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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 2, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, April 2, 2012

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victoria ran into Genevieve. Victoria noticed that Genevieve seemed distracted. Before Victoria walked away, she told Genevieve that she was very interested in purchasing Beauty of Nature. Victoria added that she would be pleased to include Genevieve in some capacity if she wished to be part of the company after the sale. Genevieve firmly replied, "Can we talk about this later?"

Genevieve walked into the dining room and took a seat across from her attorney, Leslie. Genevieve explained that Victoria had expressed her desire to purchase Beauty of Nature. Leslie noted that Genevieve would no longer own Beauty of Nature if Jack's lawsuit nullified the sale of the company. Genevieve said that the courts moved slowly and that Jack wasn't a patient man. Genevieve added that she hoped to use Jack's impatience to her advantage.

Michael met Lauren on the patio at the coffeehouse. Michael announced that the judge had reinstated Daniel's parental rights. Lauren was overjoyed. Michael said that the next hurdle was the custody suit. Michael added that he had instructed Daniel to begin acting like he wanted to be Lucy's father, even if he didn't.

Lauren asked Michael when he planned to divulge the results of the DNA tests he'd covertly conducted using Jeffrey's and Chelsea's hair samples that proved Jeffrey was indeed Chelsea's father. Kevin phoned and told Michael that both newly wedded couples had returned to town. After the called ended, Michael told Lauren they should head over to Gloworm and announce the paternity results immediately.

Chelsea stopped by Gloworm and asked a bartender about Anita. The bartender said that Anita had been fired. He referred Chelsea to the cook. The bartender explained that Anita had spoken to the cook when she recently returned her uniform. Chelsea walked into the club's kitchen to find the cook.

After Chelsea walked away, Gloria, Jeffrey, Kevin, and Chloe returned from their joint honeymoon trip to Reno. Kevin told Chloe that she was obsessed with Carmine's groundless threat to kidnap her. Jeffrey complained to Gloria that she'd made him leave just before his luck was about to change. Chelsea ambled back into the dining room just as Gloria announced that she'd returned to determine whether or not Jeffrey was Chelsea's father. Chelsea said she'd already discovered that her mother had left town. Jeffrey said, "Oh, really?" Chelsea noted that Jeffrey seemed relieved. Gloria agreed with Chelsea. Kevin and Chloe left.

Chelsea told Jeffrey that she hoped to get the paternity issue settled with a DNA test. Jeffrey refused. Gloria glared at Jeffrey. Gloria told Jeffrey that he should take the test. Chelsea said she had a right to know. Jeffrey again refused. Michael and Lauren arrived. Michael, holding a letter from the lab, announced that the test had already been conducted. Gloria grabbed the letter and read the results. She looked shocked. Chelsea took the letter and read it. Gloria said, "She is your daughter."

Jeffrey claimed that Chelsea might be his twin brother's daughter. Michael said he doubted that William and Anita had ever traveled in the same circles. Chelsea asked, "Where is William?" Gloria replied, "Dead." Chelsea, addressing Jeffrey, cried, "I don't want this to be true any more than you do. You don't want a daughter? You don't have one!" After Chelsea turned and walked away, Gloria, Michael, and Lauren stared at Jeffrey in disgust.

Lauren said she couldn't believe Jeffrey was trying to pawn his daughter off on his dead brother. Michael and Lauren left. After Gloria stepped away, Anita phoned Jeffrey from the airport and thanked him for paying for her trip around the world. Jeffrey asked Anita to stay away until the issue with Chelsea's paternity inquiry blew over. Anita said, "If anybody finds out you're the daddy, it won't be from me; but don't forget that we are still legally married."

Chloe stopped by Victoria's. Chloe explained that she was concerned about Carmine's threat, so she and Kevin had returned early from Reno. Victoria replied, "What he said at the wedding about stealing you away from Kevin?" Chloe explained that Angelo didn't consider Carmine to be a danger, but Chloe said she felt that Carmine intended to seek revenge by attempting to ruin Kevin's life. Chloe proclaimed that in the past, she would have dreamed up a conniving scheme to deal with the situation. Chloe asked for Victoria's assistance. Victoria replied, "'Old' Chloe, meet the 'old' Victoria." Chloe smiled and said, "Carmine is so out of here!"

Chloe and Victoria engaged in a bit of cyber-snooping on Carmine and discovered that he'd posted numerous photos of himself with Angelina on his social network page. Chloe suggested a plan to phone Carmine, pretending that she was Angelina, and beg him to fly to L.A. Victoria said it was too risky. Chloe said Angelina had sent Carmine a text message requesting his presence in California, but Lauren claimed that Carmine had opted to stay in Genoa City. Chloe decided to speak to Carmine and implore him to leave town.

Carmine stopped by Crimson Lights, and Kevin asked to speak with him out on the patio. Kevin explained that he had never been in love with Angelina and had married her only because Angelo had threatened him. Kevin maintained the he'd never even touched Angelina, so Carmine had no reason to threaten him or Chloe. Carmine said that everyone had told him the same thing, but he didn't want to believe it was true because it meant that Angelina had fallen in love with Kevin. Carmine sadly noted that Angelina, no longer in love with him, had moved on. Carmine told Kevin he would return home and try to get over Angelina. Kevin wished Carmine the best.

At Crimson Lights, Harmony called Devon and learned that he'd gone out with friends. Harmony phoned Katherine, but Esther said that Katherine and Murphy had gone out to watch a movie. Harmony studied the contact list on her phone and considered dialing Neil's number. Instead, Harmony phoned her sponsor and left a message. Harmony said that she felt restless, which in the past usually drove her urge to get high. She added, "No worries. I think I'll just go to a meeting."

Sarge stopped by the coffeehouse and noticed Harmony standing near the jukebox, listening to music. Sarge watched as Harmony paced nervously toward a counter and dialed her phone. Harmony sighed in frustration when her call wasn't answered. Harmony approached Sarge, introduced herself, and told him she was relieved to see someone from an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting because she'd had a difficult evening. Sarge replied, "Well, if you need someone to talk to so you don't drink." Harmony explained that she was craving "a hit on the pipe." She added that sometimes she'd used whatever was available to "get the feeling out of her head for a while." Sarge said he'd lend her his ear.

Harmony took a seat and told Sarge about Devon's success. Harmony explained that she didn't enjoy being alone but didn't want to impose on her son. Harmony said she dealt with her addiction by keeping herself busy. Sarge said that until Harmony dealt with what was inside, she'd always be at risk. Harmony told Sarge that she'd headed to town to make amends, but she admitted that she probably hadn't dealt with all of her demons.

Harmony was impressed when Sarge told her he was a physical therapist, but she was miffed when Sarge admitted that he wasn't a member of A.A. Harmony asked Sarge why he attended meetings. He said he attended to support one of his patients. Harmony, angry, cried, "I thought you were in the program. Why didn't you set me straight? You know I would have never spilled my guts if I knew you didn't take the trip." Sarge apologized. Harmony angrily instructed Sarge to forget everything she'd just told him because her business wasn't any of his business. Harmony stormed out.

Chelsea, steaming mad after her awkward encounter with Jeffrey at Gloworm, cooled her heels at Crimson Lights. She phoned and left a message for her mother, instructing her to call back and discuss the situation with Jeffrey Bardwell.

Daniel stopped by Daisy's apartment to visit with Lucy. Daisy held Lucy in her lap and interacted with the child. Daniel seemed charmed when Daisy proclaimed that Lucy was the smartest baby in the universe. Daniel said, "You're really good with her." Daisy explained that she loved her child. Daisy begged Daniel to drop the custody suit and not take Lucy away. Daniel gazed into Lucy's eyes and noted that the child seemed happy and content in her mother's arms.

After Lucy fell asleep, Daisy said her child looked like an angel. Daniel told Daisy that he hadn't changed his mind about seeking sole custody. Daisy reminded Daniel that he'd never wanted to be a father. She added, "I know if you spent some time with her and me, you'd love Lucy as much as I do." Daniel insisted that he did love Lucy. Daisy replied, "You don't even know her, and I can't even imagine my life without her -- watching her little milestones and feeling her chubby arms around my neck."

Daisy asked Daniel how he could take Lucy away from the one parent who wanted to raise her. Daisy begged Daniel to spend time with her and the baby as a family. Daniel offered to take the baby out for a day of fun. Daisy snapped, "No! Unless a judge says otherwise, Lucy and I are a package deal." Daniel left without saying another word. Daisy seemed crushed and wiped away the tears that ran down her cheeks.

Kevin visited with Daniel at the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar. Daniel told Kevin that he'd just left Daisy's and admitted that Daisy was a fantastic mother to Lucy. Daniel added that Daisy had asked him why he was fighting for custody when he'd never wanted to be a dad. Kevin suggested that Daniel was fighting Daisy because she'd abandoned Lucy at a church. Daniel said that Daisy could have done worse.

Daniel noted that Daisy had claimed all along that she wanted someone to love. Kevin warned that Daisy was unpredictable. Daniel said he feared that Daisy might run away again if things didn't go her way. Daniel shrugged and added, "Why fight?" Kevin offered to help Daniel in his fight to gain custody of Lucy.

Victoria and Chloe stopped by Crimson Lights. Chloe saw Carmine standing at the bar. As Chloe stormed off to speak to Carmine, Victoria said she'd stay behind on the patio. After Chloe walked away, Victoria noticed Daisy pushing Lucy in a stroller. Victoria struggled to contain her emotions.

Daisy stopped to talk to Victoria. Daisy said she'd taken Lucy on a car ride to calm her. Victoria recalled that she and Billy had sometimes taken Lucy on car rides for the same reason. Victoria interacted with Lucy and noted that the baby smiled at her. Daisy turned abruptly, pushing the baby's stroller away from Victoria. Victoria seemed devastated as Daisy took Lucy away.

Chloe marched up to Carmine and said, "I want you gone. For the first time in I can't remember how long, I am finally happy. I won't let some dirtbag take that away from me." Chloe told Carmine to "get the hell out of [her] and Kevin's life and ruin Angelina's instead." Chloe claimed that Angelina and Carmine were each one step below the other evolution-wise. Carmine said he had a few things to say to Chloe, too.

Carmine told Chloe that Kevin had spoken very civilly to him earlier. Carmine said he had been about to leave town until Chloe had launched into her nasty tirade. Chloe cried, "You're not leaving Genoa City because I'm a bitch?" Carmine replied, "No. I'm staying because you want me gone." After Carmine left, Victoria joined Chloe and learned that Chloe's ugly comments had undone all of Kevin's goodwill. Chloe said, "Now I'm never going to have a normal marriage."

At the rehabilitation clinic, Jack became impatient and ended his session early. Sarge seemed concerned about Jack. Frustrated and bitter, Jack headed home. Genevieve stopped by to see Jack at the Abbott estate. Genevieve explained that after everything that had happened, she'd had time to reflect about the reason she'd wanted to purchase Beauty of Nature in the first place. Jack reminded Genevieve that she'd claimed owning the company would give her power and independence. Genevieve explained that she'd already had both, but she hadn't realized it at the time.

Genevieve told Jack that she was considering selling Beauty of Nature and had already received a couple of offers. Genevieve added that the only way she could atone for the horrible things she'd done to Jack was to sell Beauty of Nature to him. Jack told Genevieve that he didn't believe her claims of "wanting to do the right thing" because he'd seen a photo of her getting cozy with Victor. Jack added that the photo, also viewed by Nikki, had already made the rounds. Genevieve insisted that nothing inappropriate had happened between her and Victor.

Genevieve told Jack that it wasn't easy for her to admit she was wrong. Jack told Genevieve that she wanted to sell Beauty of Nature to him because he'd filed the lawsuit, which she knew she had no chance of winning. Genevieve maintained that the lawsuit could go either way, and she claimed she'd made her offer in good faith because she had regrets. Genevieve said she'd learned that people were more important than deals and that love was more important than power. She added that apologizing was the only way she'd ever have peace.

Genevieve told Jack she wanted something from him in return. Jack, doubtful of Genevieve's sincerity, said, "What a surprise, and what would that be?" Genevieve replied, "You." Genevieve admitted that she had been quite bitter when she and Jack first met. Jack asked why Genevieve wanted him back. Genevieve recalled that she and Jack had been good together. Jack agreed that they had been -- until Genevieve had betrayed him. Jack said, "So you sell me Beauty of Nature, and I merge it with Jabot." Genevieve added, "Yes! Then the company that you have always coveted will be yours, Jack."

Genevieve told Jack that all she wanted in return was the chance to get their relationship on the right footing. Jack said he wanted Beauty of Nature even if Genevieve was part of the deal. Jack added, "You'll put this in writing and make it legal and iron-clad?" Genevieve replied, "Right away. I'll make sure you don't regret this, Jack." Genevieve moved in close to kiss Jack, but he was not receptive to her advances. Genevieve abruptly rose from her seat, collected her belongings, and left. Jack seemed astounded.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine greeted Neil. Neil assumed that Kay wanted to ask him about Devon's progress since the surgery, but after learning that Devon was doing well, Kay confessed her real reason for wanting to meet with Neil. Kay was compelled to make things rights with Neil about Chancellor Industries. Kay explained that she'd been searching for Neil's replacement at CEO, and she had to make a decision soon. Kay did not want to run the company long-term and wished that Neil would return to the job.

Kay believed that Neil had loved being the CEO and that they'd had a good working relationship. Neil didn't disagree. Kay told him that she wouldn't beg for him to return, but she sincerely was sorry about how she'd acted when she learned that Devon was her grandchild. Kay asked Neil to seriously consider resuming his duties before Kay chose someone else. Neil relented and said he'd return as CEO. Kay asked Neil if he was certain, and Neil said he was.

Kay was curious about how quickly Neil had reached a decision. Neil explained that he'd been thinking of a Chancellor comeback since Christmas when Kay invited Ana to Genoa City to visit with Devon. Neil had been impressed by Kay's generosity. Since then, Neil said he'd been seriously thinking of returning to Chancellor Industries. Kay was overjoyed and wanted Neil to begin immediately. Neil asked to be the one to inform Lily and Devon about his decision. Neil mentioned to Kay that Sofia had been telling him for months that he belonged back at Chancellor. Kay commented that Sofia was a very smart woman.

Michael walked into Victor's office at Newman Enterprises and reported that Victoria was definitely competing with Victor to purchase Beauty of Nature from Genevieve. Michael explained that he'd analyzed Victoria's financial transactions of late, and she'd been liquidating assets in order to be able to make a major acquisition. Victor resented that Victoria felt that Beauty of Nature belonged to her. Victor declared that Beauty of Nature was his property.

Victoria was on the telephone with her financial advisor, ordering him to liquidate her assets so she'd be able to make a bid to buy Beauty of Nature. After Victoria hung up with her financial advisor, Sofia called and asked if she could meet with Victoria. Sofia suggested that they connect at the Athletic Club rather than meet in Sofia's office at McCall Unlimited. Victoria agreed. Later, Victor arrived at Victoria's house to discuss Beauty of Nature. Victoria did not want to speak with Victor about business, but he forced his way into the house.

Victor felt that Victoria was punishing him for having drawn Chelsea and Anita into Victoria and Billy's lives. Victor reminded Victoria that she would never have the assets needed to buy Beauty of Nature if he hadn't given her the trust fund. Victoria reminded her father that she'd beaten him in court to receive her trust fund. Victor said that he loved Victoria, but he would never let her get control of Beauty of Nature. Victoria pointed out to her father that Newman Enterprises was publicly owned, and he would need the approval of the board to purchase Beauty of Nature.

Victor was furious that so much of his money had been lost in order to settle the lawsuit with Victoria, Nick, and Abby. Victoria refused to see Victor as a victim and credited him with teaching her how to be ruthless in business. Victor assured Victoria that in this battle with her, he would not lose. Victor returned to his office, and Michael had bad news to deliver. Victor did not have the liquidity to buy Beauty of Nature outright without putting his fortune at risk. Michael feared that Victor might be treading into dangerous territory.

At his office apartment, Tucker spoke with Sofia about their scheme to convince everyone that Sofia was on the outs with Tucker. Sofia wasn't thrilled about keeping secrets from Neil. Tucker said that he and Sofia had to make their move to align Sofia with Victoria. Tucker felt down the road he'd be able to acquire Beauty of Nature. Sofia was ready to enact the plan, but Tucker wanted her to be sure. Sofia promised Tucker that she would be giving it to him in spades. Tucker was ready.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria entered and saw Tucker and Sofia at a table, having a very loud argument. Tucker criticized Sofia's business dealings, but Sofia countered that she knew what she was doing. Tucker blasted Sofia for overstepping her boundaries and reminded her that it was his company. Sofia defended herself, and when Tucker fired Sofia, she announced that she'd rather quit. Victoria went to speak with Sofia after Tucker strode away. Sofia was stunned that she'd lost her job. Victoria suggested that Tucker and Sofia could mend their differences after a cooling-off period.

Sofia complained that Tucker had been trouncing on her for months, and Sofia was ready to move on. Sofia was glad that she'd called Victoria when she had and asked about getting a job with Beauty of Nature. Neil entered the Athletic Club just as Sofia told Victoria how much she wanted to meet with Genevieve about going to work for Beauty of Nature. Neil kept in the shadows as Sofia and Victoria continued talking. Victoria explained to Sofia that Beauty of Nature was in a state of flux, and Victoria couldn't do any hiring at that time. After Victoria walked out of the club, Neil joined Sofia and asked what had happened with Sofia and Tucker.

Nikki went to see Ashley at the Jabot office, concerned about Jack's decision to go forward with the experimental surgery. Nikki felt that Jack was taking an unnecessary risk, and she wanted Ashley to help convince Jack not to have the operation. Ashley and Nikki agreed that Jack might wind up permanently paralyzed and that was too much of a gamble. Ashley realized that Jack was bull-headed about getting what he wanted when he wanted it, and that was why he was motivated to try the experimental stem cell surgery.

Genevieve went to Jack's house and showed him that she had the paperwork prepared to transfer the ownership of Beauty of Nature to him. Genevieve explained that Jack could have the company completely in exchange for him agreeing to marry her. Jack was stunned that Genevieve had attached a condition to the deal. Genevieve said that when she asked for a second chance with Jack, she had meant love and marriage.

Jack reminded Genevieve that he was still in a wheelchair. Genevieve wanted to help Jack get the use of legs again, but Jack worried that she pitied him. Genevieve confessed that she was too selfish to be marrying Jack just for his sake. Genevieve had fears, but she felt she had to try with Jack one more time.

Genevieve suspected that her decision to buy Beauty of Nature had been a safe bet compared to marrying Jack. Genevieve knew that a corporation couldn't hurt her because it wasn't a human being. Genevieve confessed that Jack had made her happy, and she had really appreciated letting her guard down when she was with him. Genevieve wished that she'd never broken up with Jack.

Genevieve asked Jack to take a chance on her and the life they could still have together. Jack reminded Genevieve that he could get Beauty of Nature back by following through with the lawsuit. Genevieve said that a legal action would take a long time, and if Jack really wanted Beauty of Nature, he could get it by making a deal with Genevieve. She reminded Jack that they both were good at not playing by the rules.

Ashley arrived and was furious to see Genevieve with Jack. Jack asked Ashley to give him a moment alone with Genevieve. Jack wanted Genevieve to keep their plan a secret for the time being. Genevieve agreed. When Genevieve noticed the flowers, Jack mentioned that Nikki had given them to him and how considerate she was. Genevieve asked Jack to give her an answer soon about Beauty of Nature.

After Genevieve left, Ashley returned and questioned Jack about why he was speaking with Genevieve. Ashley warned Jack that Genevieve was probably trying to drive up the price for Beauty of Nature. Jack considered that, but asked Ashley to trust him and remain quiet about Genevieve's visit. Jack especially wanted Ashley to keep the information from Tucker.

Ashley asked Jack about the dangerous surgery he was contemplating. Jack told his sister that he was determined to have the operation. Jack declared that he was going to take advantage of the opportunities he'd received, and that included the operation and getting Beauty of Nature from Genevieve. Ashley urged Jack to be patient, but Jack knew what he was doing and would risk it all. Jack asked Ashley to go back to Jabot.

Genevieve bumped into Nikki at Crimson Lights. Genevieve offered an apology for the misleading photo of herself and Victor. Nikki assumed that Victor saw Genevieve as a plaything. Nikki assumed that Victor amused Genevieve. Feeling slighted, Genevieve needled Nikki about having been with Jack earlier. Nikki's curiosity was piqued.

Genevieve said that her relationship with Jack was private. Later, Nikki went to Newman and marched into Victor's office. Nikki announced that she'd seen Genevieve at the coffeehouse, and Genevieve had been meeting with Jack. Victor was intrigued that Genevieve had been seeing Jack.

Genevieve received a phone call from Jack, and he said yes. Genevieve questioned Jack, and he said that he would marry Genevieve. Tucker walked into Ashley's office at Jabot, wanting to talk with her. Ashley stopped him because she was very concerned about Jack choosing to have experimental surgery.

Tucker asked Ashley what was going on, and Ashley mentioned that Jack was determined to have the surgery and get his hands on Beauty of Nature. Tucker was shocked that Beauty of Nature was in play again. Ashley did not want to talk business with Tucker and asked him to forget that she had mentioned Beauty of Nature.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

From his office at Newman Enterprises, Victor called Nick and asked him to get in touch with Genevieve immediately about purchasing Beauty of Nature. Victor informed Nick that Genevieve had been in contact with Jack and he was likely going after the company. Nick mentioned that Genevieve had just walked into the Athletic Club and he would speak with her right away. On the phone, Genevieve spoke with and learned that he would marry her only if she kept their Beauty of Nature deal quiet and agreed to complete the transaction as soon as possible. Genevieve was miffed by Jack's lack of romance, but she agreed to his terms.

As Nick went to speak with Genevieve, Victoria approached from the foyer and reached Genevieve first. Nick listened as Victoria told Genevieve that she wanted to make a firm offer for Beauty of Nature. Genevieve looked at Victoria's documents and was impressed with Victoria's bid. Nick interrupted and informed Genevieve that despite what Victoria had implied, there would be no delay in Newman coming up with the money to buy Beauty of Nature. Genevieve told Nick and Victoria both that she would take her time before making a decision.

In Victor's office, Nikki commented on Victor's conversation with Nick, saying that she believed that Jack and Genevieve's connection had nothing to do with Beauty of Nature. Victor disagreed and noted that Jack would sleep with the devil to get what he wanted, and he wanted Beauty of Nature. Nick called Victor back to let him know that he'd spoken to Genevieve, and something was definitely afoot. Victor asked Nick to keep digging for information. Victor hung up the phone, and Nikki announced that she was on her way to see Jack.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria confronted Nick about why he was siding with Victor against her over Beauty of Nature. Nick thought that Victoria should not take on their father over business because it would put a strain on the family. Nick acknowledged that Victoria loved Beauty of Nature and had put a lot into the company's creation, but Nick advised that Victoria create another company.

Later, Victoria ran into Victor at Gloworm and mentioned her talk with Nick. Victoria explained to her father that she felt a strong attachment to Beauty of Nature and that was her motivation for trying to buy the company. Victor didn't believe his daughter. Victoria thought that Victor should abandon his efforts to start a new cosmetics firm because it would simply create more competition among the family. Victoria wanted a truce, but Victor said that Victoria's actions suggested that she wasn't sincere.

At Jabot, Tucker told Ashley that he was tempted to act on the information she'd mentioned about Jack and Genevieve discussing his purchase of Beauty of Nature. Ashley asked Tucker to not go after the company because it would conflict with Jabot's plans. Tucker was torn, and Ashley wondered if she had to be careful around Tucker because he was ready to pounce on anything she might reveal about business. Tucker didn't feel that way, but Ashley told her husband that Jack would not understand if Tucker tried to acquire Beauty of Nature. Tucker said that he would not act on the information Ashley told him, but if he heard the information from another source, he'd feel free to make a move. Ashley was very upset, and Tucker felt like she was putting him to a test. Ashley responded that he was failing.

Later at the Athletic Club bar, Tucker sat down beside Genevieve and wanted to talk about Beauty of Nature. Genevieve realized that the word was out that she was interested in selling the company. Tucker asked Genevieve to let him buy it from her. Tucker explained that everyone else wanted Beauty of Nature to fulfill alternate goals, like revenge or retribution. Tucker simply wanted saw it as a good deal. Genevieve thought Tucker's observation was interesting. Tucker further impressed Genevieve by showing her a piece of paper with a purchase price written on it. Genevieve smiled at the sight, but informed Tucker that money wasn't her prime motivation for selling the company.

Nick went to Jabot to speak with Ashley about Genevieve shopping Beauty of Nature. Nick explained that Victor, Victoria, and Jack were all after the company, and Nick suspected that it could get very contentious. Nick hoped that he and Ashley could resolve the problem before it turned into a full-scale war. Ashley asked Nick to take a seat so they could talk.

Ashley admitted to Nick that Jack had been talking with Genevieve, but Ashley was out of the loop. Nick wondered if Genevieve and Jack had sealed the deal. Ashley had to leave for a meeting, but she and Nick agreed to stay in touch on the matter. After Ashley walked out of the office, Nick texted Victor that Jack was definitely pursuing Beauty of Nature.

At the mansion, Harmony overheard Kay on the phone and learned that Neil had decided to return to Chancellor. Harmony was surprised, but Kay was overjoyed. Kay mentioned that Neil had yet to tell Devon. Harmony did not believe that Devon was still angry with Kay, but she explained that Devon didn't like surprises, even good ones. Kay realized that Devon might question her motives for rehiring Neil, but from Kay's perspective, it was a good business move.

At the Athletic Club, Neil asked Sofia why Tucker had fired her. Sofia didn't want to discuss it in public. Devon then appeared, and Neil said he had something to tell both of them. Neil announced that he'd accepted Kay's job offer and was the new CEO of Chancellor Industries. Devon supported Neil's decision and congratulated Neil on his new "old" job. Devon left, and Sofia observed that Devon was not really happy about Neil working with Kay again.

Neil offered to help Sofia deal with her Tucker problem and asked her to confide in him. Because of her deal with Tucker, Sofia couldn't tell Neil the truth -- that it was all a charade. Sofia lied and said that she was tired of dealing with Tucker's business methods. Neil advised Sofia to use the time off to contemplate her future. Neil assured Sofia that he had her back. Sofia told Neil to do what he needed to do, and so would she.

Later at the coffeehouse, Neil told Harmony about Sofia's problems with Tucker. Harmony suggested that Neil hire Sofia at Chancellor. Neil told Harmony that he and Sofia butted heads when they worked together. Harmony advised Neil to put his marriage first.

Harmony urged Neil to celebrate his new job and suggested that Neil was repressed. Neil was shocked but had to admit that he didn't get out much. Harmony recommended that Neil search for balance in his life, between work and play. Harmony thought that there was a fun guy under Neil's starched collar. Neil said he had to return to the office. Harmony wished him luck on the new job.

Sofia went to see Tucker to say that she could not lie to Neil about their scheme. Sofia felt guilty about being underhanded. Sofia asked Tucker if they could call off their ruse, but he said it wasn't that simple. Tucker told Sofia that Beauty of Nature was in flux. Tucker had new instructions for Sofia; he wanted her to get into Newman Enterprises so that Tucker could readjust his bid. Later, Tucker confronted Victor and declared that he would not advise the Newman board to approve a repurchase of Beauty of Nature. Victor said that it would not be a problem.

Kay went to the studio to see Devon and ask if he was all right with Neil returning to Chancellor. Devon was hesitant to speak because his hearing had yet to be restored. Kay signed what she said, and Devon was surprised that she knew how to use sign language. Kay said she'd learned how because she wanted to speak with her grandson. Kay wondered if Devon thought that Neil had made the wrong choice by returning to Chancellor.

Devon wasn't sure that Kay had learned her lesson about manipulating other people. Kay told Devon that he had all the time in the world, but she did not. Kay hoped that she was not coming off as pushy. Kay told Devon that she was proud of him. Devon suggested that they wipe the slate clean. Kay countered with the suggestion that they agree to forgive, but not forget. Devon agreed.

Jack was on the phone, making honeymoon plans. Nikki arrived, and Jack said that he was upset that Nikki had told Ashley about his decision to have the experimental surgery. Jack claimed that he knew what he was doing with his life. Genevieve arrived and was surprised to see Nikki there. Nikki told Genevieve about Jack's plans to have a risky operation.

Genevieve agreed with Nikki that Jack hadn't given physical therapy enough time to be effective. Jack left the room. Nikki was shocked when Genevieve said she'd use her influence to convince Jack not to have the operation. Nikki warned Genevieve that she was watching her like a hawk and would not allow Genevieve to hurt Jack again.

Later at Gloworm, Nikki and Jack got a table for dinner. Victor intervened and joined them, questioning Jack about Beauty of Nature. Genevieve then walked in and saw Nikki, Victor, and Jack sitting together. Genevieve also saw that Tucker was at the bar and Victoria was near the door. All the players for Beauty of Nature were staring at her.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

At Gloworm, Victoria said hello to Genevieve and wanted to speak with her about buying Beauty of Nature. Genevieve commented on the fact that Nikki, Tucker, Victor, and Jack were all in the restaurant, all interested in the fate of Beauty of Nature, too. Nikki was disgusted by Genevieve's regal attitude. Victor thought that it was nice of Nikki to drop Jack off at the restaurant.

Victor excused himself and then interrupted Victoria's meeting with Genevieve to have a word with Genevieve alone. Victoria got up and went to Nikki and Jack's table. Nikki was miffed at Victor for disrespecting Victoria. Jack thought it was typical behavior for Victor. Victoria left the place to go home and check on Chelsea. Nikki left with Victoria.

Meanwhile, Victor urged Genevieve to stop playing games and do what was best for Beauty of Nature by selling in back to him. Genevieve explained that she was going to ponder her choices. Victor assured Genevieve that his office door was always open for her. Jack watched as Victor walked out.

Genevieve met Tucker at the bar to thank him for having sent her a wine cooler. Tucker recalled that Genevieve had liked wine coolers in the past. The two alluded to their past together and then sat together at Genevieve's table. Tucker assumed that Genevieve was enjoying that she was the center of attention. Tucker believed that he knew Genevieve very well based on their past together.

Ashley entered the restaurant and went to speak with Jack. Ashley urged Jack not to go ahead with the risky surgery he was contemplating. Ashley also was upset that Jack continued to deal with Genevieve about Beauty of Nature. Ashley advised Jack to stop and think about the choices he was making. Jack was determined to get out of his wheelchair as well as buy Beauty of Nature.

Ashley noticed Tucker was sitting across the way with Genevieve. Ashley went to join them, and Tucker explained that he was speaking with Genevieve about her selling Beauty of Nature. Before she walked away, Genevieve assured Tucker that she knew what he had to offer.

Adam received a call from Chelsea while he was at the Athletic Club bar for lunch. Chelsea said she felt stir crazy and wanted to do something. Adam invited Chelsea to join him at the club. Before Chelsea could leave Victoria and Billy's house, Abby entered the living room and asked Chelsea where she was going. Chelsea felt that Abby had been invading her privacy.

Abby tried to befriend Chelsea, saying that she sympathized with Chelsea. Despite Abby's offer of friendship, Chelsea wasn't interested in buddying up with Abby. Nikki and Victoria walked in and wondered why Abby and Chelsea were fighting. Abby claimed that they were simply butting heads, and Chelsea said that it was no big deal. Nikki complimented Chelsea on how big the baby had grown. Victoria gave Chelsea her pregnancy vitamins from the drug store. Chelsea told the Newman ladies that she was going out for a while.

After Chelsea had left, Nikki and Victoria told Abby about Victor's opposition to Victoria buying Beauty of Nature. Abby felt that Victoria would be the perfect person to own Beauty of Nature. Victoria was pleased by her sister's compliment, and asked Abby to work for her at Beauty of Nature. Abby said no thank you because she did not want to ever be at odds with Victor again. Victoria reminded Abby that Victor had tried to hold back Abby's interest in being a reality star. Abby told Victoria that for the future, she only wanted peace with Victor.

Nikki pointed out that Victor demanded loyalty from his family. Victoria believed that Victor was probably ticked off that the Chelsea situation had worked out in Billy and Victoria's favor. Victoria was counting on adopting Chelsea's baby. Abby suggested that Victoria should give Chelsea the benefit of the doubt and trust her. Nikki vehemently opposed that idea.

Victoria said until Chelsea handed over the baby to Billy and her, they could not trust Chelsea. Later, Abby wanted to go shopping with Victoria just to get out of the house. Victoria worried about how long Chelsea had been gone.

Victor walked into the Athletic Club and took the seat beside Adam at the bar. Adam assumed that Victor was there for a business lunch, but Victor explained he had gone there to see Adam. Victor was checking up on Adam and commented that he was happy that Adam's sight had returned. Adam wondered why Victor hadn't mentioned that earlier. Victor conceded that there had been issues between them, but he never wished for Adam to be blind.

Victor thought Adam might be on the right path since he'd seen the light, both physically and spiritually. Adam asked if Victor was sincere. Victor wouldn't admit to having an ulterior motive, and Adam wasn't sure if he could believe his father. Victor told Adam that he only needed to prove to himself that he was a changed man. Adam said that he would remember Victor's words. Victor hoped Adam's epiphany would lead to a permanent change.

Victor walked out of the Athletic Club, passing Chelsea without responding her to hello. Adam explained that all the Newmans had superior attitudes. Chelsea confessed to Adam she was having a hard time dealing with her daily life. Chelsea felt smothered by Victoria's attention and needed a break. Adam wondered if Chelsea was thinking of taking off. Chelsea said she had fantasies of being free again, but she wouldn't leave until after she had the baby.

Adam realized that he and Chelsea had become friends because everyone assumed that they were evil. Adam told Chelsea said that it was difficult to get others to change the negative opinions they'd formed. Chelsea hoped that Adam saw the good in her. Adam advised Chelsea to do good by herself and the baby.

Sarge joined Jack at Gloworm. Jack was glad to see him, but Sarge said that he would not lighten up on Jack's therapy just because he was buying him a nice lunch. Jack said the lunch was just his way of saying thank you to Sarge. Jack announced that he would not need Sarge's services in the future because Jack was opting for the experimental stem cell surgery.

Sarge told Jack that he was making a mistake, but Jack's mind was made up. Sarge wasn't going to miss Jack as a patient, but he thought Jack would be wiser to continue with the safer path of physical therapy. Jack felt that the surgery could give him a faster recovery, and that was what he wanted. Sarge wished Jack good luck.

Genevieve and Jack returned to his house. Jack said that he'd fired Sarge because he wouldn't need a physical therapist. Jack was going forward with the experimental surgery and refused to discuss it with anyone. Genevieve agreed to back off about the surgery. Jack thought it was interesting that all the players for Beauty of Nature had been at Gloworm while they were there.

Genevieve declared that it was fun to have something that everyone else wanted. Genevieve was excited about starting a new chapter of her life with Jack. Jack said that he'd arranged for their wedding the following week in Las Vegas. Genevieve was pleased. When Jack asked Genevieve to keep their plans top secret, she agreed and then let herself out.

Nikki went to see Victor at the office to say that she was concerned about Victor going after Victoria over Beauty of Nature. Nikki asked Victor to stop punishing Victoria. Victor declared that Beauty of Nature was his, and it had been stolen from him. Nikki asked Victor to give in and let Victoria have Beauty of Nature. Victor said that Victoria was not an innocent and that she had chosen to work against him.

Nikki hated that their family was at odds over business. Victor said that once he won Beauty of Nature back, he'd offer Victoria a chance to work with him again. Nikki said that Victoria would never forgive Victor for what he was doing and that Victor was pushing his daughter away. Victor announced that Victoria was no different than Tucker and Jack when it came to business. Nikki couldn't believe that Victor was lumping Victoria in with his business rivals. As Nikki left, Victor fumed.

On Jack's doorstep, Genevieve paused and recalled how Victor had set her up with an undercover government agent in Tokyo. Genevieve called Victor to ask if his door was still open to her because she had good news for him. Victor wanted the news immediately.

In Ashley's office at Jabot, Tucker told Ashley that he'd kept his word and only approached Genevieve about Beauty of Nature when Genevieve told him the company was for sale. Ashley didn't want Tucker to go after the company because it would be in direct conflict with her family business. Tucker asked Ashley to explain what she wanted from him. Ashley said that her feelings didn't seem to matter to Tucker. Ashley felt that their marriage meant more to her than it did to Tucker. Tucker said that he wouldn't tell Ashley how to run her business, and she shouldn't tell him how to run his. Ashley felt a wall going up between them.

When Chelsea reached Victoria and Billy's house, Adam caught up with her because she'd forgotten her phone. Chelsea thanked him, but then got a little dizzy. Adam helped Chelsea into the house and made sure she was all right. Victoria walked into the room and asked why Adam was there. Adam explained that he was just helping Chelsea into the house. Victoria warned Chelsea that the last time Adam had helped a pregnant lady, he'd stolen her baby.

Friday, April 6, 2012

At Gloworm, Nikki lamented to Katherine that Victor's business decisions were affecting his family, and she wished that he could see the damage he was causing. Katherine assumed Nikki was referring to Beauty of Nature, because she'd heard that Genevieve was considering selling it. Nikki griped that Genevieve was reveling in the spotlight. Katherine commented that it was a well-run company, and she'd been keeping an eye on it, too. Nikki was irritated by Katherine's interest.

Katherine sympathized that Nikki was opposed to Victor's dealings with Genevieve, but she understood Victor's motivations from a business standpoint. Nikki groused about how Genevieve had been smugly basking in the attention from potential buyers, but Katherine was certain that it would be short-lived. Nikki realized that perhaps Katherine was the answer, because Victor would never accept losing to Jack, Tucker, or Victoria, but Nikki believed that no one would mind if Chancellor Industries bought Beauty of Nature. Katherine revealed that she hadn't planned to make an offer, but Nikki argued that Katherine was the only person who wouldn't let emotions get involved. Katherine thought it wasn't the best time for her to compete against Tucker, and Nikki wished that Victor felt the same way about Victoria.

Over the phone, Victor asked Genevieve if her good news was about Beauty of Nature, and she admitted that it had something to do with the company. He invited her to stop by his office, and he hung up. Nick announced that he was going home, and Victor reported that Genevieve was on her way to see Victor. Victor thought he had her right where he wanted her.

Victor crowed that he almost had Beauty of Nature back, and he expressed gratitude toward Nick. Nick was surprised, but Victor asserted that when Nick had closed the Mitsukoshi deal for Newman, he'd made Genevieve's company more affordable. Nick gave Sharon credit for clinching the deal, and Victor thought perhaps Nick and Sharon should run Beauty of Nature. Nick asked about Victoria's role, and Victor said that Victoria would be welcome to stay, because it was where she belonged. Nick pointed out that Genevieve hadn't sold Victor the company yet, but Victor was confident that she would.

At Crimson Lights, Lily and Cane excitedly looked forward to spending Easter with the twins. Cane informed her that the babysitter had called to report that the kids were asleep and that she could stay with them, so he planned to take Lily out on a date. Genevieve approached Cane and Lily, but Cane coldly stated that they were leaving. Genevieve proclaimed that she'd learned from her mistakes and that she was going to fix everything.

After Genevieve left, Lily commented that Genevieve's behavior had been strange, though she believed that Genevieve had meant what she'd said. Cane said that his mother had always disappointed him, and he didn't trust Genevieve. Lily advised that the best way to be trustworthy was to trust others, like she herself had trusted him.

Genevieve arrived to see Victor and sarcastically stated that he'd deemed her to be worth waiting for. She revealed that she knew that he'd set her up by leaving Yoshita's business card in his briefcase for her to find, but he retorted that she had stolen personal information and had no right to accuse him of wrongdoing. She remarked that they were alike in that neither of them ever felt that they had done anything wrong. She announced that she and Jack had worked out their differences and were getting married the following week. She added that she intended to sell Beauty of Nature to Jack as a wedding gift. Victor called her a bigger fool than he'd thought.

Genevieve asked why Victor looked shocked, and he said he couldn't believe how naÔve she was about Jack, because if she believed Jack had forgiven her, she didn't know Jack at all. Victor theorized that Jack had been planning revenge ever since she'd stolen Beauty of Nature, and once Jack got what he wanted, he'd throw her to the curb. She huffed that not everyone was as duplicitous as Victor, and she was confident that she could count on Jack. Victor predicted that her affiliation with Jack was doomed.

Michael informed Daniel that he had arranged a court date that evening. Michael asked if Daniel wanted to call Phyllis, but Daniel didn't want to potentially disappoint her. Michael agreed, and they left.

Phyllis dropped by to visit Jack, and she relayed that Michael had filed a motion for Daniel to file for full custody of Lucy, but they were still waiting for a hearing date. She recalled that she and Lucy had just started bonding, and the girl had laughed a lot. Phyllis wondered if Lucy was still laughing and if she slept at night, and Jack reminded her that Daniel had some influence in Lucy's life. Phyllis pointed out that Jack had been against her taking Lucy from Billy and Victoria, but Jack simply prayed that everything would turn out well for everyone. Phyllis mentioned that Chelsea had signed away her parental rights, but Jack noted that birth mothers always had power.

Jack opined that Daniel was the better parental candidate, and he had faith that the courts would see it, too. Phyllis marveled at his positive attitude, and he proclaimed that he was about to make the business deal of a lifetime and that he had found a new medical procedure that could get him back on his feet. She asked about the possibility of a full recovery, and he said there was better than just a chance. Jack offered to send her information about the clinical trial, and she said she was thrilled for him. He vowed to make good things happen, rather than waiting for them to occur.

Later, Nick and Phyllis met at Crimson Lights, and Nick was glad to hear that Jack was doing well. Daisy arrived with Lucy and warned Phyllis to stay away from them. Phyllis argued that it was a public place, but Daisy informed her that the restraining order required that Phyllis leave. Phyllis became upset, but Nick escorted her to the patio to avoid a scene.

Phyllis questioned whether Lucy looked healthy, and Nick assured her that the girl was fine. Phyllis was worried, because she thought that Daisy didn't know how to be a mom and that she had no sense of morals or judgment. Phyllis was concerned that Daisy wouldn't know what to do in an emergency, and Nick reminded her that a social worker was on the case, but Phyllis couldn't rest easy until Daniel had custody. She noticed Daisy and Lucy leaving, and she hissed that she hated Daisy.

Nick suggested that he and Phyllis do something to take her mind off her troubles, but she stated that it wouldn't help. He offered to give her a massage at home. She declined, but he said that she couldn't get rid of him so easily. Daniel called and asked if Phyllis could stop by his place to pick up an Easter gift for Summer.

Phyllis arrived at Daniel's apartment and was surprised when Michael opened the door. She asked if the hearing had been scheduled, and Michael pointed toward Daniel, who was holding Lucy. Daniel explained that the judge had granted him unsupervised custody until the hearing, so they had obtained a court order and had picked up Lucy from Daisy. Daniel added that the judge had revised the restraining order, so Phyllis could see Lucy when the tot was with Daniel. Phyllis cuddled Lucy and gushed that it was the best news possible.

Nikki visited Jack and reported that she had been agitated over the Beauty of Nature situation, but Katherine had calmed her down. Jack said it would be over soon, and Nikki hoped that Jack saw how two-faced Genevieve was. Jack remained silent, and Nikki assumed that he was going to let Genevieve worm her way back into his life. Nikki warned him to stay away from Genevieve, but he asserted that he and Genevieve had worked out a mutually beneficial deal. Jack insisted that he was using what had happened to his advantage, and he implored Nikki to trust that he was in charge of the situation, no matter what she heard.

Nikki became even more concerned and insisted that Jack tell her what was going on. She implored Jack to trust her, and he asked her to have faith in his ability. She was concerned about Genevieve's lack of scruples, but Jack ordered her not to worry, because his eyes were wide open, and he didn't love or trust Genevieve. Jack refused to let Genevieve make a fool of him again, while a crushed Genevieve listened from outside the door.

Chelsea blasted Victoria for treating her like she was stupid, but Victoria contended that she just wanted to warn Chelsea about Adam. Victoria questioned why Adam was there, and he explained that Chelsea had forgotten her phone, and he had returned it. Victoria accused him of insinuating himself into people's lives, but Chelsea insisted that she could take care of herself and that he had been the only person in town who had been nice to her. Victoria demanded that Chelsea stop overreacting, and she ordered Adam out. Chelsea admonished Victoria for her treatment of Adam, but Victoria maintained that he deserved it. Chelsea muttered that it had been a mistake, and Victoria assumed that she was referring to Adam. Chelsea clarified that the mistake had been her agreement with Victoria.

Victoria apologized and claimed that she hadn't meant to imply that Chelsea didn't know how to take care of herself, but she was worried about Chelsea and the baby. Chelsea barked that Victoria couldn't con a con, and she accused Victoria of considering her to be an incubator. Chelsea declared that she was no longer sure if she wanted Victoria to raise her baby. Chelsea continued that Victoria was no better than Anita. Abby jumped to Victoria's defense, but Chelsea stormed out.

Victoria panicked that Chelsea had taken off, and Abby assured her that Chelsea would return. Adam suggested that the women give Chelsea space and respect. Victoria ordered him not to talk and blamed him for the situation. He offered to look for Chelsea, but Victoria commanded him to leave Chelsea alone. Victoria and Abby left to search for Chelsea.

At Gloworm, Jeffrey cheerily remarked to Gloria that he was happy to no longer be doing manual labor. Gloria snarled that the wait staff was thrilled, because he would no longer be stealing tips. Lily and Cane arrived, and Cane asked for a private table. Gloria offered them dinner on the house, to Jeffrey's chagrin. Once they were seated, Cane suggested to Lily that they order an expensive bottle of wine to see the look on Jeffrey's face. Lily wanted to order French food to celebrate the seven-week anniversary of their wedding in France, and he suggested that they go dancing afterward. She asked what would happen after that, and he leaned in for a tender kiss.

Gloria showed Lily and Cane photos of Jeffrey gambling on their honeymoon in Reno. Jeffrey bragged that his winnings had paid for the trip, but Gloria complained that he'd blown it all in his final bet. Cane offered to pay for the meal, but Gloria refused, since they were all members of "the second time around club." Cane declared that it would be his last time, because Lily was the only woman for him.

Victoria and Abby arrived at Gloworm, and Victoria fretted that she hadn't been able to get in touch with Billy on the phone. Victoria asked if Gloria and Jeffrey had seen Chelsea, and she explained that Chelsea had run off, upset. Abby blamed Chelsea's behavior on pregnancy mood swings. Victoria inquired whether the Bardwells knew how to contact Anita, and Gloria glared at Jeffrey, who said he hadn't heard from or seen either Anita or Chelsea since they'd received the paternity test results. Victoria pleaded with them to help her find Anita.

Gloria spat that Jeffrey had spent a lot of time with Anita when he had been a busboy. Abby suggested that they hire Paul to track Anita down, and Jeffrey blurted that Anita had mentioned visiting her hometown in New Mexico. Victoria requested that Gloria and Jeffrey call her immediately if they heard from Chelsea. Abby and Victoria agreed to split up to search for Chelsea, and Victoria wished that Billy was there.

Outside his home, Billy flashed back to telling Victoria to call him if Anita or Chelsea caused any problems, and they'd agreed to keep in constant touch. Billy entered the house and called out that he was home, but only Keely was there to greet him. Billy played with the dog and wondered where everyone else was.

Victoria visited Victor, and he dryly asked what else he'd done wrong. She asked for his help, because he'd found Chelsea and Anita before, and she needed him to find them again.

Adam spotted Chelsea's car by the side of the road, and he frantically called her name as he searched the wooded area. Near a frozen lake, he heard coughing, and he realized that Chelsea had fallen through the ice. Adam inched his way across the ice and yelled for Chelsea to stick her hand out of the water. Her hand emerged, and he grabbed it and pulled Chelsea to safety.

A shivering Chelsea explained that she had walked toward a light and hadn't known she had been on ice. Adam said they needed to get her to the hospital, but she cried that she was in labor.

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