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Monday, April 23, 2012

Nick stopped by the Newman ranch and asked Victor to intervene on Daniel's behalf concerning the custody hearing. Nick explained that Lucy had gone missing briefly during a visitation with Daniel, and the judge might blame Daniel. Victor said that the Securities and Exchange Commission was investigating him, so he was unable to help Daniel. Victor assured his son that he wasn't punishing him or Phyllis. Victor explained that he just had other issues to deal with.

At the Abbott mansion, Nikki stopped by and had breakfast with Jack. Nikki told Jack about her run-in with Victor at the ranch the previous evening. She said that after she fell from her horse, Victor bandaged her ankle and arranged for a driver to take her home. Jack told Nikki that perhaps it wasn't their time to be together because she was still devoted to Victor. Nikki insisted that she planned to stay far away from Victor. Jack interrupted and said, "It's okay that you're not over him yet. You love him whether he deserves it or not."

Jack told Nikki that Genevieve didn't have the same hold on him that Victor had on Nikki. Nikki cried that loving Victor was exhausting and destructive. Nikki said that she knew better than to fall back into an unhealthy relationship. Jack said that being with him wouldn't do Nikki any good if she was running from Victor. Nikki left to take a call. Jack answered his doorbell and found Victor looming in the doorway. Victor told Jack that he was concerned about Nikki. Victor warned that he would hold Jack responsible if Nikki lost her foothold on sobriety. Jack recalled particular instances that had pushed Nikki to drink and blamed Victor for each.

Nikki came to the door and was surprised to see Victor. After Jack wheeled himself into the sitting room, Victor told Nikki that he was concerned about her. Nikki told Victor that she was being cared for. Just before Nikki was about to slam the door, Victor said, "Remember that this was your choice." Nikki walked back into the sitting room where Jack was and sighed heavily.

Jack told Nikki that Victor was still thinking about her after their encounter at the stables. Nikki replied, "Victor is always thinking about one thing – himself." Jack said, "Victor doesn't want you here, and it could be more difficult than you think." Nikki told Jack that she wouldn't beg, but she asked him not to mention Victor and just concentrate on being with her. Jack snuggled next to Nikki and began kissing her.

After Victor returned home, he found a fresh bouquet of flowers sitting on a table. The card read, "To a growing relationship." Genevieve had signed the card. Victor balled up the card and tossed it into a wastebasket. He then picked up the bouquet and dropped it into the wastebasket. Victor sighed heavily.

At the courthouse, Daisy testified that she wanted Lucy to have a loving mother and father. For that reason, Daisy explained, she had helped Daniel regain his parental rights. Phyllis, sitting in the gallery, expressed her displeasure with Daisy's fabrications by pursing her lips and smirking. Daisy added that Daniel wasn't at fault because his mother had been attempting to get Lucy even before the child was born. Daisy explained that Phyllis had lost custody of Daniel when he was a boy, so perhaps she was trying to make up for the past by taking away someone else's baby. After Daisy left the stand and walked back to her seat, she sneered at Phyllis. Phyllis rolled her eyes. Daniel looked exasperated.

Phyllis bolted from the courtroom. Avery followed behind. Phyllis cried, "I want to rip her face off!" Phyllis was livid and told Avery that neither she nor the judge had witnessed the face Daisy made at Phyllis. Avery warned Phyllis not to intervene while Daniel was on the stand. Phyllis told Avery that Daniel had the book Phyllis' father had willed to her. Phyllis said she hoped Daniel might read it to Lucy. Avery told Phyllis that she hoped to become close to Lucy.

Michael repeatedly objected when Daisy's attorney asked Daniel if he planned to dump Lucy and allow Phyllis to raise the child. Michael asked Daniel why he wished to raise his daughter. Daniel explained that his mother had urged him to fight for Lucy because she knew that he'd want to be the dad Lucy deserved. Daniel admitted that when he lost sight of Lucy at the coffeehouse, he felt sheer terror at the thought of never seeing his child again. Daniel said, "I can't let that happen. I won't let that happen."

After Daniel stepped down from the stand, he whispered to Michael that Daisy had ruined his chances. After a recess, Judge Brown ruled that Daniel had failed to prove that he should have full or even shared custody of Lucy. Daisy clasped her hand over her mouth when the judge explained that he was awarding full physical custody of the child to her mother. The judge added that the custody issue would be reviewed after six months.

Daisy later approached Daniel in the emptied courtroom and told him that she'd always hoped they could be a family. Daisy claimed that Daniel refused to let himself love her. A social worker arrived and placed Lucy in Daisy's arms. Daniel asked when he could visit Lucy. Daisy replied, "Maybe when you accept who I am and how much I love our baby."

Michael stepped out of the courtroom and announced the grim news to Phyllis, who had been waiting in the hallway. Michael explained that Daniel had rights of visitation at Daisy's discretion. Phyllis cried, "So Lucy's stuck with that psychopath? That's all she's ever going to know." Michael explained that the incident at the coffeehouse had prompted the judge to allow six months for Daniel to prove himself a fit parent.

When Nick arrived, Phyllis cried, "She won." Daisy left the courtroom carrying Lucy. Phyllis cooed at the baby, but Daisy glared at Phyllis and hurried away. When Daniel emerged, Phyllis embraced him. Michael advised Daniel to "fix what went wrong in that room." Daniel, disheartened, walked away. After Michael explained that Lucy's disappearance was the sole reason Daniel wasn't awarded custody, Avery told Phyllis that they'd fix the problem. Phyllis snapped, "Yeah. We'll fix it. We'll fix it, for sure."

Michael and Avery retreated to the Genoa City Athletic Club after they left the courthouse. Michael consoled Avery and reminded her that she'd sided with Phyllis after discovering the truth about their father. Michael admitted that issues with Daisy were complicated even before Avery came to town. Michael said that Daniel might have had a chance in the courtroom had Lucy not wandered off. Avery nodded.

After nearly finishing their drinks, Michael told Avery that he owed her after she'd patiently listened to his complaints. Avery noted that she didn't want to alienate her only friend. Michael agreed that workaholics' friends were usually co-workers. Avery told Michael that Phyllis was fortunate to have him as a friend. Michael assured Avery that "there was plenty of ‘superfriend' Michael to go around." Both laughed. Michael indicated the late hour by tapping his watch and left. Avery sat alone.

Phyllis and Nick went to the Restless Style office. Phyllis called out to Ricky. He responded by saying, "What did I do this time, boss?" Phyllis told Ricky that she wasn't his boss because he was fired. Nick pushed Ricky back, and he landed on a sofa. Phyllis demanded to know what Daisy had offered him in exchange for helping her case by taking Lucy out of the coffeehouse. Ricky claimed he was being a decent human being by rescuing a baby.

After Phyllis told Ricky that Daisy had been awarded custody, he told Phyllis that it must have stung to realize that the judge found Daisy the only fit person to raise Lucy. Nick pushed Ricky into the elevator and warned him not to return. Phyllis told Nick that thanks to Ricky, Lucy would have to stay with Daisy for six months. Nick looked on the bright side and noted that Daniel would have sufficient time to prepare himself to fight for Lucy.

Daniel arrived and told Phyllis that he needed to leave Genoa City for a while. Phyllis cried, "No! You're not leaving town." Daniel explained that he wanted to visit his art dealer to discuss financial matters and would be away for a week. Daniel explained that after he returned, he would figure out how to fight for his daughter. Phyllis was touched to hear Daniel refer to Lucy as his daughter. Daniel told his mom that she'd been right all along about the importance of being a parent. He vowed to raise his daughter because he loved her. Daniel insisted that everything would be fine. Phyllis embraced her son. After Daniel walked into the elevator, Nick comforted Phyllis.

Ricky went to Daisy's apartment and told her he was surprised she hadn't already phoned to thank him for helping her. Ricky, boastful, said that thanks to him, Lucy had been rescued from "Daniel's crappy parenting." Ricky recalled that Phyllis had become so angry that her face had flushed to the same shade of red as her hair. Daisy seemed a bit unsettled by Ricky's comment, and he became annoyed because she failed to ingratiate herself in light of his sacrifice costing him his job. Daisy said simply that Ricky had wanted to "stick it to Phyllis, and he had."

Daisy let Ricky know that she wasn't indebted to him and wanted no additional assistance. Ricky replied, "No, Daisy, I'm just getting started." Daisy appeared troubled by Ricky's overzealous demeanor. Ricky complained about Phyllis' righteous tone and said that her father was nothing more than a white-collar con man. Ricky added, "Phyllis has a rap sheet a mile long, but what has she done that the cops don't know about yet?" Ricky said he planned to write a knock-down, tell-all book that would shine the light on all of Phyllis' sins. Daisy seemed intrigued.

At Crimson Lights, Neil, Sofia, and Moses enjoyed breakfast together as a family. Sofia apologized to Neil for pretending that she and Tucker had cut ties after staging an ugly argument. Sofia told Neil that he must have come home very late the night before. Neil explained that he'd waited at the studio for Devon, who'd gotten tied up in a meeting and never showed up. Sofia asked if Neil had just sat waiting the whole time.

In a flashback, Neil remembered kissing Harmony at the studio after Lily and Cane left. Neil told Sofia that Cane and Lily had also stopped by the studio. Sofia noted that Harmony must have been there wanting to hear Devon's latest production. Neil admitted that he, Lily, Cane, and Harmony had all listened to Devon's latest track, which, he insisted, would become a hit.

Neil took Sofia's coffee cup to the bar to get a refill. Harmony, distracted while viewing the screen of her phone, ran into Neil after he turned away from the bar. Neil said, "Sorry about that." Harmony insisted that she was at fault. Sofia watched Neil interact with Harmony. Neil returned to his table, and Sofia said that Neil seemed tense. Sofia asked if Neil and Harmony had had an argument. Neil excused himself and stepped away to clean spilt coffee off his shirt.

Sofia approached Harmony and told her not to keep her husband out late again because he had a family to come home to. Harmony tried to explain, but Sofia walked away. From a booth on the other side of the room, Sarge watched the awkward interaction between Harmony and Sofia. After Sofia returned to her seat, Harmony became flustered and dropped a notebook filled with papers. Sarge walked over and asked Harmony if everything was all right.

Neil returned to his seat just as Harmony led Sarge to the Winters' table. Harmony, cozily resting her arm on Sarge's shoulder, introduced Neil, Sofia, and Moses to her friend. Harmony suggested that she and Sarge were lovers. Neil stood and shook hands with Sarge. Neil seemed suspicious of Harmony's motives. Sofia closely observed Neil's reaction. Harmony told Neil and Sofia that she'd met Sarge at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Neil noted that recovering addicts weren't supposed to date during the first year of recovery. Harmony explained that Sarge wasn't in the program.

Sofia said, "You look happy, Harmony. That's all that matters." Sofia kissed Neil and left, taking Moses with her. Sarge told Harmony he'd see her later, and he left. Neil looked into Harmony's eyes and asked, "What was that?" Neil told Harmony that she wouldn't have kissed him if she was seeing someone else. Harmony told Neil to keep his mind on his wife and child because her mind was on Sarge.

Later, Sarge snuck up on Harmony while she was reading a document. Sarge kissed Harmony on the cheek. Harmony recoiled and said, "Oh, yeah, funny." Sarge responded, "If you were into me, all you had to do was say so. No need to rub all over my arm and pretend it was just for show." Sarge moved in close to Harmony, admonished her, and asked what she thought her sponsor might say. Harmony replied, "If you don't want a knee to your business, back the hell up!"

Neil rushed to the club after Sofia summoned him. When Neil asked Sofia about her emergency, Sofia kissed Neil's lips. Sofia told Neil that she'd reserved a room and had hired a sitter for Moses. Neil took Sofia's hand and led her upstairs.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Genevieve went to see Victor at the ranch for a Beauty of Nature business meeting. Victor thanked her for going to his home. Genevieve explained to Victor that she'd taken along a reporter and photographer to do an article in a major financial magazine about their new alliance. Victor shot down the idea and refused to discuss the matter. Victor called security to escort the media off the ranch.

Genevieve was ticked off, but Victor informed her that he would be handling the public relations for Newman Enterprises. Genevieve wondered if Victor was worried about their deal and told Victor that everything was completely aboveboard. Victor wasn't sure that Adam had been free to sell the company to Genevieve. Victor also questioned where Genevieve had gotten the money to make the purchase. Genevieve suspected that Victor was trying to renege on the deal. Victor feared he might lose Beauty of Nature if Genevieve's finances were questionable.

Michael visited Lauren at Fenmore's and asked why she seemed to be avoiding him. Lauren told her husband that she wasn't guilty over her decision to leave Fenmore in Canada. Lauren wanted Fen to be safe. Michael did not believe that Fenmore was in danger from Daisy and argued that he wanted Fenmore to be home so they could protect him. Lauren agreed, and Michael assured her that everything would be okay.

Jill walked in and apologized for interrupting. Michael left smiling. Lauren admitted that she'd let Daisy get to her. The door opened, and Daisy entered the shop. Jill asked Daisy to leave, but Daisy explained that she had money, thanks to a church group, and wanted to buy clothes at the boutique. Lauren refused to sell to Daisy. Jill offered Daisy twice the amount of the check if she'd leave the place.

Daisy mentioned Fenmore, implying that she'd watched him around the building and noticed that he wasn't home. Lauren went into the back room, and when she returned, she pointed her gun at Daisy. Jill was stunned. Daisy was shocked, as were the other people in the shop. The customers rushed out, and Jill told Lauren to put the gun down. Lauren declared that if Daisy ever mentioned Fenmore again, Lauren would kill her. Daisy left to get the cops. Jill embraced Lauren and got her sister to put the gun down.

At the ranch, Victor asked Michael if he'd placed the call to the SEC for him. Michael hadn't done it, and Victor said that the SEC might be snooping around into the Beauty of Nature sale. Victor wrote down the name of another contact at the SEC who would ensure that the agency found nothing out-of-bounds in the transaction. Michael assured Victor that he would call the man for him.

At Fenmore's, a police officer walked in and asked Lauren if she'd pointed a gun at Daisy Carter. Lauren said that she had, but Jill pointed out that Lauren had a license for the pistol. The cop said that Lauren could not point it at another person and threaten to shoot. The cop arrested Lauren for assault with a deadly weapon.

Phyllis was beside herself about Daniel having lost custody of Lucy in court. Nick tried to calm Phyllis and suggested that they go to a movie or play some video games. Avery arrived to check on Phyllis and offered to fix the situation to the best of her ability. Phyllis blamed Avery for having caused the mess in the first place by getting Daisy released from prison. Avery defended herself and reminded Phyllis that she'd lured Daisy back to town from Canada. Avery also accused Phyllis of having incited Daisy's wrath by putting her back in prison.

Phyllis was angry with Avery for Ricky and his shenanigans. Avery said she wasn't responsible for Ricky. Phyllis blasted Avery for being just like their father George. Avery was furious and walked out. Phyllis was upset because Avery had claimed that Phyllis was responsible for Lucy being with Daisy. Phyllis feared that she was going crazy over losing Lucy. Phyllis picked up Lucy's photograph and hugged it to her breast.

At the studio, Ashley and Tucker danced to Devon's new song. Devon urged Neil to dance with Harmony while Devon took Roxy in his arms. Neil and Harmony were uncomfortable with their mutual attraction. Quietly, Neil told Harmony not to make a big deal of the dance. Ashley was relieved that she and Tucker could act like a normal couple for a while and not worry about business. Tucker was pleased to see Devon so happy.

Devon asked Roxy if she'd go away with him on a romantic holiday. Roxy agreed and kissed him. When the song ended, Devon's family applauded him. Devon suggested that they all go out for a celebration and insisted he was buying. Neil went to the door, and Sofia was there. Devon asked her to join them for the celebration. Harmony announced that she had to return to the magazine and would skip the celebration.

At the Athletic Club where Devon's party was celebrating, Sofia informed Tucker that she'd confided in Neil about the charade. Tucker said he'd told Kay as well. Tucker proposed a toast to Devon. Tucker announced that Devon was very talented and generous, and had a platinum future. Devon explained that he appreciated his family's love and support. Neil excused himself to make a business call.

Genevieve walked into the bar and waved at Tucker. Ashley watched as Tucker went to speak with her. Genevieve told Tucker she had a business proposition for him concerning Beauty of Nature. Genevieve told Tucker that Victor might be using the SEC to question where Genevieve had gotten her money. Genevieve asked Tucker to say he had given her the money. Tucker was skeptical about tangling with the SEC again, but he was tempted by Genevieve's generous offer. Tucker agreed to do it, and after Genevieve left, Ashley confronted Tucker about what he was doing.

From the foyer, Neil called Kay's house, and Harmony answered the phone. Harmony explained that Kay was not home, and he explained that he was still celebrating with Devon and the group. Neil said that Harmony should have stayed with them. Harmony asked Neil to be real with her.

Kay walked into the room as Harmony hung up the phone and asked who'd called. Harmony said that Neil had called for Kay about work. Kay wondered why Harmony had sounded upset on the phone. Kay realized that Harmony was lying to her. Kay wondered what was really going on with Harmony and Neil. Kay was suspicious when Harmony refused to be specific. Harmony said that she and Neil were very different people.

At the table, Sofia noticed Neil's phone and that he was distracted. Neil declared that he had to leave to take care of some business. Sofia reminded Neil to take his phone. Roxy and Devon were in a romantic clinch, and Sofia noticed how together they were. As they were leaving, Sofia said she was very happy for Devon. Sofia told Devon to enjoy the good times.

Devon and Roxy left, and Sofia was alone. At Kay's, Harmony answered the door, and Neil walked in, demanding to speak with her. Kay realized that Neil and Harmony were involved.

Victor stopped by the penthouse to see Nick and Phyllis. He apologized for being unable to help Daniel keep Lucy. After Victor said goodbye, Phyllis told Nick that she was impressed that he'd gone to Victor to help her. Phyllis thanked Nick for going out of his comfort zone for her. The doorbell rang, and Daisy was standing there. Daisy complained that Lauren had pulled a gun on her, and she had to find Daniel.

Avery ran into Michael at the coffeehouse. Michael was overwhelmed with business, but glad that he'd be leaving for Canada with Lauren to take Fenmore home. Avery admitted that Phyllis had blasted her for getting Daisy out of prison. Avery feared that she'd lost Phyllis forever. Avery apologized for dumping her troubles on Michael. He offered to speak with Phyllis for Avery. Avery thought Michael was a good man.

Just as Michael was about to make the call to the SEC commissioner for Victor, Jill phoned to inform Michael that Lauren had been arrested for pointing a gun at Daisy. Michael said he'd leave immediately. Avery went with Michael. Left behind on the table was the number for the SEC commissioner. Victor called Michael's phone and left a message reminding him to call the SEC and get back to Victor. At Fenmore's, Jill watched as the cop took Lauren away in handcuffs.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

At the mansion, Kay offered to leave to give Neil and Harmony a chance to speak alone. Neil said he had some contracts for Kay to review. Kay was surprised that he'd made a special trip to see her. Kay was skeptical, believing that Neil was really there for Harmony. Neil admitted it was true.

Kay didn't want to butt in, but she hoped Neil and Harmony would work out their difficulties. Kay announced she was going out to do an errand. Harmony blasted Neil for invading her space. Neil offered to be "real" with Harmony, which was what she said she wanted from him. Neil felt that Devon would notice if Harmony continued to miss family celebrations.

Neil said that he'd miss Harmony, too, if she wasn't around. Harmony said she was unable to act like nothing had changed between them since the kiss in the studio. Harmony confessed that she had liked Neil's kiss, and while she respected that he was married and had a baby, Harmony was very attracted to him. Neil grabbed her arm and said he was fighting the feelings, too.

Harmony told Neil she was tempted to kiss him each time she saw him. Neil recalled what it had felt like when they were dancing together. Harmony feared that she might cause trouble for him, so Neil proposed that they fight the feelings and never let it develop into an intimate situation. Neil suggested that they become friends. Harmony said that wouldn't work because she was an addict.

Neil said he was an addict, too, but Harmony admitted that she wasn't as strong as he was. Harmony insisted they stay away from each other. Harmony assured Neil that she would not neglect Devon because of her feelings for Neil. Neil agreed to Harmony's terms. Neil's phone rang, and it was Sofia. Neil told Harmony he had to go see his wife. Before he left, Harmony and Neil shared an intense moment.

Ashley confronted Tucker about his obsession with Beauty of Nature. Neither of them wanted to fight, but Tucker believed they had a difference of opinion. Tucker said a great opportunity had fallen into his lap, and he wanted to seize it. Ashley reminded him that they were married, and she was uncomfortable with Tucker being associated with Genevieve. Ashley asked Tucker to walk away from the deal for her sake.

Tucker didn't want to lie to Ashley, and he couldn't say he'd do that. Tucker tried to explain his point of view about Beauty of Nature. Tucker felt Ashley was too close to the situation to be objective. Ashley advised that Tucker speak with Sofia and get her input. Tucker was reluctant to involve Sofia.

Tucker confessed that Sofia had only pretended to have a falling out with him -- that it had been a ploy. Ashley accused Tucker of lying to her. Ashley assumed Tucker didn't trust her, and she left angrily.

Nick was stunned that Lauren had pointed a gun at Daisy. Phyllis didn't believe Daisy's story and reminded Daisy that she had once tried to poison Lauren in her office at Fenmore's. Daisy claimed that she hadn't done anything wrong since getting out or prison and Lauren was irrational. Daisy asked Phyllis to have Daniel call her as soon as possible because she needed to speak with him.

Michael angrily burst into the police station, and Jill explained what had happened that had caused Lauren to pull a gun on Daisy. The cop showed Michael the gun, assuming that Michael would recognize it. Michael had never seen it before, but Jill admitted that she'd known about the gun. Michael watched as Lauren was taken to the interview room in handcuffs.

In the room, Lauren apologized to Michael and explained what had happened at the store. Lauren told Michael that she'd wanted to tell him about the gun when she bought it, but she had known that Michael would not approve. Lauren said owning the gun had empowered her. Michael tried to understand, but pointed out that Lauren had lost control when she pointed the gun at Daisy.

Lauren revealed that Daisy had implied that she'd been stalking Fen. Lauren had no memory of how the gun had wound up in her hand. Michael assured Lauren that she was not a burden to him. Michael declared they could not continue to live in fear, and they had to move out of the apartment. Michael also wanted to take Fen home from Canada. The guard arrived to escort Lauren to a holding cell.

Nick and Phyllis were in the police station for Lauren. Jill told them what had happened at the boutique. Jill said that Lauren had confided in her about the gun. Avery appeared and said she'd been with Michael when he received the call. Lauren entered from the interview room and was surprised to see Nick, Phyllis, and Avery were there.

Lauren was embarrassed. Michael told Lauren he loved her and would see her in the morning. Michael was angry with Phyllis for having kept the information about Lauren owning a gun from him. Michael was incensed, prompting Nick to defend Phyllis. Michael felt that Phyllis could have prevented Lauren's arrest.

Back at the penthouse, Phyllis told Nick that the day had been a disaster. Nick said the good news was that the day was nearly over. Nick was happy to be with Phyllis, and she was grateful to have him there. At the coffeehouse, Avery tried to help Michael strategize. Michael wanted to ensure that Lauren was home soon.

Michael told Avery that he was frightened because Lauren had claimed that she'd snapped. Michael said he was terrified about what might happen next. Avery pointed out that Daisy had provoked Lauren. Michael was worried about how Fenmore would be affected if Lauren had a breakdown. Michael grew emotional and began to cry. In the jail cell, Lauren recalled being in the cage and Daisy taunting her. Lauren felt like the horror would never end for her.

At Fenmore's, Jill told Kay what had happened with Lauren and Daisy. Jill was determined to open the store and not allow Daisy to affect the business. Kay volunteered to deal with customers while Jill handle some work in the office.

Later, Ashley walked into Fenmore's and saw Kay behind the counter. Ashley was there to pick up a gift for baby John. Kay wondered if Tucker might want to go to dinner with his mother. Kay was grateful that she and Tucker had been able to build a relationship. Ashley was surprised that Tucker had confided in Kay about the Sofia situation. Ashley covered and said that she hadn't known that Tucker had told anyone else.

Harmony ran into Tucker at the Athletic Club bar. She ordered an iced tea and said she was on her way to an A.A. meeting. Tucker admitted that he and Ashley had been butting heads of late, and he felt like a disappointment to his wife. Tucker said that marriage was difficult for him. Harmony observed the relationships were hard for a lot of people. Tucker felt comfortable telling Harmony his darkest thoughts because Harmony had seen him at his worst.

Neil met Sofia and Moses at the coffeehouse. Sofia told Neil that Moses had sat up by himself at the Mommy and Me class. Neil was overjoyed.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

At the Athletic Club, Jill explained to Lily and Cane what had happened at the boutique and informed them of Lauren's arrest. Genevieve overheard and interrupted to ask a question. Jill said that Genevieve should butt out, but Genevieve wanted to speak with Cane. Lily and Jill walked away, and Genevieve sat a table with Cane. Genevieve admitted that her plans with Jack had fallen apart.

Genevieve revealed that she'd asked Jack for a second chance, offering him Beauty of Nature in exchange for marriage. Cane saw that as blackmail, but Genevieve disagreed, saying that she sincerely wanted to be Jack's wife. Cane listened as Genevieve confessed that she had flown to Las Vegas, but Jack had backed out at the last minute because he couldn't forgive Genevieve. Cane sympathized with Genevieve, but felt she'd wanted too much too soon. Cane wondered why she was intent on selling Beauty of Nature.

Genevieve said she ready to move on, and Victor had made her an offer she liked. Cane advised her to slow down. Genevieve was grateful for Cane's advice, but she couldn't be the woman he wanted her to be. Genevieve said she loved Cane. Lily returned, and Genevieve hoped that she and Cane could speak again soon. Cane told Lily that his relationship with his mother was confusing. Lily urged Cane to take it one day at a time with Genevieve.

Victor was furious that he could not reach Michael. Victor left another message on Michael's cell phone. Nikki walked into Victor's office to tell him that Victoria and Billy's adoption hearing was later that day. Nikki asked Victor to go with her to the proceeding, but Victor wasn't interested in attending. Nikki gave him the information in case he changed his mind. Victor acted disinterested.

At the coffeehouse, Chelsea saw Abby, Billy, and Victoria with the baby and Reid. Chelsea noticed that they looked like a happy family. Billy said hello to Chelsea and that they'd meet her at the hearing. Chelsea bumped into Adam on the patio and began to cry. Chelsea confessed to Adam that the sight of her baby with Billy and Victoria overwhelmed her. Chelsea felt alone, but Adam assured her that she was not.

Back at their house, Victoria admitted to Billy that she feared that Chelsea might reverse her decision about giving up John. Reid asked if they might lose the baby like they lost Lucy. Billy reminded them all that John was his biological son, which made the situation different. Billy was confident that they would succeed in court.

Michael was at the police station, trying to juggle his workload and attend to Lauren's needs. Avery offered to help him by taking over the Abbott adoption hearing. Lauren walked in from the holding cell and was upset to see Avery with Michael. Lauren blamed Avery for having sprung Daisy from prison. Michael explained that Avery was helping him with work.

Michael checked his phone messages and heard from Victor, reminding him to call the SEC. Michael realized that he'd dropped the ball by not making the call. Michael searched in vain for the slip of paper on which Victor had written the phone number. Lauren returned, and Michael said he had booked a room for them at the Athletic Club, where she could relax and feel safe. Michael was unable to escort her there because he had to meet with Victor. Lauren assured Michael that she could check into the club on her own and would not fall apart. Michael was relieved that Lauren was feeling better.

Two SEC agents went to Jack's home to question him about the Beauty of Nature sale. Jack was anxious to tell the men what he knew about the subject, implying that he'd been tricked out of buying the company himself. The SEC agents first asked about Newman Enterprises selling Beauty of Nature. Jack said that Adam had had every right to put the company for sale when he was CEO of Newman Enterprises. Jack was more upset that when he'd been engaged to Genevieve Atkinson, he had shown her the amount he had planned to bid on the company, and she had used the information to outbid him.

After Nikki left his office, Victor thought over going to the adoption hearing. A short time later, Victor arranged for his driver to pick him up. As he was leaving, the two SEC agents who'd been at Jack's house stopped Victor. They wanted to interview him, but Victor asked to reschedule. They refused, and Victor led them into his office. They told Victor about Jack's assertions.

Victor said that Jack was a bitter man, and his allegations were baseless. The SEC wanted to know the source of Genevieve's funding when she bought Beauty of Nature. Victor had no answers for them. The SEC agent said that all transactions were frozen until a determination could be made. Victor acted calm and asked the agents to leave so he could return to work. Later, the SEC agents approached Genevieve at the Athletic Club bar. They wanted to speak with her about Beauty of Nature.

Jill visited with Jack, and they talked about Victor having set up Billy in Myanmar. Jill accused Victor of being a manipulator. Jack pointed out that Victor was a loser because Victoria and Billy were happy together and had a new baby. Jack let Jill know about the SEC investigating Genevieve's Beauty of Nature dealings. Michael called Jill and asked her to help out Lauren for him.

Later, Jill went to the police station and met Lauren and Michael. Lauren was relieved to see her sister. Michael explained that he was trying to make a deal with the D.A. for Lauren to plead to a lesser charge. Jill didn't understand why Lauren had to plead guilty to anything when Daisy was an ex-convict and was walking around free as a bird.

Michael received an angry call from Victor. Michael explained that he had been handling a family emergency. Victor wanted to see him immediately, so Michael said goodbye to Lauren. Jill promised to watch over Lauren. Jill refused to take Lauren to the Athletic Club, offering Michael and Lauren refuge at the mansion for as long as necessary. Lauren was grateful and hugged her sister.

In Victor's office, Michael admitted that he had failed to call the SEC commissioner. Michael apologized and said that his wife had needed him. Victor demanded to know why Michael had failed him, but Michael wouldn't explain that Lauren had been arrested. Victor said that he might lose millions because of Michael's failure to make a phone call. Victor was crazed that he might lose Beauty of Nature, too. Michael assured Victor that it would never happen again. Victor was fuming and told Michael that he was fired.

At the hearing room, Avery told Victoria and Billy she'd be handling the adoption because Michael was tied up with Lauren's arrest. Chelsea entered the courtroom with Adam by her side. The judge asked if Chelsea had an attorney to represent her. Chelsea said she did not need one. When the judge asked if Chelsea was giving her consent to the adoption, giving up all her parental rights to the child, Chelsea said yes. The judge wanted Chelsea to be certain that her decision was irrevocable.

Chelsea said that she wanted the best for her son, and that was a solid family life. The judge finalized the adoption. Victoria and Billy kissed happily. Nikki congratulated Victoria and Billy. Before leaving the courtroom, Billy stopped Chelsea. Victoria and Billy thanked Chelsea for letting them adopt Johnny. Victoria said that she and Billy were willing to help Chelsea with her future. Chelsea thanked them.

Back home, Victoria and Billy told Reid and Abby that John was officially their child and Reid's brother. Privately, Abby admitted to Billy that she'd been nervous because of Chelsea's attitude at the coffeehouse. Billy said Chelsea had stepped up in court, and apparently Adam had helped her.

After Abby left, Billy celebrated with Reid, Johnny, and Victoria. Still at the courthouse, Adam offered Chelsea his support. Chelsea said she knew she'd done the right thing, but she still felt bad. Adam explained that everyone assumed that people like Adam and Chelsea would always do something with a sinister intent. Chelsea wondered if she should accept Billy and Victoria's offer of help.

Avery went to Jack's to tell him that Billy and Victoria's adoption had gone through without a hitch. Jack was thrilled for his brother and Victoria. Jack told Avery that the SEC agents had interviewed him about the Beauty of Nature lawsuit he'd filed. Later, Nikki went to see Jack, and he informed Nikki of the SEC agents questioning him. Jack thought he might still be able to get Beauty of Nature or at least ruin it for Victor. Nikki wished that Jack and Victor didn't enjoy each other's misfortune so much.

Friday, April 27, 2012

In Adam's hotel room, Adam noted that Chelsea was quiet, and he wondered if she was mulling Billy and Victoria's offer. She considered it an incredible opportunity, but he observed that she seemed hesitant. She questioned what was keeping her in Genoa City, since John had two loving parents. Adam asked if she wanted to get to know Jeffrey, but she reminded him that Jeffrey had denied being her father and didn't want her in his life.

Adam recalled that Chelsea had told him that he needed friends on bad days, and he hoped she'd continue to be there for him. She questioned whether he wanted her to stay, and he sincerely stated that he would. Chelsea reasoned that if Jeffrey was her uncle, then her dad was dead, and she'd never know him, but if Jeffrey was her dad, then there was a chance they could have a relationship one day. She thought she sounded sappy, but Adam supported her need to face the issue, because otherwise she'd only keep wondering.

At Phyllis' penthouse, Phyllis apologized to Nick for wallowing over Daniel losing custody of Lucy, but Nick had no problem just cuddling on the couch. She gave him a chance to leave, but he gently told her to stop trying to get rid of him, because he was all hers. Phyllis acknowledged that it was difficult to see Lucy's toys and blankets, knowing that the tot would never be there again. She was proud of Daniel for stepping up, but Nick understood that she'd wanted to raise Lucy herself. Phyllis wondered how she was going to tell Summer, but Nick assured her that Phyllis had been honest with Summer, and their daughter would be okay. He continued that she'd be all right, too, but she had to stop worrying about things she couldn't control. They kissed.

Victoria fawned over John, and Billy remarked that the baby knew that Victoria was his mommy. She expressed relief that no one would take John away from them, and Billy jokingly cooed that John was grounded. She felt that they owed God because the adoption had worked out, and she declared her intent to have a christening. Billy agreed to plan the event, but Victoria wanted to have it that day.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Abby clashed over ideas for Katherine's gala. Kevin suggested that they combine their proposed themes, but they both vetoed his suggestion. The women continued to bicker as Carmine walked in, and they finally agreed that they both despised him. Chloe and Abby exchanged stories about their unpleasant encounters with Carmine.

Carmine approached and remarked to Abby that his coffee was iced. He assumed that the ladies were friends, but Chloe clarified that they were working. Victoria and Billy arrived with John and Reed, and Chloe congratulated them. Billy announced that they'd decided to christen John that day, and he and Victoria asked Kevin and Chloe to be the baby's godparents. The newlyweds were surprised, but they happily accepted.

At Jack's home, Nikki informed Jack that Sarge had called, and she was aware that Jack had quit physical therapy. She assumed that Jack was going to proceed with the surgery, and she reminded him that he might never walk again if the surgery didn't work. Jack was certain that the procedure would get him out of the wheelchair, and he had already scheduled a consultation. Ashley overheard and begged him to tell her that he wasn't serious.

Ashley worried that the surgery was experimental and that Jack could end up permanently paralyzed. She cautioned him not to ignore reality or take unnecessary risks. Nikki added that there could be complications, especially since he had flatlined during surgery before. Billy called and asked Jack to meet him at the church for John's christening, and Jack excitedly said he'd invite Ashley and Nikki. Billy and Victoria went over all the arrangements, and everyone prepared to leave, but Abby got a call and said she'd follow shortly. She told the caller that it was perfect timing, because she was on her way to a christening, and it would blow Billy and Victoria's minds to see the person there.

Phyllis and Nick arrived at Gloworm, but Phyllis ran back to the car to retrieve her phone. Victoria called Nick and requested his presence at the christening. Nick declined, because Phyllis was torn up about losing Lucy, and he thought that it wouldn't be good for Phyllis to be around another baby. He apologized, but Victoria understood that Phyllis needed him. He told her to give the baby a kiss, and Phyllis returned. They entered Gloworm, and Gloria dramatically conveyed her dismay that Daisy had gotten custody of Lucy. An uncomfortable Phyllis asked her not to dwell on it, and as Gloria led them to a table, she pointed out Sharon at another.

Sharon expressed condolences to Phyllis, who briefly thanked her but rushed to sit down. Nick explained that Phyllis was hurting, and Sharon understood. Jeffrey offered Phyllis some extra calamari the kitchen had made, but she became nauseous and wanted to go home. Nick inquired whether Sharon's presence bothered her, but Phyllis simply insisted that they leave.

Chelsea and Adam entered, and Jeffrey quickly made himself scarce. Chelsea asked to speak to Jeffrey, and Gloria left to find him. Adam noted that Chelsea looked nervous, and he urged her to stay strong. Sharon approached to wish Adam a happy birthday, and Chelsea cried out in surprise.

The crowd gathered at the church, and Chloe explained to Delia that Chloe and Kevin would be John's godparents. Katherine stated that Billy's father would have been proud, and Jack commented that he could feel their father's presence. The priest led Billy and Victoria away to fill out some forms, and Katherine asked Nikki where Victor was. Nikki said that she hadn't mentioned the christening to him, because he hadn't shown up at the adoption hearing. Abby entered and announced that there was a surprise guest. Kyle sauntered in and hugged Jack, who welcomed him home.

Billy greeted Kyle, who worried that he had crashed the event, but Victoria insisted that he was welcome at all family gatherings. Kyle noted that the baby had a strong grip, and he commented that John inherited it from his mom. Ashley interrupted the tense moment by giving Kyle a hug. Nikki asked about Kyle's trip, and he tersely answered that it had been fine. The ceremony began, and Victoria and Billy vowed to raise John to know and love God, with his godparents' support. The priest baptized the baby, and he said that John was blessed to have extended family present to witness the beginning of his spiritual journey.

Adam thanked Sharon, who left to return to her table, and Chelsea wondered why Adam hadn't told her that it was his birthday. Gloria dragged Jeffrey over to their table, and Chelsea recognized that he didn't want to see her, but she felt that they had things to discuss. Jeffrey babbled that he hadn't been close to William, but William had been a good man who she could be proud to consider her father. He added that he didn't "do the warm, fuzzy family thing," and he rushed over to greet the group that had attended the christening. Gloria gushed that John was a wonderful name, while Chelsea and Victoria shared an awkward gaze.

Victoria wondered if she should invite Chelsea to join the party, but Kevin advised against it. Chloe offered to kick Chelsea to the curb, especially since Chelsea was there with Adam. Kyle pulled Abby aside and inquired whether Jack was dating Nikki. Nikki noted that Jack seemed distracted, and Ashley guessed that the surgery was on his mind. Jack said that while he was committed to getting out of his chair, he realized how much he had to lose, and he conceded that perhaps the best way to recover was with hard work and determination. He decided to cancel the surgical consultation and call Sarge instead.

Chelsea complained that the only way things could get worse would be if Anita showed up. Adam suggested that they leave, but Chelsea bravely approached Billy and Victoria and congratulated them. Billy thanked her for everything, and Victoria invited her to stay, but Chelsea declined. Adam told them to enjoy the party, and he followed Chelsea out.

Billy went to get drinks, and Sharon told Victoria that she was happy for them. Sharon remarked that it had been nice of Victoria to invite Adam and Chelsea to stay, and Victoria commented that they wouldn't have John without them. Sharon mentioned that it was Adam's birthday, but Victoria stated that it didn't matter. Sharon sternly reminded Victoria that Adam had saved John's life, but Victoria contended that she and Adam didn't have a sibling relationship, and he'd made it clear that he didn't want to be part of the family, so it was his own fault if no one wanted to commemorate his birthday.

Jack asked if Kyle was enjoying himself, but Kyle bitterly retorted that Jack seemed to be having an even better time hooking up with his mother's killer. Kyle blasted Jack for treating Diane like dirt. He continued that Nikki had bashed his mom's head in, and Jack was holding Nikki's hand as if the murder had never happened. Kyle stormed out.

Jeffrey snapped photos of the festive partygoers, while Abby tried to convince Kyle over the phone to return to Gloworm, but she finally gave up. Jack apologized to Nikki for Kyle's outburst, but she understood that their relationship had caught Kyle off-guard. She suggested that she go away for a few days, so Kyle and Jack could have some time alone without her presence creating conflict. He appreciated the gesture, and he hoped to straighten things out before she returned. He tried again to call Kyle, who wasn't answering his phone.

Kyle stopped in to see Victor at Newman Enterprises, and they shook hands. Kyle recounted that Victor had said that Victor's home was Kyle's home, and he proclaimed that he wanted to live with Victor. Victor pondered the idea.

Phyllis and Nick returned to her penthouse with grocery bags, and he asked why she'd ditched him at the store. He noted that she was acting weird, and she smiled nervously and pointed out that the last time she had become nauseous over seafood, she had been pregnant with Daniel. She showed Nick that she'd purchased a pregnancy test. A stunned Nick murmured that she was pregnant, and she clarified that she wouldn't know until she took the test. He urged her to do so, but she wanted to discuss what they were going to do. He suggested that they wait until they confirmed whether the test was positive, and she left to take it.

Phyllis and Nick watched a kitchen timer count down, and she said the pregnancy test didn't have to change anything, because they were good co-parents, and they'd be twice as good with another child. She noted his silence, and he slowly smiled and asked her to marry him. She balked, but he insisted that he was crazy about her, and he wanted her around all the time. He added that he wanted to marry her whether she was pregnant or not. He proposed again, but the timer went off before Phyllis could answer. She went to the bathroom to check the pregnancy test.

Nick nervously waited, and Phyllis descended the stairs. She held up the pregnancy test, which was positive. She announced that she was pregnant, and he grinned broadly.

Chelsea and Adam returned to his hotel room, and she proclaimed that they both deserved a celebration, so she had ordered a birthday cake from room service. He admitted that while he usually didn't acknowledge his birthday, he was actually looking forward to sharing some cake with her. He said that she didn't have to pretend that she hadn't been affected by the christening party and Jeffrey's rejection. She admitted that it had been difficult, and he pulled her into a comforting hug.

Adam released Chelsea from his embrace, but after a moment, he slowly leaned in, and they shared a tender kiss that gradually became more passionate. Meanwhile, Sharon appeared in the hallway, holding a birthday card bearing Adam's name.

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