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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 23, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, July 23, 2012

At Crimson Lights, baby Johnny snoozed in his stroller while Billy and Victoria discussed business. Billy took a deep breath and explained that his first task of the day would be to fire Phyllis. Ashley arrived and admired Johnny before offering a position at Jabot to Victoria. Victoria replied, "Are you and Jack tag-teaming me?"

Ashley was surprised to learn that Jack had already offered Victoria a job at Beauty of Nature, which Victoria assumed had become part of Jabot. Ashley explained that Jack had kept the two companies separate. Ashley added that she would run Jabot while Jack headed Beauty of Nature. Billy, stunned, asked Ashley if Jack knew that he'd been ousted from Jabot. Ashley seemed befuddled by Billy's comment.

At her penthouse, Phyllis assured Nick that Billy would remain supportive despite the charges made against her. Phyllis said she planned to utilize Restless Style to offset the damage from negative articles. Phyllis noted that Billy had had his share of bad press and knew that excellent magazine editors weren't readily replaceable.

Phyllis told Nick that she could write an article describing, from her perspective, what had and what hadn't happened to Paul and Christine. Nick seemed doubtful that Billy would be receptive, but Phyllis declared that Billy's main concern was making money. Phyllis explained that with or without Billy's support, it wouldn't prevent her from defending herself "in the court of public opinion."

After Phyllis left, Avery arrived and told Nick that she was thankful he'd decided to stand by Phyllis. Nick explained that through discussions with his children, he'd realized how much Phyllis had changed from the way she'd been years before. Nick told Avery about Phyllis' plan to plead her case in an article. Avery gasped and cried, "That's the worst thing she could do."

Victoria accompanied Billy to Restless Style's headquarters. Billy offered Victoria a job as manager of the magazine. Victoria explained that she preferred not to be placed in the center of conflict. Phyllis arrived and nervously apologized for embarrassing the family. Phyllis added that Nick had chosen to stand by her. Victoria noted that her brother usually did what he thought was best. Phyllis announced that she'd been released on bail and was prepared to return to her post. Billy replied, "I'm sorry. That's not going to happen. I'm going to have to let you go."

After Victoria left with Johnny, Billy cleared the office so he could have a private conversation with Phyllis. Billy explained that that backers of the television series had threatened to drop the show if Phyllis wasn't terminated. Billy added that the backers refused to move forward with a key player who'd been accused of attempted murder.

Phyllis requested that Billy not publish negative articles about her in the magazine. Billy admitted that he'd already promised his backers that he'd feature Phyllis on the next cover. Phyllis replied, "So not only are you firing me, you're going to crucify me?" Billy nodded and added, "In print and in the pilot episode." Billy told Phyllis that he didn't want her to be blindsided. Phyllis pressed her hand to her chest and responded sarcastically, "Thanks a lot."

Phyllis lugged home a box filled with belongings from her desk at Restless Style. Phyllis burst through the door and ranted to Avery and Nick about having been fired. Phyllis unveiled Billy's plan to emblazon the cover of the magazine with her photo. Phyllis added that her story would be hyped in the most salacious fashion. Nick, angered, headed toward the door and said, "Billy's not going to write an article that's going to convict you. It's not going to fly with me!"

After Nick left, Phyllis cried, "Avery, I'm screwed." Phyllis worried that Billy might discover awful things about her if he interviewed her enemies. Avery tried to comfort her sister and explained that they'd deal with the negativity. Phyllis opened her laptop and announced plans to write a blog. Avery closed the laptop and warned that Phyllis might cause irreparable damage. Phyllis cried that her words were the only tools she could utilize to fight her battle.

Nick stepped off the elevator at Restless Style and lashed out at Billy for firing his most valuable employee. Nick suggested that Billy was using another member of the Newman family to make a buck. Billy replied, "Phyllis left tire tracks on two innocent people. Now that's a story." Billy added that Phyllis was getting a taste of what it was like to be on the other side of the story.

Nick explained that Phyllis was outraged. Billy suggested that Phyllis might run him over when he left the office. Nick responded by punching Billy in the face. The force of the blow thrust Billy to the floor. Billy regained his composure and wiped a trickle of blood from his lower lip. Billy urged Nick to end their feud for Victoria's sake. Nick left.

Nick returned to the penthouse. Phyllis prepared an ice pack for Nick's hand. Avery advised Nick to control his impulses. Avery counseled Phyllis not to blog or approach members of the press. Avery explained that Phyllis' battle would have to play out in the courtroom. Phyllis, snuggled next to Nick, cried that she felt helpless.

Back at Restless Style, Billy began writing an article for the magazine. Billy wrote that two human lives had paid the price for Phyllis' intense jealousy. An employee named Mark approached Billy and explained that cameras had already been installed in the office. Mark added that staff members had signed releases, so the cameras had already been placed into operation. Billy replied, "So anything that happened here today would be on video? Works for me." Billy smiled contentedly.

At Gloworm, Jack and Nikki waited for Gloria to serve selections from a sampling menu, so the engaged couple could plan their wedding reception. Victor and Sharon arrived. Victor glared at Jack and Nikki. While Nikki and Jack sampled appetizers, Jack's attention was drawn to Victor and Sharon. Nikki rushed to the bar to fetch club soda after Jack accidentally dripped sauce on her scarf.

After Victor and Sharon seated themselves, Sharon noted that Victor couldn't take his eyes off Nikki. Frustrated, Victor escaped to the bar. Nikki greeted Victor, and she asked if he'd spoken to their son recently. Victor explained that after some soul-searching, Nick had decided to stand by Phyllis. Nikki noted that their son didn't have the best taste in women.

Victor warned Nikki not to utter backhanded insults against Sharon. Nikki insisted that she was too busy planning her wedding to a man who truly cared about her, so she didn't have time to worry about the person sharing Victor's bed. Nikki added that she was extremely happy. Victor replied, "Are you trying to convince me or yourself?"

Sharon chatted with Jack at his table and asked if he was concerned about the strong attraction between Nikki and Victor. Jack insisted that Nikki loved him. Sharon maintained that Nikki wouldn't get her hooks into Victor again. Jack noted that Sharon had become possessive and bitter. Sharon replied, "It's because my eyes have been opened."

After Sharon walked away, Ashley breezed in and immediately lashed out at Jack for having approached Victoria about a job at Beauty of Nature. Ashley noted that Jack's plan to head two different companies would be a blatant conflict of interest. Jack maintained that the two companies would be merged when the time was right. Ashley informed Jack that she planned to contact the board and instruct them to remove Jack as head of Jabot.

Nikki rejoined Jack after Ashley left. Nikki asked Jack what Ashley had said to dampen his mood. Jack admitted that he and Ashley didn't agree about a business issue. Victoria arrived and joined Jack and Nikki. Victoria noted that Johnny was at home with his nanny. Nikki excused herself, and Victoria took a seat.

Jack told Victoria that he knew Ashley had offered Victoria a position at Jabot. Jack noted that Victoria had yet to respond to his offer of a position at Beauty of Nature. Victoria explained that she needed more time before making her decision. Jack urged Victoria to decide soon because he had big plans for Beauty of Nature and wanted her involved from the get-go. Nikki returned and invited Victoria to help finalize design changes to her bridal gown.

After Nikki and Victoria left, Jack phoned Ben, a member of Jabot's board of directors, and asked him to meet at Gloworm. After the call ended, Jack said aloud to himself, "Sis, I love you to pieces, but you'd be making a big mistake trying to run me out." Jack later met with two board members. Jack laid out his business plan, and Ben agreed that it would be best to wait for the optimal time before merging Jabot and Beauty of Nature. Another board member, Rich, also agreed.

Ashley approached Jack and the two board members. Ashley asked to speak to Jack alone. After Rich and Ben left, Ashley said, "Just what the hell do you think you're doing?" Jack explained that the two board members would support him. Jack challenged Ashley to convene a board meeting. Jack assertively added, "With those two votes, I will be holding my current position."

Earlier, Victor had noted Jack's negotiations with Victoria. Victor told Sharon that Jack wouldn't likely allow Victoria the level of autonomy she'd had at Beauty of Nature when it was her father's company. Sharon proudly noted that the line of products she was developing would become a huge success for Newman Enterprises. Victor seemed indifferent and explained that he had business to attend to. Victor told Sharon that he would meet up with her later at the ranch.

Ashley joined Sharon and explained that she couldn't help but notice that Victor had abruptly left. Ashley reminded Sharon that they shared a bond because of Faith. Sharon nodded. Ashley said she'd be remiss if she didn't warn Sharon that the most important thing in Victor's life was Victor. A close second, Ashley explained, was Nikki, followed by Victor's children and Newman Enterprises. Ashley noted that any attempt to surpass Nikki's place in Victor's heart would be futile. Sharon maintained that Victor was with her because he wanted her. Ashley said she hoped Sharon was right for Faith's sake.

Anita approached Jeffrey at Gloworm's bar and asked why Gloria hadn't become incensed after discovering that he was still married to Anita. Jeffrey explained that he'd convinced Gloria that Anita had lied. Jeffrey grinned and added, "Never underestimate me, lady!" Jeffrey explained that he'd reminded Gloria that she'd previously misjudged him after Angelo kidnapped him. Anita became miffed and warned Jeffrey that she wouldn't stand for anyone to characterize her as a liar.

Anita later approached Gloria and suggested that Jeffrey was desperate to hold on to Gloria, because without her, he'd have no marital property rights. Anita noted that Jeffrey would be broke. Gloria told Anita and Jeffrey that she'd investigate the matter herself. Gloria later announced that her son, the district attorney, would check public records to determine if Jeffrey and Anita were still married.

Before newlyweds Chelsea and Adam boarded a plane back to Genoa City, Adam supplied a quick breakfast of donuts from his favorite hometown shop. Adam noted that Chelsea had embraced him just as he was and didn't seem to mind that he'd been raised in a small town. Chelsea explained that Adam's upbringing seemed magical when compared to her rough-and-tumble childhood.

While Chelsea and Adam enjoyed bites of sugar-coated donuts, Chelsea shrieked when she spotted a mouse. Adam chased the rodent and managed to trap it in a box. Adam decided to free the mouse outside, but he bumped into a young boy in the hallway. The boy was searching for his pet mouse, Elmer. Adam returned the pet to the boy and later teased Chelsea about being fearful of a gentle pet.

On the plane, Chelsea asked Adam how he thought people back in Genoa City would react to them as a married couple. Adam replied, "I imagine it'll be perfect. Everything you ever dreamed of and wanted, I'll make it happen for you." After the newlyweds returned, Chelsea was surprised to discover that Adam had purchased a ten-bedroom mansion nestled on several acres of land near a picturesque lake.

After Victoria returned home, Victor stopped by and told her that Adam had married Chelsea in Kansas. Victor added that Chelsea's lowlife mother, Anita, had returned to town. Victor promised to protect his daughter from Anita. Victoria replied, "How much is that going to cost me?" Victor, taken aback, asked Victoria to work for him at Newman Enterprises. Victoria said, "If you only knew how many offers I've had today."

Victor recalled having seen Victoria and Jack together at Gloworm. Victor warned, "Just remember that Jack Abbott wants what is and was mine -- Beauty of Nature, your mother, and you." Nikki arrived, and Victor abruptly left. Victoria told her mother that she was more confused than she'd ever been. Nikki suggested that Victoria remain a full-time mother. Victoria said she didn't know which of the many job offers she should accept. Nikki noted that Victoria would have to make her own choice.

Victor returned to the ranch and flipped through an album filled with family photos, letters, and cherished memorabilia. Sharon entered the sitting room, dressed in riding attire. She invited Victor to join her for rides on their horses. Victor, preoccupied, claimed that he was busy, and he left the room. Sharon glanced at the album and sulked.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cane informed Lily that the private detective he had hired had informed him that Colin was still in Australia. Cane believed that Colin had not been behind the strange messages and packages they'd received. Lily worried about Genevieve. Cane confided that he had not told his mother about the Swiss francs that had been delivered on their doorstep because he didn't want his mother to fret.

Cane wanted to protect Genevieve from whoever was taunting them. Lily wondered if Tucker and Genevieve were lovers, since Tucker was paying Genevieve's hotel bill and giving her money. Cane didn't think that Genevieve should trust Tucker. At the Athletic Club, Genevieve left her hotel room, unaware that someone was watching her from the hallway.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin and Chloe worked on changes to their website. Abby approached, and Chloe noticed that Abby had the protective gear indicating that she'd started her community service. Abby reported that she was assigned to picking up garbage from the side of the highway. Chloe threatened to film Abby at work and put it online for her fans. Abby said that was not allowed. Abby told Kevin and Chloe that she'd decided to invest in their startup, but they turned her down. Abby was surprised, but accepted their decision.

As Abby started to leave, she bumped into Carmine. Abby told Carmine she'd begun her community service work. Carmine had positive images of Abby from the last time they had been alone together. Abby wondered why Carmine was there, and he said he wanted to speak with Kevin. Carmine had lost his job at Gloworm and hoped that Kevin would intervene for him with Gloria. Abby didn't think Kevin would help Carmine, so she offered to speak to Gloria for him.

At Gloworm, Ashley spoke on the phone with Traci about Jack's business dealings involving Jabot. Ashley feared that Jack was taking advantage of Ashley being distracted by her divorce from Tucker. Just then, Tucker approached and noticed that Ashley was upset. Tucker felt responsible for Ashley's angst with Jack and Jabot. Ashley admitted she was and asked Tucker why he hadn't signed the divorce papers. As they talked, Abby appeared and was furious that Ashley was having a civil conversation with Tucker. Alone, Ashley warned Abby to butt out of her personal life.

Genevieve walked to Gloworm and said hello to Tucker. Genevieve wanted to speak with Tucker about getting a job with McCall Unlimited. Tucker said he'd think it over, but Genevieve explained that she felt uncomfortable taking money from Tucker because it was degrading. Genevieve wondered if that was Tucker's goal -- to keep her indebted to him. Tucker explained that he didn't like mixing business with his personal life.

Genevieve said she needed a job so she'd have some dignity. Tucker didn't think Genevieve sounded like the girl he'd known years before. Genevieve confessed that her values had been skewed when she was a younger woman. Tucker was skeptical until Genevieve mentioned that she'd lost a child because of her bad choices, and she still suffered that loss. Tucker apologized for what he'd said.

Kevin showed Chloe the advance search feature of the site he'd created. Chloe thought Adam would be impressed. Kevin still resented Adam's involvement in the business, but Chloe was more accepting of the situation. In the new house, Adam received emails about his investment in Kevin and Chloe's startup. Adam apologized to Chelsea for being so busy with the website.

Adam announced he was going to shower and change, but Chelsea convinced Adam to make love again instead. Later, Adam explained to Chelsea that he needed to stay on top of Kevin and Chloe because they were new to business. Adam called Chloe and arranged for a meeting.

Kevin suggested that Chloe go ahead without him, saying he'd meet her at Adam's later. Kevin confronted Carmine and asked him why he was at the coffeehouse. Carmine apologized to Kevin for all the trouble he had caused Chloe. Kevin wasn't interested in apologies and told Carmine that he was confident that Michael would have Carmine thrown in prison. Carmine felt terrible and wanted to make it up to Kevin and Chloe. Kevin warned Carmine to stay away -- or else.

Chloe congratulated Adam and Chelsea on their wedding. Chloe showed Adam and Chelsea the new developments on the site. Adam liked Kevin's tweaks but said something was missing, and they agreed the site needed the right name. Adam wanted to hire a firm that specialized in names, but Chelsea began making suggestions. Her ideas, like naming the site after Delia, or perhaps the Greek god of shopping, amused Adam and Chloe. Chelsea vamped a surfing theme.

When Chelsea offered the phrase, tag, and grab, Chloe liked it. Adam did, too, and when Chloe texted Kevin, he responded that he loved it. Adam declared that they'd found a name. As the meeting wrapped up, Chloe and Adam agreed they'd accomplished a lot. Adam showed Chloe out and then complimented Chelsea on her smart ideas. When Chelsea pointed out that they had no food in the house, Adam said he wasn't hungry; he only wanted to make love to Chelsea.

Tucker bought Genevieve a drink, and she noted that when it involved her, Tucker was very bitter about the past. Genevieve said she assumed that he'd gotten over what had happened in Australia, but she realized that he had not. At another table, Ashley told Abby to stop trying to shame her into doing the things she wanted her to do. Ashley felt that Abby disrespected her and said things to Ashley that were far worse than Tucker had ever said.

Abby thought Ashley deserved better than a man like Tucker. Ashley explained that it was not easy walking away from a person who loved her, and Tucker had loved her to the best of his ability. Abby said she loved Ashley. Ashley let Abby know that she would not be reunited with Tucker, but she might remain friends with him. Abby urged Ashley to be on guard with Tucker.

Abby went to Gloria, asking if they could discuss Carmine's job. Gloria blew Abby off, explaining that she was dealing with her own problems. Carmine walked in and Abby told him that she would handle the Gloria situation for him. Later, Abby and Carmine agreed that even though they were in big trouble from the kidnapping stunt, neither regretted their newfound romance.

At Gloworm, Jeffrey told Gloria that she should believe him when he said he was not Anita's husband. Then Anita appeared with the marriage certificate as proof. Gloria accused Jeffrey of lying to her. Jeffrey received a delivery and showed Gloria a document from the court. Jeffrey had had Anita declared legally dead, meaning that he had been a free man when he married Gloria. Anita declared that she was not dead. Gloria was fed up with both Jeffrey and Anita. Jeffrey told Gloria and Anita that Chelsea was a solution to their problems if they simply worked the angle.

Jeffrey pointed out to Gloria and Anita that Chelsea was about to get very rich thanks to her marriage to Adam, and to Kevin's potential website boom. Later, at the mansion, Jeffrey and Anita interrupted Adam and Chelsea's romantic time together and announced that they were there to congratulate the newlyweds.

At Gloworm, Ashley went to the ladies room and noticed Genevieve at a table with Tucker. Genevieve realized that Tucker hadn't been chivalrous with her by helping her with the hotel bill. Rather, he wanted the upper hand in their relationship. Tucker angrily retorted that since Genevieve had fleeced all the rich people in town, he'd decided to bail her out to spare everyone else from the indignity of seeing her destitute. Genevieve was furious and marched out.

Tucker crushed his glass in his hand, drawing blood. Ashley watched the entire scene. After a waiter had given Tucker a towel for his hand, Ashley approached and asked Tucker if he was all right. Tucker said that Genevieve had gotten to him. Ashley observed that there was a lot of passion between Tucker and Genevieve. Tucker didn't want to get into it.

Ashley again asked Tucker to sign the divorce papers. Tucker was disappointed. Ashley pointed out that Tucker had more feelings for Genevieve that he had ever felt for Ashley. Tucker disagreed, but Ashley left.

Lily was leaving the house just as Kevin arrived to see Cane. After she left, Cane wanted to know what Kevin had learned from hacking into Genevieve's Swiss bank account. Kevin said they'd given up the search because of the firewall protections they'd encountered. Cane wanted to hire Kevin to get through the firewalls to find who'd tapped into Genevieve's account.

When Cane handed Kevin a hundred dollar bill, Kevin opened the laptop and went to work. Kevin reported that all the firewalls had been removed. Furthermore, Genevieve's account had been zeroed out, and there was another account attached in the name of Claude Shirl. Cane was upset because he recognized the names from childhood. He and Samantha had shared those secret names for each other.

Kevin met Chloe at Gloworm, and she told him how well the meeting with Adam had gone. When Gloria overheard Chloe complimenting Chelsea for contributing names for the site, Gloria informed Kevin that Chelsea was a real plus to the family. Kevin was surprised to hear his mother say that.

Lily bumped into Genevieve at the coffeehouse. Genevieve was distracted over her fight with Tucker. Lily was concerned about Genevieve, and they sat down to talk. Lily was surprised to learn that Tucker and Genevieve had had a relationship, but it had never been a romance. Genevieve said that she and Tucker had always understood each other...perhaps too well.

Genevieve conceded that Tucker had been entitled to be upset with her in the past. Later, Cane went to Genevieve's hotel room and found her in tears. The room was overturned and ransacked. Genevieve said she couldn't believe what someone had done to her. Cane comforted his mother.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

After having made love in the car, Abby and Carmine were happy and considered trying to make love in a bed the next time. When Abby received a phone call from Kyle, he could tell she sounded very happy. Kyle invited Abby for a swim at the Abbott pool. Abby agreed and mentioned to Kyle that she'd take some friends along.

Later, Abby arrived at Jack's pool and introduced Kyle to Carmine. Kyle was surprised that Carmine was really dating Abby and that it wasn't just a story she'd told after the kidnapping stunt. Abby explained that Carmine was her boy toy. Kyle asked who else Abby had invited for a swim. Just then, Eden walked onto the patio, and Kyle smiled. Abby introduced Eden to Carmine. Eden was uncomfortable with Carmine because she knew what he'd done to Chloe, but Abby tried to explain that Carmine was misunderstood.

At Adam and Chelsea's new home, Jeffrey and Anita announced they had a housewarming gift for them. Jeffrey sucked up to Adam, welcoming him to the family. Anita ogled Chelsea's diamond ring. Later, after opening the gift, Chelsea thanked her parents for the picture frame. Adam wondered how Gloria felt about Jeffrey spending time with Anita.

Jeffrey said that he, Gloria, and Anita were working out their marital mix-up. Jeffrey explained that all three of them had agreed to get along for Chelsea's sake. Chelsea realized that Jeffrey and Anita were angling for something and said it was time for them to go. Jeffrey suggested that they make a date for dinner, but Adam and Chelsea were not interested.

When they were alone, Adam handed Chelsea a glass of champagne to celebrate how well she'd handled her cloying parents. Chelsea was in tears because of how horrible her parents had acted. Chelsea suspected that they were trying to scam her to get money. Chelsea told Adam that even though she knew what kind of people they were, it hurt nonetheless.

Sofia met with Tucker at Gloworm and was glad he had time for her. Tucker said that he was meeting his mother for lunch, but he had a few minutes to talk. Sofia told Tucker about her plans for the future. Tucker wasn't happy, but he supported Sofia's decision. When Kay arrived, Sofia said goodbye to Tucker and walked out.

Alone with Tucker, Kay asked how he was doing and admitted that she was concerned about his relationship with Ashley. Tucker said that Ashley was determined to go through with the divorce because of Tucker's relationship with Genevieve. Kay wanted to know what was between Tucker and Genevieve. Tucker explained that years before, he'd been in love with Genevieve, but she'd left him.

Tucker revealed that Ashley had seen him with Genevieve and assumed there was still passion between Tucker and Genevieve. Kay wondered if it was true and asked Tucker point-blank if he had lingering feelings for Genevieve. Tucker said that he felt a connection to Genevieve, that he was still drawn to her, but Genevieve had never reciprocated the feelings.

Neil took Moses to visit Lily. Devon was with Neil, too, anxious to see his sister. Lily mentioned that Cane had gone out. Devon played a new mix of Ana's song, and after listening, Lily told Devon he'd done a great job. Devon cut the visit short because he was on his way to pick up Roxy for an impromptu pool party at the Abbott house. After Devon left, Neil told Lily how proud he was of his children. Lily asked about Neil's separation from Sofia and how he was adjusting to living without Moses. Neil admitted it was difficult not being able to raise Moses in his home.

Devon and Roxy showed up the pool party, and Roxy was shocked to see Carmine with there. Abby introduced Carmine to Roxy and Devon, assuring them that Carmine was a good guy. Carmine complimented Devon on the music he'd created for Angelina. Privately, Kyle told Eden he'd been thinking about her but had been reluctant to call because of what had happened with Ricky.

Kyle asked Eden out on a date, and she said yes. Devon sat on a lounge with Roxy and gave her a surprise gift. Roxy was pleased to open it and find a new iPod, which included a playlist reflecting their relationship. Devon said he'd made reservations for the two of them to go to Lollapalooza in Chicago. Roxy was overjoyed and kissed Devon gratefully. Carmine admired Abby's bikini.

In Genevieve's trashed hotel room, Cane asked Genevieve if she'd touched anything. Genevieve explained that she'd checked on her jewelry, and everything was still there. Cane found a Gloworm matchbook and asked Genevieve if she'd been smoking. Genevieve informed him that there was no smoking in the rooms and that the matchbook had not been there before the ransacking. Cane assumed someone had left it for them to find. Genevieve noticed a smashed, framed family photo on the floor. Cane recognized the photo from their home in Australia. Genevieve said she hadn't seen the picture since before Samantha's death.

Cane explained to Genevieve that with Kevin they'd gotten into her Swiss bank account. The money had been zeroed out, but Cane said that the name on the transferred account was Claude Shirl. Genevieve blamed Colin for the shenanigans, but Cane didn't think it was Colin's style. Still, Cane felt that the person responsible knew the Atkinson family inside-out, and with Samantha and Caleb dead and Colin safely in Australia, Cane blamed Genevieve. Genevieve was defensive and reminded Cane that she was the victim.

Cane said he'd find out who was behind this trouble and make them pay. Genevieve had no idea how to help Cane. She wondered if someone might want revenge on the Atkinsons, someone from the syndicate. Cane had no answers. After a moment, Cane said that he didn't want Genevieve to stay in the room because it wasn't safe. Genevieve insisted on staying there because she refused to be scared off.

After Cane left, Genevieve cleaned up the room. As she threw out the broken glass from the frame, she looked at the photo. Genevieve called Tucker and asked if he would stop to see her. Tucker agreed to be there in a little while. Genevieve put the photo in the desk drawer.

When Tucker arrived, Genevieve apologized for their fight at Gloworm. Tucker was surly with her, and when she asked if they could be good friends again, he laughed at her. Genevieve mentioned the night in Sydney when he had admitted that he'd still loved her. Tucker had asked her to meet him that night, but Colin's thug had interrupted them. Tucker reminded Genevieve that he'd sneaked her his room key and waited for her to appear. Tucker was devastated that she had never gone to him.

Genevieve said she had gone to his room that night because she'd wanted to be with him. However, Genevieve revealed that while she had been tempted to be with Tucker, she had chosen to be faithful to Colin instead. Tucker laughed then told Genevieve to go to hell.

Cane told Lily about how Genevieve's room had been trashed. Cane said his mother's response to the event made him more suspicious of her. Lily understood why Genevieve had reacted defensively when he questioned her. Cane believed that Genevieve might be perpetrating all the incidents herself as a ploy to garner sympathy. Lily did not believe Genevieve would do that. Lily asked Cane to consider who else might want to attack him and his mother. Cane looked at the Gloworm matchbook and wondered if it might be a clue.

Lily and Cane went to Gloworm and questioned Gloria about any new faces in town, perhaps someone Australian. Gloria offered to help them by questioning the waitstaff. After nobody had any information, Lily and Cane thanked Gloria for her help. Privately, Cane told Lily that there was a name in the reservation book for Claude Shirl. Cane realized that Genevieve would not have made a fake reservation at Gloworm. Unbeknownst to Lily and Cane, a woman at a table in the dining room was watching them.

Anita and Jeffrey agreed to continue to try to scam Chelsea. Adam and Chelsea realized that they needed to rely on each other and not worry about their families.

Sofia met with Neil at the coffeehouse. Neil gave her back Moses. Over coffee, Sofia explained that she'd received a job offer in New York, and she really wanted to accept it. Sofia had been asked to run Odessa Incorporated, a major corporation. Sofia would be in charge, and she'd be able to start fresh.

Neil was surprised that Sofia had been looking for a fresh start. Sofia revealed that her time in Genoa City had produced only one good thing for her: Moses. Neil said that he would not let Sofia take his son to New York where she'd have full custody. Sofia felt that they could share Moses, but Neil was hard and cold. Neil threatened to stop Sofia legally if she tried to move Moses to New York.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paul was happy that Heather visited him even though he was still behind bars. Heather assured Paul that Christine was working hard on his defense. Paul felt bad that his defense was dependent on proving that Ricky was a killer. Heather mentioned Tim Reid's disappearance, and Paul wondered if Tim might have been Ricky's victim, too.

Paul suggested investigating Tim's disappearance, and Heather said that Christine was doing that. Heather believed that Ricky had told Paul all he needed to know about the kind of man Ricky had turned out to be when he confessed to murdering Craig and Rachel. Heather added that Ricky liked to hurt people, but she wasn't going to allow Ricky's death to hurt Paul.

Ronan and Michael discussed Paul's case. The knife was still missing, and the evidence against Paul looked bad. Ronan reminded Michael that Daisy's body had yet to be found and that could be proof that Ricky was a killer. That might mean Paul would be exonerated. Ronan and Michael talked about Christine's plan to interview Tim's neighbor.

In the interrogation room, Christine asked Tim's neighbor if she remembered anything else that might help Paul. The woman said that Ricky had been in the building, so Christine wondered who else might have gone to Tim's place. The lady recalled that there'd been redhead who'd banged on Tim's door and said threatening things. She remembered that the redhead had warned Tim to keep quiet about the past. Christine asked Ronan and Michael for a copy of Phyllis' mug shot to see if the neighbor remembered her as the redhead. Ronan and Michael were skeptical about Christine's theory, but Christine forced Michael to follow through and show the woman the mug shot.

Michael showed Tim's neighbor the photograph of Phyllis. The woman told Michael that she'd seen her before; the redhead had been outside of Tim's door, screaming that he better not reveal anything about the past. Michael was devastated by what he heard.

Billy showed Victoria the promo clip for the new Restless Style television show. Victoria watched the video and saw Nick punch Billy in the face. The sight shocked Victoria. Victoria felt terrible seeing Nick going after Billy over Phyllis. Billy said the he had to cover Phyllis' story because it was huge. However, Billy offered to remove the footage of Nick slugging Billy in the face.

Victoria thought it over for a moment, then told Billy to use the clip "as is." Billy was pleased, but wanted Victoria to be certain. Victoria supported how hard Billy had worked on launching the show, and she didn't want to hold him back.

Billy assumed that Nick would be ticked off about Victoria's decision to support Billy, but Victoria countered that Nick had no vote in the matter. Victoria also felt that Phyllis would run the story of a hit-and-run driver on the loose for 18 years if it had been about anyone but herself. Billy liked the way Victoria analyzed things and wondered if Victoria would like to work with him on Restless Style. As Victoria listened, Billy painted a positive picture of their future at the magazine. Victoria said that she was determined to be a stay-at-home mom for a while. When Victoria went upstairs to attend to Johnny, Billy opened the laptop to do more research on Phyllis.

Later, Billy went to the police station and questioned Heather about Paul's case. Billy tried to convince Heather to give her some gossip about Phyllis' case, and in exchange, Billy would write good things about Paul in the magazine. Billy also offered to spruce up Heather's public image. Heather was tempted, but told Billy she didn't want to do anything that might backfire and hurt her father in any way.

When Michael and Ronan entered the station and saw Billy with Heather, they told Billy to get out. After he was gone, Christine explained to Heather the latest development about Tim's neighbor. Christine suspected that Phyllis might be guilty of homicide as well as vehicular assault.

Ronan and Michael were unconvinced that Phyllis was involved in Tim's disappearance. Christine thought Phyllis had a motive to hurt Tim because of their past together and speculated that if Ricky had approached Tim, Phyllis might have, too. Ronan and Michael chose to give Phyllis the benefit of the doubt.

Ronan, Heather, and Michael all turned on Christine as they stood up for Phyllis. Michael reminded Christine that she was not working on Phyllis' case. Christine accused Michael of letting his friendship with Phyllis influence him. In turn, Heather accused Christine of being obsessed with getting Phyllis and ignoring Paul's defense. Heather was ticked off with Christine.

Michael and Ronan agreed that Phyllis had not killed Tim. Ronan pointed out that if they could find Tim, he could testify against Phyllis. On the other hand, Tim could also be helpful to Paul's case if he knew about Ricky's homicidal tendencies. Michael wanted to protect their mutual friends but wasn't sure how to do it. Michael was prepared to speak with Phyllis about Tim's neighbor's testimony. Ronan offered to talk to Phyllis instead of having Michael do it. Michael let him take the lead.

At the penthouse, Avery discussed the defense strategy with Nick and Phyllis. When Phyllis nastily referred to Christine as the bug, Nick told his wife that comments like that were not helpful. Phyllis was resentful that Billy had turned on her and was using the magazine to smear her name. Phyllis wanted to write a blog and defend herself, but Avery said that Phyllis would do more damage with a story than if she remained silent. Phyllis lashed out at Avery for trying to tell her what to do.

Avery was frustrated and suggested that Phyllis might need a sugar snack to calm down. Phyllis realized that she was acting cross with her sister. Avery confessed that Phyllis was mean at times. Phyllis declared that she was grateful to Avery for defending her. Avery received a message about the case, and it wasn't good news.

Nick went to see Victoria and asked about Billy. Victoria wondered why Nick wanted to know, and Nick assured his sister that he wasn't there to apologize to her husband. Rather, Nick hoped that Billy would give Phyllis a break and lighten up on the Restless Style coverage of the case. Nick asked Victoria if she would ask Billy to ease up on Phyllis because she was part of the family. Victoria told Nick that she wouldn't ask Billy to do that because Phyllis deserved the same coverage as she had doled out to other people when she had been in charge of the magazine.

Nick thought that Billy had been asking for it when Nick socked him. Nick wanted Phyllis to get a fair trial, and Restless Style was swaying the public against Phyllis. Victoria told Nick that the facts were clear: Phyllis had been behind the wheel of the car that had run down Christine and Paul, and she had covered up her guilt for years. Victoria declared that Phyllis had never been punished. Nick responded that Billy had done many bad things, too. Victoria was furious and told her brother that Billy had never done anything criminal the way Phyllis had. Victoria angrily told Nick that he could not protect his children and Phyllis from Phyllis' past.

Avery and Phyllis watched the new promo for Restless Style in which Nick punched Billy. Avery said it looked bad for Phyllis, especially since Nick seemed like the aggressor. Avery wanted to try to get the promo pulled and left to make a motion to the court. Nick returned home and learned that the promo was all over the web. Phyllis wasn't mad at Nick. Instead, she kissed him and thanked Nick for having defended her. Phyllis was grateful that Nick had stood by her.

Avery returned to the penthouse with good news. The judge had agreed to halt all playing of the promo until he could review the footage. Phyllis pointed out that even if Restless Style couldn't run it anymore, it was already on the web and would be there forever. Seeing that Phyllis was still all wound up, Avery left to buy some blondies at the coffeehouse. Nick announced that he needed to return to the office.

After Avery and Nick had gone, Ronan knocked on the door and said he wanted to speak with Phyllis alone. Ronan explained that he was there as her friend, but something had come up, and Phyllis had to answer for it. Ronan asked Phyllis to tell him the truth, then he wondered if she'd killed Tim Reid. Without missing a beat, Phyllis slapped Ronan in the face.

Billy went home and found Victoria punching the sofa cushions in anger. Victoria told Billy about Nick's accusations that Billy was just as bad a person as Phyllis. Later, Victoria and Billy relaxed at the Abbott pool. Victoria had mellowed out, and Billy handed her a cocktail. The couple toasted to their babysitter because thanks to her, they had been able to have some alone time. Victoria thought she and Billy were very lucky, pointing out that they had a new baby, happy kids, a dog, and a house.

Victoria told Billy she wanted things to remain the way they were and wasn't ready to return to work. Billy told Victoria to do whatever made her happy. When Victoria learned that they were all alone at the house, she kissed Billy seductively. The phone rang, and Billy learned that the judge had ruled in Avery's favor. Restless Style could not show the promo or write about the case. Billy admired Avery's tactics, but he warned Victoria that they had to be prepared for a lot of flak because of Phyllis' case.

At Crimson Lights, Avery warned Nick that he couldn't allow himself to go off on the press, like Billy, because it would hurt Phyllis' defense. Nick understood and promised to control his temper. Avery was pleased that she'd gotten the gag order against Restless Style, but knew it wouldn't be that helpful in the long run.

Christine was in the interrogation room, updating Paul about her interview with Tim's neighbor. Heather interrupted to criticize Christine's handling of Paul's defense. Christine was stunned when Heather accused Christine of intentionally sabotaging Paul's case in order to pursue her vendetta against Phyllis. Heather advised her father to fire Christine immediately.

Friday, July 27, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Victor noticed that Adam had returned from Kansas quickly. Adam displayed his wedding ring, and Victor questioned whether there had been a honeymoon. Adam explained that he had business to take care of, but he eventually planned to take Chelsea somewhere she deserved. Victor sincerely hoped that Adam would be happy, and Adam declared that he was, for the first time since Hope had died.

Adam thanked Victor for his good wishes, and he hoped that his father found the same happiness. Victor questioned whether Adam meant with Sharon, and Adam hesitantly revealed that Sharon had shown up in Kansas to try to stop the wedding. Victor stated that he had already known, and he walked out.

At Fenmore's, Lauren selected wedding dresses for Nikki to try on, and she inquired about Jack's hiring of Jean Pierre to design Nikki's gown. Nikki was afraid that the designer wouldn't have it completed in time, and she wanted to be prepared. Lauren showed Nikki a new arrival, and Nikki admired it. Sharon walked in and scoffed at the idea of Nikki wearing white. Nikki called Sharon an easy target who needed to be put in her place, and Sharon cattily queried whether Nikki meant Victor's bed.

Later, Chelsea thanked Lauren for sending wedding dresses to Kansas. Lauren asked which one Chelsea had chosen, and Sharon watched as Chelsea showed Lauren photos from the wedding. Lauren commented that Chelsea and Adam looked happy, and Chelsea gushed that they were. Sharon interrupted their exchange by dropping a handbag. Lauren congratulated Chelsea and began to tend to Sharon, who said that she had changed her mind about purchasing the purse. Lauren snatched the bag from her and walked away.

Chelsea said that it was too bad that Sharon had wasted money on a trip to Kansas, because Sharon's failed attempt to stop Chelsea and Adam's wedding had been embarrassing. Sharon conceded that it had been a huge mistake, and Chelsea commented that Sharon didn't seem to learn from her errors in judgment. Chelsea warned Sharon not to try to interfere with her marriage again, and Sharon called Chelsea insecure. Chelsea replied that if the ring and the mansion Adam had bought for Chelsea didn't convince Sharon to back off, then perhaps the family they would raise would.

Later, Chelsea returned to Fenmore's to retrieve a shopping bag she'd left behind. Sharon snarled that it would have been a shame for Adam's money to go to waste. Chelsea responded that green wasn't Sharon's color, and she suggested that Sharon move on, just like Adam had. Adam entered and mentioned that he'd spotted Chelsea's car outside. He cordially greeted Sharon, and Sharon awkwardly congratulated him. Adam and Chelsea left together.

After Nikki tried on dresses, she left two for Victoria to evaluate later. Nikki exclaimed to Lauren that she couldn't wait to be Jack's wife, but she felt guilty being so happy with everything that Paul was going through. Lauren added that the case was tearing Michael up, and both women hoped that Paul would be exonerated soon. Lauren remarked that Jack was a lucky man to have Nikki supporting him through his paralysis. Nikki replied that Jack was doing all the work, but she worried that he was pushing himself too hard.

Adam returned home before Chelsea, and when she arrived, he suggested that he buy her a faster car. Chelsea recounted that Sharon had accused her of only wanting Adam's money. Adam assumed that Sharon had been projecting, but Chelsea thought Sharon had simply been acting like a "big ol' bitch." Adam asked if Chelsea wanted to claw Sharon's eyes out, but Chelsea said that she felt bad for Sharon, though at least Sharon had Victor. Adam wasn't so sure, since Victor was aware of Sharon's trip to Kansas.

Later, Chelsea rifled through her purchases and wondered where her new lipstick was. Adam returned home with a bag, and Chelsea jokingly guessed that a new car or a lavish honeymoon was inside. He acknowledged that they hadn't been able to go on a honeymoon, so he presented her with a makeshift one, consisting of rare French wine, Italian antipasto, beluga caviar, and Belgian chocolates. He added that he also intended to give her a Swedish massage. She began to undress him and warned that she shouldn't get a massage on a full stomach, so she wanted to start with the massage first. They kissed and began to make love.

At his pool, Jack called for Sarge to hurry up, because he was anxious to start therapy. Sarge suggested that Jack perform upper body exercises before getting into water, and they argued over Jack pushing himself too hard. Jack snapped that he knew his body, but Sarge retorted that he knew his own job. Jack vowed to get back on his feet, and Sarge believed that Jack would, but Jack had to trust Sarge. Jack ordered Sarge not to say anything to Nikki.

After Jack's session, Sarge joked that he'd paid Mrs. Martinez to tell him if Jack overextended himself, but Jack swore that Nikki would see him smiling and standing at the end of the aisle. Nikki arrived and wondered if Jack's progress had been proceeding more quickly, but Sarge said that they couldn't force it. Nikki understood that Jack wasn't patient, so she didn't want to make him wait longer for something else, and she proclaimed that she wanted to get married right away. Jack balked, and Sarge made a quick exit. Nikki questioned whether Jack still wanted to get married. Jack asked how soon, and she suggested the following week.

Jack pointed out that it would take at least a month for Jean Pierre to finish Nikki's dress, but Nikki disclosed that she'd found one at Fenmore's. Jack asserted that the invitations would take time, but Nikki quipped that going paperless was better for the environment. Jack said that he wanted the event to be special and elegant. She didn't care, because she only wanted to be his wife. He couldn't argue with her, and he agreed to marry her the following week. They kissed.

Nick entered Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, and Victor was surprised to see him at work, considering Phyllis' predicament. They briefly discussed how Summer was coping. Nick mentioned the approaching deadlines for the packaging for the new line, but Victor said it had already been finalized. Nick was irritated that Victor had made the decision without him, but Victor reported that he had delegated the project to Sharon, and the packaging had already gone into production. Nick fumed.

Sharon arrived outside Victor's office and overheard Nick reprimanding Victor for giving Sharon the authority to make decisions about the new line. Nick accused Victor of losing perspective, but Victor defended that Sharon had learned the business in no time at all, and he had respect for her. Avery called Nick and reported that Phyllis had been taken in for questioning. Sharon stepped out of sight, and Nick left.

Sharon entered Victor's office and applied the lipstick she'd stolen from Chelsea's bag, while Victor ordered production to continue on the packaging for the new line. Sharon revealed that she'd overheard what Victor had said to Nick, and Victor stated that Nick had been out of line. Victor suggested that Sharon take him to dinner to thank him.

At Gloworm, Jack lovingly toasted to his future wife, and he marveled that Nikki would be Mrs. Jack Abbott in less than a week. She couldn't wait, and he leaned in for a kiss. Sharon and Victor arrived, and Nikki spotted Victor glowering at her.

At the police station, Paul was incredulous that Heather wanted him to fire Christine, but Heather insisted that Christine's primary focus was putting Phyllis in prison. Christine explained that she had spoken with Tim's neighbor about Ricky, and she had learned that Phyllis had visited Tim, too. Christine theorized that Phyllis had told Tim things in confidence, and Phyllis might have killed Tim if she had felt threatened. Paul had been sure that Ricky had been responsible for Tim's disappearance, but Christine pointed out that Phyllis had more reason than Ricky had to hurt Tim.

Christine asked Michael if he'd questioned Phyllis about Tim, and Michael informed her that Ronan was handling it. Christine made a call, and Michael barked that it hadn't been necessary. Christine complained that Ronan was too personally involved, and Michael contended that so was she. Christine argued that it was important to go through official channels, so Phyllis should be questioned at the police station, and not by Ronan. Michael sarcastically thanked Christine for ensuring that it happened.

Heather argued that Phyllis was Nick's wife and a successful businesswoman, but Christine said that was even more reason Phyllis would go to any length to protect herself. Paul pointed out that the hit-and-run had been a crime of passion, but Tim's disappearance seemed more calculated, which had been Ricky's style. Michael asked if Ricky had ever mentioned Tim, and Paul said that Ricky hadn't.

Ronan warned Phyllis that he could arrest her for assault, and she dared him to do so. She blasted him for accusing her of killing Tim, and Ronan clarified that he'd only asked. Ronan revealed that someone had heard her threaten Tim, and he started to ask her again, but Avery's arrival interrupted them. Ronan explained that he was there to inform Phyllis that she was a suspect in Tim's disappearance, and Avery advised Phyllis not to say anything. There was a knock at the door, and two officers announced that they had orders to escort Phyllis to the station for questioning.

Ronan said that he had been about to take her in, but the officers replied that they had direct orders to do so themselves. Phyllis ordered them to handcuff her, because it was only a matter of time before she was arrested. Ronan swore that he had nothing to do with the officers showing up, and Avery vowed that she wouldn't let Christine get away with destroying Phyllis.

Christine impatiently waited for the officers to arrive with Phyllis, and she left to find out where they were. Lauren arrived to see Paul, and she asked if Michael was upset about Paul's case. Michael couldn't talk about it, and she offered her support. He directed her to the interrogation room where Paul was.

Paul explained the situation regarding Tim to Lauren, and he revealed that what Christine had learned had implicated Phyllis rather than Ricky. Paul felt that he should be relieved that Christine had been unable to prove that Ricky had been a serial killer, but he didn't know how to feel. He put his head in his hands in anguish, and Lauren said that she was sorry. Paul lamented that he'd killed his own son, but Lauren called Paul a good man who hadn't had a choice.

Paul regretted that he'd never given Ricky a chance, because his instincts had told him that Ricky had been dangerous and capable of murder, and he wondered if he had been wrong. Lauren recalled when Paul had followed his instincts to save her from Shawn, and she asserted that he'd saved Eden the same way. Paul blamed himself for Ricky's death, but Lauren pointed out that he'd shot Ricky in the shoulder and that he hadn't intended to kill his son.

Christine returned to the station, followed by the officers, Phyllis, Avery, and Ronan. Phyllis proclaimed that she'd had nothing to do with Tim's disappearance, but Avery instructed her not to say another word. Avery asked for a moment alone with Phyllis, and they ducked into an interrogation room. Ronan glared at Christine, who refused to let Phyllis slip away. Ronan threatened to report Christine's actions to the Department of Justice.

Phyllis admitted to Avery that she had visited Tim to persuade him to leave town. Avery corrected that Phyllis had bribed him, but Phyllis contended that she had simply given him cash so that he could take a vacation. Avery said that a neighbor had seen everything, and Phyllis asked what she should do. Avery blasted Phyllis for not thinking things through before taking action.

Michael, Christine, and Ronan entered the room, and Phyllis testily asked what Christine was doing there. Michael explained that Christine could observe as Paul's attorney. Nick burst in, and Michael tried to stop him, but Phyllis wanted him there. Everyone sat down, and Michael asked what had happened during Phyllis and Tim's encounter. Nick cried out in surprise, but Michael silenced him.

Michael revealed that Tim was missing, and a witness had seen Phyllis arguing with Tim. Phyllis suggested that the witness was lying. Christine commented that all the pieces seemed to fit together, because Phyllis' therapist had disappeared right before Phyllis' secret had been about to be exposed. Phyllis barked that she didn't care what Christine thought. Christine pushed Michael to consider what Phyllis would do to keep a secret. "What part of observer did you not understand?" he growled.

Avery contended that Phyllis was under no obligation to answer questions. Michael angrily said that Phyllis would respond if she had nothing to hide, but Ronan urged him to back off. Ronan calmly asked when Phyllis had last seen Tim, and Phyllis admitted that she had visited Tim to find out whether Ricky had contacted him. Phyllis added that she had been upset that Tim had spoken to Ricky, but she hadn't threatened Tim.

Christine accused Phyllis of getting rid of Tim. Phyllis boldly stated that she had gotten rid of Tim, but not in the way Christine was implying. Phyllis confessed that she had paid Tim to leave. Michael demanded to know why, and Phyllis explained that Ricky had been writing a book, and she hadn't trusted Tim to keep their doctor-patient confidentiality. Christine was skeptical, because Tim hadn't taken his personal belongings, but Phyllis said she'd given Tim plenty of money to start over.

Phyllis insisted that when she'd last seen Tim, he had been alive, well, and about to take a vacation on her dime. Christine noted that the police had spent weeks looking for Tim, and something didn't add up. Phyllis offered to provide a copy of the money transfer, and Christine accused her of trying to throw them off track. Christine asserted that Phyllis had been desperate to get rid of Tim and that the jury would see that Phyllis had something to hide.

Meanwhile, Beth called Tim and reported that she had seen Phyllis being taken in for questioning.

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