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Monday, May 28, 2012

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, May 29, and pick up where the Friday, May 25 episode concluded.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In the lobby of the Athletic Club, Christine was surprised to see Danny. Danny explained that he was in town for Daniel. Danny invited Chris in to have a drink with him. At a table, Danny shared Daniel's story with Chris, and she felt bad that Daniel had been forced into a marriage with Daisy. Chris mentioned that when she'd run into Phyllis, Phyllis had been even nastier to Chris than usual. Chris remarked that karma was a bitch, and Phyllis was getting a taste of her own medicine.

Christine admired that Daniel had stepped up to be a father to his daughter, much like Danny had for Daniel when Daniel was an infant. Danny and Chris flirted with one another, both pleased that they were uninvolved at the moment. A short time later, Danny and Chris were in her hotel room, ripping off each other's clothes and falling onto the bed. Later, after they'd made love, Danny and Chris recalled how good it had always been between the two of together. Chris started to get out of bed, but Danny pulled her back into his arms, and they began lovemaking again.

Paul was surprised to run into Ricky at Jimmy's Bar. Ricky claimed that he was there for dinner. Paul said he was expecting someone to meet him there. Ricky tried to poke into Paul's business, but Paul evaded his questions. Paul suspected that Ricky had mucked up his meeting with Hunt.

Paul said goodbye to Ricky and left. After a while, Paul phoned Avery and asked if she would meet with him to discuss Ricky. Paul admitted that he'd been unnerved by his son's appearance at the bar. Avery told Paul to meet her at the Athletic Club.

Abby informed Jack that all the preparations for the pool party and barbecue had been made. Jack was glad that Ashley had agreed to join the party. Nikki arrived with potato salad for the event. Sarge called Jack to ask if Jack had been to see the doctor yet. Jack didn't answer directly, so Sarge realized that Nikki was there, and Jack hadn't told her about the feeling he'd had in his foot. Jack invited Sarge to the barbecue. Across town, Eden discovered Kyle on her doorstep and was happy to see him.

Daniel went to see Phyllis at the penthouse and was surprised to see Daisy and Lucy were there for a visit. When Daisy went to change Lucy's diaper, Phyllis and Daniel wondered why Daisy was suddenly turning to Phyllis. Phyllis suggested that Daisy might be trying to get to Phyllis in order to hurt Daniel. A short time later, Phyllis received a call from Jack inviting her to his barbecue. Phyllis explained that she was with Daniel and Lucy, and that Nick was already on an outing with Summer and Faith. Jack invited Phyllis to take Daniel and his family to the party. Daisy entered and was excited about the barbecue.

Noah bumped into Devon and Roxy at the coffeehouse. Noah told Devon and Roxy about Jack's party and asked them to be his guests. Ashley walked in and was happy to see Noah was back from New York. Devon asked if Ashley was doing all right, and she said she was. From the patio, Harmony entered and locked eyes with Ashley. Devon went to Harmony and pulled her back to the patio. Devon asked Harmony to remain there until he left with the others. Devon, Ashley, Roxy, and Noah all departed for Jack's party.

Phyllis, Daniel, Lucy, and Daisy arrived at Jack's for the party. Jack was glad to see them and encouraged them to go to the pool and go for a swim. Devon, Noah, Roxy, and Ashley were already at the cabanas, and Daniel glowed as everyone admired Lucy. Daisy horned in, and Daniel struggled to keep from being upset. Privately, Jack asked Phyllis about how she was doing. Phyllis admitted that she had been having morning sickness at night.

Kyle and Eden arrived for the party. Nikki tried to reach out to Kyle, but he responded through gritted teeth. Eden was pleased to see Noah at the pool. Abby apologized to Noah for Eden being there, but Noah said it was cool because he'd ended things with Eden before he moved to New York. Ashley told Jack she was enjoying the party.

Later, Nikki asked Ashley how she was doing. Nikki informed Ashley that she would have ended things with Jack if Kyle objected to their relationship. Ashley reminded Nikki that she'd hurt Jack in the past. Nikki explained that she'd changed since then. Nikki was also sorry about Tucker and Ashley's troubles.

At Crimson Lights, Sarge ran into Harmony. Sarge asked how Harmony was doing, and Harmony thanked Sarge for having been a friend to her when she was down. Harmony said she wasn't having a great day, so Sarge invited Harmony to be his guest at the barbecue. Harmony agreed to go, until she learned that the party was at Jack's house. Harmony revealed her dalliance with Tucker, Ashley's husband, and why she would not be welcomed at the party. Harmony blamed herself for being on the outs with the Abbotts. Harmony was determined to make amends and thanked Sarge for thinking enough of her to extend an invitation.

At the party, Noah asked Devon why Tucker was not with Ashley. Devon said he'd explain later, but asked Noah not to mention Tucker to Ashley. Eden was ticked off that Daisy was at the party. Eden then confronted Daisy to ask her why she had sublet her apartment to Ricky when Daisy was aware that Eden had thrown Ricky out. Daniel was upset to learn that Ricky was living so close to Eden.

Daisy received a call from Ricky. Daisy sneaked away to answer it and told Ricky she hadn't gotten any dirt on Phyllis. Ricky had orders for Daisy. Privately, Daniel apologized to Eden and asked her to call him if she had any problem with Ricky. Daisy told Daniel she had to go buy diapers for Lucy. As she left Jack's house, Daisy took the key to Phyllis' penthouse from her purse.

At the Athletic Club, Avery and Paul discussed Paul's run-in with Ricky at Jimmy's. Paul felt that Ricky had not been there accidentally. Avery called Phyllis and asked her to meet with Avery and Paul to discuss Ricky. Avery urged Phyllis to join them at the club. Paul tried to in vain to call Hunt and feared that Ricky had gotten to him. Paul was anxious to get the police case files for Rachel's death.

Phyllis joined Paul and Avery and explained that Ricky had never discussed his personal life with her. Paul asked Phyllis if he could inspect the computers that Ricky had used at the magazine. Phyllis believed that Ricky was immoral, and she suspected that Ricky had arranged for Daniel to lose custody of Lucy to Daisy. Avery told Phyllis to watch out for Ricky's wrath. Avery left, and Phyllis asked Paul why he was investigating Ricky. From the foyer, Chris and Danny entered the dining room, laughing like lovers. Danny waved when he saw Paul and Phyllis.

Sarge arrived at the party, and Jack introduced him to some of the guests, like Devon. Ashley thanked Sarge for doing so well with Jack. Later, Sarge asked Jack about the sensations Jack had in his feet. Jack told Sarge that he intended to go to the doctor the next day. Nikki walked in and asked why Jack was having tests. Jack evaded her question, keeping the news about the feeling in his legs from Nikki.

Ashley left the party, kissing Noah and Abby goodbye. Noah had a crick in his neck, complaining that he'd been sleeping on a couch at a friend's apartment. Devon and Roxy offered to let Noah stay at their apartment, but Noah thought he might cramp their style. Eden invited Noah to move in with her, since she had a spare bedroom.

Daisy went to Phyllis' penthouse, where Ricky was waiting for her. They used the stolen key to let themselves into the apartment. Ricky was looking for anything that could be used to embarrass Phyllis. Back at the barbecue, Daniel was unable to find Lucy's favorite pacifier. Nikki offered to watch Lucy while Daniel went to retrieve it from the penthouse.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

At the Abbott house, Jack and Nikki took care of little Lucy while Daniel had gone out on an errand. Jack enjoyed caring for the baby and told Nikki that he looked forward to babysitting for Victoria and Billy's son, Johnny. Jack thanked Nikki for saying yes to his marriage proposal and making him so happy. Nikki mentioned that Victor already knew about their engagement because he'd overheard Jack's proposal at the hospital. Jack assumed that Victor would tell Kyle, and he wanted to prevent that. Jack told Nikki that he needed to tell Kyle about his engagement to Nikki before Kyle found out from Victor.

At the pool, Eden tried to convince Noah to move in with her. Abby told Noah that he could live in her house, but Eden was in desperate need of a roommate and was worried about Ricky living so close to her. Reluctantly, Noah agreed to move in to Eden's place for a little while. Kyle wasn't thrilled about the new arrangement. Eden emphasized all the positives, and Noah agreed to move in right away. Abby and Kyle were steamed as Noah and Eden left the party together. Abby blamed Kyle to letting Eden pull a fast one on Noah. Abby suspected that Kyle liked Eden in a romantic way and was disappointed in Kyle.

At the Athletic Club, Paul and Phyllis said hello to Chris and Danny. Paul mentioned that they'd been talking about the Ricky situation. Danny and Chris went to a table with Paul and Phyllis, and Danny revealed that Ricky had interviewed him, claiming to be a freelance writer. Danny explained that he had cut the interview short because Ricky kept asking questions about Phyllis. Danny suspected that Ricky had an ulterior motive.

Danny wondered why Phyllis hadn't told Paul about his encounter with Ricky. Phyllis said she hadn't had a chance. Phyllis explained that Ricky was not working for the magazine any longer. Michael and Lauren entered the Athletic Club because he had an appointment with the mayor. When the Baldwins saw Danny, Chris, Paul, and Phyllis at the table, Michael and Lauren rushed over to say hello.

Paul explained to Phyllis that Ricky didn't care about hurting people. Phyllis wondered if she should be worried. Paul feared that Ricky had a lot of Isabella inside him, and that was not a good thing. Paul asked Phyllis, Chris, and Danny to report to him if Ricky made contact with any of them again. Phyllis left to meet Nick back at the penthouse.

At the bar, Michael and Lauren met with the mayor and his aide. The mayor said they were not looking for a donation from Michael and Lauren, but they did want something. The aide explained that Spencer Walsh had decided to leave Genoa City for a role in the governor's office. The city needed an interim D.A., and Michael's name was at the top of a very short list of prime choices.

Michael explained that he was a defense attorney, not a prosecutor. The aide told Michael that they would needed an answer by the end of the day. Michael was grateful for the offer. After the mayor and the aide departed, Michael said he liked the idea, just as Lauren was pooh-poohing it entirely.

Later, Michael said he was serious about taking the job as interim D.A. Lauren thought the pressure of the job would be too much for Michael. Michael told Lauren that he would seek justice, not convictions. Lauren was afraid of how the media would invade their lives and also worried that anyone Michael had thrown in prison might want retaliation. Michael was confident that he could do the job well, like getting charges pressed against Daisy. Lauren liked that idea.

Daisy urged Ricky to hurry up and find what he was looking for so they could get out of Phyllis' penthouse. Ricky rummaged through the hall closet and discovered a folder in which there were business cards, including one from Dr. Tim Reid, a family psychologist. Ricky and Daisy heard keys at the front door, and they scurried into hiding. They watched as Daniel entered the apartment and searched in frustration for Lucy's pacifier. Daniel finally found Lucy's "binky" and left the apartment. Daisy was anxious to leave, but Ricky boldly wanted to stay and search for more clues. Ricky finally let Daisy leave after telling her to make a copy of Phyllis' key in case they needed to get back into the penthouse.

Later, Noah and Eden went to her apartment. In the hallway, Ricky stopped Eden and Noah. When Noah said he would be Eden's roommate, Ricky questioned Eden about the girlfriend from California who was had said would to move in. Eden said there'd been a change in plans. In the apartment, Noah told her that he needed to get his duffle bag. Eden was confident that their arrangement would work out, since Ricky was aware that Noah was living there. Noah agreed that Ricky was a strange guy and suggested that Eden avoid being alone with Ricky. Later, Noah moved in, and the two agreed to keep what had happened between them in Paris in the past.

In his apartment, Ricky looked at Tim Reid's business card, then picked up his iPad and began researching Dr. Reid and Phyllis Newman. Ricky uncovered skeletons in Tim's closet. Ricky called Tim and got him on the phone. Ricky claimed he was writing a biography on Phyllis Summers and wanted to arrange a meeting with Dr. Reid. Tim wanted nothing to do with Phyllis or a book about her, saying that she was the worst thing that had ever happened to him.

Daniel went back to Jack's and thanked him and Nikki for watching Lucy while he was away. Lucy was happy to have her binky. Daisy returned to Jack's and learned that Phyllis had already left the party. Outside her apartment door, Phyllis hunted in vain for her house key. Later, Phyllis went to Jack's and said she must have lost her key at the party. Daisy, Daniel, Nikki, and Jack looked around for the key, and Daisy pretended to have found it when, in fact, she'd dropped it on the floor. Phyllis thanked Daisy, but was suspicious that it had been Daisy who discovered it.

Daniel and Phyllis left with Lucy and Daisy in tow. When Kyle entered the living room, Nikki stepped out; Jack told his son that he'd proposed to Nikki, and she'd said yes. Kyle was stunned and brought up Nikki's romance to Victor. Jack said he loved Nikki, and he didn't want to lose her. Kyle declared that Nikki had a history of being a drunk and had killed Kyle's mother.

Jack asked Kyle to give Nikki a chance, but Kyle said he couldn't look at her without remembering that she had murdered Diane. Later, out by the pool, Nikki tried to speak with Kyle, but he was chilly to her. Nikki returned to Jack and learned that Kyle had not been thrilled about the engagement news. Nikki offered to back off, but Jack didn't want that. Jack wanted Nikki to be his wife, and since Kyle knew, Jack was ready to take Nikki shopping for an engagement ring.

Back in her penthouse apartment, Phyllis spoke on the phone with Nick. Phyllis asked Nick to take home something sweet because she had pregnancy cravings. Phyllis noticed that her folder of takeout menus was not in the usual place.

At the Athletic Club, Daniel and Daisy walked in with Lucy. When they noticed that Danny was there, Daisy wanted to meet her rock star father-in-law. Daniel reluctantly went along with Daisy as she went to the table. Danny introduced Christine and Paul to Daisy. Danny invited them to sit at a table with him.

Privately, Paul asked Chris about her reunion with Danny. Paul mentioned to Chris that he really wanted the police files about Rachel's death. Chris realized that Paul wanted her to intervene with the local police. Chris was able to help Paul, and he was grateful. Paul checked his phone and learned that the man he had expected to meet earlier, Hunt, had died in a car crash. Paul wondered if Ricky had had something to do with the accident.

Daisy gushed to Danny about how Lucy loved music. Daisy then declared to Danny that Lucy was his legacy. Daniel told Daisy that she was overdoing it, but Daisy couldn't help herself. Daniel took a call and walked off. Danny told Daisy that he had once known a girl who had been a lot like Daisy.

Daisy insisted that she was not like Phyllis. Daisy simply wanted Lucy to have a real, solid family. On the phone, Phyllis asked if Daniel had moved stuff around her apartment. Daniel wasn't sure if he'd moved her menu file or not.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nick returned home to Phyllis and asked about the pool party. Phyllis said she and Daniel had tried to have fun in spite of Daisy being there with Lucy. Phyllis admitted that she had enjoyed her time with Lucy. Phyllis told Nick that she had later met with Avery and Paul to discuss the Ricky Williams situation. Nick asked Phyllis to be careful when she ran into Ricky, but Phyllis was confident that she could stomp on Ricky with her stiletto heels if necessary. Nick asked Phyllis if she were ready to make some wedding plans. They kicked around some general ideas, but couldn't agree on anything other than the fact that they did not want to elope, and they wanted their family and friends to be present.

Danny went home with Daniel and Lucy and told his son he had some advice about Daisy. Danny believed that Daniel could not remain married to Daisy because it was a mistake. Danny told Daniel that he didn't need to be married to Lucy's mother to remain an integral part of Lucy's life. Daniel felt that he couldn't leave Lucy alone with Daisy. Daniel wanted to be close to Lucy, even if that meant being married to Daisy.

Daisy went to Ricky's apartment, and he informed her that he had an appointment with Tim Reid, Phyllis' former therapist. Ricky had figured out how to ply Tim with wine to get him to blab about Phyllis. Ricky appeared on Dr. Reid's doorstep and wanted to talk with him about Phyllis. Tim reluctantly let Ricky into the place, and Ricky noticed that it was a dumpy little apartment, surrounded with boxes.

Tim explained that his place was near the industrial plant where he worked as a security guard. It was a major fall from his life as a professional therapist. Ricky wanted Tim to tell him about Phyllis, since she was no longer a patient, and Tim was no longer a licensed therapist. Ricky pulled out a rare bottle of wine as a gift for Tim. Ricky hoped to entice Tim to loosen up and talk after a glass of wine. Tim was anxious to taste the rare vintage, and after a glass, Tim said that Phyllis was like a siren that had wrecked his life.

Tim said that Phyllis had once been his fiancée, but Tim realized that she'd only used him to get Danny. Tim said that Phyllis had complained constantly about "the bug," Cricket -- Christine Blair. Ricky pestered Tim with questions, but Tim said that he had to get ready for work and stepped out of the room. Ricky opened the file boxes and found Phyllis Romalotti's folder. Ricky took it and shoved it in his briefcase.

Tim said he had to take a nap before work and asked Ricky to leave. Ricky thanked Dr. Reid and left. Later, Tim realized he'd left Ricky alone with the boxes. Tim checked his patient files and realized that Ricky had taken Phyllis' documents. Tim said to himself that Phyllis deserved whatever happened to her.

Daisy returned home before Danny had left. Danny gave Daniel a big hug, then took Lucy into his arms to say goodbye to her, too. Danny told Daisy that he was happy to have met her. Daniel looked miserable when Danny walked out and he was left alone with Daisy and Lucy. Later, Danny met with Nick and Phyllis, congratulating them on their engagement. Danny said he'd spent time with Daniel and Daisy, and Danny was convinced that Daisy was very screwed up. Like Phyllis, Danny wanted Daniel to get away from Daisy.

Nick pointed out that Daisy was far more manipulative than Phyllis had ever been with Danny. Phyllis admitted that she hated Daisy because she was the worst of Phyllis. Danny felt that they needed to be united for Daniel. Danny explained that he was going back on the road and asked Phyllis to remain in touch. Danny promised to do the same.

Phyllis wondered why Danny wasn't going to stay in town to be with Chris, since Phyllis had seen them after their romp in Chris's hotel room. Nick pointed out to Phyllis that Danny and Chris were single adults and could do what they like. Danny said goodbye and left the penthouse.

On the phone, Paul confirmed that the man he was supposed to have met, Craig Hunt, had been killed in a car accident on his way to Genoa City. Chris said Hunt was the victim of an accident, but Paul found it suspicious. Paul mentioned the details of the crash and how Ricky might have been responsible for the crash. Chris claimed that it was highly unlikely that Ricky could have done what Paul was thinking. Paul disagreed. Chris insisted that Paul get facts if he really believed Ricky had been involved in Hunt's accident.

Chris got a phone call and learned the details of Rachel Dalton's death. Ricky's girlfriend had drowned in her bathtub after ingesting a sedative. That was the same way Isabella had tried to kill Chris. The fact that Rachel's bathroom door had been locked from the inside led the medical examiner to declare that her death had been a suicide. Paul felt that anyone who crossed Ricky somehow disappeared.

Paul refused to ignore what he knew about Ricky's evil ways, like the way he had treated Heather and Patty. Chris wasn't sure if that nastiness made Ricky a killer. Paul had terrible fears about Ricky, and he was compelled to do something to stop Ricky. Chris advised Paul to be cautious and inform the police. Paul didn't want to do that. Chris begged Paul, but he wouldn't listen.

Later, Paul saw Ricky at Crimson Lights, where Ricky acted like nothing unpleasant had happened between them at Jimmy's Bar. A short time later, Ricky began reading Phyllis' notes in Tim's file.

At home, Lauren reminded Michael that their lives had finally returned to normal, and if he became interim D.A., Michael would be putting them at risk from the criminal element. Avery dropped by to pick up a file from Michael. When the mayor called Michael for an answer to his offer, Avery learned that Michael had been asked to be the interim D.A. Avery was excited for Michael and urged him to take the job. Michael said he was considering the position.

Lauren remained circumspect about the D.A. position, but Avery felt it was important work. Lauren let Avery know that she and Michael were still discussing things. Avery explained her passion for justice. Michael appreciated Avery's passion, especially as that point in his life. Michael said that loving Lauren had taught him about integrity and honor. Michael wanted his son to take pride in Michael's work. It was no longer about fame and money for Michael; he wanted to make a difference.

Later, Avery went to the penthouse. Phyllis and Nick told Avery that they were making wedding plans. Phyllis became emotional as she talked about family, and she asked Avery to be her maid of honor. Avery was stunned, but she gladly accepted the role. Back at the Baldwins', Lauren admitted that she resented Avery's interference in their discussion about the D.A. job. Lauren wanted to know if Michael really wanted to work so hard at a job like D.A. when he was at a point in his career where he could step back and relax.

Michael thought he could do a really good job as D.A. Lauren feared that Michael would become a target, but Michael was certain that they could handle any adversity together. Lauren gave Michael her seal of approval. Later, the mayor went to Michael's and was pleased that he accepted the job. Michael explained that he wanted to get Heather Stevens back to the D.A.'s office.

Daisy gave Lucy to a babysitter because she wanted to be intimate with Daniel. He pushed her away, but Daisy asked why he hadn't made love to her since before their wedding. Daisy suspected that Daniel was angling for an annulment. Daniel said that he wasn't going anywhere, but Daisy didn't believe Daniel. Daniel insisted that he wanted to be with Daisy and kissed her passionately. After making love, Daisy was happy, but Daniel looked trapped.

Danny returned to the Athletic Club and ran into Chris in the foyer. Danny explained that he needed to say goodbye to her because he was going back on the road. Chris looked disappointed.

Friday, June 1, 2012

At Gloworm, Victoria wanted to order a "bikini martini," and Billy became enamored with the idea of her in a bikini. She offered to get a drink for him, but he teased that she was trying to get him drunk, so she could beat him at the arcade later. Victoria bristled when Victor and Sharon entered, and she openly voiced her displeasure to see them together. Victor stated that there was no need to be uncomfortable, because it was unavoidable that they'd run into one another.

Victoria scoffed at the idea that Victor expected his children to remain silent when they were clearly uncomfortable. Billy steered Victoria toward their table, and he offered to go someplace else, but Victoria refused to be chased out. She requested that Billy order drinks at the bar. Meanwhile, Victor apologized to Sharon, but she said that she was accustomed to it.

Billy approached Victor at the bar, and Victor inquired whether Victoria had calmed down. Billy defended that it was strange for her to see Victor and Sharon together. Victor admonished Victoria for humiliating Sharon rather than discussing the situation privately with him. Billy sarcastically commented that Victor was completely against seeing anyone humiliated, and Victor expressed that nothing would change his negative opinion of Billy.

Sharon asked Victoria to call a truce for Victor's sake, but Victoria accused Sharon of pretending to be nurturing and supportive. Sharon pointed out that Sharon and Victor's bond had existed for decades, and Victoria acknowledged that Sharon had been Victor's pet for a long time, but she believed that Sharon's motivations had nothing to do with concern for Victor. Sharon argued that Victor knew best, and Victoria conceded that Victor liked pretty women and having his ego stroked. Victoria barked that Sharon wouldn't keep his attention, because Sharon had nothing more to offer, but Victoria was sure that there would be lovely parting gifts.

Sharon found it ironic that Victoria was furious that Victor didn't trust her judgment, yet Victoria was passing judgment on him. Victoria said there was no comparison, because she and Billy were building a life, but Sharon contended that there was no guarantee that Billy wouldn't lie to or cheat on Victoria again. Sharon revealed that she knew Billy better than Victoria thought, because she and Billy had slept together the night before Chloe's wedding, at which Sharon had been the matron of honor. Sharon glibly wished Victoria luck building a life with someone who would do something like that.

Victor suggested that he and Sharon go to the ranch, and she volunteered to make dinner for him. Victor and Sharon left, and Billy commented that it had been too much for Victor to breathe the same air as him. Victoria confronted Billy about having sex with Sharon. Billy quipped that there had to be a statute of limitations on things that had happened long before he had ever contemplated marrying Victoria, and he reminded her that his marriage to Chloe had been doomed from the start.

Victoria understood that Billy had been with other women, and she was appalled that he'd slept with Sharon, but she promised that she wouldn't hold that dalliance over his head. He admitted that he had been a jerk who had been angry with Chloe for trapping him, but he wasn't that person anymore. He offered to call off their plans for the arcade, but she affectionately stated that she had even more reason to beat him. He left to pay the bill.

At the ranch, Sharon complained that she'd reached her limit of disapproval, and Victor condemned Victoria and Billy's inexcusable behavior. She asked what he wanted for dinner, because she considered it a gift she could give him, after everything he'd given her. He insisted that they shouldn't keep tabs on what they gave to one another, but he realized that Victoria's words had affected her. Sharon declared that there should be reciprocity, and she left for the kitchen.

Victoria called Victor and tattled that Sharon had slept with Billy on the night before Sharon had served as matron of honor at Billy's wedding to Chloe. Victor was stunned, and when Sharon returned, he quickly hung up. He made a vague excuse to leave, and she said dinner could wait, but he declined. She suggested another time, but he tersely instructed her to show herself out.

Phyllis stopped by to see Michael, because she wanted to devise a plan for Daniel to get custody of Lucy once Daniel ended his marriage to Daisy. Michael regretted that he couldn't help, because he had accepted a new position as district attorney. She jokingly pondered what had happened to the unethical scoundrel she'd known and loved. He suggested that she hire Avery, and Phyllis pointed out that Avery worked for Victor, but Michael insisted that Avery would make time. Michael remarked that it had been odd to see Phyllis chatting with Christine and Danny. Phyllis assured Michael that they no longer affected her.

At Crimson Lights, Avery asked Paul if he'd met with the friend of Ricky's ex-girlfriend, and Paul forlornly said that he never would. He showed her an online article about the fatal car accident, and he admitted that he was trying to convince himself that it had just been a coincidence. She realized that he suspected that Ricky might be responsible, and Paul noted that Hunt hadn't indicated any signs of intoxication when they'd spoken shortly before the accident. Avery wanted to warn Phyllis that Ricky could be a murderer, but Paul contended that it was speculation and that Phyllis was better off not knowing, because she'd take matters into her own hands. Avery worried that Phyllis was already in the line of fire.

Avery dropped off scones to Phyllis, and Phyllis wondered if Michael had asked her to stop by. Phyllis explained that Michael couldn't help with Daniel's case, because he had accepted the D.A. position, and Avery was glad he had taken the job. Phyllis said she needed legal assistance with Daisy, and Avery offered to help. Avery added that Phyllis should stay away from Ricky. Phyllis realized that Avery had been talking to Paul about Ricky, and she wondered if Avery had reason to think that Ricky was dangerous. Avery wanted to err on the side of caution, and Phyllis proclaimed that she wanted no contact with Ricky.

Avery asked if Phyllis had seen Danny, and she regretted that she'd missed her sister being married to a rock star. Phyllis confessed that she had been a little crazy when she had been with Danny, and she had some regrets. Avery pressed for details, and Phyllis flashed back to spying Danny and Christine in a kiss and cursing Christine for getting in the way. Phyllis said she'd rather not talk about it, because it had been a very dark time in her life, and she'd rather let it stay buried.

At the Athletic Club, Christine was surprised that Danny was leaving town already, but he explained that he had booked a show in Los Angeles. She commented that they had been lucky to cross paths at all, and he was determined that they should not wait so long before seeing one another again. She asked if he had to leave right away, and he said that he still had some time. She remarked that she wasn't ready to say goodbye.

Christine and Danny talked about his tour over drinks. She asked if he ever got tired of traveling, and he pointedly stated that he only did when he was someplace he didn't want to leave. After an awkward pause, she referred to him spending more time with Daniel and Lucy. He worried that Phyllis was right about Daisy, but he was glad that at least Phyllis had acknowledged the similarities between herself and Daisy.

Christine stated that it was too bad Phyllis hadn't possessed such self-awareness in the past, and Danny agreed that things could have been very different. Christine thought she and Danny should talk about what had happened between them, and he admitted that his feelings had flooded back even stronger than before. She was glad that they'd never lose their connection, but he added that they shouldn't have been apart in the first place. Danny asked Christine to join him on his tour.

Danny speculated that Christine had weeks of unused vacation time, but she pointed out that he was talking about more than taking time off. He professed that he'd always wanted to be with her. She lamented that they'd missed their chance, but he argued that they were both single, consenting adults. She sputtered that they led totally different lives, and he suggested that they be creative, but she questioned whether one or both of them could reinvent themselves.

Danny accepted that his idea wasn't realistic, but he would have shown Christine the time of her life if she'd taken the chance. She didn't doubt it, but she pushed him to catch his plane. He wished her luck with her case, and they tentatively hugged goodbye. They slowly pulled apart, and then they gave in to a tender kiss. She became emotional, and he quickly exited. Wiping away tears, she walked toward the bar, and Michael asked if she was okay. She cried that she could use a friend.

Michael noted that if they were in a movie, his job as best buddy would be to tell Christine to drop everything and rush to the airport. She added that if it were a movie, she would miss the flight, but Danny would never get on board, because they were meant to be. She sadly believed that the credits had rolled for her and Danny long before, and Michael called it a shame. Christine insisted that she loved her life and the fact that her work mattered. Michael said that some people had that and someone at home, too, and she hoped those people realized that they were blessed. She toasted to leaving the past in the past.

Christine apologized for wallowing, and Michael understood that Phyllis had put her through a lot, even though he only knew part of the story. Christine couldn't place all the blame on Phyllis, because Christine had fallen in love with Paul, even though she'd postponed their wedding numerous times. Michael mentioned Christine and Paul's first wedding, which had been pushed back after an accident. Christine clarified that she wouldn't call it an accident, and she flashed back to Paul trying to knock her out of the way of an oncoming car. Michael recalled that they had never found out who the driver had been.

At his apartment, Ricky rifled through Tim's file on Phyllis, and he learned that the court had mandated marital counseling for Phyllis and Danny. Ricky read that Danny had openly acknowledged his resentment toward Phyllis, and that Danny had never loved her and had only married her for their child's sake. In flashbacks, Phyllis had told Tim that Danny had never tried to honestly make the marriage work, so she didn't believe that the situation was hopeless. Tim had wanted to see them individually, starting with Phyllis. During Phyllis' private session, Tim had confronted Phyllis about Danny's allegations that she had drugged him to have sex with him. Ricky realized that Daisy drove Phyllis crazy because the women were very much alike.

Ricky discovered that Phyllis had been fixated on Christine and Danny, and Phyllis had viewed Christine as a rival and a threat, even after Christine had moved on with Paul. Tim had tried to change Phyllis' distorted perception of Christine, but Phyllis had considered Paul "dangerously naïve." Ricky concurred with her opinion of Paul. In a series of flashbacks, Phyllis had warned Paul to make sure Christine didn't become confused, because Phyllis had loved Danny too much to give him up. Later, Phyllis had learned that Christine had called off the wedding and had assumed it was because of Danny, and she had vowed not to lose her husband. Ricky wondered how Phyllis had managed to keep Danny and Christine apart.

Ricky read that Phyllis had insisted that her marriage would survive, and she had been convinced that Danny had loved her. Tim had documented that she had been delusional, yet he had found her childlike faith appealing. Ricky began to snicker when he found out that Phyllis had thanked Tim with a kiss, and Tim had recommended another therapist, but she had seduced him into a torrid affair. There was a knock at Ricky's door, and he answered it to Paul.

Ricky wondered why Paul was there, because it wasn't a special occasion. Paul claimed that he had heard that Ricky had moved in and wanted to check on him, but Ricky was skeptical after their prior encounters. Paul explained that it was in his nature to be sure that Ricky was safe, but Ricky opined that some things were beyond anyone's control. Ricky added that it was nice to know Paul still cared, and he opened the door to indicate that Paul should leave. Paul reluctantly departed.

Ricky learned that Phyllis had been devastated when Danny had been awarded custody of Daniel, and she had felt alone after she had been stripped of her delusions and her child. Ricky realized that given the chance, Phyllis would do the same thing to Daisy. Tim called Ricky and revealed that he knew Ricky had taken the notes from Phyllis' file. Ricky feigned surprise, but Tim said that he wasn't angry. Tim disclosed that some things had never made it into the file, and he suggested that Ricky look into what Phyllis had been doing around Christmas in 1994.

Later, Ricky sipped a beer and mused to himself that he'd known someone like Phyllis would have some dirty secrets. He vowed that they wouldn't be secret for much longer.

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