The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 10, 2012 on Y&R

Avery opened up to Nick about her troubled romantic past. Chloe offered to help Chelsea get even with Sharon. Adam could not forgive his wife. Jack's addiction began to affect his work. Victoria rejected Victor's plea to return to the fight for Newman Enterprises and instead went to Jamaica with Billy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 10, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Victoria was not amused when she returned home and discovered that Billy, sporting chartreuse swim trunks, had transformed their living room into a Jamaican-themed beach hut. Steel-drum reggae music prompted Billy to sway to the beat. Billy told Victoria that he could offer endless apologies and beg for her forgiveness, but he noted that doing so had thus far been unsuccessful. Holding two umbrella-topped glasses of rum-infused punch, Billy said he hoped to rekindle memories of their time spent in Jamaica in 2010.

Victoria, still reeling from the antics she'd just witnessed at her parents' new condo, told Billy that Victor had invited Adam and that Sharon had crashed the party and attempted to apologize for her transgressions. Billy again entreated Victoria to harken back to their blissful days in Jamaica. Victoria, frustrated and emotionally spent, headed upstairs to check on Johnny.

When Victoria later descended the stairs, she plopped down in a padded chaise next to Billy and quickly sipped half of the fruity punch from the glass Billy handed her. Victoria noted that the "old" Victoria would've avoided the party altogether and just sent a housewarming gift. Billy interjected, "There's a new Victoria?" She nodded and explained that she'd hoped to transform herself after enduring a month of adversities. Victoria added that even though she'd braced herself, she'd been deeply hurt by her family's cruel actions that felt like a slap in the face.

Victoria, still angry at Billy, sprang from the chaise. Billy stood, took Victoria in his arms, and embraced her. Victoria backed away from Billy and claimed that the drink had made her feel sad. Becoming tipsy, Victoria's mood softened. Victoria chuckled when she recalled that they'd imbibed too much coconut milk during their trip to Jamaica. In a flashback, Victoria also remembered that she and Billy had celebrated with a newlywed couple and had eaten rum cake with them.

Victoria laughed and told Billy that she'd realized she was in love when she saw him in his boxer shorts. Billy told Victoria that he had decided she should be his wife when she laughed at his "Kiss me, I'm Irish" boxer shorts. Billy added that he'd pursued Victoria even though he had known he wasn't good enough to be her husband. Billy turned up the music, and Victoria danced with him. The couple laughed and gyrated playfully to reggae songs. Billy begged Victoria to make a clean start with him. Victoria said she wasn't ready. After Victoria went upstairs, Billy, dejected, began extinguishing the torchlights.

At Avery's condo, Nick snuggled with Avery on the sofa and rhetorically asked if his father had ever in his life experienced a similar moment of peace. Avery suggested that Nick's idea of tranquility greatly differed from his father's. Nick quipped that his father preferred global thermonuclear war. Nick mentioned Sharon's unfortunate appearance at his parents' party. He explained that he knew what was wrong with Sharon and still couldn't believe it. Avery assured Nick that he could discuss the matter with her whenever he was ready. Avery added that she'd experienced a similar crisis with her father.

A distressed Summer stopped by and told Avery that she needed to discus Chelsea. Nick offered to let Summer converse privately with her aunt, but Summer explained that when she arrived at her grandparents' party, Chelsea had angrily backed away. Nick embraced his shaken daughter. Summer said she feared that Chelsea might never forgive her for causing the accident that had led to Chelsea's miscarriage. Avery served Summer a mug of hot cocoa. Summer admitted that she'd been wrong to blame her mom for the accident. Summer cried, "I got in that stupid car, and I wasn't watching where I was going."

Summer mentioned the loss of Cassie. Nick explained that life continued to move forward and that everyone needed time to heal. Summer replied, "Chelsea will always hate me, and so will you and Mom." Summer said she feared that everyone probably hated her because she even hated herself. Nick urged Summer to forgive herself.

Nick caringly reminded his daughter of her numerous good traits, including an instance when Summer had graciously awarded a trophy she'd won at a costume contest to a girl that couldn't afford a costume. Nick recalled that he and Summer always said to each other, "I love you more than infinity." Summer raced to her dad and hugged him tightly.

After Summer left, Avery kissed Nick tenderly. Nick told Avery that she was great with kids. Avery recalled that she'd once had an imaginary child. Laughing, Avery added that Nick reminded her of the imaginary boyfriend she'd created in her mind for her imaginary daughter.

Recalling more details of her past, Avery told Nick that she'd become a great cook to spite her father because she'd begged for an Easy-Bake Oven each Christmas when she was a child. Avery noted that her dad had always claimed that the toy oven wasn't practical.

Nick told Avery that he enjoyed spending time with her because she made him forget his problems. Nick added that he'd always be tied to Sharon and Phyllis because of his children. Avery insisted that she'd completely severed ties with her ex because their relationship hadn't ended well.

Nick asked Avery about her first love. Avery laughed nervously and sprang from the sofa to make coffee. Avery seemed uneasy and reminded Nick that he'd suggested they both forget their pasts. Nick left after Avery told him that she needed her rest.

Summer holed up in Avery's storage room instead of meeting her friend for pizza. Boxes of documents bore labels denoting that each belonged to A. Clark. One box toppled over and its contents spilled out. Summer began collecting the items and returned them to the box. Summer paused when she found a stack of yellowed letters tied with a lilac ribbon. Summer read one of the letters from a man named Dylan.

At Sharon's house, Chelsea showed up, stepped through the open front door, and watched as Sharon and Adam kissed passionately. A stunned Chelsea turned to leave, but Adam grabbed her arm and asked her to wait. Sharon readily accepted blame for the kiss. Chelsea yelled at Sharon and slapped Adam's face. Chelsea confronted Adam and cried, "I never want to hear another word out of your lying mouth!" Chelsea left, and Sharon pleaded with Adam to go to his wife. Sharon assured Adam that she'd be all right.

Noah arrived soon after Adam left and asked his hysterical mother what Adam had done to her. Sobbing, Sharon assured her son that Adam had done nothing wrong. Sharon picked up Faith's drawing and explained that her touchstone no longer helped her to remain calm. Sharon frantically sifted through various items on her desk and cried, "I've got to find something else."

Noah took his mom's hand, placed it over his heart, and noted that he would be her ever-present touchstone. Sharon calmed herself and apologized for upsetting her son. Sharon recalled that she'd done many awful things. Noah reminded his mom that she suffered from a mood disorder that could be managed. Noah later served his mom a cup of tea and encouraged her to take her medication and give herself time to improve.

When Adam returned home, Chelsea was headed toward the door with her packed luggage. She told Adam that she should have left him weeks before. Adam insisted that he wasn't in a relationship with Sharon. He claimed that Sharon had kissed him when she tried to calm herself. Chelsea replied, "Admit it, Adam. You were into that kiss as much as she was."

Adam recalled the moment he had realized he couldn't live without Chelsea. Adam described the intense feelings he had experienced when he rescued Chelsea from the frozen lake. Adam insisted that he'd felt awful when he saw Chelsea walk out at Sharon's. Adam begged Chelsea not to walk out of their home.

Chelsea recalled that her feelings for Adam had deepened the day he'd encouraged her to earn a GED. She admitted knowing that Adam had flaws. Chelsea said she believed they'd be a perfect match because she and Adam could become better people together. Adam nodded.

Chelsea expressed relief that Sharon, the third person in their relationship, would soon be committed. Adam resolutely defended Sharon. Chelsea cried, "You can't have it both ways, Adam. You have to make a choice." Adam told Chelsea that he'd made his choice. Chelsea recalled that Sharon, a raging lunatic, had set fire to the ranch house. Adam cautioned Chelsea not to mention Sharon's role in the fire to his father or Nikki.

Chelsea told Adam that everyone deserved to be protected from a dangerous psychopath. Adam, growing frustrated, explained that Sharon needed treatment, patience, and understanding. Sobbing, Chelsea noted that Sharon was in the way. Adam asked Chelsea to look him in the eyes and begged her to truly believe that she could trust him. After Adam went upstairs, Chelsea grabbed her coat and walked out the front door.

Later, Chelsea stepped off an elevator and walked toward the front door of Victor and Nikki's penthouse.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

At the tack house, Victor told Nick that he was disappointed that Nick had chosen to be loyal to Sharon instead of the family. Nick was confused until Victor explained that Sharon had burned down the ranch house, and Nick had been protecting Sharon. Nick believed that Sharon had not done it because when he asked her directly, Sharon had denied being responsible for the fire. Victor had trouble believing she was guilty, too, because it was an act of hate, not an accident.

Nick wondered why Victor was so certain that Sharon was guilty. Victor informed his son that after the housewarming party, Chelsea had returned to tell Nikki and Victor that she knew that Sharon had started the fire. Nick was skeptical about Chelsea as a reliable source. Nick reminded his father that Chelsea was a con artist and also had reason to lie because she suspected Adam was still in love with Sharon.

It was early in the morning when Nikki went to see Sharon at her house. Nikki handed Sharon the morning newspaper and said that Sharon would soon be in the headlines when she was arrested for arson. Sharon deflected Nikki's comments about the ranch fire and said that there was no proof Sharon had done it.

Changing the subject, Sharon apologized to Nikki for having barged in on the housewarming party. Nikki declared that she was going to make sure that Sharon was convicted of arson. Nikki then added that the sentence for that crime in the state of Wisconsin was up to 60 years in prison. Nikki walked out of the house.

Victor asked Nick about Sharon's health. Nick wouldn't let on what he knew, but Victor suspected that Sharon might be suffering from mental illness. Sharon appeared at the tack house and was surprised to see Victor was there with Nick. Victor advised Sharon to take responsibility for her actions in regards to the fire. Victor added that if Sharon was mentally ill, Sharon needed to receive treatment.

After Victor left the house, Sharon asked Nick why he hadn't defended her. Nick angrily said that Sharon had lied to him about the fire. Nick was furious that Sharon had confessed to Noah and asked their son to keep her secret. Sharon explained that she hadn't intended to confide in Noah. Sharon also revealed that she had been ill at the time and had no memory of starting the fire. Sharon urged Nick to help, arguing that if she went to prison, she wouldn't recover from the bipolar disorder.

At home, Chelsea recalled returning to Nikki and Victor's after the housewarming party had broken up. Shaking off the memory, Chelsea picked up a breakfast tray she'd prepared for Adam, but he appeared in the living room a moment later. Adam couldn't enjoy the breakfast because he had a conference call that morning in the office. Adam told Chelsea that he was grateful that she'd returned home after she left the night before as a result of what had happened at Sharon's. Adam was sure they could get through their differences and then left the house.

A short time later, Nikki went to see Chelsea for more information about Sharon's arson. Chelsea didn't want to speak with Nikki or have her there in case Adam returned. Chelsea refused to go to the police for the Newmans because Adam would never understand Chelsea's decision to betray his trust.

Nikki pointed out to Chelsea that if she wanted Sharon behind bars, away from Adam, it was the perfect chance. Chelsea regretted telling Nikki and Victor what she had because Adam would never forgive Chelsea. Adam returned home, having forgotten his computer.

Nikki asked Adam point-blank if he knew that Sharon had started the fire at the ranch. Nikki assumed Sharon would have confided in Adam, but he said he knew nothing about the fire. Adam also pointed out that Sharon had been out of town when the ranch was torched. Chelsea urged Nikki to leave.

At Jabot, Lily discussed working for Neil with Devon and Leslie. Devon said that instituting their plan was just an experiment, not a mutiny. Lily agreed that sending a memo to employees, encouraging them to dress more casually and play music in their cubicles, wasn't a fireable offense. Neil stepped off the elevator and noticed how the employees were dressed. Some were using headphones and listening to music.

Neil walked into his office and bellowed at Devon over the changes. Neil was furious that Devon had gone over Neil's head to implement his plan. Lily supported Devon's decision. Neil believed that the chain of command had been compromised by his son's actions.

Devon didn't think what he'd done was that big a deal, and Lily exclaimed that Neil was overreacting. Neil laughed suddenly and said he'd been messing with them. Lily and Devon wanted to be sure that Neil was really all right with the changes. Neil said that as long as employee productivity didn't slip, he'd allow the casual clothes and music.

Later, at the coffeehouse, Devon was relieved that Neil had been amenable to the changes at Jabot. However, Lily thought Neil had reacted the way he had because Leslie had been in the office. Lily wished there was a woman like her mother, Drucilla, in Neil's life, someone to help loosen him up. Devon and Lily hoped Leslie could be that woman for Neil.

At the office, Leslie spoke to Neil and said she'd done some research about the changes. The employees were happy about the new atmosphere. Neil said that a few casual days might be all right. Leslie reached over to Neil and helped him to remove his jacket and tie so he could relax.

Leslie liked how Neil looked. Leslie left quickly so that they could stick to their agreement to keep romance out of the office. At Crimson Lights, Leslie met with Devon and Lily and said the Neil was adjusting. Lily complimented Leslie on her influence on Neil. Leslie thought that Neil enjoyed working with his children. At the office, Neil started to put his tie back on because he was bothered by his feelings for Leslie.

Christine met Paul at the coffeehouse and said her meeting with Danny in New York had been awful. Christine said she had planned to explain to Danny about her feelings for Paul, but then she started to cry. Danny's reaction had been similar to Nina's, and Christine felt guilty.

Paul wondered if Christine doubted her decision to be with him. Christine was committed to Paul and wanted to proceed with their romance. Christine announced that she'd quit her Washington job and was moving back to Genoa City. Christine said that she didn't want to freak Paul out, but she felt they needed to be in the same place. Paul was overjoyed and kissed Christine.

Paul was worried that Christine might be missing opportunities if she wasn't in DC. Christine felt that what was missing in her life was what she wanted to find with Paul. Christine wanted to look for an apartment, but Paul suggested that she move in with him instead. Christine preferred that they ease into living together, and Paul agreed to help her search for a place to live.

Later, after they'd gone looking, Christine was excited about the one apartment they'd seen. Paul didn't want her to rush, but Christine was gung-ho. Paul couldn't believe his good fortune after what he'd just experienced with Ricky. Paul and Christine agreed that they had a lot of time to rebuild their relationship.

Sharon went home and was surprised to find Adam waiting for her. Sharon feared that Chelsea would leave him if she knew he was there. Adam explained that Nikki had been at his house and had accused Sharon of being an arsonist.

Sharon said she'd seen Victor that morning, and he'd seemed certain that Sharon had been the Newman ranch fire-starter. Adam was perplexed. Sharon explained that Chelsea had told the Newmans what she knew about the fire. Adam didn't want to believe it, but Sharon said Chelsea was the likely suspect. Chelsea had wanted payback because she'd seen Adam and Sharon kissing.

Nick was taking care of Faith while she had a cold. Faith said that she wanted her mommy. Nick said that Sharon was also sick, but she was taking her medicine to get better. At her house, Sharon checked the Internet for stories about the fire. Sharon read that the police had no suspects.

At the penthouse, Nikki and Victor talked about the fire. Victor explained that he suspected that someone who was covering for Sharon might have set the other fires in town, like the one at Gloworm. Victor believed Adam would do that to protect Sharon.

Victor told Nikki that Sharon had lied to Nick about the fire, but had confided her secret to Noah. Nikki was angry that Sharon had put Noah in such a tough position. Nikki felt that a team of psychiatrists couldn't save Sharon. Victor was upset to hear from Nikki that Chelsea would not go to the police with what she knew about Sharon starting the fire.

Victor said that Chelsea was destined to lose Adam to Sharon. Nikki pointed out that there was no proof to prosecute Sharon without Chelsea's testimony. Victor was impressed with Nikki's desire to pursue Sharon no matter what. Nikki pointed out that Sharon was lucky that there hadn't been anyone in the house the night of the fire.

Adam returned home and accused Chelsea of having lied to him. Adam said that Nikki had been to the house, seeking more information from Chelsea about Sharon and the fire. Chelsea said that their problems with Sharon might be solved if Sharon were arrested.

Adam reminded Chelsea that he'd chosen to marry her, but Chelsea still wasn't satisfied. Adam felt that Chelsea had betrayed him by going to Nikki and Victor. Adam feared that Sharon could lose her children and be imprisoned all because of Chelsea's insecurities. Adam said that getting rid of Sharon would not solve their problems. Adam walked out in anger.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

At On the Boulevard, Katherine met Nikki for lunch, but Nikki was very concerned and said she needed to speak with her best friend. Nikki told Kay that she felt like her world was about to fall apart. Kay listened as Nikki told her that Sharon had been responsible for burning down the ranch. Kay had heard that claim from Nikki before, and Kay wasn't convinced that it was true.

Nikki declared that she had it on good authority that Sharon had done the deed. Kay believed that revenge was a waste of time, but Nikki wanted Sharon to pay for what she'd done. Kay sympathized as Nikki admitted that she believed that Victor had lost something vitally important to his soul when the ranch went up in flames.

Nikki feared that Victor was driving his children away with his obsession to get them to fight for Newman Enterprises. Nikki pointed out that Abby hadn't returned from New York and Nick wanted nothing to do with getting the family business back. Nikki suspected that Victor was plotting some way to get Newman Enterprises back by going after Adam.

Kay realized that Victor was intent on trying. Nikki was afraid that the stress of the fight might kill Victor. Nikki asked if Kay might speak with Victor to convince him to let the company go. Kay said she couldn't do that because she'd returned to running Chancellor Industries. Meanwhile, Victor was on the phone with an investigator, demanding that evidence be found to prove that Sharon had started the fire.

At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis called out to Kyle and wondered if he'd seen Jack. Phyllis explained that there was a major meeting set with a big "green" initiative guy named Matt Merrick, but Jack had yet to show up at the office. Kyle hadn't seen Jack since the night before when Jack seemed to be having a meeting with some guy in a suit. Phyllis was worried that Jack might be missing in action. Kyle decided to return home to search for Jack.

A man stating he had an appointment with Jack walked into the office. Phyllis assumed that he was the environmental executive Matt Merrick. Phyllis showed him into the office and asked him to wait a few minutes because Jack was on his way. After a minute, Phyllis joined Merrick into the office and introduced herself as the head of R&D. Merrick tried to speak, but Phyllis was talking a mile a minute. Phyllis went into detail about Jack's pro-environmental initiatives at Newman Enterprises.

Jack was asleep in his car. A short time later, Jack awakened and realized that it was morning. In Jack's office, Merrick interrupted Phyllis and explained that his name was Mason Wilder, not Matt Merrick. Mason said he had an appointment with Jack for a position as an assistant.

Later, Phyllis burst into the Abbott house and called out for Jack. There was no response. Jack then walked in a moment later and wondered why Phyllis was so excited. Phyllis told Jack that he'd missed an appointment with Sarge's nephew, Mason Wilder.

Phyllis accused Jack of having forgotten the Merrick meeting and the Mason interview. Phyllis asked Jack if he was all right because it looked like he'd slept in his clothes. Phyllis was worried about Jack, but he insisted that he was fine.

Phyllis wanted to know why Jack had been out of touch all night long. Jack claimed that he'd driven to Chicago for an emergency business meeting. Jack also lied that his phone had died, so he hadn't been able to inform Kyle of his whereabouts.

Phyllis was shocked that Jack had forgotten about his meetings because it wasn't like him. Jack said he'd shower and shave then take the meeting with Merrick in the office. Jack ordered Phyllis to entertain Merrick until Jack showed up.

A short time later, Jack went to the office just as Matt was saying goodbye to Phyllis. Merrick explained that Phyllis had presented Jack's proposal, but Matt had to leave for another meeting. Jack was satisfied that Phyllis had handled the appointment for him.

Later, Jack hired Mason to work as an assistant at Newman. Mason thanked Jack for the opportunity. Jack asked Kyle to show Mason around and answer any questions he might have. After Kyle and Mason left, Phyllis accused Jack of taking too many pain pills. Phyllis said the medication was affecting Jack's memory. Jack screamed at Phyllis to back off and go to her office.

At home, Victoria was down despite Billy having recreated Jamaica in their living room. Billy suggested that they go to On the Boulevard for a bite, but Victoria wasn't in the mood. Billy pleaded with Victoria to spend some time with him outside the house. Billy offered a "Plan B" to Victoria, two tickets for a flight to Jamaica. Billy wanted Victoria to give him a chance to repair the damage he'd done to their relationship. Billy said he had the bags packed and was ready to go as soon as Victoria agreed. Billy was very persuasive.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and Billy opened the door to Victor. Victoria tensed up as her father entered the house. Billy went upstairs so Victor and Victoria could speak. Victor said that he'd learned for sure that Sharon had set fire to the ranch.

Victor felt the need to surround himself with family, and that meant Victoria had to help him to win back Newman Enterprise. Victoria wasn't sure what he was asking. Victor wanted her to conceive a plan that would successful seize Newman Enterprises from Jack Abbott and Adam.

Victor listened as Victoria reminisced about her sixth birthday party, remembering how special it had been. But Victoria also recalled that Victor had missed it all because Newman Enterprises had been more important. Victoria felt compelled to tell her father that she was still getting over having been kidnapped.

Victor blamed Billy for the abduction and added that Billy was no good for Victoria. Victor knew that Victoria wanted Newman Enterprises back as much as he did. Victoria refused to give in to Victor's pressure.

Victor pointed out that Adam was a traitor to the family. Victoria didn't care and said that she was done with all the power plays. Victor told Victoria she'd have to live with the knowledge that Jack had stolen the company from the Newmans.

Victoria felt that more than his children, Victor only loved the company unconditionally. Victor said he could never give up fighting for Newman Enterprises under any circumstances. Victoria couldn't bear the truth of his words and ran upstairs in tears. Billy returned and accused Victor of chasing all his children away. Victor told Billy to "go to hell."

Later, Victoria apologized to Billy for having left him alone with Victor. Victoria told Billy that she wanted to go with him to Jamaica. Victoria wanted to just concentrate on the two of them and not Newman Enterprises or her family.

Nikki returned home and found Victor alone and depressed. Victor believed that he'd lost all his children. Nikki assumed that Victoria had rejected his request to help him win back Newman Enterprises. Victor nodded his head.

Victor recalled that as a boy, his mother had abandoned him when she put him in an orphanage because she'd had no money. Victor declared that he'd built Newman Enterprises for his children, and they didn't want to fight for it anymore.

Victor couldn't let the company go. Nikki understood that the business filled empty spaces in Victor's life. Victor was determined to get it back. He hugged Nikki, but he questioned his legacy if his children didn't want the company he loved so much.

Nick told Avery about his problems with Sharon. Nick was happy to see Avery and asked if he'd said anything to her after the party that might have upset her. Nick hoped that he hadn't pressured her by asking questions about her past.

Avery wanted to be open with him, but she didn't want Nick's feelings about her to change if he learned too much about her. Avery said she'd made a major mistake, and someday she'd tell Nick. After some coercing, Avery revealed that she'd been married to a good man, but she had cheated on him.

Avery had been disappointed in herself for breaking her vows. Nick admitted that he'd cheated when he was married, too. Avery felt she had betrayed her principles. Avery feared Nick would change the way he felt about her if he knew the details of her betrayal.

Nick understood and told Avery why he had cheated on Sharon after Cassie's death. Nick said he hated himself for abandoning Sharon when she was in such pain, but he'd found something with Phyllis that could not be denied. Nick told Avery that he wanted her to see all of him.

Avery didn't think Nick's indiscretion was as bad as hers. Avery had wound up destroying her marriage and the affair had amounted to nothing. Avery admitted that she'd love the man, but he was gone. When Nick asked what she meant, Avery revealed that the man she'd loved had died in Afghanistan.

Avery explained that it had happened right before she moved to Genoa City to start over. Nick asked how moving had worked out for her, but Avery confessed that she'd had trouble putting the past behind her. Nick told Avery that she needed to grieve in her own way. Avery appreciated Nick's kindness.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

At home, Chelsea tried to reach out to Adam, but he wasn't ready to kiss and make up. Adam said that he couldn't forget what Chelsea had done to hurt Sharon. Chelsea declared that Sharon had done horrible things. Chelsea wondered why Adam could forgive Sharon but not Chelsea. Adam said that Sharon had been mentally ill at the time.

Adam pointed out that he'd never left Chelsea when he was caring for Sharon, but Chelsea insisted on seeing Sharon as an obstacle. Chelsea reminded Adam that he'd hired an arsonist to start other fires to cover for Sharon, even though Adam might have been arrested for the crime. Adam could not forgive Chelsea for going to Nikki and Victor about Sharon's actions just because Adam had kissed Sharon.

Chelsea felt that Sharon was trying to break up her and Adam. Chelsea recalled that Sharon had flown to Kansas before their wedding to stop Adam. Chelsea believed Sharon was angling to take Adam away from her. Adam informed Chelsea that the two of them had been attracted to each other because of their flaws. Adam could have forgiven Chelsea for her insecurities, but he hated that she had betrayed his trust. When Chelsea asked what happened next, Adam left the house. Chelsea assumed that he was going to see Sharon.

In the Newman Towers, Jack was at his desk but in severe pain. Jack reached for his pain medication and popped a few into his mouth. The spirit of John Abbott appeared and told Jack that he had a serious problem with the pills. Jack said that the medication was prescribed, and he was under a doctor's care. John knew that Jack had gone to a different doctor when he needed more pain pills and had bribed that man to write a prescription for Jack. John said that Jack had driven away his entire family and was trying to use drugs to deal with the physical and psychological pain he was feeling. Jack said that Kyle was still with him, but John wondered how long Kyle would stick around.

Fen ran into Jamie at Crimson Lights and noticed that he was doing homework. Fen teased Jamie about being a good little boy for Christmas. Jamie realized that Fen had been faking friendship the last time they had talked. After Fen left, Summer stopped by Jamie's table and said hello. Summer asked if Jamie had received any more harassing texts. Jamie said no and asked Summer to sit with him. Summer declined because she had somewhere to go.

A short time later, Summer was in Avery's storage unit, looking at Avery's letters that had been tied up with a ribbon. As Summer started to untie the ribbon, she heard a noise. Jamie walked into the storage unit, and Summer asked if he had followed her. Jamie said he was curious why she'd left the coffeehouse.

Summer defended her being in her aunt's storage unit, explaining that she enjoyed the time alone. While they were talking, Jamie received another bullying text message. Jamie realized that Summer couldn't have sent it because she was standing in front of him when the message arrived.

At their apartment, Lauren kissed Michael, distracting him from the work he'd taken home from the office. Michael was compelled to kiss his wife in return. The phone rang, and Michael couldn't ignore it. Michael listened and then informed Lauren that Jamie's father had been arrested.

Michael said that Jamie might wind up in foster care because his father was in jail. Lauren felt bad for Jamie, and Michael pointed out that Kevin had suffered in foster care when he was a teenager and Michael hadn't been around. Fen returned home and overheard his father and mother talking about Jamie's plight.

Summer was irritated that Jamie still suspected that she might be the one sending the bullying text messages. Jamie was glad that Summer wasn't the culprit. Jamie confessed that he had a secret place like the storage unit, only his was higher up and looked down on people. Jamie's phone rang, and Michael asked him to stop over because Michael had to speak with Jamie about his father. Jamie said he'd be right over.

Fen sat in the living room with his parents and listened as they spoke about Jamie. Lauren feared that Jamie might be seriously scarred if he was dumped into the foster system. Fen snorted derisively and suggested to his mother that they should take Jamie in and give him milk and cookies. Michael was furious at Fen and told him to stop being disrespectful.

Jamie went to the Baldwins', and Michael reported that Jamie's father had been arrested for DUI, and there had been injuries. Jamie's father was in jail, and Jamie realized that social services would remove him from the house. Lauren and Michael offered to help Jamie deal with the authorities. Jamie said that he'd been through the system before.

Lauren wouldn't let Jamie leave without sharing dinner with them. Fen said it was all right, and Jamie reluctantly agreed. When the boys discussed school, Jamie revealed that he had a 3.0 grade point average. Lauren and Michael were impressed. Fen bragged about his success on the swim team. Michael wondered if Jamie was interested in sports. Jamie explained that in his old school, he'd been kicked off the baseball team for fighting. Fen offered to speak with their school's baseball coach for Jamie.

Jamie was grateful to Fen, but when Michael and Lauren left the room, Fen turned on Jamie. Fen accused Jamie of playing the victim card to win over people like his parents and Summer. Fen believed that Jamie wanted Fen's life. Jamie claimed he hadn't faked anything. Jamie thought that Fen was an ungrateful jerk.

After Jamie had left the apartment, Fen pulled out a cell phone and sent a harassing text message to Jamie. When Michael and Lauren returned from the kitchen, Fen said that Jamie had needed to leave. Michael suspected that Fen had done something to make Jamie go, but Fen acted innocent.

Avery went to her storage unit and noticed that someone had tampered with her private letters. Later, Avery went to see Summer at the tack house and asked her where she liked to go when she skipped school. Summer lied about going to the park, but then realized that Avery knew she'd been in the storage unit. Avery resented that Summer had gone through her personal items without permission. Avery felt that she'd opened up to Summer and that Summer had betrayed her trust. Summer explained that she wanted to know about her mother's past and thought it might be in Avery's things.

Summer apologized, but Avery was devastated that Summer had read her personal letters. Summer asked Avery not to tell her parents what she'd done. Avery demanded that Summer keep the contents of her letters completely confidential.

A short time later, Jamie went to see Summer because he was worried about his father's arrest. Jamie believed that his father deserved to be punished. Jamie revealed to Summer that Fen had accused Jamie of angling to take over Fen's life. Jamie felt that Fen had a great life with two parents who loved him. Summer took Jamie's hand, and Jamie kissed her.

Chloe confronted Kevin at the coffeehouse to inform him that Tucker was questioning the missing money in the TagNGrab account. Chloe said that Tucker planned to hire a forensic accountant, and Chloe was sure that Kevin's financial hacking would be uncovered. Kevin admitted nothing. Finally, when Chloe pointed out that she knew that Kevin had felt entitled to take the money, Kevin asserted that he'd never be caught. Chloe told Kevin to put the money back.

Chelsea ran into Chloe at the coffeehouse. Chelsea was overemotional about her fight with Adam and blurted out to Chloe that Sharon had started the Newman ranch fire, which Adam had then covered up for her. Chelsea believed that Adam would never forgive her for telling Nikki and Victor that Sharon was the fire starter. Chloe assumed that Sharon had been arrested, but Chelsea explained that she could not go to the cops with what she knew about Sharon without losing Adam. Chloe felt that Chelsea was entitled to be furious with Adam for all he'd done to Chelsea in the name of protecting Sharon.

Chloe thought that if Chelsea made a list of all of Adam's sins and waved it in his face, he'd back down. Anxious and unsure of herself, Chelsea said she was going to get a hotel room for the night. Chloe insisted that Chelsea stay with Chloe and Kevin. Chloe wanted to prove her friendship to Chelsea by going after Sharon.

Chloe advised Chelsea to get Adam back by destroying Sharon. Chelsea didn't know how to send Sharon away without Adam knowing that she'd done it. Chloe knew how to take Sharon down and said that they'd do it together. Meanwhile, Kevin stared at his laptop screen, studying his bank account. Even though he was reluctant, Kevin did as Chloe had asked and returned the TagNGrab money to Tucker's account.

Adam walked into On the Boulevard and saw Jack drinking at the bar. Adam pointed out that Jack should not be drinking while he was taking pain medication. Jack resented Adam's interference. Jack reminded Adam that Adam was only at Newman Enterprises because Jack wanted him there. Adam knew that Jack could fire him whenever he wanted.

Jack believed that Victor was trying to use Adam to get Newman Enterprises back. Adam explained that if Jack continued abusing the pain pills, Victor would easily take back the company. Jack suspected that Adam was speaking for himself, not his father.

Jack told Adam that he'd never forgotten that Adam had a motive to take the CEO title from him. Adam had gone to prison for forging Victor's diary, even though Jack had been his partner in that crime. Adam informed Jack that if he really wanted the CEO job, he'd allow Jack to continue falling apart from the medication. Adam recognized that Jack had been making a bunch of mistakes in the office, including missing the meeting with Matt Merrick. Adam warned Jack to stop with the drugs before he made a fool of himself. Jack threatened to fire Adam.

Adam sneered and told Jack that Victor, Nick, and Victoria were his enemies, not Adam. Jack was surprised to see Adam reveal some true emotion. Jack had heard that Sharon was ill and wondered if Adam cared about her. Adam said he hadn't abandoned Sharon the way everyone else had. Jack regretted that he'd turned his back on Sharon. Jack advised Adam to stay away from Sharon.

Adam said he was helping Sharon deal with a difficult time. Jack mused about being attracted to former lovers, and Adam surmised that Jack was talking about Phyllis. Jack pointed out that unlike Adam, Jack was a bachelor. Jack said if Adam went after Sharon, he'd prove to everyone that the new and improved Adam didn't exist. Rather, Adam was the same evil, black-hearted man he'd always been.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Due to CBS News coverage of the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, today's episode of The Young and the Restless was pre-empted nationally. The episode that was scheduled to air today will now be broadcast on Monday, December 17. There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change.

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