The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 29, 2012 on Y&R

Adam took a position at Newman Enterprises as CFO. Tucker thought Katherine was risking her health by resuming her role as CEO of Chancellor. Noah told Nick that Sharon had left a message on his cell phone, and they became suspicious that Sharon might have been involved in starting the fire at the ranch. Victor's arson investigator found a bracelet in the ruins and Victor recognized it as one he'd given to Sharon. Harmony surprised Neil with the news that she was leaving Genoa City to be with Ana. Chloe and Chelsea bonded over their love of fashion. Adam met with a shady man to hire him to set fires to vacant buildings throughout town and to make it look like arson. Ronan suspected Genevieve of foul play. Cane refused to help Genevieve. Tucker gave Genevieve a wad of cash, and they shared a bittersweet kiss as she left Genoa City.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 29, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, October 29, 2012

At the cottage on Adam and Chelsea's property, Sharon abruptly backed away from Adam after she embraced him. She cried that the part of her brain controlling her emotions and impulses seemed to be missing. Adam replied, "You needed a hug."

Sharon became agitated and noted that Adam was married. Sharon added that she should've maintained control of her impulse to hug him. Adam offered to arrange professional help, but Sharon became unglued and insisted that she would never return to a psychiatric facility because she wasn't crazy.

Adam pleaded with Sharon to speak with a counselor, but Sharon placed her hands over her ears and repeatedly shouted, "No!" Sharon insisted that she could work through her nightmare on her own.

Sharon asked if Chelsea knew that Adam was helping her. Adam claimed that it didn't matter, but Sharon insisted that her presence on his estate without his wife's knowledge was inappropriate. Adam noted that Sharon was free to face the world if she so desired. Sharon walked out the door.

Adam stepped out and found a sobbing Sharon slumped in a sitting position on the front porch. Sharon cried, "I don't know how I got so screwed up. What's wrong with me?" Adam held out his hand and lifted Sharon to her feet. He gently wiped the tears off her cheek and said, "It's my fault. I did this to you." Adam led Sharon back into the cottage and admitted that he'd done awful things that had hurt her.

Sharon spoke as if realization of her recent behavior had stunned her. She said, "I took over at Newman." Adam took the blame for Sharon having allowed members of the Newman family to walk all over her. Sharon claimed that she'd rightfully defended herself. Adam noted that Sharon had become greedy and deceitful.

Adam bluntly explained to Sharon that everything had fallen apart when her misdeeds caught up with her. Sharon seemed emotionally drained, and she asked what Adam wanted in return for helping her. Adam maintained that he wanted nothing in return. Sharon replied, "If that's true, then tell your wife."

At the main house on Adam and Chelsea's estate, Chelsea prepared a fruity dessert, lit candles, and waited anxiously for Adam to return home. After a lengthy wait, Adam returned. He told Chelsea that he'd been delayed because he'd gone to five different restaurants to find the perfect dinner. Chelsea smiled and embraced her husband. Chelsea took Adam by the hand, headed toward the staircase, and said that dinner could wait.

Back at the cottage, Sharon moved a rocking chair a few feet and mumbled, "I have to make it all right." After Sharon scooted another chair in front of a bookcase, she angled the sofa and rug and chanted, "I have to get this right. It has to be right."

At Crimson Lights, Genevieve approached Cane and suggested that he seemed very busy because he hadn't returned any of her messages. Cane angrily retorted that he'd been busy not being the CEO of Jabot because of his mother. Genevieve looked crushed.

After Cane walked away, Tucker approached Genevieve and said, "How much rejection will it take before you finally give up?" Genevieve headed to the front counter. Tucker, standing across the room, watched as Genevieve answered a phone call.

Genevieve's caller, the woman who'd been impersonating Samantha, promised to sell Genevieve revealing information about the person who'd hired her. Genevieve agreed to meet the woman immediately in room 437 at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Ronan spoke to Genevieve briefly as she rushed out the door.

At Billy and Victoria's, Billy hesitated when Victoria pressed him for information to help her oust Jack from Newman Enterprises. Billy explained that Jack seemed suspicious of him. Billy announced that he planned to resign from Newman because he didn't enjoy spying on his brother. Victoria became livid and reminded Billy that Jack had taken over her family's company, and then fired her and Nick.

Billy mentioned to Victoria that Jack had offered the CEO position at Jabot to Neil instead of him. Victoria became even angrier when she thought Billy was refusing to help just because he hadn't landed the position he'd hoped for. Billy said, "I don't want to squeal on my brother and rat him out every time he has a plan." Victoria replied, "Fine! Quit! I'll handle everything on my own."

Outside the charred ruins of the Newman ranch house, Nick asked his dad if he planned to rebuild. Victor noted that he planned to rebuild no matter what it cost. Victor added, "I'm not going to walk away from this just because it isn't easy." Nick replied, "Are you saying I took the easy route?" Victor answered that he didn't say so, but Nick did by refusing to fight for his family's company.

Nick reminded his dad that he'd said his children could choose whether or not to fight for Newman Enterprises. Nick added that Victor should have told him instead to either get the company back or get out of his father's life. Victor explained that his declaration had been a test. Nick replied, "Of love or loyalty?"

Nick reminded Victor that the company had wreaked havoc on his father's health and had destroyed his marriages many times. Victor noted that he'd started from nothing to build the company for his children and grandchildren. Nick insisted that he would no longer play his father's games. Victor had tears in his eyes as he coldly declared, "You and I have nothing else to discuss."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Katherine admired Nikki's engagement ring. Nikki told Katherine that Victor was determined to make smart choices about the life he wanted to live. Katherine replied, "I certainly hope he's serious about that because I am the one who dispensed that particular advice." Nikki told Katherine that she was indebted to her friend for her assistance.

Katherine warned Nikki not to assume that the turnabout change would be permanent for someone as successful and unwavering as Victor. Nikki confided to Katherine her hopes that Nick and Victoria wouldn't succeed in reclaiming the company. Nikki maintained that involvement with Newman Enterprises had created too much family discord. Katherine raised her eyebrows when Nikki added that Nick had already refused to fight for control of Newman Enterprises.

Victor arrived and asked Katherine about her plan to resume her role as head of Chancellor Industries. Katherine confirmed that she would. Victor replied, "As I am stepping back, you're moving forward." Katherine nodded.

After Katherine left, Victor told Nikki that plans were moving forward to rebuild the ranch house. Victor noted that he would continue paying their staff. Victoria stopped by her parents' table and explained that Billy was having second thoughts about being their "inside man" at Newman. Victor sighed and grumbled, "He's an Abbott."

After Victor left, Nick joined his mom and sister. Nick said that he and his dad had argued over his decision not to fight for Newman Enterprises. Victoria asked Nick why he was turning his back on his family. Nick reminded Victoria that business was separate from family. Nick warned that Victoria's fight for Newman might threaten her marriage.

Nick strongly advised Victoria not to play along with their father's latest mind game. Victoria stood her ground, but Nick asked that his sister respect his decision. After Victoria left, Nick told his mom that his father and sister might never forgive him. When Victor returned, Nick left abruptly. Victor admitted to Nikki that Nick's refusal to fight for the company had weighed more heavily on him that he thought it would.

Victor stopped by Billy and Victoria's. Victor warned Billy that if he didn't help Victoria by sharing inside information about Newman Enterprises, he would tell Victoria that her husband had purposely withheld knowing that her ill father was in Los Angeles. When Victoria returned, Victor claimed that he'd stopped by to visit his grandson.

After Victor left, Billy told Victoria that he'd help her. Victoria recalled that Billy had previously said that Jack might be suspicious. Billy was taken aback when Victoria made immediate arrangements to meet with Baker-Ryberg in Miami. Victoria explained that she needed Baker-Ryberg to convince the board to vote Jack out. Before Victoria left, she made Billy promise to keep her posted about Jack's plans.

Tucker stopped to visit with Katherine at the Genoa City Athletic Club. He expressed concern that his mother wouldn't be able to keep up with the demands of heading Chancellor Industries. Katherine dismissed Tucker's unsolicited advice. Tucker warned that running the company might kill her.

Katherine asked Tucker if he aimed to wrangle a piece of her company for himself. Tucker explained that he was her family, which made her well-being his business. Katherine harshly replied, "Not anymore. As of this moment, you and I are out of business." After Katherine walked away, Tucker phoned someone and instructed the person to return to town. Tucker declared, "Katherine's about to make a big mistake."

In his office at Newman Enterprises, Jack met with Phyllis and offered to place her in charge of making products and services better by meeting with scientists, engineers, and designers. Phyllis told Jack that she hadn't seen him so revved up in a very long time. Phyllis perused her contract. Jack claimed that they, along with Billy, would make an amazing team.

Jack grimaced and suddenly grasped his back with his hand. Jack brushed it off, but Phyllis demanded to know why Jack wasn't being straight with her. Jack insisted that it was perfectly normal for him to experience occasional back pain. Jack changed the subject and discussed Phyllis' contract.

Phyllis told Jack that she couldn't weather additional turmoil. Phyllis expressed hope that working with Jack might be a stabilizing force. Jack assured Phyllis that she wouldn't regret accepting the job. Jack explained that both he and Phyllis had each been through hell since they last worked together. Phyllis cried that she'd already lost Nick, would likely lose her daughter, and couldn't trust her own sister.

Jack assured Phyllis that she'd have the chance to regain control of her life and once again become the determined, self-reliant woman he'd once known. Jack acknowledged that there might be occasional fireworks, but he insisted that they would draw strength from the challenges they'd present each other. Phyllis signed her contract.

After Phyllis left, Jack phoned Charlie, of Baker-Ryberg, and told him to expect a call or visit from Victoria to discuss Newman Enterprises. Jack instructed Charlie to play along with Victoria but not believe anything she said. After the call ended, Jack nearly keeled over from a shooting pain in his back. Phyllis returned just as Jack collapsed and fell to the floor. Phyllis summoned an ambulance.

Genevieve arrived at the woman's room, knocked, and announced her presence. Noting that the door was ajar, Genevieve pushed it open and was shocked to find the furnishings and bed linens in disarray. Genevieve stepped over toppled chair cushions as she walked about the room. She called out, but no one responded. Genevieve stopped dead in her tracks when she noticed a pool of blood on the floor. Shaking with fear, Genevieve bolted from the room.

At Jabot, Cane heard a ruckus outside a conference room. Genevieve, hysterical, wrestled with a security guard as she made her way into the room. Cane waved away the security guard.

Genevieve told Cane that the woman who'd claimed that Genevieve had hired her to impersonate Samantha had phoned and offered to divulge the identity of the person who'd actually hired her. Genevieve, nearly breathless, said that when she arrived at the woman's room, she'd found it in disarray and was shocked to see blood all over the floor. Cane insisted that Genevieve summon the police.

Cane and Ronan accompanied Genevieve back to the mysterious woman's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Genevieve told her son that she'd only touched the door. Ronan entered, traipsing through the room, and discovered the pool of blood.

Using a pen, Ronan lifted a lace-edged, blood-stained handkerchief bearing a "G" monogram. Genevieve admitted that the handkerchief was hers, but she insisted that she had no idea how it had gotten into the woman's room. Cane buried his head in his hands when Ronan declared that the room was a crime scene.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Adam and Chelsea shared a romantic time together the morning after they skipped dinner to make love. Nibbling on strawberries, Chelsea apologized to Adam for accusing him of having an affair. Chelsea realized that Adam was handling his grief over the baby in his own way. Adam was sorry that he'd been emotionally unavailable to her.

A short time later, Adam told Chelsea he had a meeting with Jack. Chelsea was curious about Adam's interest in Jack. Adam felt he had a lot to offer Newman Enterprises. Chelsea wondered about Adam's commitment to TagNGrab, but Adam asked his wife to trust him to make the right decision about his future business plans.

The doorbell rang, and Kevin and Chloe appeared at Adam and Chelsea's. Kevin and Chloe were concerned about TagNGrab, especially since Adam had not been returning their calls. Kevin asked Adam why he was avoiding them. Adam declared that he was fed up with being in business with Kevin. Adam announced that he wanted out of TagNGrab. Adam told Kevin to find someone to buy Adam's share of the business.

After Kevin and Chloe left, Chelsea confessed that she was stunned by Adam's sudden decision. Adam asserted that Kevin was a pain in the neck, and Adam was sick of him. Chelsea pointed out that Kevin and Chloe were not wealthy and would not be able to come up with the kind of money necessary to buy Adam's share. Adam said that Kevin and Chloe could borrow from a rich friend. Adam declared that they were better without Kevin and Chloe's business.

At the cottage, Sharon was alone and unhappy. She obsessed over the furniture, continually rearranging the pieces. Sharon seemed anxious and unhinged. Adam arrived a little while later and noticed that Sharon was unresponsive. Sharon admitted that she didn't feel right, and moving the furniture wasn't helping. Sharon hated everything around her.

Adam was afraid that Sharon might be having a breakdown. Sharon felt weak and unsure of herself. Adam said that he was there to help Sharon, but she was concerned about his marriage. Sharon wanted Adam to tell Chelsea immediately that he was Sharon's protector. Sharon finally agreed to see a professional to deal with her mental anguish. Adam was relieved and embraced Sharon.

At the Athletic Club, Ronan told Genevieve that the forensics crew had investigated the crime scene. Genevieve offered to answer any questions he had for her. Genevieve saw that Claude Shirl's hotel room was a mess. Ronan asked Genevieve to repeat what she'd seen and done when she entered the room Genevieve explained that she'd tried to find Claude Shirl, but she had seen the blood on the floor. Genevieve had been frightened, so she had gone to find Cane. Genevieve was surprised to hear Claude Shirl referred to as a victim.

Ronan showed Genevieve a paperweight covered with blood and Genevieve's fingerprints. Genevieve denied that the paperweight was the one from Genevieve's room. Genevieve defended herself, but Ronan implied that Genevieve was responsible for the scene of violence. Genevieve said she'd never had a relationship with Claude Shirl. Genevieve finally told Ronan to stop the questions, then she asked if she could leave. Ronan told Genevieve not to go far.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Cane and Lily talked about his mother, and Cane said he did not believe that Genevieve was innocent. Neil walked up to the table and wanted to speak with Cane about Jabot. Cane realized that Neil had been the man Jack had chosen to be Jabot CEO. Neil knew that Cane had wanted that job, but Neil asked Cane to be his top aide at the firm. Cane happily accepted. Neil was pleased, then he asked Lily to meet with him at Jabot about another offer.

In his new office at Jabot, Neil told Lily about a guerrilla marketing campaign he wanted to enact, something beyond social media. Neil had set up a team to meet and discuss the plan with Lily. Cane liked the idea and urged Lily to meet the team and consider the opportunity.

Alone together, Cane and Neil agreed on how they should work together going forward. Neil admitted that he and Cane had had their differences in the past, but Neil had respect for Cane. Neil knew that Cane loved Lily and the kids implicitly. Cane said that was true. Cane and Neil shook hands and committed to make their new working relationship a success.

After her meeting, Lily reported back to Cane that it had been very interesting. Cane assumed that she would take the position, but Lily wasn't sure. Lily admitted she was concerned about working at the same place where Cane was working. Lily had heard about couples that spent too much time together, and it created trouble in their marriages.

Cane didn't think that would happen to them, and Lily was relieved. Genevieve burst into the office to say that more evidence had appeared at the crime scene, making it look as though Genevieve had killed the impersonator. Cane refused to help his mother. Genevieve was stunned that Cane believed that she was capable of murder. Genevieve cried for Cane's help, but he was cold. Cane pointed to Neil and Lily and told Genevieve he would not cause the two of them any more pain by helping Genevieve. Cane asked Genevieve to leave.

Phyllis went to the hospital to check on Jack. The doctor entered with news that Jack was in dire straits. The doctor said that the bullet in Jack's back should have been removed months before. The bullet had shifted, and if it was not removed, Jack might be paralyzed for life. The doctor said the situation might even be fatal.

Phyllis was alarmed and afraid for Jack. Later, back at the Abbott house, Jack was unwilling to heed the doctor's warning. Jack said he'd deal with the surgery after he attended to Newman Enterprises. Phyllis wouldn't accept Jack's procrastination. Jack promised to call the doctor and set up the surgery after a while. Phyllis handed him the phone to force him to set up the surgery immediately.

Over lunch, Jack told Phyllis his big plans for Newman. Phyllis insisted that Jack concentrate on the surgery and leave Phyllis and Billy to handle the company in his stead. Jack revealed that he wanted to merge Newman Cosmetics with Jabot and Beauty of Nature. Phyllis received a call, and while she was on the phone, Jack noticed Adam at the bar.

Jack approached Adam and asked why Adam had texted him. Adam congratulated Jack on having taken down Victor Newman. Jack was pleased, but then mentioned the miscarriage, sympathizing with Adam about the loss. Jack understood the pain of miscarriage. Adam revealed that he had decided to sell his share of TagNGrab. Adam told Jack he wanted to work at Newman Enterprises. Jack wasn't sure he could trust Adam, but Adam said that was why Jack should hire him.

Phyllis ended her call to try to listen in on Jack and Adam's conversation. Jack told Adam that he could never work with Adam without worrying that Adam was out to undermine him. Adam pointed out that unlike Billy and Phyllis, he had business experience that Jack would need.

Adam reminded Jack that Victor would blow a gasket if Adam went to work at Newman, something that Jack would enjoy. Jack told Adam that he was saying the right things, but Jack wasn't sure that he was buying it all. Adam made a convincing argument, so Jack asked what Adam was looking for. Adam asked to be named Newman Enterprises CFO.

Sharon looked at photos of Faith, Noah, and Nick. Sharon regretted that there wasn't a phone in the cottage. Sharon left and went to the main house. Sharon made sure that Adam and Chelsea were not there. Sharon reached for the phone and called Noah. Sharon left a message for her son, saying that she'd gone out of town. Sharon explained that she was straightening herself out and would be in a better place the next them they were together.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin admitted to Chloe that he'd been thrown by Adam's decision. Chloe thought Kevin should buy out Adam. Chelsea walked in and apologized to Kevin and Chloe for Adam's decision. Kevin said he was disappointed but not surprised, because Adam had always treated him like a worker, not a partner.

Chelsea said that Adam was dealing with his angst about the miscarriage in his own way. Kevin couldn't wait for Adam to get over the loss and resume their partnership. Later, Kevin told Chloe that it had been a mistake to accept Adam as an investor.

Kevin feared that they would wind up with nothing because Kevin had been too ambitious. Kevin said that he wanted a better life for their children, and he had thought TagNGrab was the way. Chloe wondered if they should walk away from TagNGrab and move on to something else. Kevin was angry about Adam's betrayal, but he was determined to fix the TagNGrab situation despite Adam.

Inside the coffeehouse, Neil was happy to run into Harmony, and she explained that she'd been looking for Neil. He apologized that she hadn't known that he'd moved from Chancellor Industries to Jabot. Neil asked Harmony to go to dinner with him to catch up on all his news.

Harmony declined the invitation because she was leaving Genoa City. Neil was surprised, but Harmony said Ana needed her. Harmony confessed that she'd loved Genoa City and was happy, but her daughter came first. Neil was surprised that Harmony was leaving immediately. Neil hoped Harmony would be returning home to Genoa City, but Harmony wasn't sure. Harmony kissed Neil goodbye and then left Crimson Lights.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

At the Athletic Club, Ronan saw Phyllis watching Jack speaking to Adam and overheard her wishing that Jack would not do business with Adam. Ronan was surprised when Phyllis admitted that she'd gone to work at Newman Enterprises. Phyllis explained that she'd be working with Jack because Nick was not going to try to get Newman Enterprises back. Ronan wondered why Phyllis cared about the business. Phyllis asserted that she didn't want Adam working at Newman Enterprises because she hated Adam. Ronan tested if Phyllis was listening to him by talking nonsense. Phyllis didn't notice.

Phyllis said that Nick could take care of himself. Ronan was worried about Phyllis, but she assured him that she was not a needy woman. Ronan wanted to be with Phyllis and made an attempt to get her to agree to go out with him. Phyllis changed the subject to Jack and Adam, having seen them shake hands. Ronan offered to walk Phyllis out.

In the lobby, Phyllis saw Summer and asked if they could talk. Summer was calm and said she was no longer going to flip out over seeing Ronan with Phyllis. Summer claimed that it was too exhausting to continue fighting with her mother. Phyllis hugged Summer, but was disappointed when Summer left without another word.

At Adam and Chelsea's house, Sharon was nearly caught in the living room when Chelsea returned home. Chelsea entered the room and looked around before going upstairs. Sharon emerged from her hiding place behind the curtains. Assuming that Chelsea was upstairs, Phyllis seized the opportunity to hurry out of the house, unseen.

Nick saw Jack and Adam at the Athletic Club bar. Adam was not surprised to hear that Nick had decided to back out of the fight to regain Newman Enterprises. Adam told Jack that Nick had no head for business. Adam asked Jack to hire him as CFO of Newman Enterprises. Nick approached Jack and Adam, hearing Jack hiring Adam. Nick surmised that Adam had sold his shares of Newman Enterprises to Jack for the takeover, and in exchange, Jack was giving Adam a job.

Nick declared that Adam was a turncoat to the Newman family. Adam felt that every terrible thing that had happened to him had been at the hands of the Newmans. Adam felt that he was entitled to take glee in betraying the family and getting what he wanted from Newman Enterprises. Jack agreed with Adam that this time around the two of them deserved to emerge on top for a change.

Adam angrily claimed that Nick -- and his daughter, Summer -- never took responsibility for their hurtful actions. Adam believed that Summer had no remorse about causing Chelsea's miscarriage and that Summer cared only for herself. Nick denied that and questioned why Jack was listening to all of Adam's slander. Jack tried to get Nick to calm down, then he asked Adam to leave with him to they could talk business. Nick noticed that Phyllis was with Ronan.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin left a message on Michael's phone, asking if they could meet and talk. Chloe overheard the message and reminded Kevin that he and his brother had been fighting of late. Chloe also said that Michael and Lauren didn't have the kind of money to buy out Adam's share of TagNGrab.

Kevin had no choice; he had to find a way to save the company. Chloe thought that Chelsea might be the answer to their financial woes, since she was sympathetic to Kevin and Chloe's plight. Later, Chloe went to Chelsea's house, saying that she'd found Chelsea's scarf at the coffeehouse. Chelsea said the scarf wasn't hers. Chloe noticed that Chelsea was perturbed and asked if Chelsea was all right. Chelsea explained that strange things had been happening to her.

Chloe was curious, and Chelsea explained that she'd imagined that someone had been in the house when she had returned home. Chelsea wondered if she was oversensitive ever since losing the baby. Chloe sympathized with Chelsea and listened as Chelsea expressed her frustration with Adam. Chelsea wished Adam would share his feelings with her.

Chelsea told Chloe that she had even accused Adam of having an affair with another woman. Chloe said that Chelsea could hire a private eye if she was suspicious, but Chelsea asserted that she trusted Adam completely. Later, over a cup of tea, Chelsea and Chloe bonded as friends.

Chloe suggested that Chelsea do something on her own, separate from Adam. Chelsea said her only skill was as a bartender. Chloe thought Chelsea could be a mediator, perhaps getting Kevin and Adam back together. Chelsea told Chloe that Adam would not change his mind about TagNGrab.

Eden showed up for work at Crimson Lights, and Kevin barked at her for being late. Eden reminded him that she'd been at the dentist. Kevin was surly, and Eden asked what was wrong. Kevin said TagNGrab was going down the drain. Later, Kevin went over the accounts for the coffeehouse and declared that the place was barely breaking even. Kevin regretted ever going into partnership with Adam. Michael called Kevin back, and they arranged to meet the following day.

Kevin contemplated called Gloria and told Eden that he was running out of options to save TagNGrab. Eden suggested that Kevin wish on a piece of Halloween candy for something good to happen. Kevin's phone rang, and Chloe asked him to join her at Chelsea's because she had some good news.

When Adam returned home, he was surprised that Chloe and Kevin were there. Kevin had yet to hear why Chloe had called him to Adam and Chelsea's house. Chloe and Chelsea announced that they had an idea for TagNGrab. They proposed that Chelsea assume Adam's role in the web business. Chloe pointed out all of Chelsea's contributions to the site.

Adam was snide as he wished that Chelsea had talked with him privately about the idea before consulting the Fishers. Later, Chelsea was hurt by Adam's attitude, especially the implication that she wasn't up to being a valuable business asset to TagNGrab. Adam could not make Chelsea see his point of view. Chelsea walked out of the room in anger. Adam found a photo of Noah on the floor and assumed that Sharon had been there.

Sharon hurried back into the cottage. Sharon was frightened when there was a knock on the door. Tentatively, she opened the door and freaked out when she saw a few children in costumes, trick-or-treating for Halloween. Meanwhile, at the tack house, Nick returned home to see Faith in her costume. Faith wished that Sharon were home to celebrate the holiday with her. Noah explained that Sharon was out of town for a few days. Faith asked if they could call Sharon, but Nick said that wasn't possible.

Noah told Nick about the phone message he'd received from Sharon. Noah was worried about his mother and told Nick that Adam had been at Sharon's house the last time Noah had stopped by to see her. Nick was suspicious about Adam's involvement with Sharon. Noah admitted that he was accustomed to Sharon turning to him for help, like when Cassie had died, and he didn't like the idea of Sharon and Adam getting together again.

Noah was determined to find his mother, and Nick agreed to help. They went to Sharon's and searched the house. Nick found Sharon's cell phone, which explained why her message to Noah had been sent from a blocked number. Noah showed Nick that he'd found one of Sharon's blouses, and it smelled of smoke. Nick wondered if Sharon could have been involved in the fire at the ranch.

Summer went to the coffeehouse with Fen and told him that she'd seen Phyllis and Ronan. Fen was surprised to hear that Summer had claimed to accept that relationship. Summer saw Ronan in the doorway, and she pulled Fen with her to see whom he was meeting. Ronan met with Jamie and returned his wallet to him. When Ronan mentioned Summer's name and explained that she'd found the wallet, Jamie said he'd met her.

Ronan realized that Summer had been running a number on Jamie when she arranged to meet him and "found" his wallet. Summer listened in on Jamie and Ronan's conversation. Eden met Jamie. Summer told Fen she wanted to speak with Jamie. Summer introduced Jamie to Fen and then asked if Jamie wanted to hang out with them sometime. Jamie was bewildered by her friendliness. Summer reminded Jamie that she had found his wallet, which meant that they were connected. Jamie accepted the invitation to hang out, then said goodbye. Fen was surprised when Summer declared that she wanted to be Jamie's best friend.

Phyllis went to Jack's and asked if he'd hired Adam to work at Newman. Jack said Adam would be an excellent CFO and promised Phyllis that he could handle Adam. Phyllis didn't want to work with Adam, but Jack was insistent that it was a good business move. Phyllis said the pain from the bullet in Jack's back had been clouding his judgment. Jack told Phyllis to head home because everything was under control. Jack declared that he was ready for surgery on his back, as well as Newman business.

Sharon awoke in the cottage, feeling disoriented and alone. Adam arrived later, and Sharon mentioned that trick-or-treaters had frightened her. Adam showed Sharon the photo of Noah he'd found at the main house. Adam told Sharon that she couldn't sneak into his home anymore. Sharon explained that she felt compelled to leave a message for Noah.

Sharon admitted to Adam that she feared that she was getting worse, not better, staying alone in the cottage. Adam offered to arrange for Sharon to meet with the doctor he'd found to treat her. Later, when Adam was about to leave, Sharon stopped him. Sharon said she'd meet with the doctor.

Chelsea was alone at the house and upset about her fight with Adam. When Adam returned, Chelsea asked where he'd been. Adam claimed he'd gone for a walk around the grounds. Adam told Chelsea that he never gotten to tell her his news. Adam explained that he was the new CFO for Newman Enterprises. Chelsea was surprised, but Adam explained that he needed to be in the corporate world again.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nick and Noah spoke over coffee about the situation with Sharon. Noah believed that Sharon might have been involved in the Newman ranch fire. Nick said that the fire inspector's report was supposed to be issued that day. Noah feared that Sharon's checkered past made her a likely suspect. Meanwhile, at the cottage, Sharon lit a match and gazed at the flame. After a moment, Sharon realized what she was doing and blew out the light. Sharon went to the couch and huddled under the blanket.

Nick informed Noah that Sharon had not been checking her messages since she didn't have her cell phone. Noah wanted to speak with Avery about Sharon, but Nick revealed that Sharon's attorney was Leslie Michaelson because Sharon and Avery had had a falling out. Nick said that Avery's principles wouldn't allow her to work with a client who lied. At the coffeehouse, Avery happily recalled spending time with Nick.

Chloe put a dollop of whipped cream on Avery's coffee and then asked for legal advice. Chloe feared that she'd made a deal that she didn't want to get out of. Later, Chloe showed Avery the contract she and Kevin had signed with Adam for TagNGrab. Chloe hoped that Adam would have to keep his money in the company. Avery said that the contract gave Adam all the power.

Adam arranged a consultation for Sharon with the therapist who agreed to be discreet. Entering the Athletic Club, Adam stopped when he saw Victor. Adam told his father that Victor was looking well since being hospitalized. Victor knew about Adam taking a job with Jack and assumed that Adam was very proud of himself for betraying the family. Adam suspected that Victor would find something to occupy his time. Victor asked about Chelsea's pregnancy, and Adam assumed his father was being deliberately cruel.

Adam informed his father that Chelsea had lost the baby when Summer ran them off the road. Victor apologized and expressed his sympathy. Victor believed that Summer was remorseful, but Adam didn't think that was true. Adam cited the idea of an eye for an eye to explain why it had happened to him and his wife. Nikki appeared, and Adam said goodbye.

Nikki confirmed that she'd known about Summer causing Chelsea's miscarriage, but she'd kept it from Victor because of his hospitalization. Victor asked her to never keep things from him in the future. Nikki handed Victor the fire inspector's report. At the bar, Victor read the report. Adam peered in and heard Victor say that the fire had been arson. Nikki suspected Sharon and wondered if she'd been questioned.

Later, Victor said that there was nothing in the report pointing to Sharon as the culprit. Nikki believed Sharon had had both access and motive. Victor reminded Nikki that they had other enemies. Victor decided to hire his own fire investigator, and Nikki decided to do some investigating on her own.

Adam took a strudel home to Chelsea as a peace offering. Chelsea said that she was not angry with him, but she wished he had supported her interest in remaining with TagNGrab. Adam acknowledged that Chelsea could run TagNGrab, but Adam wanted them out of the company.

Adam didn't want Chelsea to have to deal with Kevin's petulance as a business partner. Adam suggested that Chelsea get involved in some other kind of business. Chelsea felt like she would go crazy with nothing to do. Adam urged Chelsea to take time to find a business or project that she could be passionate about.

Chelsea went to the coffeehouse, and Chloe greeted her. Chelsea explained that Adam would not support her running TagNGrab. Chloe understood, and they both agreed that being caught between Adam and Kevin was a bad place to be. Chloe was afraid that TagNGrab would not survive.

Chloe blamed herself for pairing Adam with Kevin in business. When Chelsea learned that Chloe was a stylist with Restless Style, she was impressed. Chelsea said she'd always dreamed of being a fashion designer. Chloe was fascinated that Chelsea had once successfully run a scam in which she had made people believe that she was a fashion designer named Andi Walsh.

Later, at Chelsea's house, Chloe looked at the photos of Chelsea's fashions from her work as Andi Walsh. Chloe thought Chelsea was very talented and suggested that she could be a fashion designer for real if she wanted to try again. Chloe explained that it wouldn't be difficult to do a startup. Chelsea was intrigued and mentioned there was a cottage on the property that she could use as a workspace.

Nikki went to Nick's house and was excited to see Noah was there. Nikki told Nick that she needed to speak with him. Noah went to check on Faith. Nikki explained that she was trying to find Sharon. Nick explained that Sharon was out of town and not communicating with the family.

Nikki confided in Nick that the official fire inspector's report had been delivered, and it indicated arson. Nick was not surprised that Nikki suspected Sharon of starting the fire, because the thought had occurred to Nick, too. Nikki felt that Sharon had become cold and heartless -- nothing like the woman Nick had married.

Nikki said that the report showed no proof that Sharon had been the fire starter. Nick was worried about Faith and Noah's reactions if they learned that Sharon was a suspect. Nikki said that if Sharon were involved, the kids could not be protected. Nikki felt Sharon was a threat to herself and others.

At the burned-out remains of the house, Victor met with the inspector he'd hired. Victor saw a bottle of tequila in the wreckage, and the inspector said that the liquor could have started the fire.

Sharon fell asleep on the couch and dreamed of the fire. Adam arrived and awakened her. Sharon was stunned to see Dr. Watkins, the therapist, was there, too. Sharon shot up and said she didn't want to speak with the doctor. Adam asked Sharon to calm down. Dr. Watkins left her card and walked out.

In front of the cottage, the therapist told Adam that Sharon needed help immediately. Adam went inside and told Sharon that the doctor had been there to help her. Sharon just wanted to go back to her house. Adam warned that Sharon might wind up in prison because of the fire. Adam revealed that the fire had been deemed arson. Adam promised to protect Sharon, but he told her that she had to cooperate and stay put.

At the main house, Chelsea found the key to the cottage and invited Chloe to go with her to check out the place. Meanwhile, Sharon was in the cottage, going stir-crazy. Chelsea and Chloe reached the cottage and tried to unlock the door.

Nick found Nikki at the wreckage. Victor appeared and said that the investigator was in the other room, taking pictures. Nick hoped that they were wrong to suspect Sharon. Nikki reported to Victor that Sharon had left town without a word. Nick refused to believe that Sharon had done it. Nick felt Victor was as guilty of causing the fire as Sharon was.

Nikki found an old photo album and was in tears about all they'd lost. The investigator returned with a bracelet he'd found, which Nikki said was not hers. Victor recognized it as a gift he'd given Sharon. Victor felt that he shared responsibility for the fire. Nikki wanted Sharon to pay for burning down the ranch.

Adam met with a shady guy and ordered him to start fires around town, using tequila as an accelerant. The man assumed that Adam wanted to frame someone. Adam said he was trying to save someone.

Noah received a phone message and returned a call to his friend from New York. He left a message that he missed her. At the coffeehouse, Nick ran into Avery, and she could tell that he was upset. Nick admitted that he was having a terrible day. Avery offered to help, and Nick asked her to lunch. Avery couldn't do lunch, but countered by asking Nick to dinner at her home.

Friday, November 2, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Michael hoped that Paul's case would be thrown out just like Phyllis' had been, but Lauren warned him not to count on it. Michael wished that he could figure out a way to avoid putting Paul on trial. Heather arrived and wanted to talk about Paul, but Michael reminded her that they couldn't discuss the case. Heather acknowledged that Michael had been right about her not being able to handle her job while she supported Paul, and she wanted to focus on clearing her father. Heather requested a leave of absence.

Michael scoffed at Heather's timing, and she conceded that she was giving short notice. Michael barked that he was entrenched in Paul's case and that he needed her at work. She countered that Paul needed her more, and she intended to help Christine follow up on Eden's leads, with or without Michael's permission. Heather understood if Michael needed to fire her, and she was grateful that Michael had allowed her to return to her job, but she couldn't choose helping her boss over saving her dad. Heather walked away, and Lauren hoped that Michael understood why Heather had to defend Paul. A surly Michael wished that he could leave his job to save Paul.

At the Athletic Club, Christine and Paul discussed where to search for the video of Ricky killing Rachel. Paul didn't want Christine to put pressure on herself, but she was determined to clear his name. She promised that she would find the video, and he professed his trust in her. Christine regretted that her attention had been on Phyllis instead of on Paul's case. Heather entered and announced that she was joining them to search for evidence to exonerate Paul.

Christine assured Heather that she was committed to clearing Paul's name, but Heather thought that she and Christine could work faster together. Paul staked his life on their efforts, and he asked how Michael had taken the news. Heather said that Michael had been peeved because she should have given more notice. Michael and Lauren approached, and Michael told Heather that her job would be waiting for her and that she had his blessing. Heather vowed that things would be different after she and Christine returned, and Paul exchanged hugs with Heather and Christine. Lauren observed as Paul thanked Christine.

After Christine and Heather left, Paul told Michael and Lauren that he felt like he had a shot if Heather and Christine could find some evidence to back his claims. Michael hoped they'd find it fast, and he left to take a call. Paul told Lauren that he had felt guilty because he had failed as a father, but Christine had talked him down. Lauren was surprised that Nina hadn't done so, and he clarified that both Nina and Christine had been supportive. Lauren recognized that Paul had been through a lot, and she wondered if his feelings had changed over the past few months. He confided that he was falling for Christine again.

Genevieve offered to buy Tucker a drink, but he huffed that it would be too costly for him. She said that she needed help, but he retorted that the bank was closed. She asked for his assistance to find Colin, and he wondered what her motivation was. Ronan approached with more questions for Genevieve about the missing impersonator. She told Ronan to find Colin, and Ronan realized that she was sticking with her story. Ronan reported that a body had been found nearby, and he hoped that she would tell him the truth.

Genevieve chided Ronan for wasting his time on her instead of finding Colin, and she asserted that Colin had sent the impersonator to torture Genevieve's family and to frame Genevieve. Ronan wondered why Colin would do that, and Genevieve pointed out that Colin had set his own daughter's death into motion. Ronan referred to the evidence implicating Genevieve, but Genevieve argued that the body might not even be that of the impostor. Ronan warned that the police would soon identify the body, and then he would return with an arrest warrant.

Genevieve whimpered to Tucker that Colin was playing games to take away her life and freedom. She begged for Tucker's help, but he said that he couldn't afford to rumble with the law after his own recent run-in. She wished that she'd never left the United States or Tucker, but he stated that it was too late. She apologized for hurting him, and she pleaded with him that she had never needed anyone as much as she needed him at that moment, but he walked away.

Later, Genevieve descended the stairs with a suitcase, and Tucker assumed that she was skipping town. He urged her to think about how her departure would impact Cane, but she thought it was for the best. Tucker cautioned that her disappearance would look suspicious to the police, and she wondered whether he planned to turn her in. Tucker handed Genevieve a wad of cash and told her not to look back. She assured him that she knew how to disappear, and as she choked back a sob, they shared a tender kiss. She murmured that she loved him, and she left.

Ronan approached Tucker, who inquired about the body. Ronan asked where Genevieve was, but Tucker claimed not to know. Ronan said that he'd last seen her with Tucker, but Tucker maintained that he couldn't help. Ronan walked off, and Jill appeared in the doorway.

Chelsea and Chloe entered the cottage, and Chelsea called the place cute. Chloe brainstormed ways they could play up a "granny chic" theme for photo shoots, but Chelsea thought Chloe was getting ahead of herself. Chloe noticed Chelsea's concerned expression, and Chelsea commented that she had expected to find sheets over the furniture. A hidden Sharon listened as Chelsea remarked that it felt like someone had been there.

Chelsea searched the cottage and found hair products in an overnight bag. Chloe noted that they were expensive, and she discovered a pricey lipstick. Chelsea wondered if a vagrant had been living there, but Chloe pointed out the cost of the cosmetics, and she speculated that Genevieve was the culprit. Chelsea suspected that Adam had an explanation.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam called out for Jack and sat down at Victor's old desk. Phyllis entered and tauntingly accused Adam of snuggling up in the chair to feel closer to his daddy, and she advised him not to let Jack find him there. Adam reminded her that the chair had been his more than once, whereas she had never been a vice president before. Phyllis decided to take an employee poll to guess how long it would take Jack to fire Adam. Adam suggested that they make peace because he intended to do what Jack wanted.

Jack summoned Billy to the Abbott home, and Billy assumed that Jack wanted to discuss a sensitive issue outside the office. Jack asked about Victoria, and Billy fibbed that she was having a good time eating gelato in Italy. Jack called Billy's response a nice detail that took Billy's lie to the next level. Jack revealed that he was aware that Billy had sent Victoria to Miami in an attempt to screw Jack over. Jack declared that Billy had betrayed him and had broken his heart.

Billy realized that Jack had set him up, but Jack contended that he'd given Billy a chance to prove himself after Jack had asked Billy point-blank about helping Victoria. Jack bellowed that Billy had tried to play him by going straight to Victoria with inside information. Billy admitted that he had attempted to help his wife, and he didn't expect Jack to understand, since Jack's wives hadn't stuck around. Jack pointed out that Billy could have walked away from the company, and Billy reluctantly disclosed that Victor had blackmailed him into staying on board. Jack was livid that Victor had been involved, and he and Billy argued over Jack running Ashley out of the company. Jack snarled that Billy was every bit as much a Newman as Victoria was an Abbott, and he fired Billy.

Billy sarcastically thanked Jack for allowing him to get away from Jack's obsession with Newman Enterprises. Jack derided Billy for playing the victim, and Billy challenged Jack to force Traci to work for Newman, so Jack could fire her, too. Jack said that the matter was between him and Billy, but Billy replied that he had been forthright about not wanting to take the job, and Jack had proven Billy's instincts right. Billy proclaimed that he supported Victoria winning the company back because that might be the only thing to save Jack from himself. Billy stormed out, and Jack grimaced in pain.

Billy called Victoria and informed her that Jack had fired him. Billy explained that Jack had set them up, and she realized why she hadn't been able to make any headway in Miami. Billy wasn't surprised that Jack had been angry, but he admitted that it had stung to hear Jack say that Billy had broken his heart. Victoria lamented that Billy had stayed at the company for her sake, and Billy implored her to return home.

Jack stepped off the elevator at Newman Enterprises, and he paused for a moment to cover his pain. He found Phyllis and Adam in his office, and he announced that he was glad to see them apparently getting along because he was going to be out of the office for a precautionary medical procedure. Jack added that Billy was no longer part of the company, so he had decided to make Adam the acting CEO in his absence. Adam thanked Jack for trusting him, and he assured Jack that the company would be in good hands.

Adam asked Jack if he was having surgery, but Jack played down the seriousness of his condition, and he asserted that he wouldn't be gone long enough for Adam to get accustomed to the CEO position. Adam left to take a call, and Phyllis questioned whether Jack was setting up Adam. Jack explained that Adam would serve as a figurehead for the stockholders and that Jack wouldn't be gone long. Phyllis suggested that Jack let Billy take charge, but Jack rejected the idea. Outside the office, Adam answered Sharon's call, and she reported that she'd sneaked out of the cottage after Chelsea and Chloe had entered. Adam assured Sharon that he'd figure out a way to keep her safe.

Adam returned to the office, and Jack imagined that Phyllis wouldn't let Adam get too comfortable. Adam and Phyllis started to banter, but Jack instructed them to remain productive and professional. Phyllis offered Jack a ride, but he refused, and he demanded that neither of them tell anyone else about his hospitalization. Adam readily agreed, and Phyllis insisted upon meeting Jack at the hospital, despite Jack's protests. Jack left, and Adam recognized that Jack wouldn't have appointed an interim CEO for a minor procedure. Adam declared his intent to take the role seriously, and he asked what it would take to convince Phyllis that he wanted what was best. She replied that Adam could quit.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis blasted Billy for leaving her alone at Newman Enterprises to deal with Adam. Billy revealed that he had been fired, and Phyllis asked what Billy had done. Billy retorted that he hadn't run anyone down with his car, but she demanded to know what had happened. Billy admitted that he'd betrayed Jack, but he refused to divulge any details. She called it sweet revenge, since Billy had fired her from the magazine she'd built, but she implored him to get his job back to overthrow Adam. Billy stated that Jack was in charge, but Phyllis replied that Jack wouldn't be while he was recovering from surgery.

Billy arrived at the hospital, where Jack insisted that his surgery was nothing to worry about because Jack was accustomed to having a knife stuck in his back. Jack was irritated that Phyllis had blabbed, and he ordered Billy not to tell Ashley, Traci, or Kyle. Billy hesitantly agreed, and Jack told him to leave, but Billy vowed to stay by Jack's side. Jack barked that he had needed family when he had asked Billy to work for him, but he didn't need Billy at his bedside, and he again ordered Billy to leave. Outside the room, Billy informed Phyllis that he'd blown his chance to be a good brother before he'd even walked through the door, and asked her to be there for Jack.

Phyllis entered Jack's room and cautiously asked whether he was sedated. Jack griped about her telling Billy about the surgery, but she defended that she hadn't thought Jack had meant to keep it from his family. She promised that Jack could yell at her later, and he swore that he would hold her to her word. Phyllis nervously stammered that Jack would be fine.

Billy left Victoria a message about Jack's surgery, and he hoped that she was on her way to the airport. Meanwhile, Victoria left her hotel room, but a gloved hand covered her mouth as she screamed.

At the main house, Chloe expressed her faith that Chelsea could take on whoever had been camping out at the cottage. Chelsea tried to write off the strange events as nothing, but Chloe encouraged Chelsea not to back down from defending her own turf. Chelsea thanked Chloe for the vote of confidence, and the women jokingly agreed not to hug. Adam entered, and he asked Chloe whether she'd found a new investor. Chloe deadpanned that she'd found a guy on the side of the road to buy Adam out, and she left.

Adam reported to Chelsea that he was acting as CEO in Jack's absence. She coolly assumed that he was happy to move up the ladder. Adam observed that she seemed unhappy, and she inquired about the woman staying in their cottage. Adam became defensive, and Chelsea demanded an explanation, but he balked. Chelsea sternly reminded him that she was his wife, and she grabbed the keys to the cottage and stormed off to find out the truth.

At the cottage, Sharon was relieved to hear the door open, and she called out for Adam. She was stunned to see Chelsea in the doorway instead.

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