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Monday, August 27, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Chloe couldn't offer Adam and Chelsea an explanation for Kevin's absence after he failed to show up for a meeting to discuss the business partners' online start-up project. Chloe later offered to buy coffee for Chelsea, but Chelsea awkwardly explained that she'd cut down on caffeine.

After Chloe walked away, Chelsea worried that Chloe might determine that she was pregnant. Adam teased Chelsea. He directed her attention to the screen of his laptop and noted that a boy or girl, known as "Baby N" had tagged and grabbed numerous baby-related items. Chelsea was charmed when Adam claimed that the baby had tagged an outfit embellished with the message "My Mom Rocks!"

Later, Chelsea noticed the frown on Chloe's face after she checked her phone for a message from Kevin. Chelsea approached Chloe and asked about Kevin. Chloe, still pondering why Kevin had skipped their business meeting, insisted that TagNGrab was very important to Kevin. Chelsea replied, "It's also obvious that something else is way more important to him." Chloe asked, "Who?" Chelsea said, "You!"

After Chelsea rejoined Adam, he announced that a company known for its manufacture of quality products related to child-rearing had expressed interest in TagNGrab. Chloe overheard Adam's grand announcement and said she'd love to share the news with Kevin if he'd answer his phone.

At District Attorney Michael Baldwin's office, Ronan and Michael watched Beth's interview with Billy. Beth stated that a raging-mad Phyllis had once visited Tim's apartment. Michael tuned off the television and shook his head. Ronan said, "Just bypass the investigation and the trial phase, and jump right to putting Phyllis in the stocks. Well -- why didn't we think of that?" Michael, frustrated, replied, "This is out of control." Ronan noted that they should rein Beth in. Michael told Ronan that Phyllis should be taken in for questioning, but Ronan said he'd handle the matter himself.

Kevin was livid when he arrived at Phyllis' penthouse. Phyllis was frantically wiping every hard surface in her living room with a cleaning rag. Phyllis cried that Billy, having already accused her of murder, would crucify her on The Restless Style Show if investigators discovered even one of Tim's fingerprints. Kevin replied, "You have nothing to worry about because nobody saw you in Tim's building. My face is on a police sketch!" Phyllis assured Kevin that he had nothing to worry about.

Flailing her arms about hysterically, Phyllis cried, "On the other hand, it's completely logical that I would want Tim dead, isn't it? If they connect Tim to this place at the time he croaked, it's over for me." Kevin reminded Phyllis that authorities were aware that Tim had succumbed to a heart attack. Phyllis, livid, explained that investigators could still use her involvement with Tim to convict her for Paul and Christine's hit-and-run.

Phyllis lost control and jumped up and down fretfully. She screamed that the rug under her coffee table was the only piece of evidence that could tie her to Tim. Calming herself somewhat, Phyllis told Kevin that they had to dispose of the rug. Kevin laughed sarcastically and snapped, "We are not a 'we.'"

In an alley, Kevin dumped the rolled-up rug from Phyllis' penthouse into a dumpster. As he turned to leave, he encountered two uniformed police officers. One officer confirmed that Kevin had double-parked his car. When Kevin was asked why he was in the alley, he stammered that "nature had called." The officer noted that a gas station with restrooms was located nearby. The officers didn't detain Kevin.

Ronan, carrying a case fitted with implements to collect crime-scene evidence, arrived at Phyllis' apartment after Kevin left to dump the rug. Ronan noted that a CSI team could have accompanied him. Phyllis quipped, "Oh, I would have loved that." Ronan showed Phyllis a search warrant. Phyllis remained stoic and tried to appear nonchalant.

While Ronan dusted for fingerprints, Phyllis, holding a glass of red wine, meandered about casually. Ronan announced that he couldn't find a single print. Phyllis noted that her cleaning lady had just left and wouldn't have left prints herself because she always wore gloves. Ronan asked about Phyllis' missing rug. Phyllis explained that she'd gotten rid of the rug after spilled red wine had permanently ruined it.

Ronan noted that the security camera in the hallway outside Phyllis' apartment had been shut down the night Tim Reid had died. Phyllis shrugged and suggested that the problem had resulted from a glitch caused by a power shortage. Ronan replied, "No. More like someone broke into the system and deactivated it." Ronan threatened to have Phyllis' laptop examined by a specialized forensics team. Phyllis dared Ronan to do so. Frustrated, Ronan yelled, "You're in big trouble here. It's not going away!"

Phyllis refused to offer any explanations. Ronan warned that expert investigators would comb Phyllis' apartment and find whatever she'd hidden. Ronan pleaded with Phyllis to tell him the truth. Phyllis broke down told Ronan that Tim Reid had collapsed on her rug. Phyllis added that she'd feared others might believe that she'd lured Tim to her apartment to poison him.

Phyllis explained that Tim had been blackmailing her after threatening to testify about the hit-and-run. Phyllis noted that Tim had demanded money and sex from her, but she insisted she would not have slept with the man. Ronan replied, "He's lucky he's dead." Ronan said he believed Phyllis. She explained that she'd spiked Tim's wine with tranquilizers and had planned to lie about having had sex with him after he awoke.

Phyllis told Ronan that her plans for Tim had failed because he'd refused to drink the spiked wine. Phyllis recalled that Tim had collapsed and died after she descended the stairs and opened her robe. Ronan noted that Tim had been unable to handle what he'd asked for. Phyllis admitted that she'd rolled Tim's body up in her rug and driven him back to his apartment. Phyllis refused to implicate her accomplice, but Ronan said he knew that a so-called encyclopedia salesman had been seen outside Tim's apartment.

Kevin returned and was upset to discover that Phyllis had told Ronan the truth. Against Phyllis' protests, Kevin whipped out his cell phone and called Michael, but his brother didn't answer. Kevin was even more upset when he learned that Phyllis had confessed to Ronan without having made a plea arrangement. Phyllis reminded Kevin that they'd only moved a dead body.

Kevin admitted to Phyllis and Ronan that two police officers had intercepted him after he disposed of the rug. Kevin indicated the dumpster location on a map to Ronan. As Ronan headed out the door, he told Kevin and Phyllis that it was best if they didn't know what he was about to do. After Ronan left, Phyllis assured Kevin that Ronan was on their side. Kevin told Phyllis that he regretted helping her, and he stormed out.

Michael questioned Beth Hortense in his office. Michael explained that her interview with Billy might have tipped off the so-called encyclopedia salesman she'd encountered outside Tim's apartment. Michael added that Billy Abbott had used Beth for his own purposes because he only cared about garnering high ratings for his television show. Beth insisted that Phyllis could find the encyclopedia salesman because the man had likely served as Phyllis' lookout after she "did it."

Michael said that Beth's theory, though plausible, couldn't be tied to Phyllis. Beth added that someone had moved Tim's body after he died and had placed a bottle of male-enhancement pills near her dead friend. Beth maintained that Phyllis was the only person who wanted Tim dead. Beth threatened to participate in a repeat interview with Billy if it would assure Phyllis' conviction.

Beth was disappointed after she was unable to positively identify the encyclopedia salesman from a selection of mug shots. As Michael collected the photographs, his cell phone rang. Beth noticed a photo of Kevin that was displayed on the screen of Michael's phone and quickly noted that the person calling was the man she'd seen. Michael insisted that Beth was mistaken. He reminded Beth that she'd already claimed that six others had matched the description of the man she'd seen in the hallway.

An elated Chloe greeted Kevin when he entered Crimson Lights. Adam and Chelsea joined the couple, and Chloe told Kevin that a major company had expressed interest in becoming partners with TagNGrab. Kevin said he needed to speak to Chloe alone. Adam and Chelsea left. Kevin said he had something to tell Chloe, but before he could, Michael arrived and asked Kevin what he knew about encyclopedias. Kevin looked shocked.

Phyllis phoned Ronan and left a message. She said that she'd promised Kevin that they both could trust Ronan. Phyllis added, "I really, really hope that's true. My entire life depends on you right now." In the alleyway, Ronan arrived and found a uniformed officer removing the rug Kevin had thrown in the dumpster. The officer noted that a man he'd encountered earlier had acted strangely. The officer unrolled the rug and asked if the red stain might be blood. Ronan glanced from the rug to the curious police officer.

On the basketball court at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Neil and Harmony began shooting baskets. Neil, shirtless, stood close behind Harmony and gave her pointers about throwing the ball into the basket. Harmony followed Neil's instructions and cheered for herself when the ball hit its mark. Neil opened out his arms, and Harmony jumped up to accept Neil's waiting embrace. Neil held Harmony off the ground, and the couple kissed.

At Gloworm, Sofia and Tucker shared a business lunch. Sofia reported that the head of one particular company had become desperate and hoped to arrange a deal with Tucker immediately. Sofia directed Tucker's attention to Newman Enterprises and explained that she'd developed three different strategies to mitigate the harm Sharon had done. Tucker abruptly ordered Sofia to place her plans for Newman Enterprises on ice for the time being.

Sofia was taken aback and noted that Tucker didn't seem concerned that his major investment in Newman Enterprises was plummeting. Tucker replied, "I'm thinking about doubling down." Tucker added that he wasn't the only person waiting to buy shares at a lower cost. He explained that Jack Abbott had hoped to arrange a limited partnership, so he, too, could purchase shares. Sofia noted that Jack didn't have the ready cash needed because his funds were tied up in Beauty of Nature.

Sofia, surprised by Tucker's openness, said, "What's going on with you? If word gets out that Tucker McCall thinks Newman is a good investment, the price is going to skyrocket!" Tucker whispered, "That's the last thing I want, so you know what I need from you." Sofia quietly agreed to make available the funds Tucker needed from various sources, so that McCall, Unlimited could purchase stock through concealed entities. Tucker whispered that it shouldn't take long for the stock price to bottom out. Sofia pointed out that the plan certainly wasn't the usual way Tucker conducted business.

Neil and Harmony entered Gloworm. Sofia wasn't pleased when Tucker invited Neil and Harmony to their table. Harmony and Tucker left the table after both couples exchanged awkward greetings. Sofia teased Neil about being with Harmony. Neil offered to take Harmony elsewhere, but Sofia said she was fine with it. Sofia explained that she didn't regret any of the decisions she'd made for Moses' sake, but she warned Neil that he should be careful with Harmony and not close his eyes to her history.

In another area of Gloworm, Tucker offered Harmony a job with better pay than she earned at the magazine. Harmony said, "So, what are you up to?" Harmony said she needed time to consider the offer. After Harmony and Neil seated themselves at another table, Neil asked if Tucker had been giving her a hard time. Harmony said he hadn't been and that it was confusing to her whenever Tucker was nice.

Tucker rejoined Sofia. Sofia asked Tucker if he was still interested in Harmony after learning that he'd offered her a job. Sofia quipped that if he allowed Harmony to park cars, she'd probably drive one away. Tucker explained that Harmony had a talent for drawing people out. Tucker left abruptly. As Tucker headed toward the exit, he stopped and watched Neil and Harmony as they shared laughs and enjoyed each other's company.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Phyllis was alone in the penthouse, worried about what had happened with the rug that Kevin had thrown in the dumpster. Phyllis called Ronan, but he ignored her call. Brooks, a uniformed cop, wanted to have the rug's stain investigated. Ronan tried to dissuade him from taking the rug to the forensics lab.

When Heather appeared to see the evidence, Ronan was forced to let them examine the rug. Breaking protocol, Ronan touched the stain and determined that it was a red wine spill. Heather declared that it could not help in Tim's homicide investigation. Ronan claimed Tim's death had been health-related, but Heather insisted that Tim's death was homicide because his body had been moved.

At Crimson Lights, Michael asked Kevin what he knew about the encyclopedia salesman who'd been at Tim's apartment the night Tim had died. Kevin denied knowing anything. Michael pressed and asked where Kevin had been four nights before. Chloe volunteered that Kevin had failed to meet with Phyllis that night because his car had broken down. Kevin explained he had not had a tow truck help him because a guy had stopped and offered to fix his car. Kevin hadn't paid because the man because it had only been a loose wire. Michael wasn't convinced by Kevin's explanation and asked Kevin to accompany him to the office to meet someone.

Daniel bumped into Lily on the coffeehouse patio. Lily said that Cane had just canceled their coffee date. Daniel mentioned how much he enjoyed being a father. Lily and Daniel each realized that they needed a friend to talk with, so they sat together at a table. Lily said that Cane's family problems were annoying her. Lily wanted Cane to have a relationship with his mother, but it was problematic. Just then, Phyllis appeared and wanted to speak with Daniel.

In private, Phyllis told Daniel that she was searching for Ronan. Daniel didn't know where Ronan was and wondered what his mother was up to. Phyllis had no patience for Daniel's criticism. Later, Lily and Daniel resumed their talk. Daniel said that Phyllis was self-absorbed. Daniel confessed that Phyllis objected to his relationship with Heather. Lily understood Phyllis' objections, but Daniel explained that he really liked Heather. Lily told him to be with Heather and keep it from Phyllis.

At the Athletic Club, Ronan was shooting baskets. Heather appeared and asked him why he was blowing off work. Ronan said he needed a break. Heather walked out to return to work. Later, Heather ran into Daniel at the coffeehouse. Daniel suggested that they go somewhere to be alone. Heather wanted to be with him, but worried about how it would look. Daniel asked her to ignore Phyllis' case and just be with him. Heather warned Daniel that there might be more charges filed against Phyllis.

Phyllis found Ronan at the basketball court. Ronan refused to tell her the details of the case and what had happened to the rug. Phyllis was willing to risk everything to get Ronan to talk with her. Phyllis bet she could hit one basket and if she did, he would confide in her. Phyllis missed the shot. Phyllis assumed that Ronan enjoyed torturing her. Ronan changed the subject and mentioned that it was too bad Phyllis' rug had been ruined with the wine stain. Phyllis said throwing it out had been the right thing, understanding the message that Ronan was sending to her.

Daniel was worried about Phyllis, but Heather couldn't tell him any details of the investigation. Heather wanted to share intimacies with Daniel, but she couldn't. Daniel suggested they could discuss other things, like football teams. He liked rock and she liked jazz. Daniel liked horror movies, but Heather loved foreign films. On the subject of art, they agreed. Heather mentioned the art prints in her apartment. Daniel said he'd like to see them, and they arranged to meet there.

At Gloworm, Cane reported to Jack about Jabot marketing. Jack was pleased with Cane's work and asked him to take over the Jabot marketing department. Cane was excited when Jack explained his goal was to crush the new Newman cosmetics line. Cane thought it would take a lot of work, but he was certain he was up to it. Jack liked Cane's initial ideas. Cane was curious about why Jack trusted him, considering that Genevieve had betrayed him. Jack accepted that Cane was more trustworthy than his mother.

Sharon complained to Tucker about Billy's new television show and the way that Abby had gone after Sharon on the last episode. Tucker advised Sharon not to let Abby get to her. Sharon was on the phone with the children's charity. Tucker overheard that Sharon had sent Abby's horses to the place as a gift. Tucker explained to Sharon that he'd convinced Warren, a reporter from the Chronicle, to interview Sharon as the new CEO of Newman Enterprises. Tucker offered to escort her to the appointment. Sharon was nervous, but Tucker said he had confidence in her.

At the Newman stables, a security guard informed Abby and Carmine that they were not allowed on the property. Abby learned that Sharon had fired Bobby, the head of Newman security, and Abby was on the list of people not allowed on the ranch. Abby declared that the ranch was her father's home. The guard informed Abby that her two horses had been sent to the glue factory. Abby told Carmine that Sharon was messing with her, because horses would not be killed in that way. Abby assumed Sharon had stolen her horses.

As Tucker and Sharon drove past the stables, Abby asked Sharon about her horses. Sharon said that she'd donated the horses to a farm for developmentally challenged children because Abby rarely rode them anymore. Sharon drove off as Abby yelled. At Gloworm, Jack spoke on the phone with his broker and learned that there was a single person buying up all the available Newman stock.

Tucker and Sharon entered the restaurant, and Jack greeted them. Sharon told Jack that the Chronicle was interviewing her. Jack advised Sharon to be careful, especially with Tucker. While Sharon was with Warren, Jack asked Tucker why he was so involved with Sharon. Tucker offered that he was just a concerned Newman stockholder, and she was the new CEO. Jack compared Tucker's interference with Sharon to the way he had hurt Ashley. After Tucker walked away, Jack arranged to meet with Cane again.

Sharon told Warren that she'd worked her way up Newman Enterprises from spokesperson to heading up the new cosmetics line. The reporter knew that the board had approved her for the cosmetics appointment only because Nick had offered to back her. Sharon said it had been a team effort, but she'd secured the Mistukoshi exclusive. Sharon took credit for closing the deal without Nick's help. Sharon assured Warren that if Mistukoshi trusted her; she was capable of running Newman.

At Crimson Lights, Cane told Lily about the offer to run Jabot marketing. Lily said she was excited, but she didn't seem excited. Cane assured Lily that the Claude Shirl business would not harm their family. Cane left Lily, but as she stood from the table, a woman bumped into her. Lily picked up the lady's keychain and noticed a stuff koala bear. The lady snatched the keychain from Lily's hand and left. Lily then found a business card on the floor in the name of Claude Shirl.

Abby and Carmine were at Gloworm. Abby called her broker and ordered him to buy up all the available Newman stock. Abby was willing to liquidate assets to get it done. Abby explained that her goal was to take down the "stepmother from hell." Sharon finished her interview with the Chronicle reporter. Tucker said goodbye to Warren, then Sharon and Tucker left together.

Jack told Cane that he wanted to learn if Tucker had purchased more than five percent of Newman stock, which would be illegal. Jack declared that if Tucker tried to buy up the depressed stock, he had to report a five percent stake to the SEC. Cane was asked to learn precisely know how much Newman stock Tucker owned. Cane asked what Jack suspected. Jack revealed that he believed that Tucker was using Sharon to gain control of Newman Enterprises.

At Michael's office, Chloe asked Kevin to tell her the truth. Just then, Beth walked in and identified Kevin as the encyclopedia salesman. Beth was one hundred percent sure that Kevin had been in the hallway outside of Tim's apartment. Beth accused Kevin of killing Tim Reid, or maybe trying to sell ecstasy. Michael had Beth taken away.

Michael demanded that Kevin start telling him the truth. Kevin denied that he would ever kill someone. Michael explained that Tim had been involved with Phyllis, and Tim had been Phyllis' therapist. Michael asked if Kevin had moved Tim's corpse. Chloe urged Kevin to tell Michael the truth. Kevin vehemently denied having done anything wrong. Michael told Kevin to leave, but warned him to be prepared to be the subject of an intense investigation. Kevin was not surprised that Michael was not on his side.

Michael met Ronan on the basketball court, and Ronan urged him to relax and work out his stress. Michael said that Beth had identified Kevin as the encyclopedia salesman. Ronan suggested that Michael believe Kevin rather than Beth. Ronan then explained the information they'd collected in way that made Kevin and Phyllis appear to be innocent. Michael wanted to do the right thing. Ronan said that as D.A., Michael could decide what was right.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin was ready to tell Chloe the truth. Kevin asked Chloe to trust him. Kevin started to explain that he had gotten himself into a major snafu. His phone rang, and Phyllis told Kevin that Ronan had covered for them about the rug. Phyllis urged Kevin to keep his mouth shut and not say a word to Chloe.

After hanging up, Chloe asked Kevin to explain why Beth had identified him as the encyclopedia salesman. Kevin wanted to talk about TagNGrab and claimed that Phyllis had big news for them. Chloe would not be dissuaded. Chloe declared that if Kevin was involved in any criminal activities, their website business would be over -- and so would their relationship.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nikki called Nick and told him that she was frustrated that her calls to Newman security had gone unanswered. Nick informed his mother that Sharon had fired all the personnel, forcing Nick to personally hire back all of Victor's security team. Nikki was astonished that Sharon had done such a thing, especially knowing how those people had families and depended on their jobs with Newman. Nick explained that Sharon was out of hand. Nikki was fed up and told Nick that she would fly home immediately to deal with Sharon directly.

At the ranch, Katherine walked into the living room as Sharon was on the phone with a Newman employee, ordering him to follow her instructions without argument. Sharon was surprised to see Katherine and greeted her warmly. Kay noticed that the living room was in the midst of a redecoration. Sharon said that she was very busy. Kay asked why Sharon was busy with business and fabric swatches, while not bothering to search for Victor.

Sharon contended that she was giving Victor space. Sharon felt that Victor had left because he needed time alone, and Sharon was inclined to give it to him. Kay criticized Sharon for tromping all over Victor's business by taking control as CEO. Sharon said she knew what she was doing and had even done a flattering interview with the Chronicle. Kay was furious that Sharon had talked to the newspaper when Sharon was already vilified in the press. Angry and frustrated with Sharon, Kay declared that Sharon should have her marriage to Victor annulled immediately.

At Gloworm, Genevieve reported to Tucker and she had been very close to finding Victor. Tucker accused Genevieve of having enjoyed a luxury lifestyle while on the road with him footing the bill. Genevieve asked if Tucker had been checking up on her, suspecting that he wanted to control her. Genevieve assured Tucker that she would find Victor.

Tucker was surprised that Genevieve was anxious to go back on the road again. Tucker wanted Genevieve to search in Tucson, where his private detectives suspected that Victor had gone. Genevieve believed that Victor was in Los Angeles. Tucker had his doubts, but Genevieve pointed out that Victor was not dead in a ditch. Genevieve felt that Victor knew exactly what he was doing. Genevieve insisted on resuming the search for Victor and demanded Tucker's private jet.

Nick walked into Gloworm and saw that Tucker was alone. Nick asked Tucker what he was up to with Sharon. Nick suspected that Tucker had been manipulating Sharon, that he was using her. Tucker said he was simply keeping tabs on Sharon because she was the acting CEO of Newman, and he was a stockholder. Tucker assured Nick that his relationship with Sharon was all business. Tucker's phone rang, and Nick assumed Sharon was calling him. Tucker declared that Newman's problem was the media, not Tucker's friendship with Sharon.

Sharon got comfortable on the couch, excited to read her interview in the Chronicle. As she looked at the story on her iPad, she discovered that Warren had eviscerated her on the front page of the Chronicle. In the first paragraph, Warren had ripped Sharon to shreds as a bimbo who had no right running Newman Enterprises.

A short time later, Tucker arrived at the ranch and apologized to Sharon for Warren's article. Tucker believed that Warren had double-crossed him. Sharon read portions of the article out loud to Tucker and fumed. Tucker listened as Sharon complained that she was going through a trial by fire in the media. They were out to get her. Sharon mentioned to Tucker that Kay had even told her to get an annulment.

Tucker explained that Kay was Victor's biggest cheerleader and would always protect him. Sharon was suspicious about what had happened with the Chronicle story because she knew the interview had gone well. Sharon wondered if someone might have paid Warren to write a nasty article about her. Sharon told Tucker that she planned to fight back.

Across town, Nick read the article, too, and knew how damaging it would be to Newman Enterprises. Nick called Bobby, the head of security, telling him to find Victor and find him soon. Later, Nick went to the ranch and demanded to know why Sharon had fired the Newman security staff. Nick explained that he'd rehired them, and they were looking for Victor.

Sharon blamed Victor for causing all the tumult and refused to take the blame for Victor abandoning her and the company. Sharon reminded Nick that the ranch was hers, as was the company and her employees. Nick accused Sharon of being on a power trip and destroying Newman Enterprises.

Sharon asked Nick if he'd purposely slammed her to the Chronicle reporter, perhaps even bribing Warren to make Sharon look bad. Nick was incensed over Sharon's behavior. Nick also pointed out that everything in the article was the truth. Nick called Sharon a brat. Sharon responded that she'd had enough of him and fired Nick from Newman.

Cane went to Crimson Lights, and Lily showed her the Claude Shirl business card she'd found after bumping into a woman. Cane asked for a description of the lady and said she might have been Samantha. Lily said she had only seen the woman briefly. Cane felt like he had to call the phone numbers on the business card. Neither phone number went through. Cane wanted to report to Genevieve but learned that his mother was out of town. Lily noticed Genevieve had just walked onto the patio.

Genevieve was glad to see Lily and Cane, but explained that she'd been out of town, looking for a job, and was leaving again. Cane asked if Genevieve had anything to do with the business card, showing her that it was in the name of Claude Shirl. Cane noted that Genevieve had been in Los Angeles, and he wondered if his mother could have been there to hire an actress to play Samantha.

Genevieve refused to answer Cane's questions about her job interviews, making him more suspicious. Samantha asked Cane why she'd hire someone to play Samantha. Cane wouldn't let up on Genevieve, even after she confessed that her heart had never healed from losing Samantha. Genevieve walked away, and Lily told Cane it was time to call the police.

Cane didn't want to go to the authorities because it might jeopardize Genevieve's deal with the Feds about Colin's stolen money. Cane went to the counter and noticed that Genevieve was using her PC to search for information about Victor. Privately, Lily placed a call to Ronan and asked if he would meet with her.

Tucker met Kay at Gloworm, acting as if everything was normal. Kay wanted to speak with Tucker about Sharon. Tucker said he didn't really know Sharon. Kay asked if Tucker was aware of Sharon's actions. Tucker said he only knew what he read on the business blogs about Sharon. Kay suspected that Tucker was pretending to have a casual relationship with Sharon. Tucker told his mother that his relationship with Sharon was completely innocent.

Daniel looked around Heather's apartment. Heather wondered if Daniel was weirded out because Daisy had lived in the apartment. Heather mentioned that she had not been able to get rid of Ricky's things. They were all in a box that she kept around. Daniel noticed that Ricky's box included a file on Phyllis.

Heather explained to Daniel that she had once had a good reputation as a law-and-order, by-the-book kind of person, but Ricky and Adam had sullied that. Heather knew her relationship with Daniel complicated her chances to rebuild her reputation. Daniel didn't care about the case or Heather's reputation. Daniel wanted to be with Heather because he was falling in love with her. Heather and Daniel kissed passionately.

Later, after having made love, Daniel watched as Heather contemplating whether to hide the Phyllis file from him. Daniel didn't think Heather should keep Ricky's box in her apartment. Heather said Ricky had had nobody but Paul and her. Daniel was sympathetic. Heather believed that Paul would eventually want Ricky's things.

Heather confided in Daniel that Paul had nearly pleaded guilty because he felt responsible for Ricky's death. Heather couldn't risk losing Paul to that sorrow again by showing him Ricky's stuff. Daniel suggested that Heather keep something of Ricky's as a memento. Heather pulled out a snow globe that was from Niagara Falls. Heather assumed that it must have held a happy memory for Ricky. Heather decided to keep it for Paul because it was likely a happy souvenir.

At Jimmy's, Avery and Paul were waiting to meet with Bryce, a friend of Ricky's. Paul was hopeful that Bryce would give them answers or else Paul was sure to be convicted of killing his son. Paul mentioned that he'd tried to contact Bryce before Craig, but Bryce had never responded. A short time later, Bryce showed up, and Avery introduced herself.

Bryce was surly and unresponsive. Paul asked about Rachel, Ricky's dead girlfriend. Avery accused Bryce of lying to them. Bryce denied that Ricky was a liar with homicidal tendencies. Avery threatened to force Bryce to answer her questions truthfully in court. Bryce flirted with Avery, prompting Paul to act. Paul choked Bryce and said he had nothing to lose by hurting Bryce. Avery looked on in horror.

Avery got Paul to back off. Bryce admitted that Ricky had killed Rachel and recorded every second of the murder. Bryce explained that one drunken night, Ricky had showed him the murder video. Bryce revealed that Ricky had killed Rachel after they took a trip to Niagara Falls. Bryce said that he'd been afraid of Ricky and had even tipped him off when Paul began asking questions. That was how Ricky had known that Craig Hunt had planned to meet with Paul. Avery was appalled by Bryce's cowardice.

Bryce asked if he could leave, and Avery said she'd be in touch. Paul said that Ricky was deranged if he kept a souvenir of Rachel's murder. Avery got a drink for Paul. She had believed that Paul's angry attack on Bryce had been the real thing. Paul laughed and explained that it had been an act to intimidate Bryce. Paul and Avery realized that they had to find the recording of Rachel's murder.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ronan arrived at Jimmy's to meet with Lily. Ronan could tell that Lily was very upset, and he asked her what was so important that she needed his help. Lily told Ronan that Cane and Genevieve were being stalked by someone from their past. Lily told Ronan about the Claude Shirl incidents and the connection that name had to Cane's past. Lily explained that they'd had encounters with actors and impersonators pretending to be Claude Shirl and Samantha. Lily showed Ronan the business card that the Samantha look-alike had left for her to find. Ronan knew that Samantha was Cane's dead sister.

At the coffeehouse, Cane asked Genevieve why she'd been investigating Victor on the Internet. Genevieve said she was curious about where Victor was, just like everybody else in town. Genevieve declared that she was returning to L.A. to continue her job search. Cane was determined to get to the bottom of the Claude Shirl business. Genevieve asked Cane to call her if anything else happened while she was away.

Later, Cane called Lily, and she said told him that she was with Ronan. Cane was upset, but Lily asked him to join them. Later, Cane went to Jimmy's. Privately, Lily told Cane that she hadn't mentioned Genevieve's bank accounts to Ronan. When Lily and Cane sat with Ronan, Cane apologized for not speaking to the police sooner.

After hearing about the incidents from Cane, Ronan thought Colin was the likely culprit, but Cane disagreed. Cane knew that Colin could hire people to do his dirty work, but he didn't think his father would endanger Lily and the children. Lily wondered if someone from Cane's background could be seeking revenge. Ronan said he would check up on Colin as well Caleb's background. After Ronan left, Cane thanked Lily for doing the right thing.

While having coffee with Kay at Gloworm, Tucker received a text message from Genevieve. Kay told Tucker that she believed that he was manipulating Sharon. Kay was concerned about Victor, but Tucker pointed out that Victor's actions were inexcusable. Tucker announced that he had business to attend to and said goodbye to his mother.

At the dive bar in Los Angeles, Sister Celeste thanked Victor -- whom she knew as Christian -- for buying her dinner. Victor was very grateful to the nun for helping him. Celeste was happy to hear that Victor had done well on his new job. Victor said that he planned to stick around for a while.

Victor noticed that Sister Celeste seemed distracted because she was looking at a man sitting alone at the bar. The nun said it was an occupational hazard because whenever she saw someone in need, she was compelled to reach out. Celeste went to the man at the bar and asked if he needed a hand. The guy was nasty to Celeste, and when he threatened her, Victor stepped in to protect her. Victor threw the guy out of the bar.

Celeste thanked Victor for defending her. Victor insisted on walking the nun back to the mission. The bartender told Victor he'd have a beer waiting for him when he returned. Victor stepped out the front door, grabbing his shoulder in discomfort.

Later, Genevieve walked into the bar and was stunned to see Victor sitting at the bar, drinking a beer. She noticed that Victor seemed to be in pain. Genevieve went to his side and asked if he was all right. Genevieve gently touched his shoulder, and Victor turned to look at her. Victor thanked her for caring and said his name was Christian.

At the coffeehouse, Kyle visited with Eden, and he told her how much he had enjoyed spending the night with her. Kyle wanted to spend time with Eden, but she had to work a few more hours. Kyle told Eden that he'd decided to move out. Later, Eden assumed that Kyle had gotten nervous about staying with her. Kyle reminded Eden that the plan had always been for him to find his own place.

At the hospital, Jack complained to Sarge about his doctor's opinion on Jack's prognosis. Jack refused to believe that he would never walk again. Later, while working on the parallel bars, Jack pushed himself and fell. Sarge tended to Jack's cut hand and said he knew what the doctor had told Jack.

Sarge explained that Jack had reached a plateau in his therapy. Sarge said Jack might never have more mobility than he had at that moment. Jack was determined to walk again. Sarge appreciated Jack's focus, but told him not to cling to an unrealistic hope. Sarge warned Jack about the disappointment he might face in the future. Sarge advised Jack to learn to live with his success thus far. Jack insisted on working.

Victoria was surprised to see Nikki. Nikki was anxious to deal with Sharon. Victoria was unable to reach Nick to tell him the Nikki was back. Victoria asked about Nikki's search for Victor. Nikki revealed that she had gone to Victor's haunts, including Hope's farm in Kansas, the beach in Mexico, a monastery in France, and even an ashram in India, but she had not located her ex-husband.

Victoria was worried about her father, and Nikki agreed that Victor could be anywhere in the world. Nikki suspected that Victor could take care of himself and was probably plotting his return. Victoria was angry with Victor, but also wanted him back. Victoria was grateful to have Nikki home. Nikki said she had to leave, and Victoria suspected that Nikki was avoiding Jack because she wasn't heading home.

At the Abbott house, Jack asked Mrs. Martinez to pack up all of Nikki's belongings. Kyle arrived and asked Jack how he was doing with his rehabilitation. Kyle mentioned that life at the Newman ranch was so strange that he'd moved out. Kyle was upset with Sharon because she didn't seem to care about Victor being gone.

Kyle told Jack that something weird had happened at the ranch. Kyle had found Sharon in his room, and later his driver's license had been missing. Kyle didn't trust Sharon. Jack asked where Kyle was staying, and his son explained that he wasn't ready to move in with Eden. Jack said that he wanted his son living in his home. Kyle liked the idea and agreed to stay.

Later, Kyle returned to the coffeehouse and told Eden that he'd found a new place to live. Eden was shocked that he'd rented an apartment so fast. Kyle explained that he'd gone to see Jack, and his father had asked him to move back. Eden was glad that Kyle had decided to live with his dad again.

At Gloworm, Nikki met with Kay and confessed that she was really afraid that Victor wasn't going to return home. Nikki feared that something bad had happened to him. Kay reminded Nikki that Victor had gone off on his own in the past and had always found his way back to the family.

Nikki admitted that she felt defeated and filled with dread about Victor. Kay could tell that Nikki was overemotional and exhausted from her trip. Kay also believed that Nikki was overcome with disappointment because she had thought that if anyone could find Victor, it was Nikki.

With tears in her eyes, Nikki said she wouldn't know how to live without Victor. Kay urged Nikki not to give up hope. Later, Nikki entered the Abbott house and called for Jack, but he didn't respond. Jack wheeled into the living and saw Nikki, but he wasn't happy that she was back.

At the ranch, Nick was stunned that Sharon fired him from Newman Enterprises. Sharon said that Nick had been undercutting her at every turn, and she was through with his insubordination. Sharon started to walk out of the room, but Nick demanded she stay there and hash it out with him.

Nick said he had no respect for Sharon's actions since Victor's disappearance. Nick claimed that he'd been trying to help Sharon, but she didn't think that was true. Nick felt that Sharon wasn't interested in Victor returning home. Nick brought up the fact that Sharon had denied that there'd been a prenuptial agreement and the fact that Sharon had called off the search for his father. Nick accused Sharon of wanting to get rid of Victor.

Sharon laughed about the idea that she had gotten rid of Victor. She pretended to agree with Nick and added that after she killed Victor, she had thrown his body in Lake Michigan. Nick admitted that his theory was wild, but he was angry. Sharon asserted that she was still the same person she always had been, but Nick didn't think so.

Fuming, Sharon told Nick to pack his desk and leave the office immediately. Nick promised to fight Sharon and seize control of Newman Enterprises. Sharon dared Nick to try. Later, when she was alone, Sharon opened her purse and discovered Kyle's license. Sharon reached for a box from a cabinet and opened it. In the box, Sharon looked at the items she'd stolen.

Nick went to see Victoria and was sorry that he'd missed Nikki. Victoria asked Nick what was going on, and Nick revealed that Sharon had fired him. Nick told his sister that they had to attack Sharon publicly and legally if they wanted to stop her.

Victoria asked Nick how far he was willing to go to get Newman Enterprises back. Nick confided in Victoria that Avery had advised him how to go after Sharon in court. Avery felt that if they went after Sharon's mental instability, they could succeed. Victoria and Nick agreed they had to do what they had to do in order to stop Sharon.

After putting the box away, Sharon called Tucker and asked if he'd stop by to see her at the ranch. When Tucker arrived, Sharon announced that she'd had a major blowout with Nick, and it had ended with her firing Nick from Newman Enterprises. Tucker applauded Sharon for asserting her power and putting Nick in his place.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Over the phone, Victoria asked someone to stop by her home. After she hung up, she fretted to Nick that since Sharon had fired Nick, no one was protecting Newman Enterprises. Billy entered, and Victoria pressed him to step up his efforts to post a scathing article about Sharon online. Billy inquired whether Victoria and Nick had another point of attack, and Nick declared his hesitation to use it, because he believed that a business-savvy person was pulling Sharon's strings. Nick guessed that it was Tucker, and Victoria suggested that Billy investigate Tucker's involvement.

At Crimson Lights, Michael lamented to Ronan that he was out of theories because the coroner's second examination had confirmed that Tim's body had been moved after Tim had died. Kevin listened intently as he poured coffee. Michael felt that he was missing something, and he was determined to verify Phyllis' whereabouts at the time of Tim's death. Ronan pointed out that there was no proof that Phyllis had moved Tim's body, but Michael contended that she'd had motive. Ronan assured Michael that the police were still looking for leads.

Michael departed, and Kevin started to approach Ronan, but Billy pulled Kevin aside and asked him about hacking into cell phones. Kevin said that he knew how, but he refused to do so. Billy pushed Kevin to access Tucker's cell phone for Victoria's sake, because Billy believed that Tucker might be scheming with Sharon to take over Newman, and Billy didn't want Victoria to lose the company as well as her father. Kevin balked, but Billy offered to plug TagNGrab and to owe Kevin a future favor.

Kevin retrieved Tucker's cell phone records, and Billy examined Tucker's text messages. Billy spied an update from Genevieve about her heading to a pier in Los Angeles, and he wondered why Genevieve would travel to such a rough area. Kevin speculated that she was meeting someone who didn't want to be seen. Billy made Kevin promise not to tell anyone, and Kevin warned that the favor Billy owed him would be huge. Billy called Katherine and requested the use of her private jet.

Kevin bemoaned to Ronan that the Tim Reid case wasn't going away, and Ronan confided that Michael was still suspicious of Phyllis. The men agreed that they both hated lying to Michael, but it was their only option. Later, Kevin served Adam coffee, and they marveled that TagNGrab's numbers had improved, thanks to Phyllis' involvement. Adam remarked that there was no bad publicity, and he quipped that it would be good for the site if Phyllis committed more crimes.

Phyllis asked for Summer's opinion about the new rug, and an indifferent Summer hoped that Phyllis wouldn't ruin that one, too. Phyllis remarked that she'd have to pour her wine more carefully. On her way out, Summer greeted an arriving Michael. They made small talk about the concert Summer planned to attend that evening. After Summer left, a skeptical Phyllis asked why Michael was there, and she reminded him how many times he'd warned her not to talk to him.

Michael admitted that he was taking a chance, but for that night only, he was there as Phyllis' friend instead of as the district attorney. He pleaded with her to tell the truth about everything that had happened on the night of Tim's death, but she refused to talk to Michael without her lawyer present. Michael advised that her situation was dire, and he couldn't help her if she kept stonewalling him. She curtly swore that she hadn't been involved in Tim's death. He asked her to turn over her computer so he could prove whether she had turned off the security cameras.

Phyllis refused, and Michael accused her of lying. She became incensed that Michael believed that she had killed Tim, but he contended that if she had nothing to hide, then she'd hand over the computer. He asserted that he knew her better than anyone else, and he felt that she was acting like her back was against the wall. He begged her to tell him the truth, but she ordered him out. Michael threatened to get a warrant to seize the computer, and she flippantly suggested that he do so.

Phyllis dared Michael to go pick up the warrant, but Michael assumed that she'd get rid of the evidence in his absence. He called Ronan and asked him to fetch the warrant from the judge's office and deliver it to the penthouse. Ronan agreed, and he informed Kevin that they had trouble. Michael reported to an indignant Phyllis that Ronan was on his way, and he prepared to contact the judge.

Michael urged Phyllis to change her mind, but Ronan arrived, and Michael asked him to turn over the warrant. Ronan disclosed that he hadn't gotten it because he knew why the cameras had been disabled, and Phyllis had an alibi. Ronan announced that he and Phyllis had been having an affair, and he had been with her on the night of Tim's death.

At Newman Enterprises, Tucker commended Sharon for showing the world her backbone by firing Nick. Sharon declared that people would learn that either they were with her, or she would fire them. Tucker received a text message from Victoria summoning him to her home. Sharon told him to keep her posted, and he left.

Sharon addressed Victor's portrait, and she recalled that Victor had told her how strong and capable she was. She remarked that he had believed in her, but then he had abandoned her. She contemplated whether Victor was testing her, and she vowed to run the company better and smarter than it ever had been. Sharon swore that anyone who thought she was stupid would rue the day they underestimated her.

Tucker arrived at Victoria's home, where the rest of the Newman board had already assembled. Victoria informed Tucker that she and Nick had reconvened the board in secret to oust Sharon from the company. Tucker feigned surprise that Sharon had fired Nick. Tucker asked for Adam's opinion, and Adam acknowledged that Sharon was the reason that the stock was in a freefall. Nick said that they needed Tucker to make the decision unanimous.

Victoria asked if Tucker was on their side, and he asked who would talk to Sharon. Nick said they would all go to Newman together to address Sharon. Adam offered to meet them at the office, but Victoria revealed that she had a limousine waiting outside, so they could discuss details on the way. Everyone filed out except Nick and Victoria. Nick complimented Victoria's efforts to ensure that none of the board members had a chance to tip Sharon off.

Nick sauntered into Sharon's office, and Sharon informed him that his belongings were at the security desk. Victoria stalked in, followed by the rest of the board members. Sharon asked what was going on, and Nick revealed that he had called an emergency board meeting. Sharon demanded to know why she hadn't been invited. Victoria proclaimed that they had unanimously decided that Sharon should immediately step down as CEO.

Sharon snapped that they were wasting their time, but Victoria commanded her to step down voluntarily, and Nick offered to work with Sharon to save face in the press. Victoria conceded that Sharon could stay to run the new cosmetics line and remain on the board of directors, and Nick claimed that Sharon could look like a hero by hiring someone with more experience to run the company until Victor returned. Sharon assumed that Nick meant himself, but he agreed to leave the decision to the board. An irritated Sharon asserted that regardless of their ambush, she was the majority shareholder by proxy, and she had the right to head the company, so she wasn't going anywhere.

Victoria scolded that Sharon was acting like a selfish, spoiled child, and the women sparred about Sharon and Victor's relationship. Tucker intervened and contended that they were all there because they cared about what happened to the company, and petty infighting would only cause more damage in the press and to the stock price. Tucker implored the board members to act like businesspeople and to accept that Sharon was in charge. He suggested that everyone put their personal feelings aside and give Sharon their advice and experience to make things work.

Victoria argued that Sharon had no business being there, and the board members discussed the prenuptial agreement. Adam pointed out that unless someone could produce the document, it was their responsibility to keep the waters calm, and the rest of the board reluctantly agreed. Sharon announced that the meeting was adjourned, and she coldly asked the board to get out of her office. Victoria hissed that it wasn't over, but once alone, Sharon grinned victoriously.

Victoria and Nick returned to her home, and she expressed dismay that her plan hadn't worked. Nick found Tucker's behavior suspicious, and he wondered if it had been a coincidence that Tucker had shown up at the ranch on the night of Victor's disappearance. Victoria thought it was time to take Avery's suggestion about playing dirty, although she understood that Nick had to consider his children. Nick hoped that his kids would understand one day. Victoria asked whether he was ready to contend that Sharon was insane, and he realized that there was no other way.

Tucker stopped by to see Sharon at the ranch, and he explained that Nick and Victoria had set things up so he hadn't been able to warn Sharon, but he thought that she'd handled the confrontation beautifully. Sharon credited Tucker with turning the tables, but he assured her that she could have gotten through it on her own. She purred that winning was much sweeter with someone to share it with, and she planted a kiss on his lips. They stared at one another for a moment, and then they fell into a more passionate embrace.

Sharon started to take off Tucker's jacket, but he backed away. He admitted that he wanted her, but it wasn't the right time. She understood, and he swore that he would stay one step ahead of Victoria and Nick, because he knew they wouldn't give up. He advised Sharon to get a good night's sleep, and he left.

Summer suddenly appeared from the kitchen and startled Sharon. Summer huffed that she'd stopped by to go riding, unless Sharon had gotten rid of Summer's horse, too. Summer stalked out, and Sharon noticed that the girl had left her purse behind. Sharon rifled through the handbag and found concert tickets.

Jack asked Nikki if she'd found Victor, and she reported that she hadn't. Jack flatly stated that all of her things were packed and ready to be moved out. Nikki couldn't believe that Jack wouldn't discuss the situation, but Jack said that he'd already told her what would happen if she followed Victor. Jack acknowledged the bond Nikki shared with Victor, and he had lived with it, but he couldn't accept that she had walked out on Jack right after their wedding so she could chase Victor around the globe.

Jack recounted that he had treated Nikki with respect and dignity, but she had placed priority on a man who had repeatedly hurt her. She didn't believe that Victor had intentionally created the situation, but Jack didn't care, because all he needed to know was that she had dropped everything to run after Victor. Nikki argued that she hadn't chosen Victor over Jack, but she had thought that Victor had been in terrible trouble, and she still did. Jack retorted that Victor was Sharon's responsibility, but Nikki complained that Sharon hadn't done anything.

Jack pointed out that the police should have handled the search, but Nikki insisted that she had been the only one to track down Victor in the past. Jack spat that he and Nikki hadn't stood a chance as a couple, and they were different because she couldn't let go, but he could. She swore that their relationship was real and that she loved him, and he believed her, but he wasn't willing to share her. He repeated that she had walked out after their wedding without another thought, even though Victor would never love her like Jack did.

Nikki understood that Jack was angry, but she asked him to take time to work things out. He stated that he needed to get back to work and that she could tell Mrs. Martinez where to send Nikki's things. Nikki cried that they couldn't leave things unsettled, but he determinedly stood up from the wheelchair and took a few steps. She gasped that he could walk. He declared that he was walking away from her.

Victor warily introduced himself as Christian to Genevieve. He thanked her for her concern and said that he'd be fine, and he walked away. Genevieve followed him and suggested that they get something to eat at a nearby Japanese restaurant. She commented that it couldn't compare to the real thing in Japan, and she was surprised when Victor showed no interest. She asked if he'd been to Japan, and he barked that he'd been to many places. She inquired whether he'd visited Paris, and he stared at her blankly and excused himself.

Sister Celeste returned to the bar and checked on Victor. Genevieve interrupted and tattled that he wasn't feeling well. Victor admitted to having a bit of discomfort, but he insisted that he was fine. Genevieve introduced herself as "Genny" to Sister Celeste, and she peppered the nun with questions about how Sister Celeste and "Christian" had met. Sister Celeste mentioned the mission, but both she and Victor found Genevieve's fascination with their acquaintance odd.

Genevieve went to the bar to exchange her beer for water. Sister Celeste noted that Genevieve seemed interested in Victor, and she asked if he knew Genevieve. He replied that he didn't know anyone anymore. Later, Genevieve tried to make small talk with Victor while he read the newspaper, and she noticed that he didn't even glance at the business section. He wondered why she was asking so many questions.

Genevieve suggested again that she and Victor go to the Japanese restaurant, but he brusquely said that he was done for the night. She proclaimed her surprise that he would just leave her there, and he stated that she was after the wrong guy. She snapped that he could be wherever and with whomever he wanted, and he demanded to know what she wanted from him.

Genevieve noted that Victor didn't seem interested in her company, and he asked if she knew who he was. Billy arrived and saw Genevieve talking to someone across the crowded bar. Suddenly, a patron moved, and Billy spotted Victor.

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