The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 19, 2012 on Y&R

Jack surprised Phyllis with a kiss. Billy and Nick rescued Victoria. Sharon moved home after confessing to Noah that she'd started the fire. Michael agreed to drop the charges against Paul.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 19, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, November 19, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Nina, hoping to surprise Paul, was instead devastated to find him kissing Christine. Paul asked Christine to leave so he could talk to Nina. Paul explained to Nina that Christine had found the video proving that Ricky killed Rachel. Paul struggled to maintain control of his emotions. He cried, "I watched my son push a woman under the water and hold her there. I watched her thrash and kick like an animal."

Paul told Nina that he felt responsible for his son's actions. At the lowest point in his life, Paul explained, Christine had offered a comforting embrace and a kiss. Paul maintained that it was just one friend helping another. Nina replied, "You go ahead and keep lying to yourself, and maybe you'll believe it."

Paul insisted that his feelings for Nina hadn't changed. Paul added that Christine had stayed by his side and offered steadfast support each time he'd faced setbacks. Nina asked if it would have mattered had she stayed in town. Paul didn't respond. Nina shook her head and cried, "Right." Michael arrived and greeted the couple with jubilance. Nina claimed that her tears were the result of jetlag and her reaction to the startling revelation about Ricky.

After Nina left, Michael handed Paul an envelope and announced that it contained his "get-out-of-jail-free card." Michael added, "You won't have to stand trial. I'm dropping the charges." Paul studied the document proclaiming that Paul had been acquitted of all charges. Michael noted that Lauren had reminded him that "the law without justice isn't worth the books it's written in." Michael added that he knew Paul had shot his son in order to save Eden.

Michael extended his arm across the table and shook hands with Paul. Paul told Michael that he was fortunate to have an amazing wife and a really great kid for a son. Michael explained that lately, Fen had begun to talk back and hang around the wrong crowd. Paul suggested that Michael engage Fen in conversations and not give up if Fen didn't initially cooperate. Paul thanked Michael and told him he'd never forget what Michael had done for him.

At the Chancellor estate, Katherine greeted a downtrodden Nina and asked if perhaps she was upset because her script had been rejected. Nina replied, "No." As if she were fashioning a brief synopsis of a play, Nina added, "A woman returns home to find her boyfriend kissing his ex." Nina blamed herself for having chosen her work over Paul. Katherine blamed Paul's waywardness on the emotional turmoil in his life. Nina told Katherine she was convinced that Paul wanted Christine after Nina had seen them together. Katherine embraced Nina after she mentioned returning to Los Angeles.

Katherine later finalized her guest list for Thanksgiving. Nina said that Katherine should cross off Paul's name because he would probably spend the day in bed with Christine. Showing up unannounced, Christine said, "Sorry for interrupting. Can we talk?" Before Katherine left, she pleaded with Christine and Nina to work out their differences.

Nina, upset, asked Christine if she'd returned to Genoa City to reconnect with Paul. Christine insisted that she'd never do such a thing to her friend. Nina proclaimed that she was finished with Paul. Christine noted that Nina had based her decision on one kiss. Nina explained that she'd always been the second choice and refused to put herself in that position ever again.

Alone at the coffeehouse's patio, Paul recalled that Michael had said, "Happy first day of the rest of your life." Paul mouthed to himself, "First day." He opened his briefcase and reread the birthday and Father's Day cards from Ricky. Paul rose from his seat, walked to the trash can, and began slipping each card into the receptacle. Christine arrived and said, "What are you doing? Aren't those the last the last things you have left of Ricky?"

Paul told Christine that he was removing every trace of Ricky from his life because it was time to move on. Paul told Christine that Michael had dropped the charges. Christine embraced Paul. Paul phoned Heather and shared his good news. After the call ended, he told Christine that Heather would spend Thanksgiving with Daniel and Lucy in Chicago. Christine apologized for spoiling Paul's holiday plans. She suggested that they just forget that the kiss ever happened. Paul replied, "I don't know that I can or want to forget."

Michael took a seat at the coffeehouse's bar and phoned Fen. Michael left a message for his son and said, "I was just talking to a friend about his son and felt like calling you. I love you, Fenmore." Kevin suddenly sprang from the back room, carrying festive fall decorations. Kevin noted that he'd forgotten about the decorations because he'd been so busy with TagNGrab.

Michael asked Kevin about the status of TagNGrab. Kevin dejectedly explained that he and Chloe would lose their company because they couldn't buy out Adam's share. Michael told his brother that walking away from the venture was for the best. Michael added that he was proud of Kevin for having developed the innovative company. Kevin noted that he sometimes wished Michael could be more like a friend rather than a big brother.

Michael insisted he could be both a brother and a friend. Michael asked rhetorically if Kevin had been happy while spending every waking moment seeking investors. Michael challenged his brother to seek happiness and not spend his days as if he were at war with the world. Kevin cried that he was sick of failing each time he attempted to better his circumstances. A frustrated Kevin cried, "Maybe it's time to take the easy way out." After Kevin stormed out, Michael phoned Chloe about Kevin.

At the cottage on Adam and Chelsea's estate, Sharon was asleep on the sofa when Chelsea tiptoed in and began snooping through Sharon's belongings. Chelsea picked up photos of Noah and Faith, and then she spied the bottle of medication Sharon had been prescribed to control her bipolar disorder. Sharon awoke with a start and yelled, "Adam!"

Sharon saw Chelsea standing in the shadows of the dark room and asked what she was doing. Chelsea turned on the light and declared, "This is my property. I don't have to explain what I'm doing." Sharon said that she was grateful because Adam had helped her. Chelsea replied, "Is that what you call this -- gratitude?" Sharon snapped, "What else would it be?" Chelsea said, "Never mind," before she abruptly left.

Sharon curled into a fetal position on the couch after Chelsea left. Later stretching out on the sofa, Sharon tossed and turned fretfully before getting up. Sharon placed her hands over her ears and cried, "Stop, please stop." She picked up her bottle of medication and slammed it against the fireplace wall. Emotionally distraught, Sharon cried, "It's not working. Nothing is working."

Adam intercepted Chelsea when she returned to the main house. Chelsea admitted that she'd let herself into the cottage because she thought Sharon might not answer the door. Chelsea admitted that she'd asked Sharon to leave because she was jealous. Adam was not pleased. Chelsea blamed her behavior on her mother. Chelsea explained that her mother had given love in exchange for favors. Chelsea added, "Everything had a price, and this is too high a price, Adam." Adam winced when Chelsea insisted she couldn't shake the feeling that Sharon was after him.

Adam asked Chelsea how he could convince her that she had nothing to worry about. Chelsea replied, "For Sharon to go back to her life. She needs to hear it from you." Adam told Chelsea that she was being unfair to Sharon. Chelsea insisted that Sharon was in love with Adam. Adam maintained that Sharon was grateful for his help. Chelsea retorted, "You two rehearse that?"

Adam told Chelsea that she was paranoid. Chelsea showed Adam the letter she'd stolen from Sharon and challenged him to read between the lines. Adam reminded Chelsea that he'd told her he wasn't in love with Sharon. Chelsea replied, "You can't con a con man." Adam asked Chelsea to look into his eyes as he assured her that he wasn't conning her. Chelsea replied, "Then you are conning yourself because you're still in love with her whether you want to face it or not."

Adam shook his head in frustration and pledged his love for Chelsea. Chelsea warned that Sharon believed Adam was in love with her. Chelsea ordered Adam to force Sharon out in order to save their marriage. Adam reminded Chelsea that the next day was Thanksgiving. Chelsea icily replied, "Then Sharon can spend it with her family." Adam asked for help to get Sharon settled elsewhere. Chelsea cried that she just wanted their life back. Adam kissed Chelsea.

Adam made his way through pitch-black darkness and knocked on the cottage door, but Sharon didn't respond. Adam went inside, turned on the light, and called out to Sharon. Adam noticed Sharon's bottle of pills on the hearth. Sharon was gone.

Adam returned to the main house. A chipper Chelsea prepared to pour glasses of Adam's favorite Cabernet. Adam remained stoic. He said, "You didn't just go check in on Sharon, did you? You talked to her. She got upset." Adam explained that Sharon had moved out and taken everything except her bottle of pills. Adam held the bottle in front of Chelsea and noted that the Sharon desperately needed her medication. Adam said, "If anything happens to her, Chelsea, you're responsible."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Leslie Michaelson approached Neil while he was waiting for Devon. She accepted the position at Jabot that Neil had earlier offered to her. Leslie asked Neil why he'd left a more lucrative and powerful position at Chancellor Industries. Neil claimed that he was more of a hands-on kind of executive and would be a strict boss. Leslie seemed surprised by Neil's statement and said she'd once believed he preferred to let loose.

Neil explained to Leslie that though he was a tough boss, he was always fair. Leslie said, "I work for a firm of hard-asses. I'd hate to trade one circle of hell for another." Neil promised to do whatever was necessary to appease Leslie. She extended her hand to shake Neil's and said she'd settle for his nice smile. Neil smiled at Leslie as they sealed their deal.

After Leslie left, Devon took a seat at Neil's table. Devon warned that Katherine could wind up hospitalized if Neil left Chancellor Industries. Neil maintained that Katherine was the best decision-maker he'd ever known, and he insisted that Katherine wouldn't take unnecessary risks. Devon replied, "You're probably right. That's why you're such a good dad. You always say the right thing." Neil asked if Devon was having difficulties with Tucker. Devon said he had.

Devon noted that he and Neil had grown closer even through they'd battled a few emotional wars. Devon maintained that he'd never have the same relationship with Tucker. Neil said he sensed that something more was troubling Devon. Devon explained that the music business wasn't flourishing as he'd hoped it would. Devon admitted that he hadn't discussed the matter with Tucker.

Neil assured Devon that a position would be available for him at Jabot if he decided to leave the music business for a while. Neil quipped that as a corporate boss, he was known as a "hard-ass." Neil confessed that the first person who'd declared him to be a hard-ass was Harmony. Devon laughed and said that he missed having his mom around.

Devon told Neil that he'd been invited to dine at Katherine's on Thanksgiving, but he promised to stop by Cane and Lily's for pie. Neil told Devon that both Cane and Lily were working at Jabot. Devon grinned and replied, "I can't believe that Lily is working for such a hard-ass."

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill gushed to Katherine that while she'd enjoyed her time in Australia, there was nothing like waking up in Genoa City on Thanksgiving morning. Katherine presented Jill with another reason to be thankful -- an employment contract naming Jill as Chancellor Industries' co-CEO. Katherine offered Jill a pen, but Jill balked after she perused the agreement. Jill threw the contract at Katherine and complained that there was nothing that indicated that Jill would be an equal partner. They bickered, and Jill blasted Katherine for never intending to share power.

Jill accused Katherine of setting her up with a warm speech and then screwing her over, but Katherine called it the opportunity of a lifetime. Suddenly, Katherine fell to the couch, clutching her chest. Jill professed her love for Katherine, and she begged Katherine not to die over a business transaction. Jill started to call 9-1-1, but Katherine said that it wouldn't be necessary. Katherine revealed that her act had only been a test to find out whether Jill's emotions were genuine, and Jill had passed. A relieved Jill called Katherine as infuriating as ever, and the women agreed that they had missed their banter.

Phyllis found Jack sleeping on the couch, and he claimed that he had fallen asleep while working, but she suspected that he hadn't been able to get up the stairs. The doorbell rang, and Phyllis groaned when she saw Adam on the doorstep. Adam noted the early hour, and he questioned whether she was there to score points with the boss or simply to score.

Phyllis left to try to find Summer, and Adam commented that Phyllis and Jack seemed cozy, but he recognized that it was none of his business. Adam inquired about the urgent email Jack had sent in the wee hours to demand a meeting on Thanksgiving. Jack handed him a file indicating that Adam had approved a risky acquisition without Jack's consent, and Jack chided Adam for forgetting who the real CEO of Newman Enterprises was.

Adam acknowledged that the acquisition was risky, but he was certain that it would pay off, and he offered to send Jack his research. Jack insisted upon clearing all major proposals himself, and he reached for his pain pills. Adam asked whether Jack was okay, and Jack declared that he was on his way to a quick recovery. Jack inquired whether Adam had put anything else into motion that Jack didn't know about, and Adam wondered if Jack regretted his decision to leave Adam in charge. Jack told him not to be paranoid, and he showed Adam to the door. Once outside, Adam answered a call and requested a search for Sharon.

Jack left a message for Billy in an attempt to straighten things out between them, and he invited Billy and Delia to stop by for Thanksgiving. Jack hung up, and he winced in pain as he grabbed his back. He reached for his pill bottle, but the doorbell rang, and he answered the door to Tucker. Tucker claimed that he wanted to see how Jack was doing, but Jack snapped that they didn't do friendly visits. Tucker announced that he had doubts about how Jack was handling Newman Enterprises.

Tucker objected to Jack hiring Adam and Phyllis, and he remarked that he himself would have been a better choice to run the company as the other major shareholder. Jack suspected that Tucker was preoccupied trying to take over Chancellor Industries, and he pondered whether Tucker had orchestrated Jill's return to town. Tucker stated that he was looking out for Katherine's welfare, but Jack theorized that Tucker planned to use Jill's presence to distract Katherine.

Tucker called Jack's accusations ridiculous, and Jack wondered if Katherine would feel the same way. Tucker entrusted Jack with the future of Newman Enterprises, and he cautioned Jack to make the right decisions. Jack questioned whether Tucker wanted him to fail, but Tucker refused to see the company do so, and he threatened to intervene if he felt it was necessary.

Avery greeted Phyllis at Crimson Lights, and Phyllis tersely said hello and coldly stared at her. Avery asked what was going on, and Phyllis showed her a photo of Avery and Nick having dinner together on Mona's gossip blast. Phyllis pointed out that Avery and Nick had been holding hands in public on what looked like a hot date. Avery asserted that gossip columnists exaggerated, and Phyllis asked if it hadn't been a date. Avery was incredulous that Phyllis wanted to go another round regarding Nick, but Phyllis mentioned that her divorce wasn't final and that she would have a problem with any woman dating Nick.

Avery felt it was unfair of Phyllis to deny her the right to live the life she wanted. Phyllis was stunned that Avery believed that Phyllis shouldn't have a problem with her sister dating her husband. Avery hoped that in time it would get easier, but Phyllis barked that she would never be fine with it. Phyllis groused that she had to cope with the fact that Avery was spending Thanksgiving with Nick. Avery disclosed that Nick was out of town, and Phyllis resented that Nick had told Avery and not her.

Avery said that her problems with Phyllis weren't just about Nick because the sisters were still getting over their past mistakes, and Phyllis put her head in her hands. Avery wished that she could celebrate Thanksgiving with her big sister after everything they'd been through, but she sadly realized that it would never happen. Phyllis couldn't believe that Avery expected to spend Thanksgiving together. Adam interrupted and asked to talk to Phyllis.

Avery readily got up to leave, and she coolly told Phyllis to enjoy the day. Adam told Phyllis that they had to work together, but she flatly refused to help him get Jack's job permanently. He wanted to regain his reputation, but she berated him for thinking that Newman Enterprises was his birthright, and she surmised that it chipped away at his soul that he would never truly be a Newman.

Adam declared that he no longer felt the need to prove himself to Victor, and he wanted to become a success in his own right. He contended that he and Phyllis had a lot in common, and he pointed out that they were both outsiders in their own families and often their own worst enemies, but Jack had given them both a second chance. Adam felt that it was worth it to set aside their animosity to show Jack that he had been right to have faith in them. Adam left to take a call, but Phyllis eavesdropped, and she asked who he was trying to find.

Adam fibbed that he had been trying to find an executive to obtain a signature, but Phyllis thought his expression indicated something more personal. He excused himself to pick up dessert for Thanksgiving, but he again asked Phyllis to give getting along a shot. She offered to do her best to keep things cordial. She added that she would protect Jack and that Jack would do the same for her. Adam noted that was good for the company, and he left.

Phyllis left a message for Avery saying that she didn't want them to be angry at one another, and she suggested that they talk. Meanwhile, Avery made Thanksgiving dinner for one at her apartment, but she suddenly abandoned her meal and determinedly headed out.

Sharon arrived at the tack house to see Noah. She explained that she couldn't stay at the cottage any longer because everything had gone wrong. Sharon said that she'd left the prior night and had driven around not knowing what to do, but she had realized that she could trust Noah. She reported that she'd parked her car near her house, and she had noticed that Nick's vehicle hadn't been there. Noah reported that Nick was out of town, and Sharon was relieved.

Noah assumed that Adam had done something, but Sharon rambled that Chelsea had been out to get her. Noah admitted that he hadn't liked the idea of Sharon staying at Adam's, but Sharon defended that Adam had been good to her. Noah could tell that something was wrong, and Sharon confided that she was bipolar and that her diagnosis explained much of her behavior over the years. Noah apologized for pulling away rather than trying harder to find an explanation for what had been going on with her, and he vowed not to let her down again. They hugged.

Noah inquired whether Sharon was on medication, and Sharon complained that it hadn't been working, but he cautioned that it could take a while. She didn't like the idea of taking medication every day for the rest of her life, and he sympathized, but he encouraged her to deal with her illness. She revealed that she'd left her pills at the cottage, and Noah offered to retrieve them. He told her that she needed to follow her doctor's orders to get better, and she promised that she would wait for him. Later, Phyllis entered the tack house, and she and Sharon were both shocked to see one another.

At Billy and Victoria's home, Victor fretted that Billy and Nick should have arrived in Miami hours before, but the men were stranded in West Virginia. Nikki assured him that no one could have anticipated the weather, and he regretted allowing Nikki and Nick to talk him out of taking charge of the situation. Nikki urged him to be patient, but Victor placed another call to someone who could get to Victoria in time.

Victor spoke with a security contact in Florida, regarding checking out Eddie's prior abodes, but Nikki cried that Victoria could get caught in the crossfire. Victor said that his people knew what they were doing, but Nikki wailed that his connections weren't the police or family. Victor swore that they would be careful, but she wasn't reassured, and she begged him to call his men off. Victor rationalized that Billy was late with the money, so he had to trust his team to find Victoria.

Victor left a message for Nick to call him back as soon as possible. Nikki expected Victor to blame her for not telling him about the kidnapping from the beginning, and Victor admitted that he had been upset with her, but he took responsibility for allowing Victoria to marry Billy. Nikki contended that Victor couldn't have stopped Victoria because Victoria always found a way to get what she wanted. Victor called their daughter fierce and resilient like Nikki, and Nikki replied that Victoria took after both of them.

Victor reported to Nikki that Victoria wasn't at any of the locations where his contacts had searched. He recounted that they'd faced worse in their lives, but they had never given up hope. He pulled Nikki into a comforting hug.

On the plane, Billy and Nick didn't have any luck getting a phone connection, and they argued over the best way to get to Victoria. Nick said that they needed to calmly figure it out, just like Victoria would do. Nick suggested that he and Billy look at the situation from Eddie's point of view, and Eddie wouldn't hurt Victoria because then he wouldn't get paid. Billy ranted that Eddie was insane, and Billy planned to demand a working landline at the airport. Nick warned that Billy would draw unwanted attention, and he wouldn't let Billy out of his sight. Billy contended that the only thing that mattered was getting Victoria back, and he ordered Nick to get out of his way.

Nick threatened to deny Billy access to the plane if Billy entered the airport, but Billy refused to sit around and do nothing. Billy speculated that Victoria would advise them to get off the plane and demand a phone, but Nick thought Victoria would do something more strategic and calculating. The men argued over which one of them knew Victoria better. Nick huffed that after they got Victoria home, he would always be Victoria's brother, but Billy would be the husband she would never forgive.

Billy and Nick prepared for takeoff. Nick reiterated that he'd meant everything he'd said in the heat of the moment. Billy worried that they'd lost too much time, but Nick had faith that they would be able to get in touch with Eddie soon. Suddenly, Billy got a signal on his phone.

Victoria awakened and found herself handcuffed to the couch with Eddie staring at her. He griped that he hadn't heard from Billy yet, but she was certain that Billy would be there. Eddie snarled that it might be too late, and he reached for his gun. Eddie claimed that he didn't want to hurt Victoria, but she recalled that he'd threatened her in order to make Billy suffer. Eddie pointed out that he'd been nice by feeding her and taking her to a better place, and he insisted that he just wanted to get back what had been taken from him.

Victoria stated that she had been thinking about what Eddie had lost and the years he'd spent in jail. Eddie said that he thought about those things, too, especially on Thanksgiving, and Victoria empathized that it was a hard day to get through. He ordered her to go back to sleep, but she continued to chatter about the difficulty of being away from her sons. She lamented that birthdays and holidays were the hardest, and Eddie agreed.

Victoria speculated that Eddie and Tommy could be fishing in the Caribbean on Thanksgiving the following year. Eddie mumbled that he would have to find his son first, and Victoria said that it could happen by Christmas with her money and resources. Eddie chuckled and commended her for trying to get to him, but she promised that she could make it happen. She tearfully recounted how many nights she'd cried for Reed, and she begged Eddie to listen to her.

Victoria bemoaned that she missed Reed every day, and Eddie replied that he would do anything to see Tommy again. Victoria wondered what would happen if Eddie got arrested for kidnapping, and he accused her of threatening him, but she insisted that there could be a happy ending if he let her go. Eddie's phone rang, and he smiled when he saw an incoming call from Billy. Suddenly, a shot rang out, and Eddie dropped to the ground.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Billy tried to call Eddie, and Nick worried when Eddie didn't answer. Meanwhile, Victoria screamed Eddie's name and struggled to free herself. She finally reached the ringing phone and frantically told Billy that she was being held at a house in Miami. Billy and Nick informed her that they were in town. Victoria reported that she thought that Eddie was dead, but she was handcuffed to a couch and couldn't get free. She suddenly looked panicked and screamed for them to hurry.

A man with a flashlight entered the house, and Victoria cowered by the couch. The man stated that he was a friend of Eddie's and that Eddie had been working for him. The man mentioned that Victoria had made a better offer to Eddie, and he blasted Eddie for having a soft spot for his son. Victoria proposed that she triple the original ransom demand. The man snarled that he didn't leave loose ends, and he set down the flashlight. Brandishing a gun, he told her not to do anything stupid, and he unlocked her handcuffs and forced her to move.

The man knocked Victoria out and put her back into the dark room. He picked up Eddie's cell phone and saw that the call was still connected to Billy. He told Billy that he was Max, who Billy recognized as the owner of a casino in Puerto Rico. Billy demanded to know where his wife was, and Max snickered as he informed Billy that she was dead.

Later, Billy and Nick burst into the cabin and disarmed Max. Billy screamed for Victoria. He discovered her motionless body and cradled her in his arms. Billy tearfully begged Victoria to talk to him, and he was visibly relieved when she stirred. He repeatedly murmured that he was there for her.

Cane teased Lily for constantly checking in on the twins while they shared Thanksgiving dinner with Neil at a restaurant. She worried that the twins would pass on their sniffles to Moses, but Neil reported that Moses was with Sofia. Lily found it strange to eat out on Thanksgiving, but Cane looked forward to the second dinner that Neil planned to cook over the weekend, when Devon could join them.

Devon arrived at the Chancellor mansion, and Katherine questioned whether Neil was upset that Devon wasn't spending Thanksgiving with the Winters family. Devon said that Neil understood how much she meant to him, and he would spend plenty of holidays with Neil. Katherine remarked that Devon sounded like he expected her to be dead by Christmas, and Devon worried that running a Fortune 500 company would take its toll on her. Katherine ordered Esther to start with the hors d'oeuvres, since Murphy and Nina would be late due to their volunteer efforts. The doorbell rang, and Katherine quizzically stated that she hadn't invited anyone else, but Jill announced that she had. Tucker appeared in the foyer.

Esther passed around some finger food, and Jill told Katherine to stop giving her the evil eye, because Katherine had instructed her to invite anyone she wanted, but Katherine noted that Tucker was an exception. Devon remarked that blood didn't necessarily make people family, and Jill wondered why Devon wouldn't give Tucker a second chance when Devon had granted Harmony one. Katherine huffed that Tucker hadn't lived up to many people's expectations, and Tucker conceded that he would never win a popularity contest, but he wanted to put their differences aside for one day. Katherine scoffed at the idea of being a big, happy, dysfunctional family, and Tucker suggested that either they could have a normal conversation, or he could leave. Everyone remained silent.

Devon said that Tucker was welcome to stay, but he had nothing to stay to his father. Tucker inquired about Devon's studio, and Devon admitted that things had been slow because it was tough to recruit talent in the Midwest. Jill offered to help Devon with marketing, but Devon griped that nothing seemed to work, so he was considering taking a job with Neil at Jabot. Tucker invited Devon to make his studio part of McCall Unlimited until Devon got back on his feet, but Devon refused Tucker's money and advice.

Tucker wanted to offer Devon fatherly help, but Devon retorted that Neil was his dad and that Tucker had no say in his life. Devon abruptly left, and Jill told Tucker that she was sorry, but Tucker rationalized that Neil had been there for Devon. Katherine asserted that it wasn't the only reason why Devon considered Neil to be his father.

Tucker started to leave, and Katherine was surprised that he had stayed that long while taking her abuse. She cited her own experience connecting with an estranged son, and she advised him not to push too hard because it would backfire. Tucker thanked her for the words of wisdom and for allowing him to stay, and he hoped that they could do it again. She hesitantly agreed.

Devon found his family at the restaurant, and he explained that he'd left the mansion when Tucker had crashed the party. Cane was glad that he wouldn't have to listen to Lily complain about not spending Thanksgiving with Devon, and Devon said that he would remind her every day at work of what it was like to have a brother like him. Devon officially accepted Neil's job offer, much to Neil's happy surprise. Lily was thrilled that they would all be working together, but Cane looked skeptical.

Chelsea straightened up the house as Adam arrived home, and he explained that he had wanted to get some fresh air before facing Jeffrey and Anita. Chelsea suspiciously asked whether Adam had seen Sharon, and he replied that he hadn't seen or spoken to Sharon, but he wished that Sharon hadn't left without her medication. Chelsea coldly ordered him to get wood for the fire, and he let in Anita and Jeffrey on his way out.

Chelsea and Adam made awkward small talk with Jeffrey and Anita. Anita sensed the tension, and Chelsea wrote it off as a minor argument that she'd had with Adam over preparations for a perfect evening. Adam asked about Gloria, and Jeffrey disclosed that his wife was with her family and that he planned to join Gloria, Michael, and Lauren later. Chelsea said that she would understand if he wanted to meet Gloria right away, and Jeffrey took it as a cue to leave, but Adam tried to smooth things over by offering drinks. Anita suggested that they toast to the happy lovebirds.

Chelsea and Anita went to check on the turkey, and Adam moved to turn on a football game, but Jeffrey wanted to talk about the strange vibe between Adam and Chelsea. Adam surmised that Jeffrey's concerns stemmed from potentially being cut out of the extended Newman family. Adam barked that Jeffrey had never been a father to Chelsea, and he told Jeffrey not to pretend to start.

Sharon reprimanded Phyllis for letting herself into the tack house, but Phyllis displayed her key and asked who had let Sharon in. Sharon replied that she was there to see Noah. Phyllis mentioned that Sharon hadn't been around, but she wasn't surprised after what Sharon had done. A paranoid Sharon questioned what Phyllis meant, and Phyllis referred to the debacle at Newman Enterprises.

Phyllis said that she was there to see Summer, but Sharon disclosed that Summer had taken Faith to a parade. Sharon tried to persuade Phyllis to leave, but Phyllis insisted upon waiting. Phyllis innocently commented that it was strange not spending the holidays at the ranch, and Sharon suddenly bellowed for her to get out. Phyllis demanded to know what was wrong.

Sharon insisted that nothing was wrong, but she didn't want to talk about something so upsetting. Phyllis suspected that something else was going on, but Noah arrived home and revealed that Summer and Faith had seen Avery at the parade, and the girls had returned home with Avery for dinner. Through clenched teeth, Phyllis groused that her daughter was spending the holiday with Avery. Phyllis asked where Nick had gone, but Noah simply stated that it had been an emergency trip. Phyllis jealously questioned whether Nick had informed Sharon of his plans, but Noah cut her off and said that he would have Nick call her, and Phyllis departed.

Sharon freaked out that Phyllis would tell Nick that Sharon had been there, and she couldn't stop what was going on in her head. Noah reported that he hadn't found the medication, but he felt that it was important for Sharon to resume taking it. She wanted to call Adam, but Noah believed that Adam was making things worse. Sharon blurted that she would have died in the fire if it hadn't been for Adam. Noah realized that Sharon had been at the ranch during the fire, and she confessed that she'd started it.

Noah fetched Sharon a glass of water, and she explained that she hadn't meant to burn down the ranch, but she hadn't known what she had been doing. She begged him not to hate her, and he assured her that he never could. Sharon was terrified about the possibility of going to prison, but Noah swore that he wouldn't let Faith grow up without a mother. He revealed that he'd been reading about bipolar disorder, and he thought they could get a lawyer to build a case to show Sharon hadn't been responsible for her actions. Sharon cried that Victor and Nikki had lost everything, but Noah insisted that the Newmans were already rebuilding and that everything could be replaced, so no one needed to know what Sharon had done.

Sharon wanted things to go back to normal, and Noah said that he'd call Dr. Watkins to get a prescription refill, and then he and Sharon would go out for dinner. Sharon balked at going out in public, but Noah argued that if they wanted things to get back to normal, then they had to do normal things. Later, Noah and Sharon arrived at a restaurant, and Sharon felt as if everyone was staring at her. Noah assured her that they weren't, but she insisted upon going home.

Sharon and Noah arrived at her house, and he apologized for pushing her to go out. She said everything seemed to be too much, and he fretted that the doctor hadn't returned his call. Sharon assumed that Dr. Watkins was having dinner with family, just like Noah should be, but Noah couldn't think of a better way to spend the holiday than with his mom. He wanted to run out to get something, and he led Sharon to the couch to get some rest. He departed, and Sharon reached for the phone, but after a moment's hesitation, she grabbed her coat and left.

Adam answered the door to Sharon, and Chelsea stumbled upon them. Sharon apologized for interrupting their Thanksgiving, and Adam expressed relief that she was okay. Sharon informed them that she'd moved back into her own house, and she thanked them both for their help. Adam asked if she was ready to do it on her own, and Sharon resolved that there was only one way to find out. Sharon inquired about her pills, and Adam left to retrieve them. Sharon sincerely apologized to Chelsea for the trouble she'd caused, and she insisted that Adam loved Chelsea. Sharon encouraged Chelsea not to take Adam for granted.

Chelsea saw Anita and Jeffrey out, and Chelsea and Adam agreed that they were grateful that they only had to deal with Thanksgiving once a year. Chelsea asked how Adam felt about Sharon being back, and she recognized that she had been acting like a jealous idiot. Adam acknowledged that he'd asked a lot of Chelsea, but Chelsea admitted that she should have trusted him all along. She hoped that since Sharon was strong enough to take care of herself, he could let Sharon go. Adam assured Chelsea that he already had, and he pulled Chelsea into his arms.

Jack spoke with his sisters on the phone, and he regretted that he hadn't been able to join them in New York. He asked to speak with Kyle, but Kyle wasn't there, so Jack said that he would call again later. He wished them a happy Thanksgiving, and he grimaced in pain after he hung up.

Phyllis arrived at Jack's house, and she proclaimed that it was the worst Thanksgiving ever. She complained that Nick had left town without a word to her and that Summer had chosen to spend the holiday with Avery. Phyllis poured herself a drink and ranted that Avery was trying to steal her life. Jack pointed out that Nick had his reasons to leave, that Summer was just being a teenager, and that Avery would love to have Phyllis join them. Phyllis adamantly refused to give Avery the satisfaction of knowing that Phyllis had no one to spend Thanksgiving with. Jack reasoned that Phyllis could have been alone at her penthouse, but she was with him, and Mrs. Martinez had left a wonderful dinner in the oven. Phyllis bemoaned that it was a family holiday, but Jack declared that he and Phyllis were family.

Jack was dismayed that Kyle hadn't responded to his calls or text messages, and Phyllis empathized. Jack remembered the happy Thanksgivings in the Abbott house. He recalled that John had always requested that each person state what they had been grateful for, and every year, Jack had mentioned material objects. Jack added that if he had it to do over again, he would tell each one of his family members how grateful he was to have them in his life. He took responsibility for his own choices, but he couldn't help wondering if he'd made a mistake by taking over Newman Enterprises.

Phyllis reminded Jack of his belief that he couldn't fight his DNA, and she warned him not to let the past get to him, but he continued to have misgivings about his decision. She declared that it was his time to succeed, and she believed that he could accomplish great things. Jack pointed out that many people thought he was selfish and greedy for taking over the company and firing the Newmans, and he doubted himself, but Phyllis implored him not to because no matter how tough it got, she would be by his side.

During a musical montage, Sharon sat by the fire as Noah entered with Faith, who ran into her mother's arms. Tucker embraced Jill, and then he and Katherine tentatively shook hands. Tucker departed, and Jill put her arm around Katherine's shoulders. The Winters family toasted and exchanged smiles. Phyllis leaned in to give Jack a peck on the cheek, but he pulled her into a kiss that turned passionate. On the plane, Billy struggled with his feelings of guilt as Nick comforted a despondent Victoria.

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Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, did not air today. The pre-emption was planned, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this programmng change.

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On behalf of the entire Soap Central team, we are so thankful for your continued support. You've made the last 17 years an incredibly amazing -- and soapy -- time. We appreciate your loyalty, and look forward to continuing our coverage of your favorite soaps for many more years.

If you're bummed out by the lack of new episodes, take some time to check out some of our features that you may not get to visit on a regular basis: our Daily Recaps Archives has recaps dating back to 1996, our Two Scoops columns feature commentaries from 2004 to the present, and our Who's Who in Genoa City section offers detailed character profiles for past and present Y&R characters.

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