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Monday, April 16, 2012

Victor jetted to Las Vegas and paid a visit to Genevieve in her hotel suite. Genevieve noted that Victor had already offered her his best wishes before she'd left Genoa City. She pondered whether he'd shown up to stop her wedding. Victor and Genevieve laughed heartily before Victor warned that levity in her life would come to a screeching halt if she married Jack Abbott. Victor claimed that Genevieve was giving up so much to receive so little from Jack in return. Genevieve explained that money hadn't been her top concern when she bought Beauty of Nature, nor would it be when she sold it.

Victor entreated Genevieve to join forces with him. Genevieve said she'd seriously considered Victor's job offer, but she later realized that Nick and Sharon had already been placed in charge of the new cosmetics company. Victor offered to put Genevieve in charge of both companies and have Nick and Sharon answer to her. Victor said that he and Genevieve would work together to run the combined companies. Before Victor left, he produced a deal memo from his pocket. Genevieve told Victor that he was too late because she planned to marry Jack.

In an elevator at the Las Vegas hotel, Nikki passionately kissed Jack. After the doors opened, a guard stepped in and announced that someone had pressed the emergency-stop button. Nikki apologized and explained that she was on her way to her room. The guard stepped out. After the doors closed, Nikki and Jack laughed.

Later, in her room, Nikki told Jack that there was more to love and marriage than what Genevieve could ever give him. Nikki warned that Jack would later regret his cynical, ruthless act. Jack claimed that Genevieve was playing the game right along with him. Nikki tried to reason with Jack and asked him if his father would have married a woman for the same reason Jack was marrying Genevieve. Before Jack left to meet with Genevieve, Nikki cried, "Jack, please don't marry her."

Victor and Nikki later ran into each other in the hotel hallway. Nikki told Victor that he'd evidently shown up to stop Genevieve from marrying Jack. Nikki added, "Maybe you could have her arrested or perhaps hire someone to seduce her -- all familiar tactics." Victor asked to speak with Nikki, so he could explain.

In his room, Victor admitted to Nikki that he had arranged the meeting between Billy and Chelsea. Victor pointed out that Billy could have refused Chelsea's advances. Victor also explained that he wasn't responsible for planting drugs on Billy. Nikki begged Victor not to choose anger and self-righteousness over his family. Victor said he'd forgiven his children for bilking billions of dollars from him.

Victor maintained that he carried out his tactics in order to protect his family. Victor asked Nikki if she loved him. Nikki replied, "Yes, I love you, but I can't tolerate this. It's more than I can stand, Victor." Victor said, "Get out of my room." Nikki left.

Jack met with Genevieve in her room. She told him that she didn't expect for him to immediately forgive her. Genevieve said, "I want a real marriage. It wasn't possible with Colin, but you're a good man." Jack seemed taken aback by Genevieve's sincerity.

Genevieve caressed Jack's hand and told him that she honestly believed they could be happy together. Jack said he was surprised to learn that she still had faith in their relationship. Jack admitted that he didn't feel the same way. Jack apologized to Genevieve. Hurt and angry, Genevieve shouted, "Get out!" After Jack left, Genevieve slumped into a chair and sobbed pitifully.

Jack knocked on Nikki's door. Nikki yelled, "Victor, I said I didn't want to talk," as she opened the door. Jack was surprised to learn that Victor had shown up to thwart Genevieve's plans to marry. Jack said that Victor could have saved himself the trouble. Jack credited Nikki with convincing him not to marry Genevieve. Jack sadly noted that he'd lost Beauty of Nature forever. Jack admitted to Nikki that he couldn't promise Genevieve the real marriage she desired. Nikki cried, "You broke things off with Genevieve because you had to be honest, and I broke things off with Victor because he couldn't be."

While Nikki and Jack dined in her room, both said that they felt a sense of relief. Jack thanked Nikki for bringing him to his senses with her unexpected kiss. They kissed again. Jack whispered, "Trust me." After Nikki and Jack made love, she told Jack that she'd never felt it was her place to ask him if he could still perform sexually. Jack insisted that Nikki's place was with him as long as she wanted to stay. Jack caressed Nikki.

Genevieve, wearing her gold wedding dress, showed up at Victor's door. She told Victor that she'd suddenly become free for the evening. Genevieve asked Victor if he'd like to share the bottle of champagne she'd taken along. Genevieve showed Victor the deal memo and asked if his offer still stood. After Genevieve and Victor signed the contract, they shared a passionate kiss.

Victor took Genevieve by the hand and pulled her toward the bed. Genevieve fell asleep after she and Victor made love. After Genevieve awoke, she saw Victor sitting on a sofa, staring at the signed contract. She said, "Victor, come back to bed." Victor said he would in a minute. Victor secretly recalled Nikki's last words to him. Nikki had said, "Yes, I love you, but I can't tolerate this. It's more than I can stand, Victor."

At the hospital, Chelsea was miffed after Victoria refused to believe that Adam had saved Chelsea from the icy lake and later helped deliver the baby before leaving to summon help. Victoria claimed that Adam was attempting to take credit because he'd heard that Chelsea couldn't remember what had happened. Chelsea admonished Victoria and told her she should thank Adam because he'd saved the baby's life. Victoria calmly responded, "I am thankful to whoever it was that helped you."

Chelsea became exasperated after Victoria walked away. Adam didn't seem the least bit surprised by Victoria's reaction, and he reminded Chelsea that he'd told her not to tell anyone about his role. Later, Chelsea told Adam that to her, he would always be the hero that saved her and her son's lives.

At Restless Style, Phyllis and Ricky discussed publishing a story about the mysterious person who'd rescued Chelsea from the icy lake and later assisted during the birth of her baby before disappearing. Ricky said that Billy might nix the story in order to keep his private life out of the public eye.

Billy arrived. Phyllis slyly suggested to Billy that the magazine should publish a story about a hero that had saved the life of Billy's baby. Billy replied, "We're not going publish a story about my son. It's absolutely out of the question." Phyllis persisted, so Billy suggested that the magazine print a cover emblazoned with photos of Daisy and Daniel. Phyllis backed off. Billy calmly explained that custody issues hadn't yet been settled, and Chelsea still retained the right to change her mind. Billy added that he certainly didn't want Phyllis to interfere before the adoption was finalized.

Later, Phyllis privately instructed Ricky to get Daisy to open up about her life and share information that might be helpful to Daniel at the custody hearing. Ricky promised not to let Phyllis down.

Victoria arrived. Phyllis and Ricky stood nearby when Victoria told Billy that Chelsea had remembered that Adam had pulled her out of the lake and later delivered the baby. Victoria added that Adam had asked Chelsea not to tell anyone about his involvement. Ricky, referring to the punishing magazine article published about Adam, said, "Not what you expect from Satan." Phyllis said that it would be a great story to publish. Billy and Victoria protested. Phyllis promised not to run the story.

Victoria later returned to the hospital with Billy. Victoria told Billy that Chelsea was likely telling the truth about Adam. Victoria said she should apologize to Adam. Billy sighed, but he phoned Adam. Victoria took the phone and told Adam he could see the baby if he stopped by the hospital. After Adam arrived, Victoria apologized. Adam took the baby in his arms and admired the squirming infant. Billy and Victoria said that they would always be grateful to Adam.

Dining at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Sharon and Nick celebrated their successful collaboration that would soon launch a new cosmetics empire for Newman Industries. Nick tried to phone his dad with the news, but Victor didn't answer. A reporter approached Nick about the unknown hero that had helped the mother of Nick's new family member. Nick would not comment.

Phyllis stopped by later and told Nick and Sharon that Adam was the hero that had saved Chelsea and her baby. Addressing Sharon, Phyllis said she was surprised that Adam hadn't already told her about his selfless act. Nick explained that Sharon believed Adam's outlook had been changed by events that had taken place at his mother's farm.

Adam arrived at the club. Phyllis asked Adam if he'd rescued Chelsea and had helped deliver the baby. Adam said he had. Sharon asked why he hadn't told anyone. Nick claimed that Adam had arranged for Chelsea to make the announcement for him. Adam, angry, left. Sharon said that though Adam had done horrible things, not everything he'd done was horrible. Phyllis told Sharon that she would always view Adam through eyes of love. Phyllis added that she and Nick would always view Adam through eyes of skepticism. Miffed, Sharon walked away.

Ricky later caught up with Phyllis and Nick at Crimson Lights. Ricky asked Phyllis if she'd cleared publication of Adam's story with Billy. Phyllis said she didn't plan to do so because she didn't intend to lose her job again. Nick, reading from his laptop, announced that another publication had posted a story about Adam rescuing Chelsea. Phyllis suddenly realized that Ricky had disappeared from view. Phyllis, aggravated, told Nick that Ricky had been the source of the publicized story.

Sharon visited Chelsea at the hospital and asked about Adam's role in her rescue. Chelsea asked if Sharon planned to test Chelsea's story in order to detect a lie. Sharon said she'd be thrilled if the story were true. Chelsea noted that everyone would have to accept the truth about Adam. Chelsea added that Adam knew that she would always defend him.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

At the hospital where he had been visiting baby John, Billy called Phyllis because he was upset about the story in the Inquisitor about Chelsea and his son. Billy wanted to know how the tabloid had gotten the story. Phyllis explained to Billy that there had to be a leak, and she also reminded him that she had wanted to run the story so they could control the message. Billy wanted to know who had blabbed. Phyllis said she'd work on it.

Later, Billy went to see Chelsea, and she assured him that she had not changed her mind about giving the baby to Billy and Victoria. Billy explained that he and Victoria had thought they could never have another child, and they were very grateful to Chelsea. Billy said he'd gotten Chelsea a room at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Chelsea told Billy that she was looking forward to enjoying the life of an "un-pregnant" woman. Billy reminded Chelsea that she could call him if she needed anything.

Ricky went to the magazine office, and Phyllis cornered him, demanding to know if he'd leaked the story of Billy's child to the Inquisitor. Ricky acted like he knew nothing of how a reporter at the other publication had gotten the story. Phyllis said she'd eliminated all the suspects who might have given the other newspaper the story, and she accused Ricky of being the culprit. Despite Ricky claiming that he was innocent, Phyllis fired him.

Later at the coffeehouse, Phyllis ran into Bev, the reporter who had written the story. Bev would not reveal her source on the Billy-Chelsea story. Phyllis tried to make Bev become concerned about getting the information wrong, but Bev was confident that the nurse who'd overheard Chelsea talking at the hospital had given Bev the right information. When she was alone, Phyllis called Ricky and asked him to meet her immediately. When Ricky appeared, Phyllis apologized and rehired him. Ricky didn't care for Phyllis' apology, but he was pleased. After Phyllis walked out of Crimson Lights, Bev approached, and Ricky thanked her for covering for him. Ricky gave her a kiss.

Nick bumped into Jill at Crimson Lights, and she was ticked off that Newman Enterprises had become the sponsor of the Arts Council gala benefit to promote their new cosmetics company. Jill resented the company's intrusion and how it was horning in on Jabot turf. Nick accepted Jill's challenge. Nick then received a call and walked away from Jill to speak with Victor. Nick told his father about Jill being peeved about Beauty of Nature and wondered how Victor had been doing in his pursuit of Genevieve. Victor wanted Nick to go to the office, but Nick mentioned that he had to go to Victoria's for John's welcome home party.

At the Chancellor mansion, Abby told Kay about Billy's new baby, but she had no respect for Chelsea. Chloe appeared and listened to Abby disrespecting Chelsea for having had Billy's baby out of wedlock. Chloe had been in a similar situation when she had Delia, but Abby contended that Chloe's situation was very different from Chelsea's. Kay explained that she wanted Chloe and Abby to step in and take over the Arts Council gala benefit. They both were hesitant, and then clashed about their ideas to raise money for the benefit. Kay grimaced as she heard them bicker.

Abby announced that she had to leave for Billy and Victoria's party. Chloe said that she'd meet her there. After Abby left, Kay advised Chloe to cooperate with Abby for the gala. Chloe agreed with Abby that Chelsea was a troublemaker. Kay commented that Chloe had changed after having Delia, and perhaps Chelsea might be capable of changing, too. Chloe credited Kevin with being the reason Chloe had become a better person.

At Billy and Victoria's house, Victoria finished decorating for baby John's party. Adam showed up at the door, and Victoria said she was leaving for the hospital. Adam noticed the decorations but understood why he was not invited to the party. Victoria was grateful to Adam for helping Chelsea and the baby. Adam explained that he had to tell Victoria what he'd heard about Victor. Adam had learned that Victor had hired Chelsea in Myanmar in order to get her to seduce Billy. Adam felt that Victoria had shown good will to him by acknowledging his part in saving the baby. Adam wanted to prove to Victoria that he was worthy of her gratitude by telling her what he'd learned.

At Newman Enterprises, Genevieve and Victor arrived, and Victor was thrilled that the final sales contract for Beauty of Nature was on his desk. Genevieve worried that Jack would be upset with her, but Victor didn't care what Jack felt. Victor was not inclined to hide that he and Genevieve had spent the night together and she'd sold him Beauty of Nature. Genevieve worried that Victor would kiss and tell. Victor pointed out that Genevieve selling the company back to Newman Enterprises would be news. Genevieve feared Nikki's wrath, but Victor didn't care. Victor invited Genevieve to go with him to Victoria's party for John.

At the hospital, Victoria and Billy prepared to take John home. Victoria told Billy about Adam's information about Chelsea in Myanmar. Victoria and Billy were happy that Victor would not be at the party. Victoria anticipated that Nikki might leave Victor forever once she learned about Victor's manipulation in Myanmar.

Jack and Nikki were both in the afterglow of having made love while in Las Vegas. Nikki reminded Jack that they had to get ready for Victoria's party, but Jack wanted to discuss where their relationship would be heading next. Nikki and Jack recalled their very complicated past together, and both agreed that they shouldn't rush anything. Jack and Nikki decided to remain discreet in public, too. Jack and Nikki kissed and planned on a romantic night together. Nikki told Jack that at the party, they had to keep quiet about what they knew of Victor's shenanigans with Chelsea and Anita in Myanmar. Reluctantly, Nikki left Jack to dress for the party.

At the party, Victoria opened Jill's present and found a beautiful blue blanket. Jill held the baby and thanked Billy for making her a grandmother again. Nikki arrived and wanted to get her hands on John. Jack appeared with a present for John. Nick told Jack that the baby was smiling because his favorite uncle had arrived -- Nick. Victoria told Nikki how pleased she was that the family had gone to the party -- everyone but Victor. Billy thanked the family for embracing their new family member. Billy took John for a diaper change.

Genevieve fretted about going to the party, but Victor thought it was best to break the news about the Beauty of Nature acquisition and Genevieve's place in the company all at once to Nick and the others. Victor was looking forward to the party and didn't care how others might react to seeing them as a couple. Later, Genevieve and Victor arrived at Victoria's.

Abby led Victor and Genevieve into the house while Victoria went upstairs to help Billy with John. Victor announced that Genevieve was there as his guest. Victor announced that he'd purchased Beauty of Nature and implied how pleased he and Genevieve were. Nikki was astonished and picked up on the intimacy between Genevieve and Victor. Nikki let Victor know that she and Jack were involved by putting her hand on Jack's shoulder.

Chelsea prepared to leave the hospital. Adam walked in and offered to escort her. Adam confessed that he'd felt compelled to tell Victoria the truth about Victor having arranged for Chelsea to entrap Billy in Myanmar. Chelsea understood and told Adam that she wanted to put her past behind her. Adam wondered about Chelsea's future.

Adam listened as Chelsea talked about sightseeing and spending time having fun. Chelsea mentioned that Sharon had gone to see her, wanting to know about Adam's involvement with Chelsea. Adam explained that nobody would ever trust the two of them because Chelsea and Adam were pariahs. Chelsea accepted Adam's invitation and commented that he was her only friend.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

At John's party, everyone reacted to the news that Victor had reacquired Beauty of Nature from Genevieve and also that Jack and Nikki, and Victor and Genevieve were now couples. Unaware of what had happened, Tucker arrived and explained that Ashley was unable to attend the party. Tucker asked what was going on. Jill informed Tucker that Victor and Genevieve had hooked up, and Victor had repurchased Beauty of Nature.

Nick asked Victor why he'd spoiled Victoria's party with the business news. Jack apologized to Billy for the party being spoiled by Victor's interruption and Jack and Nikki's coming out as a couple. Billy stood up and asked everyone to leave the house because the party was officially over. Privately, Billy had a request for Abby.

Alone together, Victoria confessed to Nikki that she was confused about what had happened with Genevieve and the business. Nikki said that she and Victor were finished for good. Victoria stopped Victor and Genevieve before they left to let them know she was ticked off that their presence had ruined John's party. Victor claimed he'd had no intention of disrupting the party. Jack told Victor that he could have Genevieve and the company because Jack had something more valuable.

Victoria informed her father that she knew he'd hired Chelsea to entrap Billy in Myanmar. Billy added that he didn't care if Victor hated him, but Billy resented Victor hurting Victoria. Victor wanted to speak privately with Victoria, but she told him to leave and never return to her home. Victor announced that Victoria was delusional if she still thought that love would conquer all.

Adam ran into Sharon at the Athletic Club and mentioned how impressed she was that he'd rescued Chelsea from the lake and delivered her baby. Adam said he simply did what anybody else would have done in that situation. Sharon wondered why he didn't want anyone to know about his heroism. Adam hadn't planned on keeping it secret; it was all circumstance. Adam also knew that Sharon had felt the need to confirm his side of the story by going to Chelsea.

Sharon admitted that she'd doubted Adam. Sharon received a call from Nick to return to the office. Sharon told Adam that she had to leave, but concluded that Hope would have been proud of what Adam had done for Chelsea.

Victoria and Nikki discussed what Victor had done by hiring Anita and Chelsea in Myanmar. Victoria said that Adam had told her about Victor's actions once Chelsea had revealed the truth to him. Nikki assumed that Adam had been trying to cause trouble. Nikki was shocked when Victoria explained that Adam had saved Chelsea from the lake and delivered the baby.

Jack told Billy what he knew about Victor's role in trapping him in Myanmar. Billy asked if Jack was okay about losing out on the Beauty of Nature deal. Jack said he was focused on other things, like walking again. Jack was grateful to Nikki for reminding him of what was important. Billy asked how "together" Jack and Nikki were, and Jack said only his legs no longer worked; the rest of his anatomy was fine. Billy was thrilled for his brother.

Later, Billy and Victoria talked after the party, and she admitted that she'd been hurt by the news of Newman Enterprises buying Beauty of Nature. Billy said that Victor had said everything he'd done had been for Victoria's sake, but Billy thought his father-in-law took overprotectiveness to the extreme. Victoria couldn't understand Victor, but she was grateful that the result of his manipulation was that they'd been able to get John.

Later, Abby arrived with a present for Victoria from Billy. It was Reid visiting from Washington. Reid announced that he was ready to meet his new little brother. Victoria was overjoyed and asked Reid to help her with the baby. Billy informed Abby of Victor's chicanery in Myanmar.

At the coffeehouse, Tucker and Jill agreed that Victor had acted without class by spoiling the party. Jill thought that Victor was a cad and suspected that Genevieve had devised the idea of crashing the party. Jill said she'd never trusted Genevieve.

After Jill left, Tucker saw Genevieve on the patio and confronted her. Genevieve said that she'd always been an unpredictable person, so Tucker shouldn't be surprised by her decision to align with Victor. Tucker said that she'd made the wrong choice. Genevieve reminisced about their childhood when Tucker had told her that he would someday be an important businessman. Tucker realized that Genevieve had played him in the Beauty of Nature deal.

Tucker recalled that Genevieve had been a different person before she'd acquired so much armor. Tucker warned Genevieve to be careful with Victor. After Genevieve had gone, Sofia appeared, and Tucker told her to answer her phone. Sitting across the room, Tucker told Sofia over the phone that Genevieve had sold Beauty of Nature to Victor. Sofia wanted to end the deception and be honest with Neil. Tucker asked Sofia to continue the charade a little while longer because he believed the deal-making wasn't really done.

Jill ran into Kay at the Athletic Club and told her about Billy's party. Kay was shocked about how quickly everything had happened with Nikki and Jack, and Victor and Genevieve. Jill blamed Genevieve for the entire subterfuge. Abby joined Jill and Kay at the club and said that Reid was in town to visit Victoria and meet baby John. Abby also told them how Victor had set up Billy in Myanmar with Chelsea in an effort to destroy Billy's marriage to Victoria.

Victor went to Adam's room and asked him why he hadn't stepped forward about saving Chelsea's life. Victor wondered if Adam had been playing an angle. Adam said that Chelsea had chosen not to keep quiet about his heroism and had blurted it out to Victoria. Adam understood that Victor was skeptical about Adam not orchestrating the entire thing. Adam said that he was acting for himself, and that included doing good things.

Later, Nick and Sharon met with Victor at the office. Victor explained that in order to reacquire Beauty of Nature, he'd arranged for Genevieve to be in charge of the entire cosmetics division. Nick and Sharon would be working for Genevieve. Nick felt betrayed because Victor had promised Sharon and Nick autonomy. Victor believed that there would be plenty of work for all three of them.

Nick declared that Victor had sold out Sharon and Nick to get Beauty of Nature. Victor concluded the meeting and told them to return to work. Privately, Nick told Sharon about Genevieve and Victor having hooked up at the same time that Nikki and Jack had become a couple again, too. Nick and Sharon were confused at Victor's motives, and Nick suspected that Victor might be deceiving Genevieve.

At the ranch, Victor walked into the living room and was surprised to see Nikki there. The two squabbled, and Victor was surprised when Nikki revealed that Adam had informed Victoria of Victor's actions in Myanmar. Nikki was relieved that Victoria knew the truth about how Victor had tried to destroy Victoria and Billy's marriage. Nikki said she was moving out.

Victor fumed about Nikki sleeping with Jack. Victor called his affair with Genevieve an "understanding" and waved it off. Nikki concluded that she would probably always love Victor, but they could never live together. Victor asked Nikki to spare him the hearts and flowers.

At the Athletic Club bar, Adam recalled speaking with Chelsea about why he didn't want the world to know what he'd done. A lady at the bar complimented Adam on being a hero. She'd read all about Adam's heroism in the newspaper. Chelsea appeared and thought it was cool that Adam had gotten recognized for being a hero.

Genevieve went to see Jack and said she had no regrets about what had happened in Las Vegas. They agreed that they both had made their choices. Genevieve reiterated that Jack had had his chance with her, and he'd lost. Jack felt that they both would have lost if they'd gotten married.

Later at the office, Sharon and Nick entered and found Genevieve reading over their work. Genevieve liked what they'd done, but she criticized Sharon and Nick's marketing plan. Nick wasn't comfortable taking orders from Genevieve. Genevieve reminded them that she would be their boss. Nick and Sharon walked out just as Victor returned. Nick and Sharon went to the elevator to leave the building.

Later, Genevieve exited the office alone while Victor sat on the couch and pondered his relationship with Nikki. Outside Jack's house, Nikki contemplated going in. After a moment's hesitation, she entered, and Jack kissed Nikki.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

At the coffeehouse, Tucker asked Sofia to have patience with his plan to get Beauty of Nature. Sofia was uncomfortable lying to Neil. Sofia stopped using the cell phone and turned to Tucker to speak with him directly. Sofia told Tucker that Neil deserved better than what she was giving him. Neil walked into the place and saw Tucker and Sofia in a heated discussion. Neil wondered if Tucker and Sofia were fighting again.

Tucker asked Neil to butt out, but Neil defended his wife. Sofia appreciated Neil's protectiveness, but asked him to back off. Tucker left, and Neil apologized to Sofia, then asked her to talk business with him. Neil offered Sofia a position at Chancellor. Sofia was flattered, but she said she couldn't do it. Sofia finally admitted that she was still working for McCall and had been lying to Neil about Tucker firing her.

Sofia explained that she and Tucker had concocted the charade in an effort to get Tucker the inside information to acquire Beauty of Nature. Neil understood from a business point of view, but he was disappointed that Sofia had not trusted him with the truth. Sofia said that it had been eating her up inside to keep the truth from Neil. Neil didn't want to discuss it with Sofia.

At the mansion, Kay told Esther that she shouldn't cry over the fact that Chloe might be leaving to move into Kevin's house. Chloe was certain that she would reject the house because Angelina had lived there. Chloe said she was only going to look at the house for Delia's sake. Chloe assumed the house was old-fashioned and that Delia would reject it because it wasn't pink enough for her.

At the coffeehouse, Michael was frustrated about Lauren being out of town. Kevin noticed that Michael was depressed. Kevin explained that he had a date with Chloe and Delia to show them his house. Avery ran into Daniel and was surprised to see that Phyllis had given him the copy of Black Beauty that George had left to Phyllis.

Later, Daniel told Kevin he felt prepared for the custody hearing. Michael agreed that Daniel was in good shape for court. Michael advised Daniel to be on his best behavior and to not provoke Daisy in any way. Daisy called Daniel to request that he pick up Lucy at her apartment because she couldn't go to the coffeehouse. Daniel agreed.

At the magazine office, Ricky gave Phyllis his latest article. Ricky asked for a more substantial assignment, and Phyllis reminded him that he had missed his deadline on the Daisy story. Phyllis pressed Ricky to come up with something to discredit Daisy in court. Ricky said he'd pull through for Phyllis. Daisy called Ricky, and he left to see her.

Harmony commented to Phyllis that Ricky was a hard worker. Phyllis agreed that he was hard working, but she didn't trust Ricky. Phyllis urged Harmony to keep her relationship Ricky strictly professional. Phyllis announced that she was heading home to unwind, but then Avery walked in and demanded to speak with Phyllis.

Phyllis introduced Avery to Harmony. After Harmony walked out, Phyllis hoped that Avery had good news about the case. Avery was upset that Phyllis had given Daniel the book that their father had left to Phyllis. Avery pointed out that the book had meant something to their father, and it was wrong of Phyllis to tell Daniel to throw it away.

Phyllis refused to feel anything for their father but hatred. Phyllis could not forgive him for what he'd done. Avery said that George had been a good father to them when they were very young. Avery recalled the good times even after he went to prison, like when she visited him and did her homework with him. Avery chose to remember a caring, loving father.

Phyllis told Avery that George had been a convict, and he had ruined her childhood. Avery admitted that she harbored anger, but she also had love for their father. Phyllis declared that George only did what he did because it had been good for his image. Phyllis bluntly reminded Avery that George had left nothing in the will to Avery because he hadn't cared. Phyllis believed that George had played Avery against Phyllis all of their lives.

Ricky went to Daisy's apartment, and she complained to him that he'd done nothing to help her secure a win in court. Ricky said that he had a nefarious plan in mind, but it took time to develop. Ricky was going to use something in Phyllis' past to ruin her and also make Daniel look like an unsuitable parent. Daisy had second thoughts about resorting to a dirty trick to win, wishing instead that Daniel would want to share Lucy with her. Ricky realized that Daisy was still smitten with Daniel.

Ricky told Daisy that Daniel didn't want Daisy in his life. Daisy yelled at Ricky to get out of her apartment. Later, Daniel arrived to get Lucy, and Daisy asked him to help put on Lucy's shoes. Together, Daisy and Daniel cared for Lucy, and Daisy thought they were good with their daughter. Daniel let Daisy know that they were not destined to be a happy family.

Daisy intimated that she could move away and not give Daniel her forwarding address. Daniel was shocked, but then Daisy backed off of her threat and claimed she only wanted the best for Lucy. Daniel declared that Lucy would be better off with him alone. Daniel left Daisy's with Lucy in his arms.

Kevin arrived at the mansion to pick up Chloe and Delia. Chloe was not looking forward to seeing the house because it had Angelina's "stink" all over it. Kevin said the house had never been Angelina's because in Kevin's mind, he had always imagined Chloe and Delia there. Kevin painted a picture for Chloe of how wonderful the house could be for the three of them. Kevin assured Chloe that if she still didn't want the house after looking at it, he'd ask Gloria sell it.

Later, Kevin led Chloe and Delia into the house. Chloe thought it was dated and tacky. Delia wanted to see her room. Later, after touring the place, Chloe declared that the house was too junky for her. Kevin said he'd speak to Gloria about selling it, but then Chloe surprised him by saying that she loved the house in spite of everything and wanted to live there with him and Delia.

Tucker visited Kay at the mansion and told her that Devon's implants were activated and his hearing was restored. Tucker apologized for not including Kay in the procedure at the hospital. Kay asked if Tucker was upset about Victor reacquiring Beauty of Nature, and Tucker didn't reveal his true feelings. Kay mentioned that Neil had asked to hire Sofia to work for Chancellor, since she was no longer Tucker's right hand. Tucker wasn't sure about Sofia's future.

Kay explained that she didn't believe that Sofia had really left McCall Unlimited because of the bond she shared with Tucker. Tucker asked why Kay was suspicious, and Kay explained that she understood how Tucker's mind worked. Kay believed it was a business maneuver. Tucker admitted that Kay was right. Kay disapproved of Tucker asking Sofia to lie to Neil, but as a businesswoman, she admired Tucker's ploy. Tucker was pleased to receive his mother's praise.

Michael was on the phone with his secretary, Chantal, and realized that he'd missed filing a motion in court. Michael then called Phyllis, and she blew him off because she was heading home. Avery approached Michael and overheard that Phyllis wasn't in the mood to talk with him. Michael invited Avery to sit down and spend some time with him. Avery was upset that Phyllis was so unreasonable about their father.

Michael was reluctant to share his problems, but finally admitted that Lauren was in Canada with Fenmore because of Daisy. Michael felt they could not continue living apart the way they were. Michael felt he had no way out of their problems with Daisy. Michael wished that Lauren would be more flexible, but he wasn't complaining. Avery felt that Phyllis was just as inflexible.

Harmony ran into Neil at the coffeehouse and could tell that he was upset about something. Harmony offered to buy him a cup of coffee and listen to his problems. Neil accepted her offer, and they sat at a table. Neil explained that someone he'd trusted had let him down. Harmony asked if the person had apologized. Neil admitted that she had, so Harmony advised Neil to try forgiveness. Neil thanked Harmony for the pep talk. Meanwhile, at the Athletic Club, Sofia sat alone at a table for one.

Daniel took Lucy to visit with Phyllis. Daniel said that while he'd been at Daisy's, she had threatened to take Lucy and leave Genoa City without telling him where they'd gone. Daniel said that seeing Daisy had reminded him of the cold-hearted woman he'd tangled with in the past. Meanwhile, Daisy met Ricky again and told him to do whatever was necessary to make sure she won custody of Lucy in court.

Friday, April 20, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Harmony asked Neil if he was still thinking about the person who'd disappointed him, and he admitted that he couldn't help it, but he appreciated her pep talk earlier. He thought that perhaps he expected too much of people, and she noted that he'd gone from one extreme to another. She explained that after she'd gotten clean, she had been determined to be the best at everything, but it had only set her up for disappointment. She reminded him that nobody was perfect. Lily and Cane arrived to pick up coffee before they headed to Devon's studio. Harmony asked if she and Neil could join them, and the foursome left together.

The group arrived at the studio, and Lily called Devon, whose meeting with a new rap artist was running late. Devon provided Lily with instructions regarding how to use the studio equipment. Lily cued up Devon's new song, and she asked Cane to dance to the heartfelt ballad. He obliged, and Harmony and Neil looked on as the happy couple exchanged mushy words. Later, Harmony entered the recording booth and enthusiastically sang one of Angelina's songs off-key, while Neil, Cane, and Lily giggled from outside. Cane and Lily pushed Neil into the booth, and he reluctantly finished the song with her.

Cane took his turn in the recording booth and delivered a dramatic version of "Running With You." Lily rushed into his arms afterward, and Neil poked fun at him, while Harmony called him entertaining. Neil admitted that his day had started off lousy, but they'd turned it into a great one. Harmony announced that they weren't finished, because she wanted to see the moves Neil had showed her in Dallas. Lily was stunned when Neil let loose by removing his jacket and tie and sharing a fun dance with Harmony.

Cane and Lily had to get home to the twins, and Harmony and Neil offered to lock up. Outside the studio, Lily asked Cane if he'd seen the spark between Neil and Harmony. Cane pointed out that Neil was married, but Lily remarked that his marriage to Sofia wasn't the real thing, and Neil didn't light up with Sofia the way he did around Harmony.

Harmony suggested one more dance, and Neil suspected that she wanted to make fun of him. She insisted that his moves were great, and he joked that she should have been an actress. She turned on Devon's new song, and they began to innocently dance, but clearly there was an attraction brewing. He slowly leaned in, and they shared a tender kiss.

At the Athletic Club bar, Avery spilled her drink, and Michael declared that they'd had enough. She called herself clumsy, and he observed that she wasn't acting like her usual composed self, but she clarified that her unflappable reputation only existed in the courtroom. He thought it was nice to get to know a more human side of her, and she hoped that everything worked out with Lauren and Fen. He urged her not to give up on Phyllis, who he felt really wanted Avery in her life. Michael insisted that Phyllis was upset over the situation with Daisy, and he thought the sisters would find their way back to one another.

Victor summoned Michael to the ranch, where they went over the paperwork for the Beauty of Nature sale. Michael noted that the deal included interesting provisions regarding Genevieve's involvement in the company, but Victor asserted that it had been worth it to get Beauty of Nature back. Michael questioned whether Nick and Victoria agreed, and Victor said they'd eventually see it was in the best interests of the company. Victor wondered where Genevieve had obtained the money to initially buy Beauty of Nature, and he worried about problems with the SEC if Colin's illegal activities had provided the funds.

Victor gave Michael the business card of a friend who worked for the SEC, and he asked Michael to call the agent to ensure the case was given bottom priority. Michael mentioned that he'd spotted Nikki's car outside, and Victor stated that she wasn't there to see Victor. Michael promised to deal with the SEC, and he left. Victor called security and asked his team to track down Nikki on the property.

Michael returned to the Athletic Club, where he'd forgotten his wallet. Avery hoped he'd returned for another drink, and she offered to buy him one. She said he risked having a drink or more problems dumped on him, and he called himself a good multitasker. They good-naturedly argued over whether that was typically a female trait, and Michael pointed out that Victor always managed to juggle multiple tasks. She noted that at least the person who drove him to drink paid him, unlike Phyllis. She lamented that she could take aspirin for the headaches Phyllis caused, but nothing could soothe her heartache.

From the Newman stables, Nikki called Victoria and assured her daughter that she had experience riding horses at night. As Nikki prepared for a ride, Victor entered and expressed surprise to see her. She explained that she'd intended to avoid him, because he never rode at night. He said that people could change, and she replied that sometimes they didn't. He opined that she'd fallen back into old, bad habits. She defended that she hadn't touched a drink, and they exchanged barbs over their respective dalliances with Jack and Genevieve.

Nikki ordered Victor not to ride on the path near the pond that she planned to take, but he grabbed her arm and contended that he would ride anywhere he pleased. She pulled away and stormed off. Later, Nikki limped in after her ride and refused Victor's help, but she was obviously in pain. He revealed that he'd seen her nasty fall, but she blamed him for riding where she'd told him not to. He tried to help her, but she turned away and insisted that she was fine. He called her stubborn.

Victor inspected Nikki's ankle and declared that it wasn't broken, and he applied ice to her foot. She thanked him, but she added that she was still angry with him. She questioned how he could be so gentle and caring one minute, and then do terrible things to those he loved the next. He asserted that he took care of things, like sprained ankles, murder charges, and his daughter's future.

Victor pointed out that sometimes his actions were acceptable to Nikki, but other times, she considered them reprehensible. She thought he should know the difference. He believed that they should be together, but instead, he felt that the woman who he had always loved kept telling him that she didn't want to be with him. Nikki asked whether he truly thought that was what she wanted. Victor called her stubborn again, and he stated that he wanted to be with her and queried why they weren't together.

Victor wrapped Nikki's ankle. They stared at one another, and he noted that she hadn't answered his question. He professed his love and said it was all that mattered. She countered that the way he loved was destructive, and she couldn't deal with it anymore. He paused, and then he said he'd get his driver to give her a ride home. Victor started to leave, and she cried after him to wait.

Ricky assured Daisy that she was doing the right thing by letting him help her, but she wanted details about his plans. He refused for her own protection, so she could honestly say she had no idea. She asked when he planned to put his secret plan into action, and he clinked his beer bottle against hers. He declared that by the end of the night, she'd be on her way to getting full custody.

At her penthouse, Phyllis joyously played with Lucy, and she wanted to ignore the ringing doorbell. Nick stopped by to pick up Phyllis, who had forgotten about their plans. Daniel commented that Phyllis' world had stopped when he'd arrived with Lucy. Daniel said that he had to take Lucy to run some errands before he returned the girl to Daisy, but Phyllis begged him to leave Lucy with her.

Daniel gently turned Phyllis down, because he didn't want Daisy to have any leverage against him. Phyllis told Lucy that she looked forward to having Lucy back with her family, where she belonged. Daniel left with Lucy, and Nick asked if Phyllis was okay. She said that she didn't feel like going out, and he suggested that they stay home. She gave him the chance to leave, but he preferred to stick around.

Phyllis and Nick shared some wine, and she pondered why people tried everything to keep their families together, when family members tended to leave or betray one another. He asked if she'd had another disagreement with Avery. She said that she and Avery had been able to work out their sibling rivalry over falling in love with the same man, but their conflict over their father would never go away. He urged Phyllis to leave it in the past, but she couldn't, and she didn't think Avery could, either.

Nick pointed out that at least the sisters had something in common, and Phyllis bemoaned that they had once shared more. Phyllis admitted that she didn't hate Avery, but she wanted to put her energy into helping Daniel get Lucy back. Nick questioned whether she could just wipe her sister out of her life, and she said yes. He asked how she'd feel if Avery walked out of her life forever, and Phyllis replied, "Relieved."

Nick rubbed Phyllis' feet and complained about Victor's appointment of Genevieve as head of Beauty of Nature. Phyllis wished that it meant the end of his working relationship with Sharon, but he didn't want to talk about anything else, and he pulled her into a kiss. Phyllis and Nick undressed one another and made love on the couch.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Eden served Daniel coffee and asked if he was nervous about the custody hearing, while Ricky covertly spied on them. Eden remarked that the next day, Daniel would have Lucy full-time, but Daniel admitted that Daisy wasn't that bad of a mom, though he hoped the judge had the same opinion as Eden. Eden began to carry a tray full of glassware back to the counter, but a patron on his cell phone ran into her. Glass shattered all over the floor, and Daniel rushed over to help. When he turned back to Lucy a moment later, she was gone.

Eden and Daniel desperately searched for Lucy, and Eden informed him that she had already called the police. Daniel was terrified that someone had snatched his daughter. Daniel agonized over what could happen to Lucy, and he realized in that moment just how much Lucy meant to him.

Phyllis answered a call from Daniel, who reported that Lucy had gone missing at the coffeehouse. Phyllis frantically said that she was on her way, and she passed along the news to Nick, who offered to drive her. Nick called Michael, and Michael and Avery hurried out the door. Phyllis fretted that Lucy should have stayed there, and she and Nick rushed over to Crimson Lights. Meanwhile, Ricky fed Lucy cookies in his car and murmured that he'd return her to her daddy in a little while.

Daniel gave a statement to a police officer, and Michael urged him not to blame himself. Phyllis and Nick raced in, and she barked at the police officer to do something. Michael tried to calm her, and suddenly Ricky entered with Lucy in his arms. Ricky claimed that he had been in the parking lot and had been shocked to see Lucy wandering around alone in the dark. Eden called him a hero, but he said he had simply been in the right place at the right time. Phyllis looked at him suspiciously.

Daniel gushed that seeing Lucy again had been the happiest moment of his life. He acknowledged to Phyllis that his paternal feelings had sneaked up on him, and she remarked that the love for a child never went away. Michael said that they needed to discuss the incident before the hearing, because Daisy might try to use it to her advantage. Phyllis was certain that would be the case, because she believed that the entire situation had been more than a coincidence.

Ricky called Daisy and reported that she was good to go, and he offered to send her a text message with details that she could forward to her lawyer. She marveled that thanks to him, she could win full custody of Lucy.

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