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Monday, March 5, 2012

At Phyllis' penthouse, Nick arrived just as Phyllis was about to toss out a sensational story. Phyllis insisted that she'd learned her lesson about carelessly printing negative stories that adversely affected others. Nick suggested that he'd inspired Phyllis to change her outlook. Nick received a phone call and had to leave. Phyllis dropped the pages of the proposed story into a wastebasket.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam told Victor that fighting a fire at his late mother's farm had inspired him to turn his life around in order to honor his mother's memory. Adam humbly asked his father to rehire him, and Victor agreed to give his son a job. Adam handed Victor an envelope containing his resignation as CEO. Adam said he wished to save his father the trouble of dealing with board members. Victor thanked Adam and told his son he'd have to start at the bottom. Victor instructed Adam to assist Nick with a project.

Nick met with Victor in his office. Nick wasn't pleased when he learned Adam would become his assistant. Victor explained that for Hope's sake, he'd agreed to give Adam a chance to prove himself. Victor said he doubted Adam would be successful. Nick said he'd already agreed to work out an agreement with Sharon about visitation with Faith even though Adam would be living with Sharon at the ranch. Victor noted that Adam was being given his last chance to right all the wrongs he'd committed.

In Adam's hotel suite, Paul told Sharon that he'd learned from Patty that Adam was the one who'd set her free from the psychiatric facility. Seething with anger, Paul added that Adam had never given a thought about what might happen to Patty or anyone else. Paul said that he'd suspected Adam all along, and Patty had confirmed it. Sharon noted that Patty had a fragile grasp of reality. Paul explained that Patty clearly recalled Adam forcing her to crawl through a ventilation shaft. Sharon learned that Patty had also remembered Adam instructing her to wear to wear a nun's habit in order to redeem herself.

Growing increasingly frustrated, Paul recalled that therapy and medication had been improving Patty's mental health when she was a patient at Windcliff. Paul said he'd even begun to see glimpses of the sweet young girl his sister had once been. Sharon stood motionless as she listened. Paul cried that Adam had set Patty's progress back because he'd feared she would recant her testimony about the Hightower murder and implicate Adam.

Sharon learned from Paul that Adam's goal had been to cut Patty off from treatment, so her illness could take over. Paul noted that his sister was at that moment being held in a maximum-security prison without the medical treatment she desperately needed. Paul, overcome by emotional stress, yelled that his sister would have been just fine if Adam had left her alone. Sharon said, "I'm sorry." Paul warned Sharon to protect herself and the people she loved.

After Paul left, Sharon headed downstairs and saw Adam at the foot of the stairway. Sharon told Adam that Paul had told her how Adam had helped Patty escape from Windcliff a year and a half before. Adam hung his head. Sharon asked, "You did it, didn't you? You did it to save yourself." Nearby, Ricky covertly eavesdropped on Sharon and Adam.

Sharon admonished Adam for failing to mention that he'd been the one who'd set Patty free after he'd admitted he'd seen her in town. Adam removed his dark glasses and whispered that he shouldn't discuss the matter in the lobby. Sharon said, "Jack will never walk again because of you." Adam pleaded with Sharon to return with him to his room. Ricky rose from his chair and watched the couple walk upstairs.

Phyllis arrived, and Ricky told her that Paul knew the truth about Adam's involvement with Patty. Ricky told Phyllis that she should print his story before it became old news. Phyllis claimed that no one would believe Paul because his sister's account was unreliable. Ricky asked Phyllis if she was afraid of hurting someone's feelings. Ricky stressed that Adam deserved to reap what he'd sown. Phyllis explained that others involved didn't deserve to be ripped apart by the story. Ricky persisted, but Phyllis said, "The story is dead! Get over it."

Back in Adam's room, Sharon demanded an explanation. Adam admitted that he wished he could take back all the horrible things he'd done. He claimed he'd acted out of desperation because fear and cowardice had been the driving factors of his life for a long time. Sharon tearfully asked what his present motivating factor was. Adam responded that it was fear of again becoming the man Sharon had once despised. Adam cried that he had intended to stay in town and set right his many wrongs. Adam told Sharon he hoped he wouldn't have to carry out his plan alone. Adam acknowledged that he didn't deserve Sharon's help.

Sharon admonished Adam for the events that had led to Jack's injury and Patty's incarceration in a maximum-security prison with no access to treatment. Sharon became frustrated when she reminded Adam that he was responsible for the unfortunate interruption in what had been successful therapy for Patty. Adam vowed never to make the same mistakes again. Sharon said she couldn't get past imagining herself grieving the loss of Faith. Adam insisted that he would never harm Faith. Sharon said she couldn't take the risk.

Nick arrived and told Adam that Victor wanted them to work together. Sharon noted that Adam would not be living with her on the ranch property. Sharon explained that Adam had helped Patty escape from Windcliff because he had feared she might testify against him. Adam noted that he'd manipulated Patty before the trip to New Orleans and before he'd lost his mom. He asked Sharon if that made a difference to her. Sharon shook her head and said, "I wish it were enough."

Nick told Sharon he'd drive her home. Adam called out to Sharon, and she froze. Nick stepped outside the door and told Adam he could forget working together. Nick watched as Sharon walked deeper into Adam's room. She paused in front of a table, slid Adam's mother's ring off her finger, and set it down. Sharon approached Adam and told him goodbye. After Sharon left, Adam seemed brokenhearted.

Downstairs at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick tried to comfort Sharon and told her she shouldn't beat herself up. Sharon said that Adam always went on the attack whenever he felt threatened. Sharon cried that Adam used people, and she berated herself for having always made excuses for him. Nick reminded Sharon that Adam was depressed and blind, so it was easy to feel sorry for him. Nick added that even he and Victor had felt sorry for Adam.

Sharon admitted that she still felt sorry for Adam. Nick noted that Sharon was also still in love with Adam. Sharon quickly replied, "I love Faith more." Nick advised Sharon to remain strong because Adam would pressure her. Across the lobby, Phyllis watched Nick and Sharon embrace. Phyllis sighed heavily, shook her head in disgust, and walked away.

Sharon and Nick seated themselves at a table to talk. Sharon said she didn't expect anyone other than Nick to be as understanding after the press leaked the scandal to the public. Nick said that Adam's involvement might not make the news because he wouldn't likely be charged. Sharon asked Nick if he thought Patty could be a credible witness. Nick said that what had transpired wasn't included in public records, so it should not be newsworthy. Nick added that his family didn't need to endure more negative press.

At home, Phyllis phoned her printer and instructed him to stop the presses because she had a better cover story to replace the one she'd initially submitted. Phyllis later phoned Ricky and told him she was running his story. Ricky begged Phyllis not to change her mind again. Phyllis said she'd make sure everyone knew that it had been her decision to run the story.

At the rehabilitation clinic, Nikki sat behind Jack's wheelchair while he argued with his physical therapist, Sarge. Jack informed Sarge that he'd had his house retrofitted to accommodate his disability and had almost completed the checklist of requirements for discharge. Sarge quipped that "almost" only counted in an executive suite. Miffed, Nikki asked, "How is that helping?" Sarge told Nikki that Jack wouldn't be blaming her when he fell and couldn't get back up.

Sarge handed Jack a wooden plank and told him he'd have to prove he was ready. Jack struggled to slide the plank beneath his bottom. The other end of the sturdy plank rested on the seat of a chair. Jack's face reddened and he grunted as he attempted but failed to move his body from his wheelchair to the regular chair. Nikki seemed saddened as she watched. Sarge stepped in and hoisted Jack back into his wheelchair. Sarge praised Jack's progress and instructed him to try again.

After Sarge stepped away, Jack strained as he again attempted to transfer himself from one chair to another. Nikki advised Jack to rest. Paul stopped by, and Sarge returned. Paul informed Jack that Adam had helped Patty escape from the psychiatric facility. Paul added that Adam had also known that Patty had returned to town, but he hadn't told anyone or offered to help Patty. Jack, fuming, said that Adam had known that Patty would "blow Adam's cover."

Jack vowed to strangle Adam. Sarge said, "If he happens to stop by your hospital room." With fierce determination, Jack successfully slid his body from his wheelchair to another chair. Sarge agreed to sign Jack's discharge forms. Paul said he'd drive Jack home. Nikki offered to stop by Jack's later to check on him. She said she needed to share the news about Adam with Victor.

At the Abbott estate, Jack wheeled himself into his sitting room and expressed joy over his homecoming. Paul apologized for failing to stop Patty. Jack told Paul that he didn't hold Paul or Patty responsible for what had happened. Jack explained that Victor had gotten Patty back to Genoa City, and both Victor and Adam had exploited Patty beyond her limits.

Jack transferred himself to the sofa, and Paul served him a drink. Jack told Paul that his goal was to exact justice for Patty against Victor and Adam. Paul asked Jack if he had a specific plan. Jack said he had a basic framework, which included a role for Paul, if he was interested. Paul said he was.

Paul paid a visit to his sister at the maximum-security facility. Patty was elated to see Paul, and she told him she'd had a disturbing dream. Patty recalled that the beginning of her dream was wonderful because she'd walked down the aisle as a beautiful bride to meet Jack at the altar. Patty paused after recalling what had happened when Jack lifted her veil. Paul clutched Patty's hand tightly when she begged him to tell her that what had happened was only a dream.

Patty became upset and insisted that she would never shoot Jack. Paul placed his sister's head against his shoulder and said, "It was only a dream. Put it out of your mind." Patty smiled and said, "Maybe Jack could come over, and we could all go skating together. Wouldn't that be fun?" Paul fought back tears as he gently rocked his sister.

Nikki stopped by Victor's office and told him about Adam's role in Patty's escape. Victor noted that Adam's involvement with Patty had caused Adam to lose his eyesight. Nikki reminded Victor that his initial plan to attack Jack had taken a while to come to fruition. Victor replied, "What are you talking about?" Nikki reminded Victor that getting back at Jack was the reason Victor had gotten Patty to return to town, though he'd never admitted to it. Victor looked puzzled and said, "You're holding me responsible for this? I had no idea what Adam had done."

Nikki explained that what Adam had done wasn't all that different from what Victor had done. Victor leaned forward in his chair and said, "What the hell is the matter with you? Are you trying to pick a fight with me?" Nikki, exasperated, rose from her chair and replied, "Nope. I'm sure not, because you're always right." Just before Nikki walked out she added, "Never accountable."

Victor went to visit Adam. Victor announced his presence, entered Adam's room, and entreated his son to share his version of the story about Patty. Adam said, "It's not a story. It's true. I helped Patty escape from Windcliff and leave the country." Victor noted that Adam hadn't turned Patty in after he discovered that she'd returned to town. Adam explained that Sharon was disgusted with him, so he wouldn't be moving in with her. Adam assured his father that he was determined to prove himself. Victor chided Adam for asking for forgiveness with blood on his hands.

Victor told Adam to give him a good reason not to cut ties with his son. Victor cried that Adam's mother would be disgusted with her son. Victor, with tears in his eyes said, "You're my son. You're no longer part of my business. You're no longer part of my family, and you'll not set foot again on my property. You mean nothing to me." After Victor stormed out, Adam leaned against a table to steady himself and found his mother's ring that Sharon had left behind.

Nikki stopped by to see Jack. Jack thanked her for being supportive. He noted that everyone seemed to feel guilty for Victor's crimes except Victor. Nikki reminded Jack that she felt she should atone for Diane's death. Nikki cried, "If I had only stayed in rehab as I should have." Jack tried to console his friend.

Nikki recalled that she had been angry and had wanted to kill Diane. Nikki said she was the reason Kyle would have to grow up without his mother. Nikki added, "At least I can help Kyle's father. Please don't send me away." Jack reached out and took Nikki's hand.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Genevieve was on the phone with Abby and offered her a proposition. Victor overheard Genevieve arranging a meeting with Abby. Genevieve invited Victor to join her, and Victor wondered why Genevieve was intent on stealing his daughters from him. Genevieve explained that she was simply building a staff of excellent people for Beauty of Nature. Genevieve wanted only the best for Beauty of Nature, even if it happened to be members of the Newman family.

Victor again offered to buy Beauty of Nature, but Genevieve was determined to be her own boss. Victor was curious to learn that Victoria had not accepted Genevieve's job offer. Genevieve asked Victor to leave, since Abby was on her way for a meeting. Victor walked out.

At Restless Style, Billy was in a hurry to leave work when Abby arrived unexpectedly and asked to speak with him. Billy needed to get to Chelsea's doctor appointment, but waited while Abby told him about a reality TV producer who wanted to do a show about the Restless Style workplace. Billy doubted anybody would be interested, but Abby had a contract from the producer and urged Billy to fly to Los Angeles to meet with the man. Billy agreed it was the chance of a lifetime, but he said he'd have to pass because of the Chelsea/baby situation.

Abby arrived at the Genoa City Athletic Club and apologized for being late for her meeting with Genevieve. Abby explained how busy she'd been of late, and Genevieve flattered Abby for her ability to take on so many projects. Genevieve told Abby that she'd offered the Beauty of Nature CEO position to Victoria, and Genevieve wanted Abby to be part of Beauty of Nature, too. Genevieve asked Abby to be the face of the company because she was the perfect candidate.

Abby worried about Victor's reaction if she and Victoria went to work for Beauty of Nature. Genevieve advised Abby to follow her instincts and accept the job. Abby feared Victor's wrath if she went to work for Genevieve. Abby questioned if Victoria had really taken the job, although Abby conceded that Victoria had Billy to support her. Genevieve reminded Abby that if she was truly an independent woman, Victor's feelings wouldn't matter. Abby declared that she'd reached a decision.

Later, Abby went to see Victor and told him that she'd received a job offer from Genevieve for Beauty of Nature. Victor was already aware of Genevieve's pursuit of Abby, and he'd purposely stayed out of the way so Abby could make up her own mind. Abby was pleased that her father was treating her like an adult. Abby said the offer had been very flattering, but she had decided not work for Beauty of Nature unless it was a Newman Enterprises company again. Victor was very glad that Abby had shown him such loyalty, but he wondered if Victoria would do the same. Abby explained that she had not talked with Victoria about the Beauty of Nature proposition.

Victoria and Chelsea were getting ready to leave for another doctor's appointment. Chelsea wondered why Victoria seemed so distracted. Victoria explained that she'd had a job offer, and she was contemplating it. Chelsea asked about Daisy and learned from Victoria that Daisy was Lucy's mom. Victoria was shocked, but Chelsea said that she knew about Daisy and Lucy because Anita and Chelsea had planned to use the information as part of the con.

Chelsea asked if Victoria had been freaking out about the possibility that Chelsea might change her mind about giving Billy and Victoria the baby. Chelsea assumed that Victoria was avoiding taking a new job in order to be a full-time mother. Victoria explained that she also wanted to avoid conflict with her father. Chelsea admitted that she'd never met her father. Chelsea reiterated that she wanted her baby to have two loving parents. While Victoria spoke on the phone with Nick, Chelsea answered the door and Anita was there. Chelsea was glad to see Anita because she had to tell her that she'd signed over the baby to Billy and Victoria.

Anita wanted to know how much money Chelsea would be getting for giving up the baby. Chelsea stood up to Anita and said that her decision had not been predicated on money; she simply wanted Billy and Victoria to raise her son. Chelsea and Anita were arguing as Billy returned home. Victoria entered the room, and she and Billy asked Anita to leave their house. After Anita stormed out, Chelsea claimed that she was all right, but Billy wondered if Chelsea and Anita had staged a fake argument. Chelsea denied that she was conning Billy and Victoria any longer.

Alone with Victoria, Billy mentioned the reality TV show that Abby had pitched to him, set in the Restless Style offices. Victoria urged Billy to go to the meeting in Los Angeles with the producer. Victoria assured Billy that she could handle the situation with Chelsea and Anita while he was away. Billy wondered if Victoria was trying to get rid of him. Victoria explained that she just wanted to be as supportive of Billy as he'd been of her when she received Genevieve's offer.

Victoria was still hesitant to take the Beauty of Nature job because she didn't want to have an ongoing fight with Victor. Billy convinced Victoria that she could handle being a great mother and running Beauty of Nature. Later, Victoria called Genevieve and said that she'd take the job.

At Gloworm, Gloria was ordering Jeffrey around. Jill observed Gloria's attitude and defended Jeffrey to her, pointing out that Gloria still cared about Jeffrey or else she wouldn't have hired him. Gloria claimed she wouldn't let Jeffrey out of her sight until he remembered where he'd stashed her money. Gloria ordered Jeffrey to get the linens. Jill reminded Gloria that her relationship with Jeffrey had worked. Gloria claimed she was happy with Angelo, but Jill knew better.

Anita ran into Jeffrey in the dining room, and Jeffrey said he didn't recognize her because he had memory loss. Later, Anita overheard Gloria describing how much money Jeffrey had taken from her. Anita was intrigued. A short time later, Jill saw Gloria flirting with Jeffrey, and before leaving, Jill said that Gloria had made a mistake by hiring Anita. At the coffeehouse, Anita tracked down Chelsea and informed her that she better be nice because she'd found Chelsea's father. If Chelsea wanted to meet her dad, she had to play ball with Anita.

Avery went to Daisy's to speak with her about Lucy. Avery said that Daisy raising Lucy would be a mistake. Avery informed Daisy that Daniel had decided to fight for custody of Lucy. Avery believed that a judge would side with Daniel over Daisy as the right parent for Lucy. Daisy accused Avery of having pretended to be her friend. Daisy implied that Avery was just mad at herself for hurting Phyllis. Avery declared that Daniel would be a better parent to Lucy.

Phyllis was working at home, but her mind was on Lucy. Daniel arrived and said he wanted to speak with her. Phyllis didn't want to talk with him, but Daniel told her that he'd changed his mind about seeking custody of Lucy. Phyllis hugged Daniel joyfully. Phyllis wanted to plan the case for Daniel, including hiring an attorney. Daniel asked her to slow down because it had been a difficult decision and he was still adjusting.

Daniel said that Avery had influenced his decision. Phyllis was shocked and wanted to know what her sister had said. Daniel said that Avery had pointed out that being raised by a corrupt parent could ruin a child's life. Daniel realized that Daisy would screw up Lucy's life if she raised her. Phyllis was surprised that she and Avery were in agreement. Phyllis was proud of Daniel and certain that he'd win full custody. Daniel wasn't as certain.

Later, at the coffeehouse, Daniel was buying a drink. Daisy took Lucy into the place and offered Daniel the chance to hold her. Daniel took his daughter in his arms. Daisy asked Daniel if he wanted to raise Lucy with her. Daniel returned Lucy to Daisy's arms and told her that she was crazy if she thought he'd ever share Lucy with her.

Avery went to see Phyllis to let her know about Daniel's decision to fight for custody of Lucy. Phyllis already knew about it, but invited Avery into the penthouse. Avery mentioned that she'd chosen not to go to George's funeral. Phyllis understood and said she'd had her hands full with the Lucy situation. Avery was glad that Phyllis acknowledged that Avery was trying to make things right.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Michael joined Fenmore and Lauren at Gloworm. Michael was glad to hear that Fen had a good visit with the dentist. When Fen went into the kitchen to see Gloria, Phyllis appeared and joined Michael and Lauren. Phyllis was extremely upset about Daisy having taken custody of Lucy. Lauren blamed Avery for what had happened with Daisy, but Phyllis deflected the blame from her sister and focused on Lucy's well being. Phyllis was determined to get Lucy away from Daisy. Michael said that he'd filed a motion to get Daniel before a jug to argue for sole custody of Lucy as the child's father. Phyllis was concerned about where Daisy was living with Lucy.

At the apartment, Daisy told Lucy that neither Victoria nor Phyllis had been her mother. Daisy explained to Lucy that she was her real mommy and would take good care of her. Daisy revealed that she was using the money Sarah had left her to take provide for Lucy. Daisy was confident that in time she would get Daniel to move in with them.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Daniel ran into Avery. Daniel wondered why Avery had warned Daisy about his filing for custody of Lucy. When Daniel told Avery about Daisy's reaction, Avery was surprised that Daisy still wanted to raise Lucy with Daniel. Avery thought she might be able to use that information to her advantage in court. Avery noted that Daniel was a good man.

Delia went to Billy's for a visit and he explained that he had to go to Los Angeles for a few days. Chloe assured Delia and she could Skype with her daddy every day. Victoria came downstairs, said hello and said she couldn't stay for lunch. Chloe left with Victoria so Billy could have private time with Delia. After lunchtime, Billy announced that he had to get Delia back to school. Delia wanted to spend more time with Billy, but he explained that Delia needed to learn a lot at school and grow up to be a smart woman. Billy promised to not be gone very long and to return with all of Delia's gift requests.

At Jabot, Ashley spoke on the phone with Tucker about Devon's surgery. Ashley's secretary entered with more work and Ashley was overwhelmed. Then Jack called to check up on some Jabot ad proofs. Jack offered to approve the ads at home. After Jack hung up the phone, Genevieve knocked on Jack's door and let herself into the house. Genevieve had heard that he'd been released and she thought he looked well. Jack was stunned to see her. Genevieve apologized for coming by without calling, but she'd been afraid he'd tell her to stay away. Genevieve gave Jack a gift, some books of Sunday comics to lighten his mood. Genevieve apologized for all the mistakes she'd made, wishing she were in the wheelchair instead of him. Jack didn't believe her.

Genevieve revealed that she still loved Jack, but Jack demanded to know why Genevieve had bid on Beauty of Nature. Genevieve tried to justify her desire to be her own person, her own boss. Jack declared that he would have supported Genevieve, but instead he felt that she'd betrayed him by going after the one company he wanted, Beauty of Nature. Jack accused Genevieve of never having trusted him or their love. Jack could not forgive her for that and even when Genevieve begged him to try, he turned cold and said that he was done with her. Jack asked Genevieve to show herself out.

Later, Jack placed a call and arranged an appointment with Avery. Billy appeared at Jack's and Ashley arrived a moment later. Billy told the family that a reality television producer wanted to make Restless Style into an unscripted series. They were gung ho about the project. Billy also asked his siblings to check in on Victoria while he was in L.A. When Billy mentioned to Jack and Ashley that Victoria had taken the job as the new CEO of Beauty of Nature for Genevieve, Jack thought it was a great hire. Alone with Jack, Ashley asked why Jack had not let Billy know about Jack's plans to challenge the legality of Genevieve's purchase of Beauty of Nature. Jack was determined to keep his plans top secret.

Ashley met with Genevieve and was critical of her decision to visit Jack. Genevieve tried to explain that she still cared for Jack and offered to do anything to help him. Ashley told Genevieve the Abbotts had no interest in being associated with Genevieve because they blamed her for everything that had gone wrong with Jack, including his paralysis. Ashley asked Genevieve to leave and never return to the Jabot building. Genevieve told Ashley that she would not give up trying to help Jack.

Genevieve met with Victoria and assured her that she was very happy about Victoria taking the CEO position. Genevieve was more determined than ever to make the company a success because Genevieve believed that there were a lot of people rooting for her to fail. Victoria admired Genevieve's spunk. Victoria signed the contract, formally accepting the position as Beauty of Nature CEO. Later, Victoria returned home and Billy congratulated her. Victoria also informed Billy of Daniel's decision to sue for custody of Lucy.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Michael and Phyllis joined Avery and Daniel. Michael announced that he'd arranged for Daniel's case to be heard in Judge Sprague's court. Phyllis said that judge was very pro-father. Phyllis worried about the judge might still rule against Daniel. Victoria offered to testify for Daniel about how he cared for Lucy's welfare more than anyone. When Chloe joined them, Phyllis announced that they were planning to take Daisy down. Avery left for an appointment. Chloe spoke privately with Daniel about taking care of Lucy. Chloe assured him he was doing the right thing for his daughter. Chloe was mystified that a judge had sided with Daisy against Phyllis. Daniel felt that Daisy had not been changed by her time in prison. Daniel felt that she would still cause a lot of trouble. Chloe gave Daniel confidence to go forward with the custody suit.

Avery went to see Jack and learned about his plan to sue Genevieve about her purchase of Beauty of Nature. Avery heard about how Jack had shown Genevieve his bid and she'd thought it was too high. Avery pointed out that Genevieve knew just how much to bid to beat Jack's bid. Avery thought Jack had a good case. Jack hired Avery to be his attorney.

Michael pointed out to Phyllis that she'd defended Avery to Victoria. Phyllis told the lawyer not to read too much into her actions. Michael said that Lauren was still very angry with Avery and blamed her for Daisy being on the loose again. Phyllis understood why Lauren felt the way she did.

Daisy was served with court papers and rather than be upset, she was glad. Daisy felt that if Daniel wanted custody of Lucy, Daisy would be part of the package. In the elevator of the building, Lauren saw Daisy wheeling Lucy in a carriage. Lauren threatened to call the cops, but Daisy claimed that she had rented an apartment in the building. Lauren warned Daisy to stay away from her and her family.

Later, Phyllis met with Lauren at the coffeehouse and revealed that Daisy had moved into her building. Lauren was freaked out. Later, Michael appeared and learned about Lauren's encounter with Daisy in the elevator. Michael was shocked. Lauren wanted to send Fenmore to stay with Scott in Canada. Later, Michael called the landlord and learned that he'd decided to give Daisy a second chance. Michael also informed Lauren that Daisy had one-half of Sarah's estate to finance all her buying. Michael agreed to Lauren's plan regarding Fen.

Alone with Lucy, Daisy commented on how unfriendly Lauren had been. Phyllis knocked on the door of Daisy's apartment. Phyllis was concerned about Lucy. Daisy would not allow Phyllis into the apartment to see Lucy. Daisy reminded Phyllis that she had begged to see Lucy when she was in prison and Phyllis had fought bringing the child to see Daisy. Phyllis was frustrated by Daisy's attitude. Daisy closed the door in Phyllis' face.

Billy was all packed and ready to leave for the airport. Billy wanted to go over a list of things to do in case Chelsea acted up with Victoria while he was gone, but Victoria had other ideas. Victoria suggested that they make love before he left to catch the flight.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Devon was in the hospital, excitedly awaiting the operation that would permanently repair his hearing. Neil, Tucker, and Harmony were by Devon's side to lend support. The doctor appeared and noted that by doing both ears at the same time, it would be more difficult for Devon to recover because he'd be deaf until the implants began to work. Devon insisted that doing both ears at once would be better because he'd only have one recovery period. Harmony, Tucker, and Neil wished Devon well and left the room so he could be prepped for the procedure.

Later, while waiting for the operation to end, Harmony was concerned about how Devon would handle being deaf until the implants were activated. Neil was worried, too. Tucker feared that Devon would be disappointed if he had a long recovery period. Neil appreciated that Harmony and Tucker cared so much about Devon's welfare to be there for the operation. Harmony left to get some coffee and walk off her nervousness.

While Harmony was out of the room, Tucker asked Neil about his friendship with Harmony. Neil mentioned that he'd been worried that Harmony had started using again when she acted so hyper the night before. Harmony listened at the door and heard Tucker subtly remind Neil about his family back home, Sofia and Moses. Tucker told Neil that Sofia felt very blessed to have had Moses with Neil.

Harmony reentered the room to ask about the coffee order for Neil and Tucker. Neil decided to step out to check on Devon's progress. When they were alone, Harmony blasted Tucker for trying to stir up trouble between her and Neil. Tucker informed Harmony that Neil loved his family, and Harmony should back off. Tucker accused Harmony of getting too close to Neil.

Harmony said she was not after Neil and suggested that perhaps it was Tucker who'd been turned on by Harmony's presence. Harmony warned Tucker to keep his mouth shut to Neil about his suspicions. When Neil wondered what had been happening between Harmony and Tucker, Harmony explained she and Tucker were getting on each other's nerves. The doctor returned to say that Devon was in recovery. Neil asked how Devon had done.

Cane and Lily met at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Cane told Lily about his return to Jabot and how happy he was to be back in a field he enjoyed. Cane thanked Lily for urging him to take the Jabot position. Sofia appeared and admired how Cane and Lily were so romantic. Cane said that he had to leave for work.

Over lunch, Sofia marveled how well Lily handled caring for the twins when Sofia found just one child, Moses, a handful. Lily admitted it wasn't easy. Sofia confided to Lily that she was lonely for Neil and that they'd been playing phone tag since he'd landed in Dallas for Devon's operation. Sofia hadn't spoken with Neil, but Lily had, and she reported that Devon was doing well. Lily was concerned about how Tucker, Neil, and Harmony were getting along.

Sofia mentioned that her maternity leave would soon be over, and she was torn about leaving Moses to return to her career. When Lily asked if Sofia might quit working, Sofia couldn't imagine not being Tucker's right-hand. Lily understood because she was still interested in starting her job as a photographer for Restless Style.

At Jabot, Ashley was in her office and very upset. Jill entered and asked about Genevieve's visit. Ashley deflected the question because she was angry with Jill for having approved an Internet ad without Ashley's okay. Jill believed that she had done the right thing because she was the head of marketing. Ashley demanded more communication from Jill. Ashley warned Jill not to overstep her bounds again, or they'd have a big problem.

Cane arrived for a marketing meeting with Ashley and picked up on tension between Jill and Ashley. After hearing Cane's marketing plan, Ashley approved. Ashley informed Cane that he had to make up ground quickly because of Genevieve's absence. Ashley also revealed that Genevieve had hired Victoria to be the CEO of Beauty of Nature, which meant Jabot would have formidable competition in the marketplace.

Jill and Ashley continued sniping at each other, and Cane pointed out that they were all working on the same team and should get along. Cane urged Jill to apologize to Ashley. Cane got Ashley to agree they had a common goal. Jill conceded that she might have overreached by approving the ad. Jill's phone rang with a text message from Billy explaining that he hadn't had time to say goodbye before leaving.

Daniel and Chloe were both feeling good after a workout. Chloe offered to buy Daniel dinner at Gloworm. Daniel wondered why Chloe was anxious to go there, but Chloe assured Daniel that it wasn't because Kevin might be there. Chloe wanted to be able to go anywhere in town without worrying about Kevin.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin was finished with work, and Angelina suggested that they go to Gloworm to begin their scheme to convince Angelo that their marriage wasn't working. Kevin was grateful that Angelina wanted to help Kevin. Angelina was prepared to convince Angelo that she was dissatisfied with married life.

Later at Gloworm, Gloria wanted to speak alone with Kevin. Gloria asked about Kevin's quickie marriage, and he feigned that he was happy. Kevin told Gloria not to worry. Angelina confided in her father that marriage was strange and that she missed living alone. Angelo told Angelina that she had to adjust to being a married woman.

Later, Kevin and Angelina realized that Angelo was watching them. Angelina was confident that their plan would work and put on a show of being disinterested in Kevin. Angelo questioned Gloria about Kevin and Angelina's relationship, and Gloria agreed that something was wrong with their marriage.

When Chloe and Daniel arrived, Gloria greeted them happily. Chloe forced Daniel to go with her to say hello to Angelina and Kevin. Chloe pointed out to Kevin and Angelina that they were bound to run into each other a lot and should just get used to seeing each other. Chloe said that she would not make a scene, but she hugged Daniel to get a rise out of Kevin. In response, Kevin embraced Angelina.

Angelina pointed out to Kevin that Chloe was acting like a brat, but Kevin understood that Chloe was angry with him. Angelina explained that Chloe was trying to get a rise out of Kevin by flirting with Daniel. Angelina was thrilled when a fan approached and wanted a picture of her. Angelo watched as Angelina flirted with her fan. Chloe continued to put on a show with Daniel to make Kevin jealous. Daniel called Chloe out on her behavior.

Kevin jumped up when Chloe and Daniel decided to leave. Kevin confronted Chloe and accused her of having gone there just to get to Kevin. When Chloe called Kevin a jerk, Angelina defended her husband. Kevin blasted Daniel, too, for having failed him as a friend. Kevin mentioned that he'd seen the photo of Daniel and Chloe kissing soon after Kevin left town.

Daniel was confused and wanted to get to the bottom of the kissing picture. Kevin accused Daniel of going after Chloe the first chance he had gotten. Chloe said that Daniel has been really good to her, implying that they'd been more than friends. Kevin kissed Angelina passionately to tick off Kevin. In retaliation, Chloe kissed Daniel.

Lily heard from Neil and learned that Devon had done well in surgery and was expected to make a full recovery. Sofia was excited to speak with Neil, and Lily handed Sofia the phone. After just a moment, Neil hurried off the phone to go to see Devon. Neil, Tucker, and Harmony went to Devon's room after the surgery. Neil touched Devon to wake him and spoke to him with sign language. Harmony mouthed the words that Devon looked great.

Neil explained to Devon that he couldn't hear yet. Neil signed that the surgery had been a success, and the deafness was to be expected but was only temporary until the devices were activated. Devon thanked Neil for everything while Tucker and Harmony looked on.

Friday, March 9, 2012

At Restless Style, a giant copy of the latest cover, which depicted Adam as "Satan's understudy," hung on the wall. Ricky stormed in, livid that Phyllis had taken full credit for his story. Phyllis pointed out that a byline hadn't been part of their deal, and as editor-in-chief, she could do whatever she wanted. As Paul entered the office, Ricky griped that he had handed her a blockbuster story, and he had nothing to show for it. Paul blasted Phyllis and Ricky for the damage they had caused.

Phyllis explained that she'd made it clear in the article that Adam had been responsible for Patty's actions. Paul understood that Phyllis hated Patty for hurting Summer, but Patty's illness had torn most of his family apart, and he was sickened to see his sister exploited to sell magazines. He turned to Ricky and berated him for running Heather out of town and continuing to destroy their family. Ricky suggested that they speak elsewhere, and he and Paul started to leave. Phyllis apologetically called after Paul, and he raged that Phyllis was as bad as Adam for using Patty.

At the gatehouse, Sharon read Restless Style, but she set it down to answer a knock at her door. She warmly greeted Victor, who had learned about the article and asked if she was all right. Sharon said she was furious, but she was glad that Paul had told her about Adam's involvement in Patty's escape before she'd read about it. Sharon regretted that she'd been determined to find decency in Adam, and Victor noted that Adam's supposed change had been nothing but manipulation. Sharon thought the trip to Kansas had affected Adam, but she couldn't excuse the terrible things he'd done. Victor said that he was proud to have Sharon as part of the family, unlike Billy and Phyllis. Sharon felt that Adam had caused as much damage as Billy and Phyllis had with their words.

Victor called the article an attack on their family. Sharon felt that she had to face the fact that no matter what good she had seen in Adam, he had unleashed a dangerous woman on all of them. Victor recalled a time when Nick and Sharon had been happy, Phyllis had been with Jack, and Adam had been too far away to cause problems. Sharon agreed that they had been wonderful times, but things had changed. She thought that it was time for a new start for her without Adam, and she suggested that it could be for Victor, too.

Nick stopped by Victoria's home and asked how Victoria's Beauty of Nature gig was going. She said that she was settling in, and he commented that she'd earned the job. She appreciated his support, especially because she didn't have Victor's. Chelsea arrived home with groceries, and she pulled out a copy of Restless Style. Chelsea inquired whether Adam was Nick and Victoria's brother.

Victoria spoke with Billy on the phone, and after she hung up, Nick surmised that Billy hadn't known about the latest cover story. Victoria reported that Billy had found out when the reality show producers had indicated even more interest in Restless Style. Nick realized that Phyllis had changed her mind about killing the controversial story she'd mentioned, and he wondered why. Victoria lamented that Adam could have prevented many people from getting hurt.

Victoria asked whether Nick had seen Sharon, and Nick replied that Sharon had already known about Adam's actions, but he hadn't spoken to her since the article had been published. Victoria worried about how Victor would react to the scandal, and Nick thought Adam should be fearful, because Victor had just given Adam a break. Chelsea eavesdropped as Victoria said that while she was angry with Victor most of the time, she believed that he was hurting. Nick remarked that Victor would be their father, no matter what happened.

Phyllis spoke on the phone and commented that the sales figures proved that she had made the right decision. She hung up and saw that Sharon had arrived. Phyllis refused to defend herself for publishing the article. Sharon contended that she was grateful for the article, because it had shown her that she'd done the right thing by cutting Adam out of her life for good.

Phyllis skeptically pointed out that Adam had always managed to worm his way back into Sharon's life. Sharon maintained that she was relieved to learn how evil and cowardly he was, and she was adamant that it was over between them for good. Nick entered, and Sharon reported that she was there to thank Phyllis for calling Adam out on his crimes. Nick observed that Sharon was doing fine, and Sharon departed. Phyllis bragged that sales were off the hook, and Nick commended Sharon for handling the situation so well. Phyllis speculated that Nick and Sharon had discussed the article a dozen times already, and he wondered why she'd think that.

Nick assumed that the cover story was the one Phyllis hadn't initially planned to run, but she defended that she had made a good call. He questioned whether she was trying to prove a point by pushing him toward Sharon, and Phyllis revealed that she'd spied them in an intimate moment at the Athletic Club. He explained that he had hugged Sharon as a gesture of sympathy, because she had just learned about Adam and Patty. He inquired whether Phyllis had run the article out of jealousy, and he understood that she had been going through a lot lately. She refused to stand by while he rushed to Sharon every time Sharon had a problem.

Nick pondered whether Phyllis was trying to protect or kill what they had together, and he asked her to tell him where she was trying to take their relationship. She explained that between her father's death and Lucy being ripped away, she felt out of control. Nick queried whether the article was about control, and not about Sharon. Phyllis thought if Nick and Sharon ended up together, she could stop constantly worrying that she herself wasn't enough.

Nick insisted that things were over with Sharon, and that only their children bound them together. Phyllis admitted that she was crazy and irrational and that she expected him to walk away. He assured her that would never happen, because what he and Phyllis had was amazing, and he wanted it back. He begged her to give them a chance.

Jack flipped through the magazine, and he called for the maid to answer the doorbell. The maid helped Adam into the house, and Jack was stunned to see him. Jack icily told Adam that he had a lot of nerve, showing up there. Adam struggled for words, because he had expected Jack to react more violently. Jack instructed him to keep talking.

Adam admitted that he'd known Patty had been in town and had been working as Genevieve's housekeeper. He insisted that he hadn't helped her to return, but he hadn't turned her in, either. Adam pointed out that he'd ultimately tried to stop her, and it obviously hadn't turned out well. He apologized and expected Jack to be skeptical, but he maintained that he was truly sorry. Jack picked up a glass and smashed it against the wall to indicate what he thought of Adam's apology.

Jack said that Adam's apology meant nothing, because it didn't change what Patty had done, and Adam had allowed it to happen. Adam stated that he'd caught some of the fallout, too, and Jack chided him for seeking sympathy for his blindness. Jack recounted that Adam had visited him in the hospital and had blamed Victor for Patty's return to town, when Adam could have prevented it. Adam accepted accountability for his own actions, but he still held Victor responsible for Patty's initial return to Genoa City.

Jack called Adam "the poor man's Victor Newman," and he snarled that Adam had inherited his despicable traits from Victor, but none of the charm or success of his father. Jack added that the article gave Adam too much credit, because Adam was too pathetic to be an evil mastermind. Adam had no idea what Jack was talking about. Jack told Adam that the good news was that Adam had made the Restless Style cover, but the bad news was that Adam's "mea culpa tour" had gone up in flames.

Jack quoted an excerpt from the article that quipped that Adam had earned the title of "prince of darkness." He asked whether Adam cared to make a rebuttal, but Adam only wanted to apologize, and he thanked Jack for hearing him out. Adam called someone to assist him home, and he started toward the door, but he bumped into a table. Jack remarked that he himself couldn't feel his legs, but at least he could see his bruises.

Later, Jack arrived for therapy at the hospital, but Sarge pointed out that he wasn't on the schedule. Jack said to just ignore him, and he proceeded to lift himself from his wheelchair to a chair and back again. After some time, Sarge asked how many repetitions Jack planned to do, and Jack snapped that he didn't want to talk. Sarge urged Jack to channel his anger into his recovery.

At Gloworm, Victor asked Anita for a menu and assumed that she was working there. She said the ship she had expected had never arrived, thanks to Billy. Victor called Billy a punk and encouraged her to stick with her original plan, since the baby wasn't due for a while. Anita groused that she couldn't pry Victoria and Billy apart with a crowbar. Victor left to take a call, and Anita eyed Jeffrey.

Chelsea entered, and Anita asked if she'd stopped by to make up. Chelsea was irate that Anita had refused to reveal the identity of Chelsea's father. Anita accused Chelsea of only thinking about herself by agreeing to hand over her baby. Chelsea argued that she was thinking about her child and suggested that Anita do the same thing. Anita reminded Chelsea of her responsibility to her existing family and urged her to tear up the papers. Chelsea called Anita disgusting and barked that she wanted her child as far away from Anita as possible.

Victoria hesitantly sat down at Victor's table and softly said that she'd seen the article. Victoria sympathized with Victor, and she assured him that Billy hadn't known about the piece. Victor condemned her loyalty to Billy, and he said that Billy had damaged their family and had ruined his and Victoria's bond. He asked if she'd accepted the position at Beauty of Nature, and she said yes. She voiced her resentment of his disapproval, and she left. Victor called Sharon and asked to see her regarding a proposition.

Jeffrey helped Anita bus a table, and he noted that she was about to become a grandmother. She asked if he had any kids, and he replied that he didn't think so. He cited his scrambled brain and revealed that he'd just discovered that he had a fake tooth. Anita approached Victoria and declared that she had a say regarding what happened to Chelsea's baby, but Victoria retorted that Chelsea disagreed. Anita said that Chelsea could change her mind at any time, but Victoria asserted that Anita only saw her daughter as an ATM, while Chelsea wanted to make strong choices for herself.

Sharon arrived at the Newman ranch and jokingly assumed that Victor wasn't about to propose marriage again. Victor chuckled, and he said it had been fun while it had lasted. He explained that he had lost Beauty of Nature, and he vowed to get it back, but in the meantime, he wanted to develop a new cosmetics line for Newman Enterprises. He asked Sharon take charge of the new line, because it could be the fresh start she was seeking. She enthusiastically accepted the chance to develop a new line with him, but he clarified that they wouldn't be working together. He stated that she'd be working with Nick, and he thought they'd make a fantastic team.

At the Athletic Club, Paul reprimanded Ricky for questioning Patty at the church and then lying to him and the police. Paul asked if Ricky really hated his family that much, and Ricky simply stated that he was a journalist. Paul explained that Patty had been broken, and there had been hope that she would find her way back, but she wouldn't get proper care in prison. Paul added that she had committed more crimes because Adam had helped her escape and hadn't gotten her any help, and Paul felt that Ricky wanted to use Patty's suffering to boost his career. Ricky asserted that the story had presented itself, and it wasn't his fault that he had happened to know the players.

A waiter helped Adam down the stairs to the bar, and Paul raced over to confront him. Paul grabbed Adam and threatened to inflict physical harm. Adam acknowledged that Paul had every right to punch him. Paul bemoaned that he'd spent a lot of time helping Patty back to reality, but if she ever were to get better, she would be devastated about what she'd done. Paul felt that there was no place in the world for her, because of Adam.

Adam felt sorry for Patty and the people she'd hurt, and he hoped that she got help. Adam contended that he was paying for what he had done, although he understood that it was little consolation to Paul. A seething Paul retorted that Patty would never spend a day outside of her own mind or outside of prison, and he felt that Adam had gotten off easy. Paul stalked off, and Adam instructed the bartender to serve the town's most hated man. Chelsea observed with interest.

Ricky was surprised when Paul returned to their table, but Paul said that he was about to leave. Ricky considered himself lucky that Paul was a decent guy. Paul admitted that he hadn't been much of a father to Ricky and hadn't taken time to get to know him, but from what he'd seen, Paul didn't want to get to know him. Paul stalked off, and Ricky mused that he couldn't lose something that he had never had.

Chelsea approached Adam and made a comment about his cane. He stated that blind people needed one to get around. He mentioned the article, but she quickly put the magazine into her purse and fibbed that she hadn't seen it. She suggested that they share a drink, and she joked that the sky had turned pink that day. He laughed and agreed to let her buy him a drink.

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