The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 12, 2012 on Y&R

Billy was desperate to rescue Victoria from Eddie. Sharon was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Ronan suspected Summer was cyber-bullying Jamie. Jack was in pain but refused to stop working.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 12, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Chelsea was pleasantly surprised by Adam's romantic candlelit dinner set up for them to enjoy in their living room. Chelsea quipped that it must be Sharon's birthday. Adam admitted that he deserved his wife's biting remark, but he insisted to Chelsea that he loved only her. Chelsea kissed Adam. As she led Adam upstairs to their bedroom, Chelsea said that Adam should repeatedly prove his devotion to her.

After Adam and Chelsea made love, Chelsea fell asleep. Adam went downstairs and had a drink. While perusing news stories on his laptop, Adam read about the fire that had destroyed Gloworm. Adam quickly grabbed his keys and headed out the front door.

At the cottage on Adam and Chelsea's estate, Sharon penned a heartfelt letter to Noah and Faith. Sharon pledged her deep love for her children and promised to return to them as soon as she could. She encouraged her children to lean on their father. Sharon balled up the letter and tossed it into a mounting pile of discarded letters, one of which stated that she needed the emotional support of her children. Sharon, overcome with anxiety, stepped out the front door and headed into the darkness.

Ronan dressed in a suit and tie for his date with Phyllis. Ronan's choice of venue, with its hip vibe and modern décor, failed to impress Phyllis. She noted that they were unlikely to encounter ex-lovers. Phyllis quipped that at least their first date was less awkward because they'd already seen each other naked.

Unable to settle on a shared appetizer, Ronan asked Phyllis what she wanted to order. She replied, "To put this day out of its misery." Ronan suggested getting a pizza and a case of beer, so they could instead enjoy a casual romantic interlude at Phyllis' place. Phyllis, emotionally drained, nixed the idea. She said, "I can't do that tonight. It's not happening."

Phyllis and Ronan left the restaurant before ordering dinner. Ronan escorted Phyllis to her front door. He inched closer to Phyllis, but she blocked the entryway with her body. Phyllis thanked Ronan for taking her out, but he admitted that it had been a dismal evening for them both.

At Avery's condo, Nick drew Avery close and kissed her. Avery gently backed away and reminded Nick that he'd vowed to wait a while before becoming romantically involved. Avery admitted that her feelings for Nick made her brain "mushy," and she demanded to know what had changed his mind. Nick told Avery that he couldn't stop thinking about her.

Avery warned Nick that choosing to become intimately involved would have "very real" consequences. Nick noted that Avery, who'd stepped a distance away, was looking at him as if he'd lost his mind. Avery suddenly decided to make a pot of soup because she claimed that cooking always cleared her mind.

Nick made suggestive overtures each time Avery asked him to hand her spices for the soup. Avery and Nick discussed their upbringing. Nick unashamedly disclosed that his sister was his best friend, and he said he wished Victoria well as she fought to regain control of Newman Enterprises. Nick added that he had no desire to assist Victoria in her battle for a company that had never and would never belong to him.

Avery reflected on her family life and admitted that she lacked Phyllis' ability to recognize deception and directly challenge conflicts. Avery explained that she'd stayed with her parents because she'd been too scared to walk away. After Nick and Avery finished their soup, Nick said he had to return home in case a nightmare awoke Faith. After Nick walked out, Avery closed the door and sighed like a lovesick teenager.

Avery fell asleep on her sofa and dreamed that Nick returned. After Nick walked inside Avery's apartment, Phyllis suddenly appeared and screamed, "You're a liar!" Phyllis reminded Avery that she'd insisted she wasn't involved with Nick. Phyllis also recalled the reason Avery had moved to Genoa City. Phyllis yelled, "You came here to punish me! You brought Daisy back to town, you took Sharon on as a client, and you slept with my husband!"

Avery defended herself and explained that she no longer wanted Nick because he was her sister's spouse. Avery admitted that she wanted Nick because she was infatuated with him. Phyllis replied, "Nick came back to me once. He'll come back to me again." Avery awoke with a start and sighed with relief after she realized she'd dreamed the startling encounter with her sister and Nick.

Outside the tack house on the Newman property, Sharon tiptoed near the front window and saw Noah sitting inside. Dogs barking in the distance caught Noah's attention, and he opened the front door just as Sharon turned to walk away. Noah said, "Mom?" Sharon reluctantly followed Noah inside the tack house, tightly embraced him, and told him that she missed him. Sharon asked Noah if he'd gotten her note stating that she'd had to leave and couldn't return just yet.

Noah asked his mom where she'd been, and she told him that her situation was complicated because she'd been ill and had done some things that she couldn't undo. Sharon added that during her marriage to Victor, he'd become her only friend. She explained that it had all became too much to handle. After Victor's return to Genoa City, Sharon cried, he'd never given her time to explain her actions.

Noah, face-to-face with his mother, asked, "Did you burn down Grandpa's house?" Sharon replied, "No. This is about Newman Enterprises and Victor's stock that now belongs to Jack. That was my doing." Noah questioned his mother about her illness and insisted she shouldn't be alone. Sharon explained that Adam was helping her and had saved her life. Sharon added that she couldn't yet disclose her whereabouts, but she dispelled Noah's reservations and insisted that a very respectful Adam had kept her safe.

A concerned Noah reminded his mother of the vengeful acts Adam had committed against her. Noah added, "The tape made of you and Skye at the volcano -- and Faith; have you forgotten about Faith?" Sharon longingly caressed Faith's pink coat and sniffed her daughter's scent on the garment.

When Sharon heard Nick's car, she instructed Noah to keep quiet. She asked Noah to contact Adam and arrange a visit with Faith. Sharon pleaded with her son not to divulge her secret, and she explained that she was also receiving professional help. Before Sharon sneaked out the back door, she cried, "Noah, everything will be all right."

Nick returned and told his son that he'd been with Avery. Noah told his dad that he seemed to moving on quickly after ending his relationship with Phyllis. Noah mentioned a brief relationship he'd had with a wild, fun girlfriend and said he somewhat understood Phyllis' fascination with Ronan. Nick advised his dad not to "screw up" his relationship with Avery.

Back at Adam and Chelsea's estate, Chelsea awoke and realized that Adam wasn't in bed beside her. She ventured out to the cottage and began reading Sharon's discarded letters. Chelsea unfolded one note and read it aloud, "Adam has been my rock, my protector. Without him, I'd be lost." Chelsea sighed heavily, scrunched the paper back into a wad, and slipped it into her coat pocket. Chelsea sat in a chair and began reading another of Sharon's letters. Sharon appeared from behind, grabbed the note, and cried, "These are mine. You had no right."

Chelsea watched as Sharon gathered the wads of scribbled-on paper and clutched them to her chest. Sharon cried, "These are my personal thoughts and my feelings. It's lonely here. You understand that?" Chelsea replied that she understood because she'd been alone once and knew the fear of worrying that she might never become whole again.

Sharon recalled that Chelsea had just lost her baby. Sharon said, "I wish I could tell you that it gets better, but I really don't think it does." Sharon immediately apologized for not being able to help Chelsea feel better, but Chelsea explained that Sharon's words did help. Chelsea admitted she was having difficulty putting it behind her and moving on.

Chelsea seemed to connect with Sharon. Sympathetically, Sharon cried, "Your heart is your heart. You shouldn't let anyone tell you what to do with it." Sharon acknowledged that she hadn't been the greatest mother or the greatest daughter. Sharon expressed remorse about her inability to undo the damaged relationships with her children and her mother.

At Jimmy's Bar, Adam met with the man he'd hired to set fires in abandoned buildings, so it would appear that someone unknown had burned down the ranch house. Adam sternly reminded the man that he was supposed to set fires in vacant buildings. Adam explained that Gloworm belonged to his wife's father. The man laughed and said, "That's funny." Adam noted that he wasn't about to let the man torch any place of his choosing. The man replied, "Can't let me? That's funny, too."

After the man rushed off, Ronan took his seat across from Adam and said, "What are you getting into this time, Newman? What are you breaking open that wallet of yours for now, Adam, especially in a place like this?" Adam noted that plenty of deals were sealed in a place like Jimmy's and that plenty of dirty deals were made at the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Chelsea returned home and saw the news story about Gloworm on Adam's computer. Adam returned and was surprised to find Chelsea awake. She expressed concerned about the fire at Gloworm, but Adam explained that no one had been hurt. Chelsea noted that authorities believed the same person that burned down the ranch house had also set Gloworm ablaze. Chelsea said, "Sharon didn't do this, but someone made it look as if she did."

Chelsea asked Adam if he had been involved with the arsons. Adam said that as far as the public was concerned, Sharon had been out of town the night of the fire. Adam added that thanks to a payoff, several witness would testify that Sharon had been away. Chelsea again asked about the other fires. Adam suggested that someone had perhaps become a copycat.

After Ronan left, Phyllis fell asleep on her sofa. She was later awakened by a persistent knock at her door. When she opened her door, she found Ronan holding a pizza and a case of beer. A slightly inebriated Ronan explained that he wanted a do-over date. Phyllis pulled on her robe held it tightly closed to cover her lacy nightie.

Ronan barged in and insisted that they salvage their evening together. Phyllis replied, "No. It's late." Ronan told Phyllis that she was her own worst enemy because she always ended up in trouble and alone. An angered Phyllis insisted that her involvement with Ronan was just sex without any promise of a relationship. Phyllis screeched, "You want to talk about being your own enemy? How's your mom doing? How's your buddy Christine doing? How's your brother, Chance? How's that all working out for you?"

Ronan seemed crushed and explained that family and friends all claimed he wouldn't open up to them. Ronan cried, "I'm here because I want to know you, Phyllis. I want to know what makes you happy." Phyllis replied, "I don't know." Ronan caressed Phyllis, but she pushed him away and told him that they could talk after her divorce hearing. Ronan had an epiphany and noted that Phyllis was always concerned about Nick and only Nick.

Phyllis tied her robe closed and backed away from Ronan. Ronan yelled, "You think that when you go into that conference room with Nick tomorrow that he's going to take you back? He's not! He's not coming back!" Phyllis emphatically cried, "We're done here." She opened the door and motioned for Ronan to leave. Ronan grabbed his beer and stumbled out.

A desperate, sobbing Phyllis phoned Nick. Nick answered and asked what was wrong. Phyllis pitifully replied, "Everything." Weeping, Phyllis told Nick that she'd rather discuss a settlement with him after they cooled down. Nick replied that he just wanted the whole thing to be over, and he ended the call. Phyllis sobbed pitifully.

Avery stopped by the tack house to deliver a message directly to Nick. Avery blurted out that she was no longer afraid to pursue a relationship. Avery added, "Now you know, and the rest is up to you!" Avery kissed Nick on the lips before abruptly bidding him a goodnight on her way out the door.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

At the tack house, Nick said good morning to Summer and said he was dressed in a suit because he had to meet with the lawyers about his divorce from Phyllis. Nick offered to discuss the situation with Summer. Nick admitted that he was disappointed that the marriage had fallen apart. Summer explained that she realized that Phyllis was lonely and miserable, but Summer couldn't deny her hurt feelings about Phyllis having caused the breakup.

As Nick left, he saw that Fen was at the door. Nick reminded Fen and Summer not to be late for school. After Nick was gone, Fen asked Summer to leave Jamie alone because Jamie didn't deserve to be smeared. Summer agreed that her plan had been dumb because Ronan wouldn't be hurt by what happened to Jamie. Summer told Fen to go to school without her because she was going to see her mother.

Phyllis went to Avery's apartment and asked her sister if she would go with Phyllis to the divorce hearing. Phyllis explained that she didn't need legal advice, but she wanted Avery's moral support. Phyllis thought Avery would be a calming influence for her. Phyllis added that she wouldn't expect Avery to make a pass at Nick during the proceedings.

Avery told Phyllis that she had been thinking seriously of dating Nick. Phyllis liked that Avery had finally owned up to her feelings for Nick. Phyllis still wanted Avery to be with her at the hearing. Avery realized that Phyllis was planning an emotional scene that would make Nick feel guilty during the meeting. Phyllis denied that she was up to anything and accused Avery of pretending to be the good girl like she always had growing up. Phyllis left angrily.

Victor walked into Billy's house and found Billy asleep on the couch. Victor mentioned that he had doubts about the email that Victoria had sent because the grammar was off. Victor suspected that someone other than Victoria had sent the email. Billy was resentful, but then Victor noticed Billy's pistol on the coffee table. Billy explained that he'd thought there'd been a prowler the night before, so he had taken out the gun. Victor sensed that Billy was lying and that Victoria was missing.

Later, Victor met Nikki at the Athletic Club, and he explained that Billy had been acting very suspiciously when they met. Nikki was called away suddenly when she saw the banker at the entryway. Victor saw Nikki's phone when she received a text message and saw that Billy wanted Nikki to call him. The banker told Nikki there was a hitch in her withdrawal of two million dollars. Nikki demanded the money be prepared immediately.

When Nikki returned to the table, Victor asked Nikki to explain why she was in cahoots with Billy. Nikki told Victor the truth, that Victoria had been kidnapped. Victor was stunned that Nikki had kept the truth from him. Nikki told Victor that she was frightened for Victoria. Victor told Nikki that he would take charge of the situation and get Victoria home, because Billy was incapable of getting the job done.

In Miami, Victoria tried to pick the lock to escape her cell. In frustration, she called out for help. Later, Eddie was in the cell with Victoria when he phoned Billy to find out about the ransom. Billy said he was pulling the money together. Billy asked to speak with Victoria and assured Victoria that he would get her home. Eddie threatened Billy to pay or else he'd never see Victoria again.

Nikki went to see Billy and said that there had been a delay in the money. Billy fumed when Nikki revealed that Victor knew about Victoria's abduction. Billy feared that Victor would endanger Victoria's life because he didn't know how to deal with a criminal like Eddie. Meanwhile, at the Athletic Club, Victor called one of his sources and ordered him to track down Eddie G. in Miami.

Cane and Lily were at the Athletic Club for breakfast. They discussed Genevieve's abrupt exit from town. Cane suspected that Genevieve might have actually killed the woman they suspected was Claude Shirl. Lily didn't believe that Genevieve would have done that, but Cane pointed out that his mother hadn't chosen to stay and find out what had really happened.

Jill appeared, and Lily and Cane greeted her, welcoming her back in Genoa City. Jill sympathized with Cane about Genevieve leaving town. Neil arrived, and he and Jill exchanged pleasantries. Jill congratulated Neil on his appointment as Jabot's CEO, but she was covering up the fact that she was ticked off. Later, Jill called Tucker to say that she had an idea of how to get Kay to step down from Chancellor.

At the hospital, Sarge congratulated Jack on the successful surgery. Jack asked Sarge to supervise his rehab, but Sarge wasn't sure. Sarge had thoughts of moving on, but considered Jack's request. After Sarge left, the spirit of John appeared and questioned Jack about why he was dressing to leave the hospital.

John was concerned about the choices that his son had made, especially in the way he had treated Ashley and Billy. Jack said that he had developed a closer relationship with Phyllis, and she had even agreed to move into the guesthouse. John pointed out that Phyllis had only taken the job at Newman Enterprises because of Nick. John noticed that Jack was popping pain pills. Jack refused to listen to his father's criticism about rushing back to work.

Avery bumped into Nick at Crimson Lights. Nick said he was on his way to meet with the lawyers about the divorce. Avery offered to see him afterward if he needed to decompress. Nick appreciated Avery's offer.

At the hearing, Nick and Phyllis arrived separately. The lawyers seemed to agree on the property settlement, but Phyllis interjected that she wanted a few personal items, a teddy bear, and a mobile. Phyllis wanted those items written into the legal documents. Nick didn't object. Phyllis questioned the shared custody of Summer. Nick said Summer was old enough to make her own choices. Phyllis didn't want Summer to choose to stay away from her.

Summer went to the penthouse to see Phyllis. Summer saw that Ronan was knocking on the door, but Phyllis wasn't home. Ronan left a bouquet of flowers and a note outside the door. After Ronan left, Summer picked up the note and read it. Summer then trashed the flowers.

Phyllis returned home and was surprised to find Summer in the living room. Phyllis was glad to see her even though Summer should have been in school. Summer asked Phyllis why she'd destroyed her marriage to Nick by doing what she'd done. Phyllis explained that she'd been afraid of going to prison and being absent from Summer's life for big events like Summer's graduation and wedding.

Summer pointed out that Phyllis should never have had a real sexual affair with Ronan. Phyllis admitted that she had needed to feel loved. Phyllis was stunned when Summer said Phyllis was still seeing Ronan. Phyllis acted shocked, and Summer told her mother that she was a liar. Phyllis wanted to know why Summer thought that Ronan was still in her life. Without answering, Summer walked out.

Phyllis went to Crimson Lights, searching for Summer. Ronan said that Summer wasn't there and asked Phyllis if she'd gotten his flowers. Ronan sincerely apologized for his actions the night before. Ronan introduced Phyllis to Jamie and explained that he was Jamie's mentor. Summer saw Phyllis with Ronan and Jamie.

Summer went home and used her laptop to attack Jamie. While Ronan was telling Phyllis about a fishing trip he and Jamie had taken, Jamie received a disturbing email from Brittni. Ronan saw the message and told Jamie that it was garbage, but Jamie was upset. Phyllis asked what was going on, and Ronan said that a mean girl at school was going after Jamie. Ronan suspected that Summer was involved.

Nick returned home and found Summer there instead of being at school. Summer claimed to have forgotten a book. When Summer left for school, Nick called Avery, and asked if Avery was still open to meeting with him to talk. Nick wanted to take Avery out to dinner.

Billy confronted Victor at the Athletic Club and asked what he'd done about getting Victoria back. Victor said that he was in charge and that when Victoria was home, Billy's marriage would be over. Billy was determined to get Victoria back on his own and declared that nothing was more important to him than Victoria.

Neil ran into Leslie at the Athletic Club. Neil had wanted to speak with Leslie about going to work for Jabot as a corporate lawyer. Leslie wasn't sure, but Neil asked if they could talk about it. Neil convinced her to go out to dinner with him. Leslie agreed to have dinner with Neil later in the week.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Phyllis went to Nick's to speak with him about Summer. Phyllis explained to Nick that Summer was involved in the cyberbullying of a boy at school. Nick didn't want to believe it, and when he heard that the boy was someone whom Ronan had been mentoring and the allegations were from Ronan, Nick became defensive. Phyllis pointed out that Summer seemed to be lashing out.

Nick wasn't buying Ronan's suspicions and argued that Summer had been improving. Phyllis told Nick about the flowers that Ronan had left for her outside the door, which had disappeared when Summer showed up. Nick was unconvinced that Summer had done anything wrong. Phyllis reminded Nick that Summer had been responsible for slashing Ronan's tires and for causing the car accident. Phyllis was worried about Summer, but Nick remained in denial.

Lauren and Michael went to Crimson Lights. Lauren admitted that she was worried about Fenmore. Michael pointed out that Fen was a teenager, and they were likely to experience some issues with him. Inside the coffeehouse, Lauren and Michael spied Fen and Summer very close together at a table.

Michael and Lauren interrupted Summer and Fen, prompting Summer to leave for home. Michael told Fen that he'd talked with Ronan about Fen's alleged involvement in a harassment case. A boy at Fen's school was being cyberbullied, and Ronan suspected that Summer and Fen were involved. Fen grew indignant and asked if Michael was questioning him like a suspect. Lauren demanded Fen explain what was going on with him.

Fen said that he and Summer were good friends, and his parents should leave him alone. Michael said that Ronan had reasons to believe that Summer was targeting Jamie with her bullying. Fen claimed that he didn't know Jamie very well.

Lauren explained that cyberbullying was a serious crime. Fen wanted to leave, but Michael grabbed his son and demanded the truth. Fen said that Summer had proposed that she, Fen, and Jamie could be friends, and that it was her idea to befriend Jamie. Fen felt that Michael was blaming him without reason.

Later, after Fen had gone, Lauren and Michael agreed that Summer was a bad influence on their son. Paul appeared and joined the Baldwins at a table. Paul told them that Christine had yet to find any proof that Ricky was a killer.

Paul had decided to accept responsibility for the way Ricky had turned out. Michael reminded Paul that Ricky had been an adult and responsible for himself. Paul advised Michael and Lauren to take good care of their son, better than he'd done with Ricky.

Michael was confident that Christine and Heather would be successful in finding evidence in California to exonerate Paul. Michael said his job was to put criminals away, not go after his friends. Michael believed that Paul was not guilty of premeditated murder.

After listening to Paul's self-criticism, Lauren urged Paul not to lose hope. Lauren was afraid that Paul was giving up. Paul explained that he was being realistic, not fatalistic. Paul didn't think he'd ever get over the guilt of shooting Ricky. Paul felt he was in a prison of his own making.

Jack was at home, doing Newman Enterprises work. Sarge walked in and questioned Jack about his activity. Sarge took Jack's iPad and advised Jack to take it easy and let his body heal. Jack stubbornly refused to stop. Sarge walked out, saying there would be no rehab until Jack stopped working. Jack answered the phone and continued doing business.

Meeting in the cottage, Dr. Watkins complimented Sharon on doing her therapy assignment, writing letters to her children. Sharon told Dr. Watkins that she still feared her children would forget her. Sharon mentioned that she'd gone to see Noah the night before, and she was anxious to spend time with Faith.

Dr. Watkins understood Sharon's feelings and urged her to go slowly with regard to her children. Dr. Watkins was ready for Sharon to begin taking medication to treat her bipolar disorder. Dr. Watkins said that with therapy, medication, diet, and exercise, Sharon would begin to return to a balanced life.

Sharon feared taking medication to even her emotions would result in her losing her grip on reality. The doctor said the medication was essential to her treatment. Later, Sharon was alone at the cottage. She looked at the vial of drugs. Sharon struggled with the idea of taking a pill. She finally swallowed the medication.

Adam was in the Newman office, hard at work, but his mind was on Sharon. A moment later, Noah burst in and asked Adam what was going on with him and Sharon. Noah wanted to know what was wrong with his mother. Noah revealed that Sharon had visited him the night before, and he knew that Adam was helping her. Adam said it was a complicated situation.

Adam said that he'd been looking out for Sharon and had kept her confidence. Noah wondered if Adam was trying to win Sharon back again. Adam said he was committed to his marriage to Chelsea. Adam explained that Sharon was not well and needed professional help.

Noah reminded Adam that he'd caused Sharon a lot of pain in the past. Noah thought Sharon should turn to the family for help. Adam pointed out that if Noah trusted the family, he would have confided Sharon's visit to Nick. Adam added that the Newmans had all scorned Sharon when she needed help.

Noah blamed himself for not doing more for Sharon when he returned from New York. Adam assured Noah that Sharon had never been disappointed in Noah. When Noah asked if Sharon had started the fire at the ranch, Adam covered for Sharon.

Noah told Adam that Sharon really wanted to see Faith. Adam was concerned because Faith might tell Nick about the meeting. Noah believed that Nick would be supportive of Sharon. Adam distrusted his brother. Noah agreed to keep Faith away, but Noah wanted to see his mother again.

Later, Noah offered to take Faith out to play in the yard. Faith said she missed mommy and wanted to see her again. Faith wondered if Sharon was returning for real. Noah assured his sister that their mother would be back home soon.

Noah decided to take Faith for a ride in the car. Nick returned suddenly and asked where Noah and Faith were going. Noah said Faith had been sad about Sharon, so Noah wanted to cheer his sister up by taking her to look at Christmas decorations.

Later, Noah went to the cottage with Faith. Sharon was overjoyed to see Noah and her daughter. Sharon hugged Faith close. Noah explained that Faith might be a little stunned about seeing Sharon again. Sharon got a little manic, trying to please her daughter with treats. Faith got scared and ran to Noah. Sharon felt awful.

Phyllis went to Jack's, ready to move into the guesthouse to help care for him during his recovery. Phyllis had personal issues on her mind -- the divorce and Summer's troubles -- and Jack was sympathetic. Phyllis said that she wanted to concentrate on work instead of her problems. Jack had a job for Phyllis at the office. Jack wanted Phyllis to report about what was happening inside the office, especially what Adam was up to. Phyllis was happy to spy for Jack.

Before leaving, Phyllis thanked Jack for giving her a distraction from her life. After she left, Jack nearly collapsed in pain. Later, Jack continued doing business on the phone. He was in agony from the pain, but resisted taking a pill.

Avery arrived at Newman Enterprises to meet with Adam. Avery was surprised when Adam questioned Avery's loyalty to Newman Enterprises. Avery explained that she was allowed to have a personal life outside of the company. Adam suspected that Avery was more interested in Nicholas Newman than Newman Enterprises.

Avery and Adam wrapped up their appointment. Phyllis walked into the office, and Adam was surprised that Phyllis had shown up for work. Phyllis said she'd taken some approved personal time. Avery backed up Phyllis, citing the Newman Enterprises human resources manual. Phyllis wanted Adam's approval on a file she'd submitted to him. Adam handed her the signed file.

Outside the office, Phyllis and Avery spoke briefly, and Phyllis mentioned that she had moved into Jack's house to help him during his recovery. Avery was interested in Phyllis and Jack's relationship. Phyllis said that Avery was reading too much into Phyllis' helping. Phyllis assumed that Avery was looking for an excuse to date Nick.

Adam nearly walked out of the office, ready to call it a day, when the phone rang. Adam took the call and resumed working. At the Abbott house, Phyllis reported to Jack that Adam was doing a good job. Phyllis still thought Adam was a jerk. Phyllis opened a bottle of sparkling cider and insisted that she and Jack toast to new beginnings.

Nick looked at family photos before leaving the house to meet Avery for dinner. Nick arrived at the restaurant where Avery was waiting for him. Nick wondered if he was making a mistake by pursuing a relationship with Avery. Sensing he had changed his mind, Avery offered to end the date. Nick took her hand and said he was where he wanted to be.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

At the cottage, Sharon reassured Faith that everything was all right. Noah explained to Sharon that Faith was overwhelmed to see her Mommy again. Sharon apologized to Faith for scaring her. Noah told his sister that a doctor was treating Sharon, and Sharon would get well soon. Sharon asked Faith to sit by her side on the couch and promised to return home soon.

Faith wanted to go home and tell Daddy. Noah convinced Faith that they needed to keep Sharon's whereabouts a secret so they could surprise Nick. Sharon asked Faith to keep the secret, and she agreed. Faith was sleepy, and Sharon sang a lullaby to her. Faith fell asleep in Sharon's arms. Noah watched his mother and sister.

Nick and Avery were enjoying dinner together at a new restaurant. Nick set ground rules for the date: no talk about Phyllis or his divorce. Avery agreed. While Avery was in the ladies room, a woman sat at the table and asked Nick questions about his date with Avery. Nick learned that the stranger was Mona Madden, a reporter with the GC Buzz, a local blog. Nick said his teenage daughter read that nonsense.

Mona pressed Nick for information about Nick's divorce and his dating his sister-in-law. Nick threatened to sue the GC Buzz, but Mona reminded him that she was protected by the first amendment. Mona refused to stop with the questions. Nick threatened to have Mona thrown out. Mona walked away when Avery returned. Nick explained that Mona was a gossip columnist who was snooping into his private life. Avery was a bit put off, but smiled.

Nick took Avery home and said that he hoped the newshound hadn't ruined their date. Nick assumed Avery was occasionally the target of the media, but Avery explained that her cases were rarely high-profile. Nick laughed when Avery referred to him as a millionaire playboy. Avery invited Nick into the apartment for a nightcap.

Chelsea welcomed Jeffrey into the house and sympathized with him about Gloworm burning down. Jeffrey admitted that he was secretly relieved to be out from under the burden of running the restaurant. Adam returned home just as Chelsea asked Jeffrey if they knew who'd started the fire.

Adam listened to Jeffrey talk of the insurance settlement. Adam told Jeffrey that he'd be willing to cover any extra expenses that Jeffrey and Gloria might have incurred. Jeffrey thanked him sincerely. Before leaving, Jeffrey gently advised Adam to spend less time at the office and more with Jeffrey's daughter.

After Jeffrey had gone, Chelsea explained that Jeffrey had not been invited; he had just showed up. Adam was perturbed that she had raised questions about the fire. Later, at the cottage, Noah awakened Faith to take her to see the Christmas decorations at Fenmore's. Noah apologized to Sharon for not having understood her ailment before.

Adam entered the cottage and said he'd seen Noah's car. Adam asked how things were going, and Noah said that Faith would keep Sharon's whereabouts a secret. Noah accepted that Sharon was putting her trust in Adam, and Adam assured Noah that he'd take care of Sharon. After the kids left, Sharon became emotional and embraced Adam.

Sharon released him and apologized. Adam was sympathetic. Sharon felt awful about Faith and Noah having to leave. Adam understood how upset Sharon was about her life. Adam advised Sharon to concentrate on the positive. Sharon was afraid that the pills might not work and she'd never be stable enough to custody of her kids again.

Chelsea went to the cottage and listened to Sharon and Adam's conversation through the door. Adam praised Sharon for being a kind, sweet, and amazing woman. Chelsea was hurt to hear how Adam adored Sharon. Stepping away, Chelsea looked at the letter Sharon had written in which she had said that Adam was her rock.

Back at the main house, Adam found Chelsea sitting alone in the dark. Chelsea questioned Adam's love for her. Adam said that she was beautiful and kind, and he was happy with her. Adam felt that he and Chelsea were very much alike. Adam admired Chelsea for setting goals and getting things done.

Chelsea was still peeved. Adam pressed her to explain, and Chelsea pointed out that when she had the miscarriage, Adam had pulled away from her. However, when Sharon needed him, Adam couldn't go to her fast enough. Chelsea felt that Adam would never love her the way he loved Sharon.

Adam said he had chosen Chelsea and still chose her. Adam admitted that when Sharon went to Kansas before he married Chelsea, Sharon had wanted him to run off with her. Adam explained that he could have left Chelsea, but he hadn't. Chelsea wanted to believe him, but she had doubts. Adam hugged her reassuringly.

Later, Adam was at work on the laptop when Chelsea tried to sneak out of the house. Adam heard the door, but he didn't follow her outside. Chelsea went to the cottage and let herself into the living room. Chelsea watched Sharon asleep on the couch.

At the Athletic Club, Tucker met with Jill and learned that Katherine would be joining them soon. Tucker anticipated that his mother would object to him being there, but Jill said she had a plan. Kay arrived and wondered if Jill and Tucker had planned to ambush her. Tucker said that he was worried about his mother, but Kay doubted his sincerity. Jill convinced Kay to listen to them.

Kay sat down and accepted a glass of sparkling cider. Kay told Tucker and Jill that it was ridiculous for them to worry about her because she was not going to overtax herself as the CEO of Chancellor. Tucker thought Kay would do a poor job if she didn't get help. Jill offered a solution. She proposed that Jill and Kay share CEO duties for Chancellor.

Kay compared Jill to a wolf in sheep's clothing. Jill said she just wanted to keep an eye on Kay. Tucker thought Jill's solution was a good one. Tucker knew that Kay could trust Jill in the office and they'd make a good team. Jill coerced Kay to consider the idea.

Kay suggested that if Tucker liked the idea so much, he should let Jill run McCall with him. Kay agreed to sleep on the idea. Kay also asked Jill to move back into the mansion. After Kay left, Jill and Tucker congratulated each other. Tucker thought Jill's move had been well played.

Nikki went to Billy's house with some of the ransom money, explaining that she hadn't been able to get it all. Billy was anxious because he expected Victor to interfere and ruin their chances of saving Victoria.

Billy conceded that Victor loved Victoria, but Billy believed Victor might act rashly and Victoria could be hurt in the crossfire. Nikki defended Victor. Billy apologized to Nikki. Billy said that he didn't want Victoria to pay for his mistakes. Nikki said that she was sure that Victoria was fighting to return home.

Nikki told Billy about another time when Victoria had been kidnapped. It had been when Victoria was younger that a man named Gary, who worked at Newman, had abducted her. Nikki said Victoria was tough, and if she had survived that experience, she would survive again. Billy was afraid that Eddie was more dangerous than Gary.

A private detective gave Victor a dossier on Eddie G., the gambler who was holding Victoria hostage. Victor learned that Eddie was in South Beach, but had never reported to the halfway house after being released from jail. Victor ordered the man to find Eddie, but not tip him off. Victor then called to get the jet prepped for a trip to Miami.

At Avery's, Nick and Avery sipped Irish coffees. Nick admitted that as much as he liked Avery for her beauty and her smarts, he also liked her food. Avery laughed and said he was a messy eater, wiping the whipped cream from his lips.

Victor called his phone, and Nick reluctantly answered. Victor urged Nick to meet him at the Athletic Club, stressing that it was not about Newman business. Nick had questions, and Victor let on that it was a family matter.

Nick went to the club to meet with Victor. Nick learned that Victoria had been kidnapped. Victor blamed Billy for putting Victoria in jeopardy. Victor said that a gambler who was holding Victoria wanted to settle a score with Billy. Victor wanted Nick to fly with him to Miami.

Later, Victor bumped into Kay in the lobby. Kay could tell that Victor was distracted. Victor assured Kay that everything was fine, and he was not thinking about business. Victor said he was not interested in returning to work the way Kay was. Kay wanted to speak with Victor about Chancellor, but he said he'd be out of town for a day.

Victoria engaged Eddie to find out why he was holding her. Eddie knew that Victoria was Victor Newman's daughter, but he explained that he'd kidnapped her because of his anger at Billy. Victoria asked Eddie how he knew Billy and learned that their connection involved a debt. Eddie said that Billy was a degenerate gambler.

Victoria offered to get Eddie a lot more money than Billy could. Victoria explained that Billy had no access to her funds because of his gambling history. Eddie was surprised. Victoria wanted to get home to her baby. Victoria asked for a computer so she could transfer money to Eddie, and he could let her return home.

Eddie revealed that he couldn't see his child because of what Billy had done to him. Eddie blamed Billy for getting him locked up in prison. Eddie's ex had then run off with his child, and Eddie had no way to find his kid. Eddie said he wanted Billy to pay for what he'd taken away from him. It wasn't about money for Eddie.

Billy's phone rang, and he told Eddie he had most of the ransom; he tried to buy some time so Nikki could get the rest in the morning. Eddie thought that Billy was playing him. Eddie refused to let Billy speak with Victoria, disconnecting the call. Alone in the cell, Victoria hoped that Billy would pull through for her.

Billy told Nikki that they had to get Eddie's money. Despite Billy's efforts, Eddie was not answering the phone. Nick burst into the house and roughly pushed Billy, demanding to know what he'd done to Victoria. Nikki told Nick to calm down.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Jack toasted to not setting off metal detectors anymore, but Phyllis cautioned that it was bad luck to toast with sparkling water, so they would have to wait until he was off painkillers. She urged him to focus on recovering from his surgery, but he worried about the Newmans taking over the company. She promised that it wouldn't happen on her watch, and Jack said that it was good to see the fiery, feisty Phyllis that he had missed. He remarked that having a piece of metal taken out of him had made all the difference, and he observed that she had a piece of metal getting in her way, too. She looked down at her wedding ring, and she sadly took it off and set it on the table.

Jack warned the world to watch out because he and Phyllis would be great together, and Phyllis half-heartedly agreed. Jack said that she'd been cheating the world out of an important part of her, and she mentioned that her life had been difficult recently, but she was glad to have a sense of direction. Jack admitted that his motives had been selfish when he'd offered her a job, but he wanted to be the best, and he felt that he was when he was with her.

Phyllis called Jack sweet for telling her that he was a better man with her, and he called her his "north." She replied that he took her down the right path, too, and he imagined what would have happened if she hadn't been with Nick. Phyllis speculated that she would have screwed it up, and Jack lamented that love didn't last, but he would take what he and Phyllis had any day.

Later, Phyllis noticed that Jack was quiet and pensive, and he remarked that it wasn't always easy being king of the world. He confessed that he didn't feel good about letting Nick and Victoria go, and he realized that he'd given Billy an impossible choice. Phyllis pointed out that Jack could sell the company back to the Newmans, but Jack said that it wasn't in his DNA to walk away from his childhood dream of becoming a successful businessman. Phyllis understood about feeling programmed to do something, and she admitted that she had slept with Ronan because she had needed to know that someone had cared. She had known in her head that it had been wrong, but she hadn't been able to stop herself.

Phyllis accepted that she and Jack were hard-wired, but Jack said that it wasn't all bad, and he boasted that he'd saved hundreds of employees from losing their jobs by taking over Newman Enterprises. She pondered whether she had a gene that caused her to hurt people, but he called her an innate leader and a loyal friend. She told him that he was a good friend, too, and that he was good for her soul and her ego. He grimaced as he stood up, and he explained that his doctor had advised him to expect some pain. Phyllis urged Jack to call her if he needed her, and she kissed him on the cheek and wished him a good night.

Later, Jack winced in pain while doing paperwork. He swallowed his pain pills, and after a moment, he took a second dose.

Noah arrived at the tack house and found a package addressed to him. He opened it and pulled out a duffel bag filled with bundles of cash. He read a note from "A" asking him to keep it safe. Summer entered and questioned who the package was from. Noah said that a friend from New York had sent some stuff, and he didn't elaborate when Summer simply assumed it was dirty clothing.

Noah asked whether things were tense between Summer and Nick, and she admitted that she didn't want to be near either of her parents during the divorce proceedings. She wished that Avery was her mom because Avery never would have cheated. Noah urged Summer not to take out her frustration on an innocent bystander, and he inquired whether she had been involved in the bullying incident.

Summer scoffed at Noah's idea that she was a cyberbully, and Noah acknowledged that she was going through a hard time, but he cautioned her against thinking that her actions wouldn't affect anyone. He referred to her joyride, and he believed that she wouldn't want to feel that kind of guilt again. Later, he called Adriana to report that he had received the package.

At Crimson Lights, Christine presented Michael and Paul with a laptop computer containing the video of Ricky killing Rachel. At the conclusion of the video, Michael commented that it hadn't been easy to watch, and Paul found it gruesome. Christine called it a cold-blooded murder, which also would have been Eden's fate if Paul hadn't shot Ricky. Christine wanted to use the video as proof of Paul's innocence, but Michael argued that it only proved that Ricky had murdered Rachel, and it wasn't enough to drop the charges against Paul.

Christine angrily questioned whether Michael needed Eden's dead body as proof. Michael wanted to prove Paul's innocence, too, but he pointed out that Paul hadn't seen the video before Ricky's shooting, so Paul hadn't definitively known that Ricky had been capable of murder at the time. Christine wanted to use the video to sway the jury, but Michael threatened to have the judge declare it inadmissible. Paul suddenly proclaimed that he didn't want to use the footage.

Christine said that Heather had flown to Chicago to meet Daniel and to follow up on a lead regarding Daisy. Christine added that Heather agreed that the video supported that Paul had acted in self-defense, but Paul insisted that neither he nor Michael wanted to use the footage. Paul stormed off, and Michael instructed Christine to forward the video, and he would reconsider his stance.

At Crimson Lights, Summer told Jamie that she'd heard about the online postings about him, and he accused her of being "Brittni." Summer feigned innocence and claimed that she had tried to be his friend. Jamie bemoaned that all his life, kids had taken pleasure in trying to make him look like a loser. She said that she was sorry, and he replied that he had hoped that she had been cool, but he would be dismayed if she turned out to be just like the other kids. Summer took Jamie's hands in hers and swore that she wasn't, while Fen watched from across the coffeehouse.

Fen approached Jamie and Summer, and she asked Fen to fetch them coffee. Fen started toward the counter, but he ducked out of sight when he spotted Michael and Christine. Fen fibbed that the line was too long, and Summer suggested that they do something to cheer Jamie up. She proposed that they go to her place to watch a movie and to raid the liquor cabinet. Jamie balked due to his curfew, and he apologized for insulting Summer earlier. Jamie left, and Fen sarcastically commended Summer on her award-winning performance.

Summer contended that she hadn't been acting, but Fen laughed and called her "Brittni." She conceded that messing with Jamie online had been stupid because Jamie seemed nice. Fen was stunned by her about-face, and she teased Fen for being jealous. She called it a simple prank, but Fen worried that Ronan or his parents would found out. Summer flirtatiously counted on him to keep quiet, but Fen was sick of how she treated people, especially him.

Michael told Lauren that he wished he had definitive evidence to help Paul, and Lauren said she knew that Michael didn't believe that Paul had intended to kill Ricky. Michael lamented that he couldn't prove it. Lauren realized that Michael's legal and moral compasses were spinning in different directions, and she advised him to follow his heart.

Christine apologized to Paul for the toll the video had taken on him. He called her a good and decent person, whereas he had fathered a murderer, and he contemplated why she would want anything to do with him. She called him one of the most honorable men she'd ever met, and she gushed that her life would have been worth much less if they'd never met. She continued that they'd been together and apart, but she'd never stopped caring about him. He said that he felt the same way, and they hugged. They stepped back from one another, and he held her face in his hands for a moment before pulling her into a tender kiss. A stunned Nina spied the embrace.

Nick blasted Billy, who was livid that word of Victoria's kidnapping had spread. Billy planned to go to Miami to hand over the money, but Nick didn't trust him. Billy contended that Victoria wouldn't have even been in Miami if Nick hadn't walked away from Newman Enterprises. Nick put all of the blame on Billy, and he insisted upon accompanying Victor and Billy to Miami.

Nick and Billy clashed over how to proceed, and Billy begged Nick to listen because Eddie would kill Victoria if Billy didn't show up alone. Billy refused to let Nick endanger her life, but Nick wouldn't give Billy a chance to screw things up. Nikki pleaded with them to stop fighting, to no avail. Victor arrived with two briefcases full of cash. Victor announced that he was going to get his daughter back, but Billy warned that Victor's interference would get her killed.

Billy accepted full responsibility for the situation, and he wanted to deliver the ransom money. Nick asked about Victor's investigation, and Victor handed over the file on Eddie G. Nick noted four addresses that Eddie had owned or rented, and Victor reported that his investigators were scoping out whether Victoria was at any of them. Billy worried about what Eddie would do if they all showed up in Miami, and Nick finally sided with Billy.

Victor refused to give money to Billy to go to Miami, and he declared that it was his right as a father to save Victoria. Nick pointed out that Victor had a high profile and that things could go wrong if anyone recognized Victor. Nick suggested that he himself go with Billy. A surprised Victor remarked that he'd thought Nick had turned his back on the family, but Nick clarified that he'd only walked away from the business.

Nick promised to return with Victoria, and Victor put his faith in Nick. Victor was certain that Eddie wasn't working alone, and he condemned Billy for rushing off to Miami without understanding the full situation. Nikki begged Nick to be careful, and Nick and Billy left with the cash. Nikki sank to the couch and wailed that she didn't know how much more she could take. Victor grumbled that if Nikki had told him about the kidnapping earlier, then Victoria would have been home already.

Victoria tried to pick the lock, but Eddie entered, and he noted that she hadn't eaten. He warned that she should be scared, and she assumed that Billy hadn't been able to get the money. Eddie suspected that Billy was jerking him around, but Victoria contended that Billy didn't have easy access to the funds. Eddie was running out of patience, and he ordered her to eat. She questioned whether Eddie had poisoned the food, and Eddie huffed that she would know if he wanted to kill her.

Victoria claimed that she knew that Eddie didn't want to hurt her, but he retorted that he had no problem harming Billy's wife. She complained that she felt the walls closing in, and Eddie urged her again to eat, but she promised that she would if she could see the sun. Eddie snapped that it was night, and she pointed out that she wouldn't know. Eddie questioned why she had married such a screw-up, and she lamented that she'd been asking herself the same thing. She swore to do anything Eddie wanted if he let her out.

Eddie escorted Victoria to his dingy apartment, and he reminded her of her promise to eat. She nibbled on some chips, and she initiated small talk about Cuban food. Victoria tried to bond with Eddie by talking about their sons. Eddie griped that he hardly knew his son, Tommy, thanks to Billy. Victoria said that Eddie could change things by talking to Tommy, but Eddie didn't know where Tommy's mother had taken the boy. Eddie snarled that money wasn't the only thing that Billy had taken from him.

Victoria offered to use her family's resources to track Tommy down, but Eddie was skeptical about trusting her. She empathized because she wanted to be with her kids, too, and she suggested that just one phone call could make it happen for both of them. Victoria distracted Eddie with a story about how she'd taught Reed to play baseball. Eddie turned around to make some tea, and Victoria eyed his cell phone on the table. She asked about what activities Eddie and Tommy had done together, and he recounted going fishing with his son.

Eddie asked if Victoria could really help him, but he discovered her trying to call the police, and he yelled that he couldn't trust her or her husband. She whimpered that Billy would get the money, but Eddie pulled out a gun and bellowed that Billy had taken more than money from him. Pointing the gun at Victoria, Eddie menacingly stated that it was time he took something Billy cared about in return.

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