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Monday, March 12, 2012

Nick stopped by Restless Style's headquarters to discuss his and Phyllis' relationship status. Nick assured Phyllis that he no longer had romantic feelings for Sharon. Phyllis said she feared losing the people that mattered most in her life and insisted she couldn't withstand the heartbreak. Nick promised to support Phyllis in her fight for Lucy. Phyllis told Nick that she'd be devastated if Daniel was unable to gain custody of Lucy.

The magazine office's busy phone lines began ringing, and Phyllis said she needed to answer them before her anger and frustration got the better of her. Nick offered to whisk Phyllis away, but she declined. Nick told Phyllis to summon him whenever she needed support. He grinned widely and said, "I'm your man." Phyllis smiled and kissed Nick tenderly. After Nick left, Phyllis gazed longingly at a photo of Lucy.

At Crimson Lights, Daisy allowed Daniel a visit with Lucy. Daisy told Daniel that she'd received her summons to appear in court to answer his petition for custody. Daniel said he wouldn't argue about the matter in front of his child. Daisy didn't press the issue and claimed that the time she and Daniel spent together with Lucy would allow them to bond as a family. Daniel seemed perplexed by Daisy's remark.

Daisy told Daniel that she wanted to do for Lucy what no one had done for her. Daisy added that she and Daniel could raise Lucy together. Daniel reminded Daisy that he and she weren't together. He told Daisy that he'd filed his papers and didn't intend to change his mind.

After Daisy stepped away, Phyllis phoned Daniel and heard Lucy babbling in the background. Daniel warned Phyllis to stay away from Lucy. Phyllis agreed. Daisy returned to the table and encouraged Daniel to bond with his daughter. Daisy stepped out again to check the parking meter. After Daisy left, Daniel was shocked when Phyllis rushed in from the patio and picked up Daisy. Daniel warned his mother that she might jeopardize his right to visitation and hinder his custody case. Phyllis told Daniel that he had to win custody of his daughter in order to get the baby away from Daisy.

From the coffeehouse entranceway, Daisy spied Phyllis clutching Lucy. Daisy quickly phoned her social worker. The social worker arrived quickly and covertly observed Daisy's theatrics. Daniel told Daisy that he wasn't responsible for his mother's actions. Phyllis held Lucy close and told Daisy that she desperately needed to see the child. Daisy began crying and claimed that she and Daniel needed time to bond with Lucy. Phyllis replied, "Save the tears, okay? I know exactly what you're doing. This baby doesn't even know you."

The social worker stepped forward and informed Phyllis that she had no legal rights to the child. Phyllis was horrified. The social worker added that an unplanned intrusion would not happen again. Phyllis tried to state her case and repeatedly explained that she was the child's grandmother.

Daniel told the social worker that if she'd arrived just before or after Phyllis' brief visit, it wouldn't have been an issue. The social worker advised Daisy to file for a restraining order against Phyllis. Daisy agreed to do so. Phyllis pleaded with Daisy not to file the order of protection. Daisy cried that she'd just gotten Lucy back and had been advised that it was in Lucy's best interest to keep Phyllis away.

After Phyllis and Daniel left, Daisy interacted with Lucy. She told her tot that Grandma Phyllis had left upset. Daisy dangled toys to engage Lucy and told her baby that they seemed to be growing on Daniel. Daisy promised Lucy that they would soon be united with Daniel as a family.

Back at Restless Style, Phyllis berated herself for showing up at the coffeehouse after Daniel warned her to stay away. Daniel replied, "Yeah, I told you not to." Phyllis cried that it was too difficult to stay away from Lucy. Phyllis claimed that Lucy was living with wolves. Phyllis said she wanted Lucy to return home, where she belonged. Daniel warned his mother not to repeat her mistake. Phyllis cried, "I screwed this up for good, didn't I?"

At Sharon's house, Victor discussed plans for Sharon and Nick to create a new cosmetics company to compete with Beauty of Nature. Though Victor vowed to give Sharon extensive autonomy, she informed Victor that requiring her to work with Nick wasn't a good idea. Victor insisted that Sharon and Nick would simply work together as colleagues. Sharon insisted that she and Nick would always be more than just co-workers. Sharon added that if Nick chose to work alongside her, Phyllis would lose her mind. Victor, referring to Phyllis, replied, "She's a petulant child, so I don't give a damn what she thinks. You're my priority."

Victor pressured Sharon to accept his job proposal, and she did. Sharon warned Victor that convincing Nick wouldn't be easy. Victor summoned Nick to Sharon's and told his son about the plan to develop a new cosmetics line for Newman Enterprises. Nick said that his father could have discussed that matter at the office to avoid inconveniencing Sharon. Victor explained that Sharon, perfectly qualified, was a key player in the plan. Victor added that both Sharon and Nick would work together to create and manage the new line. Victor demanded that Nick agree to the plan. Nick replied, "No. absolutely not."

Victor asked Nick why he was reluctant to work with Sharon. Nick explained that it would be a full-time job, and he already had a job. He also noted that Victoria was running Beauty of Nature for Genevieve, and he didn't relish waging war with his sister on a daily basis. Nick insisted that he just wasn't interested. Victor was briefly interrupted by a phone call. After the call ended, Victor addressed Nick and said, "This line will happen."

After Victor left, Nick told Sharon that at least his father hadn't mentioned Adam during the conversation. Sharon said she was no longer upset with Phyllis for publishing the article. Sharon asked Nick if the tension between her and Phyllis was the reason he'd turned down his father's job offer. Nick said it was. He encouraged Sharon to apply her drive, focus, and experience at Newman Enterprises. Nick added that the company would benefit from Sharon's fresh perspective.

Nick explained to Sharon that he'd made promises to Phyllis that he intended to keep. Sharon rolled her eyes and said, "I completely understand, and I'm relieved." Sharon said she'd warned Victor that it wasn't a good plan to have her work with Nick, but that Victor was adamant. Nick told Sharon that she'd have to forge ahead without him. Sharon replied, "That's exactly what I wanted to hear. It'll be a whole new start for me and you and Phyllis."

Billy phoned Victoria from Los Angeles. They discussed Adam's recently publicized misdeeds. Victoria said she was relieved to have her mind occupied by Beauty of Nature. Victoria added that she and Billy were fortunate Chelsea hadn't backed out of her deal after discovering that her baby's uncle was so evil. Billy said that it was too bad no one could punish Adam for what he'd done. Before Billy hung up, he asked Victoria to check on Jack.

Paul stopped by to discuss Victor and Adam with Jack at the Abbott mansion. Jack and Paul both said they were awestruck after Adam approached each of them to offer an apology. Jack told Paul that Adam hoped to gain something in exchange for his honest confession, so they shouldn't disappoint him. Jack made a phone call to the district attorney. After Jack hung up, he told Paul that in time, Adam would pay for what he'd done to Patty.

Chelsea joined Adam at the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar. Chelsea claimed she hadn't read the exposť about Adam in the latest issue of Restless Style. Adam, his sense of hearing heightened, had heard Chelsea place a copy of the magazine she'd been reading onto the bar. Adam picked up the magazine and told Chelsea she'd lied. Chelsea admitted that she'd approached Adam because he looked sad and lonely. Referring to the magazine, Chelsea added, "It's a juicy read. Sounds like you've been up to all sorts of trouble." Adam told Chelsea that he hoped to leave his troubles in the past.

Adam asked about Chelsea's pregnancy. Chelsea announced that she wasn't prepared to be a mother, so she'd agreed to let Victoria and Billy raise her baby because they could give the baby a better life. Chelsea admitted that it wasn't easy to convince others that she'd changed. Adam said he understood because he'd made a conscious effort to end the chaos he'd caused. Adam explained that his mood had been dampened because of people lashing out at him.

Spencer Walsh, the district attorney, and a uniformed police officer approached Adam. Spencer told Adam that Adam would be escorted to the police station and questioned about statements he'd allegedly made about helping Patty Williams escape from incarceration. Victoria, standing in the doorway, watched Adam rise from his barstool and speak to Chelsea before being escorted away.

Victoria took a seat beside Chelsea and asked about Adam. Chelsea explained that police wanted to question Adam about Patty Williams. Victoria asked Chelsea why she'd been talking to Adam. Chelsea admitted that she'd met Adam when she first arrived in town, and after discovering he was Victoria's brother, had made a point to remember the family connection. Chelsea insisted that she'd long before abandoned plans to cause trouble for Billy and Victoria and hadn't associated herself with Adam. Victoria warned Chelsea to steer clear of Adam.

As Spencer led Adam into an interrogation room, Adam demanded to have his lawyer present before being questioned. Adam added, "Anything that anyone alleges I said is hearsay and therefore not admissible in court." Spencer advised Adam to brush up on his legal expertise. Spencer told Adam that statements he'd made had been against his own interest. Spencer added that because Adam would be a defendant on trial, the statements would be exceptions to the hearsay rule.

Addressing Spencer, Adam asked, "So you have these statements?" Spencer replied, "Signed and verified." As Spencer opened the door, Jack and Paul entered the room. Adam replied, "From whom?" Jack said, "That would be us." Paul added, "We reported to the D.A. exactly what you told us." Jack sarcastically thanked Adam for having been so honest.

Adam told Spencer that he didn't wish to have an audience present while he waited for his lawyer to arrive. Paul told Adam that taking him down wouldn't save Patty or undo the damage he'd inflicted, but it was worth something. Jack added, "First you'll rot in jail. Then you'll rot in hell."

From home, Victoria phoned Jack and left a message. Unaware that Jack knew about Adam's arrest, Victoria mentioned that Adam had been taken to the police station for questioning. Chelsea listened as she stood in the next room. After Victoria hung up the phone, Chelsea entered the room. Victoria again warned Chelsea to stay away from Adam. Chelsea said she would.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Jack and Paul discussed Adam, and both agreed that they'd have to work tirelessly to ensure a conviction. Paul said they'd need corroborating evidence that Adam had facilitated Patty's escape. Jack said, "We'll get it, and we'll put Adam away."

In the interrogation room, Adam head footsteps and asked if his attorney had arrived. Victor responded and said, "I heard they'd brought you here for questioning." Adam asked if Victor was there to help build the case against him. Victor informed his son that he was there to help. Adam seemed puzzled by Victor's unexpected response.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

At the police station, Adam was surprised when Victor offered to help him with his legal problems. Adam wondered if Victor might be trying to set him up. Victor recalled getting Adam out of prison the last time he'd lost his vision and how Adam had disrupted Victor's life. Adam remembered, too, but pointed out that he was a new man. Adam told Victor that he'd apologized to Paul and Jack and confessed his crimes against them.

Victor realized that Adam was sticking to his plan to redeem himself. Victor offered to give Adam a chance to prove himself by putting him to work on the Newman Enterprises board. Victor knew how to get Adam out of the trouble with Jack and Paul.

Walsh appeared and told Adam that because he refused to speak without his attorney and Vance Abrams was tied up on a case, Adam was free to leave. Walsh would question Adam at a later date. When they were alone again, Victor told Adam that he wasn't off the hook yet. Victor offered to let Adam use Michael Baldwin as his legal counsel. Adam was reluctant to accept a favor from Victor.

Over breakfast at the Athletic Club, Nikki and Kay discussed Victor. Nikki revealed that she and Victor were on the outs again, and Kay was shocked because they'd only recently reunited. Nikki was frustrated that Victor refused to take responsibility for his crimes. Kay said that Nikki had to accept that Victor would never change.

Nikki wanted Victor to be honest with her; especially after all they had gone through during Diane's murder case. Nikki declared that she and Victor were arguing constantly, and she wasn't sure who he was anymore. Kay encouraged Nikki to work things out with Victor, and reminded Nikki that Victor's birthday was the next day. Kay told Nikki to do something special for him.

Victoria ran into Sharon at Crimson Lights and wondered why Sharon hadn't gone to the police station to see Adam. Sharon said that she and Adam were no longer a couple. Victoria observed that Sharon was better off without Adam. Sharon explained that she was focused on her new job at Newman Enterprises. Victoria was surprised that Victor had hired Sharon and assumed that it was just a way for Victor to hurt Nikki. Sharon resented Victoria's insinuation that she was unqualified and pointed out to Victoria that Nick was okay with her working at Newman. After Sharon walked off, Victoria called Nikki and left a message that they needed to talk.

Tucker entered Ashley's office at Jabot, and she greeted him with a big kiss. Tucker said that he'd missed her. Tucker reported that Devon was back in Genoa City, but they wouldn't know for weeks if the surgery had worked. Ashley was happy that Tucker had been there with his son. Tucker asked Ashley if she could leave her office for a while, but she had an afternoon meeting with Cane and Jill.

Ashley said Jabot was going into battle with Beauty of Nature. Tucker was intrigued as Ashley told him about the company's plan to go after Mitsukoshi, the top department store in Japan. Ashley said that the market was opened since Victor's exclusive deal with the Japanese giant had expired. Ashley suspected that Victor would not help Victoria or Beauty of Nature, so she was focused on Jabot swooping in to get that business. Ashley really wanted to land Mitsukoshi for Jabot and especially for Jack.

Later, Tucker and Ashley reminisced about how they'd followed Victoria to Japan to learn about Mitsukoshi's dealings with Newman Enterprises. Tucker recalled that it was on that trip when he and Ashley became lovers. A short time later, Tucker met Sofia at Gloworm for lunch. Tucker was curious that Sofia wanted to meet with him before he'd even unpacked his suitcases. Tucker asked if Sofia was going to resign from McCall. Sofia denied that and said she was anxious to get back to work once she arranged her schedule in regards to Moses. Tucker was pleased and said that he had a big plan in store for Sofia.

Jill approached Genevieve at Gloworm, and they exchange nasty remarks. Jill mentioned that she'd seen Genevieve in France at Cane and Lily's wedding, but she hadn't told anybody because Genevieve had not made a scene. Genevieve was grateful to Jill. As Genevieve was about to leave, Cane walked into the place to meet Jill for lunch. Genevieve said hello and asked Cane about Lily and the children.

Jill offered to give Cane and Genevieve time alone, but Cane said he was there for business. Genevieve was surprised to learn that Cane was Jill's right-hand man at Jabot. Genevieve thought it was ironic that Cane had replaced her at Jabot. Genevieve suspected that Jill had arranged for her to learn about Cane's new job in that way. Genevieve defiantly said that she was anxious to take on Jabot and had a big plan in the works for Beauty of Nature. Jill revealed that she was working on a big deal, too -- one that involved Mitsukoshi.

After Genevieve had gone, Cane told Jill that he had accepted the fact that he could not have a close relationship with his mother ever again. Jill called Ashley and say they were prepared to discuss the Japan strategy. Back in the office, Jill and Cane were confident in their plan, and Cane showed Ashley that the key to landing Mitsukoshi was the upcoming shareholder meeting. Ashley agreed and asked Cane to handle things in the office while Jill flew immediately to Japan to make contacts.

Genevieve went to see Victoria and told her about Mitsukoshi and Jabot's intention to secure the shelf space in those stores. Genevieve said that Beauty of Nature had to go after Mitsukoshi, too. Victoria was unable to fly to Japan to handle in-person negotiations, but she was confident that she could do the job from Genoa City. Victoria said that she knew the CEO of Mitsukoshi, and the company had made a fortune with Beauty of Nature. Victoria's plan was to establish an honorable business relationship.

Genevieve was worried about Jabot and other competitors. Genevieve asked what Victor would do in the situation. Victoria thought that Victor would be reckless and resort to underhanded tactics. Victoria urged Genevieve to relax and allow Victoria to handle the situation, but Genevieve wanted to squeeze Victor for information. Victoria warned Genevieve that Victor could not be trusted. Despite Victoria's advice, Genevieve was certain she could get what they needed from Victor. Victoria asked Genevieve to let her handle Mitsukoshi. Genevieve agreed, but when she left the house, she called Victor and left a message.

Sharon reported to Victor that Nick had no problem with her working at Newman Enterprises, but Victoria was unhappy with Victor's decision. Victor didn't care about his daughter's disapproval. Sharon also mentioned that Adam had been arrested and taken to the police station. Victor knew about Adam's predicament, but changed the subject to Sharon's work on the new cosmetics line. Victor asked Sharon to begin the next morning. Sharon agreed.

Nikki ran into Adam at the Athletic Club, and she wondered why Adam wasn't behind bars. Adam said that Victor had shown up to offer his support when Walsh was holding Adam. Nikki thought Adam was lying, but Adam was just as curious as Nikki about why Victor had reached out to him. Later, at Victor's office, Sharon offered Victor a birthday gift: tickets to the opera. Nikki arrived, and Sharon walked out. Nikki didn't think it was appropriate for Sharon to give Victor a gift, since Sharon and Victor's quickie marriage was over.

Victor said that Sharon might have been thanking him for hiring her to work at Newman Enterprises. Nikki was upset by Victor's connection with Sharon, but Victor claimed that he was simply helping Sharon out. Nikki didn't know where Victor's head was at, and Victor wondered why Nikki was second-guessing him. Nikki asked why Victor had tried to help Adam. Victor resented Nikki judging him and walked out of the office. Nikki was tempted by the decanter of vodka, but stopped herself from taking a drink. Nikki turned and left the office.

Adam heard Sharon at the club and asked her to join him. Sharon walked away without responding.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sharon arrived for her first day of work at Newman Enterprises, and Victor greeted her happily. Sharon was thrilled about her new job and had some exciting new ideas for the cosmetics line. Victor warned Sharon that they needed the approval of the Newman board of directors before they could launch the line. Genevieve burst into the office to see Victor and was curious about why he hadn't returned her call. Genevieve said she was going after Mitsukoshi in Japan for Beauty of Nature. Victor was not interested in helping Genevieve, so she asked Victor to give her advice as a friend. Genevieve pointed out that Victor was no longer in the cosmetics business, and she doubted that Victor wanted Jabot -- and Jack -- to land Mitsukoshi.

Sharon was on her way to the boardroom when she overheard the board members complaining about the hastily called meeting. Tucker and Lauren were very vocal about Victor's high-handed methods of calling emergency meetings with no lead-time for them to prepare. None of the board members were pleased about the proposal for a new cosmetics line, and a few questioned Sharon's qualifications to head up the line. Tucker commented that Sharon and bad press went hand in hand. Feeling down, Sharon returned to Victor's office just as Genevieve walked out.

Lingering in the hallway, Genevieve overheard Sharon tell Victor that she had heard the board members complaining about Sharon being the face of the new cosmetics line. Genevieve burst back into the office and said that she knew about Victor's trouble with the board, and she could influence Davis to vote in favor of Victor's proposal because Davis was her employee. Genevieve offered to help Victor with his problem if he'd help her with Mitsukoshi. Victor smiled at her.

At Crimson Lights, Abby, Nick, Nikki, and Victoria discussed Victor's birthday lunch. Nikki said they were all expected at the Athletic Club that afternoon. Nikki acknowledged that they all had issues with Victor, but she told all the children to set them aside for Victor's birthday.

Chelsea knocked on the door of Adam's hotel room. Chelsea claimed that she was curious to find Adam had not spent the night in jail. Chelsea offered to help Adam, but he was ready to send her away. Then Chelsea noticed that there was a large envelope in his doorway. Adam asked her to hand it to him and then asked Chelsea to read it to him, since he couldn't read it himself. Chelsea told him that there was a Newman Enterprises board meeting, and it was taking place that morning. Adam enlisted Chelsea to go with him in the car to read the prospectus to him on the way to the boardroom.

The board meeting was called to order, and Victor welcomed Nick back to Newman Enterprises. Victor explained that Victoria had been recused from the board because of a conflict of interest. Lauren challenged Victor's proposal to start a new line of organic cosmetics because they'd just sold Beauty of Nature, the very same kind of firm. Tucker didn't like the idea of a single-product line company under the Newman Enterprises flag. The other board members were also down on the project.

Lauren pointed out that Beauty of Nature had been Victoria's special cause, but Lauren thought that Newman Enterprises was better off out of the cosmetics business. Victor felt they had viable resources to start up a new cosmetics company that could be even better than Beauty of Nature. Lauren and Tucker remained opposed and suggested that Victor concentrate on other divisions of Newman Enterprises. Victor appreciated their opposition, but he was still anxious to proceed. Victor also defended Sharon's qualifications. Nick backed up Victor and said that Sharon would be answering directly to Victor.

Adam arrived at the boardroom and apologized for being late. Adam announced that he'd read the proposal and supported Victor's plan for a new cosmetics line. Nick wondered why Adam would do that when it had been his idea to sell Beauty of Nature. Adam said he had no ulterior motive in supporting his father. Adam admitted that selling Beauty of Nature had been a willful act of rebellion on his part.

Adam made a good case for the growth potential of an organic cosmetics line. Bob felt that Adam might be better-suited to running the new line than Sharon. Nick stood up and said he would run the company with Sharon. Victor called for a vote on the proposal, and it came down to Davis. He voted "yea," and the motion was carried, four to three. Lauren and Tucker were surprised.

Most of the board member walked out of the room. Victor stopped Adam from leaving to thank him for the support. Adam said he had voted yes because he thought it was the right thing to do. Nick was skeptical about Adam's motives and said that he was unconvinced. Nick declared that Adam would never be in charge of anything at Newman. Victor returned to his office and told Sharon that the board had been convinced and the proposal approved. Victor asked Sharon to go out to lunch with him to celebrate his birthday and her new job.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki saw Chelsea at the bar and wondered what she was doing there, assuming that she was ordering a drink. Chelsea said she was getting lemon slices for her water and questioned why Nikki would think she'd drink liquor while pregnant. Chelsea walked away in disgust. Later, Chelsea left a message for Adam, asking how the meeting had gone. Adam tracked Chelsea down at the coffeehouse and thanked her for helping him earlier. Adam began to feel pain in his eyes and asked Chelsea to buy a couple of cups of coffee for the two of them. Adam sat down and held his head in his hands.

Genevieve went to see Victoria and explained that she had spoken with Victor about Japan. Genevieve claimed that she'd learned what they needed to land Mitsukoshi for Beauty of Nature. Genevieve announced that she was flying to Japan immediately. Victoria warned Genevieve that Victor might be steering her over a cliff, but Genevieve refused to heed Victoria's advice and asked her to fly to Los Angeles to meet with their advertising agency. Victoria wasn't sure she could do that.

Later, Victoria arrived at the Athletic Club for the party and mentioned the business trip. Nikki told Victoria to go on the business trip. Nick arrived for the party, and soon after, Victor showed up with Sharon. Nikki gritted her teeth to welcome Sharon into the fold when Victor announced that she was staying for the party.

Everyone toasted to Victor's birthday. Victor added that the board had approved the new cosmetics line, and Sharon and Nick would run it. Victoria was stunned. Privately, Nikki questioned Nick's decision to work with Sharon. Abby thought it was strange that Newman Enterprises was starting a new cosmetics firm, because it meant that they'd all be in competition with each other.

Sharon whispered to Victor that she might be better off going home, but he insisted that she stay. Victoria asked Victor what he'd said to Genevieve. Just then, Genevieve arrived with a gift for Victor, a monogrammed briefcase. Genevieve apologized for interrupting and said she'd leave, but Victor wanted her to stay. Nikki fumed.

After lunch, Genevieve said goodbye, and Victor wished her luck with her meeting. Nikki sent Victoria off to her business trip. Victoria wished her father a happy birthday before going. Victor thanked Nikki for putting the party together. Nikki was ticked about the two additional guests. Nikki announced that she was moving away from the ranch for a while because she felt they needed a break. Victor was furious.

Victor said goodbye to Nick and Sharon and then left. Adam returned to the Athletic Club, and his eyes were bothering him. Suddenly, he began to see images. Later, Adam had a visit from the doctor, and it seemed that his vision was returning. The doctor was very encouraged. Adam feared it might be temporary, but the doctor told Adam to be optimistic. Adam asked the doctor to keep his improvement confidential, because Adam wasn't sure he wanted to tell anyone.

Tucker and Lauren met after the board meeting and speculated that someone had gotten to Davis to sway his vote. Lauren and Tucker resented the way Victor was handling the board. They speculated that it was Victor's strategy to maintain control. Tucker proposed to Lauren that they join forces and steer Newman Enterprises in their own direction. Lauren loved the idea.

The next morning, Sharon arrived at work and learned that Victor had gone out of town, and she would be working alone with Nick. At Victoria and Billy's, Chelsea discovered that Nikki was staying at the house while Victoria and Billy were out of town. In Los Angeles, Billy was surprised when Victoria approached him and said that she was there to celebrate St. Patrick's weekend with him.

Genevieve was in Tokyo at a teahouse. She was visibly upset that the man she had planned to meet was an hour late. The waitress sympathized with Genevieve and blamed the delay on bad traffic. While Genevieve was trying to make a phone call, Victor appeared and dropped his new briefcase on the table in front of her. Genevieve was shocked to see him there.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA "March Madness" basketball tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air today. This programming change was anticipated, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, March 19, and pick up where the Wednesday, March 14 episode concluded.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA "March Madness" basketball tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air today. This programming change was anticipated, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, March 19, and pick up where the Wednesday, March 14 episode concluded.

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