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Monday, June 18, 2012

Paul summoned the bomb squad and rushed to Heather's apartment to examine the ominous housewarming gift Ricky said he'd left for his sister. Heather asked Paul why he thought that Ricky had planted a bomb in her apartment. Paul explained that Ricky had mentioned the explosive device that someone had planted inside Heather's car some time ago. Paul said that Ricky had also claimed that some people might still hold a grudge. Paul added that Ricky had indicated that his gift to Heather "would blow her away."

Heather labeled Ricky a weird jerk and agreed that her brother was a liar, but she told Paul that he was building a case against Ricky without merit. Heather explained that Paul had yet to tie Ricky to the murders of his ex-girlfriend or to that woman's friend. Heather added that though Paul had been convinced that Ricky had planted a bomb in her apartment, he hadn't. Heather told her father that she was grateful for his concern and protectiveness, but she assured Paul that she wasn't in danger. Paul embraced his daughter, and she insisted that her father should focus his attention elsewhere. As Heather embraced Paul, her facial expression belied her claim that Ricky wasn't a threat.

After Phyllis admitted to Avery that she'd paid her former therapist, Dr. Tim Reid, to leave town, Avery demanded to know what Phyllis feared Ricky might learn from Dr. Reid about Phyllis' past. Phyllis assured Avery that it was merely personal, confidential information regarding her past. Avery warned that the doctor might return expecting more money to keep quiet. Phyllis confidently replied, "No. He's never coming back." Avery responded, "It's none of my business. I should know better than to doubt you." Phyllis smiled calmly when Avery reminded her sister that she would support her.

Nick found his father in the stable with Sharon's new horse. Victor told his son that his mother and his ex-wife were both cooling their heels in jail after a tussle. Nick told his dad that he had his own problems. Victor consoled Nick after he explained that Phyllis had lost the baby. Nick's jaw quivered as he struggled to stifle tears. Victor tenderly placed his palm aside Nick's cheek and told his son that he was truly sorry.

Nick announced to Victor that he and Phyllis had gotten married. Victor seemed sympathetic when Nick admitted that he didn't know what to say to Phyllis to comfort her. Victor placed his hand on his son's shoulder and said, "Don't blame yourself." Nick explained that he blamed Daisy Carter, and he told Victor about Daisy abandoning Phyllis after she called out for help. Nick explained that Michael couldn't file charges against Daisy, so Victor suggested filing a civil suit with Avery's assistance. Victor promised not to tell Nikki about Phyllis' miscarriage.

At Daniel's loft apartment, Daisy paced nervously while she waited for Daniel to return with Lucy. Ricky phoned just as Daniel burst in the door. Daisy hid the screen of her phone from Daniel's view just before she rejected the call. Daniel angrily stuffed Lucy's diaper bag while Daisy explained that Kevin had watched the surveillance footage filmed outside Phyllis' apartment and had agreed with Daisy that there was no proof she'd heard Phyllis cry out for help.

Daniel announced that he and Lucy planned to stay at Phyllis' penthouse, and he told Daisy that there was nothing she could do about it. Daniel berated Daisy for hurting his family. Daisy reminded Daniel that she was his family. Daniel angrily replied, "No, you're just some woman I had to marry in order to get close to my daughter."

While Daniel was out installing Lucy's car seat, Ricky phoned Daisy and ordered her to help him search through a stack of files he'd stolen from Dr. Reid and from Phyllis. Ricky claimed he was "searching for the final nail in Phyllis' coffin." Daisy said she understood that she couldn't refuse because Ricky would tell Daniel that she had used an underhanded trick in order to win custody of Lucy. After the call from Ricky ended, Daisy held Lucy and said, "That was a nasty man on the phone. Mommy has to work with him, or she'll lose you and Daddy." Daisy promised her daughter that Mommy would "flip the script on Ricky soon."

Daisy, cooing at Lucy, said she hoped her baby didn't realize that Daddy was angry with Mommy. As Daisy bounced Lucy in her arms, she explained that Daddy wouldn't be angry if Mommy could convince him that she was a good person. Daniel returned and took Lucy from Daisy's arms. The baby smiled when Daniel handed her a plush toy and said, "We're going to visit grandma."

Incensed about sharing a jail cell with Sharon, Nikki yelled out to no one in particular, "How long does it take to get arraigned?" Sharon claimed that Nikki should already know the answer to her question from her frequent arrest record. Nikki reminded Sharon that she'd spent a fair amount of time in prison. Sharon noted that she'd been falsely imprisoned, and she harassed Nikki about being in a drunken stupor when she'd murdered Diane. Nikki brought up Skye's demise after having fallen into the mouth of a fiery volcano. Sharon insisted that she'd tried to save Skye's life. Nikki maintained that she'd fought against Diane to save her own life. Sharon sarcastically replied, "Oh, so you say."

Nikki soberly suggested that she and Sharon stop trading barbs and drop the charges they'd each filed against the other, so they could be released. Sharon agreed and challenged Nikki to drop her charges first. Nikki and Sharon argued over Victor. Sharon pointed out that Nikki was hanging on to Victor even though she planned to marry Jack. Nikki accused Sharon of using Victor.

Victor arrived. Sharon and Nikki each thought Victor would set them free. Victor said, "I am not going to do a damn thing for either of you." Victor told Sharon that Nikki would always be part of his life. Victor added that Nikki would have to accept the fact that Sharon would also be a part of his life. Nikki and Sharon promised to work out their differences outside of jail. Victor advised them to work things out for themselves.

After Victor left, Sharon admitted to Nikki that she understood her connection to Victor because, Sharon added, she had a similar connection to Nick. Sharon said that she and Victor made each other happy in the same way that Nick and Phyllis made each other happy. Nikki maintained that she didn't approve of Sharon and Victor being together.

Sharon said that she resented Nikki's constant disapproval. Sharon recalled that the only time Nikki had ever shown her compassion was when Cassie died. Sharon added, "Don't you think it's time you cut me a break?" Nikki admitted that she'd been hard on Sharon because she recognized herself in the younger woman. Nikki suggested that in some roundabout way, she was attempting to mentor Sharon and toughen her to become a Newman.

Sharon seemed touched by Nikki's heartfelt honesty. Nikki snapped, "Look, I'll drop the charges, okay?" After Nikki summoned the guard, she told Sharon that they wouldn't become best friends, nor would she ever approve of Sharon's romantic relationship with Victor. Sharon smiled and said, "Got it."

While dining together at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Michael told Lauren that Phyllis had lost her baby. Lauren was devastated for her friend's loss. Michael offered to drop Lauren off at Phyllis' penthouse, so she could console her friend.

At Crimson Lights, Avery and Heather discussed how Daisy had abandoned Phyllis. Heather offered to enlist Michael's help if Avery discovered a state statute Daisy might have violated. Avery smiled when Heather noted that they had become friendly foes. Avery told Heather that dealing with Ricky was difficult for Paul. Michael arrived and joined Heather and Avery.

From the doorway of the coffeehouse's patio, Daisy overheard Michael mention Ricky Williams. Daisy quickly positioned herself to eavesdrop. Michael explained that some townspeople had referred to Ricky as a miracle baby because he'd been conceived after Paul was so badly injured in a car accident. Michael added that Paul had thought he would never be unable to produce offspring. Michael explained that the car accident was later determined to be a hit-and-run, but the perpetrator was never caught. Heather was dumbfounded and admitted that her father had never mentioned what had happened.

Michael recalled that the incident had occurred in December of 1994, just before Paul and Christine were about to marry. Michael added that the rental car the perpetrator had used had also hit Christine. Michael explained that the car-rental agency's records had been hacked, and the renter's credit card and driver's license information had been deleted. Avery said that the crime sounded premeditated. Michael added that the case, still open, had since been changed to attempted murder. Daisy seemed intrigued by the information she'd gleaned from Michael's conversation with Avery and Heather.

Lauren stopped by the penthouse to console Phyllis after Avery left. Lauren said she couldn't believe that Daisy had turned her back. Lauren vowed to stop Daisy. Changing the subject, Lauren and Phyllis said they were happy to be close friends again. Phyllis embraced Lauren and cried on her shoulder. Phyllis claimed that Daisy was so slick that nothing could be tied to her. Lauren stepped outside the door and determined that someone standing in the hallway could hear a person inside the penthouse. Daniel arrived with Lucy while Lauren was in the hallway. Phyllis opened the door and announced, "We got Daisy. We got her, and she's going down.

After Lauren left, Phyllis ranted to Daniel about Daisy. Phyllis denounced the day Daisy had somehow convinced a judge that she was an upstanding member of society. Phyllis expressed resentment that Daisy wouldn't be punished for turning her back on Phyllis, but she claimed that Daisy's condemning misstep would provide an air-tight reason for Daniel to win sole custody of Lucy. Daniel was angry that his plan to marry Daisy in order to protect his family had backfired.

Daniel said he couldn't believe that Daisy was still hurting people. Phyllis said she didn't blame Daniel because Daisy would always spread darkness and misery. Daniel told his mom that Daisy's craziness seemed to be seeping into his brain because he couldn't stop thinking about ways to get even with her. Daniel added that he sometimes fantasized about pushing Daisy down a flight of stairs or smothering her with a pillow smashed against her face. Phyllis changed Daniel's train of thought and instructed him to focus on getting Lucy away from Daisy. Daniel went upstairs when he heard Lucy cry.

After Daisy overheard Michael, Avery, and Heather discussing the mysterious hit-and-run incident that had injured Paul and Christine back in December of 1994, she headed to the Genoa City Athletic Club to meet with Ricky. Lauren approached Daisy in the lobby and said, "Just the person I was hoping to see." Daisy claimed she was busy and tried to walk around Lauren, but Lauren blocked the way.

Lauren recalled how Daisy had terrorized her by setting rats loose in her store, attempting to poison her with toxic fumes, and holding her hostage inside a cage at an abandoned zoo. Daisy calmly defended herself and said she'd been coerced. Lauren sarcastically noted that Daisy had had an absentee psycho for a mother and a crazy aunt who'd forced her to carry out unspeakable crimes for vengeance.

Lauren called Daisy an inhumane she-devil, and she berated her for doing nothing to help Phyllis when Phyllis cried out for help. Daisy claimed that she'd heard nothing. Lauren called Daisy a liar and explained that she and Phyllis had irrefutable proof. Lauren said, "You don't deserve to be Lucy's mother, and I am going to make sure the world knows that." After Lauren walked away, Daisy headed up to Ricky's suite.

Michael later told Lauren that she shouldn't have confronted Daisy because she had put herself in harm's way. Lauren said she wasn't worried. Michael tightly clutched Lauren's hand and said he was very worried. Michael assured Lauren that the law would soon catch up to Daisy, and he anticipated having the pleasure of putting her away for good.

After Michael left, Lauren discreetly took a seat across from a man at a corner table. Lauren traded an envelope stuffed with cash for a white box. Lauren discreetly lifted the box lid and gazed at the handgun she'd just purchased.

In his suite, Ricky recalled in a flashback asking Phyllis to share details of her life, so he could write an authorized biography. Phyllis had said, "I'm not telling you a damn thing." Daisy arrived and announced, "I am so ready to jump into 'operation destroy the redheaded shrew.'"

Ricky rifled through a stack of documents and explained that Phyllis' therapist had mentioned something about an event that had occurred at the end of 1994. Ricky drew Daisy's attention to a document, which he said was a credit-card charge for a car rented in Genoa City. Ricky added that there was no evidence that Phyllis' own car had been to a repair shop. Daisy took the documents and promised to research the matter.

Daisy overheard audio of Phyllis on Ricky's laptop. Phyllis was overheard saying, "I still hate that bug." Ricky proudly showed Daisy video of Phyllis and explained that he'd warned Phyllis that he'd be watching her. Ricky noted that Phyllis was referring to Christine Blair as "the bug" because her nickname was Cricket. Daisy recalled that Christine had been married to Daniel's dad. Ricky added that Christine had also been married to his dad. Ricky noted that Phyllis and Christine had endured a tenuous relationship for years.

After Daisy left, Heather stopped by Ricky's to return the jewelry box. Heather threatened Ricky and said, "Stop messing with Paul, or you'll have to answer to me." Heather added substance to her directive by pointing out that she was an assistant district attorney. Heather handed Ricky the jewelry box and said she hoped she'd never again have to hear the creepy song it played. Ricky replied, "It's a good thing I kept the receipt." Heather walked away without saying another word. Ricky opened the jewelry box, listened to the song, and grinned in a maniacal manner.

From Crimson Lights, Paul phoned Christine and requested help through some of her contacts. Paul explained that Christine would have to remain discreet. Christine warned Paul that depending on what he uncovered, he might be forced to hand the investigation over to the police. Christine reminded Paul that he was uncertain about what Ricky might be capable of. Paul sighed heavily.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick consulted with Avery and demanded she find a way to hold Daisy accountable for Phyllis' miscarriage. Nick dismissed Avery's "what-ifs" related to her role in getting Daisy released from prison. Nick said he couldn't stand the thought of Daisy walking free while he and Phyllis mourned the loss of their child.

Avery nodded in agreement when Nick pressed her to find a way to stop Daisy from ever hurting anyone else. Victor joined Avery and Nick and told them that he'd refused to post bail for Nikki and Sharon. He said they should fend for themselves. Victor insisted that his priority was dealing with Daisy Carter because he wanted to ensure that she suffered the consequences of her actions.

After Daisy left Ricky's suite, she returned to Phyllis' penthouse. Phyllis opened the door, but she quickly slammed it in Daisy's face. Phyllis pressed her lips close to the door and asked Daisy how the acoustics were on the other side of the door. Phyllis said, "Pretty crystal clear aren't they? Why don't you go away and never come back?" Daisy sighed and said that she wouldn't leave until Phyllis heard what she had to say. Phyllis opened the door.

Daisy waltzed in and said, "A lot of people have been comparing me to you from back in the day." Daisy added that she and Phyllis were very much alike. Daisy told Phyllis that Phyllis would do exactly as Daisy wanted unless Phyllis wished to have her secret exposed. Phyllis scoffed and said, "Better people than you have tried to bring me down, Daisy." Daisy was unaware that Daniel had entered the room when she replied, "Oh, really? Did you try to plow them over with your car like you did when you were trying to kill Paul and Christine?" Phyllis looked stunned. Daniel seemed shocked as he studied Daisy's smug facial expression.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Daniel was shocked as he heard Daisy accuse Phyllis of having run over Paul and Christine with a car many years before. Daisy said that the facts were all true and showed Daniel proof in the form of the car rental receipt. Daisy declared that Phyllis had meant for it to happen and that, like Daisy, Phyllis had been guilty of attempted murder. Daniel was baffled as he looked at the document.

Daisy went to retrieve Lucy so she could leave the penthouse. Alone with his mother, Daniel asked Phyllis if Daisy's allegation was true. Phyllis was reluctant to answer. Daisy returned and announced that as long as she was Daniel's wife, Phyllis' secret would remain secret. Daisy left with Lucy, and Daniel demanded that his mother tell him the entire truth.

Phyllis explained that Daisy had lied and was trying to drive a wedge between Phyllis and Daniel. Phyllis begged Daniel to let it go, but he was determined to get the truth. Finally, when Daniel threatened to go to Danny for the information, Phyllis explained what had happened so long before. Phyllis had been married to Danny at the time, and she'd seen Christine kiss Danny when Christine was already engaged to Paul. Phyllis confessed to Daniel that she'd snapped the night she rented a car to follow Chris and Danny.

Phyllis recalled that she'd seen Chris that night, but Christine had been with Paul, not Danny. After Paul had walked off and left Chris alone, Phyllis had been compelled to scare Christine. Phyllis told Daniel that she had driven the car at Chris. Paul had tried to pull Chris from the path of the car, but Phyllis had hit them both. Phyllis insisted that it had been an accident and she'd been unable to swerve out of the way.

Later, Daniel read the police account of the incident, and it said that the driver had accelerated when Chris and Paul were struck. Phyllis explained that she'd tried to brake, but had hit the wrong pedal. Daniel asked why she'd never confessed the truth, and Phyllis said she'd freaked out with fear, feeling that there was nobody she could turn to. Phyllis compared the incident to Daniel's reaction to having been responsible for Cassie's accident. Phyllis reminded her son that she'd stood by him through that difficult time. Daniel was very upset because the evidence they had to use against Daisy, which would have returned custody of Lucy to him alone, could no longer be revealed because Daisy had the hit-and-run incident over on Phyllis. Daniel was heartbroken, but Phyllis assured him that she would take care of Daisy.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lauren changed her mind and told the gun seller, Kirk, she didn't want to buy the pistol after all. Neil walked over to say hello to Lauren, and she introduced him to Kirk, saying he was a designer selling a new line at Fenmore's. After a moment, Neil stepped away. Kirk wrote his phone number on a napkin and gave it to Lauren in case she changed her mind about the purchase.

Paul went to see Heather to apologize for overreacting with the bomb squad when he suspected Ricky was up to something. Heather told Paul that she had returned the music box to Ricky because it gave her the creeps. Paul was worried that Heather might be instigating a reaction from Ricky, and Paul didn't trust his son. Heather refused to be intimidated by her half-brother. Paul advised Heather to get a restraining order to keep Ricky away from her.

From his hotel room, Ricky listened in on Paul and Heather's conversation thanks to the hidden microphone he'd left in the apartment. Heather informed Paul that a judge would never grant a restraining order based on Paul's suspicions alone. Paul explained to Heather that he felt compelled to protect her from Ricky.

Later at the Athletic Club bar, Paul bumped into Lauren. Lauren was very jumpy and revealed that Daisy had been responsible for Phyllis having had a miscarriage. Lauren pointed out that Daisy was a menace and needed to be stopped. Paul understood how Lauren felt because he was frustrated with Ricky. Paul said he had tried to convince Heather to get a restraining order against Ricky. Lauren trusted in Paul's instincts even after Paul explained about the bomb squad incident.

Paul went to Ricky's hotel room and asked him to stay away from Heather. Ricky wondered why Paul saw him as a threat when the worst thing Ricky had done was take some incriminating pictures of Heather. Ricky wondered why Paul mistrusted him and confessed that as a boy, he'd always wanted to be like Paul, an investigator. Paul said he was not out to get Ricky, but Paul was concerned about his son. Ricky thought Paul was more concerned about Heather. Paul reiterated to Ricky that he should stay away from Heather.

At Gloworm, Harmony walked in and saw Tucker alone and drinking. Harmony was worried about him and asked Tucker about an envelope from Ashley's attorney on the table. Tucker knew it was the divorce decree. Harmony wished she could fix Tucker's marriage, but Tucker didn't blame Harmony for what had happened with Ashley. Tucker believed that he had failed because he enjoyed women too much to ever be faithful to one woman.

Tucker admitted that he'd wanted to be with Harmony again. When Tucker asked Harmony to leave with him, she said it wasn't a good idea. Despite the temptation, Harmony knew being with Tucker again would be like taking drugs again. Harmony felt that it wouldn't make their problems go away. Neil entered the restaurant, and Tucker noticed how Harmony looked at him. Tucker believed that Harmony was hung up on Neil.

Harmony listened as Tucker informed her that Sofia had loved Neil when they married, but he had never returned those feelings. Tucker warned Harmony to avoid heartless bastards like Tucker for the rest of her life. After Tucker left, Neil approached Harmony and showed her a photo of Moses. Neil asked about Harmony's sobriety and was glad that she was still attending meetings. Harmony inquired about Neil's night with Devon. Neil said he and Devon had never watched the Brewer game, but they had talked about Harmony instead. Neil explained that he had advised Devon to give Harmony another chance. Harmony said she had to leave, and Neil said goodnight.

A note from the management to vacate her suite at the Athletic Club perturbed Genevieve. Later, at the coffeehouse, Kevin told her that the password on her Swiss bank account had been changed. Kevin said that Genevieve could not get her money out unless they cracked the password. Kevin said that whoever had changed it had put in a lot of firewalls. Genevieve urged Kevin to break through the protections.

Daisy entered the coffeehouse and smiled at Kevin. Daisy announced that she was happy because Phyllis had reconsidered blaming her for the miscarriage, and all was well. Kevin was baffled. Daisy told Kevin that she felt free and confident. Daisy thanked Kevin for believing in her. Daisy asked about Kevin's life, and he told her about the new social network site he and Chloe were creating. Daisy said she'd invest in it if she had any money.

In her hotel room, Genevieve was on the phone, asking someone if he was trying to ruin her. Genevieve gathered her jewelry and shoved all the items into her purse. Meanwhile, at the Swiss bank, a woman opened a safe deposit box and filled it with U.S. currency. As Genevieve walked out of the Athletic Club, the hotel manager asked for Genevieve to pay her bill immediately. Genevieve claimed she was on her way to the bank to transfer some funds. The manager gave Genevieve one hour to pay her bill, or she'd be asked to leave.

Tucker overheard the conversation and then asked Genevieve if she was all right. Genevieve insisted that she could handle the situation, but when her purse fell, Tucker saw the jewels spill onto the floor. Tucker realized that she was in financial straits. Later, Tucker told the hotel manager that he would cover all of Genevieve's expenses. Genevieve said that Tucker hadn't needed to do what he did, but Tucker told Genevieve that he knew she was in trouble. Tucker assured Genevieve that she'd be all right.

Heather ran into Kevin at Crimson Lights, and they said hello to each other. They both related to having siblings whom they could not trust -- Ricky and Daisy. Later, Daisy saw Fenmore at the coffeehouse and said hello. Fen didn't want to speak with Daisy, but she tried to be friendly. Lauren interrupted and told Daisy not to speak with her son ever. Daisy told Lauren that she was out of control. Daisy suggested that Lauren should chill out like Phyllis had with Daisy. Agitated from their encounter, Lauren called Kirk to set up another meeting; she wanted to buy the gun after all.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

At the penthouse, Phyllis was working on the computer. Nick was concerned about Phyllis because she was obsessing about Daisy. Phyllis didn't want to discuss Daisy with Nick because she was frightened of what Daisy might do to her family. Nick tried to get Phyllis to drink some juice or eat something, but she refused. When he insisted, but she yelled at him to leave her alone.

Nick said that Phyllis was stressed out, and that she'd even talked in her sleep about Daisy. Phyllis confessed that she was heartbroken about losing the baby, and she blamed Daisy. Nick was upset that Daisy had gotten under Phyllis' skin.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin asked Daniel if he'd been comfortable sleeping in the guest room. Daniel thanked Kevin for a place to crash. Suddenly, Daisy appeared and explained that Kevin had given her a job at Crimson Lights. Daniel fumed, and Kevin apologized for not having told Daniel in advance. Daniel wondered how Daisy had convinced Kevin that she'd changed into a person worthy of a second chance. Kevin spoke privately with Daniel and explained that he'd been given chances to redeem himself, and he was compelled to do the same for Daisy. Daniel declared that Daisy was a monster.

At the warehouse loft, Abby and Chloe were busy working on the art gala. Devon was setting up the stage for Angelina's performance. Harmony admired how well Devon was doing since his ear surgery, and explained to her son that she was there to take pictures for the magazine. Carmine entered, and he admired the poster of Angelina. Abby noticed and ordered Carmine to get to work on setting up the bar.

Chloe watched Abby looking at Carmine and observed that Abby was jealous of Carmine's love for Angelina. Abby denied that she cared about Carmine. Chloe her phone and learned that Angelina wasn't going to be able to do the gala. Chloe called Kevin to inform him about Angelina's cancellation. Chloe blamed Abby for messing up the entertainment for the gala.

At the Athletic Club, Kay and Neil were finishing a breakfast business meeting. Over coffee, Neil told Kay that he had tried to save his marriage to Sofia, but he'd failed. Neil said that Sofia had moved out and taken Moses with her. Kay assured Neil that he could still be a good father to Moses even if he wasn't living with his child. Kay looked up at the entry and noticed that Tucker was walking into the club.

In another part of the dining room at the Athletic Club, Adam and Chelsea had breakfast. Adam assured Chelsea she'd do very well on the GED test. Chelsea was worried about the test and told Adam she was feeling sick. Adam ignored her complaints and continued to ask her sample questions from the exam. Chelsea answered every one correctly. Adam escorted her to the foyer and promised her that she'd succeed on the test. Chelsea was so happy with Adam's encouragement that she blurted out that she loved him.

At the ranch, Victor discovered that Sharon was in the stables, admiring her new horse. Sharon mentioned that she and Nikki had had a meeting of their minds while in the jail. Victor was glad that they had acted rationally. Sharon left to change for work. After Sharon was gone, Nikki walked in. Victor wondered why Nikki was at the ranch.

Nikki apologized to Victor for her fight with Sharon, acknowledging that her problems with Sharon were trivial compared to Nick and Phyllis' problems. Victor was concerned with Nick's family, too, and said that he and Nikki could always agree on their feelings for the children. Victor couldn't agree on Jack being the right man for Nikki. Conversely, Nikki hated that Victor was involved with Sharon.

Victor hated Jack and resented that Nikki thought they were at all alike. Victor felt that Jack wasn't good enough for Nikki. She countered that Sharon wasn't a challenge for Victor like Sabrina had been. Nikki thought Victor had given up looking for a real relationship.

At the loft, Victoria and Neil arrived to help with the gala preparations. Chloe and Abby told them about Angelina bailing out on the event. Sharon walked in and overheard them talking about finding a replacement act for the gala. Sharon offered to use her contacts to find someone, but Victoria and Abby blew off Sharon's attempts to get involved. Sharon insisted that she had great resources, but Victoria said Sharon's connections were Victor's, not Sharon's, and Victoria wanted Sharon to just go away. Chloe was also rude to Sharon, advising her to go play in a different playground.

After making phone calls, Devon and Neil both reported that they hadn't found a replacement act for Angelina. Devon was snippy with Harmony when she offered to try, pointing out that she had only been a groupie back in the day. Neil objected to Devon's curt attitude and asked his son to be kinder to his mother. Harmony didn't take offense to Devon, but Neil did and would not back off. Devon walked away.

Sharon entered the Athletic Club and saw Adam kissing Chelsea before she left to take the GED. Sharon accused Adam of faking a romance with Chelsea to get to Sharon. Adam explained that it wasn't fake; he was helping Chelsea and liked her a lot. Sharon didn't believe him, and Adam observed that Sharon had become a bitter woman.

At the Athletic Club, Tucker joined Kay for a cup of coffee. Tucker said that Ashley had divorced him. Tucker laughed at himself, thinking he was not marriage material. Kay was upset because she knew that Tucker truly loved Ashley. Tucker pointed out that Kay had tried to break them up. Kay conceded that she knew Tucker had wanted to be married to Ashley. Tucker hoped that someday he'd find someone to love. Kay encouraged Tucker not to lose faith in himself.

Kevin arrived with coffee for everyone. Carmine blamed Kevin for Angelina canceling. Kay walked in and, learning about the predicament, said she had an idea for the entertainment. Kay called Danny Romalotti. Kay spoke with Danny and discovered that he was going on tour, and Angelina had been booked as his opening act.

Back at the Athletic Club, Harmony met with Tucker at the bar. Tucker didn't think he could find a replacement for Angelina from his stable of artists. Harmony said she'd been stung when Devon referred to her as a groupie. Tucker felt that Harmony had progressed a long way since those days, kicking drugs and staying sober. Harmony didn't feel like she'd accomplished very much.

As Tucker and Harmony reminisced about their past in the music business, he realized that they knew a lot of famous friends. Harmony and Tucker decided to try to reach out to an old friend, and they made some calls. Later, Tucker and Harmony were waiting for callbacks. The phone rang, and Tucker smiled.

Daniel went to see Phyllis and asked Nick to give them some time alone. After Nick left to get Phyllis some ice cream, Daniel asked his mother how they were going to neutralize Daisy. Daniel reminded Phyllis that they could no longer use the security footage of Daisy because of what she had on Phyllis. Daniel blurted out that Phyllis had run down Chris and Paul with a car. Nick walked into the apartment and asked what the hell was going on.

Nick hadn't heard what Daniel had said about Chris and Paul. Nick accused Daniel of being too rough on Phyllis when she had just suffered a miscarriage. Nick told Daniel to be more sensitive about his mother's feelings. Daniel left, and Nick sympathized with Phyllis. Nick asked Phyllis to tell him what was really bothering her.

Sharon went to Adam's room and handed him a CD of New Orleans jazz. Adam invited her into the room, and Sharon suggested that Adam had been playing Henry Higgins to Chelsea's Eliza Doolittle. Adam told Sharon that he adored Chelsea. Adam believed that Sharon was upset that Adam was no longer pining for her.

Chelsea returned and saw Sharon with Adam. Adam asked Sharon to leave and then asked Chelsea about the test. Chelsea wasn't sure. Chelsea noticed the CD on the desk, and Adam admitted that Sharon had just given it to him. Chelsea was perturbed.

At the Newman stables, Sharon returned and overheard Victor telling Nikki that Sharon made him happy and she was special to him. After Nikki said goodbye to Victor, Sharon walked in and kissed Victor. Daniel returned to the coffeehouse, and Daisy suggested that they should have a big family dinner and invite everyone, including Phyllis. Daniel thought that Daisy was insane. Daisy moved in close to Daniel and asked him if he wanted to work on making a sister or brother for Lucy.

Harmony and Tucker went to the warehouse loft and announced that they'd landed a musical group for the gala -- the Wanted. Most everyone was overjoyed, but Neil looked jealous as he watched Tucker with Harmony. Carmine was ticked off that the gala was back on track.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

At the penthouse, Phyllis couldn't stop thinking about how Daisy was blackmailing her about the way she had run down Chris and Paul with a car years before. In her mind, Phyllis was haunted by Daniel's rebuke as well. Phyllis was desperate to get Daisy out of their lives. Nick entered and noticed that Phyllis was doing something -- dusting -- and that was a good sign. Phyllis went to answer the door, and Avery announced that she'd found a way to get rid of Daisy.

Avery cited a Wisconsin law that could prove that Daisy had created a situation that imperiled Phyllis, but Daisy had then done nothing to help Phyllis. According to Avery, that was a crime, and she thought Daisy could be imprisoned for manslaughter. Phyllis extrapolated the situation and realized Daisy could be arrested, jailed, convicted, and forced to give up Lucy, and Phyllis was optimistic. Avery thought the law could work in their favor against Daisy. Nick believed that Avery was working hard for them.

Phyllis was very grateful and hugged Avery. Nick had to leave for a meeting, and Avery also left to get to work on the case. Phyllis prayed to God that the new legal angle would work. Phyllis left the house, too.

Eden was shocked to find that Daisy had gotten a job at the coffeehouse. Kevin explained to Eden why he'd hired Daisy. Privately, Daniel sympathized with Eden being ticked off about Daisy working at Crimson Lights. Later, Eden apologized to Kevin for overreacting. Kevin asked Eden to give Daisy a chance, but Eden could not forget the bad things that Daisy had done.

On the patio, Eden confided in Daniel that Kevin was compelled to help Daisy. Daniel was angry with Kevin for being too nice to Daisy. Daniel thought that when he married Daisy he'd be able to could do what he wanted to, but he found he was trapped.

Daisy went to see Daniel and shooed Eden away. Daisy told Daniel to stop flirting with Eden. Phyllis found Daisy on the patio and warned her that her days as a free woman were numbered. Phyllis told Daisy that she would be thrown in jail for causing Phyllis to lose her baby. Phyllis reiterated that Daisy would lose Daniel and Lucy.

Phyllis said that the only way she wouldn't press charges against Daisy would be if Daisy released Daniel and agreed to share custody. Phyllis said Daisy had just one chance to do the right thing. Daisy declared that she was the one in charge because knew that Phyllis had tried to run down Chris and Paul. Daisy warned Phyllis that she would tell Paul and Chris what Phyllis had done and that Phyllis would be the one thrown in jail.

Phyllis explained to Daisy that destroying her was a futile gesture because Daisy would not get what she ultimately wanted. Kevin interrupted and told the women to stop fighting because they were in his place of business. Phyllis left, and Daisy announced that she'd only been defending herself. Kevin said that Daisy had given as good as she got in her fight with Phyllis.

Lauren ran into Kirk, the gun dealer, at the Athletic Club and thanked him for being so discreet about their transaction. When Paul entered the lobby, Kirk said goodbye to Lauren. At the bar, Lauren and Paul sat together. Paul mentioned that he'd warned Ricky to stay away from Heather. Paul also said that Ricky had claimed that he'd always wanted to be like Paul.

Paul went on to say that Ricky had accused Paul of loving Heather more than him. Paul confided in Lauren that he'd feel like a jerk if he were wrong to mistrust Ricky. Lauren advised Paul to trust his gut. Lauren's gut had been telling her that Daisy was still a danger. Lauren informed Paul that she'd spotted Daisy speaking with Fenmore, and Lauren was prepared to defend her family no matter what.

In his room at the Athletic Club, Ricky watched Heather on his laptop, using the hidden camera he'd planted in her apartment. Back at the bar, Paul warned Lauren not to put herself in jeopardy. Lauren bumped into Ricky as he was passing through the lobby and she was going to the ladies room. Lauren dropped her purse, and Ricky saw the pistol.

Paul asked Ricky where he was heading, but Ricky just smirked. When Lauren returned, she was glad that Ricky hadn't mentioned that he'd run into Lauren to Paul. Paul thought that Lauren was acting jittery, and Lauren confided that she had a gun in her purse. Paul was alarmed.

Paul warned Lauren that she was still on probation from the previous gun charge and could not be caught carrying again. Lauren said the weapon was for protection because Lauren didn't want to feel vulnerable around Daisy. Paul was very skeptical, especially when he learned that Michael didn't know about the gun. Lauren reminded Paul of how Daisy had victimized her. Lauren wanted Paul to keep the gun a secret.

Nick walked in and told Paul and Lauren that Avery might have found a way to put Daisy behind bars for good. Lauren was glad to hear the news. Nick left to go to his meeting, and Paul asked Lauren to give up the gun, since Daisy might be incarcerated soon. Paul feared the gun spelled trouble and offered to hold it for Lauren.

Lauren changed the subject to the art gala and encouraged Paul to attend. Paul said he'd go if Lauren gave him the gun. Lauren refused until Daisy was indicted. Paul was afraid that Daisy could do something to incite Lauren before then. Lauren said that Daisy made her feel powerless, and Paul couldn't convince Lauren to trust him with the weapon.

At her apartment, Heather was surprised to see Avery at the door. Avery told Heather about the legal angle she'd developed. Heather read the brief and agreed that it was good work. Ricky went to Crimson Lights and ordered a coffee. Ricky frightened Eden.

At a table, Ricky opened his laptop and watched Heather's meeting with Avery. Ricky plugged in his earbuds to hear what they were saying. Avery explained her legal angle to Heather, and she asked Heather to help build a case against Daisy. Avery had gone to Heather so that there would be no conflict in regard to Michael's involvement. Heather was happy to help Avery.

Kevin offered Eden the rest of the day off. Eden wondered if Kevin was angry with her, but he said he wasn't. Eden apologized for being hard on Kevin about Daisy. Kevin said that he felt that he had to give Daisy a chance to prove that she could be a better person. Kevin questioned if Eden was still hung up on Daniel.

Daisy walked over to Ricky and saw the camera feed from Heather's apartment on his laptop. Ricky told Daisy to forget what she saw. Daisy wanted something in return from Ricky. Daisy said if she had to go on the run with Lucy, Daisy wanted Ricky's help to disappear. Ricky was curious why Daisy was ready to run. Ricky knew about Avery going after Daisy for allowing Phyllis' miscarriage. Daisy wanted to be free, and Ricky agreed to help her. Eden saw Daisy and Ricky leave and decided to follow them.

Daniel returned home and recalled the way Daisy had drugged him and made love to him to conceive Lucy. Daniel remembered the night Lucy had been born and how Daisy had knocked him out with a flashlight. In a flashback, Daniel recalled how Daisy had won full custody. Daniel resented Daisy's manipulation and angrily punched the table. Daniel's hand was hurt and he searched for something to wrap it. Daisy entered with the stroller. Daniel asked her what was going on.

Heather spoke with Kevin at the coffeehouse. Kevin said that Chloe was worried about the gala. Heather couldn't attend because of work, and Kevin remembered that he needed to get Daisy to cover for him that night. Kevin mentioned that he'd hired Daisy because she needed a job. Heather said she would never hire Ricky because she didn't like him.

At the apartment, Ricky knocked on Heather's door and then let himself into the place. Eden watched Ricky, then stood outside the door. Ricky opened the door and asked Eden why she was following him. Ricky claimed he'd left something behind in the apartment and showed Eden a flashdrive. Eden suggested that they stop being at odds and try to be friends. Eden asked Ricky if he'd like to hang out with her some time.

Avery returned to Phyllis and told her that she had consulted with Heather. Phyllis wasn't sure if they should try to charge Daisy after all. Phyllis claimed that she was remembering the argument with Daisy, and it wasn't that bad. Avery was confused. Phyllis lied and said she'd never cried out for help.

Avery questioned Phyllis some more, but it was clear that Phyllis didn't want to pursue the case. Avery said that there was still a good chance that they could convict Daisy. Avery was shocked that Phyllis wanted to drop the whole thing. Frustrated, Avery left. A short time later, Nick returned to Phyllis and said he was feeling better about their situation. Phyllis declared that she wanted it all to be over.

Friday, June 22, 2012

At the Athletic Club, Abby interrupted a meeting between Jack and his attorney, and she gushed that the gala was about to start. Jack explained that the money transfer for Beauty of Nature had gone through, and he wanted to make sure that the deal was airtight. He requested Abby's signature on some SEC documents, and she obliged, as Victor looked on. Victor and Abby made awkward small talk about the gala, and Jack announced that he had transferred the funds ahead of schedule.

Victor noted that Jack had involved a lawyer to ensure that things were bulletproof, and Jack told Victor to fire away, because Victor couldn't blow any holes in the deal. Victor wished Jack luck, and the lawyer said he'd send copies of the paperwork to Abby, who tried to make a quick exit. Victor asked if she was rushing off because she wanted to avoid him, but she claimed that she was late for the gala. He accused her of wanting to be an Abbott rather than a Newman, but she insisted that it was just a business deal. Victor speculated that one day, she would regret giving her money to "that loser," and he stalked off.

Later, Jack insisted that Victor leave Abby out of their battle, because Jack would have purchased Beauty of Nature with or without Abby's help. Victor stated that Jack had chosen to take money from Abby, but Jack contended that Abby had chosen to give it to him. Victor retorted that Kyle had chosen to live at the ranch and to work for Victor.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea commented to Adam that Hope's farm sounded like a magical place, and she suspected that he had named the newborn animals. He wondered if he'd mentioned that before, but he realized that she knew him well, and he tenderly kissed her cheek. She said that sometimes she felt that she did, and he asked if she knew what he was going to do next. She smiled, and he leaned in to kiss her on the lips. Sharon arrived with Faith, who excitedly cried out hello to Adam.

Adam spoke with a giggling Faith about her boyfriends, and he introduced Faith to Chelsea, who called the little girl very pretty. Sharon said they had to go, because she had to get ready for the gala. Adam remarked that the party sounded like fun, and Sharon and Faith left. Chelsea revealed that she'd never been to such a formal event, and she jokingly asked whether it was like a kegger. He smiled and shook his head in amusement.

Chelsea and Adam returned to their room, and she scoffed at the idea of her attending college when she didn't even have her GED, but he confidently assured her that she would by the fall. She joked that she could major in mixology, but he thought that she would be a natural at sociology or mathematics. She marveled that he was one of the few people who had ever believed in her capabilities, but her voice trailed off when she spotted a garment bag on the bed. Adam told her to check it out, and Chelsea found a formal gown inside. He said it would look even more incredible on her, because she was going to the gala with him.

Chelsea prepared for the gala and said that she felt like Cinderella, and Adam reluctantly called himself Prince Charming. She stated that no one had ever done anything so extravagant for her, and she would never forget it. He left to pick up something from the front desk. Chelsea modeled her dress and flashed back to enjoying a playful movie night with Adam.

Chelsea admired her reflection in the mirror and excitedly mused that she looked amazing. Her smile faded, and she added that it didn't matter, because girls like her didn't get fairy tale endings. She recalled that Adam had given her words of encouragement before her GED exam, and she had blurted that she loved him, but he had changed the subject. She resolved to stop kidding herself, because Adam didn't love her and never would.

Victor and Adam ran into one another in the Athletic Club foyer. Victor questioned whether Adam was going to the gala, and Adam quipped that he was deciding between that or bowling. Victor asked if he was going alone, and Adam stated that he was on his way to pick up his date. Victor realized that he meant Chelsea, and he called her a no-good con artist. Adam proclaimed that he wasn't just escorting her to the event, and he pulled out a ring box. Adam declared that he planned to publicly ask Chelsea to be his wife. Victor surmised that it was an act of revenge against him and that Adam didn't truly care about Chelsea.

Adam returned to his room and was blown away by Chelsea's beauty, though he clarified that he thought she also looked fantastic in and out of a t-shirt and jeans. She was glad that he was pleased, and he said that he would be proud to have her on his arm that night. She went to the bathroom to fix her lipstick, and he gazed at the engagement ring.

Daniel tried to feed Lucy at home, but she didn't want to eat. He called Daisy and asked her to pick up some strained peaches. Daisy claimed to already be at the store, and she promised to return home after running a few more errands. She hung up, and she knocked on Ricky's door. Ricky answered, and she demanded to know if he'd formulated a plan to help her and Lucy disappear.

Ricky complained that he had his own things to deal with, but Daisy implied that she would tell Heather that he'd bugged Heather's apartment, and she reminded him about their deal. He answered his phone and said he would be right down to sign his lunch tab. Daisy plopped on the couch and declared that they would talk about her escape plan when he returned. He left, and she accessed his computer. Daisy watched video footage of Phyllis and wondered who else Ricky was spying on.

Daisy called Ricky a freak, and she clicked on another video file. The screen displayed Rachel in a bubble bath, drinking a glass of wine. Ricky had offered to scrub Rachel's back, and Rachel had ordered him to put down the camera. A disgusted Daisy assumed that Ricky had made a sex tape, and she watched as Ricky had set down the camera and had poured Rachel more of her favorite wine. Rachel had informed Ricky that even though they had just had sex, she had still considered them to be broken up. Ricky had become increasingly agitated.

Daisy observed Rachel tell Ricky to go, but he had insisted that they had a connection and had just made love. Rachel had begged him to leave, but she had started to gasp for air, and she had asked if he'd put something in her wine. Rachel had croaked that she had never wanted to see Ricky again, and in a fury, he had held her head underwater until she had stopped struggling. Daisy witnessed Ricky wipe down the tub and stare at himself in the mirror. Daisy quickly closed the laptop when she heard Ricky returning. She feigned ending a call and claimed that she had to go tend to Lucy.

Lauren and Michael arrived at Phyllis and Nick's penthouse and were surprised that the Newmans weren't dressed for the gala. Lauren understood why Phyllis felt like hiding, but she urged Phyllis to try to take her mind off things. Phyllis didn't want to have to make small talk at a party with a bunch of people. Lauren and Michael began to head out, but Michael received a call from Daisy, who urgently requested to see him right away.

Daisy told Michael that she couldn't wait, and she begged him to meet her in person. He informed her that he was on the way to a charity event, and she offered to meet him in the alley outside the warehouse. After he hung up, Michael reported that Daisy had insisted upon meeting with him immediately. Lauren complained that Daisy would ruin their evening, but Michael assured her that they would have a good time after the meeting. Michael and Lauren departed, and Phyllis looked concerned.

Nick expressed surprise that Michael had agreed to meet Daisy, and Phyllis suddenly suggested that they go to the gala, after all. She pushed him to go upstairs to get dressed, and once he was out of earshot, she called Daniel and informed him about Daisy and Michael's meeting. Phyllis suspected that Daisy intended to spill about the hit-and-run, and she was adamant that they stop Daisy. Daniel planned to meet Phyllis at the gala.

A babysitter stopped by to take care of Lucy, and she told Daniel that she could only stay for a little while, because she had a date that evening. Daniel assured her that Daisy would be home in plenty of time.

Ricky noticed his closed laptop and became suspicious. He opened it and saw a paused image of him in Rachel's bathroom. "Bad move, Daisy. Very, very bad," he hissed. Ricky deleted the video file and coldly said goodbye to Rachel. He departed.

At the warehouse, Chloe yelled at the trucking company over the phone, because the decorations delivery was late. Kevin offered to help, and she testily inquired whether he could make the truck magically appear. He urged her to calm down, and he approached Carmine to get some water from the bar. Chloe asked Kevin to pick up her dress from home, and he suggested that he stay while she got ready, but she refused to leave. Carmine covertly placed a call and instructed the driver to make another wrong turn.

Abby arrived at the gala and looked around in disbelief at the near-empty warehouse. Chloe explained that the delivery truck had been scheduled to arrive hours before, and they bickered over who was responsible for the snafu. Abby called Tucker to ask for help, but instead, she learned that a windstorm had prevented the band's flight from taking off. Chloe went ballistic, and Carmine smirked to himself.

Kevin returned and placed Chloe's garment bag on the bar. Chloe and Abby continued to spar, and Kevin argued that they'd worked too hard to give up, but the women wanted to accept that the gala was a failure. Abby cried that no one would trust her to plan an event again, and Chloe blasted Abby's self-centeredness. Kevin went to retrieve folding tables from storage, and Abby ordered Chloe to get dressed. Chloe put her head in her hands, and Carmine claimed to have heard a horn outside. Chloe perked up at the thought that the truck had arrived, and she and Carmine ran outside.

Guests began to arrive at the gala, and Abby apologetically stated that they'd set up quickly once the truck arrived. Kevin returned with tables, and Paul and Michael offered to help haul more. Michael hoped that Kevin might know what was going on with Daisy. Sharon recalled her own efforts to plan a previous gala and sympathized that some people could be unforgiving.

Lauren and Sharon exchanged pleasantries, and Lauren was surprised when Nick and Phyllis arrived. Phyllis asked where Michael was, and Lauren explained that he was helping to set up. Phyllis left to freshen up, and Nick stepped out to retrieve his phone from the car. Lauren excused herself to call Fen before the festivities began. Jack noted to Sharon that the room had cleared out.

Abby fretted that she would be humiliated in the press because the party was a flop, but Sharon contended that a bigger story could eclipse it. Sharon wanted to order a drink, and Abby wondered where Carmine had gone. Kevin asked about Chloe, and Abby said that Chloe was getting dressed, but Kevin pointed out that his wife's dress was still on the bar. Kevin tended bar while Abby left to find Chloe and Carmine.

An exasperated Chloe noted that the truck still wasn't there, and Carmine gleefully announced that it wouldn't be there for hours. He revealed that it was his revenge for Angelina, and he had used his family's connections to bribe the driver. Chloe threatened to tell the entire town, but he declared that he was going to take her away from Kevin, just like Kevin had taken Angelina away from Carmine.

Abby witnessed Carmine forcing Chloe into the trunk of his car, and she quickly hid. Carmine realized that he didn't have his phone, and he left to grab it. Abby heard Chloe kicking and screaming, and she spotted the keys in the trunk. Abby freed Chloe, who bolted inside to call the cops. Abby climbed into the trunk and closed it.

Daisy waited in the alley and hoped Michael hurried. She heard someone approach and asked what they were doing there.

Victor told Sharon that she looked beautiful. He wondered if they should stay, because he'd learned that Adam planned to propose to Chelsea at the event. Victor suspected that Adam wanted to humiliate Victor and Sharon, and she thought it sounded like something Adam would do. Victor suggested that they have a private celebration at home instead. On the way out, they ran into Nick, who stated that he had just returned from getting his phone.

Lauren reentered the warehouse and remarked to Jack that the truck hadn't yet arrived, and Jack asked about Fen. Lauren seemed quizzical, and he reminded her that she'd left to call her son. Daniel ran into Phyllis, and she asked if he had seen Daisy. Chloe raced in and yelled to call the cops, because Carmine had tried to kidnap her, but Abby had saved her. Meanwhile, Carmine started the car, oblivious that Abby had taken Chloe's place in the trunk.

Michael waited for Daisy and looked around the alley. Paul startled Michael, who found it odd that Daisy hadn't shown up, because she had sounded desperate to talk to him. Paul hadn't seen Daisy, either, and Michael blasted her for making him wait. Michael noticed a scarf on the ground.

A breathless Ricky returned to his room.

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