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Adam chose Newman Enterprises over Chelsea. Sharon had a romantic fantasy about Adam. Jack stepped down at Newman and returned to Jabot. Jamie briefly woke up and said Fen's name. Victor instructed Mason to get details about Sharon's medication.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 21, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Due to the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States, today's episode of The Young and the Restless was preempted.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change and broadcasting will return to a regular schedule on Tuesday, January 22, picking up where the Friday, January 18 episode concluded.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sharon went to the tack house to escort Faith to school. Noah was home alone and explained to his mother that Summer had already left with Faith. Sharon was disappointed because she'd been working so hard at Newman that she'd missed spending time with Faith. When Noah's phone rang, Sharon noticed that he was distracted by the identity of the caller. Sharon suspected that Adriana had left Noah a message.

Noah told Sharon that he was through with Adriana. Sharon was ticked off by Adriana's actions, but Noah assured Sharon that since Adriana had played him for a fool, he was not going to get involved with her again. Sharon admitted that she and Nick had had many problems when Noah was a child. Sharon believed that they hadn't set a good example for Noah.

Noah didn't hold Nick and Sharon's problems against them. Sharon thought that Adriana had treated Noah badly. Sharon wished that she could go after Adriana and give her a piece of her mind. Noah told his mother that he accepted that his relationship with Adriana was over and he was moving on. Sharon felt that Noah was a lot smarter than she had been at his age. Noah pointed out that Sharon had been ill and was finally straightening out her life. Returning to the subject of Adriana's pursuit of Noah, Sharon reminded her son that Adriana might not be ready to accept that their relationship was over.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin happily smooched with Chloe behind the counter. Kevin complimented Chloe on her brilliant plan to keep the stolen money without having to launder it. Kevin wanted to spoil Chloe by taking her on an exotic trip, like flying to Hawaii or Belize. Kevin and Chloe agreed that they couldn't risk flaunting their new money, so Kevin had a counter offer for Chloe. Kevin suggested that they get a babysitter for Delia and plan a romantic night at home, just the two of them.

Adriana went to the counter and ordered a cup of coffee from Eden. Adriana pretended to be friendly as she struck up a conversation, asking Eden questions about how much money she earned at the coffeehouse. Eden admitted that she counted on big tips from the patrons. Without a reply, Adriana turned and walked away. Chloe approached Kevin to let him know that she'd arranged for Delia to spend the night with Esther at the Chancellor house. Kevin and Chloe were giddy as they joked about using a secret code when talking about their plan for the stolen money.

Adriana was drinking her coffee on the patio when Alex confronted her to demand that she turn over the stolen money. Alex asked why Adriana had involved a nice kid like Noah in her criminal activities. Alex threatened to arrest Adriana if she refused to give him back the drug money. Adriana boldly dared Alex to arrest her because she said she didn't have the money. Alex didn't believe Adriana and warned her not to test him.

Inside the coffeehouse, Chloe and Kevin were kissing and laughing when Alex interrupted to ask them what they were up to. Kevin and Chloe told the New York cop to stop pestering them, but Alex was relentless. Alex joked that he was learning to like the coffee at Crimson Lights, even though it was lousy compared to New York coffee. Kevin wondered why Alex didn't just go back to Manhattan. Alex tried to pay for his coffee, but Chloe told him to keep the money and just leave. Alex was curious that Kevin and Chloe were turning away business when their house was on the verge of foreclosure. Kevin was ticked off that Alex had been snooping into their lives, but Alex said it was all part of the job.

At the Athletic Club, Neil flirted with Leslie and wondered if she was going to back out on their new romance. Neil explained that he was fully prepared to talk her out of it, but Leslie surprised Neil by saying she didn't want to end their affair. Leslie was enjoying her time with Neil as much as he was. Leslie reiterated that as long as they kept their romance out of the Jabot offices, she was happy to continue dating Neil.

At Jabot, Tyler asked Devon about Lily's whereabouts. Devon explained that one of the twins was sick, so his sister had decided to stay home. Tyler approved of Lily's commitment to her kids. Devon laughed about Tyler being a "mama's boy," prompting Tyler to flare. Tyler believed in the importance of mothers. Devon was surprised by Tyler's comments, but Tyler was deadly serious.

When Tyler left, Devon assumed that he'd struck a nerve with Tyler. Later, Devon apologized to Tyler for his joke. Leslie revealed that her and Tyler's mother was dead. Neil hadn't known about Leslie's mother and asked if Leslie wanted to talk about her. Leslie declined and returned to work.

Later, in the Jabot lobby, Devon observed that Neil and Leslie were too close for comfort. Leslie and Neil denied that they were violating any Jabot work policy. Tyler agreed with Devon about how cozy Neil and Leslie were on the job. Tyler asked why Lily and Cane were allowed to fraternize on company time. Neil reminded Tyler that Lily and Cane were married, so it was cool.

Later, Devon reported to Neil about the new ad campaign. Off the record, Neil asked Devon if he was happy at Jabot. Devon said he enjoyed working with Neil and Lily, but he didn't like the corporate politics. Neil knew that Jabot had been crazy of late because of Cane's promotion and Neil's return. Devon assumed he'd adjust in time.

Alone, Leslie warned Tyler to keep his cool about their past. Tyler handed Leslie a cup of coffee, and she reiterated to her brother that Lily was off-limits to him. Leslie said that Tyler had to respect Lily's marriage to Cane. Tyler resented the way Neil and Cane treated Lily as a pretty thing when it came to business. Tyler was also ticked off that Leslie assumed that he only wanted a one-night stand with Lily. Leslie told Tyler that they'd had enough troubles in the past, and Tyler had to keep away from Lily at all costs.

At the Athletic Club, Noah found a box with torn concert tickets inside. Without warning, Alex appeared and got in Noah's face. Noah was unhappy to see the cop again and asked him to go away. Alex had a warning for Noah. He advised him not to get involved with Adriana because she was not trustworthy.

Alex knew that Adriana had been saying that he was a dirty cop, but Alex was simply doing his job. Alex said he was not after Noah, but he urged Noah to find the money and return it to the New York Police Department. Alex asked Noah to tell him the truth about making contact with Adriana. Noah admitted that he had met with Adriana a few times.

Noah explained to Alex that Adriana had claimed that she'd found the money in her New York apartment. Alex was stunned by Adriana's lie and told Noah that Adriana had stolen the money from her drug dealer boyfriend. Alex offered to put in a good word for Noah with the authorities if Noah handed over the money. Noah confessed that Adriana had sent him the money from New York, but someone had stolen it from Noah. Alex urged Noah to get Adriana to find the money because Alex had to get it back to New York.

At home, Chelsea was very happy to see Adam and assumed that he was ready to go forward with their plans to move to Paris. Adam informed Chelsea that Jack had returned to Genoa City, but Jack had stepped down from Newman Enterprises, leaving Adam and Billy in charge. Chelsea feared that Adam was too committed to Newman and doubted that she and Adam would ever move to Paris. Adam said that he was indebted to Jack for having given Adam a chance when nobody in his family would give him the time of day. Chelsea wanted Adam to put her first, but Adam was determined to take care of Newman business. Adam assured Chelsea it was just a temporary situation, but Chelsea didn't believe Adam.

Adam said he was not choosing Newman over Chelsea. Adam asked Chelsea to stay there with him and build a future in Genoa City. Adam wanted to run Newman and remain married. Chelsea pleaded with Adam to fly to Paris with her immediately. Adam said he couldn't do that, assuring Chelsea that he loved her but needed to stay at Newman. Chelsea didn't think Adam could have both.

When Chelsea asked Adam for a divorce, he refused to give up on them. Chelsea declared that Adam loved Newman more than anything else. Adam said he needed Chelsea to live, but she disagreed and turned her back to him. Dejectedly, Adam left the house.

At Newman Enterprises, Sharon walked into the CEO's office to tell Adam about an upcoming trade show. Sharon saw that Adam was drunk, and he admitted it was true. Sharon realized that Adam had failed to honor his commitment to go to Paris with Chelsea. Sharon told Adam he'd made a big mistake, and she removed the scotch bottle from Adam's hands.

Sharon told Adam to go after Chelsea while he still had the chance. Adam knew that he was an idiot because he should go after Chelsea, but he said he couldn't do it. Adam grabbed the bottle back from Sharon and took another drink. Adam finally revealed to Sharon that Chelsea had asked him for a divorce. Adam said he'd fought to save his marriage, but he'd lost. Sharon blasted Adam for his attitude and announced that maybe she should just quit her job at Newman. Adam tried to make Sharon understand that his chasing after Chelsea would be an exercise in futility.

Sharon believed that it was time for Adam to walk away from Newman Enterprises. Adam said that Newman was his name, and it was his legacy to run the company -- something his siblings were unwilling to do. Adam believed that he was the right man to run the company because he'd put Newman first. Sharon responded that Newman was only a name and a building, and neither could ever love Adam in return the way Chelsea did. Adam concluded that if Sharon quit, she'd be punishing him just like everyone else in his life had. Adam asked Sharon to save him by staying at Newman.

At Crimson Lights, Adriana asked Kevin why the place was so quiet and wondered if he made any money selling coffee. Kevin replied that he made money on the muffins. Later, Kevin asked Chloe to meet him in the kitchen. As she turned to follow him, Chloe received a call from Chelsea. Chloe had to turn down Chelsea's invitation to stop by because she had plans with Kevin. Chelsea understood Chloe's predicament and said they could meet the next day. Angry and upset over Adam, Chelsea began throwing the framed photos of her and Adam around the room.

At the Athletic Club bar, Adriana asked Noah if he'd received her gift. They reminisced about the good times they'd shared in New York. Adriana said that she missed Noah and felt that he missed her, too. Adriana wanted to reconcile with Noah, but he was worried about the missing money. Adriana believed that the money was in Genoa City.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin confided to Chloe that he'd recognized Adriana from the photo Alex had shown him. Kevin knew that Alex wanted to find her because she was connected to the stolen money. Kevin told Chloe that Adriana had been fishing for information about Kevin's money. Chloe was concerned, but Kevin said they could handle the situation. Kevin asked Eden to manage the shop for him so he and Chloe could go home. Eden agreed, and when Alex saw that Eden had gone into the kitchen, Alex searched behind the counter for the stolen money.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

While having coffee at Crimson Lights, Phyllis stared at the envelope from her attorney's office. She knew it contained her final divorce decree from Nick and was reluctant to open it. When Avery walked into the coffeehouse, Phyllis called out to her sister to let her know that Nick would be free just as soon as Phyllis signed the papers. Avery tried to reach out to Phyllis, but Phyllis mocked Avery's sympathy because she felt it was insincere. Phyllis said that Avery had angled to steal Nick from her.

Avery believed that Nick was happy with her and felt Phyllis should approve of that. Phyllis did want Nick to have a good life, but she resented that Avery was involved with her husband. Avery asked Phyllis to be fair and treat Avery better. Phyllis was intent on inciting a fight with her sister, but Avery refused to play along. Avery announced that she had a deposition to attend to and left for work. Phyllis opened the envelope, looked at the divorce papers and contemplated signing the document.

Victor went to the Underground and told Nick that he'd heard about the catastrophic opening. Nick said it had been a disaster. Victor was not there to gloat, but he felt Nick was wasting his time. Victor said that he wanted Nick working by his side again at Newman Enterprises. Nick pointed out that Jack owned the company. Victor said that Jack wouldn't have it much longer, and Nick assumed that Victor had some leverage over Jack. Victor predicted that Nick's venture was destined to fail. Nick didn't want Victor's opinion about the Underground.

Victor told Nick that Nick had experience in the boardroom, handling major deals. Victor believed that Nick belonged at Newman Enterprises. Nick said that Newman was Victor's dream, not Nick's. The Underground represented a dream of Nick's own. When Victor labeled the Underground a dive, Nick defended his bar as a sanctuary for people who needed to unwind after working at places like Newman. Disgusted, Nick walked away from Victor. Victor called Billy and left a message, demanding that Billy force Jack to resign from Newman immediately -- or else.

At the Athletic Club, Jack greeted Congressman Marcus Wheeler and expressed his regret over Stephanie's death. Marcus didn't want to exchange pleasantries with Jack because he knew that his daughter had died at Jack's home. Marcus had known that Stephanie was a prostitute, but he didn't want her name dragged through the mud.

Jack said that he'd stepped forward to confess his involvement in Stephanie's death. Marcus thought that was a mistake because of the scandal that would follow. Marcus said that more than anything, he resented that Jack had dumped Stephanie's body in an alley like she was a piece of garbage. Jack felt horrible about that and asked what he could do for Marcus. Wheeler told Jack to keep the story out of the media.

At the Athletic Club bar, Paul was stunned but pleased when Christine sneaked up behind him to say hello. Paul said he'd missed Christine terribly while she was away. Christine was glad to be home and anxious to speak with Michael about getting a job working in the D.A.'s office. Paul explained that Michael wasn't at his office because of Jamie's fall. Paul said that Lauren and Michael felt responsible for Jamie, and Paul was worried that the Baldwin marriage might be in trouble.

Christine listened as Paul explained that Fenmore might have been involved in Jamie's accident and that was putting a strain on the marriage. Christine asked if Fenmore's relationship with Lauren and Michael reminded Paul of his with Ricky. Paul said that he had been having memories of Ricky, but that the situation was different. Paul said that Jamie's demons had been external, explaining that he'd been bullied all his life, starting with his father. Paul pointed out that Ricky's troubles had been all in his mind.

At the hospital, Lauren found Michael asleep beside Jamie's bed. Lauren awakened Michael and learned that Jamie had yet to regain consciousness. When Michael asked about Fenmore, Lauren reported that he'd locked himself in his room and didn't want to talk. Michael told Lauren he was going to go home to shower and change. Lauren promised to stay with Jamie in case he rallied.

Later, Lauren tried to talk with Jamie, asking him to wake up and be okay again. Jamie's eyes fluttered, and Lauren asked Jamie to stay awake. Just then, Paul walked into the room and heard Jamie say Fen's name.

Michael went to the Athletic Club to meet with Jack about the Stephanie Gayle case. Jack wondered if he needed to get his affairs in order before being incarcerated. Michael told Jack that he'd studied the case and, based on the coroner's report, Stephanie had consumed the drugs that had killed her hours before even meeting Jack. In Michael's opinion, arresting Jack would be a mistake. Michael disapproved of Jack having moved her dead body, but Michael was not going to take the case to court. Jack was surprised that he was free.

At home alone, Fen looked at his phone, and there was no news about Jamie. Fen was in tears over what he'd done. A short time later, Michael was home and forced Fenmore to talk with him about the Jamie situation. Michael informed his son that Jamie had not regained consciousness and was in serious condition. Michael asked if Fenmore had been jealous of Jamie because Lauren and Michael were trying to help Jamie. Fenmore said that it had been cool with him, but Michael wasn't sure. Fenmore glared at Michael even as Michael admired how well Fen had always adjusted to difficult situations, like changing schools.

Back at the hospital, Jamie slipped back into unconsciousness, saying nothing more about Fen. Paul told Lauren that perhaps Jamie had mentioned Fen's name because he'd been on the roof with Jamie. Lauren defended Fenmore, saying that there was no proof to back up that claim. Paul reminded Lauren that Fen had expressed his anger at Jamie to Paul. Lauren thought Paul was trying to imply that Fen was like Ricky. Paul was stung by her reference to his son, and Lauren apologized for having been insensitive. Still, Lauren believed that Fen was innocent.

Still at home, Michael assured Fen that he was loved. Michael said that he and Lauren loved Fenmore unconditionally, and there was nothing that Fen could ever do to change their feelings. Michael wanted Fen to trust him with the truth, no matter what it was. The phone rang, and Michael learned from Lauren that Jamie had regained consciousness.

Later, Michael and Fenmore arrived at the hospital and went to Jamie's room. Lauren told them that Jamie's condition had stabilized, and he was going to recover. Lauren believed that Jamie would be able to tell them what had happened on the roof when he awakened. Fen asked for some money so he could get something to eat.

Alone in Jamie's room, Lauren and Michael discussed Fen's possible involvement in Jamie's fall. Lauren was certain that Fen had had nothing to do with it, but Michael said he'd seen fear in Fen's eyes when they talked about that night. Paul reappeared in Jamie's room and said he'd gone back to the roof to investigate. Lauren wanted to know if Paul had found anything. Paul showed Lauren and Michael a camera that was on the roof. It contained a photo of Jamie. Michael looked at the camera, and he and Lauren agreed that it was the same one that they'd given to Fenmore for Christmas.

Out in the hallway, Fen was eavesdropping on his parents. He heard that Michael was suspicious of Fen's involvement in Jamie's fall, while Lauren declared that the camera didn't prove anything. Michael wanted to question Fenmore about why his camera had been found on the roof. Lauren didn't want to do anything to alienate their son. Later, Fen walked into the hospital room and stood by Jamie's bed. Jamie opened his eyes and looked at Fen.

Victor went to Newman Enterprises to confront Jack. Mason let Victor into the CEO's office. Jack asked Victor what he wanted. Victor threatened to tell the press and the police all about Jack's involvement with Stephanie Gayle unless Jack stepped down as CEO of Newman. Jack informed Victor that he was too late because Jack had already decided to walk away from the company. Victor wasn't satisfied. He told Jack that he had to get rid of Adam as co-CEO, too, or else Victor would let the world know that Stephanie had died in Jack's home.

Jack asked Victor "what the hell" he was trying to pull and why he was so determined to smear Stephanie's name. Jack asked Victor not to exploit Stephanie's death for his own selfish desires. Victor said he'd do anything to get his company back, even destroy the reputation of a hooker. Jack warned Victor that Congressman Wheeler would not appreciate it if Victor pushed his agenda. Victor didn't care about Wheeler's feelings. To Victor, Wheeler was just a politician and easily replaced.

Jack had no respect for Victor and wondered when they'd ever end their feud. Victor scoffed at Jack, not buying his sudden change of heart about their feud. Jack told Victor that if he wanted Newman Enterprises back, he'd have to deal with Adam, because Adam was running the show. Later, after Jack had left the building, Victor spoke with Mason about the future. Victor informed him that Jack was leaving Newman Enterprises. Victor predicted that Adam and Billy would be out very soon as well. Victor told Mason to be prepared.

At the Underground, Nick was on the phone with the electrician trying to fix the problems at the club. When Avery walked in, she was glad to hear Nick fighting to keep the place open. Avery had been concerned that Nick was throwing in the towel after the rough opening night. Nick said that he'd thought about quitting, but then Victor had visited unexpectedly and referred to Nick's new business as a disaster. That convinced Nick to keep the Underground going no matter the obstacles. Avery was proud of Nick.

Nick mentioned that he'd received the divorce papers, and Avery told him about Phyllis' reaction. Nick felt bad for Phyllis, but he was ready to move forward and start a new chapter in his life. Avery was pleased to hear Nick say that because she had a big surprise for him. Tyler walked in and explained he was the marketing genius who would be putting the Underground on the map, making it the hottest club in the Midwest. Nick asked what Tyler had in mind.

Tyler's main idea was using disk jockeys and mixtapes that were the hottest thing in nightclubs. Nick was unimpressed by mixtapes and deejays, but Avery said that it was the latest thing. Avery said that Nicki Minaj had gotten her start as an underground deejay. Tyler showed Nick some designs he'd created for the Underground, too, images that would be placed all over the Internet.

Avery urged Nick to approve Tyler's campaign because she was sure that it was cutting edge and bound to succeed. Nick was caught up in Avery's enthusiasm and gave Tyler the go-ahead. Tyler anticipated that the Underground was going to blow up big time, with everyone wanting to hang out at the club. Tyler left and Nick thanked Avery for her help. Nick wondered how Avery had known that he wasn't going to close the Underground. Avery said she'd suspected that Nick wasn't a quitter. In a motel room, a man looked at a photo of Avery and Nick in the newspaper.

Christine walked into Crimson Lights and was disappointed to see that Phyllis was there. Christine declared that if there were any justice in the world, Phyllis would be behind bars for having run down Paul and Christine with a car. Phyllis laughed at Christine and then brought up the fact that Christine had dumped Danny for Paul. Christine realized that Phyllis had brought up Paul and Danny because Phyllis had lost Nick. Christine noted that Phyllis had been living a great life with Nick and their children until Phyllis threw it away by having a fling with Ronan.

Christine went to the hospital and saw Paul. Christine explained that she was upset that she'd dropped the civil suit against Phyllis. Paul thought that Christine had gotten over that. Christine said she'd seen Phyllis earlier, and it bothered Christine that Phyllis had gotten away with attempted murder. Christine added that she knew that Phyllis would receive a huge settlement from Nick in their divorce, meaning that Phyllis was being rewarded for her bad behavior. Christine had decided she was going to sue Phyllis over the hit-and-run accident.

Jack met Phyllis at Crimson Lights and told her what had happened with Victor at Newman. Jack also let Phyllis know that Michael would not be prosecuting Jack for Stephanie's death. Phyllis was alarmed to hear that Victor had threatened to go public about Stephanie's death unless Jack gave Newman Enterprises back to Victor. Jack informed Phyllis that he was still backing away from Newman, leaving it to Victor and Adam to fight it out.

Jack wanted to do something meaningful, and that was why he was going to return to his father's company, Jabot. Phyllis insisted that Jack complete his recovery before resuming work. Jack assured her that he would, and he credited Phyllis with saving his life.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

At Newman Enterprises, Tucker arrived for a meeting with Jack, and he was resentful when he learned that Jack had asked Adam to handle it. Tucker noticed that Adam seemed under the weather, and he questioned whether Adam was drunk. Tucker bellowed that he wasn't reassured about the millions he'd invested, and Adam informed him that Jack had stepped down and had left Adam and Billy in charge. Tucker predicted that Billy and Adam wouldn't be able to work together.

Tucker termed Billy stubborn and sometimes clever, but he doubted that Billy would give up, and he expected that Billy and Adam would fight over every decision. Adam countered that Billy was a lightweight who would soon be out of the company. Adam suggested that he and Tucker coordinate to oust Billy and to stop Victor from taking back the company, and in return, Adam promised that Tucker would have a greater voice regarding the company's direction.

Tucker found Adam's plan intriguing, but he had to consider Katherine and Devon's feelings. Adam remarked that father-and-son relationships could get messy, and he wondered whether either Katherine or Devon had ever approved of anything Tucker had done. Adam advised Tucker to write off the people who wanted to hold Tucker back, because they would never love or respect Tucker. Adam bitterly added that he knew exactly how it felt to have people try to turn him into something he wasn't.

At Crimson Lights, Jack and Phyllis slowly pulled back from their kiss, and he gushed that he was grateful to have her back in his life. She wasn't sure that it was a good idea to get involved, and she pointed out that he wasn't supposed to make any big decisions for at least six months during his recovery. Jack commented that life was short, and he didn't want to waste it. Phyllis reminded him that she was going through a divorce, and she needed time. She worried that they would just hurt one another, but he thought things were working between them already. Phyllis insisted that they weren't working and that they never would work, and she ran out.

Neil and Cane scrambled to prepare for a meeting at Jabot, and they were surprised to see Lily, who had been home with the twins. She said that the kids had been feeling better, so she'd called a sitter so she could hear Tyler's marketing pitch. She expressed concern that other working mothers would resent her taking time off, and Tyler remarked that management should be nicer to all moms in the company. Devon interrupted and asked to talk to Neil right away. Devon pulled Neil aside and reported the rumor that Jack intended to step down at Newman Enterprises and return to Jabot. Devon questioned what it meant for them.

During the marketing meeting, Tyler suggested that Jabot stage the construction of spontaneous art in a public parking lot, using materials like chalk and ice to depict Jabot products. Neil compared Tyler's idea to a flash mob, only involving art instead of music and dance. Tyler explained that the art would quickly vanish, except in photos that they would post on the Jabot website. Tyler and Lily excitedly tossed around ideas about hosting a competition and utilizing guest artists.

After the meeting, Tyler referred to the rapport that he and Lily had shared. He complimented her instincts, and he asked for her feedback about his marketing ideas for the Underground. She said that she had to get home, but Cane overheard and offered to check on the twins. Tyler was clearly disappointed when Cane and Lily tenderly kissed.

Lily looked through Tyler's files and was impressed. He found her equally impressive, and he admired her for balancing motherhood with a challenging career. She was glad that she didn't have to choose, thanks to Cane's support. She asked about Tyler's childhood, and he vaguely replied that his mother had worked full-time just to keep him in line. She expressed condolences that his mom had passed away.

Later, Tyler burst in to talk to Lily about an idea that he'd brainstormed while thinking about his childhood in Milwaukee, but she had thought that he had grown up in Detroit. He quickly claimed that he'd spent a lot of time with his grandparents in Milwaukee, but he was obviously unnerved.

Jack arrived at Jabot and wanted to speak with Neil. Neil suspected that Jack wished to fire him, but Jack apologized for rejecting Neil's help, and he declared that he was on the mend and on his way back to Jabot. Jack continued that he wanted Neil there with him, but Neil balked at the idea of being second fiddle. Jack confided that he planned to start a fashion division and to have Neil run it. Neil noted that it would be a major change, but Jack insisted that he needed a seasoned executive like Neil at the helm.

At Crimson Lights, Devon approached Tucker's table on the patio. Devon revealed that he'd obtained advice from a wise person after he'd last spoken to Tucker. Tucker guessed that Devon had spoken with Katherine, and Devon reported that she had counseled him to give Tucker another chance. Tucker hoped that one day she would give Tucker one herself.

Tucker asked whether Devon had thought about his job offer, and Devon admitted that he was interested. Devon inquired why Tucker had offered him the position, and Tucker explained that Devon had the right education and experience. Tucker warned him not to take too much time to consider the offer, and Devon hesitantly thanked him. Tucker asserted that he wanted Devon to be happy doing something he loved, and he was sure that Neil would respect any choice that Devon made.

Later, Tucker called Adam and refused to help him get rid of Billy, because his family was too important to him. Adam said that it was Tucker's loss, but Tucker didn't agree. Adam made arrangements to meet with someone the next day.

Over a meal at the Athletic Club, Leslie asked Neil about Jack's return. Neil doubted that he could work out his issues with Jack. Neil remarked that he was too young to retire, and she wondered whether he had any hobbies. He said that he enjoyed music and reading history books, and she jokingly congratulated him for having the same pastimes as her grandmother. He asked if her grandmother was still around, but Leslie replied that she wasn't.

Neil asked if Leslie and Tyler had family, and she responded that they only had a couple of distant aunts. Neil wondered if Leslie's mother had made Leslie the successful, driven person she had become, but Leslie didn't want to dwell on the past. Neil commented that she had an air of mystery, and Leslie said that it kept their relationship fresh. Neil said that he already knew the truth about her, and she looked nervous.

Neil speculated that the CIA had planted Leslie at Jabot to uncover a way to turn lipstick into a weapon. Devon interrupted and reported that Tucker had offered him an incredible job. Devon added that he wanted to stay at Jabot, but he would reconsider if Jack made changes that affected them. Neil sensed that there was more to the story, and he suggested that Devon question where he wanted to do something he enjoyed doing. Devon told Neil to ask himself the same thing.

At the Abbott home, Jack hugged Kyle, who had returned from Maui. Jack explained that his recovery was still in progress, but his doctor had granted approval for him to finish it at home. Kyle noticed the pile of boxes in the living room, and Jack disclosed that he had packed up his office and had left Billy and Adam in charge of Newman. Jack announced that he was going back to Jabot, and he wanted Kyle to join him. Kyle was unsure of all the changes, but Jack was positive that it was the right step to take.

Later, Adam stopped by to see Jack, who said that Marcus wanted to keep Stephanie's death out of the press. Jack added that Michael didn't want to subject Stephanie's family to a trial, so no one would ever know that Adam had moved the body. Adam thanked him, and Jack said that he wouldn't forget that they'd protected one another. Adam warned Jack to watch his back, but Jack already knew that Victor wouldn't stop seeking revenge.

Jack expected Victor to go after Billy and Adam, but Adam disclosed that he might have a way to block Victor from making a hostile takeover. Jack scoffed at the idea that Adam would hand over the company and become Victor's "number one son." Adam vowed not to become another child cast in Victor's shadow, and he recognized that Victor would always find a way to be disappointed in him. Adam accepted that Victor needed Adam to be the outcast and that Adam needed Victor to be the evil father. Jack wondered if Chelsea was up for it, but Adam divulged that they were getting divorced. Adam stated that she wanted him to be someone he couldn't be, so Newman Enterprises was all he had left.

Avery arrived at the Athletic Club and spied a balloon delivery. Phyllis spotted her, and she asked if Avery planned to call someone with birthday wishes. Avery said that she'd already sent their mother a gift, and she believed that Lydia would like to hear from Phyllis. Phyllis snapped that Lydia had stopped being her mother when Lydia had taken George's side over hers. Phyllis lamented that every mistake she had made had been because of her family, and Avery assumed that she was referring to the divorce. Phyllis wailed that she'd turned out just like her parents.

Phyllis asserted that her family had taught her to get things by lying and cheating, and as a result, she wasn't a good wife or mother. Avery said that wasn't true, but Phyllis pointed out that Summer gravitated to Avery. Phyllis insisted that she had tried to be okay with Nick and Avery's relationship, but she accused Avery of taking over her life. Avery argued that Phyllis' marriage had been over, but Phyllis believed that Avery had deliberately tried to hurt her. Phyllis snarled that she hated that Nick and Avery were together.

Avery admitted that she had ignored Phyllis' feelings, but Phyllis was certain that Avery had been aware of Phyllis' pain all along. Avery conceded that she had justified everything to be with Nick, and Phyllis cried that it had killed her when her husband had moved on so quickly. Avery suspected that Phyllis hated her, but Phyllis denied it. Phyllis explained that she'd been through a lot with Jack, who appreciated the woman she was. Avery asked whether Phyllis could forgive her.

Once alone, Phyllis finally signed the divorce papers. She received a text message inviting her to "come be with family," but she quickly realized that it was an advertisement for the reopening of the Underground. Meanwhile, Jack took his withdrawal medication. Phyllis called and asked if he would attend the reopening with her. He said it was a date, and she repeated his comment that life was too short. She vowed to spend it with the people who made her happy.

At the Underground, Nick raved to Noah that Tyler had done a great job with the marketing materials for the club's reopening. Nick marveled that if the Underground generated even half the business Tyler had projected, he would need more staff, and he decided to hire more bartenders. Noah observed that Nick seemed more optimistic than he had been in a long time, but Nick replied that his attitude had been "sunshine and bluebirds" compared to Noah's. Noah didn't want to talk about his problems, but Nick gently pushed to find out what was going on.

Noah felt that he was blind regarding women, and he regretted letting Adriana walk all over him. He wanted to move on, and Nick sympathized that it wasn't easy. Nick assured Noah that Adriana wasn't right for him and that Noah would learn from his mistakes. Noah confessed that he'd gotten into a situation and that he had to pretend that he still cared for her, but he was afraid that he would fall for her again. Nick asked what dangerous game Noah had to play, but Noah said that he didn't have a choice. Noah walked out, and Nick left a message for Alex to warn him to stay away from Noah.

Later, Noah thanked Nick for the advice about Adriana, and he resolved to take it. Noah left, and a clearly downtrodden Avery entered. She reported that she'd had a long talk with Phyllis, and she felt guilty for hurting Phyllis by jumping into a relationship with Nick. He pointed out that Avery had been hesitant, but Avery acknowledged that she hadn't been able to wait to get involved, and she wished that she could take back the pain she'd caused Phyllis. Nick asked whether Avery was breaking up with him.

Nick protested, but Avery clarified that she didn't want to end things. She stated that Phyllis wanted him to be happy, and he said that he was happy with Avery. Avery murmured that she was happy with him, too. She gushed that she had the most wonderful man in her life and that she and Phyllis were putting the past behind them, so they could all have a great future.

In a hotel room, a mysterious man clutched a pass to the Underground reopening.

Friday, January 25, 2013

At the Underground, Avery admired Nick's positive attitude. He was determined to make sure that there were no catastrophes at the reopening, and she had no doubt that it would be a huge success. Nick reported that Tyler had been getting the word out, and Avery half-heartedly declared that she was happy for Nick. Nick observed that she seemed down, and he asked what was wrong.

Avery disclosed that she had to go out of town for the Innocence Foundation. She explained that while she no longer worked for the foundation, she still donated her services when she could help exonerate someone who had been wrongly accused. Nick amorously stated that her use of law terms was sexy, and in between kisses, she stated that the foundation's cause had inspired her to become an attorney. She added that her work had helped her get through the rough times after she'd messed up her marriage.

Nick asked about Avery's case, and she revealed that an innocent man had been in prison for twelve years on a murder charge. Nick said that if anyone could help the man, Avery could. Nick suspected that she would be gone for a while, but she promised that she would only be away for a day or two, and then she'd be back for the festivities. They kissed, and she swore that nothing could keep her away.

Nick and Avery made out at the bar, and she promised that she wouldn't be gone long. He kissed her neck, and she warned that she would rip his clothes off if he kept it up. He didn't think she had the guts, but she asked if he was as brave as she was. He said that he had a lot of courage, and he removed her jacket. She unbuttoned his shirt and remarked that it was getting hot. They dared one another not to chicken out, and they started to make love.

After Nick and Avery made love in the office, Nick admitted that the atmosphere had been more comfortable upstairs. She joked that she would have to leave more often, and he affectionately told her to get out, or he wouldn't get anything done. She teased that he'd had his way with her and then just wanted to toss her aside. He kissed her and told her to return home soon.

Billy found Adam staring out the window at Newman Enterprises. Billy asked whether he was thinking about jumping, and Adam conceded that no one would try to stop him, but he wouldn't give Billy the satisfaction. Adam disclosed that he'd called an emergency board meeting earlier that morning, but a skeptical Billy said that Victoria had been unaware of it. Adam revealed that a few board members had been absent, but there had been enough present to hold a vote, and they had appointed Adam as the sole CEO.

Billy thought that it had been difficult for Adam to pull off a vote without Victor and Victoria's knowledge. Adam said that it didn't matter how he'd done it, but the board was aware that Adam had excelled at keeping the company running. Adam mentioned that Billy had passed along inside information to Victoria and had left the company open to a takeover. Billy argued that Jack had set him up and had eventually forgiven him, but Adam contended that the board wouldn't forgive Billy's actions, and the deal was done.

Billy doubted that the board would remain loyal to Adam, but Adam asserted that the board wanted stability after the CEO position had become a revolving door that had hurt them in their bank accounts. Billy blamed Sharon, and he pointed out that Adam had rehired her, but Adam countered that both Billy and the board had signed off on the hire. Mason announced Sharon's arrival, and she entered for a staff meeting. Billy said that Adam and Sharon were all that was left of upper management, and he warned that they wouldn't last. Billy exited.

Sharon couldn't believe that Adam had managed to get rid of Billy. Adam said that he and Billy would have just butted heads and that the board had recognized that Adam was the next generation of leadership. He added that Victor might have built the company, but Adam intended to lead it into the future. She gushed that Adam deserved it, but she warned that Victor would gun for him one day. Adam proclaimed that he was ready, and he wanted Sharon to be by his side, but he understood if she didn't want to get involved in a family squabble.

Sharon said that she wanted her kids to be proud of her and that her work was more than just a job to her, so she wasn't going to quit. She pledged to deal with Victor, and she credited Adam with helping her to become tougher, but Adam replied that she'd done all the work. Sharon asked if he'd talked to Chelsea, but he said that there was nothing to talk about. He acknowledged that he couldn't make Chelsea happy, and he and Chelsea couldn't pretend otherwise. Adam suggested that they get back to work.

Adam and Sharon discussed how to better incorporate social media and modern technology into the company. Mason entered and suggested that he order food from a Cajun place that had a chef from New Orleans. Adam and Sharon were both clearly affected by the memories of their time in New Orleans, but they covered their discomfort and asked Mason to select some dishes for them.

Over lunch, Sharon reported that their research team appeared close to approving one of the projects Adam had supported. He crowed that he'd had a sixth sense about it. She marveled that it had been a long time since she'd had such delicious gumbo, but her voice trailed off, and he realized that the last time had been when they had been in New Orleans together. After an uncomfortable silence, he wrapped up their meeting, and she stammered that they'd covered a lot of ground.

Adam headed out, but he told Sharon to stay and finish eating. They looked at one another for a moment, and he said that he was glad that she was back in his life. She praised him for being a good friend to her when everyone else had treated her like trash, and she was happy to repay the favor. She expressed condolences that his marriage hadn't worked out, but he said that things had worked out the way he had deserved, and he left.

Sharon daydreamed that Adam returned and said that he couldn't stay away. He confessed that he and Chelsea hadn't split up because of Newman, but because he still loved Sharon. He pulled Sharon into a passionate kiss, and they began to make love on his desk. Sharon suddenly snapped out of her fantasy and composed herself. Meanwhile, Adam chugged a drink at the Athletic Club bar. He forlornly looked down at his room key, and he ascended the stairs.

Victor kissed Nikki good morning at their penthouse. She worried that there was still a lot of wedding planning to do, and he inquired whether Victoria had been helping, but Nikki griped that both Victor and Victoria had been caught up in Newman Enterprises business. Nikki was grateful that Victor had called off the press conference regarding Jack's addiction, but Victor said that it no longer mattered, because Jack had stepped down. Nikki demanded to know what Victor had done.

Nikki assumed that Victor had forced Jack's hand. Victor explained that Jack had made his own decision to resign, but Nikki didn't believe him. Victor continued that Jack had gone back to Jabot and that Adam and Billy were running Newman Enterprises, but he would take care of them in time. Victoria arrived with news about the emergency board meeting. Victor was only surprised that it had taken Adam so long to make his move.

Victoria doubted the legality of the board meeting, but Victor said it had been legitimate if there had been a majority vote. Victor suggested that he and Victoria talk later about how to deal with Adam, and she departed. Nikki snapped that nothing she had said to Victor had gotten through, because he was still playing the same game with different players. Nikki understood why Victor wanted the company back, but she had hoped that they could take a long honeymoon. She was angry with herself for ever believing that it could happen.

Victor assured Nikki that they would have their honeymoon, but he needed time. Nikki ordered him to stop making promises that he couldn't keep. She recalled seeing him in the hospital after he'd collapsed, and she had thought that he was going to die. He said he that he hadn't, but she fretted that his craving for control would consume him again and eventually kill him. He stroked her cheek and implored her not to worry. He swore that he would get his company back and that they would go on their honeymoon. He pulled her into a hug, but she looked unconvinced.

Nikki warned that although Victor thought he controlled everything, he wasn't immortal, and Adam was a formidable foe. Victor calmly responded that their wedding would be a celebration of both their love and his regained power. He kissed her and went upstairs. She called someone and whispered, "I couldn't tell him. Not yet."

Victor called Mason, who reported that Adam was pleased with himself for ousting Billy. Mason added that Adam had met with Billy and Sharon that day. Victor asked about Sharon's behavior, and Mason noted that she seemed to be doing just fine. Victor divulged that she had serious psychological problems, and he instructed Mason to find out what medication she was taking.

At Crimson Lights, Cane greeted Eden, and he noticed that Lily wasn't there yet. Eden hoped that Lily would stop by with the twins, but Cane explained that Lily had started working at Jabot and that she planned to go straight to the office. Eden inquired whether he was okay with the situation, and he insisted that he was fine with Lily balancing the kids and her career. Eden surmised that Lily and Cane's lives were insanely busy, but he said that they always found time for one another. Eden remarked that Lily was lucky to have him, but Cane replied that he was the lucky one.

Cane called Lily, and he understood when he learned that she was too busy to meet him for coffee. He said that he loved her, and Eden noted that he'd been stood up. He explained that Lily had to meet a deadline, and Eden sympathized. He recalled that Lily had waited for him many times when the roles had been reversed. Eden realized that Cane was disappointed, but he reasoned that Lily's work was important to her. Eden commended him for being so supportive of Lily.

A concerned Chloe stopped by to see Chelsea, and she spotted the framed photos smashed all over the floor. Chelsea stated that her reconciliation with Adam was off because he was never going to change. Chelsea regretted that she hadn't listened to Chloe's warnings about Adam, and Chloe assumed that Sharon had been the cause of Adam and Chelsea's split. Chelsea bitterly remarked that Newman Enterprises and Victor had an even stronger hold on Adam. Chelsea admitted that she had been wrong to think that their life together had been more important to Adam than the company.

Chloe and Chelsea lunched at the Athletic Club, but Chelsea remained miserable. Chelsea thought that she should have known that things wouldn't work when Adam had kept stalling. Chelsea struggled against tears at the thought that he'd chosen Newman Enterprises over her. Chelsea pulled herself together, and Chloe stated that at least Chelsea couldn't die of a broken heart. Chelsea thought breaking up would get easier, but Chloe sympathized that it always hurt to lose a loved one.

Chelsea couldn't believe that she had ruined her picture frames, but she admitted that her tirade had made her feel a little better. Chloe encouraged her to release her anger, but Chelsea preferred to channel her emotions into their design business. Chelsea resolved not to fall apart just because her marriage had, and she announced that Adam would foot the bill. Chloe eyed Cane across the room and suggested that Chelsea take the next step by having revenge sex.

Chelsea gasped in shock and whispered that Cane was married. Chelsea added that Chloe had faked a pregnancy and had nearly ruined his relationship with Lily. Chloe wanted Chelsea to find someone handsome and disposable, but Chelsea decided to focus on something other than her personal life. Chloe asked how serious Chelsea was about having Adam pay, and Chelsea wanted to spare no expense.

After Chloe had left, Chelsea sipped coffee and looked over at Cane. She deliberately spilled her drink and made a big fuss, and he offered her his handkerchief. She claimed that she didn't want to get it dirty, but he noted that was its purpose. She thanked him and gave him a sly look as he returned to his table.

Victoria arrived home and offered her support to Billy. He said that it hadn't been the first time he'd been canned, but she was furious about how he had been treated. He rationalized that he had only been at Newman for Victoria and Jack, and Jack had left on his own. Billy regretted that he had let Victoria down, but she vowed that Adam wouldn't win, and she was grateful that Billy had tried to help. He said that he couldn't deny her anything.

Chloe arrived to see Billy and declared that he had something she wanted. Chloe mentioned that Billy was selling Restless Style, and she wondered if he was also selling the building, because she wanted to buy it. She explained that she was starting a business with Chelsea, who planned to divorce Adam. Billy blasted Adam for choosing Newman Enterprises over his wife, but Chloe blurted that Chelsea intended to take Adam for every dime she could get.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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