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Monday, August 6, 2012

At the Abbott mansion, Victoria, Billy, Abby, Phyllis, and Nick prepared to raise their glasses as Nikki toasted her new groom. Nikki said, "When you stood up for me, my heart was yours." Jack responded to Nikki's toast and noted that she'd sat by his beside after he was injured. Jack added that Nikki's love and support had given him a reason to live.

After the toasts, Victoria took Billy aside and complained about him posting the video of Victor and Sharon's Las Vegas wedding. Billy claimed that Victoria was angry at Victor because he'd married Sharon just to prove that he didn't care what anyone, including Victoria, thought about his decisions.

Phyllis went inside to Jack's sitting room, so she could converse with Dr. Tim Reid on the phone. Nick overheard Phyllis when she said in an irritated manner, "Okay, I'll be there soon." Phyllis abruptly changed her tone after she saw Nick, and he demanded to know what was going on. Phyllis claimed that she'd been speaking with Daniel, who'd asked her to watch Lucy. Nick noted that Phyllis, acting overly perky, wasn't herself. Phyllis said she had to leave, and she kissed Nick ravenously.

At the Newman ranch, Sharon became frustrated after she was unable to locate Victor. While leaving a phone message for her new groom, Sharon yelled, "Come on, Victor, answer your damn phone!" The doorbell rang. Sharon stumbled toward the front door with a glass of booze in her hand and was disappointed to find Tucker standing on the front portico. Tucker explained that he and Victor had scheduled a meeting.

Mentioning news of Sharon and Victor's wedding, Tucker noted that he'd been unable to contact Victor to determine whether the meeting had been rescheduled. Feigning happiness, Sharon acknowledged that Victor wasn't home. She added, "Welcome to my wedding reception. I'm having a party!" Sharon raised her glass and invited Tucker inside.

Sharon angrily noted to Tucker that before Victor's sudden disappearance, he'd made her accompany him on a horse ride and had crashed ex-wife Nikki's wedding. Tucker grabbed a glass, poured over half of Sharon's bourbon into it, and took a sip. Sharon told Tucker that Victor knew how to say all the right things, but in reality, he just did whatever he wanted.

Sharon flashed her multi-carat diamond ring in Tucker's direction and cried, "This is not really a wedding ring. This is a revenge ring." Sharon swigged the remainder of booze from her glass and picked up her car keys. Tucker snatched the keys and said, "Sharon, you're toasted." Sharon warned that if Tucker didn't drive her, then she'd ride "that damn horse to get Victor."

Tucker escorted a drunken Sharon into the Abbott mansion. Sharon announced the she was searching for her husband. Nick said that his father wasn't at Jack's, but Sharon pushed her way past him and headed toward the pool. Nick glared at Tucker. Tucker shrugged and asked if he should have allowed Sharon to drive in her condition.

Sharon stumbled out onto the patio shouting, "Victor? Where is he?" Jack asked Sharon to leave. Sharon addressed Nikki and said, "Victor has been missing for hours, and you and I know exactly where he went!" Nikki said she didn't know and didn't care.

Sharon walked to the edge of the pool and stood defiantly with her hands on her hips. Sharon cried, "Don't care? That's why you're always coming to the ranch, riding your horse, and putting it in Victor's face!" Nikki suggested that Sharon was driving herself crazy by attempting to emulate her. Sharon scoffed and asked the gawking guests if she looked as if she had dollar bills hanging from a G-string.

Speaking quietly, Nikki told Sharon that it was difficult to be married to Victor. Sharon instructed Nikki to "take her pity and shove it." Nikki pushed Sharon into the pool and said, "Sharon, it is time for you to sober up!" Abby berated Tucker for crashing a wedding with another woman just after Ashley had left town.

Nick took pity on Sharon and explained that his dad's actions didn't reflect on his relationship with her. Sobbing, Sharon cried, "No, Nick, it doesn't. It doesn't have anything to do with me, and it's never going to have anything to do with me!" Jack instructed Tucker to escort Sharon home. Sharon, dripping wet, pointed her finger at the guests and yelled, "I will not forget this!"

Nick explained that after Victor and Sharon went for a horse ride, Victor had ridden off and left Sharon. Nick added that Victor's horse, in full tack, had later returned to the stables alone. Nikki, concerned, noted that Victor treated his animals better than his humans. Victoria suggested that everyone search for Victor. She added that her father should immediately file for an annulment.

Jack and Nikki excused themselves from the search. Victoria, still miffed at Billy, excluded him. Billy later apologized to Nikki and Jack because he'd failed to forewarn them and the rest of the family that he'd granted Victor's request to post the wedding video. Nikki noted that Victor's aim had been to ruin her and Jack's wedding day. Nikki added that loving friends and family had helped them celebrate their special day in spite of Victor's distractions.

Jack and Nikki later crawled into bed and snuggled together. Jack asked about Victor. Nikki said she was relieved that Victor had become Sharon's problem. Nikki added that her brain had been overloaded by Victor's tactless behavior. Jack noted that Sharon had never acted so desperate. Jack looked into Nikki's eyes and admired her beauty. Jack insisted that he'd meant what he'd said about Nikki having changed his life by remaining supportive when he was hospitalized. Jack insisted that Nikki had saved him. The couple kissed.

Nick, Victoria, and Abby searched the ranch grounds and questioned the staff. Abby suggested searching the riding trails. Victoria became less concerned about Victor and grew angry. Victoria refused to search the trails and noted that their father had planned his disappearance. Victoria mentioned the video and cried that Victor would do anything to make Nikki pay for marrying Jack. Victoria headed home.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Nikki and Jack laughed about Sharon ending up in the pool. Jack noted that Sharon believed Victor would never let go of his feelings for Nikki. Jack added that it was cruel of Victor to use Sharon to get back at Nikki. Jack declared that it was odd that Tucker had become involved with Sharon. Later, Jack awoke and discovered that Nikki wasn't asleep beside him.

Outside by the pool in the middle of the night, Nikki, wrapped in a silk robe, held her phone against her ear while it rang. She paced nervously while the phone continued ringing. Sounding desperate, Nikki said, "Oh, my God, Victor, you'd better be okay."

Tucker escorted Sharon into the sitting room at the ranch. Sharon cried that it was her wedding day. Tucker comforted Sharon and noted that the day would soon end and be followed by a better day. Sharon said, "I've lost my groom, but you're here. You're making me feel like I'm not a failure." Sharon said it was such a relief to be free of disapproving glares. Tucker said that because of his own experiences, he knew how Sharon felt.

Sharon, still unsteady, crawled on top of Tucker and began kissing him. Tucker didn't reciprocate Sharon's amorous advances and rose quickly from the sofa. Sharon stretched out and cried, "Nothing's working out for me the way I'd planned." Tucker said that after Victor returned, Sharon could either kiss Victor or slap him. After Sharon fell asleep, Tucker covered her with a cashmere blanket before he left.

Victoria returned home. Billy asked about Victor. Victoria scolded Billy again for posting the video of her father. Victoria said angrily, "How would you be able to sell any magazines without Victor Newman?" Victoria reminded Billy that he'd given her veto rights before he'd aired video of Nick punching him. She asked why Billy hadn't given her a vote about the wedding video. Billy looked frustrated. Victoria refused to discuss her dad's whereabouts with Billy on- or off-the-record.

Phyllis met with Tim at the bookstore and warned him not to summon her again. Phyllis also informed Tim that she wouldn't sleep with him in exchange for the tape recording he had of her confessing to attempted murder. Phyllis was stunned when Tim displayed on his phone the amount of money he'd settle for in exchange for the tape. Phyllis said, "You're crazy! I don't have Victor Newman's money."

Tim warned that Phyllis would face a jury trial if she failed to comply. Phyllis begged Tim to decrease the amount of money he was demanding. Tim reminded Phyllis that she'd taken away his livelihood and had inflicted substantial pain and suffering. Tim demanded that Phyllis make amends one way or another.

Tim lustfully glanced up and down Phyllis' body. Phyllis sighed when Tim again taunted her about releasing the tape. Phyllis told Tim that she'd need time to get the money. Tim replied, "I suppose I could give you an extremely short amount of time. You better come through for me, or I'll press 'play' and your life goes boom."

In the interrogation room at the jail, Heather became upset after Paul insisted that Christine enter a plea of guilty. Christine warned that Paul might spend the rest of his life in prison. Heather begged her father to heed Christine's advice not to plead guilty. Paul cried that he'd been proven wrong when he speculated that Ricky had killed Tim Reid. Paul added that he might also have been wrong to blame Ricky for the deaths of Rachel, Craig Hunt, and Daisy.

Christine reminded Paul that Ricky had confessed to the murders. Paul replied that Ricky, who only wanted his father's love and approval, had likely been taunting him. Christine recalled how Ricky had held a knife on Eden. Paul replied, "Where's the knife? Even if he did hold a knife on Eden, maybe he was testing me to find out if I would react like a real father would." Heather insisted that Paul was a real father. Heather noted that Ricky had rejected Paul just as he'd rejected decency and humanity.

Before Heather left, Paul demanded that she, acting as the assistant district attorney, force Christine to enter a plea of guilty for him. Christine stepped out into the hallway with Heather and vowed to watch over Paul. Heather noted that her father needed help, and she announced plans to convince Eden to undergo hypnosis.

After Christine returned to the interrogation room, she told Paul that if Eden could remember what had happened, she could testify that her life had been in jeopardy. Paul said that it would be too traumatic for Eden to relive the event. Paul maintained that Ricky had acted out of resentment because his own father had doubted him. Christine replied, "What harmless person acts out like that?" Paul blamed himself for having neglected his son.

Paul told Christine that if Ricky had committed the crimes authorities suspected he had, then he was to blame for Ricky's actions. Christine maintained that she would not allow Paul to throw his life away just because Ricky had. Paul claimed that the only way he could become a decent person again was to accept responsibility for having killed his son.

Christine refused to comply with Paul's plan to plead guilty. Paul told Christine that she was the most kind and decent person he'd ever known. Christine sobbed softly when Paul explained that he needed her to be his friend and not act as his attorney. Christine agreed to step aside, but she told Paul that she wouldn't stop worrying about him.

At Crimson Lights, Eden told Daniel that she wouldn't be able to repay Paul for saving her life if she couldn't regain her memory of what had happened in Ricky's suite. Daniel noted that after Daisy hit him on the head and knocked him out, it had taken a while before his memory of the event returned. Eden cried that Paul desperately need her help.

After Eden walked away, Heather arrived and asked Daniel to persuade Eden to undergo hypnosis. Daniel later chatted with Eden and mentioned Heather's suggestion about using hypnosis to stimulate memory. Eden was initially apprehensive. When Heather approached, Eden readily agreed to help Paul. After Eden stepped away, Heather thanked Daniel for his assistance and extended an invitation for a causal date. Daniel offered Heather a rain check because he had to get home to Lucy.

Abby and Nick arrived at Crimson Lights just before Daniel left. Nick, surprised to see Daniel, asked if Phyllis was watching Lucy for him just so he could run out for coffee. Daniel explained that he was about to relieve Lucy's sitter. Nick shrugged and said that he seemed to have misunderstood. Abby teased Daniel and noted that he'd also scheduled meetings with a long-haired attorney.

Changing the subject from Daniel to Victor, Abby insisted that Victor would have flayed her if she'd disappeared without notice. Nick explained that leaving without letting anyone know was a typical move for Victor. Nick added, "He married Sharon to stick it to Mom, and now all he has left to show for it is the wrong wife."

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Neil and Lily were having coffee at Crimson Lights and talking about raising their children. Lily sensed that Neil was upset about something, and he admitted that he was sad that Sofia had primary custody of Moses. Lily asked about Neil's relationship with Harmony, but Neil wasn't certain where they were going. Neil said that Harmony had asked him out on a date, but then she had gone out of town to visit Ana. Neil said he'd been waiting for an opportune time.

Lily advised Neil to stop overthinking it and ask Harmony to dinner. Neil remembered how messed up Harmony had been when she was still called Yolanda. Neil admired the way Harmony had cleaned up her addiction and changed her life. Lily believed that Neil was very smitten with Harmony. Neil couldn't deny that he like Harmony very much. Lily offered to help her father plan a perfect date for Harmony.

Abby arrived at Restless Style, anxious to be part of the first day of filming for the reality television show. Harmony was nervous about possibly being on air, but Abby was excited and gave Harmony advice about what to do in front of the cameras. Chloe told George, one of the publication's reporters, about the new website she and Kevin were creating. Chloe monopolized George's time and ignored Abby because she was still angry with her about Carmine.

Devon advised Abby to chill out about being on the show. Carmine arrived, and Abby greeted him warmly. Chloe wanted Carmine to leave the office immediately, but Abby said that Billy had approved Carmine being there for the filming. Chloe objected and got into a yelling match with Abby. Harmony disapproved of their snarking at each other. Later, Devon called Lily to remind her to watch the Restless Style show in case Harmony appeared on camera. Neil and Lily went to the counter to watch the television at the coffeehouse.

Before leaving for work, Billy was at home, speaking on the phone with Rafe to get the judge to lift the gag order about Phyllis' case. Victoria walked in and overheard, then accused Billy of taking advantage of her family for the magazine and TV show. Billy reminded Victoria that Victor had sent him the wedding video of him and Sharon to post on the website.

Victoria was furious with Billy for choosing to ignore her feelings about the family. Billy wished that Victoria would be more supportive of his new venture. Before Billy left the house, Victoria explained that her family would always be important to her, and she couldn't help wanting to protect them. Victoria begged Billy to not speak of Victor and Sharon or Nikki's wedding on-air. Reluctantly, Billy agreed to Victoria's terms.

While waiting for Billy to arrive at the office, Abby and Chloe volunteered to host the show if Billy failed to appear. Billy walked in with time to spare, and everyone applauded. Billy conferred with George, Abby, and Chloe about what they'd be discussing on camera. Billy told them all there would be no mention of Phyllis, Nikki, Victor, or Sharon. The show began, and Billy introduced himself as the editor and host of Restless Style, promising a show filled with celebrity gossip.

At Gloworm, Adam and Kevin were excited about the impending launch of Kevin and Chole's new website. Adam told Gloria not to pop the champagne yet. Chelsea walked in and showed Adam a magazine article about a website very similar to Kevin's, which was going to launch the next day.

Adam read the copy out loud to Kevin and the others. Adam was disappointed and blamed Kevin for delaying their choice of a graphics designer. Kevin suggested that they launch their site immediately and beat the competition. Adam didn't think it was possible because the graphics needed to be done. Kevin said that he could do the graphics himself.

Adam gave Kevin the go-ahead. Gloria and Jeffrey admired Kevin at work. Adam reported that Fenmore's was prepared for an expedited launch, and he was going to contact Jason Moore for his okay, too. When Jeffrey noticed Chelsea was at loose ends, he offered to buy her lunch. Chelsea proceeded to order the most expensive items on the menu.

Victoria strolled into Gloworm with Johnny. There was an awkward moment between Chelsea and Victoria, so Chelsea asked Victoria if they could talk. Chelsea wanted to tell Victoria about the plans she and Adam had to start a family. Chelsea asked Victoria to be at peace about Johnny because Chelsea had no intention of seeking custody of him.

Victoria was relieved to hear Chelsea say that she knew in her heart that Johnny belonged with Victoria and Billy. Chelsea suggested that she and Victoria reboot their relationship. Victoria agreed, and when Chelsea wanted her to accept their talk as an olive branch, Victoria was all for that.

In the penthouse, Phyllis recalled her meeting with Tim and his blackmail demands. Nick appeared and asked Phyllis why she seemed upset. Nick wanted Phyllis to tell him where she had gone after Nikki's wedding. Phyllis said that she'd needed some time alone. Nick wanted Phyllis to be more candid about her feelings, but Phyllis needed Nick's unconditional support. Avery arrived to watch the Restless Style launch on TV.

Phyllis wondered if Billy would violate the gag order by talking about her case. Avery was ready to call the judge immediately if he did. Avery received a call from Rafe. He was in court to challenge the gag order. Avery rushed out to meet Rafe at the courthouse.

Everyone at Gloworm gathered at the bar to watch the Restless Style show. Gloria had confidence in Billy's success. Kevin wished everyone would let him work on the web site, and Adam agreed with Kevin that the TV show didn't matter to them. Meanwhile, Victoria cringed as she watched Billy discussing Paul Williams' murder case. Billy mentioned that Ricky had worked at Restless Style. Billy then asked Chloe to report on a celebrity luau.

As Nick and Phyllis watched the show, Phyllis criticized the content, wondering why Billy had not reported about Victor's marriage to Sharon and all the business with Jack and Nikki. Nick believed that Victoria had muzzled Billy. Suddenly, Abby broke the news about her father's eloping to Las Vegas with Abby's former sister-in-law, Sharon. Billy covered his eyes. Watching the TV, Victoria was stunned.

During a commercial break, Billy blasted Abby for blabbing, but Abby felt that she'd saved Billy's show. When the show was live again, Abby continued to gossip about Victor and Sharon. At Gloworm, Victoria blamed Billy for not getting Abby to shut up. On the show, George and Chloe were excited by all the gossip.

Harmony wandered into the scene to hand Billy his phone. Billy took the opportunity to introduce Harmony to the folks watching. Billy spoke for a minute on the phone and got the go-ahead to talk about Phyllis and Nick. Billy told viewers all about Phyllis' arrest and then presented the video of Nick smacking Billy in the face. The show ended with Billy promising a big bombshell about Phyllis "next week."

After the show, Carmine congratulated Abby. Devon thought Harmony had been great. George complimented Billy and was anxious to hear more dirt. Avery returned to the penthouse and told Nick and Phyllis that the judge had bought all of Rafe's arguments about freedom of the press. Nick explained that Billy had said there was a bombshell coming on the next week's show in Phyllis' case.

Phyllis was worried and told Avery and Nick she wanted to go out for a walk. They understood and watched her leave. In the hallway, Phyllis called Tim to ask if he'd leaked anything to a certain bigmouth TV host. Tim said he had not. Phyllis reminded Tim to keep his mouth shut or else she wouldn't have any more money for him.

Devon took Harmony to the coffeehouse for a coffee, and they ran into Neil and Lily. Devon said everyone in the show was very stressed until Harmony had interrupted with the phone call from Rafe. Lily and Devon went to the counter, leaving Harmony and Neil alone. Neil told Harmony that she was incredible, and then invited her to go out to dinner. Harmony smiled.

Chloe went to Gloworm, and Kevin congratulated her on the success of the first episode of the Restless Style show. Chloe was unhappy about Abby's part in the show, believing that she was a camera hog. Kevin mentioned that their web site was ready to launch. Adam urged Kevin to push the button so they could begin making money. Kevin launched the site, and everyone was excited.

Victoria went to Restless Style, and Abby took the blame for yapping about Victor's marriage. Abby exonerated Billy, but Victoria seemed steamed. Abby urged Carmine to get her out of there before Victoria exploded. Billy was worried, but Victoria said she was too happy about Chelsea to be mad at Billy.

Victoria explained that Chelsea had reassured her that she was starting her own family with Adam and had no interest in claiming Johnny. Victoria didn't want to fight with Billy anymore. Victoria had missed the end of the show, so she had missed Billy showing the Nick video. Victoria let that go, but wanted Billy to tell her the bombshell news about Phyllis. Billy admitted that had no bombshell, but he expected something would break by the following week.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Phyllis returned to the penthouse just as Nick was getting ready to leave for a business meeting. Phyllis was still upset about Billy's broadcast and what he might know about her past. Nick believed that Phyllis was safe because there was nothing else she'd kept from him. Phyllis was determined to uncover what Billy knew. Nick urged Phyllis to forget about Billy, but Phyllis was compelled to use her journalistic skills to save herself. Phyllis was especially hurt because Billy, her former friend, was the source of the media attack.

Nick asked Phyllis if she'd been completely honest with him, and Phyllis lied that she had. After a moment, Nick told Phyllis that he suspected that Billy might be bluffing about having a bombshell about Phyllis. Nick advised Phyllis to relax, then he kissed her and left the apartment. Phyllis tried to call Tim, but he was not answering his phone. Frustrated, Phyllis decided to go out and deal with her problems herself.

At home with Victoria, Billy admitted to his wife that he'd lied to the viewers because he had no bombshell scoop about Phyllis. Billy hoped that before the next week's broadcast, he'd find something sensational, or else his show would go down in flames. Victoria wondered why Billy was so rattled, and Billy confessed that being on television was a nerve-wracking experience.

Billy feared the next show might be a disaster, and he was also upset that Abby seemed to have no control on camera; she would say anything. Victoria had confidence in Billy and assured him that he would not fail. Billy exaggerated the importance of the television show, making Victoria feel insecure. Victoria questioned how far Billy might go to make the Restless Style show a success.

Victoria reminded Billy that certain topics had to remain off-limits. Billy asked Victoria to trust him not to cross the line. Billy went on to say that he was worried that the demands of the show were raising the bar each and every week for him. Victoria was certain that Billy would clear that bar with every show. Billy appreciated Victoria's support, but wished that he had a scoop about Phyllis.

There was a knock on the door, and Phyllis appeared to speak with Billy about the Restless Style show. As Phyllis questioned him about what he knew, Billy played coy about the information he had. Billy asked Phyllis to tell him her side of the story. Phyllis wasn't about to tell Billy anything. Billy noticed that Phyllis seemed tense and nervous, making him wonder why his sister-in-law was afraid of a little television show.

Phyllis told Victoria and Billy that the entire family was affected by what she was going through, even Lucy. Victoria was incensed that Phyllis acted like she was worried about the children. Victoria asked if Phyllis had been thinking about her children when she covered up running down two people with a car for nearly twenty years. Phyllis realized that Victoria and Billy still held a grudge against Phyllis because of Lucy.

Victoria reminded Phyllis that she had a history of ripping other people's lives to shreds in order to publish a story in the pages of Restless Style. Victoria declared that Phyllis had never cared about others, only herself. Phyllis realized that appealing to Billy and Victoria's humanity was a mistake. She declared that they were not acting like family. Before leaving, Phyllis assured Billy that his television show would fail. Billy grinned after Phyllis closed the door because he knew that Phyllis was hiding something big.

Taking a break from Jabot, Cane met Lily and Neil at the coffeehouse. Lily told Cane that they'd just watched the Restless Style television show, and Harmony had been on it. Lily added that Neil had finally asked Harmony out on a date. Neil said that Harmony was supposed to meet him at Crimson Lights, but she was running late. Neil told Lily and Cane that he really wanted everything to go right for his first date with Harmony.

At Gloworm, Harmony and Kay entered, and Kay assured Harmony that she looked wonderful for her date with Neil. Harmony was nervous and asked Kay to wait with her until Neil showed up. At a table, Harmony asked Kay if she seemed hypocritical because she had changed her mind about romance. Kay told Harmony that she should go after Neil, especially since Sofia had divorced him. Harmony wondered why Neil was late. Kay urged Harmony to call him, and when she did, Neil realized they had a mix-up about where to meet.

In the Abbott living room, Nikki walked downstairs for breakfast, and Jack asked Nikki if she enjoyed their first day of married life. Nikki was very happy, but noted that Jack needed to get to work. While Jack answered the phone, Nikki headed out the door. At Crimson Lights, Cane flirted with his wife and suggested that he and Lily needed a night out together. Cane's phone rang, and it was Jack requesting that they meet immediately at the Abbott house. Cane said he'd be right over.

When Cane arrived at the Abbott house, Jack informed him that Ashley had left town and taken a leave of absence from Jabot. Jack said there would be changes at Jabot, starting with the fact that he was in charge. Jack complimented Cane for doing a good job with Jill out of the country. Jack promoted Cane to interim head of marketing until Jill returned. Cane wondered if they needed to increase staff in the public relations department. Cane offered to head up the search for the position, and Jack appreciated Cane's initiative.

Later, Kay ran into Lily at Trumble's. Lily asked if Kay had seen Harmony, and Lily mentioned her coffee with Neil. Kay and Lily laughed when they realized how anxious Neil and Harmony had been about their first date. At Gloworm, Neil got a table with Harmony and apologized for the meeting mix-up. Adrian, the waiter stopped by to take their order, but he was new and nervous. They were his first table for the day. Neil said he and Harmony were on their first date.

After placing their orders, Harmony and Neil tried to talk, but their conversation was strained. Neil told her about his business, and she commented on the bread. Adrian served their meals, but he had the wrong order. Later, after having drunk their water and eaten the bread, Neil called for Adrian, and he spilled ice water on Neil. Harmony told Neil they were trying too hard. Neil agreed, and Harmony suggested that they go to a movie and get some dinner afterwards.

Tucker arrived at the Newman ranch, and a hung-over Sharon answered the door. Sharon apologized to Tucker for having kissed him while she was drunk. Tucker said he'd done worse things while on a bender. When Tucker asked about Victor, Sharon said that Victor hadn't bothered to contact his new wife.

Nikki arrived at the ranch, but Sharon wasn't interested in being social. Nikki was upset that Tucker was with Sharon, especially since Victor was still missing. Nikki criticized Sharon for not doing enough to find Victor. Sharon urged Nikki to go home to her own husband.

Nikki wouldn't leave, and Tucker defended Sharon. Sharon reported that Newman security had determined that Victor was not injured, but he had not told anyone where he'd gone. Nikki complained that Sharon was hardly in a position to get the Newman security team to confide in her. Nikki asked if Sharon had reported Victor's disappearance to the police. Sharon said Victor hadn't been gone 24 hours. Nikki took charge and called the police herself.

A Genoa City police detective went to the ranch and collected all the information about Victor from Sharon. The detective said that Victor's disappearance was not yet a police matter, and that Victor had a history of dropping out of sight periodically. Nikki reminded the detective of Victor's notoriety, and the man agreed to send out alerts to police stations around the country.

Before Nikki left, she heard the detective agree to Tucker's suggestion that they monitor the ranch phones. Nikki wondered if Sharon would want everyone to know about her phone conversations. Sharon said she had nothing to hide and was fine with the phone tap. After the detective had done the job and left, Sharon thanked Tucker for standing by her in front of Nikki. Tucker offered to be Sharon's friend if she needed one.

Nikki met Nick at Crimson Lights and said she was concerned about Victor. Nick said that Newman Enterprises were searching for Victor. Nikki explained that she had stepped in to take charge with the police in the matter of Victor's disappearance. Nick told Nikki to let Sharon handle Victor's case. Later, Nikki went home to Jack and told him about her visit with Sharon, concerning Victor's disappearance. Nikki said she'd been compelled to inform the police. Jack appreciated that Nikki told him what she'd done, then he pulled Nikki into his arms.

Nick went to the ranch and warned Sharon not to run off the rails just because Victor had disappeared. Sharon pointed out that Victor had abandoned her right after their wedding. Nick asked Sharon why she'd missed an important meeting with Tarragon at Newman Enterprises that morning. Sharon apologized, but Nick wanted to know what had happened with her and Victor. Sharon said nothing had happened out of the ordinary. Sharon suggested that Nick concentrate on Phyllis' case and leave Sharon alone. Nick told Sharon to pull herself together for Faith's sake.

Cane went to see Lily at Trumble's, and he told her the good news about his promotion at Jabot. Lily was surprised that Ashley had left town and the company, assuming there was more to her departure than just business. Cane said he'd volunteered to help out with the search for a new public relations director. Lily offered to use her modeling connections to get Cane some leads. Cane regretted that he'd taken on more work because that would be less time he'd have for Lily and the kids.

Harmony and Neil wound up at Crimson Lights, laughing about what a disaster their first date had been. Everything had gone wrong, including the air conditioning being broken at the movie theater and Harmony breaking a heel on her shoe. Neil thought they should try dating another night. Harmony thought they should buy some food at the coffeehouse. Neil said there was a concert in the park, and Harmony proposed a picnic. Neil loved the idea and kissed Harmony. Tucker walked in and saw them kissing.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

In the penthouse, Nick walked downstairs, and Phyllis acted like she was perfectly fine. Nick offered to cancel his business meeting to stay with her, but Phyllis urged him to go to work. As soon as Nick was out the door, Phyllis removed her robe and was dressed for a business meeting of her own. Phyllis called Tim and said she'd get his money but warned Tim not to speak with Billy Abbott. Tim said that he hadn't talked with Billy, but he could sell Phyllis' confession tape to Billy if Phyllis didn't pay him off.

At the police station, Paul told Nina what had happened regarding Tim Reid. Nina was shocked to learn that Ricky had not killed Tim, but that Phyllis had paid Tim to leave Kenosha and hide from the police. Paul said that none of that mattered because Ricky was dead, and Paul felt responsible. Nina told Paul that he was not guilty of killing Ricky, but Paul was determined to plead guilty and accept punishment.

Heather ran into Ronan at Crimson Lights, and she was surprised that he was not in the office. Ronan said he needed a decent cup of coffee. Christine arrived and said hello to both of them. Ronan grew annoyed as Heather and Christine started to share information about shopping for shoes online. Ronan left, and Heather smiled at Christine because they had wanted to get him to leave.

Heather gave Christine the name of a forensic psychiatrist who could hypnotize Eden to try to restore her memory of the night Ricky died. Heather hoped that the therapist, Dr. Kaufman, would be successful with Eden for Paul's sake. Later, Heather went to see Paul. Nina asked Heather to talk some sense into Paul. Heather explained to Paul that Eden had agreed to be hypnotized, and that could prove that Paul was innocent. Paul didn't want Eden to endure that.

Heather was in tears about Paul's decision to plead guilty. Paul passionately explained to his daughter that he hated what was happening and just wanted the entire thing to be over. Nina saw Ronan in the hallway. Ronan was polite with his mother, but when Nina invited Ronan out to dinner for his birthday, he turned her down. Nina said that Ronan was wrong about Paul being guilty. Ronan said he was simply collecting the facts of the case. Nina warned him that Paul was ready to plead guilty.

At the coffeehouse, Eden told Kyle and Daniel about being hypnotized to break through her memory block. Kyle was very down on the idea, but Daniel was certain that Heather and Christine would take care of Eden. Michael and Lauren walked into Crimson Lights, and Kyle told Michael that Eden had agreed to be hypnotized. Michael was against it, but Eden told Michael that she was determined to help Paul.

Michael was concerned that the trauma might be too much for Eden. Lauren defended Eden's decision. Privately, Lauren reminded Michael that they had to help get Paul out of the mess he was in. Michael feared that Eden might have a breakdown during the hypnosis. Lauren convinced Michael to try to be supportive. Michael asked Eden to think it over, but Eden said that her mind was made up.

Kyle was upset that Daniel had pushed Eden to go under hypnosis. Christine told Eden that she had arranged with Dr. Kaufman to do the procedure right away. They could meet the therapist later in the day at Eden's apartment. Eden was nervous, and Lauren explained to Christine that Michael had planted doubts in Eden's mind. Christine told Lauren that time was running out for them because Paul was ready to plead guilty. Eden went to Christine and said she'd meet Dr. Kaufman as planned.

Kay met with Nikki at Gloworm. Nikki mentioned how Victor's horse had returned to the stables without Victor, and that was very unlike him. Kay was worried about Nikki's obsession with Victor. Kay told Nikki to concentrate on Jack, her new husband, not Victor. Kay said Victor's actions were Sharon's concern. Nikki explained that she and Victor shared children and grandchildren. Kay reminded Nikki that Victor often left without a word. Kay warned Nikki to be careful where Victor was concerned.

After Nikki had left Kay at the table, Tucker joined his mother and wondered if she knew anything about Victor's disappearance. Kay knew that Tucker had been with Sharon the night of Nikki and Jack's wedding and guessed that he was fishing for information. Tucker explained that he'd had a meeting with Victor that night, and he'd simply stepped in to help Sharon when she discovered that Victor had gone missing.

Avery went to the ranch to see Sharon. Avery had not heard from Victor, and Sharon said she hadn't either. Avery was supposed to pick up some legal papers that Victor had left for her. Sharon suggested that Avery go to Victor's den and look on his desk. While Avery was out of the living room, Tucker called Sharon to see if she was all right. Sharon said there was still no word from Victor.

Avery returned to the living room and questioned Sharon about what was not on Victor's desk, the pre-nuptial agreement that Victor had wanted Sharon to sign before the wedding. Avery had instructions from Victor to pick up specific documents, including that pre-nup. Sharon denied that she'd ever been presented a pre-nup.

Tucker went to see Sharon after she'd called him at Gloworm. Sharon was a bit rattled by Avery's visit. Tucker informed Sharon that he had done some research into Victor's disappearance. Tucker learned that the Newman jet had never left Genoa City. Sharon thought Victor might have flown commercial, but Tucker had checked on that, too. Victor hadn't. Sharon believed that Victor was very resourceful. Tucker thought it would take someone just as resourceful to find where Victor had gone. Sharon told Tucker he didn't need to search for Victor.

Nikki went to the Newman stables and spoke to Buck, the stable hand, about Victor's disappearance. Buck, who tended to the horses, thought that Victor's horse, Jupiter, had not been the same since the day Victor had gone missing. Nikki and Buck agreed to go out on the trails to search for clues that might lead to Victor. When they returned from the ride, Buck showed Nikki that Jupiter had found a phone in the brush. Nikki recognized it as Victor's. Buck thought the police should have it, and Nikki agreed to take care of it.

Nick was at Gloworm for a lunch appointment. He called his secretary and learned it had been cancelled. Nick bumped into Avery as he was leaving the restaurant. Avery asked Nick if he knew anything about the pre-nup between Sharon and Victor. Avery thought that Sharon might be lying, but Nick didn't think Sharon had married Victor for money. Avery asked about Phyllis, and Nick told her that she'd gone to see Billy and Victoria. Avery was very upset.

At the penthouse, Phyllis met with her financial advisor and said that she wanted to borrow a lot of money from Summer's trust fund because she had a potentially terrific investment opportunity. The man said that Nick had to be consulted for the amount Phyllis wanted to withdraw. Phyllis said that according to the terms of the trust, Nick did not need to co-sign, and she insisted that he proceed. The advisor was very suspicious of Phyllis' urgency.

Kay bumped into Nina at the coffeehouse. Nina finished up on the phone with her agent. Kay sympathized with Nina about all the pressure she was under. Nina told Kay that Paul wasn't doing well. Nina mentioned that she'd also had a run-in with Ronan at the police station. Nina couldn't understand why Ronan was so determined to convict Paul. Kay advised Nina to be patient with Ronan. Kay believed that Ronan would eventually learn that Paul was innocent.

Outside Paul's interrogation room, Ronan and Michael were concerned that Paul might plead guilty. Lauren appeared and said that she'd talk Paul out of it no matter what it took. Lauren spoke with Paul and reminded him that it had been her gun. Lauren was confident that Eden's hypnosis session would reveal her memory of that night. Later, Lauren informed Michael that Eden had decided to proceed with the hypnosis. Heather and Nina convinced Paul to wait on the plea until after Eden's session.

Later, Ronan ran into Avery at Gloworm. Avery wanted to speak with him about Phyllis because she was worried. Ronan wasn't surprised because Phyllis was in a lot of trouble. Avery said that Phyllis was under a lot of pressure. When Avery said that Phyllis would stay far away from Tim, Ronan said it would be a big mistake if she didn't. Ronan told Avery that he'd advised Phyllis to accept Michael's plea bargain. Avery countered that she'd make sure that get Phyllis got off.

Phyllis went to Trumble's and dropped a piece of paper for Tim in the shelves. Tim picked it up, and Phyllis surreptitiously explained that the note contained the information for Tim to access an offshore account where she'd left Tim's blackmail payoff. Phyllis told Tim to stay out of her life forever. Tim wasn't sure he was done with her. Phyllis threatened to kill Tim if he didn't get out of her life. Tim walked out of the shop. Phyllis was stunned when Nick suddenly appeared before her.

At her apartment, Eden took a seat as Dr. Kaufman was ready to start. Christine was there with Daniel and Kyle. Eden was assured that she'd be in complete control during the session. The doctor gave Eden instructions to calm down. Dr. Kaufman guided Eden back to the night of her blocked memory. Kyle urged the doctor to be gentle with Eden.

Christine moved closer, and Eden remembered going to Ricky's room. Eden recalled being nervous, but she couldn't remember why she had been scared. When the doctor questioned her, Eden offered that she'd been afraid of Ricky.

While she was talking with Tucker, Sharon received a message on her phone. It was from Victor. Tucker asked what it said, and Sharon was stunned by what she saw. Victor's message stated that the marriage had been a mistake, and it was all over. In the Newman stables, Nikki grinned. She'd used Victor's phone to send the fake message to Sharon.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dr. Kaufman asked a hypnotized Eden why she had been afraid of Ricky, and she became agitated. The doctor inquired whether she had been alone in Ricky's suite, and she babbled incoherently, but she managed to state that Ricky had been there. Dr. Kaufman asked what Ricky had been doing, and a terrified Eden cried out in protest. Kyle ordered the doctor to stop.

Christine begged Kyle not to interrupt the session, but Kyle insisted upon protecting Eden. Dr. Kaufman assured Kyle that Eden's reaction was part of the process, and Daniel reminded Kyle that Eden wanted to do it to help Paul. Everyone returned to their seats, and the doctor resumed the session. Eden calmed down and remembered that she had gone to Ricky's room to get proof that Ricky had done something dastardly to Daisy. Eden recalled finding Daisy's cell phone and wallet, and Christine remarked that the police had proven that they had been in Ricky's possession.

Dr. Kaufman gently pressed Eden to explain why she had been afraid, and she yelled that she had to get out and begged someone to "stop it." The doctor asked what had happened, and Eden mentioned Ricky's hands. She began to thrash around in the chair, and Kyle tried to hold her down. Dr. Kaufman implored Eden to focus, and he inquired whether Ricky had touched her. Eden screamed.

Dr. Kaufman ended the session and told Christine that he would provide documentation of his evaluation right away. He asked Eden if she would be all right, and she insisted that while she was shaken, she would be fine. Eden was dismayed that she couldn't remember more, though she could testify that she had been scared of Ricky. Christine didn't know if that would be enough.

Once they were alone, Kyle covered Eden with a blanket on the couch and sat down next to her. Eden vaguely recalled hearing his voice when she had been in her trance, and Kyle admitted that he'd lost it when she'd freaked out. She was grateful that he had been looking out for her, and she noticed bruises on his arm. He said that a tough chick had let him have it, and she realized that it had been her. Kyle said he was proud of her for being brave, though she didn't feel like she was. He pulled her onto his lap and assured her that she had nothing to be afraid of.

Nick's arrival at the bookstore startled Phyllis, who stammered that she was getting a book for Faith. Nick revealed that he had had seen Tim leaving, and Phyllis feigned surprise, but Nick demanded to know what was going on. Phyllis lied that she had wanted to thank Tim for keeping quiet about their sessions, but Nick suspected that there was more to the story, and he admitted that he'd followed her. She became incensed, but he explained that he'd seen their financial advisor in their building, and then he'd spotted her leaving. He demanded the truth, but he wanted to hear it at home.

At the penthouse, Phyllis explained that Tim had been blackmailing her with tapes from their sessions, during which she had talked about Paul and Christine. Nick thought that perhaps Tim had been bluffing, but Phyllis informed him that she had heard the incriminating tape herself, and she'd had to pay Tim a lot more not to go to the media. Nick questioned why their financial advisor had been there. Phyllis confessed that she'd lied to the advisor, because she hadn't had enough cash on hand, so she'd borrowed from Summer's trust fund.

Nick was shocked by how much Phyllis had paid Tim, and she swore to pay it back. Nick was furious that she had done everything possible to keep him in the dark after she had promised that everything had been out in the open. Phyllis insisted that it had been, but then Tim had blackmailed her later, and she had wanted to take care of it herself. Nick spat that her previous attempt to pay Tim off had nearly gotten her arrested for Tim's murder.

Phyllis whimpered that she hadn't wanted Nick to hear what she had been like back then, but Nick was preoccupied with stopping the funds transfer. Phyllis worried that Tim would go to the police, but Nick barked that she didn't get to make decisions alone anymore. He ordered Phyllis to call Avery to find out the worst that could happen.

At Crimson Lights, Heather approached a frazzled Avery, who admitted that she had too many things on her plate. Heather asked whether Avery had room for one more, because Christine was stepping down as Paul's attorney, and Heather wanted Avery to drop Phyllis' case and defend Paul instead. Avery agreed that Paul never should have been charged, but she couldn't desert Phyllis. Heather understood Avery's sense of family loyalty, but she also felt that there was no comparison between Paul's innocence and Phyllis' misdeeds. Avery regretfully maintained that she couldn't help.

Phyllis arrived and asked to talk to Avery privately, but a busy Avery tried to brush her off. Phyllis insisted that it was very important, and she led a reluctant Avery to the patio. Phyllis confessed that she'd paid Tim off again, and Avery was stunned. Avery asked who else knew, but Phyllis blurted that Nick was trying to stop the transfer, and she wanted Avery to help her. An exasperated Avery quit as Phyllis' attorney.

Phyllis acknowledged that she'd screwed up, but Avery ranted that she'd just defended Phyllis to Heather, while Phyllis had been lying and giving in to blackmail. Avery couldn't trust Phyllis, and she asserted that it would be impossible for her to defend Phyllis. Avery said that she could still be Phyllis' sister, but not her lawyer.

Heather received a call from Daniel, who asked to meet her in person to discuss Eden's hypnotherapy session. They made plans to meet at the bookstore. Avery approached Heather and offered to become Paul's attorney. Christine overheard and complained that it would be a conflict of interest, but Avery announced that she was no longer representing Phyllis.

Christine asked why Avery was no longer Phyllis' attorney, and Avery claimed that Phyllis had fired her. Christine thanked Avery for taking Paul's case. Christine approached Phyllis and questioned what had caused Phyllis to fire Avery. Phyllis refused to talk to Christine, who said that she was leaving town but that she would be back to watch Phyllis be carted off to prison.

Phyllis complained to Nick that Avery had abandoned her, but Nick thought Avery was justified. Phyllis pleaded with Nick to hold her, but he coldly stated that he hadn't been able to stop the transfer. She contended that maybe it was a good thing that Nick hadn't been able to stop it, because Tim had his money and would disappear. Nick couldn't believe that she was still trying to rationalize her actions. He said that he loved her and was trying to stand by her, but she didn't make it easy. He walked out.

At the bookstore, Daniel relayed the results of Eden's session to Heather, who apologized for dragging Daniel into everything. Daniel asked if the session would be of any help, and Heather hoped that Eden's fear of Ricky would have a positive impact on the jury. Heather said that she owed both Eden and Daniel for their efforts.

Daniel reported that Eden had kicked and screamed every time the doctor had mentioned Ricky. Heather became tearful, and Daniel apologized for upsetting her. Heather was disturbed by the thought of what Ricky had done to Eden and to other women, and she called her brother a horrible person. Daniel pulled her into a comforting hug. They slowly pulled back, and they shared an intimate gaze.

At the police station, Michael requested a moment alone with Paul, and Nina stepped out. Michael mentioned Paul's intent to change his plea, and Paul affirmed that he planned to plead guilty unless Eden remembered something. Michael revealed that he had turned the cameras off, and he would later deny saying it, but Michael begged Paul not to plead guilty, regardless of what happened in the hypnotherapy session. Paul thought it was crazy that the district attorney would ask him not to plead guilty, but Michael knew in his gut that Paul was innocent. Michael insisted that his determination to help Paul stay between them.

Michael warned that if Paul pleaded guilty, he'd serve serious time, and Michael couldn't guarantee that Paul would remain in protective custody. Paul understood, and he appreciated Michael's support, but he felt that he had no proof that he had shot his son to save Eden's life. Michael contended that Paul could testify to it because it was the truth. Paul didn't want to put his loved ones through the pain of a trial, but Michael implored Paul to give himself a fighting chance. Michael called Paul a good and honest man, and he advised Paul not to plead guilty out of a misguided sense of penance.

Later, Christine informed Paul, Nina, and Michael that Eden hadn't remembered the knife, but Eden had been hysterical with fear when she had recalled being in the same room with Ricky. Paul started to ask her something, but Christine said that his new attorney would have to advise him, because she was heading back to Washington. Christine hugged Michael and Nina goodbye. Christine told Paul that she was just a call away, and he thanked her for everything. She said that the next time they saw one another, they would celebrate his innocent verdict, and they embraced.

In the Newman stables, Nikki gleefully looked at the text message she'd sent to Sharon from Victor's phone. Victoria entered and recognized Victor's phone, and she asked if Victor had returned. Nikki said that he hadn't, and Victoria questioned what Nikki was doing with his phone. Nikki crowed that she was ending a sham of a marriage.

Nikki reported that Jupiter had led her to the place where Victor had left his phone, but she hadn't been able to find any information about Victor's whereabouts. Nikki complained that Sharon hadn't even contacted the police, so Nikki had taken matters into her own hands by sending Sharon a text message. Victoria read the message and called Nikki's actions terrible, but she wasn't able to stop herself from giggling. Nikki continued to fret about Victor's disappearance, and Victoria urged Nikki not to let Victor ruin Nikki's happiness with Jack.

Victoria theorized that Victor had left town to lick his wounds, but Nikki contended that he could also be in serious trouble. Victoria asked how Jack fit in, and Nikki swore that she loved Jack and that everything was great, but Victoria pondered why Nikki was messing with Sharon. Nikki argued that she couldn't pretend that Victor didn't exist, but Victoria thought that Nikki should stop obsessing and go home to Jack. Victoria insisted that Nikki tell Sharon that Nikki was behind the text message.

Nikki balked at Victoria's demand, but Victoria explained that while Victor was probably all right, Nikki couldn't let his wife think he was fine when there was a small chance that he wasn't. Nikki agreed to spill the truth, though she preferred not to.

Sharon flipped out over the text message, but Tucker pointed out that at least it meant that Victor was alive. Sharon ranted that Victor was probably annulling their marriage at that very moment. She blamed Nikki for the turn of events because she believed that Victor had only married Sharon to hurt Nikki. Sharon recalled that she had almost backed out of the wedding, especially because of the prenuptial agreement. Tucker asked if she'd signed it, and Sharon recounted that the terms had been incredibly generous, but only if she and Victor had remained married for a minimum length of time. Sharon assumed that she'd leave the marriage without anything, and she scornfully noted that Victor would want to keep his family empire perfectly intact.

Tucker said that Victor had screwed over a lot of people, and Sharon called herself another face in the crowd who Victor had used and thrown away. She suddenly gasped when she spotted Victor's briefcase. She recalled that Victor had carried it with him on the plane, and she speculated that the prenuptial agreement was inside. She found that the briefcase was locked, and she cursed Victor's name.

Sharon tried to jimmy the lock, and she requested Tucker's help. He stated that she had a right to open it, but he didn't, though he would like to watch. He suggested that she hit the lock with something bigger and heavier. She picked up a sculpture and bashed the lock until it popped open. She rifled through the contents of the briefcase and found the prenup.

Sharon glanced through the document and asked Tucker to take a look, and Tucker confirmed that she would get nothing from such a brief marriage. Sharon bitterly speculated that Victor had probably planned all along to use their marriage to try to get Nikki to walk away from Jack, and then dump Sharon to marry Nikki. Sharon pondered whether she should call Avery, or whether she should take a page from Victor's playbook instead. Tucker questioned whether Sharon intended to "out-Victor Victor."

Sharon wondered what would happen if the prenup disappeared, and she marveled that instead of exiting the marriage empty-handed, she could be entitled to a piece of Victor's fortune or a stake in Newman Enterprises. Tucker wasn't opposed to playing dirty, but he thought that she was asking for trouble because a notary had witnessed her signature. She countered that the notary hadn't read the contents of the document, and if the prenup couldn't be found, it couldn't be enforced.

Tucker asked about copies, but Sharon was certain that Victor hadn't had time to make any. Tucker cautioned that Victor wouldn't let her win without a fight. Sharon felt that Victor owed her after what he'd done to her, and only the prenup was in her way. Tucker didn't want to get further involved, and he left.

Avery called Sharon and asked if she'd heard from Victor. Sharon claimed that she hadn't, and Avery inquired whether Sharon had found the prenup. As Sharon set fire to the document, she calmly stated that she hadn't seen it, but she would let Avery know if she did. Nikki entered and demanded to know what Sharon was doing.

At the Port of Los Angeles, Victor gazed out at the barges on the water.

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