The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 15, 2012 on Y&R

Phyllis walked out of court a free woman. Christine told Paul that she would sue Phyllis in civil court to get justice. Summer told Noah that she'd file for emancipation. Cane used a fire drill at the Athletic Club to smoke out the Samantha impersonator. The woman claimed that Genevieve had hired her to gaslight Cane. John's spirit appeared to Jack to condemn him for taking Victor's company. Victoria urged Billy to spy on Jack by going to work at Newman Enterprises. Nikki rushed Victor to the hospital when he collapsed in his office. A drunken, broken Sharon went on a rampage and burned down Victor's house. Adam found Sharon in the fire, rescued her, and then covered up her arson.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 15, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, October 15, 2012

At the courthouse, Phyllis was stunned when Judge Daley granted Leslie's motion to declare a mistrial after Judge Rice, who'd fallen seriously ill, was forced to step down. Michael noted that Judge Rice had initially rejected the defense attorney's motion. Judge Daley reprimanded Michael for prosecuting a case that had no merit.

Michael explained to Judge Daley that the defendant had been involved in the death of a key witness. The judge angrily noted that Tim Reid's autopsy showed that he'd died of a heart attack. Heather mentioned the hit-and-run. Judge Daley replied, "Just because you and your boss found an extremely questionable loophole in a case that's older than most of the shirts I own, it's completely unconscionable."

Christine jumped out of her seat in the gallery and insisted that the case was completely legitimate. The judge told Ms. Blair that she was the reason the case had been dismissed. Phyllis smiled. Judge Daley berated Christine for claiming that she was a federal agent during the time of the accident, when in fact, she'd been working only as a consultant on a rape case via legal aid. The judge accused Christine of manipulating the facts and using the court as her personal playground.

Judge Daley released Phyllis and ended the proceedings with a robust rap of his gavel. Phyllis seemed shocked that her ordeal had ended so abruptly. She embraced Daniel and Avery. Christine approached Phyllis and said, "You are never going to get away with trying to kill Paul and me." Phyllis yelled back and told Christine that she continually lived in the past because she had nothing going on in the present. Phyllis added, "You tried to take me down, but you can't!"

Nick looked on dutifully from the doorway as Ronan approached Phyllis inside the courtroom. Phyllis seemed torn as the two men watched her reaction. Nick grimaced when Ronan leaned in close and told Phyllis that he was happy for her.

Nick stepped out into the hallway and took a call from Chelsea. Nick quickly returned to the courtroom and told Phyllis that Summer had been involved in a car wreck. Ronan offered to help, but Nick told Ronan that he was the last person Summer needed to see. Nick and Phyllis rushed to the hospital. Ronan told Avery about the accident, and she, too, rushed out.

Kevin, with Chloe fidgeting uncomfortably beside him, told Ronan that Michael knew Ronan had lied about having an affair with Phyllis the night Tim Reid died. Kevin added that Michael also knew the truth about Kevin helping Phyllis move Tim Reid's body. Chloe admitted that she'd told Michael the truth about everything because she'd wanted to protect Kevin.

After Ronan left, Michael returned. Angrily, Kevin told his brother that Michael only cared about his career. Lauren joined her family and urged her husband and brother-in-law to put the past behind them. Kevin replied, "Go to hell." After Kevin stormed out, Lauren comforted Michael. He admitted that serving as district attorney didn't seem to be a good fit for him or his family. Lauren recalled that she'd never been in favor of Michael taking the job. Lauren told Michael that Fen needed his father.

Christine approached Michael in the hallway and asked if he was upset. Michael said he was angry that she'd lied and had gotten him involved in her witch hunt. Christine insisted that Phyllis had tried to murder her and Paul. Michael pleaded with Christine to let the matter go after brooding about it for 20 years. Christine indignantly replied, "I can't. I won't."

Christine later dined with Paul at the Genoa City Athletic Club and vowed to work with him to make Phyllis pay for what she'd done. Christine noted that in a civil suit, Phyllis would have to prove her innocence. Christine insisted on moving forward immediately. Paul said he wasn't sure he wanted to pursue the case. Christine was perplexed by Paul's hesitation.

Paul explained that his own son had grown up to become a killer, and innocent people had died. Paul concluded that there was no justice to be had, considering that he faced serving time in prison for shooting his own son in order to save Eden. Christine insisted that Phyllis had to pay for her crimes. Paul replied, "I just don't want to see anyone else suffer, and isn't that the point of going after Phyllis?" Christine looked dejected. Paul insisted that he just couldn't do it.

At the hospital, Adam told Nick and Phyllis that Summer had been driving like a maniac and had almost killed him and Chelsea. Adam explained that Summer had run them off the road before she hit a tree. Phyllis clasped her hand over her mouth and cried, "Oh, my God!" Adam said that he and Chelsea had driven Summer to the hospital. Phyllis and Nick thanked Adam.

The doctor stepped out and told Nick and Phyllis that Summer would be fine. When Nick and Phyllis visited Summer, she initially greeted her mother with a tight embrace and cried that she'd been very scared. Nick gently replied, "We know." Summer cried, "I thought I was going to die." Summer warned Phyllis that the accident hadn't tempered her anger, so she still hated her mother. Nick reprimanded Summer, but she told her parents that dealing with her mother's trial and the affair with Ronan had caused anguish, which in turn, had led to the wreck.

Summer glared at her parents. Nick said, "You don't get to blame your mother for your bad behavior." Summer replied, "Like mother, like daughter." Avery stopped by to check on Summer. Nick kept his eyes on Avery as she conversed with Summer. Phyllis noticed the spark between Nick and Avery and followed her sister out of the room.

In the hallway, Phyllis questioned Avery and asked, "What's going on between you and my husband?" Avery claimed that nothing was going on. Phyllis said that she believed otherwise. After Avery stepped away to take a call, Nick met up with Phyllis in the hallway. Nick said that though they should present a united front for Summer's sake, he would file for divorce. Phyllis seemed dazed. Avery listened from a nearby doorway.

After Phyllis returned to sit by Summer's bedside, Fen arrived for a visit. Summer tried to throw her mom out of the room. Phyllis agreed to leave when Summer became agitated. After Fen was alone with Summer, he apologized for abandoning her. Fen admitted that his parents were worried that Summer might be a bad influence. Fen kissed Summer on the lips and said, "I'm sorry." Summer grabbed Fen and returned his kiss.

Fen was late to dinner when he joined his parents at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Gloria happened by and chastised her son's family for not dining at her restaurant. Fen instructed a waiter to add another chair for his grandmother. Gloria took a seat between Michael and Lauren.

Fen admitted to his parents and grandmother that he'd been to the hospital to check on Summer. He explained to Gloria that Summer had crashed her car but was all right. Lauren said, "That's why we don't want you around Summer right now." Fen replied, "You want me to ditch my friend because she's going through a rough time?" Michael told his son to instead spend time with other friends. Fen became upset and walked out.

Gloria snagged forkfuls of food off Michael's plate while he attempted to phone his son. Michael's call went unanswered, so he vowed to ground Fen at home without a phone or computer for two weeks. Lauren explained that attempting to keep Fen and Summer apart would only make them work harder to spend time together. Gloria agreed that teenagers often rebelled against their parents' harsh restrictions.

Adam went to check on Chelsea in an exam room and learned that his wife had suffered a miscarriage. Chelsea told Adam that her doctor couldn't definitely confirm that the accident had caused her to lose the baby. Adam conclusively replied, "That had to be the reason." Adam looked crushed when Chelsea cried that the baby they had lost was a boy.

Adam later helped Chelsea home. He quickly tried to put away a book listing names for babies, but Chelsea maintained that they'd need the book again in the future. Chelsea managed a slight smile and asked about Summer. Adam said that his niece would be all right. Chelsea replied, "Pretty, rich, and lucky. Some people have it all." Adam left to get some food.

Chelsea fell asleep while Adam was away. During a dream, she heard the sound of screeching tires and awoke with a start. Panting heavily, Chelsea clutched her abdomen and flipped through the book of baby names. Chelsea selected the name Reilly. Sobbing, she cried, "That's nice. Reilly Newman." Chelsea became overwrought with emotion and cried pitifully.

At Crimson Lights, Eden told Kevin and Chloe that she needed to take a break. Kevin took Eden's place behind the coffee bar. Chloe told Kevin that she didn't want to take Michael's side. Kevin said, "Then don't! You had absolutely no right going to Michael behind my back. I have to be able to trust you, Chloe, and if I can't, I don't know what kind of marriage this is."

Daniel approached the bar, and Kevin said he hoped Daniel wouldn't be angry at him for taking the stand against Phyllis. Daniel insisted that he wasn't angry. Kevin seemed taken aback. Daniel told Kevin that they should just put the whole thing behind them.

Daniel joined Heather at a corner booth. Heather apologized for having forced Daniel's best friend to testify against Phyllis at a murder trial. Daniel grinned sheepishly and noted that Heather had just done her job. He insisted that it hadn't changed the way he felt about her. Heather replied, "You knew this whole time that your mother was guilty, didn't you?" Daniel explained that he was just glad that it was over.

Daniel reached across the table and took Heather's hand. Daniel proudly noted that he and Heather could date openly because the trial was over. Heather reminded Daniel that Daisy was still a consideration. Daniel replied, "I'll keep looking for her for Lucy's sake, but that marriage is done." Heather kissed Daniel, and together they proclaimed that they were an official couple.

After Eden awoke from the nap she'd taken in Kevin's office, she told Kevin, Chloe, Daniel, and Heather that she'd either regained her lost memories or had had a dream about Ricky. Eden massaged her head and cried, "I think I can help Paul." Heather replied, "You have to talk to him."

Ronan stopped by Phyllis' penthouse with cheeseburgers and onion rings. Phyllis sadly explained that Summer wasn't receptive to having her around. Phyllis seemed depressed and told Ronan that she wouldn't be good company. Ronan replied, "I could be good company for both of us."

Phyllis asked Ronan what he was getting out of his pursuit of her, knowing that his career was jeopardized since Michael knew the truth about what had happened. Ronan explained that he had delicious burgers, a beautiful woman, and certainty that Phyllis wasn't headed to prison. Ronan added that the three had trumped all that was bad. Phyllis smiled and invited Ronan inside.

Nick sought solace in his father's empty office at Newman Enterprises. Nick picked up a decanter to pour himself a drink just as Avery arrived. Nick said, "My dad's not here." Avery told Nick that she'd stopped by to check on him. Nick said that he'd told Phyllis about his plans to file for divorce. Avery replied, "I'm sorry."

Avery told Nick about her earlier conversation with Phyllis. Avery added that she'd maintained that nothing was going on between her and Nick. Nick smiled and said, "That's why you're here late to check on my mental state." Nick invited Avery to have a drink.

Proposing an informal toast, Nick took Avery's hand and proclaimed that he wanted a new beginning. Adam barged in and told Nick that he'd been looking for his brother. Tears welled in Adam's eyes, and he said, "The accident caused Chelsea to lose the baby. Your daughter killed my son." Adam's jaw tightened, and he turned around and walked out. Avery seemed saddened. Nick looked stunned.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

At the coffeehouse, Sharon said hello to Nick and expressed her concern about Summer's car accident. Nick said Summer would be released from the hospital later in the day, and she was fine. Nick mentioned Noah, and Sharon regretted driving away her son. Nick was cold to Sharon, and she was stunned that he wouldn't give her a break. Nick said Sharon had done horrible things while Victor was missing. Sharon was upset that she was not being given any slack.

Noah went to the hospital to speak with Summer and make sure she was all right after the car accident. Summer blamed Phyllis for the crash. Noah understood Summer being angry with Phyllis, but he disagreed with his sister.

Summer resented that Phyllis had cheated on Nick and felt that Phyllis was responsible for all the misery in Summer's life. Summer wanted to move back to New York with Noah. While Noah sympathized, he explained that he'd decided to remain in Genoa City.

Adam read the business news on his laptop, but when Chelsea arrived downstairs, he closed the computer. Chelsea was still mourning the loss of their baby. Adam felt that in time they'd get over the loss of their son. Adam said that he had to leave. Chelsea was surprised that Adam didn't want to talk about their baby. Adam agreed to talk later.

Genevieve saw Cane at the Athletic Club, but refrained from saying hello. Genevieve then bumped into Tucker. Cane watched Genevieve talking with Tucker. Genevieve congratulated Tucker on beating the SEC. Tucker said that he knew Genevieve was his enemy. Tucker accused her of having betrayed him. Tucker had no interest in being Genevieve's friend any longer.

When Tucker departed, Cane accused his mother of failing to take responsibility for her actions. Later, Cane received a note from the waiter. It was a poem, and he recognized the style as similar to that of his sister, Samantha. Cane went after the waiter to learn the details about the woman who'd given him the note.

Nick asked Sharon about Noah's decision not to return New York. Sharon had no idea what Noah was thinking or feeling "these days." Nick advised Sharon to pay attention to Noah and Faith. Sharon snapped back that Nick should worry about Summer who'd just been in a car crash. Nick said he couldn't recognize Sharon anymore.

Later, Nick arrived at the hospital and told Summer there would be consequences for her actions. Although he had the opportunity, Nick did not tell Summer that she'd been responsible for Chelsea losing her baby.

Kevin and Chloe met on the Crimson Lights patio, and she wondered if they were okay. Chloe knew Kevin had been upset with her telling Michael about Kevin's involvement with Tim. Chloe was sorry, and Kevin agreed to forgive Chloe.

Kevin was frustrated having Adam as a business partner in TagNGrab. Chloe and Kevin were ready to go to Chelsea and Adam's for a business meeting. Later, Kevin was ticked off that Adam was not there for their meeting. When Kevin complained that Adam had a runaway ego, Chelsea started to cry. Chloe realized that something was wrong with Chelsea.

Adam went to see Jack to find out when he planned to make his hostile takeover move on Newman Enterprises. Adam declared that he was on Team Jack, because Adam wanted Victoria and Nick to be tossed out of Newman after Jack's takeover.

Jack liked what he heard from Adam and asked him to stay and talk for a while. Later, after Adam had gone, Genevieve went to see Jack. Although Genevieve was friendly, Jack refused to open up to her about his plans. Genevieve agreed that she was on Team Jack, but Jack didn't trust her. Genevieve asked him to give her a chance.

Genevieve admitted that she was in a bad way and needed a helping hand. Genevieve wanted someone to talk with her, someone to listen to her. Jack brought up their dinners at Gloworm when they had been dating. Genevieve remembered those happy times.

Jack essentially told Genevieve to take a hike because he was not interested in being close to her again. Jack felt that she was desperate and manipulative, and he said she was beneath him. Genevieve accused Jack of hubris and predicted his lack of humility would land him on his butt. Jack told Genevieve to get out. Genevieve was in tears as she walked out the door.

Adam returned home, and Kevin and Chloe told him that they were sorry about the baby. Kevin and Chloe offered to reschedule the meeting. Adam was cool, but Kevin and Chloe were sincerely sympathetic. After they left, Chelsea asked Adam to stop shutting off his feelings. Adam said he was coping in his own way. The doorbell rang, and Chelsea was shocked to see Summer on the doorstop.

Summer apologized for causing the car accident and said that if they wanted to sue, they should go after Phyllis. Summer said the family would pay for any damages. Chelsea told Summer that her baby, a little boy, had died in the car accident.

Summer was shocked and said she hadn't known about the baby. Chelsea explained there was nothing Summer could do, and Adam told Summer to go. Chelsea cried, and Adam held her in his arms.

At Sharon's, Noah packed the last of his things and headed out. Sharon apologized for the distance between them. Sharon said she loved Noah and wanted to be closer to him. Noah was determined to leave. Noah walked out, and Sharon was alone.

Later, Sharon found Noah at the Athletic Club. Noah was upset with his mother and didn't want to talk with her. Noah objected to what Sharon had done, and he didn't want to hear the reasons she'd done what she had. Noah reminded Sharon that not long before, she'd lied about being dead. Adam sat in the dining room and overheard Sharon and Noah's argument.

At Victor's office, Nikki and Victoria worked the phones to get information about Jack's move on the company. Victor asked if Jack had confided in Billy, but Victoria said Jack had not called his brother. Victor surmised that Jack would want all the credit for himself and would not want to share the spotlight with anyone else.

Nikki pointed out that Sharon and Tucker were responsible for the predicament Victor was in with Newman Enterprises. Victoria added Jack to the list, knowing that Jack had always wanted to get back at Victor. Victoria couldn't figure out how to hold off a hostile takeover.

Nick went to see Summer at the coffeehouse, and she was upset that he had not told her about Chelsea's baby dying. Summer blamed Phyllis for the miscarriage. Nick explained that it was simply a result of the car accident. Jack interrupted and told Nick to go to Newman Enterprises for an important meeting.

Sharon went to the Athletic Club bar and saw Nikki and Victor getting a table in the dining room. Nikki was upset about Sharon being there, but Victor said that he was concentrating on Nikki. Later, Adam approached Sharon, and she admitted that she was the town pariah. Sharon wondered why Adam was speaking to her.

Sharon explained that Victor and the entire family despised her. Adam noticed that her hands were shaking. Adam offered to take Sharon out for a bite to eat, two pariahs spending time together. Sharon asked about Adam's pregnant wife.

Adam told Sharon that Chelsea had lost the baby. Sharon was sympathetic. Adam wondered if the baby dying had been karma for what he'd done to Sharon when she had Faith. Adam felt he was being paid back. Sharon said the baby's death wasn't anybody's fault. Sharon reached out for his hand then said she had to leave.

Victor and Nikki stopped at the bar, and Nikki accused Adam of relishing Victor's trouble with Newman Enterprises.

Chloe and Kevin discussed Chelsea and Adam's loss. Chloe felt bad for them, but Kevin was concerned about how Adam's attitude might impact TagNGrab. At the counter, Tucker questioned Jack about his plans. Jack countered by asking Tucker what he was doing with Beauty of Nature.

Tucker speculated that he might break it up or use it for collateral. Jack was shocked that Tucker would do that with such a prized jewel. Tucker asked if Jack was ready to handle Newman Enterprises, and Jack admitted that he was eager to be on top.

Later, Jack entered Victor's office and informed Nick and Victoria that they needed to summon Victor to the office. Victoria and Nick asked Jack to back off and be kind, but Jack was unmoved by their pleas.

At the Athletic Club, Cane arranged for a fire drill, and as everyone departed the building, Cane snagged the woman who'd delivered the note to the waiter. The woman threatened to call security, but Cane said he'd call the cops.

The woman agreed to tell Cane everything. Later, Genevieve arrived at the Athletic Club, and Cane told her that he'd caught the woman who'd been impersonating Samantha. Cane said the woman had claimed that Genevieve had paid her to pretend to be Samantha. Genevieve denied the accusation. Cane refused to believe his mother.

Summer spoke with Noah at Crimson Lights and begged for his help to get out of town. Noah reminded his sister that she was underage and could not go without her parents' approval. Summer understood that, and she wanted to file for legal emancipation.

Chelsea called Adam and left him a message to return home so they could be together. Chelsea was unhappy about Adam shutting down his feelings. Chelsea opened Adam's laptop and saw that Adam had been reading about Newman Enterprises business.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Michael phoned Ronan and asked Ronan to meet him at the courthouse immediately. At the penthouse, Ronan and Phyllis were wrapped in each other's arms on the couch. Avery knocked on the door, and Phyllis realized that her sister would not leave without speaking with her. Phyllis opened the door, and Avery saw Ronan had been canoodling with Phyllis. Ronan excused himself to clean up for work. Avery demanded to know why Phyllis was intent on giving Nick ammunition to divorce her.

Phyllis was surprised that Nick had confided in Avery about his desire for a divorce. Phyllis revealed that she would not contest the divorce. Avery knew that Phyllis was still in love with Nick, and Avery cared about her sister, but Phyllis suspected that Avery wanted Nick for herself. Ronan returned and said he would check in with Phyllis later. Ronan tried to kiss Phyllis goodbye. Avery noticed that Ronan was disappointed that Phyllis pulled away.

Phyllis told Avery that she was concerned about her relationship with Summer. Phyllis hadn't even known that Summer was out of the hospital. Phyllis assumed that Summer hated her. Phyllis didn't want to alienate her daughter over her relationship with Ronan.

Avery asked if Phyllis and Ronan had really been lovers, and Phyllis revealed that Summer had walked in on Phyllis and Ronan making love. Avery was stunned. Phyllis asked Avery to speak with Summer for Phyllis as the concerned aunt. Avery wasn't thrilled with spying on her niece, but Phyllis begged Avery for help with her daughter.

Ronan met with Michael at the courthouse. Michael said that Kevin had confirmed that Ronan had buried evidence and gotten rid of a witness to protect Phyllis. Ronan didn't deny his wrongdoing. Ronan assumed that his career as a detective was over.

Michael said that he had decided not to prosecute Ronan. Michael understood why Ronan had done what he had, and he realized that Ronan was very much in love with Phyllis. Ronan was ready to return to work, but Michael warned him to never screw up again, or he'd be out. Ronan understood.

Abby went to Billy's to report to him about her trip to Chicago for the Restless Style television show. Billy interrupted and told Abby that she'd missed a lot of news while she was gone -- the war between Jack and Victor. Abby had believed that things had returned to normal once Victor had been found and Jack had begun walking again.

Billy said that Jack had never stopped going after Newman Enterprises. Abby understood Jack's ambition, but she wished Jack would leave her father alone. Billy felt like he was stuck between his brother and his father-in-law.

Abby was surprised to learn that Jack had asked Billy work with Jack at Newman. Abby asked about Restless Style; Billy admitted that the magazine was in trouble, and the television show was in even worse shape. Billy said if he weren't married to Victoria, he'd take Jack's offer in a heartbeat. Later, Abby pitched some wild ideas for the magazine, but Billy wasn't interested.

Nick called Victor, who was having lunch at the Athletic Club with Nikki, to say that Jack was waiting in the office to see him. Jack agreed to wait. Nikki suggested to Victor that they forget about eating, but Victor wanted smug Jack to wait for him.

In the office, Jack noted that Victor had been taking his time. Nick suggested that Jack leave a message for his father. Victoria knew that Jack was planning to announce that he was going after Newman Enterprises. Jack announced that he'd already done it. Jack Abbott was in charge of Newman Enterprises. Nikki and Victor walked in just in time to hear the words.

Jack showed Victor a document that proved that he had the backing of members of the board and was in the power position as the majority stockholder of Newman Enterprises. Jack announced that Victoria, Nick, and Victor were in the minority, and the board had already approved Jack's decision to fire Victor, Nick, and Victoria as the first order of business.

Jack apologized to Nick and Victoria, but he had to axe them for business reasons. Victor said that Newman stock would plummet when the news of their exits was released. Jack was willing to risk it. Victor assumed that Jack and Tucker had had a big laugh about Beauty of Nature.

Jack was in the dark about Beauty of Nature. Victor fumed that Tucker had sold the company to Victor, knowing that Jack would get it back in the takeover. Jack hadn't known about Tucker's crafty move, but he was pleased. Jack told the three of them to pack their stuff and get out by the next day. Victor warned Jack that he was playing a dangerous game.

At the coffeehouse, Eden told Heather, Christine, and Paul that she'd had a bizarre dream about Ricky. Eden remembered that Ricky had been chasing her and saying weird things. The words had made no sense to her, but Eden had written them down. Heather, Paul, and Chris tried to analyze the phrases. Paul thanked Eden for trying to help him.

Paul recognized some of the words as clues to Ricky's thinking. Paul linked the items together and made connections to Rachel, Berkeley, and Coronado, California, where Isabella's family had a summer cottage. Christine thought it was speculation, but Paul was encouraged.

Paul, Chris, and Heather told Avery about the clues from Eden's dream. Paul felt that Ricky had left clues to where the video of his killing Rachel might have been stashed. Paul wondered if Ricky had had some nefarious plan. Since Paul couldn't check out the clues because they were all out of the state, Chris offered to go in Paul's place.

After saying goodbye to Chris, Heather, and Paul, Avery noticed Summer and went to speak with her. Avery was sympathetic to her niece and offered to listen if Summer wanted to talk. Summer felt that her mother only cared about herself. Avery knew that Summer felt alone in the world. Back at the penthouse, Phyllis was upset about Summer. Phyllis called Nick and left him a message about Summer.

Nick entered the Athletic Club and saw Avery laughing with Summer. Despite his efforts, Summer got up and walked away from her father. Avery said that she had not asked Summer about the car accident.

Avery also thought that Phyllis was unaware of the details of the accident. Nick revealed that Victor had lost Newman Enterprises to Jack. Nick also said that he and Victoria had been fired. Nick felt that Victor would die without the company. Avery was worried about Nick, too.

Nick said he thought he would be more upset about losing his job, but he wasn't. Nick admitted that he felt liberated. Phyllis entered the Athletic Club and saw Avery and Nick together at a table. Phyllis was displeased. Phyllis then answered her phone and spoke with Ronan.

Heather went to the courthouse and told Michael and Ronan about the latest development in Paul's case. Ronan thought it might be a wild goose chase, but Heather said that "Hail Mary" passes occasionally worked. Heather revealed that Chris would be going to California to check out the clues. Michael was unhappy about the prospect of Paul's trial.

Before leaving the courthouse, Ronan thanked Michael. Heather realized that Michael had worked things out with Ronan. Heather said that she was not in a position to be judgmental. Heather offered to take over for Michael so he could have some time off. Michael contemplated taking a break.

Victor was concerned about Jack going after Victoria and Nick. Victor told Nikki that he knew that the company would be damaged by the changes on the board. Nikki knew that Victor would fight Jack.

Victor said that Jack would be destroyed in the end. Later, Nikki went to Victor's side and gave him a cup of coffee. Nikki was sympathetic and offered to help Victor in any way she could. Victor appreciated her love and support.

Jack returned to Billy's in trouble and said that the Abbott family had control of Newman Enterprises. Billy pointed out that Jack had shafted Billy's in trouble father-in-law. Jack was desperate for Billy to join him at Newman. Billy thought that Nick and Victoria would be more inclined to work hard for the company. Jack explained that he'd fired Nick and Victoria. Billy was stunned.

Jack declared that Victoria was a brilliant businesswoman, and she would understand why he had done what he had. Billy realized that even though years had passed, Jack was still smarting from the way Victor had stolen Jabot from John when the company went public.

Billy was upset to think that Jack would abandon Jabot. Billy asked Jack to give Jabot to him to run. Billy wanted to take over, but Jack was more interested in Billy going to work at Newman Enterprises by Jack's side. Jack asked Billy to think about it. Jack wanted to rewrite Abbott family history.

Victoria returned home just as Jack was leaving. Billy embraced Victoria and said he was sorry. Billy pointed out that Victoria would be able to spend more time with Johnny. Billy explained that Jack had offered Billy a job at Newman. Billy was surprised that Victoria wanted Billy to take the job so he could spy on Jack for her.

Victor was on the phone with a business associate and learned that because of Sharon, people who knew him and had worked with Victor for years had lost faith in Victor's leadership.

At the coffeehouse, Nikki saw Abby, and Nikki said that Jack had fired Victoria, Nick, and Victor. Abby felt horrible for her father. Nikki said that Victor would fight the takeover, but he might not succeed. Abby wished the feud between Jack and Victor would finally end.

Jack returned home and was feeling triumphant. He poured himself a glass of scotch and laughed out loud. Back in the Newman Enterprises office, Victor suddenly collapsed and fell to the floor.

Paul informed Eden that Chris would be going to California to check out the clues from Eden's dream. Chris told Paul that she was still upset that Phyllis had been set free when she was guilty, while Paul was still going on trial. Paul was hopeful that Chris had gotten over Phyllis, but Chris announced that she would be filing a civil suit against Phyllis the next day.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Billy and Victoria discussed how stressed out she was by the situation with Victor, Jack, and Newman Enterprises. Billy was supportive and sympathetic. Victoria feared that the future without the family running the business would be very different from the past as they'd known it. Billy's phone vibrated, and he suspected that it was Jack calling to bug him about going to work with him. Victoria wanted Billy to take Jack's offer so he could spy on Jack for the Newmans. Victoria pointed out that the future of their family depended on it.

Jack left a message for Billy, urging him to call back about joining him at the new Newman Enterprises. The spirit of Jack's father John appeared, and Jack was not surprised to see him. Jack felt that he'd bested the Newmans, but John said he was ashamed of Jack. John said that Jack had abandoned his principles to get what he wanted. John questioned what Jack really thought he owned.

John pointed out to his son that Jabot had been all about family. Jack was proud that the Abbotts had beaten the Newmans, but John believed Jack was on a path to destroy everyone in his life. John tried to reason with Jack, but Jack was thrilled with what he'd done to Victor. John brought up Abby, Nick, and Victoria, reminding Jack that Victor was their father. Jack wanted John's fatherly support but was not surprised that he wasn't getting it from his dad. Jack sardonically agreed that he did what he had for himself.

Nikki walked into Victor's office and found him unconscious on the floor. Meanwhile, Abby confronted Nick and was determined to stop Jack from taking over Newman Enterprises. Nick was resigned to let it go and move on. Nick answered his phone, and it was Nikki telling him about Victor. Later, at the hospital, Nikki told Nick, Victoria, and Abby that the doctor wasn't sure what had caused Victor's collapse.

Abby suggested that they call Adam, since he was Victor's son. Nick was against that idea because of his recent run-in with Adam. The doctor appeared and explained that Victor was suffering from second impact syndrome and had collapsed because of a second concussion he'd sustained. Falling from the horse had been the first concussion, and the explosion in L.A. the second. The doctor said Victor needed rest, and the doctor would allow just one visitor at time.

Later, Nikki was anxious and asked the children to let her be with Victor. They decided to leave Nikki at the hospital, since Victor would sleep through the night. Nick hung back to make sure Nikki was all right. Nikki said that she had feared that Victor had died when she saw him on the floor.

At Victor's bedside, Nikki told an unconscious Victor how much she loved him. She urged him to open his eyes and return to the family. Hours passed, and Nikki waited and waited for Victor to come around. Finally, Victor opened his eyes and saw Nikki beside him, asleep in a chair. Victor took her hand and said her name.

Nikki awakened and was relieved to see Victor again. Nikki told him to remain calm, then she went for the doctor. In the hallway, Kay arrived, and Nikki was glad to see her. Nikki reported that Victor had awakened, and the doctor was looking in on him. Kay had heard about Jack's hostile takeover. Nikki revealed her fear that Victor had nearly died. Kay was sure that Victor would bounce back because he had everything to live for. The doctor confirmed his earlier diagnosis. Victor needed bed rest in order to recover.

At his home, Adam read online that Victor had been rushed to the hospital. Chelsea wondered if Adam wanted to go to Victor's side, but Adam thought it was pointless. Chelsea couldn't believe that Adam was going to pretend that nothing was wrong. Adam said that none of his siblings had bothered to call him. Adam also said that he didn't want to run into Nick after their last encounter.

Jack was proud of what he had done and refused to apologize to his father. Nick showed up at the house and blasted Jack for putting Victor in the hospital. Jack was unapologetic and laughed, since he'd been to Victor's funeral not long before. Nick was tempted to slug Jack. Nick refrained, but Jack had no pity for Victor or the Newman family. Nick told Jack to go to hell and said that he hated how Jack had changed. Nick declared that Jack had lost his soul. Nick charged out of the house. John reappeared and said that everything Nick had said was true.

Over lunch at the Athletic Club, Cane was excited about Jack taking over Newman because he hoped Jack would put Cane in charge of Jabot. Genevieve approached and told Cane that she had not hired the Samantha impersonator. Genevieve wanted to confront the woman and challenge her story.

Lily took the impersonator to the table, and she greeted Genevieve like she knew her. Genevieve denied ever having met her. The impersonator said that Genevieve had hired months before and had told her to check into the hotel as Claude Shirl. Genevieve listened as the impersonator rattled off facts about the Atkinson family. Genevieve insisted that this woman was lying, but Cane felt she knew too much to not have been coached. Cane demanded the truth from his mother.

Later, the impersonator sat at the bar and had a drink while Genevieve pleaded with Cane to believe her and not the impersonator. Cane apologized to Lily, and they decided to leave. Genevieve confronted the impersonator and asked who had put her up to gaslighting Cane.

The impersonator claimed that Genevieve had arranged for her to try to make Cane believe that Samantha was still alive. Genevieve asked why she had no memory of their connection. The impersonator speculated that Genevieve had blocked out the truth because it was such a terrible thing to do to a son. Genevieve swore to get to the bottom of the scheme. Later, the impersonator made a call and said everything was proceeding as planned.

At her house, Sharon was drinking alone and remembering her checkered history with the Newman family. Sharon recalled Victoria firing her from Newman Enterprises and Nikki objecting to Nick and Sharon's first marriage. Sharon was haunted by Noah's disapproval of her. In her mind, Sharon recalled Victor declaring that he wanted an annulment so that it would seem like the marriage had never happened. Sharon found a key and left the house.

Sharon went to the ranch and unlocked the door, calling out for Nikki and Victor. She declared that the current Mrs. Newman was home. Victor's image appeared to her, and he said that she was not welcome there and deserved to be lonely. Nick echoed the same sentiment to Sharon. Victor told her to leave, and Noah asked why Sharon hated herself so much. Sharon agonized over the voices in her head.

Chelsea thought Jack's takeover had caused Victor's collapse. The phone rang, and Adam lied to Chelsea that it was Kevin calling. In fact, Sharon had phoned Adam, but she didn't say anything. Sharon continued to hallucinate.

Later, Adam was alone in the living room and called Sharon. She answered and wondered what Adam wanted. Sharon was incoherent and asked Adam to help her. Chelsea entered the room as Adam learned that Sharon was at Victor's house. Adam lied that he had to meet Kevin about business.

At the ranch, Sharon began to destroy the property in the living room. Sharon threw furniture aside and broke frames. All the while, she heard the voices. They told her she was a loser. Sharon poured liquor onto the curtains and set the room on fire. Sharon watched the flames fill the room.

Victoria returned home to Billy and told him about Victor's condition. Victoria feared that her father might die. Victoria felt she understood Victor's attachment to the company. Billy recognized that Newman Enterprises was more than a place of business. Victoria thought Billy was a great husband. Billy recognized that Victor was Victoria's father and she loved him. Billy missed his own father. Billy told Victoria that he would go to work at Newman Enterprises for Victoria, to spy on Jack.

Billy went to see Jack and learned that Nick had been there already to tell him about Victor being hospitalized. Jack was unconcerned and refused to take the blame for anything. Billy warned Jack that Victoria wanted to beat up Jack, too. Billy informed Jack that while he objected to what Jack had done, Billy also felt that they were still brothers. Billy hated Victor, but he loved Victoria and Johnny. Billy said yes to working with Jack at Newman. Jack was thrilled.

Kay visited with Victor and told him that they were both cut from the same cloth and too tough to die. Victor asked Kay to be supportive of Nikki while he was stuck in the hospital. Kay realized that Victor was determined to get his company back from Jack. Kay told Victor that he'd been given a wake-up call, and he needed to take it easy.

Victor asked if Kay regretted that she was no longer running her company. Kay pointed out that she was not in Victor's position. Victor wanted to fight back even harder than before, and he suspected his enemies were more than just Jack. Kay didn't want Victor to risk too much.

The family went to see Victor, and Kay said goodbye. Victor assured his family that his ailment was just a minor setback. Victor was sure he'd be all right, and he had some renewed clarity about how to proceed with the future. Victor had made up his mind about something that would affect the entire family.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sharon stared blankly at the blaze she'd started at the Newman ranch, and she passed out. Adam arrived and yelled Sharon's name. He found her motionless body and carried her out of the house.

At the hospital, Nikki, Victoria, Nick, and Abby gathered around Victor, who felt lucky to have his family there. Victor announced that he had made a decision not to fight for Newman Enterprises. He added that he would leave the fate of the company in the hands of his children, since it was their legacy.

Victor's family stepped out of the room while a nurse checked on him. Victoria suggested that she, Abby, and Nick reconvene after they all had time to think. Victoria wanted to discuss the situation with Billy, but Nick pointed out that Billy had become their family's enemy. Victoria left, and Abby returned to Victor's side. Nikki received a call and gasped in shock. She reported that the ranch was on fire.

Abby kissed Victor's forehead, and he told her not to worry. She put her head on his chest and began to cry, but he assured her that everything would be all right. Victor said that he would be released soon, but Abby didn't think it had been a coincidence that he'd passed out after losing Newman Enterprises, and she blasted Jack for his actions. Victor sympathized that she always got caught between the Newmans and the Abbotts, but she didn't understand the degree of hatred between Jack and Victor, and she wondered when it would stop.

Billy spoke with someone on the phone regarding the Restless Style television show's plummeting ratings. He contemplated how to make the show succeed, but he hung up after he heard Johnny crying. Billy snuggled with Johnny and lamented that they were stuck in the middle of family drama. Billy swore to his son that no matter who ran the company, it would be Johnny's future.

Victoria arrived home, and she reported to Billy that physically her father was fine but that Victor had refused to fight for Newman Enterprises. Billy jokingly asked whether Victor had been on heavy medication, but Victoria stated that Victor had been rational. Billy suggested that they ditch the corporate intrigue and stay out of the crossfire. Victoria explained that Victor didn't want to fight, but she did.

Billy was incredulous that Victor had left the decision to his children, and he didn't think that Jack would believe it. Victoria wondered if Jack had been suspicious of Billy's sudden job offer acceptance, but Billy said that he'd told Jack that he'd taken the job for the sake of his kids. Billy questioned whether she still wanted him to serve as her spy, and she insisted that she needed him more than ever because she was determined to save her father's company. Nick called Victoria to inform her about the fire.

Victoria fretted that the Newmans had lost their company and their home in the same day. Billy wondered whether something was trying to tell them that they should go down a different path, like backing away from Newman Enterprises and refusing to take part in their family feud. He proposed that he back out of his deal with Jack and that he and Victoria start their own company instead.

Victoria didn't want to give up on Newman Enterprises, and she worried that Victor would consider her a failure. Billy didn't think that she had to prove how much she loved Victor, and he thought that Victor was playing a head game. Victoria wanted to step up to the challenge, but Billy contended that it was Victor's problem if Victor couldn't love and accept her unconditionally. Victoria maintained that winning back the company was important to both her and Victor, and she wanted Billy to fight with her.

Avery arrived home and settled in to relax, but Phyllis arrived, and the sisters bickered over how few times Phyllis had stopped by in the year Avery had lived there. Phyllis inquired whether Avery had spoken with Summer, and Phyllis claimed that she had been trying to give Summer space since the car accident. Avery commented that Summer was confused and angry about Phyllis cheating on Nick, but at least Avery had gained Summer's trust. Phyllis vowed not to lose her daughter, and she revealed her plan to restore Summer's faith by winning back Nick.

Avery questioned whether Phyllis only wanted to be with Nick because of Summer, but Phyllis swore that she had never stopped loving him, and she asserted that she had only slept with Ronan because she had thought that she'd had no future with Nick. Phyllis hoped that Nick would give her a second chance, but he hadn't returned her calls. Avery mentioned that Nick had been busy with Newman Enterprises, but Phyllis had no idea what was going on.

Avery explained the circumstances surrounding the company takeover, and Phyllis assumed that Avery knew the details as Victor's attorney, but Avery clarified that Nick had told her. Phyllis was determined to be there for Nick, and she awkwardly thanked Avery for the update. Phyllis reiterated that she thought that she could turn things around with Summer and Nick, and Avery wished Phyllis happiness. Phyllis left, and after a moment, Avery departed, as well.

Chelsea nervously waited for Adam while she listened to the clock tick in the quiet house. She left a message for him and asked him to let her know when he would be home. Meanwhile, Adam tried to revive Sharon at her house. Sharon drunkenly blathered about how mean Victor and Nikki had been to her. Adam asked if she had been alone at the ranch, and she admitted that she had been but that "they wouldn't stop."

Sharon semi-coherently recounted that Victor and Nikki had called her names and had told her that she was stupid. Adam understood that Sharon blamed the Newmans for everything that had happened to her, and he went to get her some aspirin. Adam called Chelsea, who worriedly asked if he was on his way home. He fibbed that his car had broken down and that he was waiting for a tow truck. She offered to pick him up, but he told her not to worry because he would be home soon.

Adam gave Sharon aspirin, but she bemoaned that nothing could make her life better. She lamented that everyone had left her. "Everyone but me," Adam replied. She started to ask why he was there, but he urged her to take the pills and go to sleep. He left a note advising Sharon not to leave the house or speak to anyone until he took care of some major damage control for her. He quietly left.

Adam arrived home and found Chelsea sleeping on the couch. He awakened her, and she asked about his car, but he suggested that she simply go to bed. She smelled smoke on his jacket. Adam lied that his car's engine had caught on fire, but he insisted that he was fine. She wanted to spend time with him, but he urged her to rest to recover from the accident, and he would join her momentarily. He watched her go up the stairs, and he reached for his phone.

Sharon dreamed about a fire and awakened with a start. She picked up Adam's note, but her phone rang, and she answered Adam's call. He instructed her to rest, but she complained that she'd had an awful dream, and she anxiously asked what had happened. He reported that she'd had too much to drink, and he ordered her to stay put until he got there in the morning. He told her to follow the directions in his note and to not speak with anyone. She wanted to know what she'd done, but he said that it didn't matter because he would fix everything.

Nick and Nikki watched the fire on the ranch grounds and wished they could do something to help. A firefighter reported that no one had been inside, much to Nikki's relief. Nick asked how the fire had started, and the firefighter said that it was too soon to know, but there was no hope of saving the house. Nikki broke down in tears.

Nikki and Nick retreated to the tack house, and she remarked that she was glad it was dark so they couldn't see the extent of the damage. He offered to take her back to the hospital, but she wanted to keep the bad news from Victor. Nick warned that Victor could easily find out by watching television, but Nikki was determined that Victor not find out until after he was released.

Later, at the hospital, Abby reported to Nikki that Victor had woken up for a while but that he wasn't in pain. Abby asked whether Nikki had been able to relax, but Abby could see that something was wrong. Nikki entered Victor's room, and she said that the kids had gone home, but she planned to spend the night. He urged her to go to the ranch to sleep in a comfortable bed, but she insisted that there was nowhere she would rather be than by his side. He observed that she had been crying.

Nikki claimed that she hadn't been crying, but Victor didn't believe her. She chalked her emotions up to it being a long day, but he knew her too well and asked what else was going on. She offered to read to him to help him relax. He refused to accept any more secrets between them, and he gently pushed her to reveal what was bothering her.

Avery found Nick sitting by the fireplace at the Athletic Club, and she unknowingly commented that there was nothing like a fire on a chilly night. He responded that he had a lot on his mind, and while he had expected to spend the evening alone, he preferred that she stayed. He asked whether something had driven her to drink, and she replied that she was looking for a "hot, steamy game of chess." He chuckled and thought that was the perfect way to get his mind off the company takeover and Victor's hospitalization. Avery expressed concern, but Nick reported that Victor would be fine, even if his father would be crushed once he learned that a fire had wiped out his home. He acknowledged that it qualified as the worst day ever, but he also implied that her presence had turned things around.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis looked at photos of herself and Nick on her phone, and she ignored a call from Ronan. Meanwhile, Nick and Avery played chess, and he guessed that she had been the only girl in her chess club at school. She revealed that she hadn't always been a smooth operator and that she had done plenty of embarrassing things in her life. She told a story about how she'd arrived at her first mock trial with her skirt accidentally inside out. She had proceeded to win the trial, and she had rewarded herself with a slice of gooey pizza that she'd promptly dropped on her lap, but she hadn't ruined her suit because she'd put it on wrong. An amused Nick was grateful that she had taken his mind off his troubles.

Avery won the chess match, and she noticed that it was late. Nick offered to walk her out, and he thanked her for the game and the company. He requested a rematch, and he asked if she had considered whether he had let her win, and she confidently denied it. Phyllis spotted their close moment and darted out of sight. Nick wished Avery a good night, and they exchanged an affectionate glance and a smile as she departed. Phyllis seethed.

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