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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 1, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Daniel was at Heather's apartment when Phyllis phoned and told him that a mystery person claiming to be Sheila Carter, possibly an imposter hired by Ryder, had signed Daisy out of the Fairview Sanitarium.

While Daniel was listening to his mom, Heather returned from a restaurant with food. Daniel quickly shushed Heather after she began speaking. Daniel told Phyllis that the other voice she'd heard was that of the food-delivery person.

Phyllis warned Daniel that Daisy was out roaming the streets again. After the call ended, Daniel told Heather about Daisy. Heather promised to alert Daniel if she heard any news about Daisy. Daniel seemed a bit uneasy.

Changing the subject, Daniel asked Heather if she knew how to play the guitar he saw resting against the futon. Heather admitted that she'd never learned to play well, and she proved her point by strumming an off-key chord. Heather was surprised to discover that Danny had taught Daniel to play only a couple of chords.

Daniel sat behind Heather on the futon and placed her fingers atop the correct strings. Heather winced, but she easily strummed a harmonic chord. Daniel smiled and gazed into Heather's eyes. Daniel told Heather that their relationship seemed so right, although they'd been forced to sneak around to spend time together.

Heather asked Daniel if perhaps Daisy's reappearance was a sign that they shouldn't be a couple. Daniel replied, "No. I trust what I see in front of me." He kissed Heather and told her that he'd need her help to divorce Daisy in absentia. Heather quipped that Daniel was sleeping with her in order to get free legal advice.

Ronan arrived at Phyllis' penthouse. Phyllis said that Lauren had already told her about Daisy's release. Ronan noted that the person who'd picked up Daisy had masqueraded as Daisy's dead mother. Phyllis was livid when she learned that Christine had removed Ronan her case. Ronan admitted that the case had become complicated because he was Phyllis' alibi for the night Tim Reid had died.

Ronan promised to stick to his story, but he warned Phyllis that his ability to investigate her case would be hampered. Phyllis, exasperated with Christine, grabbed her car keys and headed toward the front door. Ronan stopped Phyllis and took away her keys.

Phyllis told Ronan that his lie was steadily dragging her down. Ronan noted that bearing the burden of his lie was worth the risk. Ronan insisted that what he wanted from Phyllis should not be a shock to her. Phyllis said, "I love Nick. I'm married to Nick, and I want to stay married to him."

Ronan pressed his body close to Phyllis' and said, "You feel it, don't you? Whenever we're together, don't you feel how much I want you?" Phyllis tried to resist Ronan and repeatedly said, "It can't happen between us." Phyllis' emotions betrayed her words, and she seemed to be drawn to Ronan.

Ronan took Phyllis in his arms and kissed her passionately. Phyllis said, "You should go. Don't make me tell you twice, please." Ronan replied, "When you decide to be straight with yourself, let me know." Phyllis, overcome, remained frozen in place after Ronan walked out the front door.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki tied a red bow on a wrapped birthday gift for Faith and said she couldn't let the day pass without acknowledging their granddaughter's birthday. Victor, his injured hand still bandaged, sighed and told Nikki that he would ensure that Sharon was punished.

Nikki later opened an envelope and showed Victor that she'd received her final divorce decree ending her marriage to Jack. Victor asked, "How did you and I get so far off course?" Nikki noted that they'd both acted impulsively and sidelined their relationship. The couple embraced. Avery arrived, and Nikki left to meet with Katherine.

Avery told Victor that Sharon had been arrested. Victor said, "And so it begins." Avery explained that among complaints filed against Sharon were fraud, conspiracy, malfeasance, and making false statements to the police. Avery noted that the charges should keep Sharon behind bars for a long time.

Victor asked Avery about Sharon's civil suit. Avery explained that Sharon's lawsuit, claiming abandonment, would be quickly dismissed due to Victor's memory loss. Before Avery left, Victor instructed her to annul the marriage between him and Sharon because he didn't want a record of their union to exist.

Sharon showed up at the tack house with a birthday gift for Faith. The child was overjoyed to see her mother. Nick warned that Faith's bedtime was drawing near. Noah walked downstairs and chastised his mother for sending an invitation to his grandfather's funeral via a text message. Noah explained that Abby had forwarded the message to him.

Sharon claimed that Noah's disdain for her actions wasn't fair because he didn't know the whole story. After Nick went upstairs with Faith, Sharon told Noah that she had seen no need to summon him because his grandfather hadn't died. Noah replied, "So that makes what you did okay? What's wrong with you?" Two uniformed police officers arrived and arrested Sharon.

At the police station, Sharon thanked Nick for accompanying her. Sharon begged Nick to convince his dad that her arrest would only drag out their problems. Sharon agreed to drop her civil suit against Victor and cried that she couldn't be locked away from Faith again. Nick berated Sharon and said that he was helping her because of their children. Nick insisted that he wouldn't intervene with his dad on Sharon's behalf.

Sharon said that Nick should think about Faith growing up without her mother. Nick noted that their daughter had learned to live without her, just as they all had. Sharon admitted that she'd made mistakes, but she claimed that Nick was being too cruel.

Nick told Sharon that it was cruel to let a family believe that their loved one was dead. Nick added that Sharon had made a joke of Victor's funeral by showing up wearing a wedding dress. Nick maintained that Sharon would have to answer for the things she'd done.

After Sharon was locked in a cell, Victor appeared. Sharon said that she was glad Victor was there because she hoped they could talk and resolve their disputes. Victor noted that everyone knew what Sharon had done. Sharon cried that everyone knew that Victor had disappeared, so she'd become the person he'd wanted her to become by preventing people from walking all over her.

Sharon looked defiant when Victor replied, "You blatantly ignored my wishes by destroying my prenup, and you had the cold-heartedness to call off the search for me. You tried to hurt me, my family, and my company. No one does that and gets away with it." Sharon reminded Victor that they'd shared a special relationship for 20 years. Victor told Sharon that he was through with her, and he added that he wasn't the only one.

Nick returned to the tack house and told Noah that his mom would spend the night in jail. Avery arrived, and Noah went for a walk. Avery told Nick that Victor intended to make Sharon serve time in prison. Nick sighed and said that Sharon's incarceration wouldn't be easy for him or his children to handle.

Later, Avery, Nick, and Faith donned party hats. Nick instructed his young daughter to make a wish before blowing out the pink candle on her flower-topped cake. Faith laughed as her dad counted in fractions between the numbers two and three before he joyfully yelled, "Okay, let it fly!" Faith blew out her candle in one puff.

Nikki and Katherine talked over coffee at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Nikki told Katherine that Victor was having Sharon arrested because he was determined to make her pay for everything she'd done to their family.

Nikki said she'd known all along that Sharon was a heartless tramp out to get money. Katherine seemed sympathetic when Nikki admitted that the grandchildren and Nick would bear the brunt of a heartbreaking situation if Sharon spent time in prison.

The topic of discussion changed to Tucker and his manipulation of Victor. Katherine said that she was very ashamed that her son would do such a thing. Nikki assured Katherine that no one would blame her. Katherine explained that she felt guilt by association.

Changing the subject once again, Katherine asked how things stood between Nikki and Victor. Nikki said that her divorce from Jack was final and that Victor would file for an annulment to end his marriage to Sharon. Nikki added that she had no idea what the future might hold for her and Victor. Katherine smiled.

At Tucker's penthouse and office, Jack said he knew that Tucker hadn't reported his recent purchases of Newman Enterprises stock to the SEC. Jack admitted that he had no proof, but he claimed he did have evidence that Tucker had gone to great lengths to manipulate the share price. Tucker challenged Jack to prove his assertion. Genevieve appeared at the door and said, "Hello, Tucker."

Jack told Tucker that Genevieve had agreed to report how Tucker had kept Victor at bay, so Tucker could take advantage of plummeting stock prices. Tucker claimed that because the SEC had recently investigated and stripped Genevieve of her assets, her allegations wouldn't be taken seriously.

Jack noted that it wouldn't be Tucker's first run-in with the SEC. Jack angrily threatened to report Tucker's violations immediately. Tucker asked Jack to wait 48 hours while he put his affairs in order.

Genevieve stayed behind after Jack left. Genevieve expressed her anger at Tucker and said, "I hate the way you treated Victor and his family, and I hate the way you treated me by making me grovel for every dime."

Genevieve admitted to Tucker that she wanted Jack, an innocent victim, to get his company back after Tucker manipulated and poisoned the trading environment. Genevieve added that because of Tucker, Victor had been kept away from his family and had had his life dangerously threatened.

Tucker demanded to know why Genevieve insisted on helping her ex-fiancÚ. Genevieve explained that Jack was a good man with ambition. She added that Tucker, who'd become bitter and vengeful, had once been just like Jack. Before Genevieve left, she reminded Tucker that she had a log of his text messages that would serve as evidence of his wrongdoing.

Tucker angrily swept the items on his desk onto the floor. After Tucker calmed down, he gazed at an old photograph of himself with Genevieve. Someone phoned and told Tucker that Sharon was in jail.

Tucker stood outside Sharon's cell and told her he was there because he cared about her and wanted to help. Sharon became angry and said, "The way you helped me at Newman, so you could take over the company for yourself? No thanks! At least now I know who my enemies are." Tucker insisted that he wasn't her enemy. Sharon told Tucker that she wouldn't believe a word out of his mouth. Tucker said he was sorry about what had happened. After Tucker left, Sharon sobbed.

Genevieve sat at the club bar with Jack, and he inquired about her history with Tucker. Genevieve explained that long before she'd met Colin, she and Tucker had cared deeply for each other. Jack asked Genevieve if she'd loved Tucker, and she admitted that she had.

Genevieve told Jack that her intense desire for money and power had motivated her to strike out in search of her own fortune. Jack correctly guessed that Genevieve had wound up with Colin because he had been able to give her what she'd wanted. Genevieve added that though she could see the mistakes she'd made along the way, she didn't regret any of the decisions she'd made.

Jack said he understood that Genevieve had turned to Tucker because he'd promised to let her work for the money she needed. Genevieve told Jack that she hoped to right her wrongs and wanted to begin by helping Jack. Genevieve pressed her wine glass to Jack's when he lifted his and said, "To second chances."

Nikki returned to the ranch and embraced Victor tightly. Victor told Nikki that Sharon had been arrested. Nikki noted that she and Victor would be a steadfast support for Faith and Noah.

Victor told Nikki that they were lucky to be together again. Nikki cried that she couldn't imagine being anywhere else. After Nikki went upstairs, Victor opened a gift box, glanced at the sparkling engagement ring tucked inside, and smiled contentedly.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Phyllis went to the tack house to see Nick, taking along a belated birthday gift for Faith. Phyllis really wanted to speak with Nick about their marriage. Phyllis said that she missed Nick and wished he would return to her. Nick was cold and distant with Phyllis. Phyllis noted that Summer was very upset with her and wouldn't return her calls. Phyllis acknowledged that Nick was angry with her, but she hoped he would get over it. Nick was disgusted and sad about the state of their marriage. Phyllis apologized for having hurt him.

Phyllis felt that they were better together than apart, and pointed out that to her, Nikki and Victor were like role models for her and Nick. Nikki and Victor had managed to find their way back together. Nick explained that he couldn't trust Phyllis. To Nick, love without trust wasn't good enough.

After having gone for a jog, Kyle and Eden reached Crimson Lights, where she commented that they should make running a regular thing. Kyle kissed Eden and said that he preferred making out. Eden offered to get them some coffee, but then saw the newspaper on a table. Eden read that Paul's trial was about to start.

Inside the coffeehouse, Paul, Avery, Michael, and Lauren were chatting at a table. Paul admitted that he was still sad about Ricky's death and wished there was some way to get Daisy to testify for him. Paul was ticked off about whomever had checked Daisy out of Fairview. Paul assumed that Daisy was long gone, and he felt his chances of getting an acquittal were dim.

Danny went to Christine's room at the Athletic Club and invited her to join him for coffee. Later, Danny and Christine went to Crimson Lights and joined Paul, Avery, Michael, and Lauren at a table. Michael realized that they wanted to discuss Paul's legal case, so he stepped out to make a phone call.

Avery wondered why the police had never been able to find the knife that Ricky had used to threaten Eden. Paul reiterated that Ricky had claimed that he'd gotten rid of Daisy, and Paul assumed Ricky had tried to kill Daisy. Avery needed Daisy's testimony to corroborate that information or else Avery felt she had nothing. Eden walked to the table and told Avery that she could have her.

Eden wanted to help Paul in his case. Paul was appreciative. Eden said that she'd try to undergo hypnosis again. Michael returned and learned about Eden's decision. Kyle was worried for Eden, recalling how she'd freaked out the last time she'd met with Dr. Hoffman. Eden said she was determined to help Paul in any way she could.

Later, Eden, Michael, Avery, Paul, Christine, and Lauren met with Dr. Hoffman. When he learned of Eden's desire to try hypnosis again, Dr. Hoffman said that he had a new idea to improve Eden's chances for success.

Dr. Hoffman took the group to the Athletic Club where he wanted to stage the hypnosis session in the room where Ricky had died. Dr. Hoffman went upstairs with Michael, Avery, and Eden, while Paul, Danny, Christine, and Lauren waited in the dining room. Phyllis appeared suddenly and clashed with Christine. Lauren interceded and pulled Phyllis aside.

Genevieve entered her hotel room and was shocked to find Tucker there. Tucker reminded her that he'd paid the bill for the room, but he wouldn't be paying for it any longer. Genevieve declared that she could pay her own bills and didn't need Tucker's charity.

Tucker was fuming that Genevieve had turned on him and sided with Jack to the extent of going to the SEC. Tucker wondered how Genevieve was going to pay her bills. Genevieve revealed that she'd won big in Las Vegas and had invested her profits. Tucker refused to leave until Genevieve threatened to call security.

Sarge went to Jack's house with the new equipment he'd ordered for Jack to continue his physical therapy. Sarge didn't think Jack would need him much longer because he was doing so well with his walking. Jack wanted to give away his wheelchairs and offered Sarge's brother the specially fitted car he'd had made. When Sarge turned him down, Jack asked if something was bothering his friend.

Sarge explained that he and his brother had been close at one time, but that Sarge's brother had died in a car crash. Jack was sorry that he'd brought up the subject and offered a sympathetic ear if Sarge wanted to talk about his personal life. Sarge urged Jack to get to work on the new equipment. Jack took off his jacket to start exercising.

Lily and Cane ran into Neil, Devon, and Roxy at Athletic Club. Kay and Harmony appeared, and they joined the family gathering. Harmony mentioned to Devon that she'd heard about Devon's actions involving Victor's disappearance.

In the lobby, Tucker appeared and saw them all together at a table. Tucker approached and tried to speak with Devon. Everyone was cold to him. Tucker defended himself to Kay specifically, saying that she wasn't innocent. She had once kept Tucker and Devon from knowing that they were father and son. Devon asked to speak with Tucker privately.

Cane left the group so he could meet Jack. In the hallway, Cane bumped into Genevieve, and he was cold to her. Cane declared that her lies had damaged their relationship. Roxy was concerned about Devon and Tucker speaking alone. Neil had confidence in Devon being able to handle himself. Tucker apologized for disappointing Devon and for not being a good father. Devon told Tucker that he considered Neil as his father, not Tucker. Devon said that despite his money and power, Tucker was not a good man.

Devon returned to the table, and when Neil asked, Devon said that he was fine. Devon went on to say that Tucker didn't matter to him. Kay said she regretted that she had not told Tucker and Devon that they were father and son. Devon reminded his grandmother that he had forgiven her for that. Kay felt that Tucker had not.

In his office apartment, Sofia arrived for a meeting, and Tucker said that he was in trouble. Jack was blackmailing Tucker for stock manipulation, and if he didn't sell Beauty of Nature back to Jack, the SEC would come down on Tucker.

Sofia was surprised that Genevieve had agreed to testify for Jack. Sofia was concerned and asked what Tucker planned to do. Tucker wanted to fight. Nick arrived and informed Tucker that Sharon had been arrested. Tucker knew, but Sofia was shocked. Nick blamed Tucker for manipulating Sharon. Nick felt that Sharon should be punished, but he was concerned about his children.

Tucker was not interested in selling Beauty of Nature to Newman Enterprises, if that was what Nick had in mind. Tucker felt that Victor was just as ruthless as Tucker. Nick said he planned to get even with Tucker. When Tucker asked if that was a threat, Nick said it was.

After Nick walked out, Sofia asked if Tucker would sell to Jack. Tucker wasn't sure. Sofia didn't think Tucker had any choice, but Tucker wasn't committed either way. Sofia asked why Tucker had been so intent on mucking around with Newman stock, especially since he was already such a successful businessman. Tucker explained that he still had something to prove.

Cane went to Jack's for a business meeting. Cane was surprised when Jack said that he had a plan to get Beauty of Nature back. Cane listened to Jack's plan that involved blackmailing Tucker. Cane was curious when Jack revealed that Genevieve had offered to help him by testifying against Tucker if necessary.

In the lobby of the Athletic Club, Genevieve stopped Lily and asked if she could see Mattie and Charlie. Lily turned her down because of Cane's feelings about Genevieve. Lily would not go behind Cane's back to let Genevieve visit with the children.

Genevieve was shocked and suggested that Cane didn't need to know about her visit with the kids. Lily wouldn't do that to Cane and walked away from Genevieve. Back at the table in the dining room, Lily asked Devon and Roxy to go to Jimmy's to meet Cane for lunch, but they begged off.

After Roxy, Devon, and Lily left, Danny and Christine joined Kay when she was alone at the table. Kay sympathized with Paul about his legal situation. Christine and Danny were at ease with Kay, reminiscing about times gone by. Kay grinned at Christine and Danny together and suggested that they were the perfect couple and always had been. Christine blushed.

Alone in the foyer, Phyllis told Lauren that she'd had a bad day. Lauren advised Phyllis to stay away from Danny and Christine and not invite trouble. Phyllis said she'd heard that advice in the past.

In the suite where Ricky had been killed, Dr. Hoffman hypnotized Eden. Michael and Avery watched from the couch as Eden fell into a trance. Eden remembered buying Ricky a drink, then making an excuse to sneak into Ricky's room. Eden remembered finding Daisy's cell phone and wallet. Eden started to breath heavily.

Kay told Neil that Devon had chosen the right father, Neil over Tucker. When Sarge entered, Harmony approached him in the lobby. Harmony asked how Sarge had known that she'd been in Pittsburgh. Sarge said they'd met back then. Sarge remembered when Harmony was Yolanda and mentioned a party on Elm Street in Pittsburgh.

Lily and Cane had a drink at Jimmy's, and she said she was proud of how Devon had handled Tucker. Cane didn't want to talk about parents. Just then, Genevieve walked into the bar. Genevieve said it was just a coincidence that she was there, but Cane thought otherwise. Cane said he was leaving, and Lily followed him out.

Roxy and Devon were in bed together. Devon was glad she'd had the idea of spending the afternoon in bed. Back at the Club, Neil and Harmony were left alone at the table. Neil offered to play basketball with Harmony, and she accepted the challenge. Neil kissed her. Meanwhile, in his apartment, Sarge looked through his belongings and found a note from Yolanda in which she apologized to him.

Back at Jack's house, Kyle told Jack about Eden undergoing hypnosis again. Kyle was concerned for her, but Jack assured him that Eden would be fine. Kyle informed Jack that since Victor was back, Kyle could return to the ranch. However, Kyle said that he wanted to remain at the Abbott house with Jack.

Phyllis went to Crimson Lights for a coffee. Paul told Christine and Danny how Eden's last session had turned out. Paul knew it was a long shot, but he was hopeful that this time, Eden would remember something. In Ricky's old suite, Eden recalled panicking when she found Daisy's things. Eden said that Ricky had found her in the room and had known she'd been spying on him.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis was stressed out about her situation with Nick and Summer. Daniel suggested that his mother calm down. Phyllis appreciated how supportive Daniel was, especially since Nick wouldn't even speak with her. Phyllis complained about Danny and Christine, too. When Heather entered, a look passed between her and Daniel, which Phyllis noticed.

Phyllis asked if Heather and Daniel were seeing each other. Daniel denied that he and Heather were involved. Phyllis objected to Daniel having anything to do with Heather because she was prosecuting Phyllis for attempted murder. Phyllis suspected that Daniel was lying to her. When Phyllis' phone rang and she said she had an appointment at the Athletic Club for a massage, Daniel urged her to go.

At the counter, Kevin took Heather's order and said he hadn't seen her in quite a long time. Heather deflected his question, but when Kevin mentioned the coffeehouse security cameras, Heather realized that Kevin had seen her with Daniel in romantic situations. Heather tried to explain away what had been happening between her and Daniel. Kevin warned Heather that Daniel had a lot of baggage. Heather reminded Kevin that her former lovers were all problematic, including Ronan, Adam, and Chance.

Out on the patio, after Phyllis left, Chloe sat at Daniel's table and accused him of lying to Phyllis. Chloe had overheard Daniel talking with his mother about Heather. Chloe accused Daniel of being a liar. Chloe wanted Daniel to tell her the truth about his feelings for Heather. Daniel finally admitted that he liked her a lot. Chloe didn't think much of Daniel's taste in women.

Daniel pointed out that Heather was an improvement over his other girlfriends, pointing out that Abby, Daisy, and Eden all had issues. Chloe told Daniel that she would keep quiet to Phyllis as long as Daniel dumped Heather. Daniel told her to shut up and asked her not to tell anyone about him and Heather, including Kevin.

Heather told Kevin that Daniel was the best man she'd ever known. Kevin appreciated that Heather truly cared for Daniel. Heather asked Kevin not to tell anyone about her relationship with Daniel. Heather was concerned about her credibility as an assistant D.A., considering that she was prosecuting Daniel's mother.

Heather also felt that Phyllis hated her and would torture Daniel if she knew about Heather and Daniel's relationship. Kevin defended Phyllis to Heather, saying that Phyllis was not that bad. Kevin agreed to keep quiet about what he knew, even keeping the secret from Chloe.

Later, Kevin and Chloe met at the counter and made polite talk. However, they were unable to keep quiet with each other about what they'd learned. At the same time, they both revealed that Heather and Daniel were romantically involved. Heather and Daniel went to the counter and asked Chloe and Kevin to keep their secret for them.

On the patio, Chloe was surprised that she was spending time with Heather and Daniel. Kevin joined them, and Chloe confessed that she was uncomfortable. Daniel asked if Kevin and Chloe would cover for them with other people. Heather didn't think Chloe would want to help her, but Chloe said she would do it for the sake of romance. Chloe felt that Heather and Daniel's secret was a good secret. Heather thanked Chloe and Kevin.

At the Athletic Club, Nina met with Paul, Lauren, Christine, and Danny. There was still no news from Eden's hypnosis session with Dr. Hoffman. Upstairs in the suite where Ricky had died, Dr. Hoffman questioned Eden. The doctor was surprised when Eden remembered that Ricky had treated her with kindness.

Ronan, Michael, and Avery listened to Eden's memories. Eden couldn't recall what she and Ricky had talked about specifically. Dr. Hoffman brought up that Eden had found Daisy's wallet and cell phone. Eden responded to his question by repeating what Ricky had said to her: "This is turning out to be a great night." Everyone was confused. When Eden became agitated, Dr. Hoffman ended the session.

Eden could tell by their faces that she had not remembered anything that could help Paul. Eden felt terrible. Michael explained that Eden had been traumatized in that room, and she'd done a great thing by trying to unlock her memories. Michael was proud of Eden, as were Avery and Ronan. Avery led Eden out of the room.

Ronan and Michael were unsure what Ricky had meant by the words, "This is turning out to be a great night." Michael and Ronan also wondered why Ricky had smiled at Eden. All their ideas were speculation. Ronan wanted real evidence, but Michael pointed out that they had to go with what they had.

In the dining room, Paul was uptight about Eden's session. Nina was sensitive to Paul's feeling. Paul announced that he was going to go out to walk off his restlessness. The others stayed behind. Nina felt terrible for Paul, and Lauren invited Nina to go to the bar for an iced tea. Later, in the lobby, Avery spoke to Lauren and Nina about Eden's session and the lack of progress. Nina felt that Ricky was still torturing Eden from the grave.

At the table, Danny sympathized with Christine about her being unable to help Paul with his case. Christine felt that Paul was a victim of circumstances. Danny hugged Christine. Just then, Phyllis walked into the Athletic Club and saw them close together. Danny asked Phyllis not to bother them. Phyllis refused to walk away.

Danny told Phyllis that he didn't want to speak with her, but Phyllis insisted. Christine relented and got up from the table. Christine would let Danny speak with Phyllis alone. Phyllis told Danny that Christine had always been obsessed with destroying her and still was. Danny reminded Phyllis that she'd tried to kill Christine by running her down with a car. Phyllis denied that she had ever done that.

Danny believed Christine's version of the story and told Phyllis that it made no sense because at that time, Christine had been with Paul, and Phyllis and Danny had been together. Phyllis remembered things differently. Phyllis recalled that Danny had had a fixation on Christine and she remembered seeing Danny kiss Christine 18 years before. Christine returned just in time to hear what Phyllis had confessed.

Christine confronted Phyllis and asked why she hadn't just spoken to Christine at the time about the kiss. Phyllis refused to answer Christine in a civil tone. Christine flared and said that it was true that she was anxious to see Phyllis locked up and punished for what she'd done.

Christine pointed out that the kiss confession was proof that Phyllis had had a motive to try to run Christine down with a car. Christine would use that information in court. Lauren tried to pull Phyllis away. Phyllis declared that Christine was alone and miserable and had no life. Ronan overheard Phyllis' rant against Christine.

Lauren told Phyllis that she should not provoke Christine, especially since she had been indicted for attempted murder. Phyllis said that when she had seen Danny and Chris together all those years before, it had driven her crazy. Lauren was critical of her friend.

Phyllis wanted sympathy from Lauren, not criticism. Phyllis admitted that she hated Christine intensely. Lauren stopped Phyllis from saying any more. Lauren reminded Phyllis that as Michael's wife, she knew that Phyllis was in big trouble. Lauren tried to reason with Phyllis about how Christine might reach the conclusion Lauren had -- that Phyllis had been out to kill Christine with that rental car.

At the same time, Chris complained to Danny and Nina about Phyllis' insane actions. Chris said that the kiss she'd seen 18 year before was proof that Phyllis had had a motive to go after her. Nina tried to calm Chris down, but an emotional Chris revealed to Nina that Ronan had been having an affair with Phyllis. Nina was stunned. Later, Nina confronted Phyllis about her sleeping with Ronan.

An upset Christine went to see Danny in his hotel room. Christine was freaked out about what Phyllis had done all those years earlier, taking out her anger on Christine by trying to run her down with a car. Christine recalled the terrible memories of that night, the glare of the headlights. Daniel sympathized with Christine, then he kissed her deeply, and she responded.

In the alley behind the Athletic Club, Paul walked onto the crime scene where Ricky had fallen after being shot. Looking up at the window to the room, Paul became emotional. Paul sat on the ground and was in tears as he remembered Ricky's words to him that night. Ricky had said that Paul had not been a father to him. Paul was haunted by memories of that night. Suddenly, Paul noticed something in the alley.

Paul returned to the dining room and told Michael and Ronan that he'd found Ricky's knife. In the alley, Ronan reached into the sewer grate and found a knife. Paul said it was Ricky's knife. Avery was thrilled for Paul, and he thought the nightmare was over. Ronan and Michael left with the evidence to be analyzed.

Eden met Kyle at Jimmy's. She was depressed because she hadn't been able to remember what had happened in Ricky's room while she was under hypnosis. Kyle figured there was a reason her mind had blocked the memories. Eden wanted to force herself to remember before Paul wound up in prison. Kyle believed that in time, Eden would remember something to help Paul.

Eden wished that she could remember what had happened. Kyle advised Eden to wish smarter, not harder. Kyle said that only people like Victor returned from the dead. While hanging out with Kyle, Eden remembered something. Eden remembered Paul saying to Ricky, "This ends here."

At the police station, Ronan informed Michael and Paul that the knife had no fingerprints on it. Ronan said they had checked it thoroughly. Paul was shocked. Back in the alley, a woman walked past the sewer grate.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

At Jimmy's, Kyle was curious about what Eden remembered -- Paul saying, "This stops here." Eden knew that those words sounded bad for Paul. Kyle thought there was only one way to interpret what he had meant by those words, and he urged Eden to call Michael with the information.

Eden shook her head and told Kyle she was going to keep her memory to herself. Kyle wanted Eden to do the right thing and report what she recalled. Eden didn't know what the words meant, but Kyle believed that Paul had meant to kill Ricky once and for all. Eden didn't buy that. Eden said that Paul had never wanted to kill his son.

Eden added that she had wound up unconscious after Ricky's attack. Kyle speculated that the entire incident might not have happened in the way Eden thought and that Paul was guilty of killing Ricky. Eden was unhappy with that idea. Kyle wondered why Eden was putting herself through torture, trying to remember what her mind was blocking out.

Eden explained that she wanted to save Paul, a man who had been wrongly accused of murder. Kyle was insistent that Eden speak to Michael. Eden told Kyle to back off. Kyle had another idea; he told Eden to share the information with Paul.

At the police station, Paul and Avery were stunned that there had been no fingerprints on Ricky's knife. Paul said he had not planted the blade in the alley. Michael didn't think that Paul would purposely lead the police to find evidence that couldn't help Paul's case. Avery was disappointed because the knife was useless. Michael wanted more information. Paul fumed because nothing worked out to him when it came to this case.

At Crimson Lights, the sexual tension between Daniel and Heather was intense. The simple words they spoke were filled with sexual innuendo. When Lily appeared, Heather said goodbye. Lily guessed that Daniel and Heather were still an item because of the sparkle in Daniel's eyes. Lily was happy for him.

Daniel said that he and Heather avoided any discussion of Phyllis' case. Cane called Lily to say he was at the Athletic Club to meet the PR expert whom Lily had recommended. Lily suggested that she and Cane have some quiet time together later in the day.

Lily sympathized with Daniel about Daisy being missing again, especially how it might affect Lucy. Lily said that Daniel had turned out to be a wonderful father. Daniel mentioned that Heather was very good with Lucy. Lily left for an appointment.

Daniel noticed that Heather was sitting on the patio, so he texted her. Heather texted back, and the two arranged to meet later that night at Daniel's apartment. Heather smiled and then left the coffeehouse.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis refused to respond to Nina's accusations about her having an affair with Ronan. Nina was shocked that Phyllis had used her son and jeopardized his career. Phyllis said whatever she and Ronan shared was none of Nina's business. Nina was appalled by Phyllis' behavior, especially since Phyllis was married to Nick.

Phyllis lashed out at Nina, pointing out that Chance had been a bastard. Nina slapped Phyllis in the face. Nina's phone rang, and Lauren intervened to stop Phyllis from hitting Nina in return. While Nina stepped away, Lauren blamed Phyllis for engaging in another public fight after she'd just had a tiff with Christine.

Lauren was unable to back up Phyllis because of her choices. Phyllis said she was defending herself to Nina. Lauren reminded her that she was going on trial for attempted murder. Lauren told Phyllis that she had to learn to walk away. Daniel showed up and interceded, telling Phyllis to stop blaming others and take responsibility for her issues.

Nina went to the police station and cornered Ronan. Nina asked why he'd risked his career by having an affair with Phyllis. Nina knew that Ronan loved being a detective. Ronan refrained from answering her questions. Nina noticed that Paul was upset, so she went to comfort him. She asked if he knew about Ronan and Phyllis' affair, and Paul claimed that he'd been aware of the rumors. Nina suggested that the two of them go to the Athletic Club and put the day behind them.

In Danny's hotel room, he and Christine were naked in bad and about to make love. Christine stopped because she wanted to know if their lovemaking meant the same to Danny as it did to her. After they dressed, Danny told her that what was between them had never been just sex. Christine felt that they belonged together. Danny said in a strange way, Phyllis had drawn them back together. Danny wondered if it might be a second chance for them. Christine felt it was never too late.

Michael and Ronan wished they could help Paul, but every shred of evidence just worked against him. Christine arrived to speak with Michael about Phyllis. Michael was still torn about prosecuting his good friend. Christine told Michael that Phyllis confessed to having seen Christine and Danny kissing on the day of the hit-and-run.

Christine pointed out that they knew that Phyllis had a motive for attempted murder. Michael conceded that might be true. Christine was sure of it, but Michael continued to vacillate. Christine urged Michael to do his job and get a conviction against Phyllis.

Paul and Nina returned to the Athletic Club with Avery and reported to Danny, Heather, and Lauren that the knife had yielded no evidence that they could use in Paul's defense. Paul acknowledged the setback, but he believed the truth would eventually be revealed, and he'd be freed.

Heather offered to buy Paul a drink, but he told his daughter that he was all right. Danny, Lauren, Avery, and Nina decided that they all needed comfort food and talked about potato skins, wings, fried zucchini, and nachos. Danny informed Paul that Phyllis had admitted that she'd seen Danny and Christine kissing on the day of the hit-and-run. When Paul took Avery to the bar to order a drink, Nina and Lauren teased Danny about his renewed romance with Cricket.

Heather received a call and said she had to leave. Daniel was at the bar, and when he saw Heather leave, he followed her. Eden called Paul and learned that the knife had not yielded any evidence to help his case. Paul told Eden that he appreciated her trying hypnosis again. Eden didn't tell Paul about the words she'd remembered, and Kyle was disappointed. Eden told Kyle she had nothing to contribute. Kyle disagreed.

Cane was surprised when instead of a public relations expert appearing for the meeting, Lily showed up. Lily said that PR stood for private relations, and Cane's appointment was with Lily. Later, the couple went to a suite in the Athletic Club, where Lily removed her dress. Lily admired that Cane had been working hard at Jabot and spending his free time with the kids. Lily had arranged the room for the night. Cane liked what he saw when Lily modeled sexy lingerie.

Cane poured two glasses of champagne. Lily had more presents for Cane, but Cane didn't want treats; he wanted Lily. Lily mentioned that she'd taken along two Humphrey Bogart movies and ordered a couples massage, too. Cane didn't want movies or a massage. Cane carried Lily to bed. Later, after making love, Cane and Lily said they loved each other.

Phyllis sulked alone in the penthouse. Ronan showed up unexpectedly, and after he flirted with her at the door, she let him in. Phyllis was furious about Danny and Christine and angry that everyone was against her. Ronan wondered why Phyllis was obsessed with her ex-husband.

Phyllis admitted that Danny had goaded her into revealing that she'd seen Danny and Christine kissing the night of the hit-and-run. Christine had then overheard Danny and Phyllis talking about the incident. Ronan told Phyllis she'd made a terrible mistake. Phyllis didn't want Ronan to lecture her. Ronan said that he was on her side and had not been judging her. Ronan walked out.

Heather was at Ricky's graveside. Daniel appeared and said that he had followed her from the Club, but he hadn't expected her to go to the cemetery. Heather explained that she'd received a message from the caretaker. Daniel noticed all the flowers on the grave. Heather said that the flowers had been showing up every week since Ricky's death.

The caretaker spoke with Heather and handed her a card that arrived with the flowers every time. The card read, "I won't forget." Heather was perplexed. Daniel wondered if Paul might have sent the flowers. Heather didn't think that was likely, and she had decided to investigate the mystery on her own so as not to upset Paul. Heather appreciated Daniel's support.

At the bar, Paul was concerned about the case. Avery reminded Paul that the trial had not started yet, and they were still working on his defense. Paul wanted to know his chances of being found not guilty.

Friday, October 5, 2012

At Newman Enterprises, Victor boasted to Avery that Sharon wouldn't know what hit her. Avery left with some paperwork, and Nikki arrived. Victor said that Nikki was just in time, and he led her into his office, which was filled with flowers and burning candles. They beamed at one another.

Victor said that years earlier, he had chosen the right woman to spend his life with. Nikki jokingly asked whether he was referring to her, and he lovingly confirmed that he was. He began to reach into his pocket, but she told him to stop what he was about to do. Victor was stunned.

Nikki suspected that Victor had been about to ask her to respond to a request, but she needed to delay her reply. She explained that she would love to give him the response he desired, but they had both been involved with other people recently, and she felt that they had to tie up their loose ends first. Victor asked how long Nikki needed, and she estimated a day. He leaned in and kissed her neck until she agreed to complete the task within a few hours. He reported that he was about to cut off his last loose end, and he suggested that they meet at his office several hours later.

At the police station, Michael informed Sharon that she'd made bail, but he warned her that there were still serious charges against her. Sharon complained to Leslie that she herself was the victim, and she bellowed that she wouldn't let Victor push her around. Michael processed Sharon's release paperwork, and a smiling Avery arrived with new evidence in Sharon's case. Avery presented documentation that there had been a prenuptial agreement between Victor and Sharon and that Sharon had signed it.

Sharon questioned why the prenuptial agreement mattered, and Leslie said that it proved that Sharon had been lying. Victor entered and noted that they'd received the documents, and he wanted to proceed with pressing charges against Sharon, but Leslie questioned whether the papers were legitimate. Leslie wanted to reconsider her strategy, and Michael suggested that they try to negotiate a plea. Leslie, Michael, and Avery stepped out to discuss the matter further.

Sharon snapped that Victor might be able to prove that the prenuptial agreement existed, but she contended that she had signed it under pressure. He scoffed at the idea that he had forced her to sign anything, but she planned to challenge the document's validity. He didn't care what she did because it wouldn't change the fact that she had committed fraud and had manipulated the stock. He added that he had filed for an annulment. "This marriage never happened," he stated.

At the Athletic Club, Genevieve and Jack approached Tucker, who ordered them to keep walking. Jack urged Tucker to accept Jack's offer to purchase Beauty of Nature, but Tucker wanted to wait until the deadline to weigh his options. Genevieve huffed that Tucker didn't have any if he wanted to avoid an SEC investigation. Jack and Genevieve walked away, and Katherine, Harmony, and Devon arrived. Tucker told them to take a number if they intended to lay into him.

Katherine called Tucker's actions contemptible, and he understood that she wanted nothing to do with him, but he hoped that Devon wouldn't cut him off. Katherine accused Tucker of setting a bad example for his son, and Tucker blasted her for giving him parental advice. Tucker barked that Katherine hadn't even raised him, and Katherine replied that she had been proud of Tucker for building an empire without any help from her. She continued that at one time, she would have been honored to pass on her legacy to Tucker, but she no longer wanted Tucker in her will, and she planned to give everything that she had intended to leave to him to Devon instead. She walked away, and Tucker muttered that he was glad that Devon would have security, but Devon said he'd rather have a father with integrity than Katherine's money.

Devon thanked Katherine for making him part of her estate, but he was uncomfortable with both Tucker and Katherine's actions. He recalled that he had felt like a chess piece that Tucker and Katherine were playing when he'd first learned that Tucker was his father. Katherine admitted that she had gotten carried away because she had believed that Tucker cared about more than just wealth and power, and she had wanted to show Tucker that what he'd done to the Newmans had been unforgivable.

Harmony indicated to Tucker that she was repulsed by how he had manipulated Sharon. Later, Harmony advised Devon not to let Katherine interfere in his relationship with Tucker, and Devon insisted that he wouldn't. Harmony hoped that Devon could leave the door open for forgiveness. Devon said that he'd believed that Tucker had been a good guy, but Tucker had repeatedly shown that he wasn't.

Tucker interrupted and acknowledged that he'd behaved badly, and he told Devon that he was sorry. Devon wasn't ready to accept Tucker's apology and didn't know if he ever would be. Tucker dejectedly walked away. Devon asked Harmony if she thought he should have been more understanding, and Harmony wished that Devon could show Tucker the same forgiveness that Devon had shown her. Devon said it was different, because her mistakes were connected to her addiction, whereas Tucker had made conscious choices and had no excuses.

Genevieve slinked over to Nikki and Katherine's table, and Nikki warned Katherine that Genevieve would sell out her best friend for cash. Genevieve said that she regretted hurting Nikki's family, and she was surprised when Nikki accepted her apology. Nikki didn't appreciate what Genevieve had done to the men Nikki cared about, and Genevieve defended that at least she had left Jack before their wedding, while Nikki had waited until after the ceremony to dump him. Nikki retorted that everyone was happy with the outcome, and she dismissed Genevieve.

Katherine remarked that Nikki had been easy on Genevieve, and Nikki announced that she wanted to let go of her baggage and start fresh. Nikki revealed that Victor was planning to propose, but she wanted to speak to Jack first. Katherine wished her luck. Nikki approached Jack and nervously requested a minute to talk to him. She stammered that Victor was about to propose, and she planned to accept.

Jack wasn't surprised by Victor and Nikki's reunion, but he thought that they were rushing into marriage. Nikki wondered why they should wait, and Jack cautioned her to go slowly. She wished she'd listened to Jack about her feelings for Victor, although she had truly believed that she had been ready to move on with Jack. Jack wished that he'd listened to his own doubts. Victor entered and spied Jack and Nikki across the room, but Katherine urged Victor not to interrupt.

Katherine pulled Victor over to the bar and disclosed that she knew what he was planning, and she was glad something in the world was aligning properly. Victor asked her to enlighten him, and she proclaimed that Nikki and Victor always had been and always would be meant to be together. Victor simply instructed Katherine to tell Nikki to find him when she was finished, and he left.

Jack told Nikki not to feel guilty, and he gave her partial credit for the fact that he was still standing. Nikki questioned whether her leaving him had helped him to walk again, and he explained that she'd encouraged him from the beginning, but he had become even more determined after she'd chased after Victor. She was grateful that Jack was still speaking to her, but he curtly asked her to forgive him for not congratulating her on her pending engagement.

Nikki returned to Victor's office, and she reported that she'd taken care of what they had discussed. He said that she looked even more beautiful, and she asked what had happened to the candles and flowers. Victor stated that he'd thought that he'd lost everything in Los Angeles, and when he had returned, he had realized that he had loose ends to take care of, but all he could think about was Nikki. Nikki understood that it would take more time to tie up their loose ends, but he assured her that she already had his heart. She said that it was enough to know where they were headed, and they agreed that they were on the journey together. They kissed.

At the penthouse, Phyllis told Nick that she wanted Summer to move back in. Phyllis complained that Summer hadn't been in touch, but Nick advised Phyllis to give their daughter time. Phyllis lamented that Summer was upset about something Phyllis hadn't really done, but Nick coldly pointed out that Phyllis couldn't explain the truth without revealing the crimes she had actually committed. He suspected that even if Phyllis told Summer everything, Summer would still keep her distance, just like he intended to do.

Phyllis pleaded with Nick to stay and talk, but he wanted to confront Sharon at the police station. Phyllis questioned whether Sharon had made bail, and he expressed disbelief that both of the mothers of his children faced prison time. He wished that Phyllis and Sharon had considered how their actions affected others, and Phyllis assumed that he meant himself. Nick vowed to focus on his kids, and he walked out.

At the police station, Nick scolded Sharon for burning the prenuptial agreement, but she argued that she'd been distraught after Victor had humiliated her. She held Victor responsible for creating the situation. Nick informed Sharon that except for matters regarding Faith, he intended to avoid her as much as possible.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Nick asked Avery whether the prenuptial agreement had sealed the case against Sharon, and Avery thought Sharon would be crazy not to make a deal. Nick called Avery a great lawyer, and he complimented her for staying calm during Victor's absence. Avery commended him for dealing with Sharon's antics, and she suggested that he allow Victor to handle Sharon for a while. They chuckled, and he commented that it had been a while since he'd laughed. He said it was because of her, and he placed his hand on hers. She was clearly affected.

Nick proposed that he and Avery leave together, but she pulled away. He assumed that the feeling wasn't mutual, but she explained that Phyllis was her sister, and she didn't want to damage the sibling relationship she'd worked hard to mend. Avery suggested that Nick try to make things work with Phyllis, but he felt that he had tried unsuccessfully for months. Avery was certain that Phyllis needed him more than ever.

Ronan arrived to see Phyllis, and he explained that he just wanted to check on her. He asked if he could enter, but she blocked the doorway. She blamed him for complicating things with Nick and Summer, and he understood, but he also asserted that he had helped save Phyllis. Phyllis bemoaned that she didn't feel saved, and he requested again that she invite him in. She flatly declined, but he contended that she could unload on him until they both felt better, and then he would leave. She hesitantly stepped aside so he could enter the penthouse.

Phyllis revealed that Summer hadn't spoken to her since Summer had learned of Phyllis and Ronan's "affair." Phyllis remarked that she had been trying to prove her innocence in the hit-and-run, but instead, everyone thought that she was guilty of something less criminal. "But more awful?" he inquired. She conceded that the sex with him hadn't been awful. He took her hand and asked if she felt better. "Almost," she replied.

Ronan started to kiss Phyllis' hand, but she pulled away. She contemplated whether to make a run for it, and he reminded her that they were in her home. He moved closer, and he seductively kissed her hand. She suspected that next he would give her a look that made her feel wanted and then kiss her neck, and he proceeded to do both. She insisted that she was trying to do what was right and good, and he promised that it would be good. They kissed passionately.

Phyllis and Ronan began to tear off one another's clothes. Phyllis pushed Ronan to the couch, and they began to make love. Nick arrived at the door, but he hesitated to knock. He returned to the elevator.

At Gloworm, Sharon ran into Tucker, who said that he was glad she'd made bail. She remarked that she'd done it without his help, and she revealed that the prenuptial agreement had caused trouble. He reminded her that he'd warned her not to destroy it, and she retorted that he'd also encouraged her to commandeer Victor's company. She stated that she had once admired men like Tucker and Victor who had claimed to look out for her, but going forward she was determined to look out for herself. She stalked off.

Jack and Genevieve demanded to know Tucker's final answer. Tucker dared Jack to call the SEC, and he refused to sell back Beauty of Nature. Jack vowed that he would get back the company, and Genevieve urged Jack to make the call. Tucker flippantly told them to have fun. Jack contacted the SEC and reported Tucker's involvement in a case of stock manipulation.

Michael offered Sharon three and a half years in prison and a hefty fine. Sharon instructed Leslie to aggressively pursue the abandonment lawsuit against Victor and to contest the annulment. "I am gonna fight like hell to get what I deserve," Sharon vowed.

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