The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 4, 2013 on Y&R

Lauren and Michael reunited. Avery determined that someone was following her. Sharon decided to seek her own independence. Victor planned to marry Nikki every day until she was strong enough to walk down the aisle.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 4, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, March 4, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Abby and Kyle drank coffee at a table on the patio. Abby spotted Summer when she entered through the front door and warned Kyle that the young teen had a crush on him. Summer made a beeline to the patio and told Kyle that she'd decided to accept his offer. Kyle's eyes nervously darted between Summer and Abby, and he replied, "Uh, offer? What offer?" Summer looked puzzled. Abby smirked at Kyle.

Summer reminded Kyle that he'd promised to help her study for a physics test. Kyle offered to help her right away. After Summer walked away to get coffee, Abby warned Kyle that if he strung Summer along, she'd end up getting hurt. Kyle assured Abby that he wouldn't allow Summer to believe that they could be more than just friends. Later, Abby observed Summer's flirtatious interactions with Kyle.

After Abby donned her coat and left, Summer asked Kyle about the nightclubs in New York City. Kyle tried to divert Summer's topic of discussion, but she dreamily noted her anticipation of freedom once she entered college. Kyle replied, "Too much freedom can get you into trouble." Kyle explained that he'd chosen a path that had ultimately led to an opportunity that changed his life. Kyle urged Summer to determine the right path for her life and stick to it.

In Lauren's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Carmine awakened Lauren by walking his index and middle fingers across her bare shoulder. Lauren opened her eyes and appeared to be appalled by her decision to make love to Carmine. Lauren pressed the sheet against her chest and explained to Carmine that it had been a mistake to make love to him. She added that it would never happen again. Carmine replied, "You say that now." Lauren sighed heavily and shook her head in disgust.

Shaking, Lauren told Carmine that she'd meant what she said about not making the same mistake again because she didn't want to lose her family. Carmine assured Lauren that what had happened between them would remain a secret. After Carmine showered, he assured Lauren that he could be discreet. Lauren, distressed, cried, "You have to give me your word that you won't tell anybody." Carmine replied, "I swear on my Grandfather Giuseppe's grave that I won't tell a soul." Lauren waved her hand toward the door and told Carmine to leave her room.

At the Baldwins' condo, Fen was surprised that his father hadn't yet told Lauren that he'd resigned his position as the district attorney. Fen said he was certain his mother would be pleased. Michael noted that he'd left a message for Lauren, but he knew she needed more time away. Fen replied, "No. What she needs is her family." Fen handed his phone to his dad and pleaded with him to phone Lauren repeatedly until she answered, so he could share the good news. Michael insisted that only Lauren could decide when she was ready to move back home.

After Michael went to take a shower, Lauren sent Fen a text message letting him know her room number at the Genoa City Athletic Club in case she was needed. Fen left. After Michael showered, he recalled in a flashback that Lauren had rebuffed him when he sought her help to reconcile with Fen. Michael remembered that Lauren had cried, "We had everything, Michael. We had a happy child. We adored each other, but you broke us." Michael's daydream ended when he heard a knock at the door.

Paul arrived, and Michael proudly noted that Fen had returned home. Michael explained that Fen, no longer a child, seemed to understand that his father had acted out of love. Michael added that he hoped Lauren might see it that way, too. Paul advised Michael not to be too hard on himself because it had appeared that Fen was to blame for Jamie's accident, and Fen had initially been uncooperative.

Michael noted that Lauren had left because he'd believed what appeared to be evidence over the truth in his own son's eyes. Paul was relieved that Lauren hadn't requested a permanent separation. Michael feared that Lauren might never again wish to hear his voice or live under the same roof. Paul assured Michael that he and Lauren would work out their problems.

Seconds after Carmine left Lauren's suite, she heard a knock at the door. As Lauren swung open the door, she screeched, "You can't keep." Lauren was surprised to find Fen standing in the doorway. She swallowed hard and claimed that she'd thought Fen was a waiter who'd repeatedly delivered breakfasts she hadn't ordered.

Fen told his mom that he'd returned home. Fen happily noted that his dad had treated him like an adult and that they'd mended their relationship. Fen pleaded with his mom to work things out with his dad, so she could return home. Lauren glanced at the bed with its crumpled pillows and tearfully uttered, "I'm sure I won't be thinking of much else."

In Jack's office at Jabot, Jack and Phyllis managed to flirt with each other while they and Billy discussed business. Phyllis was flattered when Jack announced that Jabot's new perfume would be named "Scarlet Mist." Billy rolled his eyes and suggested that Jack and Phyllis "get a room." After Phyllis left, Billy asked Jack if he'd decided to pursue a romantic relationship with Phyllis because Nikki was about to marry Victor. Jack assured Billy that his romance with Phyllis had nothing to do with Nikki's wedding plans. Jack added that Phyllis made him happy.

Billy reminded Jack that Phyllis' relationships were never long-lasting. Billy added that after the tough year Jack had battled through, he feared that another failed romance with Phyllis might push Jack over the edge. After Billy stepped out of Jack's office, he ran into Phyllis in the hallway. Billy stopped Phyllis and warned her not to hurt his brother again because Jack's recovery from addiction was still tenuous. Phyllis reminded Billy that she was the only one who'd remained with Jack during his detoxification, so she'd never do anything that might force Jack to spiral out of control.

After Phyllis returned to Jack's office, she told Jack that Billy was looking out for his brother's best interests. Jack noted that both he and Phyllis didn't have a stellar record for maintaining relationships. Jack suggested they put the past behind them and make room for new memories. Phyllis smiled at Jack and cooed, "You always say the right thing to me." Phyllis lifted Jack's hand to her shoulder and pressed her cheek against it. Abby barged in and said, "Whoa!" Phyllis suggested that Abby knock before entering.

Abby informed Jack and Phyllis that Summer was smitten with Kyle. Phyllis maintained that Kyle wouldn't take advantage of a girl still in high school. Abby added that Summer, at age 18, was old enough in the eyes of the law. Phyllis smiled smugly and explained that it was nothing but a sweet crush and that Summer could do a lot worse than Kyle. Jack furrowed his brow and replied, "Thank you, I think." Abby rolled her eyes and said, "Okay! Don't say I didn't warn you."

Later, Summer stopped by when Jack was alone and asked him about enrolling in an internship. Jack asked Summer if she was interested in cosmetics or just hoping to work with Kyle. Summer insisted that she and Kyle were just friends. Summer was elated when Jack agreed to hire her. After Summer sauntered out of Jack's office, she ran into Kyle and announced that Jack had hired her as an intern. Kyle was dumbfounded.

After Summer walked away, Kyle marched into Jack's office and asked, "What did you just do?" Jack explained that Summer would be working alongside a support network of women. Jack added that Summer would be too busy working on various projects to fixate on Kyle. Jack told Kyle to act like a big brother. Kyle sighed and nodded, indicating that he'd try.

Lauren ran into Phyllis at Crimson Lights. Lauren noticed that Phyllis seemed giddily happy. Phyllis admitted that she and Jack had rekindled their romantic relationship. Lauren said she was glad that Phyllis had found happiness with Jack. Phyllis explained that it was a relief to clear the air with Jack because she'd used him in the past whenever she and Nick had been at odds with each other. Lauren nodded and sighed.

Phyllis happily noted that Jack would never cheat on her, so she was thankful she'd never completely ruined her relationship with Jack because of Nick. Lauren nodded. Phyllis said she hoped she and Jack could someday forge as strong a bond as Lauren and Michael had. Lauren shook her head and sadly cried, "I just don't think everybody comes back from that kind of betrayal." Lauren said she had greatly resented Michael after Jamie admitted that Fen hadn't laid a hand on him. Lauren said she'd needed time away, so she'd moved out. Phyllis noted that Fen had forgiven Michael, so Lauren could, too, without any regrets.

When Phyllis later returned to Jack's office, she was surprised to learn that Jack had given Summer an internship. Phyllis asked if Kyle knew. Jack said he'd cautioned Kyle not to encourage Summer. Jack insisted that the internship would be good experience for Summer. Phyllis kissed Jack on the lips and said she just wanted to thank him for being a good person. Jack smiled and kissed Phyllis. The couple embraced tightly.

Abby went to the bar at the Genoa City Athletic Club and asked Carmine to pour her a cup of coffee. Abby noted that Carmine seemed to have his head in the clouds after he forgot how she preferred her coffee. Abby groaned and told Carmine that she recognized the "I got some" smile. She insisted that Carmine identify the poor, unlucky woman. Carmine smiled, raised his eyebrows, and told Abby it was none of her business. Abby insisted that Carmine was either ashamed of the lady in question or had something to hide. Carmine noted that Abby couldn't keep a secret. After Carmine stepped away, Abby called Alex Chavez and invited him to have a drink with her.

After Lauren returned to her suite, she listened to Michael's message on her cell phone. Michael acknowledged that he'd promised to give Lauren some space but wanted her to know that he loved her. Lauren became weepy when Michael said he missed being with her. Michael ardently professed his profound love for Lauren. As Lauren continued to listen to Michael's voice, tears streamed down her cheeks, and she shook her head from side to side in disgust with herself. Michael said that if Lauren would return home, she'd never have to doubt his devotion again. Lauren sobbed with deep despair.

At home, an ill Victoria, still wearing her flannel pajamas, phoned her mother. Stifling a sneeze, Victoria explained that she wouldn't be able to pick up Nikki and Victor's marriage license from the courthouse. Victoria placed an ice pack next to her feverish forehead. Insisting that all was well, Victoria promised Nikki she'd be present at the rehearsal dinner and insisted that nothing would ruin her parents' wedding. After Victoria ended the call to Nikki, she phoned Billy and told him she needed him home at once.

When Billy walked in the door, he saw Victoria covered up on the sofa. She sneezed then dabbed her red nose with a tissue. Billy used his tie as a makeshift mask to cover his nose. Victoria cried that she couldn't be sick because she was expected at her parents' rehearsal dinner. Billy shook his head and told Victoria that she likely wouldn't recover quickly enough to participate in a wedding. Victoria insisted that she had to show up for her mother's sake because Nikki deserved to have the perfect wedding.

Victoria seemed wary of Billy's plans when he cried, "This virus doesn't stand a chance with me playing doctor!" Billy prepared an herbal smoothie for Victoria and ordered her to inhale warm mist from a vaporizer. Victoria tasted the green concoction and asked if the drink contained brandy. Billy replied, "There's a whole lot of brandy in there." Victoria groaned and wiped her red eyes with her hand.

Billy instructed Victoria to imagine herself as a superhero with the ability to blast germs from her body. Victoria coughed repeatedly. Billy cradled Victoria and promised he'd help her recover quickly. Victoria noted that her mother faced a serious illness. Victoria said she believed her parents' remarriage would last. A spark returned to Victoria's eyes and she said joyfully, "I'm actually starting to feel better!"

At the Ashbys' house, Cane picked up the two half-empty wine glasses Lily and Tyler had left on the coffee table the night before. Lily apologized for storming out of the house after Cane had returned from his meeting with Chelsea. Cane noted that when he went to bed at midnight, Lily still hadn't returned. Lily explained that she'd ended up at the office and had worked for a while. Cane asked, "Was Tyler there? Did you crack open another bottle of wine with him there?" Lily admitted that Tyler had been at the office, but she insisted that she and Tyler had done nothing but work.

Both Lily and Cane admitted that their behavior had been fueled by jealousy. Cane asked, "What are we going to do to stop it?" Lily said she wished she had an answer. Cane noted that he'd worried when Lily hadn't soon returned and later realized that she'd quietly slipped into the guest bed. Cane made Lily promise not to sleep in the guest bed if they ever fought again.

Any argument, Cane explained, could wait to be discussed until the next morning. Lily replied, "I want to wake up every morning next to you, too." Lily and Cane began kissing, and both reclined together on the sofa after Lily noted that she could take the morning off.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

At Jabot, Neil met with Kyle and Jack to report about progress with the new fashion line. Neil said the launch was on target, and Jack was thrilled that everything had gone so well with Neil's team. Jack said that working with family members was proving to be a plus. Neil agreed that he liked having his kids on board. Jack asked Neil if he might be able to add someone new to his staff.

Neil assumed that Jack was speaking about Mason because Jack had given Neil his résumé. Neil told Jack that he didn't have room in the budget to hire an assistant. Jack said he wasn't talking about Mason. Jack wanted Neil to take on Summer Newman as an unpaid intern.

Neil wasn't sure about Summer because she was still in high school. Kyle spoke up about Summer's talents and her eye for fashion. Kyle campaigned heavily to Neil that Summer would be a valuable asset to Jabot's fashion line because she could give Neil insights into the youth market. Neil agreed to give Summer a try.

In the hallway, Summer met Phyllis who assumed that her daughter was there to see her. Summer explained that she was there to speak with Jack about her internship. Summer went on about how she was fascinated by business because she'd had a ringside seat on the family business all her life.

Phyllis suspected that Summer was more fascinated about working with Kyle than working at Jabot. Phyllis listened as Summer defended her decision to explore working in big business before going to college. Phyllis couldn't help but admire Summer's enthusiasm, but she remained skeptical about Summer's true intentions for joining Jabot.

Kyle stepped out of Jack's office and was happy to see Summer with Phyllis. Kyle said that he'd been singing Summer's praises to Neil. Just then, Jack and Neil emerged from Jack's office. Jack informed Summer that she was going to be interning with Neil in the new fashion division. Summer was disappointed that Kyle's office was in a different building than Neil's.

Summer was grateful to Jack, but she told him that she wasn't interested in working in the fashion division. Summer explained that she wanted to do her internship in cosmetics. Jack listened as Summer declared that she could only benefit from a Jabot internship if she could work with Jack. Summer wanted to observe how Jack ran the company.

Later, Kyle and Phyllis were discussing business in the hallway. Phyllis noted that Summer had shown a lot of moxie by dictating to Jack and Neil what she wanted to do for her internship. Phyllis implied that Summer wanted to remain close to Kyle's office that was down the hall from Jack's.

Kyle assured Phyllis that he was Summer's friend and nothing more. Phyllis let Kyle know that she would be keeping an eye on both of them. Meanwhile, in Jack's office, Jack gave Summer some information about Jabot. Summer read the flow chart that he handed her. Jack assured Summer that he hadn't given her a chance to work at Jabot to get back at Victor in some way.

Summer appreciated that Jack believed in her. Summer changed the subject to Kyle and wondered what Jack could tell her about his son. Jack casually revealed that Kyle enjoyed tennis, racquetball, and playing chess. Summer made note of that information then watched Jack leave the office. Later, Summer overheard Phyllis and Kyle talking about her.

In the hallway, Leslie confessed to Tyler that she'd opened up to Neil about everything in their past, including the fact that they had changed their names. Leslie told Tyler that she was really upset that someone had cut Avery's brakes and assumed it was because Avery was defending Gus. Leslie believed her father's enemies were targeting Avery.

Tyler worried that their father's enemies might go after him and Leslie if their true identities were discovered. Tyler wished that Avery would just drop the case and let Gus Rogan remain in prison. Leslie explained to her brother that Avery had a good case to get Gus released. Tyler felt that justice would be served if Gus were never set free.

At the Athletic Club, Nick spoke on the phone with Avery. Nick was relieved that she was safe in Milwaukee, but he urged her to be vigilant. Nick noticed that Marcus walked into the Athletic Club. After ending his call with Avery, Nick asked Marcus why he was so interested in Avery's Innocence Foundation case. Marcus said he'd testified in the original trial and wanted to see the killer remain in prison.

Nick informed Marcus that the brakes on Avery's car had been tampered with, and she'd been in an accident. Marcus acted very concerned about Avery's well-being and was relieved that Avery was all right and that Nick had security following her. Marcus speculated that Avery's client, Gus Rogan, might be the cause of her being a target. Rogan had turned state's evidence against his former cohorts who might be seeking revenge.

Nick saw that Leslie had walked into the Athletic Club. Leslie approached Nick to say she was sorry to hear about Avery's car accident. Leslie told Nick that the man Avery was defending was a dangerous criminal. Nick wondered what Leslie knew about Gus Rogan. Leslie explained that she and Avery had simply discussed the case. Leslie urged Nick to convince Avery to drop the case.

At Crimson Lights, Sarge ran into his nephew, Mason. Sarge was surprised to learn that Mason was no longer working at Newman Enterprises, and he suspected that Mason had been fired. Mason said Adam thought that he'd been spying for Victor Newman. Sarge admired Mason for not having stooped to espionage. Mason said he wished he had spied for Victor.

Mason was bitterly disappointed that he'd blown his chance to succeed in a big corporation like Newman Enterprises. Mason wanted to be like Victor Newman, even if Sarge thought that Mason wouldn't be able to look himself in the mirror if he had Victor as a role model. Mason was looking for a big payoff and did not care for the boredom that came with a job like Sarge's.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther was concerned when Katherine couldn't recall if she'd purchased a gift for Nikki and Victor. Adriana overheard Katherine saying she didn't know what Esther was talking about. Adrian noticed the Newman wedding invitation on the table in the foyer. Adriana walking into the living room to say that she and Katherine would be going out to shop for Nikki and Victor's wedding gift.

Katherine and Adriana discussed gift ideas for Nikki and Victor. Having seen the Newman ranch, Adriana didn't think they needed anything. Esther was suspicious of Adriana and lingered in the living room. Later, Adriana told Katherine that the gift they'd ordered would be delivered right away. Katherine thanked Adriana for helping her with her memory lapses.

Adriana told Katherine that she was like her abuela, her grandmother. Adriana's grandmother had suffered with memory problems, too. Adriana suggested that Katherine see a doctor soon. Katherine wanted to know more about Adriana's abuela. Adriana said that her grandmother had been a wonderful woman who'd taught her the important things in life.

Adriana explained to Katherine that despite her pleas, her abuela had been too afraid to see a doctor about her memory problems. When Adriana had finally convinced her, Adriana's grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer. Adriana sadly explained that it had progressed too far and there had been nothing the doctors could do to save her life.

Later, Katherine was alone in the living room. She opened her purse and looked at a brochure about Alzheimer's disease. Katherine went to her desk and dropped the brochure in the trashcan. Katherine contemplated her medical condition and held her head. Katherine retrieved the brochure from the trashcan and started to read it.

Dylan went to Sharon's place to work on the house renovations. Sharon was surprised to see Dylan because of the hiking incident. Sharon assumed that Dylan would take the day off, but Dylan said he wanted to work. Sharon informed Dylan that her sprained ankle was fine. Sharon was grateful that Faith had been unharmed. Sharon thanked Dylan for finding her child.

Dylan said that he had just done the right thing at the time, but Sharon was impressed by his way with children. Dylan admitted that he'd gotten experience caring for children while serving in Afghanistan. Sharon asked if Dylan could talk about those experiences. Dylan remembered staying with a local Afghan family and befriending their daughter, Aura.

Dylan's phone rang, and he spoke with Marlene, his father's nurse. Dylan told Sharon that his father had taken a turn for the worse. Sharon assumed that Dylan would go to Chicago to see his dad. Dylan didn't want to leave her house in disarray, but Sharon insisted that Dylan put his family first. Sharon said he had to go see his father.

At Jabot, Jack wanted to leave early to go out to dinner with Phyllis, but Sarge appeared and asked to speak with Jack. Alone in the office, Sarge told Jack that Mason had gotten caught up in some Newman Enterprises chicanery. Sarge said that Victor had tried to get Mason to do something nasty, and Mason had resisted. Sarge explained that he was very upset because Mason regretted that he hadn't done Victor's dirty work.

Jack said that Mason should not buy into Victor's business methods. Sarge was worried that Mason had already been scarred by the experience. Jack said he owed everything to Sarge, but Jack was sure that Mason would figure out how to handle the situation. When Jack finally offered to speak with Mason, Sarge jokingly wondered why Jack had taken so much time to make the offer. Sarge complimented Jack on looking like he was in good shape.

Kyle assured Phyllis that he would never hurt Summer. Phyllis was grateful. Jack reappeared, and he and Phyllis left for dinner. Summer grabbed Kyle's arm and commented on how nice it was to see Jack and Phyllis together. Kyle agreed that they were happy together.

Later, in Jack's office, Kyle spoke with Summer about the need to digitize the paperwork. Kyle gave Summer a bunch of files and told her to find the scanner down the hall. Kyle walked out. A moment later, he returned and kissed Summer. However, that was just Summer's fantasy, and when Kyle actually returned to the office, it was just to retrieve a file.

Nick went to Sharon's to let her know that Faith had slept well the night before and had not had any nightmares after her hiking scare. Sharon gave Dylan all the credit for having handled Faith so well. Nick advised Sharon not to make it seem as though Dylan was a hero. Sharon noticed that Nick was irritable.

Sharon asked Nick why he seemed so uptight, and he admitted he was worried about Avery being away in Milwaukee on her case. Sharon told Nick that Avery knew how to take care of herself. Nick blamed Dylan's presence in town for adding to Avery's stress. Sharon believed that Dylan was staying in Genoa City to figure out his life, but Nick wished he'd just leave.

In Chicago, Dylan walked into his father's bedroom. Dylan saw that his dad was asleep. Dylan noticed a religious medal on his father's night table. When his father woke up, he assured Dylan that he was fine. Dylan knew better and said that he wanted to move his father to Genoa City so Dylan could be nearer to him.

At the Athletic Club, Jack and Phyllis were shown to a dining room table. Jack was feeling wonderful, and Phyllis was happy for him. When her phone rang, Phyllis told Jack she had to run back to the office for a few minutes. Jack said he'd start without her because he was famished. After Phyllis left, Jack ordered an iced tea for himself and a glass of chardonnay for Phyllis. Jack then changed the order to two glasses of wine.

At Jabot, Neil assured Tyler that he would keep Leslie's confidence. Neil promised to do whatever was necessary to protect Leslie. Tyler warned Neil that Leslie would not like being overprotected and explained that Leslie had reinvented herself once before and might do it again.

Later, Neil met Leslie in the foyer at the Athletic Club. Impulsively, Neil offered to take her back to his place for a private dinner. Neil told Leslie he wanted to be alone with her, and they walked out together. Meanwhile, Marcus made a call to give the go-ahead for a special plan. At the table, Jack gazed at his glass of wine. Phyllis returned, and when she saw Jack with the glass, she asked him what he was doing.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In her hotel room, Lauren recalled making love to Carmine the night before. Michael looked at the invitation to Nikki and Victor's wedding then called Lauren's phone and left a message asking her if she would be going to the wedding with him. Michael asked Lauren if she would meet with him. Later, Lauren showed up at Crimson Lights, joining Michael at a table on the patio.

Michael informed Lauren that he and Fen had agreed to put the past behind them, and Michael hoped Lauren would forgive him as Fen had. Michael confessed that he missed Lauren and wanted her back home and back in their bed. Michael blamed himself for hurting her, but he wanted them to move forward. Lauren said she needed more time alone.

Michael told Lauren that in addition to making peace with Fen, he'd resigned as D.A. Lauren was shocked that Michael had quit his job. Michael recognized that his work had been a problem for Lauren and their family, so he had given it up. Lauren still refused to return home, claiming that she was working through some difficult questions. Michael wanted to know what she meant, and Lauren reiterated that Michael loved the law more than he loved their son.

Michael stuck by his dedication to the law and asked if Lauren expected him to beg for her forgiveness. Michael refused to apologize for the questions he'd had about the effect of Fen's bullying on Jamie. When Michael reminded Lauren of their marriage vows, Lauren said she was not to blame for their marital problems. Michael asked her to listen, but Lauren walked out without another word.

At the Athletic Club bar, Abby noticed Carmine was distracted and dreamy. Abby tried to get him to pay attention to his job by ordering a beer and a glass of wine. Carmine wondered why she needed two drinks, and Abby pointed out that she was with Alex. Carmine guessed Abby was using Alex to make him jealous.

At a table in the dining room, Abby spoke with Alex about his family back in New York City. Abby noted that Adriana, Alex's sister, was still in Genoa City. Alex was critical of Adriana's behavior, but he told Abby that Adriana was more wild than bad. Abby admitted that she'd once been considered very wild.

Alex wasn't sure he believed Abby, until she told him about how she had ridden her horse into the Athletic Club. Alex had read about her Naked Heiress exploits online. Abby said that her Naked Heiress days were behind her because she wanted to be taken more seriously. Abby was determined to prove herself to her Uncle Jack at Jabot.

Alex noticed that Abby was gazing at the bar and very interested in the Italian stallion bartender. Abby said that the stallion was named Carmine, and she denied that she was interested in him anymore. Abby said she had once dated Carmine. Alex assumed that Abby was trying to make Carmine jealous by having drinks with him.

Abby said no, that she really liked Alex and thought he was funny for a cop. Alex laughed at that because he didn't think he was a funny guy. Abby wondered why Alex had moved to a quiet place like Genoa City. Alex revealed that he couldn't get a job back in New York. Abby noticed the time and said that she was late for her father's wedding rehearsal dinner.

Alex was sorry that she couldn't stay longer. Abby impulsively invited Alex to be her escort to the wedding the next day. Alex said no because it was too much pressure to meet her family on a first date. Alex suggested that they go to Jimmy's and play pinball instead. Alex was surprised when Abby instantly said yes to his proposal. Abby told him that he might be surprised by the kind of girl she was.

In Genoa City Hospital, Dylan stood by his father's bed and offered him a sip of water. Pop said he hated hospitals and believed he would die in the Wisconsin hospital. Dylan protested that he'd taken his father there so Dylan could see him daily. Pop was concerned that all the medication in the world couldn't save him, but Dylan had hope.

Pop believed that Dylan had decided to remain in Genoa City because he hoped to get back together with Avery. Pop said that Dylan was a lot like his mother. She'd always believed that good things were going to happen. Pop warned Dylan that his life was bound to change in the near future.

Pop felt that Dylan would have some major decisions to make about things like Pop's house and the construction business. Dylan assured his father that he had plenty of time for that. Pop explained to Dylan that he was prepared to die because he'd had a good life and done a lot. Pop appreciate his years with Dylan's mother and having Dylan as a son.

Dylan jokingly told Pop that he needed to stick around because the Chicago Cubs hadn't won a World Series yet. Dylan wanted to share the experience of going to Wrigley Field for a big game with his father. When his father started to cough, Dylan told him to rest. Pop quieted down after a moment.

Dylan admitted to his father that he'd survived the war because he had known Pop had believed in him. Pop recalled that he'd been overjoyed the day he'd heard Dylan's voice again. Pop was still amazed that Dylan had turned out to be alive. Dylan's eyes welled with tears when Pop said that he was proud of Dylan.

A short time later, Dylan returned to Pop's room, holding a Chicago Cubs baseball hat that he'd found in the gift shop. His father was asleep. Dylan called a man named Charlie, saying that he was ready to discuss selling his father's business. Dylan went to the bedside and placed the cap on his father's chest. Dylan stood by and watched his father sleep.

At the ranch, Victor kissed Nikki as she played the piano. Nikki was afraid that she wouldn't be able to play much longer because of the MS. Victor told Nikki that Dr. Costner was on his way over to consult with them about her condition. Later, the doctor told Victor and Nikki that her MS was still in the early stages. The doctor was hopeful that Nikki might go into a remission naturally.

Before leaving, the doctor advised Nikki to avoid stress and stay in tune with her body. Nikki explained that she and Victor were getting married the following day and asked for the doctor's permission. He said if she could handle the stress, he saw no reason for her not to continue.

When he left, Victor kissed Nikki and told her they were definitely going to have the wedding the next day. Later, Victor was curious about why Nikki didn't seem happy about the doctor's positive news. Nikki admitted that she'd hoped he might tell her that she'd never had MS, that it had all been a mistake.

Nikki felt that she had no control over the disease and was frustrated by her lack of power. Nikki feared that it was only a matter of time before she'd succumb to the ravages of the disease. Victor assured her that they'd fight back with the best treatment available. Later, they were dressed for the rehearsal dinner, and Victor gave Nikki a diamond necklace.

As Victor put it on her neck, Nikki was overwhelmed by his generosity and told Victor that she loved him. Victor told her that the word necklace was from the Greek and meant strength. He said that he and Nikki were as indestructible as the diamonds in the necklace. Victor told Nikki that she was beautiful and he loved her.

Victoria found Billy asleep on the couch, suffering from the same cold she'd had days before. Victoria wanted Billy to hurry up and get better so he could go take her to Nikki and Victor's wedding. Billy didn't want to go and hid under the blanket. Later, Victoria gave Billy the same cold cure he'd given her and insisted that he drink it.

At Adam's house, he boasted to Sharon about all the wonderful accommodations at his home, including fresh coffee that he occasionally made himself. Sharon was impressed and amused by Adam's enthusiasm. Sharon asked him to help her carry in her bags. As they went out, Adam and Sharon found a scowling Nick on the doorstep.

Nick said that he was upset that Sharon had moved in with Adam when she knew Nick disapproved. Nick didn't want Faith to visit Sharon at Adam's, and Sharon said she didn't expect that to happen. Nick wanted to speak with Sharon privately, but she said Adam had a right to hear what Nick had to say. Adam interjected that Sharon was only there because of the renovations to her house.

Nick believed that Sharon might backslide in her mental illness if she lived with Adam. Nick advised Sharon to get a room at the Athletic Club, but Sharon didn't want to do that. Adam accused Nick of getting off on being Sharon's hero and guessed Nick was hoping that she'd fail. Nick resented Adam's words, prompting Sharon to intervene. Sharon gave Adam credit for showing her how to be her own woman.

Nick announced that he had to leave for his parents' wedding rehearsal dinner. After Nick was gone, Sharon said that she was sorry that his father had not invited Adam to the party. Adam acted like he didn't care, but Sharon knew better. Adam said that he'd make it to the next wedding rehearsal dinner party.

Still at home, Victoria explained to Billy that Nikki needed her at the wedding and the wedding rehearsal dinner. Billy relented and drank the remedy she'd prepared. Billy nearly gagged on the concoction. Later, Victoria, Billy, and Abby were at the ranch, and Abby and Victoria admired Nikki's new necklace.

Victor told the family about the doctor's visit. Nikki agreed with Victor that she'd received a good prognosis, but she was still getting used to the idea that she had MS. Abby offered to help Nikki in any way she could. Billy declared that they would all be close at hand, and Victor approved. Nick urged Billy to pour some drinks for the group.

The doorbell rang, and an unexpected guest arrived. Adam walked into the living room, carrying a gift for Victor and Nikki. Victor asked Adam what he was doing there. Adam announced that he wasn't staying; he just wanted to drop off a gift. Victor only wanted Adam to give him back Newman Enterprises.

Adam observed that Victor had everything: a beautiful woman who loved him, children whom he loved, and the best things in life. Still, the only thing Victor wanted was Newman Enterprises. Adam apologized to Nikki for ruining the evening, then he wished her luck with Victor. Later, Adam returned home, and Sharon guessed that he'd crashed the rehearsal dinner.

At the party, Abby received a phone call and told the family she had to leave because she was needed at Jabot. After Abby left, Victor proposed a toast. Victor felt that this time with Nikki was different because he realized that she was his destiny. Victor asked everyone to toast Nikki. Suddenly, Nikki fell backwards into Nick's arms.

An emotional Lauren returned to the Athletic Club. Carmine saw her rush upstairs and followed her. Lauren didn't want Carmine's help, but he insisted. In the room, Lauren was in tears. Carmine helped Lauren out of her coat and kissed her. They fell onto the bed and began to make love. Michael went to Lauren's hotel room, but refrained from knocking on the door.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lauren and Carmine had sex as Michael arrived at her hotel room door. Michael knocked, and Lauren panicked when she heard him call her name. Michael begged Lauren to let him in to discuss their earlier confrontation. He apologized and insisted that they had to talk to make things right. He pounded on the door and threatened to camp outside until she opened it. Lauren told Carmine to hide, and she answered the door and claimed that she had been asleep.

Lauren said that she was exhausted, and Michael asked to speak with her the next day, but she replied that she had nothing to say. Michael professed his love, but she winced when he reached out to touch her face. Lauren told him to go, but he didn't want to spend another night without her. A defeated Michael offered to give her more time alone, but he reminded her that he was there if she needed him, and he tenderly told her again that he loved her. He departed, and Carmine commended Lauren for making the right choice.

Michael returned to Crimson Lights, and he told Kevin that his marriage was over. Kevin said that people like Michael and Lauren didn't get divorced, but Michael dejectedly noted that Lauren had been living at the Athletic Club for a week. Kevin didn't think that meant their marriage was over, but Michael asserted that Kevin hadn't heard her anger and disdain. Kevin believed that she still loved Michael, but Michael blamed himself for abandoning his family and not trusting Lauren's instincts. Kevin thought that Michael was being too hard on himself, but Michael lamented that he himself was the one who should have been stopped, but instead, he had made Fen a target for his self-loathing.

Michael doubted that Lauren would ever forgive him, but Kevin couldn't believe that he would just give up. Kevin encouraged Michael to focus on what Michael had done right, because Fen had bullied a weaker kid and Michael had prevented his son from continuing down a bad path. Kevin added that Fen had forgiven Michael, and he was certain that Lauren would, too. Michael asked how Kevin had become so wise, and Kevin said that he'd learned from his mistakes. Michael wondered how to get Lauren to forgive him, and Kevin offered to help.

Lauren ordered Carmine to leave, and he pleaded with her not to let Michael's visit spoil their fun, but she felt sick about cheating on her husband. Carmine conceded that she could beat herself up, but he thought that something had made her turn to him for comfort and companionship. She steeled herself to face what she'd done, but Carmine argued that both she and Michael needed to take time to calm down. Carmine pointed out that it was the same advice she'd given Michael, and he encouraged her to wait until morning to hash things out, but she wanted to find Michael right away.

Carmine urged Lauren to relax, and he kissed her neck, but she pulled away and said that their relationship was wrong and that it would end badly for both of them. Carmine agreed not to push, but he swore that he'd never been with anyone like her before. He felt a connection between them, and he thought she did, too. She repeated that he had to leave. Carmine got dressed and departed.

Lauren's phone rang, and she ignored it, but it rang again. She answered a call from Kevin, who said that he was concerned about Michael. She worriedly inquired what had happened. Kevin relayed that Michael seemed really down, and he was afraid that Michael might do something stupid. Kevin claimed that he'd never seen Michael so bereft, and he begged her to return home.

At the Baldwin penthouse, Lauren knocked on the front door and called for Michael. There was no response, so she pulled out her key and entered. She found the room basked in candlelight, and Michael stepped out from the shadows with glasses of wine. Michael admitted that Kevin had lied, because it had been the only way to get her home, and he asked her to stay.

Adam looked through some photos from his childhood, and he commented to Sharon that he hadn't even known Victor had existed when the pictures had been taken. Adam felt as if his life had been split into two halves, "before Victor" and "after Victor." Sharon advised Adam not to define himself by his relationships with others, and he questioned whether she was able to do the same. Adam added that knowing his father had changed him, and he no longer recognized the boy he had been. Sharon pointed out that sometimes people just changed over time, and it could be a good thing. Adam remarked that he and Sharon had a lot in common.

Sharon gazed out the window and marveled that the moon didn't have a light of its own, and they could only see it because it reflected the sun. Adam was baffled by her sudden astronomical reference, and she explained that she didn't want to be like the moon. She continued that she had always had strong, powerful men in her life, and people saw her as reflection of them, but she didn't want to live like that anymore. She was afraid that she might not finish what she'd started, and she wanted to evolve into the person she wanted to become. Sharon realized that she needed to move forward on her own, and she declared that she shouldn't work at Newman Enterprises or live with Adam.

Adam asked if Sharon was following Dr. Watkins' advice, and Sharon thought that Dr. Watkins would approve, but she said that her decision was about doing what was best for her. Sharon appreciated all that Adam had done, and Adam joked that she was demonstrating her gratitude by quitting and moving out. Adam contended that she'd deserved the job and that productivity had increased significantly since she had taken over. She countered that people would think that she hadn't earned her success if she continued working for him. She wanted to do something completely on her own, without anyone else's help. He quipped that he'd created a monster, but she was determined to move out and leave her job.

Adam theorized that powerful men had been attracted to Sharon because she had been the brightest thing in their galaxies, but he realized that he couldn't deter her. He promised not to try to convince her not to leave, and he acknowledged that she would never be judged on her own merits while she was working for him. Sharon expected Adam to be more upset, and she thought that the "old Adam" would have plotted to get her to stay. Adam simply wished her luck, and he asked her to stay at Newman until she'd found the right job. She became suspicious that he was willing to let her go so easily, and she wondered if perhaps he wasn't happy with her work.

Adam complained that he was in a no-win situation, because Sharon would be upset if he tried to convince her to stay or if he encouraged her to venture out. He admitted that he hated that she was leaving, but he agreed that it was the right thing to do. Adam was glad that Sharon wanted to find her own success, and he was happy that he'd led her to the road to make it happen. She opened the photo album and mused that he wasn't so different from the boy in the photo, and she thought that Hope would have been proud of the man he'd become. Adam wasn't sure, but Sharon said that the only thing he was missing was love.

Adam replied that love was for other people, but Sharon contended that everyone deserved love. He took off his wedding ring and remarked that not everyone got it. Sharon told Adam not to listen to Victor's voice in his head telling him that he wasn't good enough, but Adam complained that it was in his DNA. Sharon reminded him that Hope was in his blood, too. He said that Sharon's insight would make it even harder to see her leave, but he understood. He said that he would miss her, but she promised that she wouldn't be completely out of his life. He hoped that she never was.

Nick and Victor carried an unconscious Nikki to the couch. Victoria dialed 9-1-1, and Billy called Dr. Costner. Victor implored Nikki to wake up, and she stirred. Her family gathered around, and she asked what had happened. Victoria reported that an ambulance was on the way, but Nikki insisted that she didn't need one, because she'd only fainted from low blood sugar. Victor instructed Victoria to call off the paramedics, but he still wanted Dr. Costner to examine Nikki.

Nikki maintained that she hadn't eaten much in the excitement about the wedding, and she didn't want everyone to hover. Nick warned that Nikki couldn't be too careful, but she was adamant that she didn't even need medication for her MS yet, and she wanted to go on with her life and the wedding. She suggested that she simply eat something and then go to bed early to look her best on her wedding day. Victor worried that something more serious could be wrong. Victor urged Nikki to wait to see what the doctor said, but Nikki remained determined to get married the next day. She stumbled when she tried to stand, and Victor requested that she be patient.

Victor escorted Nikki to a quiet room and informed her that the doctor was on his way. She repeated that she was just hungry, and she asked for a sandwich. Victoria entered with a glass of water, but Nikki told Victoria not to wait on her. Nikki noticed Victoria and Victor exchange a look, and she accused them of conspiring to try to convince her of something. Nikki demanded that the wedding proceed as scheduled.

Victor encouraged Nikki to listen to Victoria, and he stepped out to get Nikki some food. Victoria insisted that they just wanted to make sure Nikki was okay, but Nikki pointed out that she would have a chronic illness for the rest of her life. Victoria advised her just to worry about the next day, but Nikki was afraid that she would run out of tomorrows. Nikki worried that MS could prevent her from getting married. Victor listened from outside.

Victoria said that her parents didn't need a big wedding to have a happy marriage, but Nikki wanted to dance with Victor on their wedding day. Nikki recalled that some of her favorite memories were of her and Victor dancing together, and she didn't know how much longer she would be able to do that. Victoria said that Victor loved Nikki more than anything and that he would make the wedding happen.

Victor returned with Dr. Costner, and Nikki claimed that her fainting incident had been nothing. Victoria and Victor left while the doctor examined Nikki. In the hallway, Victoria indicated that Nikki still wanted to go through with the wedding, but Victor worried that it would be too much for Nikki to handle. Victoria opined that getting married wouldn't hurt Nikki, but not doing so would do a lot of damage.

Dr. Costner informed Nikki that her blood pressure was elevated, and he advised her to avoid stress. Victoria asked what they could do to help, and Dr. Costner said to make sure Nikki got rest and ate regularly. Victor questioned whether they needed to go to the hospital, but the doctor said that it wasn't necessary as long as there were no more incidents. Nikki asked if they could go through with the wedding.

Dr. Costner thought it would be best to postpone the wedding, and Nikki protested that she felt fine, but Victor wanted to keep it that way. The doctor asked her to stop by his office the next day, and he left. Nikki lamented that she'd ruined the evening and the wedding, but Victoria assured her that it wouldn't be long before they rescheduled the ceremony. Victoria volunteered to handle canceling the arrangements, and she departed. Victor was sorry that Nikki was disappointed, but Nikki called it a temporary setback, and they hugged.

Victoria and Billy arrived home, and Billy offered to make coffee to prepare for an evening of phoning wedding guests to inform them of the postponement. Victoria couldn't pretend not to be terrified for Nikki, and Billy assured Victoria that the doctors could manage MS if Nikki took care of herself, but Victoria thought that was easier said than done. Billy encouraged Victoria to believe in Nikki and to be there for her mother when things got rough. Victoria vowed to let Nikki know that she could lean on Victoria, and Billy swore that he would be there to hold both women up.

Nikki asked Victor for confirmation that they would get married eventually, and he promised to move heaven and earth to make it happen, but he wanted her to get some rest. She said that she would be upstairs in a minute, and he left to prepare for bed. Nikki flashed back to various times when she and Victor had danced together. In the present, she began to cry.

Meanwhile, Victor made a call and mentioned the postponed wedding. He asked for someone's help to cheer Nikki up.

Friday, March 8, 2013

At the Athletic Club, Avery confronted Leslie, who tried to downplay her interest in Avery's recent trip to Milwaukee. Avery revealed that Valerie and Davis Rogan had been in hiding for the past twelve years, but Gus had shown Avery a photo of his children, and she knew that Gus was Leslie's father. Leslie begged Avery to leave the case alone, but Avery protested that an innocent man was in jail. Leslie warned that Avery would destroy Leslie and Tyler's lives if Avery didn't back off.

Avery understood why Leslie and Tyler had wanted to break the connection to their childhood, but Leslie added that they really liked their new lives. Avery recognized that the appeal had Leslie on edge, but she urged Leslie to reconsider. Leslie cried that her father had killed her mother, but Avery contended that Gus was innocent. Leslie asserted that Gus had been proven guilty, and she didn't think that he should be released because of some botched DNA tests.

Leslie implored Avery to protect Leslie and Tyler, who had been innocent kids when they had lost their mother, or everything they had worked for would fall apart if Gus were released. Avery said that Leslie had a choice whether or not to have a relationship with Gus, but Leslie feared that she and Tyler would be labeled the children of a monster. Avery refused to let an innocent man rot in prison, but Leslie insisted that she'd witnessed her father murder her mother. Avery clarified that Leslie hadn't seen the actual murder, but only Gus standing over Leslie's mother's body.

Leslie chided Avery for using cross-examination tactics on her, but Avery urged Leslie to consider that Leslie might have been wrong. Avery believed that Gus had told the truth about trying to revive Leslie's mother, and she pointed out that the botched tests had concealed traces of someone else's DNA on Leslie's mother's body. Leslie wailed that she would suffer the consequences if Avery got Gus released. Avery asserted that she wasn't defending Gus to hurt Leslie, but Leslie stated that it would be on Avery's conscience if Avery destroyed lives by exonerating a killer.

A frazzled Leslie tracked down Tyler at Jabot, and she questioned whether everything they had believed had been wrong. Leslie told Tyler about what Avery had said, and she wasn't sure that they had done the right thing. Tyler recalled Leslie's testimony, but Leslie confirmed that she hadn't actually seen Gus kill their mother. Leslie only remembered yelling, and then seeing Gus shaking and pounding on their mother, but she realized that he could have been trying to help. Tyler warned Leslie not to get confused, but Leslie referred to the mishandled evidence, and she wondered if Gus was innocent.

Tyler reminded Leslie about Gus's temper and illegal dealings, but she pointed out that Avery was convinced of Gus's innocence. Tyler argued that Avery hadn't lived with Gus. Leslie mentioned that Gus had shown Avery a picture of Leslie and Tyler, and she realized that their father still thought about them. Tyler worried that Gus would try to find them and seek revenge for putting him away. Leslie thought that they would need to disappear again if Avery won the appeal.

Tyler didn't want to run, but Leslie insisted that Gus was violent and that they had no idea what Gus would do. Tyler swore not to let Gus hurt her, but he liked living and working in Genoa City, and he didn't want to start over again. Leslie suspected that Lily had something to do with Tyler's change of attitude, and he countered that Leslie was serious about Neil. Leslie couldn't imagine leaving Neil, but she worried about Neil and Lily's safety, too. Leslie was certain that leaving town was the only option if Gus were released.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea observed a mother tending to her fussy baby. Chelsea tore up the sketch she had been drawing, and Chloe spotted Chelsea taking out her frustration. Chelsea explained that she'd just seen 18 years of single motherhood flash before her eyes. Chelsea asked for encouragement, and Chloe called Chelsea a great friend who was amazingly talented. Chelsea clarified that she needed advice about Adam, because she had to prepare to tell him about the baby.

Chloe stated that Adam might be compassionate and generous, and she added that he would love the baby and treat Chelsea with respect. Chelsea hopefully inquired whether Chloe truly thought that, and Chloe replied no. Chloe didn't think Adam was capable of compassionate acts, but she believed that after he initially exploded, Adam would want the baby, but only on his own terms. Chloe understood that Chelsea wanted to be honest, but she cautioned that Chelsea would regret it. Chelsea asserted that she'd seen Adam's compassionate side, and Chloe could clearly see that Chelsea was still in love with Adam.

Chelsea said that it didn't matter whether she was love with Adam, because she wouldn't waste her time with a man who didn't love her back with the same intensity. Chloe wished that Chelsea could forget about Adam, and she wondered how Chelsea could still have feelings for him after he'd broken her heart. Chelsea denied it, but Chloe pointed out that it sounded like Chelsea was willing to give Adam another chance. Chelsea thought it was better than a nasty custody battle, and she hoped that Adam would agree to joint custody. Chloe said that the only way to find out was to tell him about the baby.

Chloe reiterated that she didn't think Chelsea should tell Adam, but it was the only way to know what his reaction would be. Chloe advised that the safest option was not to say anything, and she suggested that Chelsea find someone to pretend to be the baby's father. Chelsea didn't think that she could pull it off, but Chloe called Chelsea the master of cons. Chelsea said that she had reformed, and she had learned that a life of lies never paid off. Chloe contended that the well-being of Chelsea's child was the most important thing, and she pressed Chelsea to develop a cover story before Chelsea's pregnancy started to show.

Sharon discovered a frustrated Adam attempting to work in his living room, and he explained that he was trying to figure out how to run the company without her, but she was sure that he already had replacement candidates in mind. Adam replied that no one could replace Sharon. She suggested a couple of people, but he seemed unenthused. Sharon guessed that his glum demeanor had less to do with her leaving than it did with him being alone.

Adam didn't want Sharon to push him to be with Chelsea, because Chelsea had left him, and he couldn't change her mind. Sharon believed that Adam and Chelsea had something worth saving, but he maintained that Chelsea had moved on. Sharon thought that Chelsea still loved Adam. Adam theorized that even if he and Chelsea got back together, he would only continue to hurt her. Sharon inquired whether Adam would take Chelsea back if Chelsea returned to him.

Sharon asked for help with her bags, and Adam complained that he'd just helped carry them upstairs. He wished that she wouldn't leave, and he thought it was silly for her to stay at the Athletic Club when he had plenty of room. He understood that she wanted independence, but he encouraged her to stay one more night, and he promised to help with her luggage if she still decided to leave the next morning. There was a knock at the door, and he assumed that Sharon had called a cab, but he opened the door to Chelsea. He coolly commented that it was late, but she said that she needed to talk to him, and it couldn't wait.

Chelsea stepped inside and saw Sharon, who planned to leave to check on Faith. Chelsea assumed that Sharon had moved in, and Sharon tried to explain, but Chelsea said that what Adam and Sharon did no longer affected her. Sharon departed, and Adam asked Chelsea what was so important. Chelsea was surprised by Adam's cold reception, and he said it was a defense. He pointed out that Chelsea had reacted erratically when they'd run into one another, and she admitted that she had been hostile.

Adam acknowledged that he hadn't given Chelsea the life she had expected, but he added that the same could be said about her. He asked what she needed, but she retorted that she didn't want anything from him. Chelsea told Adam that Jabot would be funding her startup, so she didn't need the money he had given her, but he told her to keep the cash as part of their divorce settlement. She was incredulous that he could just turn off his feelings when he felt like it, and he questioned whether she could just forget what they had shared.

Chelsea snapped that she wasn't like Adam, and she couldn't just stop loving someone. He said that was admirable, but she replied that loving someone and wanting to be with them were different things, and he'd chosen himself over their marriage. He thought her view of the situation was distorted. She barked that she would never bother him again, and she walked out. Outside, she struggled against tears.

Avery answered her phone, but no one responded. She rushed over to the tack house and yelled for Nick. Sharon appeared from upstairs and informed her that Nick wasn't there. Avery apologized for barging in, and Sharon noticed that Avery seemed agitated. Avery stated that it had been a strange day, and Sharon tried to make small talk, but Avery blurted that she thought that someone was following her.

Michael asked Lauren to forgive him, but she was livid that he had tricked her into returning home. Michael defended that it had been Kevin's idea, but he wouldn't deny that he was thrilled that it had worked. He pointed out that her presence showed that she cared more about Michael than about her anger, and she conceded that she cared, but she didn't think that a lie helped the situation. Michael argued that avoidance wouldn't, either, but she wanted more time to think. He noted that she was obviously terrified of something, but he didn't have a clue what it was.

Michael explained that he'd agreed to set up Lauren because she'd indicated that they'd passed a point of no return. He pleaded with her to tell him that it wasn't the case and that their marriage could rebound, but she wasn't sure. They both admitted that they were in agony, but she couldn't overlook what had happened. He said that they loved one another and that they'd had a great marriage, and he hoped that a brief period of misunderstanding couldn't undo the many happy years they'd shared. Michael looked deep into Lauren's eyes, and he refused to believe that there was nothing he could do to fix things, because he would do or change anything. Lauren told him that she was the problem, not him.

Michael inquired whether Lauren was no longer in love with him. She repeated that she needed time, but he countered that he needed her. Michael continued that he couldn't stand living there without her, and she admitted that their estrangement was tearing her apart, and she began to cry. He expressed relief that he wasn't alone in his anguish, and he sat down next to her and took her hand. He vowed that there was nothing they couldn't get past, but they just had to remember how in love they were. He begged her to return to him and fix things together.

Michael declared his determination to get his marriage to Lauren back on track, and she allowed him to take her into his arms. She admitted that she had missed him, and he said that nothing was stopping her from returning home and staying where she belonged. They kissed. He stood and reached out his hand, and she took it. He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. Meanwhile, a text message from Carmine appeared on her phone.

Lauren emerged from the bedroom and saw Carmine's text messages. Michael grabbed her from behind and asked what she was looking at. Lauren fibbed that she had received a telemarketing message, and Michael implored her to return to bed. She claimed that she wanted a glass of water. She retreated into the kitchen and sent Carmine a text message to inform him that their affair was over.

At the Athletic Club, Victor thanked Abby for meeting him, and he asked for her help. Victor explained that Nikki was upset that they'd postponed the wedding, and although he didn't regret it, he knew that Nikki was afraid that they wouldn't get married at all. He announced that he had devised a plan to keep Nikki optimistic until she was strong enough, and he had planned a series of surprise events.

Nikki descended the stairs and called out for Victor. She became dizzy, and her vision blurred. She made her way to the couch and cursed.

Abby called Victor's idea sensational, and she offered to arrange the whole thing. Nikki called Victor and told him that she felt lightheaded. He instructed Nikki to call 9-1-1, and though she didn't think that was necessary, he reminded her that Dr. Costner had ordered her to go to the hospital if she had another episode. He said that he would meet Nikki there.

Abby and Victor arrived to see Nikki at the hospital, and Nikki insisted that she felt fine. Nikki hoped that they hadn't alarmed Victoria and Nick. Abby promised that she wouldn't say anything, and she stepped out. Nikki thought that Victor was making too much of her dizzy spell, but he gently pushed her to tell him the truth.

Victor told Nikki that they had to be prepared for setbacks, so she couldn't forge ahead as if nothing were wrong, and he didn't want her to hide anything from him. She confessed her fear that she would never be able to marry him. Victor announced that he had a solution. He called to Abby, who entered, dressed as a priest. Nikki giggled and asked what was going on.

Victor proclaimed that he wanted to marry Nikki right then and there, and Abby handed Nikki a bouquet of flowers. Victor declared that he would marry Nikki every day until she was well enough to walk down the aisle. Abby began the ceremony. Victor and Nikki gazed lovingly at one another, and they kissed.

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