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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 19, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Chelsea stopped by Adam's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Before she entered his room, she said she needed Adam's advice. Chelsea tripped on her way in, and Adam quickly caught her. Chelsea was shocked to discover that Adam had regained his sight. Chelsea was elated for Adam. She held up the morning newspaper and happily cried, "You can read a newspaper!"

Adam told Chelsea she was the first person to know that he'd regained his sight. Chelsea asked Adam how to deal with Nikki. Adam advised Chelsea to keep her distance. Chelsea told Adam that her mother had recently mentioned the father Chelsea had never met. Chelsea explained that her mother refused to disclose the man's name unless Chelsea complied with her mother's plan. Adam warned Chelsea not to build the man up in her mind because the reality might "kick [her] in the gut."

At Billy and Victoria's, Katherine stopped by to visit with Nikki, who'd agreed to stay with Chelsea. Katherine asked Nikki what had happened with Victor. Nikki claimed she'd decided to stay at Victoria's because she and Victor needed a break. Nikki said that Sharon and Genevieve had crashed the birthday lunch she'd arranged for Victor. Nikki added that Genevieve had given Victor a monogrammed briefcase for his birthday.

Katherine asked Nikki what she thought Genevieve was up to. Nikki said Victor's behavior constantly perplexed her. Katherine explained that Victor's marriage to Sharon had been arranged to protect Nikki during Diane's murder trial. Nikki cried that Victor had rushed to the police station to rescue Adam after he was taken in for questioning. Nikki added that Victor had refused to answer her questions about the matter. Katherine suggested that Nikki and Victor find a way to make their relationship work.

At Jack's, Ashley, Tucker, and Abby all agreed that Newman Enterprises wouldn't likely become an instant competitor against Beauty of Nature. Jack noted that Victoria, as CEO of Beauty of Nature, would find it difficult to face Nick in a battle of corporate war. Abby added that Nick would be working with Sharon, the woman Phyllis loathed. Tucker quipped, "That's a boatload of chaos for a new line to handle." Jack chuckled and said he wished Sharon and Nick the best as they dealt with their boatload of chaos.

Nick showed up at his office to work with Sharon. Nick explained that Victor had left behind a note stating that he'd had to leave the country, but his father hadn't mentioned the reason for his unexpected absence. Nick beamed that his father trusted him and Sharon to carry on without him. Sharon told Nick that they'd better get to work. Nick said he had one issue to handle beforehand, and he left.

At Restless Style's headquarters, Phyllis read a newspaper story about Nick and Sharon heading a new line of organic-based cosmetics for Newman Enterprises. Ricky arrived, and Phyllis asked why he'd shown up. Ricky said he had no intention of quitting, even though Phyllis had stolen his story and failed to give him credit. Phyllis warned Ricky not to antagonize her. Ricky noted Phyllis' foul mood. After she walked away, Ricky noticed a newspaper on Phyllis' desk. He picked it up and read the announcement that had shattered Phyllis' world.

Ricky stopped by Sharon's office and gave her a bouquet of flowers. Ricky told Sharon that he planned to write an article about her for the magazine. Sharon asked if Phyllis had sent him. Ricky insisted the story idea was his alone. He explained that the story would also offer free press for the new cosmetics line. Sharon rebuffed Ricky's offer and told him she was busy.

Nick met with Phyllis at Restless Style and told her that he'd been thrust into his role in order to convince Newman Enterprises' board of directors to approve the new cosmetics line. Phyllis said she'd already read about it in the newspaper. Phyllis cried that had Nick returned her call the previous evening, he would have known that she could no longer see Lucy because Daisy had filed a restraining order. Nick told Phyllis that he would support her. Nick admonished Phyllis for "flipping out" whenever she felt she was losing control. Angry, Phyllis replied, "I don't flip out. I care about things. Deal with it or not!" Phyllis told Nick to leave her office.

After Nick returned to his office, Sharon told him about Ricky's visit. Sharon asked Nick if he thought Phyllis had sent Ricky. Nick said he didn't know, but he said he'd just returned from a visit with Phyllis. He added that Phyllis was her own worst enemy. Nick said he couldn't change the minds of those who refused to believe that his association with Sharon was merely work-related. While Nick fielded emails about distribution, Sharon suggested they search for an organic chemist with new ideas. Sharon added that the company should consider developing a line of vitamins that would nurture skin systemically. Nick and Sharon considered names for the line.

Adam showed up at Restless Style. Phyllis discovered that Adam had regained his sight. Adam said he'd seen Nick and Sharon acting quite chummy with each other, which he claimed must account for Phyllis' unhappy disposition. Adam added that he'd also noticed his sinister appearance on the magazine's cover. Adam told Phyllis that she'd gone too far for all the wrong reasons. He added, "I've been there, sister."

Phyllis crossed her arms in front of her chest and gave Adam a disapproving look. Adam claimed he was trying to change his ways. Adam said he realized that the one thing Phyllis wanted to prevent had come to fruition since Sharon and Nick were working closely together. Phyllis told Adam to leave. Before he did, he told Phyllis he'd heard about Lucy. Adam said he was sorry and added that he knew how difficult it was to be separated from a loved one.

Nikki stopped by Jack's. Abby told Nikki she was helping Jack choose a special car fitted with hand-operated controls. Nikki agreed that Jack should choose a red car. After Abby left, Jack said he'd heard that Nikki was staying at Victoria's while she was in Los Angeles with Billy. Nikki replied, "It's always a mistake to stay away too long from the one you love."

Jack pressed Nikki to tell him what had happened with Victor. Nikki said she and Victor weren't getting along. Jack was elated to hear that Nikki and Victor had separated. Nikki quickly phoned Abby and asked a favor. Jack told Nikki he worried about her when she was with Victor. Jack added that Victor wasn't good enough for her.

Ricky approached Abby at Crimson Lights and teased her about being a pampered rich girl. Chelsea arrived, and Ricky taunted her for planning to walk away from her soon-to-be-born baby. Chelsea explained that she was doing the right thing by choosing a loving couple to raise her baby. Abby told Chelsea to ignore those who didn't understand. When Abby received a call from Nikki asking for a favor, Abby replied, "These things are doable." Abby kept a close watch on Chelsea.

Abby followed Chelsea to Billy and Victoria's house. Abby noted that Chelsea had earlier pretended not to know who she was. Chelsea shrugged off Abby's accusation. Chelsea was shocked to discover that Abby would be her new roommate.

From a bar in Tokyo, Jill phoned Cane and complained that she'd not been able to contact a Mitsukoshi shareholder. Cane promised to nudge Jabot into a position to sign a deal with the Tokyo firm.

In a private dining room at the same Tokyo bar, Victor arrived carrying the monogrammed briefcase Genevieve had given him as a gift for his birthday. Genevieve realized that Victor hadn't found the note she'd slipped into the bag's outside pocket, suggesting he meet her in Japan. Genevieve explained that she'd deciphered his cryptic message instructing her to fly to Japan to meet with a man bearing a Japanese name that when translated into English meant "new man."

Genevieve told Victor that she'd decided to meet him in Japan to determine what he was up to. Victor sat across from Genevieve and thanked her for convincing the board of directors to approve the new line. A geisha quietly stepped in, took Victor's order, and left. Jill was seated outside the dining room at the bar, having a drink, when the geisha relayed Victor's special order to a man behind the bar.

Genevieve and Victor enjoyed dinner. Jill overheard Victor laughing. Jill ventured into the hallway and listened. Jill hid just before Genevieve slipped out. Jill watched. When the geisha stepped out of Victor's private dining room, Jill whisked her away and said, "I want to ask you a favor. I promise to make it worth your while." Genevieve later returned to Victor and noted that he'd evidently meant what he'd said about refusing to give up his fight for Beauty of Nature. As Victor and Genevieve drank sake, Victor agreed that their business meeting was meant to be enjoyed.

Jill made an appearance near the private dining room, disguised as the geisha. She overheard Victor attempting to seduce Genevieve. Genevieve took a sip of wine served warmed to the same temperature as the human body. Afterward, she stroked Victor's face and agreed that the wine and Victor's body temperature were the same. Jill watched through the partially opened door. Genevieve snuggled beside Victor and continued stroking his face. Jill snapped a photo with her phone. Jill gazed at the suggestive photo of Victor and Genevieve and said, "Domo arigato, folks."

At her Jabot office, Ashley was concerned because she hadn't heard from Jill. Cane explained that Jill hadn't been able to contact any shareholder from Mitsukoshi. He added that no one seemed to know what Beauty of Nature was up to in Japan. Ashley cried that when Newman owned Beauty of Nature, it had kept a tight rein on Mitsukoshi. Tucker claimed that Jill had dollar signs in her eyes and would proceed accordingly. Ashley agreed that Jill wouldn't back down.

Katherine saw Cane at Crimson Lights. She congratulated him on his new job at Jabot. Cane said that Ashley and Tucker were supportive. Cane encouraged Katherine to give Tucker time to come around. Katherine seemed doubtful.

Back at Jabot, Ashley told Tucker that she enjoyed having him visit her office. Tucker said he preferred his office because it was also their private home. Ashley told her secretary not to interrupt. After Ashley locked her door, she began to disrobe for Tucker.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

At the Athletic Club, Tucker stopped to say hello to Kay as she finished lunch with Harmony. Neither Harmony nor Tucker had seen Devon since he had returned. Harmony urged Tucker to go see Devon, but Tucker was reluctant to push his familial connection. Harmony walked out and Kay asked Tucker to stay and speak with her for a minute. Kay pointed out that Tucker had remained distant from Devon despite their having worked together.

Kay wondered if Tucker had a fear of rejection when it came to Devon. Tucker admitted that it was tough to be ignored by a parent, a subtle zinger aimed at Kay who'd done that to him for years. Tucker wondered why Kay hadn't been trying to foster a relationship with Devon. Kay said that she felt that she and Tucker were very much alike in their reluctance to stick their necks out. Kay said that Devon had given Tucker an opening.

Lily went to the studio to check up on Devon. Lily assured Devon that he'd have his hearing restored very soon, once the devices were switched on. Lily was excited about the prospect of Devon's career after he had full use of his hearing. Lily told Devon that he was already an amazing success, and she knew he'd do great things with his new implants.

At the coffeehouse, Lauren and Michael called Fenmore to say they missed him. After saying goodbye to their son, Lauren complained that she wished they hadn't needed to send Fenmore to stay with Scott. Lauren blamed Daisy for their actions, and Michael reiterated that he was trying to get Daisy evicted from the building. Lauren wondered how Daisy had managed to get the courts on her side.

At the office, Phyllis was gazing at pictures of Lucy. Ricky was looking for some real reporting work, but Phyllis asked him to make copies. Ricky resented the way Phyllis treated him. Daniel arrived, and when Phyllis questioned him about Lucy, he explained that he was setting up a visit. Phyllis promised not to interfere, but she wanted to know about Lucy's welfare. Chloe handed her report about the latest fashion trends to Phyllis and announced that she was leaving for the day. Chloe turned to Daniel and asked if they could go to Crimson Lights. Daniel was not thrilled about the coffeehouse because Kevin would be there.

Ricky finished his work and as he went onto the elevator to leave, he warned Harmony that Phyllis was in a bad mood. Harmony told Phyllis that she'd decided to get a jump on work. Harmony wanted to be distracted because she was concerned about Devon. Phyllis understood because she couldn't get her mind off of Lucy. Phyllis figured that Lucy assumed that being bounced around from house to house was normal because the child had never been in one place for long. Phyllis justified why she'd taken Lucy from Billy and Victoria, adding that she had never expected Daisy to get out of prison until Lucy was an adult.

Phyllis felt that she'd failed her children. Harmony understood because she'd had her own problems as a crackhead. Phyllis asked how Harmony was doing with Devon since the surgery. Harmony felt they were trying to rebuild the trust. Harmony was grateful that Devon had let her go to Dallas with him, and she hoped that one day Ana would give her a second chance to be a mother to her. Harmony advised Phyllis to continue to reach out to her children. Phyllis thanked Harmony for listening to her and said that she admired Harmony for trying to fix her life. Harmony explained that her philosophy was to take it one day at a time.

At the coffeehouse, Angelina talked to Kevin about renovating one of the master bedrooms and turning it into a recording studio. Kevin wondered where he would sleep if they did that. When Daisy interrupted, Angelina wondered who she was. Kevin introduced Daisy as his half-sister who'd ruined his niece, Lucy's, life. Angelina left to consult with Devon about her music.

Kevin asked Daisy where Lucy was, and Daisy said the baby was with a sitter. Kevin was ticked that Daisy had moved into Michael and Lauren's building. Lauren, Michael, Chloe, and Daniel walked into the coffeehouse. When Daniel asked about his daughter, Daisy grinned because he'd referred to Lucy as his child. Daniel wanted to be sure that Daisy was being cared for. Michael pulled Lauren away from Daisy, and Chloe stepped aside, too. Kevin went to Daniel and said that he would help him win custody of Lucy because Kevin feared for Lucy's well-being. Kevin and Daniel agreed to put aside their difference for Lucy's sake.

Devon was in the studio, looking at his notes for Angelina's new song. Lily was envious that Devon knew what he wanted to do with his life while Lily was still adrift professionally. Angelina arrived, and Devon asked Lily to stay so that she could provide sign language for him. Angelina freaked out when she learned that Devon was deaf. Devon asked Angelina to speak slowly so he could read her lips.

Angelina was anxious to work on a new song right away to capitalize on the success of her first single. Devon said he'd already developed a new song and was sure it would be a hit. Angelina wanted to get into the studio as soon as possible, and Devon said he'd arrange it. Angelina waved goodbye and left. Lily and Devon laughed at Angelina's craziness.

Devon told Lily that he wasn't sure how he could deliver on his promise to Angelina unless he turned to Tucker. Devon feared that Tucker would read too much into his asking for a favor. Devon appreciated the things Tucker had done on the trip. Lily was surprised to learn that Harmony and Neil had danced together. Lily believed that Tucker might hope Devon would call him Dad, but Devon said he couldn't do that. To Devon, Neil was his father and always would be. Lily advised Devon to make a business proposal to Tucker. Devon got Lily to call Tucker for her.

While he was still with Kay, Tucker received a call from Lily asking him to go to the studio for Devon. Tucker told Kay about Devon's invitation and that he was going right there. Tucker observed that Devon handled learning about Tucker being his father better than Tucker had learning that Kay was his mother. Later, Tucker arrived, and Devon said he had a proposition for Tucker. Devon needed help in the studio because of his hearing.

Tucker said that he would definitely help and he refused to take any money from Devon. Tucker also discouraged Devon from wasting money on a contract. Tucker said he looked forward to collaborating with Devon. Across town, Harmony went to an A.A. meeting and talked about making amends. Harmony wondered if she had been selfish by staying in town for Devon. When Harmony took a seat, Sarge -- Jack's physical therapist -- smiled at her.

Ricky saw the Baldwins, Kevin, Chloe, and Daniel at the coffeehouse. Ricky sympathized with Eden about being ignored. Michael asked Kevin about his marriage to Angelina, as a lawyer and a brother. Kevin was about to admit that his marriage was a sham, but Angelina appeared suddenly and interrupted. Lauren said she had to go to her car. On her way back to Michael's table, Lauren asked Daisy why she was unaware of how her presence affected others. Lauren said she knew how to deal with Daisy. Later, Lauren told Michael that she had to go to the office and walked out.

Daniel noticed that Chloe was still hung up on Kevin. Daniel told Chloe to admit that she had a problem. Chloe couldn't help herself; she confessed that she still loved Kevin. Chloe missed Kevin. Back home, Chloe told Kay that she was upset about having lost Kevin to Angelina. Chloe feared she'd never find a man to love as much as Kevin. Kay offered Chloe a shoulder to cry on.

Michael told Kevin that he was leaving and asked Kevin to call him when he wanted to speak about Angelina. Michael noticed that Daisy was still there. Michael warned Daisy to steer clear of Lauren. Ricky watched from across the room. In her office, Lauren pulled out her pistol.

Phyllis walked in and saw Lauren with the gun. Lauren said she had bought it when Daisy was released from prison. Phyllis asked if Michael was aware that she had it and learned that he was not on board. Lauren wondered if she had overreacted by getting a gun, but Phyllis thought it was wise. Phyllis wished Lauren could launch a preemptive strike on Daisy. Michael entered, and Lauren hid the gun under her desk.

Angelina told Kevin that they should return to their original plan of getting out of their marriage. Kevin was pleased. Ricky approached Daisy and assumed she'd had a bad day. Ricky said he was a black sheep in his family, too.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Genevieve and Victor met again in the Japanese teahouse. Victor was impressed the she had picked up more Japanese and seemed to be trying to learn the language. Genevieve said she was immersing herself in the culture. Victor asked if Genevieve had tracked him down, and she said she assumed he'd be there. Genevieve said that she had not been disappointed the previous night. Victor and Genevieve said they both felt rejuvenated and ready for business.

Genevieve wondered if Victor preferred business to pleasure. Victor wouldn't let on, and Genevieve determined that Victoria had been right that Victor would not help her to land the Mitsukoshi deal. Genevieve told Victor again that she would not sell Beauty of Nature to him. Victor said he was leaving for Genoa City and would have to speak with her on another day. Victor walked out, leaving his new briefcase behind.

Jill received a call from Ashley. Jill said that Victor and Genevieve were in Tokyo together, and Ashley wondered if they were teaming up together. Ashley told Jill that Cane had found an "in" with Mitsukoshi. Jill wanted to meet Cane's contact, but learned that Cane was already on his way there. Jill looked up and saw Cane approaching.

Cane explained that Yoshita was a major stockholder in Mitsukoshi. Cane had already spoken to Yoshita about why he should give the business to Jabot. Jill agreed to go along with Cane to his meeting with Yoshita because she wanted to see Cane in action. Jill also wanted to keep an eye out for Genevieve.

Victor stepped up to Cane and Jill's table and assumed that they were all after the same thing. Jill speculated that Victor wasn't in the market yet for Mitsukoshi because his new cosmetics firm had not even launched. Cane believed that Victor wanted to see Jabot fail. Jill mentioned that she'd seen Victor with Genevieve. Victor said he was flying home immediately, and he wished Cane and Jill luck with their business. Alone, Jill warned Cane that Victor was up to something. Jill declared that she needed to get back to Genoa City too.

Jack and Nikki were talking about his new car, but she was distracted, and Jack assumed Nikki's mind was on Victor. Nikki revealed that she'd stayed up all night, waiting for Victor, but he hadn't gone home, and he hadn't even returned her call. Jack wished Nikki would get over Victor. Nikki changed the subject and suggested that they go out to dinner.

Jack received a message from Ashley. Jack informed Nikki that Ashley had told him that Victor was in Tokyo with Genevieve. Nikki surmised that Victor was still after Beauty of Nature. Jack pointed out that Victor always did that to Nikki: pursued another woman after a fight with Nikki. Nikki ignored Jack's observation.

Ashley was surprised when Jack arrived at Jabot. Jack was glad to be back in his office. Nikki entered and said hello to Ashley. Ashley said that she wasn't sure what Victor was doing in Japan and felt uncomfortable speaking in front of Nikki. Jack told Ashley that Nikki knew about Victor and Genevieve being in Tokyo.

Nikki decided to step out, but Jack assured Ashley to trust Nikki. Ashley revealed Cane's appointment with Yoshita. Jack thought he knew all the players in Mitsukoshi. Jack said that he mistrusted both Victor and Genevieve.

While Victor was out of the room, Genevieve went through Victor's briefcase. She found a card for Yoshita, and it piqued her curiosity. On the back of the card were the words "Mistukoshi deal." Victor returned and said he'd arranged to fly home. Victor said he had enjoyed spending time with Genevieve. When Genevieve said she was disappointed that Victor had not helped her, Victor cryptically wished her luck. Genevieve responded that she didn't need luck.

At the teahouse, Cane told the waitress he was meeting a Mr. Yoshita. Genevieve appeared and spotted Cane. They exchanged bland hellos, and Genevieve wondered if that was all that was left of their relationship. Genevieve had no expectations when it had to do with family. Cane told Genevieve that he was a winner because he had Lily and the children and worked for a woman he respected.

Genevieve laughed because she'd once hoped that she might be that woman when she bought Beauty of Nature. Genevieve cynically said that Atkinsons rarely enjoyed happy endings. Genevieve warned Cane that he would lose the Mitsukoshi deal for Jabot. Genevieve called Yoshita and arranged a dinner meeting.

Ashley learned from Nikki that Victor had been trying to buy Beauty of Nature back from Genevieve. Jack wondered why Genevieve and Victor were in Tokyo together. Ashley revealed that Jill thought Victor and Genevieve had teamed up. Ashley said it could only help Jabot if Victor were working against Genevieve. Jack did research on his laptop and discovered that Yoshita was not a Mitsukoshi stockholder. He was a U.S. government agent on the lookout for an American company trying to bribe their way into the Japanese market. Jack said Yoshita was a plant, and Cane had been set up.

In Tokyo, Yoshita arrived at the teahouse. Cane received a call from Jack before greeting Yoshita. Jack warned Cane to stop immediately and walk away. Jack explained that Yoshita was a government agent. Cane wanted to proceed, but Jack ordered him to withdraw.

Cane saw Genevieve introducing herself to Yoshita. Genevieve spoke with Yoshita and he pointed out that Mitsukoshi and Beauty of Nature had successfully worked together in the past. Cane watched Genevieve and Yoshita go into a private room to talk.

Ashley told Jack privately that Nikki needed to figure out Victor on her own. Ashley wished that Jack had not had his heart broken by Genevieve. Jill called Ashley to gossip about Genevieve and Victor's relationship. Jill sent a photograph to Ashley that would explain Jill's suspicions. Jack opened the file and saw Genevieve and Victor in a suggestive pose. Jack was angry. Ashley sympathized with Jack.

Nikki received a call from Victor. Victor was at the airport and apologized for not responding to her text message. Nikki went out of the room, and Victor told Nikki that he was on his way home and they needed to straighten things out. Nikki agreed to meet him at the ranch. When Nikki went back into Jack's office, Jack tried to hide the picture on the computer from Nikki. Ashley told Jack to let Nikki see the picture of Victor and Genevieve. Nikki was shocked.

At Crimson Lights, Ricky and Daisy commiserated about being the black sheep of their families. Ricky said he had been born to the wrong mother. Daisy claimed that other people blamed her for things she hadn't done. Ricky knew all about Daisy from the news. When Ricky mentioned that Phyllis was his boss, Daisy said she was done with Ricky. Later, Daisy accused Ricky of spying on her. Ricky understood why Daisy was suspicious of him, but he said he worked for Phyllis only because he needed the experience. Daisy warned Ricky not to trust Phyllis.

In Lauren's office, Michael wondered why Phyllis and Lauren were so quiet. Phyllis distracted Michael so that Lauren could hide the gun back in the desk. Michael asked Lauren if she'd been upset by her encounter with Daisy. Lauren said that as long as Daisy was free, she would be troubled.

Phyllis apologized again for letting Daisy back into their lives. Lauren understood that Phyllis had tried to protect Lucy by doing what she had done. Phyllis was sorry that her friends had been hurt by her actions. Phyllis feared that she'd lost Michael and Lauren's friendship and wanted to make things right.

Phyllis realized that Lauren had hidden the gun again. Michael said they all shared a common enemy in Daisy. Phyllis led Michael out ahead of Lauren so she could secure the drawer with the gun. At the Athletic Club, Michael asked Lauren why she hadn't told him about running into Daisy. Lauren felt that Daisy had already forced Fen away from her. Lauren was determined to handle Daisy on her own.

Michael suggested they spend the night at the club, but Lauren was determined to beat Daisy one battle at a time. Lauren urged Michael to take her home. At the coffeehouse, Phyllis saw Ricky speaking with Daisy. Daisy left to return to Lucy. Ricky told Daisy not to care about Phyllis. Daisy declared that Phyllis was evil.

Later, Lauren and Michael stepped onto the elevator and kissed. Just then, Daisy appeared and entered the elevator. The three of them shared a tense ride up to their apartments. Michael was concerned about Lauren and she asked Michael to take her to the club for the night.

Phyllis approached Ricky after Daisy left to learn why he'd been speaking with Daisy. Ricky mentioned that Daisy was his neighbor. Phyllis cornered Ricky and learned he was living with Eden in Kevin's old apartment. Ricky said he wasn't involved with Daisy. Phyllis had a deal for Ricky: if he spied on Daisy, Phyllis would give him a byline and perhaps a cover story. Ricky said that his loyalty was to Phyllis, his boss.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nikki looked at the picture of Genevieve and Victor together on her cell phone. Jack noticed and told Nikki to stop obsessing about Victor being with Genevieve. Nikki assumed that the picture bothered Jack, too, but Jack said he was immune to Genevieve's betrayal. Jack observed that Genevieve would do anything to succeed with Beauty of Nature. Jack defended Victor to Nikki by pointing out that the picture might be an innocent exchange.

To Nikki, Genevieve was yet another secret that Victor had kept from her. Jack was angry because Victor continued to mistreat Nikki, and he would always disappoint her. Jack denied that he had any feelings for Genevieve and urged Nikki to set parameters with Victor. Nikki said she had a lot to consider regarding her relationship with Victor. Later, Sarge arrived to check up on Jack's home modifications. Nikki said goodbye, and Jack told her to take care of herself.

Gerard served tea in the living room and wanted to pour Jack a cup. Sarge returned to the room and said that Jack had to serve himself. Sarge insisted that Jack restructure his life and learn to do for himself. Sarge declared that getting Jack's legs to move again was a full-time job. Jack resented Sarge's bullying ways and told him to back off.

Sarge announced that Jack would never get out of the chair if he refused to do the work himself. Sarge believed that Jack would never walk again, or if he did, it might take years. Jack yelled at Sarge, saying that he couldn't stand to be in the same room with him. Sarge walked out.

At the ranch, Nikki received a message that Victor was on his way home from the airport. Victor entered the house and found Nikki sitting in the living room. Victor embraced her and said he'd been looking forward to seeing her. Nikki hugged him back and said she was anxious to talk with him about Tokyo.

Cane called Lily from Tokyo to say that he missed her. Cane told Lily that the man he was supposed to have met was an undercover agent who was looking to entrap anyone who might try to buy into the Japanese market. Lily presumed that Genevieve might be lured into the trap. Cane said he could interfere and stop Genevieve from getting into trouble, but he wasn't sure if that was the right thing to do. Later, Cane sat at the bar, drinking sake, and wondered what to do.

In a private room at the teahouse, Yoshita and Genevieve got acquainted. Yoshita presented Genevieve with a gift and assumed that she had a lot of offer in return. Genevieve was certain the Mitsukoshi would want to work with Beauty of Nature. Genevieve suggested that they resume the fruitful relationship Beauty of Nature had with Mitsukoshi in the past. She wanted Yoshita to convince the Mitsukoshi board members to choose Beauty of Nature for their store shelves.

Yoshita explained that in his culture, gifts were important. Genevieve questioned what was an appropriate gift since he'd given her pastries. Yoshita conveyed that he was looking for something lucrative. Before Genevieve could name a price, Cane stumbled into the room, pretending to be drunk.

Genevieve apologized for Cane's presence. Playing at being drunk, Cane accused Genevieve of trying to undercut Jabot. Cane told Yoshita not to have anything to do with Genevieve. Yoshita recognized him as Cane Ashby from Jabot. Cane refused to leave, and Yoshita announced that he couldn't stay.

After Yoshita walked out, Genevieve was furious and accused Cane of underhanded tactics. Cane told Genevieve she needed to thank him for saving her neck. Cane informed Genevieve that he'd canceled his meeting with Yoshita when he discovered that Yoshita was an undercover U.S. agent trying to entrap her. Genevieve didn't believe Cane and suggested that he purposely had sabotaged her chances with Mitsukoshi.

Cane pointed out that if Victor had helped Genevieve arrange the meeting, it was Victor's way to undermine Beauty of Nature. Genevieve was humiliated. Cane explained that he'd helped her because she was his mother. Genevieve doubted that he would do anything for her. Cane wondered why he'd bothered with Genevieve.

Before leaving the house, Kevin and Angelina discussed how to approach Angelo with the news that they did not want to remain married. Kevin feared that Angelo would kill him. Angelina was confident that she could handle her father. Angelina told Kevin to leave everything to her.

Kevin went to the Athletic Club, where he bumped into Chloe and Delia. Delia was overjoyed to see Kevin, and he noticed that she was wearing her ballet costume. Delia asked if he'd like to attend her recital. Kevin said that he was available because Eden had stood him up for dinner. Chloe agreed, and the three of them went upstairs.

Later, Kevin told Delia she had been the best dancer in the show. Kevin offered to buy Delia an ice cream, and Chloe agreed. Over dessert, Chloe recalled a time at the zoo when Kevin's ice cream cone had landed on the ground. Chloe and Delia giggled at the memory. Delia said that she missed seeing Kevin the way she had each day in the hospital. Kevin assured Delia that he still loved her and thought of her every day. Delia said she still missed him. Kevin gave Delia a kiss goodbye, then Chloe and Delia went home.

At Gloworm, Angelina met with Angelo. Angelina wanted to speak with him about her marriage. Angelina said that Kevin had not cheated on her, but Angelina had rushed into marriage. Angelina realized that she'd made a mistake. Angelo wanted to go after Kevin. Angelina told him not to do that because she blamed herself for the marriage not working. Angelo left to meet with an associate and said that they'd talk more later.

Tucker arrived at the studio to work with Devon. Tucker worried about how they could communicate, but Devon said that he could read Tucker's lips. Devon played the new music track so Tucker could hear what he'd done so far on Angelina's single. Tucker was impressed, and Devon wondered if Tucker was being sincere. Tucker felt the song had hit potential, but needed tempo and modulation help.

Devon doubted Tucker's sincerity, but Tucker advised Devon to learn to take a compliment. Lily arrived and agreed to stay and provide sign language for their meeting. Tucker wanted Devon to arrange for the musicians and Angelina to convene so they could lay down some tracks. Angelina received a message and left for the studio.

Later, Angelina arrived at the studio and learned that Tucker would be helping out with the recording session. Tucker handed Angelina the lead sheet, and Devon said it was inspired by her relationship with Kevin. Angelina and Lily read the words and were both touched by the lyrics. Angelina wanted to play with the words a bit. Tucker and Devon wanted her to just sing it, but Angelina asked if she could make it more personal. Angelina pleaded to put in her two cents, and Devon acquiesced.

Later, Devon wondered why he'd agreed to Angelina's request. Tucker and Lily told Devon that he had done the right thing. Tucker left to get some dinner for them. Lily told Devon that the situation with Tucker was going well. Devon wondered if Tucker was trying to act like a father. Lily said that Tucker and Devon worked really well together. Devon admitted that he had enjoyed collaborating with Tucker.

While caring for Angelo's dog, Vig, Angelina talked about why she had to give up Kevin. Angelina was determined to give Kevin his life back, even though it was breaking her heart.

Friday, March 23, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Katherine informed Michael that Kevin had attended Delia's ballet recital and had shared ice cream with Delia and Chloe afterward. Michael wondered why Katherine seemed upset, and she expressed concern that Kevin's actions would confuse Delia. Michael encouraged Katherine to try to get Kevin to open up. Chloe and Daniel entered, and Kevin blasted Chloe for flaunting her relationship with Daniel. She explained that she hadn't expected Kevin to be there, since he had said that he was going home to his wife.

Kevin angrily started to walk away, but Daniel stopped him and told Kevin and Chloe that they were both his friends. Daniel urged them to talk while he returned home, and Katherine volunteered to give him a ride. Michael suspected that Kevin and Chloe wouldn't listen to one another, because they wouldn't admit that they both wanted the same thing. Chloe barked that Kevin belonged with Angelina, because they were both self-centered jerks. Kevin said that she had no idea how her statement wasn't true, but Chloe stormed out. Michael wondered what Kevin meant.

Michael demanded to know what was going on, because Kevin was obviously hung up on Chloe. Kevin admitted that he'd had to marry Angelina, and Michael assumed that Angelina was pregnant. Kevin denied it, and he filled Michael in on the entire story. Michael was stunned that Kevin and Angelina's affectionate behavior had been a ruse, and he pushed Kevin to get a divorce. Kevin disclosed that he'd never touched Angelina, and Michael wished that Kevin had confided in him earlier. Michael promised to find a way out for Kevin.

At Gloworm, Tucker arrived to pick up food for himself and Devon, and he informed Gloria and Angelo that he and Devon were working on Angelina's new song. Tucker complimented Angelina's voice, and he voiced his opinion that the new track would be a hit. Angelo was thrilled that his little girl was following her dreams. Jeffrey handed Tucker his order, and Tucker left. Gloria instructed Jeffrey to take inventory of the linens, and Angelo questioned whether Jeffrey could count that high.

Gloria assumed that Angelina was ecstatic, but Angelo griped that Angelina hadn't said anything to him about the new song. Angelo inquired whether Kevin had opened up to Gloria about his marriage, and he wondered if Gloria suspected that Kevin wanted out. She became defensive, and she said it would be a shame if the marriage fell apart. Gloria became excited when a wedding cake was delivered, and she made a flirtatious comment about the frosting. Angelo amorously said that she was giving him ideas, and Jeffrey watched uncomfortably as they kissed. Meanwhile, Angelina lamented to Big that her song wouldn't have a happy ending, at least not for her.

At the studio, Tucker unpacked dinner, and Devon inquired what was in a condiment container. Tucker replied that he liked mayonnaise on his fries. Devon commented that he did, too, and Tucker offered to share. Devon fretted that Angelina had been gone for a while, and he considered postponing their recording session. Angelina returned and gushed that she loved the song Devon had written, but she'd made a few tweaks. She handed him her revisions, and Devon and Tucker examined them. She pointed out that the song was about her life, and she anxiously hoped they liked it.

Tucker opined that Angelina had written beautiful, powerful lyrics, and Devon was also impressed, but he wondered why it sounded like a breakup song. Angelina didn't want to talk about it. Tucker remarked that the themes of love, loss, and heartache sounded like a country tune, and Devon agreed. Devon and Tucker discussed details about changes to the musical accompaniment, and they were pleasantly surprised to find that they had similar ideas. Angelina babbled that she'd dreamed of being a performer like Dolly Parton, and Tucker said that song might get her there. Devon advised Angelina to pour her heart into the song, and she mused that it wouldn't be a problem.

Angelina recorded a beautiful ballad about saying a "good goodbye." Tucker and Devon listened in awe, and Angelina fought back tears as she finished singing the song. Tucker marveled that she'd nailed it on the first take, and he remarked that he'd rarely heard anyone sing with such passion. He suggested they listen to the track, but she said she couldn't, and she bolted out.

Devon asked Tucker what he owed for the food, but Tucker insisted upon picking up the bill, and he joked that they could have steaks on Devon's dime the next time. Tucker asked what Devon thought was going on with Angelina, and Devon theorized that Kevin and Angelina were having problems, even though he knew she loved Kevin a lot. Tucker felt bad for Angelina, but he pointed out that the situation had resulted in a great song.

Tucker stopped by to see Katherine and updated her regarding his progress with Devon. He explained that they had found common ground by working on the recording together. Katherine was pleased, and she revealed that Tucker's father had loved music. She continued that his father's parents had dissuaded his father from pursuing it, and he'd become a lawyer instead, but music had always been his passion. Tucker remarked that he'd inherited his business sense from Katherine, and his musical abilities from his father, and he'd since passed both on to his own son.

Tucker wanted to get back to the studio, and Katherine thanked him for dropping by. She said she was happy for both Tucker and Devon, and he hoped it was the start of a real relationship. She wistfully stated that it could be the start of a lot of things. "Goodnight, Mom," he said, and he headed for the door. She called after him, and after a pause, she simply told him to drive carefully.

At the studio, Devon was surprised that Tucker had returned to work on the track, and he observed that Tucker seemed enthusiastic about the project. Tucker exclaimed that he was having a blast, because he'd missed being in the studio. Tucker sentimentally stated that he'd missed a lot of things, but he regained his composure and stated that he couldn't wait for Devon to hear the song.

Angelo worriedly rushed over to Angelina's home at her request, and she begged him to listen to her. He didn't want to hear anything else about her not wanting to be married. She sobbed that she was really unhappy and not cut out for "wifey stuff," so she'd decided to end the marriage. Angelo refused to accept it, because he felt that marriage should be a lifetime commitment. Angelo blamed Kevin, but Angelina cried that Kevin had never done anything wrong, but he had never loved her, either. Angelo snarled that Kevin was a dead man.

Angelina confessed that she had tricked Kevin into being with her, and she'd mistakenly believed that he would love her once she had gotten him away from Chloe. Angelo noted that Angelina had seemed happy, and Angelina said that she was, but she realized that their marriage wouldn't work. She explained that Kevin had been making the best of it, but she couldn't stand to see him miserable. Angelo thought Kevin just needed more time, just like Gloria had learned to care for Angelo. Angelina maintained that her situation was different, because Kevin would never love her the way she loved him.

Angelo angrily proclaimed that no one took advantage of his daughter and got away with it. Angelina contended that she had taken advantage of a terrific guy, and she'd screwed up Kevin's life by convincing him that they had been in danger. She implied that they'd never been intimate, and that they'd only kissed to irritate Chloe. Angelo realized that Kevin and Angelina had never had sex. She vowed that when she got married for real, it would be to someone who returned her affection in every way. Angelo encouraged her to find someone who loved her back and never let go.

Kevin insisted to Michael that he didn't want to embarrass or hurt Angelina. Michael was surprised that Kevin still wanted to protect her even after everything she'd done, but Kevin countered that she was a good person and not as tough as she appeared. Angelina entered and forlornly approached the counter. Kevin asked how things had gone with Angelo, and she reported that Kevin was free. Kevin sighed in relief.

Kevin and Angelina returned home, and she wondered if Angelo had sent over one of his goons to wait for them. Angelina asked if Kevin intended to move out that night, and he responded that he hadn't planned on it, unless she wanted him to leave right away. She had no desire to be alone, but she understood if he wanted to go back to Chloe. He muttered that a reunion wasn't going to happen.

Over the phone, Gloria expressed condolences to the groom whose reception she had planned to host. She hung up, and she informed Jeffrey that the bride had run off with the maid of honor, so the groom had canceled the wedding. Jeff chuckled, and Gloria ranted that Jeffrey had no idea what it was like to have someone he loved walk out on him. Later, Angelo returned to Gloworm and found Jeffrey eating a piece of wedding cake. Gloria explained that the bride had run out on the groom. Angelo praised that the place looked wonderful, and he took the cancellation as a sign that he and Gloria should get married that night.

Angelo dropped to one knee and declared that he'd loved Gloria since he'd laid eyes on her, and he begged her to say yes. She glanced over at Jeffrey, and then she gleefully accepted. Gloria fretted about all they had to do, but he instructed her to get herself ready, and he'd take care of the rest. Gloria rushed off, and Jeffrey flashed back to Angelo forcing him to write a goodbye letter to Gloria. Jeffrey ordered Angelo to stay away from Gloria, because she'd never marry Angelo once Jeffrey told her what Angelo had done. Jeffrey tried to punch Angelo, but Angelo easily subdued him.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe swore to Daniel that she hadn't expected Kevin to be at the coffeehouse, and Daniel beseeched her to get over Kevin and move on. Chloe knew that she needed to let go, because Kevin was married. After Daniel had left, Katherine sensed that Chloe was upset. Katherine suggested that they talk over ice cream, but Chloe declined, because she intended to crawl into bed and pretend that she'd never met Kevin.

Gloria called Chloe and announced that she and Angelo were getting married that night, and she asked Chloe to stand up for her. Angelo phoned Angelina with the news and requested that she and Kevin head over to Gloworm. Angelo told Gloria that he'd handled everything, and he'd made sure everything would be perfect. Meanwhile, a bound and gagged Jeffrey struggled to free himself from inside a Dumpster.

At the Newman ranch, Victor tersely told Nikki that his trip to Japan had been fine, and he asked if something was wrong. She remained silent, and he declared that he was happy to be home with her, but he was disturbed that she had wanted them to take a break from one another. Nikki pointed out that the suggestion had sent him across the world, and she inquired what he had done there. Victor vaguely stated that he had enjoyed good food and sake, and he had run into old friends. She continued to push for details, but he left to get some coffee. Nikki looked at the photo of Victor and Genevieve on her phone.

Victor called Japan both serene and energetic, and Nikki commented that it was a good place to catch up with friends. Victor admitted that he had run into Genevieve, and Nikki asked if he'd known that Genevieve had planned to be there. Victor complained about Genevieve's overinflated ego, but he felt that he'd gotten what he'd wanted out of the trip. Nikki questioned whether Victor was having an affair with Genevieve, but Victor retorted that Genevieve had stolen his company, and he wanted it back. Nikki reminded him that he'd promised he'd never lie to her again, and he demanded to know what she meant. She showed him the incriminating photo, and she asked if that was how he'd gotten what he wanted.

Victor asked how Nikki had obtained the photo, and she said it didn't matter, but she needed answers. He surmised that someone was trying to stir up trouble, and he speculated that Genevieve herself could have sent the photo. He remembered that Jill had given him a hard time in Japan. Nikki explained that she had been in Ashley's office when Jill had sent the photo to Ashley. Victor claimed it had been taken out of context, and Nikki asked if there had been any flirtation between him and Genevieve. Victor acknowledged that there might have been, but he'd returned to his hotel room alone.

Nikki argued that Victoria worked for Beauty of Nature, and she didn't want Victor's games to affect their daughter. Victor promised they wouldn't, and he insisted that he had no desire to explore a relationship with Genevieve, because he would never throw away what he and Nikki shared. Nikki said that she believed Victor, and he thanked her.

Nikki hugged Victor, and she suggested that they turn in early after his long flight. Victor answered his phone, and Yoshita informed him that Genevieve had never offered a bribe, because Cane had interrupted their meeting. Victor covered his dismay and assured Nikki that everything was fine.

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