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Monday, September 3, 2012

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air today. This pre-emption was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 4, and pick up where the Friday, August 31 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Victoria finished a phone call with a forensic psychiatrist about the upcoming hearing about Sharon's mental stability. Victoria and Nick discussed their strategy to regain control of the company. Victoria told Nick that they had to be prepared for a nasty fight. Summer arrived at Victoria's and told Nick that somebody seemed to have stolen her concert tickets. Summer told Nick and Victoria she last had the tickets at the ranch. Victoria volunteered to go to the ranch for the tickets.

Later, regarding their decision to go after Sharon, Nick told Victoria that he was more concerned about Noah's reaction than Sharon's. Victoria felt they had to use every weapon at their disposal to get Newman Enterprises back. Nick agreed that they had no choice.

Tucker returned to Sharon's office to explain why he hadn't wanted to take their relationship to the next level. Tucker explained that Sharon was on a mission to establish herself in business, and he didn't want to alter the public view of her. Sharon appreciated Tucker's concern. Sharon was pleased to tell Tucker that the Newman stock price had stabilized.

Sharon appreciated Tucker's endorsement of her when she faced the board. Sharon was confident that she would succeed with Tucker behind her. Sharon received a call from a reporter from the Financial Journal. Despite Tucker's advice not to speak, Sharon was happy to give a comment to the reporter. Sharon said she had a plan for Newman's future, and the board supported her fully. Sharon told Tucker that she had been enjoying herself.

At the L.A. dive bar, Billy entered and saw Victor with Genevieve. Victor insisted that his name was Christian and he was not playing games with Genevieve. Billy used his cell phone to film Genevieve with Victor. Billy noticed that his father-in-law stumbled and leaned against the bar. Genevieve asked Victor if he could breathe, and Victor admitted he had pressure on his chest.

Victor showed Genevieve the scar on his chest, but he didn't know where it was from. Genevieve recognized it as a heart transplant scar. Genevieve asked if Victor had been taking his anti-rejection medication. Victor said that he had no drugs. Genevieve asked him to wait while she found someone to help them.

Billy approached Victor and said he'd found him. Victor asked if Billy was trying to cause trouble. The bartender didn't recognize Billy and wondered if Billy was a troublemaker. Billy said he was harmless and was a reporter. Victor had no idea who Billy was. Billy was concerned about Victor's health. Victor said that he'd had a heart transplant. Sister Celeste appeared. Billy pulled her aside, and she claimed that "Christian" wasn't trying to forget his past; he was trying to remember.

From the alley, Genevieve called Tucker and said that something weird had happened involving Victor. Tucker was concerned about the fact that Sharon's image was improving and she was reinforcing her power base. Genevieve interrupted Tucker and to say that she'd found Victor. Genevieve revealed that Victor seemed to have amnesia, but Genevieve suspected that it might be a scam Victor had perpetrated to cover his disappearance.

Tucker didn't want Genevieve to take Victor back to Genoa City. Genevieve was worried about Victor's health and asked Tucker to get his heart transplant medication. Tucker agreed to arrange for the prescriptions to be called in to a pharmacy out there, but he asked Genevieve to keep Victor away from Genoa City.

Later, Genevieve returned with Victor's medication. Victor told Sister Celeste that Genevieve was a nurse. Billy disappeared before Genevieve could see him. Genevieve asked the nun she could stay at the mission for the night in order to oversee Christian's care. Celeste agreed. Billy called Victoria to say he had big news to share with her but would be away a few more days.

Phyllis told Michael that she had been having an affair with Ronan and that he was her alibi for the night of Tim's death. Ronan backed up Phyllis' lie. Michael told Ronan to leave, but Ronan refused. Michael was determined to question Phyllis alone and said he'd do it at the police station if necessary. Ronan left.

Michael accused Phyllis of lying through her teeth. Michael accused Phyllis of creating with a preposterous story to cover up her involvement with Tim. Phyllis asked Michael to keep the affair secret because she didn't want Nick to know. Michael warned Phyllis to tell Nick or else he would. Phyllis called Nick, and he said that he'd return home immediately. Michael didn't want to watch the encounter and said he'd be back later.

At Crimson Lights, Michael confronted Ronan and warned him that he had jeopardized his career by lying for Phyllis. Michael informed Ronan that he had no intention of giving Phyllis and Ronan a free pass based on this lie. Ronan refused to capitulate. Michael suggested that Ronan take back the alibi, but Ronan said no. When Michael demanded why Ronan was doing it, Ronan exclaimed that he was in love with Phyllis.

Ronan said that he understood why Phyllis returned to Nick after she and Ronan had been lovers, but he still felt drawn to her. Michael didn't believe that Ronan and Phyllis had been together the night of Tim's death. Ronan was determined to stick with the lie. Michael wondered what Ronan would have when all was said and done, since Michael said Phyllis would not leave Nick.

When Nick returned to the penthouse, Phyllis told Nick that she'd had an affair with Ronan. Phyllis didn't want to go into the details with Nick, and she apologized for doing what she'd done. Nick accused Phyllis of lying. Nick knew that she would never volunteer the information; he'd have to pull it out of her.

Nick wanted to know the truth. Phyllis broke down and said she had lied about the affair. Phyllis explained Ronan had made up the idea as an alibi because Tim had died in the penthouse. Nick was stunned. Phyllis didn't think anyone would believe she hadn't killed Tim. Nick was shocked and wondered how many lies Phyllis planned to tell about Tim.

Phyllis told Nick that Ronan had understood her predicament and had agreed to cover for her. Nick listened to the bizarre threads of the story, including Kevin and moving the body. Nick was disgusted with her. Phyllis said that Ronan had been very angry with her about Tim, but he'd agreed to help her.

Phyllis asked Nick to stick to the story so the alibi would stand up to Michael's scrutiny. Phyllis was willing to lie as many times as necessary to remain out of prison. Phyllis asked Nick to back her up with Michael. Nick wasn't sure he could do what she wanted. Nick brought up Summer and how the lies would affect their daughter. Nick walked out.

At Crimson Lights, Nick confronted Michael about Ronan's affair with Phyllis. Nick was inclined to believe it, but Michael wanted to know how Nick was going to handle things. On the patio, Phyllis arrived and told Ronan that she had informed Nick. Ronan said that Nick was inside with Michael. Phyllis was worried about what Nick was saying to Michael.

Ronan and Phyllis went into the coffeehouse, and Nick glared at them. Nick walked up to them, and Ronan said he had never intended to get in the middle of Nick's marriage. Nick socked Ronan in the face and asked him to leave town. Phyllis was shocked by Nick's reaction, but thanked him. Michael took Ronan away.

Victoria showed up at the ranch, unannounced. Sharon asked her to get out. Victoria said she was looking for Summer's concert tickets. Victoria advised Sharon to enjoy her leisure and stop working. Sharon explained that she was in charge of a global corporation, and she liked it. Sharon also said that Victoria was staying home, caring for a baby, and that was good for her. Victoria promised to keep fighting Sharon every day until Sharon was unseated as Newman CEO.

Victoria mentioned Sharon's mental health and her plans to present evidence to the judge about Sharon's past stay in a mental institution. Victoria offered to compromise with Sharon, but Sharon wanted to face a judge. Sharon shoved her finger in Victoria's chest, pushing her backwards.

Sharon's stash box of stolen items fell from the table to the floor. Victoria found Summer's concert tickets and saw all the stolen items. Victoria asked if Sharon was stealing again. Victoria predicted that Sharon would wind up back in the asylum. Tucker called a source to buy up more Newman stock as he predicted that the stock was going to drop again very soon.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Abby asked Adam to back off as he read her smart phone over her shoulder about Sharon's hearing at the courthouse. Abby wondered why Adam hadn't gone to the hearing, but Adam said he had no interest. Adam teased Abby about not being much of a reporter for Restless Style if she was avoiding Sharon's story. Abby blamed Adam for turning Sharon into a psycho. Adam was critical of Victor for having mucked up Sharon's fragile state. Adam suddenly announced that he was going to the courthouse, and Abby said she was right behind him.

Outside the hearing room, Nick paced nervously and finished a call with Phyllis. Nick told Victoria that he was ticked off that Phyllis hadn't shown up at the hearing. Victoria was relieved that she'd found evidence of Sharon stealing, since they could use it to have Sharon removed as the Newman CEO. Victoria received a call from Billy, and she told him that she was about to face the judge about Sharon. Billy urged Victoria to win in court and mentioned that his story was still developing.

At Newman Towers, Avery explained to Sharon that she would be facing a tough time in court. Sharon's life was fair game, including her past mental instability. Avery warned Sharon that it might become messy. Avery advised Sharon to keep her cool in court, to not speak out, and to let Avery be her advocate. After Avery left, Tucker arrived and voiced his full support for Sharon. Tucker said that Victoria and Nick had to be desperate to be going after Sharon's competency. Tucker was determined to do all he could to keep Sharon as CEO.

Cane went to the Abbott house to see Jack. Cane said that the finance department had been very upset with the way Jack had chosen to leverage the company's capital to buy Newman stock. Jack didn't care what anybody thought about his plans. Cane felt that Jack had overreached, and he cautioned Jack that he was heading into a volatile situation. Cane pointed out that if Newman went insolvent, it could drag Jabot and Beauty of Nature under, too. Jack ordered Cane to file the paperwork to extend the corporate credit.

Cane intimated to Jack that he had chosen to make a play for Victor's company because of what had happened between Jack and Nikki. Jack told Cane that he'd overstepped his boundaries. Jack ordered Cane to go do his job. Nikki received a bunch of boxes, a delivery of her belongings from Jack's house.

As Cane was leaving, Nikki arrived to see Jack. Jack reminded Nikki that he had already said goodbye to her the other day. Nikki wanted a say in their breakup. Nikki held up a sweater she had worn while living with Jack. Nikki got sentimental about the memories it evoked. Nikki said that she and Jack had been best friends as well as lovers and husband and wife.

Nikki said she wouldn't leave. Jack said it was too late for them. Jack told Nikki that she was free to return to her main mission in life: to find Victor. Nikki anticipated that Jack was angry, and she asked him to get it all out of his system. Jack felt that they could not be friends any longer because too much damage had been done. Jack sent Nikki to go save Victor.

The judge at Sharon's competency hearing listened to evidence about Sharon's history with stealing things. The lawyer contended that she seemingly had kleptomania problems again. Victoria testified that she had found Summer's concert tickets and other items her father's home, items Sharon claimed were not hers. Victoria said that the items appeared to have been stolen or lifted from other people's belongings. Victoria stated that Sharon's instability jeopardized Newman Enterprises.

When given the chance to speak, Sharon suggested that her husband, Victor, had entrusted her to run a division of Newman, and she was using the same skill to run the company while he was away. When Victoria asked about the stolen items, Sharon pointed out that many people had access to the ranch. Sharon then suggested that someone could have put those items in the house to frame her. Victoria admitted that she had no proof Sharon had stolen the items.

Nick was called to testify about Sharon's history of mental instability. Nick said that Sharon had been emotionally and mentally unstable since the death of their daughter Cassie. Nick said that Sharon had a pattern of stealing and spiraling out of control. Sharon warned Nick not to talk about Cassie. Sharon told the judge that Nick had cheated on her when Cassie died. Sharon accused Nick of testifying to get back at her for running Newman. Nick was asked directly about Sharon's ability to run the company. Nick stated that Sharon was unfit to be Newman CEO.

Later, in the hallway, Sharon blasted Nick for dragging their personal life through the court. Sharon said that she was disgusted with the man Nick had become, and Cassie would feel the same. Avery told them that the judge had made a decision. Abby and Adam appeared, but they denied they were together. The judge called the court to order and said he needed more information to rule on Sharon's mental status. He had a proposal in mind.

Abby wondered why Adam was hanging around. Adam said he wasn't interested in Sharon. The doors opened, and Victoria announced that Sharon was out, and Victoria had been named interim CEO. The judge wanted Sharon to voluntarily check in to Fairview for a mental evaluation. Victoria needed to contact the board members. Adam sneered at Victoria's victory, saying that she'd saved the world economy. Victoria, Nick, and Abby went off to call the Newman board members.

At Victoria's, Nick spoke with Bobby, the head of Newman security, and learned that there was still no information about Victor. Abby reported that the Newman stock price had dropped again. Victoria expected the stock to rise once she took over and stabilized the company. Nick was upset about Sharon having to return to Fairview. Nick had regrets about testifying against Sharon, but felt that he had done what he'd had to do.

Still at the hearing room, Avery asked Sharon to inform her about Sharon's decision to go to Fairview. Adam walked in after Avery left, and Sharon was bitter and angry. Adam advised Sharon to leave Newman Enterprises, and to not return to Fairview. Adam suggested that she spend time with her children instead. Adam declared that Sharon didn't know what she wanted. Sharon told Adam to stay away from her. Adam accused Sharon of being manipulated by Tucker.

At the dive bar in Los Angeles, Billy watched as Victor ordered a beer. Genevieve sat at the bar, drinking a cup of coffee. Genevieve went to Victor -- who believed he was Christian -- and asked him if he thought it was wise to do heavy lifting on the docks, considering his heath situation. Christian was grateful for the work. Genevieve said that he needed another pill. Victor thanked her for being a good nurse. When Victor went to play darts, Billy sat at Genevieve's table and asked why she was with Victor.

Genevieve said it had been a miracle that she'd found Victor. Billy suggested that Victor and Genevieve had planned to meet there. Billy showed her the images he'd filmed of Genevieve and Victor together. Billy brought up Tucker, but Genevieve denied she was working for anyone. Billy threatened to send the pictures to the Restless Style website unless Genevieve talked. Genevieve admitted she had been reduced to doing Tucker's bidding. Billy said he believed that Victor had a memory loss, but Genevieve did not.

Genevieve thought that Victor was capable of scamming them both. Genevieve wondered why Billy cared about Victor. Billy decided to test Victor's memory and went to shoot darts with him. Victor beat Billy at darts. Billy returned to Genevieve and said that Victor had no idea he'd been playing with his son-in-law. Billy was convinced Victor had amnesia. Genevieve thought that Victor had outsmarted Billy, but he pointed out that Genevieve was basically just a mob wife with a fake tan.

Billy wanted to know what Genevieve was after, while she wondered why Billy remained there. Genevieve reminded Billy that Victor had gotten Victoria arrested at her wedding to Billy, and had then arranged for Billy to be thrown into a Myanmar jail. Genevieve asked if Billy was there to get revenge. Billy said he needed to make a phone call and stepped away.

Nikki got Bonnie the maid to let her into the Newman ranch. Nikki was searching for clues to Victor's whereabouts. Nikki was disgusted when she saw the swatches and realized that Sharon had been redecorating while Victor was missing. Meanwhile, Sharon went to Tucker's apartment. Before answering the door, Tucker told his broker to pull the trigger on buying the Newman stock. Sharon said that Nick and Victoria had torn her apart in court.

Sharon explained that she had 24 hours to decide whether to go to Fairview for a 72-hour evaluation or lose her seat as CEO. Sharon feared going back to Fairview. Tucker was sympathetic. Tucker told her she could walk away and just let Nick and Victoria win. Tucker said he was thinking of Sharon and didn't want her to suffer. Sharon knew that the Newmans wouldn't stop at the CEO's job. Sharon feared Nick would try to take Faith away from her again. Tucker told Sharon to do what she could live with.

Sharon was unsure and let Tucker comfort her. They began to kiss and then he lifted her into his arms and carried her to his bedroom. Meanwhile, Avery met Nick at Crimson Lights. Nick wasn't happy about what he'd done at the hearing. Avery was sympathetic. Nick told Avery that Sharon had not been always been such a mess. Nick appreciated Avery being an advocate for the Newman family.

Victoria received a call from Billy, and she told him her good news. Billy wanted to tell Victoria about Victor, but she was so excited about being the CEO again that Billy refrained. Billy said that he missed her and would be home in a few days. Billy returned to Genevieve and told her that Sharon had been removed as CEO of Newman, and whatever Tucker had been planning had probably gone up in smoke. Genevieve left to make a phone call.

Tucker watched Sharon asleep in his bed. His phone buzzed, and he took the call as he left the room and closed the door. Genevieve explained that Victor's amnesia was real. Tucker confirmed that Sharon had been removed as CEO, but he told Genevieve to keep doing what she was doing with Victor.

Genevieve wanted more information, but there was a knock on the door, and Tucker ended the call abruptly. Tucker opened the door and saw Adam there. Adam said that he was worried about Sharon. As he stepped into the room, Sharon emerged from the bedroom, wearing Tucker's shirt and not much else. Sharon declared that she was perfectly fine.

Cane told Jack that all the company's available funds were sunk into Newman Enterprises stock. Jack acted confident in front of Cane, but after Cane left, Jack appeared worried. Jack then called his lawyer and said to start divorce proceedings. At the ranch, Nikki was frustrated that she'd found nothing to lead to Victor. Nikki opened the front door and looked at the night sky. She remembered looking at the stars with Victor and begged him to return home. In L.A., Victor looked up at the sky at the same time.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Victoria and Nick met at her house to discuss Sharon's decision to report to Fairview for a psychiatric evaluation. Nick was still feeling bad about testifying against Sharon. Victoria had no sympathy for Sharon's plight, feeling that Sharon had brought it all on herself. Victoria realized that Nick was brooding, and Nick said that he'd never expected Sharon to wind up back at Fairview.

Victoria minimized Sharon's visit, pointing out that was only a 72-hour stay, and Sharon could survive that. Victoria believed Sharon had proven how unstable she was by her actions of late. Nick thought Sharon's alliance with Adam had been terrible, but this was worst to Nick. Victoria said Nick's children would always be able to count on him as a reliable parent.

Nick and Victoria realized that they had only three days to stabilize the company while Sharon went to Fairview. Victoria wanted to be sure that Nick was okay with her stepping in as CEO of the company. Nick was happy to work behind the scenes with the board members and wanted Victoria to succeed in the role of CEO. Victoria admitted to her brother that she was very excited to be seizing control. Nick told her to enjoy herself.

Sharon woke up in Tucker's bed. Tucker asked how she felt, and Sharon said she had enjoyed their lovemaking the night before, even though Adam had shown up unannounced. Sharon didn't care about Adam any longer because he'd moved on to a new life and new wife without her. Tucker asked if Sharon had made a decision about Fairview. Later, Sharon finished dressing and questioned Tucker's advice that she should check in to Fairview for the 72-hour stay.

Tucker thought Sharon needed to prove her competence to Nick and Victoria by convincing the doctors at Fairview that she was sane and strong. Sharon remembered how harrowing it had been to give birth to Faith in Fairview and then losing the baby right afterwards. Sharon wasn't certain how she'd react once she was locked in there again. Tucker told her that she could handle it because he knew a woman like Sharon who'd survived that kind of ordeal.

Sharon asked if Tucker was referring to Ashley. Tucker said he was speaking of another woman from his past. Tucker said that his friend had been a beautiful and smart woman who had been determined to succeed. Sharon asked how she'd ended up in a place like Fairview.

Tucker said other people had committed his friend to a mental institution when life had overwhelmed her. Tucker had visited her often, and he was aware of how she had despised being isolated and alone. Eventually, the woman had walked out of the institution stronger than when she went in. Tucker saw that same future for Sharon. Tucker wanted Sharon to believe in herself.

From the dive bar in Los Angeles, Genevieve left a message on Tucker's phone, complaining about her assignment. Billy walked in, and Genevieve ended the message quickly. Billy said he had decided to return to Victoria in Genoa City. Billy wanted Genevieve to watch Victor. Billy was ready to hire Genevieve.

Genevieve told Billy she hadn't applied for a position. Billy threatened to publish the picture of Genevieve and Victor looking cozy, but Genevieve wasn't intimidated. Billy offered to pay Genevieve handsomely if she worked for him. Genevieve was interested.

Billy handed Genevieve an envelope full of hundred dollar bills. Genevieve stashed the cash in her bra and asked Billy what he wanted her to do for him. Billy asked Genevieve to stalk Victor and remain involved in his life. Genevieve realized that Billy wanted her to keep Victor away from Genoa City. Genevieve agreed to do Billy's bidding as long as Billy kept paying.

Sister Celeste told Christian -- Victor -- that she was worried that he was working too hard. Victor didn't think it was possible to overwork, but she pointed out that Victor had a serious health situation. Celeste insisted that Victor trust her and reveal if he was really feeling all right. Victor confessed to the nun that he was not okay.

Victor admitted that he was afraid, that he did not know who he was or what he was doing there. Victor felt lost. Celeste questioned him, and Victor had no memory of anything before the previous few weeks on buses and in trucks. Celeste wondered if Victor might have a family. Victor said he thought there had been someone once, but he considered himself an orphan.

Victor told Celeste that he had a gut feeling of someone caring about him. When Celeste wanted to take Victor to a neurologist, Victor said he trusted Genevieve. Celeste disagreed. The nun said Genevieve was off and seemed to be out for something. Celeste wanted to protect Victor and the mission from Genevieve. Victor appreciated that Genevieve had gotten him the medication he needed.

Billy went to Victor and said goodbye. Billy was certain that their paths would cross again. Later, Genevieve mentioned to Victor that she might take a job at the bar. Victor wondered why didn't return to nursing. Genevieve made an excuse, but Victor was suspicious. He asked Genevieve what she was really up to. Genevieve claimed that she needed to do something simple instead of life-and-death health situations.

At the Athletic Club, Avery met with Paul and asked for his help to find the recording Ricky had made of his killing Rachel. Avery felt the video would help clear Paul. Avery was determined to keep Paul out of jail. Avery and Paul realized that Ricky had owned a laptop, which would be the logical place to find the recording. Paul figured that Bryce had tipped off Ricky and he'd deleted the film from the hard drive.

Avery went over Ricky's evidence inventory list and informed Paul that the cops had not found his laptop. Avery explained that Heather had received all of Ricky's belongings. Paul realized how difficult it had to have been on Heather to hold on to Ricky's things.

At her apartment, Heather opened the door, and Daniel walked in, kissing her passionately. Daniel and Heather fell onto the bed and began to make love. Ricky's snow globe was on the floor. After a romantic romp, Daniel apologized for not warning Heather before he showed up. Daniel saw the snow globe and hoped it hadn't broken it. Heather examined it and said it was just fine.

Daniel received a text message that he had to pick up Lucy. Heather suggested that the babysitter take Lucy to her apartment. Daniel liked the idea. Later, Heather was sweet with Lucy. Paul appeared and hoped he hadn't interrupted them. Daniel and Heather made up excuses for why they were together. Daniel went into the other room to change Lucy's diaper.

Paul asked Heather if she had the box of Ricky's personal belongings. Heather said she'd gotten rid of it. Paul was stunned because there might have been evidence among the items. Heather thought it would have been too much for Paul to deal with. Heather apologized.

Paul asked if there had been anything in the box that might have contained a recording. Paul informed Heather that Ricky had made a recording of Rachel's murder. Heather was horrified. Paul said that there had been no laptop in Billy's belongings. Heather said they'd searched for one, but had never found it. Heather admitted that she had been frightened of how Paul might react to seeing Ricky's belongings.

After Paul left, Daniel returned from the other room with Lucy. Heather told Daniel that she'd messed up. Heather felt guilty because of her decision to throw out Ricky's things. Daniel showed Heather the snow globe that Lucy had in her hands.

Heather realized that she did have something to give to Paul. Later, at the coffee house, Daniel told Lucy that he realized the little child missed her mother. Daniel promised to take care of Lucy and let her spend more time with Heather. At the Athletic Club, Heather gave Paul the snow globe. Paul told Heather that Ricky had taken Rachel to Niagara Falls before he killed her.

Nick took Faith to see Sharon at Crimson Lights. Sharon was thrilled to see her daughter. Sharon explained that she had to leave for a few days but would be home soon. Nick assumed that Sharon had decided to go to Fairview. Sharon was determined to get her three days over with. Avery arrived to say that the papers had been filed, and Sharon had to leave. Sharon kissed Faith goodbye.

Tucker called Victoria and asked if she knew what Sharon had decided. Victoria assumed that Sharon would have told Tucker first. Tucker questioned Victoria about the future of the company while Sharon was away. Victoria told Tucker that she and Nick knew what they were doing when it came to running Newman Enterprises until Victor's return.

Tucker returned Genevieve's call and reported that the Newmans had no idea where Victor was. Genevieve was nervous as Victor approached, so she hung up with Tucker. Victor told Genevieve that Sister Celeste did not trust her. Victor asked Genevieve to leave Sister Celeste and the mission alone. Genevieve was stunned.

At Victoria's, Billy entered in time to hear Victoria ending a call with Nick about Sharon going to Fairview. Victoria was glad Billy was home but wanted to know about his big story. Victoria said she was in charge as CEO until Victor returned. Billy was happy for Victoria, but not about Victor's return.

Billy said nasty things about Victor. Victoria wondered why Billy was so bitter about her father, and he reminded Victoria of the awful things Victor had done to her and him. Victoria told Billy that she was a forgiving woman, like the way she'd forgiven Billy for all his indiscretions. Victoria walked out of the room.

Nick met with Avery, and they acknowledged that Sharon was in Fairview. At the mental institution, Sharon was escorted to a recreation room and locked in. She put down her bag and heard someone call her name. Sharon looked up and saw Daisy. Sharon was shocked.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air today. This pre-emption was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, September 10, and pick up where the Friday, September 7 episode concluded.

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