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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 26, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Michael knocked on Clarice Collins' door. Ms. Collins, a justice of the peace, initially thought Michael, who'd already told her he was married, intended to add another spouse to his household. Michael quickly explained that he wished to discuss the marriage of Kevin Fisher and Angelina Veneziano. Clarice slammed the door in Michael's face. Michael persisted and explained that he needed Clarice's assistance.

Chloe summoned Victoria to the Chancellor estate to help with a fashion emergency. Chloe explained that she'd be part of Gloria's spur-of-the-moment wedding and was nervous about running into Kevin for the second time on the same day. Chloe added that she and Delia had run into Kevin earlier and enjoyed a brief visit before Kevin picked a fight.

Chloe looked stunning in Victoria's selection, an asymmetrical, off-one-shoulder cocktail dress in rich fuchsia. Chloe remained glum and said she'd promised to be Gloria's matron of honor. Though Victoria and Chloe agreed that Angelo had his dark side, Chloe explained that Angelo pampered Gloria and had brightened her spirits after Jeffrey absconded. Victoria advised Chloe to maintain her dignity in front of Kevin. After a bit of convincing, Victoria agreed to borrow a dress and accompany Chloe to the wedding.

At Kevin and Angelina's, Kevin sulked while Angelina reapplied another layer of makeup. Angelina said, "It probably doesn't make you very happy that we're still going to be related even after we get divorced, but 'stepsibs' are even better than husband and wife, right?" Kevin remained silent. Angelina told Kevin that he'd have to attend her father's wedding because refusing would be a sign of disrespect. Kevin, distracted, hadn't heard a word Angelia had said.

Kevin berated himself for "acting like an ass" in front of Chloe because he'd discerned that she'd drawn close to Daniel. Kevin said that perhaps it was best that Chloe had moved on with Daniel, whom Kevin labeled his ex-best friend. When Kevin headed toward the door, Angelina suggested he change his clothes. Kevin complained that the wedding couldn't be more ridiculous than it already was even if he showed up wearing a clown nose and a rainbow-colored wig.

At Gloworm, Gloria was reluctant to carry through with her nuptials ill-prepared, and she complained that Lauren might not be able to locate a suitable dress. Gloria glanced at her ragged nails, cried that she had no time to apply makeup, and said she'd forgotten to request shoes. Angelo told Gloria that he'd hire someone to do her makeup and even buy her a shoe store because nothing was too extravagant for his bride. Jill arrived and overheard Angelo's over-the-top promises to Gloria. Gloria beamed and said, "We're getting married tonight!" Angelo claimed that his best days were ahead of him. Jill asked if Jeffrey had been included in the guest list. Angelo stiffened and flashed a menacing grimace at Jill.

Lauren arrived with several dresses enclosed in garment bags. Jill laughed when Gloria struck down the first three rather modest selections her daughter-in-law revealed. Gloria was elated when Lauren showed her a blue-and-white fitted dress embellished with a flirty fringe of black feathers along the shoulders and back. Gloria cried, "I am not a typical bride. I have fun, take risks, and I like to have a good time." Jill shook her head in amusement after Gloria went upstairs to try on the dress. Lauren accompanied Gloria upstairs.

Kevin and Angelina arrived. Kevin noted that someone had left the drawer open in the cash register. Angelina said it was fortunate her daddy hadn't noticed. Kevin rushed to the back room to complain. Daniel arrived, and Angelina requested to have a private chat with him in the corner. Angelina told Daniel that Angelo had agreed to let her and Kevin file for divorce.

Daniel berated Angelia for kidnapping, terrorizing, and blackmailing Kevin. Angelina said she regretted her actions. Daniel mentioned that Chloe was still miserable and heartbroken after losing Kevin. Excitedly, Angelina told Daniel that she had a plan to reunite Kevin and Chloe right away. Angelina added, "I want my Kevvie to be happy." Daniel asked Angelina if she was truly ready to let Kevin go.

After Angelina and Daniel stepped away, Angelo and Jill entered the dining room. Angelo offered Jill a drink refill, and Jill asked how Jeffrey had reacted to the news of Gloria's marriage. Angelo bared his upper teeth and snapped, "Gloria's mine now, and there's nothing that bum can do about it."

Gloria's mood improved after she donned the sexy frock. Lauren asked Gloria if she truly loved Angelo. Gloria, referring to her failed marriage to Jeffrey, claimed that love meant nothing. Gloria announced that she'd chosen a man who would take care of her. Lauren mentioned happiness, and Gloria insisted that having someone who would protect her made her feel happy. Gloria said she was very happy to have Angelo in her life. Lauren replied, "I hope it works out exactly the way you want it."

After Lauren stepped out, Gloria recalled her wedding to Jeffrey in a flashback. She remembered how she and Jeffrey had shared a strong attraction to one another. Tears welled in Gloria's eyes, but she seemed to put the memory behind her as she adjusted the jewel earrings Lauren had given her and prepared to marry Angelo.

Lauren ran into Kevin in the dining room while he was reprimanding a careless bartender. Lauren suggested that an anxious Kevin take a walk to relax. After Lauren stepped away, Chloe arrived with Victoria. Chloe announced that she would be Gloria's matron of honor. Kevin and Chloe exchanged harsh words before Kevin walked outside. Chloe said, "What did I ever see in him?" Victoria whisked Chloe upstairs to find Gloria.

Later, Gloria, Victoria, and Chloe returned to the dining room. Daniel approached and asked to speak with Chloe. Jill saw Victoria and asked about Billy. Victoria explained that Billy had opted to stay in California during the filming of the pilot for Restless Style. Jill said she was exhausted after her trip to Japan and left. Angelo returned and admired Gloria's sexy attire.

After Kevin returned from his walk, he ran into Angelina outside Gloworm. Angelina said that her father wished to talk to them right away, so they headed to a side entrance. After Kevin and Angelina walked away, Michael arrived and entered through the front entrance. Michael ran into Lauren, and they both watched Gloria nuzzle Angelo near the bar. Michael said he hoped his mother might come to her senses. Lauren explained that Angelo looked good to Gloria because she was depressed about her past failed relationships.

Angelina led Kevin to an upstairs office, where Daniel had taken Chloe. Angelina admitted that she'd lied to Kevin about her father wanting to talk. Kevin and Chloe initially refused to interact. Angelina said, "Kevin never loved me!" Daniel admitted that he and Chloe had spent all their time talking about Kevin. Chloe noted that Kevin had claimed he loved Angelina. Angelina admitted that she'd tricked Kevin into skipping out on his and Chloe's wedding. Kevin, still miffed, walked away.

Daniel approached Kevin and privately acknowledged that nothing had happened between him and Chloe. Angelina admitted to Chloe that Kevin had never touched her. Angelina and Daniel left the room. Kevin said he'd married Angelina in order to protect Chloe. Kevin added that he would have stayed married to Angelina forever to keep Chloe safe. Chloe explained that she'd kissed Daniel because she'd been hurt and was also drunk. Chloe and Kevin agreed that resolving their misunderstandings had changed everything.

Downstairs, Angelo tried to contact Angelina. Gloria became frustrated when she couldn't reach Kevin or Chloe. After Angelina and Daniel returned, Daniel whispered to Victoria that Chloe would be temporarily detained. Daniel smiled when Victoria covertly asked about Kevin and Chloe. The priest carried a drink to a booth and sat down. Michael suggested that everyone enjoy champagne while they waited. Angelo refused to wait, and he suggested that Lauren and Angelina could stand in as attendants. Angelo noted that the priest was about to pass out from drinking too much.

In the alley outside of Gloworm, Jeffrey was still trapped inside a Dumpster, where Angelo had dumped him. Having loosened his gag, Jeffrey yelled to Gloria and warned her not to marry Angelo. Jeffrey struggled to free his hands, which had been tied behind his back. Jeffrey continued yelling, but no one responded. Exhausted, Jeffrey relaxed atop piles of trash and began chanting. Jill stepped out through the alleyway door and heard Jeffrey. Jill lifted the Dumpster lid and was shocked to discover Jeffrey inside. Jeffrey pleaded with Jill to help him out before Angelo "finished him off."

Inside Gloworm's dining room, Gloria and Angelo took their places, and the priest began the ceremony. Jeffrey burst in and yelled, "Stop the wedding! Take your hands off my woman!" Gloria exclaimed, "Jeffrey?" Jeffrey smiled and said, "Honey bunny!" Gloria slapped Jeffrey. Gloria was livid, and she asked Jeffrey why he stunk. Jill plucked a lemon wedge off Jeffrey's stained jacked and said, "He's had a rough night." Angelo lunged forward and said that it was about to get rougher for Jeffrey.

Michael blocked Angelo's path and allowed Jeffrey to explain his situation. Jeffrey told Gloria that Angelo had taken her money. Jeffrey explained that he'd been forced to write the letter claiming he'd fled with Gloria's money. Jeffrey told Gloria she should have realized he would never have written, "Farewell, my lovely ..." Gloria fixed her gaze on Angelo and recalled that she had thought something about the letter was strange. Angelina realized her father had been involved and, in a condemning tone, said "Daddy!"

Jeffrey held Gloria close and said, "Tell me that you still love me or at least that you're not going to marry this wise guy." Angelo snarled and rushed toward Jeffrey. Michael and Daniel struggled to restrain Angelo. Angelina seemed horrified by her father's frightening behavior. Angelo claimed that Jeffrey was lying.

Gloria said she didn't know what to believe. Michael explained that the only reason Kevin had stayed married to Angelina was because Angelo had been threatening Kevin. Angelo yelled, "It's not true!" Angelina confirmed Michael's statement and told her father that they had to stop hurting people in order to get what they wanted. Jeffrey addressed Angelo and said, "You try getting dumped in a trash can and see how you like it."

Chloe and Kevin heard Michael yelling, so they raced to the dining room. Kevin asked what was going on. Victoria said, "Angelina just admitted why you married her." Angelina announced that she and Kevin would get a quick divorce. Michael reached into his breast pocket, pulled out a document, and said, "There's no need for that because I sought the assistance of Justice Clarice Collins and had the marriage annulled."

Chloe grabbed the papers from Michael and looked them over. Jeffrey taunted Angelo and said, "Looks like the biggest loser here is you, fatso!" Kevin turned to Chloe and said, "You know what this means, right?" Jeff responded and said, "Yeah. It would be a shame to let this go to waste." Kevin and Jeffrey simultaneously dropped down on one knee and proposed to their prospective spouses. Gloria giggled nervously. Chloe smiled dreamily.

At Devon's studio, Tucker tweaked Angelina's new ballad. Harmony dropped by. Tucker, pointing to Devon, said, "Who knew he had this kind of talent?" Harmony remarked that Angelina had come a long way. Devon pointed out that Angelina had written most of the lyrics herself. Devon added that Tucker had proposed the country genre. Harmony concluded that the soon-to-be hit had been a collaborative effort. Devon heartily agreed. Harmony and Tucker were doubly impressed when Devon suggested adding background harmony to a newly added chorus.

Neil and Sofia arrived. Harmony excitedly approached Neil. Harmony said, "Just wait until you hear what your son has done. It's going to blow your mind." Harmony, beaming, bobbed her head while the song played. Neil addressed Devon and said, "That's beautiful, man." Sofia looked displeased when Harmony grabbed Neil by the shoulder and insisted that Devon was "about to become the next Max Martin or Dr. Luke." Harmony noted that Tucker wasn't pleased with her overly friendly interaction with Neil.

After the song ended, Harmony told Neil that though Devon hadn't yet heard the song with his ears, he'd been able to direct Tucker's efforts from the vision of the song Devon had "heard in his head." Devon stood next to Tucker, patted his biological father on the back, and proclaimed that Tucker knew what he was doing. Harmony said Tucker had better hope Devon liked what he'd hear in the future.

Sofia recalled a story about Tucker she'd heard long before from her late father. Tucker bristled. Sofia laughed and said that a big-name celebrity wasn't at all pleased after Tucker, then new to the business, had secretly altered the performer's song. The gaffe, Sofia said, had almost ended Tucker's career. Tucker blasted Sofia and told her that certain stories weren't meant for public consumption.

Neil approached Tucker and demanded he apologize to Sofia. Tucker reminded Sofia that she had signed a confidentiality agreement. Sofia explained that she hadn't meant to rile Tucker, and she said that it certainly wasn't a secret that he had a huge ego. Sofia was clearly hurt. Sofia said that Tucker had known her since she was a child, but he shouldn't treat her like one. Sofia rushed out the door. Tucker said that he and Sofia would work things out.

Neil observed that everything Tucker said had worsened the situation. After Tucker left to talk to Sofia, Devon told Harmony that Tucker had once fired Sofia after the two had a falling-out. Neil explained that the situation in that instance had been entirely different because Sofia had kept secrets. Neil added that Tucker's outburst regarding Sofia's comment was uncalled for. Devon said he hoped Sofia and Tucker could work things out.

In another room, Tucker teased Sofia about having had too much fun staging their "argument." Sofia replied, "This is not fun for me, Tucker. I don't like deceiving Neil." Tucker told Sofia they could call off the charade if she was worried about deceiving Neil. Sofia said, "No. I'm sure he's going to understand why we did what we did when this is all over."

Tucker explained that if he and Sofia wanted everyone to believe they had irreconcilable differences, they would have to convince their families and the business community. Sofia cautioned Tucker to be careful because he might alienate Devon by lashing out at her. Tucker agreed to claim that he had apologized to Sofia when they returned to the studio.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

At Gloworm, Angelo objected when Jeffrey proposed to Gloria, but Gloria declared that she would marry Jeffrey again. Kevin was on his knee, waiting for Chloe to give him a yes, too. Kevin confessed his love for Chloe and said he'd never stopped wanting to marry her. Victoria assured Kevin that Chloe would marry him. Chloe said it was true; she still loved Kevin. Angelina smiled at their good fortune, even though her heart was breaking. Lauren wanted to plan their weddings, but Jeffrey and Kevin declared that they were having the weddings immediately. Angelo walked away angrily, and Angelina watched him.

In the office, Lauren and Victoria helped Chloe and Gloria prepare for the wedding. Chloe was overjoyed but wanted to be sure that Kevin wasn't going to disappear this time. Gloria told Chloe that she was certain that Kevin was the right man for Chloe, just like Jeffrey was the right man for Gloria.

Daniel called Kay, asking her to take Esther and Delia to Chloe and Kevin's wedding at Gloworm. Kay was stunned but happy for the two of them. Kay warned Daniel that they shouldn't start the wedding until she got there. Lauren and Michael called friends to hurry to Gloworm for the weddings. Phyllis assured Lauren that she would leave the Athletic Club -- where she'd just had a workout -- and head directly to Gloworm.

When Kay arrived at Gloworm, Jill explained what had happened with Jeffrey and Gloria, and Chloe and Kevin. Kay was stunned that Gloria was not marrying Angelo. Jill advised Kay not to ask any questions and just let the good times roll. Daniel and Michael helped Kevin make himself presentable for the wedding. Daniel told Kevin that Angelina had made it possible for him to marry Chloe and that she was really responsible for stepping aside. Angelina told Kevin that she was happy for him. Kevin gave Angelina a thank you kiss.

Michael and Jeffrey questioned Angelo about what he'd done with Gloria's money. Angelo denied having done anything illegal. Michael threatened to charge Angelo with Jeffrey's kidnapping. Angelo suggested that they settle things out of court. Michael advised Angelo to turn over Gloworm to Gloria, and that would settle the debt. Angelo agreed to give up Gloworm because it really belonged to Gloria. Jeffrey was pleased and hugged Angelo. Eden arrived at the restaurant, and Daniel told her what was happening. Daniel was pleased for Chloe and Kevin, while Eden was relieved that Daniel was not in love with Chloe.

Phyllis arrived directly from the gym, still in workout clothes, but ready to celebrate. Jeffrey told Jill that he needed a best man for the wedding and wanted it to be Jill because she'd save his life -- twice. Jill agreed. Jeffrey wanted to start the weddings, but the minister had left the restaurant. Phyllis said that the minister had been driven off in a taxi, obviously drunk. Kay stepped forward to announce that she could perform the ceremonies because she was an ordained minister.

Esther and Delia appeared for the wedding. Victoria announced that it was time to start. Delia was thrilled that Chloe and Kevin were going to have a "happily ever after." Chloe told Gloria that she'd been ready to marry Kevin since Christmas, and she thanked Gloria for letting her be part of Gloria's crazy family. In the restaurant, everyone gathered as Delia walked down the aisle to Kevin. Delia told Kevin that Chloe loved him.

Lauren and Michael started humming the wedding march as Chloe and Gloria entered the room. Everyone joined in, and Chloe and Gloria went to Kevin and Jeffrey. Kay started the ceremony and decided to recite the short form of the vows. Kay advised them to work out all their problems and forgive each other's screw-ups. Kay declared that they should always be good to one another. Kay announced that they were officially married. Angelina whispered to Angelo that they'd done the right thing.

At Devon's studio, Tucker apologized to Devon for lashing out at Sofia. Tucker added that he was proud of Angelina's song, declaring that Devon had done a very good job. Tucker said he was proud of Devon and realized that his son was very gifted. Devon was grateful, but longed to hear the song with his own ears.

Tucker and Devon decided to take the final mix of the song to Angelina. When Tucker and Devon reached Gloworm, Phyllis informed them that there'd been a double wedding. Devon was shocked to hear that Chloe and Kevin had been married. Devon had no idea that Angelina and Kevin had broken up.

Devon gave Angelina the CD. Angelo approached and grabbed it so that everyone could hear Angie's next big hit. Devon wasn't sure, but Angelina said it was all right with her because the music was from her heart. Jeffrey and Gloria danced to the song. Angelina saw how happy Kevin was with Chloe as the newlyweds danced together.

Daniel asked Eden to dance with him. Angelo was very proud of his daughter's song, but he didn't like seeing Gloria in Jeffrey's arms. Michael kissed Lauren happily. Angelo put his arms around Angelina to comfort her. Tucker told Angelina that the song would be a hit. Devon was anxious to work with Angelina in the future.

Kevin wanted to talk with Angelina, but Chloe said that she'd do it. Chloe first complimented Devon about the song, then she turned to Angelina. Chloe looked stern, and Angelina expected Chloe to go off on her. Instead, Chloe thanked Angelina and explained that she just wanted them all to be happy. Angelina said that Kevvy was a great guy. Chloe asked Angelina not to call him Kevvy, and then said she understood why Angelina had done what she'd done because Chloe had pulled stunts like that in the past, too. Devon interrupted their talk and asked Angelina if she would be staying in Genoa City.

Kevin thanked Michael for helping him get out of his marriage to Angelina. Jeffrey told everyone that since his memory had returned, he remembered them all and still liked them. Phyllis took a picture of Jeffrey and Gloria so they could remember this happy time when they had tough times down the road. Kevin and Gloria shared a dance, and so did Jeffrey and Chloe. Anita entered the restaurant to get her check. Gloria informed Anita that she and Jeffrey had just gotten married.

At the Athletic Club, Chelsea told Adam she was lonely and thought he might be fun company. Adam was glad to see Chelsea, and she was thrilled. While she sipped some juice, Adam went to the men's room. Nick and Sharon arrived at the Athletic Club for a working dinner. Sharon was upset when she noticed that Adam joined Chelsea at the bar. Nick was surprised to learn that Adam could see again.

Nick told Sharon that the woman with Adam was Chelsea, the con artist who was having Billy's baby. Meanwhile, Chelsea was questioning Adam about Sharon's past relationships with Nick and Victor. Adam changed the subject and asked Chelsea if she was still curious about her father. Chelsea wondered if she'd ever learn his identity. Adam revealed that for much of his life, he had believed that his father was dead. Adam had only learned that Victor was his father when Hope died.

Nick told Sharon that there was still a chance for them to land the Mitsukoshi account for their new cosmetics firm. Nick pointed out that Sharon had done well in Japan as the face of Beauty of Nature. Nick proposed that he and Sharon fly to Tokyo immediately. Nick tried to inform Phyllis that he was going to Tokyo with Sharon, but didn't want to say those words on the phone. Instead, he said nothing to Phyllis.

At the bar, Sharon asked Adam about his eyesight, and he confirmed that he could see again. Adam said that he'd overheard that Sharon and Nick were flying to Japan. Later, Chelsea was surprised that Sharon and Nick had not said that they were happy for Adam about his getting his eyesight back. Adam told Chelsea he had a surprise for her.

Nick was determined to get an appointment with Mitsukoshi. Sharon assumed that Phyllis might be peeved about their going on a business trip together. Nick explained that he would have to find a way to tell Phyllis without upsetting her. Meanwhile, at Gloworm, Phyllis received a text message from Adam informing her that Sharon and Nick were flying to Japan that night.

Angelina told Kevin and Chloe that she'd just revealed to Devon that she was moving to Los Angeles. Angelina added that Angelo would be her manager and would be joining her in California. Tucker wished Angelina well. Angelina said goodbye to everyone from Angelo and her. Angelo wished Kevin and Chloe, "mazel tov." Angelo warned Jeffrey to take care of Gloria. Angelo got a kiss from Gloria.

Angelina told Devon that once his ears were back in working order; she wanted him to call her so they could work together. Angelina said she would miss Kevin most of all. Kevin hugged her goodbye. Angelo and Angelina left together. Kevin and Chloe, and Jeffrey and Gloria, announced that they would be departing on their quickie honeymoons.

Suddenly, Chelsea burst into Gloworm and confronted Jeffrey to say that he was her father. Jeffrey was shocked and didn't seem to recognize her. Meanwhile, Carmine, Angelina's ex-boyfriend, got in Kevin's face and accused him of ruining his love life. Carmine wanted revenge.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In Tokyo, Nick and Sharon were at the teahouse, waiting to meet with Mr. Mitsukoshi. Sharon casually wondered how Phyllis reacted to the news that Nick had gone on a business trip with Sharon. Nick explained that Adam had already tipped off Phyllis, but she'd seemed okay with Nick being alone in Japan with Sharon. Nick was sure that the data they'd collated would convince Mitsukoshi to want to work with Newman. Sharon was sure that Mr. Mitsukoshi, whom she'd met years before, would be more interested in talking about life and art than just business. When Mr. Mitsukoshi appeared, he was glad to see Sharon and mentioned their history together. Mistukoshi asked to have a private meeting with Sharon because he said that he wanted to hear the woman's point of view about the cosmetics business. Sharon happily went to the private dining room with Mr. Mitsukoshi. Nick was stunned that Sharon seemingly had a better handle on the negotiation than he had.

After his meeting with Sharon, Mr. Mitsukoshi said goodbye to Nick and Sharon. Nick was confused by his abrupt departure and asked Sharon what had happened in the private dining room, assuming that Sharon had not been successful in landing the deal. Sharon told Nick that Newman's new line would be sold exclusively in Mitsukoshi's Department Stores. Nick was floored. Sharon explained to Nick that Mr. Mistukoshi had loved the marketing campaign they'd developed together. Sharon and Nick toasted their business success.

Phyllis was home alone when Avery appeared at her door. Phyllis invited her sister in and Avery announced that she had news about Lucy. Daniel's parental rights hearing would be the next day. Phyllis was concerned that Daniel might not win his rights back. Avery realized that Phyllis was upset and tried to get her sister to open up to her. Phyllis admitted that she was ticked off because she could keep from obsessing about Nick. Avery wondered if Phyllis mistrusted Nick. Phyllis felt that Nick was distracted by his obligations to others, including Sharon. Avery sympathized with Phyllis, but believed that Nick had chosen to be with Phyllis not Sharon. Avery reminded Phyllis that Nick had left Avery for Phyllis, not Sharon. Phyllis feared that Nick still wanted Sharon.

Phyllis received a call from Nick and was pleased that he called her all the way from Toyko. Nick told Phyllis that he and Sharon had closed the deal with Mitsukoshi and they had no reason to stay any longer. Phyllis informed Nick that Daniel's parental rights hearing would be the next day. Nick said he'd try to make it in court on time. Phyllis was joyful when Nick told her he'd take the red-eye back to Genoa City. Phyllis was appreciative. Sharon assumed that she and Nick would be spending the night in Tokyo, but Nick said he had to fly back immediately. When Sharon and Nick were on the plane, the pilot announced that the flight had been delayed. Back in Genoa City, Phyllis told Avery that she was counting on Nick showing up for the hearing.

Adam ran into Chelsea at the Athletic Club bar. Chelsea was unhappy about the news that Jeffrey was her father. Chelsea resented that Jeffrey denied his paternity, and also that Anita had been ducking Chelsea's calls for more information. Adam apologized that he hadn't done more research for Chelsea when he tracked down the information that Jeffrey was her father. Chelsea appreciated Adam's help, but she was really disappointed that her father had no interest in her life. Adam wished that things had worked out better for Chelsea. Chelsea appreciated that Adam at least listened to her. Adam was shocked to hear that Chelsea's mother was such a conniver. Adam believed his own mother would be disappointed in the man he'd become, but Chelsea realized that Adam was a better person than the stories of him suggested.

Sitting at the gate in the airport, Jeffrey assured Gloria that he was not Chelsea's father. Gloria and Jeffrey wondered why Anita had ducked out of the restaurant without answering questions. At Gloworm, Anita left a message on Chelsea's phone, suggesting that they could use the information about Jeffrey to their advantage. Michael and Lauren confronted Anita, but Anita refused to speak with them. Michael took a call from the lab analyzing the DNA samples to prove that Jeffrey was Chelsea's father.

At the coffeehouse, Eden asked Daniel if he believed that Carmine was intent on breaking up Chloe and Kevin. Daniel doubted Carmine meant what he'd said at the wedding, but then Carmine walked into Crimson Lights. Eden stared at Carmine and Daniel advised her to leave the guy alone. Eden feared that Carmine would really try to hurt Kevin and Chloe. Michael walked into the coffeehouse and said he needed to speak with Daniel alone. Lauren and Eden decided to speak to Carmine. Eden tried to convince Carmine that Angelina had tricked Kevin into marrying her. Carmine declared that he was bitter and blamed Kevin for destroying his relationship with "Angie."

On the patio, Michael informed Daniel that the parental rights' hearing was the next day. Michael wanted reassurances from Daniel that he was determined to get Lucy away from Daisy. Michael asked Daniel to commit to the process, but Daniel was still unhappy about being a father. Daniel rejected the idea of going over his testimony, but Michael insisted. Daniel confessed that he was ill prepared to be a father and feared that he would screw up Lucy's life. Michael assured Daniel that it was normal to be afraid. Michael declared that Daniel had no other option unless he wanted to see Daisy raise Lucy. After Michael walked away, Daisy appeared and said she had a proposal for Daniel. Daisy confessed that everyone was against her, but all Daisy wanted was to give Lucy a real family.

At another gate in the airport, Chloe and Kevin discussed Carmine showing up at the wedding. Chloe was concerned, but Kevin only wanted to concentrate on their honeymoon. Chloe reminded Kevin that Carmine had threatened their happiness. To prove that he was only thinking of Chloe, Kevin kissed her passionately. Kevin asked Chloe to trust him. Kevin promised Chloe that they were going to have a great honeymoon. When Chloe feared that Kevin would be unable to handle a tough guy like Carmine, Kevin realized that Carmine was Chloe's kind of guy. Chloe said that all she wanted was Kevin.

At the gate across the way, Gloria asked if Jeffrey had known Anita. Jeffrey only remembered Gloria and their good times together. Kevin and Chloe were stunned when they heard Gloria's voice. Jeffrey appeared and realized that they were all on the same flight to Reno. Gloria thought it was fantastic that they'd be able to honeymoon together. Chloe was still worried about Carmine, but Gloria offered to pull strings and get Angelo to whack him if necessary. Chloe asked Gloria about the Jeffrey-daddy situation. Gloria wasn't sure what she could do about Anita, but Chloe had an idea. She suggested that Gloria fire Anita.

Gloria called Michael and asked him to do her a favor. Michael agreed and later he and Lauren went to Gloworm. Michael and Lauren confronted Anita to tell her that she was fired. Anita pulled off her apron and tossed it aside before walking out. Michael then received a notice from a messenger. Michael read the letter and told Lauren that the DNA proved that Jeffrey was Chelsea's father. At the airport, Chloe and Gloria boarded the flight, followed by Jeffrey and Kevin.

At Crimson Lights, Eden explained to Carmine that Michael was an over-protective brother. Eden advised Carmine to follow Angelina to Los Angeles since he was still in love with her. Carmine was more interested in finding an apartment in Genoa City.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Avery assured Phyllis that everything would go well at Daniel's hearing. Phyllis received a call from Nick. He told her that his flight had been cancelled, but he was wait-listed on another flight. Phyllis understood, but was disappointed. After Phyllis ended the call, Avery offered to make Phyllis some cinnamon toast. Phyllis said that she didn't need Avery to comfort her like she had when they were children, but Avery still wanted to help her sister. Phyllis refused to wallow in her Nick obsession, so Avery suggested that they talk about how to help Daniel in court.

At the coffeehouse, Daisy tried to convince Daniel to believe her. Daniel told Daisy they would never be a family. Daisy didn't understand why Daniel was so intent about taking Lucy away from her. Daniel told Daisy that she was delusional if she thought he could ever change his opinion of her. Daisy was determined to make a case in court that she was a good person.

After Daisy walked away, Eden warned Daniel not to fall for Daisy's good girl act. Daniel was worried that Daisy might be able to convince the judge that she'd been transformed into a good person. Eden pointed out that Daisy was a pathological liar. Daniel realized that it was imperative that he win his parental rights in court, or he might lose Lucy forever.

At the Athletic Club, Jill met with Cane, and they talked about what had happened in Japan. Cane was still disappointed that the Mistukoshi deal had fallen through. Jill was confident that they'd get another chance to pitch the Japanese firm. Cane confessed to Jill that he could have undermined Beauty of Nature's pitch, but he'd felt bad for Genevieve and tipped her off about the undercover agent. Jill knew about the agent, but she hadn't learned until after she got back to Genoa City. Jill wondered how Cane had saved Genevieve, and he explained that he acted drunk so he could break up Genevieve's meeting with the agent. Jill was surprised to learn that Genevieve hadn't believed that Cane was helping her.

Sharon and Nick called Victor to let him know that they'd locked in an exclusive deal with Mitsukoshi. Victor was very proud of Nick and felt vindicated for hiring Sharon. Genevieve entered through the open door after overhearing about the Mitsukoshi deal. Victor greeted her, but didn't expect Genevieve to congratulate him. Genevieve gave Victor a bottle of sake as a gift and wondered why he'd misled her in Japan.

Victor said that if Genevieve had agreed to sell Beauty of Nature back to him, he would have been more helpful. Victor told Genevieve that Nick and Sharon had met with Mr. Mistukoshi personally and closed the deal. Victor asked Genevieve to leave because he had a lot of work to do. He predicted that since Mistukoshi had made an exclusive deal with Newman Cosmetics, the value of Beauty of Nature was plummeting.

Jill resented that Cane had been stuck with a lousy mother like Genevieve. Jill received a call from Victor asking her to meet him in his office. At Crimson Lights, Genevieve saw a headline in the newspaper about a French cosmetics executive having been arrested for attempting to bribe a government agent in Tokyo. Genevieve realized that Cane had been warning her in Japan so that she wouldn't fall into the trap. Later, Genevieve found Cane at the Athletic Club and said she'd been looking for him to apologize for Tokyo. Genevieve said that she'd been shocked by his actions and had had difficulty believing that he'd wanted to help her. Genevieve recognized that Cane was a good man, and she apologized for having doubted him.

Cane appreciated Genevieve's apology, but when his phone rang and he learned of the French cosmetics executive being arrested, Cane suspected his mother's apology. Cane asked why Genevieve had pretended that she'd had an epiphany about Cane being a good man when in fact she'd read about the bribery arrest. Genevieve didn't think it mattered, but Cane said that it mattered to him. Cane accused Genevieve of not knowing him. Cane asked what Genevieve really wanted from him. Genevieve explained that after speaking with Victor, she realized that Cane had been right about the fact that Victor had set her up in Tokyo. Cane learned that Newman Cosmetics had gotten the Mistukoshi exclusive.

When Jill arrived at his office, Victor asked her why she'd taken the photo of Victor and Genevieve at the teahouse. Jill said she hadn't been able to resist memorializing that encounter with a picture. Victor said the image had been taken out of context. Victor suspected that Jill had wanted to use it as leverage. Jill feigned innocence.

Victor informed Jill that Newman Cosmetics had secured the Mistukoshi account. Jill thanked Victor for informing her. Genevieve appeared, and Jill announced that she had to leave. Victor was surprised to see Genevieve again, but she admitted that she was very confused and had made some mistakes. Victor was intrigued. Genevieve asked Victor what he would offer her to buy back Beauty of Nature.

At the teahouse, Nick and Sharon toasted their success. Nick said that Phyllis was disappointed that he wouldn't make it home for the court date. Over dinner, Sharon urged Nick to keep their work relationship positive by staying off topics that pushed their buttons. Sharon proposed a list of topics that they could discuss safely. Sharon put Phyllis on the list. Nick told Sharon to add Nikki. Sharon and Nick then agreed that Victor and Adam had to be on the list.

After dinner, Sharon offered to give up the flight home if there was only one seat available. Nick said that wouldn't be gentlemanly. Sharon and Nick made fun of what each of them was doing on the web to pass the time. Nick had something more fun in his briefcase. He pulled out a Rubik's cube and they decided to have a contest to see who could solve the puzzle quickest. After Nick failed with the Rubik's cube, Sharon tried, but she was no more proficient that Nick. The phone rang, and Nick learned that they'd been bumped up on the standby list and could fly home immediately.

Ricky went to the Athletic Club bar for a drink, but before he could place his order, he received a text message and rushed out. Ricky went to the penthouse and was surprised to see Avery with Phyllis. Ricky agreed to buddy-up to Daisy to get information that they could use in court for Daniel.

Later, after Ricky had gone, Daniel arrived and told Phyllis and Avery that he was freaked out about the hearing. Daniel feared that the judge would misjudge him based on looks. Daniel worried about what the judge might ask him. Avery tried to reassure Daniel. Phyllis played devil's advocate, painting a negative picture of Daniel's actions. Phyllis then told Daniel how to frame his defense.

Daniel declared that he just wanted what was best for Lucy. Avery and Phyllis shared with Daniel their feelings about their father, explaining how he'd never put his children first. Phyllis said that Daniel was already a fine parent, and he'd be able to convince the judge of that fact. Phyllis declared that Daniel was an incredible man. Phyllis and Avery informed Daniel that Ricky was working on the case for them. Phyllis said that Ricky was ruthless, but he was ambitious and wanted his name on a big story. Daniel approved so long as Ricky got information that they could use to get Lucy away from Daisy.

Ricky connived his way into Daisy's apartment, claiming he had news about Phyllis. Ricky said Phyllis had been in consultation with Avery and that the two of them were going after Daisy with guns blazing. Daisy realized that. Ricky sympathized with Daisy. Ricky told Daisy that his mother was mentally ill and he understood what it was like to be around crazy women. In the hallway, Eden was going to her apartment when she overheard Ricky and Daisy sharing their secrets. Eden looked into the apartment and saw Daisy kiss Ricky.

Friday, March 30, 2012

At the Athletic Club, Nikki and Sarge discussed Jack's recovery, and Sarge said that anger had always motivated his patients to continue with therapy, but he wasn't sure about Jack. He doubted whether Jack would show up for their session later that day. Nikki handed Sarge her number and instructed him to call her if Jack didn't show, but she believed that Jack would continue to fight.

At home, Jack disdainfully read a newspaper article about Newman securing the Mitsukoshi deal, and he lamented to Avery that Jabot had been aced out of it. He threw the paper down and told Avery that he wanted to take Beauty of Nature as a consolation prize. Avery counseled that he had a case to nullify Newman's sale of the company to Genevieve, and if he succeeded, Beauty of Nature would be awarded to the next highest bidder. Avery needed to leave for Daniel's hearing, and she offered to file Jack's petition at the courthouse. Jack voiced his support for Phyllis and Daniel.

Nikki arrived to see Jack and asked him to lunch, but he declined, because of his session with Sarge. She was glad that he planned to go, and she confessed that she was aware of the men's disagreement. Jack said that Sarge had done him a favor, because hearing that it could take years to recover had inspired him to look into alternative therapies, and he'd researched an experimental surgery involving stem cells. Nikki advised him against pursuing the idea until he gave therapy time to work, and she offered to drive him to his appointment.

Jack arrived for his therapy session, and Sarge said they'd do the usual routine, only worse. Jack struggled through his therapy and griped that he wasn't making any progress, but Sarge disagreed. Jack made it back to a chair, and Sarge suggested that Jack take a break to calm down. Nikki entered, and Jack expressed frustration, but Nikki pointed out that he had already accomplished a lot by reestablishing his independence. He groused that he would have gotten the Mitsukoshi contract if he'd gone to Japan, and he was determined to have the stem cell operation. Sarge overheard and asked what he meant.

Jack explained that the surgery was in the research phase, but the results were promising. Sarge scoffed at the idea that Jack was a lost cause, but Jack argued that he was a viable candidate. Nikki warned Jack that the doctors would have to remove the bullet near his spine before he could proceed with the stem cell treatment, and Sarge cautioned that one slip during surgery could have devastating results. Sarge added that there were no quick fixes, and he urged Jack to continue with therapy. Jack was determined to walk again, but Sarge said it wasn't worth the risk, because if the procedure failed, Jack would be confined to a wheelchair for life.

Victoria spoke on the phone with Billy, and she answered her door to Genevieve. Victoria told Billy that she'd call him with word about Daniel's hearing, and she hung up. Genevieve spotted the newspaper on the table and called the Mitsukoshi deal a disaster. Victoria agreed that it had been a blow, but she'd already started researching other emerging markets that could be even bigger for them. Genevieve remarked that the effort might not be necessary, because she was considering selling Beauty of Nature back to Victor.

Victoria asked whether Victor had been intimidating Genevieve, but Genevieve confided that her purchase of Beauty of Nature had been a major letdown, and she felt that her decision had cost her too much. Genevieve explained that she hadn't realized what she'd stood to lose, and the excitement she'd envisioned about owning the company had never materialized. Victoria commented that she didn't know many successful people without regrets, herself included, because she'd lost custody of her son by putting business before family. Genevieve added that her heart wasn't in it, and Victoria advised her to do what was best for her, but she suggested that if Genevieve decided to sell it, Genevieve allow Victoria to buy it.

Sharon stopped by to see Victor at Newman Enterprises, and they hugged. Victor commended her for her accomplishments in Japan, and he suggested that they celebrate.

At the Athletic Club bar, Chelsea approached Adam and noted that he didn't look happy. He admitted that he wasn't, but he didn't want to talk about it. She plopped down in the seat next to him, and she said she didn't mind if he was bad company. Adam told her not to take it personally, but she stated that she could see that he was having a bad day and that he needed a friend. He inquired whether they were becoming friends, and she believed that they were, unless he told her otherwise.

Adam explained to Chelsea that Sharon had made her loyalties clear, and Chelsea replied that at least Victor had acknowledged Adam, unlike her father. Adam wanted to forget about Victor, who just then walked in with Sharon. They sat at the bar, and Victor ordered a bottle of special champagne. She reminded him that they had a lot of work to do, because they only had three months to provide a new line under their agreement with Mitsukoshi. Victor suspected it would be easier than she thought.

Victor toasted to Sharon and Nick's success and to more good things in the future. Chelsea left for her yoga class, and Adam approached Victor and Sharon. He congratulated them on the Mitsukoshi deal, but he noticed Sharon's discomfort, and he left. Sharon told Victor that Adam believed that he'd changed, but she wasn't sure. Victor said that it was a miracle that Adam could see, and he hoped Adam would build a productive life and leave them to their own.

Sharon thanked Victor for lunch and prepared to leave, but he informed her that he'd booked a massage for her at the spa, and he instructed her to take the rest of the day off. She thanked him, and he departed. Adam returned to retrieve his phone and ran into Sharon again. She awkwardly said that she had an appointment, but he declared that he knew how much the new job meant to her and that he was happy for and proud of her. He continued that he'd always said that she could do anything she set her mind to, and she replied that she was glad his sight had returned. He pointed out that she'd never given up on something that was important to her.

Adam said that he treasured the time he'd spent with Sharon, especially the time on the farm, which had changed his life. She retorted that it had happened a few years too late, and she got up to leave, but he added that he wished her nothing but the best. She silently walked off, but she stopped in the foyer and was noticeably affected by his words. Chelsea spied Sharon's reaction.

Victoria stopped in to see Victor at Newman Enterprises, and he called her visit a nice surprise. She said that she knew what he was trying to do with Genevieve, and she warned him that it wasn't going to work. Victoria assumed that Victor had pressured Genevieve to sell Beauty of Nature, but Victor said that Genevieve had approached him. Victoria suspected that Victor wanted to get the company for peanuts, and he quipped that he had more peanuts than anyone else. Victoria informed him that she wanted to buy it, too.

Genevieve met with Leslie at the Athletic Club and excitedly contemplated whether Victor and Victoria would get into a bidding war. A messenger served Genevieve with legal papers, and after she looked them over, she gasped that they couldn't be real. Leslie advised Genevieve that Jack's suit could invalidate Genevieve's purchase of Beauty of Nature, and Genevieve surmised that Jack was simply posturing. Leslie asked if Genevieve had seen Jack's bid, and she admitted that Jack had shared it with her before she'd made her own bid. Leslie thought Genevieve might have a problem.

At Crimson Lights, Eden handed Daisy some coffee, and Daisy commented that she was in a hurry to get to the courthouse. Daisy cooed to Lucy that Daisy was going to get the tot a real family that day. Eden watched them leave and flashed back to witnessing Daisy and Ricky kissing. Eden called Daniel and asked him to call her back, because she had news about Ricky. Ricky overheard.

Ricky demanded to know what Eden had been about to tell Daniel. She admitted that she'd seen Ricky and Daisy kissing, and then he had stayed out all night. He insisted that he had gone to Jimmy's after he'd left Daisy's apartment and had returned home late, but he had been quiet to avoid waking Eden, unlike how Eden had yelled at the toaster that morning. Eden defended that she'd thought he hadn't been home. He explained that Daisy had kissed him, and he'd let her, because Phyllis had asked him to get close to Daisy in exchange for help with his career.

Eden questioned Ricky about the possibility of a Restless Style reality television show. Ricky said there had been rumors around the office, and Eden reported that the story about Adam and Patty had gotten Hollywood's attention. She mentioned that that Phyllis had won an award for it, and she wondered if a Pulitzer was in the future. A seething Ricky muttered that Phyllis deserved much more.

At her penthouse, Phyllis tried to calm a nervous Daniel and vowed to get Lucy back from Daisy. Michael reminded Phyllis that the hearing was about Daniel's rights, not Daisy or custody. Daniel was determined to convince the judge that he wanted what was best for Lucy. Nick arrived, and Phyllis excitedly hugged him. Michael promised to do his best to make Daniel look like a hero, but he felt that they had their work cut out for them.

Daniel, Phyllis, Nick, Michael, and Avery entered the courtroom, where Daisy was already waiting. Michael began to plead Daniel's case, but the judge cut him off and curtly asked whether Daniel had signed away his paternal rights. Daniel conceded that he had, because at the time, he'd felt it had been best for Lucy, who had been happy and healthy with Billy and Victoria, and he had expected the couple to adopt the girl. He continued that the circumstances had changed, and he felt that he needed to be part of Lucy's life. He expressed concern that Daisy had just been released from prison and had never cared for a child before.

Michael argued that Daniel was doing what was best for Lucy's well-being. The judge remarked that Lucy hadn't had much stability, and the social worker had reported that Lucy had been thriving in her new home, so adding a new parental figure might do more harm than good. The judge wondered if the animosity of Daniel's family toward Daisy had influenced Daniel's decision, but Daniel insisted that he just wanted to do what was best for Lucy. The judge stepped out to consider Daniel's petition.

Phyllis worriedly rushed over to Michael and remarked that the judge hadn't seemed to be on their side. Michael acknowledged that the judge might not care for fathers who had signed away their rights. Daniel thought it didn't look good, but Phyllis assured him that his words had been effective. The judge returned, and he revealed that while he had been in chambers, he'd received a statement from Daisy supporting the idea of Lucy having both parents in her life. The judge granted the petition, and Michael asked Daniel if he still wanted to file for custody. Daniel told him to proceed.

Ricky entered, and Phyllis made a beeline for him. Ricky commented that she'd gotten what she'd wanted, and she asked if he knew what he had to do. He said he was on it. Daisy gushed to Daniel that Lucy would be thrilled if she could understand, but Daniel coldly informed her that he intended to file for sole custody. She blasted him for cutting her out of Lucy's life and insisted that Lucy needed both of them, but Daniel maintained that they'd never be a happy family. He didn't want Daisy near Lucy, and he was confident the courts would see things his way.

Phyllis, Nick, Michael, and Avery celebrated with champagne at Phyllis' penthouse. Avery wasn't surprised that Daisy's feelings for Daniel had helped win their battle. Michael said they had a much tougher fight ahead, because Daisy wouldn't make the same mistake twice. Phyllis toasted to Ricky for being their inside man. Michael advised her to be careful, but Avery pointed out that Ricky usually got results, though she questioned his methods.

Michael and Avery left, and Phyllis amorously approached Nick. She thanked him for being there, and she suggestively asked if he wanted to go to bed after his long trip. He said she was right, but his flight wasn't the reason he wanted to go to bed. They fell into a passionate kiss onto the couch.

At Crimson Lights, Eden hugged Daniel, who asked about her message regarding Ricky. Eden explained that Ricky intended to get close to Daisy at Phyllis' request, and Daniel disclosed that he knew about the plan. She wondered how far Ricky would be willing to go, and she revealed that she'd seen Ricky and Daisy kissing.

In her apartment, Daisy cuddled Lucy, and Ricky dropped by to see if she was okay. She whimpered that the situation was unfair, because she just wanted her daughter to live in a real home, and the other side had used that against her. She called herself stupid, but Ricky blamed the lawyers for exploiting her vulnerabilities. Daisy admitted that she'd used Lucy to get what she'd wanted, but only before she had known what it was like to be a real mom. She cried that she could lose Lucy, and she wondered what she was going to do.

Ricky realized that Daisy really loved Lucy, and Daisy condemned herself for abandoning her own child. Daisy vowed to spend the rest of her life making it up to Lucy. Ricky picked up a copy of Restless Style from the table and blurted that Phyllis had sent him there to spy on her. A stunned Daisy questioned why he would do that. He proclaimed that he wanted to let Phyllis think that he was following orders, but he intended to help Daisy, instead.

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