The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 5, 2012 on Y&R

Chelsea learned Adam was giving Sharon an alibi for the fire. Billy received ransom demand for Victoria. Nick and Avery's romance heated up. Gloworm was torched.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 5, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, November 5, 2012

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar, Tucker discussed with Jill his concerns about Katherine's decision to step back in as CEO of Chancellor Industries. Jill reminded Tucker that he'd caused most of the stress Katherine had recently endured. Tucker claimed that Jill had also given Katherine grief, but Jill maintained that her relationship with Katherine had mellowed.

Tucker pleaded with Jill to convince Katherine to change her mind. Jill replied, "You're so anxious to keep your mother in her rocker; there's got to be something in it for you. I'm with Katherine that your dutiful-son routine doesn't smell right." Tucker insisted that he was genuinely concerned about his mother keeling over during a meeting. Tucker begged Jill to at least try to convince his mother to change her mind. Jill told Tucker that she'd never be able to convince Katherine to change her mind and that even mention of it would reopen painful wounds.

On Adam and Chelsea's estate, Chelsea was shocked to find Sharon living at the cottage. Face-to-face with Chelsea, Sharon exclaimed, "This is not what you think." Adam arrived. Chelsea told Adam that his sweet mistress had just defended his honor, which Chelsea claimed her husband had none of. Adam told Chelsea that he'd offered Sharon a place to stay while she worked out some issues. Sharon added that Chelsea had nothing to worry about. Chelsea angrily retorted, "My husband lied about stashing his ex-wife in our guesthouse. Why would he keep it so hush-hush if he had nothing to hide?"

Sharon hesitated before admitting to Chelsea that she'd suffered a recent emotional breakdown and had done things to hurt people she cared about. Sharon added that in her emotional state, she couldn't face the people she'd hurt. Chelsea glared at Sharon. Adam bit his lower lip as Sharon insisted to Chelsea that she shouldn't worry because Adam was committed to Chelsea. Sharon offered to move away at once. Adam protested and said, "No, you're not going anywhere."

Chelsea offered to fetch Sharon's bag from the main house, so Sharon could leave. Adam staunchly declared that they would not throw Sharon out, because she was in serious trouble. Chelsea abruptly left. Adam warned Sharon that Victor would have her jailed. Adam insisted that there wasn't a safer place for her to stay other than the cottage.

Later, alone in the cottage, Sharon appeared frazzled. She sat in a chair, but she restlessly fidgeted and tapped her fingers nervously on the armrest. Sharon quickly rose from the chair and heaved a sigh as she raced across the room and supported herself against the fireplace mantel. Sharon appeared to be trapped with no way to escape her emotional turmoil.

Adam returned to the main house and faced a livid Chelsea. Adam admitted that he'd been with Sharon each time he'd lied about being detained by car trouble or late business meetings. Adam explained that he'd felt the need to protect Sharon's privacy because there were legal ramifications involved. Chelsea sobbed softly. Adam declared, "I am not having an affair with Sharon! I am paying a psychiatrist to treat her because it's something I need to do." Chelsea said she believed that Adam was not sleeping with Sharon.

Tears welled in Chelsea's eyes when she asked Adam if he was still in love with Sharon. Adam told Chelsea that he wasn't in love with Sharon because he was very much in love with his wife. Chelsea suggested that Sharon might be faking her breakdown. Adam noted that Sharon was acting differently. Shaking from fury and anguish, Chelsea told Adam that he'd begun acting differently after they lost their baby. Chelsea calmed herself and told Adam that she wanted to trust him. Chelsea swore that she'd never trust Sharon because Sharon had flown to Kansas and attempted to stop Adam and Chelsea's wedding.

Adam later returned to the cottage and found Sharon obsessively cleaning every surface with a dust rag. Sharon told Adam that the place was as clean as she'd found it. Sharon began sobbing and worried that she'd ruined Adam and Chelsea's relationship. Sharon insisted on leaving at once, against Adam's persistent pleas to stay put until he could finish setting up her alibi. Chelsea returned and assured Sharon that it was all right for her to stay. Chelsea noted that Adam wanted to help. Sharon thanked Chelsea. Adam embraced his wife, but Chelsea fixed a stinging gaze on Sharon.

At the hospital, Phyllis kept vigil with Billy during Jack's surgery. Billy cautioned Phyllis against badgering Jack for putting Adam in charge at Newman Enterprises. Phyllis defended herself and insisted she was only concerned about Jack's well-being. Billy apologized. Phyllis sighed and said, "Jack has faith in me. He might be the only one who does."

A tense Billy cried that he wished he'd set matters straight with Jack before the surgery. Phyllis confidently replied, "He's going to make it!" Billy told Phyllis that Jack should have let his family, especially Kyle, know about the surgery. Billy added that his family was weird. Phyllis noted the Newmans were also an odd bunch. Phyllis admitted that she was thankful she wouldn't have to endure Victor's presence during the holidays.

Phyllis noticed that Billy seemed uneasy. Billy explained that he'd not heard from Victoria and had no idea which flight she was supposed to catch. Phyllis said that it was often impossible to book a last-minute seat. An exhausted Billy rubbed his forehead and explained that Victoria might still be upset about his rift with Jack. Billy said, "I hope it's that and not some kind of trouble."

Phyllis paced nervously and told Billy, slumped in a chair, that she'd find someone who could update them about Jack's surgery. Phyllis later returned and joyfully announced that Jack was out of surgery and faring well. Phyllis hugged Billy, and he thanked her for waiting with him. Billy heard a tone on his cell phone and discovered a text message. The sender, claiming to be Eddie G., stated: "Greetings, Bill. Been awhile. I'll be in touch soon. Much to talk about."

Somewhere unknown, Victoria was thrown into a dark, concrete-block-walled chamber. After landing on the floor, Victoria, barefooted, raced to the locked door and attempted to open it.

At Avery's condo, Nick arrived for dinner. He presented Avery with a lovely bouquet of flowers and some fine wines. Avery examined the bottles' labels and complimented Nick for choosing excellent vintages. While Nick poured wine, Avery noted that she'd prepared her famous chicken cacciatore. She added that she was completely comfortable both in the kitchen and in the courtroom.

Nick placed an album on the turntable and filled the room with jazzy music. As Avery whisked vinaigrette for the salad, Nick admired her from the other side of the room. Nick complimented Avery's cooking, and she noted that Phyllis lacked the skill to even heat water. Nick said perhaps they should just forget Phyllis for an evening.

Avery seemed uneasy, but Nick thanked her for having a heart-to-heart talk with Summer. Nick added that before the talk, Summer had been headed down a dark road. Avery explained that her own mother had betrayed her by lying about Avery's father's crimes. Avery equated her situation to Summer's and said she empathized with her niece.

Nick told Avery that he didn't want to mold his life based on his father's demands, which, Nick added, was why he'd stepped away from his father's company. Avery agreed and said, "It's hard to step out of your family's shadow to find your own way." Avery and Nick relaxed together on the balcony and sipped wine. Nick told Avery that he planned to take his time in deciding what he'd do next. Nick moved in closer, but Avery warned that they shouldn't let their feelings for each other escalate. Nick agreed and said he had to get home because Summer was watching Faith.

At the tack house, Summer showed Fen on her laptop how she'd set a trap for Jamie, the teenage boy Ronan was mentoring. Summer explained that she'd set up an account on FacePlace using the name Brittni. Summer gleefully announced that she was waiting for Jamie to accept "Brittni's" friend request, so she could put her plan into action.

Fen was apprehensive about helping Summer, but she goaded him into aiding her. Summer refused to discuss the details because she knew that Fen would attempt to thwart her plan, which Summer insisted she would carry out. Summer added, "That cop took a chainsaw to my family. He doesn't get to walk away without a scratch." Fen looked worried when Summer announced that Jamie had accepted the friend request. Summer gazed at the screen of her laptop and said, "All right, Brittni, do your thing!"

Summer, posing as Brittni, engaged in a back-and-forth chat with Jamie. "Brittni" shared tidbits of personal information about having committed a crime. Jamie admitted that he'd broken into and trashed his father's girlfriend's house because the woman had torn his family apart. Summer paused for a moment before announcing to Fen that she planned to post Jamie's confession at several sites online in order to make him "look like a loser."

A worried Fen noted that Summer's plan to persecute Jamie was cruel. Summer replied, "So was what Ronan did to my family." Fen told Summer that she was being a bully. He asked her how smearing Jamie's name online equated to revenge against Ronan. Fen warned that Summer's plan would backfire. Summer wrapped her arms around Fen and began kissing him. Fen claimed that Summer's romantic advances would not silence his protests, but the couple cozied up together on the sofa and continued to nuzzle, kiss, and grope each other.

Nick returned and slammed the door to alert the teens to his presence. The young couple stood at attention. Nick reminded Summer that she was supposed to be watching Faith. Summer rudely replied, "Do I have to watch her sleep?" Fen seemed nervous after Nick advised him to always be a gentleman when he was alone with Summer. Fen left.

Later, Nick phoned Avery and thanked her for the wonderful dinner and conversation. Summer overheard the end of the conversation and realized that her dad had been speaking to Avery. Nick was unaware of Summer's presence.

At Michael and Lauren's condo, Lauren gave Michael a relaxing massage. Michael explained that he'd endured a stressful day after learning that someone had purposely set fire to Victor and Nikki's house at the ranch. Michael sipped wine and noted that though it was disappointing to lose Heather, he was glad that she and Christine had joined forces to search for evidence to clear Paul. Lauren announced that Paul was falling back in love the Christine.

Lauren tenderly kissed Michael and said she was grateful for her wonderful marriage and family. Michael and Lauren sat close together on their sofa, nuzzling and kissing each other. Fen returned home. Lauren asked Fen where he'd been. In a defensive tone, Fen replied, "I'm home now, so you don't have to grill me like I'm some 'perp' up on Dad's witness stand!" Michael warned Fen to watch his tone. Lauren and Michael seemed concerned about Fen's hostile response.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Summer ran into Avery, and the two chatted briefly. Before leaving, Summer asked Avery what was going on with Avery and Nick. Avery explained that Nick had gone to her apartment for dinner, but it had not been a date. Summer wished it had been more because she thought her dad deserved somebody better than Phyllis.

Avery asked Summer if she was still thinking of suing for emancipation. Summer told her aunt that she'd decided not to do that, after all, for practical reasons. Summer thanked Avery for giving her good advice. Phyllis entered and saw Summer and Avery laughing together.

Phyllis interrupted, and Summer assumed that her mother was checking up on her. Avery mentioned that Summer had decided not to sue for her emancipation. After Summer left for school, Phyllis asked her sister if she was trying to steal Summer from her. Avery was stunned by Phyllis' reaction to her relationship with Summer. Phyllis accused Avery of trying to take her place in Summer's life. Phyllis warned Avery to back off.

Avery pointed out to Phyllis that she'd worked very hard to convince Summer not to sue for emancipation. Phyllis apologized and realized that Avery had been helpful. Phyllis then explained that she missed her daughter. Phyllis also revealed that she had not been sleeping well because she'd been at the hospital for Jack's back surgery.

Avery knew Phyllis was close to Jack, but Phyllis thought Avery was implying that Phyllis was romantically involved with Jack. Phyllis asked Avery to dinner, but Avery wasn't buying Phyllis' act of being nice to her.

Nick spoke with Noah in the kitchen before Noah went out for a run. Noah asked if Nick had heard anymore about the arson investigation. Nick did not believe that there was any evidence from the rubble that would implicate Sharon in the fire. Nick told Noah that he did not tell his parents about the smoky clothes they had found in Sharon's house.

Billy called Victoria's phone and left a message that he was concerned about her. Billy then looked at the text message on his cell phone from the Eddie G. There was a knock on the door, and when Billy answered it, Victor was standing there. Victor asked if Victoria was home.

Billy informed Victor that Victoria was probably on a flight home. Victor had expected Victoria to call him about her meetings in Miami. Billy assured Victor that Victoria would report to him as soon as she returned. Victor asked Billy to tell him what Victoria had learned.

Billy explained to Victor that Jack had been onto him and had fed Billy false information. Therefore, in Miami, Victoria had been on a wild goose chase. Victor blamed Billy for Victoria being led astray, even though Billy reiterated that it had been Jack who'd lied.

Victor blasted Billy for being a lousy husband to Victoria. Billy explained that he loved his wife. Victor reminded Billy that he had been forced to take the Newman job because Victor had blackmailed him. Billy told Victor that he resented Victor testing him. Billy also said that he didn't like Jack's games. Billy told Victor that he and Jack could both go to hell with Newman Enterprises.

Victor ask Billy if he planned to tell Victoria that he'd known all along that Victor had been in Los Angeles when he'd lost his memory. Billy reminded Victor that Victor had tried blackmailing Billy in the past, and it had blown up in Victor's face. Victor promised Billy that when Victoria got home, he would tell her everything about Billy's duplicity, and his daughter would finally see Billy was an "ass."

Victor went to see Nick at the tack house. Nick told his father he had not heard from Sharon. Victor was sure that Sharon would be back in time because of Faith. Victor was there to ask Nick about Victoria. Victor blamed Billy for having sent Victoria on a wild goose chase to Miami.

Victor was hopeful that Victoria would be angry with Billy and leave him. Nick didn't think Victoria would trade Billy for a corner office. Nick was angry that Victor expected him to prove his love and loyalty by giving his all to Newman Enterprises. Victor assumed that since Nick had his trust fund -- $500 million -- he didn't feel he needed to help his father any longer.

Nick said he'd earned his trust fund, but Victor was still angry about losing the control of the trust funds in court to Nick, Victoria, and Abby. Nick declared that he would not give any more of his blood, sweat, and tears to the company. Victor thought that Nick was proud of his independence, but it came at Victor's expense. Victor said that Nick was a coward for refusing to save the company.

Nick recalled that Victor had once complimented him for caring more about his family than business. Nick said that his priority was caring for his children because their mothers had been out of control. Nick felt he had to be present for Faith, Summer, and Noah because Sharon and Phyllis were both a mess. Victor felt Nick could do Newman business and be a responsible parent. Noah entered, and Nick told his father that they were done. Victor left the house.

Over breakfast at the coffeehouse, Tucker asked Jill if she planned on speaking with Katherine about Chancellor industries. Jill joked that there was a rumor going around that Kay was too old to run the business. Jill suspected that Tucker was up to something.

Tucker said that if Jill figured it out, she should drop him a line from Australia. Jill said she was not going back to Australia. Jill agreed that Kay should not be CEO of Chancellor Industries at that point in her life. However, Jill said if she spoke with Katherine, it wouldn't be for Tucker's sake. Tucker said that was fine with him.

Jill was grateful to Tucker for letting her know about Kay's business decision because Jill was worried about Kay's health. Tucker and Jill commiserated on their difficult relationships with Kay. Tucker hoped Jill would have better luck with his mother than he had.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki stopped Ronan in the lobby to ask if he'd spoken with Mr. Delafield, the arson investigator. Ronan had not called the man yet. Nikki was concerned that the trail to finding Sharon would go cold. Nikki wanted Ronan to get on it immediately, informing him that Sharon's bracelet had been found in the ruins.

Nikki wanted Ronan to find Sharon and question her about the fire. Nikki told Ronan that a bracelet had been found in the same room where the fire had started. Nikki said that the bracelet had been a gift from Victor to Sharon. Nikki said Sharon had disappeared after the fire.

Nick told Noah he wasn't sure what he was going to do with his future, since he was not returning to Newman Enterprises. Nick was heading out to the gym. Ronan was at the door and asked Nick about Sharon's location. Ronan asked Noah, too.

Neither Nick nor Noah knew where Sharon was. Nick didn't want to speak with Ronan and asked him to leave Noah alone. Nick closed the door in Ronan's face. Noah and Nick agreed that they had to find Sharon before Ronan did. Nick didn't think it was safe for Sharon in Genoa City.

At the Athletic Club, Esther asked Kay about her trip to Chicago. Kay said she'd gone shopping. Kay was distracted by the work she was doing. When Mitchell called Kay, she sent Esther to get lemons for her tea. Kay told her attorney she was raring to get back to work.

A few minutes later, Esther realized that Kay was resuming her Chancellor Industries business and that was why she had gone to Chicago. Kay defended her decision to go back to work. Kay felt she was good at business and needed to be busy.

Billy called Victoria and left another message. Billy looked at Eddie's message on his phone and then saw on the web that Eddie had been released from a Miami prison. Billy greeted Jill when she arrived at the house.

Jill told Billy that she was worried about Katherine resuming her role as CEO of Chancellor. Billy didn't want to get involved. Jill asked where Victoria was, and Billy explained that she was away on a business trip.

Jill feared that Katherine might end up having another stroke. On the subject of Jabot, Jill thought she would have been a better choice for CEO than Neil. While Billy went to wake Johnny from his nap, Jill heard a message ding on Billy's phone. Jill saw a threatening text message from Eddie G. When Billy returned, Jill asked Billy who Eddie G. was.

Billy revealed to his mother that he'd owed Eddie -- a gambler -- a lot of money and had never repaid him because Eddie had been in prison. Billy owed over one hundred thousand dollars, plus the juice. Jill was alarmed. Billy added that Victoria did not know about Eddie, and Billy didn't want her to know.

Victor went to Newman Enterprises and saw Phyllis in his old office. Phyllis told Victor that she was running research and development. Victor wanted to see Jack. Phyllis said Jack was out of the office, and Victor questioned Jack taking a vacation.

Phyllis refrained from telling Victor any more about Jack's whereabouts. Later, Victor and Nikki had coffee at Crimson Lights, and he expressed his concern about Victoria being out of touch since going to Miami.

Ronan interrupted to tell Victor and Nikki that there'd been another fire near town with a similar M.O. Ronan assumed that there was a firebug in Genoa City. Victor was curious that Sharon might not be the culprit after all.

Jill returned to the Athletic Club and said hello to Kay. Jill denied that Phillip had thrown her out of his home and sent her back to America. Kay realized that Jill was there on a mission for Tucker.

Kay knew that it was no coincidence that Jill was back just as Kay was returning to work. Jill admitted that Tucker was concerned about Kay's health. Jill said it was the worst time for Kay to take on such a huge task like running a corporation. Kay told Jill to keep her opinion to herself.

At the bar, Jill reported to Tucker that Kay would not listen to her advice to remain retired. Tucker told Jill that it would take more than one conversation for Jill to get through to Katherine. Tucker was sure that if Jill worked with him, they could protect Kay from herself.

At the gym, Nick was pleased to see that Avery was there working out. Nick playfully criticized Avery's form in weight training and corrected it. Nick was glad to hear that Summer was no longer going to sue for emancipation. Avery mentioned that Phyllis had accused Avery of trying to steal Nick and Summer from her. Nick let Avery vent, then Nick apologized to Avery for Phyllis' behavior.

Nick sympathized with Avery about Phyllis, comparing that relationship to his with Victor. Nick suggested that he and Avery both live their own lives and not worry about Phyllis and Victor's approval. Nick sat opposite Avery on the workout bench and they kissed. Phyllis walked into the gym and saw them kissing.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

At the hospital, Jack awakened after his back the surgery, and Phyllis greeted him with a smile. Jack was groggy and sore, but glad to see her. When Phyllis asked about his legs, Jack was relieved that he had feeling in his limbs. Phyllis admitted that she'd been afraid that Jack might be paralyzed again. Jack's doctor walked into the room and saw that Jack had already checked out his legs.

The doctor examined Jack and was pleased with the results of the procedure. The doctor told Jack to take it easy and allow his body to heal. The doctor explained that Jack would have significant pain and would need medication, but Jack felt he could handle it. When the doctor left, Jack said he felt like he was on a roll. Phyllis asked Jack to share the news with the Abbotts, but Jack didn't want to concern his family, despite the fact that he was out of danger.

Phyllis mentioned to Jack that Billy had waited with her all through the surgery, and she urged Jack to call his brother. Jack was still angry with Billy over Newman business and claimed he didn't like his brother very much, even though he still loved him. Jack asked Phyllis to return to work instead of remaining at the hospital. Phyllis agreed because she was suspicious of Adam running the company in Jack's stead. Jack said that he trusted Adam because Adam's prime motivation was proving himself to Victor.

Phyllis told Jack that she believed that Adam would betray Jack at any opportunity. Jack felt that he understood Adam's psychology and was safe from Adam's chicanery. Jack pointed out that if Adam wanted Victor's love, he would have given Victor his Newman stock. Jack declared that Adam wanted to show his father that he was a better businessman than Victor.

Chelsea went downstairs and saw Adam in the living room, ready to head off to work. Since Adam was acting CEO at Newman Enterprises while Jack was hospitalized, Adam was anxious to get into the office. Chelsea questioned Adam's decision to return to the corporate world. Adam assured her that he had made the right choice by going back to Newman Enterprises.

Chelsea pointed out that she hadn't seen enough of Adam when he was working on TagNGrab. Chelsea thought it would be worse with him back at Newman. Adam assured his wife that he would never ignore her. Before leaving, Adam mentioned that he was going to go to the cottage to check up on Sharon. Chelsea understood and said it was all right with her. Despite her words, Chelsea looked concerned as she watched Adam leave.

At the cottage, Adam asked Sharon how she was doing, and she said that she was feeling pretty good. Adam informed her that Dr. Watkins wanted to have the first session with Sharon later that day. Sharon was a bit apprehensive, but agreed to see the therapist. Adam advised Sharon to be completely honest with Dr. Watkins so that the therapist could help her.

Chloe called Chelsea and asked about the woman's suitcase they'd found in the cottage. Chelsea lied to Chloe, saying that Adam had revealed it had belonged to a housekeeper. Chelsea didn't reveal anything about Sharon. Chelsea and Chloe agreed to meet later in the day at the house.

Kevin overheard Chloe's call to Chelsea and wondered about Chloe's newfound friendship with Adam's wife. Chloe told Kevin about Chelsea's fashion talent. Chloe declared that Chelsea was a very talented designer.

Chloe was interested in starting a fashion line with Chelsea. Kevin wondered if Chloe was giving up on TagNGrab. Chloe said she loved the web site, but wanted something more. Kevin was ticked off and refused to abandon the web site. Kevin announced that he would find a new investor to take Adam's place.

Chelsea went to the cottage to confront Sharon. Chelsea warned Sharon to keep her hands off of Adam -- or else. Sharon was surprised by Chelsea's mistrust because Adam had told her that Chelsea was all right with Sharon staying there until she was better. Sharon assured Chelsea that she had no designs on Adam. Chelsea questioned Sharon's illness, suggesting that she was pretending to need Adam's help. Sharon explained that she just wanted to feel better and return to her kids.

At the Athletic Club, Victor saw Michael in the lobby and said hello. Victor told his former attorney that he and Nikki were trying to adjust to no longer having the ranch. Victor was curious about the arson investigation. Michael said that there might be a firebug on the loose, even though Michael knew that Nikki was sure that Sharon had set the ranch on fire. Victor said that he agreed with Nikki and thought Sharon had had motive and opportunity to burn down the ranch.

Kevin went to Michael's apartment and nearly turned to leave before ringing the doorbell. Michael was happy to see his brother. Kevin told "Mikey" that he needed his help. Michael said Kevin only called him "Mikey" when he was in trouble. Kevin asked for 15 million dollars.

Michael laughed out loud, but Kevin wasn't kidding. Kevin needed the money to replace Adam's investment in TagNGrab. Michael criticized Kevin for having gone into business with Adam. Kevin said if Adam abandoned the business, the web site would go under. Kevin urged Michael to line up investors for him. Michael didn't want to do that.

Kevin accused Michael of being unsupportive and judgmental. Michael denied putting his brother down, but he wished that Kevin would heed his advice. Kevin walked out angrily. Later, Michael followed Kevin to Crimson Lights because he didn't want their conversation to end in anger. Michael told Kevin that he could not come up with the money Kevin needed. Instead, Michael urged Kevin to start a new business.

At Chelsea's house, Chloe pitched the idea of creating a new business based on Chelsea's fashions. Chloe noticed that Chelsea seemed distracted. Chelsea felt like she was being rushed to make a decision, and she also wasn't feeling well. Chloe agreed to table the business talk for a few days. Chloe also suggested that Chelsea put a cold compress on her neck.

At the coffeehouse, Chloe heard Michael and Kevin going at it and told them to stop fighting. Michael received a call and learned that the arsonist had struck again. Michael told Chloe and Kevin that Gloworm had burned to the ground. Chloe was stunned. Kevin remembered that Jeffrey and Gloria had had a huge insurance policy on the restaurant. Michael was surprised that Kevin had thought of that before anything else.

Victor walked into the CEO's office at Newman Towers and saw Adam behind his old desk. Victor asked if Jack knew Adam was using his desk while he was in the hospital. Adam said that he was the acting CEO in Jack's absence. Victor offered Adam one last chance to do right by the family.

Victor proposed that Adam use his position as CFO to go to the Newman board to vote Jack out of the CEO's position. Adam had no desire to oust Jack. Victor thought that Adam was acting out against him.

Adam explained that he didn't care what Victor thought. Adam claimed that he'd made a business decision. Adam was determined to help Newman Enterprises excel to even greater heights. Victor said the corporation was already a great company. Adam scoffed and noted that Victor's other children weren't fighting for the company the way Adam was.

Phyllis returned to the office and was surprised that Victor was meeting with Adam. She wondered what Victor was doing there. Victor instead asked about Jack's surgery. Phyllis said that the procedure had been a success. Phyllis said that Jack was anxious to return to work. Alone with Adam, Phyllis questioned him about Victor's visit.

Adam explained that he had not invited Victor to the office; he had just shown up. Phyllis wanted to know why, and Adam revealed that Victor had asked him to oust Jack. Phyllis accused Adam of being a liar. Adam said that he was only interested in making Newman bigger and better than ever.

Chelsea went to Newman Towers and was impressed to see Adam behind Victor's desk. They agreed to go to lunch, but the phone rang, and Adam had to cancel to meet Dr. Watkins at the cottage. Dr. Watkins was going to have her first therapy session with Sharon. Adam offered to take Chelsea out to dinner, since he couldn't make it for lunch.

Victor went to the hospital, and Jack was surprised to see Victor in his room. Victor said that he was on the hospital board, so he knew about Jack's surgery. Victor asked Jack where Victoria had gone because she was missing.

Jack blamed Billy for having fed Victoria false information about Newman business. Victor warned Jack to watch his back because Adam could not be trusted. Victor declared that Adam was more like Victor than any of his other children.

Phyllis discovered Victor in Jack's hospital room. Victor warned Jack to get back to work soon because Adam was a schemer. After Victor walked out, Jack asked Phyllis about Victor having been at Newman Towers and meeting with Adam. Phyllis reported that Adam and Victor had discussed how Adam could betray Jack. Without thinking, Jack tried to get out of bed and was wracked with pain.

At the main house, Adam and Chelsea met with Dr. Watkins. The therapist explained that she'd reviewed Sharon's psychiatric records. Dr. Watkins was concerned that Sharon might be a danger to herself and others. Dr. Watkins wanted to get to work with Sharon immediately.

In the cottage, Sharon was anxious about her appointment with Dr. Watkins. Sharon told herself to get it together, but then said that she regretted agreeing to the session.

Adam went to the cottage and spoke with Sharon before Dr. Watkins arrived. Sharon was agitated. When Dr. Watkins entered the room, she told Sharon that she was suffering from a real illness. Sharon said that she wanted to get better. Dr. Watkins promised to help Sharon and said whatever Sharon told her would be kept confidential.

Adam returned to the main house. He told Chelsea that Dr. Watkins was with Sharon. Adam pointed out that Sharon had regressed since earlier in the day. Adam asked Chelsea if something had happened to Sharon to cause a relapse.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

At the Athletic Club, Nick told Nikki that the police had determined that there was an arsonist on the loose. Nick believed that news exonerated Sharon. Nikki conceded that Sharon might not have set the fire to the ranch, but Nikki felt Sharon still deserved their scorn. Nikki accused Nick of being too soft about his ex-wife. Nick reminded Nikki that Sharon was the mother of two of his kids, and Nick was worried that Sharon had suffered a mental breakdown.

Nikki sympathized with Nick about his children. Nikki declared that Nick had been a saint the way he'd put up with both Sharon and Phyllis. Nikki also mentioned to her son that she was concerned about Victoria because she had not called. Nick was sure the family would hear from Victoria very soon.

At the cottage, Dr. Watkins asked Sharon to trust her. Dr. Watkins said that she was not there to judge Sharon. Sharon said she'd never be forgiven for all the bad things she'd done. Sharon explained that her emotions had been all over the map.

Dr. Watkins knew that Sharon had gone through periods of depression in the past. Sharon was fearful, and Dr. Watkins asked her to identify the cause of her anxiety. Sharon didn't want to tell Dr. Watkins what she'd done, but finally felt safe enough to admit she'd set fire to Victor's house.

Sharon had no memory of starting the fire and said that she'd been very drunk. Sharon admitted that she had wanted to get back at the Newmans because of how they'd treated her over the years. Sharon felt bad about destroying the ranch and being responsible for Newman Enterprises becoming Jack's.

Sharon told Dr. Watkins that she was frustrated because she couldn't undo what she'd done. Sharon wondered if she'd ever be well again. Dr. Watkins was confident that Sharon would find her way out of her downward spiral. Sharon was determined to get better.

At the main house, Chelsea told Adam that Sharon might have simply been troubled about starting therapy. Chelsea asked Adam how he'd known that Sharon needed help. Adam explained that Sharon had called the night of the car accident. Chelsea realized that had been the night of the fire and surmised that Sharon was responsible for burning down Victor's house.

Chelsea was upset that there was an arsonist living on their property. Chelsea also resented that Adam had left her at the hospital after she'd lost their baby so that he could go to Sharon. Adam accused Chelsea of seeing it as a competition when it wasn't. Chelsea had more questions about what Adam had done for Sharon.

Adam confessed that he'd been protecting Sharon. Chelsea was afraid for Adam, but he was certain that everything would be all right. Chelsea believed that Adam was risking everything they had together for Sharon. Adam declared that he'd covered Sharon's tracks so she wouldn't get caught.

Adam explained that he'd been compelled to rescue Sharon. Adam said the police were not looking for Sharon and that the authorities thought that she was just taking time for herself. Chelsea saw no end to their involvement in Sharon's life. Adam was reluctant to tell Chelsea what he'd meant when he said he'd covered Sharon's tracks.

Chelsea listened to Adam's explanation, and it made her feel worse. Adam declared that his marriage to Chelsea meant everything in the world to him. Adam wanted everything to be good for the two of them, but Chelsea was still worried.

Dr. Watkins returned to the main house and told Adam that her therapy session with Sharon had gone well, and Dr. Watkins was encouraged. After the doctor left, Chelsea suggested that Adam go see Sharon. Before he left, Chelsea said that she feared that Adam might break her heart. Adam said that would never happen.

At the cottage, Sharon told Adam that she'd had a good session with Dr. Watkins. Sharon was tearful as she explained that the doctor wanted Sharon to begin taking medication. Sharon was terrified that she'd be on drugs for the rest of her life. Adam didn't think it was necessarily a bad thing. Sharon was frightened, and Adam hugged her gently.

Phyllis went to see Summer and wanted to hang out with her daughter. Summer explained that she was meeting a friend. Phyllis gave Summer a treat, the latest collection from Newman Cosmetics. Summer was pleased and excited.

Phyllis gave Summer a makeover and a manicure. Phyllis wanted to talk with her daughter, but Summer said she had to leave to meet Fen. Phyllis was glad that Summer had forgiven her. Phyllis explained that she regretted the mistakes she'd made and that Summer had been affected by Phyllis' bad decisions.

There was a knock on the door, and Avery arrived to see Summer. Avery complimented Summer on her new makeup. Avery approved of Phyllis and Summer spending time together. Phyllis asked why Avery was there, and Avery said that she had the cupcake recipe for Summer.

Phyllis resented Avery interrupting her mother-daughter time with Summer and suspected that Avery was really there to see Nick, not Summer. Phyllis told her sister that she'd seen Nick and Avery kissing at the gym. Phyllis wanted an explanation from Avery.

Billy greeted Ronan and told the detective that he was concerned about Victoria. Billy admitted that they'd had a little fight before Victoria left on a business trip. Ronan was alarmed that Victoria had not checked in about Johnny. Billy's phone buzzed, and he saw a text message from Eddie. The gambler warned Billy not to contact the cops or else Victoria would be harmed.

Billy lied to Ronan, claiming that he'd received a message from Victoria, and there was nothing to worry about. Ronan noticed that Billy was nervous. Billy said that as long Victoria was angry with him, he'd be nervous.

After Ronan left, Billy went online and found the closed-circuit camera showing that Victoria was being held in a cell. Billy got on the phone with Eddie and warned him not to hurt Victoria. Eddie demanded one million dollars from Billy to even the debt -- plus a penalty of another million, since Billy was responsible for Eddie winding up in prison.

Nick went to Billy's and demanded to know where Victoria had gone. Billy lied to Nick and said that Victoria had flown to Europe to follow up a Newman Enterprises lead.

Nick was suspicious, and Billy admitted that before she left, Victoria had been angry with Billy. Nick told Billy to call him when Victoria contacted him. When Nick left, Billy used Victoria's laptop to create an email from her to the family so the Newmans would stop asking him questions. Billy then looked at the closed-circuit camera footage of Victoria, promising to get her home.

Eddie took food to Victoria and was confident that Billy would not tell Victor about Victoria's abduction. Victoria believed her family would rescue her. Back home, Billy confided to Nikki that Victoria had been kidnapped.

Avery explained to Phyllis that when she'd kissed Nick at the gym, it had been an impulse. Phyllis asked Avery to admit that she wanted Nick. Nick walked into the house and saw Phyllis and Avery. Phyllis said she'd had a good visit with Summer.

Avery told Nick she was there to give Summer her cupcake recipe. Phyllis steamed as Nick complimented Avery on her baking. Later, after Phyllis had gone, Avery wrote the recipe on a pad and gave it to Nick for Summer. Nick smiled, and Avery admitted that she was really there to see Nick. Avery wanted to speak to Nick about the kiss.

Later, Phyllis was working out at the gym when Ronan approached. Phyllis stopped pounding the bag and turned to Ronan, hugging and kissing him passionately. Ronan was stunned.

Friday, November 9, 2012

At the Athletic Club gym, Phyllis seductively attempted to get Ronan to take her home, but he refused to have revenge sex with her while she was working out her anger issues. Phyllis was insulted that Ronan thought that she would use him, but he demanded to know whether she wanted a serious relationship with him. She pointed out that he had been all for it, but he questioned what had changed her priorities. Phyllis stormed off.

At the tack house, Nick and Avery discussed the kiss they'd shared. Avery called it an impulsive mistake, and she explained that she had been frustrated and angry with Phyllis at the time. Avery fretted that she had taken advantage of her friendship with Nick, and Nick stated that he still considered her a friend. Avery assumed that he was upset that she'd crossed the line.

Nick assured Avery that he wasn't sorry that they had kissed, and he admitted that he liked her, but he didn't think that he should be involved with anyone. Avery understood that his life was complicated, and she joked that the last thing he needed was her jumping his bones. He called the kiss amazing, but he felt that they should cool things down because of Phyllis. Avery revealed that Phyllis had witnessed the kiss.

Nick didn't want Phyllis to blame Avery for Nick and Phyllis' breakup, and Avery reminded him that Phyllis had cheated. Nick commented that not getting involved with Avery felt like payback because he didn't have a good track record staying faithful. He pointed out that he and Avery had rushed things before, and if they got back together, he wanted to do it right by cleaning up his life first. Avery stated that he knew where to find her, and she gathered her things to leave. On her way out, she declared that their last kiss had been okay, but she bet a chocolate cake that he could do better.

Later, Nick noticed that Avery had left behind her gloves. Summer returned home and mentioned that she'd passed by Avery at the gate. Summer remarked that Avery had been there a long time, but Nick told her not to read anything into it. Summer urged Nick not to fight the fact that he and Avery liked one another. Nick went upstairs, and Summer discovered that Jamie had removed "Brittni" as a friend on FacePlace. She called Fen, who reported that Jamie was at Crimson Lights with Ronan.

Avery turned on music at her apartment and flopped down on the couch. She had a steamy fantasy about kissing Nick during a romantic dance. Later, Nick stopped by and teased Avery for intentionally leaving her gloves behind. She argued that she absentmindedly forgot things all the time, and she asserted that she had spent ten minutes that morning, looking for her glasses when she had been wearing them. He inquired whether it had really been an honest mistake, but she claimed not to remember.

Nick handed Avery one glove, and he reserved the right to return the other one whenever he wanted. She asked what he would do when he did, and he suddenly grabbed her and pulled her close. Avery nervously giggled and said that she felt like she was in junior high with a crush on a hot guy. Nick asked if she wanted that hot guy to take her behind the bleachers, and he kissed her. She pulled away momentarily and started to refer to their earlier conversation, but he declared that his problem was that he thought about things too much. They resumed kissing passionately.

At Michael and Lauren's apartment, Gloria wondered why someone would burn down Gloworm, and Jeffrey contemplated who the arsonist would target next. Kevin asked about the restaurant's insurance policy, and Michael reported that the settlement could exceed seven million dollars. Gloria was stunned that she would get a huge payout due to a criminal's actions, and she planned to rebuild, but Jeffrey suggested that they buy a boat. Lauren advised them not to spend the money before they had it, and Kevin pointedly suggested that the Bardwells consider investing in other opportunities.

Michael mentioned that there would be an investigation, and Gloria scoffed at the idea that she had torched Gloworm for the money. Michael looked at Kevin, who angrily accused Michael of suspecting him. Kevin contended that it wasn't wise to invest in the restaurant business, and he tried to convince Gloria and Jeffrey to put their money into TagNGrab. Kevin explained that Adam was bailing on the venture and that he needed a new investor.

Gloria balked at Kevin's suggestion, but Kevin guaranteed an immediate return. Michael sarcastically grumbled that investors would be lining up. Gloria wasn't interested in an online business because she considered herself a people person. Jeffrey greedily inquired whether they would have profit participation, but Gloria maintained that she wouldn't consider it. Kevin blasted his family for not being there for him, and he called Gloria the most selfish person he'd ever met.

Gloria followed Kevin to Crimson Lights and explained that her reservations had nothing to do with him, but with TagNGrab. She felt that he was too creative to waste his time on a shopping site. She offered to invest in something he felt passionate about, and he coldly stated that he would keep that in mind when his company tanked. He ordered her and her money out, and she bellowed that all he cared about was getting his hands on her money, while her own business was a pile of ashes.

Michael worried about Kevin, and Lauren wondered whether TagNGrab would go under. Michael remarked that Kevin had been doing idiotic things, and Lauren diagnosed it as a bad case of "old Kevin." She remarked that "new Kevin" wouldn't have moved a dead body and lied to the police, and she thought that there was only so much Michael could do. Michael queried whether she expected him to turn his back on Kevin, but Lauren pointed out that Fen needed Michael's attention, too. Michael commented that Fen had been a bit defiant, and he considered tightening up the rules.

At Crimson Lights, Ronan tried to get Jamie to open up, and Jamie admitted that he had met a girl online who had turned him into a joke at school. Jamie explained that "Brittni" had approached him via FacePlace and had acted like she'd wanted to get to know him, but she had exposed his troubles with the cops online. Jamie realized that anyone could have made up a fake identity, and he lamented that no one had ever wanted to be his friend. Summer arrived and hugged Fen, and Ronan became suspicious.

Summer asked whether Fen could hear Ronan and Jamie's conversation, but Fen was tired of helping her go after an innocent guy to get back at Ronan. Fen understood that she was angry with Phyllis and Ronan, but he felt that bullying someone was stupid and that it would result in trouble. She huffed that she didn't need his help, and she walked out.

Ronan encouraged Jamie to keep his head up, and Ronan approached Fen. Ronan asked if Fen knew Brittni, but Fen replied that there were 20 girls with that name at his school. Michael entered and became leery when he spotted Ronan talking to Fen, who walked away. Ronan explained to Michael that someone had been harassing a young man, and he suspected that Fen was aware that Summer had been involved.

Nikki freaked out when Billy informed her that Victoria had been kidnapped, and she wanted to contact Victor and the police. Billy said that they couldn't risk telling anyone because the kidnapper had demanded two million dollars. Nikki replied that she didn't have that much cash on hand, and she insisted upon telling Victor because Victor would know how to handle his enemies. Billy clarified that the kidnapper was a contact from his own gambling days.

Billy admitted that he had never paid the kidnapper what he had owed. A livid Nikki blamed Billy for Victoria's predicament and wanted to call the FBI, but Billy warned that the kidnapper would kill Victoria if they did. Billy added that he had only told Nikki because he needed the cash. Nikki said that she would see what she could do, and Billy demanded that they keep the situation to themselves. Nikki stated that she would call him, and she left.

At the hospital, Jack struggled to reach for his tablet computer. He cursed when he saw an article about his hospitalization. An agitated Billy entered Jack's room and asked when Jack was getting out. Jack replied that he'd be discharged the next day, and he wondered why Billy seemed riled up. Billy vaguely said that he'd tell Jack when it was over, and Jack assumed Billy's news was about Newman Enterprises. Billy snarled that the company was all Jack thought about.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki met with David, a banker, and she requested to make a large withdrawal. She instructed him not to ask any questions or to say anything to Victor, who suddenly appeared behind her. Victor asked what she wanted to keep secret, and she claimed that she was trying to plan a surprise for him. Victor was skeptical about the timing, but she told him not to ruin everything by pushing for details.

Phyllis approached Billy at the bar and asked if he'd checked on Jack, but Billy barked that he'd been busy. She noticed that he was eyeing Nikki and David, but Billy told her to mind her own business, and he sauntered off. Ronan joined Phyllis and jokingly hoped that she wouldn't mistake him for a punching bag. He apologized for their earlier exchange, but she cut him off and swore that Nick hadn't been the reason she'd asked Ronan back to her place. She realized that he didn't believe her, and she asked how she could prove it. Ronan invited her to dinner, and she accepted.

David told Nikki that he would have the money for her in the morning, and he questioned whether she was in trouble, but she simply said that she'd call him the next day. David left, and Billy asked Nikki how the meeting had gone. She updated him and asked what happened next, and he expected Eddie to call with instructions about how to get Victoria back. Nikki worried that if anything bad happened, Victor would never forgive them.

Billy informed Eddie that he would have the money the next day, and Billy insisted upon talking to Victoria. Eddie handed the phone to her and cautioned her not to get cute. Billy promised that he would get her out and that it would all be over soon. She asked about Johnny, and Billy replied that both he and Johnny missed her. Victoria pleaded for Billy to call Victor, but Eddie took away the phone and warned Billy not to play games. Later, Billy loaded a gun, while Victoria searched for a means of escape.

At the gym, Victor vigorously worked out with the punching bag, and Adam contemplated exercising elsewhere. Victor speculated that Adam was envious of what Victor had accomplished on his own, whereas Adam had stepped into his position without having to work hard. Adam contended that he'd made something of himself without relying on the Newman name, and he hadn't been the son who had walked away. Victor snarled that Adam had helped Jack to steal the company, and Adam retorted that he had tried to continue the Newman legacy, but Victor only considered Victoria good enough for the job. Adam questioned why Victoria wasn't there.

Later, Victor asked Nikki about his surprise, but she told him to be patient. He acknowledged that patience wasn't his strong suit, but he could read people, and he observed that she looked worried. She claimed that she was afraid that he was pushing himself too much, but he declared that he was stronger than ever. Nikki warned Victor to be careful.

Phyllis visited Jack and marveled that he was about to be released. She encouraged him to sometimes "stop and smell the Jell-O" rather than always speeding through life. Jack asserted that he had an empire to run, but she assured him that she and Adam had things under control. Phyllis implored Jack to take care of himself and to not screw things up. He promised that he would, but she realized that he couldn't do it alone. Jack asked Phyllis to move in with him.

Jack clarified that Phyllis could live in the guesthouse. He explained that he needed someone to stay with him for a while, but Kyle was in New York, and Ashley and Traci had their own lives. Jack didn't expect Phyllis to drop everything for him, but he hoped that she would help him. He lamented that he hadn't heard from anyone else since he had been in the hospital, and Phyllis urged him to reach out to his family. Jack said that he and Phyllis had always been able to count on one another, and he asked if he could he count on her once again.

Phyllis offered to move in with Jack if he didn't push himself too hard. He agreed, and she called him a horrible liar. She prepared to leave for an appointment, but he guessed that she had a date with Nick. She stated that Nick was moving on and that she was, too. Jack thanked Phyllis for pushing him to get the surgery, and she departed. Jack reached for a bottle of pills.

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