The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 26, 2012 on Y&R

Kevin resorted to crime after losing TagNGrab. Victoria learned that Billy and Victor had both lied to her about Los Angeles. Avery and Nick made love. Victor discovered Jack was hooked on pain medication. Chelsea threatened Sharon with the truth about the Newman fire.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 26, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, November 26, 2012

At the Abbott mansion, Jack spent Thanksgiving alone, working. He winced in pain when he rose from a chair at his desk to retrieve file folders he'd left across the room on the seat of the sofa. Jack was elated when Kyle arrived unannounced. Kyle tightly embraced his dad and wished him a happy Thanksgiving.

Later, Jack caught up with the affairs of his family in New York while Kyle dined on leftovers in the sitting room. Kyle jokingly noted that Abby had bought too many pairs of shoes. Jack smiled when Kyle said that his aunts and other family members living on the East Coast were doing very well.

Kyle chastised Jack for not allowing his family to support him during his recent back surgery. Jack said he'd put his family through enough drama. Kyle admitted that Ashley was still upset about being fired from Jabot, and Abby believed that Jack's takeover of Newman Enterprises had sent Victor to the hospital. Kyle added that Jack had alienated yet another family member after firing Billy from Neman Enterprises.

At Billy and Victoria's, Nikki and Victor waited anxiously for Nick and Billy to return with Victoria after her rescue from kidnapper Eddie, an enemy from Billy's past. When Nick escorted Victoria inside, Nikki and Victor embraced their haggard daughter. Victor said, "Your mother and I will take care of you now." Billy, a hangdog expression on his face, stood back against the wall.

Victor applauded Nick's successful strategy that got Victoria back home to her family. Victoria said she wanted to see Johnny, so Nikki escorted her daughter upstairs. Victor approached Billy and said, "Pack your things and get out. I don't ever want to see you near my daughter again." Billy replied, "This is my house. Upstairs is my wife. This is the one place you don't get to throw your weight around with me."

Nick defended Billy and explained that Billy had stood with him during the dangerous rescue. After Nick left, Billy admitted that he'd screwed up a long time before and would have traded places with Victoria in a heartbeat. Victor threatened to tell Victoria that Billy had known all along that her father was in Los Angeles when she had believed he was missing. Victor added, "Had I told Victoria long ago, none of this nonsense in Miami would have happened. You leave her now, or I'll make sure that she leaves you."

Billy agreed to leave temporarily, so Victoria could rest. Boldly addressing Victor, Billy said, "Newman got ripped from your hands, so you're just gathering your possessions around you. Victoria's just another thing that you think you own." When Victoria and Nikki returned to the living room, Victoria asked about Billy. Nikki said, "Yes. Where could he have gone?" Victor replied, "He left because he knows he failed you. He must never put you in harm's way again." Victoria told her parents that she wanted to be alone for a while.

Billy went to the Abbott mansion. Jack greeted Billy and offered him a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers. Billy reminded Jack that he'd sent Victoria on a lark to Miami. Jack claimed that he'd been meaning to phone Billy and Victoria to discuss the matter. Billy said, "Your little trick got Victoria kidnapped and almost killed." Jack looked stunned.

Billy told Jack about Eddie terrorizing Victoria before Max gunned Eddie down before Victoria's eyes. Jack reminded Billy that he'd paid his brother's gambling debts before Billy left for Hong Kong. Jack added that he would have covered all outstanding debts had he known about them. Jack said he detested what had happened to Victoria, but he defended his actions. Jack reminded Billy that Victoria had ended up in Miami because Billy had failed Jack's test of his brother's loyalty.

Jack offered to support his brother if Billy stopped blaming him for what had happened. Billy edged closer to Jack threateningly. Kyle entered the room and asked what was going on. Billy delivered an ominous warning to his nephew. Billy said, "Your dad hasn't thrown you under the Newman Enterprises bus yet, but he will because it's a known fact that you aren't a real Abbott until you have tire marks all over your face."

After Billy left, Jack offered Kyle a piece of pie. Kyle asked if Billy was still upset about being fired. Jack claimed that Billy was just blowing off steam. Kyle said, "Maybe it's an appropriate response to you always putting business before family." Jack claimed that he did everything for his family. Kyle asked Jack if it was worth losing all the people who loved him just so he could hang on to what he thought he wanted.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe, seated with Michael, expressed her concern for Kevin's deep depression after losing TagNGrab. Chloe explained that nothing could be done to change Adam's mind about withdrawing his financial support of the website. The company they had built, Chloe added, was tied to Kevin's ego and his sense of self-worth. Michael agreed that the loss might be too much to handle. Kevin arrived and said, "Let's play a round of guess the conversation. That Kevin's such a disappointment."

Chloe and Michael told Kevin that they were concerned about him. Michael said that Gloria was worried because Kevin had chosen not to spend Thanksgiving with his family. Kevin explained that his failed business was the only thought on his mind. Michael invited Kevin and Chloe to enjoy pecan pie with Lauren and Fen. Kevin declined the invitation. Michael left.

Kevin, miffed at Chloe, said that she seemed unconcerned about TagNGrab's uncertain future, and he demanded to know if she had ever cared about the company. Chloe insisted that she was upset about their loss, but she told Kevin that she loved him and was worried about his well-being. Tucker arrived and greeted Kevin and Chloe.

Kevin was elated when Tucker announced that he'd bought Adam's share of TagNGrab. Kevin proclaimed Tucker's decision to be a Thanksgiving miracle. Tucker explained that Adam had written a loophole into the contract. In the event that Adam sold his share, Tucker noted, a buyer could opt to buy out Kevin and Chloe's share for a nominal fee. Kevin looked devastated when Tucker said that he'd opted to buy out their share. Kevin yelled, "The contract cannot say that!"

Chloe told Tucker that the company was her and Kevin's life. Tucker replied, "No. It's a business." Tucker explained that he already had personnel in place with Kevin's computer skills. Tucker promised to compensate Kevin and Chloe in accordance with the contract. When Kevin learned how much he and Chloe would receive in payment, he cried, "That's nothing!" Tucker replied, "You're young. You're smart. You'll bounce back. Don't let this get you down."

After Tucker left, Kevin was livid. Chloe reminded Kevin that they still had his intelligence and her keen sense of style. She said, "We'll just start over." Kevin yelled, "This is our life!" Kevin told Chloe that she didn't seem to care at all about their dream because she didn't even seemed surprised about what had just transpired. Chloe reminded Kevin that she'd developed TagNGrab. Kevin blasted Chloe for involving Adam. Kevin's face reddened, and he yelled that Chloe had never trusted him to find suitable investors. Chloe yelled back, "You never did, did you?" Kevin left.

Kevin arrived unannounced at Adam's estate and pounded on the front door. No one answered. Kevin yelled, "Adam! Open up! You want to screw me over and ruin my company? At least have the guts to look me in the eye!" Kevin paced anxiously on the portico.

Nina met Paul at a restaurant. Nina declined Paul's offer to buy her a drink and remained stoic when Paul explained that he hadn't meant to hurt her. Nina said she believed Paul but knew he'd been unable to resist strong feelings when he kissed Christine. Nina ended her relationship with Paul and told him she'd be returning to Los Angeles for good because there was nothing to keep in her Genoa City.

Paul said that during his ordeal, he'd imagined having Nina in his life. Nina said she'd also hoped and prayed that Paul would be set free, so they could be together. Nina added, "I just thought that if Cricket was going to revisit the past, it would have been with Danny." Paul explained that after months of uncertainty about his future, he was still finding his way. Nina cried and said, "We just had a great big wish come true. The whole world knows you're innocent. I don't think we can ask for more than that."

Christine arrived at the restaurant but kept her distance from Paul and Nina. Paul hugged Nina before she turned to leave. Christine asked Nina to wait a minute, but Nina cried, "No more apologies, okay?" After Nina left, Paul told Christine that Nina was leaving town. Christine noted that in the past, Nina would have sought Christine's support and understanding.

Paul told Christine that although his feelings for her were real, he'd been foolish to kiss her. Christine said, "But I kissed you back. I'm falling back in love with you, too." Christine noted that though the past had let them down, Paul deserved to smile if he felt like smiling. Paul listed the activities he could embrace without fear of facing a trial or imprisonment. Christine said she'd grown weary of courtrooms. Paul admitted that the tape he'd seen of Ricky had killed part of him, so he'd no longer involve himself with crimes and evidence.

Nick returned to the tack house and found a note from Noah, informing his dad that he'd taken Faith out for frozen yogurt. Nick phoned Avery and made plans to visit her at her apartment. Avery was washing dishes when Nick arrived later.

Avery told Nick that she'd shared Thanksgiving dinner with Summer and Faith. Nick said he was happy his daughters had enjoyed a normal Thanksgiving meal. Nick surmised that Summer had nixed plans to include Phyllis. Nick said, "Sorry Summer put you in that position. I should have been here." Avery asked Nick where he'd been.

Nick told Avery that Victoria had been kidnapped and that he and Billy had rescued her and returned her from Miami, unharmed. Nick explained that he'd had many close calls in his life that had somehow worked out. Nick added, "One time it didn't work out was with Cassie. Life is so fragile. You've got to make every second count."

Nick and Avery agreed that they'd repeatedly sparked a romance, and then backed away for fear of hurting others. Nick kissed Avery tenderly and said, "This is a good thing." Avery agreed. Avery and Nick kissed each other passionately. Nick said, "I want to make every second of my life matter. I want to spend it with you."

Back at Victoria's house, Victoria peered out the window before tiptoeing toward the front door to engage the deadbolt. Victoria peered up the stairs before approaching the dining room to ensure that no one was hiding in the shadows. After wrapping herself in a blanket, Victoria turned off the light and crouched on the floor below the window. She fixed her ever-vigilant gaze toward the window.

At a restaurant, Victor told Nikki that he wished they hadn't left Victoria alone. Nikki asked Victor how he'd persuaded Billy to leave. Victor placed his hand on Nikki's arm and told her that Victoria had grown aware that Billy was nothing but problems. Nikki reminded Victor that Victoria and Billy weren't children. Victor insisted that Victoria didn't love Billy. Victor added, "My mistake was to let him back in her life. I'll never do it again."

Nikki reminded Victor that others had repeatedly warned her that their relationship was twisted and abusive. Victor said he didn't give a damn what others thought. Nikki replied that it was the same with Victoria and Billy because only they knew in their hearts how they felt about each other. Victor told Nikki that Billy knew all along that Victor had been in Los Angeles when Victoria thought her father was missing. Nikki crinkled her brow in astonishment.

Billy later returned home and found Victoria asleep on the sofa. He gently covered her shoulders, but Victoria awoke with a start and began fighting Billy. She yelled, "Stay away!" Billy comforted Victoria and held her in his arms. Billy told Victoria that her kidnapping had been his fault, and he asked for her forgiveness.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Before leaving for the office, Phyllis called Summer and left a message, pleading with her daughter to visit her at work so they could talk. Jack walked downstairs and was anxious to head to the office. Phyllis was concerned about Jack's health, thinking that he was rushing back before he was well enough. Jack was determined to check up on Adam personally and wanted to go. Phyllis feared that Jack would have a relapse if he pushed too hard.

Jack took some pain pills and said he'd only work half a day. Before Jack left, Phyllis asked him about the kiss they'd shared on Thanksgiving night. Jack felt he'd overstepped their boundaries but explained that he'd been caught in the moment. Jack apologized, and Phyllis seemed relieved. Phyllis then became emotional and said she didn't want to lose his friendship.

Adam was ready to leave the house for the office. Chelsea gave him a passionate kiss. Adam worried that Chelsea was still hung up about his loyalty to Sharon. Adam reminded Chelsea to keep quiet about Sharon's secrets and problems. Adam assured Chelsea that he was totally in love with her and just concerned for Sharon. Chelsea was glad that Sharon was off their property.

When Adam opened the door to leave, Chloe was there. Chloe didn't want to discuss TagNGrab. Adam told Chloe to get Kevin to back off about the company, and threatened to have the cops arrest Kevin for harassment.

After Adam was gone, Chelsea apologized about Adam's attitude. Chloe admitted her marriage was hanging by a thread because of their disagreements about the business. Chloe took the blame for her fight with Kevin, but Kevin had not forgiven her for saying some terrible things. Chelsea acknowledged that losing TagNGrab could destroy Chloe and Kevin's relationship.

Chelsea confessed that her relationship with Adam was strained, too. Chloe advised Chelsea to be open and honest with Adam. Chloe encouraged Chelsea to rehearse what she'd say to Adam by speaking with her. Chelsea told Chloe that Sharon had been the woman in the cottage, and she'd had a mental breakdown. Chelsea was ticked that Adam had stashed Sharon on their estate without telling Chelsea in advance. Chloe understood Chelsea's anger. Chloe promised not to spill the beans about Sharon, keeping Chelsea's secret in the vault.

Chloe believed that despite his past, Adam was basically a decent guy and truly loved Chelsea. Chloe suggested that she and Chelsea get their minds off their problems by starting a new project. Chelsea agreed that being friends with Chloe was a lot better than being an adversary. Chelsea was surprised when Chloe proposed that they go into business together. Chelsea pointed out that her background was as a bartender and a con artist. Chloe thought Chelsea was a talented designer, and Chloe was excited about what they could do in business. Chloe also assumed that they'd face opposition.

In Jack's office, Adam was at the desk. Jack overheard Adam order the financial records for Jabot as he walked into the office. Adam was surprised when Jack questioned what he was doing. Jack told Adam that Jabot was off-limits to Adam and warned Adam to drop the subject. Kyle walked into the office and announced that he was glad to be back in the company.

Adam was suspicious of Kyle because he'd walked out on Newman Enterprises. Kyle said he had never wanted to work for Sharon. Jack declared that Kyle had a good head on his shoulders and a lot to contribute. Adam accused Jack of nepotism. Jack sent Adam to legal to get a final version of a contact.

In the hallway, Kyle told Phyllis that Adam was a jerk, and he wished Jack were in charge instead of Adam. Phyllis was open to a plan to take Adam down. Phyllis suggested they team up to make Adam think they were harmless, but they'd be working against him. Phyllis and Kyle shook on the deal. Later, before closing the door to leave, Adam saw Jack pop pain pills.

Phyllis noticed Adam and asked if he was spying on Jack. Adam advised Phyllis to convince Jack to take it easy. Phyllis asked Jack to go to lunch with her, but he was too focused on work. Jack returned to his task and told Phyllis to leave the office. When he was alone, Jack called Dr. Carter to ask for a refill of the pain medication. Jack lied to the doctor in order to get a stronger medication.

In the hallway, Adam called Sharon and left a message saying he would deliver her some lunch. Adam turned around and saw that Chelsea was there and had overheard his call. Chelsea was disappointed in Adam. When he said that nothing was going on, Chelsea decided to drop the subject. Chelsea wanted to talk with him about her new project and asked him to lunch. Adam blew off Chelsea to go out with Sharon instead.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin received a notice from the bank about the mortgage. Later, Kevin met Gloria at the new restaurant in town where everyone was going since Gloworm had been torched. Gloria was angry with Kevin not showing up for Thanksgiving. Kevin said it had been a horrible day for him and Chloe. Kevin explained that he needed help.

Kevin revealed that he needed $10,000 or else he'd lose his house. Gloria ignored his request for a loan, talking instead about the menu at the restaurant and comparing it to Gloworm. Gloria was upset about losing her livelihood and the stature it afforded her in town. Kevin sympathized with his mother. Kevin confessed that he didn't want to lose his home.

When Gloria asked if Kevin would join the family for Christmas, Kevin implied that he'd have a hard time dealing with Christmas if he didn't have a home. Gloria asked what Kevin had done to risk that, and Kevin admitted that he'd taken out a line of credit for TagNGrab, using the house as collateral. Gloria was shocked that Kevin had not confided in Chloe. Gloria couldn't help Kevin because she had no liquid assets. Kevin accused Gloria of wanting to see him fail.

At Jabot, Cane spoke with Neil about his assignments, trying to report about the marketing department. Before Cane could speak, Neil interrupted. Neil wanted Cane to mentor Devon. Cane was surprised to see Devon walk into the office in a suit and tie. Neil ordered Cane to share every aspect of the business with Devon. Neil left for a meeting.

Alone with Devon, Cane pointed out that Jabot was very different from the music business. Devon explained that he had given up music in order to have a real job. Cane was not impressed with Devon's attitude about becoming a businessman.

Later, Neil asked Cane what he thought of Devon. Cane responded positively, but when he wanted to talk about his marketing ideas, Neil blew Cane off. Cane declared that Neil was ignoring him. Neil denied that there was a problem. However, Neil then asked Cane to brainstorm his marketing ideas with Devon first.

Chloe went to Crimson Lights and found Kevin, who was still in a surly mood. Chloe tried to apologize to Kevin for her hurtful words. Kevin was cold and indifferent. Chloe assumed that Kevin was scared, but Kevin explained that he was angry. Kevin was tired of being a nice guy, especially when nobody was standing by his side.

Chloe said that she was with Kevin. When Chloe said she wanted to use Tucker's buyout money to invest in a new venture with Chelsea, Kevin said that the money was already spent. Chloe was shocked that Kevin had done something that put their home at risk.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The morning after Nick and Avery spent the night together, she found him in the kitchen, making her pancakes. Avery said she'd enjoyed their night together, but she wondered if it had been a mistake. Nick said it was all about perspective, and he didn't see it as a mistake. Avery was please that he wasn't sorry that they'd made love. Avery admitted to having a qualm or two about their relationship, but she wanted them to continue seeing each other.

Avery was worried about Phyllis' reaction ton their romance. Nick refused to let Phyllis have veto power over his love life. Avery liked Nick's philosophy. Avery asked Nick about his future and wondered what Nick's dreams had been as a boy.

Nick said he'd always wanted to be a rock star. Nick admitted he couldn't sing or play an instrument. Avery suggested that Nick use his business experience to produce music. Nick was intrigued by her suggestion.

Summer went to Newman Enterprises to see Phyllis. Summer realized that Phyllis was busy, and Summer started showing attitude. Phyllis objected to her daughter's sass, and Summer apologized. Later, over lunch at On the Boulevard, Summer learned that Phyllis had spent Thanksgiving with Jack. Summer said her Thanksgiving with Avery had been low-key. Phyllis approved of Avery and Summer growing closer. Summer felt that Avery was a good listener.

Phyllis offered to listen to Summer, but Summer felt that Phyllis only wanted to talk when Phyllis was the main topic. Phyllis confessed that she was too self-involved. Phyllis pointed out that she was back on track with her job at Newman, and she was living with Jack, helping him to get well again.

Summer thought that Grandpa Victor wouldn't approve of Phyllis siding with Jack. Summer asked if Phyllis would have turned down the Newman position if Nick had asked her. Summer viewed her mother's decisions as disloyal to the Newmans.

Phyllis was surprised by Summer's attitude. Summer reminded her mother that she was a Newman, too. Phyllis countered that she'd been a Newman, but she'd also once been an Abbott. Phyllis defended Jack to Summer, saying that Jack was a good man.

Summer saw Ronan enter the restaurant and thought Phyllis had arranged for him to be there. Phyllis assured her that she had not known that Ronan would be in the same restaurant as they were.

Ronan said hello to Summer and Phyllis. Summer asked about Jamie and assured Ronan that she had not harassed him. Summer liked Jamie and had a lot in common with him, like them both being from broken homes. Phyllis flinched at that comment and then suggested that Summer go to school.

Ronan sat down, and Phyllis admitted that she hated the way Summer had been "killing" her with kindness. Ronan informed Phyllis that he'd received an offer to take a job in Washington. Ronan could turn it down, but Phyllis encouraged him to accept it.

Disappointed, Ronan wondered if he ever had a real chance with Phyllis. With tears in her eyes, Phyllis explained she didn't want to be in love or a relationship. Phyllis said she was exhausted from the strain of being involved with men. Ronan apologized for having complicated her life.

Kyle reported to Jack at the office about his work. Jack invited Kyle out to lunch, but Kyle worried that Jack was working too hard. Jack was irritated with everyone's concern for him. Jack agreed to meet Kyle in the lobby, then Jack downed aspirin and pain medication. Jack grimaced in pain.

Tucker arrived at Jack's office and asked why Jack wasn't home convalescing and on a morphine drip. Tucker had questions for Adam, and didn't want to deal with Jack. When Tucker left, Kyle appeared and saw his father hurting. Kyle was worried about him, but Jack said he was ready for lunch.

Jack entered the elevator and nearly fell, prompting Kyle to catch him. Jack resented Kyle's help, but Kyle said Jack was being ridiculous, since he'd just had back surgery. Kyle wanted Jack to be realistic. Later, Jack and Kyle arrived at On the Boulevard. When Jack saw Phyllis with Ronan, Jack asked Kyle to drive him home, but not before stopping at the drug store.

Later at Newman Enterprises, Kyle told Phyllis that he'd driven Jack home. Phyllis was worried about Jack and decided to go see him. At the house, Jack was working. He felt dizzy from all the pain medication and couldn't reach for the telephone when it rang.

Phyllis walked into Jack's place and saw him passed out on the couch. Phyllis cleaned up the Newman work folders and turned off Jack's phone. Jack awakened and called Phyllis "Red." Phyllis looked at the bottle of pills and asked how many capsules Jack had taken. Jack didn't know and didn't care.

Summer went to Avery's and discovered that Nick was there. Summer noticed that Avery was wearing a robe. Summer mentioned that she'd had lunch with Phyllis, and her mother had been freaked out about Summer having spent Thanksgiving with Avery.

While Avery went into the other room to find Summer's ring, Nick asked Summer how her relationship with Phyllis was going. Nick said that Phyllis was very sensitive about Avery. Summer assured Nick that she was cool about his relationship with Avery.

When Avery returned to the living room, Summer asked if she and Avery could spend some time together. Avery agreed, and Summer hugged her aunt. After Nick urged Summer to return to school, Nick told Avery that he was concerned that Summer was cutting classes.

Nick wasn't sure how to help his daughter. Avery advised him to take a break from worrying for Summer's sake. Nick and Avery agreed to continue seeing each other, but agreed to be discreet. Avery suggested that Nick use the terrace when he wanted to visit her, if necessary.

Nick went home, and after pouring a glass of juice, he called Avery. Nick wanted her to know how grateful he was to her. Nick appreciated being with her and had had a wonderful time with her the night before. Avery told him that her terrace door was always open to him.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin met with Michael and apologized for acting like a jerk lately. Kevin said he needed to borrow money, or else he'd lose his home. Kevin explained how he'd gotten in trouble with the bank by getting a line of credit. Michael pulled out his checkbook and gave Kevin the money.

Kevin was grateful and promised to repay Michael and treat his brother with more respect. Michael was fed up with Kevin's surly attitude and said he had written the check more for Chloe and Delia than for Kevin. Michael warned Kevin to alter his attitude, or he'd lose everything that mattered to him -- Chloe and Delia.

Later, Chloe walked into the coffeehouse and overheard Kevin on the phone with the bank. Kevin mentioned the $10,000 payment, and Chloe realized the money was from Michael. Chloe was upset that they hadn't really solved their problems. Chloe felt that repaying Michael would be just one more debt they'd have on their plate.

Chloe wanted answers from Kevin and admitted that she had no answers herself. Chloe didn't blame Kevin for their predicament. Chloe suggested that they sell Angelina's house, especially since Chloe had never loved the place anyway. Kevin stubbornly said he would fix their problems on his own.

Christine told Paul she was going to New York to end things with Danny. Paul wondered if Christine had been motivated because of Paul's breakup with Nina. Chris said no, but she felt that she needed to tell Danny personally about her feelings. Chris wondered if Paul had been attracted to her again because of all the turmoil in his life. Paul confessed that his feelings for Chris were the real thing.

Michael returned to the coffeehouse and heard Kevin on the phone with the bank. Michael felt sympathy for Kevin and apologized for having been so hard on him earlier. Kevin felt that Michael had been right, Kevin could lose Chloe. Kevin believed that Chloe had lost respect for him.

Ronan met with Michael and Paul at the coffeehouse, informing them that he was taking the Washington assignment. Ronan asked if they would watch out for Jamie, the kid he'd been mentoring. Meanwhile, on the patio, Summer said hello to Jamie as he walked in the door. Summer admitted she was cutting classes.

Jamie told Summer that someone other than Britney had sent him nasty texts. Summer felt for him. Jamie added that Ronan was leaving town, and that was a bummer. When Jamie saw Ronan at a table, Jamie left Summer to speak with him.

Summer called Fen to ask him why he'd been harassing Jamie. Michael introduced himself to Jamie. Summer watched from across the way.

Lauren went to see Jill at the Chancellor mansion. Lauren jokingly asked her sister if she'd lost her mind by agreeing to run Chancellor Industries with Katherine. Jill explained that she feared that Katherine would have another stroke if Jill hadn't stepped in to help her. Jill wanted to keep her conscience clear. Lauren warned Jill not to forget about her personal life.

Chloe went to the mansion to see Kay, but ran into Lauren and Jill. Chloe was upset about her fight with Kevin. Chloe admitted to Lauren and Jill that Kevin was not handling the demise of TagNGrab very well. She explained that Kevin had borrowed against their home without consulting Chloe.

Lauren learned that Michael had lent Kevin money to cover the bank notice. Jill looked askance at Michael and Kevin acting without informing their wives. Chloe feared that Billy might sell Restless Style, and she'd lose her job. Chloe said the income from Crimson Lights was not enough to support their family. Jill advised Chloe to divorce Kevin.

Jill said that Kevin had been Tom's son and had a checkered past. Chloe defended Kevin to Jill, but Jill thought that Chloe was ignoring the signs that Kevin was trouble. Chloe was upset and left. Lauren criticized Jill for being so hard on Chloe. Lauren believed that Kevin was a good man. Lauren thought that Jill was biased against men because of her own bad relationships.

As Lauren opened the door to leave, Tucker arrived. After saying goodbye to Lauren, Tucker asked Jill to dinner. Meanwhile, Chloe returned to the coffeehouse and embraced Kevin. Chloe said that she loved him and that they would work out their problems together.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

At Jack's house, Phyllis was concerned about how many pain pills he had been taking. Jack insisted that he was fine, and the medication had made him feel better. Jack asked Phyllis if she had enjoyed her lunch, and she admitted that Ronan had interrupted her time with Summer. Jack felt that Phyllis could do better than Ronan Malloy and contended that Ronan wasn't exciting enough for Phyllis. Jack thought he was a better man for Phyllis, and he asserted that Phyllis meant a lot to him. Phyllis deflected his flattery and offered to make Jack something to eat. Jack declined her offer, and Phyllis left for a staff meeting at Newman, promising to return later.

Victor went to Billy's and asked his son-in-law why he had yet to leave Victoria. Billy said that it was his home, and he wouldn't leave Victoria when she was so traumatized by what had happened in Miami. Victor said that because of Billy's reckless ways, Victoria's life was always going to be in jeopardy.

Victoria appeared from the bedroom and asked what Billy and Victor were squabbling about. Billy didn't want Victoria to be upset by their arguing, but Victor was intent on speaking with Victoria about Billy's flaws. Victoria told her father she wasn't up for Victor's truth. Billy asked Victor to back off.

Victor refused to listen to either of them and told Victoria that Billy had known that Victor had suffered from amnesia while Victor had been in lost Los Angeles. Victoria was stunned that Billy had kept that information from her. Billy said that there was more to the story than what Victor had revealed.

Victor declared that Billy had withheld vital information from Victoria and the rest of the family. Victor pointed out that he might have been killed in the warehouse explosion. Victoria asked her father why he'd kept the truth from her since returning home, and Victor claimed he had asked Billy to tell her the truth.

Billy informed Victoria that Victor had blackmailed him about the information, threatening to tell Victoria. Fed up with her husband and her father, Victoria told Billy and Victor to leave the house and leave her alone.

Michael spoke with Jamie at the coffeehouse, trying to get to know him better. Jamie felt uncomfortable answering questions from the D.A. Michael said that he knew about Jamie's past and wasn't speaking to him as the D.A.

Sensing Jamie's reluctance to confide in him. Michael revealed that his father had been a mean drunk who'd caused Michael a lot of problems when Michael was young. Michael suggested that Jamie do a Google search on Michael to read about how he'd mucked up his life for a long time.

From the doorway, Fen saw Jamie with Michael. Fen turned and walked away. Michael asked Jamie if he was still receiving bullying text messages. Jamie said yes, and when Michael explained that Summer might be the culprit, Jamie didn't disagree. Michael handed Jamie his business card and urged him to call if he ever needed to talk.

When Summer went home, Nick questioned her about school. Nick wanted to have an important talk with his daughter. Summer agreed to text Fen to stop over later. Nick believed that Summer was still upset about the divorce, but hadn't been dealing with her feelings.

Summer confessed that she was angry with their family falling apart. Later, Nick received a call from the school and learned that Summer had been ditching classes. Summer said she skipped school because of her personal problems, letting Nick know that the kids at school thought it was weird that the Newmans had been fired from Newman Enterprises. Summer asked Nick why he wasn't doing anything since leaving the company.

Nick asked Summer how she spent her days if she was cutting classes. Summer said she went to the library and just hung out. Fen appeared at the door, having never received Summer's text. Nick instructed Summer and Fen to do homework while he was gone.

After he left, Summer asked Fen why he was still sending nasty texts to Jamie. Fen said that he resented that everyone suddenly cared about Jamie. Summer feared that if it were discovered that Fen was sending the texts, it would boomerang back on her. Fen felt that Summer was using him. Without another word, Fen walked out on Summer.

At Crimson Lights, Fen confronted Jamie and warned him that Summer was off-limits to Jamie, that Summer was Fen's girlfriend. Jamie understood. Fen then walked into the other room and wrote another harassing text message to Jamie.

Michael was pleased to see Fen and invited him to lunch. Despite Michael's best efforts to be pleasant, Fen was cold to his father. Michael asked if Fen had acted like himself over Thanksgiving because it was a holiday.

Fen was surly, so Michael suggested that he and Fen go to a movie so they wouldn't have to talk. When Fen asked why Michael had been with Jamie earlier, Michael explained that Ronan had asked him to befriend Jamie. Michael asked if Fen would reach out to Jamie as a friend.

Billy ran into Nick at Crimson Lights. Nick criticized Billy for hurting Victoria. Billy felt that all the Newmans were given a free pass while all the Abbotts were considered trouble. Nick was concerned that Billy's enemies, or friends of his enemies, might go after Victoria again. Billy said that he loved Victoria. Nick pointed out that Billy might not be good for his sister.

Victor went to the tack house to see Nick. Victor said that he was convinced that Victoria would leave Billy because he wasn't good enough for Victoria. Victor switched the conversation to Newman Enterprises and told Nick he should step up and fight for the company, since Victoria was hurting.

Victor wanted Nick to take on the battle in Victoria's place. Nick was shocked that his father was using the situation with Victoria to drag Nick back into the business. Victor questioned what Nick was doing with his life. Nick told his father that Victor might not approve of Nick's future plans. With finality, Nick told Victor to fight to regain Newman Enterprises himself. Victor was disgusted with Nick.

At the office, Kyle asked Phyllis about Jack's condition. Kyle was concerned about his father and felt that Jack didn't listen to him. Phyllis appreciated how much Jack had done for her, but she was thinking of moving out because Jack was back on his feet. Kyle said that Jack needed Phyllis. She promised to visit whenever Jack needed her.

At home, Jack was freaking out from too many phone calls, emails, and messages. Suddenly, Jack awakened and realized it had been a dream. The doorbell rang, and at the front door, Jack saw it was Victor. Jack put aside his cane and answered the door on his own two feet. Victor handed Jack a box of chocolate and said it was a get-well gift. Jack took it, and he put it on the coffee table. While Victor received a phone call, Jack swallowed some pain pills.

Later, Victor asked Jack if he knew about Victoria's ordeal in Miami. Victor asked Jack to convince Billy to leave Victoria for her sake. While talking about Victoria, Victor eyed Jack's pain medication and noted the name of the drug.

Jack said that he was aware of what had happened to Victoria, but explained that Billy blamed Jack for Victoria going to Miami in the first place. Victor needled Jack about having lost the love of his family: Ashley, Billy, and Traci. Jack denied that was true.

Phyllis entered the house and asked Victor and Jack what they were doing together. Jack said that Victor had given him a box of candy. Victor laughed and then left. Phyllis was curious, but Jack said that Victor had been trying to yank his chain.

Jack didn't believe that Victor had gotten what he'd been seeking with the visit. Phyllis wasn't so sure. Phyllis explained that since Jack was doing so well, she was going to return to the penthouse. Jack didn't want Phyllis to leave, but Phyllis felt that it was appropriate. Later, Victor used his laptop to research Jack's medication.

Billy went home and was disappointed that Victoria was not there. Across town, Victoria went to Nick's because she was upset about Victor and Billy. Nick had not known that Billy and Victor had been lying about what had happened in Los Angles.

Victoria didn't know what to do about the situation. Nick was furious with Billy for having kept the information about Victor's amnesia from the family. Victoria understood why Billy had lied. Victoria recognized that the life-long feuding between Jack and Victor had scarred Billy.

Nick said that his marriage to Phyllis had been fraught with issues that emanated from her past, just like Billy had issues from his. Victoria realized that Nick had broken away from Phyllis and her issues. Nick said he didn't regret divorcing Phyllis.

Victoria said that she loved Billy, but she was unsure of what to do. Nick admitted that he'd loved Phyllis, but he couldn't handle her lies. Victoria told her brother that she had Johnny to think about, too. Nick wondered if Victoria wanted her son to be scarred the same way that Billy had been.

Victoria went home and saw that Billy was waiting for her. Billy asked Victoria to let him explain why he'd lied. Billy admitted that he'd wanted revenge for the time Victor had imprisoned him in Myanmar and then had kept him from Delia when she was so ill.

Billy pointed out that by the time he'd decided to do the right thing, within days, it was too late. Victoria asked Billy why he continued to do hurtful things, and he promised to change. Victoria didn't know if she could believe him again. Victoria said he could stay in the house until she figured out what to do.

Summer went to see Jamie at the coffeehouse. Jamie showed her the latest text he'd received. Summer recognized that Fen had sent it. Summer sympathized with Jamie.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Sharon and Adam talked at her house over lunch, and he wanted to make sure that she had been taking her medication. She claimed that she had been, but it hadn't seemed to make any difference. He reminded her that it could take time to have an effect. Sharon retreated to the kitchen to clean up, and Adam looked at a baby photo of Faith on the mantel. Noah entered, and he pleaded with Adam to let Sharon move on. Adam refused to abandon her, but Noah contended that Sharon had her family and that Adam had his wife.

Sharon thanked Adam for lunch, and he departed. Noah scolded that it wasn't good for her to have Adam around, but she argued that she could have ended up in Fairview if it hadn't been for Adam. She was determined to leave the past in the past, and she called Adam the best friend she had. Noah wondered if that was all Adam was.

Sharon said that she felt gratitude toward Adam because he had been there for her when everyone else had walked out on her. Noah was sorry that he hadn't supported her earlier, but he vowed to respond right away whenever she needed him. Noah suggested that they tell Nick that she was back, but she adamantly refused.

Sharon became distraught at the thought of contacting Nick, and Noah wondered if he should call her doctor. Sharon explained that Noah understood her condition, but she couldn't handle other people judging her. Noah warned that it was only a matter of time before Nick learned of her return, and he implored her to tell Nick herself, or Nick would be suspicious why they had kept it a secret. She worried that Nick would see through her, and she couldn't risk Nick finding out that she had set the fire.

Noah assured Sharon that no one had to know that she had been responsible for the fire. Sharon pointed out that Noah and Adam already knew, and Noah voiced his lack of faith in Adam. She trusted her instincts about Adam, but Noah urged her to give credit to Nick, who had loved her throughout many difficult times. She agreed to think about it, and Noah started to call Nick, but she wanted to wait until she was ready.

Chloe returned to see Chelsea, and Chelsea griped that Adam hadn't been able to fit her in for lunch. Chloe resolved to stop concentrating on their errant husbands and financial drama, and instead, focus on making money with their fashion project. Chloe accepted that she loved Kevin and that they would get through anything together.

Chloe pondered distribution issues and price points, but Chelsea remained preoccupied with thoughts of Sharon. Chelsea complained that Adam had chosen to keep his schedule open for Sharon rather than to spend time with Chelsea. Adam arrived home, and he and Chloe exchanged barbs. Chloe left, and Chelsea coolly asked Adam about lunch. He groused that the deli had put mustard on his pastrami, but he admitted that he'd checked on Sharon to ensure that she had been taking her medication.

Chelsea expressed concern about Adam monitoring Sharon's every move, but he insisted that he only had eyes for Chelsea, and he asked for an update regarding her business venture. She showed him some pictures of her clothing designs on her cell phone, and he was impressed. Adam called it the kind of venture he wanted to invest in, but she was determined to continue working with Chloe. He asked about Chloe's role in the project, and Chelsea noted that it had been Chloe's idea and that Chloe believed in her. Chelsea thought that Adam owed her the chance to build something on her own.

Adam huffed that Chloe was just a crutch and that Chelsea didn't need her. Chelsea pointed out that he'd just nursed Sharon back to sanity, so he had no right to dictate who Chelsea chose to be friends with. He conceded that Chelsea was right, and he offered his unconditional support. He suggested that they rent a business loft for Chelsea, but she liked the cottage. He argued that she wouldn't have enough room, and Chelsea questioned whether he expected Sharon to move back in. He became irritated that Chelsea continued to obsess about Sharon.

Adam reiterated that he had no romantic feelings for Sharon, but he was tired of giving Chelsea his word when she refused to listen. Chelsea whined that he was Sharon's hero, and she felt that Adam had a weak spot for Sharon that was bound to affect his heart. An upset Chelsea ran up the stairs, and Adam answered a call from Sharon, who was freaked out that Noah might tell Nick that she was home. Adam offered to talk to Noah, and he instructed her to rest. Adam grabbed his coat and left. Chelsea returned downstairs and was stunned to find the house empty.

Chelsea stormed into Sharon's home, looking for Adam, and Sharon worried that someone had seen Chelsea. Chelsea ranted that Sharon was delusional if she thought that people wouldn't find her in her own house, and she commanded Sharon to stop calling Adam. Sharon stated that Adam had been her friend long before he'd even met Chelsea, but Chelsea demanded that Sharon leave him alone. Sharon contended that the problem was between Chelsea and Adam, but Chelsea retorted that Sharon was the obstacle between them. Sharon wondered if Chelsea was afraid that deep down, Adam would never love Chelsea the way he loved Sharon.

Sharon corrected that Adam had loved her in the past, but her relationship with Adam had been destructive, while his marriage to Chelsea was honest. Chelsea snapped that it was, except when Adam was lying about Sharon. Sharon maintained that Chelsea had no reason to be jealous, and Chelsea insisted that she wasn't, but she was adamant that Sharon leave Chelsea and Adam alone. Sharon repeated that Adam was her friend, but Chelsea snarled that he was only someone that Sharon had once known, and she threatened to tell the world that Sharon had burned down Victor's house if Sharon didn't stop contacting Adam. Chelsea stormed out, and Sharon crumpled into a heap.

Noah met Adam at Crimson Lights, and Adam explained that he would never be able to repay Sharon after everything he'd put her through, but he had to keep trying. Adam revealed that Noah's pressure on Sharon to talk to Nick was making her anxious. Noah was perplexed that Sharon had contacted Adam, and he blasted Adam for not seeing that Adam's involvement with Sharon was a problem.

Noah beseeched Adam to let Sharon go and to allow her to depend on the people who loved her. Sharon sent Adam a text message saying that she needed him, but Adam lied that the message wasn't from her. Adam said that Sharon needed people who wouldn't pressure or judge her, and Noah pointed out that Sharon could turn to Dr. Watkins. Adam argued that it took time to build a connection, and he and Sharon already had one. Noah barked that whatever Adam was doing wasn't helping, and he ordered Adam to stay away from Sharon.

Sharon waited for a reply from Adam, but when she didn't get one, she called Dr. Watkins and bemoaned that she was getting worse. Meanwhile, Chelsea paced at home, and she became increasingly agitated as she imagined Adam and Sharon making love. Adam arrived home, and Chelsea confronted him about what he had done to her. He asked how he could fix things, and Chelsea ordered him to never see Sharon again.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin handed a $10,000 check to his banker, who said that the payment bought Kevin a month, but a large balloon payment would soon be due. Kevin assured the banker that the payment wouldn't be a problem, but after the banker left, Kevin's face fell. Kevin was further discouraged when he checked his bank account balances online. He commented that he wished that he could switch with TagNGrab's account, and he suddenly had an idea.

Chloe found Kevin working on his computer, and he said that he was taking care of some "fiscal maneuvering." He wouldn't elaborate further, and they bickered over Chloe teaming up with Chelsea. He believed that their focus should be getting out of financial trouble, and Chloe insisted that was what she was trying to do. She chided him for not letting her in on his plans, and she stalked off.

Later, Kevin checked his computer and saw that a transfer had been completed. He boasted to Chloe that he'd taken care of everything. She divulged her plans to move forward on the fashion project with Chelsea, and she was irked when he seemed disinterested. He said that Chloe had brains and vision, and he advised her against going into business with Chelsea.

At Jabot, Neil checked in with Devon, who said that Cane had been interesting to watch at work. Neil envisioned Devon working his way up the corporate ladder, but Devon didn't expect to become a superstar. Neil summarized the difficulties Devon had overcome in the prior year, from dealing with hearing loss to learning that Tucker was his biological father, but Devon simply stated that he'd dealt with them. Neil worried that Devon had walked away from a dream career in music, and Devon thought that Neil was having a harder time handling it than Devon was.

Neil said that he needed creative thinkers who paid attention to detail, and he thought that Devon could apply the skills he'd developed at his music studio to Jabot. Devon questioned whether Neil would look the other way if Devon made a mistake. Neil swore that he wasn't going to hold Devon's hand, but he was confident that Devon could be successful at anything Devon set his mind to. Neil gushed that he couldn't ask for more in an employee or a son.

Tucker arrived to pick up Jill at the Chancellor mansion. She reported that Katherine and Murphy had gone to the movies, and he jokingly feigned disappointment that Katherine wasn't there to lecture him. Jill clarified that she didn't consider her dinner plans with Tucker a date, and she suspected that he wanted something from her. Tucker insisted that he only desired the pleasure of her company, and she cheekily replied that by "company," he meant Chancellor Industries. He asserted that he'd made his intentions crystal clear, but she challenged him to keep his eyes on her and not her corporate assets.

Lily and Cane ordered a bottle of wine at On the Boulevard. She informed him that her meeting at work had gone well, and he raved that she had inherited her parents' business savvy. She remarked that their family was turning into the Newmans, but he was glad that they didn't have the same emotional bloodshed. Cane reported that he had shown Devon around the office the day, so he hadn't been able to attend management meetings and or handle calls. Lily assured Cane that Neil wouldn't exclude him intentionally, and Cane vowed to prove himself as a team player to Neil.

Lily took Cane's hand and said that she believed in him more than anyone. He wished that they were at the Athletic Club so they could get a room upstairs, but they decided to talk about what to get the twins for Christmas instead. Jill and Tucker arrived, and Lily invited them to join her and Cane. Tucker asked whether Cane and Lily were there for business, and Cane wondered the same about Tucker and Jill. Tucker concluded that they were all there for pleasure, and Cane shot Jill a disapproving glance.

Lily and Cane shared their wine with Jill and Tucker. Tucker received a text message, and Jill reprimanded him for reading it during dinner. Tucker excused himself to make a call, and Jill was happy to spend time with Lily and Cane. Cane questioned what was going on between Tucker and Jill, and Jill claimed that she had merely wanted to check out the new restaurant. Cane called Tucker a loser, but Jill encouraged Cane not to assume that Tucker was the one in a position of power.

Cane inquired whether Jill was using Tucker, but she insisted that she wasn't. Cane worried that Tucker had screwed over a lot of people, but Jill swore that she could take care of herself. Tucker returned and announced that his and Jill's table was ready. As they crossed the room, Tucker commented that Cane had given him the "death glare," and she admitted that Cane didn't like Tucker. Tucker recalled the night he and Jill had met, and she remembered that he'd pretended to be a bartender. He amorously remarked that she'd tipped well, but she flatly told him not to expect a tip that evening.

Tucker noted that Jill looked relaxed, and she credited the meal and seeing Cane and Lily. She crowed that it had warmed her heart that Cane had warned her about Tucker. Tucker said that he wasn't proud of some of the things he'd done, and he knew that Katherine despised him, but he hoped that Jill didn't see him the same way. She pondered whether he was a changed man, and he said that he wanted to change for her.

Later, Neil and Devon entered, and they greeted Tucker and Jill. Jill informed them that Cane and Lily had just left, and Devon mentioned that Cane had shown him the ropes at Jabot. Tucker realized that Devon had accepted Neil's job offer, and Jill surmised that Neil was thrilled to be working with his family. Neil declared his intent to surround himself with the right people in order to succeed, just like Katherine had by hiring Jill. Neil and Devon headed to their table, and Neil realized that he'd forgotten his phone. Neil told Devon to order while he went back to the office to retrieve it.

Lily and Cane returned to the office to pick up some paperwork, and he said that she looked good behind Neil's desk. He speculated that she could be CEO one day, but she thought Cane had his eye on the job. He replied that his eye was on something else, and he seductively approached her from behind. He breathily asked how long the nanny was on duty, and she was shocked by his insinuation that they have sex in Neil's office. They kissed passionately, and they began to make love on the desk.

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