrendous crimes. Avery wiped tears from her eyes and said she feared she might have set guilty criminals free because she'd believed that her own innocent father had been wrongly imprisoned. Avery railed at her father for allowing her to base her life's cause on a lie. George admitted that Lydia, Avery and Phyllis' mother, knew the truth, though he and Lydia had never discussed the matter. Avery broke down and rushed out of her father's room.

Avery approached Phyllis and cried, "Mommy knew, too. They lied to me all those years. They lied." Phyllis, devoid of emotion, replied, "I tried to tell you." Phyllis, emotionally spent, said she'd done what she'd gone there to do and planned to return home to her family. Avery pleaded with Phyllis to face their father and tell him how much he'd hurt her.

Back inside their father's room, Avery stood meekly behind her older sister and told their father that he needed to listen to what Phyllis had to say. Phyllis asked, "Why were all those material things more important than me?" George replied, "I wanted to move us all up in the world. Maybe I went about it in the wrong way." Phyllis noted that her father's actions had torn their family apart.

Sobbing softly, Phyllis told her father to his face that he'd ruined her life after he labeled her a liar and forced her out of her family home. Years of repressed anger surfaced, and Phyllis yelled, "You did this to me! You made me like this. You ruined my life!" George didn't respond. Phyllis collected herself and said aloud to herself, "I don't understand why."

Phyllis wiped away her tears with her hand, lifted her head, and told her father she was glad that Avery finally knew what kind of man he was. George apologized and asked Phyllis not to leave because he was so close to death. Phyllis placed her hand on the door handle and replied, "You've been dead to me for years." After Phyllis left, Avery addressed her father and asked, "Was it worth making me hate Phyllis all of those years just to protect yourself?"

Avery stepped out of her father's room and approached Phyllis. A nurse summoned Avery and informed her that George was very near death. Avery was also told that her mother hadn't visited George since she'd been told that her husband was close to death. Phyllis told Avery that their mother didn't care. Phyllis added, "He doesn't matter to her. It's probably her final statement to George." Avery remained in denial, but Phyllis explained that their mother knew about the theft. Avery said she should return to their dad's room and remain at his bedside. Phyllis told Avery that she could choose not to.

The nurse returned and said softly, "He's gone." Avery sobbed pitifully. Phyllis seemed relieved and calmly said, "It's over." Avery asked Phyllis to forgive her for all the bad things she'd done. Phyllis said, "That's the past, and it's over. It's done." Avery admitted that she'd gotten Daisy released from prison. Phyllis, livid, said, "I swear to you that if that psychotic freak gets her hands on my kid, it is war with us."

Avery stood alone in the hallway as two hospice workers rolled George's body out of his room. After Avery left, Daniel entered the room where his grandfather had passed away and asked a nurse about George Summers. The nurse, who was collecting George's belongings and packing them into a box, told Daniel that his grandfather had just passed away. The nurse offered George's belongings to Daniel. Daniel asked for time alone, so the nurse stepped out. Daniel picked up a framed photo of Phyllis and Avery, taken when both were youngsters. Daniel stood silently.

At Kevin and Angelina's house, Angelina asked Kevin to assist in setting up their new kitchen, but her distracted husband remained aloof. Noticing a pad and pen in Kevin's hand, Angelina offered to help Kevin with whatever problem he was attempting to solve. Kevin admitted that he was working on a plan to end their marriage. Kevin explained that Daisy's hearing had reminded him that the last time his life had spun out of his control, Jana had died. Kevin added that he planned to regain control of his life without letting anyone get hurt in the process.

Kevin told Angelina that he regretted not intervening long before Daisy hurt Lauren and Jana. Angelina commended Kevin for marrying her in order to protect others. Kevin sarcastically noted that his "act of bravery" meant nothing because he should have stood up to Angelo. Angelina replied, "You're really great." Kevin showed his appreciation for his wife's approval and embraced her. Michael walked in and said, "Sorry. I hope I'm not interrupting." Michael asked to speak to Kevin alone, so Angelia stepped out.

Michael told Kevin that Avery had managed to get Daisy released. Michael vowed to protect the people Daisy might attack. Kevin noted that Lauren was at the top of the list. Michael said Lauren was putting up a brave front, but he knew she was terrified. Kevin thanked his brother for warning him about Daisy.

Michael changed the subject and asked Kevin why he'd left Chloe at the altar. Kevin claimed he'd fallen out of love with Chloe and in love with Angelina. Michael refused to accept such an implausible explanation, and he assured Kevin that together they could extricate Kevin from his "marriage to the mob." Kevin claimed he was where he wanted to be, and he thanked his brother for being concerned. Michael said that their mother would never forgive him if anything ever happened to Kevin.

After Michael left, Angelina crept out of the hallway, where she'd listened in on Kevin and Michael's conversation. Angelina admitted to Kevin that she'd overheard the brothers' conversation. Angelina humbly apologized to Kevin for getting between him, his family, and the people he loved. Angelia offered to help Kevin get out of their marriage. Kevin said, "I want to make this right for both of us."

At Gloworm, Jill looked concerned when she learned from Lauren and Michael that Fen was staying with Gloria and Angelo in order to keep the young boy safe from Daisy. Michael told Lauren that Angelo had posted a guard outside the residence to safeguard Fen. Michael said he'd rather alert Kevin in person about Daisy's early release, so Jill agreed to keep her sister company.

After Michael left, Jill and Lauren ordered drinks at the bar. When Lauren reached into her handbag for cash to pay the bartender, her hand brushed the barrel of a pearl-handled revolver. Daisy entered the club and stood behind Jill and Lauren. Speaking calmly, Daisy said, "Hello, Lauren."

Lauren grabbed her purse, turned to face Daisy and replied, "You get out of my sight before I do something you're going to regret." Daisy said she'd hoped they could put the past behind them. Daisy added that she'd had time in prison to think about the horrible things she'd done. Jill said, "What part of 'get lost' are you not getting?" Daisy directed her gaze at Lauren and said, "I'm free now. You'd better get used to it."

After Daisy walked away, Lauren began shaking with fear. Jill comforted her sister, but she was shocked to discover that Lauren had a gun inside her purse. After Jill and Lauren seated themselves, Lauren assured Jill that she knew how to handle a gun. Lauren explained that she'd obtained a gun permit and kept the weapon safely stored in her office safe whenever it wasn't inside her purse.

Jill advised Lauren to let Michael know about the gun. Lauren said she feared that Michael would try to act out of reason and logic, but she would prefer to protect herself by carrying a weapon. Jill said, "Michael won't hear about it from me." Michael returned and asked Jill what she meant. Jill insisted it was just girl talk. Lauren remained mum, as well.

From Phyllis' penthouse, Daniel phoned Nick and told him that Daisy had been set free. Nick told Daniel that Phyllis had traveled to her hometown in Connecticut to see her dying father. Daniel was surprised and admitted that he'd never even met his grandfather. Daniel asked Nick to watch the children, so he could journey to Connecticut to see his grandfather. After Nick arrived, he told Daniel that Phyllis' relationship with her father was very complicated. Daniel replied, "It's a little weird having to say 'hello and goodbye' to my grandpa at the same time."

After Daniel left, Daisy showed up and handed Nick papers proving that the court had awarded her unrestricted visitation with Lucy. Daisy added that a judge would soon rule on her motion for custody, as well. Nick scanned the document, but he refused to allow Daisy near Lucy. Daisy claimed she was trying to handle the situation the right way. Nick still refused Daisy's request and replied, "Too bad."

After Nick slammed the door, Daisy said, "We'll see about that." Later, a deputy accompanied Daisy to the penthouse and told Nick that he was there to enforce a court-ordered visit with Lucy. Nick glared at Daisy as she held Lucy in her lap. Daisy cooed at the infant and said, "Mommy's back." Daisy stared menacingly at Nick.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Phyllis arrived home from her trip to Darien, and Nick assured her that Lucy and Summer were all right despite Daisy having visited Lucy. Nick asked Phyllis about her father's death, but Phyllis only wanted to talk about Lucy. Phyllis informed Nick that Avery had been responsible for Daisy getting released from prison. Nick explained to Phyllis that Daisy had been granted unlimited visitation rights to Lucy. Phyllis was determined to keep Lucy away from Daisy.

After checking to see that Lucy was napping, Phyllis told Nick that she wanted to bar Daisy from Lucy's life. Phyllis declared that Daisy had used the baby to get what she wanted in the past and didn't really love the child. Nick asked Phyllis if she'd run into Daniel in Darien because he'd gone there to meet his grandfather. Phyllis said she had never seen Daniel, and perhaps he'd changed him mind and never left town. Phyllis said that she needed some time alone, so Nick left the penthouse. Phyllis called Daniel and left a message for him to call her back.

A short time later, Daniel showed up at the penthouse. Daniel and Phyllis agreed that they despised Daisy and wanted to keep Lucy away from her. Phyllis feared that the court's ruling would give Daisy custody of Lucy. When Phyllis asked about Daniel's trip to Darien, Daniel said that George had died by the time he got to the hospice.

Phyllis apologized for never having told her son about his grandfather. Phyllis explained that her father was a cold man and had refused to confess his sins even on his deathbed. Daniel wanted to know what George had done, so Phyllis finally told Daniel that George had embezzled the fortunes of his clients, some of whom had been old and infirm. Phyllis said George had been a bad man who had cared about position and money more than family. Phyllis had never wanted Daniel, Summer, or Lucy to be touched by George and she had no regrets about her father's death.

Daniel felt that he'd been missing a huge part of his life because of Phyllis' decision to keep her past a secret. Daniel was not okay with Phyllis keeping things from him, especially since he was an adult. Phyllis challenged Daniel to prove that he was really a grownup by taking responsibility for Lucy. Phyllis thought Daniel was a hypocrite. Daniel didn't want to discuss it and left.

Daisy met with a Realtor and looked at a vacant apartment in Lauren and Michael's building. Daisy agreed to move in immediately. At the coffeehouse, Daisy blasted Avery for not having been there for her when she sought a court order to get to see Lucy. Avery said she'd had a family emergency.

Avery told Daisy that she had been wrong accepting Daisy as a client. Avery was severing their business relationship. Daisy mocked Avery for her ideals, then said she didn't need Avery anymore. Daisy was confident that she could get full custody of Lucy. Avery warned Daisy that the case could take a while. Daisy was certain that she'd win in court as the birth mother.

Later, Avery ended a phone call to her mother after saying that she would not return for George's funeral. Nick overheard her and asked what had happened between George and Phyllis. Avery informed Nick that George had been all the awful things Phyllis had claimed he was. Nick was curious about why Avery's mind had changed about Phyllis.

Avery said she'd believed her parents' lies and it had cost her a relationship with Phyllis. Nick felt that he'd been complicit in Avery hurting Phyllis. Nick was incensed that Lucy would be hurt because of what Avery had done to help Daisy. Avery explained that Daisy had been cleared in court; Daisy could reunite with Lucy. Avery asked Nick to look after Phyllis. Nick said he'd never abandon Phyllis again.

When Lauren returned home, Michael greeted her, and they discussed the Daisy situation. Lauren explained that she was taking precautions to protect Fen from Daisy. Lauren was determined to deal with Daisy and remain in control. Michael said he had some ideas on how to handle the dilemma. Lauren was confident in Michael.

Later, Michael returned with travel DVDs, suggesting they take a family vacation. Lauren loved Michael, but she would not run from Daisy Carter. Michael blamed himself for Daisy being released from prison. Lauren said it was Sheila and Sarah's fault, not Michael. Michael feared that Lauren would succumb to fear and despair again. Lauren promised him that she would never be beaten by Daisy again.

In her mind, Lauren recalled target practice with her pistol. Michael was still afraid that they might run into Daisy around town. Lauren swore that she was all right and was actually more concerned about Lucy.

At the penthouse, Phyllis bonded with Lucy. There was a knock on the door, and Daisy arrived with a cop to seize custody of Lucy. Phyllis asked to speak with Daisy alone. Daisy thanked Phyllis for having made everything possible. Phyllis reminded Daisy that she'd given her a hand when nobody else would.

Phyllis urged Daisy to leave Genoa City and not be burdened by a little child. Daisy wanted Lucy and wanted her immediately. Phyllis asked if Daisy had the supplies to care for the baby. Phyllis reluctantly let Daisy take Lucy. Phyllis forced Daisy to take the things that Lucy needed to be happy, like her favorite blanket. Daisy said she was Lucy's real mom and would take care of her. When she closed the door, Phyllis cried in agony.

Billy and Victoria were pleased that Chelsea had agreed to sign the parental rights documents. Chelsea arrived to leave for her doctor's appointment, and Billy was curious if Chelsea had changed her mind about allowing them to raise the baby. Chelsea said that she was happy about Billy and Victoria's plans for the baby. Chelsea didn't want the child to grow up like she had, as a grifter.

Billy and Victoria agreed to help Chelsea improve her life. Later, after the doctor's visit, Chelsea was enthusiastic about the sonogram image of the baby. Victoria wanted Chelsea to meet with a nutritionist about her diet. Chelsea agreed. Victoria told Billy that the trip to the doctor had made her feel wonderful about the baby. Billy was enjoying the experience, too. Victoria anticipated that the baby would be a great addition to their family. Victoria and Billy got amorous.

After the couple made love, Billy asked Victoria to go out with him to play some video games. When they opened the door, Nick was there. He explained that Daisy had been freed, and she was going after Lucy. Victoria and Billy were very upset about Lucy being tossed around like a piece of property. Victoria feared that Daisy wouldn't care properly for Lucy.

Daniel ran into Avery at Crimson Lights. Avery told Daniel that he was the only one who could help Lucy because he was her father. Daniel tried to walk away, but Avery forced him to listen to her. Avery told Daniel that he had a responsibility to be Lucy's father and to keep her away from Daisy.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jack wheeled into the physical therapy room and questioned why Sarge had scheduled his session so late in the day. Sarge told Jack that he knew what he was doing. When Jack complained about doing hand weights, Sarge said Jack had to accept things the way Sarge did things or stay in the wheelchair the rest of his life. Jack wanted to get started on his legs, declaring that he had upper body strength. Jack said he had no time to be an invalid because he had a company to run.

Sarge resented that Jack questioned his methods. To prove his point, Sarge offered to move Jack ahead to the next level. Sarge placed Jack on the parallel bars and urged him to walk. Without Sarge's help, Jack was unable to hold himself erect and nearly collapsed. Sarge warned Jack to listen to him or find another therapist. Sarge directed Jack to work on his upper body strength. After many reps with the weights, Jack was exhausted and admitted that he'd been wrong to question Sarge. Jack did need to develop his arm muscles. Sarge allowed Jack to stop for the night and told him to return the next day, ready to work even harder.

Nikki visited with Victoria at her home and revealed that Victor had lied about Billy and Victoria. Nikki explained that Victor had admitted to her that he'd arranged for Chelsea and Anita to be in Genoa City to destroy Victoria and Billy's marriage. Nikki told Victoria that Victor had been motivated by his love for his family, but Victoria felt that her father had been sadistic for trying to destroy her love for Billy. Nikki urged Victoria to speak with Victor and give him another chance. Victoria said she could never forgive Victor and would not allow him back in her life. Victoria felt that if Victor was out of her life, Victor couldn't hurt her. Victoria was through with Victor.

At Crimson Lights, Victor bumped into Genevieve and greeted her warmly. Genevieve said that she'd enjoyed the time she'd spent with Victor in Paris. Victor wondered if Genevieve was ready to sell Beauty of Nature back to him. Genevieve laughed and asked if Victor would ever let up on her owning Beauty of Nature. Genevieve admitted that she liked sparring with Victor, so he offered to continue doing so when Genevieve sold him the company.

Genevieve explained that she was determined to be the head of her own empire. Victor wondered how Genevieve would be able to succeed without having a CEO for Beauty of Nature. Genevieve reiterated that she would not sell Beauty of Nature to anyone and that she was confident that things would work out in time. Victor said goodbye, rushing to an appointment.

Nikki went to Crimson Lights, and Genevieve said hello to her. Nikki was not friendly toward Genevieve and didn't want to answer her questions about Jack's welfare. Sitting at a separate table, Nikki received a phone call from Victor inviting her to the ranch. Genevieve overheard Nikki informing Victor that Victoria was very angry with him.

Later, at the ranch, Nikki discovered the living room set for romance. Victor offered her a glass of sparkling cider and told her that he didn't want to fight. Nikki took the glass and dropped it dramatically on the floor. Nikki had expected to have a rational conversation with Victor. Nikki didn't want romance. Victor admitted that he was a rotten bastard but informed Nikki that she already knew all of his faults.

Victor defended his actions against Billy because Victor believed that Billy would hurt Victoria. Nikki felt that at his core, Victor had been a good man, but she wasn't sure anymore. Victor confessed that he'd lied to Nikki about Anita and Chelsea but that she should forgive him. Nikki was ready to walk away, but Victor said that he loved her and didn't want to lose her. Nikki was in a quandary. Finally, Nikki asked Victor to promise to tell her the truth from that point on or else it would be over. Victor said the honesty had to work both ways, but he promised to try.

In Dallas, Devon called Roxy to say that he was looking forward to the surgery. After he hung up the phone, Harmony met Devon for dinner, and they both agreed that Dallas was a great city. Tucker and Neil joined them, and Tucker announced that he'd gotten tickets to see the Black Keys in concert. Devon was impressed that Tucker had gotten box seats.

When Neil didn't know the group, Harmony teased Neil. Harmony was very bubbly, and Neil picked up on her demeanor. Devon was curious about how ebullient Harmony was, too. Devon thanked Harmony and Neil for arranging the surgical procedure. Devon also thanked Tucker for pulling strings to make it happen. Harmony felt that the surgery would be a blessing for Devon. Harmony proposed a toast, but her glass was empty. Harmony jumped up to go to the bar for a soda refill.

Tucker informed Devon that the record label would be sending a limo to pick them up for the concert. Tucker assured Devon that he'd been getting many more perks in the future because of his success with singers like Angelina. Devon was suspicious of Tucker, but Tucker explained he wanted good things for Devon because he respected the young man who just so happened to be his son. Harmony was at the bar, downing a big glass of soda.

As Harmony went on and on about how she loved Dallas and she was excited about the concert, Neil questioned Harmony about her connections in Dallas. Neil suspected that Harmony was using drugs again. Harmony was insulted. Neil apologized, but explained that he struggled daily to stay sober, and he could understand if she was tempted to use. Neil was concerned for Harmony. At the jukebox, Neil and Harmony talked music. Harmony thought that Neil was a square, but he explained that he was into jazz.

Tucker, Devon, and Neil giggled as Harmony danced alone to the music. Neil accepted Devon's dare and got up to dance with Harmony. Tucker said that Harmony could draw out the wildness in a man. Tucker reminisced about touring with bands and recalled Harmony when she was a groupie known as Candy Cane.

Devon wondered why Tucker hadn't remembered Harmony when he first met her again. Tucker said his memories from that time had been returning as he spent more time with Harmony. Devon felt bad about Harmony having become a drug addict. Tucker told Devon that his mother's decisions had been her own. Harmony and Neil returned to the table, and she said that she embraced every new day. Tucker spoke with Harmony alone and told her to leave Neil alone because he was a married man. Tucker warned Harmony not to hurt Sofia by pursuing Neil.

Genevieve knocked on Victoria's door and asked if they could speak. Victoria was perplexed. Genevieve wanted to talk with Victoria about Beauty of Nature. Genevieve had ideas about what to do for the company, but she didn't know how to run it. Genevieve liked Victoria and believed that they could work together. Genevieve acknowledged that there were conflicts, but Genevieve wanted Victoria to be the CEO of Beauty of Nature. Victoria was shocked.

Genevieve offered Victoria autonomy and asked if she could learn at Victoria's side. Genevieve offered Victoria the chance to do what she wanted with the company. Genevieve informed Victoria that Victor was still trying to take back Beauty of Nature. Genevieve asked Victoria to help her move the company into the future.

Later, Nikki returned to Victoria's and said she'd decided to give Victor another chance. Victoria told Nikki she had something to tell her. Meanwhile, Genevieve called Victor and broke the news that she'd hired a CEO for Beauty of Nature. Victor was shocked when Genevieve said it was Victoria.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

At the Newman Enterprises office, Nick was shocked to hear from Victor that Victoria was the new CEO of Beauty of Nature. Victor said he would never give up fighting to get Beauty of Nature back. Nick said that he couldn't dwell on Victoria's new job, because he was concerned about Phyllis. Nick explained that Phyllis' father had died, and Daisy had been released from prison and had taken Lucy back. Victor felt bad for Phyllis, but informed Nick that he needed Nick's help to speak with Victoria about Beauty of Nature.

After Nick had walked out of the office, Victoria entered so she could break the news to Victor about her new position. Victor said he already knew that she'd been named the CEO of Beauty of Nature. Victor believed Victoria's accepting Genevieve's offer was a betrayal to him. Victor accused Victoria of only accepting the job to get back at him. Victoria denied that Victor had had any influence on her decision. Victor told Victoria that she would never be able to rationalize her decision.

Victoria reminded Victor that she didn't care about his opinion because of the way he'd attacked her marriage to Billy. Victor said that Billy was unworthy of Victoria's love. Victoria informed Victor that thanks to his intervention, she and Billy had arranged to adopt Chelsea's baby. Victor declared that Victoria was making a huge mistake. Victoria was determined to raise Billy's son as well as run Beauty of Nature. Victor announced that they were done, which prompted Victoria to walk out of the office.

Sharon and Adam awoke together at the farm. Adam said that he'd never felt so good. Adam was pleased to discover that Sharon was wearing his mother's ring. Adam was glad that it was on her hand even though it didn't mean they were getting married. Adam said that he felt like a new man, that returning to the farm had given him the chance to do things like his mother had done all her life. Being on the farm had restored Adam's confidence in himself. Sharon believed Hope would be proud of him.

Adam wanted to hold on to his childhood home, but he realized that he could handle anything and was determined to return to Genoa City. Later, Sharon questioned the wisdom of Adam going back to Wisconsin. Adam knew that the people in Genoa City would not be happy to see him, but Adam had decided to try again to be the kind of man that would make his mother and Sharon proud of him. Sharon hugged Adam and said she already was proud of him. Later, after Sharon had packed the car, she gave Adam some time alone in the house because he was so emotional. Adam thanked his mother's spirit.

Ricky looked at the notice that approved his visit to see Patty in the prison hospital. Ricky recalled Patty telling him that Adam had helped her escape from the mental hospital, but Ricky wanted to see Patty again to get the information on tape. Paul entered the coffeehouse and confronted Ricky, reminding him that he was not allowed to see Patty. Ricky claimed that he just wanted to get to know his aunt, but Paul had trouble believing Ricky was sincere. Paul had good reasons for mistrusting Ricky.

Ricky accused Paul of having been a bad father who had never there for Ricky as a boy. Paul ignored the criticism and told Ricky that he'd gotten the warden to revoke Ricky's visitation rights. Paul suspected that Ricky wanted to use Patty. After Paul walked out of the coffeehouse, Ricky began to write on his laptop and said that he didn't need to see Patty.

Ashley and Traci visited Jack's room, waiting for him to return from physical therapy. Traci told Ashley she needed return to New York and was there to say goodbye. Ashley was fearful that Jack might never walk again. Traci was worried about the challenges that Jack would be facing if he had to live a different kind of life. Ashley informed her sister that Jack had switched to a new physical therapist. Traci wondered what Ashley knew about Patty, because Traci still had bad feelings for Patty. Traci continued to grieve for Colleen. Traci believed that Patty had inflicted great pain on the Abbott family, and Traci could not forgive her.

Paul went to the prison mental hospital to visit Patty. Patty was glad to see her brother and wanted to sing their favorite songs. Paul had some important questions for Patty. Paul wondered what Patty had talked about to Ricky in the church tower. Patty said that Ricky had wanted to know how she had escaped from the mental hospital. Patty explained that someone had helped her, a man who was both good and bad. Paul was confused until Patty explained that it had been Adam.

In the physical therapy area, Jack worked with Sarge on sitting up, learning how to use his abs as never before. Sarge forced Jack to make progress even though Jack resisted. Sarge told Jack he wasn't as strong as he thought he was. Jack resented that Patty had shot him and put him in such a predicament. Sarge helped Jack back into the wheelchair.

Jack wanted to walk again and pushed Sarge to make it happen fast. When Jack mentioned that he'd served in Viet Nam, Sarge was curious, but Jack shut down. Jack explained that while he was grateful to be alive, he did not want to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Back in his hospital room, Sarge helped Jack to get into the bed. Sarge was introduced to Ashley and Traci and then left.

Ashley walked out to make some calls and give Traci and Jack a chance to say goodbye. Jack said he'd love to return to New York to visit Traci and walk around the city. Traci cried, blaming Patty for what she'd done to Colleen and Jack. Traci feared that Patty would escape again.

In the physical therapy room, Ashley spoke to Sarge about Jack's condition. Sarge was brutally honest about what he was able to do for Jack. Sarge planned to ride Jack as hard as possible and give him the tools to fend for himself. Sarge said that Jack's chances to walk again were one in a million.

Phyllis was playing with Lucy. Suddenly, Phyllis woke up and realized that she'd been dreaming. Phyllis was devastated that Lucy's crib was empty. Summer walked downstairs and asked Phyllis about Lucy and when she'd be home. Phyllis said that Lucy had needed to leave for a while.

Later, Nick arrived and sympathized with Phyllis about the way Daisy had snatched Lucy away. Phyllis was afraid that she'd never see Lucy again. Nick said he'd freed his schedule so he could be with Phyllis. She appreciated Nick's friendship, but he claimed that they were more than friends. Nick wanted to give their relationship another shot. Phyllis believed that Nick was attracted to her because she was needy. Phyllis wondered if Nick would stray when Sharon or Avery needed him, which was Nick's pattern.

Nick said that he'd made a mistake with Avery, and he apologized for having had an affair with Phyllis' sister. Phyllis was more concerned about Sharon because she'd always been the fragile one. Nick told Phyllis that he was done with Sharon and that all he wanted was Phyllis. Nick was ready to commit 100 percent to Phyllis and asked her to give them another chance. Phyllis kissed Nick, and he kissed her back.

Nick hoped that Phyllis was saying yes to him, and she said yes. Nick's phone rang, and he saw that Victoria needed to see him. Phyllis told Nick to leave and return later. Nick kissed Phyllis goodbye then left the penthouse. A moment later, Ricky showed up on Phyllis' doorstop, saying he had the story of a lifetime.

Friday, March 2, 2012

At Victoria and Billy's home, Victoria fumed to Nick about her argument with Victor, and Nick supported her decision to accept Genevieve's job offer. She said she'd tried to be direct and professional when she'd informed Victor of the news, and Nick pointed out that business was personal to Victor, even though Victor preached otherwise. Nick warned Victoria that the battle had just begun, because Victor would never leave Beauty of Nature alone. Victoria refused to give up the job because of Victor's ego, and she stated that Victor would just have to accept it. Nick hesitantly informed her that Daisy had been granted full custody of Lucy.

Genevieve barged into Victor's office, and Victor coldly informed her that she hadn't made an appointment. She claimed that she wanted to make sure that there were no hard feelings about her hiring Victoria, because she believed that Victoria was the best person to have at the helm. He questioned whether Genevieve had intended to please him by hiring Victoria, and he thought Genevieve had been creative up until her latest move. Genevieve argued that it was great public relations to have a Newman as CEO, and she thought hiring Victoria had proved that Genevieve knew what she was doing.

Victor said that people confused confidence with hubris, and the latter was fatal. Genevieve apologized if she'd overstepped, but she conceded that she had still enjoyed their time in Paris. He reminded her that he had been willing to help her, but he thought that she wanted to play hardball, so he suggested they play hard. Genevieve started to head toward the door, and Victor cautioned that Victoria always returned to him.

Genevieve and Victoria met at Gloworm, and Genevieve immediately began to address business matters. She noticed that Victoria seemed distracted, and she assumed that Victoria was upset about Victor's reaction. Victoria mentioned Lucy and the difficulty she'd had letting the tot go. An empathetic Genevieve revealed that she had attended Lily and Cane's wedding, even though she hadn't been invited. Genevieve bemoaned that she'd watched from a distance at her own son's wedding, and he hadn't known she had been there.

Victoria surmised that the rift between Genevieve and Cane had to do with Genevieve's broken engagement to Jack. Genevieve said her own decisions had caused the end of her relationship with Jack, and it would be an incredible waste if Beauty of Nature didn't flourish. Genevieve vowed not to let that happen, and she thought Victoria was the person who could turn it into one of the most successful cosmetics companies in the world.

Genevieve disclosed that she had scheduled meetings the next day with the department heads, and she thought they would be thrilled to learn that Victoria was on board. Victoria said that she couldn't, and Genevieve assumed that Victoria wanted to set her own timetable. Victoria clarified that she'd made her decision too quickly, and she needed to put her family first. She added that Beauty of Nature deserved someone who was completely devoted, and she couldn't be.

At Crimson Lights, Avery and Michael approached Daniel, who concluded that they wanted him to fight for his parental rights. Daniel blamed Avery for the situation, but Michael pointed out that Daniel was the only one who could save Lucy from a psychopath, and he urged Daniel to fight for custody. Avery warned that Daisy could cause damage to Lucy, because Daisy thought that being raised in a world of lies was normal. Avery pleaded that Lucy deserved to be loved and saved, and Daniel barked that Avery and Michael should save her. Daniel adamantly maintained that he wouldn't fight for custody.

Phyllis was stunned by Ricky's article about Adam's involvement in Patty's escape. Phyllis wondered if it was true, and Ricky said that Patty had confided the whole story to him in the church. Phyllis realized that Adam might be responsible for all of the havoc Patty had caused, including Jack's paralysis. Phyllis questioned whether Ricky had faked the story for a byline, but he insisted that it was the truth.

Ricky pointed out that there were records that showed that Adam and Patty had been at the mental facility at the same time, and he called Adam a criminal mastermind. Ricky asserted that the story was a game-changer, and Phyllis contemplated what would happen if Victor, Jack, and Sharon learned the truth. Ricky became concerned when Phyllis headed toward her computer, but she offered him a deal memo and a check, because she wanted the story for herself. He smiled victoriously.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis was on a work-related call regarding Ricky's article, but her voice trailed off when she spotted Daisy holding Lucy. Phyllis reached for Lucy, but Daisy pulled away and smugly claimed that she didn't want to confuse the child. Daisy boasted that they were happy, despite Phyllis' attempts to manipulate her into relinquishing custody. Daniel approached them, and Daisy responded warmly, but Daniel asked Daisy to leave for Lucy's sake. Phyllis blasted Daniel for refusing to fix things, when he was the only person who could.

In the hallway outside her apartment, Daisy dropped some groceries, and Ricky stepped in to help. She realized that he had moved into Kevin's old apartment, and she revealed that she was Kevin's half-sister. Ricky put together who she was, and he mentioned that he worked for Phyllis. She jokingly asked if he planned to drop-kick her groceries down the hall, but he slyly remarked that he didn't mind being neighbors, as long as she didn't play her music too loud.

Sharon and Adam arrived at his Athletic Club suite, and he thanked her for helping him. He stumbled into a chair and pledged to learn to find his way around on his own. Sharon wanted to discuss their living arrangements, and he assumed that they'd keep the status quo. Sharon suggested that he move in with her, but he worried about being in such close proximity to Victor.

Sharon contended that Adam's hotel room was cramped, and that he needed time and space to get adjusted to Genoa City without his sight. Adam was certain that Victor wouldn't allow him to stay with Sharon, and that Nick would probably fight for custody again. Adam refused to stand between Sharon and Faith. Sharon suggested that she talk to Nick, and she believed that despite Victor's outward resentment, Victor cared about Adam. Adam insisted upon facing Victor himself.

Sharon stopped by the tack house to check on Faith. Nick was surprised that she had returned to town, and she said that Adam had been ready. She asserted that Adam had changed when they had been at the farm, and she wanted Adam to move in with her at the ranch. Nick balked, and Sharon reminded him that Adam was completely blind, and she was the only support that Adam had. Nick reluctantly agreed to accept her decision.

Nick admitted that he wasn't thrilled about the idea, but he understood that Sharon wanted to help Adam. She asked about Faith, and Nick didn't want their daughter living with Sharon when Adam was present. Sharon pointed out that Adam wouldn't be there during the day. Nick received a call from Daniel about Phyllis being upset, and he prepared to leave. Sharon offered to stay until the nanny arrived. Nick warned Sharon to be careful, but she thought everyone would see that Adam had truly changed.

Phyllis arrived home and went through a box of Lucy's things. Nick entered and found her crying on the floor. She stood up to hug him and wailed that it was never going to be okay. Phyllis remembered what it had been like being away from Daniel, and she couldn't face being kept from another child. Nick assured her that they'd figure something out, because Lucy needed her, just like Faith needed Sharon.

Nick reported that Sharon had returned to town, and she wanted Adam to move in with her. Nick refused to fight Sharon's desire to have Adam in her life, and he reiterated that he was no longer interested in saving Sharon. Phyllis was surprised that Nick had no intention of pursuing custody again, but Nick said that Sharon loved Faith, and he wouldn't stand between mother and daughter. Phyllis speculated about what it would be like with Nick, Adam, and Sharon living on the same property, but Nick only cared about Faith's well-being.

Nick left to make some tea, and Phyllis answered her phone. Ricky asked if she needed him to hack the site again to post his story, but she said she'd decided to kill it. He argued that it was massive news that could blow Adam out of the water. Phyllis agreed, but she repeated that she didn't intend to run the story. Ricky said he'd take it elsewhere, but Phyllis reminded him that he'd signed the memo and accepted a check, so he no longer had rights to the story.

At the Athletic Club, Avery lamented to Michael that she had been responsible for securing Daisy's freedom, and she had allowed her anger toward Phyllis to dictate her actions. Michael commented that they weren't confidantes, but Avery thought that apologizing to Michael was the next best thing to apologizing to Phyllis. She agonized over how difficult it had been for Phyllis to give Lucy up, and she wondered if Phyllis could ever forgive her. Michael suggested that they use their collective legal talents to find another avenue to get Lucy away from Daisy. Daniel stormed into the Athletic Club and announced that he wanted to pursue custody of Lucy.

Connie buzzed Victor on the intercom and informed him that his son was there. Without looking up, Victor greeted Nick. Adam walked in and announced his arrival. Victor asked what he was doing back, and Adam replied that there were many reasons. Adam admitted that it had been his fault that Newman Enterprises had lost Beauty of Nature, and he wanted to help get it back.

Victor was skeptical, and Adam stated that it was ironic that he literally couldn't see, but he could finally see the man he once had been. Adam acknowledged that he had spent a lot of time blaming Victor, and he had been wrong to do so, because Hope had raised him right. Victor cited Hope as the reason he had gotten Adam out of prison and had invited him into his home, but Adam had then betrayed Victor and many other people who'd tried to help him. Adam wished he could go back and do things differently.

Adam revealed that he knew that Victor had bought the farm and that Victor had suggested that Adam spend time there, and he thanked Victor. Adam vowed not to be a "waste of air" anymore, and to make things right as best he could. Adam wondered if Victor had heard about the fire at the farm, and Victor inquired how Adam had contained it. Adam recounted that he'd put it out himself, because he had known that if he had turned his back, the farm would have burned down, and he would have lost the last piece of his mother. Adam contended that they'd both loved Hope very much, and he hoped that was enough to inspire them to find something between them worth saving. Victor was noticeably affected.

Adam wondered what it would have been like if he hadn't had a chip on his shoulder when he had arrived in town. He declared that he was done being jealous of his siblings for the love and attention they had received from Victor, and he was no longer worried that they were more like Victor than Adam was. Adam proclaimed that he had hit rock bottom, and all he could do was work his way back up as a person, and as Victor's son and employee. He offered to do whatever it took. Adam didn't expect Victor to believe his sincerity, but he swore that he was telling the truth, and he asked for a chance.

Victor conceded that Adam could return to the company, but only on Victor's terms. Victor clarified that he was doing it for Hope, not for Adam, and he warned Adam never to betray him again. Adam promised that it wouldn't happen. Adam added that Sharon had asked him to move to the ranch with her, and Victor called it a mistake. Adam offered to respect Victor's wishes, but he pointed out that he needed Sharon's help. Victor said that he wouldn't interfere with what Sharon wanted, but he expected that eventually Adam would disappoint her again. Adam swore that he loved Sharon, and that the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her.

At the prison mental ward, Paul asked Patty to tell him how Adam had helped her escape from the mental hospital. Patty recalled that Adam had claimed to be a ghost, and he had taken her to the "rabbit hole," which had been a vent that had led them outside. She continued that Adam had given her a nun's habit, and he had instructed her to do the Lord's work, so she could be redeemed. Patty asked Paul if it had worked, and he replied that he was sure it had. Paul murmured to himself that her escape had been Adam's doing all along.

Later, Paul rapped on Adam's hotel room door, and Sharon greeted him. Paul curtly asked Sharon to tell Adam that Paul wanted to talk to him, and he started to leave. He reached the door and closed it instead. "You know, Sharon, there is something you ought to know," he declared.

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