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Summer walked in on Phyllis and Ronan having sex. Fen voluntarily returned home, and Summer went ballistic when she saw Phyllis and Ronan talking at Phyllis' trial. Michael pressured Chloe into spilling the truth about Kevin's role in the cover-up of Tim's death. Victor accepted Tucker's offer to sell Beauty of Nature to Victor if Victor dropped the lawsuit against Sharon. Unaware of Tucker's sacrifice, Sharon signed the annulment papers and reported Tucker to the SEC. Tucker was arrested for stock manipulation, but he was soon released. Sharon agreed to recant her statement, and she and Tucker declared a truce. Adam and Chelsea planned to go on a 'baby moon,' but on their way to the airport, they found themselves about to collide with a distraught Summer.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 8, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, October 8, 2012

At Phyllis' penthouse, Ronan and Phyllis made love on the sofa. Afterward, Phyllis said, "That was a mistake. I felt like my whole world was falling apart, and I needed somebody to tell me it wasn't." Ronan said that he wasn't sorry it had happened, but Phyllis insisted that it couldn't happen again.

Phyllis' lawyer phoned. After the call ended, Phyllis told Ronan that her trial would begin the next day. After the couple dressed, Phyllis admitted that she was an idiot for telling Danny that she'd seen him kissing Christine the night of the accident. Ronan reminded Phyllis that though Christine would be called as a witness, the deceased Tim Reid wouldn't be. Ronan added that he'd be Phyllis' alibi for the night Tim died. Phyllis replied, "I hate that you have to lie for me." Ronan noted that their affair was no longer a lie.

At the police station, Christine tracked down Michael. She showed Michael the file on Tim Reid and explained that she'd obtained it to help Avery with Paul's case. Christine noted that the district attorney's office had indicated that Kevin might be able to connect Phyllis' involvement with Reid's death. Michael insisted that Christine shouldn't have access to the file, but she pressed him to share what he knew.

Michael indulged Christine and explained that Tim's neighbor, Beth Hortense, had claimed she'd seen Kevin in Tim's building the night the man had died. Michael added, "Kevin denied it -- end of story." Christine suggested that Beth had disappeared after Phyllis bought her off. Christine accused Michael of not pursuing the case in a professional manner. Michael noted that the case was 20 years old. Christine explained that recent events indicated that Tim Reid had had strong evidence against Phyllis.

Michael handed Christine a file folder and explained that the coroner's report had concluded that foul play wasn't indicated in Reid's death. Christine mentioned Beth's claim about Kevin again, but Michael suggested that Beth had had her own reasons to move her lover's body if Tim had died in her bed, and she hadn't wanted her husband to know. Christine sifted through the file and discovered that Kevin had received a parking ticket a few days after Reid's death.

Michael later questioned the police officer who'd issued Kevin the parking ticket. Christine's interest was piqued when Michael noted that the parking area wasn't near Tim's apartment or Phyllis' place. The officer recalled that Kevin had claimed he'd stopped to take a leak. The officer reported finding a rug in a nearby dumpster. Though the officer said he'd initially planned to turn the rug over to the lab for testing, Agent Malloy had appeared and insisted that the rug wasn't worth wasting the lab's time.

Michael seemed puzzled by the officer's account of his run-in with Kevin and Ronan. Christine looked shocked and noted that Ronan had provided an alibi for Phyllis and had made sure that the missing rug wasn't tested for evidence. Michael added that Kevin had been sighted at two places that could possibly be connected to Tim Reid. Christine insisted that Kevin was the only person who could tell them the truth about what had happened.

Avery begged to speak with Kevin on the patio at Crimson Lights. Avery asked about Daisy. Kevin explained that he was working on a project that he hoped might lure Daisy back. Avery explained that Paul needed Daisy to testify on his behalf because she'd viewed the video of Ricky murdering his ex-girlfriend. Angrily, Kevin said that he was busy creating a video to post on Daisy's "FacePlace" page because he was concerned about his sister.

Sharon barged in, interrupted Kevin, and pleaded for Avery's help. Sharon cried that her life was on the line. Kevin and Sharon argued about whether or not she needed assistance more that Daisy did. Sharon explained that she'd spent time in prison with Daisy and would be more concerned about the person Daisy was with than about Daisy herself.

Later, alone on the patio, Kevin recorded a plaintive video of himself begging for Daisy to return. He promised to help her and said he wanted them to grow close like a real brother and sister. Kevin held up a photo of Lucy in front of his laptop's camera lens and cried, "She needs her mother."

Sharon and Avery moved to the main area of the coffeehouse to talk. Sharon explained that Michael had made her an offer, which included serving a three-year prison term. Sharon insisted that she couldn't be separated from Faith again. Avery explained that she had no influence over Michael. Sharon pleaded with Avery to approach Victor and convince him to drop the charges. Abby, standing nearby, overheard and yelled, "Don't you dare."

Abby warned Avery that Victor wouldn't approve of her helping Sharon. Abby told Sharon that she deserved to serve prison time for destroying the prenuptial agreement and taking over Victor's estate and company. Sharon explained that someone had needed to take over during Victor's absence. Abby insisted that Victor's children should have been involved, and she noted that Sharon had given away Abby's beloved horses. Sharon reminded Abby that Faith needed her mother. Abby claimed that Faith would be better off without Sharon. Avery told Sharon that she couldn't help her.

Summer later ran into Abby on the patio at the coffeehouse. Summer made numerous excuses not to stay and talk. Abby explained that she'd recognized the "sneaking out while grounded" look on her niece's face. Summer poured out her feelings to Abby and cried that her mom's affair with Ronan had destroyed her family. Summer added, "She's the worst mother ever. I wish she'd leave town and never come back." Abby pleaded with Summer to talk things over with her mother, so Phyllis could share her side of the story.

At Gloworm, Jack informed Genevieve that two agents from the SEC would question her about Tucker's stock-manipulation scheme. Jack gloated that he'd soon regain ownership of Beauty of Nature after Tucker was incarcerated. Genevieve warned, "Don't underestimate Tucker!" Jack replied, "You aren't planning to double-cross me, are you?" Genevieve insisted that she wanted to help Jack and had never intended to hurt him in the past. Jack added that Genevieve also wanted to hurt Tucker.

Genevieve took a call from Tucker, who explained that Jack had indeed turned him in to the SEC. Tucker insisted that he wouldn't sell Beauty of Nature to Jack, and he added, "If I go down, you're going with me." Genevieve ended the call and shared her fear of Tucker's threat. Jack explained that the SEC might be willing to give Genevieve immunity for her testimony. Genevieve cried that she could still end up in a prison cell next to Tucker's. Jack replied, "I can't deny that that is a possibility." Agent Maroney and Agent Douglas arrived and asked to question Ms. Atkinson privately.

At Newman Enterprises, Tucker stopped by to welcome Victor home. Victor noted that Tucker had done everything in his power to prevent him from returning home. Tucker recalled that after he'd lapsed into a coma, Victor and Katherine had once taken advantage of him. Tucker added, "That's when you made your little move to steal Jabot from me."

Tucker offered Victor Beauty of Nature in exchange for Sharon's freedom. Tucker added that Sharon couldn't have taken over Newman Enterprises all on her own. Victor warned that Tucker would be punished for his involvement. Tucker explained that Victor could exact his revenge by taking Beauty of Nature. Victor replied, "Not enough! Sharon has to pay for what she did to my family. She let them believe that I was dead."

Tucker admitted that he'd used Sharon, but he pointed out that Victor had used Sharon to make Nikki jealous. Tucker added that Nikki, Victoria, and Nick had all cruelly turned against Sharon after Victor disappeared. Tucker insisted that though Sharon had behaved badly, she wasn't the only one. Victor said that in addition to receiving ownership of Beauty of Nature, he wanted an annulment, and he insisted that Sharon drop her lawsuit. Tucker explained that Sharon didn't know he was discussing the matter with Victor and that he wanted to keep it a secret. Victor replied, "You just let her know."

Victor phoned Avery and instructed her to draw up some documents regarding Sharon. Avery told Victor that Sharon was sitting at a nearby table at Crimson Lights. Victor told Avery to send Sharon to his office right away.

Sharon, dressed in a smart suit, arrived at Victor's office. Her hair was swept back, and she wore glitzy, diamond-encrusted earrings. Sharon waltzed in front of Victor's desk and said, "I'm here. What do you want?" Victor didn't look up. Without waiting for a response, Sharon warned that Victor couldn't stop her from pursuing her lawsuit. Victor challenged Sharon to take him on and noted that she'd lose.

Sharon took a seat and told Victor that she'd always been able to count on him. She cried that she'd never imagined that he would use her as he had. Victor replied, "I am dropping all charges against you." Sharon seemed relieved. Victor told Sharon about the annulment and added that she'd have to agree not to sue him for abandonment. After Victor slammed the contracts on the desk in front of Sharon, he warned that if she didn't sign them, she'd return to prison.

Sharon scrawled her name on the contracts just as Avery entered. Sharon rose to her feet and told Victor that he couldn't just cut her off. Victor ignored Sharon and gave the signed documents to Avery to file. Victor fiddled with his watch after Sharon said, "Aren't you going to say anything to me?" Sharon gave up and walked out. Victor told Avery to review all of the contracts Sharon had negotiated. Victor stared at the screen on his laptop and exclaimed, "What the hell did Sharon do?"

Later, Phyllis tried to contact Leslie. Frustrated, Phyllis cried that Leslie hadn't returned any of her calls. Ronan offered to go over the trial procedures with Phyllis. He explained that the district attorney would summon eyewitnesses to the stand. Phyllis noted that no one could place her behind the wheel of the car that had hit Paul and Christine.

When Ronan asked about trusting Kevin, Phyllis explained that Chloe also knew about Kevin's involvement. Phyllis said she didn't believe Kevin would tell Michael what had happened. Kevin later stopped by after Phyllis summoned him. Kevin insisted that he'd told no one besides Chloe about helping Phyllis move Tim Reid's body. Ronan said, "Just make sure Chloe doesn't say anything."

Exasperated, Kevin noted that Daisy was missing. Phyllis shrugged. Kevin cried, "You may not care about Daisy, but I do." Kevin became agitated by Phyllis' disregard for Daisy. Ronan made Kevin promise not to tell anyone that Tim had died in Phyllis' apartment or that Kevin had helped Phyllis move the body. Kevin maintained that Phyllis should trust him because he'd lied to his own brother, the district attorney. Kevin explained that Michael hadn't mentioned the case in weeks and didn't know about Kevin's involvement with Tim Reid.

After Kevin left, Phyllis began tugging her hair nervously. She cried, "I'm terrified. I'm drowning, and I need something to hold on to." Ronan embraced Phyllis and comforted her. Ronan began kissing Phyllis on the lips. The couple stretched out onto the sofa and kissed passionately. Summer unlocked the door and saw her mother lying beneath Ronan. A horrified Summer turned and left quickly. Phyllis and Ronan seemed oblivious to Summer's momentary intrusion.

Tucker went to the Genoa City Athletic Club bar to have a drink. He saw Devon and asked to speak to him. Devon told his dad that he didn't want to be part of Tucker's life. Tucker pleaded with his son to listen to him. Tucker noted that it wasn't easy to change, but he insisted that he was trying to become a good person. As an example, Tucker noted, he'd offered to give Beauty of Nature back to Victor. Devon explained that good people didn't have to try to be good. The two SEC agents approached Tucker.

Tucker met with the SEC agents and told them that he didn't know what had happened to Victor after he disappeared. Agent Maroney noted that Genevieve had testified that Tucker had paid her to keep Victor Newman's whereabouts a secret. Tucker feigned surprise and explained that although Genevieve had worked for him, she had not been paid to keep Victor's whereabouts a secret.

Agent Maroney maintained that Tucker had kept mum about Victor's whereabouts so he could manipulate and purchase Newman stock. Tucker replied, "Never happened." Agent Maroney showed Tucker the photo of Sister Celeste embracing Victor. Tucker claimed that he had no idea why Genevieve had sent him the photo, which he had believed had been faked. Tucker insisted that Genevieve was a jealous ex-girlfriend trying to make him look bad.

Devon later met up with Abby at Crimson Lights and told her that Tucker had asked for forgiveness. Devon added, "How many second chances does he expect me to give him?" Abby noted that even her mother had given up and finally dumped Tucker. Devon replied that if he bailed on Tucker, his father would have no one.

Abby proudly told Devon that she'd just given Summer advice about dealing with her parents. Devon laughed when Abby claimed that perhaps she was becoming a grown-up. Abby took a call from her financial advisor and asked about a sudden spike in her net worth. Abby was surprised to discover that the Newman stock she'd purchased in order to "screw over Sharon" had increased in value tremendously. Devon smiled when Abby announced, "Wow, I really am a power player."

Tucker intercepted a cold Sharon as she made her way to a table at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Sharon reminded Tucker that he'd stood by her and helped her run Newman Enterprises during Victor's absence. Upon Victor's return, Sharon crossly added, Tucker had run away like a coward. Sharon noted that she'd had to face Victor. Tucker seemed contrite when Sharon cried, "Thanks for nothing! Hope all that Newman stock you accumulated eases your conscience." After Sharon walked away, Tucker sighed.

At Gloworm, Jack and Genevieve discussed her testimony to the SEC agents about Tucker. Genevieve swigged scotch and told Jack that she was grateful for receiving immunity. She apologized for not being able to get Beauty of Nature back in Jack's hands. Jack said that he'd purchased a large amount of Newman stock. Jack added that he could wield power if he could join forces with someone else who'd managed to acquire stock during Victor's absence. Genevieve said that she'd used the money Tucker had paid her to purchase Newman stock for herself.

Back in Victor's office, Avery was stunned when Victor explained that Sharon had managed to sell a great deal of his personal shares of Newman stock. As Victor studied the screen on his laptop, he reported that if his enemies joined forces, they would be able to take over Newman Enterprises.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chelsea was looking at baby clothes and getting excited about her impending little one. Adam was glad she was happy, but his mind was on the upcoming TagNGrab meeting with Kevin. Chelsea told her husband that she had surging hormones and wanted him to attend to her. Adam laughed and said he would, later on.

Gloria called Chelsea from Las Vegas where she and Jeffrey were at a restaurant convention. Gloria suggested throwing a baby shower for her, but Chelsea was uncomfortable with Gloria and Jeffrey having a big place in the baby's life. Adam thought Jeffrey was annoying, but that was better than Victor's seeming indifference. Adam left it to Chelsea to know how to handle Jeffrey.

At Gloworm, Chloe noticed that Kevin was hacking into a bank security camera to see footage from an ATM machine. Kevin said he was looking for any clue to Daisy's whereabouts. Chloe pointed out that Daisy was very clever at evading the authorities. Kevin mentioned that Phyllis was freaking out about her case and seeking assurances from Kevin. Chloe agreed to cover for Kevin at Gloworm because he had a meeting with Adam about TagNGrab.

At Jimmy's, Avery was having a stiff drink when Michael walked in and spotted her. Michael recognized her tense expression and knew that she was worried about Victor's business. Michael was also upset about his job, so he took her whiskey shot and downed it. Michael knew that he needed to interrogate Kevin, regarding Phyllis' case, and he wasn't anxious to do that to his brother. Avery was concerned about her sibling, too, aware that Phyllis was afraid that she'd wind up in prison.

Later, Michael confronted Kevin at Gloworm and wanted to interview him. Kevin blew him off by saying that he was late for a meeting. After Kevin rushed out, Michael asked Chloe what was going on with his brother and warned her that Kevin was getting deeper into trouble by not leveling with Michael. Michael sensed that Chloe wanted to open up to him. Michael believed that he could help Kevin. Chloe blurted out that Kevin and Phyllis had not killed Tim.

Kevin went to Adam's and showed him the work he'd done on the website. Adam saw the Jabot button on the TagNGrab site and pointed out that Jack and Cane had yet to okay the click-over button. Kevin didn't want the work he had done to be vetoed by Jabot.

Later, Chelsea was still musing about the baby. Adam assured Chelsea they could have as many kids as she wanted. Adam suggested that they finally go on a honeymoon. Chelsea called it a baby moon since she was starting to show. Chelsea still promised to go surfing and show Adam all her special skills.

Chloe told Michael that Phyllis had not killed Tim; he'd just died in Phyllis' apartment. Kevin had helped Phyllis to move the body for Phyllis' sake. Chloe told Michael to blame Phyllis, Michael's best friend, not Kevin. Chloe said Kevin had been convinced to help Phyllis in order to get her to join TagNGrab. Just then, Kevin walked in and heard Chloe telling Michael about his connection to Phyllis.

Summer was crying and upset as she ran into Crimson Lights and told Nick that she'd seen Phyllis making love to Ronan in the penthouse. Nick said that Phyllis and Ronan's affair was a fake, but Summer knew what she'd seen. Nick was convinced by Summer and told her to stay there in the coffeehouse. After Nick left, Fen went to see Summer, and she told him what had happened at the penthouse. Summer told Fen that Phyllis had been lying to Nick about the affair with Ronan to create an alibi for Tim's death.

In the apartment, Phyllis and Ronan were ripping off each other's clothes, as they were anxious to have sex. After they were done and dressing, Phyllis thanked Ronan for distracting her from her troubles. Ronan said that she meant more to him than sex. Ronan said that he had the scent of her perfume on him and wanted to take a shower. Phyllis said that it was okay, so Ronan went upstairs alone.

A short time later, Nick burst into the penthouse and told Phyllis that Summer had seen Ronan making love to Phyllis. Before Phyllis could explain, Ronan walked downstairs, still wet from the shower. Nick demanded that Ronan leave the apartment. Ronan was concerned about her welfare, but Phyllis agreed that Ronan should go.

Phyllis asked Nick why Summer had been at the apartment. Nick said that Summer had wanted to give Phyllis a second chance. Nick wanted an explanation from Phyllis, but she evaded his questions. Finally, she confessed that she'd had sex with Ronan. Phyllis said that it was the first and only time she'd been with Ronan since her marriage to Nick.

Nick was horrified. Phyllis pointed out that Nick had left her, and she had been worried about going to court alone the next day. Phyllis explained that only Ronan had stayed by her side to support her. Nick was disgusted by Phyllis' lies. Nick thought that Phyllis had broken up their family, not anyone else. Nick slammed the door and left.

Victor was screaming on the phone, telling his broker to buy up all available Newman stock on the market. Nikki entered, and Victor told her that the company was slipping away from him. Victor explained to Nikki that Jack had purchased more than five percent of Newman Enterprises. That meant Jack could get a seat on the board, but not seize control of the company. Nikki realized that Victor was vulnerable to a hostile takeover.

Back at the ranch, Victor identified Tucker as a threat to the company. Nikki assured Victor that she had confidence in him besting Tucker. Victor appreciated Nikki's support. Victor announced that Sharon had signed the annulment papers, so the marriage was practically over.

Later, Nikki met Kay for lunch at the Athletic Club. Nikki explained that someone had purchased enough Newman stock to attempt a hostile takeover. Kay was unsure that Tucker would try that, but she knew that Tucker was jealous of Kay's love for Victor. Tucker entered the Club, and Kay decided to leave rather than be in her son's presence.

After Kay walked out, Nikki went to Tucker's side and told him that he was a filthy pig, and his mother couldn't bear the sight of him. Nikki reminded Tucker that they'd been mourning Victor all the time that Tucker had known that Victor was alive. Tucker pointed out that Victor would gladly gut McCall Unlimited if he could. As Tucker continued to insult Victor and note all of his ruthless ways, Nikki slapped Tucker's face.

Sofia went to Tucker's and handed him the list of all the shell companies they'd created to buy up more than five percent of the Newman stock. Sofia said that Tucker's broker in London had been getting requests to sell Tucker's shares of Newman. Tucker suspected that Victor was trying to reacquire all his lost assets. Tucker asked Sofia to shred the shell companies document, as he was confident that he could avoid SEC prosecution.

With revenge in her heart, Sharon met with the SEC representatives and offered to help them prosecute Tucker McCall. Sharon explained that while she had been running Newman Enterprises, Tucker had told her how to act with the board and had bought as much stock as he could when the price plunged.

Sharon thought her information was enough to take Tucker down, but the SEC investigators needed more. They showed Sharon a list of shell companies, and Sharon recognized that three of them were McCall companies. The SEC was intrigued with her information.

Sharon responded to Victor's request and went to his office. Victor said that the annulment would be final in a short time. Victor speculated about her relationship with Tucker and wondered what Sharon had seen in him. Sharon informed Victor that he didn't have to worry about a hostile takeover from Tucker because Sharon had given evidence to the SEC to take Tucker down.

Victor thought that Sharon was an idiot because she'd alienated one of her few allies. Victor explained that Tucker had offered him Beauty of Nature in exchange for Sharon's freedom. Sharon was shocked to hear that. Victor said he had taken the offer, and Sharon was only free because of Tucker.

Ronan walked into Gloworm, and Chloe guessed that something was bothering him. Chloe poured Ronan a drink and thanked him for having helped Kevin the night of Tim's death. Ronan was worried that Chloe had talked to someone else about what she knew. Michael told Kevin that Kevin had to go with him for a formal talk about Tim's neighbor.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis stopped Summer from walking away from her. Phyllis offered to talk with her daughter, but Summer wanted nothing to do with her mother. Summer hoped that Phyllis was in pain for what she'd done to their family. Phyllis said she'd give Summer some space, but promised to fix things. Fen overheard and went to Summer's side. Summer told Fen she wanted to have some fun.

Nick found Avery at Jimmy's and -- without warning -- he kissed her passionately.

Nikki returned to the office and told Victor that she'd slapped Tucker in public. Nikki said that she'd been upset about Victor's problems. Victor informed Nikki that Sharon had turned Tucker in to the SEC.

Victor was concerned about getting the votes of the board of directors to support his running the company. Nikki realized that Victor needed Adam's vote. Victor was grateful to Nikki for her support.

At Tucker's, Sharon burst in without knocking and told him that she was sorry. As she watched, the SEC investigators arrested Tucker and put him in handcuffs. Tucker had been completely blindsided and screamed at Sharon to explain what she'd done.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In Michael's office, Kevin insisted that he had nothing more to say, but Michael knew that Kevin had been holding out on him, and he demanded to know what had happened on the night of Tim's death. Kevin maintained that his car had broken down, but Michael barked not to insult his intelligence. Michael pointed out that Phyllis' trial was about to start, and he asked why Kevin had gone to Phyllis' penthouse on the night in question. Kevin reiterated that Michael had incorrect information, and Michael questioned whether Kevin was calling Chloe a liar.

Kevin bellowed that Chloe had had no business telling Michael anything, and Michael admitted that he'd pressured her. Michael warned that he couldn't look the other way because he had a job to do, and he didn't want to be in the same position with Kevin as he was with Phyllis. Kevin asked whether Michael was threatening him, and Michael said that if Kevin kept lying, Michael would have no choice. Michael asked again for the truth. "Go to hell," Kevin responded.

Kevin declared that he had lost respect for Michael and Michael's dedication to his job, and he refused to be a snitch. Michael cautioned that he could subpoena Kevin as a hostile witness or arrest him for obstruction, but Kevin contended that he'd been to prison before. Michael recalled that he had always been there when Kevin had gotten into trouble, and Kevin owed him. Kevin accused Michael of playing the guilt card, but Michael replied that he already knew the truth. Michael asked Kevin to trust him as his brother, and he implored Kevin to tell his version of the events. Kevin reluctantly confessed that he had dropped by Phyllis' penthouse to talk about the website, but when she had opened the door, there had been a dead man on the floor.

Kevin confessed everything to Michael. Michael wondered why Kevin would go to such lengths to cover for Phyllis, and Kevin retorted that she was Michael's best friend, so Michael should be grateful that someone was willing to help her. Michael appreciated the sentiment as a friend, but he couldn't as district attorney. Kevin insisted that he had done what he thought had been right. Michael understood that Kevin was frustrated, and he reached out to hug Kevin, who pulled away. Kevin compared Michael to Tom for forcing him into a small, confined space as punishment for not obeying commands.

Jeffrey called Chelsea and requested that they schedule a visit. A cautious Chelsea said that she would get back to him, and she hung up. Adam realized that she was conflicted, but he urged her to spend time with her father. She suspected that she already knew what it would be like, but Adam argued that it couldn't be any worse than her past dealings with Jeffrey. She pondered whether Jeffrey could become more insufferable after the baby was born, but Adam pointed out that getting to know Jeffrey could also lead to a happier future. Adam answered the door to Victor.

Chelsea and Victor cordially greeted one another, and she headed out. Adam mused that the rumors of Victor's return from the dead were true. Victor mentioned that Adam had stopped by the ranch, and Adam wondered if Victor was sorry that they had missed one another. Victor explained that Newman Enterprises was in shambles, and Adam sourly noted that Victor always gave work top priority.

Victor revealed that because of Sharon's unconscionable actions, he was no longer the majority shareholder. He continued that he, Nick, and Victoria intended to vote as a block, but they needed Adam to join them to present a united front to Wall Street and the board of directors to avoid being ousted from the company. Adam called himself the "proverbial linchpin," and Victor asked if he would join them. Adam assumed that Victor expected him to fall in line with the other Newman siblings.

Adam recounted that he had grieved at Victor's funeral, only to later see Victor on live television at a press conference with Nick and Victoria at his side. Adam pointed out that Victor only reached out to him when Victor needed something, but Victor reminded Adam that they hadn't been close because of everything Adam had done to Victor and his family. Adam questioned whether Victor had ever considered what it had been like for Adam to bury another parent, but he understood that Victor never apologized for anything. Victor said that he was pained that Adam felt that way, but Adam asserted that Victor only felt pain with regard to business. Adam stated that he felt invisible in Victor's eyes, and he stunned Victor with the news that Chelsea was pregnant.

Victor acknowledged that he'd been preoccupied with Newman Enterprises, and he was sad that Adam had told him about such a big milestone in anger. Adam coldly stated that he hadn't lost sleep over it, and Victor shouldn't, either. Adam resented that Victor only recognized Adam as a son when Victor needed a favor. Victor wished that things were different, and he admitted that they were both to blame for the damage to their relationship. Victor added that no matter what happened, Adam was his son, and part of Victor loved him.

Chelsea stopped by Gloworm, and Gloria warmly greeted her. Gloria hoped that Chelsea was there to accept her offer to throw a baby shower, but Chelsea wanted to see Jeffrey. Jeffrey offered Chelsea a mimosa, and Chelsea reminded him that she was pregnant. Gloria said they could discuss the guest list later, and she returned to work. Chelsea asked why Jeffrey had wanted to see her, and he claimed that their last visit had been nice and that he had missed her.

Over sparkling water and snacks, Jeffrey and Chelsea chuckled about his life stories. He hesitantly said that he knew that she had money, but he handed her a $100 bill and asked her to get something special for the baby from him. He conceded that he would probably pick out something inappropriate if he tried to choose a gift himself. She murmured that their talk had been nice, and she thanked him.

Adam surmised that Victor was angling for Adam to vote his Newman shares the way Victor dictated. Victor implored Adam to think about it, since it was an important decision that required the entire family's support. Chelsea returned, and Victor congratulated her on her pregnancy. Victor said that he was happy for both of them, and he left.

Adam explained that Victor had turned on the charm because Victor had needed something, though Victor hadn't provided any reason for why he hadn't been in touch. Chelsea sympathized, and Adam asked where she'd gone. She explained that she had taken Jeffrey up on his offer, and the encounter had gone unexpectedly well. Adam noted that Victor had been surprisingly nice about the baby, and she thought that perhaps recent events had changed Victor. Adam was torn over whether to allow their child to forge a relationship with Victor.

Adam grappled over whether to give in to Victor's request or to vote on each issue depending on what he himself thought was right, even if it opposed his family. Adam said that Victor had tried to play God with other people's lives, and he didn't think it would be fair to subject a child to that, but another part of him couldn't fathom keeping his kids away from a grandparent. Chelsea rationalized that they knew what to expect from Victor, so they would know how to protect their children. She continued that she didn't know Jeffrey well, but she didn't suspect that he would be a good influence. Chelsea asked whether Victor had been a control freak around his other grandkids, and Adam didn't think so, but he thought it could happen when the grandchildren got older.

At Gloworm, Chloe sipped wine at the bar, and Gloria raved about her trip to Las Vegas. Gloria rambled on, but she eventually noticed that Chloe seemed quiet, and she began to guess what was wrong. Chloe admitted that she'd sold Kevin out to Michael, and Gloria quickly realized that Kevin had broken the law. Chloe felt terrible for exposing Kevin's secrets, and she refused to say anything more. Gloria hoped that Michael wasn't too hard on Kevin, and she reassured Chloe that Michael loved Kevin and that Kevin would be fine.

Chloe left Kevin a message asking him to call her. Gloria gave Chloe another drink, and Chloe lamented that Kevin wouldn't return her call because he knew that she'd told Michael the truth. Gloria assured Chloe that Kevin loved her and could never be so angry that he wouldn't call. Chloe was skeptical, but Gloria guaranteed that Chloe had nothing to worry about. Later, Jeffrey told Gloria that he thought Chelsea was warming up to him.

Kevin arrived and reported to Chloe that he'd just been in Michael's office. He angrily asked if she had anything to tell him, and Chloe apologized, but Kevin remained irate that he'd been forced to rat out Phyllis. Chloe argued that Michael had pressured her, but Kevin still felt that Chloe had betrayed him, and he didn't know if he could trust her again.

Phyllis entered Jimmy's and locked eyes with Nick. She informed him that she'd tried to reach out to Summer, and he barked that he'd told her not to. Phyllis admitted that he had been right, and he blasted her for not thinking before she acted. Nick received a call, and he told someone that he was on his way. He disclosed that Summer had just been arrested, and Phyllis followed him out.

Nick arrived at the police station, and Summer whined about being handcuffed. Phyllis asked what had happened, and Ronan reported that Summer had smashed his car with a baseball bat, keyed the paint, and slashed the tires. Ronan acknowledged that Summer had a right to be upset, but it wasn't the way to express it. Summer glared at Phyllis.

Ronan said that he hadn't taken pictures of the damage yet, but Nick offered to pay for the repairs and to force Summer to repay every dime if Ronan let her go. Phyllis was horrified that Summer had done something so violent, but Summer accused her of not feeling anything for Nick or Summer. Summer defiantly proclaimed that she wasn't sorry for what she'd done. Nick dragged his daughter to a chair and warned that she'd go to juvenile detention if she didn't shut up. Summer remained indignant, and Nick threatened to take a bat to Ronan's car next if Ronan didn't drop the charges.

Ronan announced that he wasn't going to press charges, but not because Nick had threatened him. Ronan accepted responsibility for the role he had played in the situation, but he hoped that Nick and Phyllis took Summer's violent act seriously. Nick incredulously inquired whether Ronan and Phyllis had expected no fallout from their actions, and he griped that he was the one who had to deal with it. Phyllis offered to help, but Nick spat that Summer hated her and that the trial was about to start. Nick ordered Ronan never to tell him how to deal with his daughter, and he warned Ronan to stay away from Summer, though Ronan could have Phyllis.

Phyllis told Ronan that she had been in a lot of trouble as a kid, and he wasn't surprised. Phyllis said that her mother had screamed that one day Phyllis would have a daughter just like herself, and her mom had been right. Ronan didn't think that Phyllis would have vandalized a federal agent's car, but she contended that she would have reduced his car to cinders. He asked what would have been an effective punishment in her youth, and she replied actually spending time with her parents. Ronan urged Phyllis to try it with Summer, but Phyllis lamented that Summer wanted nothing to do with her and that her own life was a disaster. They hugged. Victor entered and asked if he was interrupting.

Victor said that he'd heard the news about Summer, and Phyllis updated him. Phyllis asked for a moment alone with Victor, and she expected him to lay into her, but he didn't blame her. Victor informed Phyllis that he wasn't there to pass judgment, but only to check on Summer. Phyllis said that Nick was doing a good job with Summer, and she hoped that one day she could, as well. Victor admitted that he'd made many mistakes as a father, but he was grateful for always getting a second chance. He was certain that the same would happen to her, and he wished her luck at her trial. She tearfully thanked him, and they embraced.

Nick and Summer arrived at the tack house, and he condemned her actions. She thought that she should be commended, but he wouldn't let her off the hook for turning to violence. He suggested that she talk to someone about her rage, but she was opposed to seeing a therapist. Nick pointed out that Summer had been in trouble with the law twice, and he offered to go with her to a therapy session, but she remarked that it would be a waste of time.

Nick reprimanded Summer for acting like a spoiled rich kid who always blamed someone else for her actions, and she half-heartedly said that she was sorry. He reiterated that there were consequences for her actions, but she acted like she could get away with anything, just like Phyllis. He asked whether Summer wanted to end up like her mother, and he stormed off. Summer called Fen and confided that she planned to sneak out once Nick was asleep.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

At Gloworm, Christine told Danny, Paul, and Nina that she'd never been able to get over the fact that someone had tried to kill her. Nina said that it was about time Phyllis got what she deserved, and she was glad that Heather was prosecuting the case. Paul credited Ricky with piecing together the evidence that implicated Phyllis.

During a moment alone, Paul and Christine discussed how long they'd waited to get closure. She wished it wasn't happening when he was preparing for his own defense, but he said that it was good to see the system working. Christine suspected that they would never hear Phyllis apologize or confess, but she and Paul agreed that it would be great to see a jury find Phyllis guilty.

Daniel tried to make small talk with Heather over breakfast, but she couldn't act as if it were a normal day. She couldn't believe that he was okay with her potentially putting Phyllis behind bars, but Daniel understood that Heather was just doing her job. Heather was concerned that the trial would change his feelings for her. Heather warned that she would have to say awful things to and about Phyllis, and she didn't think he realized how ugly it would get, but she couldn't hold back for his sake. Daniel promised not to blame Heather no matter what happened, and they kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe told Kevin that he was risking too much, but a guilt-ridden Kevin refused to save himself after he'd given up Phyllis and Ronan. Kevin explained that he'd known that people would assume that Phyllis had killed Tim, but he knew otherwise, though he suspected that no one would believe him. Chloe thought Kevin was tapping into old wounds because he understood what Phyllis was going through, but she pointed out that Phyllis had started the entire ordeal by running over two people and hiding it, so Phyllis was hardly a helpless victim.

At the courthouse, Michael told Lauren that he hated what he had to do. He contemplated how many of his former friends' lives he would ruin that day. Michael noted that Phyllis could do time, and he worried how it would affect Nick and Summer. Lauren assured Michael that he'd be there for them, but he doubted they would want that.

Michael vowed to fight to protect Lauren from the weapons charges and to try to help Kevin, but he lamented that there was nothing he could do for Phyllis. Lauren pointed out that Ronan was in serious trouble for crossing the line to help Phyllis, and while she loved Kevin, there was no denying that Kevin had thought that he could use Michael to get away with lying. Lauren understood that Michael wanted to be a brother and a friend, but he had to lay down the law.

At the penthouse, Ronan offered Phyllis coffee, but she preferred to remain in a fog. He understood that the situation with Summer was weighing on her, but he advised her to focus on getting through the trial and staying out of prison. Phyllis said that she knew first-hand how it felt for a child to be disillusioned after catching a parent in a lie. Phyllis added that she had despised her father, and she wondered if Summer would feel the same way about her. Ronan pointed out that Phyllis' father had cut her off and pushed her away, and Phyllis would never do that to Summer, but Phyllis thought that Summer might walk away from her.

Victor stopped by the tack house and asked Nick if he'd gotten through to Summer. Nick felt that he had alienated her even more, and Victor urged him to be strong. Nick said that he'd let her sleep in, and Victor commented that it would be tough for her to focus on her studies while Phyllis was on trial. Nick inquired about Adam, but Victor reported that Adam hadn't given him an answer yet. Victor mentioned Chelsea's pregnancy, and Nick found the idea of Adam becoming a father scary. Avery arrived, and Victor left. Avery wanted to discuss the kiss that she and Nick had shared.

Nick surmised that Avery regretted kissing him, but she corrected that he had kissed her, and she had responded. She swore that it couldn't happen again because she didn't want to hurt Phyllis. Nick assured Avery that she wasn't the cause of the state of his marriage, and she wanted to keep it that way. Avery changed the subject to Summer's arrest, and Nick asked Avery to talk to Summer, who he felt needed someone besides himself or Phyllis to confide in. Avery balked, but Nick urged her to stay for breakfast, and she agreed. He went upstairs to wake up Summer, but he quickly returned and declared that Summer was gone.

Nick called Phyllis to inform her that Summer had taken off, and he offered to check with his family while Phyllis called Summer's friends. He added that Avery was trying to postpone the trial, and Phyllis was surprised to hear Avery's voice in the background. Word of Summer's disappearance spread. Lauren suggested that the police run a trace on Summer's cell phone, but Nick had confiscated it. Michael tried to track down Fen at a friend's house, and he learned that Fen hadn't spent the night there as planned. Kevin and Chloe agreed to keep a watch out for the kids at Crimson Lights. Daniel couldn't believe that Summer would pull such a stunt on the day of Phyllis' trial, but he was glad that she wasn't alone.

Nick and Avery arrived at Phyllis' penthouse, and Avery reported that Leslie was meeting with the judge. Ronan said that the police were on the lookout for Summer, Fen, and their cars. Avery urged Phyllis to get ready for court, and she instructed Nick and Ronan to join the search while she helped Phyllis prepare. Phyllis begged Nick to find Summer.

At Crimson Lights, the search party congregated to exchange updates. Lauren left to go to Summer and Fen's school to talk to friends and teachers. Michael reported that the judge hadn't made a decision about a postponement yet, and Ronan checked in with the police. Nick suggested that Daniel go to Phyllis because she needed more support than just Avery.

Nick realized that the kids could have left town, and Michael acknowledged that it was possible, and if they had, Ronan's FBI connections could be handy. Nick snarled that Ronan's desire to always play hero could finally be useful. Nick suggested that they call the authorities near the lake. Ronan told Victor that he'd given photos of Summer and Fen to the police, and Victor offered the use of his helicopter or other resources. Victor sternly stated that they wouldn't be dealing with the missing children if it hadn't been for Ronan's affair with Phyllis, and he held Ronan responsible for finding Summer.

Leslie called Phyllis to report that the judge had refused to delay the trial, and Phyllis freaked out. Avery tried to calm her sister, but Phyllis was determined to search for Summer. Avery cautioned that Phyllis would be held in contempt if Phyllis didn't show up in court, but Phyllis ranted that she didn't care. Avery threatened to forcibly take Phyllis to the courthouse if necessary.

Daniel asked if Avery could appeal the judge's decision, but she bemoaned that the judge had been adamant about sticking to the schedule. Daniel worried that Phyllis' emotional state could hurt her chances in court. Phyllis ran downstairs and demanded to know why Daniel wasn't out looking for Summer. He assured Phyllis that there was a large search party, and Nick had sent him to check on her. Avery said that they had to get to court, and Daniel warned Phyllis that the prosecution would try to break her on the stand. Phyllis contended that she would act cold and unfeeling like Christine, and no one would be able to touch her.

Adam asked Chelsea if she was on board with his decision about whether to stand united with the Newmans, and she offered her unconditional support. Adam felt that there was only one choice he could make, and Chelsea handed him the phone to call Victor. Later, Victor stopped by and remarked that he had been surprised to hear from Adam so soon, and he asked for Adam's decision. Adam revealed that he couldn't comply with Victor's request.

Victor had assumed that Adam's fast response had meant that Adam was on board, but he had been mistaken. Adam noted that Victor didn't often admit his mistakes. Victor inquired why Adam had chosen not to honor Victor's request, and Adam replied that he didn't want Victor to owe him anything. Victor compared it to wiping the slate clean, as if they had no connection at all. Adam asserted that Victor couldn't have possibly expected him to say yes. "This may cost me my company, but you rest assured, I won't expect a damn thing from you," Victor replied.

After Victor had left, Chelsea asked how Victor had taken the news, and Adam replied that it had gone as he had anticipated. Chelsea inquired whether Adam regretted his decision, but he didn't. Adam suggested that he and Chelsea go on their baby moon after her sonogram appointment.

Fen and Summer woke up in an abandoned skating rink. He asked if she was ready to go home, but she replied that she didn't have a home anymore. Fen pointed out that he and Summer didn't have a change of clothes, and she told him to leave without her. He urged her to call her parents, but Summer griped that Phyllis was busy with her trial and boyfriend. Fen pushed her to call Nick, but Summer thought it served Nick right to be worried. Fen assured Summer that things would be fine, and he suggested that she live at boarding school or with him rather than returning home. She called him sweet, and she kissed him.

Summer asked why she and Fen hadn't kissed the night before, and he recalled that she had been upset. She flirtatiously stated that maybe she'd wanted him to take advantage of her. He still wanted to call Nick, and she angrily questioned whether that was more important than she was. She grabbed his phone and threw it across the room. Fen turned around to retrieve the phone, and Summer stormed out.

At Crimson Lights, Nick complained that Summer had been acting like the bad part of Phyllis, and Lauren assured him that he had handled the situation appropriately. Nick said that Summer didn't trust anyone except Fen, who walked in at that moment. Lauren hugged her son, and Fen apologetically explained that he hadn't meant to stay out all night. Fen revealed that Summer had been with him, but she had refused to let him take her home and had angrily taken off on her own. Nick asked if Summer had been drinking, and Fen adamantly denied it.

At the courthouse, Nina was surprised that the press wasn't swarming, and Christine explained that the no-nonsense judge had banned the media. Paul noticed that Heather seemed quiet, and she disclosed that they'd almost had to delay the trial. Daniel arrived and reported that Fen and Summer were still missing, and he wondered why the judge wouldn't delay the proceedings. Phyllis entered and proclaimed, "Because he's an ass!" Avery reprimanded Phyllis, but Phyllis declared that the judge had better arrive soon, or Christine would jump in his chair and take over. Christine knew that Phyllis was worried about Summer and hoped that Summer would call soon.

Phyllis told Leslie that the judge probably thought that Phyllis was lying about Summer's disappearance, since Christine had tried to convince everyone that Phyllis was evil. Danny approached and expressed concern for Summer, but a skeptical Phyllis snapped at him. Daniel pulled Danny aside and opined that Danny's presence wasn't helping Phyllis. The men hugged, and Danny stepped into the hallway. Nina followed.

Nina was stunned that Daniel didn't want Danny there, but Danny chalked it up to Daniel being a good kid who was just looking out for his mom. Danny wondered how Daniel had turned out so well despite being raised by Phyllis. Nina offered to spend the day with Danny, and she noted that Christine and Paul needed one another more than they needed Nina and Danny.

Avery advised Phyllis to control her anger, but Phyllis insisted that she knew what she was doing. Michael entered the courtroom and told Phyllis that there had been no reports of car crashes or hospital admissions. He added that Ronan, Lauren, and Nick were still out searching, and he wished that they were with them. Phyllis sarcastically remarked that Michael wouldn't want to miss the trial because it would be good for his career to take down the notorious Phyllis Newman.

In her opening statement, Heather explained that Paul and Christine had been happily preparing for a holiday wedding, but their day of joy and celebration had turned into one of terror and pain. She added that every year, instead of celebrating a wedding anniversary, Paul and Christine had been reminded that someone had tried to take their lives. Heather implored the jury not to let another year pass without justice being served.

Leslie told the jury that they would hear many theories and speculations, but not a single eyewitness could place Phyllis behind the wheel of the car, so they couldn't convict her. After the conclusion of opening statements, Michael called Kevin to the stand. Phyllis tried to disguise her panic.

Friday, October 12, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Victor and Nick pressured Fen to recall where Summer might have gone, but Lauren said that Fen had told them everything. Victoria and Billy arrived and were dismayed to learn that Summer hadn't turned up. Victoria asked whether anyone had traced Summer's cell phone, but Nick reported that he had taken it away. Fen revealed that Summer had called him from a disposable phone, and Nick obtained the number from Fen's call history.

Summer's phone rang, and she expected Fen to be on the line, but she was surprised to hear Nick ask where she was. She replied that she was fine and that she had just needed to get away, but Nick begged her to return home. She asked whether Phyllis' trial was still going on, and Nick offered to go with her if she wanted to attend. Summer promised that she would go home to clean up and would let him know. Victoria expressed surprise that Nick hadn't planned to go to the trial, but he said that Summer was his primary concern, and Phyllis had made her own bed to lie in.

Victor announced that Tucker had been released. Nick contended that Tucker had manipulated the stock price, but Victor focused on the fact that they had to make absolutely sure that they built a defense against Jack taking over the company. Victoria asked about Adam, and Victor reported that he wasn't surprised by Adam's decision not to side with them.

At the courthouse, Kevin took the stand. Michael showed Kevin a photo of Tim, and Kevin said that he recognized Tim from the newspaper. Michael informed the jury that Tim had died, and he asked whether Kevin had ever seen Tim in person. Kevin remained quiet, and Michael questioned whether Kevin had seen Tim at Phyllis' penthouse on August 17 of that year. Kevin indignantly claimed that he couldn't remember where he'd been on a specific date months prior. Michael inquired when Kevin had last seen Tim, and he reminded Kevin that he was under oath.

Kevin mentioned that he'd seen Tim at the bookstore, and Michael again pushed Kevin to reveal the last time Kevin had seen Tim. Kevin vaguely stated that his memory wasn't perfect. The judge inquired whether Michael wanted to treat Kevin as a hostile witness, but Michael declined. Michael asked if Tim had been alive when Kevin had last seen him. Suddenly, the judge gasped for breath, and he said that the room was spinning. The bailiff said that the court was in recess, and Kevin and Phyllis stared at one another in shock.

Phyllis asked Leslie if there could be a mistrial, and Leslie confirmed that it was likely that there would be a suspension or that another judge would take over. Daniel started to contact Nick for an update, but Fen walked in, and Michael rushed over and hugged him. Michael was relieved, but he was still angry that Fen had lied to him and Lauren. Fen apologetically recounted that Summer had been a mess, and he hadn't wanted to leave her alone. Lauren informed a worried Phyllis that Nick had reached Summer, who was on her way home. Phyllis asked Fen whether Summer planned to show up at the trial, but Fen relayed that Summer didn't want to be anywhere near Phyllis.

Phyllis asked Daniel if Summer was staying away just to punish her, but Daniel couldn't explain Summer's actions. Summer suddenly entered, and Phyllis nervously thanked her for showing up. Summer proclaimed that she was there to see Phyllis get the punishment she deserved. Phyllis calmly stated that she was sorry that Summer felt that way, but Summer angrily retorted that she was sorry that Phyllis was her mom. Summer bellowed that it had taken seeing Phyllis again to realize how much she hated her mother. Nick ordered Summer not to say another word.

Nick reprimanded Summer for not informing him that she was going to be there, but she stalked off. Phyllis thanked Nick for showing up, but he explained that he was only there for Summer. The trial resumed, and a different judge entered the courtroom. The judge said that he needed time to review the case. Leslie moved for a dismissal, and the judge agreed to consider it after he looked over the file.

During a recess, Leslie told Phyllis that the new judge was known for being tough but fair. Meanwhile, Michael informed his side that he thought the change wouldn't affect the case. Michael warned that they could be looking at a long day, but Paul remarked that they had waited 20 years to get there. Kevin told Chloe that he regretted ever telling her anything. Phyllis approached Kevin to discuss what to do, and an irritated Chloe walked away. Michael interrupted and commanded Phyllis to leave his witness alone.

Phyllis updated Ronan about Michael's interrogation of Kevin. Ronan suggested that they form a new strategy, but Summer interrupted by throwing a tantrum upon seeing them together. Summer screamed that she never wanted to see Phyllis again, and she ran out. Phyllis headed after her daughter, but Ronan advised Phyllis to be there when the judge returned. Nick glared at them from the doorway.

Chloe offered to get Kevin something to eat, but he pushed her away and huffed that he didn't want to make small talk. She asked what he wanted, but he just walked away. Phyllis worried to Avery that it wouldn't take long for the jury to connect the dots, and Avery and Leslie urged Phyllis to stay calm. The bailiff decreed that court was back in session. Paul suddenly blurted to Christine that Phyllis was going to get off because Phyllis always survived, and Phyllis would never get what she deserved.

The judge said that he had reviewed the case, and he wouldn't waste any more of the court's time. He ruled that the case be dismissed. Phyllis' jaw dropped.

Tucker dropped in to see Jack, and he revealed that the charges against Tucker had been dropped because the evidence had disappeared. Jack wondered whether Genevieve had changed her mind, but Tucker said that her accusations were irrelevant, and he was confident that Sharon would recant her statement. Jack asked what Tucker wanted, and Tucker said that he was there regarding what Jack wanted from him. Tucker knew that Jack didn't have enough stock to make a move against Newman Enterprises, but they both knew that Jack wanted nothing more than to take Victor's empire from him, and all Jack needed was Tucker's help.

Billy entered Jack's house as Jack and Tucker shook hands. Tucker departed, and Jack told Billy that he and Tucker had reached an understanding. Billy asked for the whole scoop, and Jack declared that he was about to make a move on Newman Enterprises, and he wanted Billy's help. Billy assumed that Jack meant a hostile takeover, and he realized that was why Victor had been angry with Adam for not siding with the family. Jack called it a business opportunity, but Billy suspected it was about Jack and Victor's never-ending feud. Jack wanted Billy by his side, but Billy refused to put his marriage on the line.

Sharon arrived home and heard a noise. She picked up a knickknack to fend off an intruder, but she was relieved when Noah descended the stairs. He apologized for startling her, and he explained that he had hoped to be gone before she returned. She assumed that he was heading back to New York, but he disclosed his plan to stay in Genoa City to figure some things out. She asked him to stay, but he insisted on moving in with Nick. Noah said it had been bad enough that she'd hooked up with Adam, but he couldn't even look at her after what she'd pulled with Victor and Tucker.

Noah gathered the rest of his belongings, and Sharon pleaded with him not to shut her out. She whined that Victor's abandonment had been difficult for her, and Noah contended that Victor had been ill, but Sharon defended that she'd had no way of knowing that. Noah wouldn't listen to her justifications, and he didn't believe that she was sorry. Noah implored Sharon to make changes in her life, and he said that until she did, he had nothing to say to her. Noah left, and Sharon forlornly picked up one of his shirts.

Tucker arrived to see Sharon, who was surprised to see him. He explained that he had been released and was in the process of clearing his name. He hoped that she would help by taking back her accusations, and he reminded her that he'd gone to bat for her with Victor. She felt terrible about seeking revenge on Tucker after he'd sold Beauty of Nature to Victor to save Sharon, but Tucker understood that she'd had no way of knowing. He said it was time for them to move on, and if she granted him the favor, they could call things even.

Sharon agreed to recant her statement, and she stated that she was glad that everything was working out for Tucker. He swore that everything would work out for her, too, but he wasn't sure that he could say the same for Victor. Tucker warned Sharon that if something bad happened to the Newmans, they would blame her, and he warned her to watch her back.

Adam informed Chelsea that he had printed out boarding passes, but he wanted their destination to be a surprise. She excitedly wondered what to pack, and he amorously suggested that she pack very little. He declared that it would be their last hurrah before the baby's arrival, and he promised that she'd love it. Chelsea was sure that she would, as long as she was with him.

Nick stopped by and congratulated Adam and Chelsea on the baby. Nick wished that the concept of family had grown on Adam, and Nick implored him to consider protecting Newman Enterprises for the sake of their kids and future generations. Nick disclosed that the SEC had dropped the charges against Tucker, who posed a serious threat. Adam retorted that it wasn't his problem, and Nick countered that it was a family problem. Adam ordered Nick not to talk to him about family, since the Newmans had never treated Adam like part of their own unless they had needed something. Nick called Adam selfish for allowing an outsider to take the company away, and Adam retorted that Nick himself was guilty of treating Adam like an outsider.

Nick referred to Adam's claim that Adam was trying to go down a new path as a new man, and Adam said that he preferred that it had nothing to do with the Newmans. Adam added that even if he cared, he didn't have enough shares to make a difference, so Nick was wasting his time. Nick called Adam the same "selfish bastard" that he always had been. Nick left, and Chelsea urged Adam not to let Nick ruin their plans.

Later, Jack visited Adam to make a proposal. Jack revealed that he was aware that Adam had refused to back Victor, and Adam said that he was through with Victor's fan club, but he didn't have enough shares to be of help. Jack requested that Adam sell his shares to Jack, who would then have the final bullets to take Victor down. Chelsea listened from the stairway.

After Jack had left, Adam hurried to get out of town before anyone else showed up, and Chelsea asked if he was sure he wanted to leave with so much going on. The last thing he wanted was to see more of his family, and she wished that the Newmans could see how much they had hurt him. He declared that he considered her his family and that she and the baby were all that he needed. They departed.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria informed Victor that she'd put the word out that they would buy back Newman shares at a premium, and she said she'd keep her ear to ground. Victor asked her to find out Jack's latest activities from Billy, but she drew the line at spying on her husband. Victor hoped that the Newman legacy mattered as much to her as her marriage did.

Later, Victor reported to Victoria that they'd picked up some additional shares, but not enough. He said that it wasn't the first time that he was staving off a hostile takeover, and it wouldn't be the last, but he refused to allow Jack to take the company without a fight. Victoria commented that it was good to see Victor's fighting spirit reemerge, and she exited. Victor looked around his office and mused, "Bring it on, Jack Abbott. Bring it on."

Jack stopped by to see Victor, who had been expecting him. Jack announced that he had acquired Adam's shares, and Victor curtly thanked him for the information. Jack commented that Abbott Enterprises had a nice ring to it. Victor told Jack to give it his best shot.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria reported to Billy that Victor believed that Jack was planning to make a play for Newman Enterprises, and Billy admitted that Jack was dying to do so. Victoria and Billy lamented that they were caught in the middle of family drama. She asked what they should do, and he was determined not to let anything mess up their marriage. They kissed.

Fen found Summer at Crimson Lights, and she expected him to report her whereabouts to his family. He expressed concern that she had done something crazy, and she contemplated running away. She suggested that they go to Chicago, but he called it a terrible idea. She complained that he was as lame as everyone else, and she stormed off.

Fen summoned Noah to discuss Summer's latest disappearance. Noah said that Summer needed to learn to roll with the craziness of their family, but Fen didn't think that was in her nature. Fen was afraid that she might do something dangerous. Meanwhile, a sobbing Summer went for a drive and was clearly distracted as she recalled the angry words she'd spewed at Phyllis.

On their way to the airport, Adam asked Chelsea if he had been selfish for selling his shares to Jack. Chelsea pointed out that Adam had wanted to distance himself from Victor, and Adam was no longer in Victor's orbit. Adam looked lovingly at Chelsea. Suddenly, Chelsea screamed to watch out, and there was a flash of headlights and the sound of squealing tires.

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