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Monday, August 13, 2012

At Gloworm, Nick sipped bourbon and ignored a call from Phyllis. A while later, the front-gate security guard at the ranch phoned and reported a disturbance at the main house. The guard told Nick that after Nikki arrived, staff had heard Nikki and Sharon yelling. Nick told the guard that he'd handle the matter.

At her penthouse, Phyllis became exasperated after she left Nick a phone message begging him to return her call. Summer entered the room and asked where her dad was. Phyllis said she didn't know because he hadn't returned her calls. After Summer offered to summon Avery, Phyllis admitted that Avery was no longer her attorney. Summer said, "Dad's pissed at you! That's why he's not here or answering his phone."

Summer continued to lash out at her mother. Summer shouted, "What did you do to Aunt Avery to make her quit?" Phyllis nervously tugged at her unkempt hair and insisted that she hadn't done anything. Summer yelled that her mother was lying. Phyllis, at her wit's end, yelled back, "Shut up! Shut up!" Phyllis regained control of her emotions, embraced Summer, and apologized. Summer said that she feared losing her mother. Phyllis assured her daughter that she wouldn't leave Summer.

In the police department's interrogation room, Avery gave Dr. Hoffman's report on Eden's hypnosis session to Paul. Paul noted that Eden hadn't remembered any details to corroborate his story. Avery explained that Eden had expressed an extreme fear of Ricky because she felt he was a threat. Avery handed Paul a signed, notarized statement from Melissa Townsend affirming her belief that Ricky had killed her roommate.

Avery explained that Melissa Townsend's statement supported Paul's argument that Ricky had been involved in Craig Hunt's death. Avery noted that surveillance footage recorded outside Ricky's suite proved that Ricky had dumped Daisy's wallet and cell phone. Paul remained glum although Avery maintained that the footage had cast further suspicion on Ricky.

Avery assured Paul that a judge would lessen the charges if he'd agree to plead not guilty. Paul reminded Avery that he'd said he might change his plea if Eden could've backed up his story. Avery begged Paul to give her a chance to prove that he'd made a split-second decision the night Ricky died. Paul mumbled about killing his son and maintained that he was trying to do what was right.

At the police station, Lauren learned from Michael that Avery had taken over Paul's case. Michael explained that Christine needed to distance herself from the case and had returned to Washington, DC. Lauren didn't seem surprised when Michael added that Phyllis had fired Avery. Lauren said she hoped Avery could help prove Paul's innocence, but Michael explained that Eden's hypnosis hadn't been fruitful because she hadn't remembered seeing Ricky holding a knife.

Michael told Lauren that he couldn't do much to help Paul if Paul insisted on pleading guilty. Lauren vowed to help her friend by admitting that the gun Paul had used belonged to her. Lauren explained that if the court was made aware that Paul had taken the gun to prevent her from harming Daisy, it would prove that Paul had had no intention of shooting Ricky. Michael reminded Lauren that she could end up in jail because she'd purchased the gun illegally while she'd been on probation.

Lauren and Michael, talking softly, were arguing about the gun when Avery approached and announced that Paul wouldn't be changing his plea. Avery added that she'd requested another bail hearing based on new evidence that Michael would soon be made aware of that proved Paul's actions hadn't been premeditated. Michael warned Avery that he wouldn't ease the way for her to arrange bail. Avery noted that she was famous for helping free innocent people that had been charged with crimes they hadn't committed. Michael asked Avery why she wasn't helping Phyllis. Avery told Michael to ask Phyllis.

After the hearing ended, Paul stood beside Nina at the police station while she thanked Avery for successfully pleading Paul's case. Nina noted that Michael had argued against the bail, which had been set at a steep half-million dollars. Nina vowed to raise the money. Lauren and Michael arrived. Michael announced that Lauren had posted the bail. Lauren added that she'd enlisted the help of a friend to post the bail anonymously. Paul thanked Lauren and embraced her. After Avery, Nina, and Paul left, Michael slammed his briefcase on his desk disgustedly.

At the bookstore, Daniel and Heather were about to kiss when a store employee slammed a stack of books on a nearby table. Heather pulled away from Daniel. Heather and Daniel agreed that it was a bad idea for them to become romantically involved with each other. They made arrangements to chat over a meal at a restaurant.

At Gloworm, Heather, seated across from Daniel, received a text message about Paul's bail hearing. Heather thanked Daniel for convincing Eden to undergo hypnosis. Heather noted how awkward it was for Daniel to be helping her father even though she was prosecuting Daniel's mom. Daniel ordered drinks, and he and Heather chatted about his tattoos. Daniel displayed a quirky design inked on his finger.

Heather admitted that she feared needles, snakes, and hubris. Heather elaborated and explained that Odysseus had believed he could handle anything. Odysseus' attempts to do so had usually ended in epic failures, Heather added, just as they had for her. Daniel admitted that he feared not being a good father. Heather heard footsteps and noticed that Paul, along with Nina and Avery, had arrived.

Heather rose from her seat and tightly embraced her father. Nina said she was thankful that Heather had convinced Avery to take over Paul's case. Avery noticed that Phyllis had arrived. Avery replied, "It was the right decision." Phyllis scowled at Avery from across the room. Daniel left to order champagne. Paul, Avery, and Nina joined Heather. Paul told his daughter that he'd rather not celebrate. Avery left to relay Paul's wishes to Daniel at the bar.

At the bar, Avery told Daniel not to order the champagne. Daniel asked about Avery's plan to represent Paul and Phyllis at the same time. Avery explained that she wasn't representing Phyllis. Daniel glanced across the room at his mom. Avery advised Daniel to discuss the matter with his mom.

At the opposite end of the bar, Phyllis left yet another message for Nick. Michael approached Phyllis and said he'd heard that she had no attorney. Phyllis, acting aloof, bitterly noted that Michael was the district attorney. Michael assured Phyllis that his inquiry was made as her friend. Phyllis scoffed, "Friend? That's rich."

After Avery and Michael returned to their respective tables, Heather approached Daniel. Daniel cried, "You didn't tell me that Avery dumped my mom and took Paul's case." Heather touched Daniel's arm tenderly and said she'd thought he'd already known. Phyllis walked up to Daniel and Heather and menacingly stared at Heather. Heather quickly walked away.

Phyllis demanded to know if Daniel was involved with Heather. Back at the table, Heather attempted to ignore the scene between Phyllis and Daniel at the bar. Avery overheard Phyllis' tirade and glanced at her sister and nephew. Paul buried his head in his hands when Phyllis, referring to Heather, loudly said, "You realize that she could put me in prison, don't you? She's doing Christine's dirty work!" Daniel pleaded with his mom to drop the subject.

Phyllis continued ranting at Daniel and said, "Of all the women in Genoa City, you pick the one woman to hang out with that could do more damage to me than Daisy." Daniel told Phyllis that everything wasn't about her. Phyllis yelled that it was about their family. Avery walked up to Daniel and told him that it was time to place their food order.

After Daniel walked away, Avery admonished Phyllis for taking her anger out on Daniel. Avery advised Phyllis not to make a public spectacle of herself. Phyllis yelled at Avery and said she didn't need her sister's advice because Avery was no longer her attorney. Phyllis grew even more irate. Avery glared at her sister. Phyllis screeched, "You left me high and dry. That's why I'm pissed."

Avery told Phyllis that Phyllis blamed everyone else for her mistakes. Phyllis reminded Avery that Avery had bailed on Phyllis and wanted her to end up in jail. Avery replied, "You're the one who rented that car all those years ago. You covered it up, lied about it, and paid blackmail money to Tim Reid. Congratulations, Phyllis! If you were trying to trash your life, then you succeeded." Phyllis insisted that she was trying to protect her family. Raising her voice again, Phyllis added, "If you don't get that, you can go to hell."

Heather excused herself to leave Gloworm. Daniel followed her outside the door. Heather told Daniel that their relationship wouldn't work out because she was the assistant district attorney, and Daniel's mother had been accused of attempting to kill Heather's dad. Heather said they each needed to stand by their respective parent. Daniel grabbed Heather and kissed her. Heather pushed Daniel away, gazed at him longingly, and then rushed away.

Back inside Gloworm, Paul approached Lauren and thanked her for her help. Lauren told Paul that she'd admitted to Michael that the gun Paul had used had belonged to her. Lauren offered to help Paul. Paul pleaded with Lauren to trust Michael. Across the room, Michael approached Avery and asked about Phyllis. Avery replied, "It's no longer my problem."

Phyllis returned home and found a note from Summer stating that she'd be staying the night with a friend. Phyllis checked her phone and found no messages from Nick.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki entered the sitting room and found Sharon stoking a blaze in the fireplace. Nikki demanded to know what Sharon was burning in the fire. Sharon ordered Nikki to leave. Nikki declared that the house belonged to Victor. Sharon replied, "I am Victor's wife. What's his is mine." Nikki taunted Sharon and reminded her that Victor had left on their wedding night.

Nikki spotted Victor's briefcase and noticed that it had been pried open. Nikki again demanded to know what Sharon was burning in the fireplace. Sharon yelled, "Nothing!" Nikki grabbed the remainder of the documents from the briefcase and told Sharon she wouldn't let her hurt a good man like Victor. Sharon, angry, picked up her phone and said, "Let me show you a text he sent me." Nikki admitted that she'd sent the text message from Victor's phone. Sharon was livid and told Nikki that she had to be desperate to hang on to Victor.

Nikki explained that she cared about Victor, and she berated Sharon for seeking comfort from Tucker a mere hour after Victor had disappeared. Sharon said that poor Jack had deluded himself into believing that Nikki loved him. Nikki asked Sharon if she'd gotten rid of Victor. Sharon grabbed the files in Nikki's arms, and the two women began tussling and yelling. Nick arrived and separated the warring women. Sharon went upstairs.

Nick asked his mom if she were prepared to be jailed for fighting with Sharon. Nikki said she would if it might help locate Victor. Nikki showed Victor's cell phone to Nick and explained that she'd found it on one of the trails. Nikki admitted that she'd sent a text message to Sharon from Victor's phone and made it appear that Victor had asked to end his marriage. Nikki claimed that she'd only stopped by the ranch to admit the truth to Sharon.

Nick noted that the cell phone was Victor's private business phone, which held confidential contacts and text messages. Nick maintained that Victor would never intentionally abandon the phone. Nikki insisted that something was amiss. Nick reminded Nikki that Victor had disappeared the day she'd married Jack. Nick advised Nikki to consult the police. Nikki left.

Nick stooped in front of the fireplace and retrieved pieces of a burned document. When Sharon appeared, Nick demanded to know what she'd been burning. Sharon claimed she'd been chasing away a chill. Nick noted that it was August. Sharon claimed that she'd let Faith roast marshmallows for s'mores. Nick indicated the broken latch on the briefcase and asked if his father had locked chocolate in the case. Sharon explained that Victor might have forgotten his combination to unlock it. Nick threatened to question Faith about roasting marshmallows.

Sharon appeared bewildered when Nick said that Avery had told him she'd been unable to locate the prenuptial agreement Sharon and Victor had signed. Sharon shrugged, shook her head, and insisted that she knew nothing about a prenuptial agreement. Sharon claimed that she'd become enraged after Nikki sent the text message from Victor's phone. Sharon told Nick that she'd burned some letters that Victor had sent to her when he was in prison. Nick replied, "Dad's going to be back, and if you're lying, you really are playing with fire."

At the Abbott mansion, Jack made grand plans for a romantic honeymoon getaway in the Seychelles. He instructed his travel agent to set up a candlelight dinner and to place flowers in the room before he and Nikki arrived. Sarge prepared to help Jack with his exercises, and Jack promised to maintain his workout schedule while he was away.

Sarge studied the attractive travel brochure and asked if Nikki was upstairs, packing. Jack explained that the trip would be a surprise. Sarge cautioned Jack and explained that he was being presumptuous to plan a two-week trip without Nikki's knowledge. Jack assured Sarge that Nikki would have nothing on her mind but her groom while they enjoyed the beach together.

After Jack completed his workout, Nikki arrived. As Sarge walked past Nikki, he said he'd see Jack in two weeks. Nikki asked Jack if he'd planned a business trip. Jack admitted that he'd planned a surprise honeymoon for Nikki at the Seychelles. After Nikki discovered that she'd have to travel the next day, she told Jack that she couldn't leave because she was worried about Victor's mysterious disappearance.

Jack noted that Victor had disappeared without a word before. Nikki mentioned her discovery of Victor's cell phone, which she explained was being examined by police. Jack told Nikki to forget Victor and let the police handle the matter. Nikki said, "You know I can't do that." Jack sighed. Nikki said that Sharon didn't care about Victor. Jack scoffed that no one did.

Nikki told Jack that she had to find Victor. Jack reminded Nikki that she was giving up her honeymoon to search for a man who'd emotionally abandoned her numerous times. Nikki admitted that she couldn't begin a life with Jack until she was sure that Victor was all right. Nikki went upstairs and returned with her suitcase. Nikki told Jack that she loved him and wanted to be with him after she returned. Jack told Nikki that if she left, he wouldn't be waiting when she returned. Nikki rose from the sofa, gathered her belongings, glanced once more at Jack, then left. Jack looked hurt and angry.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Lily noticed that Cane was overtired from work. They were having coffee, and Cane admitted that he needed the caffeine because of all the late hours at Jabot. Cane had an interview arranged with a candidate for the PR job, someone Lily had recommended. Lily spoke with Cane about Genevieve and told him that he could not avoid his mother. Lily wanted Cane to believe that his mother had told him the truth that she was not behind all the strange messages and packages.

Lily had faith in Genevieve, but Cane didn't. He cited Genevieve's past, but Lily said that his mother had changed. Cane was relieved that there had been no more incidents. Lily thought the mystery person had succeeded in driving a wedge between Cane and his mother, and Lily wanted to do something about it. Lily suggested that they should all be working together to uncover the real culprit. Urged by Lily, Cane picked up the phone and contacted his mother.

At Trumble's, Genevieve answered her phone. It was Gerard from Paris, returning her call. Genevieve explained that she was looking for a new challenge professionally and asked if she might fit in his firm. Genevieve was stunned when Gerard told her that he had no interest in hiring her. Genevieve covered her disappointment. Her phone rang again, and it was Cane. Genevieve was still upset with Cane, but he urged Genevieve to meet him and Lily for a cup of coffee.

Genevieve went to Crimson Lights to talk with Cane and Lily. Genevieve busted Cane's chops for mistrusting her about the Claude Shirl incidents. Cane apologized and added that he believed that the Gloworm matchbook that had been left in Genevieve's hotel room was a clue. Cane told his mother that there had been a reservation at Gloworm in the name of Claude Shirl.

Genevieve told Cane and Lily that since her hotel room had been trashed, nothing else had happened to her. Lily and Cane also had not received any other messages or packages. Later, Lily showed Genevieve some photos of the twins. Cane also told his mother about his promotion at Jabot, and Genevieve congratulated him. Cane received a call from the Gloworm headwaiter that Claude Shirl had made a reservation for lunch. Lily, Cane, and Genevieve left for Gloworm.

Kevin and Chloe met with Adam and Chelsea about TagNGrab. Kevin was upset that their number one competitor was doing better than they were. Adam blamed Kevin for launching the site too soon. Chelsea and Chloe urged the men to stop squabbling and get to work on improving their business. Kevin analyzed the details of the competitor's site, and Adam predicted that they'd be revamping.

Kevin was certain that he could reprogram TagNGrab just as quickly. When Adam asked about how they could increase traffic to the site, Chloe suggested using her publicity contacts at the magazine to spread the word. Adam thought they needed to be very trendy with the merchandise they were selling. Kevin promised to make the site more user-friendly. They all left to do their work, while Chelsea went upstairs to the bedroom.

Later, Adam was wrapped up in work in the living room, studying the website. Chelsea entered the room and asked him to put the work on pause, then she kissed him. Adam apologized for having been so preoccupied with business. Chelsea understood that he needed to work on the site. Chelsea explained that she'd purchased an ovulation kit at the drug store, so they would make love at the optimum time to conceive.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren and Michael were having lunch. Lauren could tell that Michael was upset. Michael complained that he had never expected to be prosecuting his friends for murder when he became interim D.A. Lauren apologized for complicating the situation with Paul because it was her gun. Michael was very concerned about Phyllis. Michael planned to depose Tim Reid because he felt he had information that he'd been hiding. Michael feared Tim would implicate Phyllis in Christine and Paul's hit-and-run.

Michael was very suspicious about why Avery had decided to stop representing Phyllis. Michael speculated that Phyllis had to have done something very bad to force Avery to walk away from the case. Lauren was worried for their friend, too. Michael expected that Tim was withholding information and would break down when he was interrogated again. Lauren realized that Phyllis was in a world of trouble. Michael worried that Phyllis would do something reckless to protect herself.

At the penthouse, Phyllis was glad that Nick had returned home the night before. Nick said there were more problems beside Phyllis. Nick was upset that Nikki had flown off to search for Victor. Phyllis apologized to Nick for lying about paying off Tim. Nick said if he went after Tim like he wanted to, he'd beat the guy's head in. Nick demanded that Phyllis start confiding in him. Phyllis appreciated Nick's support, but he was disappointed in Phyllis. After he was gone, Phyllis made a call and arranged for a meeting.

Later, Nick went to Crimson Lights and ran into Lauren and Michael. Nick realized that they were in an awkward situation, despite their friendship. Michael asked Nick about Phyllis, and Nick said she had not been relying on her family. Lauren wondered if Phyllis had found a new attorney. Michael was unhappy to learn that Phyllis wasn't taking advice from anyone. Michael tried to get Nick to explain why Avery had quit the case, but Nick remained quiet.

Leslie arrived at the penthouse, and Phyllis welcomed her into the apartment. Phyllis complimented Leslie on her success rate in the past year. Phyllis asked Leslie if she would represent her, since Avery had resigned from the case. Phyllis asked why Avery had left, and Phyllis claimed that Avery's quirks had been driving Phyllis crazy. Leslie said that the situation would be different between the two of them, since they were not related. Leslie agreed to become Phyllis' attorney.

After Nick left the coffeehouse, Kevin and Chloe spoke to Michael and Lauren about their problems with the website. Michael had an idea to help Kevin. Later, Kevin went to see Phyllis with a proposition that she work for TagNGrab. Kevin believed that Phyllis could be a magnet to draw customers to the TagNGrab site. He said that fans of Phyllis would want to see where she was shopping.

Phyllis was reluctant to get involved because she felt she was a journalist. Kevin asked Phyllis to help them get the website rolling. Phyllis wasn't sure she wanted to draw attention to herself at that point in her life. Kevin thought it would help her damaged reputation. Phyllis understood why Kevin wanted her to publicize the site, but she wasn't ready to say yes. Kevin offered to give Phyllis a little time to consider the offer.

At home, Billy was upset that Nikki had abandoned Jack to go search for Victor. Billy told Victoria that it was ridiculous that Nikki would leave her new husband for Victor. Victoria defended her mother by pointing out that she and Victor had a long history. Billy was looking at the ratings for the Restless Style premiere, and they weren't very good. Billy feared that producers might pull the plug on the show if the ratings didn't improve. Billy had to find the dirt on Phyllis for the next show.

Victoria was certain that Phyllis had been hiding something about the hit-and-run. Billy was pleased that Victoria would not object to him going after Phyllis despite the family connection. Billy said that he planned to use his sources in the D.A.'s office to find out the latest on Phyllis' case. At Gloworm, Tim ordered the most expensive food and wine on the menu for lunch.

Billy learned that the authorities would officially depose Tim Reid because they suspected he was hiding information. Victoria wondered how Billy would get to Tim. Billy hired a private detective to find Tim before Michael got him into the interrogation room. As Billy was leaving, he opened the door, and Nick was there to see Victoria. Billy left, and Nick approached his sister. Before he could ask her anything, Victoria said that she would not tell Billy to back off his investigation of Phyllis.

Nick was upset that Nikki had flown off to find Victor. Victoria believed that Victor had plotted his disappearance. Nick was unhappy that Victor had left behind a mess that Nick was forced to clean up. Nick suspected that Sharon had burned the prenuptial agreement that Victor had made her sign before their wedding.

Victoria was shocked that Sharon would do something like that. Victoria was also afraid that Sharon's antics would embarrass the Newman family. Nick thought the press would be all over Victor's disappearance, and Victoria agreed that the business journals would be very critical. Nick asked Victoria to return to work at Newman Enterprises. Victoria appreciated that Nick was in a tough position, but she wasn't interested. Victoria thought that Victor was playing games.

At Gloworm, a man named Claude Shirl walked in and asked for his reservation. Cane confronted the man and asked who he was. The guy walked away to go to his table. Genevieve intervened, and the fellow admitted that he was an actor who'd been hired to play a character named Claude Shirl. The actor would be paid fifty dollars to use that name and eat lunch. Cane and Genevieve believed that they'd been played again.

Kevin and Chloe returned to Adam and Chelsea's place. Kevin explained that he'd come up with the idea of hiring Phyllis to draw attention to the site. Adam liked the idea and felt they could control Phyllis. At the coffeehouse, Michael and Lauren heard about Phyllis getting the job offer from Kevin. Lauren asked Michael to go home with her for some love in the afternoon, since he had an hour before his next appointment.

Victoria went to the ranch to speak with Sharon. Victoria pounded on the front door, but Sharon did not respond. Nick returned to the penthouse, and Phyllis told him that she'd hired Leslie as her attorney. Phyllis also revealed Kevin's job offer. Nick thought Phyllis should take the website offer because she needed to start over. Phyllis said that she wanted to start over with Nick. He kissed her.

Billy went into Trumble's with a videographer and confronted Tim. Billy asked Tim to tell him about his relationship with Phyllis. Tim turned and ran away from Billy, refusing to say anything. Billy was thrilled that the videographer had gotten the entire encounter on tape. Billy knew he could use the footage on the Restless Style television show.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Avery and Nick met at Crimson Lights to discuss business. Nick understood the reason why Avery had quit Phyllis' case. When they started to discuss Newman Enterprise business, Tucker interrupted to ask about Victor's disappearance and how it would affect the company's stock. Nick said he'd called an emergency board meeting. Tucker was glad to hear that and said he'd be at the meeting. After he walked to the counter, Nick and Avery continued their talk.

Avery was very concerned about Sharon and the prenuptial agreement Sharon said she'd never signed. Nick said he believed that Sharon had destroyed the document. Avery was shocked, but Nick said that Nikki had seen Sharon burning some papers in the fireplace. Nick said that Sharon had claimed they were letters from Victor. Avery said that if Sharon had burned a pre-nup, she could be a danger to Newman Enterprises because she'd have the power to take control. Nick was worried about Newman Enterprises.

At the ranch, Sharon heard Victoria knocking on the door and calling to her to let her into the house. Sharon hid Victor's briefcase under the couch then opened the door for Victoria. Sharon informed Victoria that Victoria couldn't just barge into Sharon's home anytime Victoria felt like it. Victoria talked about Victor and implied that his disappearance might be a way for him to test those around him. Victoria asked Sharon if she'd burned the signed pre-nup.

Sharon denied that she'd ever signed the pre-nup. Victoria pointed out that Victor had had Avery draw one up, so he had to have asked Sharon to sign it before the wedding. Sharon said that she and Victor had spoken about it, but he had been convinced that a pre-nup was unnecessary between them. Victoria declared that when Victor returned, he'd be furious with Sharon for destroying the document. Sharon said she knew Victor better than Victoria.

Devon bumped into Harmony at Trumble's. Harmony said that she was killing time before meeting Neil for a date. Devon approved of Neil and Harmony dating. Harmony described her disastrous first date with Neil, making Devon laugh. Harmony regretted the time she had thrown herself at Neil and admitted how embarrassed she still was by her behavior. Devon said that incident was in the past and Harmony was a different person. Harmony hoped so because she truly cared for Neil.

At Gloworm, Lily and Cane were talking when she noticed that Neil entered. Lily approached her father and was pleased that Neil was meeting with Harmony for a second date. Cane asked to speak with Lily alone, making Neil wonder if they were all right. Privately, Cane told Lily that the man who called himself Claude Shirl was an actor, just as he had said he was.

Cane was determined to find out who'd hired the actor and why someone was targeting him and Genevieve. Lily asked Cane if they could discuss the situation later, since Neil was watching them. Cane agreed, and the two of them spoke with Neil about his upcoming date. Neil asked if everything was okay between Cane and Lily. They assured Neil that everything was fine.

Lily left Cane at the restaurant because he had a lunch appointment. Devon showed up with Harmony. Off to the side, Neil asked Devon to keep an eye on Lily for him. Harmony and Neil took a table for their date. The same waiter who'd been such a disaster on their first date promised that this time would be different. He delivered a bottle of sparkling cider to them.

After a while, Harmony and Neil both commented on how well their second date was going. Harmony brought up her past regrets, specifically the way she'd abandoned Devon. Harmony was very grateful to Neil for having taken in Devon. Harmony also apologized for the time she had thrown herself at Neil. Harmony was still embarrassed by her actions. Neil accepted her apology and told her to forget about it.

As they were enjoying a rich chocolate dessert, Neil and Harmony agreed that it might be their third date if they considered the time when she had undressed in front of him. Harmony liked that they were on their third date. Neil leaned in and kissed Harmony. They toasted their date and many more to come.

Devon and Lily went to Trumble's, and he asked if she and Cane were having problems. Lily assured her bother that all was fine. Lily lied to Devon about why she and Cane were squabbling, blaming Cane's busy schedule and her needing help with the twins. Devon was concerned and brought up Cane's not-so-sterling family background. Devon asked Lily to turn to him and Neil if anything weird happened with Cane.

At Crimson Lights, Genevieve ordered a coffee but canceled the muffin she wanted because she was low on funds. Tucker noticed that Genevieve was watching her pennies. Genevieve gave Tucker her sympathies about the end of his marriage to Ashley. Genevieve confessed that she was in a bind financially and wondered if Tucker would help her out again.

Tucker bought Genevieve a coffee and showed her some kindness. Genevieve thanked Tucker for having been a good friend to her. Genevieve was very sorry that she'd been so hard on him about their past. Genevieve realized that she never should have brought up their failed relationship.

Tucker accepted her apology and agreed to help her out financially. Tucker glanced over at Avery and Nick talking on the patio, then he explained to Genevieve that he had a project in mind for Genevieve if she was interested. Genevieve was glad to do any kind of work for Tucker's company. Tucker told her to be ready for his call. In the meantime, Tucker assured Genevieve that her bills would be paid.

Later, at Gloworm, Genevieve met with her son. Cane explained to Genevieve that the man who had claimed he was Claude Shirl was indeed an actor, just like he had said he was. The man's story had checked out. Genevieve believed whoever was behind the pranks would slip up eventually. Cane mentioned that he had a lunch appointment.

When Genevieve heard that Cane was interviewing a woman for the PR job at Jabot, she was curious. Genevieve declared that she could do the job. Cane told his mother that he couldn't consider her. Cane looked for the woman, but she was late, and Cane was ticked off. Cane explained that Jabot would never hire Genevieve.

Genevieve understood Cane's position. Genevieve explained how foolish she'd been to make a play for Beauty of Nature. Cane understood about regrets. Cane asked the waiter if a single woman had been looking for him. The waiter said a lady had been there, but had left. Cane went to the table and found a note.

Cane looked at the note, and he was stunned. When Cane returned to Genevieve, he showed her the note he'd received. Genevieve read it and saw that it was signed "your sister." Cane and Genevieve were baffled. Genevieve was insulted that someone was toying with them by using Samantha's name. Cane wondered if Samantha could have written the note.

Nick went to Victoria's house to talk about Newman business. Victoria said that she'd gone to the ranch and had a talk with Sharon. Victoria claimed that Sharon had denied ever signing a pre-nup, even though she had admitted that Victor had shown the document to her. Nick said he'd called a Newman Enterprises emergency board meeting. Nick wanted Victoria to be there. Nick also asked Victoria run the company with him.

Nick appealed to Victoria's sense of responsibility to the workers of the company. If the company was in trouble, the people might lose their jobs, and Nick asked what would happen to them. Victoria felt for the employees. Nick really needed Victoria's help. Victoria said no to working for the company, but she agreed to appear at a press conference with Nick to present a united Newman family picture.

Avery went to the ranch and told Sharon that she'd gotten the combination for Victor's briefcase. Avery wanted to use it to open up the briefcase to see if the pre-nup was there. Sharon denied the existence of the document. Avery accepted what Sharon said, but she explained that she needed to represent Victor's wishes. Avery asked Sharon if she would do something to ensure that everything would remain status quo with the business.

Avery showed Sharon a document she'd prepared and asked her to sign it. Sharon read it over and thought it was very imposing. Avery explained what the document said, but Sharon declared that Victor would not want her to sign it. Avery asked her to read it over and sign it before the end of the day. Avery felt Sharon would be doing a service to Victor and Newman Enterprises. Sharon said she'd look it over.

Outside the house, Avery left a message for Nick about her meeting with Sharon. Later, alone in the living room, Sharon looked at the document. Tucker rang the bell, and Sharon invited him in. Sharon explained to Tucker that Victor's family had been playing hardball with her. Tucker suggested that Victor might be testing Sharon.

Sharon wasn't sure, but she resented Avery's insinuations that Victor wouldn't approve of Sharon's actions. Sharon showed Tucker the document from Avery. Tucker looked it over and laughed. He said it was insulting. Sharon agreed and declared that Avery was no friend to her. Sharon was especially disappointed in Nick and Victoria for treating her so shabbily.

Tucker suggested to Sharon that if she wanted to, she could do something to get back at Victoria, Nick, and Avery. Tucker informed Sharon that Nick had called an emergency board meeting at Newman Enterprises. Tucker assumed that Sharon had been notified, but she hadn't been. Tucker said that as Victor's wife, Sharon could vote Victor's proxy.

Tucker explained to Sharon that she was in a powerful position. Tucker assumed that Nick and Victoria were scared to death of Sharon's power. Tucker assumed that the emergency meeting would call for the board to vote for an interim CEO in Victor's absence.

Tucker pointed out that Sharon was a legitimate candidate. Not only was Sharon married to Victor, but she had also successfully landed the Mistukoshi deal and was launching the cosmetics line. Sharon was intrigued. Tucker thought that if Sharon were to step up, Victor would be very grateful to Sharon when he returned.

Avery and Nick met with Victoria at Crimson Lights. They discussed what to say at the board meeting versus what to say to the press, and Avery proposed that they write it all down. After they prepared a statement for the press, Sharon arrived and handed Avery the unsigned document from earlier in the day.

Avery was surprised that Sharon had refused to sign the paper. Sharon was surprised that nobody had told her about the emergency board meeting. Nick looked away guiltily. Sharon said the she would be at the meeting because she had something to say. Tucker watched from the other part of the coffeehouse and grinned.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

At Gloworm, Genevieve told Cane that Samantha could not be alive. Cane stared at the note from the woman who was supposed to meet him for an interview. Cane was mystified, and Genevieve wondered if someone might have recognized the lady. Cane raced out of the restaurant to see if she might still be in the parking lot. While he was gone, Genevieve questioned the waiter, but he knew nothing of the woman.

Lily passed Cane as he rushed out the door. Lily went to Genevieve and asked what was going on. Cane returned to his mother and Lily, having not seen anyone in the parking lot. Cane showed Lily the note and said it was baffling. Genevieve felt that someone was disrespecting Samantha's memory. Lily suggested that they show the note to the cops, but Genevieve and Cane had good reasons for not involving the police.

Lily asked them to think about hiring a private detective. Genevieve still believed that Colin was involved in some way. Cane pressed Genevieve for information and asked if Genevieve had really told him everything about Samantha's death. Genevieve resented Cane's mistrust. Lily asked the two of them not to argue. Genevieve assured Cane that she wasn't hiding anything. Cane couldn't imagine who would be targeting them.

Cane suggested that perhaps it was someone who'd been involved in the cover-up of Samantha's death. Cane asked his mother who'd covered up the truth that it was Caleb who'd killed Samantha. Genevieve said she followed Colin's instructions at the time and that she'd been too grief-stricken to know what was going on. Cane agreed with Lily that they had to stop bickering.

Michael questioned Heather about the leak in the D.A.'s office. Michael pointed out that she'd called Rafe from her cell phone. Michael suspected that Rafe might have been sharing information with Billy. Heather told Michael that she hadn't told anyone about Michael's plan to depose Tim Reid. Michael was determined to find the leak.

At the house, Billy was on the phone. He was saying that he'd investigated Tim's background and found more connections between Tim and Phyllis. Billy knew that the deposition would be the next day. The babysitter answered the door and saw two police officers that were there for Billy. At the police station, Michael confronted Billy and demanded to know his source in the D.A.'s office.

At the penthouse, Phyllis blasted Daniel for having had dinner at Gloworm with Heather. Phyllis worried about how the world would interpret her son consorting with the assistant D.A. when the authorities were trying to convict Phyllis. Daniel said he liked Heather, but Phyllis suspected that Heather was using Daniel to get information about her. Daniel disagreed, but he said he understood Phyllis' concerns.

At the coffeehouse, Tucker listened in on Sharon's meeting with Avery, Nick, and Victoria. Avery pointed out that Sharon was simply an employee at Newman Enterprises and not required to be at the board meeting. Sharon asserted that she'd landed the Mitsukoshi deal. Nick tried to marginalize Sharon's efforts, but Sharon refused to listen. Victoria and Nick said they were just writing a statement for the press. Tucker intervened and asked if there was a problem with the company.

Tucker was surprised that Sharon wasn't welcomed at the emergency board meeting. Victoria explained that the family was more concerned about Victor. Sharon wondered why the family had no interest in her welfare. Sharon said that she was grateful for Tucker's support. Nick questioned why Tucker had been at the ranch the night of Victor's disappearance. Tucker said he'd had a business meeting with Victor. Nick asked Sharon to sign a post-nuptial agreement, but Sharon said she didn't trust Avery, Victoria, and Nick.

After Sharon walked off, Victoria and Nick shared their astonishment about Sharon's attitude. Avery asked Tucker to convince Sharon to cooperate for the sake of Newman Enterprises. Later, at Victoria's, Nick and Victoria wished that they could find someone who had witnessed Sharon signing the pre-nup. Victoria was convinced that Sharon had burned the document. After making a phone call, Nick learned that Victor's pilot had never seen the pre-nup.

Little Johnny's babysitter informed Victoria that the cops had taken Billy in for questioning. At the police station, Billy refused to tell Michael who his source was. Michael tried to appeal to Billy's sense of duty, but Billy said that it was a matter of credibility for him. Michael threatened to find a reason to put Billy behind bars. Billy laughed and reminded Michael that he'd gone to jail before for protecting a source.

At the coffeehouse, Heather ran into Avery. Heather was glad that Avery was working on Paul's case. Heather mentioned to Avery that Tim Reid was going to be deposed the next day. Avery asked if she could be there in case Tim said anything about Ricky that could help Paul's case. When Avery left, Daniel entered and said hello to Heather. They agreed that if felt awkward between them because of Phyllis.

Heather wondered how Phyllis would have reacted if she'd seen how they were kissing outside of Gloworm. Daniel wasn't sorry about kissing Heather. Daniel explained that Phyllis thought he was a traitor for even speaking with Heather. Based on his comment, Heather assumed that she wasn't worth the hassle. Daniel said she was, and invited Heather to his place for a private date.

Avery went to see Phyllis, and Phyllis announced that she'd hired Leslie Michaelson as her attorney. Avery approved because Leslie was an excellent litigator. Avery informed Phyllis that the D.A. would depose Tim. Phyllis announced that she had to speak with Tim. Avery flipped out and warned Phyllis to consult her attorney and not meet with Tim. Phyllis had kept things from Leslie, like paying off Tim, and Avery was concerned. Avery said she loved Phyllis, but if Phyllis weren't careful, she'd wind up in prison.

Billy went home, and Victoria was relieved to see him. Billy said that he'd called, and when Victoria checked her phone, she realized that she'd missed the call. Billy explained that Michael had dragged him in to learn Billy's source. When Billy mentioned that the D.A. would depose Tim Reid the next day, Nick was worried for Phyllis.

After Nick left, Billy and Victoria discussed Sharon and the pre-nup situation. Victoria wondered what Sharon's end game could be. Victoria asked Billy if she should risk getting involved with Newman Enterprises again. Billy worried about Victor's involvement, but Victoria was determined to keep Sharon from mucking up the family business.

Heather arrived at Daniel's apartment. Daniel said the Summer had taken Lucy to a pottery exhibit at the museum, so they were alone. Daniel offered Heather a beer, but he had mostly nothing to eat in his kitchen. Daniel offered to order some Chinese food, but Heather wasn't hungry. She leaned in and kissed Daniel. Later, Heather and Daniel were making love.

Phyllis returned home with a disposable phone. She called Tim to ask about the deposition. Phyllis called Tim a greedy twerp and asked why he hadn't left town. Tim said his subpoena had kept him in Genoa City. Tim said he'd only agree to lie for Phyllis again in exchange for something. Tim offered to plead the fifth if Phyllis made him happy. Tim reminded Phyllis he could talk to the D.A. or appear on Billy's television show.

Phyllis ended the call quickly when she heard Nick. Phyllis pretended that everything was fine, but Nick informed her about the deposition. Phyllis explained that Avery had warned her. Nick feared Phyllis was in danger from Tim because she'd paid him off.

Later, Nick and Phyllis talked about Sharon's bizarre behavior. Nick received a call from Summer, then left to pick up Summer at the museum. Phyllis used her disposable phone to call Tim again. Phyllis told Tim that he could go to her house the following night because Nick would be away. Tim grinned victoriously.

Back at the ranch, Tucker complimented Sharon for the way she had stood up to Nick and Victoria. Sharon thanked Tucker for helping her. Tucker thought Victor's children were smug. Tucker and Sharon agreed that she had to go to the board meeting, even though she'd face a lot of flak. Tucker had some advice for how Sharon could deal with the opposition.

Sharon was impressed with Tucker's plan for the emergency board meeting, but she wondered if she could pull it off. Tucker had confidence in Sharon and said he'd be there to help her. Tucker assured Sharon that as long at Victor was gone, Sharon held all the cards.

At Crimson Lights, Avery asked Michael if he had any idea why Victor had disappeared. Michael said that Victor had enemies and he might have been the victim of a crime. Avery said that Victor had not turned up in any hospital. Michael said Avery should aggressively start looking for Victor. Michael also mentioned that Avery should get Phyllis to take Leslie's legal advice.

Looking grizzled and tired, Victor walked into a waterside bar and looked around. Victor had very little money in his pocket, but ordered a drink. As he sat at the bar, a man walked in looking for men who wanted to work. Later, a different guy walked in and made a similar announcement. Victor decided to follow him in order to do some work.

Friday, August 17, 2012

At the waterfront bar, a seemingly disoriented Victor ordered tequila and a sandwich. He counted his limited cash, and he canceled his food order. Another patron commented that Victor had the right priorities. The patron noticed Victor's expensive watch, and he suggested that Victor earn money by playing a game of dice.

Victor played dice with some men at the bar, and he realized that the game was rigged. He grabbed one of the hustlers and pinned him to the table. One of the bar patrons huffed that they would show Victor how things worked there, and they ominously escorted Victor outside.

Later, a battered Victor returned to the bar and requested more tequila. The bartender warned him not to get blood on the bar, and he suggested that Victor see a doctor. A man ran in and informed the bartender that there were two badly beaten men on the curb. The bartender incredulously asked whether Victor had been responsible.

Phyllis rummaged around in a drawer and found pills that caused drowsiness. She quickly hid the pills when she heard Nick at the door, and she expressed surprise to see him. Nick explained that he needed to retrieve some files before the board meeting, and he went upstairs. Phyllis' disposable phone rang, and she tentatively answered a call from Tim. Tim amorously said that he was looking forward to that night, and he hoped that she was, too. She breathily stated that she was going to blow his mind.

Phyllis kissed Nick goodbye, and she claimed that she intended to have a drama-free evening. She watched him enter the elevator, and she gazed at the security camera in the hallway. She returned inside and used her laptop to disable the camera. She muttered to herself that she was ready for Tim.

Chloe complained to Kevin and Adam that TagNGrab wasn't getting enough hits or sales. Adam unenthusiastically commented that at least the site looked great, and Kevin sarcastically thanked him for the compliment. Chloe revealed that she had spread the word to her celebrity contacts, but Kevin quipped that they didn't have the money to bribe people to use the site, and he was disappointed that Phyllis hadn't opened an account yet. Adam questioned the idea of having an alleged criminal on board, but Chloe thought that Phyllis owed them an answer.

Adam prepared to leave for the Newman board meeting, and Chloe offered to try to have Billy mention TagNGrab on the next Restless Style episode. Adam suggested that Kevin follow up with Phyllis, and the men bickered. Adam departed, and Chloe reminded Kevin that Adam was a big investor who was passionate about their endeavor, but Kevin remained irritated that Adam had treated them more like employees than partners.

At Gloworm, Tucker remarked to Sharon that she looked like a force to be reckoned with, and he assured her that the board wouldn't know what hit them. He presented her with a law book, and he directed her to a case that they'd discussed the prior evening. Tucker wondered if she was having second thoughts, but Sharon asserted that she wanted Nick and Victoria to know that she refused to be pushed around. Sharon felt that Tucker's idea was extreme, and he agreed. Tucker crowed that as long as Victor stayed away, Sharon was in for the ride of her life.

Later, Nick approached Sharon, who declared that she'd had enough of his lectures. He sat down anyway, and he pointed out that they'd faced just about everything together over the years and that they had great kids to show for it. He asked for Noah and Faith's sake that Sharon not do whatever she was planning at the meeting that night. Sharon blasted Nick for using their children, and she called him as shameless as Phyllis.

Sharon spat that for the sake of their children, Nick should start treating her with some respect rather than trying to intimidate her. He argued that Newman Enterprises was their kids' legacy, and since it was a public company, they had to present a united front to keep investors from freaking out. Sharon retorted that she knew how business worked. Nick acknowledged that he wasn't sure what Victor was doing, and he implored Sharon to do what was best for the company and their family, because he was confident that she wanted to protect her children's future.

Billy asked Victoria if she was ready to return to Newman Enterprises, and she commented that she felt weird but good about it. Billy was turned on by the sight of his wife in business attire, but he lamented that they had no time to do anything about it. He revealed that he had to attend a staff meeting regarding the next episode of the Restless Style show, and she wondered what he had planned other than the story about Phyllis. He admitted that the video of Victor and Sharon's wedding might pop up, and Victoria urged Billy to make the Newmans front and center.

Billy questioned whether Victoria's response was a trap, but she explained that she wanted him to cover the press conference after the Newman board meeting. Billy thought the event sounded boring, but she seductively promised that there would be perks for him if he helped her to win the confidence of the shareholders. He agreed to send a reporter to cover the conference, and Victoria ran into Abby on her way out. After Victoria departed, Abby proclaimed her excitement about the second episode of the Restless Style show, and she asked Billy for the juicy details about Phyllis.

At the Restless Style meeting, Chloe and Abby hurled insults at one another. Chloe felt that Abby had no business being on the show, since Abby wasn't even an employee of the magazine, and Chloe pulled out research that indicated that viewers didn't like "Bubbles the Blonde." Abby argued that she herself was the star who had supplied the show with heat and eyeballs. Abby referred to a poll regarding whether Abby or Chloe was hotter, and Abby had won. Billy interrupted and asked George to read the schedule for the next episode. George asked about Billy's big scoop, but Billy remained mum.

Billy claimed that he wanted to save his big reveal until the show taped, because he worried that Abby and Chloe would blab it to everyone. George supported the decision, because Billy would get spontaneous live reactions from the staff. Chloe stated that Phyllis might join TagNGrab, and she pressed Billy to do a segment about the site on the show. Billy scoffed at the idea, because it would make the show sound like an infomercial. Later, Abby pulled Billy aside and asked him to help her prove that she was more than just a pretty face.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria reminded Nick that her return to the company was just temporary while Victor was away, and she informed him that Billy had agreed to give them press coverage. Nick disclosed that he thought he'd convinced Sharon not to make waves, and he surmised that Victor hadn't been in touch because Victor trusted Nick and Victoria to take care of the company. Victoria and Nick agreed that they had still had to deal with one more person who wanted to see Newman Enterprises implode, and just then, Adam arrived.

Adam called Nick and Victoria's plan obvious, but Nick assumed that Adam would protect his own holdings. Adam chided his siblings for just keeping their fingers crossed rather than trying to find Victor. Nick surmised that Adam would love to see Newman Enterprises crash and burn. Victoria explained that they had investigators tracking down Victor, but they had to protect the company in the meantime. Adam queried whether she also meant shielding their family, because that included Chelsea, who Victoria had always treated with contempt, while Nick had always wished misery and failure upon Adam.

Nick questioned whether Adam resented Nick and Victoria enough to tank the company. Victoria mentioned that Adam intended to start his own family with Chelsea, and she implored Adam to think about the next generation. Tucker arrived and noted that the yelling and screaming hadn't started yet. Nick asked whether Tucker had spoken with Sharon about backing off, but Tucker claimed that Sharon had been a tough read. Nick believed that Sharon wouldn't interrupt the meeting, and Tucker said that Nick knew Sharon better than Tucker did. Meanwhile, Sharon closed the law book and cursed Victor's name.

The board members filed into the conference room, and Victoria pointedly sat in Victor's chair. Nick announced to the board that Victor had taken an unexpected leave, and Victoria declared that she and Nick would stand in for Victor by voting their father's shares and leading the company. Nick reported that the press had assembled in the lobby, and he urged the board to present a united front to show confidence in the company. Sharon suddenly entered and slammed the door behind her. She apologized for being late and said that they could start the meeting.

Sharon suggested that the board had wasted time assessing a hypothetical situation, but Nick repeated that he and Victoria would fill in for Victor to keep the company on top. Sharon questioned whether that was what the company needed, and she cited the court case from the law book. She added that she would be voting her husband's shares in his place, which was her legal right, as well as what was right for the company. Sharon declared that she would act as Victor Newman until Victor himself returned.

Abby entered the press conference with a cameraman. She began to network, and a reporter asked if she planned to disrobe in protest of the board meeting. She announced that she was there as a serious journalist from Restless Style.

Chloe and Billy arrived at Crimson Lights, and Chloe spotted a friend who liked to shop, so she ran off to pitch TagNGrab. Billy pushed a reluctant Kevin to get Phyllis to accept the TagNGrab offer in order to get more information on the hit-and-run. Kevin pointed out that Billy had announced that Restless Style already had the scoop on Phyllis, and Billy admitted that he had lied. Billy offered Kevin cash in return for Kevin's assistance. Kevin argued that Phyllis hadn't been taking his calls, but Billy pleaded with Kevin to keep Billy from looking like an idiot on national television.

Later, Chloe told Billy that Kevin had left to run an errand, and she asked again what Billy knew about Phyllis. Billy insisted that he wanted to talk to Phyllis before he spilled her secrets, and until he did, he felt that it was none of Chloe's business. An unknowing Chloe conceded that sometimes Billy could be a decent guy.

Phyllis vowed to herself that Tim would sleep like an angel, and she would convince him afterward that they had shared an evening of passion. She stirred the contents of a pill into a glass of wine. Tim arrived, and she greeted him with a smile and said that it was good to see him. He replied that he wouldn't have missed it for the world, and he marveled at seeing her in her "natural habitat."

Tim remarked that Phyllis was glowing, and he remembered every inch of her skin. She thanked him through clenched teeth. Phyllis handed Tim the glass of spiked wine and warned that they didn't have a lot of time, but he refused to drink it. Phyllis asked what was wrong, and Tim explained his fondness for good wine. He presented her with his own bottle, adorned with a pair of animal-print handcuffs.

Tim raved about his wine, and Phyllis repeated that they didn't have a lot of time. She suggested that they start with her wine and eventually move on to his. He sniffed the glass of wine and took a sip, then spit it out. He praised her for vesting in their evening together, but he wanted everything to be perfect, including the wine.

Phyllis gushed that spending time with Tim reminded her of what they had previously shared, when they had talked a lot. Tim pointed out that she had wanted to forget the past, but she purred that they had a connection beyond their therapy sessions, and she implied that there might be a next time after that evening. He was more interested in what would happen that night, and he leaned in to kiss her, but she quickly pulled back and said that she had something in her lingerie drawer to show him. She seductively told him to sit tight, and he loosened his tie as he watched her slink up the stairs.

Phyllis frantically hunted through her bathroom cabinet for something to knock Tim out. She found some medication and hoped it would do the trick. Meanwhile, Tim reached into his pocket for his "little blue helpful friends," and he contemplated the additional stamina they would provide. He swallowed multiple pills and washed them down with wine. Phyllis returned in a sexy outfit, and he confessed that while he hated her, he also wanted her.

Phyllis offered Tim another drink, but he reminded her that time was of the essence, and he was very eager to proceed. He told her to open her robe, and she nervously suggested that she put on a show for him. She began to prance around, and Tim suddenly clutched his heart and collapsed on the floor. Phyllis rushed to his side and ordered him not to die in her home. Kevin knocked on the front door and called out to Phyllis.

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