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Monday, June 25, 2012

At the Newman ranch, Victor and Sharon sipped fine wine after they left the gala early. Sharon told Victor that she'd prefer to avoid being present when Adam proposed to Chelsea. Sharon, distracted, remained glum. Sharon told Victor that she thought Adam was exploiting Chelsea.

Victor suggested that Chelsea might also be exploiting Adam. Victor mentioned the possibility of dining at the Colonnade Room, but Sharon nixed the idea and said she didn't need anyone else's attention. She took Victor's hand and led him upstairs.

After Sharon and Victor made love, Sharon returned to the sitting room and paced. Victor, his shirt collar unbuttoned, appeared in the doorway and watched Sharon sulk.

Adam and Chelsea, dressing and primping at their suite, delayed their departure and made love instead of heading to the gala as planned. As Adam and Chelsea later made their way downstairs, Adam received a text message about the gala's sudden cancellation. Chelsea noted that Adam seemed truly disappointed. Adam explained that he'd planned a fun night.

Adam invited Chelsea to join him for a drink at the bar. After Chelsea headed to the bar, Adam reached into his pocket, took out the ring box, and gazed at the sparkly diamond engagement ring nestled inside. After Adam slipped the ring back in his coat pocket, he took a deep breath.

Adam joined Chelsea at the bar, and both enjoyed a drink. Chelsea joked that a couple usually headed to Lookout Point after attending their "prom." Adam slipped out of his coat and hung it on the back of the chair before telling Chelsea he had an errand to run. Chelsea laughed when Adam said, "Prom night isn't prom without a corsage."

Chelsea felt chilled, so she snuggled under Adam's coat. A bulge inside the breast pocket attracted her attention. She found the ring box and opened it. When Adam later returned with a corsage, Chelsea showed him the ring and said, "What the hell?" Adam said, "Now you know why I was so disappointed that the gala was canceled. I was going to give that to you there." Chelsea replied, "It's an engagement ring." Adam nodded in agreement and said, "Yes, it is."

Adam stammered and told Chelsea that perhaps he should have just put the ring away. Chelsea, upset, noted that Adam had never planned to propose at Lookout Point because he wanted an audience. Adam claimed that he wanted the moment to be perfect. Sobbing, Chelsea said that the perfect moment for Adam meant that Victor and Sharon would have been present to watch. Before rushing out, Chelsea cried, "You bastard!"

Adam caught up with Chelsea in the alley. Chelsea cried that she'd been a good friend to Adam. Chelsea berated Adam for using her to stick it to his father and for his plan to show Sharon what she was missing. Adam explained that the proposal was not about his father or Sharon. Chelsea warned Adam not to insult her intelligence because she knew he didn't feel the same way about her that she did about him.

Adam pressed Chelsea to explain what she meant about him not feeling the same way she did. Chelsea cried, "You don't love me." Chelsea recalled that Adam hadn't expressed his love for her after she told him that she loved him. Adam took a deep breath and said, "Chelsea, I am madly in love with you."

As the couple stood facing each other, it began to rain heavily. Adam told Chelsea that he thought she knew he loved her. Chelsea replied, "How would I know?" Adam told Chelsea that their love for each other was real because it was easy and uncomplicated. Chelsea began sobbing softly.

Adam wiped his wet hair away from his forehead and told Chelsea that he'd wanted the moment to be perfect, but his plan had backfired. Adam added that he'd rather be standing soaking wet in the alleyway with Chelsea than any other place in the world without her.

Adam knelt down on one knee and asked Chelsea to marry him. Chelsea nodded and said she would. Adam rose, embraced Chelsea, and kissed her. Adam said, "This is crazy, but I like it."

Alone in his suite, Ricky donned a tuxedo, gazed at an invitation to the Arts Gala, and said aloud to himself, "Time to go to a party."

Inside the warehouse, Chloe told Kevin, Michael, Lauren, Jack, Phyllis, and Daniel that Abby had mysteriously disappeared after she thwarted Carmine's plan to kidnap Chloe as revenge for losing Angelina to Kevin.

After Paul, Nick, Victoria, and Tucker arrived, Kevin explained that Carmine had grabbed Chloe and locked her in the trunk of his car. Tucker became alarmed when Chloe admitted that she didn't know where Abby was. Everyone stepped out to the loading dock and searched for clues to Abby's whereabouts. Ashley arrived and was stunned to hear that Abby was missing.

Phyllis and Daniel broke away from the group, so they could discuss how to handle Daisy. Phyllis told Daniel that Daisy had evidently changed her mind about meeting with Michael because she realized Michael was, after all, Phyllis' best friend.

Daniel suggested that Daisy had instead approached the police or the press. Daniel added that if Daisy had done so, then news would soon spread that Phyllis' rental car had been involved in the hit-and-run that had injured Paul and Christine.

Daniel nodded slightly when Phyllis said, "I think Daisy realized that it's in her best interest to keep her mouth shut." Lauren, tightly clutching her handbag, and Paul joined Phyllis and Daniel. Paul asked Daniel if he knew why Daisy had wanted to meet with Michael. Daniel said he didn't know.

As Carmine headed down the road, Abby casually munched chips from a bag she'd stashed in her purse. The glow from Abby's phone illuminated her face as she sent a Tweet, via her "NakedHeiress" username. The message stated: "Kidnapped! Future iffy. Please retweet to save me." Abby seemed relieved that the story of her supposed kidnapping would supplant negative press about the gala's debacle. Abby was overjoyed when a fan responded and wrote, "Don't do anything rash. Calling 9-1-1."

Later, as Abby prepared to Tweet another message along with a photo, she heard a news bulletin on Carmine's radio. The announcer stated that Abby Newman was missing and feared kidnapped. When the announcer added that Carmine Brasco was named as a suspect, Carmine slammed on his brakes.

Back at the loading dock, Ashley panicked when she was unable to reach Abby. Tucker told the anxious crowd not to worry. Victoria suggested that Abby might have gone in search of the missing chairs and tables. Chloe's and Victoria's phones sounded when Abby sent her Tweet. Chloe peered at her phone's screen and cried, "Abby's been kidnapped!"

Back inside the warehouse, Michael, over the phone, told a detective to trace Abby's cell-phone calls, release an all-points bulletin, and circulate a photo of Abby downloaded from her web page. Chloe felt guilty because she'd been taunting Abby. Kevin and Michael assured Chloe that she wasn't responsible. The delivery driver arrived and announced that he had tables and chairs to unload. Chloe broke down and sobbed.

Nick phoned Victor and left a message. Kevin told Victoria that the gala should be canceled. Victoria volunteered to contact donors and attendees. Kevin offered to help, and the truck driver followed Victoria and Kevin out the door.

Ricky arrived and asked Paul what had happened to the party. Lauren, still clutching her purse against her torso, said, "It got called off." Phyllis announced that Abby Newman had been abducted. Paul explained that Abby evidently had possession of her phone because she was sending Tweets. Ricky replied, "Who kidnaps someone and doesn't take away their phone? The guy's a moron."

Lauren and Phyllis seemed horrified by Ricky's disturbing remarks. Ricky hastily added that he hoped the kidnapper's mistake might help police find Abby. After Lauren, Paul, and Phyllis walked away, Ricky spotted something on the stage. It was the scarf Michael had found in the alley. Ricky became uneasy.

Tucker approached Ashley and offered to sit with her. Ashley snapped, "That wouldn't be you!" Ashley immediately apologized and explained that she was upset. Jack wheeled himself nearby and ordered Tucker to back off. Tucker walked away. Jack told Ashley that though they'd had business-related disagreements, they should stick together.

Chloe and Kevin later told Ashley that Carmine was Angelina's ex-boyfriend. Ashley urged Chloe to share with police everything she knew about Carmine. Ashley headed to the Newman ranch to tell Victor about Abby. Jack, Nick, and Phyllis accompanied Ashley. Tucker sighed heavily, but he kept his distance from Ashley.

Lauren noticed an injury on Daniel's right hand and asked him what had happened. Paul noted that Daniel's injury seemed somewhat serious. Phyllis abruptly interjected, "It's not a big deal." Daniel explained that he'd lost a fight with a table.

Kevin offered everyone a cup of coffee, and he left to fill the requests. Michael announced that Abby hadn't yet been sighted. Phyllis assured everyone that Carmine would likely drop Abby off somewhere. Lauren added that Carmine wasn't a psychotic like Daisy.

Michael suddenly remembered the scarf and showed it to Daniel. Kevin had returned with a carafe of coffee and replied, "That's Daisy's scarf. She was wearing it earlier." Phyllis explained that Michael had found it in the alley. Paul pointed out that Daisy had been to the warehouse at some point. Michael added that Daisy had evidently left before he arrived.

Michael instructed Kevin to get a plastic storage bag from the caterer, so the scarf could be sealed inside. Phyllis noted that Michael seemed to think the scarf was a piece of evidence from a crime scene. Daniel seemed to notice that Phyllis acted uneasy. Michael recalled that Daisy had seemed frightened and claimed she knew something horrible.

Phyllis quickly noted that Avery had been pressuring Heather to prosecute Daisy using the "duty to rescue" statute. Michael explained that Heather had never mentioned anything about it to him. Phyllis insisted that Daisy was terrified of being returned to prison, so she'd likely wished to plead with Michael not to press charges.

Paul asked why Daisy would have left before discussing the matter with Michael. Phyllis claimed that Daisy feared facing the district attorney. Lauren interjected, "Enough about Daisy. I just want confirmation that she's gone for good!" Lauren asked if anyone would miss Daisy. Phyllis abruptly left to meet with Summer at the penthouse. Lucy's sitter phoned Daniel and explained that Daisy hadn't returned home.

Kevin offered support for Chloe when she met with a detective to share information about Carmine. After the detective left, Chloe told Kevin that Abby had a crush on Carmine. Chloe added, "He's blown his chance with her." Kevin seemed to agree.

Michael sipped coffee at the bar set up inside the warehouse. Kevin, concerned, told his brother that he'd been unable to contact Daisy. Michael suggested that Daisy had left town. Kevin insisted that Daisy wouldn't leave without Lucy. Kevin noticed bloodstains on the scarf. Michael inspected the scarf though the plastic bag.

Nearby, Lauren opened her purse and stared at her handgun. Paul quickly took a seat beside Lauren and asked if she'd had the gun with her throughout the evening. Lauren nodded and indicated that she had. Paul reminded Lauren that she was still on probation and would put Michael in a difficult situation if she were to get caught. Paul demanded that Lauren hand him the gun, and she did. Paul quickly stowed the gun away in the back waistband of his trousers.

At Phyllis' penthouse, Summer returned home and found Phyllis waiting. Summer went upstairs. Daniel arrived with Lucy and explained that Daisy had never returned home. Daniel added, "What if Michael was right? What if something happened to her?" Phyllis seemed nervous.

Ricky returned to his suite and began undressing. In a flashback, Ricky recalled confronting Daisy in the alley near the dumpsters while she anxiously waited for Michael. Ricky recalled having approached Daisy. He'd said, "You did say you wanted me to help you disappear." After recalling his encounter with Daisy, Ricky said aloud to himself, "She won't be talking now."

Ashley arrived at the Newman ranch and angrily informed Victor that Abby had been kidnapped. After Jack, Nick, and Victoria arrived, Victor told everyone that Michael was trying to locate Abby's cell phone. Ashley was worried that Carmine had discovered that Abby was sending Tweets and had taken her phone. Jack suggested that Abby had concealed her phone and had ceased sending Tweets. Victoria said she was concerned about responding to Abby's messages.

Victor suggested that Abby was carrying out one of her publicity stunts. Ashley didn't believe Victor's claim, but he explained that Abby would stop at nothing to get her face in the public eye. Ashley asked Victor if he thought Chloe had acted as Abby's accomplice. Victor said, "If Chloe was the intended target, then why take Abby?"

Victor noted that the kidnapping was carried out as revenge and not for ransom. Victoria and Nick defended Abby, but Sharon recalled that Abby had been concerned that the press would react negatively to the gala's mishaps in planning. Sharon added that she'd been teasing, but she'd told Abby that that a bigger story might overshadow press about the botched party plans.

Ashley, exasperated, abruptly left. Jack lashed out at Victor, and he told Jack to leave. Nick agreed with Victoria when she said it was best not to trouble Nikki. Officer Brooks arrived and said that roadblocks were in place. The officer added that Carmine's apartment was empty. Nick noted that Abby hadn't sent additional Tweets. After the officer left, Jack asked Victor if he still believed that Abby was faking her abduction. Victor seemed worried and replied, "I hope to God she is."

Ashley returned to the area outside the warehouse and repeatedly checked her phone. Police sirens blared in the distance. Tucker approached Ashley and gently rested his hand on her shoulder. Ashley turned and embraced Tucker.

Carmine unlocked his car trunk, lifted the lid, and spied Abby. She said, "Hey, stranger." Carmine, angry, attempted to close the trunk lid. Carmine told Abby that he planned to drive her home. Abby replied, "I am not going home. I have gotten 200 new Twitter followers in the past 15 minutes!" Carmine told Abby that she should have kept her mouth shut after she admitted that she'd been sending Tweets about having been kidnapped.

Abby reminded Carmine about her previous newsworthy stunt, riding a horse while nude. Carmine said he remembered seeing photographs of Abby. When Carmine started to leave, Abby threatened to phone police and explain how she'd witnessed Carmine placing Chloe in the trunk of his car. Abby told Carmine that he might be sent to prison if she testified against him.

Abby snapped photos of Carmine's car trunk and announced that she had to stay in touch with her followers. Carmine snatched Abby's phone and threw it away. Abby plucked Carmine's phone from his pocket, threw it away, and proudly announced that no one would be able to trace their whereabouts. Abby pulled Carmine into the car and said they should drive away before police arrived.

Carmine and Abby checked into a cheap motel. Abby, clutching her laptop as she entered, asked Carmine if he'd paid for the room in cash. Carmine said he had and added that he'd not used his real name.

Abby discovered a rip in her dress and told Carmine that his trunk had ripped her expensive dress. Abby glanced at the screen of her laptop and gloated that she and Carmine were receiving national press coverage. Carmine glanced at the screen and said, "This is a disaster." Abby noted that Carmine had had no idea it would become such a big deal. Abby proudly noted that she wasn't a has-been.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Over lunch at the Athletic Club, Kay spoke with Nikki about the failure of the arts gala. Nikki was very distracted because she was concerned about Abby's kidnapping. Nikki said that Jack had been working hard to find Abby and so had Victor. Kay believed that Jack and Victor would never give up until Abby was safely home. Kay and Nikki agreed that Abby was a real spitfire, truly Victor's daughter. Kay suggested that Nikki should speak with Victor about how he was dealing with the kidnapping.

On the phone, Ashley thanked Jack for his help with the search for Abby. Tucker opened the door, and he and Ashley went into Victor's living room. Victor assured Ashley that Abby would be fine. Ashley was agitated about their daughter being missing. Victor reported that there had been no updates on Abby from the authorities.

Michael and Sharon were at Victor's, too. When Victor suggested that Abby might have been engaging in a publicity stunt, Ashley disagreed. Ashley said she didn't want to take any chances by doubting Abby's veracity. Michael informed them that Abby had not updated her social network outlets since Carmine had first taken her.

Michael received a call and then revealed that Carmine and Abby's cell phones had been found discarded on a side road. Michael declared that the trail to find Abby had gone cold. Chloe arrived and learned about the cell phones. Michael left to get back to work, and Victor asked Chloe if Carmine had indicated where he would have abducted her. Chloe had no answer and recalled that Abby had saved her. Victor wondered if Abby might have been working with Carmine. Chloe said that Carmine seemed to be acting on his own, seeking revenge for Angelina running off with Kevin.

Chloe left to get the crime reporters at the magazine to investigate the kidnapping. Sharon convinced Ashley to go into the kitchen for something to eat. Victor wondered why Tucker was there with Ashley. Tucker said he cared about Ashley, prompting Victor to warn Tucker not to hurt Ashley...or else.

Later, Ashley announced that she wanted to hold a press conference to convince Carmine to let Abby go. Victor thought going to the press was a futile gesture. Ashley was ticked off by Victor's dismissal of her idea. Tucker offered to arrange the press conference for Ashley, and the two of them left the ranch.

In a motel room, Abby woke up and was surprised that Carmine was not there. Abby turned on the radio and listened to a news report about the kidnapping. Abby was pleased that they were not reporting about the disastrous gala. Carmine returned to the room after having stashed the car. Abby criticized Carmine for being a poor kidnapper. Carmine asked why Abby hadn't just left while he was busy with the car.

Later, after hearing another news report, Carmine asked Abby to return to Genoa City and tell them the truth so he wouldn't be considered a criminal. Abby reminded Carmine that he was a criminal because he'd tried to kidnap Chloe.

Heather and Avery discussed the case against Daisy. Avery was thrilled that Heather had already contacted a judge to request an arrest warrant for Daisy. Avery revealed that Phyllis wasn't as interested in pursuing the case as she'd been a few days before. Phyllis confused Avery, and Heather was concerned. Avery urged Heather to pursue the case despite Phyllis' apprehension. Heather received a call and informed Avery that an arrest warrant had been issued for Daisy. Avery was overjoyed and promised to get Phyllis to testify against Daisy once she was apprehended and taken to trial.

Phyllis called Daniel to say that Lucy had had a good night while staying her. After arranging to pick up Lucy later, Daniel received a call from Kevin, who was concerned about Daisy's disappearance. At the coffeehouse, Eden and Paul listened to Kevin's worries. Paul suggested that Daisy might have gone on the run again. Kevin feared that something had happened to Daisy. Kevin believed that the cops were ignoring his requests to investigate Daisy's disappearance, but Paul explained that the cops were following standard procedures. Kevin remained frustrated.

Eden told Paul that Daisy and Ricky were still friends, and Eden had overheard them talking at the coffeehouse the other day. Eden recalled that Daisy wanted to be free, and Ricky had offered to help Daisy. Paul was intrigued. Eden added that she'd seen Daisy and Ricky kissing. Paul said he'd check up on Ricky.

In his hotel room, Ricky stepped out of the shower and looked through Daisy's purse. He picked up the morning newspaper and was pleased that there were no reports about Daisy's disappearance. Ricky resumed looking through Daisy's purse and decided to throw everything out except her wallet and cell phone. Daisy's driver's license was in the wallet.

Ricky opened the door to Paul a while later. Paul said that he had questions about Daisy. Ricky said that he and Daisy were acquaintances, and Ricky denied ever having had a romance with Daisy. Ricky said he'd last seen Daisy at the coffeehouse a few days earlier.

Paul informed Ricky that Daisy was missing. Ricky asked if the cops were involved, and Paul said the police weren't investigating yet. Paul was snooping around as a favor to Kevin. Ricky suggested that Abby's kidnapping might be related to Daisy going missing. Ricky said that he and Daisy had a lot in common and had shared some good conversations.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin blasted Michael for the police expending all their energies on Abby's kidnapping instead of Daisy's disappearance. Michael explained that procedures had to be followed. Kevin apologized for getting so emotional, but he'd been trying to give Daisy a second chance. Michael reminded Kevin that Daisy was not very much like Kevin.

Daniel went to see Phyllis, and they both agreed that something had happened at the gala with Daisy. They were both rattled and jittery. Neither claimed to have seen Daisy in the alley. Phyllis and Daniel said they'd had nothing to do with whatever had happened to Daisy. Daniel wondered if Phyllis might have been feeling cornered by Daisy. Phyllis pointed out that Daisy had also cornered Daniel, and he benefited most if Daisy were gone. Daniel felt that whatever had happened to Daisy was justified.

Avery went to see Phyllis and Daniel, informing them that an arrest warrant had been issued for Daisy. Phyllis was still reluctant to cooperate. Daniel and Phyllis explained that Daisy had been missing since the night before. Phyllis and Daniel had no idea where Daisy had gone or why she hadn't met with Michael as she had planned.

Later, Chloe returned to the coffeehouse and explained that she was worried about Abby. Daniel and Phyllis showed up, and when they spoke with Kevin about Daisy, they said that they were unconcerned about where she'd gone. Michael said that it was possible that Daisy had left of her own volition, but he also said that Daisy might have lied to him, too, when she arranged the meeting.

Kevin insisted that he was afraid for Daisy, while Phyllis and Daniel were glad that she was gone. Kevin insisted that Daisy would not have left town without Lucy. Phyllis condemned Daisy as a lousy mother. Michael heard from the crime lab and told them all that there had been blood on Daisy's scarf.

Ashley was grateful that Tucker arranged a press conference for her so quickly. On camera, Ashley pleaded for Abby to return. Ashley offered to pay whatever Carmine wanted. At the motel, Carmine told Abby that he'd only been trying to frighten Chloe when he put her in the trunk. Abby called Carmine a bonehead for thinking up that plan. Carmine thought Abby was a bonehead for tweeting that she'd been kidnapped.

Later, Abby and Carmine watched Ashley's broadcast, and Carmine asked Abby to please return home. Abby was curious about why Victor had not been part of the press conference. Carmine feared Victor's wrath, but Abby assured him that Victor was a pushover. Abby wanted to wait before returning home, and Carmine agreed to one more day.

Nikki went to the ranch to check up on Victor. Nikki expressed her concern for Abby. Sharon walked in with a tray of food for Victor and he let Nikki know that he was just fine. Sharon offered to have something prepared for Nikki if she was hungry.

A helicopter arrived, and Victor said he needed to meet with someone. The women left, and Victor greeted Ronan. Ronan asked why he'd been summoned to Genoa City. Victor asked Ronan to find Abby and bring the kidnapper to justice.

Paul met with Heather about the warrant for Daisy's arrest. Paul said that Kevin was concerned about Daisy's disappearance. Heather thought that Paul was suspicious of Ricky even though the evidence was circumstantial. Ricky approached his father and sister to say hello. Heather's phone rang, and Ricky overheard that Daisy was being sought as a fugitive.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Phyllis was shocked that Michael said that she was a person of interest in Daisy's disappearance. Heather informed Michael that an arrest warrant had been issued for Daisy. Heather also reported that the crime lab had discovered that the blood on Daisy's scarf was Daniel's. Phyllis and Michael were shocked, and Phyllis asked Michael not to jump to any conclusions. Phyllis pointed out that Daniel lived with Daisy and might have cut his face shaving and then touched the scarf.

Michael refused to ignore the evidence and wanted to interview Daniel. Heather said that Daniel could voluntarily go to the police station, and it would look better for him. Michael told Phyllis that he had to go where the evidence led. Michael urged Phyllis to call Avery because Daniel would need a good attorney. Michael placated Phyllis by saying that he would go to Daniel's apartment to speak with him personally.

At Daniel's apartment, Eden, Kevin, and Daniel searched the place and saw that Daisy's clothes and personal items were still in the apartment. Kevin was suspicious, and Daniel uncaring. Eden suspected that Ricky had been involved in Daisy's disappearance. Daniel tried to get Lucy to eat her food, but she was finicky and pushed the spoon away. Daniel said that Lucy probably missed Daisy. Kevin blamed himself for Daisy's disappearance, but Eden and Daniel told Kevin that he was the only good thing in Daisy's life.

At the Athletic Club bar, Paul congratulated Avery on getting the authorities to issue an arrest warrant for Daisy. Avery believed that Daisy had bolted town because she was about to be arrested for letting Phyllis miscarry. Paul didn't believe Daisy would have abandoned Lucy because she was afraid of being arrested.

Paul wondered if Ricky had been involved in Daisy's disappearance. Avery told Paul that he was jumping to conclusions. Avery said that she believed she could read people, but she'd made mistakes, like how she'd trusted Daisy. Avery suggested that Paul try to treat Ricky like a son, rather than a suspect. Avery received a text message to go to meet with Phyllis.

At the coffeehouse, Avery and Phyllis discussed Michael looking at Daniel as a suspect. Kevin commented to Eden that Daniel had been acting suspiciously with Daisy. Heather overheard and wanted to know why Kevin suspected Daniel. Eden excused herself because she was convinced that Ricky should be the prime suspect. After Eden left, Kevin told Heather that he did not believe that Daniel had done anything to Daisy. Kevin conceded that he'd seen Daniel and Daisy fight, but he noted that all married couples did that. Kevin admitted that Daniel had wanted to get Daisy out of his life.

From his hotel room, Ricky placed a pizza order and paid with Daisy's credit card. Ricky made a point of saying that he was Daisy's husband, but that she would pick up the pie. Then Ricky made a reservation for Daisy to leave town and go to Canada. Again, Ricky claimed him was Daisy's husband, and he was making the plans for his wife. After he ended the call, Ricky congratulated himself for making it seem like he was Daniel.

Heather received a phone call. Phyllis arrived just as Heather revealed that Daisy had been using her credit card. Phyllis jumped to the conclusion that Daisy had to still be alive if she was making purchases.

Paul went to see Ricky and said he was there to try to get know Ricky better. Ricky assumed that Paul had already investigated him. Paul offered to be a better father to Ricky than he'd been in the past. Ricky was skeptical and then grew angry, believing that Paul was just trying to trick him. Ricky told Paul to get out of the room and then slammed the door behind him. Later, Eden knocked on the door, and Ricky was surprised when she suggested they hang out together. Ricky let Eden into the room when she said she had news about Daisy.

Eden informed Ricky that Daniel was a suspect in Daisy's disappearance. Ricky wondered why Eden had turned on Daniel when she'd recently been crushing on him. Eden said that she had bad judgment when it came to men. Eden offered to buy Ricky a drink at the bar downstairs. Ricky agreed, and as they walked out, Eden said hello to the chambermaid.

At the bar, Ricky ordered a bottle of tequila. Eden excused herself to go clean up, but she really went back to Ricky's room. Eden convinced the maid to let her into the room, claiming she'd left her sunglasses behind. Once inside the room, Eden searched for evidence.

Paul approached Ricky at the bar and let him know that a suspect was being taken into the police station in Daisy's case. Paul apologized for suspecting Ricky. Upstairs in Ricky's room, Eden searched in vain. Finally, under the sofa cushions, Eden found Daisy's wallet, ID and cell phone. Eden realized that Ricky was had been involved in Daisy's disappearance.

At the Athletic Club, Lily and Cane threw a birthday party for the twins. Sofia arrived for the party without Moses because he had the sniffles. Genevieve arrived with a gift for Mattie and Charlie. Cane asked his mother if she'd heard from Colin, and Genevieve said she hadn't.

Neil noticed when Harmony walked into the lobby, and so did Sofia. Lily asked Devon if he had invited Harmony to the party, but he had not. Sofia suggested that they invite Harmony, since she was there. Cane thanked Genevieve for being there. Lily invited Harmony to join of the party. Harmony was reluctant, but Lily told her a secret, which convinced her to stay.

Lily opened the presents for the children. Genevieve had special ordered clothes from Milan for the kids. Lily was overjoyed, as was Cane. Lily announced that she had a big surprise for the twins. Ana walked in, and everyone was thrilled to see her. Devon hugged his little sister. Harmony went to speak with Ana privately. Devon told Neil and Lily that he feared that Harmony might let Ana down. Cane and Devon bonded over the fact that their mothers were flawed women.

Lily thanked Genevieve for the extravagant gifts for the kids, but added that it hadn't been necessary. Genevieve assured Lily not to worry about her; Genevieve could take care of her finances. Later, Sofia admitted to Lily that she was concerned about raising Moses alone. Looking at Genevieve with Cane, Lily commented that she wasn't sure a traditional two parent home worked so perfectly.

Devon asked Ana if she'd had a good talk with Harmony. Ana said that her relationship with their mother was different from the relationship that Devon had. Ana didn't want to remain mad at Harmony all of her life. Ana was determined to forgive and move on. Harmony told Devon that he had a wonderful family.

Devon apologized for holding Harmony's mistakes against her. Devon hoped that Harmony could forgive him for being so judgmental. Devon suggested they restart with a "clean slate." Neil watched Devon with Harmony. Lily and Cane noticed one unopened gift. Inside were a vintage doll and a racecar. Cane asked Genevieve if she had sent the gift. They agreed that Colin must have sent the toys.

At the penthouse, Avery gave advice to Daniel before his interview with Michael. When Michael arrived to question Daniel, he asked Phyllis to leave. Michael asked Daniel to tell him everything that had happened the night Daisy had disappeared. Michael pointed out a gap in the timeline of Daniel's story, but Avery told Michael he wasn't asking a question.

Daniel admitted that he'd had problems being married with Daisy, but she was Lucy's mother, and he respected that. Michael received a phone call about how Daisy's credit card had been used and Daisy had booked a trip to Canada. Michael said that Daniel was still a suspect until Daisy was located. Michael asked about Daniel's blood on the scarf, and Daniel admitted that he'd punched a table in anger and then wrapped it in the scarf.

Phyllis returned to the apartment and asked Michael to stop the interview, since Daisy had been using the credit card. Heather called Michael, and after speaking with her, Michael was ready to arrest Daniel. Avery said that the evidence was circumstantial, especially the business about Daniel having used Daisy's credit card to create the illusion that she was nearby. Daniel declared that he was innocent.

Avery told Michael that Daniel would go with him to the police station, even though Phyllis flipped out. Meanwhile, Kevin was upset to hear that Daisy had not actually used the credit card, but that someone made it seem like she had.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

At the coffeehouse, Chloe was concerned about Kevin because he couldn't stop obsessing about Daisy's disappearance. Chloe understood, but she was worried about Abby's kidnapping, too. Kevin informed Chloe that the cops believed that Daniel had used Daisy's credit card to make it seem like she was on her way to Canada. Kevin wasn't sure what to believe.

At Athletic Club bar, Heather bumped into Paul. Heather was there to pick up a boxed dinner because she was going to the concert in the park. Paul wondered if Heather had a date, so Heather invited her father to enjoy the concert with her. Paul was thrilled and said yes. Paul revealed to Heather that he was still upset about his latest run-in with Ricky. Heather warned Paul that Ricky had no reason to trust him. Heather was surprised when Paul mentioned that someone other than Ricky had been taken in for questioning about Daisy's disappearance.

Feeling for Kevin, Chloe suggested that instead of going to the concert, they should check in with Daniel. Kevin felt that evidence had been piling up against Daniel. Kevin received a text message from Eden to meet her in the park. Ricky returned to his hotel room and asked Eden why she'd gone to his room when he was waiting for her in the bar. Eden said she'd misplaced her bracelet and had retraced her steps to Ricky's room to find it. Ricky seemed to believe her and suggested that they party in the room rather than at the bar. Kevin received Eden's text message and he and Chloe decided to hook up with Eden in the park.

Ricky gave Eden a beer from the mini-bar. Eden noticed the photo of Ricky's mother, Isabella. Ricky said even though Isabella was locked up in a mental hospital, she was a better parent to him than Paul. Eden was sympathetic. Ricky kissed Eden and predicted that it was going to be a great night. Later, Eden explained to Ricky that she wasn't feeling well and wanted to leave. Ricky offered her some medication for her stomach, urging her to stay.

When Eden grabbed for her knapsack, Ricky grabbed it, and the contents spilled on the floor. Ricky saw that Eden had put Daisy's wallet and cell phone in the knapsack. Eden claimed that she'd never seen the wallet and phone, assuming another worker at the coffeehouse had put it in her knapsack by accident. Ricky said that since Eden knew his secret, he'd have to kill her. Eden tried to run away from Ricky, but he chased her down and tackled her in the bathroom. Ricky threw her against the tub, and Eden hit her head, passing out on the floor.

Michael asked Daniel if he'd made calls on Daisy's cell phone, using her credit card, to throw off the authorities. Daniel denied having the card or the cell phone. Avery said that Michael's evidence against Daniel was strictly circumstantial. Phyllis entered the police station and was very upset that Michael was treating her son like a suspect. Michael took Daniel to the interrogation room. Avery lagged behind, pausing to tell Phyllis to call Nick.

After she made the phone call, Phyllis saw Ronan. He approached Phyllis and said hello. Phyllis was shocked that he was back in town. Ronan said that he'd been summoned to Genoa City to work on Abby's kidnapping. Nick arrived and hugged Phyllis before saying hello to Ronan. Ronan congratulated them on their remarriage. Phyllis was very agitated about Michael questioning Daniel, prompting Nick to find out what was going on for Phyllis. Alone with Ronan, Phyllis asked him to help Daniel as a favor to her. Ronan said he'd try his best, but he made no promises to Phyllis.

In the interrogation room, Michael said that he would not be doing the interview with Daniel because his friendship with Phyllis created a conflict of interest. Michael would conduct the search of Daniel's apartment. Daniel gave Michael his keys and told him to search all he wanted to; no search warrant was necessary. Daniel insisted that he had nothing to hide from the police. Heather received a call from Michael and learned that Daniel was the suspect being questioned at the police station.

Alone in the interrogation room, Nick told Daniel that he was going to get Daniel out of trouble. Daniel said that he felt like he had been set up. Daniel told Nick he could never kill another person after what had happened with Cassie. Daniel was perturbed that Michael believed he was guilty of hurting Daisy. Nick went back to Phyllis, and she told him that Ronan had agreed to help with Daniel's case.

Avery was surprised when Heather entered the interrogation room to conduct the interview. Avery reminded Heather that they'd worked together on getting an arrest warrant for Daisy. Heather said point-blank that Daniel was responsible for Daisy's disappearance and that put Heather and Avery on opposite sides of the law. In the park, Kevin and Chloe found Paul. Paul mentioned that Heather had returned to the station because Daniel was being questioned in Daisy's case. Chloe and Kevin decided to skip the concert and go to the station to show their support for Daniel. Kevin asked Paul to keep an eye out for Eden.

At Daniel's apartment, Michael used the keys, and the cops entered to commence the search. Michael was surprised when Ronan appeared on the scene. Ronan said he was working on the Abby Newman kidnapping. Michael wondered why Ronan was there for Daisy's investigation, and Ronan explained that he was doing a favor for Phyllis. Michael offered to share anything he learned about Daniel with Ronan.

Later, after they'd searched for a while, Michael asked if Ronan had uncovered anything. Ronan had found nothing. Michael feared that Daniel looked guilty. Ronan pointed out that Michael didn't have enough evidence to hold Daniel. After Ronan left the apartment, an officer showed Michael Daisy's laptop. He'd found an email in which Daisy said that Daniel hated her, and if anything happened to her, Daniel would be guilty.

Heather continued to question Daniel, poking holes in his story. Heather wondered if Daniel had often gotten angry at Daisy. Daniel said that Daisy Carter had made a lot of people angry. Heather reminded Daniel that Daisy was a Romalotti. Daniel declared that Daisy had many enemies. Heather said the evidence was pointing at Daniel and nobody else.

Phyllis was a nervous wreck, and Nick tried to calm her down. Kevin and Chloe went to the police station, and Kevin admitted that he was worried about the evidence against Daniel. Chloe told Phyllis that Kevin was afraid for his sister. Phyllis reminded Chloe that Daisy was an evil bitch. Chloe sided with her husband.

Heather completed the interrogation, but would not allow Daniel to leave. Kevin asked Heather if he could speak with Daniel. In the interrogation room, Kevin said he wanted to believe in Daniel's innocence, but it was difficult. Avery assured Kevin that Daniel was not guilty, but Kevin wanted something from his friend. Privately, Daniel told Kevin that after Cassie's death, he could never do something to hurt another person. Daniel asked Kevin to believe in him as a friend.

Ronan told Avery, Phyllis, and Nick that Michael and the cops had not found anything substantial in Daniel's apartment. Phyllis wanted Daniel released immediately. Avery went to work on the paperwork. Ronan ran into Chloe, and they shared an awkward encounter. Ronan said he was there for Abby's kidnapping and he wanted to interview Chloe about Carmine. Chloe asked if they could do the questioning another time. Chloe mentioned her marriage, and Ronan wished her well with Kevin.

In the interrogation room, Phyllis embraced Daniel and said she was confident that he'd be released very soon. Nick took Phyllis home. Kevin was glad that the search had produced nothing substantial against his friend. Daniel asked if Kevin believed in his innocence. Kevin was doubtful, but Daniel reminded Kevin that there was a time when Kevin had been committing bank robberies and running off with Angelina, and Daniel had never given up on him. Kevin agreed that he'd looked guilty in those incidents.

Back in the other room, Kevin told Chloe that he still couldn't reach Eden, and he was worried. Kevin called Paul and explained that Eden hadn't been answering her cell phone. Kevin told Paul that Eden had been on her way to see Ricky. Paul volunteered to go to Ricky's to see if Eden was there.

Michael returned to the police station and told Kevin, Chloe, Avery, and Ronan that there had been something damaging on Daisy's computer. As they listened, Michael revealed the contents of Daisy's email, that Daisy hadn't trusted Daniel or Phyllis to raise Lucy if anything happened to Daisy. Daisy wanted Kevin to raise Lucy for her if she wasn't there for her daughter. Michael was ready to arrest Daniel based on the preponderance of the evidence. Avery left to inform Daniel.

Kevin was shocked and wanted to speak with Daniel again. Chloe was worried about Kevin. Avery told Daniel that because of Daisy's email, Daniel was under arrest. Kevin watched Daniel from behind the glass window in the door. Kevin was conflicted, and Daniel saw the doubt in Kevin's face. Chloe took Kevin's arm and led him away.

In the park, Phyllis confessed to Nick that she was worried. Phyllis thought she was being paid back for all the terrible things she'd done. Phyllis felt like losing Lucy and the unborn baby, and Daniel being in trouble were all part of the universe trying to tell Phyllis something. Nick felt that they needed to concentrate on their lives and not worry about the universe. Phyllis was grateful for Nick, and he insisted that she was a good person. Nick said he loved Phyllis, and nothing she'd ever done could change his love for her.

In Ricky's hotel room, Eden was passed out on the bathroom floor. Ricky prepared to kill Eden. He straightened the room, then took Daisy's wallet and cell phone, wrapped them in a newspaper and placed them in the maid's cart in the hallway. A while later, Ricky took out a large butcher's knife. Paul knocked on Ricky's door and called to his son to open the door. Ricky didn't answer.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Carmine returned to the seedy motel room with shopping bags, and he told Abby that he'd picked up everything she'd requested, except her expensive face cream. She was relieved to have a change of clothes, but she was appalled to discover that he'd bought her dowdy overalls, and she accused him of intentionally trying to make her look goofy. He retorted that he was a wanted man thanks to her, but she argued that she had a public image to maintain. He reminded her that he had limited cash and that neither of them could use a credit card. She declared that perhaps she could start a "hillbilly chic" trend, and she went into the bathroom to change.

Abby emerged wearing the overalls and scornfully opined that she looked like a hick, but Carmine called her cute. She admitted that she had screwed up, because she hadn't thought things all the way through when she'd climbed into his trunk, but she hadn't been able to bear the humiliation of the gala being a flop. Carmine confessed that he'd arranged for the delivery truck to get lost, and she groused that since the gala had been canceled, his interference had resulted in fewer donations for art programs for underprivileged kids.

Carmine admitted that it hadn't been the best idea, and he was sorry for many reasons. Abby was impressed that he had done something so extreme for Angelina. Carmine revealed that he'd gone online, and he had seen a reporter ask for Angelina's reaction to what he'd done, and Angelina had responded, "Carmine who?" He realized that Angelina had never wanted to be with him, and Abby expressed sympathy. Abby pointed out that karma had a way of catching up with people, and Kevin had done to Angelina what "the sainted Snooki" had done to Carmine.

Carmine implored Abby to make a decision, and she said she was working on it. He said they'd been lucky so far, but their luck and their money would both run out. She asked for a bit more time to figure out what to do, and he went to take a shower. She looked on the computer and saw an article about Ashley's heartfelt plea for Abby's safe return. A guilty Abby eyed the phone.

Ashley and Tucker stopped by the police station to inquire about Abby's case, and an officer called Ronan over. Ronan explained that Victor had requested his assistance. Victor arrived with Sharon, and Ronan reported that there had been no activity on either Abby or Carmine's credit cards. Victor inquired about Carmine's background, and Ronan acknowledged that Carmine's family had ties to organized crime, though Carmine's record was clean.

Ronan planned to keep Carmine's family under surveillance, and he had already distributed Abby and Carmine's photos to bus and train stations. Victor suggested that they appeal to the public, but Ronan thought false leads could be a distraction. Ronan agreed that if his contacts didn't turn up a lead, then they could consider offering a reward. Victor volunteered to provide anything Ronan needed. Ashley apologized to Victor for accusing him of not caring that Abby was missing. He accepted her apology, and he left with Sharon.

At the Athletic Club, Sharon condemned Ashley for believing that Victor didn't care about Abby. Victor understood that Ashley was distraught, and Sharon worried that Victor hadn't been eating or sleeping. Victor said that he was fine when he looked at her, and he just needed a night out together. She suggested that they watch the fireworks after dinner.

Nikki and Jack arrived at the concert in the park. He looked distracted, and she asked if she could get him some wine or a special dessert. He wasn't sure it was a good idea to be there, because he couldn't enjoy himself with Abby missing, and he wondered why Carmine hadn't made a ransom demand. Jack started to make a call to get an update, but Nikki assured him that someone would contact them if there were any news. Later, she handed him a gift and wished him a happy birthday.

Tucker and Ashley arrived at the park, and Jack asked them to join him and Nikki. Ashley apologized for missing Jack's birthday, but he was determined to wait to celebrate until after Abby was found. Ashley reported that Victor had enlisted Ronan's help. Tucker remarked that Carmine didn't seem dangerous, but rather, was just a kid in over his head.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren told Kevin and Chloe that Michael was working late, and she asked the couple to watch the fireworks with her, but Chloe forlornly declined. Lauren assumed that Chloe was upset about Abby, but Kevin reported that the police suspected Daniel of killing Daisy. Lauren didn't think Daniel was capable of doing so, and Kevin remarked that he'd thought the same at first, until he'd learned about Daisy's unsent email. Lauren swore that Michael would get to the bottom of it, and she hoped that no one else got hurt. Kevin continued to worry about why Eden had asked to meet him and then had blown him off.

At the police station, Michael told Daniel that he couldn't ignore the evidence, but Daniel swore that he hadn't killed Daisy. Michael noted that they weren't charging Daniel yet, and he advised Daniel to follow Avery's instructions. Heather entered with a police officer, who read Daniel his rights and took him to be booked. Michael assigned Heather to take the lead on Daniel's case, because Michael needed to distance himself, given his personal relationship with the Romalotti family. Michael confirmed that they needed to do everything by the book.

Nick and Phyllis returned to the penthouse, and he promised that Daniel's ordeal would soon be behind them. She expected Avery and Daniel to stop by, and Nick went upstairs to check on Lucy and the sitter. Phyllis fretted that Daniel wasn't answering his phone. Avery called and informed Phyllis that Daniel had been arrested. Avery explained about Daisy's email to Kevin, and Phyllis frantically said she would be right there.

Phyllis arrived to see Daniel and insisted to Michael and Heather that Daniel hadn't killed Daisy, and she refused to hear that Michael was just doing his job. Michael announced that he was stepping back and that Heather would be handling the case, because he was too involved. Phyllis scoffed at the idea that he couldn't deal with it, and he exited. Heather lectured that Michael was in a terrible position and that he was acting in everyone's best interests. Daniel entered, and Avery ordered Heather to either question Daniel or release him.

Heather asserted that she was in charge, and she refused to let anyone pressure her. Avery contended that Heather was stalling, because there was no body or other proof that a crime had even been committed. Heather replied that the state had the right to hold Daniel for 48 hours, and Avery accused her of trying to break Daniel down. Heather said it was her job to find out the truth, and Daniel urged her to interrogate him.

Heather declared that it was late and that they would start in the morning. Phyllis warned that Daniel had better be safe, and Ronan promised that he would be. Avery counseled Daniel not to say a word to anyone. Phyllis assured Daniel that everything would be fine.

Michael approached the coffee machine, but Ronan informed him it had blown out an hour before. Michael slumped in a chair, and Lauren entered. Without saying a word, she pulled him into a comforting hug.

In the bathroom of his hotel suite, Ricky hovered over a motionless Eden and called her a stupid girl who had gotten what she had deserved for snooping. He bragged that he had gotten rid of the wallet and phone, so no one would ever find Daisy or know what Eden had seen. Paul knocked on the hotel room door and called out to Ricky. Ricky closed the bathroom door and greeted Paul. Ricky speculated that Paul was trying to make up for missing Ricky's childhood, but Paul revealed that he was looking for Eden.

Ricky incredulously asked why Paul would think that Eden was there, and Paul disclosed that she had made plans to meet Kevin in the park, but she hadn't shown up. Ricky became irate that Paul had assumed that Ricky had been involved, and he sarcastically noted that everything that ever went wrong was apparently his fault. Paul calmly explained that Eden had mentioned to Kevin that she had planned to see Ricky, and Paul had simply thought that Ricky might know where she had gone. Ricky revealed that he and Eden had gone to the bar, but she hadn't returned from the restroom, and he had no idea where she was. Ricky instructed Paul to ask the bartender, since Paul obviously didn't believe Ricky.

Paul started to say that he understood how Ricky felt, but Ricky angrily replied that it was too late for Paul to get to know him. Paul begged Ricky to hear him out, and he refused to leave while things were so tense between them. Paul urged Ricky to talk to him about what Ricky's life had been like in Los Angeles. Ricky bitterly stated that his life had been "lonely as hell," because he hadn't been like other kids with parents who had cared. Rather, Ricky had visited his mother in a mental hospital until she'd become too insane and had been heavily medicated, and he'd had a dad who had barely known that Ricky was alive other than to send cash on birthdays.

Ricky conceded that his grandparents had done their best, but it had been hard for them to get around, so he'd had to make his own way in his world, and the only person who had looked out for him was himself. Paul tearfully apologized, but Ricky coldly quipped that it was life. Paul insisted that he wanted to get to know his son, but Ricky repeated that it was too late. Paul pleaded that they could start over by talking openly and honestly. Ricky consented to listen, though he doubted they would get anywhere, and Paul said that was good enough.

Ricky stated that he was tired, and Paul asked if they could try again the next day. Paul covertly swiped Ricky's keycard on his way to the door, and he noticed a backpack on the floor. Paul embraced Ricky, and he left. Ricky closed the door, clearly shaken by the exchange. He slowly regained his composure and returned to the bathroom, where he picked up a large knife. Eden's phone rang, and Ricky silenced it. "Sorry, Kev, Eden's not available. Ever," Ricky mused.

Paul called Kevin, who was becoming increasingly concerned about Eden. Paul said he'd visited Ricky, who had planned to meet Eden for a drink, but she hadn't shown up. Paul offered to return to the park to search for her. Paul hung up, and he suddenly flashed back to the backpack in Ricky's room. He realized that it was Eden's, and he raced back up the stairs.

Paul returned to Ricky's room and quietly entered using the keycard. He opened the bathroom door and found a deranged Ricky holding a knife to Eden's throat. Paul screamed for Ricky to stop, but Ricky told him to back off, or he would kill Eden. Paul started to turn away, but he swiftly whipped out Lauren's gun and commanded Ricky to drop the knife.

Paul begged Ricky to let Paul help him, but Ricky accused him of only caring about Eden. Paul stated that Ricky was his son, but Ricky bellowed that Paul had never been a father to him. Paul conceded that he should have been there to help with Isabella and Rachel. Ricky snarled that Rachel had thought that she could leave him, and he rambled that he had killed her and had gotten away with it, until Paul had started digging. Paul pointed out that Eden hadn't done anything wrong, but Ricky accused Eden of sticking her nose where it hadn't belonged.

Ricky crowed that he had gotten rid of Daisy, too, and that he had done the town a favor. Ricky maniacally asked if Paul was proud of him, but Paul said things had to stop there, and he wouldn't allow Ricky to hurt anyone else. Paul ordered Ricky to drop the knife, but Ricky wailed that he had nothing else to live for. Ricky blamed Paul for the way Ricky had turned out, and he called himself the product of Paul's neglect. Paul choked back tears and pleaded with Ricky not to make him pull the trigger. Paul yelled at Ricky to drop the knife, and Ricky screamed, "Do it!"

During a musical montage, Sharon and Victor left the Athletic Club, while fireworks popped overhead. Nikki presented Jack with a cupcake, and Tucker lit the candle on it. Ashley left to take a call from an unknown caller, and she was shocked to hear Abby say hello. Phyllis hugged Daniel, and an officer led him back to his cell. Phyllis, Nick, and Avery wordlessly filed past Michael and Lauren on their way out of the police station, and Phyllis turned to glare at Michael before she walked away. Kevin and Chloe showed Eden's photo to people in the park.

Paul and Ricky's confrontation intensified. Ricky stood up and raised the knife over his head. Paul's hands shook as he fired the gun, hitting Ricky in the arm. The impact of the bullet knocked Ricky backward, and glass shattered as he fell through the bathroom window.

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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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