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Leslie feared that Marcus would recognize her and Tyler. Nick hired Mac at the Underground. Adriana stole back the money from Kevin and Chloe. Tucker left Genoa City. Jamie decided to press charges against Fen.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 28, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, January 28, 2013

At Adam and Chelsea's estate, Chelsea gathered up and discarded the broken picture frames she'd thrown after becoming frustrated with Adam. Sharon stopped by and told Chelsea that Adam was miserable without her. Chelsea noted that Adam had chosen Newman Enterprises over her. Sharon pleaded with Chelsea not to divorce Adam, because he was in love with Chelsea and needed her. Sharon warned that without Chelsea in his life, Adam would fall back into his old ways of fighting Victor for control of Newman Enterprises.

Sharon insisted Chelsea was the only person who could save Adam by pulling him away from Newman Enterprises. Chelsea noted that Adam desperately craved Victor's love, so she'd never be able to fill the void in his life. Sharon said Chelsea would forever regret not giving Adam another chance. Chelsea said she was beginning to believe that true love was a delusion. Sharon assured her that true love was real. Chelsea insisted that she wouldn't make the same mistakes Sharon had.

In the CEO's office at Newman Enterprises, Adam, immersed in his work, set up a meeting with an associate. After the call ended, Adam gazed at a framed photo of Chelsea on his desk. Victoria entered the office and asked, "Is it really worth losing everything that's important to you just to stick it to our father?" Victoria acknowledged that Jack, Adam, and their associates held controlling interest in the company. Victoria asked Adam to consider appointing Victor as CEO. Adam snapped that he would fight for his right to run the company. Victoria admitted that she had no desire to fight.

Adam remained composed when Victoria said, "You want our father's love and to be accepted by our family. You have the power to make that happen." Adam replied, "The prodigal son home at last, right?" Adam explained that Victor had only contempt for him. Adam added that even if a lightning-strike event prompted Victor to embrace him, it wouldn't be long before he'd disappoint their dad again, and Victor would disown him. Victoria glanced at Chelsea's photo and warned Adam that someday, he'd tire of being an outcast.

Adam scoffed at Victoria's assumption. Adam said that Victoria had learned at the knee of the master when she demonstrated her ability to find and exploit Adam's weak spot. Adam angrily recalled how Victoria had lashed out at Sharon for destroying Newman Enterprises and allowing Jack to take over. Adam reminded Victoria that she, Nick, and Abby were responsible for placing Newman Enterprises in the hands of outsiders by suing their father. Victoria insisted that she and her siblings had each been owed the half a billion dollars awarded to them. Adam maintained that he was owed the right to step in as CEO. Victoria again glanced at Chelsea's photo and said, "You just keep telling yourself that, Adam."

Chelsea stopped by the Genoa City Athletic Club to let Adam know she'd be moving out, so he could move back in. Adam pleaded with Chelsea to stay, but she cried that the house would be a constant reminder of the life they could've shared together. Adam said they could stay together if she'd allow him to do what had to be done. Chelsea rebuffed Adam and said his demand was selfish. Sharon watched Chelsea and Adam from a dark corner of the room.

Before Chelsea left, she told Adam that she'd filed for divorce. Adam offered to rescind the prenuptial agreement and take care of her needs. Chelsea replied, "Taken care of financially because that's all you have to give to me." Chelsea left. Adam sipped his drink and wiped a tear from his face. Sharon approached Adam and asked if he and Chelsea might reconcile. Adam said that reconciliation wasn't possible because Chelsea had told him that she'd moved out of the house he'd bought for them to share.

Adam and Sharon sat facing each other in a pair of club chars. While Adam swirled whiskey in his glass, he told Sharon that he was in charge of Newman Enterprises. Adam added, "Apparently, this means that I'll be sacrificing any kind of relationship I can have with my siblings, my father, and now my wife." Sharon listened sympathetically as Adam noted that he might end up with nothing if he didn't let go of the company. Sharon said that if Adam wasn't seeking revenge, he should extend an invitation to include his family in the business and express his desire to be part of the family.

After meeting with Adam at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Chelsea stopped by the estate she and Adam had moved into after they became husband and wife. As if reliving happy memories she'd shared with Adam in their lovely home, Chelsea gazed around the room. She sighed heavily before picking up her suitcase. Chelsea placed her keys on a table as she headed toward the front door one last time. She turned off the lights, stepped out of the room, and lingered a few moments on the porch.

At Jabot, Jack told Billy about his plan to expand the company by offering cosmetics, fragrances, and fashionable apparel. After signing Billy, Jack added, he'd recruit Phyllis, Kyle, and Ashley to manage the company's expansion. Billy questioned Jack's timing to launch a major restructuring of Jabot. Billy warned that Jack was taking on too much too fast and was setting himself up for a relapse. Jack insisted that he had to move forward, and he noted that he was still under his doctor's care.

Later at home, Victoria told Billy about her encounter with Adam in his office at Newman Enterprises. Billy admitted that even he felt sorry for Adam for being all alone. Billy said he was thankful for his wife and each of his children. Victoria told Billy that she couldn't imagine life without him. Billy kissed Victoria, and she promised never to put business before family. The couple embraced each other tightly.

At the Newmans' penthouse, Victor overheard Nikki on the phone when she scheduled a follow-up appointment with her doctor. Victor asked about the appointment, but Nikki claimed she'd merely set up an appointment for her annual check-up. Victor noted that he had set up a time to meet with Congressman Wheeler at the man's request. Nikki cautioned Victor not to do anything that might undermine Jack's recovery. Victor explained that the issue to be dealt with was far more important than anything to do with Jack Abbott.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Leslie arrived for a business meeting with Neil and a vendor. When Leslie spotted Congressman Wheeler seated at a table across the room, she turned abruptly and headed for the door. Neil encountered Leslie on her way out and reminded her of the dinner they'd planned with a vendor. Leslie, flustered, insisted that she had to return to the office to get a file. Neil seemed confused by Leslie's odd behavior.

Victor arrived for his meeting with Congressman Marcus Wheeler and informed the man that Jack Abbott wouldn't be charged with the death of the man's daughter, Stephanie. Noting that an account of the Stephanie's death wouldn't appear in the press, Victor said he hoped the matter had been handled properly. Marcus replied, "None of it exonerates you for hiring my Stephanie to seduce Jack. You used my daughter for your own sordid ends, and she'd still be alive if it weren't for you." Victor flippantly apologized to Marcus for his loss. Marcus told Victor that they'd be even if he could convince attorney Avery Clark to end her work through the Innocence Foundation on a twelve-year-old murder that had occurred in Wheeler's district.

Jack stopped by the Newmans' penthouse to visit with Nikki. He thanked her for persuading the press not to crucify him. Nikki said she had been appalled when she discovered that Victor intended to exploit Jack's illness. Nikki offered Jack some advice about recovering from addiction. She advised him to thoughtfully determine what was important and to always remember that he wasn't alone. Nikki added that reaching out for help wasn't a sign of weakness.

Nikki praised Jack for walking away from Newman Enterprises. Jack admitted that taking over Newman Enterprises wasn't worth the anguish he'd suffered. Nikki cried, "I wish Victor would make that realization. The way he's going after Adam makes me afraid of how it might end." Jack embraced Nikki to comfort her. Victor walked in and shouted, "What's going on here?" Jack told Victor that he'd stopped by to thank Nikki for having compassion for him and for putting a muzzle on her fiancÚ.

After Jack left, Nikki asked about Victor's meeting. Victor said that Congressman Wheeler had asked him to demand that Avery Clark drop a charity case she was working on. Nikki asked why the man had demanded favors from Victor. Victor hounded Nikki about Jack's visit. Nikki explained that Jack had realized he'd taken over Newman Enterprises for the wrong reasons. She added that as a consequence, Jack had ended up in a toxic situation that had almost taken his life. Nikki warned Victor that he should heed Jack's cautionary warning before it was too late.

Victor answered a knock at his penthouse door and found Adam standing before him. Victor said, "You about to issue some ultimatum about Newman?" Adam, his feet planted firmly in the doorway, sighed heavily. Victor seemed heartless as he awaited Adam's reply. A stoic Adam replied firmly, "Actually, I'm here to talk about family." Victor's stern expression softened slightly, and he seemed taken aback by Adam's statement.

Leslie rushed toward Tyler in the lobby at Jabot. Leslie, a bit breathless, told Tyler that she'd just spotted Marcus Wheeler at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Tyler was shocked. Leslie warned, "We can't let him recognize us." Tyler said that after twelve years, Marcus shouldn't be able to recognize him and Leslie. Somewhat concerned, Tyler advised his sister not to act in a way that might raise Neil's suspicions.

After Leslie returned to the Genoa City Athletic Club, she marched across the dining room, taking a seat at Neil's table. Neil explained that the vendor had had to leave early. Neil recalled that Leslie had seemed upset when she abruptly left before the dinner meeting. He assured Leslie that the meetings were strictly business-related, so she shouldn't feel awkward or uncomfortable. Leslie grabbed Neil's chin, pulled his face toward hers, and kissed his lips. Leslie cooed, "I don't want to live in the past when the present is so enjoyable."

At the Baldwins' condo, Lauren questioned her and Michael's decision to let Jamie move in with them. Michael insisted that Jamie was a good kid that had to be removed from an abusive home. Lauren cried that Fen felt as though he'd been pushed aside. Michael maintained that Fen had built up any such idea in his mind. Michael noted that Fen shouldn't have lashed out at Jamie and set him up to make it appear that the boy was a thief.

Lauren, hurt and angry, asked Michael why he blamed their son for Jamie's accident. Lauren defended her son and said he'd taken his camera to the rooftop shed to capture a photo of Jamie holding the stolen box. She claimed that Fen had merely wanted to prove that Jamie wasn't the innocent boy they thought he was. Michael reminded Lauren about the "burner" phone Fen had in his possession and his pattern of disturbing behavior.

Lauren refused to believe that Fen harbored evil intentions. Michael insisted that he and Lauren couldn't ignore the warning signs. Lauren glared at Michael when he cried that Jamie could've died in the fall. Michael told Lauren that Fen had been about to make a confession when she called and said that Jamie had awakened and uttered Fen's name before falling back asleep. Lauren became livid and accused Michael of treating their son like a criminal. Claiming she needed time to think, Lauren stormed out the door.

Lauren stopped by the bar at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Carmine, the bartender, greeted Lauren and said he sensed that she was troubled. Lauren admitted that she'd been driving around for a while, but she refused to discuss her problems. Carmine claimed that he could read Lauren's mind because his aunt, a psychic, had taught him how to interpret clairvoyant signals. Lauren insisted that she'd rather forget what had happened.

Carmine served Lauren a glass of pricey wine from Victor's private reserve of rare vintages. After Lauren sipped the glass empty, Carmine made her laugh by recounting amusing tales about his eccentric aunt. After Carmine went to the cellar to get another bottle of wine, Michael showed up. Lauren was still miffed, but Michael was relieved to find that Lauren was all right. Michael humbly apologized to Lauren and admitted that they should work through their problems together. Carmine covertly watched the couple as they left together.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sharon walked into the Underground and admired how well Nick had done setting up the nightclub. Sharon was happy that Nick had a new project of his own. Nick invited Sharon to the second grand opening. Sharon agreed and said that she was grateful that Nick had included Noah in the Underground, especially because of Noah's troubled relationship with Adriana.

Nick appreciated Noah's help in the club. Nick was also pleased to see that Sharon was more like her old self. Sharon explained that she was doing much better thanks to therapy and the medication she'd been taking to control her bipolar syndrome. Sharon added that working at Newman Enterprises was a major plus in her life.

Nick was worried about Sharon continuing to work at Newman Enterprises because eventually Victor would be back in charge. Nick believed that Adam would not be able to protect Sharon from Victor's wrath. Sharon wasn't afraid of Victor, but Nick knew that Sharon would be in Victor's line of fire. Sharon assured Nick that she could deal with Victor. Sharon understood that she and Adam were in Victor's way, but she wasn't afraid. Nick told Sharon not to compare herself to Adam.

At the Athletic Club bar, Adriana told Noah that Chavez had been snooping around Chloe and Kevin. Adriana deduced that Alex suspected that the Fishers had found the stolen money. Noah said it didn't matter to him. Adriana was determined to investigate Kevin and Chloe herself. Adriana imagined getting the money back and moving to somewhere sunny. Noah believed that Adriana only cared about cash.

Noah advised Adriana that if she did somehow find the money, she should return it to the New York Police Department. Adriana informed Noah that the money had belonged to a drug dealer, not the cops. Adriana asked Noah if he was working with Chavez and if that was why he was being nice to her. Noah took offense to that allegation. Adriana apologized, then kissed Noah goodbye to go off and search for the money. Noah's phone rang, and he answered it. Alex asked Noah if he'd seen Adriana. Noah lied and said no.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin gleefully told Chloe that the money had been transferred to the bank, and he was on his way there to pay off the mortgage. Chloe was thrilled to hear that their scheme was working and they would be able to fix their financial problems. Kevin asked Chloe to take over at the coffeehouse while he was at the bank. Chloe greeted Gloria as she walked into the coffeehouse. Gloria was depressed because her investment in the racehorse had been a bust. Chloe sympathized with Gloria.

Gloria confessed to Chloe that Jeffrey had convinced her to put their money in racing, and it had been a mistake. Gloria told Chloe that she wished she'd gone into the fashion business with Chloe and Chelsea. Chloe said she and Chelsea didn't need Gloria's money any longer. Gloria pleaded with Chloe to let her get involved with the fashion line. Adriana entered the coffeehouse and eavesdropped on Chloe and Gloria's conversation. Adriana heard that Chloe and Chelsea had come up with the money for their new business.

At the counter, Adriana ordered a coffee from Eden. Adriana noticed that it was quiet in the coffeehouse and asked Eden how business was doing. Eden assured Adriana that the owners were confident that they wouldn't have to close Crimson Lights. Adriana assumed that Kevin and Chloe lived nearby, but Eden said no and explained that the Fishers had a big house. Adriana acted like she wanted to rent an apartment in that neighborhood, and Eden revealed the address to Adriana.

Later, Kevin returned to Crimson Lights and wondered where Chloe had gone. Eden informed him that Chloe had left the coffeehouse with Gloria. Kevin boasted about how amazing Chloe was, and Eden said that Kevin was bragging again. Kevin asked if Eden was doing all right and was curious if anyone had been at the shop asking questions about Kevin and Chloe. Eden was surprised by Kevin's question and said that everything was normal.

Cane went to the Chancellor mansion, and Katherine was surprised to see him. Cane reminded Kay that she'd invited him to visit. Kay pretended that she was aware of Cane's plan. Kay mentioned that Jill would be sorry that she had missed seeing Cane, but Jill was at a charity committee meeting. Cane wanted Kay's input about their phone conversation.

Cane talked about his position at Jabot and what he should do about his future. Before Kay could advise him, Tucker appeared unannounced. Tucker declared that he'd called and left a message with Esther. Kay covered, but she seemed to have no memory of Esther's message.

Tucker told Kay that he had offered Devon a job. Cane was curious to hear that Devon might be leaving Jabot. Tucker let Cane know that he'd benefit at Jabot if Devon left because Neil would lose an ally. Kay asked Cane and Tucker to quit squabbling. Cane said he had to go and offered to return with Lily and the kids the next time. Kay asked Tucker why he'd pushed Cane out the door. Tucker said even though he'd made arrangements, he needed Kay's help with Devon because Tucker was leaving Genoa City.

Kay learned that Tucker was needed in Hong Kong. Tucker wanted to be sure that Devon had everything he might need in his new position with McCall. Kay suggested that Tucker should just stay close to Devon by remaining in town. Kay then realized Tucker's leaving was personal. Kay wondered when Tucker would be back. Kay was surprised that Tucker seemed to be moving away for good. Tucker didn't say anything to contradict her assessment.

Tucker admitted to Kay that he was grateful for the time they'd had together while he'd been in Genoa City. Tucker also told his mother that he forgave her for giving him up as a baby. Kay and Tucker were feeling emotional, and when Tucker asked Kay to promise to take care of herself while he was gone, he had tears in his eyes. Kay said she would and accepted Tucker's gratitude. Tucker gave Kay a hug before walking to the door. Kay stopped him and said simply, "Goodbye." Once he was gone, Kay sobbed openly.

At the penthouse, Adam confronted Victor about his visit with Victoria. Adam claimed that Victoria had wanted Adam to extend an olive branch to Victor. Despite Adam's candor, Victor thought Adam was working an angle. Adam asked Victor to talk to him as a father, without assuming he was there to play games. Victor doubted Adam's sincerity because he didn't believe Adam would help him be reinstated as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Victor reminded Adam that he'd offered him many chances to be a member of the Newman family in the past.

Victor asked Adam why he was there. Adam said that he wanted Victor's respect. Adam offered to make Victor CEO again in exchange for being treated like a son. Victor refused to deal with Adam. Victor reiterated that Adam should say what he wanted. Adam declared that if Nick had done what Adam was doing for Newman, Victor would be overjoyed. Adam demanded to know what Victor would do for a son who'd give him back his company.

Victor admired how Adam's mind worked. Victor said he didn't need Adam's help to take over Newman Enterprises. Adam asked Victor to appreciate him as a son, but Victor said that he would never approve of Adam as a worthy successor to the Newman throne. With renewed anger, Adam told Victor that he'd never get Newman back because Adam would go to war with him. Adam said he had nothing to lose, and Victor declared that Adam was hollow inside.

When Noah arrived at the Underground, he saw his parents were talking. Noah suspected that they were concerned about him. Noah said that he didn't want to discuss the Adriana situation with Nick and Sharon anymore. Noah went to work in the storeroom. Nick was frustrated, but Sharon suggested that she and Nick shouldn't push Noah to speak if he wanted them to butt out. Nick wasn't sure, but Sharon felt that they needed to give Noah some space.

Adam went home and poured a stiff drink. Looking around, Adam noticed that a photo of him and Chelsea had been thrown into the garbage can. Feeling down, Adam called Sharon and asked if she could meet him at the office. Sharon told Nick that Adam had called, and she needed to meet him at Newman. Nick offered to speak with Noah and promised not to be too pushy. Later, Nick approached Noah and said that he and Sharon respected Noah's judgment. Noah thanked his father for his support.

Victor called Victoria to report that Adam had declared open war on him. Victor wanted to discuss the matter with Victoria and asked her to return the call. At Newman Enterprises, Mason received a text message from Victor. Sharon walked into the CEO's office to speak with Adam. Sharon wondered what had happened with Victor. Adam explained that Victor had rejected his offer to be put back in charge of Newman Enterprises.

Adam said he would never put himself in that position with Victor again. Adam planned to fight Victor every step of the way, and he asked if Sharon would help him. A moment later, Adam rescinded the request, but Sharon said she could make up her own mind. Sharon said she'd stay by Adam's side. Mason overheard Sharon assuring Adam that with her medication and her therapy, she could handle the stress of a fight with Victor.

Mason went to the penthouse and reported to Victor what he'd heard Sharon say about needing her medication to remain in control. When Victor asked more about Sharon, Mason informed Victor that Adam relied heavily on Sharon. Victor told Mason to learn the names of the drugs that Sharon was taking. Once he was alone, Victor speculated that if he got Sharon out of the way, Adam would be vulnerable.

An agitated Chloe went to Crimson Lights and told Kevin that the stash of money was no longer in the house. Kevin assured Chloe that he had not touched the duffel bag. Chloe was freaking out because the money was gone. Meanwhile, Adriana discovered Noah at the Underground. Adriana showed Noah the duffel bag and said that she'd found the money. Noah was stunned.

Across town in a motel room, a man sat began to write in a well-worn journal. From the back of the journal, he pulled out a photo of Avery and stared at it. Later, he closed the journal, put on his jacket, and walked out of the room.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

At the Underground, Nick received a call from Avery. Nick said that he missed her and hoped she'd be back in time for the opening. Nick mentioned that he really needed to hire a bartender. Victor walked in, and Nick greeted him. Victor said that he was there to speak with Avery. Nick explained that Avery was out of town, working on a project for the Innocence Foundation.

Victor had overheard Nick on the telephone, talking about the opening of the club. Victor noted that Nick seemed to be enjoying the work. Victor told Nick that he'd contributed to the Innocence Foundation, and a friend had inquired about Avery's work for the charity. Nick agreed to do what his father wanted rather than second-guess what Victor really was after. Victor found Nick's attitude cynical, but Nick didn't back down.

Avery was on the phone with Lloyd, the attorney she was facing in court, and said she was determined to reopen the 12-year-old conviction. Avery passionately said that she was aware of what it was like to lose a loved one, and she would do whatever it took to get justice in the case. At the Underground, Victor pressed Nick to have Avery call him when she returned. Nick invited his father to attend the gala opening because Avery would definitely be there. Victor preferred speaking with Avery in a quiet setting.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria had breakfast with Nikki and told her mother how well Nick was doing with the Underground. Victoria saw that Nikki was distracted and assumed it was because Nikki's mind was on the wedding. Nikki explained that she was very concerned about Victor's health. Nikki felt the battle for Newman Enterprises might be taking a toll on Victor. Victoria was confident that Victor was strong enough to endure a fight.

Victoria was especially positive about her father's ability to defeat Adam. Nikki reminded Victoria that Victor was not indestructible. When Victoria wondered if Nikki was afraid to remarry Victor, Nikki told Victoria that she wanted to marry Victor, but Valentine's Day was too soon. Nikki needed more time to plan the wedding. Nikki then grew philosophical and told her daughter that life was filled with uncertainty, and nobody was guaranteed a happy ending.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon turned from the counter with coffee and pastries for the office. Sharon bumped into the man standing behind her. Sharon apologized profusely as her coffee splattered all over his coat. Sharon tried to clean up the mess and offered to have his coat dry cleaned. He said it was unnecessary, but he did have a request for Sharon. He said that he was new in town and asked if she might help him with some directions.

He said that he was hoping to reconnect with an old friend. The man wanted to find a place called the Underground. Sharon smiled and said she could help him. Sharon assumed that he wanted to reconnect with Nick, the owner of the club. She volunteered that she was Sharon Newman, Nick's ex-wife. The man said that his name was Mac, but he wasn't looking for Nick. Mac was curious if Nick was a nice guy. Sharon assured Mac that he'd like Nick a lot.

Mac sat on the patio and looked at his journal. Eden offered to refill Mac's coffee cup. Eden noticed that Mac was writing in a journal and assumed that he was a writer. Mac said that he was just forgetful and wrote notes to himself. Eden said that Mac could get an app for notes, but Mac preferred using a pen. When Eden was curious about Mac's journal, he pulled it away from her and the photo of Avery fell onto the floor. Mac managed to pick it up before Eden could see Avery was the woman in the photo. Mac thanked Eden for the coffee and left hurriedly.

Billy showed Chelsea around the Restless Style office space. Chelsea wanted to know how much Billy wanted to lease the space. Billy took offense at Chelsea's cold attitude and reminded her that Chloe had approached him about the space, not the other way around. Chelsea apologized for jumping down Billy's throat. Billy felt bad that Adam had hurt Chelsea, but he wasn't surprised. Billy mentioned that Jabot was getting into fashion and he was interested in seeing Chelsea's designs. After looking at her sketches, Billy declared that Chelsea's frocks were very good.

Sharon walked into the Newman office and found Adam asleep on the couch. Adam said he had not passed out the night before from booze, that he'd been working on Newman business. Sharon understood that Adam was pushing himself to stay ahead of Victor, but she worried that Adam was going to collapse from exhaustion. Adam said he preferred staying in the office to going home to an empty house. Sharon reminded Adam of an important meeting, and Adam hurried home to change for the appointment.

At the house, Chelsea was surprised to see Adam there. Despite the important meeting at Newman, Adam said that he had time to speak with Chelsea. Chelsea wanted $500,000 as a divorce settlement in order to get her business with Chloe off the ground. Adam felt that Chelsea didn't need Chloe, but he wrote the check for Chelsea. Adam noted that Chelsea hadn't left town, and he hoped that meant they still had a chance to reunite.

Adam told Chelsea that he still loved her and suspected that she still loved him. Adam believed they could reconcile. Chelsea said she'd decided to stay in Genoa City only because of her business with Chloe. Chelsea declared that she and Adam were finished and added that Adam had hurt her by convincing her that they could have a "happily ever after" together. Chelsea said she'd never felt like a sucker until Adam had entered her life and shattered her dreams.

Before victor left the Underground, Victor told Nick to have Avery call him as soon as she returned. Mac entered the Underground and introduced himself to Nick. Mac had heard of the club and asked if Nick needed a contractor. Nick explained that the place was ready to open. Mac mentioned that he'd run into Nick's ex-wife at the coffeehouse, prompting Nick to ask which one. He and Mac shared a laugh and then Mac turned to leave. Nick stopped Mac and asked if he had experience as a bartender.

To prove his ability, Mac made a drink he'd created called a ripcord. Mac said he'd tended bar at Fort Bragg. Nick was impressed by the concoction and asked if Mac was a soldier. Mac said that he'd been in the Army. Nick was grateful to Mac for his service to the country. Nick asked if Mac could handle all the standard drinks and Mac was sure he could with some practice. Nick tossed Mac the bartender's guide and told him to start studying. Mac and Nick shook hands, and Nick was sure that Mac would a good addition to the Underground.

Nikki told Victoria that Valentine's Day was too soon for a wedding. Victoria thought that Nikki had more than enough time and cited her quickie wedding to Billy the year before on Valentine's Day as an example. Nikki wasn't convinced she could pull it off the way Victoria had. Victoria was certain that Nikki would achieve her goal of a perfect wedding. Victoria told her mother not to worry about Victor because Adam was no match for him. Nikki appreciated Victoria's input.

Billy returned home to Victoria and told her that Chelsea was going to take the Restless Style space for her fashion business. Victoria was ticked off that Chelsea was not moving to Paris with Adam. Victoria feared that if Chelsea stayed in Genoa City, Johnny might get curious about her as he got older. Victoria wished that Chelsea had stayed with Adam and that they'd started their own family.

Billy reluctantly mentioned to Victoria that he liked Chelsea's designs and thought she might be a good addition to Jabot. Victoria wanted Chelsea far away. Billy assured Victoria that Johnny was legally their child, and Chelsea couldn't change that. The doorbell rang and Chelsea was there to give Billy the check for the Restless Style space. Billy had the contract ready to complete the transaction.

Johnny started to cry, and they all heard it on the baby monitor. Billy explained to Chelsea that Johnny occasionally had trouble with his naps. Victoria returned and said that Johnny had needed his stuffed animal. Billy showed Chelsea the contract for the space. Chelsea gave Billy the check, then handed him copies of her designs to show Jack. Chelsea appreciated the opportunity to get to work with Jabot.

While Chelsea took a call, Victoria privately fumed to Billy that she didn't want him working with Chelsea. Victoria was against Chelsea remaining in Genoa City because she feared that Chelsea would wind up being part of Johnny's life. Billy told Victoria that he hadn't offered Chelsea a job yet. Victoria blasted Billy for turning to the one fashion designer who could threaten their family.

Adam returned to the office and overheard Sharon conducting business with a client. Sharon spoke with the man about his child's hockey team. The client was grateful to Sharon for her concern about his family priorities. When Adam entered the office, the man criticized Adam for having missed the meeting. He was very complimentary about the way Sharon had treated him. After the client left, Adam invited Sharon to lunch, but she begged off because she had other plans.

At the Athletic Club, Sharon met with her therapist and said that she was enjoying her life again, thanks to her treatment. Sharon related the story of what had happened at Crimson Lights in the morning, how she had bumped into a handsome man and spilled coffee all over him. The doctor laughed and appreciated Sharon's sense of humor. Sharon was happy to be feeling so good again and credited the medication.

The doctor was sure that Sharon would be able to maintain her equilibrium with continued treatment. Sharon confessed that she worried about her feelings for Adam and added that she didn't want to feel the way she did. The doctor wondered if Sharon might be better off working somewhere other than Newman Enterprises. Sharon felt loyal to Adam, and she enjoyed working there. The therapist advised Sharon to start dating again. The doctor said that Sharon should avoid any involvement with Adam because it would be counterproductive to Sharon's recovery.

Adam was at work at Newman, entering data into the laptop. A short time later, Chelsea walked into the office and asked to speak with Adam. Chelsea didn't want to discuss the settlement; she wanted to reconcile with him. Adam embraced Chelsea, but when he pulled back, he saw that Chelsea was Sharon. Adam was confused. Adam suggested going home with Chelsea, but then Sharon said they had all they needed right there.

Sharon walked into the office and found Adam asleep on the computer. Adam claimed he was just resting his eyes, but Sharon knew he was overtired and needed to get some rest. Sharon told Adam he didn't need to sleep with one eye open to protect Newman Enterprises from Victor. Sharon advised Adam to face going home to an empty house. Sharon explained that marriages sometimes failed, and Adam shouldn't punish himself for what had happened with Chelsea. Adam thanked Sharon for looking out for him.

At the penthouse, Nikki looked at the mail and nervously opened a letter. Victor walked into the living room and said hello. He noticed that Nikki was upset and asked her what was wrong. Nikki said that she was afraid to tell Victor that she couldn't get the Valentine's Day wedding arranged as she had hoped. Victor offered to do all the planning, but Nikki asked him not to. Nikki said that since it would be their last wedding, she wanted it to be perfect. Victor hugged Nikki lovingly.

Sharon urged Adam to go home and get some rest. Adam handed Sharon his work schedule. Adam also gave her the invitation to the Underground opening that had been left on Mason's desk. Adam wasn't surprised that his brother hadn't invited him. Adam was happy that Nick was getting out from under Victor's shadow by doing his own business. Sharon said that Nick had always wanted to strike out on his own.

Sharon told Adam that she had confidence in Nick's ability to break free of Victor's dominance. Adam wondered if Sharon had been talking about his relationship with Victor more than Nick's. Sharon said no and then offered to take Adam with her to the gala. Adam didn't think it was a good idea based on their past history. Adam figured that everyone would misinterpret their being together. Sharon didn't care about other people's assumptions and wanted Adam to be her escort.

Nick called Noah and asked him to go to the Underground to handle the paperwork for Mac's employment. Suddenly, the lights went off, and Nick feared the problems with the electrical system were happening again. Nick looked at the doorway and saw that Avery was at the light switch. She was just playing a trick on Nick. He smiled with relief, and she grinned back at him.

In his motel room, Mac gazed at the photograph of Avery, then he turned it over and opened the drawer. Mac pulled out a jewelry box, and inside was a diamond engagement ring. Mac stared at the ring. Meanwhile, Avery was thrilled about Nick's opening. Nick said everything in his life was perfect. Avery and Nick kissed.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Alex and Chelsea ran into one another at the Athletic Club, and she recalled their encounter on New Year's Eve. She asked if he'd picked up another girl at the party, but he replied that he only picked up beautiful women in need of a friend. Chelsea acknowledged that she had needed one, and Alex offered to buy her a drink. She had an appointment to attend, but she agreed to meet him another time, and she informed him that she was registered at the hotel.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe showed Eden some of Chelsea's designs, but Kevin frantically pulled Chloe aside and informed her that he hadn't been able to find the money at home. Chloe surmised that Adriana or Alex had taken it. Later, Alex complained that Kevin's coffee had gotten even worse. Kevin asked when the New York Police Department expected Alex to return home, and Alex said that he would leave town once he found what he was looking for. Kevin honestly stated that he was as clueless as Alex.

Kevin reported to Chloe that Alex suspected that they still had the money. Eden disclosed that a dark-haired girl had inquired about a place to live in Kevin and Chloe's neighborhood, and Eden had mentioned the duplex near their home. Kevin asked if Eden had given the girl an address, and Eden said she'd provided it as a landmark. Kevin and Chloe realized that Adriana had stolen the money. Chloe panicked that they had taken out a loan and didn't have the money to pay it back.

Chelsea examined her new workspace, and Gloria stopped by the building. Gloria gushed that it was a great space for a studio and a showroom, and she started to suggest changes. Gloria wanted Chelsea to consider her for a position, based on her talents. Chelsea questioned what Gloria's talents were, and Gloria proclaimed that she had always been successful. Chelsea mentioned the racehorse debacle, but Gloria contended that it had been Jeffrey's idea. Gloria declared that she knew what customers wanted, and she knew how to give it to them.

Gloria proposed that she host an infomercial, and she remarked that John had told her that she could sell anything to anyone. Chloe arrived and snarled that they weren't peddling snake oil. Gloria saw Chelsea's designs as works of art, and Chelsea thought that Gloria deserved a chance after Gloworm had burned down. Chloe hesitantly gave in, and Gloria marveled that they would take the world by storm. Gloria left, and Chloe blurted that Chelsea's brilliant idea to keep the stolen cash had blown up in her face.

At the tack house, Adriana revealed to Noah that she'd retrieved the cash from Chloe and Kevin's house, and she was thrilled that she and Noah could leave town with money to burn. Noah said that he had some things to figure out first, but she wanted to leave immediately. Noah argued that he had to wrap up his job at the Underground. She whined that Nick could find another bartender, but Noah reasoned that he couldn't quit before the reopening.

Adriana complained that she would be bored waiting for Noah, but she quickly became enamored with thoughts of the material things they could spend the money on. She seductively suggested that they get started celebrating her windfall, but Noah balked, and he suggested that he meet her at her hotel room later. She grabbed the duffel bag, and he encouraged her to leave the money with him, but she insisted on taking it with her.

Noah thought that it was too dangerous for Adriana to walk around with that much cash. He warned that Alex was watching her and that both of their lives would be ruined if she got caught. Noah pleaded with her to let him put the money in a safe place until they could take off, because he wanted to protect her. She relented, and she kissed him. She mused that she had been crazy to let him go before, and she left. Noah called Alex and asked to meet at the tack house right away.

Later, Adriana called Noah, who claimed that he was about to rent a safe-deposit box to store the cash. Noah assured her that he wouldn't be much longer. Alex pounded on the door, and Noah hid from sight.

Jack walked into his Jabot office and smiled. He placed a photo of John on his desk, and John's ghost greeted him. Jack declared that he was back where he belonged, and John was proud that Jack had accepted responsibility for his mistakes. Jack believed that John would approve of his plans for the company, but John warned Jack to pace himself. Jack promised to take care of himself, and John advised him to stop driving away the people who tried to help him and to reunite the Abbott family.

Kyle and Billy arrived to see Jack, and Kyle remarked that Jack had been born to run Jabot. Jack asked Billy to work with him and Kyle at the company. Jack understood that Billy had been hesitant, but he thought that they could achieve great things together and have fun doing it. Jack inquired whether Billy was ready to return home to the family company. Billy looked at John's picture and accepted Jack's offer.

Tyler showed Leslie an online news article, and Neil interrupted. Leslie covered with the explanation that it was bad news about someone she and Tyler had once known. Devon, Lily, and Cane showed up in suits for their meeting with Jack, and they lamented that Jack would likely reinstate a stodgy corporate image. Lily joked that Tyler was being a rebel by wearing casual attire, but he sullenly remarked that he hadn't been invited to the meeting.

During the staff meeting, Jack announced that he intended for everyone to keep their jobs, because he needed help to take Jabot to the next level. He suspected his employees had questions, but no one spoke up. Finally, Neil asked if they had to wear suits and ties, and the attendees giggled. "What the hell," Jack stated, and he loosened his tie. Jack concluded the meeting, but he asked Neil to stay.

Jack hoped that Neil would remain on board, and Neil admitted that he was intrigued by the idea of a fashion division. Jack swore that Neil would run it and that Neil could hire the team he wanted, and he offered Neil the job. Outside Jack's office, Neil informed Leslie, Lily, Cane, and Devon that he wasn't going anywhere, and he asked them to consider joining him to work in the new division. Neil pulled Devon aside to talk privately about the changes. Devon commented that it was good news, but he was clearly torn about whether or not to stay at Jabot.

Billy was dismayed when Jack informed him that Phyllis was also part of the company, but he conceded that Phyllis made Jack's life easier. Billy presented Chelsea's sketches, and Jack was impressed. Billy looked forward to building something with Jack.

Cane and Lily discussed their new roles, and she excitedly rambled about her interest in fashion and her desire to work with Neil and Cane. Cane and Lily kissed, and Billy joked that storage closets were made for them. Billy asked Lily to check out Chelsea's fashion line, and he informed her that he'd made arrangements to meet with Chelsea and Chloe later that evening. Lily sarcastically noted to Cane that it would be great to have Chloe back in their lives.

Kyle dropped in to see how Jack was doing on his first day back. Jack said it had gone surprisingly well, and he was glad that Kyle was part of it. Jack recalled that he had once tried to assemble a model kit of the USS Constitution, and his family had wanted to help, but he had been determined to do it by himself. He regretted that it still sat unfinished in the attic and that it had taken him that much time to learn that he didn't have to do it alone. Kyle volunteered to help Jack finish building the model ship, and he assured Jack that he would be there whenever Jack needed him. Jack told him to prepare for a lifetime career, and they hugged.

Jack arrived home and called out for Mrs. Martinez, but no one responded. John appeared to Jack and remarked that it was quiet, although he remembered the home being filled with love and laughter. Jack promised that it would be again. Jack left a message for Ashley and said that he had to tell her and Abby a lot of things, and he vowed to make things right. John placed his hand on Jack's shoulder, but when Jack looked up, John was gone.

Nick commented to Avery that they wouldn't have the Underground to themselves much longer, because the club would soon be packed with customers dancing and drinking ripcords. She asked what he meant, and he explained that the new bartender had created a signature drink. Nick offered Avery a sip, and she said it reminded her of something she had tried in her younger, wilder days. Nick thought that Avery would like Mac, and he felt confident that there was no way the place would fail. She admired Nick's enthusiasm, and he vowed that "the opening from hell" wouldn't happen again.

Nick told Avery that Victor had inquired about her work with the Innocence Foundation. She wondered why Victor hadn't contacted her directly. Meanwhile, in his hotel room, Mac woke up with a start. He reached into the nightstand and pulled out the engagement ring, and he stared at it thoughtfully.

Marcus asked Victor if he'd spoken with Avery, and he threatened to expose that Victor had hired Stephanie to solicit Jack unless Victor got Avery to drop the case. Victor recognized that the publicity would be bad for both himself and Marcus, and he promised that he'd take care of Avery.

Avery visited Victor at his penthouse, and he claimed that he had an acquaintance in need of her services. She directed him to the foundation's website, but Victor peppered her with questions about how she decided to take on a case. She explained that she examined the evidence and relied on her good instincts. Victor asked whether Avery had ever been wrong, but she hadn't yet, and she swore that she would never back down from defending someone she felt had been wrongly accused.

At the Athletic Club bar, Marcus looked at an online article about Avery's case. Tyler spotted him, and he hesitantly sat down at the bar and ordered a beer. Tyler pretended to recognize Marcus as the first congressman he'd ever voted for. Marcus left to take a call, and Tyler peered at Marcus' tablet computer. Marcus returned and thought Tyler looked familiar, and Tyler claimed that they had once shaken hands at a rally in Milwaukee. Marcus thanked Tyler for his vote.

Leslie and Neil arrived at the bar, and Tyler congratulated Neil on the new gig. Neil complimented Tyler's efforts to promote the Underground, and he wanted Tyler's help at Jabot. Neil left to take a call from Sofia about Moses, and Tyler told Leslie that he'd struck up a conversation with Marcus. She was worried that Marcus had recognized him, but Tyler thought they should tell Marcus who they were. She vehemently opposed the idea, but Tyler believed that Marcus could make sure "the bastard never got out." Neil returned and asked what they were talking about.

Marcus arrived at Victor's penthouse, and Victor questioned why Marcus had been spending so much time in Genoa City. Marcus stated that he traveled throughout the district, and he asked about Victor's progress with Avery. Victor reported that she had insisted on pursuing the case. Marcus demanded that Victor stop her, but Victor argued that she didn't work for him anymore.

Victor wondered why the case was so important to Marcus, who remained adamant that Victor meet his demands. Victor said that he would see what he could do, and he thanked Marcus for stopping by. Marcus left, and Victor made a call and asked someone to keep tabs on Avery's case, especially as it related to Marcus.

Nick scrambled to prepare for the reopening. Mac arrived, and Nick apologized that Noah wasn't there yet. Mac wanted to practice mixing drinks, and he offered to help stock the bar. Nick had confidence that the ripcord would be a hit, and Mac asked if Nick's family liked any drinks in particular. Nick mentioned that Faith was in preschool and that teenage Summer shouldn't have anything stronger than club soda. Mac asked about the adult women in Nick's life, but Nick said that he would take care of them himself.

Nick directed Mac to get some inventory from the back, and Mac obliged. Avery returned and asked what she'd missed. Nick reported that the new bartender had shown up, and he asked Avery to be Mac's guinea pig, but she didn't have time. Nick offered to pay her billable rate, but she joked that he couldn't afford it. She finally relented, and Nick asked what her favorite drink was. She replied that it was "the passionate kiss," and she amorously explained that it was made with his lips and hers. Mac returned and saw them kissing, and he abruptly departed.

Nick told Avery that the responses had been pouring in, and she hoped that Victor would attend the reopening. Nick asked how her meeting with Victor had gone, and she remarked that Victor hadn't seemed to have an agenda, but Nick cautioned that Victor always had one. Avery asked where the bartender was, and Nick surmised that Mac had left to give them privacy. She observed that Mac had left his journal on the bar.

Mac returned to his hotel room and gazed at the engagement ring once again.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Leslie questioned how Neil really felt about Jack's return to Jabot. Neil remarked that a lot of changes had taken place since he had taken the job, but he felt that he was finally getting his bearings. Neil noted that Leslie seemed distracted. She claimed that she was simply preoccupied with having a new man in her life, but he didn't buy it.

Leslie found it odd that Neil would jump to the conclusion that she was hiding something from him. He explained that he felt a solid connection with her, and he had detected a subtle shift in her behavior when she had bolted from their meeting. Neil felt that he could be open with Leslie, and she thought he sounded serious about their relationship. She inquired whether they were at that stage yet, and he said that he would like to get there. She realized that he probably wouldn't judge anything she told him, and he asked if she had something to tell.

Leslie said that sometimes people reinvented themselves by starting a new life in a new place, and she had gotten her fresh start in Genoa City. She revealed that her mom had died when Leslie had been young, and she and Tyler had lived with a terrible, abusive father, but they had gotten away from him as soon as they could. Neil apologized for dredging up things that she would rather forget, but she wanted to get to the point where they kept no secrets from one another. Neil offered to be patient, and he vowed to be there for Leslie when she was ready.

Neil hoped that he and Leslie could spend the night together, but she said that she had a ton of reading to do for work. She reminded him of their plans to go to the Underground reopening the following evening, and they kissed goodnight. Leslie left, but she returned a moment later and seductively wondered why he had given up so easily. Neil and Leslie returned home and made love. They cuddled in bed afterward, but she looked distant.

At Jabot, Lily and Cane hurriedly prepared to leave for their meeting with Chelsea. Tyler stopped them and said that Jack wanted him to go over some ideas with Lily. Lily was torn, but she suggested that Cane start the meeting without her, and she would get there as fast as she could. She told Tyler to make it quick.

Later, Lily and Tyler boarded the Jabot elevator, and she told him that his presentation would have been amazing even without her changes, but he remarked that her ideas always made him think. They agreed that they both had great taste. The elevator stalled, and Tyler called for help, but Lily realized that everyone had left for the day. Tyler thought that security or maintenance would hear them, but she prepared to wait. He nervously said that wouldn't work for him, and she realized that he was claustrophobic.

Tyler rambled that he was fine in a moving elevator, but he panicked when something went wrong. Lily assured him that nothing was wrong, but he complained of tightness in his chest, and he began to tremble. She helped him to take his jacket off, and she calmly reassured him that they would be out in no time. Lily asked Tyler to tell her about his presentation with the open sky and a girl driving down a wide highway. Tyler closed his eyes and imagined the sky and the wind.

Tyler explained that when he had been a little kid, he had been in a situation where he hadn't been able to get out, so it had always been tough for him to be in tight spaces. Lily asked for more details, and he eventually disclosed that he had seen something he shouldn't have, and he'd been so afraid that he'd stayed hidden for what had seemed like forever. She inquired how he'd gotten through it, and he recalled that he'd made up games. Lily fantasized that they were in a starship racing through the galaxy. The elevator lurched, but she commented that they were just shifting into warp speed. Tyler acknowledged that she was saving his life, and he took her hand.

The elevator began to move, and Lily proclaimed that she and Tyler had made it. Tyler thanked her for keeping cool under pressure. She quipped that it had been nothing compared to dealing with toddler twins, but she was glad she had been there to help him. Tyler said that she couldn't be half as glad as he was. She suspected that Cane had been worried, and she called her husband.

Chelsea unpacked in her new office space. She set out her sketches and her supplies, but she struggled to fight back tears. Cane appeared in the doorway and noticed that she looked upset. He sympathized that starting a new business could be overwhelming, but Chelsea revealed that her personal life was crashing down around her. He suggested that they pretend that she had shed tears of excitement, and she gratefully agreed.

Chelsea asked where Lily was, and Cane reported that Lily had been delayed. Chelsea pointed him to her designs, and he examined the sketches. He called them dynamic and well-crafted, but he couldn't believe that they were hers. Chelsea became irate at the insinuation that as a former con artist, she couldn't have a talent that she'd been waiting her entire life to show.

Cane clarified that Chelsea's sketches looked like someone with formal training had drawn them. She explained that she had taught herself while she had traveled with her mom on the road, and she had dreamed about creating clothing that she would be able to afford and wear one day. Cane asked to start the meeting over, and he apologized. Chelsea asked why he had agreed to the meeting, and he declared that he wanted to give her everything that she'd imagined as a little girl.

Cane explained that Jabot was expanding into fashion, and Chelsea mentioned that she was just getting started. He said that they were looking for new designers, and he thought that her designs would appeal to their buyers. Cane said that he was there to start the process of working together, but he wanted to touch base with Lily. As he turned away to call Lily, Anita entered and caught Chelsea checking Cane out.

Chelsea introduced Cane to Anita, who embarrassed Chelsea with a story about how a young Chelsea had pretended to be a runway model. Chelsea interrupted and asked about the next meeting with Neil and Jack. Cane handed her a business card, but he accidentally dropped it between them, and Anita openly admired the view as he picked it up. Cane departed, and Chelsea told Anita not to get any ideas, because Chelsea was still married, and so was Cane.

Anita teased that she had seen Chelsea checking out Cane, and Chelsea admitted that she hadn't been able to help herself, but she had felt like she had committed adultery. Anita didn't see anything wrong with revenge sex, and she advised Chelsea to forget about Adam and find herself another man. Chelsea refused to chase Cane, but Anita just wanted Chelsea to find someone.

Later, Chelsea ordered a white wine at the Athletic Club bar. She made eye contact with a man sitting alone at a table, and she abruptly left without touching her drink. She literally ran into Cane in the foyer. A frazzled Chelsea apologized for not watching where she was going, and she hurried off.

Lily and Tyler arrived at the bar, and she told Cane that she'd gotten caught up with Tyler's presentation, but Tyler credited Lily with keeping him calm during the elevator debacle. Cane recognized that Lily was cool under fire, and Tyler said that Cane was a lucky guy. Tyler thanked Lily for her efforts, and he left. Lily told Cane to wipe the jealous look off his face, because she wished that she had been stuck with him, instead. Tyler watched them kiss.

At Crimson Lights, Summer confronted Fen about the rumor that he had pushed Jamie off the roof. Fen was livid that she thought he was capable of such an act, but she defended that she didn't know what to think. Fen snarled that she changed her mind every second with regard to both Fen and Jamie. Fen called himself stupid for falling in love with Summer.

Summer refused to believe that Fen was in love with her, but he barked for her not to tell him how he felt. He said that he would have done anything for her, but she had used him. She felt that she'd grown up a lot over the past few months, and she wanted to make up for the rotten things she'd done. Summer hoped that Fen wanted to do the same. Fen asked what she thought he'd done, and she said that everyone believed that he'd pushed Jamie. Fen expected that she wouldn't believe his side of the story.

Michael, Lauren, and Paul took Jamie to the Baldwins' penthouse, and Paul hoped that Jamie would open up about the accident, but Jamie simply stated that it was over. Michael understood that Jamie had been through a horrible ordeal, but he implored Jamie to fill in the blanks for them. Lauren ordered Jamie to confirm that Fen had had nothing to do with Jamie's fall off the roof. Michael pulled Lauren aside and warned her to go easy on Jamie. Lauren apologized to Jamie, and she said that they weren't there to blame anyone, but Jamie remained hesitant to talk.

Paul asked about the day of the accident, and Jamie started to recall what had happened after he had left the penthouse, but Fen arrived home and commanded Jamie to admit that Fen hadn't pushed Jamie. Jamie became scared and mumbled that he couldn't stay there, and he ran off. Paul followed him. Michael asked Fen what had happened, and Lauren informed Fen that they'd found his camera on the roof.

Fen ranted that Jamie had stolen things, but Michael pointed out that the photo proved that Fen had been on the roof with Jamie. Michael contended that it would only be harder on Fen if he lied, especially if Jamie had reason to press charges. Fen was incredulous that Michael would accuse his own son of wrongdoing, but Michael demanded to know the truth. "Go to hell, Dad," Fen spat, and he stormed off to his room.

Lauren condemned Michael for yelling at and threatening Fen, but Michael argued that it was the only thing that worked. Lauren said that they all needed to calm down, and Fen would tell them what had really happened. Michael cautioned that they needed to be ready for the possibility that Fen had done something truly horrible. Later, Fen tried to leave, but Michael was adamant that they get to the truth.

Fen growled that it was impossible to talk to Michael, but Michael insisted that his role as Fen's father was more important than his job as D.A. Fen said that Michael had treated him like a criminal, and he refused to forgive Michael for choosing Jamie over him. Fen moved to leave, but Michael yelled that he loved Fen with everything in him and that he would move a mountain to keep Fen safe. Fen turned around and asked Michael to believe him.

At Crimson Lights, Paul urged Jamie to think carefully before he made any accusations. Jamie said that Fen had hurt him, but he worried that Lauren thought that Jamie was lying. Paul asked Jamie to help him understand what had happened, but Jamie whimpered that no one could understand what it had been like for him to deal with constant bullying. Summer approached and requested to talk to Jamie. Paul didn't think it was a good idea, but Jamie said that it was okay. Paul crossed the room, and Summer asked Jamie whether Fen had pushed him. Jamie declared that Fen had been responsible, but she had been, too.

Summer admitted that it had been unfair of her to bully Jamie, and she explained that she had been trying to hurt Ronan. Jamie was unimpressed with her rationale, and she acknowledged that she hadn't realized how wrong she had been until she'd gotten to know and like Jamie. Jamie blasted Summer for using him to make Fen jealous and causing Fen to take out his anger on Jamie. Summer defended that she and Fen had never had a romantic relationship, but Jamie pointed out that Fen had thought otherwise. Summer asked Jamie to be honest about whether Fen had pushed him, but Lauren interrupted. Lauren ordered Jamie to stop lying, or everything would blow up in his face.

Jamie asked Lauren why she was so sure that he was lying. Lauren said that the animosity between Jamie and Fen went beyond that of two kids who just didn't get along, and she was worried that Jamie would ruin Fen's life. Jamie retorted that Fen had tried to ruin Jamie's life, and he begged her to open her eyes and see who her son really was. Paul pulled Lauren away and said that Jamie had been through enough. She didn't know what to think, and she wondered whether Fen really had been responsible.

Paul told Lauren not to jump to conclusions, but Lauren was as terrified of Michael's reaction as she was of the possibility that Fen had caused the accident. Paul said that the Baldwins were good parents, and he encouraged her to stay strong and stand by her son. Lauren thanked Paul for being her rock, and he promised to be there for both her and Michael.

Paul asked Summer how she was doing, and she confessed that she felt bad about her role in the situation. Paul voiced his suspicion that she had sent the messages from "Brittni." She lamented that it had blown up into something much bigger than she had anticipated, and she wished that she could take back her actions.

Jamie stopped by the penthouse to get his things, and he prepared to go back to foster care. Michael reluctantly stated that it was probably for the best, and he inquired whether Jamie had decided to file formal charges against Fen. Michael left to take a call, and Jamie quickly headed for the door, but Fen confronted him.

Fen called Jamie a worthless liar, and Jamie pushed Fen against the wall as Michael and Lauren rushed in. Jamie announced that Fen had tried to kill him and that Fen had laughed about it the whole time. Jamie called Fen a monster, and he declared that he wanted to press charges. Lauren screamed at Jamie to stop lying.

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