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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 30, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sharon stopped by Adam's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club to deliver a birthday card. Just before Sharon knocked, Adam and Chelsea had been kissing. When Adam opened the door, he sheepishly wiped Chelsea's lip gloss off his mouth with the edge of his hand. Sharon's wide smile swiftly changed to a look of astonishment when she peered into the room and spied Chelsea.

Adam invited Sharon into his room. Sharon told Adam and Chelsea that she hadn't meant to interrupt. Adam claimed that Sharon's sudden arrival had merely surprised him. Chelsea awkwardly noted that birthdays were all about surprises. Sharon handed Adam his birthday card and said she didn't want him to think that no one had been thinking about him on his birthday. Sharon added, "I see that's not a problem, so..." Without finishing her sentence, Sharon backed up and exited through the door to escape the very uncomfortable situation.

Outside Adam's door, Sharon braced herself for a moment. She looked crushed as she turned to walk away. After Sharon left, Chelsea picked up her coat and explained that she wasn't in a partying mood. Adam asked if her decision had anything to do with Sharon's visit. Chelsea explained that she was trying to work through the difficult decision she had made to give up her baby. After Chelsea stepped out of Adam's room, she paused, supported herself on a hallway console table, and sighed deeply.

Alone in his room, Adam opened the birthday card Sharon had given him. Sharon had written that Adam deserved someone in his life. Adam held his cell phone and gazed at Sharon's contact information displayed on the screen. Just as Adam was about to place the call to Sharon, he heard a knock at his door. A room-service waiter had arrived bearing a pre-ordered birthday cake. Adam took the cake and sighed.

After Chelsea returned to her suite, she said to herself, "What was I thinking? Why would Adam be interested in me? Why would anyone?" After Chelsea showered and snuggled into a fluffy robe, she heard a knock at her door. It was Adam, and he'd taken along his birthday cake. Chelsea asked about Sharon. Adam said she'd only dropped off a card. Adam told Chelsea that all he wanted was for her to have a piece of cake with him. Chelsea laughed when Adam waltzed into her room.

New parents Victoria and Billy relished spending time with baby John and Reed at home. Billy cradled John and jokingly teased the infant after he spit up on his father's lapel. After Billy took his son upstairs, Victoria sat down to talk to Reed. Reed noted that he was no longer the only son at his mother's house or at his father's house. Victoria scooped her son up in her arms and hugged him tightly. Victoria assured Reed that they'd still do all their favorite activities together. After Billy returned, he asked if everything was all right. Victoria, cuddling Reed, said, "It's perfect."

At Newman Enterprises, Kyle stopped by and asked Victor if he could stay at the ranch. Victor asked the young man why he didn't want to live with Jack. Kyle explained that a lot of things had changed since he'd left town, and he didn't think it would be a good idea to move in with his dad. Kyle recalled that Victor had put a great deal of effort into their relationship when he and his mom arrived in Genoa City. Victor suggested that Kyle discuss his living arrangements with Jack, but Victor agreed to let Kyle move in with him. Victor asked Kyle to call him by his first name.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby stopped by just after Jack had left a message requesting a call back from Kyle. Abby said she should have mentioned to Jack that Kyle would be attending Johnny's christening. Abby insisted that Kyle didn't mean the angry words he'd spoken to his father. Jack said that he and his son would work through their issues together. Jack anticipated Kyle's arrival, and he noted that his son had nowhere else in town to stay. Abby received a text message from Kyle. She told Jack that Kyle had requested that she meet him. Abby gently added that Kyle planned to move in with Victor.

Abby joined Kyle at Gloworm. Abby apologized for not forewarning Kyle about Jack's relationship with Nikki. Abby told Kyle that his resentment of Nikki affected his relationship with his father. Abby noted that Kyle was seeking revenge against Jack by choosing to live with Victor. Abby condemned Kyle's decision to move in with Victor without first consulting Jack.

Kyle cited Jack's decision to become involved with Nikki and his father's failure to disclose the relationship as his reasons not to live with Jack. Abby recalled Kyle's tirade at John's christening and said that Kyle had made his feelings about Jack known to everyone present. Abby warned that Kyle would deeply hurt Jack by moving in with Victor.

Later, Billy and Victoria relaxed on their sofa and shared a kiss after the children fell asleep. Billy went upstairs to see about the baby when the infant awoke and began crying. Victoria answered a knock at the door. It was Abby returning the cell phone Victoria had left behind at Gloworm. After Billy returned to the room, Abby told Billy and Victoria that Kyle had reached out to Victor. Abby sighed and noted that Victor was the last person on earth Jack would want Kyle associating with.

Jack went to Victor's office and demanded to know why Kyle had approached him. Victor said that any discussion about Kyle would also involve a discussion about Jack and his relationship with Nikki. Jack reminded Victor that Nikki had killed Diane in self-defense. Victor agreed and said he'd defend Nikki in that regard until his dying day. Victor added that Jack should have informed Kyle about his relationship with Nikki.

Jack accused Victor of trying to get back at him by using Kyle. Jack, livid, warned that he would not allow Victor to use Kyle as a pawn. Victor explained that Kyle was a grown man and could make his own decision about living at the ranch. Victor further angered Jack by insisting that he and Kyle both saw Jack as he truly was.

Kyle stopped by Jack's to pick up some of his belongings. Kyle claimed that his decision to move in with Victor had nothing to do with getting back at his dad. Jack told Kyle that he'd planned to tell the young man about his relationship with Nikki. Kyle noted how much easier it had been for Jack when his son lived far away. Jack told Kyle that he loved him. Kyle said that Jack's relationship with Nikki proved otherwise.

Jack explained that the situation would be made worse if Kyle moved in with Victor. Kyle replied, "For you, Dad; only for you." Jack begged Kyle to give him another chance. Kyle said, "You used up all your chances, Dad." Jack seemed devastated after Kyle walked away.

At Crimson Lights, Avery overheard Ricky talking on the phone to a publisher. Ricky was offering to sell his tell-all book about Phyllis. Ricky explained that he knew "the good, the bad, and the really juicy." After his call ended, Ricky further angered Avery when he told her he believed that baby Lucy deserved to be with Daisy. Avery said, "I know what you did to make that happen. You are not going to get away with it." Ricky smiled.

Ricky told Avery that he thought she was too smart to believe Phyllis' wacky accusation about his involvement in Lucy's disappearance. Avery replied that she was smart enough to spot a liar when she saw one. Ricky reminded Avery that when he'd first met her, she'd never uttered one good thing about "horrible, awful Phyllis Newman." Avery explained that she'd been mistaken. Ricky replied, "When? When you got Daisy out of jail, or when you helped restore her parental rights?" Ricky told Avery that she was the one who was responsible for the judge awarding Daisy custody of Lucy.

At Phyllis' penthouse, Nick looked over Phyllis' shoulder at the pregnancy test that had registered positive results. Phyllis asked Nick if he was happy about the news. Nick insisted he was, and he reminded Phyllis that she hadn't yet responded to his proposal of marriage. Phyllis, a bit distracted, hesitated before saying, "Yeah, I guess." Nick embraced Phyllis and kissed her. After Phyllis collected her thoughts, she said, "Yes, I will marry you."

Phyllis, her head swirling after a sudden change in circumstances, cried that a couple of moments before Nick's proposal, there had been no knowledge of a baby and no plans to marry. Nick suggested moving ahead quickly by contacting a justice of the peace immediately. Phyllis agreed. After Nick suggested contacting their children to share the news, Phyllis urged Nick to tell Sharon about of the engagement.

After Nick left, Avery stopped by to apologize to Phyllis. Avery told Phyllis that Phyllis had been right to compare her sister's hypocritical behavior to that of their late father. Avery insisted that she didn't want to be like George. Avery admitted that she'd brought Ricky to town. Avery expressed regret for aiding Daisy, which had led to her release from prison. Avery cried that she was also to blame for Lucy's predicament. Phyllis claimed it didn't matter to her anymore. Avery explained that she'd been wrong to blame Phyllis for their family's feud.

Phyllis became emotional when she told Avery that she missed Lucy, but Phyllis insisted that she didn't hate Avery. Avery said she sensed that something seemed different about Phyllis. Avery reminded Phyllis about how they'd interacted with each other when they were kids. Avery recalled that they would sometimes share their hopes and dreams, so their uncertain futures seemed less scary. Avery said, "I know we can't go back, but I'm hoping we can go forward." Phyllis replied, "I'm so sorry, Avery." Avery forced a smile and said, "Okay. Me, too." After Avery left, Phyllis sobbed softly.

Sharon met with Nick at Crimson Lights. Nick told Sharon that he'd proposed to Phyllis and that she'd accepted. Sharon, somewhat stunned, said, "You and Phyllis are getting married again?" Nick explained that he and Phyllis had just become engaged. Sharon lowered the tone of her voice and asked Nick if he was marrying Phyllis because she'd lost Lucy. Nick said he was marrying Phyllis because it was "right."

Sharon followed up her inquiry by reminding Nick that he'd once married Phyllis because she'd become pregnant with Summer. Nick said, "I told you that I'm marrying Phyllis because it affects Noah and Faith. I'm not looking for advice or your opinion, and I definitely don't want to fight about it." Sharon cleared her throat and told Nick that she was happy for him as long as he was marrying for the right reason. Nick insisted that he loved Phyllis. Sharon congratulated Nick, and he asked her not to share the information until after he had a chance to tell Noah.

After Nick left, Sharon seemed shocked. Sharon looked depressed as she watched couples walking together. Avery arrived and saw Sharon poring over stacks of papers spread out on a table. Avery noted that six months prior, no one would have believed that Sharon would be involved in the creation of a cosmetics line.

Sharon thanked Avery for getting her released from prison. Sharon said she was thankful to have a career to keep herself busy. Avery replied, "Well, work can fill up the emptiness in a person's life." Sharon replied, "Not all of it." Avery agreed. After Avery left, Victor stopped by. He picked up a file folder Sharon had dropped on the floor and returned it to her.

When Nick returned to Phyllis' penthouse, he reported that Sharon seemed fine with the news of his and Phyllis' plans to marry. Nick said he hadn't mentioned Phyllis' pregnancy. Phyllis and Nick both agreed that they would only share the news about the baby with their children. Nick gave Phyllis an engagement ring. After Nick slipped the ring onto Phyllis' finger, he told her that they were ready to share the news with their children. Nick and Phyllis kissed.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Responding to Victor's invitation, Avery went to his office at Newman Enterprises. Victor said that he'd been very impressed with Avery's work. Avery was grateful that he'd originally taken her to town. Victor explained to Avery that he wanted her to become his personal counsel. Avery was surprised that Michael was no longer doing Victor's legal work. Victor was upset that Michael had put family matters ahead of Victor's work.

Avery pointed out that she was representing Jack in a lawsuit and that would be a conflict of interest with Victor's business. Victor suggested that Avery drop Jack's case and work for him instead. Victor handed Avery a contract and asked her to think over his offer. Avery assumed that it was a lucrative offer, but she said that she had not gotten into law to become rich. Still, she agreed to look over the deal. Victor gave Avery until the end of the day to decide and then showed her to the door.

Jill was pleased that Lauren and Michael had been comfortable in the mansion. Jill hoped they would stay and return Fenmore from Canada to stay with them. Michael agreed with Lauren that it wasn't the right time for Fenmore to return to Genoa City because of Daisy. Lauren and Jill wondered why Michael wasn't busy with Victor's work as usual. Michael said things had changed.

Lauren and Jill were stunned to learn that Victor had fired Michael. Jill called Victor heartless for not understanding that Michael had needed to attend to Lauren. Michael explained that he was going to speak with Victor again and try to get Victor to take him back.

Later, alone with Jill, Lauren blamed herself for Michael's plight. Jill disagreed, but Lauren regretted pulling her gun on Daisy. Jill felt Lauren had been justified in reacting to Daisy the way she had. Jill was hopeful that Victor would reconsider and take Michael back.

At Newman Enterprises, Michael walked into Victor's office and offered to return to work. Victor said that he had no need for Michael's services. Victor blamed Michael for the Beauty of Nature sale being in jeopardy. Victor declared that his decision was not going to change. Michael reminded Victor that he'd always put Victor's needs ahead of his family's. Michael wanted Victor to forgive him for his mistake.

Michael reminded Victor that Victor had never even inquired about Lauren's plight. Michael believed that they were more than colleagues, that he and Victor were friends. Victor boomed that Michael's failure to make a crucial phone call might cost Newman millions of dollars. Victor told Michael to leave and never look back. Victor wished him the best. Michael left the office.

At the mansion, Jill told Lauren that if Victor didn't change his mind, it might be a good thing in the long run. Michael could go to see Fenmore in Canada and have more time to watch over Lauren. Lauren snapped at Jill for that comment, but then apologized to her sister. Lauren explained that she was stressed out and tense. The phone rang and Lauren saw Michael's text message that Victor had refused to rehire him.

While Jill was out of the room, Lauren left the house. At Crimson Lights, Avery bumped into Michael. Before she could tell him about Victor's offer, Michael thanked her for taking over the Abbott adoption for him. Michael was surprised that Victor had offered Avery his old job. Avery said she was going to turn it down, but Michael advised her to take it.

At Gloworm, Jeffrey asked Kevin if he would take over doing the books for the restaurant, because Jeffrey wanted to resurrect the gambling business. Kevin turned him down. Gloria was disappointed that she hadn't received a single response to her ad for a bartender. Carmine walked in and said he was there to apply for the job. Carmine had experience back in New Jersey. Jeffrey, Kevin, and Chloe were down on Carmine because of his connection to Angelo and Angelina, but Gloria wanted to give him a chance. Gloria asked Carmine to make a drink to show off his bartending skills. Gloria was impressed and then asked him to make a Moscow Mule, Gloworm's signature drink.

At Jack's, Abby told Jack that Kyle had moved into Victor's ranch. Jack felt that Diane had succeeded in separating Jack and Kyle even after her death. Abby thought life on the ranch might be a good thing for Kyle. Jack revealed to Abby that Nikki had decided to leave town because of Kyle's attitude. Jack wished that Kyle would talk it out with him. Abby thought it would be better for Jack if Nikki stayed in town.

Chloe greeted Abby when she arrived at Gloworm for a meeting to talk about the art gala. Chloe mentioned that Carmine was there to apply for a bartender job. Chloe reported what she'd done to arrange for music at the gala, but Abby wanted to use Devon, since she was an investor in his label. Chloe didn't like the idea of Angelina singing at the gala, even though Abby thought it was a no-brainer. At the bar, Gloria approved of Carmine's work. Privately, Kevin asked Jeffrey to convince Gloria not to hire Carmine, but Gloria was admiring Carmine's butt and offered him the job. While filling out forms, Carmine overheard Chloe dissing Angelina to Abby.

Jeffrey asked Gloria to rethink her decision to hire Carmine. Kevin offered to put another want ad online. Gloria explained that she needed a bartender immediately and predicted that Carmine's good looks would please the ladies who lunched at the restaurant. Gloria urged Kevin to put a photo of Carmine on the Gloworm website. Carmine handed Jeffrey the completed forms, and Carmine asked Jeffrey to tell him how he could be a model employee.

Jeffrey was pleased when Carmine mentioned that he was good with numbers and had done the books for his uncle in New Jersey. Chloe noticed that Abby was distracted by Carmine. Abby said she wasn't interested in Carmine, but she wondered why he hadn't gone after Angelina in Los Angeles. Chloe suddenly realized that if Angelina returned for the art gala, Angelina and Carmine would reunite, and together they'd leave Genoa City forever.

Kevin was suspicious about Carmine choosing to stay in town, feeling that his working at Gloworm was too close for comfort. Carmine assured Kevin that he was only at Gloworm to work.

At the coffeehouse, Nikki approached Kyle to say hello. Kyle was not interested in Nikki's friendship with Jack. Kyle didn't want to speak with Nikki because she was responsible for his mother's death. Nikki apologized for what had happened to Diane. Kyle thought Nikki was a killer, and he could not forgive her. Nikki asked Kyle not to take out his anger on Jack. Nikki asked Kyle to have compassion for Jack because Jack needed to be close to his son. When Kyle heard that Nikki was leaving Genoa City to give Kyle time with Jack, he told her not to bother.

After Nikki left, Eden asked Kyle if she could make his day better. Eden then recognized that Kyle was Diane's son. Eden sympathized with Kyle and then revealed that the FBI had wanted her father. Eden explained that she'd run off to Europe to avoid other people judging her. Eden said she liked Crimson Lights because she met a lot of different people. Kyle assumed that Eden was advising him to get a distraction from his problems. Kyle said that he had to go but would be back later to celebrate with Eden.

Back at the mansion, Jill worried when she discovered that Lauren had left the house. Kyle went to see Victor at Newman Enterprises. A while later, Victor approved Lauren being let into his office. Kyle said hello to Lauren and then left, promising to consider Victor's offer. Lauren demanded to know how Victor could fire Michael. Victor explained that he'd given his decision careful thought.

Lauren reminded Victor that his creed had always been family first. Victor said that Michael's mistake had cost Newman Enterprises millions of dollars. Victor said that there were consequences for Michael's actions. Victor would not change his mind about firing Michael.

Lauren blasted Victor for being inflexible. Lauren was grateful that Michael had his priorities straight and had put his family first. Victor defended what he'd done as a business decision. Lauren said she'd made a business decision, too. She handed Victor her resignation from the Newman board.

Nikki greeted Jack with a kiss and a piece of cake. Nikki explained that Kyle had not appreciated her reaching out to him. Nikki was determined to leave town for a while, but Jack asked her to remain in town with him. Jack said that Genoa City was Nikki's home, and Kyle had to adjust to that. Jack was not ready to give up the happiness he received from Nikki's visits. Jack offered a compromise -- suggesting that they cool down their romance. Nikki agreed to cancel her reservations and stay in Genoa city.

At the coffeehouse, Kyle told Eden that he had landed a job working at Newman Enterprises. On the patio, Avery sat with Michael, and he explained that if she took the position with Victor, she could hold make sure all his hard work for Victor didn't fall apart. In time, Michael was sure that Victor would return to his senses and rehire Michael. Michael warned Avery that Victor was difficult, but told her it was an amazing opportunity and Avery would learn a lot.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

At the coffeehouse, Avery and Michael discussed her job offer from Victor. Michael listened to Avery's questions about Victor and offered her his advice. Avery worried that she wouldn't have time for outside work. Michael assured her that he'd never turned down any case because of Victor's work. Jill called Michael to inform him that Lauren was not home and two SEC agents had just arrived to speak with Lauren about Beauty of Nature. Michael said that he'd be right there.

At Victor's office, Lauren resigned from the Newman board in response to Victor firing Michael. Lauren felt that Michael deserved a second chance because of his years of loyal service to Victor. Patiently, Victor pointed out that Michael's error was unforgivable, and he refused to rehire Michael. Victor thought Lauren was acting overemotional, but Lauren said that Victor was irrational about Beauty of Nature.

Nick walked in just as Lauren stormed out. Nick was surprised to hear that Victor had fired Michael. Victor explained that by failing to make a phone call, Michael had cost Newman Enterprises millions of dollars. Nick pointed out that he'd been at the police station the night Michael had shown up because of Lauren's arrest. Victor felt that he'd given Michael opportunities to fix the situation with the SEC, and he'd failed.

Nick didn't believe that Michael could be replaced, but then Avery appeared, and Nick surmised that she'd been offered Michael's job. Alone with Victor, Avery explained that she'd amended the agreement, and if Victor approved her changes, they had a deal. Victor welcomed her on board. Avery wanted to tell Jack before finalizing the deal with Victor, but he was sure that Jack would not want to be connected with Avery anymore. Victor and Avery strategized about how to salvage the Beauty of Nature sale. Victor approved of Avery's methodology; she would try to prove that Adam had illegally sold the company while Victor was in prison.

Michael returned to the mansion, and Lauren returned home a moment later. Michael was concerned about Lauren's state of mind. The SEC agents entered and said that since she was a Newman board member, they wanted to question Lauren about the Beauty of Nature transaction. Lauren said she'd gladly answer their questions, but that she was no longer on the Newman board. Jill and Michael were stunned. Lauren explained to the agents that she'd voted against the Beauty of Nature sale, but it had gone through anyway. Lauren believed that the board proceedings had been done by the book. After the SEC agents left, Michael told Jill and Lauren that Victor had already found his replacement.

Jack called Kyle to talk over their problems. Kyle was with Eden and ignored Jack's phone call. Jack left a message for Kyle. Eden wondered when Kyle planned to tell his father that he had taken a job at Newman. Chelsea and Adam entered Crimson Lights, and Adam introduced Kyle to Chelsea.

Privately, Adam spoke with Kyle and learned that Kyle had taken a job at Newman Enterprises and was living at the ranch. Adam warned Kyle that while he was fighting with his father, Kyle would discover that Victor was no prize either. Adam admitted to Kyle that Diane had drawn out the worst in a lot of people, including Adam. Kyle had a low opinion of Jack because he was dating Nikki. Adam agreed that Jack was self-absorbed, but said that Victor wasn't much better.

Ashley walked into Cane's office and told him about a new designer named Martin Stanwyck who might be willing to make a deal with Jabot to use their products in his runway shows. Ashley asked Cane to meet with Martin in New York to finalize the deal. Ashley took a call from Tucker, who said that he'd missed her in the morning. Ashley didn't want to speak with Tucker, but he tried to appeal to her. Ashley said she couldn't talk and hung up. Cane told Ashley that he was confident that he would be able to close the deal with Stanwyck. Cane was anxious to make up for failing to snag the Mitsukoshi exclusive in Tokyo. Ashley blamed Genevieve for Jabot being aced out of the Japanese deal.

Tucker was not happy to see Genevieve at his door. Genevieve told Tucker that the SEC agents had grilled her for hours about how she had funded the purchase of Beauty of Nature. Genevieve wanted Tucker's reassurance that he would still back her up with the SEC agents by saying that he'd given Genevieve the money. Tucker asked Genevieve where she had gotten the money. She admitted that she'd taken the money from Colin. Tucker warned Genevieve that she could be convicted of defrauding the U.S. government. Tucker couldn't think of a good reason to justify the lie she was asking him to tell the SEC agents. Tucker was backing out of his arrangement with Genevieve.

Genevieve was upset, but Tucker claimed that he'd never promised her anything. Genevieve showed Tucker a photograph of the two of them as teenagers. Genevieve reminded Tucker that he'd promised to always be there for her. Genevieve reminisced about their youth. Tucker recalled that Genevieve had run off and married a crime lord, never looking back.

Genevieve asked Tucker to tell her what to do before she faced the SEC agents again. There was a knock on the door, and the SEC agents appeared. Agent Littleton wondered why Genevieve was visiting with Tucker. Tucker said Genevieve had made a business proposition to McCall Unlimited, but he'd turned her down. Genevieve left quickly.

Ashley went to see Jack and complained that Tucker had lied to her about Beauty of Nature. Ashley felt betrayed because of Tucker's actions, like the way he had pretended to fire Sofia. Ashley said that Tucker didn't even realize how hurtful his actions were to her. Ashley realized that Tucker didn't know how to blend his professional and personal lives. Jack pointed out that Tucker sounded like Ashley's ex-husband, Victor.

Tucker informed the SEC agents that as a Newman Enterprises board member, he saw nothing illegal in the Beauty of Nature transaction. Ashley returned home and heard the SEC agent question Tucker about his dealings with Genevieve. Ashley was relieved when Tucker told her that he was no longer interested in Beauty of Nature. Ashley then saw the photo of young Genevieve and Tucker. Ashley was furious that Tucker had never told her he had a past with Genevieve. Tucker said that it didn't matter to him who Ashley had been friends with when she had been a teenager, and wondered why it should matter to Ashley.

Cane called Ashley about the Stanwyck situation. Ashley told Cane that she'd decided to go to New York on the business trip in his place. Ashley walked away from Tucker. Tucker apologized to Ashley and asked her to stay. Ashley said she needed space and left the apartment with her suitcase in hand.

Chelsea reported back to Adam that she'd had her last doctor visit and was fully recovered from the pregnancy. Victor appeared, and Chelsea left. Victor did not want to discuss Chelsea with Adam. Victor told his son that the SEC was breathing down his neck about the Beauty of Nature sale. Adam said the transaction had been legal. Victor wanted to know if Adam could say otherwise.

Adam asked if Victor wanted him to lie. Victor offered to compensate Adam if he'd just alter the facts. Adam said he was no longer living that kind of life. Adam refused to compound his sins with more sins, but Victor asked him to think it over. After Victor left, Adam received a call from one of the SEC agents. Adam arranged a meeting.

Nick ran into Kyle at the coffeehouse and learned that Kyle was living at the ranch and working for Newman Enterprises. The SEC agents appeared and wanted to speak with Nick. After their questioning, Nick said goodbye to Kyle and offered to help him out if he needed anything. Eden realized that Kyle missed his mother. Kyle wanted to be self-reliant, something that his mother never had been.

Genevieve confronted Jack about stirring up all the trouble with the SEC. Jack said that he was seeking recompense for having been aced out of the Beauty of Nature bid. Genevieve said that Jack had humiliated her in Las Vegas. Avery walked in, and Genevieve said she was done with Jack. Avery broke the news to Jack about her new position with Victor. Jack understood that Avery could no longer be his attorney and thanked Avery for her service. Jack warned Avery that Victor might eventually ask her to break the law. Avery assured Jack that she would never do that.

Jill left Lauren and Michael alone to have some time to talk. Michael questioned Lauren's decision to resign from the Newman board. Lauren said she'd had to do something to get back at Victor for hurting her man. Chelsea returned to Adam's room, and he said that Victor had wanted Adam to lie for him. Adam said his father would not manipulate him ever again.

Genevieve went to see Victor at his office. Victor said that Genevieve's problems with the SEC had become his problem. Genevieve believed that she had the situation under control. Victor thought Genevieve was a na´ve fool. Cane was working in his office when the SEC agents arrived. They announced that they wanted to interview Cane about being Genevieve's son.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Genevieve visited with Cane's twins, and she was very grateful that Lily was being so kind to her. Lily felt family was important. In Cane's office at Jabot, Littleton and Blaine, the SEC agents, questioned Cane about Genevieve's finances. They wanted to know how she was able to afford to purchase Beauty of Nature. Cane said that he had no knowledge of his mother's financial transactions.

Agent Littleton reminded Cane that he'd cooperated with the government to have Colin arrested. The agent encouraged Cane to think carefully about helping the U.S. government again. He gave Cane his business card. Later, Cane went home and found Genevieve visiting with the children and Lily. While Genevieve stepped out of the room, Cane told Lily about the SEC agents had questioning him. Cane told his wife that the SEC wanted him to turn on Genevieve the way he'd turned on Colin.

Genevieve returned to the room and knew something was going on. Cane told Genevieve that Littleton and Blaine had questioned him. Genevieve was upset that the government had dogged Cane when he had nothing to do with her finances. Cane assured his mother that he'd told the SEC nothing. Genevieve was grateful for Cane's protection. Cane explained to Lily that the SEC wanted him to call them with more information.

At Gloworm, Nikki saw Jack, and despite their agreement to stay away from each other, he asked Nikki to sit with him. Jack explained that Kyle had been ducking his phone calls. Jack was inclined to give Kyle his space. Nikki was glad to hear that Jack was waiting to meet with Sarge. Nikki believed that Sarge would take Jack back as a patient.

When Sarge arrived, he was curious about why Jack wanted to see him. Jack asked Sarge to be his physical therapist again. Sarge accused Jack of being a pain in the neck as a patient. Jack said it would be different this time around. Sarge promised him that he'd be harder and tougher on Jack than before.

Jack was ready to accept whatever Sarge wanted to dish out. Sarge asked why Jack had changed his mind about therapy. Jack told him that he'd learned that quick fixes didn't work. Sarge agreed to work with Jack and even revealed that his real name was Augie.

Nick told Phyllis that Kyle was not only living at the ranch but had taken a job at Newman Enterprises. Phyllis assumed that Jack was ticked off. Nick was excited that Phyllis was pregnant, but they agreed to keep the news quiet for a while. Phyllis and Nick were ready to announce their engagement, starting with the kids. Phyllis was determined that this marriage would be the one to last for them, and Nick agreed that it felt different for them.

When Summer returned home, Nick and Phyllis explained that they were getting married. Summer was very quiet and asked if this time would last. Nick promised Summer that it was forever. Phyllis assured Summer that in her heart she knew remarrying Nick would be the right thing for them. Summer hugged her mother.

The doorbell rang, and as Nikki entered, Summer announced that Nick and Phyllis were getting married again. Nick said the decision was sudden, and Nikki congratulated them. Phyllis took her engagement ring off her necklace to slip on her finger. Nick reached out for her hand, got down on one knee, and proposed all over again. Nikki was not pleased to watch, but Summer was overjoyed and encouraged her parents to kiss. Phyllis suggested that they celebrate with the chocolate lava cake from Gloworm.

Later, alone with Nick, Nikki asked her son why he'd decided to marry Phyllis again. Nick said he loved Phyllis and was sure that she was the right woman for him. When Nick said they didn't want a long engagement, Nikki surmised that Phyllis was pregnant. Nick confirmed her suspicion and told his mother that he was thrilled.

At Gloworm, Sarge and Jack agreed to set up a new therapy schedule immediately. Phyllis walked in and went to sit with Jack as Sarge departed. Jack noticed the ring, and Phyllis told him that Nick had proposed. When Phyllis turned green at the sight of food being served at another table, Jack wondered if Phyllis was pregnant. Jack was stunned. Phyllis acknowledged that it was a miracle she'd been able to conceive, especially since she and Jack had been unable to have a child. Jack was happy for Phyllis.

Kay received flowers from Nikki on her wedding anniversary. Jill congratulated Kay and Murphy on their third anniversary. Philip called from Australia to say that he'd injured his leg and needed knee replacement surgery. Jill decided to fly to Sydney to help him get through the operation and recovery. Kay and Murphy assured Jill that she was doing the right thing and to not feel guilty about the work she'd leave behind. Jill was anxious to be a good mother to her grown son.

After Jill walked out of the living room, Kay mentioned to Murphy that she'd made plans for their anniversary dinner. Murphy said he had made a reservation, too, but wouldn't tell Kay the location. Later, Murphy blindfolded Kay and took her to the diner where they'd met. Everyone applauded them as they walked through the door. Kay said it was a perfect spot for their anniversary, since Murphy had proposed there.

Murphy said that he missed visiting their friends at the diner. Kay thanked Murphy, and he said he was blessed that Kay was in his life. Joe and Pearl said goodbye so Kay and Murphy could have the diner to themselves. Murphy took Kay into his arms, and they danced together.

Jill arrived at Cane and Lily's and was surprised to see Genevieve there. Genevieve said that Charlie was a lot like Cane had been when he was a child. Lily liked when Genevieve reminisced about Cane's childhood. Before leaving, Genevieve thanked Cane for his loyalty, then she embraced her son.

Jill noticed that things had changed between Cane and Genevieve. Lily wanted Genevieve to be part of Cane's life, as well as the children's lives. Jill tried to understand, even though she disapproved of Genevieve. Jill told Cane and Lily what had happened to Philip and why she'd be out of town for a while.

At Crimson Lights, Genevieve and Jill ran into each other again. Jill said she'd be going out of town. Jill let Genevieve know that Cane had confided in her that Genevieve was rebuilding her relationship with Cane. Jill warned Genevieve not to harm Cane. When Jill advised Genevieve to keep her distance from Cane, the way she had at the wedding in Provence, Genevieve was amazed by Jill's audacity.

Back at the house, Lily advised Cane to tell the SEC agents only what he knew. Cane called Littleton and explained that he had nothing to report to the government about Genevieve's business dealings.

Friday, May 4, 2012

At the penthouse, Nick, Phyllis, and Summer went through a box of Summer's baby things. Nick agreed to Summer's request that he not call her a baby anymore. They discovered Summer's old teddy bear, and Phyllis reminded the girl that it was the first stuffed animal that Summer had loved. Summer suggested that her parents have another baby, so the bear would have someone new to play with. Nick knowingly stated that they'd take it under advisement.

Nick and Phyllis waved goodbye to Summer, and Phyllis jokingly reprimanded him for calling Summer his "baby girl." Phyllis marveled that she couldn't believe what was happening, since doctors had repeatedly concluded that she couldn't get pregnant. Nick called it awesome, and she remarked that it was a gift. She declared that she was happy, even though she missed Lucy, and she hoped that they could keep their new baby safe. Nick promised that they would.

Phyllis pulled out a blue baby blanket and asked if it took Nick back in time. Nick flashed back to Jack handing over Summer to Nick and telling him to say hello to his baby girl. She noticed that Nick was as emotional as she was, and he noted that a box of keepsakes was much better than a scrapbook. She pulled out a homemade mobile that Nick had made for Summer's crib. They happily looked forward to the future, and she murmured that she wasn't worried at all. He heard her stomach growling and suggested that they get something to eat, and he swore to take care of her and the baby. He kissed her belly, and then her lips. They embraced.

Billy welcomed Kyle home over beers at Jimmy's. Kyle said that Billy shouldn't have sold the place, but Billy explained that it no longer fit his newly mature image. Billy mentioned that he still had his trailer, and he offered to let Kyle stay there. Kyle bragged that he practically had his own wing at the Newman ranch.

Billy called the ranch tempting, but he pointed out that Kyle would have to put up with Victor. Kyle stated that he liked Victor, and Billy warned that Victor was nice when he was reeling someone in. Billy was glad that he himself hadn't trusted or relied on Victor, because he would have regretted it. Kyle and Billy debated about the similarities between Jack and Victor. Kyle mentioned that Victor had given him a job, and Billy replied that Kyle was in serious trouble.

Billy called an unseen party and demanded that they handle a situation right away. Kyle suggested that they stay for another round, but Billy said that he had to get going. Kyle teased him about having a curfew, and Billy urged him to think about what Billy had said about Victor. Kyle called Billy a downer and declared that he was there to have fun. He noticed a pretty girl walk in and made a beeline for her. Billy placed another call and said they needed to have a conversation.

On the phone in his hotel room, Adam discussed getting in on an IPO, since he had money from the hedge fund that had been shut down after the SEC investigation had gone nowhere. He hung up, and Chelsea stopped by and asked if he was hungry, because she was going stir-crazy. He grabbed his coat, and they left.

At Gloworm, Victor and Sharon toasted. He thanked her for the dinner invitation, and she explained that she wanted him to see that she had pulled it together since the day before. He inquired what had been wrong, and she mentioned that she had been in an emotional state because of Adam's birthday and Phyllis and Nick's engagement. Victor was shocked to hear the news.

Sharon divulged that Nick had wanted to prepare her before he and Phyllis told the kids about their engagement. Victor wondered why they were in a rush, and he questioned whether Phyllis was pregnant. Sharon conceded that it was a possibility. Victoria and Jack entered with baby John, and Sharon asked Victor if he wanted to say hello. He balked, and Sharon advised that he not allow the tension between him and Jack to interfere with his relationship with his grandson. Victor called the baby Billy's bastard son, and he declared that he wanted nothing to do with John.

Sharon was saddened by Victor's attitude, because he had been great with Cassie, who hadn't been his biological grandchild. Victor stated that the difference was that Cassie had been Sharon's child. Sharon pointed out that Nick had loved Cassie like she had been his own, just like Victoria loved John. Sharon asserted that John was a Newman, and she encouraged Victor not to punish an innocent child. She doubted that Victor would treat his grandchildren differently at family gatherings, and she contended that both John and Victor would miss out if Victor refused to get close to the baby.

Jack contemplated what was going on between Sharon and Victor, and Victoria theorized that perhaps Victor was consoling Sharon over Phyllis and Nick's engagement. Jack remarked that at least Sharon hadn't turned to Adam, though Victor wasn't a much better choice. Victor excused himself and approached Jack and Victoria's table. Victor suggested that he get to know the little boy.

Jack snarled that Victor could tell bedtime stories about his interference in Billy and Victoria's marriage. Jack left to make a call, and Victoria invited Victor to sit down. Victor noted that John was a big boy, and Victoria reported that the baby was perfectly healthy, and she stated that since he was officially her son, he was Victor's grandson. Victor smiled as Victoria fawned over John.

Chelsea and Adam entered, and Adam spotted Sharon across the room. Chelsea saw Victoria and John, and Adam offered to go someplace else, but Chelsea wanted to see how John was doing. Adam advised that she schedule a visit, but she pleaded with him to get a table while she checked in on the baby. Adam approached Sharon and thanked her for the birthday card. She called it nothing, but he appreciated her remembering.

Chelsea plopped down next to Victoria and excitedly asked John whether he recognized her voice. She apologized for interrupting, and an uncomfortable Victoria left to change John's diaper. Chelsea couldn't take her eyes off the baby, and Victor confronted her about what she was doing. Chelsea asserted that she was checking on her son, and Victor retorted that John was no longer hers, but she clarified that part of the arrangement was that she'd be part of John's life. Victor ordered her to stay away from Victoria.

Adam apologized for the awkward situation in his hotel room, but Sharon reminded him that they were living their own lives, and the card hadn't had a hidden message. Victor returned and coldly stated that Adam's date was waiting for him. Adam wished them a lovely evening, and an irritated Chelsea observed that he hadn't gotten a table. The agreed that they both preferred to leave. Sharon was clearly impacted by her exchange with Adam.

Victor needed to return to the office, and he offered to send the driver back for Sharon. They hugged goodbye, and Victoria watched with disdain. On his way out, Victor asked Victoria where Jack had gone, and she reported that he'd had to tend to something. Victor leaned in close to the baby and told John not to give his mommy a hard time, and he left. Victoria thanked the baby for not spitting up, because Victor could hold a grudge. Sharon approached and asked to take a peek at the baby. She gushed over him, and Victoria asked point-blank what was going on between Sharon and Victor.

Sharon was startled by Victoria's inquiry, and Victoria noted that Victor and Sharon's conversation had seemed intimate. Sharon replied that it hadn't been out of the ordinary. Victoria barked that Adam and Nick had moved on, so she expected Sharon to latch on to the first man she saw, whether he was available or not. Victoria wished that Sharon would prey upon a man from another family. Sharon snapped that she had just encouraged Victor to make a connection with the baby, and Victor had taken her advice, so she felt that Victoria owed her thanks.

Sharon turned away, but she ran into Phyllis and Nick. Phyllis and Sharon exchanged tense pleasantries, and Sharon congratulated them on their engagement. Phyllis and Nick visited with Victoria and John, and Phyllis went to the bar to get drinks. Victoria recounted that it had made her uncomfortable to see Victor and Sharon dining together earlier. Victoria suspected that Sharon had gotten ideas after being married to Victor, even though Sharon had denied pursuing Victor. Nick was surprised that Victoria had confronted Sharon, and he didn't believe that Victor would ever cross the line.

At the bar, Sharon asked Phyllis if Phyllis and Nick had set a date. Phyllis ordered a ginger ale, and Sharon asked if she was pregnant. Phyllis became defensive about simply wanting a soda, but Sharon noted that their engagement had been quick. Phyllis admitted that she'd learned of her pregnancy after they'd gotten engaged, and Sharon laughed haughtily. Phyllis warned her not to make a last-minute play for Nick, because Phyllis was confident that he was over Sharon. Phyllis barked that everyone was past caring about what Sharon did. An upset Sharon left.

Later, Phyllis returned to the table, and Nick joked that calamari wasn't an option. Phyllis nervously stated that they needed to leave, because she was spotting.

Kyle tried to impress some women at the bar with his dart-playing skills and tried to get someone to play against him. He offered to buy the house a round of drinks if he lost. Jack entered and accepted the challenge. Jack and Kyle faced off over a game of darts, and a bar patron kidded Kyle for having been taken by a guy in a suit. Jack said he had once been too cocky for his own good, just like Kyle. Kyle retorted that he and Jack were also both good-looking and charismatic, but he had the honesty and decency that Jack lacked. Jack asked for Kyle to give him a chance, but Kyle refused and stormed out.

Victor returned to Newman Enterprises and found Billy waiting for him. Billy warned Victor to back away from Kyle. Victor said that Billy could have saved himself a trip, because Kyle's living arrangements were Kyle's business, not Billy's. Billy taunted that Victoria had walked away from Victor, and Nick and Abby had seen through him. He accused Victor of needing someone new to kick around, particularly Jack's son. Victor replied that the only one who wished that Kyle wasn't Jack's son was Kyle.

Billy argued that Kyle was mourning Diane, and he blasted Victor for using Kyle's grief as a weapon. Victor defended that Kyle had approached him. Billy vowed that no one else would get caught in the crossfire between their families, and he wondered what it would take for Victor to learn his lesson. Victor contended that Billy would always be a drunk, oversexed adolescent, and he growled that Victoria deserved better than a child Billy had irresponsibly fathered. Billy agreed, but he was grateful that Victoria didn't see it that way. Victor promised that eventually Victoria would see Billy for who he really was.

Billy questioned where Victor's animosity had stemmed from, because Victor seemed to hate anyone with the name Abbott. Victor stated that he had respected John, but Billy had none of John's dignity, and Billy just created trouble to entertain himself. Billy argued that there had been nothing entertaining about what he and Victoria had been through, and he held Victor responsible. Victor spat that Billy could have resisted the temptation, but instead Billy had tried to deflect responsibility, just like he'd tried to pass Delia off as another man's child.

Billy insisted that he loved his daughter, and Victor told him to look in a mirror and pray that no man like Billy would ever cross Delia's path. Kyle entered, and Billy appealed to him to turn down Victor's job offer. Billy offered him a job and place to live, but Kyle wanted to stick with his original plan. Exasperated, Billy told Kyle that he'd made his own bed and would have to lie in it, and he sauntered out. Kyle apologized to Victor for causing headaches, but Victor maintained that Kyle was welcome to stay at the ranch as long as he wanted.

Later, Billy, Victoria, and Jack discussed Kyle. Billy relayed that he'd tried to talk Kyle out of taking the job, and Jack expressed surprise that Kyle was working with Victor, too. Jack realized that Kyle would have to learn from his mistakes. Jack advised Billy and Victoria not to let Victor near John, but Victoria was happy that Victor had shown interest in John, and she asserted that her father wasn't going to corrupt an infant. Billy vowed that Victor would have no place in his child's life.

Chelsea and Adam returned to his hotel room, and she ranted that Victor had treated her like she was a threat, when he had hired her to break up Billy and Victoria. Chelsea was livid that Victor was welcome in John's life, yet she wasn't. Adam said she'd have to learn to live with it if she stayed in Genoa City. She angrily asked if he just accepted being shunned, and he kissed her. Their embrace became more passionate, and they made love. Adam and Chelsea basked in the afterglow with beer and potato chips. Her cell phone rang, and she was surprised to see an incoming call from Victor.

Victor informed Chelsea that it was time for her to leave town, but she replied that she was starting a life there. He was confident that she'd reconsider when she heard that he was willing to offer ten million dollars. She said she'd think about it, and she hung up. She told Adam about Victor's offer, and she thought she'd be an idiot to turn it down. She asked what Adam would do. "Turn it into 100 million," he responded.

A frazzled Sharon burst into Victor's office, and he was surprised to see her. She said she needed to see him, because he was one of the few people who didn't see her as pathetic and weak. She babbled that he listened to her and took her seriously. He confirmed that he did, and he asked why she was there. She said that she appreciated it, and she suddenly planted a kiss on his lips.

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