The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 4, 2013 on Y&R

The Underground successfully reopened. Avery confronted Dylan. Adam and Sharon kissed. Victor paid Mason to replace Sharon's medication with placebos. Katherine purchased pills to help improve her memory. Lauren blamed Michael for Fen's arrest.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 4, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, February 4, 2013

At Nick's nightclub, Tyler assured Nick that the relaunched grand opening would be a success. Tyler reported that he'd plastered announcement posters throughout the city and had advertised the event through social media and radio ads. Tyler confidently proclaimed that the evening would be a stellar success. Nick insisted that he wasn't nervous, but he repeatedly uttered "stellar" while he waited for the minutes to slowly tick down. Nick phoned Avery and begged her to arrive early to help calm his jitters with a pre-opening toast.

Victoria arrived alone and gave Nick a cocktail shaker as a gift. She explained that Billy was busy helping Jack at Jabot. Nick said he was glad that the Abbotts had regained control at Jabot. Victoria told Nick that he seemed happier. Nick noted that their father had refused an invitation to attend the opening. Victoria expressed concern that their mother had been acting odd. Victoria noted that Nikki had traveled to Chicago for business.

At Adam's estate, Sharon stopped by and asked Adam why he hadn't answered his phone. When Sharon asked about Nick's opening, Adam claimed that his estranged brother wouldn't want him present. Sharon told Adam that immersing himself in work wouldn't help him forget about Chelsea. Adam complained that

Nick's nightclub would be crawling with Newmans. Sharon removed her coat to show off her diaphanous, crimson dress. Sharon admitted that she hoped Adam would accompany her because Nick didn't approve of her decision to work with Adam. Sharon said she intended to prove to Nick that she was doing well. Adam agreed to accompany Sharon.

At the tack house, Detective Chavez grilled Noah about Adriana. Chavez warned that Adriana was playing Noah for a fool because a half million dollars was missing, and his girlfriend knew where it was. Noah replied, "I'm beginning to believe that there's more to this case because you've never treated Adriana like a suspect. This whole thing just seems more personal than professional with you." Detective Chavez grew irate and threatened to arrest Noah for obstruction of justice if he refused to divulge Adriana's whereabouts. Chavez added, "Jail is pretty scary for a pretty boy trying to be a hero for his girlfriend."

Adriana slipped inside the tack house after Chavez left and told Noah to get the money so they could leave together immediately. Noah refused to leave with Adriana. Noah explained that Chavez would never give up hunting for Adriana because his determination to locate her seemed personal rather than professional. Adriana insisted that she needed Noah and didn't want to lose him again.

Noah told Adriana, "As beautiful as you are, I could never completely trust you." Noah implied that he'd tell Chavez about the money unless Adriana left. Adriana kissed Noah before taking off with the duffle bag stuffed with cash. After Adriana left, Noah seemed torn.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Adriana descended the stairs, carrying her coat and a duffel bag. When she spotted Chavez, she turned and attempted to escape. Chavez quickly grabbed Adriana, held her tightly, and said, "This ends right now." Adriana, defeated, told Chavez that she'd been scared for so long that she was relieved it was over. Adriana embraced Chavez and pitifully cried, "I just don't know how everything got so messed up."

Chavez scoffed and told Adriana that he could see how Noah could've fallen for her act. Adriana backed away, pointed a pistol at Chavez, and said, "Give me that money." Chavez tossed the duffel bag at Adriana's feet. She ordered Chavez to handcuff himself to the staircase railing, and he did as she instructed. As Adriana headed toward the exit, she told Chavez that she intended to make sure he couldn't follow her again.

At Avery's condo, Avery was surprised to find Congressman Marcus Wheeler at her front door. Avery said she assumed Wheeler was there to talk about the Innocence Foundation case in Milwaukee. Wheeler explained that the victim had worked at his campaign office. Avery acknowledged that she'd read the transcript of Wheeler's testimony from the first trial. Wheeler replied, "So you can imagine how surprised I was to learn that the man who killed her might now have a shot at freedom." Avery said she believed the man was innocent. Wheeler shot back, "Based on what?" Avery was taken aback.

Wheeler admitted he was concerned that reopening the case might affect his political future. Avery seemed astonished when Wheeler added, "If I can get on the other side of this and help the man get the justice he's due, it would counter any negativity the case might stir up." Avery replied, "So you're saying you want to help us on this case, Congressman?" Wheeler, smiling, nodded affirmatively. Avery seemed stunned when Wheeler instructed her to contact his office and relay updates about the convicted man and his case.

Avery told Wheeler that she wouldn't share information related to the case with a third party. Wheeler noted that he was "an involved party who desired to make his testimony right if he'd previously been wrong." Avery replied, "This isn't the way to do it." Wheeler, overbearing, insisted that no one had time for legal motions. Congressman Wheeler handed Avery his business card and told her to phone his office if she had questions or concerns.

At a Genoa City motel room, Dylan dug his belongings out of a duffel bag while readying himself to tend bar at Nick's nightclub. Dylan fished a rock with flat, polished edge out of his bag and studied it. In a flashback, Dylan recalled the day Avery had found and given him the rock. Avery had told Dylan to remember her and the beautiful day they had spent together every time he looked at the rock.

Dylan remembered lovingly gazing into Avery's eyes. He'd said, "From now on, this rock will be my lucky charm." Avery had smiled nodded when Dylan added, "Mine to keep, always?" The couple had kissed passionately. After recalling the memory, Dylan shoved the rock into his pants pocket and left.

Just before the opening of Nick's nightclub, Dylan arrived. Like the other bartender and staff, Dylan sported a black pullover shirt embellished with "The Underground" spelled out in white letters. Nick introduced Dylan to Victoria as Mac. Victoria chuckled that "Mac" was a perfect name for a bartender. Nick, his phone held to his ear, said he was growing concerned because he'd been unable to contact Noah, his other bartender.

Tyler later returned to the bar and announced that a block-long line of patrons was waiting to enter. Nick told Victoria that he wanted to do something special with Avery before opening the doors. Dylan, who Nick knew as Mac, overheard Nick's comment and turned his back toward the entryway. Noah rushed in and took his place behind the bar. Nick placed his cell phone on the bar and stepped away. Dylan read a text message from Avery letting Nick know that she was on her way. Dylan sighed.

Later, music filled the nightclub, and patrons mingled about. Nick smiled when Sharon arrived. Nick and Adam civilly greeted each other. Sharon went to visit with Noah. Nick told Adam that he enjoyed being away from Newman Enterprises, and he suggested that Adam leave the company. Adam replied, "My focus is on the interests of Newman Enterprises, and I won't let anything or anyone take that away."

Sharon greeted Mac and smiled. Sharon laughed and teased Mac about their previous encounter at the coffeehouse. Sharon explained to Noah how she and Mac had literally run into each other at Crimson Lights the day she had spilled coffee on him. Noah and Dylan busily mixed drinks for the numerous guests enjoying themselves. In a flashback, Dylan again recalled the day Avery had given him the special rock.

Noah sent Dylan to the storage room for grenadine before Avery slipped in. Avery's eyes lit up when she saw the crowd gather inside the nightclub. Avery, wearing a gold, sequined dress, greeted Nick with a kiss. Dylan returned from the storage room and locked his eyes on Avery and Nick kissing. Nick grabbed the two champagne-filled flutes sitting on the bar and pulled Avery by the hand into a small room.

Avery proposed a toast to Nick for his determination to make his own statement. Nick replied, "I never could have done this without you and your encouragement and belief in me." Dylan stared at the entrance to the room Avery and Nick had entered to share a toast. Dylan sighed, pulled the rock from his pocket, and placed it on the bar. Dylan told Noah he had to leave because of an emergency.

After Nick and Avery returned to the bar, Noah told Nick that Mac had left. Avery looked stunned when she spied the rock Dylan had left on the bar. She picked it up and asked Noah who'd left it there. Noah said that Mac, who'd gone into the back room, had placed it there. Nick asked Avery if the rock meant something to her. Before she responded, Tyler approached Nick and said he'd set up interviews with two publications.

After Nick walked away, Avery slipped the rock into her clutch. Avery navigated the crowd and made her way to the back room. Dylan had retrieved his jacket from his locker and was about to leave. Avery was stunned when she saw Dylan. Avery, her eyes locked on Dylan's, released her grip on her clutch, and it fell to the floor.

At Jabot, Neil admitted to Leslie that she distracted him. Neil took Leslie in his arms and began slow dancing with her. Leslie mentioned that she and Neil had VIP passes to the opening of Nick's nightclub. As Neil gently swayed with Leslie's body next to his, he whispered, "I'm going to have to take that dress off your smoking-hot body later." Neil kissed Leslie and suggested they skip the opening. Leslie reminded Neil that it was important to Tyler that they make an appearance. Neil agreed and left.

Leslie seemed troubled when she picked up her electronic tablet and read a news article titled, "Convicted Killer still Denies Guilt; Innocence Foundation takes up Case." As Leslie skimmed the article, she read that advances in forensic technology, not available at the time of the first trial, had prompted attorney Avery Clark to believe that the wrong man had been sent to prison to pay for the killing of a mother of two. While Leslie waited for the elevator, she left a phone message for Tyler and told him she was proud of the work he'd done for Nick's nightclub.

When the elevator doors opened, Leslie was startled to find Congressman Wheeler lurking inside. Wheeler said, "Valerie? I had no idea you were in Genoa City. It's been a while. How are you?" Trying to catch her breath, Leslie replied, "I'm well." Wheeler said he was looking for Jack Abbott. Nervously, Leslie told Wheeler that Jack had left for the day. As Leslie dug in her purse for her car keys, she told Wheeler she had to leave because she was late for a meeting.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Cane stopped by Chelsea's table and glanced at her fashion sketches. Chelsea was reluctant about allowing Cane to examine her drawings. Cane told Chelsea to let him know when she and Chloe planned to meet with Jack and Neil. Cane noted that he and Lily would be skipping the nightclub opening to spend time at home with their twins. Chelsea invited Cane to stay at her table while he waited for his takeout order.

Chelsea apologized to Cane for her outburst the previous day. Cane said he understood, given her relationship problems with Adam. Cane advised Chelsea to follow her passion, and he assured her that Jack and Neil would recognize her potential. Chelsea asked Cane why he had so much confidence in her. Cane explained that he and Chelsea were kindred spirits because they both lacked formal training, but their drive and determination to succeed would propel them to success.

Cane and Chelsea shared a toast to celebrate their shared attributes. Cane and Chelsea were engrossed in conversation when Neil stopped by the table and asked Cane about Lily. Cane said that he'd stopped by for takeout because he and Lily would be skipping the nightclub opening. Cane insisted that Neil look at Chelsea's design sketches. Chelsea timidly interjected that she was still a novice. Cane assured Neil that he would be impressed by Chelsea's designs.

After Chelsea stepped away, Neil lambasted Cane for not having first spoken to him about Chelsea. Cane attempted to explain how Chloe was also involved, but he gave up and apologized for having made a mistake. Cane pleaded with Neil to give Chelsea a chance. When Chelsea returned, Neil cleared his throat and explained that he wasn't yet prepared to consider fashion designs. Neil promised that he'd contact Chelsea at a later date.

After Neil walked away, Cane assured Chelsea that she was talented, and he promised to get her a position at Jabot. After Cane left, Chelsea recalled in a flashback how Adam had encouraged her to find a vocation that would engage her talent and passion. Sharon and Adam arrived together. They were talking animatedly about their encounter with Nick at his nightclub. Chelsea turned away when Adam and Sharon walked by. Chelsea quickly left after Sharon and Adam, laughing and enjoying each other's company, took a seat in the dining room.

Neil approached Leslie at the Genoa City Athletic Club bar. Shaken, Leslie pleaded with Neil to skip dinner because she feared they might not locate a parking place near Nick's nightclub. Neil agreed that the couple could skip dinner and travel to the nightclub in a taxi. Neil, his hands on Leslie's trembling shoulders, asked, "You want to tell me what's really going on?" Leslie shook her head back and forth and claimed that she wished to arrive at the nightclub early for Tyler's sake.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

At the Underground gala, Nick was concerned about Avery's demeanor, but before she could speak with him, Tyler pulled Nick away to do an interview with a reporter. Avery went to the locker room and found herself face-to-face with Mac, whom she knew as Dylan. Avery was stunned when he said hello to her, and she dropped her purse. Avery asked how he it was possible that Dylan was still alive.

As Avery became emotional, Dylan stepped closer and told her it was a long story, and he would tell her everything. Avery believed that Dylan had been dead.

Suddenly, Nick walked in and told introduced Avery to "Mac," the new bartender who'd invented the ripcord cocktail that she'd liked. Nick explained that Avery was his girlfriend. Nick was glad to hear that "Mac" had worked out his problem and could remain on the job. Dylan left to resume serving drinks. Nick asked Avery to entertain Nikki and Victoria while he attended to the press.

Victoria welcomed Nikki into the Underground and said Nick would be overjoyed to see that she had made it. Victoria wished that Victor had been with Nikki, but Victor had no interest in Nick's new business venture. Neil and Leslie arrived at the club, and they were both impressed with the place. Leslie left Neil's side to congratulate Tyler.

Privately, Leslie told her brother that she'd run into Congressman Wheeler, and he had recognized her. He had called her by her former name, Valerie. Tyler felt that they shouldn't worry about Wheeler. Tyler was more concerned about Avery's work on the Innocence Foundation case in Milwaukee.

At the penthouse, Victor met with another private investigator, who had completed his assignment and was delivering his report on Congressman Wheeler's past. Victor was incredulous that a politician like Wheeler had no skeletons in his closet. Victor suggested that the investigator double his efforts and find something that Victor could use as leverage against Wheeler. Victor was intrigued to learn that Wheeler had met with Avery Clark at her apartment. Victor ordered the investigator to find out more about Avery's Milwaukee case.

Nick noticed that the Underground was trending on the web, and he thanked Tyler for the inventive marketing campaign. Tyler gave credit to Avery for having hired him. Avery was distracted, and Nick wondered what was wrong. Avery said she was stressed and urged Nick to go to Nikki and Victoria because they wanted to celebrate with him. Nikki expressed her happiness for Nick, but said she had to leave. Nick asked why Nikki had gone to Chicago assuming it was wedding-related. Nikki informed her children that she and Victor had postponed the Valentine's Day wedding.

As Victor did a web search for information about Congressman Wheeler, an ad for the Underground popped up on his screen. Later, Nikki walked into the apartment, and Victor said he'd been worried because she hadn't called him. Nikki said that on her way home from Chicago, she'd gone to the Underground for Nick. Victor asked why Nikki had flown off so suddenly. Nikki said it had been an impromptu trip, and she hadn't had a chance to consult with him before leaving.

Victor told Nikki that he'd reached a decision. Victor announced that he didn't want to wait to marry Nikki. Victor wanted to call the judge and have him marry them that very night. Nikki was stunned, and Victor wondered if Nikki was reluctant to marry him.

Nikki assured Victor that she was committed to him, but Valentine's Day was too soon. Victor suggested the day after Valentine's Day, but Nikki wanted to wait until the house was rebuilt. Victor liked the idea of a wedding at the ranch, and Nikki was pleased. She kissed Victor and said she was tired and wanted to go to sleep.

In a corner of the Underground, Dylan stole a moment with Avery and told her that he'd moved to Genoa City for her. Avery said she was very confused. Dylan asked Avery to leave with him so they could speak privately. Dylan had a lot to tell her.

Leslie interrupted and got Avery's ear. Leslie wanted to chat, but Avery explained that she was unable to speak with her right then. Leslie walked off, and Avery told Dylan she had to stay the party but would have a talk with Dylan later. Dylan tried to change her mind, but Avery rushed off.

Back inside the club, Avery listened as Neil and Leslie congratulated Nick on the opening. Neil reminisced about his experiences running Indigo. Meanwhile, at the bar, Noah checked on the stock. Noah asked if "Mac" knew Avery because Noah had noticed them talking. Dylan said that Nick had introduced Avery to him. Noah commented that Nick and Avery had become very close. Leslie tried to engage Avery in a talk about the Innocence Foundation case. Avery couldn't discuss the case and left to find Nick.

Nick thanked his friends for attending the opening. Neil and Leslie said goodnight and headed to the door. Neil asked Leslie to spend the night with him, but Leslie said she had to stop at the office before calling it a day. Nick was grateful to Avery for all her help with the Underground.

From across the room, Dylan watched Avery kissing Nick. Avery confronted Dylan to ask why he'd chosen that night to reappear in her life. Dylan admitted he hadn't been sure how to reconnect with her again, feeling there was no right way.

Dylan asked Avery to meet him at his room at the Genoa City Inn. Avery said no, but Dylan was insistent and said she could meet with him the next day. Avery showed Dylan the lucky stone and asked him why he'd left it on the bar. Dylan said he had wanted her to see it. He also confessed that it had given him a lot of luck.

Avery truly believed that Dylan had died. Nick and Noah reappeared and were gleeful about the gala's success. Nick asked Noah and "Mac" to close the club. Avery left with Nick.

Victoria went to the penthouse to tell Victor about Nick's successful opening. Victor was down on Nick's new business. Victoria told her father that Nick was not likely to return to Newman Enterprises. Victoria also said that Adam and Sharon had attended the opening together. Victoria was peeved when Victor pointed out that his only child to seize the CEO's chair had been Adam. Victoria promised she would get the chair back for Victor. He smiled with satisfaction at her determination.

Later, Nikki was in her bathrobe and sitting at the piano. She began to play a classical piece, but after a few minutes, she stopped because her hands were bothering her. She stretched her fingers and tried to work out the ache. Nikki then started to play again. Victor walked down the stairs and listened to her playing. When she stopped again, Victor silently wondered what was going on with Nikki.

In their apartment, Lauren and Michael were concerned that Fen had not returned home. It was a school night, and he had a chemistry test the next day. Michael offered to call Taylor's house to find Fen, but Lauren said she trusted Fen. Michael told Lauren that they had to seriously consider Jamie's accusation that Fen had pushed Jamie off the roof. Michael couldn't imagine why Jamie would lie, but Lauren refused to believe that Fen was capable of violence.

Michael urged Lauren to look at the facts. Lauren felt that Fen was simply exhibiting typical teenage behavior. Michael told Lauren that he'd seen Fen manhandle Summer. Michael wanted Fen to tell them the truth about what happened on the roof, but Lauren felt that Michael had to get Jamie to confess first. Michael didn't feel that Jamie trusted him in that way.

Lauren wondered if Michael cared more about Jamie than Fen. Michael was afraid that Fen could become a violent young man the way Michael had been. Lauren didn't believe that was possible.

Fen returned home, and Michael suggested they have a civilized conversation. When Michael asked about Jamie's fall from the roof, Fen refused to tell him what had happened. Michael said that Jamie had threatened to press charges, so they had to discuss the fall. Fen believed that he was immune to prosecution because Michael was the D.A. and Fen was an honor student and captain of the swim team.

Michael explained that Fen might be scrutinized even more because of Michael's position. Fen declared that Jamie was lying about the roof. Michael explained that if the police became involved, Fen could be put in jail. Fen asked if Michael would really put his son behind bars. Michael pleaded with Fen to tell him if he had pushed Jamie off the roof. Fen refused to answer and was disappointed that Michael had no faith in him.

A surly Fen asked Michael to give him advice about how to handle life in prison since Michael had experience. Fen threw it in Michael's face that he knew all about how Michael had been imprisoned for trying to rape Christine. Fen had read about his father's notorious past on the web and didn't think much of his father's holier-than- thou attitude. Michael said the web wasn't accurate, and he wished that he'd told Fen the truth himself.

Fen accused Michael of being a hypocrite. Michael said he wasn't the same person who had done those things in the past. Fen wasn't buying Michael's excuses about his evil stepfather and tough upbringing. Michael forced Fen to look him in the eye. Michael explained that he'd gone through years of therapy to straighten himself out, and it had taken years to win back the forgiveness of the people whom he had hurt. Michael wanted to spare Fen of the hell Michael had gone through.

At Jabot, Leslie and Tyler discussed whether or not Avery knew who they were. Leslie said that something had been off with Avery, and she had not been able to talk with her about the Innocence Foundation case. At Avery's apartment, Nick noticed that Avery had been extremely quiet in the car. Nick asked if Avery was all right. She admitted she wasn't feeling well. Nick offered to take her to a doctor, but Avery asked him to let her get some sleep.

Before leaving, Nick promised to return in the morning to check up on her. Nick kissed her goodnight. Avery told Nick that it had been an amazing night, and she would never forget it. Nick smiled, but after he walked out, he was troubled. Meanwhile, Avery nearly collapsed. In the kitchen, she accidentally broke a glass in the sink and started to cry. Dylan returned to his motel room, his mind filled with memories of seeing Avery again.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Avery was in the kitchen, cooking pancakes, when there was a knock on the door. Avery found Nick standing in her doorway with a shopping bag. Nick said that he'd brought orange juice, chicken soup, and flowers to help Avery get better. Nick then wondered if there was more to Avery's down mood than just not feeling well. Avery was reluctant to talk, but Nick assured her that she could tell him anything. Avery said she needed to run an errand first. She suggested that Nick eat some pancakes while she was gone, then they'd talk.

At the Genoa City Inn, Dylan was in his room, doing sit-ups on the floor and thinking about Avery. Dylan recalled the day Avery had given him the lucky stone and how happy they'd been. Dylan's mind then went to the night before at the Underground. Dylan recalled how Avery had reacted to seeing him again. Later, Avery knocked on his door, and when he opened it, Dylan received a slap across his face.

Avery blasted Dylan about letting her believe that he'd died in Afghanistan. Avery explained that she'd never even been told that Dylan had been listed as missing in action because she'd had no official connection to his life. Avery had not been his wife, so the military hadn't sent her a telegram or knocked on her door. Avery had read the news in the paper. Avery cried as she remembered grieving for him.

Dylan said that what had happened in Afghanistan had been a horror, and the only thing that had kept him alive was Avery. Dylan explained that he hadn't called Avery because he'd been injured. Avery softened and touched Dylan's shoulder sympathetically. Dylan said that when he was better, he'd returned to Chicago to find her, but Avery had left town.

Avery explained that she'd divorced her husband and moved to Genoa City to start over. Dylan was aware of Avery's success, having done online research about her. Dylan wanted to know if Avery was happy. Avery didn't answer but said that it was all very hard for her to handle. Dylan offered to leave Genoa City if that was what Avery wanted. Dylan asked if Avery was in love with Nick.

Avery was unable to respond, and Dylan could see she was in pain. Dylan said he didn't want to pressure Avery for an answer. When Dylan reminisced about the times they'd spent together, including their long walks in the rain, Avery was torn apart. Dylan explained that he'd used those memories to get through the dark days. Avery asked Dylan to stop, then she turned and left the motel room.

Phyllis went to Jabot, and Jack was glad that she was back from Savannah. Phyllis thought Jack looked wonderful behind the desk. Phyllis invited Jack out to lunch and he was excited that she wanted to be seen with him in public. Jack credited Phyllis with helping him clean up his act. At the Athletic Club, Jack told Phyllis that he enjoyed that weren't calling lunch a date. Jack appreciated that he could just relax and act naturally.

Phyllis said that she really wanted to maintain the status quo with Jack. She cherished their friendship just the way it was. Jack said he understood how she felt. Phyllis complained about the way her steak had been prepared and wanted to send it back. When Phyllis looked for the waiter, she noticed Nick at the bar. Phyllis was unnerved but tried not to show it to Jack. A short time later, Phyllis went to the bar to congratulate Nick on the Underground opening. Nick thanked her and was happy to that Daniel and Lucy had happily settled in Savannah.

Phyllis mentioned that she'd signed the divorce papers, but Nick was already aware of that. Jack joined Nick and Phyllis at the bar and told Nick that he'd read all about the gala opening of the Underground. Jack wished Nick good luck with the new club. Jack and Phyllis returned to the table, and Jack suggested that he and Phyllis should go check out the club one night. Phyllis didn't think a dance club was Jack's thing, but he thought it would be a fun thing for them to do together.

At Jabot, Neil confronted Cane in the hallway and wanted to clear the air about Cane's role in the fashion line. Neil was not pleased that Cane was advocating for them to invest in Chelsea's designs. Neil wanted Cane to support Neil's leadership without argument and reiterated that Jabot was not hiring designers yet. Cane believed in Chelsea's talent and urged Neil to give her a chance. Neil told Cane not to make promises he couldn't keep.

Lily overheard Cane and Neil, and once Neil walked away, she asked Cane what was going on. Cane admitted that he was frustrated by Neil's approach to the fashion line. Lily and Cane went to the Athletic Club for coffee. Cane appreciated Lily's concern for him, then mentioned her elevator incident with Tyler. Lily explained that she'd simply been comforting Tyler. Cane thought otherwise because Tyler had such a crush on Lily. Cane didn't like how Tyler flirted with his wife. Lily assured Cane that she and Tyler were just friends. Cane was clearly jealous of Tyler.

At their new office in the Restless Style building, Chelsea told Chloe about Neil's disinterest in her designs despite Cane's enthusiasm for Chelsea's work. Chloe wished something would go right for their fledgling business without their having to work so hard. Chloe received a text message and told Chelsea she had to leave to meet Kevin about their mortgage. Gloria walked into the office and overheard Chloe mentioning the troubles she and Kevin were having with the bank. Gloria believed that Kevin and Chloe had paid off the bank debt. Chloe told Gloria that there were still some loose ends, then she quickly left Gloria with Chelsea.

Later, Gloria admired Chelsea's detailed designs and thought that Chelsea could sell her fashions to the very rich. Gloria was surprised that Chelsea disagreed. Chelsea told Gloria that she truly wanted her clothes to be affordable. Chelsea envisioned women like her being able to buy her skirts and outfits without needing a fat bank account. While Chelsea spoke passionately about her plans for the future, Cane walked in and listened. Cane said that Chelsea would be the perfect person to pitch her designs.

Gloria went to another part of the space to check on the rooms. Chelsea wondered why Cane was there, and he said he wanted to apologize for Neil's reaction to her designs. Cane explained that Neil wasn't ready to move forward with hiring designers, but Cane believed in Chelsea's talent. Cane wanted Chelsea to know that he was not giving up on getting her to work for Jabot.

Alex went to the tack house and accused Noah of helping Adriana to get away with the money. Noah would only admit that Adriana was finally free from Alex's relentless pursuit. Alex was furious that Noah had made it more difficult for the cop to do his job. Noah suspected that Alex was after Adriana for more than the money, and he asked if Alex wanted to sleep with Adriana. Alex declared that Adriana was his sister.

Noah was stunned by Alex's admission. Noah still didn't think that Alex cared about Adriana and asked if it was true that Alex had tried to pimp out Adriana. Alex laughed at the notion and told Noah that he'd been sucked in by Adriana's lies. Alex was still determined to find his sister because there were bad people who'd kill her for the stolen half a million dollars she was carrying around.

Later, Nick arrived home and called out to Noah. Nick said he'd bought takeout from the Athletic Club to thank Noah for his hard work at the Underground. Nick noticed that Noah was worried, and he assumed it was about Adriana. Noah said that he'd met with Alex and learned that Adriana was the cop's sister. Nick told Noah to stop worrying about Adriana and leave it to Alex to do his job.

Adam and Sharon met with a client who'd been given the cold shoulder when Victor was in charge. Adam assured Mr. Baylor that they were very interested in making a deal with his company. After Baylor left, Sharon showed Adam projections on the computer. Adam liked what he saw, and the romantic tension between him and Sharon was evident. After Sharon left, Adam moved Chelsea's photo from his desktop to the drawer.

Cane was excited about Chelsea's plans for building her business. Suddenly, Adam entered and said he was there to offer support and advice to Chelsea. Adam asked Cane to leave, but Chelsea said she wanted Cane to stay and didn't need Adam's advice. Meanwhile, Sharon sat at Adam's desk and found Chelsea's photo in the drawer. Later, Adam was back at Newman and told Sharon that she'd done a great job with Baylor. Adam wanted to celebrate, but Sharon hesitated about going out with Adam.

Adam assured Sharon that it was not a date. When Adam promised to keep his distance, Sharon agreed to dinner. Meanwhile, Chelsea showed Cane more of her sketches, but he saw that she was upset. Cane knew that Chelsea was going through a tough time because of the divorce. Cane said that Chelsea was better off without Adam, and someday soon she'd have it all. Chelsea liked Cane's encouragement.

Chloe went to Crimson Lights, and Kevin told her his plan to save the house. Kevin said that since the arsonist had never been captured, he could torch Crimson Lights, and they could collect the insurance money. Chloe was disappointed that Kevin's solution to their problem turned him into an arsonist. Chloe pointed out that the cops would be after Kevin as the most likely suspect.

Kevin reminded Chloe that they were in their predicament because Chloe had stolen the drug money that had prompted them to take out a loan on the coffeehouse. Chloe thought there were other ways to attack their problems. Chloe went to the counter and greeted Alex, trying to befriend the cop. When she offered him a cup of coffee, Alex asked her for a shot of whiskey at the new club in town.

Chloe said she was still working, so Alex suggested that Chloe call him when she was ready. After Alex left, Kevin blasted Chloe for trying to make nice with Chavez. Kevin didn't think the New York cop could help them with their problems. Chloe didn't think Kevin's illegal ideas were any better.

Tyler bumped into Lily at the Athletic Club, and she congratulated him on the branding campaign he'd done for the Underground. Lily was uncomfortable with Tyler, and he asked why. Lily told Tyler point-blank that she loved her husband and didn't believe in straying. Tyler said that they had to have had their signals crossed because he had not been hitting on her.

Lily was very embarrassed and asked Tyler to forget what she'd said. Tyler changed the subject and asked Lily to tell him how she and Cane had gotten together. Lily said that despite being from very different backgrounds, she and Cane just fit perfectly together. Tyler didn't believe in opposites attracting and said that he was looking for the right woman for him.

Jack returned to Jabot and informed Neil that the fashion line was a done deal. Neil wanted to be certain that Jack would not change his mind about moving forward. Jack assured Neil that he could not bail on the fashion line. Jack told Neil to trust him and wanted Neil to start taking in big profits.

In his office, Jack was stunned to see the dealer from whom he'd bought the illegal drugs. Jack told him the guy to get out because he was clean and sober and didn't need the pills. The dealer left a bag of pills on Jack's desk, saying that a few pills wouldn't hurt him. When the man left, Jack sat at his desk and looked at the bag.

Avery returned home and noticed that Nick had put the flowers he'd bought for her in the morning into a vase. Avery started to cry, and a moment later, Nick walked into the apartment. Nick rushed to Avery's side and asked her to tell him what had happened. Tearfully, Avery admitted that her former love, the man whose dog tags she'd saved, was alive and in Genoa City.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Neil stopped by the Chancellor mansion, and Katherine searched for her reading glasses. She asked Esther to order more pairs of glasses, so Katherine wouldn't have to constantly track them down. Neil announced that he was there as a friend to check on Katherine. She asked how things had been going at Jabot since Jack had pushed him out, but Neil reported that Jack had created a new fashion division for Neil to lead. Katherine inquired how the change had affected Neil's girlfriend.

Neil wondered how Katherine had known that he was dating Leslie, and Katherine simply observed that he seemed happy and relaxed. Katherine informed Neil that he could always have a job at Chancellor Industries if Jack didn't live up to his promises. Katherine commented that Leslie was good for Neil, and he mentioned that Leslie had harbored reservations about a workplace romance, but he felt that Leslie had broken through the walls that he'd put up after his relationship with Harmony had failed. Katherine was glad that he'd followed his heart. She looked down at her glasses, and she remarked that life was very short.

After Neil left, Katherine learned that she had missed an important meeting with a business associate. She blamed her absence on her assistant, and she gave her word that she would reschedule a time to complete their deal. Katherine stared into a mirror, and Esther appeared behind her and asked if she was okay. Esther worried that work-related stress was making Katherine unhappy, but Katherine insisted that it had nothing to do with business. Esther asked what else was bothering her, but Katherine simply requested that Esther summon the driver to take Katherine out for some fresh air.

Fen confronted Jamie and Paul at Crimson Lights, but Paul quickly ushered Jamie out of the coffeehouse. Fen grumbled to Kevin that he was sick of the big fuss everyone made over Jamie. Kevin recalled that Fen had intended to back off and make nice with Jamie. Fen said that he'd wanted Jamie out of his life, but Jamie had been fine when Fen had left him on the roof. Kevin questioned why Jamie had accused Fen of pushing him, and Fen admitted that he'd sent text messages calling Jamie a loser and a waste of space.

Kevin was incredulous that Fen had bullied Jamie, but Fen didn't think that he had. Kevin defined bullying as picking on someone less fortunate, and Fen defended that he had stopped sending the messages. Kevin contemplated whether Jamie had experienced enough tough breaks to push him to end it all. Fen pondered whether the fall hadn't been an accident, and Kevin said that only Jamie could confirm whether or not he had jumped. A horrified Fen realized that Jamie might have tried to take his own life because Fen had bullied him.

Later, Fen witnessed a teenager demanding money from a younger boy on the patio. Kevin threw the teen out and asked the other boy if he was okay. Fen appeared to be affected by the incident.

Michael made arrangements for a police detective to be present when Michael took Jamie's statement. Lauren mentioned that she'd overheard Michael's conversation with Fen, and she scolded Michael for making the situation about his own past, but Michael contended that it was their job as parents to stop Fen from continuing down the wrong path. Lauren thought that they needed to love and protect Fen, and Michael insisted that he loved his son. Lauren maintained that Michael and Fen had been raised very differently, and while Michael had needed jail time to straighten himself out, she didn't believe that Fen did. She cautioned Michael against going too far.

Michael argued that they had proof that Fen had been on the roof, but Fen hadn't said a word about it while Jamie had been unconscious in the hospital. Lauren chided Michael for being quick to assume the worst, and she worried that Fen could be sent to juvenile detention because of a lie. Michael pointed out that there was no evidence to indicate that Jamie was lying. Lauren said that she loved Michael's willingness to make tough choices, but she wanted him to consider that he could be wrong. She professed Fen's innocence, and she begged Michael not to pursue legal action. He said that it was too late.

Michael received confirmation that Jamie had officially pressed charges against Fen. Lauren thought that as district attorney, Michael could make the charges disappear, but Michael reasoned that if he didn't follow through, someone else could step in and charge Fen with attempted murder. Michael said that it killed him to feel like a failure as a father, but Jamie could have died. Lauren felt terrible about the fall, too, but she was angry that Jamie had accused their son of wrongdoing. Michael pointed out that they couldn't ignore the accusation just because Jamie was a poor kid with a difficult life.

Jamie and Paul arrived with a police detective. Lauren ordered Jamie to tell the truth, and he said that he was, but she testily asked if he understood the meaning of perjury. Michael escorted Lauren to the door and refused to allow her to influence Jamie's statement. She was livid that Michael chose to believe Jamie over Fen, and she stormed out. Michael turned on the recorder, and he asked Jamie about the night Jamie had fallen off the roof. Jamie clarified that he hadn't fallen, but rather, Fen had pushed him.

Jamie explained that "Brittni" had reached out to him online, and he had told her about the trouble he'd been in. Afterward, everyone at school had found out, and he had received a dozen text messages a day telling him that he was a loser. He had discovered that "Brittni" had really been Summer and that Fen had been behind the messages. Michael asked why Fen would single Jamie out, and Jamie theorized that Fen had considered it a game, like pulling wings off a fly.

Jamie continued that Fen had lost his temper when Jamie and Summer had become friends and that Fen had warned him to stay away from Summer, or Fen would make him pay. Jamie had backed off because he hadn't wanted any more trouble. Paul reassured Jamie that he was doing fine. Jamie said that the Baldwins had been good to him, and he would have done anything to keep out of the group home, but Fen had had it in for him.

Michael asked Jamie about the photo of him holding the trinket box. Jamie disclosed that Fen had planted the box in Jamie's bag and that Fen had taken the photo as "proof" that Jamie was a thief. Jamie added that Fen had been proud that his efforts would send Jamie back to juvenile detention. Jamie confessed that he had gone after Fen to get the camera and that they had pushed one another.

Paul encouraged Jamie to continue, and Jamie said that he had grabbed the camera, but Fen had laughed in his face and had said that no one would take Jamie's word over Fen's. Jamie claimed that Fen had looked at him as if he had been worth nothing, and Fen had then pushed him off the roof. Fen returned home and demanded to know what Jamie was doing there.

Michael told Fen to go to his room right away. Fen asked why the police detective was there, and Michael informed him that Jamie was giving his statement. Fen couldn't believe that Michael would take Jamie seriously, but Paul pointed out that Jamie could have died. The detective said that they had gotten enough information. Fen ran out into the hallway, but Michael chased after him and warned him that running would only make things worse. Fen asked if he was under arrest, and Michael said that there was no other way.

In his office, Jack stared at the bag of pills. Phyllis walked in and immediately assumed that he had slipped. Phyllis recounted Jack's vow to stay clean, and he explained that his dealer had dropped off the pills as a sample to try to drum up more business, but Jack wasn't interested. She snatched the pills away, and she coolly stated that she would be back for their meeting after she got rid of the pills.

Lauren left a message for Fen and asked him to call her. She ran into Phyllis at Jabot, and she apologized for being late to their meeting. Lauren and Jack hugged hello. Jack announced that Jabot intended to make some bold moves, and Lauren was among the first to hear about their new product line. He declared that Jabot needed retailers with vision who wanted to grow with them, but Lauren was obviously distracted.

Neil explained that Jabot was putting together young, fresh talent to take Jabot into another league. Jack wanted Lauren to be part of it, and he suggested that they work out a deal for Fenmore's to serve as an outlet for the new line of Jabot products. Lauren faltered, and Jack asked her to agree in principle, but Phyllis offered to put some numbers together so Lauren could make an informed decision. Lauren stammered that she had a lot to think about, and she hurried out. Phyllis followed Lauren, and Neil reminded Jack that he wanted to do things his way. Jack asked Neil for a favor.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren explained to Phyllis that Michael was taking Jamie's statement about Fen's role in Jamie's fall. Lauren revealed that Michael thought that Fen needed jail time to straighten him out, but Phyllis couldn't believe that Michael thought that Fen was capable of pushing someone off a building. Lauren admitted that Fen had been resentful, but she firmly believed that he could never physically harm anyone. Phyllis noted that Michael didn't seem convinced. Lauren wondered how she could stop Michael.

Phyllis recounted that Michael had once been willing to put her in jail, too, and she advised Lauren to be prepared for the worst. Phyllis explained that Michael didn't let his personal feelings interfere with his job, but she couldn't imagine Michael putting Fen behind bars. Katherine arrived, and she overheard Phyllis say that when Michael decided that something was right, he went all the way. Katherine asked Lauren what was going on.

Lauren insisted that Fen wasn't guilty, but Katherine questioned whether Lauren could be absolutely sure. Katherine urged Lauren to face the truth, no matter how difficult it was. Katherine noted that Fen had made his own choices, and some of them hadn't been good. Katherine contended that if Fen was capable of violence, then Michael had no choice but to prosecute. Lauren started to cry, and Katherine sympathized that it wasn't what Lauren had wanted to hear. Lauren appreciated Katherine's honesty, and she left to check on Fen.

Katherine returned home and dumped out the contents of her purchases from the pharmacy. She examined a bottle of pills, and she read aloud that they contained natural ingredients to enhance memory. She hid the bottle when Esther appeared. Esther asked if she was going out again, but Katherine declared that she'd had enough excitement for one day.

Neil reminded Jack that Jack had promised to let Neil run the fashion division on his own, and Neil had other employment options. Jack clarified that his favor had nothing to do with Neil's role at Jabot. Jack confided that he had been having a hard time and that he was tempted to use again, but he couldn't always leave the office to get support. Neil realized that Jack wanted Neil to be his sponsor.

Neil asked what had triggered Jack's urges, and he offered to take on more work if Jack was overburdened. Jack reported that his dealer had dropped off a sample, but Phyllis had confiscated it. Jack insisted that he hadn't wanted it, but Neil understood that Jack's body told him otherwise. Neil remembered how it had felt to itch for a drink, and he still had to remind himself every day of what he would lose if he drank again. Neil assured Jack that his friends and family would help keep Jack on the wagon.

Phyllis returned, and she noticed that Jack seemed better. He marveled that he had people who truly cared about him. She handed him a perfume sample, and he dabbed some on her wrist and then her neck. He told her to let it breathe, and he sniffed her wrist. He moved in seductively close as he inhaled the scent from her neck.

Phyllis asked what Jack thought of it, and he said that it wasn't just about selling a fragrance, but also telling a story. He described the scent as earthy and bold, with a hint of wild. Phyllis surmised that it was a keeper, but Jack wanted to name it. He made several suggestions, all with a "red" theme. Phyllis departed, and she dumped the pills in the garbage. Jack ordered a dozen roses for Phyllis with a note to thank her for saving his life.

Lauren returned home in time to hear the detective read Fen his rights. She pleaded with Jamie to end the madness by telling the truth. Jamie asked Paul to get him out of there. The detective handcuffed Fen as Lauren sobbed. Lauren grappled for words, but she was too angry to speak to Michael. She followed Fen and the detective to the elevator.

Lauren swore that she loved Fen and that she knew he hadn't pushed Jamie. She promised to get Fen an attorney and to do everything she could to stop the insanity. Lauren, Fen, and the detective boarded the elevator, and they turned and faced Michael. "How could you?" Lauren hissed. The elevator doors closed, and Michael stood alone in the hallway.

Friday, February 8, 2013

At Newman Enterprises, Adam told Sharon that they could close the Baylor deal as soon as Avery reviewed the paperwork. Sharon was surprised that Avery had missed their meeting, and she tried to call Avery again. Meanwhile, Avery tried to reschedule her trip to Milwaukee, but once she learned that it would take over a month to get another meeting with the judge, she resolved to make it work. Avery took out Dylan's dog tags. She flashed back to giving them to Dylan before he'd left for Afghanistan, when she had made him promise that he would return to her.

Sharon reported that her call to Avery had gone to voicemail, and Adam complained that the deal couldn't move forward. Jack entered and asked whether he should be concerned, but he was pleased to hear about the acquisition. Adam mentioned that Mason was out running an errand, or he would have sent Mason to find Avery. Sharon left to check on Avery.

Jack observed that Adam and Sharon had made the place their own, and he thanked Adam for looking out for him. Adam reported that Victoria had pitched an idea about Adam giving control of the company back to Victor, and Jack understood what it was like to not want to disappoint one's father. Adam revealed that he'd offered control to Victor, but Victor had brushed him off "like dandruff from any one of his 386 black shirts." Adam declared that he would no longer tolerate Victor's attempts to crush his soul. Jack cautioned Adam to stay vigilant, because Victor was surely up to something.

At the Underground, Dylan asked Nick about the haul from the reopening, and Nick snarled that it could have been better if a real bartender had been there to help Noah. Nick wondered if Dylan was surprised that Avery had told Nick the truth, and Dylan felt that he owed Nick an explanation. Nick retorted that Dylan owed Avery for crushing her heart, but he wanted to hear what Dylan had to say for himself.

Nick blasted Dylan for using a fake name and taking the bartending job under false pretenses. Dylan admitted that he had arrived in town to find Avery, and he had wanted to find out where things had stood in her life. Nick assumed that Dylan had taken the job in the hope of running into Avery, and Dylan said that he had needed to see her one more time. Nick questioned whether Dylan planned to leave town or if Dylan expected to have a future with Avery.

Sharon arrived at Avery's apartment and expressed relief that Avery was okay. Avery realized that she had missed their meeting, and she apologetically stated that she'd been caught up in her pro bono case. Avery lamented that the system was more concerned with conviction rates than with justice, but she became tearful, and she admitted that she was also going through a personal issue. Sharon gently inquired whether it had to do with Nick.

Avery explained that she had been involved with a man who had died two years before, and she had mourned him ever since, but she had seen him the prior evening. She had thought that he had been a ghost until he'd said her name, and suddenly it had felt like he hadn't even been gone a day. Sharon asked if Nick knew, and Avery said that Nick had been wonderful and understanding. Sharon advised Avery to talk it out. Avery recalled that she'd met Dylan when he'd done some construction work at her home.

Dylan explained to Nick that Avery's ex-husband, Joe, had been either absent or preoccupied with work. Meanwhile, Avery revealed to Sharon that Joe had blown off a surprise that she'd worked hard to set up. Avery had tried to recreate the magic between them by getting tickets and backstage passes to a concert for a band they'd seen on their first date, but Joe had opted to attend an appointment that he could have easily rescheduled. Sharon blurted that Joe sounded like a jerk, and Avery recounted that Dylan had said the same thing when he'd found Avery crying.

Avery continued that Dylan had offered to go in Joe's place, but she and Dylan had decided to have coffee instead, and they had talked for hours. Avery recollected that before Dylan had left that evening, he had said, "Don't let your happiness depend on someone else." Sharon thought it had been good advice. Avery said that she and Dylan had become friends that night, and they had ended up having an affair.

Nick found it hard to imagine Avery cheating on anyone, and Dylan said that he and Avery had just gotten caught up in the moment, but eventually their relationship had become serious. Dylan's reserve unit had been called to duty, and he'd promised Avery that he'd return to her. Dylan had decided not to settle for anything halfway, so he had bought a ring and had asked her to leave Joe.

Avery told Sharon that she hadn't been able to leave her marriage after Phyllis had walked out of her family's lives. Avery recalled that her parents had kept their marriage together and had made her feel safe. Avery had realized that she couldn't divorce Joe after Dylan had suggested that Avery leave her husband. Sharon sympathized with Avery, but she thought that Avery needed to decide which man she truly loved.

Dylan revealed to Nick that Avery had broken things off, and he had volunteered for another tour. Nick correctly guessed that Dylan had never given Avery the ring. Dylan disclosed that he hadn't seen or spoken to Avery until the prior night, and Nick berated him for not at least letting her know that Dylan was alive. Nick questioned why Dylan had bothered to find Avery, and Dylan said that he'd gotten through some very rough times because of her. Nick hoped that Dylan knew how upset Avery was, and he warned Dylan to give her some time without pressuring her.

Nick placed an ad for another bartender, and Dylan offered to pay for it. Nick only asked that Dylan respect Avery's space. Avery arrived, and she was obviously unnerved to find Dylan there. Dylan asked if she was okay, and she stammered that she hadn't adjusted to seeing him alive. Dylan departed, and Avery hoped that Nick and Dylan's conversation had been civil. She inquired whether Dylan had provided any information about what he had been through, but Nick noted that Dylan hadn't wanted to talk about anything that had happened to him.

Nick offered to get Avery a drink. He said that he would make her a ripcord, but only Dylan knew how to make them, and he inquired whether Dylan had always been so secretive. Avery remembered Dylan as just the opposite, and Nick pointed out that Dylan hadn't been able to hide that he was still deeply in love with Avery. Nick insisted that he wasn't going to push, but he wanted Avery in his life. She called him a good man, and he told her not to forget that he was. They tenderly kissed.

Avery noticed the time, and she told Nick that she had to pack for Milwaukee. She explained that she had tried to postpone her meeting with the judge, but she felt that it might have been for the best that she hadn't been able to do so, because it would give her time to think. Nick agreed, but he wished that she didn't have to go. She kissed him goodbye, and she left.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon offered to buy "Mac" a cup of coffee. Dylan stated that he was having a bad day, and she commented that the club reopening had gone well, but he revealed that he and Nick hadn't hit it off. She volunteered to talk to Nick, but Dylan was certain that the bartending job wouldn't work out, and he remarked that he couldn't let his happiness depend on someone else. She recognized the quote, and she realized that he was the man from Avery's past.

Adam arrived to pick up some coffee to go, and Dylan left. Adam assumed that he'd see "Mac" at the club, but Sharon pointedly noted that Genoa City didn't seem to be a good fit for "Mac." Adam asked where Sharon wanted to go for dinner, but she'd had enough of being in public, so he invited her to his place. She didn't think it was a good idea, but he insisted that it was just dinner, and she hesitantly agreed.

At the Newman penthouse, Mason reported to Victor that Adam and Sharon considered Mason a loyal employee, but he looked forward to Victor's return to the helm of Newman Enterprises. Victor handed Mason a bottle of placebos and instructed him to replace Sharon's pills with them. Victor predicted that Sharon and Adam would soon self-destruct.

Mason thought that Victor's plan was harsh, and he feared that Sharon might do something dangerous. Victor reassured Mason that Sharon was his grandchildren's mother, so he wouldn't let anything go too far. Victor promised that Mason would be rewarded with a generous bonus once Victor regained control, but he offered to give Mason some immediate incentive. Victor presented Mason with a wad of cash, which Mason reluctantly accepted.

Phyllis stopped by to see Jack at Jabot to thank him for the flowers, and he feigned ignorance, but she knew he had sent them because of the note on the card about saving his life. She said that he'd done the heavy lifting, and she presented him with a gift. He opened the box, and inside he found a paperweight with the Winston Churchill quote, "If you're going through hell, keep going." Jack remarked that the quote had been one of John's favorites, and he believed that the words would help get him through tough times. Jack wanted to take Phyllis out for a drink, and they ultimately agreed to indulge in some red velvet cake.

After Phyllis and Jack had consumed their cake at the Athletic Club, Phyllis admitted that she had been scared to find him holding the pills, and he confessed that he had been scared, too. She wondered whether he would have thrown them away, and he wanted to believe that he would have, but he conceded that he had been tempted. He added that he had asked Neil to be his sponsor. She said that everyone was pulling for him. Victor entered the club, and Jack grumbled that not everyone was.

Victor was glad to see that Phyllis was out of Nick's life and back in Jack's. Jack bragged that he had just been at Newman Enterprises and that everything was running smoothly. Victor replied that Adam and Sharon should be grateful that Jack had left the company and had taken his drug habit with him. Victor and Jack exchanged barbs about each man's involvement in Stephanie's death. Jack remarked that it almost made them allies, since they both had to keep quiet about it. Victor sauntered off.

Jack said that he could still smell the perfume on Phyllis, and he believed that Jabot had a winner. She excused herself to get back to work, and he told her not to push herself too hard, but she wanted to keep on the boss's good side. He was happy that she was back in his life, and she agreed.

Victor called out for Nikki at the penthouse, but no one responded. Victor answered a call from Nikki's doctor, and he promised to have Nikki return the call.

Sharon returned to Newman Enterprises, and she reported that Avery had been apologetic. She anticipated that Avery would be able to review the acquisition details within the next day, but Adam griped that he had wanted it done right away. Mason entered and reminded Adam that a cake was about to be served to celebrate an employee's retirement. Sharon urged Adam to attend, and Mason claimed that he would be there after he programmed the phones to go straight to voicemail. Adam and Sharon exited, and Mason found Sharon's prescription bottle in her purse. Mason pulled out the placebos, but he ultimately couldn't go through with making the switch.

Later, Sharon and Adam arrived at his home for dinner. She didn't want him to go to any trouble, but Adam revealed that his chef was glad to cook for two again. Sharon imagined that it got lonely for Adam to be alone in a house full of memories. He offered her a drink, and he stated that he planned on making new ones.

Sharon questioned what she was doing there, since both she and Adam knew that they weren't right for each other, and she worried that they were tempting fate. Adam contended that they were just friends sharing food, wine, and conversation, but she thought that he was trying to avoid his feelings. She inquired whether he was afraid of what was staring him right in the face, and he suddenly pulled her to him and kissed her.

In his room, Dylan sipped a beer and flashed back to running inside after a walk the rain with Avery. She had teased him for splashing around in puddles and pretending to be Gene Kelly. He had noticed that she had been cold, and she had wanted to get out of her wet clothes. He had mused that she had looked beautiful, and he had wished that they could hold on to that moment forever. They had kissed.

Avery prepared to leave town, and Nick called from the Athletic Club bar to wish her good luck on her case. He joked that he wouldn't be as well-fed in her absence, but he would be there when she returned. She thanked him, and they said farewell. Phyllis approached Nick and noticed that he seemed sad. She promised that she wouldn't push about what was wrong, but she offered her support if he needed it.

Avery tried to distract herself with paperwork, but she eventually called Dylan, who was happy to hear from her. She told him that she was going out of town for business and that she would do some thinking while she was away. She assured him that she would call when she returned, and she told him to be good to himself. He didn't respond, and she called his name.

Dylan recalled that Avery had always ended their conversations with that phrase, and he declared that it had been nice to hear it again after such a long time. After a pause, she awkwardly stated that she would speak to him soon. He told her to be good to herself, too, and they hung up. He gazed at the engagement ring once again.

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