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Monday, May 21, 2012

Jack stopped by the Genoa City Athletic Club to pick up dinner. Before he left, he phoned Nikki and left a message. Jack told Nikki that he hoped she could have dinner with him later at his house, and he expressed hope that Nikki might accept his marriage proposal.

Nikki stopped by the Newman ranch and spied Victor and Sharon talking in the sitting room. Nikki overheard Sharon thanking Victor for giving her a gorgeous red gown, which Sharon was wearing. Nikki stepped away from the doorway and recalled, in a flashback, a recent occasion when Victor had given her a lovely dress. Nikki remembered telling Victor that his perfect selection had made her heart flutter.

Nikki peeked into the room again and watched as Victor kissed Sharon on the lips. Nikki quickly left the ranch without ever making her presence known. Victor noted that Sharon had seemed preoccupied when she'd first arrived. Sharon noticed that the front door was ajar. She closed it and claimed that she seemed to have left it open. Victor gazed off into the distance and said, "It does seem as if we're not alone."

Victor told Sharon that he had seen the dress and thought of her. Victor asked Sharon what had been on her mind when she'd first arrived. Sharon replied, "Just old news that I refuse to dwell on for another second." Sharon added that seeking refuge at the ranch with Victor was the only decision that made sense to her. Victor asked if it also made sense to pursue their relationship. Sharon replied, "It sounds as if you're giving me an out."

Victor told Sharon that he'd understand if she chose to walk away from a complicated situation. Sharon noted that she and Victor had only shared meals together and kissed a few times. Sharon said she couldn't understand why everyone seemed upset. Victor mentioned Nikki, and Sharon explained that nothing she did ever seemed right to Nikki. Sharon refused to discuss Adam and said she knew that numerous women would love to be with Victor.

Victor smiled and told Sharon that he was indeed giving her an out. Sharon seemed tired, so Victor offered to discuss their relationship after she had time to rest. Victor rose from the sofa to place their champagne glasses on the bar cart. Sharon fell asleep while Victor munched on strawberries. Victor said, "We can decide what we're going to do another day." Victor discovered that Sharon had fallen asleep, so he covered her up with an afghan. Victor turned off the light and approached the stairs alone.

Nikki arrived at the Abbott mansion and told Jack that she'd stopped by to visit Victor. Nikki explained that she had never spoken to Victor because he had been preoccupied with "dressing Sharon to assume the role of lady of the manor." Jack laughed and said, "That's fantastic!" Nikki said she felt guilty and foolish for approaching Victor after Jack had warned her that Victor could not possibly make her happy again. Jack added that he'd be horrified for Sharon had he not already tired of watching her make foolish choices for several months.

Jack reminded Nikki that the last time he and she had been married, a large part of her heart had stayed behind with Victor. Nikki said she wished she could cut Victor out of her heart. Jack said he loathed Victor, and he admitted that "one percent" of his brain hoped to stick it to Victor by marrying Nikki. Jack concluded that they shouldn't waste their time discussing Victor because he certainly wasn't wasting his time discussing them. Nikki agreed.

Jack told Nikki that he was in love with her and knew he could make her happy. Jack asked Nikki if she could just forget about Victor and marry him. Jack claimed that though Victor had once carved his name into Nikki's heart, all that was left had turned into scar tissue. Jack declared that there was room in Nikki's heart for him, even if she wasn't sure about her feelings for him. Nikki told Jack that his devotion to her made her feel certain about her feelings. Nikki pledged her love to Jack and accepted his proposal. The couple kissed.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Paul phoned the student newspaper office at NorthwEsthern University and discovered that the author of an article titled "Senior Suicide Tragedy" was no longer enrolled. Paul became frustrated after failing to find contact information about the writer associated with the story. Paul contacted an acquaintance at the Evanston Police Department.

At Crimson Lights, Ricky watched as Christine angrily confronted Phyllis. Christine noted that she'd heard Phyllis call her a bitch under her breath. Christine claimed that Phyllis seemed to be just as immature as she'd been decades ago. Phyllis replied, "You're right. I should have said it to your face."

After Phyllis walked away, Ricky approached Christine and asked her to answer questions about his mother. Ricky apologized for the things his mother had done. Christine said that Ricky wasn't responsible for his mother's actions. Ricky explained that people who knew his mom often thought of her whenever he was present. Ricky admitted that he'd made mistakes and insisted that he'd learned from them. He told Christine that he'd seen her run-in with Phyllis and wished to compare notes. Christine obliged.

Ricky told Christine that Phyllis maintained a tight hold on situations that gripped her attention. He added that it was too bad Phyllis didn't have the same grip on ethics and basic manners. Christine was intrigued to discover that Ricky had butted heads with Phyllis. Ricky glanced at his watch and explained that he had an interview scheduled and would have to leave. Christine offered to discuss the matter another time. Ricky said, "Yeah, maybe."

Paul saw Phyllis working on her laptop computer at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Paul approached Phyllis and asked about Ricky. Phyllis said that she'd fired Ricky from the magazine. Paul wanted to know why, and Phyllis asked Paul why he was questioning her about his own son. Paul explained that he and Ricky had never been close because Isabella's parents had raised Ricky. Phyllis offered to tell Paul what she really thought of his son, but she warned that it didn't "get any prettier after Ricky wrote the exposé about Patty."

Phyllis told Paul that "Ricky's gears were skewed, and he seemed to always race steps ahead." Phyllis told Paul that she believed Ricky had helped Daisy by making Daniel seems like an unfit parent. As a result, Phyllis cried, Daniel had married Daisy. Phyllis apologized for speaking so harshly about Ricky, but she told Paul she wished that his son had never moved to Genoa City. Paul apologized for the pain Ricky had caused.

Daisy approached Eden at the bookstore and asked if she knew the whereabouts of her husband and daughter. Eden walked away without responding. Daisy followed Eden and asked, "Hey, husband-kisser, do you know where Daniel is or not?" Eden turned to face Daisy and replied, "Poor Daisy can't hold onto her husband without spiking his drink or cracking him on the head."

Daisy glared at Eden when she noted that every marriage had hurdles. Eden claimed that Daisy's marriage to Daniel was threatened by snake pits and quicksand. Daisy warned Eden to stay away from her husband. Eden noted that Daniel was the one who'd approached her. Daisy replied, "Wake up, Eden. Daniel's with me, and there's nothing that's going to change that."

Later, at Crimson Lights, Eden served coffee to Paul and Christine. Paul asked Eden how she was doing. Eden said she'd calmed down and was fine and noted that "the Ricky thing was kind of fresh" the last time she and Paul had spoken. Paul reminded Eden to keep her distance from Ricky. Eden promised she would. After Eden walked away, Paul lamented to Christine about having to warn people to avoid interaction with his son. Paul said he hoped he might find evidence to prove his fears about his son wrong.

Christine told Paul that Ricky had "set off her alarms" when she'd spoken to him, so Paul was wise to warn Eden about Ricky. Christine explained that Ricky was fixated on Phyllis. Paul berated himself for not taking an active role in his son's life. He cried that he'd stayed away while Isabella's parents had raised Ricky.

Paul admitted that part of him had always known that Ricky might end up like his mother. Paul added that maybe he could have changed the situation had he not been such a coward. Christine said that though her instincts were buzzing, Paul might not uncover all bad news. Paul cried that he anticipated hearing more bad news from a man named Paul Hunt, who'd been mentioned in the article written about Ricky's former girlfriend's supposed suicide.

Daniel, holding Lucy, visited with Danny backstage at a concert hall. Daniel told Danny that he was desperate to learn how to maintain a civil relationship with the mother of his child. Danny seemed charmed when Daniel introduced Lucy to her grandfather. Daniel placed Lucy on the floor of Danny's dressing room to play.

Daniel explained that his daughter needed him, and he recalled how he'd lost his custody battle due to an incident when Lucy somehow went missing seconds after he'd taken his eyes off her. Daniel said that Phyllis blamed Daisy. Danny asked if Daniel believed that Daisy was a danger to Lucy. Daniel explained that Daisy, though delusional, self-centered, and unpredictable, posed no physical harm to Lucy.

Daniel cited the similarities between his marriage to Daisy and Danny's to Phyllis, but Daniel warned that Daisy had served time in prison for a reason. Daniel seemed torn and said he wasn't sure he'd made the right decision, but he added that protecting Lucy was crucial. Danny advised his son to decide what mattered most. Danny added that what had mattered most to him was being Daniel's dad and waking up every day to enjoy his son.

Daniel asked Danny about his failed relationship with Christine. Danny explained that he and Christine had had their chance to build a relationship, but it hadn't worked out. Danny added that Daniel was not to blame. Danny assured Daniel that every day he'd spent with his son was a bonus to him, and he didn't regret his choice to be with his son. Daniel noted that he never expected to fall in love with Daisy, but he knew that his marriage was doomed to fail.

Danny told Daniel that Daisy was brilliant at pushing things her way and perhaps wasn't being as unrealistic as Daniel thought she was. Danny advised his son to keep his focus on Lucy. Daniel cried that wanting to do something and surviving it were two completely different things. Daniel explained that Phyllis, certain that the union was doomed, had demanded that he abandon his marriage immediately. Danny placed his arm around his son's shoulder and said, "I believe you can do anything."

Ricky arrived to interview Danny, but he quickly ducked out of sight when Danny and Daniel, carrying Lucy, stepped out of the dressing room. Danny apologized and told Daniel about the interview his publicist had scheduled. Before Daniel left, Danny told his son that he was proud of him. Danny added that Lucy knew how lucky she was to have Daniel as her dad.

Ricky introduced himself to Danny. Ricky asked Danny about his songs and casually linked his line of questions to query Danny about his family life. Danny smiled when he spoke about Daniel. Ricky asked about Daniel's mother, Phyllis, and their past drama. Danny replied, "She brought Daniel into my life. It was the best thing that ever happened."

Ricky noted that court documents revealed a stormy past with Phyllis and a custody battle. Danny rose from his chair and claimed he had fans waiting to meet with him. Ricky persisted, but Danny called out to his security officer and instructed him to escort Ricky out. Ricky said he could find his own way out, and he thanked Danny for his time. Danny assertively replied, "Goodbye."

Before Ricky left the concert hall, his friend Bryce phoned and told him that someone with a Genoa City phone number had phoned to ask questions. Ricky recognized Paul's phone number and thanked his friend for letting him know.

After Ricky left, Danny phoned Phyllis and told her that he'd met Lucy when Daniel stopped by with her. Danny also warned Phyllis that Ricky Williams seemed to hold a grudge against her. Phyllis explained that Ricky, Paul and Isabella's son, made his father nervous, which said a lot about Ricky's mental state. Phyllis said she was uneasy and felt the need to look over her shoulder at all times.

Daisy bounded toward Daniel and Lucy when they returned home. Daniel explained that Lucy had met her grandfather. Daisy said she wished Daniel had included her because she was part of his family, and Danny was her father-in-law. Daisy warned Daniel not to walk away with Lucy ever again. Daisy said she was concerned that Phyllis might obtain fake passports for Daniel and Lucy, so she wouldn't be able to track down her husband and daughter. Daniel promised Daisy that he and Lucy were there for good.

Daisy snuggled close to Daniel and said, "You see it now. We're a family." Daniel was about to place his arm around Daisy's shoulder, but he hesitated before resting it on the back of the sofa. Daniel replied, "Yes. We are."

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sharon woke with a start and found herself still dressed and asleep on Victor's couch at the ranch. Her phone rang, and Victor asked if she'd slept well. Victor apologized that he wasn't there, explaining that he had a morning meeting. Victor and Sharon reiterated that they would move slowly with their relationship. Victor urged Sharon to take the day off.

Sharon tried to fall back to sleep, but Nick walked in and asked what she was doing there. Nick explained he'd stopped by to see his father, but Sharon informed Nick that Victor had gone to a business meeting. Nick found the documents he had been looking for, which Victor had marked up with notes, and offered to discuss the information with Sharon later at the office.

Later, after she'd changed, Sharon informed Nick that she'd fallen asleep on the couch by herself and had not been intimate with Victor. Nick believed Sharon but felt his relationship with Phyllis was healthy, while Sharon's liaison with Victor was not. Nick said that Sharon was only doing what was good for her. Nick didn't care about Sharon's life except as it affected Noah and Faith. Sharon declared that Victor was a good man, but Nick reminded her he was the grandfather to her children. Nick said it was a complicated and messy situation and asked if Sharon had spoken with Noah. Sharon assured Nick that she and Victor were moving slowly, but Nick thought Sharon was deluding herself.

In Jack's living room, Nikki greeted Jack with a morning kiss following a night of romance. Nikki reminded Jack that he had a busy day ahead, and they couldn't spend the day making love. Jack was anxious to get a ring for Nikki's finger, but she wanted to wait a while before telling the world they were engaged. Jack understood Nikki's desire to be discreet and they pondered the fun they might have sneaking around for a while. The phone rang, and Jack heard great news about his lawsuit against Genevieve.

At Crimson Light, Leslie gave Genevieve the bad news about the Beauty of Nature lawsuit. At the same time at the Athletic Club, Avery told Victor about the turn of events in Genevieve's case and how it could impact Victor owning Beauty of Nature. Victor wondered why the Department of Justice might be investigating Genevieve, but realized that Genevieve could wind up in prison. Later, Genevieve and Leslie approached Victor and Avery to discuss Beauty of Nature. Genevieve asked if Victor had been involved with the Justice Department action against her. Victor explained that he was unconcerned about Genevieve's problems because he'd already acquired Beauty of Nature.

Genevieve realized that Victor had never intended to follow through with his promises when she sold him the company. Victor glowered and said that she should have taken care of herself. Genevieve defiantly said that she would beat the government. Victor wished her luck, but Genevieve said she had skill and didn't need luck. As Genevieve walked out with Leslie, the attorney asked her if there was anyone who could refute the claims being made by the government.

Later, Avery returned to Victor with news that the judge had ruled in Jack's favor in the Beauty of Nature lawsuit. If the lawsuit proceeded, Jack might win Beauty of Nature as the next highest bidder after Genevieve. Victor urged Avery to do whatever necessary to help Genevieve fight the government so that the sale of Beauty of Nature to Newman could not be overturned. Avery was confident that she could find a way to help Genevieve for Victor.

Cane prepared a romantic breakfast at home for Lily, including her favorite coffee from France and butter croissants. Lily was glad that Cane was so considerate, but a knock on the door interrupted their romantic time. Christine was there on Department of Justice business and needed to speak with Cane about Genevieve. Chris was there to question Cane about his mother's involvement with Colin's illegal activities. Lily believed that it had been the SEC, which was after Genevieve, but Chris said that Justice had taken over the case. Chris urged Cane to cooperate.

Alone with Cane, Lily explained that Christine seemed to be treating Cane like he was a criminal. Cane convinced Lily that he had to go speak with Chris in order to protect himself and Genevieve. After Lily left, Cane asked Chris if he was under investigation, and she admitted that he was. Cane resented that he'd helped the Feds the year before to trap Colin and yet they were after Cane. Chris explained that the government felt that Genevieve was as guilty as Colin and belonged in prison. Chris said that if Cane tried to protect Genevieve, he'd put himself in jeopardy.

The phone rang, and despite Christine's warning that he not take Genevieve's call, Cane spoke with his mother. Cane arranged to talk with Genevieve in the park, tipping her off to trouble by mentioning Samantha. After ending the call, Genevieve realized that Cane had been trying to tell her something. Leslie warned Genevieve that Cane might already be working with the government. Genevieve ordered Leslie to consult with Vance and find something to save her from prosecution. Christine told Cane that he'd made a critical mistake and might be endangering his family by being loyal to Genevieve. Chris handed Cane a subpoena and threatened to have him deported if he didn't testify against his mother.

Jack left a message for Ashley to call him, then he told Nikki that he was confident that he was going to acquire Beauty of Nature because the judge had ruled in Jack's favor in his lawsuit against Genevieve. Since the judge had upheld Adam's sale of Beauty of Nature, Jack was sure that he could convince a jury that Genevieve had cheated him to win Beauty of Nature. Nikki was happy for Jack, but he sensed that she was troubled. Nikki wondered if Victor knew about the judge's rulings. Jack understood that Nikki had Victor on the brain, but he was certain that soon enough, neither of them would have to worry about Victor Newman ever again. Nikki wasn't as sure.

At the bookstore, Lily went online to learn the penalties Cane might incur if he defied the government. Lily was frightened by what she read. Jack saw Lily and realized that she was aware of Genevieve's legal troubles. Jack warned Lily that Cane couldn't help Genevieve. Lily mentioned to Jack that the Christine had questioned Cane in her role as an attorney for the Department of Justice. Avery went to Crimson Lights and told Genevieve she was there on Victor's behalf. Genevieve was amused that Victor suddenly wanted to help her when a short time before, he had been ready to hang her out to dry.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki approached Victor, wanting to tell him her news. Victor said that he didn't care that she was going to marry Jack Abbott. Nikki was stunned that Victor knew about the engagement, but Victor said he had overheard Jack ask her. Victor accused Nikki of being insane if she agreed to marry Jack again. After Victor charged out, Nikki surmised that Victor had turned to Sharon because Nikki was with Jack.

Nick walked into his office while on the phone to Noah. Nick left a message that Noah should call Sharon. At the ranch, Sharon unlocked the door to her home and was surprised to find that Noah was already there.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In Victor's office, Nick was waiting to work on the cosmetics line. Victor told Nick that there were new complications involving Beauty of Nature, and Genevieve would not be involved in any further meetings about the line. Nick thought Victor would be concerned about losing Beauty of Nature, but his father was confident that Newman would retain control of the company. After reviewing the samples, Victor told Nick to be in touch with Sharon about business, since she was taking the day off. Nick was anxious to leave the office, and Victor sensed that his son wanted to discuss Sharon. Victor asked Nick to speak candidly. Nick mentioned that he'd spoken with Sharon about her relationship with Victor.

Sharon went home and was thrilled and surprised to see Noah was there from New York. Sharon hugged him and learned that he was home for a while. Noah revealed that he'd arrived the day before and assumed that Sharon had been with Adam all night long. Sharon explained that she'd been seeing Victor, not Adam. Noah decided not to be upset about Sharon's choices of men; he cared, but he didn't want to get upset about her romantic life. Noah accepted whatever his parents chose to do with their relationships.

Back in the Newman office, Nick told Victor that he was worried about how Noah and Faith would handle Victor and Sharon's relationship. The door opened, and Noah entered, saying that he wanted to see them both. Noah knew from Sharon that Victor was dating her. Nick had hoped to warn Noah about the news, but Noah wasn't upset. Victor was prepared for Noah to give him a hard time, but Noah told his grandfather that he didn't have any questions and accepted Sharon and Victor's decision to see one another.

In the club, Chelsea told Adam that she felt bad about Adam sleeping on the couch instead of using the bed. Chelsea also let him know that she couldn't go to the lake with him because she'd gotten a bartending job at Jimmy's Bar. Chelsea offered to chip in to pay the hotel bill. Sharon entered the lobby just as Chelsea kissed Adam goodbye.

After Chelsea was gone, Sharon hoped Adam was happy. Adam assumed that Nick was upset about Victor and Sharon's relationship. Adam was relieved to hear that Nick had accepted the situation. Adam admitted that he would have liked it if Sharon were seeing someone other than his father, but Adam wasn't going to judge Sharon. Adam hoped they might both find happiness in their lives.

Chloe and Kevin went to Jimmy's with Abby and Kyle. Chloe wanted the men's input on the plans for the art gala. Chloe and Abby were bickering, even though they claimed to be getting along better. Chloe and Abby could not agree on decorations, but did agree that Angelina performing at the gala would be wonderful.

Kevin was surprised that Chloe wasn't upset that Angelina would be returning to perform. Chloe explained that it was a plan she and Abby had concocted to get Carmine out of Genoa City. Abby said she would arrange a close encounter between Carmine and Angelina. Abby called Carmine and asked him to visit with her. Chloe was suspicious of Abby's plan of attack.

Kay went to Neil's and was glad that Sofia was out of the house so she could speak with him alone. Kay hadn't heard from Harmony and learned that Neil hadn't either. Kay felt that she'd overreacted by asking Harmony to move out of the mansion. Neil admitted that he had been seriously attracted to Harmony, and she had returned the feelings. Kay surmised that Harmony had slept with Tucker because she was on the rebound from Neil.

Kay was surprised that Neil had been candid with Sofia about his feelings for Harmony. Neil said he was happy living with Sofia, but there was no passion in their marriage. Kay said that good intentions were not enough to sustain a husband and wife. Kay told Neil to commit to Sofia or let her go. Neil agreed to make a change.

At Crimson Lights, Devon refused to speak with Harmony, but she forced the issue. Harmony confessed that she'd made mistakes that had hurt Devon. Harmony declared that she was going to fix things and get back on track. Devon told Harmony not to try with him because he wasn't interested. Harmony apologized, saying that she loved Devon. He could not forgive her, and Harmony accepted his decision.

Devon told his mother that he was worried about Neil's feelings for Harmony. She said that she had fallen for Neil, but fought the feelings because Neil was married. Harmony tried to keep her distance. Devon told her to continue doing that, then he walked away. Harmony received a call from Kay. Harmony was emotional about Devon, and Kay begged for Harmony to meet her for a talk.

At the Athletic Club, Sofia told baby Moses that he was very loved by both his parents. Sofia then recalled Neil's proposal and the promises he'd made to her. Later, Sofia went home, and Neil wanted to talk about their marriage. Neil admitted that Sofia had been a wonderful wife to him, and Neil wanted the marriage to work. Neil begged for another chance to try harder in the future.

Sofia believed Neil was sincere, but she wanted more than a perfect husband who appreciated her. Sofia wanted a man to love her, and Neil had never said those words to her. Neil couldn't say that. Sofia confessed that she'd always loved him. Neil said he cared for Sofia, and that Harmony would not be an issue. Sofia handed Neil divorce papers.

Kay and Harmony met at the Athletic Club and Kay apologized for asking Harmony to leave the mansion. Kay said that she'd spoken to Neil and had a better idea of why Harmony had done what she had. Harmony felt that she'd messed up other people's lives. Harmony admitted that she'd alienated Devon with her actions. Kay asked if Harmony had turned to drugs, and when Harmony said she'd resisted, Kay was proud of her.

Harmony wanted to ask Devon for forgiveness, but she knew she had to make amends first. Kay felt the need to make amends with Harmony and asked her to return to the mansion. Kay insisted that Harmony was not an imposition. Kay felt they could look out for each other if Harmony was in the house. Harmony accepted Kay's offer, and they decided to go to an A.A. meeting.

Chelsea entered Jimmy's and said hello to Kyle, Kevin, Abby, and Chloe. Chelsea explained that she was working there. Devon arrived at Jimmy's and ordered a burger and beer, saying hello to Chelsea. Devon went to Abby and Chloe to report that Angelina was all set to return for the gala.

When Carmine arrived at the bar, Abby spoke to him privately and asked him if he'd work at the gala. Abby claimed that she'd heard he was a very good bartender. Abby was unnerved by Carmine's charm. Carmine guessed that Abby was up to something, but he accepted the gig. Abby returned to the group and announced that she'd landed Carmine for the gala. Chloe and Kyle said that Abby had a crush on Carmine.

Adam walked into Jimmy's and ordered a drink from Chelsea. Adam admitted that seeing Sharon had been emotional, and Chelsea understood how much Adam had loved Sharon. Adam said he'd asked Sharon to move on without him because he had feelings for Chelsea.

Victor went to Sharon's house and told her about Noah's visit and how accepting he seemed to be of their relationship. Sharon said that Nick, Noah, and Adam had all given her their okay about her dating Victor. Sharon said she wanted to be with Victor, and he said he felt the same way. Victor and Sharon embraced.

At the coffeehouse, Nick and Noah spoke, and Nick wondered if his son was keeping his feelings bottled up inside. Noah conceded that he wasn't happy with his parents' choices, but he understood that he had no control over their decisions. Nick was proud of the man Noah had become.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Victor went to Cassie's graveside and placed a yellow rose by the headstone. Nikki appeared with a bouquet of yellow flowers for Cassie's grave, too. Victor took Nikki's hand and together they quietly mourned their granddaughter on the anniversary of her death. Victor and Nikki recalled that yellow had been Cassie's favorite color. Victor commented that Cassie had died too young, and Nikki believed that Cassie had had a lot to live for. Victor said goodbye to Cassie and told Nikki that he'd give her some time alone with Cassie.

Nick walked into the church and said that he missed Cassie. Sharon walked in after him and said she'd seen him returning from the cemetery because she'd just been there, too. Sharon had seen the teddy bear that Nick had left by the grave for Cassie. Nick and Sharon reminisced about the first time he had given Cassie a giant teddy bear and how frightened she'd been.

Sharon recalled how Nick had adjusted to being Cassie's dad and developed a strong bond with her. Nick wished that Faith could have known her big sister. Speaking of Cassie, Sharon and Nick realized that if she'd lived, she would have been out of college and a grown woman. Sharon felt that life would have been very different if Cassie had not gone out that fateful night.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin served Noah a cup of coffee. Noah remembered when his parents owned the place and they'd bring Cassie there. Noah recalled how he'd Pesther his big sister while she did her homework. Noah told Kevin that he'd returned for the anniversary of Cassie's death. Kevin hadn't realized that it was the day she'd died.

Later, Noah went to Cassie's grave and said that he felt Cassie was his guardian angel, and he needed her advice. Noah explained that he preferred living in New York so he could avoid Nick and Sharon's personal dramas. Noah believed that life had never returned to normal after Cassie's death.

Phyllis went to see Daniel, assuming he'd be upset because of Cassie's anniversary. Daisy wanted to know why it might be a tough day for Daniel, but Phyllis wouldn't say. Finally, Daniel explained that someone had died years before on that day, and it had been his fault. Daisy suggested Phyllis spend the afternoon with Lucy so Daisy could be with Daniel.

After Phyllis left, Daniel thanked Daisy for being kind to his mother. Daisy urged Daniel to tell him about the girl who'd died. Daniel remained silent when Daisy asked if he'd like to go out for a walk. While Daisy went to take a shower, Daniel made a call. Daisy overheard Daniel say he was having a bad day. Daniel arranged to meet someone, then left the apartment without telling Daisy.

Kevin met Daniel at Jimmy's, aware that Daniel was feeling down about Cassie's death. Daniel believed that he'd gotten off too easily the night of Cassie's death. Daniel was guilty of passing out from too many drinks and being unable to drive. Kevin reminded Daniel that it had been Cassie's choice to get behind the wheel. Daniel admitted that there were weeks that passed without him remembering Cassie.

Daniel and Kevin agreed that they felt different about Cassie's death because they'd experienced being parents. Kevin received a call from Daisy, and Daniel left rather than hear Kevin speak to her. Kevin told Daisy that Daniel was no longer with him. Kevin advised Daisy to give Daniel some space.

Later, Daisy found Kevin at Jimmy's. Daisy wanted to know why Daniel had been so upset about a girl who had died years before. Daisy claimed that Daniel had been shutting her out despite her efforts to reach out to him. Daisy appealed to Kevin as a brother to help her. Kevin finally relented and told Daisy about Cassie. Daisy wished that Daniel had confided in her. Daisy claimed that she was capable of compassion and wondered why nobody would give her a chance to redeem herself. Kevin told Daisy that forgiveness had to be earned.

Nick went to the penthouse, and Phyllis was there with Lucy. Phyllis explained that Daisy had let her have Lucy for the afternoon. Phyllis assumed that Nick had seen Sharon, and she was glad that Nick and Sharon could share their memories of Cassie. After Phyllis and Nick put Lucy down for a nap, Phyllis marveled that she and Nick had wound up together after all the angst that had happened following Cassie's death. Nick felt that he and Phyllis had overcome many obstacles and were precisely where they belonged.

Nick received a call from Victoria. His sister had wanted to make sure Nick was all right. Phyllis hoped that Daniel wasn't too upset over his part in Cassie's death. Phyllis was pleased that Nick was there with her.

Sharon went home, and Victor was there waiting. He'd had the table set for lunch with Cassie's favorite foods. Sharon was touched by his thoughtfulness. Victor even remembered the chocolate-chocolate chip cookies that Cassie had loved so much because he loved them, too. Sharon recalled that after Cassie's death, she'd had trouble getting out of bed.

Sharon missed Cassie each and every day, but she held on to the good memories, too. Victor recalled that Cassie had always made him happy, that she had made many people happy. Sharon admitted that she was concerned that Noah was keeping his distance. Victor thought that Noah would come around in time.

Mrs. Martinez handed Jack a package that had been delivered, and she accidentally stepped on his toes. She apologized, but Jack was thrilled because he'd felt her foot on his toes. Jack called Sarge, who rushed over. Jack told Sarge that he'd felt pressure when Mrs. Martinez stepped on his toes. Sarge tested Jack's feet and declared that they had to call Dr. Isaacs because what he had felt had not been a fluke.

Sarge was excited for his patient. Jack was excited for himself, including his engagement to Nikki as well as nearly getting his hands on Beauty of Nature. Nikki walked in to see Jack and apologized for interrupting. Jack realized that Nikki was upset and learned that he'd forgotten that it was the anniversary of Cassie's death. Sarge expressed sympathy to Nikki, and Jack told his physical therapist that he would reschedule the doctor appointment because he needed to spend the day with his fiancée. Nikki was grateful for Jack's concern.

Sharon asked if Cassie would approve of Victor and Sharon having a relationship. Victor believed that Cassie wanted Sharon to be happy. Sharon mentioned that her mother had sent flowers for Cassie, including an angel figurine that Sharon had taken to the grave. Victor said he'd seen Nikki at the cemetery, too.

Sharon asked Victor if the chef might be able to prepare more of Cassie's special lunch. Victor called the chef. Sharon sent a message to Nick, then he relayed the message to others who were mourning Cassie. Later, Jack, Nikki, Phyllis, Nick, and Noah went to Sharon's, and they all shared Cassie's favorite meal and looked through the photo albums at family pictures.

Finally, Sharon lifted her glass of lemonade and said that no matter their differences, Cassie would always keep them together. At Cassie's graveside, Daniel touched the headstone and couldn't believe that it had been seven years since she had passed away.

Friday, May 25, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Paul made plans over the phone to meet someone at Jimmy's. Christine overheard, and Paul confirmed that he had scheduled a meeting with Greg Hunt, a guy who had known Rachel and was willing to talk. Christine warned Paul to be careful, and he realized that Ricky might find out that he was asking questions, but he needed to find out if there was proof that Ricky had been directly responsible for Rachel's death.

Christine asked whether Hunt had taken his evidence to the police, but Paul said that there hadn't been much of an investigation. Paul knew that Hunt had lived in the same building as Rachel, but the police had never contacted him, because they had ruled Rachel's death a suicide. Paul suspected that Hunt was afraid to get involved, and Christine wondered if Hunt knew Ricky. Paul disclosed that Hunt considered Ricky to be charming and dangerous, just like Isabella. Christine suggested that Paul contact the police.

Paul said that he didn't have anything to take to the police, and Christine wondered if he could evaluate Hunt's evidence objectively. He pointed out that he had been able to face Patty's situation, and he'd be able to deal with Ricky's history. Christine warned that it would only get harder, because she trusted her instincts, and she sensed that something was broken in Ricky. Paul countered that she couldn't be objective either, because Isabella had tried to kill her. He wanted to wait to see the evidence.

At Restless Style, Ricky entered and commented that the young woman at the front desk was new. She explained that she was a summer intern, and he flattered her by saying that it was a sign of trust that she had been assigned to cover the phones herself. He called it a great place to work and remarked that sometimes he wished he'd never left, and she concluded that he had worked there. He claimed that he'd stopped by to visit and to pick up some things he'd left behind.

Ricky asked if Phyllis was in, but the intern was distracted because of a request from the art department. He offered to watch the phones while she ran an errand, and after she left, he sat down at Phyllis' computer and plugged in a flash drive. Later, the intern informed Phyllis that someone was there to see her. Phyllis turned and found herself face-to-face with Danny.

At the Athletic Club, Ricky put on headphones, and a live feed of Phyllis and Danny's conversation appeared on his computer. Danny reported that he had tried to offer Daniel advice, but their son was overwhelmed. Phyllis acknowledged that Daniel had tried to do the right thing, but he had married a crazy person. Phyllis ranted that Daisy had targeted Daniel and that Daisy was just like her mother, Sheila. Danny noted that Sheila hadn't raised Daisy, but Phyllis remarked that it was in the DNA. Danny questioned whether she felt that way about Lucy, but Phyllis denied it. Danny was relieved, and he understood why Daniel would want to protect Lucy.

Phyllis called the marriage a catastrophe, but Danny advised her not to turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy by pushing Daisy too hard. Phyllis accused Danny of blaming her for the situation. She bellowed that she had tried to protect their son, which Danny hadn't done, but he thought her actions had been counterproductive. Phyllis complained that Danny hadn't been around to know what was going on. He countered that he had a better understanding than she did of what it was like to be in Daniel's shoes, and she couldn't believe that he would refer to their history with Christine.

Danny said that arguing about their past wouldn't help Daniel, and he admitted that Daniel had asked if Danny had regrets. Phyllis surmised that Danny had advised Daniel to get out of the marriage, and Danny replied that he didn't see the situation the same way Phyllis did. Phyllis accused him of feeling sorry for himself and not forgiving her, but he wanted to keep the focus on Daniel. She questioned whether Danny was just reliving his own history. Danny said that he wanted Daniel to handle things better than he had, and Phyllis concluded that he really meant that she had screwed up Danny's life.

Danny contended that Phyllis had only screwed up his chance at a life with Cricket. Phyllis argued that none of them were saints, and she urged him to move on, just like Christine had. He questioned whether Phyllis had taken her own advice, because he still heard her hate and anger toward Christine, and he suspected that she was stuck in the past. He walked out, and a seething Phyllis struggled to maintain her composure. Under her breath, she hissed, "I still hate that bug." Ricky watched with interest.

In his apartment, Daniel assisted Lucy with finger-painting. Daisy entered and speculated that Lucy was a budding genius. Daniel was surprised when Daisy declared that she understood why he was uncomfortable talking about Cassie. Daisy explained that she'd asked around, and she empathized that she knew what it was like to regret making a terrible mistake. She suggested that perhaps she and Daniel could become closer as a result.

Daniel offered to get baby formula, but Daisy implored him to wait until after breakfast. She promised not to press for details, but she needed him to know that she was there for him. She theorized that he wasn't ready to open up because he hadn't forgiven her or himself, but she hoped they could get past it. Daniel wanted to focus on the present and not dwell on the past, and he abruptly left.

Ricky arrived to see Daisy, and he instructed her to suck up to Phyllis to get dirt about Phyllis' marriage to Danny and her rivalry with Christine. Daisy balked, but he threatened that Daisy would lose her daughter and her marriage if he told the truth about Lucy's disappearance. He pressed her to dig up information, and he excused himself to take a call. From the hallway, he thanked someone for the heads-up.

Daniel returned home and found a note saying that Daisy had taken Lucy to see Phyllis. He hurried out the door. Meanwhile, Daisy arrived at Phyllis' penthouse with Lucy, and she presented Phyllis with Lucy's finger painting. Phyllis took the drawing and reluctantly invited them in, even though she suspected a setup. Phyllis asked where Daniel was, and Daisy gushed that since Daniel was around to help, she was happy that they had time for fun things, like visits with Lucy's grandma.

At the Athletic Club bar, Genevieve sarcastically called Victor's request to meet a pleasant surprise. He said they had a lot to discuss, and she retorted that she could get whiplash over how fast he changed directions. She contended that he was only speaking to her out of self-interest, because he'd lose Beauty of Nature again if she lost either of the cases against her, and he needed her cooperation. She wouldn't trust his friendship or loyalty, but she could count on his lust for power. He argued that she was facing a prison sentence, so she needed him more than he needed her.

At the bookstore, Billy and Victoria picked out books for Johnny. Billy searched her purse for a bottle, and he noticed an envelope. She said it was her resignation from Beauty of Nature, and he was surprised that she'd never turned it in. She clarified that she hadn't accepted a paycheck or done any work for Beauty of Nature since Genevieve had resold it to Victor. Victoria explained that she didn't want to cut ties until things shook out, and Jack might own the company once they did. Billy pointed out that Victor pushed her buttons, and that Victor used his company to manipulate people.

Victor entered the bookstore. Billy gave Victor and Victoria some time alone. Victor offered Victoria a ride home, but she said Billy would return for them. Victor gave a book to Johnny and offered to read it to him at bedtime. Victoria noted that it had been her favorite book, and Victor showed that he'd written a loving inscription to Johnny on the inside.

Victor hoped that the Beauty of Nature situation would soon be resolved in his favor, and he offered Victoria a position, but she declined. She appreciated him taking steps to reach out to Johnny, but it was all she was ready for. He declared his intent to keep their professional and personal lives separate, but she said that wasn't possible, since he had sabotaged her marriage. Victor didn't want to rehash his feelings about Billy, but he said that he missed her. She admitted that there were things she missed, too, but she warned him not to push. He pointed out that the boundless love that she felt for Johnny was what he'd always felt for her, and he was convinced that eventually they would overcome their differences.

At their apartment, Lily explained to Cane that she understood that he wanted to protect her and handle everything himself. He revealed that if he didn't testify, then the Feds would consider him to be reneging on their deal. She reminded him that he'd gotten Colin convicted, but he lamented that the government had all the leverage, and they'd use it. She realized that Cane faced deportation.

Lily supported Cane if he decided not to testify against Genevieve, and she offered to move to Australia. He refused to ask that of her, but she pointed out that she was volunteering. He lamented that Lily had to consider leaving her own family for a woman who'd failed him as a mother. Lily pointed out that Neil and Devon would always be part of their lives, and she'd do it for Cane, not Genevieve. He proclaimed that he knew what he had to do.

Cane and Billy met at Jimmy's. Cane asked Billy for advice about Genevieve, and Billy reminded him that she had stolen Jack's company and had left Jack at the altar. Cane explained that she wasn't his favorite person, either, but she was trying to fix the damage she'd caused. Cane revealed that the Department of Justice was asking a lot of questions about how Genevieve had obtained the money to buy Beauty of Nature.

Billy advised Cane to simply not answer, but Cane divulged that he'd then face deportation, though Lily had agreed to move. Billy was shocked that Cane would take Lily away from family and friends to support his mom, and he counseled Cane to throw Genevieve to the wolves. Cane questioned whether Billy could do that to Jill, and he asked if Billy would help Jill if she were in trouble. Billy acknowledged that it would be a tough call if it meant hurting Victoria. Billy wished Cane luck, and he left to return to Victoria.

At the bookstore, Billy figured that Victor had tried to reel Victoria back in, and she insisted that she wasn't interested. Billy warned that Victor wouldn't give up, and she vowed not to give in. He commended her for making the right choice, and they kissed.

Genevieve stopped by Cane and Lily's apartment, hoping to catch Cane before he left for work, but Lily said that he was meeting a friend. Lily revealed that she knew about the investigation, and Genevieve hoped Cane and Lily would refuse to have anything to do with it. Lily reported that Cane would be deported if he didn't testify against Genevieve. Genevieve scoffed at the idea, and Lily blasted that Cane had put his life on his line to put Colin away, but Genevieve only cared about money and not getting caught. Lily berated Genevieve for not considering Cane's position.

Later, Lily recounted her visit with Genevieve to Cane. Cane reported that he had called Christine and told her not to expect his cooperation, so he anticipated that his deportation hearing would be moved up. He gave Lily a chance to change her mind, but she assured him that moving would be an adventure. He promised to fight it, but he couldn't live with himself if he caused Genevieve's downfall.

At the Athletic Club bar, Christine ordered a drink, and Genevieve confronted her. Genevieve spat that what Christine was threatening to do to Cane was worse than anything Genevieve had done. Christine congratulated her on arriving in the big leagues, and Genevieve condemned her for tearing apart the family of an innocent man. Christine asserted that Cane was shielding a criminal, but Genevieve argued that she hadn't done anything illegal. Christine wondered why Genevieve wouldn't open her books to spare Cane, but Genevieve didn't intend to become a scapegoat. Christine called Cane and Lily a great couple with beautiful children, and she thought it would be sad to see Genevieve take them down with her.

Paul called Christine from Jimmy's and informed her that Hunt hadn't shown up. He contemplated whether Hunt had had second thoughts or had figured out that Paul's cover story was a ruse, but he hoped that Hunt was on his way. Ricky approached Paul at the bar and cheerfully asked what he was doing there. After she hung up, Christine turned and gasped when she saw Danny.

Victor returned to the Athletic Club bar, and Genevieve thanked him for accepting her invitation. She said that after his offer to help with her legal problems, it was only fair to let him know that she'd decided to turn herself in. She gave him partial credit for her decision, since she'd seen him do extraordinary things to protect people he loved. A disbelieving Victor cautioned that she would lose every penny she had made on the Beauty of Nature sale and face a prison sentence.

Genevieve was aware of the consequences, but she refused to lose her family. Victor called her a bigger fool than he'd thought. She finished her drink and smugly told him to have a nice day.

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