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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 10, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, September 10, 2012

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Nick entered their father's empty office. Nick asked Victoria if she was ready to take over. Victoria said she was and anticipated that Sharon would be declared unfit after her 72-hour psychiatric evaluation. Victoria's first order of business was to rehire Nick. Nick amended the company's termination policy, so that neither he nor Victoria could be fired without the unanimous approval of the board of directors. Victoria smiled and told Nick that he reminded her of their father.

At the dockside bar in Los Angeles, Genevieve phoned Tucker and apologized for having abruptly ended a previous phone conversation. Tucker ordered Genevieve to thwart Victor's immediate return to Genoa City. Genevieve explained that Victor had a new home at the Los Angeles Mission, though he wouldn't allow Genevieve to stay there. Tucker replied, "Live out of a cardboard box if you have to. Just figure out a way to keep an eye on Victor." Genevieve was miffed that Tucker had ended the call so icily.

Billy phoned Genevieve and asked about Victor. Genevieve explained that the nun who'd befriended Victor had convinced him that Genevieve shouldn't stay at the L.A. Mission. Billy warned that he'd blow the whistle on Tucker and Genevieve's plan to keep Victor away from Genoa City if she failed to keep watch over Victor.

Victor entered the bar with Sister Celeste, an injured man, and several other workers. Sister Celeste told Victor that the injured man needed medical attention. Victor believed that "Genny" was a nurse, so he summoned her to attend to the injured worker. Genevieve looked shocked, but she assessed the man's arm and determined that he needed an x-ray. The man said he couldn't afford to pay for medical treatment. Victor explained that the company should pay because the company's negligence was to blame for the worker's injury.

Jake, one of the bartenders, approached the injured man, Norm, and said that drinks and food for him would be free. Victor was angry when he learned that the company had fired the injured worker and insisted that the policy needed to be changed. The injured man, Norm, and the other dock workers refused to stand up to their boss, even though Victor maintained that if all agreed to walk off the job, the boss would be forced to help workers who had sustained injuries due to unsafe conditions.

Genevieve introduced herself to Jake and claimed that her name was Genny. She asked for a job, but Jake quickly turned her down. Sister Celeste approached, and Genevieve explained that all she wanted was a job and a place to stay. Sister Celeste insisted that Genevieve should search elsewhere.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar, Billy took a seat next to Tucker. Billy said, "Tucker, what's new at Newman Enterprises?" Tucker noted that Billy was married to a Newman executive. Billy said that Tucker had become quite chummy with Mrs. Sharon Newman. Tucker explained that he was simply a member of the board who was trying to protect his interests. Billy replied, "His not being here gives you a great opportunity to make a run at Newman, doesn't it?" Tucker claimed that Victor being absent meant that he wasn't persecuting Billy. Billy replied, "Well, I guess Victor's being AWOL is good for both of us, in a way."

Nick and Victoria met Tucker at the bar and requested his signature, as a board member, on the document Nick had amended. Tucker claimed that he'd never seen a similar document during all his years in business. Victoria explained that their aim was to prevent Sharon from running Newman Enterprises into the ground. Nick noted that all the other board members had already agreed to sign. Tucker signed after Victoria insisted that Tucker should, if he truly wanted what was best for Newman Enterprises. Tucker left quickly after adding his signature.

Inside the common room at Fairview Psychiatric Facility, Sharon was shocked to see Daisy. Daisy explained that she'd checked herself into the facility because she feared that Ricky would harm her. Sharon explained that Ricky was dead and that Paul was about to be tried for Ricky's murder. Daisy was relieved to hear that Ricky had been dead for some time.

Sharon told Daisy that Daisy's family and friends had assumed she was dead. Daisy was shocked to discover that Daniel had initially been charged with her murder. Daisy explained that she hadn't had access to television news or newspapers for quite a while. Sharon said, "I remember what that was like." Daisy replied, "You've been here before?" Sharon refused to discuss her personal business.

Sharon noted that Daisy's obvious paranoia had evidently convinced the doctor that she needed treatment. Daisy replied, "I'm not the one here for my return visit." Sharon noted that she'd soon be discharged before her enemies had a chance to prevent it because she had a company to run. Daisy, referring to Sharon's comment about running a company, quipped that others believed she was the delusional one. Daisy recalled that Sharon had married the man who'd kidnapped her child.

Dr. Laurents entered the room, and Daisy told him that she needed to check out. The doctor replied, "I'm sorry, Scarlett, it's not that easy." Daisy explained that she'd checked in under a fake name to protect herself. Daisy introduced herself as Daisy Romalotti and prompted Sharon to confirm it. Sharon replied, "I'm sorry. I have no idea what Scarlett's talking about." As Sharon followed the doctor to a counseling room, Daisy yelled, "Sharon, tell him who I am!"

Tucker arrived at the facility and told Nurse Bailey that he wished to visit Sharon. Nurse Bailey explained that Sharon wouldn't be allowed visitors during her court-mandated evaluation. The doctor stepped out of a room, and Tucker complained that the nurse had refused to allow a visit with Sharon. The doctor explained that Nurse Bailey had followed protocol, and he, too, refused to let Tucker visit Sharon.

During Sharon's consultation with Dr. Laurents, she said that she'd been bullied all her life by people who believed they were better than she was. Sharon added that Victor's children had forced her to undergo the evaluation because they hoped to force her out of her position at Newman Enterprises. The doctor noted that Sharon seemed to be under a lot of stress, which had usually driven her to steal.

Sharon explained to Dr. Laurents that she'd stolen things before her previous incarceration due to the stress of her pregnancy. Sharon claimed that she hadn't stolen anything leading up to her return visit to Fairview and had endured the normal stress of running a huge company. The doctor asked Sharon why she'd agreed to be evaluated. Sharon said she wanted to prove to Victor's children that they'd been wrong about her.

Tucker returned to his office and wrote a note to Sharon in a card. Tucker warned that Sharon should prove her competence quickly and return because Nick and Victoria had made a move to take over. Tucker instructed his secretary to attach the card to a bouquet of flowers and deliver it to Sharon Newman at Fairview.

As Dr. Laurents continued to evaluate Sharon, she calmly noted that her children could deal with her incarceration because they understood that families sometimes disagreed. Dr. Laurents asked about Adam. Sharon explained that she and Adam had put the past behind them. The doctor noted that Sharon had once been married to Adam. Sharon explained that though they'd both healed during their marriage, the union hadn't worked out. Sharon noted that her marriage to Victor was difficult. Dr. Laurents ended the session. Sharon, perky, asked how she'd done. The doctor replied, "We're just getting started."

During Dr. Laurent's consultation with Daisy, Daisy explained that she'd checked herself in after viewing a video Ricky had made of himself murdering his girlfriend. Daisy added that she was no longer in danger because Ricky was dead. Daisy insisted that she was telling the truth. Daisy told Dr. Laurents that she had a husband named Daniel Romalotti and a daughter named Lucy. Dr. Laurents explained that he'd first have to check out Daisy's story.

Later, Sharon, alone in her bedroom quarters, anxiously paced about the room. Bored, Sharon reclined on the bed and fell asleep. During her nap, Sharon dreamed about the night Faith was born. In the dream, Sharon told Nick that their baby had died. After Sharon awoke, she seemed frightened by the stark, eerily familiar surroundings.

During lunch at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick and Victoria conducted business for Newman Enterprises. Billy offered to take Victoria out to lunch, but she explained that she was too busy. Billy took a seat at Nick and Victoria's table, but he was shut out of the conversation while Victoria and Nick discussed all facets of Newman Enterprises' business holdings.

Billy felt left out as Nick told Victoria that Sharon had been mistaken to allocate a great deal of money to develop a new cosmetics line. Victoria suddenly remembered another business meeting. Before she and Nick left, Victoria told Billy that she loved him. After his wife walked away, Billy said, "Apparently, not as much as your job."

Nick received a phone call from his stockbroker reporting that Newman Enterprises' stock prices had risen dramatically. Victoria, perplexed, noted that she and Nick hadn't yet been in control of the company for a full day. Nick assured Victoria that the company would rebound. Victoria cried, "Dad would be so happy." Nick said that their dad would return.

Tucker's secretary later returned with the bouquet and explained that Sharon couldn't receive any items from the outside during her evaluation. Tucker waved away his assistant and said aloud to himself, "There's got to be a way to get a message to Sharon."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Paul held the snow globe Ricky had bought for his girlfriend, Rachel, at Niagara Falls just before he'd murdered her. Heather, who'd given the souvenir to her father, apologized for having stirred chilling memories of Ricky. Avery arrived and announced that Paul's trial would take place in a few weeks. Heather admitted that she'd destroyed most of Ricky's belongings. Paul held up the snow globe and told Avery that it was the only item of Ricky's that hadn't been thrown away.

Avery instructed Paul to find the video of Ricky murdering Rachel because it was Paul's only hope. Paul later searched Ricky's apartment, and Avery searched Eden's, but neither found the recorded video Ricky had made. Paul gazed into the snow globe and maintained that a young man who'd kept a sentimental souvenir wasn't capable of murder. Paul's attention was drawn to an object inside the snow globe.

Paul placed a towel around the snow globe, held it over a sink, and smashed the glass. Avery and Heather looked on as Paul recovered a flash drive sealed in plastic. Heather fetched a pair of tweezers, so Paul could extract the flash drive. Heather suddenly noted that evidential procedures had already been compromised. Both Heather and Avery insisted on calling Michael.

After Michael arrived, he inserted the recovered flash drive into Heather's laptop and noted that it contained only one file. Paul, Heather, Avery, and Michael watched as Ricky appeared and said, "My name is Ricky Williams. If anything happens to me, the first person you need to look to is my dad, Paul Williams. He's out to get me." Paul looked devastated.

After bartender Jake Blaukowksi took a break, Genevieve approached the relief bartender and purchased one drink with a hundred-dollar bill and instructed the man to keep the change. Genevieve asked about Jake and discovered that he was a fugitive. The relief bartender added, "They don't call him "Blackie" for nothing. Jake's got a real dark side."

Sister Celeste told Victor that an ice pack should help Norm's injured arm. Victor, upset because the workmen had refused to band together in protest, rose from his seat and made an announcement. Victor said, "I know you guys are afraid of losing your job, but I think we can do something about that." One worker, a bald man wearing a plaid shirt, glared at Victor.

Victor explained to the workers that any one of them could be injured because the boss was careless and had cut corners. Victor noted that the workers had to band together and demand safer working conditions, better medical coverage, and workman's compensation. The man in the plaid shirt was the last to agree to band together and demand change.

Victor insisted that Norm seek medical treatment at the hospital and have the bill sent to the boss. After Victor, Norm, and a few others left, the man in the plaid shirt phoned someone and said, "The old guy's stirring up trouble. We need to do something about him."

After Jake Blaukowski returned from his break, two uniformed police officers arrested him and took the bartender away. Genevieve phoned Billy and explained that a job had just opened up for her. Billy said that he wanted to be the first to know if Victor decided to return to Genoa City. Genevieve replied, "I don't think that's going to happen any time soon. The poster child for the one percent has just turned into champion of the underdog." Billy maintained that it would be a good deal for everyone as long as Victor stayed "under the radar."

After a worried Victoria returned home, she told Billy that the price of Newman stock had rebounded. Upset, Victoria cried that her father wouldn't have just disappeared unless something was wrong. Victoria cried, "I just want him to come home." Billy replied, "I have something that I should tell you."

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

At Heather's apartment, Michael, Avery, Paul, and Heather watched Ricky's video that had been hidden in the snow globe. In the video, Ricky said that if anything might befall him, Paul would be the person to investigate. Ricky felt that Paul had been out to get him. Ricky painted himself as a victim of Paul's hatred and accused Paul of trying to frame him for Rachel's murder. Ricky said that when he'd arrived in Genoa City, he'd been anxious to reunite with his father. Paul cried as he watched his son in the video.

When the video ended, Avery declared that it would never be admissible in court. Michael thought it was significant evidence, and he planned to use against Paul. Avery vowed to fight Michael every step of the way.

Paul was devastated. Paul said that he knew Ricky had been angry with him and jealous of Paul and Heather's loving relationship, but Paul had never thought Ricky was capable of such venom. Avery and Heather said that they anticipated the video would be disallowed in court. Paul wondered why Ricky had made the video, thinking that perhaps Ricky was trying to incite Paul to kill him, like a suicide by cop. Paul was flummoxed. Heather and Avery agreed that if a jury ever saw Ricky's video, they'd never be able to forget his words.

Billy told Victoria that he felt bad about her missing Victor. Billy wanted to tell Victoria what he knew about Victor, but the words never came out. Victoria believed what Nikki had said, that Victor was likely to return in good time. Billy struggled because he knew that Victor was in Los Angeles. Victoria was sympathetic about her father's plight, but Billy pointed out that Victor had left Sharon in a position to take charge. Billy had total confidence in Victoria running Newman Enterprises. Victoria knew that once Victor returned, she'd hand the reins of the company back to her father.

Adam checked on Chelsea because she was suffering from morning sickness. Chelsea reminded Adam that she hadn't had morning sickness with her last pregnancy. Adam informed Chelsea that he'd asked Chloe and Kevin to stop by for a meeting about TagNGrab. At Crimson Lights, Jeffrey heard that Kevin and Chloe were going to see Adam, and he asked them to say hello to Chelsea for him.

Lauren pointed out to Jeffrey that he'd been an absentee father to Chelsea most of her life so, his good wishes seemed hollow. Gloria intervened, but she assumed that Jeffrey was interested in making up to Chelsea because she was wealthy. Jeffrey said that he sincerely wanted a second chance with Chelsea. Gloria understood family pride because of how she felt for Michael, especially with his new role as D.A. Lauren told Gloria that Michael's new job was turning him gray.

Later, Chloe and Kevin went to Adam and Chelsea's. They handed Adam a bottle of champagne to celebrate the success of the website. Chloe noticed that Chelsea hadn't drunk the champagne, and Chelsea commented that champagne gave her a headache. Chloe was suspicious of Chelsea's answers, remembering another night when they drank champagne together. Chloe offered some snacks to Chelsea, prompting Chelsea to run to the bathroom.

After Kevin and Chloe left, Chelsea assumed that Chloe had figured out that she was pregnant. Adam didn't think it mattered very much, but Chelsea enjoyed that the pregnancy was their secret. At Crimson Lights, Chloe speculated that Chelsea might have married Adam because she was pregnant. Kevin doubted that. Jeffrey, Gloria, and Lauren overheard the talk of Chelsea being pregnant. Jeffrey was overjoyed. Kevin and Chloe reminded Jeffrey that he'd always tried to take advantage of Chelsea. Lauren told Jeffrey to leave Chelsea alone unless he really wanted to bond with Chelsea.

At the Athletic Club, Neil and Harmony were having dinner after a movie. Harmony told Neil that after looking at the film reviews online, that picture they'd seen was a real dud. Neil said that he'd check the reviews before their next movie date. Harmony thought they were bad at dating, but Neil said they'd improve. Harmony told Neil how much she was enjoying her work at Restless Style.

Sarge was impressed with Jack's all-out effort as he lifted weights. Jack was determined to walk again. Jack thanked Sarge for his support and invited him to stay to watch a game on television with him. Sarge passed, and Jack wondered if he was all right. Jack offered to listen. Sarge mentioned that he'd lost someone in the Twin Towers and every 9/11 reminded him of that person. Sarge advised Jack to be good to the people he loved while there was time. After Sarge left, Jack left a message for Billy and Victoria, asking them to visit him.

Sarge entered the Athletic Club to pick up some take-out dinner. Sarge said hello to Harmony and Neil. They invited him to join them for dinner, and he agreed. Sarge said that Jack has been an excellent client and was making great progress. Sarge was definitely feeling down, and Harmony and Neil noticed.

Neil told Sarge about his memories of Lily's chemotherapy, how everyone had to endure the pain and difficulty, but he said that not everyone had the same outcome. Harmony pointed out that Lily had survived and was the mother of two beautiful children. Sarge was impressed that Neil was a grandfather. Sarge admitted that he was all alone in the world. Harmony revealed that she was originally from Seattle but had been a groupie for a long time.

Sarge was surprised that Harmony had once been from Seattle. Harmony recalled a lot of globetrotting as a groupie. Neil excused himself to pay the bill, leaving Sarge and Harmony alone. Sarge asked Harmony about her time in Pittsburgh. She acted dumbfounded. Sarge claimed that he understood her wanting to forget that time, then he said goodnight.

At the coffeehouse, Kyle and Abby talked about how Victor had a penchant for marrying too many women. Abby wished Victor would return and kick Sharon off of the ranch and out of the company. Kyle was confident that Victor would be back soon because he was one of the masters of the universe.

Abby asked about Jack and Kyle's relationship. Kyle said that living with Jack had been fine, but he admitted that they were not really comfortable together. Later, Kyle and Abby went to the Abbott house, where they ran into Victoria and Billy in the foyer. Jack called them all into the living room. Jack then welcomed them by standing on his own two feet. The family was thrilled for Jack.

Jack told Victoria, Billy, Kyle, and Abby that family was the most important thing in life. Jack asked them to remind him of that fact if he should ever forget again. Jack proposed a toast to the Abbotts and to bonds that could not be broken. Later, alone with Victoria and Billy, Jack apologized to Victoria if his words had seemed insensitive in light of Victor's disappearance. Victoria understood. Billy said that he was very proud of how Victoria had been running Newman Enterprises in Victor's absence.

Back home, Victoria suggested that she and Billy have some wine and get intimate. Billy was all for it. Kevin was in his house, where he saw a note from Chloe saying that she'd return later. Adam and Chelsea were cuddling on the couch when a reporter called Adam, asking about Sharon's visit to Fairview. Adam felt sad and didn't want to talk about Fairview. Adam wanted nothing to do with Sharon, Nick, and Victoria. Chelsea was feeling better. The doorbell rang, and Jeffrey and Gloria arrived to congratulate Chelsea and Adam about the baby.

Chelsea was not convinced that Jeffrey was really happy for her about the baby. Jeffrey tried to explain his feelings and said that he was sure that Chelsea was on the right track with Adam looking out for her the way Jeffrey never had. Jeffrey told Chelsea that he'd be thinking about her, then he left a teddy bear for Chelsea and walked out with Gloria.

Later, Chloe returned home to Kevin with his favorite pizza pie. Kevin was thrilled, until Chloe said she had another surprise. Kevin was shocked when Chloe handed him a funny-looking dog from a shelter.

Abby and Kyle told Jack that he was an inspiration to them, the way he'd fought to walk again. Abby thought the Abbotts were a tough breed. Kyle said he was proud to be an Abbott. Jack asked his son if they could have a closer relationship.

Paul watched the Ricky video again and wondered why Ricky had needed to punish him. Heather had no answers for her father. At Crimson Lights, Michael met Lauren and told her that there was new evidence in the case against Paul. Lauren wanted to step forward to reveal that Paul's gun that night had been hers. Michael asked Lauren not to do that.

Lauren felt the need to report the truth to Avery. Michael told Lauren that he'd have to grill Lauren on the stand. Lauren didn't care about herself. Michael was against it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

At the penthouse, when Nick went downstairs to head to work, Summer picked up on the tension between her parents. Summer questioned them about their cold, civil conversation. Nick denied that he and Phyllis were at odds. Summer reported that she was going out to meet with Fenmore, acting very put upon to have to answer her parents' inquiries. After Summer left, Phyllis and Nick agreed that Summer kept things normal between them. Before he went to the office, Nick wanted to speak with Phyllis about Ronan.

Phyllis explained to Nick that it had been Ronan's idea to invent the lie about her having an affair with Ronan. It was all about creating an alibi for Phyllis on the night of Tim's death. Phyllis assured Nick that she and Ronan had not been having an affair. Nick believed Phyllis, but wanted to know why Ronan was willing to risk so much for Phyllis. Nick didn't believe that Ronan was doing it because he thought Phyllis was innocent. Nick despised being caught up in Phyllis' web of lies. Phyllis felt it was the only way to proceed.

When Ronan reported to Michael's office, Michael criticized Ronan for having baited Nick into punching him in the face. Michael asked if Ronan had any more information about the night of Tim's murder. Ronan dismissed Beth's testimony as nonsense. Michael asserted that every bit of evidence pointed to Phyllis and Kevin as the culprits in moving Tim's body.

When Michael challenged Ronan to deny that he believed that Kevin and Phyllis had been involved, Ronan lied. Ronan was taken aback when Michael announced that he would be deposing Beth because she had arranged another television interview. Michael planned to depose her and then issue a gag order to keep Beth from doing any more television interviews.

Avery went to Michael's office to discuss Paul's case. Avery wanted Michael to drop the video of Ricky blaming Paul for anything that might befall him. Michael didn't want to talk about Paul because he was upset about Phyllis. Michael explained to Avery that Phyllis and Ronan were lying through their teeth about having an affair, thus giving Phyllis an alibi for the night of Tim's death. Avery realized what a major disaster it was for her sister. Fenmore burst into Michael's office because he needed money from his father.

After Fenmore left, Michael told Avery that Ronan was lying for Phyllis because he was in love with her. Meanwhile, Beth received a package at her apartment. When she opened it, she was terribly pleased and grateful to Tim. At the Athletic Club, Ronan was on the phone and asked the person on the other end if "she had received it," referring to Beth. Ronan was satisfied with the response.

Kyle went to Crimson Lights and was glad to see Eden. Kyle had the morning off and hoped that Eden would spend some time with him. Eden said yes. Kevin and Chloe entered and showed Kyle and Eden a photo of the shelter dog they'd adopted. Kyle didn't think Bobby was very cute, but Kevin and Chloe loved him. Chloe and Kevin were excited that Phyllis' involvement in TagNGrab had helped boost the site.

At the penthouse, Kevin went to see Phyllis, and Nick told him that he knew what Kevin had done to help Phyllis move the body. Nick felt bad for Kevin. Nick left the apartment and found Summer at the coffeehouse; he gave her the cell phone she'd left at home. When Chloe asked, Nick informed her that Kevin was with Phyllis. Alone with Summer, Nick assured his daughter that he'd always take care of her. Fenmore arrived at the patio to meet with Summer.

When Summer mentioned a concert that she and Fen wanted to attend, Nick offered to buy the tickets. Fen was surprised that Nick was so comfortable with Fen and Summer being friends, considering that Michael was investigating Phyllis as the D.A. Nick told Fen that he and Summer were free to make their own choices.

Kevin was ticked off that Phyllis had been allowed to confide in Nick about Tim's death, while Kevin was still keeping the secret from Chloe. Phyllis told Kevin that Michael knew that Phyllis had disabled the security cameras in the building the night Tim died. Phyllis added that Ronan had lied to Michael about having an affair with Phyllis in order to give her an alibi. Kevin was concerned because Beth had identified him as the encyclopedia salesman.

Ronan went to the penthouse and assured Kevin and Phyllis that he had taken care of Beth by sending her away on a trip, letting her believe that it was a gift from Tim. Phyllis realized she owed Ronan again. Kevin received a phone call from Michael ordering him into the office. Kevin tried to say he couldn't make it, but Michael insisted. Ronan told Kevin that he was safe from Michael's questions, but Kevin feared that he couldn't convincingly lie to his brother.

At the office, Michael grilled Kevin about what had really happened the night that Kevin claimed his car had broken down. Michael asked Kevin to think how Chloe would feel if she learned that he was lying. Kevin continued to lie. Michael warned Kevin that if Beth named him in a deposition, Kevin would be named a material witness. Kevin stonewalled his brother, but did say he appreciated his brother looking out for him.

Nick went to Michael's office because Michael wanted to talk about Phyllis and Ronan. Michael was fed up with Phyllis, Kevin, and Ronan's lies and subterfuge. Nick agreed, but he had nothing to say. Nick left the office. At the coffeehouse, Fen asked Summer how things were at home. Summer thought Fen's questions were strange. Fen admitted that he'd overheard Michael saying to Avery that Phyllis had had an affair with Ronan Malloy. Summer was upset and left.

Kevin texted Phyllis about everything he'd said and added he'd given nothing more to Michael. Ronan asked if Phyllis and Nick's marriage was all right. Phyllis asked Ronan why he had put his career on the line for her. Ronan said he had no intention of being the loser in the game. Phyllis was perplexed.

After Ronan left, Avery showed up and asked why Ronan had been with her. Avery told Phyllis that she was in way over her head. Avery also asked if Phyllis realized that she was hurting her marriage. Avery warned Phyllis that Michael would figure it out if there were a cover-up between Ronan, Phyllis, and Kevin. Phyllis claimed that Avery didn't love her like a sister. Phyllis wanted unconditional support and told Avery to leave her apartment.

At the Abbott house, Kyle talked to Eden about his relationship with Jack. Kyle was curious why Eden had asked about his relationship and then realized that Eden wanted Kyle to open up to her. Eden told Kyle about her father being a fugitive but said that he'd been good to her as a child. Kyle felt that way about Diane. Kyle invited Eden to see his room then kissed her passionately and led her upstairs.

Kevin was in a bad way when he went home to Chloe. Kevin admitted that Beth, the woman who had fingered him at Tim's building, hadn't been lying. Kevin confessed to Chloe that he'd helped Phyllis move Tim's body. Kevin tried to explain the situation, but Chloe was fuming.

Chloe believed that Kevin should have called the police immediately rather than help Phyllis. Chloe was certain that Michael would arrest Kevin, but Kevin revealed that Ronan was covering for Kevin and Phyllis. Chloe believed that the truth would be discovered. Kevin apologized to Chloe, and she was furious that she had been drawn into keeping Kevin's secret. Chloe walked out of the room.

Summer burst into the penthouse and called out to Phyllis. When Phyllis went into the living room, Summer asked if Phyllis had been cheating on Nick with Ronan. At the coffeehouse, Nick confronted Ronan and asked why Ronan was really trying to help Phyllis. Nick demanded answers from the detective. Ronan sneered at Nick and said that he really wanted Phyllis.

Avery went to Michael's office and reported that Phyllis had refused to speak with her and continued lying. Michael received a call from an assistant. Michael learned that Beth had left town, and her husband had no idea where Beth had gone. Michael realized that Phyllis, Ronan, and Kevin had been working against him and had made sure that Beth was unavailable for a deposition. Michael told Avery that he would not play nice anymore.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

At the bar in Los Angeles, Genevieve served Victor a beer, and he was surprised that she was working there. Genevieve tried to make him see that she wasn't after anything other than earning enough money to pay her rent. Victor noted that Sister Celeste had kicked her out of the mission because she wasn't trustworthy. Genevieve confessed that she had not had an easy life, and because of that, Genevieve kept her guard up.

Genevieve felt that Victor was a stand-up guy, and she had not known many better men in her life. She approved of his fighting for the dockworkers' rights and considered Victor a hero. Victor shrugged and felt that he was simply doing the right thing by the workers. Victor admitted that he thought he had family somewhere. Genevieve suggested that it was meant to be that Victor had wound up in Los Angeles at that point in his life.

At Crimson Lights, Nick and Ronan were toe-to-toe, locked in a tense argument. Ronan told Nick that he'd risked his career for Phyllis because he was in love with her. Ronan confessed that he'd never gotten over the brief affair he'd had with Phyllis when she and Nick were separated. Nick was offended and warned Ronan to stay away from his wife. Ronan suggested that Nick was angry because it was Ronan, rather than Nick, who'd save Phyllis from Michael's investigation.

In the penthouse, Summer grilled Phyllis about her love affair with Ronan. Phyllis demanded to know why Summer was questioning her and where she'd heard about Phyllis and Ronan's affair. Summer pointed out that Phyllis had not denied cheating on Nick. Phyllis defended herself, claiming that because she and Nick were in the public eye, people spread rumors about them.

Summer wanted to know if Phyllis had had an affair with Ronan or not. Phyllis deflected the question and only said that she'd made mistakes. Phyllis asserted that she was only human. Phyllis changed the subject and asked how Summer knew about the affair. Summer told her that Fen had overheard Michael talking about it. Phyllis blamed Michael for spreading the information, but Summer was disgusted with Phyllis.

Summer wished that Phyllis had never married Nick again. Phyllis made excuses and cited special circumstances, even saying that Nick understood what had happened. Summer was horrified to hear that and ran out of the house. At the elevator, Nick saw Summer, and she embraced him. Summer asked how Nick could forgive Phyllis for cheating on him. Nick explained that he cared about their family, but Summer felt they had no family because Phyllis had ruined it.

Nick went into the apartment, and Phyllis told him that Summer had learned about the affair with Ronan because of Fen. Nick was furious. Phyllis blamed Michael for spouting off about the affair and letting his son overhear. Nick thought it was Phyllis' web of lies that had caused the trouble, not Michael. Phyllis reminded Nick that Ronan had created the lie, not her.

Nick was upset that Summer believed he was okay with Phyllis having an affair with another man. Phyllis said they'd create a story to cover the lie, but Nick was sick of it. Phyllis apologized, but she felt she'd had no option when Summer confronted her. Nick wondered why Phyllis had never confided in him when Ronan first proposed the lie. Nick said he knew that Ronan was madly in love with Phyllis.

Phyllis thought that Nick was making a wild assumption, but Nick said that he and Ronan had just had a big talk and Ronan had confessed that he was in love with Phyllis and there was no other woman for him. Phyllis was stunned. Nick announced that he was moving to the ranch because he couldn't stay there with her. Phyllis couldn't believe that he was walking out on her again. Nick went out the door.

At Crimson Lights, Summer told Fenmore what had happened with her mother and father. Fen and Summer agreed that their parents always lied to them about important things. Fenmore sympathized with Summer, and she wanted to act out. Summer led Fenmore out of the coffeehouse to get into some trouble with her.

Victoria was on the phone, taking care of Newman business, when Billy walked into the office. Victoria told Billy that she'd discovered that Sharon wasn't the only danger to Newman Enterprises; there was someone else. Billy was surprised to find out that the vulture Victoria was talking about was Jack. Victoria reported that Jack had purchased five percent of Newman stock and might be mounting a hostile takeover. Billy urged Victoria not worry about anything but running the company. Victoria loved being in charge.

At Fairview, Sharon had a nightmare about her baby being taken from her. Sharon woke up frightened and confused. Sharon jumped out of bed and banged on the door, pleading to be let out of the room. Later, Sharon met with Dr. Laurents and confessed that Fairview reminded her of terrible memories.

Sharon explained the details of her nightmare and why she'd freaked out over being locked in the room. Sharon was worried that the doctor might lock her away for good because she'd admitted her fears about the place. The doctor said he would not be making snap judgments about Sharon based on one nightmare.

Later, Sharon explained to Dr. Laurents that Victoria and Nick had used her history against her to get Sharon out of Newman Enterprises. Sharon asked the doctor to look up Victoria and Nick online, to see that they were capable of diabolical schemes. Sharon said she had no delusions of grandeur, and she was only trying to keep her husband's company afloat until he returned. Sharon said she'd voluntarily gone to Fairview to prove her sanity.

Dr. Laurents admitted that he'd been concerned when he heard about Sharon's reaction to the nightmare. However, after speaking with her, the doctor felt that Sharon had a firm grasp on reality. Sharon was hopeful that she could leave Fairview and return to running Newman Enterprises.

Tucker and Sofia talked business at the Athletic Club. Sofia questioned Tucker about Sharon's situation at Fairview. Tucker was frustrated that he was unable to reach Sharon. Sofia asked what Tucker's end game was regarding Sharon. Tucker said that he wanted Sharon to be in good enough shape to continue running Newman Enterprises.

Nikki told Kay that her private detective had not found any clues to Victor's whereabouts. Jack went to the table and said that he suspected Victor had gone off with another woman. Kay was impressed that Jack was on his own two feet.

Nikki was glad that Jack was walking again. Kay reminded Jack that he hadn't done it alone; Jack had the love and support of the people who loved him. Jack mentioned that Genevieve had disappeared from town soon after Victor had. Kay laughed and accused Jack of being a troublemaker.

Nikki stopped Ronan in the lobby of the Athletic Club and demanded to know why there had been no progress in Victor's missing person case. Ronan said the cops were working on it. Nikki informed Ronan about Genevieve being out of town and that she'd had a history with Victor. Ronan walked away, and Nikki had no answers. When Nikki returned to the table, Kay handed her Genevieve's cell phone number.

Tucker received a call from Genevieve. She was very concerned about Victor's psyche and wanted to end the surveillance. Tucker told Genevieve to stick to the assignment. Tucker had no compassion for Victor's plight. Jack walked over to Sofia and Tucker's table and peered at Sofia's iPad, noticing it was on the Newman Enterprises' stock page. Tucker looked stunned by Jack's comment about buying up the stock.

Sofia closed her iPad and asked about Jack being able to walk. Tucker congratulated Jack. Tucker explained that he was keeping track of the Newman stock because he was on the board. Jack wanted Tucker to know that he'd filed the necessary papers with the SEC to declare that he'd purchased five percent of the Newman stock. Jack thought the board had been unfair to Sharon. Jack worried about Sharon being back at Fairview.

Jack entered Victoria's office and approved of her being behind Victor's desk. Victoria knew about Jack having bought so many shares of Newman stock. Victoria asked Jack's intentions, and he played coy. Victoria told Jack he'd already stolen Beauty of Nature from the Newmans. Jack felt that he'd legitimately bid on Beauty of Nature. Victoria warned him to leave Newman Enterprises alone.

Jack told Victoria the threat to Newman might not be from him but from some unethical stock raider, namely Tucker. Jack had no proof, but advised Victoria to keep her head up. Victoria realized that with Jabot, Beauty of Nature, and his five percent of Newman Enterprises, Jack had likely over-extended his allocations. Jack was confident that he could handle everything he'd acquired.

Victoria reminded Jack that while she was married to an Abbott, and touched by Jack's family talk at dinner, she was also a Newman. Victoria promised to retaliate if Jack made a move on Newman Enterprises. Jack left just as Nick arrived.

Victoria could tell that Nick was upset and guessed it was about Phyllis. Victoria reminded Nick that the legal troubles with Phyllis were not going away. Nick was concerned about the toll Phyllis' issues had been taking on his children. Meanwhile, Phyllis went to the coffeehouse, where Billy approached her, asking her to give a comment to Restless Style about her legal troubles.

Phyllis said she was looking for Summer, and Billy wondered if there was trouble at home, too. Phyllis picked up a drink and hurled it in Billy's face. Billy wiped his face and invited Phyllis to appear on his show. Phyllis threatened to go after Billy if he mentioned her or her family on the show. Phyllis left, and Billy just laughed.

On the patio, Summer told Fen that vodka would go great in their iced coffees. Fen thought it was a bad idea. Summer took the bottle of booze from her purse. As she started to pour it into the glasses, Ronan stepped in and took it from her hand. Ronan said it was a bad idea for them to drink. Summer didn't want to hear anything from Ronan because he was having an affair with her mother.

At the penthouse, Phyllis anxiously called Summer on the phone, urging her to return the call. There was a knock on the door, and Ronan led Summer inside. Ronan said he'd nearly arrested Summer.

Victoria sympathized with Nick about the turmoil with Phyllis. Nick wasn't sure how long he was going to stay away from Phyllis, but he couldn't go back to the apartment. Victoria invited him to stay at her house, but Nick said he'd be at the tack house for a while.

Tucker complained to Sofia about the fact that the Newman stock had stabilized. Tucker wanted to buy more shares and need the stock to "crater" again. Sofia warned him that he was risking an SEC investigation or worse if he didn't stop his buying spree. Tucker said that it would be worth the risk in the end.

Victor paid Genevieve for another beer. Later, Genevieve's cell phone was on the table, where she'd accidentally left it, and Victor saw that someone named Nikki Newman was calling her. Victor was tempted to pick up the phone. Genevieve took the phone, and Victor assumed that she hadn't wanted to speak to Nikki Newman. Genevieve said Nikki was an annoying friend.

Nikki had no luck reaching Genevieve. Nikki told Kay that she had visions of Victor in serious trouble. Kay knew that Nikki was worried, but Kay wanted Nikki to confide in Victoria and Nick. Nikki told Kay that she had it under control. Kay was sure that Victor would be back in due time. Kay said goodbye and walked out.

Tucker stopped Kay in the foyer and asked if she had to leave. Tucker thought that Nikki seemed a little ragged, and Kay conceded that Nikki was upset because of Victor's disappearance. Kay wondered if Tucker knew of a way to reassure Nikki that Victor was all right.

Jack met with Billy and reported that Victoria was not happy about Jack buying so many shares of Newman Enterprises stock. Billy didn't want to get in the middle of their business. Jack anticipated that once Victor returned, the stock would soar, and Jack would make a fortune. Billy asked what might happen if Victor, the corporate shark, never made it back to Genoa City. Jack was certain that Victor would be back.

The dockworkers talked about the situation with the bosses. One fellow said that he'd been warned that if they didn't stop squawking and get to work, they'd all lose their jobs. Victor said that was a good sign because it meant that the bosses were trying to intimidate the workers. Victor declared that if the bosses took in lawyers, they should hire a lawyer of their own.

Genevieve backed up Victor and urged the workers to follow him. Genevieve admired Victor's take-charge attitude. The workers listened to Victor. One guy stepped out and placed a call. He reported that "Christian" was stirring up the other men and talking about hiring a lawyer. The man agreed to deliver a message to "Christian."

Victor told the men to think carefully about what they need to do. Genevieve backed up Victor's words. The man who had been on the phone pulled Victor aside and said he had a message for Victor. He said that if "Christian" didn't stop stirring up trouble, someone would be hurt. Victor refused to back down.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Nick and Nikki ran into one another at the Athletic Club. He explained that he was on his way to the gym to pound something, and Nikki replied that Ronan had said the same thing earlier. Nick quipped that he would like to pound Ronan, too, but his main issue was with Phyllis. Nick revealed that he was living at the tack house, and Nikki wondered what was going on, since Sharon would soon return to the ranch. Nick vowed that Victoria would remain in charge at Newman Enterprises.

Nick asked how Nikki was doing, and she admitted that she had woken up in a cold sweat with the feeling that something terrible was about to happen, since no one had found Victor. Nick assured her that Victor was fine and would return home when he was ready. Nikki hoped that Nick was right.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria told a reporter over the phone that the Newman board had safeguards in place to ensure that she and Nick would always retain some control over the company. Billy sent a text message to Genevieve to ask how Victor was doing. Victoria confirmed that her statement would be in the next edition of the newspaper, and she hung up. Billy declared that he was proud of Victoria and that Victor owed her one. Victoria questioned whether Billy believed that Victor would return, and he proclaimed his certainty of it.

Billy asked Victoria to go to lunch, but Nick arrived, and Victoria requested that she meet Billy at the Athletic Club. Billy exited, and Victoria inquired about Nick's moving plans. He worried about his private life ending up on the Restless Style website, but Victoria promised that no one would hear it from her. He griped that Phyllis didn't trust him, and he couldn't accept that Phyllis always chose to spin out of control rather than to confide in him. Victoria sympathized, and Nick contemplated how much more he could take. Victoria pointed out that Nick had stood by Phyllis more than anyone, and while she knew what it was like to love a flawed person, she understood that everyone had a limit.

At the penthouse, Phyllis questioned why Ronan had almost arrested Summer, and he displayed the bottle of liquor he'd taken from the girl. Ronan explained that he'd caught Summer before she'd consumed any alcohol, but he could have hauled her in for being underage and for having an open container of alcohol in public. Phyllis thanked him, and Summer snarled that she bet that Phyllis couldn't wait to show him her gratitude. Phyllis ordered her daughter upstairs, but Summer stormed out to find Nick. Phyllis lamented that Summer hated her, and she demanded to know what Ronan had said to Nick.

Heather dropped by to see Daniel, and she fawned over Lucy. The babysitter left with Lucy, and Heather disclosed that there had been a new development regarding Phyllis that had complicated things even more. She started to explain, but Summer arrived and blurted that Phyllis was cheating on Nick. Summer continued that Fen had overheard Michael talking about Phyllis and Ronan's affair, and Phyllis hadn't denied it. Summer made a hasty exit to go see Nick.

Phyllis asked Ronan why Nick would think that Ronan was in love with her, because her relationship with Ronan had been based solely on lust. Ronan looked stricken, and she realized that he had feelings for her. She insisted that she loved Nick, and Ronan suggested that she tell that to her husband. She inquired whether Ronan had lied about having an affair with her because it was what he actually wanted to happen. Ronan remained silent, and Phyllis wondered whether there were strings attached to his help.

Ronan was furious that Phyllis would compare him to Tim, because Ronan didn't have to blackmail women for sex. She apologized for being out of line, and she asked Ronan to stay while she called Nick to update him about Summer. Nick coldly answered Phyllis' call, and Phyllis informed him that Summer was on her way to see him because Ronan had caught Summer with booze. Phyllis added that they owed their thanks to Ronan, but Nick said nothing, and she hung up.

Nick worried about Summer's whereabouts, but his daughter suddenly appeared in the doorway and surmised that Phyllis had called. Nick reprimanded Summer, and she argued that she hadn't drunk any alcohol, but Nick assumed that she would have if she hadn't been caught. Nick reminded Summer that Daniel had been underage when he had gotten drunk, and because of alcohol, Summer would never know Cassie. He blasted Summer for even considering turning to booze. Summer blamed Phyllis, but Nick held Summer responsible for making her own bad decision.

Phyllis apologized again to Ronan for taking her frustration out on him after he'd gone out on a limb for her. She called him her only friend, and she hugged him. Daniel entered and looked disgusted by their embrace. Daniel slammed the door, and Ronan departed. Daniel accusingly remarked that what he'd heard was true. Phyllis asked how he'd found out, and he informed her that an upset Summer had stopped by to see him. Phyllis wished that she could explain, but Daniel asked whether she was trying to take her whole family down.

Daniel questioned whether Phyllis ever considered anyone other than herself. She contended that she had only been thinking of her family, but he doubted that her family had been on her mind during her affair. Nick and Summer returned home, and Summer whined that she wanted to go to the ranch, but Nick said that she didn't get a say after what she'd done. Phyllis told Daniel about the bottle of alcohol. Daniel condemned Summer for not telling him the whole story, but she showed no remorse, and he stalked out.

Nick confiscated Summer's cell phone, and he stated that he was also taking her laptop and tablet. An angry Summer spat that what she'd done had been nothing compared to Phyllis' actions. Nick asserted that his problems with Phyllis had no bearing on Summer's punishment. Summer ran upstairs, and Phyllis stated that she was thankful that she and Nick were dealing with things together. Nick blamed Phyllis for Summer's behavior and didn't feel grateful for anything.

Nick accused an incredulous Phyllis of setting a bad example by lying and letting Summer believe that Phyllis had cheated. Phyllis contended that she was protecting Summer by shielding her daughter from the truth, but Nick berated Phyllis for allowing her fear to dictate her life. Phyllis acknowledged that she had messed up, but Nick remained angry that Phyllis hadn't trusted him. Phyllis claimed that she had wanted to tell him the truth, but she had lost her nerve when she'd thought of the look of disappointment in his eyes. He said that it wasn't the best time to tell Summer that he was moving out, and Phyllis suggested that they not mention it at all. He left for work.

Phyllis lectured Summer about the potential dangers of Summer's actions. Phyllis insisted that she and Nick loved Summer and that Summer would always be their priority. Summer didn't understand how Nick could act like everything was okay, and Phyllis explained that while he appeared calm, he wasn't happy with what Phyllis had done, so he might need time away. Summer vowed never to forgive Phyllis if Nick moved out.

At the Athletic Club, Billy told Victoria and Nikki that he would talk to Summer about how he'd almost died when he'd passed out after drinking too much. Billy suspected that Nick was less than happy, and Victoria said that it hadn't been a good day for anyone in Nick's family. Nikki was glad that she didn't have to worry about the state of Victoria and Billy's relationship, and Victoria gushed that Billy had been her rock. Victoria left to return to work, and Nikki requested that Billy use his journalistic connections and resources to find Victor.

At Fairview, Sharon told Dr. Laurents that she had a child to care for and a company to run, and she wanted to get back to her life. The doctor insisted upon following protocol, and he promised that he would let her know once he made his decision. Daisy suddenly burst in and begged Sharon to tell Dr. Laurents who Daisy really was. Daisy recounted that she'd saved Sharon from being attacked in prison, and Sharon reluctantly confirmed Daisy's identity. The doctor left to attend a meeting, and Sharon and Daisy discussed their mutual desire to be released. Daisy admitted that she had only pretended to take the pills the nurses had given her.

Later, Dr. Laurents returned and asked to speak with Sharon. Daisy protested, but the doctor insisted that Daisy go back to her room. Daisy left, and Sharon perkily inquired whether she should start packing. Dr. Laurents said that he was in the process of reviewing her competency tests, but he had a few more questions about her husband.

Sharon explained to Dr. Laurents that Victor had stood by her when no one else had, but the doctor pointed out that Victor had walked out on their wedding day. Sharon claimed that she understood Victor's need to take off from time to time, just like she understood the importance of his company, and Victor had trusted her with it. She admitted that she wasn't perfect and that she had her own problems, but she hadn't done anything that warranted being locked up. The doctor said that they'd talk again soon, and he departed.

Dr. Laurents reprimanded Daisy for intruding on his session with another patient, but she was determined to make him believe her claims. He recalled that she'd had a very different story when she'd entered Fairview, but she reiterated that her life had been in danger. She mentioned that she had provided her fingerprints, but he said that it could take up to two weeks for verification.

Daisy confronted an upset Sharon, who was worried about the doctor's decision but relieved that it would be her last night there. Daisy pleaded with Sharon to tell Daniel that Daisy was there, and Sharon noncommittally said that she'd mention it the next time she saw him. Daisy pushed Sharon to call Daniel, but Sharon ordered her to leave. Daisy exited, and in the hallway she overheard a nurse state that a patient had gone missing after being transferred to the hospital.

Daniel returned to his apartment and fretted to Heather that he wanted to keep Summer from making the same mistakes he had made. He jokingly asked whether Heather knew of any convents where he could take Summer. Heather urged him to relax, and she began to massage his shoulders. He pulled her into a kiss, and they made love. As they basked in the afterglow, she said that he was good at making her forget her troubles. He replied that it felt like they could handle anything together.

In her room, Daisy grabbed a handful of pills from under her mattress. "Genoa City Memorial, here I come," she murmured, and she swallowed the pills. Elsewhere, a nurse showed Dr. Laurents the results of Daisy's fingerprint match. Meanwhile, Ronan's phone rang, and he learned of Daisy's whereabouts.

Nick returned to the office and updated Victoria about Summer's escapades. Victoria offered to take on more responsibility at the office so he could take a break, but he insisted that he was fine. Sharon suddenly sauntered in and announced that she was back.

Moran warned Victor that someone would get hurt if Victor didn't stop making trouble. Victor advised Moran that threatening him wasn't smart, but Moran claimed that he just didn't want to see anyone harmed. Sister Celeste told Victor that the workers had no other place to go, and Genevieve commented that was how the company kept them in line. Victor complained that people were getting injured, and he referenced employment laws that required safe working conditions. Sister Celeste asked how he had acquired such knowledge, but he didn't remember.

Victor continued to urge the workers to stand up for their rights. Sister Celeste informed him that they'd contacted federal agencies before, but no one had filed a formal complaint. Victor swore that he would, even if he lost his job, because the situation was wrong. Later, Moran and another man carried a badly beaten Victor into the bar. Sister Celeste asked who had attacked him, and Victor said that he had been jumped from behind.

Sister Celeste and Genevieve tended to Victor, who had a badly injured hand, but he resisted going to the hospital. He whimpered that he didn't know his name, and he was certain that the doctor would call the police. Genevieve assured him that he was a good man, but he thought that he might be running from the law. Sister Celeste asked "Genny" to use her nursing skills to help, and Genevieve tearfully ran off to get ice. Once out of sight, she frantically researched treatment for the injury, using her cell phone. Genevieve tenderly applied ice to Victor's hand, and he thanked her.

Sister Celeste helped Victor stand, and he ordered some tequila. Moran commented that it wasn't safe for Victor there. Sister Celeste offered Victor pain medication, but he declined. Genevieve worriedly said that she didn't want him to get hurt again, but Victor was triumphant that he'd gotten the attention of management.

Sister Celeste warned that Victor had riled up dangerous people, and she implored him to move on. Genevieve agreed. Sister Celeste suggested that she buy a bus ticket for him and send him to another shelter. Victor remained adamant that he had a job to do, and he refused to let anyone intimidate him.

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