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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 30, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, July 30, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Abby blathered to Daniel about her community-service work and noted that he seemed distracted by someone seated out on the patio. Abby turned and saw Heather seated alone along the brick wall. Abby faced Daniel and cried, "You're crushing on Heather?" Daniel insisted that he and Heather were just friends. Daniel left after Abby began teasing him.

Heather was busily typing on her laptop. She seemed taken aback when Daniel approached, bearing a muffin as a gift. Daniel said, "Awkward, huh? That's probably about putting my mom away." Heather explained that she couldn't discuss Phyllis' case. Heather noted that she'd taken over Phyllis' case, so Christine could focus her attention on Paul's defense. Daniel received a text message from his mother, and Heather said she had to leave, too. Heather playfully explained that she was unable to accept the muffin from Daniel, and he grinned.

Christine visited Paul at the jail. She noted that Paul seemed exhausted, and he acknowledged that he'd stayed awake all night, thinking about what might have happened to Dr. Tim Reid. Paul explained that even though Phyllis might have paid Dr. Reid to leave the country, it still didn't rule out the possibility that Ricky might have murdered the man.

Paul recalled that Dr. Reid had disappeared abruptly, leaving behind his crucial blood-pressure medication. Christine explained that Paul's case would be bolstered if Ricky had murdered Tim Reid. Paul sadly noted that Ricky would be responsible for the murders of four people if Tim were included among the victims. Paul was anxious for Tim to resurface. Christine insisted that Ronan would find Tim alive.

At Phyllis' penthouse, Nick read an online new article about Dr. Tim Reid's mysterious disappearance. Though Phyllis attempted to redirect the conversation, Nick explained that police believed Phyllis might have killed the doctor. Phyllis pretended to wipe sweat from her brow and replied, "Whew! I just bribed him to go away." Nick said he'd been blindsided by the revelation and added that he was worried that Phyllis might be keeping additional secrets.

Phyllis told Nick that after Ricky's death and the revelation of her role in the hit-and-run, she'd blocked from her mind the bribe that had coerced Tim Reid to leave the country. Phyllis begged Nick to forgive and forget. Nick, exasperated, replied, "We can't forget any of it." Phyllis insisted that Nick, Daniel, and Summer had changed her into a different person. Phyllis added that she'd never kill someone in order to silence them. Nick replied, "You'd just bribe them." Nick asked what other secrets Tim knew about Phyllis. Phyllis explained that she'd paid Tim a lot of money to vanish, so she didn't expect him to ever return.

At a tropical resort, Dr. Tim Reid seated himself in a chaise at a beachside cabana and sipped a margarita. Ronan, seated nearby, said, "It's a nice life for a guy who's supposed to be dead." Ronan displayed his law-enforcement credentials, and Dr. Reid sighed. Ronan informed Tim that he was considered a material witness in two ongoing investigations and should return to Genoa City. Tim initially refused.

Ronan called out to Beth, Tim's girlfriend, and she emerged from her hiding place. Beth explained to Tim that she hadn't mentioned his whereabouts. Ronan informed Tim that Beth had told police about Ricky and Phyllis' visits to Tim's apartment. Ronan added that Beth had described Phyllis as being mean as a snake.

Ronan explained to Beth and Tim that he'd subpoenaed Beth's phone records in order to locate Tim. Beth cried that it was an invasion of her privacy. Ronan explained that Beth would be charged with providing false information and obstruction of justice if Tim failed to return home. Tim again refused, but Ronan threatened to spill the beans about Beth and Tim's relationship to Beth's mean-tempered husband.

After Daniel arrived at the penthouse, Nick sat beside Phyllis on the sofa as she told her son that she hadn't murdered Dr. Reid. Nick assured Daniel that the revelation was the last of Phyllis' "surprises." Daniel vowed to support his mother. Phyllis lamented that she faced charges of attempted murder.

Avery arrived and announced to Phyllis, Nick, and Daniel that Ronan had located Tim Reid. Phyllis seemed stunned. After Daniel went upstairs to visit Lucy, Avery asked Phyllis if Tim might turn on her when asked why she'd paid him to leave the county. Phyllis replied, "I don't know." Nick said, "If he doesn't keep his mouth shut, does he have enough to put you away?" Phyllis gazed off into the distance.

Ronan escorted Tim Reid into the Genoa City Police Station. Christine and Heather approached Tim. Christine insisted that Tim be placed in an interrogation room. Tim replied, "Ah, Christine -- still a 'Type A' and no peaceful resolutions to your Phyllis issues. You really should talk to someone about that." Christine glared at Tim.

In an interrogation room, Tim told Ronan, Heather, and Christine that Ricky had asked him questions about Phyllis because Ricky had been writing a book about her. Tim explained that he'd told Ricky that Phyllis was best left in the past. Tim said he had later discovered that Ricky had stolen Phyllis' patient file. Tim noted that Phyllis was the object of Ricky's obsession. Christine said, "And you could relate?" Tim addressed Christine and replied, "If I had clients like you, I'd be rich." Ronan sent Christine out of the room.

Referring to Christine, Tim noted that Ricky Williams evidently wasn't the only person fixated on Phyllis. Tim acknowledged that Phyllis had paid him a great deal of money to move to Mexico. Heather asked why Phyllis wanted Tim out of the country. Tim said it was his and Phyllis' business, but Heather explained that Phyllis had been arrested for attempted murder, so his involvement and later disappearance seemed suspicious. Tim replied, "Phyllis paid me to keep my mouth shut. Seems that it's time to open it back up."

Christine returned to counsel with Paul and told him that Tim Reid was alive. Christine added that Tim claimed that Ricky had been pleasant and had never threatened him. Paul began berating himself for doubting Ricky's motives. Paul even defended Ricky for having taken a few pictures of Heather kissing Adam. Christine seemed saddened by Paul's harsh, self-depreciating assessment of himself.

Christine was taken aback when Paul suggested that perhaps Ricky had been "throwing his father's paranoia back in his face" the day Paul encountered Ricky at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Christine reminded Paul that Craig and Rachel were dead and that Daisy most likely was, too. Paul cried that no knife had been found at the murder scene, and Eden couldn't remember what had happened. Paul added that he wouldn't blame the jury for finding him guilty.

In Victor's office, Victor seemed distracted when Sharon offered to show him documents related to the launch of the new cosmetics line. Victor pushed the folders back toward Sharon and instructed her to make her own judgments. After Avery arrived, Sharon left.

Victor told Avery that Jack Abbott believed himself to be invincible after achieving modest successes. Avery pointed out that Jack had managed to secure ownership of Beauty of Nature. Victor added that Jack also planned to marry Nikki out of spite. Victor instructed Avery to maintain a close watch on both Beauty of Nature and Jabot and be prepared to pounce when Jack lost his grip on either of the two companies.

Sharon stopped by Crimson Lights and spoke to Abby about the success of the new cosmetics company. Abby replied, "Maybe you'll get enough satisfaction from your work that you'll stop sleeping with your boss!" Sharon explained that she was "living with the man she was working with" because she'd moved in with Victor. Abby's comments turned nasty, and she asked if Sharon wore a nametag, so Victor wouldn't accidentally refer to her as Nikki, Diane, or Sabrina.

Abby maintained a defiant pose with her arms crossed at her waist. Sharon claimed that Abby evidently couldn't understand what Victor saw in his new girlfriend. Abby reminded Sharon that she had once been in love with Adam, a psychopath who took Sharon's baby and tortured Ashley. Sharon explained that she was attracted to Victor because he never cared about what anyone else thought and never sought anyone's approval for his choices.

Abby smirked when Sharon proudly announced, "Victor's happy with me, and we're happy together." Abby suggested that Sharon probably dreamed about Victor's money and power. Sharon claimed that Abby was jealous because she was no longer her daddy's little girl. Sharon warned that Abby shouldn't let Victor know how much she hated Sharon because Victor would want her all the more. Abby rolled her eyes.

Poolside at the Abbott mansion, Jack strengthened his upper arms with weight exercises. Sarge observed. After Ashley arrived, Jack sent Sarge inside to get energy bars from Mrs. Martinez. Jack proudly announced to Ashley that he and Nikki would marry within the week.

Ashley demanded to know why she'd been hearing rumblings from some of Jabot's board of directors. Ashley reminded Jack that they should be celebrating Jack's ownership of Beauty of Nature instead of fighting about whether or not to combine the company with Jabot. Jack explained that he had plans to combine the companies and become CEO. Ashley cried, "You want me to step down?"

Jack promised Ashley that she'd retain a position with power and control because Jabot was in her blood. Ashley berated herself for not having foreseen Jack's ultimate plan. Ashley said, "It's not enough for you to have Jabot and Beauty of Nature at the same time. It's not enough for you to be marrying Nikki."

Ashley made a clawing, grasping motion with both of her hands and told Jack that he was grabbing everything, even if it meant ripping her job out from under her. Ashley vowed to fight Jack. Ashley cried, "You've already got all of the votes lined up, don't you?" Jack assured Ashley that it was the right move for the company. Near tears, Ashley left.

Alone in his office, Victor glared at the announcement of Jack and Nikki's wedding printed in the newspaper. Ashley met with Victor after he summoned her. Victor said he'd heard that Jack had been meddling with Jabot and planned to seize control. Ashley replied, "So you called me because you're concerned about me and not just fishing for information?" Victor noted that Ashley had spoken in a defensive tone. Ashley insisted that she could handle Jack.

Victor asked Ashley to sell her stake of Jabot to him. Ashley explained that she wasn't angry enough at Jack to let Victor have access to her father's company. Ashley told Victor that he didn't care about anything other than business, and she refused to sell her shares to him. Victor leaned in close to Ashley and said, "Then give me your proxy. It'll be far easier on you if I deal with the board and with Jack and his extraordinary ego." Ashley informed Victor that she knew about Jack and Nikki's plan to marry very soon. Ashley added that she would never help Victor trade Nikki for Jabot.

Sharon returned to Victor's office and asked if Ashley had stormed out because Sharon had moved into the main house with Victor. Victor shook his head and grunted, "Unh-uh." Sharon pleaded with Victor to explain what had happened between him and Ashley. Sharon assured Victor that she would be loyal to him and would serve as his sounding board. Victor said that he'd asked to speak with Ashley and that she'd become very angry during their discussion.

Victor's eyes sparkled beneath his raised his eyebrows as if he'd won a victory when he noted how angry Ashley had become. Victor said, "That's what I wanted." Victor explained that Jack's weakness was his hubris because no matter what Jack had, he wanted more. Victor maintained that Jack would become cocky and lose everything.

Sharon asked if Victor expected Jack to lose Nikki. Victor said, "I offered to buy Ashley's stake in Jabot." Victor said he had known that Ashley wouldn't agree to sell her stake. Victor added that it was his way of proving to Ashley that everyone was aware of Jack's plan to push her aside. Ashley, Victor noted, would become intensely angry, and then everything would fall into place.

Ashley went to Crimson Lights to share some news with Abby. Ashley said, "Tucker and I are done for good." Abby was relieved. Ashley asked about Abby's community service. Abby brushed off her mother's question in favor of gossiping about Sharon. Ashley admonished her daughter and explained that community service wasn't a joke. Ashley added, "I don't have any patience for immaturity or selfishness from anybody, including you. I think everyone in our family and extended family should grow the hell up!"

Ashley ranted about family members who believed that they should have whatever they wanted. Abby nervously averted her mother's gaze when Ashley added that she'd witnessed selfish behavior from Jack, Victor, and from Abby. Ashley reproached Abby for becoming distracted by a text message. Ashley said, "You said I could count on you. Maybe you need to prove it. I'm going to need someone in my corner when I take down your Uncle Jack." Abby looked shocked.

Sarge later returned to Jack's pool area. Jack mentioned his fast-approaching wedding date and said he hoped Sarge would be present. Sarge warned Jack that he perhaps hadn't set a realistic goal. Jack replied, "You really don't think I'll be back on my feet in time?" Sarge explained that he hoped for a full recovery for Jack, but worried that Jack might give up if he wasn't able to walk on his wedding day.

Jack concentrated his attention on strength-building exercises and noted that he was probably Sarge's most annoying client. Sarge explained that he'd chosen to become a physical therapist after he and his brother were involved in a disastrous street-racing accident. Sarge noted that his brother, paralyzed from injuries sustained in the accident, had had nothing to do with him since the accident. Jack, referring to Sarge as "Augie," praised his friend for his steadfast encouragement. Sarge noted that only his brother and Jack were allowed to call him Augie.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Abby was curious about Ashley's fight with Jack over Jabot. Ashley had no patience for Abby, especially since Abby was busy getting a text message from Carmine. Ashley left just as Victoria and Billy entered the coffeehouse. They asked Abby if she wanted to join them because Nikki was stopping by to share some news. Abby said she had to leave and begged off. On the patio, Abby made a call and arranged for a lunch date at Gloworm. Victoria and Billy went to the counter and asked Eden how she was doing. Eden said she still had no memories from the night Ricky died.

In an interrogation room, Paul told Christine that he felt he'd overreacted to Ricky on the night of the killing. Paul wasn't so sure that Eden was really in danger. Christine believed that Paul had told the truth. She was also hopeful that Tim might shed light on Ricky's demeanor and potential for violence. Paul was doubtful that Tim could help them.

At the penthouse, Nick and Avery questioned Phyllis about what Tim might reveal about Phyllis' past. Phyllis said that Tim had been her court-appointed therapist and she remembered that she'd admitted to feeling guilty about Christine and Paul. Avery felt that the client-patient confidentiality clause would protect Phyllis, and Nick agreed. Avery asked about Tim and Phyllis' personal relationship. Phyllis said it had not been a romance, but they had spoken outside of the office. Phyllis could not remember what she had said to Tim in those conversations. Avery left to go to the station to find out what was happening with Tim.

Alone with Phyllis, Nick expressed his regrets about the predicament they were in. Phyllis understood that he was disappointed in her for the past. Nick wanted to make Phyllis feel better. Nick received a call from Nikki, inviting him to join her and Victoria at the coffeehouse. Phyllis urged Nick to go, saying that she'd be fine. Alone, Phyllis poured a glass of wine and was worried.

In interrogation, Heather, Michael, and Ronan questioned Tim. Ronan asked Tim why Phyllis had wanted him to leave town so badly that she paid for Tim's vacation. Tim said that Phyllis was upset that Ricky had been questioning Tim about her past. Tim had jumped at the offer from Phyllis to fly far away from Kenosha. Michael asked Tim to tell him the things that Phyllis didn't want anyone to know about her past.

Tim would not reveal the secrets, and Michael threatened to get a subpoena, compelling him to speak. Tim asked for a lawyer and refused to answer any more questions. Tim had no interest in helping the authorities. Tim was only interested in protecting himself.

Jack found Nikki at the Abbott pool. Nikki was thinking about the wedding and suggested that they have the ceremony by the pool. Jack liked the idea. As Nikki walked around, Jack warned Nikki to avoid his weights, because he and Sarge were planning to have a workout day.

Jack also mentioned that he'd spoken to Traci about the wedding, and she would be there. Jack was anxious to speak with Kyle about the wedding, wanting to invite him personally. Nikki wasn't sure if Kyle would be okay with their marriage. Jack was prepared for whatever Kyle decided about attending the wedding.

At Newman Towers, Victor complimented Kyle on his work. Victor offered Kyle a few days off to celebrate Jack's wedding to Nikki. Kyle was unaware of the wedding, and he looked surprised. Kyle said it didn't matter to him. Kyle received a call from Jack, but he decided to ignore it. Jack was frustrated that Kyle would not return his calls.

Abby met Kay at Gloworm. Abby appreciated that Kay had agreed to have lunch with her, considering all of Abby's shenanigans of late. Kay said that as a young woman, she'd also been a rebel. Abby wanted to apologize for the kidnapping stunt. Kay told Abby that she forgave Abby for her mistakes.

Abby felt bad about the arts gala having lost money, so she offered Kay a sizable check to cover the losses. Kay was shocked, even though she knew that Abby could afford it. Kay offered to hold a press conference so Abby could receive credit for her donation, but Abby asked if it could remain quiet. Abby didn't want to make a fuss; she just wanted to get the funds to the places where it was needed. Kay agreed to keep Abby's secret.

Avery went to the station, and Christine informed her that Tim had requested an attorney. Rafe interviewed Tim, then Heather, Ronan, and Michael resumed questioning Tim. Michael said Tim would be a hostile witness if he didn't cooperate. Rafe said that Tim's conversations with Phyllis were confidential. Michael said that Tim and Phyllis had a sexual relationship, and those conversations were not privileged. Michael told Rafe that he would challenge the privilege clause in court. Tim and Rafe started to leave the station.

Michael told Avery that if Phyllis were to come clean about everything that had happened in the past, it would be better for her. Avery disagreed. Heather approached Tim with a request. Rafe was suspicious, but Tim agreed to listen to Heather. With Christine listening in, Heather explained that she wanted Tim to speak with Paul about Ricky. Heather and Christine were grateful when Tim agreed to help Paul.

In the interrogation room, Paul shook Tim's hand, and Tim expressed his condolences about Ricky. Tim said he'd only met Ricky briefly, but they had both had a common enemy -- Phyllis. Tim said that Ricky had been driven and obsessed with revenge. Christine wondered if Ricky might be violent, but Tim said the anger he sensed in Ricky was aimed at Phyllis. Paul asked if Ricky might have lied to him about having murdered three people. Tim didn't see a reason why Ricky would say that. Paul thought Ricky might have been seeking revenge on Paul.

Nikki broke the news to Nick, Billy, and Victoria that she and Jack were getting married at the end of the week. Nick agreed to give Nikki away, and Victoria said she'd be matron of honor. Jack would be speaking with Billy after his talk with Kyle. Nikki said the wedding would be at the Abbott pool. Victoria learned that Victor had found out about the wedding. Victoria and Billy offered to do whatever was necessary to help Nikki pull off the wedding.

Jack entered Victor's office, looking for Kyle. Victor told Jack that Kyle had been doing a great job at Newman. Kyle told his father that he already knew about the wedding date. Jack and Kyle stepped out into the hallway to talk. Jack apologized that Kyle had not heard the news directly from him. Kyle said he understood about his father's desire to marry Nikki, but Kyle had no intention of attending the wedding.

Nick returned home to Phyllis and told her about Nikki and Jack's wedding plans. Phyllis wondered if Nick thought their second-time-around marriage was working out. Phyllis was frightened about what was happening with Tim Reid. Later, Avery returned to the penthouse to report that Michael was going to challenge Tim's claim of confidentiality.

Paul was down on himself after speaking with Tim. Christine tried to make Paul believe in himself, but Paul said that he'd decided to plead guilty and accept the consequences. Heather was in tears. In the other room, Michael and Ronan discussed Tim's claim of confidentiality. Michael was not anxious to hear Tim's information because he suspected it would destroy Phyllis.

From the coffeehouse, Tim called Phyllis and said he'd yet to reveal what he knew to the D.A. Phyllis pretended that she was speaking to a clerk at Trumble's bookstore about a book she'd ordered. Tim wanted to see Phyllis, so she said she'd go to the store first thing in the morning. Nick listened to Phyllis' conversation and had no idea she was talking with Tim.

Victor held the elevator door for Jack. As the elevator began to move, the lights flashed, and the car stopped suddenly. Jack thought that Victor slipping the news of his wedding to Kyle was a low blow. Victor thought that Jack was getting a better woman than he deserved. Jack agreed with Victor that Nikki was too good for him. Despite the potentially explosive situation, both men were civil with one another.

Kay met with Ashley at the Abbott house to discuss Abby. Later, Abby saw Ashley and said that Kay had told her what Abby had done regarding the arts council. Ashley was proud of her daughter.

Later, Kay went to Crimson Lights and met Nikki. Before Nikki could tell her about the wedding plans, Kay feared that something had gone wrong. Nikki declared that they had moved up the wedding date to the end of the week. Nikki said she and Jack had decided there was no reason to wait. Nikki also felt that Jack needed his spirits boosted, since he was still stuck in the wheelchair. At another table, Victoria and Billy discussed how they'd be related after Jack and Nikki's wedding. Billy was pleased that Jack had Nikki in his life.

Kyle arrived at the coffeehouse, completely winded from having hiked down the stairs at the Newman Towers because the elevator was stuck. Kyle revealed that Jack and Victor were trapped in an elevator. Nikki, Kay, Billy, and Victoria raced to the office to see if Victor and Jack were all right.

Kyle admitted to Eden that he felt strange being back in Genoa City because nobody there appreciated how wonderful his mother had been. Kyle was upset that Jack was getting married on the anniversary of his mother's death.

In the lobby of the Newman Towers, Billy, Victoria, Kay, and Nikki watched and waited to see if Victor and Jack had attacked each other in the elevator. When the power returned, the doors to the elevator opened, and Victor and Jack emerged unscathed.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

At home, Billy and Victoria talked about the fact that Jack and Victor had survived being stuck in the elevator at Newman Towers and hadn't killed each other. Billy and Victoria were having fun with Johnny, reveling in being parents to the baby boy. Unbeknownst to them, the spirit of John Abbott was watching them with the child. Billy put the boy in his carriage. John looked down at his namesake and told the baby he was lucky to have Billy as a father. Billy received a call from Jack asking him to stop by for a visit. Billy said goodbye to Johnny, then left Victoria to spend the day with Nikki and Kay.

At the Abbott house, Jack was happy to see Billy and asked him to be his best man at the wedding. Jack also mentioned he might need some extra help from Billy. Before he could explain, the front door opened, and Ashley arrived with Traci. John's spirit appeared to watch his children having a reunion. Traci asked about Jack's wedding, and Jack admitted that Kyle would not be attending. Ashley commented she'd be there, but then waited for Jack to explain why the two of them were at odds.

When Traci heard the details of Jack's plan to merge Beauty of Nature with Jabot and solely run the new conglomerate, she thought that Jack was out of line for pushing Ashley out of the co-CEO position. Billy chose to stay out of the fray about business. Ashley declared that Jack was being selfish. John watched from the side, unhappy with the tension in his family. Ashley and Traci left for the pool house, and Billy announced that he was going home.

When John appeared to Jack, Jack mentioned that he hadn't seen his father since the night of his surgery. Jack remembered that it was his father's birthday. John said he was astonished by Jack's accomplishments since the shooting, but he criticized his son for the situation with Kyle and Ashley. John advised Jack to make things right while there was still time.

Nikki bumped into Victor at Gloworm, explaining that she was there to finalize the catering for her wedding the following day. Nikki commented that she was pleased that Victor had been civil to Jack when they were stuck in the elevator. Victor said he had told Jack that Nikki was too good for him. Before she walked away, Victor kissed Nikki on the cheek.

Nikki and Kay went to Victoria's where they were going to discuss the final plans for the wedding. Nikki said that she'd done everything, and there were no details left to be addressed. Victoria suspected that her mother had it all under control, so she proposed a bridal shower instead. Victoria had presents for Nikki and explained that she and Kay had thought the impromptu wedding deserved an impromptu shower. Kay was excited that Nikki had found love once again. Privately, Kay wished Nikki the best and didn't mention her concerns.

At the coffeehouse, Sofia met with Neil, and he was adamant that she not take the New York job because of Moses. Sofia said that she'd already responded to the offer, but had turned it down to avoid a custody battle. Neil was grateful, but Sofia felt she'd sacrificed her dream for him, and she wasn't happy. Neil apologized, but he explained that Moses should not be shuffled around from home to home. Sofia reminded Neil that they had agreed to raise Moses together before their divorce. Sofia declared that Neil had no respect for her and left angrily.

Harmony appeared and sat with Neil at his table. Harmony said that she'd been out of town, visiting Ana in New Hampshire. Harmony offered to listen to Neil if he wanted to talk about his troubles with Sofia. Neil explained why he felt he needed to fight for Moses. Harmony understood Neil's feelings, but she pointed out that Neil had broken Sofia's heart. Neil did not regret threatening to take Sofia to court over Moses' custody.

Harmony wasn't sure Sofia would ever trust Neil again. Neil and Harmony admitted that they'd both made mistakes in the past. Harmony advised Neil to always put Moses first. Neil appreciated that Harmony told him what he needed to hear.

At the mansion, Adam complimented Kevin on the computer interface for the website. Adam mentioned that he'd arranged for Jason Moore to supply the retail elements for the site. He was the CEO of Moore for Less, a huge retailer. Kevin was upset that Adam had pitched the site to Moore without Chloe or Kevin present. Adam explained why he had acted so quickly.

Chloe backed up Adam, but Kevin was upset nonetheless. Adam assured Kevin that he was as passionate about the project as Chloe and Kevin. Adam trusted Kevin to do his job, and he wanted Kevin to let him do his. Kevin asked Adam to try to have better communication with them in the future.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon saw Chelsea at the counter and said hello. Chelsea responded, but she was in a hurry to get away from Sharon. As she gathered her coffee and packages, Sharon saw that a small shopping bag had been left behind. Sharon looked inside and saw a pregnancy kit. Sharon threw it in the wastebasket.

Later, Chelsea went home, and Adam was alone. Adam said that he, Kevin, and Chloe were working out the kinks of their partnership. Adam wondered what Chelsea had bought while shopping. Chelsea realized that she'd lost a package. Adam wondered if she left it somewhere while she was out. Adam offered to help her find it, but Chelsea snapped.

Adam feared that Chelsea was mad at him, but then she admitted that she'd misplaced a home pregnancy test. Chelsea assured Adam that it was probably a false alarm and told Adam not to worry about her being pregnant. Adam was very quiet, so Chelsea said she'd make some dinner.

Later, Chelsea returned to the living room just as Adam was returning from an errand. He said he'd gone to buy another pregnancy test because he was excited about the prospects of being a parent. Chelsea was stunned that he wouldn't mind if she were pregnant. Chelsea was thrilled, and Adam hugged her tight. Adam loved the idea of the two of them having a baby.

Victor met with Sharon for dinner at Gloworm. Sharon was thrilled to have an evening alone with him. When Victor told Sharon that he'd gotten stuck in the elevator at Newman Towers with Jack, Sharon laughed. Victor explained that he'd wished Jack well with his wedding to Nikki. Victor told Sharon that she made him happy, and Sharon responded that she had really needed the time alone with Victor.

Back at the ranch, Victor had arranged a romantic setting in the living room for Sharon. Victor suggested that he and Sharon start over, have a new beginning. Victor asked Sharon for a dance. Sharon said the evening had been amazing. Victor believed that Sharon belonged to him and asked her if she would marry him. Sharon was dazzled and smiled at his proposal.

Billy returned home to Victoria, and he said that Nikki had missed the fireworks at the Abbott house when Jack and Ashley had fought over Jabot. Billy said he was not getting sucked into the family business battle. Out by the pool, Ashley admitted to Traci that she'd been hanging on by a thread after her breakup with Tucker, Abby's kidnapping stunt, and all this nasty business with Jack about Jabot and Beauty of Nature. Traci sided with Ashley in the business battle, recalling how Ashley had run Jabot on her own while Jack had been stuck in the hospital after the shooting. Traci thought that Jack was ungrateful to Ashley.

Back in the house, Jack told John's spirit that he felt he'd been given a second chance after the surgery, and he was grabbing for everything he wanted. John was disappointed in the man Jack had become. John thought Jack wanted the wrong things. Jack declared that John wasn't real, and he wouldn't listen to him. Jack left the room.

Ashley was sorry she'd pulled Traci into her squabble with Jack, but Traci said that she was used to family drama. Traci felt bad that Ashley was going through so much turmoil. Traci impulsively asked Ashley to return with her to New York after the wedding. Traci thought that Ashley needed to find her happiness. The sisters recalled that it was John's birthday, and Ashley wished their dad were still alive. Traci said that their dad was always with them.

Later, after Traci had gone into the pool house, John appeared to Ashley and said that he knew about all her problems. Ashley said she was very confused. John told Ashley to take care of herself and find her own happiness. Ashley wanted specific direction, but John explained that Ashley needed to ask herself what she really wanted for her future. John told Ashley that he loved her and always would.

Nikki returned home to Jack, and they were both excited about the wedding. Nikki said she'd had a mini-bridal shower with Victoria and Kay. Nikki could sense that Jack was upset, and Jack admitted it wasn't about Kyle. Jack felt that the family reunion could have gone better. Jack hated that Ashley was angry with him, but Jack couldn't worry about making his sister happy. Jack was pleased that he made Nikki happy.

Chloe complimented Kevin on having been very fair with Adam in the business meeting. Kevin explained that he needed to do some payroll, but he would be free to spend time with Chloe later. Kevin returned a short time later, and Chloe suggested that they go home. Kevin was thinking of a happy time with Delia, but Chloe said that Delia was sleeping out for the night. Kevin was excited that they'd have the house to themselves and hurried out with Chloe.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

On the Newman jet, Victor told Sharon that he'd made all the wedding arrangements and that the judge would meet them when they landed in Las Vegas. Before they were wed, Victor asked Sharon to sign the pre-nuptial agreement he'd prepared. Sharon was stunned and compared his showing her the document to being doused with cold water. Sharon wondered if they should reconsider what they were doing. Sharon did not want to have any regrets about marrying Victor. From Victor's perspective, the pre-nup was simply a way to protect Newman Enterprises.

Sharon assured Victor that she'd never sue for any part of Newman Enterprises, but Victor knew better. Sharon looked at the pre-nup and was agog at how much money Victor intended to give to her if she married him. When Victor asked her again to marry him, Sharon said yes. Later, the notary public boarded the jet to authorize the pre-nup. The judge then arrived to perform the ceremony and reminded Victor that they needed a witness. Victor asked Wes, the pilot, to do the honors -- and also videotape the ceremony.

As Victor and Sharon gazed into each other's eyes, the judge performed the ceremony. Victor and Sharon then said vows to one another. When the judge asked for rings, Sharon didn't think they had any, but Victor pulled out a gorgeous diamond solitaire ring for Sharon. Victor was pleased by her stunned reaction. When Sharon said she had no ring for Victor, he suggested that they improvise and took the band off of a cigar. Sharon laughed and then slipped it on Victor's finger. The judge declared them husband and wife.

Early in the morning, Adam was waiting for Chelsea to wake up so she could take the pregnancy test. Later, after administering the test, Chelsea told Adam she was not pregnant after all. Chelsea feared that she'd disappointed Adam, but he said that wasn't the case. Adam was happy that they'd reached the realization that they were ready to start a family. Adam wanted to continue working on baby making.

After Adam and Chelsea love on the living room sofa, Chelsea rested in Adam's arms, and they talked about having a child. Chelsea asked Adam if he would teach her how to be a good parent because Anita had been such a miserable mother to her. Adam promised to find the same book that his mother had used to raise him and presumed it could be found at the used bookstore. Chelsea wanted to go to town right away to find it.

At the Abbott house, Nikki was finalizing the wedding preparations and informed Jack that everything was going perfectly. Jack said that Abby was on her way to the house, so Nikki was free to do what she wanted to get ready for the ceremony. Nikki suspected that Jack wanted her out of the house because he was planning something special for her. Jack wouldn't say. Nikki left the house with her packages, including her riding boots.

Nikki arrived at the Newman ranch and let herself into the house. Nikki called in vain for Victor. When Nikki saw her old wedding album on the coffee table, she began browsing through the pages. Nikki looked at photos of herself with Victor at two of their weddings. Bonnie the maid walked into the living room. Nikki said that she'd been looking for Victor. Bonnie said Victor had left on the jet earlier in the day. Nikki asked Bonnie not to mention to Victor that she'd been there.

At the Abbott house, Sarge urged Jack to get to work immediately if he hoped to be ready to stand at the altar for Nikki. Jack was determined to get on his feet, but Sarge was concerned. Nick went to Victoria's to meet with Nikki. Billy excused himself so that Nick and Victoria could talk privately. At Jack's, Billy watched Jack working with Sarge and warning the therapist that Jack would not be denied once he set his mind to do something.

Ashley told Traci she had made a decision about going to New York after the wedding. Traci assumed Ashley would be staying with her for a visit, but Ashley explained she would move to New York permanently. Traci believed that Ashley wasn't acting impulsively, but she did want Ashley to think carefully about her decision. Traci admitted that there were many things in Genoa City for Ashley, things she'd have to give up if she stayed in New York.

Sarge and Billy told Jack that he didn't have to stand at the wedding, but Jack wouldn't give up. When Traci went into the room, Jack managed to stand for a few seconds longer by himself. Traci thought it was a miracle. Billy advised Jack to concentrate on what he had, not what he didn't have. Traci believed that Nikki would be thrilled to see Jack standing and just knowing that Jack would soon be on his feet again.

Abby gave Victoria her thoughts about which bride of honor dress Victoria should wear. Abby then announced that she had to get to the house to help out with the wedding. Abby went out by the Abbott pool and greeted her Aunt Traci. Ashley spoke alone with Abby and told her that she'd decided to move to New York. Abby asked about Jabot, and Ashley explained she'd be taking a leave of absence. Abby approved of Ashley's decision, then hugged her mother and said she'd miss her.

Alone with his sister, Nick told Victoria that Phyllis had more problems. Phyllis' therapist was being pressured to testify against Phyllis about their past relationship. Victoria surmised that Phyllis had manipulated Tim to cover up her crime against Paul and Christine. Nick hoped what Phyllis had said to Tim back then was covered by privilege, but he admitted that Phyllis was very worried.

Later, Nikki arrived at Victoria's to dress for the wedding. Victoria was alarmed that Nikki had gone to the ranch that morning. Nikki said that she had not seen Victor, but she'd simply wanted to have a private goodbye to her old life. Victoria asked Nikki to be very sure that she was doing the right thing by marrying Jack. Nikki said that she was sure she wanted to marry Jack.

At Trumble's bookstore, Tim met Phyllis and reminded her that he had not returned of his own volition. Phyllis denied that she was nervous, but Tim could see the fear in her eyes. Tim played a recording he'd made of Phyllis in a therapy session in which she had confessed to the hit-and-run accident. Phyllis tried to grab the recorder and cursed at Tim for secretly taping her. Tim said that they were the only ones who knew about the existence of the recordings. Phyllis guessed that Tim wanted more money, but Tim also missed Phyllis sexually. Tim offered to give up one tape for a single kiss from Phyllis.

Phyllis reminded Tim that she was a happily married woman. Tim asked for a kiss on the cheek as a down payment. Phyllis realized that Tim enjoyed manipulating her. Tim glowered at her. Phyllis gave him a quick peck on the cheek and then grabbed the tape. Tim promised that he would be back for more. Adam and Chelsea entered the bookstore. Adam said hello to Phyllis, but she walked past him without a word. Later, Adam accidentally bumped into Tim.

On the jet back to Genoa City, Victor asked Sharon if she was prepared to spread the news about their marriage. Sharon said yes, so when Victor took out his phone, she encouraged him to tell the world. Victor called Billy with the news that he'd just married Sharon and had a video for Billy to post on Restless Style's website. Billy was shocked by the timing of Victor's marriage, but encouraged his father-in-law to send the video. Victor assured Sharon that the news of their wedding would be public knowledge before they touched down.

When they returned to the ranch, Sharon said it felt different being there as Victor's wife. Victor said her life would never be the same. Sharon asked if she could move out of the guest room, and Victor agreed. When Sharon went upstairs, Victor noticed Nikki's riding crop on the coffee table. Bonnie confirmed that Nikki had been at the ranch while Victor had been gone.

Billy called the office with the information about Sharon and Victor's wedding. Billy gave the go-ahead to publish the story and post the video on the website. When Nick asked Billy if they could have a truce while they were at the wedding, Billy agreed. Phyllis went to Nick's side, and he told her they could leave if Billy did anything to upset her. Phyllis wanted to be there for Jack's sake. Later in the garden, Nick noticed that Phyllis was perturbed.

At Gloworm, Ashley thanked Tucker for agreeing to meet her. Ashley only had a few minutes because she had to return to the wedding. Ashley added that after the wedding, she would be flying to New York. Tucker was stunned that she was moving out of Genoa City and offered to leave instead of her. Ashley said she had reasons for moving other than their divorce. Tucker asked if he could change her mind. Ashley responded by giving Tucker her wedding rings. In tears, Tucker kissed Ashley goodbye and watched as she walked out of his life.

By the pool, Billy pulled Victoria aside to tell her the news about Victor's Vegas wedding to Sharon. Victoria wanted Billy to keep it quiet until after Jack and Nikki's wedding. In the house, Nikki asked Victoria to give her a few minutes alone. Back at the ranch, Sharon walked into the living room and discovered that Victor had gone out. Sharon suspected that Victor had gone to Nikki's wedding. Sharon took her keys and left the house.

When Jack and Sarge appeared, all dressed for the wedding, Phyllis told Jack how handsome he looked. Jack asked for a chance to speak with Nikki once before the ceremony, promising not to look at her gown before the wedding. With Jack in one room and Nikki in the other, Jack and Nikki told each other how anxious they were to be husband and wife.

While Nikki primped in front of the mirror before the wedding, Victor entered Jack's living room. Nikki asked why Victor was there. Victor said that there was something Nikki needed to know. Nikki asked Victor not to ruin the day for her, but Victor said she had to know something important.

Friday, August 3, 2012

At Nikki and Jack's wedding, Victoria griped to Billy about the timing of Victor's wedding to Sharon, and she speculated that Victor was playing a stupid game to ruin things for Nikki. Victoria wondered whether Billy's source had been mistaken, but Billy insisted that he had accurate information. Victoria pressed Billy not to tell anyone else. Billy said that there was more to the story, but Victoria cut him off, because she didn't want anyone to overhear.

Nick asked Phyllis if she was okay, but Noah and Summer's arrival distracted them. Katherine and Murphy arrived late and were glad that the ceremony hadn't started yet. Katherine wondered where Nikki was.

Inside the Abbott house, Nikki ordered Victor to leave, so she could marry the man she loved in peace. He barked for her to stop talking, and she begged him not to stop the wedding, but he implored her to listen. Sharon suddenly barged in, and Nikki became incensed. Sharon remarked that Victor hadn't yet told Nikki the news. Victor announced that he and Sharon had gotten married, and Sharon haughtily displayed her wedding ring. Nikki spat that they deserved one another, and she stormed off.

Sharon assumed that Victor was upset that she'd shown up, but she explained that after he'd disappeared, she had surmised that he had left to be there with Nikki. Victor clarified that he wasn't with Nikki, but rather, he was with Sharon. He kissed Sharon's cheek and led her to the door.

The guests anxiously waited for the ceremony to start, and Abby wondered whether Nikki had changed her mind. Nikki appeared, and Nick joined her to walk her down the aisle. Nick kissed Nikki on the cheek, and the minister asked if they should begin. Jack asked for a moment, and Sarge watched nervously as Jack prepared to stand. A shocked Nikki dropped her bouquet and moved to catch Jack from falling, but he slowly stood up on his own. The guests reacted with a mixture of awe and joy.

The minister proclaimed that the power of love could make miracles happen. Jack declared that he didn't know how long it would last, but while he was still standing, he had a few things to say. He stated that Nikki wasn't only his friend and lover, but also his inspiration. She had given him strength when he had been weak, and he had always aspired to be the man he was when he was with her. Jack knew that with Nikki by his side, he could accomplish anything.

Nikki gushed that she was proud of Jack and even more proud to become his wife. Nikki felt that Jack had shown her what it was like to be truly courageous, not just because of his recovery, but because of the way he loved her despite her faults. She vowed to do the same as they built their future together. Nikki and Jack exchanged rings, and the minister pronounced them husband and wife. Jack and Nikki happily kissed, and the guests applauded. Jack suddenly became wobbly and called for Billy, who helped him back into the wheelchair.

Phyllis checked her phone and discovered Victor and Sharon's wedding video. Phyllis showed it to Nick, who became livid and gestured for Victoria to join them. He realized that Victoria had already known, and Victoria sarcastically commented that Victor and Sharon's wedding had been special, particularly given the timing. Victoria disclosed that Billy had told her the news before Nikki and Jack's ceremony, and Phyllis revealed that Restless Style had the exclusive video. Victoria glared at Billy.

Nikki found Jack watching Sharon and Victor's wedding video. She admitted that Victor had been there earlier to let her know about the nuptials, and Jack realized that Victor's visit had been the reason Nikki had been late to her own ceremony. Jack speculated that Victor had wanted to twist the knife, but Nikki replied that she wished Victor had stayed, so he could have seen how happy Nikki and Jack were. Summer informed Nikki and Jack that everyone was waiting for them to cut the cake.

In his best man toast, Billy encouraged Nikki and Jack to live each day, knowing how lucky they were and to count their blessings instead of their shortcomings. Billy raised his drink to Jack and Nikki's happiness, and everyone clinked glasses while Jack and Nikki kissed. Nikki fed Jack red velvet cake and sneaked a bite for herself. Jack thanked everyone for attending and for making the day special. Nikki said that every person there was a reminder of where she'd been and of how lucky she was to be with Jack that day.

Nikki deliberately tossed her bouquet directly at Abby, who protested. Jack thanked Sarge, but Sarge credited Jack with taking a huge chance and not falling on his face. Nikki offered Sarge some cake, but he headed back to the hospital. Jack said that Nikki had made him a terribly happy man. Ashley interrupted and asked to speak with Jack inside the house.

Billy argued that he hadn't hidden anything from Victoria, but she blasted him for not telling her about the video. Billy explained to Victoria that Victor had been determined to post the video, but Victoria was incensed that Billy hadn't talked to her about it. Ashley apologetically asked to speak to Billy, and Victoria warned him that their conversation wasn't over. Ashley, Jack, and Billy gathered inside, and she informed her brothers that she was returning with Traci to New York.

Billy assumed that Ashley was taking a vacation, but Ashley clarified that she was leaving indefinitely, because she needed a life change. Jack guessed that she was leaving because of what she felt he'd done to her. Jack said that he'd never intended to run her out of Jabot or out of town, but Ashley contended that she had made her decision for many reasons. Billy said that he'd miss her, but he supported her choice. Jack asked Ashley to remember that Genoa City would always be her home.

Abby, Summer, and Noah watched Victor and Sharon's video, and Summer scoffed at the idea of getting married on a plane. Abby incredulously asked if Noah had known, but although Sharon hadn't told him, he wasn't surprised. Across the patio, Ashley informed Katherine and Murphy that she was going to New York, and Katherine understood, because of everything Ashley had been through. Abby approached their table with the video in hand and asked if they were ready to be appalled.

Victoria lamented to Nikki that Victor had also chosen to get married that day, but Nikki quipped that Victor could have married Segundo for all she cared. Nikki added that Victoria and Nick wouldn't have any problem remembering their parents' anniversaries. Nick and Victoria left to check on Noah, and Katherine revealed to Nikki that she'd spotted Victor's car outside earlier. Katherine condemned Victor for upsetting Nikki on her wedding day, but Nikki insisted that she was no longer interested in what Victor did. "If only that were true," Katherine replied.

Phyllis told Nick that she didn't blame Victoria for being mad at Billy, but she was relieved to feel like she wasn't the worst person in town anymore. Phyllis received a call from Tim, and she pretended to make small talk with a friend about the wedding. Nick excused himself, and Phyllis huffed to Tim that she was busy and couldn't help him. Tim ominously stated that she could help him by getting busy with him at her earliest convenience, or his tape of her confession might end up on the news.

At the bookstore, Chelsea and Adam hunted for books about baby-making. He said that he'd read that they should attempt to conceive every other day, and Chelsea countered that she'd heard that they should try four times a day. He liked her idea better, and they made plans to pick up a thermometer and certain foods to aid their efforts. Chelsea marveled at the number of books about making a baby, and she wondered what people had done before the printing press. Adam amorously suggested that they rely on the old-fashioned way, and they kissed.

Chelsea and Adam arrived at Gloworm, where Gloria fretted over arrangements for Jack and Nikki's reception. Gloria pointed Adam and Chelsea to a table, and Adam suspected that the wedding would irritate Victor. Gloria received a text message and revealed that Victor had just married Sharon. She showed Adam and Chelsea the video of the wedding. Chelsea understood that it was big news for Adam to absorb, but Adam believed that Victor and Sharon had wed for the wrong reasons.

Victor and Sharon entered, and Gloria offered them congratulatory champagne on the house. Adam and Chelsea offered their best wishes to Sharon and Victor, who cordially thanked them. Adam and Chelsea returned to their table, and Gloria babbled to Sharon and Victor about the number of recent weddings in town. Victor noted that word had spread quickly, because Billy hadn't been able to resist temptation.

Victor toasted to his beautiful bride and many happy years together. They sipped champagne, and Sharon wished that she had let Noah know that they had gotten married. Victor contended that Noah was a grown man, and their families needed to deal with her being Mrs. Victor Newman.

Chelsea and Adam shared strawberries and cream at home, and she teased him for having a one-track mind, but he pointed out that they both did. She noted how different it was anticipating having a child with the man she loved, rather than being pregnant and alone in a foreign country. She said that everything happened for a reason, and he added that babies did, too, because they were the result of cause and effect. She dabbed some cream on his nose and playfully told him to show her how.

Kyle was surprised when Eden stopped by the Newman ranch with a six-pack, candy, and movies. He seemed less than enthusiastic, and Eden handed him a beer and asked if he was okay. He remained quiet, and she gently pushed him to open up. He grumbled that his dad was marrying the woman who'd killed his mom. Eden hoped that Kyle and Jack would work things out, but he maintained that he didn't want to talk. Kyle lightheartedly tried to steal some of Eden's candy, and they ended up having sex.

Sharon and Victor arrived home, and she was surprised when he suggested that she change into riding clothes. Ashley stopped by and said that she had to speak to Victor about something that couldn't wait, and Sharon ascended the stairs. Victor guessed that Ashley was there about his wedding, but she explained that she was going to New York with Traci. Victor encouraged Ashley to do what she needed to do, and he offered to keep Abby on a tight leash. He questioned whether Ashley was leaving permanently, but she hadn't ruled out a return. He fondly looked back upon their memories together. They wished one another the best, and they tearfully hugged goodbye.

Later, Sharon returned to the ranch from the stables, and she asked Kyle and Eden if they'd seen Victor, because she hadn't been able to keep up with Victor on their ride. Kyle suggested that perhaps Victor was on an important call. Sharon said that Victor's horse was back in the stable, but she had no idea where Victor was.

Billy, Victoria, and Abby wished Ashley goodbye. Ashley tried to maintain her composure as she hugged Abby, who said that she was already planning a trip to visit. Jack told Traci and Ashley to take care of one another, and Traci encouraged him to keep up the good work. Jack requested a hug from Ashley, who obliged. As Ashley stepped back, Jack grabbed her hand and mused that he loved her. Ashley returned the sentiment.

Ashley pulled Nikki aside, and she warned Nikki that Jack was a lot more like Victor than Nikki thought. Traci asked if Ashley was ready, and Traci and Ashley stepped outside. Ashley took a last look at the house, smiled, and departed.

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