The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 3, 2012 on Y&R

Nick considered opening a nightclub. Nikki and Victor moved into a luxury penthouse. Sharon crashed the Newman housewarming party and offered an apology. Adam consoled Sharon with a passionate kiss. Chelsea saw Adam with Sharon.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 3, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, December 3, 2012

At Adam and Chelsea's estate, Chelsea greeted Adam when he returned from an outing by sarcastically claiming that even when he wasn't with Sharon, she was on his mind. Adam explained that Sharon was only a friend. A snarling Chelsea angrily replied, "You don't have any friends. It's not who you are."

Adam asked what he had to do to get Chelsea to believe him. Chelsea firmly replied, "Never see Sharon again." Adam claimed that Chelsea's edict was extreme. Chelsea became enraged and yelled that Adam had gone to an extreme, after Sharon burned down Victor's house, when he hired a man to set two fires intended to confuse investigators.

A frustrated Adam insisted to Chelsea that he hadn't cheated on her with Sharon. Chelsea cried that Adam had cheated in his head and in his heart. Chelsea added that what Adam had done was worse. Before Adam left, he told Chelsea that if she couldn't be rational, then there'd be no hope for their relationship.

Chelsea went to a local restaurant in search of Adam. She rudely interrupted Nikki and asked if she'd seen Adam. Nikki noted that having money had obviously not taught Chelsea good manners. Chelsea apologized and said she was sorry that Nikki had lost her home. Nikki explained that no one knew who'd set the fire.

Chelsea told Nikki that no one should be able to break into a home and destroy everything that person had built with the one she loved. Somewhat confused by the comment, Nikki nevertheless agreed with Chelsea's statement. Before Chelsea left, Nikki apologized for her hurtful words. She explained that some people had treated her badly when she first married Victor. Chelsea nodded and left.

At her house on the ranch property, Sharon had a counseling session with Dr. Watkins. Visibly shaken and uneasy, Sharon confessed to her psychologist that she felt the same way she'd felt the night she'd set fire to the main house at the Newman ranch. Chelsea had threatened to tell everyone who'd set the fire, Sharon anxiously explained, if she didn't stay away from Adam. Sharon cried, "I ended up telling Chelsea that Adam would never love her as much as he loves me."

Sharon noted that she was the crazy ex-wife Chelsea felt was attempting to steal her husband. Dr. Watkins gently admonished Sharon for referring to herself as crazy. Sharon admitted that she feared she'd end up in prison if anyone found out that she'd set the fire. Sharon told her doctor that she could survive prison, but she noted that what scared her more was the thought of seeing the look on Victor's and Nick's faces if she was locked up.

Dr. Watkins said she believed that Victor, Nick, and many others in the community would show Sharon compassion. Sharon cried, "It's too soon. I'm not ready." Sharon explained that she felt safe with Adam. She recalled how she and Adam had created their own paradise in a place called Oak Alley in New Orleans.

Dr. Watkins instructed Sharon to find a touchstone, which the doctor noted could be a meaningful piece of music or a gift from a loved one. The doctor explained that a touchtone could often calm people dealing with bipolar disorder. Sharon reflected for a moment and said, "I've been using Adam as my touchstone."

At Billy and Victoria's, Billy was holding a pipe wrench in his hand when Victoria returned. Billy admitted that he'd managed to worsen what had been a slight leak. A frustrated Victoria phoned a plumber. Billy proudly noted that he'd arranged a bouquet of flowers for Victoria, but she explained that she hadn't noticed because her mind was preoccupied.

Victoria told Billy that she was troubled by what had happened in Miami and from dealing with the lies Billy had told her about Victor. Victoria asked if Billy had felt the slightest bit guilty when everyone believed that Victor had been killed in the Los Angeles explosion. Billy hung his head in disgrace.

Billy urged Victoria to open up to him, a friend, or a therapist about what had happened. Billy added that he knew the horror of being locked up. While Victoria sipped tea, she asked Billy if the Myanmar jail had been so dark that he couldn't see his hand in front of his face. Victoria cried that she feared she'd be shot after one of her captors was shot dead as she watched.

Victoria grew more disturbed as she described her kidnapping ordeal. Billy encouraged Victoria to continue. She replied, "I can't do this." Johnny began crying upstairs. Victoria called out, "Mommy's coming, honey," and she rushed upstairs to comfort her baby.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis had packed up and was set to move out when Kyle arrived and asked what he could do to convince her to stay. Kyle stood beside Phyllis and placed his arm around her waist. Phyllis noted that Jack had a staff to take care of his needs. Jack agreed that he'd be fine. Phyllis turned to leave. Kyle raced after her and insisted on carrying her bag. Jack thanked Phyllis and seemed saddened as he stood in the front door and watched her walk away.

Kyle later told his dad that he'd prefer to continue his training in research and development. Jack replied, "With Phyllis?" Jack said he'd hoped Kyle would do his internship with his father. Kyle asked about Billy. Jack winced in pain and insisted that he didn't want to discuss Billy. Before Kyle rushed out to meet friends, he urged Jack to talk to Billy. Kyle added, "It might just make you feel better to get it off your back."

Jack went to Billy's house. Jack told Billy that they should share the blame for Victoria's kidnapping. Jack noted that he'd used Billy to send Victoria on a wild-goose chase and that Billy had used him to spy on Victor's behalf. Jack asserted that what mattered most was that Victoria was all right. Victoria appeared at the foot of the stairs and cried, "I'm far from all right."

Victoria faced Jack and noted that she and Billy lived in a constant state of vigilance. Billy noted that Jack wasn't at all like their dad because Jack never considered the consequences of his actions. Victoria added that Jack only cared about how any given situation affected him.

Victoria noted that Jack had taken over Newman Enterprises and had stolen Neil away from Chancellor Enterprises without considering how others, especially Katherine, might be harmed. Billy chimed in and suggested that Jack should leave. Before he left, Jack said, "A lovely evening to you two, as well."

Outside the door, Jack winced in pain and pulled his bottle of pain medication out of his coat pocket. After Jack left, Billy promised to stick with Victoria until she was healed. Billy insisted that he and Victoria loved each other too much not to work out their problems. Victoria seemed unsure about how to proceed.

Adam was working in his office at Newman Enterprises. Victor wandered in through the open door. Adam suggested that his father haunt someone else. Victor peered over the top of his reading glasses and said, "I could do that, but then you would miss the opportunity of a lifetime."

Adam asked if Victor thought he'd taken the job at Newman in order to impress his father. Victor withdrew a document from his inside breast pocket, placed it before Adam, and said, "I'll give you a chance to do that." Adam noted that the document was a prescription for pain medication. Victor explained that Jack was taking the drug for pain. Victor instructed Adam to use the document to take Newman Enterprises away from Jack.

Adam noted to Victor that because Victoria, Nick, and Abby were no longer interested in seeking revenge, it left him to carry out Victor's dirty work. Victor claimed that he was giving his son a gift. Adam asked, "What would make you think that I would want to unseat Jack? I might be perfectly happy being number two around here." Before Victor left, he replied, "Have a nice day."

Phyllis arrived at the office just as a departing Victor stepped into an elevator. Phyllis entered Adam's office and said, "So, I missed the meeting of the conspirators' club. What was on the agenda?" Adam quipped that he and his father were planning to kidnap Santa Claus and capitalize on cheap elf labor. Adam told Phyllis that he had real work needing his attention. Phyllis replied, "For a sociopath, you're a bad liar."

Sharon phoned Adam and asked him to meet with her at her place. Before Adam left his office, he told Phyllis that she should channel her extra energy into her work instead of acting suspicious about his activities. Sounding like his father, Adam added, "You got that?" With a tense smile on her face, Phyllis replied, "Oh, yeah. Trust me. I got that."

Later, Phyllis returned to Adam's office. The lights were off, and she called out to Adam to ensure that he wasn't there. Phyllis shuffled through papers on Adam's desk. Beneath his desk blotter, Phyllis found the documents Victor had given to Adam. As she read about the narcotic medication for pain, Phyllis whispered aloud to herself, "Something to hide."

After Adam arrived at Sharon's, she told him about her emergency session with Dr. Watkins. Sharon explained that she needed to cut off her relationship with him completely because he had a wife who loved him. Adam pleaded with Sharon to reconsider because he couldn't afford to lose her. Adam maintained that he would rather give up his job and his money if Sharon would change her mind.

Sharon told Adam that she could never become the woman she hoped to become at someone else's expense. Sharon, tears in her eyes, instructed Adam to dote on Chelsea and build a happy life with his wife. Adam asked Sharon if she would be happy. Sharon replied, "Someday." Adam tenderly hugged Sharon before he left. Sharon sobbed after Adam closed the door.

Later, Sharon busily fluffed her sofa cushions, arranged her throw pillows, and neatened her sitting room. On a desk, Sharon found a drawing Faith had made. It depicted a mother and a child holding hands. In red crayon, Faith had scrawled, "I love Mommy!" Sharon sobbed softly and clutched the drawing to her chest.

Adam returned home and found Chelsea busily sketching. Chelsea mockingly asked, "Sharon cook for you?" Adam told Chelsea that Sharon was on her own. Adam held Chelsea and asked for time to build back her trust. He promised that things would get better. As Chelsea rested her head on Adam's shoulder, he seemed torn.

After Nick burned his microwave dinner, he phoned Avery for advice on ways to make it palatable. Avery noted that she'd just finished cooking beef bourguignon, so she instructed Nick to find his car keys and head over to her place to eat stew and enjoy wine.

After Nick arrived, he greeted Avery with a kiss. Avery told Nick that she had a surprise for him that would affect his future. After they enjoyed the stew, Avery took Nick on a trip to view a vacant building. Avery led Nick into a large structure that had once been a nightclub.

Avery, indicating particular areas inside the club with her outstretched arms, suggested that additions of a deejay platform, a dance floor, and a spot that could be reserved for VIPs would attract many patrons. Nick seemed uncertain. Avery promised Nick that he could sip cocktails at the bar while she eyed him from across the room. Nick kissed Avery.

After Avery and Nick returned to Avery's condo, Nick said that it was nice to have someone looking out for his interests. Nick kissed Avery. She pulled off Nick's shirt, and he undressed Avery. The couple groped each other's bodies and kissed passionately.

After Nick returned to the tack house, he pressed a button to play a message Avery had left on his answering machine. Avery instructed Nick to view photos she'd sent via email. Avery had included several shots of herself posing in different areas of the vacant nightclub. Avery said, "I hope the pictures inspire you. This is your future. I can feel it!" Nick smiled.

Victor later met Nikki at the restaurant. Nikki announced that their penthouse was ready, so they could move in. Victor suggested a celebration. Nikki agreed and said she'd begin planning a party right away. Victor insisted that he didn't want Billy to be included.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

At Jabot, Neil was on the phone and was stressed out about work. Leslie appeared in the doorway and realized that Neil was very intense about business. Neil assured her that he was glad to see her and asked that she sign a contract to become Jabot's chief legal officer. Leslie declined taking the contract from him and said that she'd had some time to reconsider his request.

Leslie explained that she and Neil had once dated and had nearly become intimate. Neil didn't think that should be a conflict, but Leslie wondered what might have happened between them if Neil had been less of a gentleman. Leslie felt that they there was still a potential romantic connection between them.

Neil agreed that the attraction had not gone away, but he didn't think they'd be tempted into an inappropriate relationship at Jabot if they were careful. Leslie said it was a possibility nonetheless. Neil didn't want her to turn down the opportunity to work for Jabot and asked her to reconsider. Leslie insisted on being realistic and honest. Leslie had serious doubts about being able to keep their private lives out of the office.

At Crimson Lights, Fen was in a surly mood while having breakfast with his parents. Fen resented having had to get up and dressed an hour before school for the family breakfast. Lauren was disappointed in Fen, and Michael thought Fen's nasty attitude coincided with Fen spending time with Summer. Fen defended Summer to his parents, assuring them that she was not a bad influence.

Despite Fen's strong feelings for Summer, Michael urged Fen to keep away from Summer. Michael wanted his son to make new friends. Angrily, Fen pushed aside his pancakes and walked out of the coffeehouse. Lauren and Michael were both frustrated with Fen. Michael wondered if Lauren had experienced the same teen angst with Scotty. Lauren said it had been easier with Scotty because he had been away a lot of the time, but that all kids went through changes.

Lauren suggested that Michael stop criticizing Summer to Fen because it was obvious that Fen really liked her. Lauren said she could see it in Fen's eyes. Michael recalled the way he'd looked at Lauren when they fell in love. Jamie walked into the coffeehouse, and Michael introduced Lauren to him. Michael asked about school, and Jamie said things were no better. Impulsively, Michael invited Jamie to dinner at their home, wanting him to become friends with Fen.

Jamie said that he and Fen knew each other at school and didn't get along. Jamie walked away, and Lauren told Michael that Jamie seemed to be afraid of Fen. Michael hadn't noticed that, but Lauren was sure of it.

When Michael left for the office, Lauren watched Jamie fixing his coffee. Lauren approached him and again invited him to dinner at the Baldwins'. Lauren said that Fen probably wouldn't be there, hoping to make Jamie feel more comfortable. Fen suddenly returned and saw his mother talking with Jamie. Lauren noticed that Jamie flinched when he saw Fen.

Fen acted hurt and angry about Lauren speaking with Jamie, wondering if Jamie intended to take over his life. Lauren pulled Fen aside and asked him why he hated Jamie so much. Lauren suspected that Fen was jealous. Fen denied it, but Lauren wasn't so sure. Lauren told Fen that she felt sorry for Jamie because he had a terrible life, not only at school but also at home. Lauren suggested that Fen follow Michael's lead and attempt to befriend Jamie.

Later, Fen went to Jamie's table, sat down and apologized for having been a jerk. Fen said his mother had made him realize that he'd been mean to Jamie for no reason. Jamie thought Lauren was very nice. Jamie wondered about the other day when Fen threatened him to stay away from Summer. Fen admitted that while he liked Summer, they weren't dating -- yet. Jamie wondered if Fen feared that Summer would fall for some other guy.

Phyllis went to the tack house to see Summer. Nick said that she was still upstairs. Phyllis was furious that she hadn't known about Summer cutting school until the principal's office called her and accused Nick of keeping her out of Summer's life.

Nick discovered that Summer had already left the house, which was in defiance of his rules. Nick had decided to drive Summer to school to make sure she didn't skip. Phyllis accused Nick of neglecting Summer because he was preoccupied with his private life. Nick asked Phyllis to keep Avery out of the discussion.

Phyllis demanded to know where Summer was going while she was out of school. Nick explained that Summer had told him that she'd been hanging out in the library and coffeehouse. Phyllis was worried about Summer.

Summer let herself into Avery's storage unit and snooped around. When her phone rang, she ignored the call. Summer opened a box and found Avery's Christmas ornaments and a school trophy.

Summer answered the phone when she saw it was her father. Nick and Phyllis were both on the line. They were upset with Summer and told her to return home immediately. Nick was going to escort her to school. Despite Summer's objections, Nick insisted.

Phyllis wanted Nick to be tougher with Summer. When Summer reached the house, Nick and Phyllis were yelling at each other. Summer was fed up with Phyllis and Nick fighting all the time. Phyllis asked why Summer had been lying to them. Summer hugged Nick and promised to be good. Phyllis realized that Summer was trying to manipulate them emotionally.

Summer declared that she was not faking her feelings. Noah returned home, and Nick said Phyllis, Summer, and Nick were having a private conversation. Phyllis asked Nick to spend some time with Noah so she could speak with Summer alone. Nick and Noah left. Phyllis tried to get closer to Summer by opening up about why she'd left home. Phyllis explained that her father had been a criminal and Phyllis had told the authorities.

After Phyllis' family rejected her, Phyllis had been forced to leave home. Phyllis claimed that Summer had it better than she had. Phyllis was afraid that Summer would run off the way Phyllis had when she was young. Phyllis didn't want that to happen. Summer admitted that she was tempted to run off and start over where nobody knew she was Phyllis' daughter or Victor's grandchild. Phyllis didn't regret her choice to leave home, but it had been a different situation.

Phyllis revealed that in the end, she had hurt herself. Phyllis told Summer that her rage had to stop. Summer apologized, but she was still angry with Phyllis for breaking up their family. Summer hated that she'd never felt secure in their family. Summer had missed having a stable home life with her mother and father.

Later, Summer went to the coffeehouse. Summer saw Jamie and Fen at a table. Jamie decided to leave, giving Fen a chance to spend time with Summer. After Jamie walked out, Summer confronted Fen to ask him why he was talking with Jamie. Fen said he was following Summer's lead.

Nick took Noah to the empty building that Avery had shown him a few days before. Noah listened as Nick said he was thinking of opening a nightclub. Noah liked the space and envisioned how a club could be designed. Nick was intrigued with Noah's ideas.

Noah asked if Nick was serious. Nick explained that he was warming up to the idea of buying the place, but was still considering his options. Noah felt that Genoa City needed an exciting place like a nightclub. Noah wanted to be Nick's partner in the venture. Nick said that Noah could not touch his trust fund to invest, but Nick agreed to let Noah work in the place as a bartender.

Nick returned home, and Phyllis told him that she'd had a good talk with Summer. Phyllis thought she'd made progress with Summer, even though their daughter was in a lot of pain. Phyllis had allowed Summer to return to school on her own to prove that she trusted her.

Nick was glad that Phyllis and Summer had made some headway. Phyllis assumed that Nick was happy to have Noah living with him. Phyllis told Nick that she'd been concerned about Noah when she saw him with Sharon at Thanksgiving. Nick was shocked that Sharon had been at the house over the holidays.

After Phyllis left, Nick confronted Noah about Thanksgiving. Noah didn't answer. Nick asked if Sharon was in Genoa City.

Devon and Lily went to the coffeehouse to buy some breakfast for Neil. Devon and Lily noticed that Neil was too uptight at work. Lily purchased Danish pastries and treats for everyone in the office, thinking it would improve Neil's image as the boss. Devon thought Neil needed to lighten up and maybe wear jeans and a tee shirt instead of a suit and tie.

Back at the office, Neil listened to Leslie's concerns. Neil promised to fire Leslie if they were tempted to start a romance again. Leslie relented and signed the contract. Lily walked in and handed Neil a breakfast from Crimson Lights. Neil said he'd eat it for lunch.

Over lunch at On the Boulevard, Leslie asked Lily about working with Cane at Jabot. Lily said they were in different departments, but she liked that they were both working there. Leslie admitted that working with Neil might be disconcerting because he was very intense. Lily thought Neil was too serious at work.

Neil spoke with Devon about his first meeting with the financial department. Devon had doubts about working with budgets and spreadsheets. Devon felt that Jabot was too conservative and uptight for a company that was about cosmetics and fashion.

Devon believed that the company needed to promote more creativity. Neil believed that Jabot had a corporate image to maintain. Devon said modern companies needed to be more hip, citing Google. Neil pointed out that Jabot was an institution.

Devon stuck by his point of view and proposed that Neil institute a casual Friday policy. Neil did not believe that there was a problem with Jabot's workforce. Devon said everyone respected Neil, but the place was too button-down. Devon urged Neil to adjust his attitude, but Neil only agreed to think about making changes.

At On the Boulevard, Devon joined Lily and Leslie for lunch. They agreed that they'd work together to get Neil to lighten up in time. At the office, Neil thought about Devon's words. However, when he tried, he was uncomfortable unbuttoning his collar and loosening the tie.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nikki took Victor to their new home, a luxurious penthouse apartment with a spectacular view of Genoa City. When Victor opened his eyes and looked around, he said it was beautiful. Victor didn't want to change a thing. Nikki hoped it would feel like home for them, and Victor said wherever they lived together would be home. Victor admired the view and admired Nikki's beauty even more. Victor embraced her lovingly.

Later, Nikki played the piano as Victor watched her affectionately. Victor appreciated that she'd played one of his favorite classical pieces. Victor handed Nikki a glass of sparkling cider and proposed a toast to his "beautiful Nikki." Nikki was grateful that they were starting life anew after all they'd been through. Victor asked Nikki to marry him again and suggested that they start by having an immediate honeymoon.

After having made love, Victor and Nikki were in robes in the living room. Nikki suggested that they enjoy the penthouse and remain secluded. Nikki realized that Victor loved his family and friends and was anxious to conquer the world, but Nikki wanted Victor to relax and enjoy their new home and life. Victor promised to work at a slower pace.

Victor asked Nikki to plan a housewarming party for their family and friends. Nikki wanted Billy included in the festivities, but Victor was adamantly against it. Victor said he'd informed Victoria of Billy's lies about Victor's time in Los Angeles. Nikki questioned Victor's timing in telling Victoria when she was still recovering from the Miami abduction.

Later, Victor looked over Nikki's invitation list and approved of whom she was going to have at the party. Nikki said she'd called Victoria and told her not to have Billy escort her. Nikki wasn't sure Victoria would be at the party.

At the tack house, Noah explained to Nick that Sharon had been sick and that was why he hadn't told his father that she was back in Genoa City. Nick demanded to know where Sharon was staying. Later, Nick went to Sharon's house on the ranch, and she was surprised to see him. Nick entered and wanted answers. Nick wanted to know why Sharon hadn't spent time with Faith. Sharon revealed that she had seen Faith but had asked her and Noah to keep the meetings secret. Nick asked Sharon if it was true that she was ill.

Sharon admitted to her ex that she'd been to a doctor who had diagnosed her with bipolar disorder. Nick asked to meet the doctor, but Sharon said Nick didn't need to speak with Dr. Watkins. Nick was concerned when Sharon told him that Adam had found her the doctor. Sharon credited Adam with saving her life. Nick was furious that Sharon had welcomed Adam back into her life.

Noah went to Sharon's, and Nick was upset with him for not being honest about Sharon's mental breakdown. Nick pressed Sharon for more information, wanting to know where she'd been staying and what she'd done while she had suffered the breakdown. Nick asked if Sharon had been involved with the fire at the ranch. Sharon said no, and Noah backed up the lie.

Sharon continued to defend Adam, but Nick wasn't interested in hearing anything good about his brother. Sharon understood Nick's concerns, but pointed out that she had a disease and was dealing with it the best she could. Nick tried to understand her issues. Sharon was grateful for Noah's support. Nick urged Noah and Sharon to include him in the future and no longer seek help from Adam.

Sharon told Nick that Adam was out of the picture. Nick was seemingly satisfied and left. Noah explained to his mother that Phyllis had told Nick about seeing Sharon over Thanksgiving. Noah apologized for Nick, but Sharon knew it wasn't Noah's fault. Sharon felt that it was time for the rest of the world to know that she was home. Sharon wanted to face people and make amends, including to Victor.

Jack struggled as he walked downstairs from his bedroom. Kyle was surprised to see Jack up and around and offered to set up Jack's home office. Jack announced that he was going to Newman Enterprises. Kyle was concerned that Jack was pushing himself too hard.

At Newman Towers, Adam received a call from Jack telling him to clear his schedule for the day because Jack was on his way in to meet with Adam. Later in the office, Jack informed Adam that he was considering an acquisition of Jabot as part of Newman Enterprises. Adam reminded Jack that Adam had already proposed that, and Jack had said no. Jack claimed he'd reconsidered. Jack then repeated another request, and Adam became aware of Jack's faulty memory.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle bumped into Phyllis. Kyle told Phyllis that Jack had insisted on going to the office. Phyllis was worried that Jack was overdoing it. Kyle appreciated that Phyllis cared about his father. Phyllis was surprised that Kyle was treating her so well when he had hated her in the past. Kyle said he'd been a foolish kid. Phyllis left to answer her phone. Kyle noticed Eden and said hello.

Eden was cool to Kyle and complained that Kyle had been avoiding her for weeks. Eden wondered if Kyle wanted to break up with her. Kyle said no, but Eden had doubts. Eden also noticed that Kyle couldn't keep his eyes off of Phyllis. Kyle denied crushing on Phyllis. Kyle promised to spend time with Eden over the weekend. Phyllis interrupted Kyle and Eden's conversation to ask Kyle for a ride to the office.

In the hallway outside Jack's office, Avery, Phyllis, and Kyle ran into each. They'd all been called to Jack's office for a meeting, but none of them knew what Jack was up to. Privately, Avery asked Phyllis how Summer was doing. Phyllis said that she and Summer had been working on their relationship. Phyllis then warned Avery to use someone else's kid when she needed company for the holidays.

At the meeting in Jack's office, Jack announced that he had a new vision for Newman Enterprises. Jack wanted Newman to become a future-looking company that employed cutting-edge technologies. As Jack spoke, Phyllis and Kyle picked up on Jack's problems conducting the meeting. Jack kept repeating himself. When Avery tried to point out the legal issues of Jack's plan, Jack dismissed her objections.

After Jack left the office, Adam defended Jack's shaky performance to Phyllis and Avery. The women were concerned about how distracted Jack had seemed. Adam believed that Jack was doing well despite his recent surgery. Adam declared that he was on the side of the company and grateful to Jack for the opportunity to run Newman in his stead.

Later, Phyllis questioned Adam about why he'd been hiding information about Jack's medication on his desk. Adam said that the information hadn't been his and reminded Phyllis that it was Jack's desk. Adam told Phyllis to stop snooping around because Adam intended to do right by Jack.

When Phyllis left the office, Adam opened his laptop to research the medication that Jack had been using for pain. Nick arrived in the office a short time later, and Adam was surprised to see him. Nick informed Adam that he knew about Sharon's illness.

Nick thanked Adam for having helped Sharon, but warned him not to take advantage of Sharon. Nick assumed that Adam was working an angle. From outside the door, Avery saw Nick confronting Adam.

Adam asked Nick to leave the office. Before going, Nick declared that Adam was simply Jack's errand boy. At the elevator, Avery stopped Nick to ask if he was all right. Nick told Avery he wanted her to stop by the ranch after work.

Back home, Nick was barely out of his coat when Avery showed up on his doorstep. Avery explained that she'd been worried about Nick's meeting with Adam, so she had rushed over. Nick suggested they go out for a drink.

At On the Boulevard, Nick told Avery how Sharon had turned to Adam for help instead of him. Nick informed Avery that Sharon was in a precarious state. Avery was curious, but Nick didn't tell Avery about Sharon's mental problems.

Nick said he needed to remain involved with Sharon for the sake of his children. Avery was sympathetic, and Nick appreciated that he could share his troubles with Avery. Nick received a call from Nikki, inviting him to their housewarming. Nick agreed to attend, but only for his mother's sake.

Nick told Nikki that he wouldn't be alone when he went; he was bringing a date. Nikki told Victor that Nick had agreed to attend the party, and he wouldn't be alone. Victor sneered that Nick was dating and happy, because he'd decided not to fight for Newman Enterprises.

Adam went to Sharon's to let her know about Nick's visit to the office. Sharon explained to Adam that she'd denied knowing anything about the fire to Nick, and Noah had backed her up. Adam said that he'd made certain that everyone believed that Sharon had been out of town when the Newman ranch fire started.

Sharon told Adam that he needed to leave, but Adam said that he wanted to stay. Adam confessed that he had trouble disengaging from her. Sharon felt that Nick had been upset to learn that she was back in town, but she'd handled it.

Sharon said that she wanted to make amends with people she'd wronged, including Victor. Adam told her to stay away from Victor. Adam received a call from Victor inviting him and Chelsea to the housewarming party. Adam said he'd think about it. Sharon was surprised that Victor had invited Adam.

Before leaving Newman Towers, Jack asked Kyle to research EarthLight Industries. Kyle said Jack had given him that assignment during the meeting. Jack yelled at Kyle to get started. After Kyle left, Jack popped some pain pills. Later, Kyle and Phyllis discussed Jack's weirdness at the meeting. Phyllis suggested that she and Kyle continue with their plan to take down Adam by spying on him.

At home, Jack was on the phone, closing a business deal. Jack was very pleased with himself. He poured a glass of whiskey and downed it in a gulp.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

At the penthouse, Nikki was busy speaking with the servants, making final preparations for the party. Victor thought Nikki was doing a wonderful job and said that everything looked wonderful. Nikki was concerned about the lack of RSVP's she'd received. Victor was confident that most of the guests would appear. Nikki mentioned to Victor that Abby had called to say she was not attending, but Victor's daughter was sending a housewarming gift. The doorbell rang, and when Victor answered it, he found Carmine standing there with a case of champagne from Abby. Carmine was part of the housewarming gift, too. He would bartend at the party.

Nikki arrived downstairs, all dressed for the party, and Victor complimented her for looking so lovely. Nikki noticed Carmine at the bar, and Victor told Nikki to simply ignore him. Victor was determined to enjoy the housewarming party.

At home, Billy urged Victoria to accept the invitation and go to the party. Victoria reminded Billy that he hadn't been invited. Billy realized that, but he thought the party might brighten Victoria's spirits. Billy conceded that even though he fought with Victor, the old man loved Victoria and would strive to make her happy.

Victoria suspected that Billy had a motive for urging her to go to the party. Billy believed that Victoria needed to spend time with Nikki and Nick, and Victoria couldn't deny that. Victoria went upstairs to change for the party. Later, Billy admired Victoria's dress and helped her with her coat.

Billy encouraged Victoria to have a good time. When Victoria left, Billy made a call and planned to do some shopping. Billy returned later after having run some errands. Billy began to rearrange the furniture.

As Michael and Lauren dressed for the party, Michael assured his wife that that they would celebrate their anniversary at dinner and then make a quick stop at the housewarming party. Lauren felt Michael was too wrapped up in business. Michael felt compelled to go to Victor's party, even though Lauren reminded Michael that Victor had fired him.

Fen walked into the living room and said he would not be going to the party. Fen didn't want to hang out with a bunch of adults at the Newmans' new apartment. Lauren said that Summer would be at the party, but Fen was unmoved. Michael suspected that Fen was skipping the party to avoid seeing Summer. Lauren asked if something happened between Fen and Summer. Fen asked Lauren to stop hassling him.

At the tack house, Noah scolded Summer for going through his room. Summer claimed she had been looking for his car keys. Noah asked her not to do it again. When Noah brought up Grandpa's party, Summer said she was going to skip it. Noah urged her to get dressed and go to the party with him.

Summer admitted that she and Fen were fighting, and Summer wondered about Noah and the girl in New York. When Summer left to change for the party, Noah looked at the note from Adrianna, the girl from New York. Noah left a message for Adrianna. Later, Summer and Noah left for the party, and Summer commented that she was grateful that neither of their mothers had been invited.

Nick went to pick up Avery for the party, but she announced that she was chickening out. Nick was surprised that she was apprehensive about going, since she knew everyone at the party. Nick asked her for the truth, and Avery explained she didn't feel confident meeting the Newman family as Nick's date. Nick refused to attend the party without Avery.

Avery worried that the family would assume that she and Nick were romantically involved. Nick welcomed them learning that he and Avery were dating. Avery finally agreed to be Nick's date. Nick kissed her passionately and suggested that they could be fashionably late, and they made love on the couch.

A while later, Avery couldn't decide which dress to wear, having bought a variety of outfits just in case she decided to go. When Nick threatened to take her out of all the dresses she tried on, Avery wondered if they'd ever make it to the party. Later, after she'd put on a red dress, Avery wasn't sure she's made the right choice. Nick assured her that she looked spectacular and urged Avery not to be nervous. Avery felt better, and they agreed to hurry to the part or they'd be tempted to be even more than fashionably late.

When Adam went home, Chelsea told him that Victor had called her about the housewarming party. Chelsea resented that Adam had not informed her that they'd been invited. Chelsea said she'd felt like an idiot when Victor called. Adam claimed he was not interested in going because he wasn't sure why Victor had extended the invitation.

Chelsea tried to talk with Adam about her fashion business, but Adam was concentrating on the laptop and Newman Enterprises work. Adam apologized for being preoccupied. Adam mentioned the party again, and a short time later, Adam and Chelsea showed up on Nikki and Victor's doorstep. Nikki expressed surprise when she saw them because she'd had no idea that they'd been invited. Victor welcomed them into the penthouse.

Victor and Nikki expressed condolences to Chelsea and Adam about the baby. Adam asked Victor why he'd been invited, and Victor explained that the party was for friends and family, and Adam was still Victor's son. Carmine poured a drink for Adam and Chelsea, and Adam recognized Carmine as Abby's boyfriend. Chelsea wondered why they were the only guests there. When Victoria appeared, she was curious why Chelsea and Adam had been included on the guest list.

Victor was thrilled to see Victoria, but she was a little bit ticked that Adam had been invited to the party, but not Billy. Nikki wondered if Victoria had forgiven Billy. Victoria said she hadn't, but she was also still upset with Victor.

Adam sympathized with Victoria over her abduction in Miami. Victoria snapped back that she had survived because she'd wanted to see Adam's face again. Adam smirked to Victor that it was a swell party. Victor asked Adam about the rise in the Newman stock. Adam shared credit for the spurt in the stock with Jack. Adam explained that he had gone to the party, assuming that Victor would attack him. Adam suddenly realized that Victor had invited him to irk Victoria and Nick, because they weren't at Newman Enterprises and Adam was.

When Nick and Avery arrived at the penthouse, Nick immediately noticed that Adam was there. Nick asked his mother what Victor was doing by inviting Adam to the party. When Victor greeted Nick and Avery, Nick asked his father to explain Adam's attendance.

Summer and Noah arrived at the party, and Nikki and Victor said hello to their grandchildren. Summer was stunned to see that Chelsea and Adam were guests. Summer walked across the room to say hello to Chelsea and Adam. Chelsea turned away, and Adam recommended that Summer give Chelsea some space.

At home with Lauren, Michael suspected that Summer had dumped Fen, and Michael felt for his son. Lauren and Michael left the apartment, and a moment later, the phone rang. Fen answered the phone, and Summer asked why Fen wasn't at the party. Summer claimed that she really needed a friend. Fen advised her to call Jamie. Victoria noticed that Summer was leaving. Summer explained that she'd take a cab home.

Michael and Lauren returned to the apartment. Michael explained that he had an arraignment and couldn't get out of it. Lauren complained that Michael put work ahead of family. Michael promised to spend the entire weekend with Lauren. As Michael left for court, Lauren kicked off her heels.

Sharon was home alone. She freaked out when she spilled something on her blouse. Sharon began having memory flashes. Sharon recalled telling Adam to stay away, and then older memories of how she had treated Victoria and Nick when she was running Newman Enterprises.

Sharon was horrified by the things she'd done when she was ill. Feeling tremendous anxiety, Sharon tried to remain calm. Sharon saw a framed drawing by Faith and felt better. Sharon went upstairs.

Nikki informed Victor that Michael and Lauren were unable to make it to the party. Victor got everyone's attention and said that even though the ranch house had burned to the ground, he and Nikki were starting over in the penthouse. Victor announced that nothing could destroy the Newmans. The doorbell rang; Victor opened it and found Sharon standing there.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Kyle dropped off a file at Newman Enterprises, and he was surprised to see that Jack was still there. Kyle warned Jack not to push himself too hard, but Jack claimed that he was looking into some of the recent deals that Adam had made. Kyle advised that no one would wrap up acquisitions in the wee hours, and he invited Jack to join him for dinner with some friends, but Jack declined. Kyle left, and Jack grabbed his pill bottle, which was empty.

Jack flew into a rage when he couldn't find some paperwork on his cluttered desk. He looked again at the pill bottle, and he called his doctor. Jack fibbed that his assistant had misplaced his medication, and he requested more pills to get him through the pain. Jack became irate when the doctor suggested that he make an appointment, and he threatened to take it up with the hospital chief of staff. Jack slammed down the phone.

Jack invited over an old friend named Ed, who was a doctor with a private practice. Jack lied that he'd lost his pills and that his doctor was paranoid about giving him a refill, and he hoped that Ed would help him out. Jack asked for just enough until his next doctor visit, but Ed didn't feel right about it. Jack handed Ed a wad of cash and asked if that would ease his conscience.

Ed reluctantly wrote Jack a prescription, and he warned Jack not to call him again. Ed departed as Kyle arrived, and Jack claimed that he had been conducting some business. Kyle inquired whether Jack had eaten, but Jack assured Kyle that he could take care of himself. Kyle went upstairs, and Jack hurried out to get his pills.

Victor demanded to know what Sharon was doing at his home, and he denied her request to step inside. She indicated an urgent need to speak with him, but he informed her that a party for his family was in progress and that she wasn't invited. Sharon declared that everyone needed to hear what she had to say, and she brushed past Victor and Nikki. Nikki asked Victor not to allow Sharon to interfere with their evening, but Victor wanted to give Sharon enough room to self-destruct. Sharon greeted the guests.

Nick and Noah gently tried to steer Sharon out, but Sharon proclaimed that she had assumed that they would all be there. Victoria coldly inquired who had told Sharon about the housewarming party, but Sharon contended that all that mattered was that everyone was in the same place. Chelsea realized that Adam had divulged the details to Sharon, even though he'd failed to mention the event to Chelsea. Sharon announced that she had something to say to all of them, but Nikki refused to let Sharon ruin her party.

Sharon asked for the Newmans to hear her out, but Victoria ranted that Sharon had trashed their family legacy. Nick requested that everyone allow Sharon to have her say, but Victoria blasted Sharon for letting the Newmans believe that Victor was dead and for causing them to lose Newman Enterprises. Sharon admitted that Victoria was right. Nikki assumed that Sharon intended to gloat, but Sharon clarified that she wanted to apologize. Nikki and Victor gazed at Sharon in disbelief.

Noah and Adam exchanged a concerned glance, and Sharon said that she understood that the Newmans were skeptical, but she wanted to do the right thing. Nikki and Victoria pressed Sharon to leave; however, Sharon maintained that facing them was difficult, but she'd done more terrible things than they even knew about. Noah intervened and offered to take her home, but Sharon snapped that she needed to proceed with her plan. She confided that she felt terrible and ashamed, and she knew that she couldn't take back her actions, but she was determined to convey that she was sorry to the family that she still considered to be her own. Nikki called Sharon delusional, but Sharon insisted that she was there to make amends.

Nikki testily surmised that Sharon was there because no one had chased Sharon when she had run away. Nikki added that Sharon was scared because she couldn't make it on her own. Sharon admitted that things had been rough for her, and Nikki huffed that Sharon always made everything about herself. Noah interjected that Sharon had apologized and that was enough, but Sharon bellowed that she wasn't leaving until she was finished. With a wild look in her eyes, Sharon rambled that she had a lot to make up for, but she had been sick and had made mistakes. Sharon begged the Newmans to believe that she hadn't meant to hurt anyone, and she yelled that she needed to make them understand.

Noah tried to calm Sharon down, but Nikki and Victor didn't want to hear her pleas for forgiveness, and Victoria asserted that Sharon could never undo the damage that she'd caused. Sharon cried that she wanted to try, and Adam began to move toward her, but Chelsea stopped him. An emotional Sharon continued to babble that she had been completely wrong, but Victor suspected that she was drunk, and he asked her to leave. Nikki threatened to physically throw Sharon out, but Nick stated that Sharon would leave peacefully.

Victoria barked for Sharon to leave town and stay gone, but Sharon argued that she couldn't leave her kids. Victoria pointed out the multiple times that Sharon had previously abandoned them. Sharon screeched that she'd had her reasons for staying away, and Nikki asked what was wrong with Sharon. Noah assured Sharon that they forgave her, but Victoria snarled that Noah didn't speak for everyone.

Adam sided with Noah, and Adam softly told Sharon that she'd done everything she could for the night. Sharon seemed bewildered, and she dazedly picked up her purse and coat. She suddenly freaked out because she hadn't wanted anyone to see her in such a state, and she ran out. Adam started after her, and Chelsea tried to stop him, but he beseeched Chelsea to trust him. Adam chased after Sharon.

Avery ordered white wine at the bar, and Carmine commented that it had been quite a show. Chelsea said that she would need something stronger. Noah didn't want Sharon to be alone, but Nick cautioned against drawing more attention to her. Nikki griped that Sharon had sunk lower than she had thought possible, and Victoria sarcastically inquired whether anyone had Fairview on speed dial. Nick reprimanded his mother and sister for making such insensitive remarks in front of Noah.

Victor wasn't sure how to react to Sharon's behavior, but Nick defended that all she had done was apologize. Victor stated that some things weren't forgivable, and Nick assumed that Victor was referring to Nick not fighting for Newman Enterprises. Victor vowed to rebuild the family legacy, and he wasn't about to tolerate games from the crazy woman who had destroyed it. Nikki questioned what Sharon had meant about being sick.

Nikki asked if Sharon was ill, but Nick remained mum, and he asked that his family cut Sharon some slack for his kids' sakes. Victoria approached Nick privately and asked if he was okay, and he grumbled that Victor would never change. Victoria countered that Sharon hadn't helped matters, but she agreed not to pry further. Chelsea cordially thanked Nikki and Victor, and she planned to catch a cab, since she didn't expect Adam to return to pick her up. Victor insisted upon having his driver take Chelsea home.

Carmine served Noah at the bar and compared the scene that evening to a reality show. Carmine made a wisecrack about Noah growing up with Sharon as a mother, and Noah viciously lunged at him. Nick broke up the skirmish, and Noah left. Victor paid Carmine for his bartending services and warned him to never start a ruckus in his house again.

Nikki pledged to get to know Avery better another time, and Nick and Avery left. Victoria assured Nikki that the disastrous evening hadn't been Nikki's fault, and she departed. Nikki reported to Victor that everyone had gone home, and he blamed Sharon for ruining their party, but Nikki put the burden on him, as well. Victor declared that he had nothing to apologize for, but Nikki accused him of using Adam to get his other children to fight for Newman Enterprises. Victor revealed that he had invited Adam in order to give Adam a false sense of security.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin rationalized to himself that Tucker wouldn't miss the cash that Kevin had transferred out of TagNGrab's account. A customer entered and asked for information about Noah. Kevin inquired why he wanted to know, and the man disclosed that he was a police officer from New York City. Kevin pretended that he knew nothing about Noah other than his name. The officer questioned whether Kevin knew anything about Adrianna, but Kevin simply stated that he didn't listen to his customers' conversations.

Kevin noted that the cop looked like he didn't believe Kevin, and the officer explained that he didn't believe anyone after years on the job. Kevin asserted that he had no reason to lie. The officer handed Kevin a card and asked for Kevin to call him if Noah stopped by. Later, Kevin listened as the cop placed a call to report that he was in Genoa City, but there was no sign of Noah or the money.

Noah returned to the tack house, and he pulled out the bag of money. He left a message for Sharon, asking for reassurance that she was all right. He confessed that he had considered leaving town, but he wouldn't, because she needed him. He put away the bag and went upstairs.

Later, Noah answered the door to Alex Chavez, the cop who had questioned Kevin. Noah invited Alex in, and Alex asked when Noah had last spoken to Adrianna Stone, but Noah claimed that he hadn't heard from her since he'd left New York. Noah wondered what Adrianna had done, and Alex vaguely stated that she was connected to a case he was working on. Alex asked if Noah and Adrianna had dated, and Noah became flustered.

Noah stammered that in New York, people tended to just occupy the same space rather than date. Alex pushed for details, and Noah conceded that he and Adrianna had been close, but things hadn't ended well. Alex speculated what he would find if he pulled phone records, and Noah admitted that he'd tried to reach Adrianna, but she had never called him back. Alex was skeptical of Noah's story, but he thanked Noah and asked him to call if Adrianna contacted him.

Victoria returned to a dark home. She flipped on a light switch, and festive music began to play. She walked into the living room and found it decked out in a Jamaican island theme.

Nick and Avery returned to her apartment, and Nick swore that he would say no to the next invitation his family extended. He apologized for dragging her there, but Avery said that she'd learned from personal experience that no family was perfect, and at least they would all live to fight another day. He worried that he'd scared her off. "Not even close," she responded.

Avery whipped up some food in the kitchen. Nick was grateful for everything she had done for him, and he hoped that he could do as much in return. She chirped that she had no complaints, but she soon noticed that he seemed deep in thought. He said that the evening had confirmed his decision that he was done with Newman Enterprises.

Sharon returned home and berated herself for doing something stupid. She picked up Faith's drawing and focused on it. Adam pounded on the door, and she answered it. Adam was glad to see that Sharon was home and safe, but she barked that she hadn't burned down any more houses. She insisted that he stop being her savior, and she asked him to go, but he felt that she needed a friend.

Adam sympathized that the Newmans had been harsh, but Sharon was primarily concerned with how uncomfortable Noah had been. Adam commended her for making a courageous move, but she called it reckless and impulsive. He contended that the Newmans weren't ready to accept her apology and that she'd pushed too far too fast. She lamented that she'd made things worse, and she realized that she had almost told everyone about her diagnosis, but she hadn't been able to say the words.

Adam acknowledged that Sharon had made a mistake, and he suggested that she run her ideas by Dr. Watkins before she acted on them. Sharon explained that the idea to make a group apology had popped into her head, and she hadn't been able to think it through before she had acted. She wondered whether she would have to question every decision she made for the rest of her life. Adam swore that she would get her life back and that he would help get her through it. Sharon didn't want to rely on him, and she ordered him to leave immediately.

Adam encouraged Sharon to relax, but she screamed for him to get out. He soothingly told her to count to ten, but she continued to yell that she didn't want him there. Adam pulled Sharon into his arms, and she struggled against him at first, but he held her close and urged her to calm down. They succumbed to a tender kiss as Chelsea peeked through the window.

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