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Monday, August 20, 2012

At Glorworm, Gloria refused to comply with Genevieve's request to charge her tab to Tucker's account, because he wasn't present. Gloria suggested that Genevieve learn to live within her means until her financial situation improved. Gloria walked to the other side of the club and chatted with Avery. The awkward scene had embarrassed and angered Genevieve, so she phoned Tucker and left a message instructing him to contact her immediately.

Genevieve was frustrated after her call to Tucker went unanswered. Gloria returned to Genevieve's table and quietly announced that Avery had paid Genevieve's tab. Genevieve later approached Avery and noted that she wasn't a charity case. Avery received an urgent text message from Victoria and said she had to leave. Genevieve insisted that what Gloria believed to be a financial setback was simply a misunderstanding.

From an area inside Newman Enterprises, Abby spoke into a microphone while a camera operator streamed her announcement live to viewers of The Restless Style Show. Abby promised to deliver the drama involving members of her family that was unfolding in the heart of Genoa City.

In the boardroom at Newman Enterprises, Sharon, wearing a black dress accessorized with several strands of pearls, stood beside Victoria, who was seated in her father's chair. Sharon announced that she would take control of the company. Nick, standing to Victoria's left, insisted that he and Victoria would themselves take their father's place. Victoria promised to relay the business proceedings to Sharon after the meeting's conclusion. Sharon ordered Victoria to vacate her chair because, Sharon added, she would be conducting the meeting.

Nick told Sharon that Victoria had returned to the company. Sharon mockingly announced that she would secure a place in the company for her stepdaughter. Adam, referring to the legal citation known as "Kaplan vs. Kaplan" claimed that the finding was fascinating. Sharon agreed that it supported her right to take over during her husband's absence. Tucker remained silent as Sharon distributed copies of the citation to all board members.

Nick quietly told Victoria that Sharon had to be stopped, so Victoria sent a message to Avery. Nick agreed to give Sharon more authority. Another board member suggested that Nick and Victoria allow Sharon to have complete autonomy over the cosmetics line she'd developed. Sharon became irate and shouted, "Do not even think about messing with me!" Tucker concealed a sly grin. Adam seemed enthralled. Nick and Victoria looked stunned.

Sharon explained that she intended to preside at a press conference and announce that the company, under her control, would continue to thrive during Victor's absence. Nick told Sharon that she was being disruptive. Sharon claimed that Nick and Victoria were causing unnecessary conflict. Victoria requested a private conference with Sharon and Nick. Sharon invited Adam to remain. Adam replied, "No. I think this will be a bloodbath, and I'm wearing a new suit." After Adam left, Victoria moved very close to Sharon and said, "Who do you think you are?"

After Tucker exited the boardroom, he made his way to the press area. Abby, waiting with other reporters, asked about the proceedings. Tucker replied, "You might want to pack it in for the night. It could be a while before they figure things out." Abby told her camera operator that she would summon Billy immediately.

Back in the boardroom, Victoria warned Sharon that her reckless game wouldn't last because "treachery and turmoil weren't in the mission statement." Sharon reminded Victoria that she had completely cut ties with the company. Sharon claimed that her aim was to prevent outsiders like Victoria from tarnishing Victor's legacy. Victoria defended her right to step in. Sharon maintained that her extensive knowledge about the company's current operations qualified her to take the reins. Nick warned Sharon that she could do irreparable harm because she wasn't suited to run a multi-national corporation.

Avery entered the boardroom. Victoria ordered Avery to file an injunction against Sharon. Sharon announced that Avery worked for her and wouldn't act on Victoria or Nick's behalf. Avery cited "Kaplan vs. Kaplan," an obscure case, and explained that Sharon could legally assume leadership.

Victoria threatened to hire Leslie Michaelson to fight Sharon. Sharon insisted that Victoria would be wasting her time and money. Sharon yelled, "I will be here voting Victor's controlling interest because Newman Enterprises is not going to come to a grinding halt on my watch!" Nick and Victoria glared at Sharon. Calming herself, Sharon added, "The time has come for you to decide. You're either going to stand with me, or you're against me."

Outside the boardroom, Adam told fellow board member Davis that he, too, had acquired part of Genevieve's former holdings. Davis, referring to his purchase of F.M.N. along with its shares of Newman Enterprises stock, replied, "Had I known what a headache it would become, I would've passed."

Tucker approached the waiting board members, and Adam asked to speak to him alone. Tucker claimed that he'd been shocked by the events that had unfolded inside the boardroom. Adam replied, "Are you?" Adam explained that he didn't believe Sharon had suddenly discovered the legal case supporting her right to assume control. Tucker claimed that Sharon, angry at Victor, had been motivated to punish Victor, so she'd found a way to do so. Adam replied, "Someone fed her the information."

Tucker became defensive and told Adam that pointing the finger at someone else prevented others from suspecting that Adam might have fed Sharon information about the legal precedent. Adam winked at Tucker. Sharon, Avery, Victoria, and Nick stepped out of the boardroom. Sharon told the board members to gather around her. Sharon instructed her board members to appear supportive at the press conference because she was about to announce who had become "captain of the ship."

At Phyllis' penthouse, Tim Reid keeled over and was stretched out lifeless on the floor between the sofa and the coffee table. Phyllis, wearing a black negligee and silk robe, hovered over Tim and attempted to revive him by puffing breaths into his mouth. Kevin knocked on the door and called out to Phyllis. Kevin was stunned when Phyllis pulled him inside and cried, "You're going to help me save the son of a bitch." Kevin looked quizzically at Phyllis.

Kevin knelt by Tim's head while Phyllis frantically compressed the man's chest with the heels of her hands. Kevin announced that Tim hadn't taken a breath in quite a while. After Kevin checked the dead man's pulse, he told Phyllis that Tim was dead. Phyllis said she'd try to revive Tim using Summer's allergy injector, but Kevin asked Phyllis if she'd want police to find her daughter's needle in a dead man.

Phyllis told Kevin that Tim, her former psychiatrist, had been blackmailing her and had wanted more than just money. Kevin understood that Tim, his belt undone and his shirt partially unbuttoned, had demanded sexual favors. Phyllis quickly explained that she'd planned to drug Tim and later convince him that he'd performed magnificently. Phyllis added that Tim had keeled over just after she'd descended the stairs and opened her robe. Phyllis refused to involve the police, but Kevin insisted that it was inevitable.

Billy knocked on the door and called out to Phyllis. In a flashback, Kevin suddenly recalled an earlier conversation with Billy. Kevin recalled having asked Billy what he needed from Phyllis. Billy had said, "Phyllis -- hit-and-run -- details, especially about this old doc of hers that's being questioned." Phyllis pleaded with Kevin to keep quiet as Billy continued knocking. Phyllis cried that she'd lose her freedom and her family for a crime she hadn't committed because she wasn't responsible for Tim Reid's demise. Phyllis added that the truth wouldn't matter to Billy.

Phyllis warned Kevin that if they were caught with a dead body, the ensuing headline could ruin his new business venture. Billy called out and told Phyllis he wouldn't leave until they talked. Kevin seemed swayed, but Phyllis noted that the fallout would also hurt Chloe and Delia. Kevin agreed and ordered Phyllis to stop talking. Outside the door, Billy claimed that he'd heard talking, and he threatened to phone the police and report a break-in.

Phyllis was visibly shaken when Billy threatened to kick in the door. Kevin sat Tim's body upright on the sofa and draped the man's jacket over his upper body. Kevin placed sunglasses and a ball cap on Tim and told Phyllis that Billy might believe that Tim was only asleep. Just before Phyllis was about to open the door, Billy claimed that he'd already depressed the numbers to summon the police. Billy's phone rang. It was Abby, and she summoned him to Newman Enterprises to help her investigate what was going on inside the boardroom. Billy reluctantly agreed and left.

Phyllis instructed Kevin to help her roll Tim's body inside a rug, so they could transport the dead doctor back to his own apartment. Phyllis assured Kevin that police wouldn't connect them to Tim's death, which Phyllis maintained had resulted from natural causes. Kevin said aloud to himself, "Wow, dead-body moving. It's been years."

Billy arrived at Newman Enterprises and met with Abby. The elevator doors opened, and Sharon stepped out first and marched toward the podium. Sharon apologized to the gathered crowd for the delay. Abby, standing beside Billy among other members of the press, looked stunned. Sharon announced, "Newman Enterprises is now in my very capable hands." Billy studied Victoria's face, and she struggled to maintain her composure.

A reporter noted that Victor had been classified as a missing person. Sharon laughed and dismissed the comment. Abby noted that Sharon's appointment seemed to be a hostile takeover, and she asked if the board's decision had been unanimous. Nick and Victoria avoided making eye contact with members of the press when Sharon claimed that board members and the Newman family had supported her.

Another reporter asked other board members for comments. Adam stated that the board was happy to be working with Mrs. Newman. Abby asked Nick and Victoria to express their views. Nick said, "The details are still being worked out. Thank you very much for coming. We'll keep you posted as the story develops."

After the crowd dispersed, Sharon informed Nick and Victoria that they should clear with her beforehand all statements made by them to the press. Avery, whispering to Nick and Victoria, said, "I will keep an eye on things." Billy and Abby approached Nick and Victoria. Abby cried, "How do we get rid of her?" Victoria told Billy not to publicize Sharon's power grab. Billy warned that not airing the story would prompt other news outlets to investigate further. Nick agreed with Billy. Nick said that Adam was the only person who might be able to help them with Sharon.

After Tucker returned home, Sharon arrived. Tucker said, "Darling, you were magnificent." Sharon exuberantly proclaimed, "That was exhilarating! For the first time in my life, I was in complete control, and it was because of you." Sharon embraced Tucker and began kissing him. Genevieve stepped inside the open door and gawked at Sharon and Tucker.

Sharon left after Tucker explained that he'd forgotten the appointment he'd arranged with Genevieve. After Sharon left, Genevieve pointed out that the ink wasn't yet dry on Tucker's divorce papers, yet he was moving on with a married woman. Tucker claimed that he wasn't "moving on." Genevieve told Tucker that she needed money. Tucker said he had a job for Genevieve.

Genevieve was intrigued about the mysterious job Tucker had alluded to after he served her a glass of champagne. Genevieve demanded to know exactly what she'd be doing before toasting the special announcement. Tucker noted that the world was dying to know where Victor was hiding. Tucker added, "Were going to find him first." Genevieve raised her glass and reciprocated Tucker's toast.

Back at Newman Enterprises, Nick approached Adam and asked to speak in private. After Adam and Nick entered the elevator, Victoria told Billy that she hoped Adam would be willing to help. Billy asked how he could help. Victoria replied, "Forget what I said earlier. Run the story. Use Restless Style to vilify Sharon." Victoria said she hoped Nikki would soon locate Victor because he needed to hurry home and stop Sharon.

Inside the boardroom, Nick told Adam that they needed to convince Sharon to step down. Adam replied, "You mean me?" Nick reminded Adam that he'd recently claimed he was a changed man and had supported Victor's plan to create an organic cosmetics line because Adam knew that it was in the company's best interest. Nick added that Adam should continue to stand by the company and the family by convincing Sharon that she'd made a huge mistake. Adam replied, "You've reminded me of two things. One, that I am a Newman; and two, that I am a new man. I'll see if I can get Sharon to back off."

Sharon went to Gloworm to celebrate. After Gloria seated Sharon at a booth near a window, Sharon ordered a bottle of Gloria's most expensive wine. Gloria asked what Sharon was celebrating. Sharon replied, "My promotion. I've taken the reins at Newman Enterprises." Gloria choked out a startled chuckle. Sharon pointed to a television near the bar and said, "Look! It's already on the evening news." Gloria, shocked, said, "Unbelievable. Congratulations!" Gloria promised top-notch service before she left to prepare the wine.

Abby stopped by Sharon's table and said, "Top dog, huh? So it's official! You're a bitch." Sharon noted that she was "a very, very powerful one." Gloria returned with the wine and announced that she'd selected it from Victor's private collection. Sharon offered to buy a round of drinks for everyone except Abby. Sharon, speaking loudly, authorized Gloria to charge everything to the Newman corporate account. After Gloria walked away, Abby told Sharon the she should enjoy spending Victor's money while he was away because he'd soon return. After Abby walked away, Sharon phoned the head of Victor's security team and called off the search for Victor.

Phyllis, wearing a black ball cap, and Kevin headed to Tim's apartment. Tim's body, rolled up inside a rug, had been placed inside the trunk. While Phyllis drove, Kevin asked if Tim's apartment had a back entrance. Phyllis assured Kevin that they could claim to be delivering the rug if anyone spotted them. Kevin seemed somewhat relieved to learn that there were no security cameras.

Kevin, concerned, noted that Phyllis' building had security cameras and that Tim's car was still parked there. Phyllis told Kevin that she'd disabled her cameras, and she calmly explained that she'd move Tim's car. Police sirens wailed and lights flashed behind Phyllis' car. Kevin panicked. Phyllis refused to pull over and continued driving.

Inside Tim's apartment, Phyllis, wearing bright yellow gloves, and Kevin, wearing red gloves, unfurled the rug. Tim's body rolled out onto the floor. Kevin and Phyllis were squeamish about handling the dead body. While Phyllis and Kevin slid Tim's body off the rug, they overheard Beth yell, "Don't bother getting off your fat rump, Ray. I'll check out the noise complaint."

Phyllis panicked and explained to Kevin that Beth's husband, the landlord, had a key to Tim's apartment and might enter to determine what was creating a noise disturbance. Phyllis added that she'd been to Tim's apartment and might have been spotted by neighbors, so Kevin would have to step out and distract Beth. Kevin pulled off his gloves, stepped out into the hallway, and intercepted Beth. Kevin told Beth that his name was Chuck, and he claimed to be an encyclopedia salesman. Beth wasn't interested, but Kevin persisted and noted that the set included vivid photographs with each article.

Back inside Tim's apartment, Phyllis set Tim's bottle of erectile-dysfunction medication on the desk next to his laptop and began searching for the tape Tim had made of Phyllis confessing to the hit-and-run. Phyllis located that tape in a desk drawer. She stuffed Tim's laptop into her bag because she feared that he'd likely saved a copy of the recording on his computer.

Ready to exit Tim's apartment, Phyllis peeked through the peephole before cracking open the door to summon Kevin with a wave of her hand. Kevin apologized to Beth for wasting her time. Beth agreed to purchase the set, but Kevin quickly noted that the cost was several hundred dollars. Beth declined and told Kevin to get a real job. After Beth walked away, Kevin returned to Tim's apartment.

Phyllis, holding the rolled-up rug, told Kevin that she "owed him one." Kevin replied, "One? You owe me one?" Before they left, Phyllis instructed Kevin to remove the sunglasses and ball cap from Tim's body and replace the sunglasses with Tim's eyeglasses. Kevin did so and handled the items with his gloves. Phyllis and Kevin hurried away.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kevin responded to Phyllis' request to go and see her at the penthouse. Phyllis greeted him and said she wanted to confer on their alibis for the night before. Kevin didn't want an alibi because that would mean that he'd been implicated in a crime. Phyllis agreed, but she still felt that they had to get their stories straight. Phyllis wanted Kevin to say that they'd never seen each other the night before at all. Phyllis explained that she would backdate an email and send it to Kevin to establish that they had not been together.

While Kevin and Phyllis were still figuring out how to explain their actions and what lies to tell, Chloe knocked on the door. Kevin realized that Chloe had to have seen his car in the parking lot. Phyllis was freaking out about Chloe being there, but Kevin said they couldn't avoid letting her into the apartment. Phyllis answered the door and tried to keep Chloe outside the door, but Chloe burst in when she caught a glimpse of Kevin. Chloe assumed that Kevin was getting Phyllis to work for TagNGrab.

Phyllis said that Kevin had talked to her about the web site, but Phyllis wasn't interested in being involved. Chloe tried to convince Phyllis to reconsider, especially since Phyllis needed to improve her public image. Phyllis explained that she wanted to keep a low profile while she was a suspect in the hit and run. Phyllis suggested that Kevin and Chloe leave. In the hall outside the apartment, Chloe thought Phyllis had been acting weird, but Kevin disagreed. Chloe asked where Kevin had been the night before.

Michael received a call from Ronan saying he'd found Tim Reid in his apartment, but that Tim was dead. Ronan said that Beth, Tim's neighbor, had found the body. Beth was very upset about Tim's death because they'd been intimately involved. Beth said that Tim had come into a lot of money and they had been planning to go on vacation together. Ronan asked about the medication in Tim's apartment, but she wasn't familiar with the drugs.

Ronan wanted to know more about the night before. Beth said there'd been an odd occurrence. An encyclopedia salesman at the door had approached her. Later, Ronan reported to Michael what Beth had said about Tim and her relationship, as well as his planning to come into a lot of money. Ronan also told Michael about Beth's encounter with the encyclopedia salesman. Ronan declared that the preliminary cause of death was a heart attack.

Kyle went to see Jack at the Abbott house. Jack was working out. Kyle and Jack discussed what had happened with Sharon at the press conference at Newman Enterprises. Kyle was concerned about his job at Newman without Victor in charge. Kyle wondered if Jack knew where Victor had gone, but Jack had no idea.

Kyle was shocked to hear from Jack that Nikki had left Genoa City -- and Jack -- to go looking Victor. Jack was ticked off about it, but he tried not to show his true feelings. Jack wasn't sure where his wife had gone. Jack informed Kyle that he'd been able to stand at the wedding to say his vows. Kyle was impressed, but he was critical of Nikki and asked Jack not to defend her to him.

In Kansas, Nikki went to Hope's farm and knocked on the door. The farmhand who took care of the place asked her what she was doing there. Nikki explained that she was looking for Victor. The farmhand said that Victor had not been there since Adam's wedding.

With Kyle's help, Jack was able to stand up. Jack wanted to try to take a step. Jack executed a single step, and Kyle told his father not to overdo it. As they were talking, Kyle mentioned that he'd been dating Eden. Jack approved and suggested that Kyle take Eden to the house for a visit. Jack's phone rang, and Kyle looked at the screen. He told Jack that it was Nikki. Jack took the phone and threw it aside.

Nikki left a message for Jack, explaining that she had gone to Hope's farm, but Victor had not been there. Nikki hoped that Jack understood why she was compelled to search for Victor. Nikki had no idea where to go next. Later, while speaking to herself, Nikki wondered if Victor had any idea how much she was sacrificing for him, or if he even cared.

Later, Nikki gave the farmhand a card with her phone number. She asked him to contact her in case Victor appeared at the farm again. In Los Angeles, Victor was alone by the docks. He looked like a derelict, with dirty clothes and a three-day growth of beard. He sat by the water and grimaced over the bruise on his hand from the bar fight. Victor had a bottle in a brown paper bag. He unscrewed the top and took a swig.

Jack was upset about Nikki. Kyle was sensitive to Jack's feelings and tried not to say too much. Jack changed the subject and asked Kyle to help him stand again because he wanted to walk some more. Kyle held onto Jack and supported him as Jack took a couple of steps. Kyle and Jack smiled at his success.

At the Newman ranch, Sharon was alone in the living room. Bobby, the head of security, entered the room and questioned Sharon's decision to call off the search for Victor. Bobby offered to coordinate the search with Nick. Sharon resented that Bobby was questioning her decision. Sharon fired Bobby for insubordination.

At Gloworm, Chelsea asked Adam why he was worried about Sharon running Newman Enterprises. Adam explained that the two of them owned a great deal of Newman stock. Adam felt that if Sharon were allowed to run the company, it would affect their financial future, especially for their children. Chelsea said she was not concerned that Adam would be going to see Sharon at the ranch. Adam assured Chelsea that he was only in love with her.

Adam went to the Newman ranch. Sharon assumed that Adam was there to question her about the coup she was staging at the company. Adam warned Sharon that she could not handle running a firm like Newman Enterprises. Sharon asked if Adam was there for his siblings. Adam claimed that he was not Victoria and Nick's puppet.

Sharon surmised that Adam was jealous of the power that she was wielding as the acting CEO. Adam said he cared about Sharon and always would. Sharon declared that she'd set Adam on a positive path, and he was living happily ever after with Chelsea. Sharon announced that she was a new woman thanks to Victor and Adam's influence.

Sharon told Adam that she was as brazen and ruthless as he had been. She was ready to make her own rules. Adam thought Sharon was hurt and lashing out. Sharon denied that and said she'd found herself. Sharon believed that Victor would be proud of what she was doing.

Adam informed Sharon that the board, the banks, and Wall Street would attack her unmercifully. Sharon didn't care. Adam grew angry, and Sharon invited him to be his true self with her, the guy who wasn't trying to be good all the time. Sharon let Adam know that she was aware that Chelsea was pregnant.

Adam wondered how Sharon knew that. Sharon admitted that she'd seen Chelsea's pregnancy test inside a shopping bag at the coffeehouse. Adam denied that Chelsea was pregnant yet. Sharon told Adam to enjoy his marriage to Chelsea and have all the babies he wanted.

Adam suspected that someone was tutoring Sharon about how to run Newman Enterprises. Adam said that the shareholders had a right to know what she was up to. Sharon laughed at Adam's sudden concern for the rules. Adam assumed that Tucker was behind Sharon's moves and warned Sharon that Tucker had his own agenda and would use Sharon to get his way.

Sharon claimed that she could protect her own interest. Sharon called security to throw Adam off the ranch. Adam had a thought. He asked Sharon if Victor had orchestrated his disappearance and was working with Sharon to create the chaos. Adam warned Sharon not to call him when things inevitably fell apart.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe felt bad that Kevin had missed a night's sleep because of car trouble. Chloe asked about the bill from the tow service, but Kevin said they hadn't charged him anything because they'd made him wait so long. Chloe said the next time, Kevin should call her.

Chloe assured Kevin that she'd never once thought he was with another woman. Michael appeared and mentioned to Chloe and Kevin that Tim Reid had been found dead. Kevin was stunned. Chloe said Tim's night had been worse than Kevin's.

Ronan went to see Phyllis and asked when she'd last seen Tim Reid. Ronan said Tim had failed to show up for his deposition because he was dead. Phyllis acted surprised. Ronan asked again when Phyllis had last seen Tim. Phyllis denied having seen him in weeks. Ronan said there was no coroner's report, but the preliminary report indicated that it had been a heart attack.

Ronan asked what Phyllis had been doing the night before. Phyllis lied that she'd been home watching CSI. Nick had been at a Newman Enterprises board meeting, so she'd been alone in the apartment. Ronan mentioned to Phyllis that Tim had a girlfriend, his neighbor Beth.

Ronan also revealed that Tim had claimed to Beth that he expected to collect some big money soon. Tim and Beth had been planning to have a romantic rendezvous in another place, another time. Phyllis thanked Ronan for informing her about Tim.

At the police station, Ronan told Michael that he'd stopped by Phyllis' and told her about Tim. Ronan said that Phyllis' alibi for the night before was weak, but he didn't think she'd seen Tim. Ronan was curious about the male performance enhancement pills that had been in Tim's apartment. Ronan and Michael wondered if Tim had been cheating on Beth with another woman since, she didn't know about the drugs.

Phyllis called Kevin to inform him that the cops had discovered Tim's body. Phyllis let Kevin know that Tim's neighbor had been his lover; therefore, she might know about the money transfer from Phyllis to Tim. Kevin had had no idea that Phyllis had paid off Tim. Kevin was stunned that Phyllis had made a traceable payment. Phyllis said that she'd done what was necessary. Phyllis was determined to get to Beth before she spoke with the cops again.

Adam returned to Gloworm to Chelsea. He was glad to see her and kissed her. Chelsea explained that she'd been using the TagNGrab web site to pump up the numbers. Chelsea asked about Adam's meeting with Sharon. Adam said that Sharon had been inspired to take over Newman Enterprises because it was something Adam would have done. Chelsea didn't care about Sharon. Instead, she kissed Adam ardently.

Genevieve went to Gloworm and met with Tucker. Genevieve wanted to know what he had in mind for her. Tucker told Genevieve that she was going to be doing some traveling. Genevieve wondered why Tucker wanted Victor found if he had designs on Sharon. Tucker didn't really want Victor returned to Genoa City, or a relationship with Sharon.

Genevieve realized that Tucker was manipulating Sharon to gain control of Newman Enterprises. Tucker said his plan was to buy low and sell high. Tucker planned to scoop up Newman stock while Sharon was in charge and the price was in the toilet. Genevieve realized exactly how Tucker was using Sharon.

Tucker told Genevieve if she wanted, it was Genevieve's chance to get back in the game. Tucker informed Genevieve that she would make a fortune if she did what he asked of her. Genevieve wanted more than money. Genevieve wanted Newman stock and a seat on the board. Tucker agreed to make that happen. Tucker gave Genevieve a business card for a private detective who'd spotted Victor. Genevieve assured Tucker that she'd find Victor.

Later, Sharon went to Tucker's and said that she was anxious to get to work at Newman Enterprises. Sharon wanted to apply the brakes on her personal relationship with Tucker, like not kissing him anymore. Tucker understood and realized that he'd just been in the right place at the right time when Sharon kissed him. Sharon wanted to keep her personal life uncomplicated. Sharon appreciated Tucker's friendship.

Tucker answered the phone while Sharon was making coffee for the two of them. Tucker didn't let on to Sharon that he was speaking with Genevieve. According to someone Genevieve had met, Victor had hitched a ride on a truck to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Tucker subtly encouraged Genevieve to stay on the trail. After Tucker hung up, Sharon asked Tucker if he had more ideas for her before the next Newman board meeting.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sharon went to Tucker's apartment, and he noticed that she seemed upset. Sharon said that the Internet had been buzzing with stories about her taking over Newman Enterprises. Sharon was unhappy that she was being characterized as a ditzy blonde who had no business running the company. Tucker told Sharon that she had to make the world understand that she was very capable of taking over in Victor's absence. Sharon resented being a punch line to everyone's jokes about her.

Tucker reminded Sharon that his company had nearly gone under when he was in a coma, but McCall Unlimited had survived. Tucker advised Sharon about how she should go after the business bloggers and journalists. Tucker asked Sharon to tell him her vision for Newman Enterprises. Sharon first talked about getting revenge on Nick, Victoria, and Victor. Tucker urged Sharon to think outside the box and emphasize the area in which she was most knowledgeable: cosmetics.

Genevieve was driving in the car on her search for Victor. She made a call to Tucker to report on her progress. Genevieve told Tucker that she was in Utah, as per Tucker's instructions. Tucker assumed that Genevieve was enjoying the time out on the road, going after Victor. Tucker sent Genevieve to a coffee shop in Salt Lake City where Victor had been seen. Genevieve sensed that Tucker was having fun giving her orders.

At Gloworm, Avery met with Nick. He wondered if she was allowed to speak with him, since she represented Sharon. Avery said she was allowed to talk with Nick, as long as they didn't reveal to anyone what they were discussing. On the sly, Avery wanted to give Nick some insider information about Sharon. Avery declared that Victor had never wanted Sharon to run the company, and the pre-nuptial agreement had spelled that out. Avery was certain that someone was tutoring Sharon about how to maneuver in the boardroom.

Avery surreptitiously told Nick that a judge might want to look at what she had on Sharon. Nick took the document and put it in his pocket Avery was unhappy that Sharon was her client. Nick said his lawyers would do their best to wrest Newman Enterprises from Sharon. Nick mentioned that Nikki was still looking for Victor. As they were saying goodbye, Sharon walked to the table and asked why Nick and Avery were meeting.

Avery said she had to leave, and Sharon asked to speak with Nick alone. Nick informed Sharon that Newman Enterprises was being pounded in the press because of Sharon's leadership. Sharon thought the business press was blasting the company because Victor had gone off without a word. Sharon believed that she was as capable of running the company as Victoria or Nick. Sharon said that her plan was to build on the cosmetics line. Nick was not impressed with her ideas.

Nick pointed out the flaws in Sharon's vision for expansion. Nick also thought that Victor would never approve of Sharon's showboating. Nick wanted everything with Newman to remain status quo. Sharon assumed that Nick was envious because she had the power rather than him. Nick asked why Sharon had become so power hungry. Sharon wanted to succeed for the sake of her children, to be a role model for them.

Nick said that she was not setting a good example for their children. Nick pointed out how Sharon had damaged Noah and Faith with her breaking out of jail, faking her death, and refusing to return home. Sharon resented Nick bringing up all that ancient history and accused Nick of trying to manipulate her emotionally.

Nick warned Sharon that her power was temporary, and she would regret what she was doing. Nick brought up the fact that when she was a child, her father had abandoned Sharon. Sharon was stunned that Nick was using pop psychology on her. Sharon called Nick arrogant and presumptuous. Sharon felt that she was the best person to be at the helm of Newman Enterprises.

Abby was in bed with Carmine, and he asked if their relationship was primarily a sexual one. Abby was happy to get dressed and go out with Carmine, but then her phone rang. Abby got a call from Jack to go to his place for a talk. At the Abbott house, before Jack could speak, Abby sympathized with him about Nikki going off to search for Victor.

Abby assumed that Jack needed to talk and offered a shoulder for him to cry on. Jack said he was coping just fine, but he had things on his mind about business. Jack showed Abby the business page of the newspaper and the story about Newman Enterprises stock plummeting. Jack announced that they should be buying Newman stock. Abby reminded Jack that she'd sold him all her shares. Jack loved Abby's shares, but he wanted more.

Abby was shocked that Jack was obsessed with business. Jack proposed a partnership in which he and Abby could make a fortune by purchasing Newman stock low and selling it high later on. Jack was sure that Victor would return, and when he did, the stock would soar again.

Jack appealed to Abby's business acumen. Abby felt like she was Jack's ATM, financing his schemes. Abby surmised that Jack was angry with Nikki and going after Newman Enterprises as a way to punish Nikki and Victor. Jack admitted that he'd always wanted to put Victor in his place. Abby refused to help Jack because her father would never forgive her.

Jack was sure that Victor would understand and probably admire Abby for buying up the stock. Abby reminded Jack that her father was missing and might be hurt or in trouble. Abby would not exploit the situation. Abby knew that Jack was manipulating her. Jack suggested that they be silent partners, so Victor would never know Abby had been involved. Abby looked at the documents Jack had prepared. Abby said no and told Jack to buy the stock on his own.

Sharon went to the Gloworm bar and ordered a glass of wine. Abby and Jack arrived and confronted Sharon. Abby blasted Sharon for being a "ditz" who was destroying Newman Enterprises. Later, Jack and Abby were at a table. Abby was really angry with Sharon. Jack suggested again that Abby could help Newman Enterprises in the long run if she teamed up with him. Abby said yes and agreed to stop by the house later to sign Jack's document.

After Abby left the restaurant, Jack glowed. Sharon joined Jack at the table, and he told her to sit down. Jack wondered how far Sharon was planning to go to get payback from Victor, Nikki, and the rest of the Newmans. Jack and Sharon agreed the Newmans had disrespected them in the past, and payback was a good thing.

Back at the house, Jack tried to stand on his own. He was able to get up and take a step before falling back into the wheelchair. Abby was back in bed with Carmine at the hotel. Carmine asked if she was all right. Abby wasn't upset about her decision to partner with Uncle Jack again, but Abby knew that her father would go ballistic when he found out. Abby wondered if she should go out on her own and buy the stock without Jack's involvement.

Tucker learned from his broker that the Newman stock was plummeting. Tucker expected the stock to drop even further. Tucker urged the broker to continue buying up shares. Genevieve called again and told Tucker that Victor had been in Salt Lake City and had befriended some locals. Victor had been very charming, and when he left on a bus for Las Vegas, the locals had assumed that he would stay there for a while. Tucker wanted Genevieve to stay on the trail, but Genevieve needed cash. Tucker assured her that money was on the way. Genevieve left for Vegas.

Nick met with Avery at Crimson Lights. Nick was incensed about Sharon's leadership of Newman Enterprises. Avery informed Nick that Sharon had called off the search for Victor. Nick was flummoxed. Later, he called Victor's security supervisor and restarted the search for his father. Avery felt that Sharon had used Victor's absence to advance her position in the company. Nick wanted to stop Sharon. Avery suggested to Nick could do that by claiming that Sharon was mentally unstable. Avery reminded Nick that Sharon had been hospitalized for mental illness in the past.

Sharon returned to Tucker's apartment, complaining about her encounter with Nick. Sharon was infuriated by Nick's condescending attitude toward her. Sharon didn't know how to fight back against Nick. Tucker had a suggestion. He advised Sharon to terminate Nick from Newman Enterprises.

In Los Angeles, the bartender told Victor that he could no longer stay in his room upstairs if he didn't pay upfront. Victor was broke and asked if he was being kicked out. A woman watched Victor from the other end of the bar. Speaking with the bartender, Victor offered to work for his room. The bartender was unsympathetic.

The lady approached Victor and advised him to make some friends. Victor noticed that she was drinking soda water and not booze. She asked Victor about his home, but he had no answers for her. The lady offered Victor a place to stay if he needed one. Victor said he wasn't interested.

The woman stepped away, and Victor ordered a drink. The bartender told Victor he'd blown his chance to get a place to sleep by ignoring the lady. Before leaving, the woman said goodbye to Victor and wished him luck. Victor asked if she really was offering a place to stay. The woman explained that she was a nun, and she and her sisters ran a mission.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

From the coffeehouse, Kevin called Phyllis to urge him to speak with Beth before the cops got to her. Kevin feared that Beth would identify Kevin as the encyclopedia salesman from the night of Tim's death. Phyllis was sure that Beth would never implicate Kevin, but Kevin was worried. Kevin hung up quickly when Chloe approached. Chloe wondered why Kevin had been acting strangely.

Adam arrived and complained that the website wasn't doing as well as he had hoped, and he accused Kevin of blowing the endorsement deal with Phyllis. Chloe defended Kevin and told Adam that it was difficult to find someone with Phyllis' connections and skills. Kevin said he'd talked with Phyllis twice, but she hadn't been interested. Chloe urged Kevin to try again. Kevin was defensive, but Adam and Chloe insisted.

At the police station, Michael questioned Ronan about Tim's case. Ronan explained that the coroner confirmed that Tim had died of a heart attack brought on by medications and a little bit of alcohol. Michael felt that they needed more information and wanted Beth to be taken in for more questioning.

At the penthouse, Nick asked Phyllis about Tim's death, assuming she might be upset. Phyllis was certain that he'd died of natural causes. Nick felt that it would only be a matter of time before the police connected Tim's money to Phyllis' payment. Nick wanted Phyllis to confess to Michael about being blackmailed.

Phyllis was shocked. After being told by everyone to not tell her side of the story, she couldn't believe that Nick wanted her to talk to the D.A. and possibly implicate herself. Phyllis assumed that if Tim's finances had shown any link to Phyllis, Ronan and Michael would have called her in for questioning again. Nick tried to understand Phyllis' point of view.

In the living room at the ranch house, Sharon greeted a television reporter who'd stopped by to interview her about being the new CEO of Newman Enterprises. Nick received a text message about Sharon's appearance. Nick turned on the television. Nick resented the way Sharon was flaunting her new role. Phyllis told Nick to turn off the show because Sharon wasn't worth getting upset about. In his office, Tucker watched the interview and knew that Sharon's vision of the company was causing the Newman Enterprises stock to plummet.

As they talked about TagNGrab, Adam treated Kevin like an employee, ordering him around. Kevin resented Adam's superior attitude. Nick and Phyllis entered the coffeehouse. When she overheard them talking about the position with TagNGrab, Phyllis said she'd already turned it down.

Adam wondered if Nick was opposed to Phyllis working with him. Nick declared that he wanted Phyllis to take the job. Kevin asked to speak with Phyllis privately, and led her to the patio. Kevin told Phyllis she had to go to work for TagNGrab. Kevin warned Phyllis that the website was crucial to his future, and Phyllis owed him for the Tim business. Phyllis protested, but when Kevin dragged her back into the coffeehouse, he announced that Phyllis was officially part of the team.

Genevieve called Tucker from Las Vegas. She was in the car, but she had a huge bankroll of cash from her winnings at the tables. Genevieve told Tucker that she'd been all over the strip, and nobody had seen Victor. Tucker informed Genevieve that he'd sent her a photo of a man who'd been spotted at a blackjack table that looked like Victor. Genevieve said she'd go to the casino and check out the information.

Later, Genevieve called Tucker to say that the dealer had tipped her off to Victor's next stop. Victor had been asking about work as a longshoreman in Los Angeles. Tucker thought that was incorrect information because his private detectives believed Victor was heading to Tucson. Genevieve was sure of her information and said she was going to Los Angeles. Tucker reminded her that he was in charge, but Genevieve insisted on doing things her own way and hung up. Tucker was ticked off.

At the waterfront bar, Victor thanked the nun for giving him a place to sleep. When she asked his name again, Victor told her to call him Christian. Victor ducked her questions about where he was from. She asked if the police might be after him, and Victor said he wanted to concentrate on the present, not the past.

After they finished their coffee, the nun offered to pay, but Victor wouldn't allow it. Victor explained that he would spend the day looking for work, but if he didn't get a job, he'd move on. Later, the nun told Christian that she'd convinced Jake, the bartender, to give him a job. Victor was grateful. When the nun left, Jake said that she was a good woman and then warned Christian not to be any trouble.

Later Genevieve arrived at the waterfront bar in Los Angeles. Tucker called and wanted her to stop the wild goose chase and head to Tucson. Genevieve was determined to check out the bar for a clue about Victor. Genevieve walked in, but didn't notice a scruffy-looking Victor sitting at a table.

Genevieve asked a different bartender if he had seen Victor Newman. She showed him a picture, and the bartender said if Victor had been there, everyone would have been talking about it because he was a very famous man. Genevieve was frustrated. She called Tucker to say that the bar seemed like a dead end. Genevieve agreed to go to Tucson. Victor walked out of the bar, and Genevieve didn't notice him.

Eden and Kyle were lounging by the pool at the Newman ranch. Kyle said that with Victor away from the ranch, life was strange in the house. Kyle was uncomfortable with Sharon as the lady of the house. Kyle climbed into the lounge chair to cuddle with Eden.

Tucker called Sharon and complimented her on the television interview. Sharon was overjoyed that Tucker approved of her TV appearance. Tucker told Sharon just what she wanted to hear. Kyle and Eden charged into the living room, playing around, dressed in their bathing suits.

Sharon cut her phone call short, then criticized Kyle for being rude. Sharon said she objected to the way they had disrupted her phone call. Kyle was insolent with Sharon and told her he lived there, too. Sharon disliked Kyle's attitude and reminded him that he was a guest.

Later, after Eden and Kyle had dressed, they returned to the living room. Eden apologized to Sharon, but Kyle refused to say he was sorry because Victor, not Sharon, had invited him to stay there. Kyle challenged Sharon's authority. Sharon asked for Kyle's respect, but he said Sharon had no respect for Victor.

Kyle accused Sharon of being a bimbo and only having a degree in Mrs. Sharon was shocked at Kyle's insults, especially when he called Sharon a joke. Sharon started to say that Kyle should move out, but Kyle interrupted her and said that he was leaving. Kyle warned Sharon that she'd be out of the bedroom and the boardroom as soon as Victor returned.

Later, Kyle was shocked that his day had culminated in his packing his bags to leave. Eden invited Kyle to move in with her, for a night or two. Kyle knew they weren't read to be roomies, but he was glad to crash at her place for a while.

After looking at the website with Kevin and Chloe, Phyllis had suggestions. Nick was glad that Phyllis had reached a decision. Kevin told Phyllis to remain positive about their situation. Later, Adam met Chelsea at Gloworm with the good news that Phyllis had taken the job with their company.

Chelsea had a gift for Adam. He opened the box and found a positive pregnancy test inside. Chelsea said it was the real thing. Adam was overjoyed that Chelsea was pregnant. Chelsea and Adam kissed happily. In the background, Sharon walked in and overheard their news. Chelsea noticed that Sharon was by the bar, watching them. Adam called Sharon over. Sharon congratulated them.

Later, at the ranch, Sharon began ripping the curtains off the windows. She threw lamps and destroyed the décor. Back at Gloworm, Adam and Chelsea celebrated their news with a hot fudge sundae. Adam felt that everything was coming together for the two of them. Adam credited Chelsea with changing his life and making him happy. Adam said he loved Chelsea, and she responded in kind.

Ronan and Michael asked Beth about Tim's sex pills. Beth said that Tim knew that she was with Ray, her husband, the night that Tim had died. Beth said Tim wouldn't have needed the pills that night. When Ronan asked if Tim might have been seeing another woman, Beth said no.

Michael asked Beth about the encyclopedia salesman who'd knocked on her door that night. Ronan and Michael said the salesman was probably not a real salesman. Beth said that the man had been very nervous. Michael asked if Beth would meet with a sketch artist and describe the encyclopedia salesman. Beth agreed.

Ronan and Michael discussed the case and how guilty Phyllis looked. A short time later, the sketch was done, but Michael wasn't impressed. The sketch could have been any man. Ronan and Michael told Beth that she could leave. The coroner called Ronan with news that Tim's body had been moved post-mortem.

Back home, Nick told Phyllis that she was very brave to have taken the job with TagNGrab. Nick admired her for not hiding behind closed doors. Phyllis thanked Nick for sticking by her side. Phyllis was grateful for Nick's place in her life. Back at the coffeehouse, Chloe thanked Kevin for convincing Phyllis to join TagNGrab.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Michael informed Ronan that he had read the coroner's report, which confirmed that Tim's body had been moved after Tim had died. Michael suspected that it was more than a coincidence that someone had tried to make it look like Tim had died of natural causes. Michael considered Tim's death a criminal investigation, and he was determined to find out where Tim had died and who had moved the body. Ronan reported that the medical examiner was analyzing Tim's corpse again.

Ronan realized that Michael believed that Phyllis had been involved, and Michael admitted that the timing was hard to ignore, since he had been about to question Tim about the hit-and-run. Ronan pondered why Tim had swallowed sex pills right before a meeting with the district attorney, but Michael theorized that Tim had had another appointment before the deposition. The men agreed that Tim's anticipated rendezvous hadn't been with Beth. Michael said that they had to confirm Phyllis' story, and he requested the security camera footage from Phyllis' building.

Phyllis instructed a maid to clean the penthouse from top to bottom, including the rugs. Nick entered and expressed surprise to see the maid, who said that Phyllis had called her. Phyllis claimed that she wanted things cleaned up, since Lucy had been spending a lot of time there. Nick and Phyllis watched a newscast about Sharon's inability to run the company, and he vowed to oust Sharon. Nick relayed Avery's suggestion that he use Sharon's mental history to get Sharon out.

Someone from Faith's school called to inform Nick that Faith was sick, and he left to pick his daughter up. Phyllis called Kevin and asked whether things were back to normal. He expressed his discomfort that he and Phyllis had to work together after he had helped her to move a dead body. Later, Kevin stopped by Phyllis' penthouse and stared at the rug. For the maid's benefit, Phyllis handed him a beer and loudly thanked him for her paycheck. He whispered that seeing the rug was creepy, but Phyllis urged him to relax and move on.

Phyllis and Kevin awkwardly worked on the website together. Ronan arrived and called out to Phyllis, and Kevin nervously asked if they could pretend that they weren't there. She told Kevin to keep his cool, and she answered the door. Phyllis explained that she and Kevin were working together, and Kevin babbled about his new venture. Ronan asked to speak with Phyllis in private, and a relieved Kevin departed.

Ronan wanted to discuss Tim's death, and Phyllis stated that Tim's heart had simply given out, but Ronan informed her that the investigation was ongoing, because some things just weren't adding up. Ronan revealed that the coroner had reported that Tim hadn't died in his apartment. Phyllis asked where Tim had died, and Ronan conceded that the police didn't know. Ronan said that he was trying to figure out who had moved the body.

At Restless Style, Billy made a call to try to dig up details about Tim's death. Billy lamented that his sources were on lockdown, and Harmony pointed out that it meant there was something to unlock. Billy promised to have more information by the time the show aired, and he left to go to Tim's apartment. Meanwhile, Beth left some flowers outside Tim's door.

Later, Beth found Billy in the hallway outside Tim's apartment and asked if he was a friend of Tim's. She suddenly recognized Billy from his television show, and Billy explained that he'd met Tim once and that he wanted to do a special segment about the shrink. Beth assumed that it would be a memorial tribute, and she thought that a loner like Tim would have been glad that someone cared. Beth revealed that she had been present when the police had found Tim's body. Billy expressed sympathy and offered to listen if she wanted to talk about her friend. After hearing her out, Billy offered Beth a guest spot on the Restless Style show, but she balked.

Chloe announced that her piece on TagNGrab was ready to go, and Harmony complimented the site. Jeremy warned that the last episode hadn't done well in the ratings, so they needed some juicy material to attract viewers. Abby arrived and wanted to talk with Billy about her Newman story, but Harmony said that he was out pursuing a lead of his own. Jeremy anxiously checked his watch, and Billy sauntered in and announced that he was locking down the set to avoid anyone leaking his big story.

Jeremy worried that they were running late, so they needed to start on point to finish the show on time. Harmony answered the phone and told Billy that it was what he had been waiting for. Billy took the call and looked exuberant, and he ordered his staff to take their places. Billy gazed into the camera and greeted the audience.

After the show taped, Jeremy commended everyone for a great job, and Abby raved about Billy's performance. Harmony praised Billy for digging up dirt at the last second, and Chloe called Billy a genius. Billy worried that not everyone would think so. Jeremy couldn't wait to see what Billy brainstormed for the following week, but Billy wanted to take time to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

At the ranch, Sharon watched the news report about Newman Enterprises stock plummeting to an all-time low after Sharon had taken over as CEO. Martin, an interior designer, entered and asked what had happened to the drapes. Sharon grumbled that they were outdated and needed to go. Martin presented her with fabrics and sketches, and she ignored a call from Nick. She explained that she didn't want to deal with business, and Martin sympathized that she was going through a trying time.

Sharon complained that her husband had left and that everyone wanted her to fail. She continued that the Newmans considered her an opportunist, and instead of being on her honeymoon, she had to prove herself to people who thought that they were better than her. Sharon pledged to renovate both the ranch and Newman Enterprises from top to bottom. Nick called out from the foyer, and Sharon began to reprimand him, but she stopped when she saw Faith in his arms. Martin left, and Faith cried that her stomach hurt. Sharon snuggled with Faith on the couch and said that she and Nick would make it all better.

Sharon called the doctor, and she flashed back to being pregnant with Faith. As she and Nick had lovingly prepared Faith's room, they had discussed his dream in which Cassie had predicted Faith's birth. Nick entered with some tea and honey for Faith, and Sharon reported that the doctor had said that as long as Faith's fever didn't spike, the girl could stay home. Faith asked if Buster could have some tea, too, and Nick started to leave to retrieve her pink bear. Sharon followed him into the foyer, and she apologized that she hadn't answered his call.

Nick acknowledged that he wasn't Sharon's favorite person, but she said that it was more important that he was the father of her children. She realized that Faith's ailment could have been more serious, but Nick assured her that Faith would be fine. Sharon stated that she didn't like business getting between them, because it made her lose sight of the good man he was. She admitted that she had considered firing him, but it would have been a mistake. She pointed out that they worked together as parents, so she believed that they could learn to work together at Newman Enterprises, too. Faith called out for Sharon, so Nick and Sharon tabled further conversation about work until later.

At Crimson Lights, Michael noticed that Kevin looked wound up, and Kevin attributed his demeanor to starting a new business. Kevin hoped that he wouldn't live to regret hiring Phyllis, but Michael was glad that Phyllis had something positive to focus on. Kevin asked whether Michael was bothered by Phyllis' case, and Michael confided that Tim's death had been more complicated than a heart attack. Michael told Kevin that the coroner's report had stated that the body had been moved post-mortem.

Kevin returned to see Phyllis and asked if she was alone, and she informed him that the maid had left. They each revealed that they were aware that the police had figured out that Tim's body had been moved, but Phyllis assured Kevin that Ronan didn't know who had moved it. She told Kevin to relax, because the maid had thoroughly cleaned the penthouse. Kevin fretted that the police would find fibers from the rug on the corpse. Phyllis intentionally dumped a bottle of red wine all over the rug and declared that it was ruined, so they had to throw it out.

Kevin and Phyllis picked up the coffee table to retrieve the rug, but they froze when Nick entered. Phyllis rambled that she and Kevin had toasted to their new business venture, but they had spilled the wine, so they were getting rid of the rug. Nick prompted them to set down the table, and Kevin hurriedly said that they were done with work. Kevin left, and Nick reported that Faith was fine and staying with Sharon. Phyllis inquired whether Nick and Sharon had fought, but he said that they'd put business aside to tend to Faith. Nick asked about working with Kevin, and Phyllis claimed that she and Kevin made a good team.

Chloe returned to Crimson Lights, where Kevin informed her that the show had just started. They watched her plug for TagNGrab, including a reference to Phyllis' involvement. Abby chirped that she'd clicked on the site and that it was awesome. Meanwhile, at Gloworm, Abby and Carmine watched the episode, and she cringed at her forced enthusiasm for Chloe's project.

On the show, Abby presented her segment about her "pathetic stepmom" trying to drive the family business into the ground after Sharon had slept her way to the top of the Newman family. Abby sensationalized how shareholders were freaking out, and she advised Sharon to stick to collecting husbands. In real time, Abby shut her laptop and declared her satisfaction that she had been able to publicly condemn Sharon. Meanwhile, Sharon watched the show from the ranch, and she vowed that Abby would regret it. Sharon called security and banned Abby from the ranch and Newman Enterprises. Sharon then called Buck at the stables, and she directed him to donate Abby's prize horses to a charity.

Nick and Phyllis watched the Restless Style show from home, and Nick praised Abby for sticking it to Sharon, but Phyllis worried about what else they would say about Phyllis on the episode. Nick surmised that Billy would do anything to keep a story alive. Billy mentioned the suspicious death of Phyllis' therapist, and Nick questioned what had been suspicious about it. Phyllis reached for the remote control, but Billy mentioned Phyllis' attempted murder charge. He said that the story continued to unravel, since Tim had been not only Phyllis' court-appointed therapist, but also her lover.

Billy reported that Michael had subpoenaed Tim to discuss Tim's relationship with Phyllis, but Tim had suddenly died, which had been very convenient for Phyllis. Billy introduced Beth, who described Tim as kind and lonely. Billy displayed a photo of Phyllis, and Beth revealed that she had witnessed Phyllis fly into a rage at Tim's apartment. Billy speculated that the scene had occurred on the night of Tim's death, but Beth continued that the only person she had seen that night had been an encyclopedia salesman, and she had worked with a police sketch artist to identify the man.

Kevin gasped in horror, and an unknowing Chloe gushed that people would be all over TagNGrab. Billy thanked Beth, and he dropped the bomb that the police had evidence that Tim had been moved back into his apartment after Tim had died. Billy sarcastically stated that people who died of natural causes usually didn't move themselves, and he pondered who stood to gain the most by Tim's death. Phyllis shut off the television, and she swore to Nick that she'd had nothing to do with Tim's demise.

Ronan informed Michael that he hadn't gotten anything out of Phyllis, and Michael quipped that at least she was listening to her lawyers, for a change. Ronan noted that she had seemed evasive, and he handed Michael a flash drive with video footage from the building's security camera on the night in question. Michael cued it up to one hour before the estimated time of Tim's death and then fast-forwarded. His computer screen went blank.

Michael contacted the manager of Phyllis' building and informed Ronan that the cameras had been intentionally turned off and then back on by a hacker. Ronan presumed that Phyllis had been the culprit, and Michael contended that she was capable. Ronan offered to send someone from their technical team over to investigate. Michael thought that the chances of the camera malfunction being a coincidence were about the same as winning the lottery. Michael declared that they needed to get a search warrant to put pressure on Phyllis.

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