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Phyllis walked in on Summer and Kyle in an awkward situation. Victor and Nikki wed. Bob set up a bomb in the basement of the Newman ranch, and he fired a gunshot at the reception.
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Victor and Nikki were remarried, unaware a bomb had been planted in the basement
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Monday, March 18, 2013

At Congressman Marcus Wheeler's office, a man named Bob assured Marcus that everything was in place after Marcus noted that Victor and Nikki's wedding would begin soon. Wheeler said, "You just be sure that this whole 'Belinda Rogan mess' goes away. That means seeing to Victor and anyone else who might be aware of my involvement in it." Bob replied, "I'll take care of it." Marcus reminded Bob to leave town after his job was done, so none of what was about to take place could be traced back to him. Bob nodded in agreement when Marcus added, "Do not disappoint me."

At the tack house, Nick called out to Summer and urged her to hurry, so they wouldn't be late for Victor and Nikki's wedding. Nick answered a knock at the front door and was thrilled to find Avery, who said, "Told you I'd make it." Nick wasn't pleased when Avery told him that Leslie had decided to help overturn her father's conviction. Nick explained that he'd overheard Marcus claim that he had an alibi in place. Avery noted that Marcus could've had been talking about something other than the Belinda Rogan murder case. Nick maintained that he had a bad feeling about Marcus and his interest in the case. Avery and Nick ended their discussion when Summer, Noah, and Faith appeared downstairs. Avery twirled Faith by the hand and admired her flower-girl attire.

At Jabot, Jack made final arrangements over the phone for his and Phyllis' trip to Istanbul. Just after the call ended, Jack heard his office door open. Jack, expecting Phyllis, said, "You ready to go?" A familiar voice responded, "Go? I just got here." Jack was elated to see Ashley standing before him. Ashley told Jack that he looked much better that he had when she'd last seen him. Jack apologized and begged Ashley's forgiveness. Ashley admitted that she was shocked at the way he'd treated her. Jack said he'd truly believed that their father would've been proud of him for seizing Newman Enterprises from Victor.

Ashley commended Jack for walking away from Newman, but she expressed concern about his relationship with Phyllis. Jack claimed he wasn't rushing into a romance and noted that Phyllis had supported him throughout his recovery. Ashley pointed to the travel itinerary on Jack's desk and asked, "Is that why you're taking her to Istanbul with you?" Phyllis overheard and asked, "Do you have a problem with that?" Ashley replied, "I kind of do because it's so early in Jack's recovery for him to be taking a romantic trip."

Phyllis told Ashley that no one regarded the getaway as a romantic trip, and Jack agreed. Jack assured Ashley that he was steering his life in the right direction. Jack's assistant, Candice, phoned and alerted him that there was an urgent issue that needed his attention. After Jack left, Phyllis moved toward Ashley and said, "Why did you come here? Why don't you tell me what's really on your mind?" Ashley insisted that Phyllis was being selfish to accompany Jack on a romantic getaway while he was still in the early stages of recovery and remained vulnerable.

At the Baldwins' condo, Michael admired Lauren's dress and told her that she'd be the most beautiful woman at the ranch. Lauren asked Michael to help fasten her necklace. Lauren squirmed uncomfortably as Michael stood close behind his wife. Michael's fingers touched Lauren's neck as he attempted to latch her necklace. Lauren suddenly snatched the necklace, moved away from Michael, and hurried toward their bedroom. Michael sighed and appeared forlorn.

At Billy and Victoria's, Victoria slipped into her coat as she instructed Billy to administer an herbal remedy to calm baby Johnny's upset stomach. An anxious Billy assured his wife that he could handle the baby until the sitter arrived. Realizing that Billy was rushing her out the door, Victoria made him promise not to seek revenge against Victor by doing something that could ruin her parents' special day. Victoria added that her mother deserved to be happy. After Victoria left, Billy phoned someone and said, "And we are all good to go."

At the ranch, Abby pinned a rosebud boutonniere to Victor's lapel and jokingly asked if he'd prefer the mala beads he'd worn during his and Nikki's New Age wedding. Abby noted that Victor had shed tears during the ceremony held in Nikki's hospital room. Victor claimed that incense had burned his eyes. Abby smiled knowingly at her father. Victor relented and agreed that the yogi had conducted a very touching ceremony. Victor added that he and Nikki were about to have their final and lasting ceremony.

Upstairs in Nikki's dressing room, Nikki adoringly fondled the specially chosen necklace and earrings she'd wear at her wedding. She glanced in a mirror and fondly recalled her and Victor's first wedding during a flashback. Abby and Victoria arrived and greeted the bride. Abby and Victoria bestowed gifts to the bride. Abby's gift was a fur-embellished garter. Nikki was touched when Victoria presented her mother with a diamond-encrusted eternity bracelet. Abby apologized for not having realized long before that she and Nikki both shared a common desire to make Victor happy. Victoria assured her mom that she and Victor had many years ahead to make happy memories.

Victor glanced at his watch when he heard a knock at the door and found Billy standing on the portico. Victor noted that it was so early, even the minister hadn't yet arrived. Billy replied, "Aren't you going to let us in? I brought a surprise guest." After Victor invited Billy and his mystery guest inside, Billy knocked on the door to Nikki's dressing room and announced that he'd brought along the ring bearer. Nikki, confused, said she didn't have a ring bearer. Billy swung open the door, and Reed ran toward his mother and grandmother. Victoria kissed Billy and told him she'd known he had been up to something. Nikki thanked Billy.

In the sitting room, Victor admired Faith's pink chiffon dress. Pink and cream floral arrangements filled the room. A row of elegant taper candles flickered atop the mantel, and silver candelabras throughout the room held lit candles. Rows of chairs for guests flanked the carpeted aisle prepared for the bride and groom. Victor thanked Nick, Avery, Noah, and Summer for attending the wedding. After Billy came downstairs, Victor sincerely thanked him for arranging Reed's homecoming.

Lauren and Michael arrived and greeted Avery and Nick while Victor and Summer welcomed Eric Forrester, from Los Angeles, California. Summer told Eric that she often wore fashions from Forrester Creations. Victor noted that Eric had designed Nikki's bridal gown. Summer, impressed, guessed that the gown was from Forrester's Couture line. Eric was impressed by Summer's knowledge of his company. After Eric went to greet Michael and Lauren, an excited Reed and Faith arrived downstairs and asked Victor if it was time for the wedding.

At the bar, Abby instructed three servers to keep the guests supplied with drinks. Bob, Congressman Wheeler's accomplice, was one of the servers. Abby chatted with her date, Alex Chavez, and he kissed her. From the across the room, Nick and Noah glared at Alex. Avery told Nick that he seemed overprotective of Abby. Avery instructed Nick not to intervene. Nick recalled that Alex had given Noah a rough time. Avery replied, "This day is about second chances."

Eric greeted Lauren and Michael and recalled that he hadn't seen them since their wedding. Eric shook Michael's hand and noted that he and Lauren were still an example of the perfect couple. Lauren and Michael expressed their condolences to Eric for the recent loss of his longtime love, Stephanie. Lauren said, "I can't believe she's gone." Eric explained that he felt Stephanie's presence at all times because she'd been the love of his life. Eric added, "But I don't have to tell the two of you about that." Michael smiled proudly. Lauren appeared disheartened and looked away.

Victoria told Victor that Nikki was ready to begin the ceremony. Victor replied, "I've been ready for thirty years." Back in her dressing room, Nikki struggled to latch her eternity bracelet. She glanced in the mirror to ensure that her earrings were securely in place before joining her groom and guests downstairs. Violinists played as Victor and his best man, Nick, took their places in front to the minister. Nikki carefully supported herself on the stair railing as she made her way downstairs. Victoria said that she loved her mother, and she handed Nikki her bridal bouquet.

A pianist played as Reed and Faith walked down the aisle together. Faith scattered cream rose petals along the pathway, and Victor leaned down to kiss Faith before she took a seat beside Noah. Victoria, wearing a strapless, silvery-blue gown, walked to her place and awaited the bride. Guests smiled as Nikki, wearing a lacy gown embellished with crystals, walked down the aisle and took her place beside Victor. The minister said, "We gather here today to reunite Victor and Nikki in holy matrimony."

The minister noted that Victor and Nikki had written their own vows. Nikki and Victor turned to face each other after the minister instructed the bride and groom to begin the ceremony. Nikki, addressing her guests, explained that while she had been hospitalized, Victor had arranged a different, unofficial ceremony each day to boost her spirits. Nikki recalled that Victor had even donned prayer beads during one special ceremony. During that service, which had been conducted by a yogi, Nikki added, Victor had recited an ancient Chinese proverb as part of his vow.

The yogi, recalled Nikki, had declared that she and Victor were meant to be together in mind, body, and spirit. Tears welled in Nikki's eyes when she added that she and Victor would walk the path of life together for all eternity. Nikki read a poem and vowed to love Victor forever. Victor told Nikki that she was his past and his present, and he vowed to love her always with his mind, body, and soul. Tears streamed down Victor's face as he told Nikki that he loved her. Nikki told Victor that she loved him, and she gently stroked his face. The couple shared a kiss.

Back in Congressman Wheeler's office, he nervously checked his watch. At the ranch, the minister continued the ceremony by blessing the rings. Bob appeared in the doorway, behind the guests. Neil, seated beside Avery, watched as the minister handed Nikki's ring to Victor. Victor recited a vow as he placed the ring on Nikki's finger. After Nikki responded with her vow, the minister voiced a prayer. The minister said, "I declare that you are now, as your hearts have always known you to be, husband and wife." The guests applauded as Victor and Nikki kissed. Bob stepped into the sitting room.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

At the Newman wedding reception, Nikki and Victor mingled with their guests. Eric Forrester admired how Nikki looked in the bridal gown he'd designed. There was a knock on the door, and Sharon appeared. Victoria told Sharon that she was not welcome, but Sharon refused to walk away. Nikki and Victor went to the door and thought Sharon was there to create a scene. Sharon explained that Nick had called her to pick up Faith.

Nick took a sleepy Faith to Sharon. Nick thanked Sharon for picking up Faith so he could remain at the wedding. Sharon congratulated Nikki and Victor on their wedding and wished them well in their new home. Nikki and Victor exchanged a look, unsure if they could believe Sharon. At the bar, Michael ordered another drink, clearly depressed about Lauren virtually ignoring him.

Sharon and Faith went home, and Dylan was in the living room on the couch. Dylan said that Faith looked very beautiful in her flower girl dress. Faith was very pleased by his compliment. Faith then mentioned that she'd danced at the wedding. When she said that she'd been with her daddy and Avery, Dylan reacted with disappointment, and Sharon noticed.

Later, Sharon watched as Dylan played games with Faith. Sharon thought Dylan was wonderful with Faith and asked if being with Faith reminded Dylan of the child he'd befriended in Afghanistan. Dylan said the little girl he'd helped had been named Mara. Dylan told Sharon that insurgents had retaliated and killed Mara's family because they'd helped Dylan.

Dylan explained that he'd managed to save Mara by hiding out with her in the mountains. To pass the time, Dylan had played games with Mara like the one he'd been playing with Faith. Dylan was guilt-ridden about the trauma Mara had suffered because of him. Sharon pointed out that Mara had survived because Dylan had protected her. Dylan felt that Mara had given him a reason to make it through that ordeal. Dylan missed the little girl he'd left behind.

Sharon returned to the living room after having checked out Dylan's finished work in the kitchen. Sharon thought Dylan had done a wonderful job on the house, and she admired his skill. Dylan said that since the work on her house was done, he'd be going back to Chicago to wrap up some loose ends involving his father's home and business. Dylan said there was nothing to keep him in Genoa City.

Dylan admitted that he was also seriously thinking about going to college to study architecture. Sharon encouraged him to move forward and not look back. Dylan realized that Sharon was referring to his feelings for Avery. Sharon said she'd noticed how he reacted to hearing about Nick and Avery being at the wedding together. Dylan assured Sharon that he was ready to move on with his life.

At the Athletic Club, Tyler walked into Leslie's room and wanted to know why she'd sounded so upset on the phone. Leslie explained that she'd been to Milwaukee and seen their father. Leslie told Tyler she had learned the truth from Gus about their mother's death. Tyler would not believe that Gus was innocent of the crime. Leslie conceded that Gus had been a bad man, but he had not killed Belinda.

Leslie said that when she went to the prison and faced Gus, she had no longer been the scared child she'd been when she testified against him years earlier. Leslie told Tyler that she truly wanted to know who'd killed their mother. Tyler believed that Leslie had changed her tune for no good reason because he was certain that Gus was a violent criminal.

Leslie disagreed with her brother. Leslie pointed out to Tyler that while they remembered Gus as having a violent temper, he had never actually hit either of them or their mother. Leslie added that Tyler also had a bad temper, but he'd never hit or hurt anyone. Tyler believed that Leslie had changed her mind about Gus after seeing him again. Tyler refused to ever do that.

At Jabot, Phyllis questioned why Ashley had not been around to help Jack when he was kicking his addiction. Phyllis went into detail about how bad Jack's detox had been, taking credit for having been there for Jack when he needed her most. Ashley said that it had been the family's decision to let Jack deal with his rehab on his own.

Phyllis assumed Ashley had returned to Genoa City to check up on Jack. Ashley said that she did want to see Jack and be certain that he was on the right path. Phyllis declared that she was Jack's friend. Ashley pointed out that Jack viewed Phyllis as something more than a friend and that Phyllis was setting Jack up to fail.

At the reception, when the music played, Victoria urged Victor and Nikki to share the first dance. The guests looked on as Victor and Nikki began to waltz. Ashley arrived, and Eric greeted her right before Abby embraced her mother. Michael and Lauren watched Nikki and Victor dancing, and Michael admired how committed they'd always been to each other. Michael felt uncomfortable celebrating marital love and happiness when his own marriage was in limbo.

In the hallway, Noah caught Summer texting and ordered her to put the phone away because she was being disrespectful to their grandparents. Noah assumed that Summer had been trying to reach Kyle. Summer rejected Noah's romantic advice because he'd allowed himself to get involved with a loose cannon like Adriana.

Later, Nikki and Victor thanked Summer and Noah for being at the wedding. Victor wondered why Adriana had not been Noah's date and questioned if Katherine had needed her on the job. Noah wasn't sure where Adriana was. Nikki was alarmed that Katherine had missed the wedding and excused herself to phone Katherine.

Seeing that Victor was alone, Ashley approached him and said hello. Victor thanked Ashley for being there and Ashley explained that Abby had been very insistent. Ashley also said she'd returned to Genoa City to check on Jack, but she wouldn't tell Victor any more about her brother's status.

Michael and Lauren returned home, and she noted that he'd been very quiet since leaving the wedding. Michael didn't feel like they had made any progress in their reconciliation because Lauren would not forgive him for Fen. Michael felt the chasm between the two of them was growing. Michael asked Lauren to tell him what was wrong, but Lauren shook her head and left the apartment.

Lauren went to Crimson Lights and bumped into Carmine. He was happy to see her, but she acted very formal. Carmine asked Lauren to sit with him and talk for a while. Lauren was reluctant, but Carmine turned on the charm. He offered to show Lauren his card tricks and make magic happen. Carmine told Lauren that he was feeling very lucky.

In the hallway at Jabot, Jack met with Adam, who explained that Victor planned to wage war on Adam right after the wedding. Adam expected Victor to implicate both Jack and Adam in Stephanie's death. Jack urged Adam to hit Victor immediately, before Victor had the chance to attack. Jack asked about Adam's plan, but Adam was still formulating his strategy.

Jack returned to his office, and Phyllis said that Ashley had left. Phyllis believed that Ashley had been right about Jack and Phyllis' future. Jack was surprised that Phyllis had cold feet about their renewed romance. Jack believed that Phyllis was a risk taker and wanted her to still go away with him to Istanbul. Jack said he was sober and happier than he'd ever been. Phyllis agreed to go on the trip but would commit to no more.

At the wedding reception, Ashley spoke with Billy about Jack. They both reminisced about Jack's former obsessions, like running Jabot and beating Victor. Ashley was worried about Jack and Phyllis' relationship. Billy was concerned, too, and agreed to keep an eye on Jack. Ashley said she would not be returning to Genoa City and it was up to Billy to protect their big brother.

Across the room, Eric introduced himself to Neil and said he'd heard about Neil's business successes. Eric was also aware that Neil was heading up Jabot's new fashion line. Eric offered to give Neil advice about designers, but Neil assured Eric that he'd be issuing a press release to announce the new Jabot designer. A short time later, Victoria and Nick announced that it was time for a toast.

Victoria declared that the wedding had been a tribute to Nikki. Nick felt that Nikki had put up with a lot in regard to living with Victor. Victoria called Nikki an elegant warrior who had set a great example for everyone in the family. Nick asked everyone to toast the happy couple. When the wedding cake was wheeled out, Victor held Nikki's trembling hand as they cut the cake together.

Nick slow danced with Avery and admired how beautiful and accomplished she was. Avery was very happy in Nick's arms. Nick asked if Avery would consider dropping the Rogan case for him. Avery said she couldn't do that. Nick had suspected that she'd say that.

Meanwhile, Alex noticed that Noah was staring at his cell phone. Alex guessed he was expecting a text message from Adriana. Alex warned Noah to steer clear of his sister because she was nothing but trouble. Their conversation grew heated, and Abby told them to knock it off because they were disrupting the wedding.

Later, Alex apologized to Abby for being such a hothead. When Abby was alone, Ashley criticized Abby for her choice of escorts. Abby defended Alex to her mother, saying that he was a good person. Ashley asked Abby to reconsider her decision to stay in Genoa City. Ashley wanted Abby to return to New York with her, but Abby had made up her mind.

Nikki prepared to throw the bridal bouquet. Victoria worried that Nikki was overdoing it, but Nikki was confident that she could handle the task. Nick urged Avery to go to the front of the group, but Summer wanted to be the lucky lady and stepped forward. Eric nudged Ashley into group. Nikki turned around in time to see that Avery had caught the bouquet.

Later, Victoria and Billy discussed Ashley having shown up at the wedding. Billy said that Ashley had been checking up on Jack. There was a knock on the door and when Billy and Victoria answered it, they saw Adam. Billy asked Adam to leave, but Adam pushed his way into the house. Adam told Victor and Nikki that he wasn't leaving until he had a chance to toast the newlyweds.

At the mansion, Katherine was alone in the living room and unable to recall what was happening that day that she'd forgotten. Katherine went to the desk and found the invitation to the Newman wedding. Katherine realized that she'd missed the entire event. Katherine called Nikki's phone and left a message saying that she'd been too busy to attend the wedding.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

At the Newman wedding reception, Adam interrupted the festivities, saying that he wanted to propose a toast to his father. Adam said that Nikki wasn't the only love of Victor's life, because he also was in love with the company he created, Newman Enterprises. Adam lauded the company as Victor's greatest accomplishment. When Adam claimed that Victor was desperate to get the company back and started to mention what had happened on New Year's Eve, Billy stopped Adam.

Billy pushed Adam into the hallway and told him to shut up. Victor was concerned that Nikki had been perturbed by Adam's unwanted appearance. Nikki assured him that the wedding had been perfect, and nothing had been ruined by Adam's stunt. In the hallway, Billy told Adam that revealing what Victor had done on New Year's Eve would implicate Jack in Stephanie's death.

Adam felt he had to reveal the truth about what had happened in order to preempt an attack from Victor. Billy disagreed and said that Adam was out of line by being there. Victor went to the hallway and told Billy that he would handle Adam. Meanwhile, Victoria and Nick were curious about Adam's interference. Victoria believed that Adam's threat against Victor involved Marcus.

Victor wanted to speak privately with Adam, so Billy walked away. Victor informed Adam that he'd accomplished nothing by showing up at the wedding. Adam suspected that Victor had bribed a witness to say that he'd seen Adam dump Stephanie's body in the dumpster. Adam asked Victor point-blank what his next move would be. Victor shook his head and expressed regret that he and Adam were adversaries.

Abby was surprised to hear from Bob, the bartender, that there he'd served the last glass of champagne. When Abby objected, Bob volunteered to find more bottles. Bob went into a utility room and placed a time bomb on the water heater. Meanwhile, Victoria noticed that Nikki was having pain in her hand. Nikki assured Victoria that she was fine. Victor took Nikki in his arms for a dance. Adam watched Victor and Nikki from across the room.

Before leaving the party, Neil said goodnight to Nikki and Victor. Victor suggested and he and Nikki go upstairs so she could get some rest, but Nikki wouldn't leave her guests. Meanwhile, while Nick was dancing with Avery, she noticed that he was distracted. Nick admitted to Avery that he thought Adam's appearance was connected to Marcus, and that might mean trouble for Avery.

Still in the utility room, Bob called Marcus to get the final go-ahead to set off the bomb. Bob mentioned he only had ten minutes to leave the ranch. Marcus told Bob to complete the mission. After ending the call, Marcus said to himself that Victor should have stayed out of his business.

Later, Nick asked Avery how she felt about marriage and children. Avery said she'd never thought of marrying again. Just then, Bob bumped into Nick and said he was in a hurry to leave. Nick thought he recognized Bob, but before he could figure out who Bob was, Bob pulled a gun. Victor walked into the room to ask "what the hell" was going on.

Bob announced that he was leaving the ranch, and nobody should stop him. When Billy saw the gun in Bob's hand, he lunged for it. Bob pushed Billy aside, and Nick grabbed for the gun. As he and Bob struggled for control of the pistol, Adam saw it pointed at Victor. Adam raced across the room and jumped in front of his father just as the shot rang out.

At home, Lily was playing with the twins when Cane entered the house. Lily said that she had been unable to finish her work at Jabot because Tyler had left town unexpectedly. Since she had no artist to work with at Jabot, Lily was doing an art project with Matty and Charlie.

Cane joined Lily and the kids at the table to take part in the art project. When Cane took over and instructed the children to be neat and clean as they played, Lily reacted with a frown. She then dumped paint and glitter on Cane's head. The twins, Lily, and Cane all laughed.

In the Milwaukee prison, Tyler confronted his father. Gus was thrilled to see how his son had grown and greeted him warmly. Tyler was angry with Gus and didn't hide his hatred. When Gus told Tyler he had his mother's eyes, Tyler accused Gus of having killed her. Tyler recalled how violent Gus had been when Tyler was a boy. Gus said he had yelled, screamed, and punched the walls, but he had never hit Tyler, Leslie, or their mother.

Gus explained to Tyler that he'd been an abused child and had fought all his life to not resort to hitting his family. When Gus revealed that Tyler's mother had been an active participant in their fights, Tyler refused to believe that she had not been a saint. Tyler asked how Gus could say they had been in love when his mother had been having an affair. Gus said that Belinda had always returned home to him, but Tyler believed she had returned for her children, not Gus.

Gus defended his actions on the night that Belinda had died. Tyler believed that Gus had viciously murdered his mother because she'd been having an affair. Gus said he'd found Belinda already dying and had tried to save her life. Tyler thought his father was a liar. Before walking out, Tyler said he wanted to see Gus rot in prison for the rest of his life.

Carmine and Lauren were having coffee at Crimson Light. Carmine did his card tricks, and Lauren smiled when he correctly guessed that she was holding the queen of hearts. Carmine reminded Lauren that he'd won the Athletic Club raffle and had a room at the hotel if she wanted to join him. Lauren said she had to go home. Later, Lauren went to the club to return Carmine's room key. Carmine smiled and said that Lauren was not only polite and kind, but also perfect.

Carmine pulled her into the room and posed Lauren in front of the mirror to prove to her that she had perfect features. Carmine kissed her seductively as he pointed out her lovely throat and cheek. Lauren responded to his kisses, and they began to undress before falling into bed together. Later, Lauren had dressed and was looking at herself in the mirror. She gazed back at Carmine, naked in bed.

At Jabot, Phyllis told Kyle that Jack had gone home to pack for the Istanbul trip. Phyllis was psyched about all the places to explore in Turkey and said if Jack hadn't asked her, she might have chosen the location herself. Kyle told Phyllis that Istanbul had been his idea.

Kyle explained that a woman like Phyllis would appreciate an exotic place like Istanbul. Phyllis admired how Kyle seemed to understand women. Phyllis suspected that Kyle was a womanizer like Jack and asked him to tone down his charm offensive when Summer was around. Kyle declared that Summer was too young for him.

At the Athletic Club, Leslie confronted Marcus and said she was planning to speak to the judge about Gus Rogan's case. Marcus thought she was going to speak against Gus, but Leslie said she believed Gus had been wrongly convicted. Marcus was shocked. Leslie felt that the man who'd killed her mother was still a free man. Marcus wondered why Leslie was changing her testimony when she'd been a witness to her father's crime.

Leslie explained she'd visited her father, and it had made her rethink what she'd seen as a child. Marcus was sure that Gus had murdered "Lynn" and belonged in prison. Leslie asked how Marcus knew that her mother had been called Lynn when her name was Belinda. Leslie said only family used that nickname. Marcus said that Belinda had given him permission to call her Lynn when she worked on his campaign.

Later, Lily and Cane were cleaning up the mess from the art project. Suddenly, Lily noticed that it was too quiet. Cane asked where the kids had gone. Lily and Cane found the twins hiding out and covered in paint and glitter. Cane volunteered to give them a bath. Lily received a call from Tyler saying that he was back in the office.

Lily went to Jabot and found Tyler sitting alone in Neil's office with the lights out. He claimed he had a headache, but he was short-tempered with Lily as he asked her to leave it dark. Tyler apologized for snapping, and Lily asked him to confide in her about what was wrong. Tyler said he'd gone to Milwaukee to see the man who'd killed his mother. Tyler was determined that Gus should remain in prison. When Tyler started to cry, Lily embraced him.

Neil met Leslie at the Athletic Club bar and immediately noticed that she seemed in a good mood. Leslie said she'd had an interesting talk with Marcus about her mother. Neil was curious. Leslie said that she suspected that Marcus knew her mother's pet name, Lynn, because he'd been Belinda's lover.

Summer arrived at Jabot and text messaged Kyle that she was there. In Jack's office, Summer was surprised that Phyllis was still there. Phyllis said that she and Jack were leaving for Turkey later in the day. Summer said that she'd left the reception to do some filing for Jack. Phyllis admired Summer's initiative.

After Phyllis left, Summer messaged Kyle again and asked him to meet her in Jack's office for a coffee break. While she waited for him, Summer pulled out a mirror to check on her makeup. Summer then went to the table, picked up the carafe, and purposely spilled coffee on her blouse to create a stain.

When Kyle burst into Jack's office to ask what Summer was doing there, Summer's blouse was off. Kyle was alarmed to see Summer in a sexy purple bra. Summer squealed for Kyle to close the door. Summer explained that she'd accidentally spilled coffee on her blouse.

Summer showed him her chest and asked if there was any sign of a burn. Kyle was very uncomfortable. He handed Summer his jacket and asked her to put it on. Just then, Phyllis walked in and saw Summer in her bra and Kyle reaching out to her. Phyllis asked "what the hell" was going on.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air today. This was an anticipated scheduling change, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, March 25, and pick up where the Wednesday, March 20 episode concluded.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air today. This was an anticipated scheduling change, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, March 25, and pick up where the Wednesday, March 20 episode concluded.

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