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Monday, June 4, 2012

At Gloworm, Christine met with Genevieve. Christine stressed that she didn't have much time. Genevieve said she realized that Christine was about to appear at Cane's -- or as she called him, Ethan's -- deportation hearing. Christine explained that the Department of Justice wanted information about where Genevieve had obtained the funds she had used to purchase Beauty of Nature, not to punish Cane by deporting him to Australia.

Genevieve told Christine that she was prepared to testify only if the Department of Justice agreed to leave Ethan alone forevermore. Christine noted that Colin had obtained billions of dollars unlawfully and without regard to the loss of human life. Genevieve said she was very much aware of her ex-husband's criminal capabilities.

Christine initiated a voice-recorder application on her phone and instructed Genevieve to begin her testimony. Genevieve admitted that she'd drained all of her ex-husband accounts, and she promised to relinquish all of the records she had pertaining to the accounts Colin had amassed from illegal activities conducted in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Genevieve added that the business records from her company, named FMN -- for Forget Me Not -- would be included.

Christine assured Genevieve that Cane would not be deported. Christine said she'd also recommend that Genevieve not serve time in jail, but she warned that every cent of Colin's money would be confiscated. Genevieve scoffed, "That's pretty much everything." Genevieve said she was convinced that she'd done the right thing.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lily and Cane discussed the possibility of moving away from Genoa City if the Department of Justice deported Cane for refusing to testify against his mother. Lily told her husband that their family could live anywhere. As Lily and Cane were heading to the hearing, Genevieve phoned and summoned her son to meet her at Gloworm because the deportation hearing had been canceled.

Cane and Lily were relieved to discover that Genevieve had cooperated with the Department of Justice and turned over her financial records. Genevieve told Cane that she'd confessed in order to help her son. Lily noted that Charlie and Mattie would be able to grow up in their hometown, surrounded by family members.

Christine informed Genevieve that all of her assets had been frozen. Christine added, "But you did get what you wanted out of this." Christine promised to contact the chief negotiator assigned to Genevieve's case and request no jail time.

After Christine left, Genevieve told Cane and Lily that she'd subsist with a clear conscience. Cane quipped that it wouldn't pay the bills. Genevieve explained that she couldn't take Cane away from the one thing she was never able to give him -- a real home and family. Genevieve warmly stated it was about time she acted like a mother.

Genevieve stepped away briefly. Lily told Cane that his mother truly loved him. Cane and Lily were overjoyed when Genevieve returned and announced that she would not serve time in jail. Genevieve noted that she'd had to surrender all of her bank accounts. After Lily stepped away, Cane hugged his mother and thanked her. Genevieve replied, "You're welcome."

At the Newman ranch, Avery warned Victor that Genevieve would strengthen Jack's case if she confessed everything to the Department of Justice because her purchase of Beauty of Nature would be nullified. Victor pored over the minutes recorded at the board meeting during which the sale of Beauty of Nature had taken place. Victor noted a particular detail and informed Avery that Jack Abbott would not be getting his hands on Beauty of Nature.

Victor phoned one of Newman Enterprises' board members, Davis Holloway, and instructed the man to meet him at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Victor told Avery that Holloway's position at FMN created a conflict of interest when the man voted to sell Beauty of Nature. Avery said she doubted that Holloway was aware that Genevieve had planned to enter a bid. Victor said he was certain the man knew everything and should have abstained from voting.

Avery warned Victor that an attempt to nullify the sale would hinge on what Holloway would admit to knowing prior to the vote. Victor said he would convince Holloway that admitting he knew would be in the man's best interest. "Jack Abbott won't know what hit him," Victor announced triumphantly.

At the Abbott estate, Nikki rushed over after Jack summoned her. Nikki was relieved to discover that Jack's medical tests proved he was regaining feeling in his legs. Nikki kissed Jack and said she hoped to share everything with him. Jack and Nikki professed their love for each other. Nikki suggested they dine at the Genoa City Athletic Club to celebrate Jack's good news.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Avery and Victor overheard Nikki telling Jack that they should order a bottle of cider to celebrate Jack's good news. Victor approached and said, "Wouldn't want to spoil your celebration, but it might be premature." Victor explained that Genevieve had confided to him about her intentions to admit that she'd stolen millions of dollars from her ex-husband. Jack said he'd have two reasons to celebrate because Genevieve would surely lose ownership of Beauty of Nature. Victor replied, "Good luck to you."

Nikki and Jack later celebrated, and Jack noted that Nikki couldn't seem to forget about Victor. Jack promised not to rub his triumph in Victor's face if Nikki promised not to worry about how the loss would crush Victor. Nikki admitted that neither of them would likely stick to such a deal. Nikki suggested that they focus on Jack's improving health and put the rest out of their minds. Jack promised to try.

Davis Holloway arrived, and Victor asked him why he'd voted to approve the sale of Beauty of Nature. Holloway reminded Victor that Victor had known from the start about Holloway's association with FMN. Holloway insisted that he'd cast his vote just as each of the other board members had, and he insisted he'd had no prior knowledge of Mrs. Atkinson's interest in acquiring Beauty of Nature.

Victor reminded Holloway that he'd initially disproved of Newman Enterprises' plan to create a new cosmetics company until Genevieve Atkinson had sought Victor's help with Mitsukoshi. Victor added that Genevieve had asked Holloway to "drop" his opposition in order to secure Victor's assistance. Victor warned, "Now, I can bring you both down, or you help me go after her." Avery explained that she would prepare a brief for Holloway to sign. Avery added that she would deliver the signed brief to Judge Shaughnessy. Victor instructed Avery to let him know when she'd filed the brief.

Nikki stepped away to powder her nose. Jack approached Davis Holloway and Avery after Victor stepped away to take a call. Jack spoke to Holloway, whom Jack said he knew worked for FMN and served on the board of Newman Enterprises. Holloway explained that Victor believed there might have been a conflict of interest when Holloway voted to sell Beauty of Nature. Jack replied, "He wants to nullify the vote?" Jack explained that Judge Shaughnessy had already ruled that the sale was valid. Holloway noted that Avery planned to file a brief with the judge. Jack maintained that Avery's "hail Mary" efforts would fall short.

On the phone, Victor made someone an offer to purchase a company Victor said was losing money. Sharon phoned after Victor ended his previous call, but he declined to answer. Nikki approached and thanked Victor for the lovely lunch held in Cassie's honor. Victor claimed that Cassie would have been stunned to see Nikki with Jack Abbott. Nikki asked what Cassie might have thought of Victor being with her mother. Victor said, "Jack Abbott is a loser. He always was a loser and always will be a loser." Nikki replied, "Not this time."

Nikki later rejoined Jack at their table and assured him that he would beat Victor and get Beauty of Nature. At a nearby table, Avery informed Victor that the brief had been filed, but she added that there were no guarantees it would work. Victor replied, "I guarantee you that Jack Abbott ain't going to beat me. It ain't going to happen."

At Crimson Lights, Ricky approached Daisy and demanded the copy of the key to Phyllis' penthouse. Ricky threatened to put Daisy back in prison. Ricky warned that he'd tell Daniel that Daisy had arranged the disappearance of Lucy while the child was in Daniel's care, which, Ricky noted, had resulted in Daniel losing his custody case.

Phyllis and Nick arrived at the coffeehouse. Phyllis demanded to know why Daisy was talking to Ricky. Ricky claimed he had asked Daisy about his rent payment on the apartment he'd sublet from her. Daisy snapped at Phyllis and told her mother-in-law that it wasn't any of her business. After Ricky stepped out to the patio, Phyllis asked Daisy why she'd rented her apartment to Ricky. Daisy said, "He covers my rent." Ricky stopped Daisy before she exited through the patio and insisted she meet him at the penthouse with the key.

Nick and Phyllis relaxed at Gloworm after their unfortunate encounter with Daisy and Ricky at the coffeehouse. Phyllis told Nick she wondered what Daisy and Ricky were planning. Phyllis admitted that she felt threatened and frightened by her enemies' alliance. Phyllis admitted that it had been difficult to face Christine and Danny after they both arrived in town at the same time. Nick suggested that Phyllis might be able to relax by playing video games at her place. Phyllis replied, "Yeah! I can just annihilate the bad guys!"

Later, Daisy delivered the key to Ricky outside Phyllis' penthouse and turned to walk away. Ricky ordered Daisy to act as his lookout while he searched Phyllis' apartment. Ricky grabbed Daisy and said, "We help each other out. Otherwise, one of us might end up getting hurt." Daisy urged Ricky to hurry.

Ricky rifled through a box of file folders and told Daisy he was searching for skeletons in Phyllis' closet. Daisy asked how Ricky knew such information existed. Ricky replied, "Because her shrink said it did." Daisy suggested that the psychologist might be lying, and she again ordered Ricky to hurry before Phyllis returned. Ricky extracted a file folder labeled 1994 and announced that he'd found something. Daisy peeked out the door and warned that the elevator was ascending. Ricky forced Daisy to stall Phyllis and Nick in the hallway.

Phyllis was surprised to see Daisy, who claimed she was waiting to talk. Inside Phyllis' penthouse, Daisy told Phyllis that they had to get along for Lucy's sake. Phyllis became distressed, so Nick escorted Daisy to the door and told her to call before stopping by in the future. After Daisy left, Phyllis cried, "I hate her. She is the biggest liar I have ever met." Inside a nearby closet, Ricky enabled the voice recorder on his phone.

Ricky held his phone close to the louvers in the closet door and recorded Phyllis ranting about Daisy. Phyllis claimed that Daisy was using Lucy as a prop to trap Daniel into a marriage. Phyllis told Nick that she'd rather be friends with a pit bull because Daisy had ruined her life, Daniel's life, and Lucy's life. Phyllis became angered and added, "I swear that if I could, I would kill her!"

Nick reminded Phyllis that they'd gone home to relax, and he offered to give her a massage while she bathed. Phyllis went upstairs with Nick. Ricky quietly exited the closet and eased out the front door, carrying the papers he'd stolen from Phyllis.

In the hallway, Daisy confront Ricky and warned that if he ever put her into a precarious position again, he wouldn't have time to spread lies about her having kidnapped Lucy. Ricky asked Daisy if she planned to lock him inside a cage. Daisy said, "You don't know what I'm capable of." Ricky replied, "Two-way street, lady."

Ricky, clutching his phone, informed Daisy that he'd gathered something against Phyllis that he planned to use when the time was right." Daisy glared at Ricky, but she had no idea what he meant.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

At Jack's, Nikki joined him the living room and wondered why Jack had rushed out of bed. Jack said that he had some business to deal with because the court would be ruling on his bid for Beauty of Nature later that day. Jack anticipated losing because he'd heard that the judge was impressed with Victor's motion. Nikki sympathized with Jack, but Jack claimed that he had rationalized losing. Nikki encouraged Jack to appreciate all he had, and Jack realized that he was a lucky guy because he was marrying Nikki. Jack said goodbye when Nikki left to go shopping.

Sharon went to the ranch house see Victor. He was on the telephone and said he had no time for her. Sharon was aware that the Beauty of Nature ruling was being handed down, and she offered to spend the time with Victor while he waited to hear the decision. Victor turned her down, prompting Sharon to ask Victor why he was pushing her away. Victor didn't want to discuss it with Sharon. Victor took another phone call and told Sharon he'd see her the next day. While Victor was out of the room, Sharon picked up Victor's cell phone and saw that Victoria had been the person to call Victor the night he gave Sharon the cold shoulder.

At Crimson Lights, Billy and Victoria were kissing romantically on the patio. Victoria and Billy agreed that they were in a good place together. Billy was glad Victoria had not gotten upset about his brief fling with Sharon before he'd married Chloe. Victoria explained that she'd gotten even, but she never had the chance to say with whom because Billy received a call from Jack. Victoria and Billy agreed to finish their talk later. Victoria called the sitter to inquire about John.

Sharon went to Victoria's table and called her a bitch. Sharon asked Victoria why she'd interfered with Sharon's relationship with Victor. Victoria claimed that Sharon was unworthy of Victor. Victoria stood up for Nikki and accused Sharon of having hurt the Newman family. Sharon refused to walk away, even though Victoria wanted to end the conversation. Sharon accused Victoria of being mean and cruel. Sharon pointed out that she'd never used Billy.

Billy went to Jack's, where his brother wanted to discuss the Beauty of Nature situation. Jack was fuming about the prospect of losing in court to Victor. Billy urged Jack to calm down and not allow Victor to win, even if he did get Beauty of Nature back. Billy told Jack that he had already won Nikki, and Jack would be walking soon. Billy said that was bigger than anything Victor might win in court. Billy mentioned to Jack that Victoria had heard about his one-night stand with Sharon.

Later, Billy returned to Crimson Lights, arriving at the patio just as Sharon declared to Victoria that she'd trashed Billy to Victor just to louse up Sharon's relationship with Victor. Billy asked to speak alone with Victoria. When Billy realized that Victoria had used the information about the one-night stand to poison Victor's feelings for Sharon, he was shocked. Billy thought that Victoria had acted just like Victor. Victoria felt that she'd done what she had to do for her family. Billy said that she was rationalizing, just like Victor. The phone rang, and Victoria learned that there was a decision in the Beauty of Nature case.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki ran into Victor. She assumed that Victor was confident that the court would rule in his favor, and Victor declared that he was. Nikki said she was sad that Victor was so desperate to win Beauty of Nature when he already had so much. Victor said that he wanted Beauty of Nature because there were millions of dollars to be made. Nikki felt that Victor wanted control because he'd never gotten over losing so much of his fortune to the children in the trust fund lawsuit.

Sofia was surprised that Neil was working at home. Neil wanted to speak with Sofia about their living situation. Sofia explained that they were getting a divorce, and she was sleeping in the spare room. Neil was concerned that their separating would hurt Moses. Neil proposed that they buy another apartment in the building so that Sofia could live there with Moses, and Neil would remain close. Sofia said that Moses had to learn to live with integrity and acceptance.

Sofia demanded more than a loveless relationship with Neil. Sofia had no interest in an apartment so close to Neil's that he would be aware of her comings and goings. Neil wanted to be in on all the changes in Moses' life, day by day, but Sofia explained the she needed her own life separate from Neil. Sofia wanted Neil to love her, but he was unable to say those words. Neil felt that he owed Sofia, but she didn't want his gratitude. Sofia also said that Harmony didn't deserve a good man like Neil. Sofia was anxious to finalize the issues of the divorce and move on. Neil left for the office.

At Gloworm, Tucker bumped into Harmony, and she revealed that she was not doing well. Tucker said he and Ashley were still separated. Tucker was upset that Harmony had tried to smooth things over with Ashley for him. Tucker told Harmony that she was simply a bad reminder to Ashley of Tucker's infidelity. Harmony encouraged Tucker not to give up on Ashley. Tucker said he'd do whatever necessary, but Ashley refused to even speak with him. Tucker realized that he'd failed Ashley.

Harmony said that she couldn't accept failure, and she was determined to find a way to reconnect with Devon. Tucker hoped she was successful because that might give him a chance with their son, too. After Tucker left, Harmony called Neil. Sofia saw the call. Later, at Gloworm, Sofia saw Harmony and informed her that she could call Neil anytime she wanted to because Sofia was divorcing Neil.

When Neil appeared, he was surprised that Sofia was there. Sofia said she had things to do and left. Neil sat at Harmony's table, and she was shocked that he was getting a divorce. Neil said the divorce was not Harmony's fault. Harmony had wanted to talk with Neil about Devon, but since learning of the divorce, she changed her mind. Sofia went home with Moses and told her son that she'd finally let go of Neil. Sofia was ready to start packing.

At the coffeehouse, Kay asked Ashley if she was all right. Ashley did not want to speak with Kay about her marriage to Tucker. Kay insisted. Ashley wondered if Tucker had asked Kay to plead with Ashley for another chance. Kay said that she was speaking with Ashley on John's behalf. Kay said that Ashley's father would have told her that she was choosing not to make a decision.

Ashley said she was trying to heal. Kay admitted that Tucker had made a terrible mistake. Kay asked Ashley to figure out if she could forgive Tucker again or not. Ashley said she was stuck. Kay told Ashley that John would tell her to fight for what she wanted. Kay thought Ashley was wasting her time in limbo.

Later, Nikki returned to Jack's with lunch from the Athletic Club. Jack was grateful and said that he had yet to hear from the court. Nikki realized that Jack really wanted to win. The phone rang, and Jack told Nikki the decision had been made.

Meanwhile, Kay went to see Victor, and she knew the court's decision was imminent. Kay advised Victor that all the business success really didn't matter in the long run. Victor was certain that he would win. The phone rang, and Victor asked how it looked. Victor informed Kay that Jack had won.

Ashley went to Tucker's, and he was glad to see her. Ashley said she'd made a decision. Ashley said she'd been hurt very badly, but she didn't want Tucker's excuses. Tucker said that he loved Ashley, but she felt that Tucker had kept too many secrets from her. Tucker wanted to know Ashley's decision.

Ashley loved Tucker but she didn't think they had a real marriage. Tucker wasn't sure what Ashley meant. Ashley wanted another kind of relationship, but Tucker would need to make a miraculous change. Tucker offered to do that. Ashley told him to prove it to her, then she left the apartment. Later, Sharon bumped into Adam at Gloworm. Adam wondered what was bothering Sharon.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

At Gloworm, Sharon confided in Adam that Victoria was out to undermine Sharon's relationship with Victor. Adam wondered what Victoria had to hold over Sharon's head and learned about Sharon's brief "thing" with Billy. Sharon said that Victoria had made sure to tell Victor that Sharon had once been with Billy, which had ticked Victor off. Adam understood why Victoria had acted vindictively because Adam said he would have done the same thing to keep Victor and Sharon apart.

Adam was being candid, but Sharon thought Adam wanted to hurt her. Adam said that wasn't the case because they'd moved on from each other. Adam confessed that he disapproved of Sharon wanting to have a romance with Victor. Sharon didn't care about Adam's opinion. After Sharon walked off, Newman Enterprises board member Bob Lemon approached Adam. Bob had overheard that Victor and Sharon were dating. Bob pointed out that if Victor had a romance with an employee of Newman Enterprises, that could be a public relations nightmare.

Lemon announced that he was going to ask the board to vote on firing Sharon. Adam said that Bob would do no such thing unless he wanted Adam to reveal that Lemon was making money on the side by selling information to the Newman competition. Lemon backed off and walked out.

Chelsea overheard Adam's conversation with Lemon and realized that Adam had defended Sharon again. Chelsea thought Adam was a great guy to be standing up for an ex-lover. Chelsea wondered if Adam wanted to return to corporate work. Adam had no interest in returning to Newman Enterprises. Adam wasn't sure what he wanted to do next.

At the coffeehouse, Billy explained to Victoria that he needed to leave for a meeting, but he wanted to clear the air with Victoria over the Sharon issue. Billy asked Victoria if she would join him later at the Athletic Club. He said they could continue talking over dinner. Victoria agreed to the date.

Working out at home, Jack pushed himself in his physical therapy. Sarge asked why he was so into the workout, and Jack explained that his life was going great and he felt energized. When Nikki arrived, Sarge gave her the credit for Jack's improvement. Sarge also congratulated Jack on his business success. After Sarge left, Jack asked Nikki to keep their engagement quiet for a few more hours, and she agreed.

At the Newman ranch, Victor had a vigorous boxing session with his trainer, angrily trying to work out his frustrations over losing Beauty of Nature. Later, a reporter called Victor to get a comment about Jack winning Beauty of Nature, and Victor blasted the guy. Victoria went to the house and told her father that she'd heard the news about the company. Victor defiantly declared that he was not hurt by the sale and would get Beauty of Nature back. Victoria explained that she'd told Victor about Billy and Sharon's fling to save him from future heartache. Victoria sympathized with Victor about Beauty of Nature and anticipated that Jack wouldn't let it go. Victor was determined to beat Jack.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin and Chloe worked on a laptop together, designing elements for their new website. Eden wondered what they were up to, but Chloe didn't want to say anything yet. Out on the patio, Ricky continued researching Phyllis' background. Daisy walked to the table and asked Ricky what he was hiding from her. Daisy grabbed the laptop and read Phyllis' medical records. Daisy realized that Ricky had stolen Dr. Tim Reid's psychiatric files on Phyllis. Daisy threatened to tell Phyllis what Ricky was doing if he didn't leave her alone.

At the penthouse, Phyllis was glad that Daniel had taken Lucy for a visit without Daisy. Phyllis wanted to free Daniel from Daisy, and she believed she knew someone who might be able to convince Daisy to give up on Daniel. Later, Phyllis and Daniel went to Crimson Lights, and Phyllis asked Kevin to speak with Daisy for Daniel. Kevin said he didn't want to get involved, and Chloe backed up her husband. Phyllis reminded Kevin that he was Daniel's best friend. Eden interrupted to say that Daisy was right outside on the patio.

Phyllis went outside and saw that Ricky and Daisy were alone together. Ricky said that he was just showing Daisy his new computer, but Phyllis guessed that Ricky was researching Phyllis' past, based on his interview with Danny. Ricky admitted he was not working on a story about Danny. Ricky was writing a biography about Phyllis, a tell-all book. Phyllis was irritated.

Ricky asked Phyllis to work with him and make it an authorized biography. Phyllis warned Ricky to stay out of her life. Inside the coffeehouse, Phyllis said goodbye to Daniel because she had to see someone. Daniel was concerned, even though Phyllis told him not to worry.

Ricky continued his research into Phyllis and learned that she had confessed to Tim that she felt guilty about Sasha Green's death. Ricky searched for Sasha Green online and discovered that she was a young woman who'd been killed in a Genoa City motel room fire in 1996. The medical examiner had ruled her death an accident, prompting Ricky to wonder why Phyllis would feel guilty about an accidental death.

At the counter, Daisy interrupted Daniel's conversation with Kevin, Chloe and Eden. Kevin asked Daisy if he could speak with her alone. Daniel told Chloe that he was convinced that Daisy would never let him go. Alone with Daisy, Kevin advised his sister to rethink being married to Daniel. Kevin pointed out that Lucy would know her parents had never been in love.

Daisy reminded Kevin that Daniel had proposed to her. Daisy wanted a chance to start over; the same way that Kevin had been given many chances to make up for his transgressions. Later, after picking up Lucy, Daisy returned to Crimson Lights and asked Ricky if Phyllis had bought his lies earlier. Ricky wasn't concerned about Phyllis. Daisy didn't want anything to upset her relationship with Daniel. Ricky looked over to the counter and saw Daniel laughing with Eden. Ricky pointed the two of them out to Daisy.

Daniel told Kevin and Chloe that he liked their new website ideas and offered to do art for them. Later, over drinks at Gloworm, Kevin wondered if he should give Daisy a second chance. Chloe wanted to talk about their new project. Kevin described to Chloe what they were doing as a bulletin board to buy items across the web. Chloe thought it was a million-dollar idea.

At the Athletic Club, Jack had a romantic dinner set up for himself and Nikki. Billy appeared and congratulated Jack for having beaten Victor in court. Billy left to meet some business associates. Nikki thought that Jack was beaming with happiness. Jack wondered if Nikki accepted the fact that Victor had lost that time around. Nikki said she wasn't concerned about Victor.

The waiter served Jack and Nikki sparkling cider and Nikki was stunned that attached to her flute was a diamond ring. Nikki was thrilled. Jack put the ring on Nikki's finger and formally proposed. Just then, Victoria entered the dining room and cried out in shock.

Billy went to the table and told Victoria to lower her voice. Jack said that he and Nikki had been engaged for a while. Victoria remained upset that they were getting married and wished they would just continue dating. Jack changed the subject and asked Victoria if she wanted to work for him at Beauty of Nature. Victoria didn't think it was a good idea, but agreed to consider Jack's offer. Later, Jack asked Nikki to leave with him so they could continue their celebration at his place. Jack was sure the Victoria would eventually accept Jack's place in Nikki's life.

At their table in the Athletic Club, Victoria admitted to Billy that she'd acted childish with Jack about the engagement. Victoria still wanted her parents to get back together. Billy was pleased that Jack had not only won Nikki from Victor, but Beauty of Nature, too. Billy also thought Victoria should accept Jack's offer and take the position at Beauty of Nature. Billy added that he wanted the two of them to put the Sharon issue behind them.

Victoria apologized for her actions. Billy had news for Victoria, too. A network wanted to buy the Restless Style reality show. Victoria understood that Billy had to leave for Los Angeles again. Back at Jack's, Nikki had lit the candles and created a romantic setting. Nikki explained that she wanted to thank Jack for having made her so happy.

At the ranch, Victor answered the door, and Sharon asked if they could speak. Sharon knew that Victoria had told Victor about her brief thing with Billy. Victor said that what had happened in the past belonged in the past. Sharon didn't want to end her new relationship with Victor. He responded by kissing Sharon, and she responded with a more passionate kiss. Victor led Sharon up the stairs to his bedroom.

Dr. Tim Reid opened his apartment door and saw Phyllis on his doorstep. Phyllis said hello. Tim looked stunned to see Phyllis.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Nick questioned Noah's decision to move into Eden's apartment. Noah assured his father that Eden was just his roommate, and they were not romantically involved. Across the way, Chloe and Kevin were grilling Eden about her new living arrangement with Noah. Eden told them she felt safe from Ricky with Noah in the spare room. Chloe and Kevin were excited about their new website, but explained to Eden that they needed a financial backer to get things moving.

Ashley walked onto the patio of the coffeehouse and saw Kay at the table. Kay was reading her iPad. Ashley explained that she'd taken Kay's advice and had a conversation with Tucker. Ashley's phone rang, and it was Tucker asking her if she would try couples counseling to mend their relationship. Ashley agreed to meet at Tucker's apartment to discuss the possibility. Ashley informed Kay that she and Tucker were contemplating couples counseling. Kay encouraged Ashley not to give up on her marriage to Tucker.

Later, Kay was using her iPad to shop, and Eden noticed. Eden went to the counter and told Chloe and Kevin that Kay was on the patio and suggested they should ask her immediately to invest in their new project. A short time later, Kevin and Chloe pitched their new shopping website to Kay and explained how they'd make money on every purchase. Kay had more questions about the particulars, including the timeline and other costs. Kevin and Chloe were thrilled when Kay decided to give them seed money.

At Gloworm, Jeffrey flirted with Genevieve, but she laughed in his face. Gloria walked over to let Genevieve know that her credit card had been declined. Genevieve gave Gloria a different card to pay for her lunch. Chris intervened to tell Genevieve that none of her cards would work because, as part of Genevieve's deal with the government, all of her assets had been frozen. Genevieve couldn't believe the terms of her agreement had left her penniless and on the verge of being thrown out of her home.

Later, Genevieve went to Tucker's to share her problems with him and ask for a loan. Genevieve offered to repay a loan with interest. Tucker was anxious about Genevieve being there and asked her to leave because Ashley was on her way. Ashley walked into the apartment and saw Tucker with Genevieve.

After Genevieve left, Ashley acknowledged that she knew why Genevieve had been there because she had heard their conversation. Tucker realized that Ashley still had doubts about him, but offered to prove himself to his wife. Ashley believed that even with therapy, the two of them could not fix their marriage. Ashley said that seeing Genevieve with Tucker had reminded her that she could not trust Tucker.

Ashley was certain that their problems were insolvable. Tucker was crushed that she was giving up on them. Ashley declared that their marriage was over. Ashley left, saying she'd be in touch. Tucker was devastated.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Genevieve tried in vain to access information online about her money. Eden suggested that Genevieve ask Kevin for help, since he was a computer wiz. Genevieve did an online search for Kevin Fisher to learn about his background. A short time later, Genevieve approached Kevin and asked to speak, but he was in a hurry to leave. Genevieve got him to stay for a minute, and she explained that she needed his help with a problem. Kevin asked if she wanted him to do something illegal. Genevieve admitted it was a slightly illegal, but Kevin could make a small fortune. Kevin stayed and listened.

At Gloworm, Avery tried to pick up the check after a celebratory lunch with Michael, but he wouldn't let her. Avery pointed out that once Michael was sworn in as D.A., everything would change in his life. Michael knew that and asked Avery if she might take over his private practice while he was interim D.A. Suddenly, Heather Stevens walked in, and Michael greeted her warmly. Avery said hello to Heather, and before walking out, Avery said she'd consider Michael's offer. Heather wondered if Michael was hiring Avery for the D.A.'s office, too. Michael had only Heather in line for a spot in the D.A.'s office, but Heather was still on the fence about returning to Genoa City.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren was with Michael and expressed her concerns about Michael's new job. Lauren then realized that Paul was worried about Ricky and asked him to confide in her. Paul said Ricky exhibited a pattern of behavior that might signal that he was mentally ill. Paul said that since arriving in Genoa City, Ricky had shown no compassion or evidence of a conscience. Paul also pointed out that members of Ricky's family -- Isabella and Patty -- were both mentally ill.

Ricky appeared suddenly and smugly said hello to his father. Ricky announced that he was there for a workout. After Ricky left, Paul said that he felt uneasy about Ricky's snarky attitude. Lauren advised Paul not to speculate about Ricky. Paul was determined to do something about Ricky before it was too late.

At Gloworm, Chris saw Michael and Heather at a table together and went over to ask Heather if Paul knew she was back in town. Heather said she'd just landed, and needed to first speak with Michael about his job offer. Chris encouraged Heather to return to the D.A.'s office. Heather said that she was going to take some time to think it over. Heather left to go to the Athletic Club and get settled.

When Heather entered the Club, Paul greeted his daughter with a big hug, and Lauren said hello to Heather. Paul was surprised that Lauren knew about Heather's visit, but Heather explained that Michael had made her a job offer. Paul was overjoyed that Heather would be moving home, but Heather had misgivings. Paul understood why Heather felt so bitter, especially after the way Ricky had treated her before she moved away.

Gloria criticized Jeffrey for covering Genevieve's check when she didn't have the money to pay for her tuna salad. Michael and Chris sympathized with Genevieve's financial plight, but Chris would not reveal why Genevieve was broke. When the Bardwells walked away, Chris congratulated Michael on his new position and said she was proud of him. Michael told Chris she could work for him if she moved to Genoa City, but Chris was anxious to go home to Washington.

In Kenosha, Tim Reid was not happy to see Phyllis at his door. Phyllis said she'd tracked Tim down using her computer skills. Tim asked her to go away, but Phyllis pushed her way in and looked around the dumpy apartment. Phyllis wondered if Paul Williams had contacted Tim, but he denied ever having heard from Paul. Phyllis wondered if anyone else had been asking Tim for information about her. Phyllis demanded Tim turn over her patient file.

When Tim hesitated, Phyllis started looking into his boxes. Tim tried to yank a box away from her, but Phyllis was stronger than him. Tim declared that he'd shredded the file because he wanted to forget that Phyllis ever existed. Phyllis wrote down her contact information and warned Tim to call her if anyone ever asked about her again. Tim said he'd lost everything because of Phyllis. She threatened to make him pay if he crossed her, but Tim said that there was nothing she could say or do to hurt him again.

When Phyllis walked into Gloworm and went to Michael's table, Chris said goodbye and walked out. Phyllis told Michael that she'd gone to see Dr. Tim Reid, her former therapist, because Ricky had claimed that he was writing a tell-all book about her. Phyllis said that Reid had become a broken man, living in a dump of an apartment in Kenosha. Phyllis explained that while Tim wouldn't admit to having talked with Ricky, Phyllis thought he had. Phyllis added that she had threatened Tim to keep quiet about Phyllis or else.

Michael stopped Phyllis from saying anything more because as the incoming interim D.A., Michael could not listen to Phyllis' threats against anyone or else he'd have to have her arrested. Phyllis was shocked that she could no longer share a private conversation with him. Michael advised Phyllis to think before speaking to him from that point on.

At the Athletic Club, Ricky appeared and was surprised to see Heather. Chris watched from the foyer as Heather told Ricky that she had survived his treachery and was ready to resume her career. Heather added that she would never trust Ricky again. Later, Chris sympathized with Paul about the Ricky situation. Chris said she had to fly back to DC. Paul appreciated that Chris was just a phone call away, but he was worried about Ricky. Tim received a call from Ricky, but chose to ignore it.

At Gloworm, Lauren prepared Michael to leave for city hall to be sworn in as interim D.A. Avery showed up and told Michael that she'd decided to take over his private practice. Heather popped in, too, and said she would take the job as Michael's assistant D.A. The mayor and his aide arrived to escort Michael to city hall, but Gloria suggested they do the ceremony at Gloworm, since everyone was going to be there for the post-ceremony celebration anyway.

Later, as the ceremony was about to begin, Kevin was missing. The mayor stood before Michael, and Michael said the oath of office. At Crimson Lights, Kevin said goodbye to Genevieve and rushed to Gloworm. Kevin arrived before Michael had finished the ceremony. Afterwards, everyone congratulated Michael. Jeffrey and Gloria wondered if Michael might someday be prosecuting them for some illegal activity. Kevin hugged his brother, and Lauren gave Michael a congratulatory kiss.

Phyllis went home to the penthouse, and Nick was waiting for her. Phyllis declared that she wanted to get married right away and forget about a big wedding. Nick was stunned, but Phyllis claimed that she was starting to show and needed to be married to Nick officially sooner rather than later. Phyllis asked if they could get married right away, and Nick agreed.

Friday, June 8, 2012

A loud pounding on his door awakened Tim. He answered the door to Ricky, who blasted Tim for not answering his calls. Tim explained that Phyllis had shown up, and he blamed Ricky for her visit. Ricky questioned whether Tim had really seen Phyllis, or if she had just appeared in Tim's nightmares, and he was stunned to learn that she really had tracked Tim down. Ricky ominously presumed that Tim had been too smart to mention Ricky's name, and Tim assured Ricky that he hadn't said a word about Ricky's previous visit.

Ricky demanded to know about Sasha Green and Phyllis' involvement in her death, but Tim ordered him out. Ricky mocked him for using his "commanding doctor's voice," because Tim wasn't a doctor anymore. Tim retorted that he still knew a sociopath when he saw one. Ricky argued that Tim had reason to hate Phyllis, but Tim contended that he hadn't devoted his life to taking her down. Ricky implied that Tim simply didn't have the guts to do so.

Tim demanded that Ricky leave and threatened to tell the police and Phyllis about Ricky stealing his patient files. Ricky said that would be poor judgment, and Tim declared that they were done. Ricky slowly walked out and menacingly asked Tim if he really wanted to make things harder than they had to be. Tim slammed the door shut.

At Gloworm, Avery excitedly asked Michael and Lauren where the champagne was. Michael assumed that Avery wanted to celebrate her first day on the job, but she declared that she had news. Victoria interrupted and proclaimed that it was crunch time, and she realized that Michael and Lauren hadn't yet heard that Phyllis and Nick were getting married that day. Avery requested Lauren's help with dresses for the bridal party, and Avery and Lauren left. Victoria asked for Michael's advice about how to deal with Victor, because she intended to accept Jack's offer to run Beauty of Nature.

Victoria commented that Beauty of Nature was like her first-born child, and she missed being a part of it, but Michael called it Victor's crown jewel. She pointed out that Victor had survived when Victoria had run the company during Genevieve's brief tenure, but Michael anticipated that Victor would fly off the rails when he learned that Victoria was working for Jack. Victoria conceded that since Jack would have Nikki, Victoria, and Beauty of Nature, it was only a matter of time before Victor flipped out.

Nick and Phyllis returned to her penthouse after they had picked up their marriage license. He phoned Katherine to ask if she could perform the ceremony, and Phyllis called Daniel, who was at Crimson Lights with Daisy and Lucy. Phyllis informed him that she and Nick were getting married that day, and she requested that he and Lucy be there. He stepped away from the table to privately inquire about Daisy, but Phyllis snapped that she wanted to be happy on her wedding day. He stated that he was happy for her, and he hung up.

Daisy assumed that Phyllis had moved up the wedding date, and she commented that she already knew what she and Lucy would wear. Daniel revealed that the wedding was that day, and that Daisy was off the hook. Daisy realized that she wasn't invited, and she insisted that Lucy stay home with her. Daisy argued that she was Daniel's wife, and she felt that Phyllis couldn't pretend that Daisy didn't exist.

Daniel blurted that Phyllis didn't need extra stress, because she was pregnant, and he quickly realized his slip. Daisy contended that Lucy and the new baby would play together, which was more reason she should attend the wedding. Daniel curtly replied that Lucy would be home in a couple of hours, and he took Lucy to get ready for the wedding. Daisy looked like she had an idea.

Nick reported that Katherine had agreed to perform the ceremony, and Phyllis proclaimed that they'd only get good news that day. He pointed out that people would wonder why she was drinking orange juice when he made a champagne toast, and he wondered if they should announce her pregnancy. She replied that there were still lines to draw, and she didn't want Daisy or Sharon at the wedding. Nick chortled in mock surprise. Phyllis explained that she didn't want people who despised her at her wedding, and she only wanted to feel love on their happy day.

Phyllis opened the door to Avery and Lauren, who presented her with garment bags. Nick joked that he liked to play dress-up, but the women jovially pushed him out the door so they could get dressed. After Phyllis got dolled up in her wedding gown, she asked Avery and Lauren to go to the church, because she needed a moment alone. After the women departed, Phyllis looked in the mirror and took a deep breath. There was a knock at the door, and she assumed that Avery and Lauren had returned, but she found Daisy on her doorstep. Daisy congratulated Phyllis and offered her a gift box.

Daisy asserted that she was trying for Lucy's sake, and Phyllis reluctantly allowed her to enter. Daisy knew she wasn't invited to the wedding, but she insisted that they were family and that she wanted Phyllis to be happy. Phyllis coldly thanked her. Daisy said that she had another gift, and Phyllis assumed that strings were attached. Daisy claimed that she had something that would allow Phyllis to trust Daisy, because Daisy had information about Ricky.

An irate Phyllis refused to talk about Ricky on the happiest day of her life. Daisy barked that she was trying to do Phyllis a favor, and she snidely questioned why Nick would want to marry or have a baby with Phyllis. Phyllis flew into a rage and accused Daisy of tormenting and brutalizing the people Phyllis loved. Daisy defended that she had given Daniel a daughter, and Phyllis referred to how Lucy had been conceived. Phyllis ranted that Daisy was a loser with no soul who was incapable of love, and that no one cared about her.

Daisy hissed that Phyllis hated her because Phyllis was her, only Phyllis was much older but not wiser. Phyllis tried to physically throw Daisy out, and the women scuffled. Daisy bellowed that Phyllis would always be a pathetic woman, no matter how many replacement babies she tried to have. Phyllis managed to get Daisy out of the penthouse. Moments later, Phyllis doubled over in pain.

Phyllis reached for the phone, and it fell to the floor, out of reach. Phyllis looked helplessly at the phone, and then at her cell phone across the room, and she screamed for help. Daisy heard her cries from the hallway, and she lingered outside the door. Phyllis writhed in pain on the floor and yelled for help for her baby. Daisy listened apathetically, and then she boarded the elevator.

At Crimson Lights, Heather and Paul greeted Eden and Noah, and Noah mentioned that he was staying with Eden. Paul explained to Heather that Ricky had been Eden's roommate, and Eden added that Ricky had moved across the hall into Heather's old place. Heather and Paul retreated to their own table, and she noted that Paul seemed relieved that Eden had a male roommate. Paul admitted that he wasn't just afraid of what Ricky might do to Heather, but to anyone.

Paul updated Heather regarding the suspicious circumstances surrounding Ricky's ex-girlfriend's death. Paul explained that he'd tried to get information from someone who had known both Rachel and Ricky, but Ricky had shown up at the meeting instead. Heather acknowledged that Ricky was a creep, but it didn't mean that he was physically dangerous. Paul revealed that his contact had died while on the way to speak with Paul about Ricky.

Heather questioned whether Paul's instincts told him that the car crash had been an accident, and Paul admitted that he had sensed that something had been wrong at the time. Heather trusted his judgment, but she felt that they needed more to go on. Paul started to confide something to her, but Daniel interrupted, and he and Heather exchanged pleasantries. Heather was shocked to hear that Daniel and Daisy had gotten married. After Daniel left, Heather noted the similarities between Daisy and Ricky.

Heather offered to serve as Paul's sounding board if he wanted to talk about Ricky. Paul was distressed at the thought that his own son was a danger, and he felt that it was his fault. Heather called Paul a good dad and apologized for not letting him know that more often. They hugged, and Ricky stumbled upon them. They awkwardly greeted one another, and Heather said that they had somewhere to be. Ricky remarked that it was a busy day for all of them, and he jealously stewed as he watched Paul and Heather leave together.

At the Athletic Club, Sharon and Victor discussed work, and he observed that she was excited to get to the office. She gushed that life was full of good surprises, and she fondled a necklace that she had found on her pillow that morning. Jack, Nikki, and Abby approached their table, and Jack commended Victor for not sitting at home, licking his wounds after losing Beauty of Nature. Victor asked to speak with Jack privately, and Nikki coolly stated that she needed a moment with Sharon, as well.

Jack taunted Victor with the fact that Victor had lost to him, but Victor snickered in disagreement. Victor reminded Jack that there was a deadline by which Jack had to pay for Beauty of Nature in full, and Victor had yet to see a penny. Jack retorted that the company remained Victor's in name only, but Victor suspected that Jack didn't have the cash. Jack spat that without Beauty of Nature to run, Victor would soon have plenty of time to count his money. Victor warned that the clock was ticking.

Nikki commented on Sharon's necklace, and Sharon said it had been a gift. Sharon called Victor a loving, generous man, and Nikki expressed disdain that Sharon wasn't ashamed. Sharon replied that she wasn't ashamed to be Victor's friend. Nikki congratulated Sharon on sleeping her way through two generations of Newman men.

Victor offered to escort Sharon to the office. Nikki received a call from Nick, who quickly explained about the wedding and asked her and Jack to attend. She inquired whether Sharon was also on the guest list, and Nick said no. A pleased Nikki hung up, and she remarked that it was fortunate that Sharon was busy, so Sharon didn't have to worry about other distractions. Sharon wondered what Nikki meant.

Nick called Victor and asked him to the wedding, though he specified that it was an invitation for him to attend solo. Victor asked Nick to reconsider, but Nick said that Sharon would have to understand that her presence wasn't appropriate. Victor implied that he might not attend, and Nick simply stated that he would like to see his father there. After they hung up, Victor told Sharon about the nuptials, and Sharon realized that she wasn't invited. Victor explained that he respected and understood Nick's feelings, even though he would rather attend the wedding with her.

Abby urged Jack to ease up on Victor, since Victor had lost millions to his kids and had served time in prison to protect Nikki. Jack confessed that after he'd lost the initial bid on Beauty of Nature, he had invested some of the money he'd planned to use to buy the company, and he was short the cash to complete the sale. He hoped she'd consider investing her money in Beauty of Nature in exchange for a prominent position at the company. Abby thought Victor would hate the idea.

Jack explained that Victoria would be CEO, and Abby could help ensure the company's future by appealing to the younger generation. Abby recognized that Jack needed her money, but he insisted that she would be investing in their family, because she and Victoria were Abbotts, too. She accepted, and he suggested that they go to the office to complete the money transfer, but Nikki informed him that they had a wedding to attend.

Jack noticed Nikki's glum attitude and assumed that it had to do with her conversation with Sharon. Nikki was relieved that she didn't have to pretend to care about Sharon's social climbing, but she couldn't believe that men fell for Sharon's charms. Jack surmised that she meant Victor, but she pointed out that Jack and Nick had been taken in by Sharon, too. Jack reminded her that both he and Nick had gotten over Sharon, and Nikki doubted that Victor had the wisdom to do so, but she was glad that at least Sharon wouldn't be at the wedding.

Nick asked Noah to be his best man, and Noah invited Eden to the wedding. Later, guests began to assemble at Gloworm. Katherine, Nikki, and Jack ran into Victor in the entranceway. They made small talk about Katherine officiating the wedding, and Jack asked for a moment with Victor. Jack confidently assured Victor that he would transfer the cash in plenty of time. Victor cautioned that the big hand of the clock was moving closer to the deadline.

Nick informed Katherine that they'd get right to the main event as soon as Phyllis arrived. Katherine implored the guests to take their seats. Nick noticed Victor enter alone, and he mused that Sharon's absence was a wedding gift. Katherine prepared Nick to see a vision appear at the door. Suddenly, Sharon entered, wearing a stunning pink dress. Victor smiled, while Nikki seethed.

Sharon congratulated Nick, who condemned her for crashing the ceremony and threatened to escort her out. Avery and Lauren approached and expressed surprise that Phyllis hadn't already arrived. Nick said that his bride would be there any second, and he was determined that the day would be perfect.

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