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Jack and Phyllis made love. Sharon accepted Adam's invitation to move in. Dylan rescued Faith. Someone tampered with Avery's brakes. Michael resigned as district attorney. Lauren and Carmine had sex. The Newman ranch was completed.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 25, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, February 25, 2013

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Sharon and Adam enjoyed each other's company over breakfast. At one point during their conversation, Adam placed his hand atop Sharon's and remarked how good it was to see her happy. Sharon withdrew her hand and explained that she didn't want to hurt Chelsea, if Chelsea happened to see them together. Adam admitted Chelsea confused him because she alternated between wanting a divorce and being furious at him for moving on. Adam said he'd decided to move on with his life, so Chelsea would have to learn to live with his decision.

Before Adam left, he kissed Sharon on the lips. Nick happened to see the kiss. Nick approached Sharon and cried, "You and Adam? Seriously?" After an angry Nick walked away, Sharon caught up with him and explained that Adam was a changed man. Nick warned Sharon that she was sabotaging her recovery.

Nick said that Sharon should keep her distance from Adam for her own good and for the best interests of Noah and Faith. Sharon replied, "For someone who doesn't want his father directing his life, you sure don't have a problem trying to direct mine." Nick also chastised Sharon for hiring Avery's ex-lover to repair her damaged home. Sharon told Nick that she would date whoever she wanted and hire whoever she wanted.

At Avery's condo, Nick and Avery ate homemade waffles for breakfast. Avery asked about Nikki. Nick said he was saddened to learn that his mother had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Nick said that he and his father would support Nikki and ensure that she always had someone to lean on. Avery promised to support Nick whenever he needed a friend. Avery scooped whipped cream onto her and Nick's waffles and said that they both deserved a heaping helping of comfort food.

Out on the patio at Crimson Lights, Dylan McAvoy saw Phyllis fiddling with her cell phone. Dylan approached Phyllis, called out to her, and asked if she remembered him. Phyllis' memory of Dylan was sparked by his mention of having been a scrawny kid with braces. Phyllis recalled that Dylan had moved away from Darien. Dylan said that he'd gone to Genoa City in search of Avery.

Dylan explained that Avery had hired him to do carpentry work while they had both lived in Chicago. Phyllis claimed that Avery and Dylan had to have grown close during Avery's divorce. Phyllis suddenly became flustered and said she had to leave. After Phyllis left, Dylan phoned Avery and left a message. He warned Avery that he'd just run into Phyllis.

Phyllis stopped by Avery's condo and announced that she'd just run into her sister's former lover at Crimson Lights. Phyllis noted that Dylan had appeared just as guilty as Avery looked at that moment. Avery claimed that Phyllis was simply imagining what she'd wanted to see. Phyllis threatened to phone Avery's ex-husband to set the record straight. Avery admitted that she and Dylan had been a couple for a while. Avery maintained that she'd ended her relationship with Dylan in order to save her marriage, though Joe had divorced her anyway.

Growing increasingly angry with Avery, Phyllis screeched, "You are such a hypocrite! You judge me all the time." Phyllis, tearful, explained that it would have been comforting had Avery offered her sister support "after that thing happened with Ronan." Phyllis cried that Avery should have admitted that she, too, could make a mistake. Instead, Phyllis noted, Avery had been judgmental and unkind. Phyllis added that it would have been the decent choice had Avery spoken to Nick in defense of her sister.

Phyllis called Avery a slut. Phyllis noted that Avery was fortunate because Nick had learned about Avery's affair with Dylan after Nick's divorce to Phyllis became final. Avery maintained the Phyllis had broken up her own marriage with lies and unfaithfulness. Phyllis replied, "How long before you're unfaithful? How long before you jump into bed with Dylan?"

Avery scoffed and shook her head in disbelief. Avery explained that she'd learned from her mistakes. Avery maintained that Phyllis tended to repeat her mistakes. Phyllis issued a challenge to Avery to see which of the sisters would be the first to cheat on her lover. Phyllis leaned in close to Avery and added, "My money's on you."

At Sharon's house, Dylan took notes in his leather-bound journal as Sharon shared thoughts about her dream kitchen. Dylan sketched as Sharon told him that she'd love a farmhouse sink with an antique pendant light suspended above it. Dylan showed the sketch to Sharon, and she was impressed by his interior-design skills. Dylan said that he'd studied to become an architect. He explained that he'd been forced to drop out and take over his family's construction business after his father was injured. Dylan noted that his mother had died while he was away on his second tour of duty.

Sharon said she hoped Dylan had a network of supportive friends to lean on, and she mentioned the name Sullivan. Dylan, surprised, replied, "Where did you hear that name?" Sharon recalled that Dylan had called out the name just after the car accident. Dylan seemed rattled and secured the suede cord around his journal, picked up his jacket, and rambled that a head injury could spur odd behavior. Dylan claimed he needed to gather his tools as he rushed toward the front door. Sharon seemed to sense that something was amiss.

After Phyllis left Avery's condo, Dylan knocked on the door. Avery, believing that Phyllis had returned, yelled at Phyllis through the door. Dylan announced his presence. After Avery let Dylan inside, he noted that he'd stayed out of Phyllis' sight. Dylan said he was sorry that his presence had complicated Avery's life. Avery asked about Dylan's long-term plans. Dylan admitted he wasn't eager to get back to his old routine because he liked living in Genoa City.

Later, Dylan sought solace at the Genoa City Athletic Club bar. While drinking a beer, Dylan experienced a horrifying flashback. In vivid detail, he remembered a battle conflict in the desert. Dylan relived seeing his buddy, Sullivan, lying facedown. When Dylan rolled his friend over, he spotted a bloody wound on Sullivan's chest. Dylan put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding and pleaded with his unconscious friend to awaken. After the flashback ended, Dylan sighed and gulped down a swig of beer.

At Jabot, Mason approached Jack about a job. Jack asked Mason why he'd left Newman Enterprises. Mason claimed that with Adam in charge, there was little opportunity for advancement. Jack recalled promising Sarge that he'd look out for Mason. Mason, appearing desperate, maintained that he needed a job. Jack agreed that he'd make some inquires but said he couldn't promise Mason a job.

Mason later went to Newman Enterprises and pleaded with Adam to reinstate him. Adam mentioned that he wanted to know what was going on between Victor and Congressman Wheeler. Adam claimed that Mason could have his job back if he revealed what was going on between Victor and Wheeler. Mason insisted that he didn't know. Adam replied, "Maybe this will teach you not to screw over your boss."

From the office doorway, Nick overheard Adam's comment and told Mason that he'd give him a job for "screwing over Adam." Adam sighed and sarcastically noted that washing dirty shot glasses was the perfect way for Mason to put his business degree to use. Nick handed Mason a business card and invited him to stop by the nightclub. Adam said he was disappointed to learn that Nick's new career path had not prevented him from trying to control the lives of others. Nick refused to apologize for being concerned about his children's mother.

Adam quickly rose to his feet and reminded Nick that he'd pronounced Sharon to be crazy and had her confined to an asylum. Adam added that at the time, he'd helped Sharon because he, more than anyone, had wanted to help Sharon regain her health. Nick replied, "So you can play mind games with her again, just like you did with Chelsea?" Nick warned Adam not to abuse Sharon again. Adam said he was tired of Nick's threats. Nick leaned in toward Adam's face and said, "That's not a threat."

Adam stopped by Sharon's house, and she showed him the sketch of her new kitchen. Sharon added that she was confident that Dylan could transform her old kitchen into the room of her dreams. Adam told Sharon that Nick had paid him a visit and warned him to stay away. Sharon noted that Nick had also issued a warning to her. Adam replied, "He does know that you two are no longer married, right?"

Adam noted that Sharon's renovation would make her home unlivable for months, and he invited her to move in with him. Sharon explained that moving in would be a serious step in their relationship. Adam stated that Sharon was a friend in need of a place to live and that he happened to have a huge house with extra room. Adam added that he knew what he wanted, and he hoped Sharon knew what she wanted. Adam tenderly kissed Sharon on the lips, and she returned the kiss. Adam and Sharon kissed each other hungrily and passionately.

Nick stopped by to visit Avery after she summoned him. Avery, angry and hurt, noted that Phyllis had lashed out. Avery admitted that she'd been just as tough on Phyllis. Nick embraced Avery. Nick seemed to have a calming effect on Avery. She clung tightly to Nick, and he reminded Avery that she could lean on him.

In Jack's office at Jabot, a tense Phyllis complained to Jack that some people seemed never to admit accountability for their actions. Jack, confused, asked Phyllis what she was talking about. Phyllis sighed and said she couldn't discuss it. Phyllis told Jack that he was lucky to have a supportive family. Jack maintained that Phyllis was part of his family. Phyllis embraced Jack and tenderly kissed him on the lips. Jack seemed to give in to his desires and kissed Phyllis passionately.

In the hallway at Jabot's headquarters, Tyler warned Leslie that Neil had asked him if she'd been in trouble. Leslie balked after Tyler insisted that it was time to admit that their "slime-bag father had killed their mother." Tyler and Leslie retreated into an empty office to discuss their father and his crime. Leslie noted she and Tyler would have to use Valerie and Davis, their real names, if they faced the appeals court judge. Leslie noted that using her real name would be a great risk.

Leslie told Tyler that Avery, tough and persistent, could uncover everything if she looked hard enough. Tyler said he understood why Leslie worried about the possibility of losing her law license. Leslie explained that if their father were ever freed from prison, she'd be in danger for having testified against him a dozen years before, and so would Tyler. Leslie scolded Tyler for referring to their father as "Dad." Instead, Leslie identified him as "Inmate Number 7535228." Leslie warned that their father was so violent, he could become a threat to everyone they knew.

In Neil's office at Jabot's Fashion Division, a furnished space acquired from Tucker McCall, Neil, Lily, Cane, and Jack prepared to evaluate Chelsea's designs. Chelsea, Chloe, and Gloria arrived for the presentation. Chelsea noted Jack's silent rebuff of Gloria's intrusion. In a hushed whisper, Gloria explained to Chelsea that she and Jack had battled in the past. Chloe explained to everyone gathered that Chelsea was the designer and that she and Gloria were consultants.

While Neil, Jack, and Lily questioned Chelsea's global market plan, Cane flipped through fabric samples and praised Chelsea's unique versatility. Chloe responded that she'd already set up a plan to employ social media and fashion bloggers. Cane winked at Chelsea, and she reciprocated with a smile. Jack said it was up to Neil to make a decision.

Lily quickly noted that there were still plenty of designers to consider. Neil said he'd already reviewed enough portfolios to render a decision, and he hired Chelsea and her crew. Lily winced and bit her lower lip. Cane and Chelsea rose to their feet, and Chelsea profusely thanked Cane. Lily seemed perturbed.

Tyler arrived. Neil announced that Tyler was adept at introducing a new business to the public. Tyler said, "I hope you're all ready to have some fun, ladies!" Cane whispered to Jack that he wasn't so sure about Tyler's "graffiti advertising." Neil said he had confidence in Tyler, and Jack said he'd leave it to Neil to work out the details. Lily took Cane aside and instructed him to get past his issues with Tyler and let him do his job.

Chelsea called out to Cane to share his input, but Lily recoiled when Cane rushed toward Chelsea and gushed about her ideas. Lily rushed toward Cane and pulled him away. Tyler raised his eyebrows and watched Lily and Cane as they privately bickered. Lily asked Cane why it was all right for him to act as Chelsea's muse, but wrong for Lily to befriend Tyler. Cane explained that he'd encouraged Chelsea because she had a gift for fashion design.

Cane told Lily that his concerns about Tyler were realistic, but Cane insisted that Lily's concerns about Chelsea weren't. Cane claimed that Lily was acting unprofessional. Lily countered that Cane had acted unprofessionally when he tried to block Tyler from being hired. Cane suggested that they discuss the matter later. Lily rushed to another area of the room. Cane attempted to block Tyler's path when he walked toward Lily. Tyler approached Lily asked her if she was all right. Lily said she was. Chelsea noticed that Cane had fixed his gaze on Tyler and Lily.

Over a meal at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Neil asked Leslie about Congressman Wheeler. Leslie seemed stunned when Neil demanded to know about a person named Valerie. Leslie yelled, "You just can't leave it alone, can you? You just have to keep pushing! I told you to stay out of it, and I meant it." Leslie ran out of the restaurant. Neil stood and called out to Leslie. Neil seemed concerned about Leslie's outburst.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Michael returned home to an empty apartment and was clearly depressed. Michael called Lauren's phone and left a message for her, saying that he loved and missed her and Fen. Michael told Lauren that he wanted to fix things in their family. After ending the message, Michael was haunted by Lauren and Fen's words blaming him for everything that had gone wrong in the Jamie situation. Michael wondered what he could do to get his family back.

At Crimson Lights, Fen pleaded with Kevin to let him to spend a night at Chloe and Kevin's house because Fen didn't want to return home. Fen was aware that Kevin wanted him to make up with Michael, but Fen wasn't ready to forgive his father. Fen mentioned that Lauren was angry, too, and she'd moved out. Kevin was shocked, but Fen explained that Michael and Lauren just needed time apart.

Kevin explained that since the winter storm, his house had no power, so he, Chloe, and Delia were staying at the Chancellor mansion. Fen felt he had nowhere to go, but Kevin urged Fen to return home to Michael. Fen declared that Michael cared more about his job than he did about his son. Fen also thought Michael had been a hypocrite because of what he'd done to Christine in the past. Kevin told Fen that Michael had worked hard to overcome his past.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren went into the dining room but only after eyeing Carmine at the bar. Carmine approached her table and offered her a glass of wine. When he asked if Michael was joining her, Lauren explained that she was alone for the night. Though he wasn't a waiter, Carmine offered to serve Lauren and mentioned the specials. Later, Lauren told Carmine to charge the dinner to her room. As she went upstairs, Carmine smiled.

Jill went home and found Katherine searching the living room sofa cushions for a deal memo she'd been reading. Jill asked her where it had gone, and Katherine recalled that she'd been reading it in the study. Jill was concerned about Katherine's memory gaps and asked if Katherine had hired Adriana to cover her slip-ups. Jill declared that Adriana was a con artist, but Katherine defended Adriana. Katherine also reminded Jill that she had a history of hooking up with criminals.

At the Athletic Club, Adriana stopped Alex in the lobby and asked for his help. Alex said that he was through helping Adriana because she was nothing but trouble. Alex pointed out that because of her, he'd lost his job with the New York Police Department. Adriana told her brother that she'd found a job and was trying to start over. Alex didn't care and told Adriana she was on her own.

Katherine told Jill that Adriana had been very kind to Katherine when had helped in the storm. Despite Adriana's good deed, Jill mistrusted her and wanted Katherine to fire Adriana before she started her job as Katherine's assistant. Just then, Adriana walked into the house without knocking. Jill was offended.

Alone with Katherine, Adriana explained that she was hoping to start her job early. Katherine was pleased, but sensed that Adriana was upset. Katherine urged Adriana to say why, and Adriana explained that her brother Alex was furious with her. Adriana felt that she needed her brother's support. Katherine told Adriana to continue working hard to make amends if Alex was important to her.

At their apartment, Christine handed Paul a glass of wine. Paul explained that his mind was still on Jamie's situation. Paul hoped that Jamie would do well living with Ronan and be able to start over at a new school. Christine had confidence in Ronan. Paul still felt that Fen and Summer needed to be punished for the way they'd treated Jamie. Christine said it was all about their parents.

Paul told Christine that he had faith in Michael and Lauren as parents. He also told her that he'd gone to see Phyllis to make sure she took responsibility for Summer's bad behavior. Christine didn't think it was possible with Phyllis because she was such a horrible role model. Christine was still looking forward to getting justice with Phyllis with Christine's lawsuit.

Michael went to Paul's apartment and was glad to see that Christine was there, too. Michael asked if Christine had found a job yet, and when she said no, Michael told her he knew of something. Michael explained that he was stepping down as D.A., and Christine would be a perfect successor. Christine was surprised that Michael would quit in the middle of his term.

Michael explained that he was an interim D.A. so it didn't matter that much. But more importantly, Michael revealed that Fen and Lauren were furious with him, and Lauren had taken a room at the Athletic Club. Michael added that Fen had lost respect for Michael when he discovered Michael's criminal past on the web. Michael told Paul and Christine that giving up the D.A. position might be the only way to save his family.

At the coffeehouse, Alex placed a call to the Genoa City Police Department, inquiring about a detective position. Alex was told that he needed to speak with the D.A. Across the way, Kevin pleaded with Fen to give Michael a chance to make things right. Kevin's words failed to impress Fen. Fen called a friend to arrange to spend the night at the friend's house.

Later, Christine went to the coffeehouse and approached Fen to say that she wanted to clarify what he'd read about Michael's past on the web. Christine admitted that Michael had done terrible things to her, and she'd hated him at the time. However, Christine had also seen Michael turn his life around, and she had grown to consider him a good man. Christine hoped that Fen would have some compassion for his father.

Kevin went to see Michael and informed him that Christine had gone to see Fen. Michael hoped Christine's words would reach Fen. Michael thanked Kevin for being a good uncle for Fen. Kevin was surprised to hear Michael had decided to resign as D.A. Kevin assured his brother that Lauren would forgive Michael in time.

At Jack's house, Abby was anxious to speak with Jack. He was preoccupied and made her wait while he and Phyllis straightened up after a passionate kiss. Phyllis tried to compose herself, and Jack greeted Abby as though nothing had been going on. Abby noticed that Phyllis was flushed and asked if something was going on. Jack said he and Phyllis had been in conference. Abby left a file for Jack and, before leaving, mentioned that Phyllis' lipstick was a little smeared.

Lauren returned to the Athletic Club bar to explain to Carmine that she was there for the night, but she was still a married woman. Carmine touched her hand sympathetically and said he understood. Abby entered the Athletic Club lobby and noticed Carmine and Lauren's interaction. Lauren went upstairs to her room while Abby stepped to the bar and asked Carmine for a martini.

Abby tried to apologize to Carmine for the way she'd treated him since returning to Genoa City, but Carmine wasn't friendly. Carmine claimed that he was over Abby, and he didn't care about her apology. Abby told Carmine he should not be pursuing Lauren Fenmore because she was a married woman. Carmine told Abby to mind her own business.

Paul went to see Michael, delivering him some food for dinner. Michael was very grateful but didn't want to talk about his relationship with Lauren. Paul knew Lauren loved Michael and was sure that their marriage would survive. Michael nodded his head, but he wanted to be alone. Michael suggested that Paul return to Christine and let her know how much he loved her.

Phyllis was upset that Abby would gossip about her and Jack having been alone. Jack wondered why Phyllis was so upset and mentioned that she'd been talking about her family. Phyllis went off on Avery. Phyllis felt that Avery had always been considered the good one in their family and Phyllis was considered bad. Jack said that Avery had nothing to do with them, but Phyllis said that Jack was wrong.

Phyllis declared that Avery had been right when she said that Phyllis' life was a mess. Phyllis felt that she would hurt Jack if she dared get involved with him again. Jack stopped Phyllis from beating herself up. Jack said that Phyllis had stuck by him at his lowest moment, and he appreciated Phyllis' place in his life.

Phyllis hugged Jack, and he kissed her deeply. Phyllis led Jack to the bedroom. After making love, Jack and Phyllis were playfully sitting on the couch in the living room. Jack was pleased that Phyllis had chosen to stop resisting his advances. Jack was certain that he and Phyllis were very good for each other. Phyllis hoped he was right.

Jill was disappointed that Katherine had not fired Adriana. As she and Katherine discussed some Chancellor business, Jill noticed that her diamond watch was no longer on the coffee table where she'd left it. When Katherine said she hadn't touched it, Jill accused Adriana of having taken it. Katherine told Jill to calm down.

Jill was ready to call the police to report Adriana as a thief. Kevin arrived at the mansion and walked in on the melee. Kevin asked what had happened, and Jill announced that Adriana had stolen her diamond watch. While Jill was fuming and Katherine was defending her new friend, Adriana announced that she'd found the diamond watch.

Katherine demanded that Jill apologize to Adriana. Jill thought it was convenient that Adriana had found the watch just when Jill threatened to call the police. Katherine said that she was furious with Jill for being so mistrustful. Katherine said she needed some time alone, but then asked Adriana to wait.

Katherine apologized again for Jill's behavior. Katherine asked Adriana where she'd discovered the watch. Adriana explained that it had been beside Katherine's laptop. Katherine recalled that she had been looking at how it had been repaired. Katherine had forgotten that she had moved it there. Adriana called Katherine's memory lapse a senior moment. Katherine appreciated that Adriana would keep her lapse a secret. From the hallway, Kevin saw Katherine embrace Adriana with gratitude.

At the coffeehouse, Alex found Michael and apologized for having been a jerk while investigating the stolen drug money. Michael understood when Alex said his sister had been involved in the case, which had affected Alex's attitude. Alex explained that he was looking for a job with the GCPD.

Later, at the Athletic Club, Alex bumped into Abby and asked if she remembered him. Abby greeted Alex warmly. Carmine watched as Abby and Alex sat down together and chatted. Alex mentioned that his day was improving, and he even had a line on a new job that would keep him in Genoa City. Abby offered to buy Alex a drink. Carmine watched Abby flirting with Alex.

At home, Michael ate dinner alone, staring at family photos on the mantel. Michael took a bottle of scotch and poured himself a drink. Meanwhile, Lauren walked into her room at the Athletic Club and stared at the emptiness. Lauren then gazed at the bed and fantasized that she was under the covers, making love with Carmine.

Back at their apartment, Paul asked Christine if she was interested in taking over Michael's job. Christine felt it would be a conflict of interest, considering that she was suing Phyllis in civil court. Christine wanted to make sure that Phyllis paid for trying to run her and Paul down.

Paul reminded Christine that he had never been in favor of the lawsuit. Christine understood Paul's feelings, but she believed that she had to get justice. Christine pointed out that the best solution would be if she could convict Phyllis of criminal activities. As the D.A., Christine would be in a position to catch Phyllis the next time she broke the law.

Paul wondered what Christine would do to nail Phyllis. Christine would never break the law, but as she thought it over, Christine realized Phyllis would inevitably destroy herself. Christine decided that when Michael resigned, she'd accept the D.A.'s job, after all. Paul was proud of Christine. Paul said he was going to hold on to Christine and never left her go.

Kevin called Chloe and told her about how Adriana had wormed her way into the Chancellor mansion as Katherine's assistant. Kevin thought it was very possible that Adriana might walk away with all kinds of expensive items from the house because there wasn't adequate security. Kevin picked up a crystal ashtray and looked at it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Billy and Victoria woke up on the couch and looked at the lavender walls of the living room. Realizing that the color was hideous, Victoria proposed that they hire a decorator. Victoria noticed that Billy had paint on his face and suggested that they take a shower together. A moment later, the phone rang, and Victor summoned Victoria and Billy to the ranch. Victor said he'd explain why when Billy and Victoria got there.

Victor greeted Nikki when she returned to the penthouse. Nikki had been to the doctor to map out the treatment options for her MS. Victor was eager for Nikki to begin treating the ailment immediately. Nikki told Victor how grateful she was for his support. Without the family, Nikki said, she'd be lost. Victor assured Nikki that she'd never be lost.

At the tack house, Nick asked Noah where he was going. Noah explained that he had a shift at the Athletic Club bar. Nick asked Noah to get out of work because something important was happening. Nick broke the news to Noah that Nikki had MS. Nick told Noah the entire family had been called to the ranch house for a family meeting.

At Sharon's house, Dylan told Sharon about the construction situation. In order to do all the work on the house, Dylan explained, he might need more time. Dylan was committed to doing the job until completion. Dylan received a call from Marlene, his father's nurse. Dylan asked her if he needed to return home.

Later, Dylan explained to Sharon that his father's medical condition had been deteriorating for the past few years, ever since he had suffered an accident on the job. Dylan said that his father's condition worried him. Sharon understood how Dylan felt. Sharon revealed that her daughter Cassie had died in a car accident. Sharon showed Dylan one of Cassie's pictures.

When Noah and Faith went to Sharon's house, Noah noticed his mother was teary-eyed. Sharon embraced Faith, hugging her close. Noah looked at Dylan and asked what Dylan had done to upset Noah's mother. Sharon assured Noah that Dylan was not responsible for her tears; she'd just been thinking about Cassie.

Sharon assumed Noah was on his way to work, but Noah informed Sharon that Victor had called a family meeting at the ranch. Sharon was surprised to hear that the ranch renovations were completed. When Sharon expressed her concern that Victor might go after her again, since the house was finished, Noah said Victor had other things to worry about.

At the Athletic Club, Leslie met with Avery and asked about the Innocence Foundation. Leslie said she might be interested in volunteering her legal services. Avery explained that the pro bono work was time-consuming but worthwhile. Leslie specifically asked about Avery's current case in Milwaukee. Leslie said that she'd read the briefs about Avery's case and didn't think the convicted murderer had a chance of being released.

Avery said that there'd been a lot of mistakes by the defense in the original trial. Avery believed that she could make a strong argument that the convict had been trying to save the victim, not kill her. Leslie disagreed, based on what she'd read, but Avery also explained that the chain of evidence had been bungled. Leslie was surprised to hear that Avery might resort to a legal technicality to overturn the conviction.

Later, after Leslie had left, Avery called her secretary to clear her calendar. Avery anticipated that she would be spending a lot of time in Milwaukee on the case. Marcus overheard Avery's phone call and asked her if something had changed in the case to warrant her attention. Avery was surprised that he'd eavesdropped on her call. Avery told the congressman she couldn't discuss the case with him.

Marcus pressed for information and said he had an interest, based on the fact that he'd testified in the original trial. Despite his pressure, Avery explained that she would be violating her ethics if she spoke with him about details of the case. Marcus advised Avery to be careful that she not release a dangerous man from prison.

From his office at Jabot, Neil left a message on Leslie's phone, asking her to forgive him for prying into her past. Neil then walked into Jack's office to discuss Jabot business. Jack was in a very good mood, and Neil wondered if Jack had resumed popping pills. Jack assured Neil that he was clean and sober. Neil apologized for his concern, but he couldn't help but notice that Jack seemed euphoric.

Jack credited his romance with Phyllis for his high feelings. Neil was surprised that Phyllis and Jack had become a couple again. Jack told Neil that he was convinced that he and Phyllis would have a better relationship this time around. Neil was happy for Jack, but warned him not to celebrate his happiness by taking a pill or a drink. Jack assured Neil that he had his addiction under control.

Later, Jack was alone in the office when his father's spirit appeared. John Abbott told Jack that he was proud of Jack's success. Jack admitted that he'd needed the family support to overcome his addiction. John was pleased that all the Abbotts were united and working together again. John urged Jack to keep up the good work.

In the hall, Neil asked Tyler about Leslie. Tyler said that Leslie was fine, just running late. Neil was concerned about Leslie, but Tyler bluntly said that Neil didn't need to worry about Tyler's sister. Later, Tyler met with Leslie and suggested that she tell Neil to chill. Tyler thought Neil was overly concerned for Leslie.

Leslie told Tyler that she'd met with Avery to talk about the Innocence Foundation case. Leslie was convinced that Avery had a very good chance of overturning their father's conviction. Tyler firmly believed that their father had killed their mother. Leslie told Tyler that she was no longer certain because she had reviewed the trial records. Leslie said that as a lawyer, she had found a lot of inconsistencies in the trial. Tyler was determined to keep their father behind bars.

Neil interrupted Leslie and Tyler so he could speak with Leslie. Alone with Leslie, Neil apologized for pressuring her about her past, but Neil could see that she was frightened. Leslie understood Neil's feelings and appreciated that he cared about her. Leslie told Neil that she agreed that it was time for her to tell him everything.

As Dylan worked at Sharon's house, Faith followed him and asked him a bunch of questions. Sharon told Dylan that Faith wasn't going to let up on him, because the little girl liked him. When Faith asked Dylan if he liked dogs, Dylan told her that as a boy, he'd gone hiking with his dog, Memphis. Faith asked if Dylan would take her hiking. Dylan said it was up to Sharon.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle saw Summer at a table. Summer told Kyle that she was working on her physics homework. Kyle asked Summer if she'd started to make college plans. Summer wanted to go to a university far away from Genoa City. Nick called Summer and told her to head to the ranch for a family meeting that Victor had called. Nick explained that he had arranged for Summer to get out of school.

Summer told Kyle that she wasn't thrilled about being summoned to a Newman family get-together. Kyle assured her that it was better than physics. Summer suddenly had a thought and asked Kyle if he'd join her at the ranch. Kyle didn't think he belonged at a Newman gathering, since he was an Abbott, but Summer convinced him that he'd fit right in.

At the ranch, Victor covered Nikki's eyes and led her into the house. Victor wanted Nikki to be surprised by the redesigned ranch. Nikki looked all around and was overcome with joy. Nikki hugged Victor tight and said she loved how it had turned out. Victor was pleased that Nikki was so happy.

Later, Billy and Victoria arrived at the ranch, and Victoria told her mother how much she loved the redesign. Nikki was excited about the way Victor had re-imagined their home. A moment later, Summer walked in with Kyle, and Nikki greeted them. Summer told Nikki how wonderful the house looked.

Nick pulled Summer aside to tell her she should not have invited Kyle to the family gathering. Nick also objected to Summer spending time with Kyle. Summer insisted that she and Kyle were only friends and nothing more. Later, Nick cornered Kyle and asked why he was so interested in spending time with a high school girl. Kyle assured Nick that he liked Summer only as a friend.

Abby entered the ranch house and complimented Victor on the new look. Abby declared that Victor would have been a great architect then told her father she really hoped that he was ready to retire. Victor said that he would never want to stop working. Abby asked Victor to take it easy so she would never have to see him in the hospital again.

Victor said he was perfectly fine and determined to stay that way. Victor also had every intention of getting back Newman Enterprises. Victor told Abby that he had many more things to accomplish before he ever would consider retirement. Victor told Abby how happy and grateful he was that she'd returned home to Genoa City.

In the Athletic Club lobby, Noah bumped into Adriana. Noah was in a hurry, but Adriana said that she wanted to speak to him about her new life in Genoa City. Noah said he had no time for her because he was meeting his family at the ranch house. Adriana asked to go with Noah, but he told her she had not been invited.

A short time later, Noah arrived at the ranch and said hello to the family. Suddenly, Adriana appeared right behind him. Victor wondered who Adriana was, and a flustered Noah introduced her as his friend from New York. Victor mentioned that the party was a family affair.

Nikki wondered what Adriana was doing in Genoa City. Adriana boasted that she had gotten a job as Katherine Chancellor's personal assistant. Nikki and Victor were impressed and mentioned that Katherine was a dear friend. Noah asked Adriana if he could speak with her privately.

Victor stood before the fireplace and proposed a toast to the family. Everyone raised their champagne glasses as Victor declared that the ranch was the Newman family home, and they'd always be welcomed there. Adriana asked if anyone in the family actually played the piano. Victor and Summer touted Nikki's musicianship and urged her to play something.

Nikki was concerned because of her MS, but she finally sat at the piano and began a classical piece. One by one, members of the family stepped forward to place framed photos and family mementos on the top of the piano. Victor smiled, and Nikki played flawlessly. When she was through, Victor kissed her tenderly, and Nikki smiled with relief.

In his office at Jabot, Jack opened a desk drawer and found a small bag containing a few pain pills. Jack looked at the drugs then put them in the palm of his hand. John appeared and asked Jack if he'd spoken too soon about Jack having conquered his addiction. Jack picked up a heavy paperweight and crushed the pills. John urged Jack to remain vigilant.

Later, Jack was home. He was on the phone with a travel agent, making plans for a romantic holiday. Abby and Kyle walked into the house in time to hear Jack. Abby was happy for Jack. Kyle and Abby said they'd been at the ranch, where Victor had presented Nikki with the newly renovated house.

Jack was pleased that Victor had done something nice for Nikki. Summer walked into the house without knocking. Summer said hello then apologized to Kyle for anything nasty that Nick might have said to Kyle at the party. Kyle said no apology was necessary. Summer beamed when Kyle offered to help Summer study for her physics test.

After Summer left, Jack and Abby told Kyle that Summer had a major crush on him. Kyle didn't believe it. He claimed that he and Summer were just good friends. Abby told Kyle that he was leading Summer on just by paying attention to her and being sweet. Jack agreed that Summer would wind up heartbroken. Kyle said that Abby and Jack were wrong.

Back home, Victoria told Billy that while the party had been nice, Victoria had been able tell that Nikki was in pain. Victoria also mentioned that she'd overheard Abby speaking with Victor about retirement. Victoria sensed for the first time that Victor might seriously consider it. Billy thought that if Victor could walk away from Newman, perhaps Victoria could, too.

After the party, Nick went to Sharon's house to pick up Faith. Sharon told Nick that she and Faith were going to go for a hike later in the day with Dylan. Nick agreed to have Faith home in time for the outing. Later, Dylan went to the tack house. Dylan offered to skip the hike if it bothered Nick. Nick received a call from Avery saying that something was wrong.

After everyone had left the ranch house, Nikki told Victor how happy she was to be back in their home. Nikki loved the way Victor had redesigned the place. Victor was glad that she approved. Victor then asked Nikki for a dance. While Nikki was in his arms, her eyes revealed her doubts about her future.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

At Jabot, Neil assured Leslie that she was safe with him, and he vowed to be there to support her through whatever was troubling her. She said that moving to Genoa City had been risky, but she had wanted to settle down and be happy, and he replied that she could be. Neil urged Leslie to let him in, and she stammered that it was difficult to let go after she'd covered for so long. He prompted her to tell him who Valerie was.

Leslie admitted to Neil that her name had once been Valerie. She explained that she and Tyler had changed their names after their father had been sent to prison for murder. She continued that they had lived through the investigation and the trial, and they had erased their pasts to avoid having the scandal affect the rest of their lives. Neil implored Leslie to tell him the rest, because he could tell that she was terrified.

Leslie was scared that her father would be released if Avery won the appeal. Neil asked how Marcus figured into the situation, and Leslie revealed that Marcus had testified against her father. Neil surmised that Leslie and Marcus were on the same side, but Leslie replied that Marcus' credibility was at stake, so Marcus wanted her to testify at the appeal, but she and Tyler would have to expose their new lives if she did.

Neil wondered why Marcus had been a witness, and Leslie disclosed that the victim had worked on his campaign, but she confessed that wasn't the whole truth. Leslie revealed that she had also testified at the trial. A stunned Neil questioned whether she had seen the crime, and she said that she had seen her father standing over her mother's lifeless body. Neil pulled Leslie into a comforting hug.

Neil confronted Marcus at the Athletic Club, and he asked Marcus to respect Leslie's decision not to testify at the appeal. Marcus understood that Leslie was in a difficult position, but he asserted that he was a public servant and that it was his duty to keep a violent criminal off the streets. Neil contended that Marcus' stature should be enough to keep Leslie's father in prison, and he sternly warned Marcus not to put Leslie at risk by pushing her to testify.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe assisted Chelsea with incorporating Neil and Jack's suggestions into some designs. Chloe surveyed the empty coffeehouse and wished for more customers, but she was grateful that she wasn't overwhelmed, since Kevin and Eden both had the flu. Chelsea wanted to retrieve a book from her hotel suite, and Chloe checked in to make sure Delia wasn't sick. Chelsea realized that soon she would be worrying about her own child, and Chloe asked whether Chelsea had devised a plan to keep Adam from finding out about the baby.

At the Athletic Club, Sharon informed Adam that she had extended her kitchen renovation project, and he anticipated that Faith would love having Dylan around more. Sharon remarked that she and Faith would quickly grow tired of takeout food, and Adam again offered to let Sharon stay at his place. Sharon declined the invitation, but Adam insisted that she could have her own wing. She worried that Nick wouldn't allow Faith to visit, and she reported that Nick knew that she and Adam were close again. Adam noted that Nick had already paid Adam a visit to mark his territory.

Sharon fretted that Nick had sued for custody before, and she didn't want to give him reason to do so again. Adam recognized that Faith was Nick's daughter and that Nick had no reason to trust Adam, but he felt that Nick should trust Sharon. Adam griped that Nick put Faith in the middle whenever Nick saw Sharon and Adam together. Sharon was determined not to lose any time with Faith, but Adam reasoned that Sharon needed a place to stay and that it would only be temporary. Sharon worried about Chelsea's reaction, but Adam said that Chelsea had left him and the house, so he had the room to spare.

Adam promised that he would give Sharon space, and he joked that he would ignore her outside of work. Chelsea entered and overheard Sharon proclaim that she would move in with Adam. Adam asked if Sharon planned to move in that day, but she had promised go on a hike with Faith and Dylan. Adam referred to Faith as Dylan's biggest fan. Adam encouraged them to take a lot of hikes, since it would take Dylan longer to finish the renovations, and she would have to continue to stay with Adam.

Chelsea returned to the coffeehouse, and she flashed back to returning her wedding ring after she'd found Sharon at Adam's house. Chloe asked Chelsea where the book was, and Chelsea blurted that Sharon was moving into the house that Adam had bought for Chelsea. Chloe said that he would kick Sharon out if Chelsea told him about the baby, but Chelsea maintained that Adam couldn't give her the marriage she needed, and he wouldn't stop being a selfish jerk just because of the baby. Chloe was proud that Chelsea hadn't backslid, but she remembered how Chelsea had reacted upon seeing Billy with Johnny. Chelsea spat that Sharon and Newman Enterprises were Adam's priorities, and she wouldn't allow Adam's neglect to break her baby's heart. Chelsea considered leaving town.

Chelsea said that she had always been ready to leave, but Adam hadn't been able to tear himself away. She wished that she had already taken the chance to start over. Chloe whined that she and Chelsea were a team, but Chelsea believed that they could continue to be partners and good friends remotely. Chloe agreed, but she questioned whether Chelsea wanted to keep running, and she implored Chelsea to give her child a better life than Anita had given Chelsea.

Chloe thought that Chelsea would be a successful designer and a great mom, and Chloe wanted to keep her job. Chelsea noted that they had planned to work from different locations when she had intended to move to Paris. Chloe argued that Chelsea was Jabot's in-house designer, but Chelsea insisted that she couldn't hide her pregnancy while she watched Adam and Sharon hook up. Chelsea proposed that Chloe take care of the day-to-day operations, and she would seek creative inspiration from afar. Chelsea left to check on flights, and Chloe called someone to request help.

Nick comforted a shaken Avery at the tack house after the brakes on her car had failed. Dylan returned from inspecting the vehicle, and he announced that it hadn't been a result of normal wear and tear. Dylan stated that the culprit hadn't even tried to make it look like an accident, and he asked Avery if she had any enemies. She pointed out that since she was a defense attorney, any number of people could hold a grudge against her. Dylan inquired whether anyone had appeared edgy or angry recently, and Nick mentioned the Innocence Foundation case. Dylan urged Avery not to write off any possibilities.

Avery, Nick, and Dylan researched some of her past clients who might have resented Avery, but they didn't turn up any leads. Nick considered the Milwaukee case again, but she couldn't believe that someone would cut her brake lines over it. Dylan thought the gesture had been intended as a warning, and Nick was concerned that the next one would be even stronger. She wondered if someone wanted her to walk away from case, and she realized that she wasn't wrong about her client's innocence if someone was willing to attempt murder.

Dylan inquired who the parties involved in the case were, but Avery said that no one was invested in it. She explained that Gus Rogan hadn't been an upstanding citizen, but she couldn't imagine why anyone would want to keep him in prison. Nick pointed out that if Gus was innocent, then the killer was still out there, and the case had received a lot of press. Avery recalled that Marcus, Leslie, and Victor had all inquired about it. Avery recounted that Leslie had asked specific questions and had known a lot about the case.

Sharon dropped off Faith at the tack house, and she was surprised to find a cop there with Dylan and Avery. The officer left, and Avery said that someone had tampered with her brakes. Avery added that Nick had gone to see Victor, and Sharon commented that Victor always seemed to know something about everything. Sharon suggested that she and Dylan cancel their hiking plans, and Dylan mentioned to Avery that he and Faith were buddies. Avery insisted that they proceed with their plans, and she rushed off to take care of something.

Nick informed Victor that someone had messed with Avery's brakes, and he suspected that it had to do with the Innocence Foundation case that Victor had inquired about. Nick pieced together that Victor was Marcus' biggest donor and that Marcus had testified at the first trial, and he sensed that there was a connection. Nick demanded to know what Victor knew, but Victor scoffed at the idea that Marcus had leverage over Victor. Victor assured Nick that Marcus had nothing on him, but Nick swore that he wouldn't let Avery become collateral damage.

Nick blasted that Victor didn't care about the little people, and he revealed that Mason had been fired for spying on Victor's behalf. Victor justified that the people who worked for him took risks. Nick pointed out that Avery worked for Victor, too, and she had almost ended up wrapped around a tree. Nick questioned how Victor would have felt if Nikki or Victoria had been involved. Nick warned that he would hold Victor responsible if anything happened to the woman he loved. Victor promised that he would take care of things, and in return, he wanted Nick to be his best man.

Nick stated that he and Victor hadn't agreed on much lately, because Newman Enterprises was all that mattered to Victor, but Victor claimed that wasn't true. Nick said that people changed priorities in life, and he had wanted to spend more time with his family. Victor didn't agree with Nick's decision to leave the company to run a bar, but he wanted his son to stand up at the wedding. Victor thought it was important to show Nikki support, and he asked Nick to be at his side when Victor and Nikki got married again. Nick said that he would be honored, and the men hugged.

At the Athletic Club, Victor approached Marcus and implied that Marcus had been ignoring his constituents by spending so much time in Genoa City. Marcus retorted that all he needed was a phone to do his job. Victor chided Marcus for annoying Victor and his family, and he demanded that Marcus leave town. Victor contemplated what the voters would think of Marcus as a father if they learned that Stephanie had been a drug-addicted prostitute. Victor wondered what people would think about Marcus' interest in keeping an innocent man in prison. Adam spied the exchange.

Marcus realized that Victor was serious, but he stated that there was nothing more to say, and he walked off. Adam approached Victor and observed that Victor and Marcus hadn't looked too chummy, and he assumed that the men had been talking about Victor hiring Stephanie. Adam wondered if blackmail was involved, but Victor simply told Adam to enjoy his conspiracy theories.

Avery stopped by to see Leslie at Jabot, and she coldly stated that she could have been killed that day because someone had tampered with her brakes. Leslie asked who would do that, and Avery suspected that Leslie had the answer. Leslie claimed that she knew nothing, but Avery questioned how Leslie knew so much about the Innocence Foundation case. Leslie chalked it up to attorney curiosity, but Avery thought that Leslie was hiding something. Neil entered, and Avery fibbed that they had been discussing contract issues. Avery pointedly told Leslie that the clock was ticking, and she departed.

Neil told Leslie that he'd ordered Marcus to leave her alone. She protested, but he refused to let anything happen to her. He swore that Marcus would have to go through him to get to her, and they hugged.

Avery returned to the tack house, and she told Nick that she'd wanted to gauge Leslie's reaction to the brake incident. Nick said that the police would have her car examined and that Victor was also looking into it. Nick thought she should work from his home to be safe, but she responded that her job hadn't changed and that she had to get to the hearing. He pleaded with her not to go.

Nick insisted that Avery couldn't go back to the Rogan case if it had anything to do with the attempt on her life, but she argued that a man had spent years in prison, and she couldn't help him if she hid. Nick contended that she would be of no help from an emergency room. Avery asserted that she'd spent most of her career with convicted murderers, and she refused to let fear dictate her life. She loved Nick for protecting her, but she couldn't stop doing what was right. He said that he loved her and that he didn't know what he would do if something happened to her. They embraced.

Sharon, Dylan, and Faith walked through the woods, and Dylan pointed out a place where a buck had scraped his antlers on a tree. Faith asked whether there were elves in the woods, and Sharon declared that they had found a magic elf tree. Dylan playfully called out to the elves, but Sharon said that they were nocturnal, so they were asleep. Dylan feigned disappointment that he wouldn't get to see an elf, and Faith suggested that they return at night to find them. Dylan thought it was a great idea.

Dylan proposed that they head back before dark, but he remarked that their surroundings were beautiful. Sharon agreed that the snow was lovely, and Dylan admitted that Genoa City had grown on him. Faith threw a snowball, but she claimed that an elf had done it. The threesome proceeded to have a snowball fight, but Sharon tripped and fell. Dylan assisted Sharon, but they quickly realized that Faith had disappeared.

Friday, March 1, 2013

At Jabot, Lily finished a business call, and Cane hurriedly prepared to deliver a contract to the legal department. She asked how soon he would be done working, because she had arranged to have a romantic night at home alone with him. She kissed his neck, but he gently protested that he had work to do. She seductively said that it could wait, and he promised that he would be home as soon as possible.

Lily kissed Cane passionately, and she teased that it was a "coming attraction." Cane rushed off to finish up work, and Tyler entered and asked whether Lily had received the budget yet. Lily stated that she couldn't wait around for it, and Tyler guessed that she had plans with Cane. Tyler said that he would see her the next day, and she advised him that she might be in late. He looked dejected.

Chelsea stopped by to see Cane and inquired why he'd left her an urgent message. He revealed that he'd heard that she planned to leave town, and Chelsea blasted Chloe for relaying personal information. Cane pointed out that Chelsea's decision affected Jabot's business, and he wondered why she would give up such a wonderful opportunity. Chelsea realized that Cane didn't know about her pregnancy, and she promised that she would fulfill her contract from elsewhere. Cane argued that there was no way that the linchpin of a new division could phone it in.

Cane questioned what was going on, and Chelsea replied that it was complicated. He became irritated by her vagueness, and he reminded her that he'd put his reputation on the line when he'd fought for her. Cane demanded an explanation for why Chelsea would walk away, and she confessed that Adam and Sharon were moving in together. Cane understood that it wasn't easy for Chelsea to see Adam move on, but he thought that designing was her chance to do the same.

Cane gushed that Chelsea had much to offer, but her dream wouldn't happen if she gave it up. She threatened to leave Jabot if she couldn't work outside of Genoa City, and Cane couldn't believe that she would abandon the opportunity because of Adam. Chelsea yelled that Cane couldn't make the decision for her, and Cane was pleased to see her driven side emerge. He understood that she'd been through a lot, but he insisted that Adam didn't matter, and he urged her not to throw away the chance for a new life.

At home, Lily put on a sexy dress and set up a romantic setting with candlelight and a bottle of wine. There was a knock at the door, and Lily anticipated Cane's arrival, but she answered it to Tyler. Tyler apologized for intruding, but he wanted her to review the budget so he could start on his campaign. He surveyed the room and noticed that she'd gone all out to set up a lovely evening, but she griped that it had been in vain.

Tyler pointedly wondered what kind of guy would opt to talk about fashion while Lily was waiting at home. Lily peppered Tyler with questions, and he confirmed that Cane and Chelsea had been meeting alone in the office. An irked Lily signed the paperwork and suggested that Tyler stay to talk shop, since there was no reason for her not to work late if Cane was doing the same.

Lily and Tyler shared the bottle of wine, and they talked about business as Cane arrived home. Lily thanked Tyler for dropping by, and he left for the office. Cane asked what Tyler had been doing there, and Lily said that they had been working. She added that she hadn't expected Cane to care, since Cane had been working with Chelsea.

Cane suspected that Tyler had purposely told Lily about his meeting with Chelsea, and he defended that he'd had to talk Chelsea out of leaving town. Lily berated Cane for not calling her, and he retorted that she hadn't seemed to mind the wait. Cane snapped that his situation had been professional, unlike the one he'd just walked in on. Lily told him to finish the wine by himself, and she stormed out.

Lily returned to Jabot, where she found Tyler typing up notes from their discussion. He guessed that things hadn't gone well, but she didn't want to talk about it. He reiterated that no guy in his right mind would treat her like Cane had, but she shifted her focus to work.

Chelsea sketched in her room, and she appeared to be lost in thought. She called Cane, who was glumly sitting alone with the two glasses of wine. Chelsea vowed not to let Adam run her out of town, and she promised that she would stay.

Sharon screamed for Faith to return. Dylan instructed Sharon to elevate her foot, and Sharon begged him to find Faith. Meanwhile, Faith shivered, alone in the woods.

At the tack house, Avery offered to make dinner, but Nick didn't want her to leave his sight. She assured him that nothing bad would happen in the kitchen, and she requested that he help her find out who had tampered with her brakes. Nick worried that there was more to her Innocence Foundation case than she had realized, but Avery insisted that she had to go to Milwaukee. She admitted that she was as scared as Nick was, but she refused to back down from defending an innocent man who was depending on her. Nick replied that he protected the people he loved, so he wanted to go with her.

Avery appreciated Nick's offer, but she didn't think it was a good idea for him to leave because of Nikki's diagnosis and his own new business. Avery asserted that he couldn't afford to take time off, but he countered that he couldn't afford to lose her. Sharon called Nick and informed him that Faith had gone missing after Sharon had twisted her ankle. Sharon gave him her location, and Nick hurried off to help.

Sharon tried to stand up, but she fell again. Nick found her, and he asked if she'd received any word from Dylan. She asked Nick to help her up, and she panicked that Faith was in dark, unfamiliar territory. Sharon contemplated the idea of losing another child, but Nick assured her that the entire Newman security team was searching for Faith, and he promised that Faith would be okay.

Dylan found a sleeping Faith, and he woke her up. He told her that they would find Sharon and then get Faith to bed. Faith fretted that Sharon had been crying, and Dylan explained that Sharon had hurt her ankle, but Faith could help make her mother feel better. Faith became drowsy, and he warned that there was no prince around to wake her up with a kiss, but she pointed out that Dylan was there. Dylan called himself a court jester, but he agreed to try, and he kissed her forehead. He picked Faith up and told her to keep her eyes peeled for the elves.

Nick, Sharon, Dylan, and Faith returned to the tack house, and Avery whipped up some coffee and hot chocolate. Sharon suggested that Faith get into her pajamas, but Faith wanted to stay with Dylan. Sharon said that Dylan needed to go to sleep, too, and Dylan promised that he would stop by to visit the next day. Faith hugged Dylan, and Sharon hobbled up the stairs to take Faith to bed. Nick shook Dylan's hand and said that he owed him. Avery commented that Dylan had made a friend for life in Faith, and Dylan called Nick a lucky guy.

Dylan began to leave, and Avery asked him for a ride so she could rent a car to drive to Milwaukee. Dylan couldn't believe that she still planned to go, but Avery swore that there would be guards everywhere. Dylan instructed her to call for help if anything looked or felt off. Avery insisted that Nick stay to tend to Faith, and Nick urged Avery to be careful. Dylan covered his disappointment as Nick and Avery kissed goodbye. Later, Nick and Sharon shared a warm family moment as they read a book to Faith together.

At the Athletic Club, Dylan called his father and was pleased to learn that his dad would soon be back to his ornery self. Avery handed Dylan a beer and informed him that the kitchen was closed. Dylan told her that his father had said hello, and she revealed that she'd spoken to Dylan's dad a few times after they'd thought that Dylan had died. She recalled that his father had been in a rough place, and Dylan said that his dad had never been the same after Dylan's mom had passed away. Avery remembered Dylan's mom as a wonderful woman who had baked marvelous chocolate chip cookies.

Dylan regretted that his mother had never told him what her secret ingredient had been, and Avery disclosed that it had been chili powder. Avery added that his mom had slipped Avery the recipe a few years back, and Dylan remarked that both of his parents had liked Avery. Avery believed that Dylan's father had always known what had been going on between Avery and Dylan, including the fact that she had been married, but she'd never felt that Dylan's father had judged her. Dylan said that was because his father thought that they belonged together.

Michael stared at an empty booze bottle, and he anxiously murmured Lauren's name when his phone rang. He responded testily when he found out that the call was work-related. He coldly stated that he was no longer district attorney, and he advised the caller to contact Christine. Fen returned home, and a surprised Michael greeted him. Fen stated that he needed a place to sleep. Fen added that he'd talked with Kevin and Christine about his relationship with Michael, and he was ready to listen.

Michael was relieved that Fen was willing to talk, but Fen clarified that it didn't mean that everything was fine. Fen wished that Michael had supported him the way Lauren had, instead of trying to punish him. Michael contended that it had been part of his job as D.A., but his voice trailed off. Michael wasn't sure why he had reacted the way he had, but he still didn't understand why Fen had bullied Jamie. Fen admitted that all he'd wanted was to keep Jamie away from Summer, but he had felt the need to prove that he was better than other people.

Fen expressed remorse that Jamie had almost died because of Fen's actions. Michael kissed Fen's head and put an arm around his son, and he declared that it was over. Michael was proud that Fen had taken responsibility, but Fen still wanted to make up for his mistakes, just like Michael had made amends with Christine and Paul. Fen swore to make things right with Jamie and with Michael, and he apologized for the brutal things he'd said to his father. Michael said that he was sorry, too, but Fen worried that he'd screwed things up between his parents. Michael refused to let Fen take the blame.

Michael assured Fen that Lauren had moved out because Michael hadn't listened to her when she had professed Fen's innocence. Michael confided that Lauren felt that Michael had torn their family apart and that he only cared about his job. Michael was determined to prove that it wasn't true, and he announced that he had resigned as D.A. to show that nothing was more important to him than his family.

Fen was stunned that Michael had quit, but Michael explained that he had failed as a father and a husband, and he wanted Fen to trust him again. Michael swore that he would put Fen ahead of everything. Fen noted that Michael had loved being D.A., but Michael replied that he loved Fen more. Fen and Michael shared a bear hug.

Michael gazed at his phone, and Fen encouraged him to call Lauren. Michael lamented that she hadn't returned his call from the prior day, but Fen pointed out that Michael had a lot to tell her. Michael stared at the family photos on the mantel, and he reluctantly dialed. He left a message saying that he wanted her to know a couple of things and that he missed her. He pledged his love and pleaded for her to return home, because he would never give her reason to doubt him again.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren descended the stairs and spotted Carmine behind the bar. He smiled when they locked eyes. Lauren retreated to her hotel suite and canceled her dinner plans with Jill, but she assured Jill that her estrangement from Michael was just temporary. Lauren hung up and slammed her laptop closed in frustration. She fantasized about a shirtless Carmine taking her hand and undressing her.

Lauren returned to the bar and commented about the slow night, and Carmine explained that a pipe had broken in the kitchen, but he had stayed in case anyone wandered in for a drink. He offered to pour her one, and she ordered a pinot noir, but he flirtatiously stated that he already knew what she wanted. Lauren apologized for leaving abruptly earlier, but he said that she didn't owe him an explanation. She contended that he had been a great friend, but she didn't want to complicate things, and he said that he understood. She sipped her wine and said that it was exactly what she wanted.

Carmine pulled out a deck of cards to perform a trick, and Lauren marveled that he was both a magician and a bartender. He pointedly remarked that he had many talents. He tried repeatedly to guess her card, and she laughed when he was unable to do so. Lauren quipped that "Carmine the Magnificent" needed some classes, and he acknowledged that he couldn't read her card, but he could read her mind. He offered her a refill, but she said that it was time for her to go to sleep, and he wished her sweet dreams.

Lauren prepared for bed, but there was a knock at the door. She opened it to Carmine, who wordlessly entered and kissed her passionately. Lauren and Carmine succumbed to their desires and had sex.

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