The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 1, 2013 on Y&R

Chelsea experienced abdominal pains. Victor and Adam made amends. Nick proposed to Avery. The judge denied Gus's appeal, but DNA tests proved that Marcus had killed Belinda. Summer showed up naked in Kyle's bed. Lauren spent one last night with Carmine.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 1, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, April 1, 2013

In Adam's room at the hospital, a sobbing Chelsea told Adam that they would become parents. Comatose, Adam didn't react when Chelsea begged him to open his eyes and show her that he was happy about becoming a father. Alarms suddenly sounded on the equipment that monitored Adam's vital signs. When Chelsea rushed to summon help, she was shocked to find Victoria standing behind the door leading into Adam's room. Victoria stepped inside the room and waited for the doctor while Chelsea hovered over Adam.

Dr. Costner sprang into action and instructed Chelsea and Victoria to step out. Chelsea peered through a window in the door as the doctor and a nurse attended to Adam. Out in the hallway, Chelsea snapped at Victoria and asked how she'd feel if Billy was the one lying comatose in a hospital bed. Victoria suggested that the alarms sounded because a change in Adam's vital signs might indicate that he was coming out of the coma. Unfazed by Victoria's hopefulness, Chelsea asked Victoria why she was there. Victoria replied, "He's my brother."

Victoria told Chelsea that Adam's actions had saved Victor's life and the lives of everyone at the ranch. Sobbing, Chelsea told Victoria never to forget what Adam had done. Chelsea angrily noted that Adam could lose his life because he loved Victor. Victoria insisted that Adam was a fighter. Victoria added that because Adam remained in a constant state of attack, he wouldn't give up and would be okay. Chelsea asked if Victoria had overheard what she'd said to Adam before the alarms had sounded. Dr. Costner interrupted when he stepped out of Adam's room.

Dr. Costner told Victoria and Chelsea that Adam, though still weak and drowsy, had awakened. He added that they could visit Adam briefly, one at a time. Victoria urged Chelsea to visit Adam and tell him how she felt. Chelsea took a deep breath, rushed to Adam's side, and called out to him. Groggily, Adam mumbled, "Sharon?" Chelsea stood back quickly and replied, "Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not Sharon." Adam said, "Chelsea, you're here." Chelsea asked Adam if he remembered what she'd said to him earlier. Adam didn't respond. Chelsea told Adam to get some rest, and she left.

In the hallway, Victoria asked Chelsea what had happened. Chelsea said that Adam had babbled when she spoke to him. Victoria entered Adam's room and announced her presence. She sat next to Adam's bed and told him that Chelsea had seemed upset after she stepped out of his room. Victoria told Adam that perhaps it was best if he wasn't able to hear her for fear she might shock him. Victoria said, "I owe you. Thank you so much for saving Dad. Thank you." Victoria briefly touched Adam's hand before stepping out of his room.

Chelsea, waiting outside the door, asked, "What did you say?" Victoria replied, "What are you so worried about, Chelsea?" Victoria asked Chelsea if Adam's near-death experience had prompted her to rethink her decision about divorcing him. Chelsea explained that she'd been upset after her earlier visit with Adam because he'd called out to Sharon. Tears welled in Chelsea's eyes when Victoria recalled the doctor's warning about Adam being somewhat confused.

Victoria appeared sympathetic when Chelsea cried, "He spent his waking moment thinking about Sharon. That's where his heart is. I've lost him for good." Victoria thoughtfully replied, "I think you and I both know that you don't have to lose him if you don't want to." Victoria added that Adam had seemed happier after he and Chelsea had married. Chelsea explained that she needed to step outside for air because it had been a big day. After Chelsea walked away, Victoria said aloud to herself, "It certainly has."

At On the Boulevard, Nikki overheard Sharon chatting with a reporter. Sharon mentioned that she'd just concluded a series of interviews about her role as interim CEO of Newman Enterprises. Sharon added, "Despite my new job title, no one will be more relieved that I when Adam Newman is well and back to work." When the reporter spotted Nikki, he asked for a comment about the shootout at her home. Nikki rebuffed the man and sternly replied, "No comment."

After the reporter walked away, Nikki told Sharon that Sharon wasn't qualified to be a spokesperson for the Newman family. Sharon clarified that she'd been interviewed about Newman Enterprises. Victor stepped up and interjected, "I am Newman." Sharon explained that she would be taking over for Adam. Victor told Sharon that she was despicable. Nikki insisted that "opportunistic" was Sharon's middle name. Sharon replied, "And my last name is Newman, like yours. Should we list all of the opportunities that you both have lied, cheated, stolen, and slept your way into?"

Victor told Sharon that she was taking advantage of Adam after he'd heroically taken a bullet to save his father's life. Sharon noted that Adam had placed her in charge of the company. Victor heatedly replied, "He's in a damn coma!" Sharon said that Adam knew he could rely on her because she'd been working alongside him for months. Sharon maintained that the board of directors should support Adam's decision to put her in charge. Victor angrily noted that Sharon wasn't capable of running Newman Enterprises because she wasn't family. Victor added that all outsiders who'd attempted to run his company had failed.

After Victor and Nikki were seated at a table, Nikki glared at Sharon, who was seated within view. Victor smiled and told Nikki he was pleased that she felt well enough to dine out. Victor instructed Nikki to follow her doctor's orders to ensure good health. Nikki turned her head away after Victor pleaded with her to ignore Sharon. Nikki insisted that she had a reason to be defensive after someone attempted to blow up their home.

Victor assured Nikki that his investigators were hot on the trail of the person who'd perpetrated the attack. Nikki urged Victor to confide in her about the investigation. Victor explained that guards had been stationed at their various homes. He added that investigators were tracking down the person who'd orchestrated the plan to blow up their home. Nikki told Victor that he should keep her informed about the investigation.

Later, Nikki stopped by Sharon's table and told her that Victor would always be in demand. Sharon replied, "And yet, he isn't missed at Newman. I'm running Newman." Nikki said that Sharon was a sociopath and that Victor would never allow her to steal his company again. Sharon reminded Nikki that Victor had lost his company. Nikki warned that Victor always won in the end. Sharon had the last word when she smugly reminded Nikki that with Victor, nothing lasted forever.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack welcomed guests Paul and Alex. Paul noted that after he was appointed Genoa City's chief of police, Alex had been his first new hire as a detective on the force. Paul asked Jack about his association with Congressman Wheeler. Jack admitted that he'd spoken to Wheeler a couple of months earlier at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Alex asked about Jack's relationship with Wheeler's daughter. Jack recalled that he'd shared a drink with Stephanie on New Year's Eve and that he'd kissed her at midnight.

Alex continued questioning Jack about Stephanie and asked, "Where did you two take it after the kiss?" Frustrated, Jack said, "Who says I took the woman anywhere?" Alex raised his arm and explained that he'd seen Jack and Stephanie leave the Genoa City Athletic Club together. In a flashback, Jack remembered awaking in his sitting room and seeing Stephanie lying on the floor. Jack demanded to know more about the investigation. Paul said he couldn't elaborate. Jack ended the interview.

Paul relented and explained to Jack that he and Alex were trying to determine who was responsible for the shooting and the attempt to set off an explosion at the Newman ranch. Jack insisted that he wasn't involved because his sister, brother, and niece had been present. Paul said he knew Jack wasn't behind the attack. Paul pleaded with Jack to tell them what he knew that might connect Congressman Wheeler to what happened at the ranch. Paul warned that someone else might end up being injured or killed if Jack didn't help them.

Jack told Paul and Alex that when he'd encountered Stephanie, he had been a drug abuser and had been feeling sorry for himself. Jack explained that he had attended a New Year's Eve party at the Genoa City Athletic Club and had met Stephanie at the bar. Jack noted that he'd been attracted to Stephanie because he had a fondness for redheads. Paul asked if Jack had known that Stephanie was Wheeler's daughter. Jack said that he hadn't, but he admitted that he'd taken her to his home. Jack explained that he had soon passed out, and he claimed that when he had later awoken, Stephanie had been gone.

Jack told Paul and Alex that he had never again spoken to Stephanie. After that night, Jack added, he had made the decision to "get clean." Jack became annoyed when Alex replied, "That's it?" Jack cried, "Yes. That's it. You make it sound like very little, but it was a hell of a wake-up call for me." After Alex and Paul left, Jack phoned Victor and summoned him to the Abbott mansion.

After Victor arrived, Jack explained that Paul and his sidekick had questioned him at length about Stephanie Wheeler and her father. Jack said he believed that Paul and Alex didn't seem to know that Victor had hired Stephanie or that she'd died in the Abbott mansion. Victor appeared unconcerned until Jack noted that Paul and Alex were trying to make a connection between the Wheelers and what had happened at the ranch. Jack added, "I feel like they're closing in." A concerned Victor replied, "Then we need a change of plans."

At the fashion division of Jabot, Cane misinterpreted a hug between Lily and Tyler and engaged in a jealousy-fueled shouting match with Tyler. Lily stood between the warring men and told Cane to stop yelling. Tyler told Cane that he'd better listen to his lady. Cane yelled, "That lady's married to me. You understand that?" After Lily sent Tyler away, Cane told his wife that he'd had a rough day. Lily insisted that what had happened with Tyler meant nothing. Before leaving abruptly, Cane mumbled about a problem with Katherine.

Later, Lily dropped a stack of file folders on the floor. Tyler returned and helped collect the documents. Lily told Tyler that Cane's outburst had been the result of problems he was facing. Tyler noted that Cane hadn't liked him, his ideas, or his portfolio from the start. Lily offered to help Tyler get to know Cane. Lily added that Tyler had no idea what a great man Cane truly was. Tyler assured Lily that he had no intention of causing trouble in her marriage.

Lily assured Tyler that she and Cane would work out their problems. Lily told Tyler that she knew he was still upset about what had happened between him and his father, and she offered to listen if he wanted to talk more about his past. Tyler explained that he'd never before mentioned his past to anyone other than his sister. Tyler apologized to Lily for dumping his problems on her. Lily replied, "You were not dumping; you were venting, and that's what friends are for." Lily said she'd explain to Cane that she and Tyler were just friends.

In an exam room at the hospital, Katherine, worried about recent episodes of memory loss, told her doctor that she was prepared to undergo an evaluation. She added, "I want to find out what the hell is going on with me." Cane later joined Katherine after the doctor left and insisted that he should be with her. Katherine told Cane that she'd already undergone numerous invasive tests, including scans. Katherine sighed nervously as she awaited additional tests.

Katherine jokingly noted that she'd also been drained of all her blood. Suddenly anxious, Katherine tightly clutched Cane's hand and explained that the doctor would ask a battery of questions in order to test her memory. Cane insisted on staying with Katherine, but she told him she'd rather not have him present because it would be embarrassing if she failed the memory tests. Cane made Katherine laugh by suggesting that she wouldn't be embarrassed if she couldn't remember what had happened.

After the doctor returned, he tried to put Katherine at ease by suggesting that she relax and do her best during the memory tests. Katherine replied, "Well, I'm not going to intentionally blow this. I might have Alzheimer's, but I'm not insane." The doctor laughed and replied, "Duly noted!" Katherine faltered briefly during a math quiz, but she tenaciously and confidently provided answers to various questions the doctor posed.

At the conclusion of the tests, the doctor smiled and told Katherine she could leave. Katherine seemed somewhat calmer. The doctor promised to contact Katherine after he reviewed all of her test results. Katherine breathed a sigh of relief. Cane praised Katherine and told her that she had done well. Katherine still seemed apprehensive about the results, but she thanked Cane for staying with her.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In Neil's office, Leslie was discussing distribution deals for Jabot. Neil could see that Leslie was distracted and offered to finish up later. Neil knew that Leslie was upset about her father's case as well as her estrangement with Tyler. Neil suggested that Leslie speak with her brother. Leslie didn't think Tyler would agree, but then Tyler appeared at the door. Neil urged Leslie to try.

Tyler said he was there to go over the Face of Jabot fashion campaign. Leslie was stunned that Tyler was ignoring their previous fight. Tyler said he was just doing his job. Leslie was still upset that Tyler had threatened to disown her. Leslie thought that Gus might be set free, and they had to deal with that. Tyler said that the only family that mattered to him was Leslie.

Leslie questioned Tyler's change of heart. Tyler admitted that he still believed their father was guilty but felt they needed to be loyal to one another. Leslie and Tyler smiled as they agreed that they were all right again. Tyler credited a good friend with giving him a new perspective. Neil told Tyler to hold on to that friend.

At the police station, Paul and Alex questioned Marcus about his daughter Stephanie. Marcus assumed he'd been called in to discuss the attempted bombing at Victor's ranch. Marcus explained that Stephanie had cut off ties with the family, and he hadn't seen her in years. Alex said he'd seen Stephanie on New Year's Eve at the Athletic Club.

Paul wondered about Marcus' connection to Gus Rogan. Marcus explained that he'd known Belinda, Gus' wife, because she'd worked on his campaign. Alex said that Marcus had known Gus well enough to testify against him in court. Marcus described Gus as a thug. Alex mentioned the rumors that Belinda had been having an affair before she died. Marcus announced that he had nothing more to add then he left.

Alex and Paul realized that Marcus hadn't revealed very much in the interview. Paul noted that the video surveillance tapes showed no connection between Marcus and Bob because Marcus had covered his tracks very well. Alex thought Marcus was cocky and arrogant. Paul believed they could use those traits against Marcus.

At Jack's house, Phyllis wanted to talk Jabot business, but Jack wasn't feeling enthusiastic about work. He was upset about what had happened at the Newman ranch. Phyllis wanted Jack to go with her to a Jabot appointment, but Jack had other plans and trusted her to take care of business. Phyllis was not looking forward to telling Summer that she was being transferred to the fashion division.

As Phyllis went to the door, Victor appeared. Phyllis was curious about Victor meeting with Jack, but Jack explained that Victor wanted to talk about Abby's safety at Jabot. When Phyllis left, Victor complimented Jack on how easily he lied. Jack didn't care what Victor thought of him, and reminded Victor that he was getting them out of the mess Victor had created.

Victor thought Jack created the mess because of his addiction, but Jack pointed out that Victor had hired Stephanie to trap him. Victor suggested they stop bickering about blame and concentrate on their plan. Later, Marcus arrived at Jack's, expecting to hear a proposal. Marcus was surprised that Victor was in the living room for the meeting. Jack urged them all to sit down and talk reasonably.

Marcus thought he was going to be the focus of an attack, but Jack convinced him to stay. Jack said that the police had been asking about Stephanie. Victor assumed Marcus wanted Stephanie's drug use and profession to be kept quiet. Victor and Jack offered to keep silent about what they knew of Marcus' daughter in exchange for his silence about their involvement with her. Jack also offered assurances to Marcus in the form of campaign funds.

Marcus was cagey about accepting the deal. He pointed out that Stephanie had meant nothing to Jack and Victor, but she had been his child. Marcus asked where Stephanie had died. Jack sympathized with Marcus, but Marcus blamed Jack and Victor for causing Stephanie's death. Victor told Marcus to blame himself for ignoring his daughter in favor of his career.

Jack was pragmatic and told Marcus to think about his career. Victor mentioned Marcus' involvement in the Rogan case. Marcus listened as Victor declared that Marcus had killed Belinda Rogan twelve years earlier. When Marcus claimed that he'd barely known Lynn -- then caught himself and said Belinda -- Victor picked up on the fact that he had known her by her pet name.

Jack and Victor said that if the rumors were circulated about Marcus and Belinda having been involved, it would be bad for Marcus' career. Despite Jack and Victor's accusations, Marcus wasn't concerned. Marcus was sure that Gus Rogan would never have his conviction overturned. Jack proposed that Marcus work with Jack and Victor, but Marcus rejected the offer.

Victor stopped Marcus from leaving. He told Marcus that he'd made a crucial error by trying to bomb the ranch and endangering Victor's family. Victor promised Marcus that if the authorities didn't take him down, Victor would. Marcus was confident that there was no evidence against him.

After Marcus left, Jack watched him walk away and announced that it was clear. Alex and Paul emerged from the other room, and Victor asked if they'd heard enough to nail Marcus. Alex collected Marcus' coffee cup, complimenting Jack and Victor on their work.

Paul explained that if the DNA on the cup matched the unidentified DNA from Belinda Rogan's murder scene, they'd be able to build a strong case against Marcus. Victor wanted more certainty because he and Jack had gone out on a limb to take down Marcus. Paul told Jack and Victor that they made a very good team.

At the coffeehouse, Summer pretended to bump into Kyle and spill coffee, repeating the incident from Jack's office. Summer was playful, but Kyle didn't think it was funny that Summer had exposed her bra to him at work. Summer wanted to go to the office with Kyle, but he assumed she had to go to school. Summer claimed it was a teacher's work day.

At Jabot, Summer and Kyle stepped off the elevator. Phyllis saw them laughing together and stopped Kyle to hand him some research on a new hair care product. After Kyle went to his office, Summer criticized her mother for being so uptight. Phyllis informed Summer that she'd been transferred to Neil's division. Summer accused Phyllis of making her leave the cosmetics department because of the incident with Kyle.

Phyllis stuck to her story about Neil requesting that Summer be transferred, but she also told Summer that her being half-dressed in Jack's office the night before had been inappropriate. Phyllis assured Summer that she had a great opportunity working with Neil. Summer believed that Phyllis was trying to keep her and Kyle apart. Phyllis warned Summer to accept the transfer or leave Jabot.

Avery gave Nick a hot kiss when he appeared at her door. Avery apologized for missing out on the special dinner date Nick had arranged the night before. Nick wondered about why Avery had been involved in Dylan's bar fight. At that moment, Dylan walked into the living room from the bathroom.

When Nick asked about Dylan's arrest, Dylan explained that he'd fought with a guy at a bar who'd turned out to be the local sheriff's son. Nick listened as Dylan went on to say that Avery had bailed him out of jail, and he'd crashed on her couch for the night. Nick figured Dylan would be leaving for Chicago as originally planned, but Avery said that wasn't the case.

Nick needled Dylan about staying in Genoa City because of a bar fight. Dylan and Avery explained that the bail hearing had stipulated that Dylan had to remain in Genoa City for the rest of the month. Nick was jealous, prompting Avery to further explain why Dylan had slept on her couch. Avery's phone rang, and she got a message about the Rogan case.

Nick and Dylan glared at each other. Avery announced that she had to see Tyler and Leslie because there was going to be a decision about the Rogan case. Nick assured Avery he and Dylan were cool, and she left the apartment. Privately, Nick asked Dylan what really had happened the night before. Dylan said the fight had not been a big deal, but Nick noted that it was a way for Dylan to remain in Genoa City.

Dylan assured Nick that once the case was settled, he would be leaving for good. Dylan told Nick that he hadn't called Avery when he was arrested, explaining that she'd been the last number on his phone, and the bartender had made the call. Dylan mentioned that his father had always admired Avery. Dylan announced that he needed to get a job to repay Avery for bailing him out.

Nick wondered what had caused Dylan to get into a bar fight, and Dylan said the sheriff's son had been harassing a woman. Nick appreciated that Dylan had stood up for a woman and realized he and Dylan had a lot in common. Nick answered the door, and Phyllis appeared. She was surprised to see Dylan in Avery's apartment and teased him about living there when she saw his duffel bag.

Before Dylan left, Nick offered to hire him back at the Underground as a bartender. Dylan agreed to take the job. Phyllis listened as Nick told Dylan to call Noah to get on the schedule. Phyllis laughed that Nick and Dylan were having a bromance. Phyllis explained she was there to speak with Nick about Summer.

Before Phyllis could tell him what had happened, Nick was ready to blame Kyle for Summer's shenanigans. Phyllis set Nick straight about Summer's crush. Nick didn't want to see Summer getting romantically involved with an older guy. When Phyllis brought up Jamie, Nick knew nothing about Summer having harassed the teenager. Phyllis had assumed Summer had told Nick, but she hadn't.

Nick had believed that Ronan had falsely accused Summer of bullying before he left town. Phyllis explained that Summer had confessed that she'd started the bullying. Nick was shocked that Jamie had nearly killed himself over the incident. Phyllis said Summer had taken responsibility for her actions, but Nick wished that Summer had been punished.

Phyllis told Nick that he had time to teach Summer about the consequences of her actions because Phyllis was going out of town with Jack. At Jabot, Summer told Kyle that Phyllis had left the building. Summer informed Kyle that she'd been moved to the fashion division. Summer was upset about the switch, but Kyle thought Summer would be fantastic working in fashion.

Phyllis left it to Nick to keep an eye on Summer while she was out of town. After Phyllis left Avery's place, Nick called his daughter. Later, Summer met Nick at Avery's and immediately defended her friendship with Kyle. Nick wanted to speak with Summer about Jamie. Summer had thought it was all behind her, but Nick demanded the truth from her.

Summer was afraid that Nick would be disappointed in her. Nick questioned why Summer had hurt Jamie, and she tried to explain that she'd wanted to hurt Phyllis by hurting Ronan, so she had gone after Jamie. Summer said that she eventually had grown to care for Jamie. Nick told Summer that she'd been given advantages in life that a kid like Jamie had never had.

Summer was shocked by Nick's intensity, but he wouldn't let up. Nick told Summer that as a Newman, people assumed that they could get what they wanted by bullying. Nick wanted to make sure his children never bought into that idea. Nick was hurt that Summer had kept the truth from him. Summer explained that she'd been ashamed of herself and assumed that Nick had felt that way sometime in his life.

Nick wanted to stick to Summer's actions, not his past. Nick asked Summer to go to him about important things. Summer was expecting him to punish her, and Nick said that after the school year ended, Summer was going to do community service. Nick warned Summer not to roll her eyes at him. Nick reminded Summer that he loved her.

Neil was glad to see that Leslie and Tyler had buried the hatchet. Soon enough, Tyler was teasing his sister. Leslie said that she had always taken care of Tyler. He appreciated that Leslie had been there for him. Avery walked into the office and announced that the ruling on Gus's case was due any minute.

Tyler tried to get to work with Neil, but Leslie was distracted. Leslie was confident the judge would rule in Gus's favor. Avery received a phone call and learned that the judge had ruled against her. Leslie was disappointed and didn't understand how Avery had lost the case. Avery was confused as well because the DNA evidence had clearly created reasonable doubt.

Neil interjected that even he could see that Avery should have won the case. Avery couldn't understand what had happened. Neil suggested Avery file another appeal. Tyler was not sorry about the outcome. Leslie suddenly realized that Marcus had convinced the judge to rule against them. Avery didn't know how they could prove Marcus' interference.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis sat down at Dylan's table without an invitation. Phyllis tried to get under Dylan's skin about Avery, but he countered that Phyllis probably found it weird seeing Nick with Avery. Phyllis told Dylan that Avery wanted what Phyllis had. Phyllis made it clear to Dylan that Nick would grow bored with Avery in time.

Avery returned home and saw Summer leaving after her meeting with Nick. Avery was devastated about losing the Rogan case. Nick sympathized, but Avery blamed herself for having failed in some way. Avery believed that Gus was going to rot in jail for something he had never done, and the real killer was still free.

At the Athletic Club, Marcus was on the phone and heard that the judge had ruled against Gus Rogan. Marcus said it was good news. Back at Jabot, Leslie and Tyler fantasized about the kind of childhood they wished they'd had. Leslie reminded Tyler that being Valerie and Davis Rogan had made them stronger. Tyler admired his sister's resolve.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

At the mansion, Katherine spoke with Cane about her medical condition as she waited to hear from the doctor. Cane wanted to remain with Katherine until she learned the diagnosis. Cane thought that Katherine's loved ones should know about her memory issues, but Katherine didn't want to tell anyone other than Cane until she knew the prognosis. When the phone rang, Cane offered to answer it. However, Jill walked in and grabbed the phone.

Jill was surprised by the call and informed Katherine that the charity foundation had never received their donation for the auction. Katherine told Jill that she had not forgotten about their commitment to the cause, and she'd collected many expensive items for the auction. Jill told Katherine that Esther had said Katherine had offered to drop off the items at the charity office. Jill questioned Katherine's memory when Katherine couldn't recall delivering the goods.

Alone with Cane, Katherine expressed her concern that she'd tossed the box of trinkets into the garbage. Katherine had no memory of visiting the charity auction office. Cane said that Katherine had a lot on her mind that day and had perhaps just forgotten. Cane didn't believe that Katherine was going mad. When Katherine asked Cane about the family, she noticed that he hadn't mentioned Lily.

Jill returned to the living room and said that after she'd made some inquiries, she had discovered that the auction house had never received their donation. The box was also no longer in the house. Jill felt there was only one explanation and that was that Adriana had stolen the expensive collectibles. Katherine refused to believe Adriana was guilty without proof. Jill wanted to fire her immediately. Cane convinced Jill to wait and see if the box turned up.

Billy tried to dress Delia, but the little girl gave him a hard time about her choice of socks. Billy called out to Victoria to help him, but when Victoria appeared, she was covered with tomato sauce stains thanks to Johnny. Billy laughed at their efforts to care for the kids. Victoria admitted that having another baby would be a lot of work and tumult, but she was ready for it. Victoria wanted to be sure that Billy was just as excited.

Billy assured Victoria that he loved being a father; he just didn't want Victoria to have to endure all the stress of in vitro fertilization and hormone shots. Billy promised Victoria he would be fully supportive of her throughout the process. Delia returned with the sock she wanted to wear, and Billy took that as a positive sign that everything would work out for the family.

At the hospital, Adam's doctor spoke with Chelsea about his condition. Adam remained in a coma. The doctor was very kind to Chelsea, but she explained that her marriage to Adam was essentially over. Chelsea thought that the doctor should share any further information about Adam's condition with his first wife, Sharon.

Michael returned home to the apartment, and Lauren was happy to see him. Michael said he was there simply to get some clothes. Lauren told Michael that she'd decided what she wanted the family back together, she wanted a reconciliation. Michael asked if she'd had enough time alone to think things through. Lauren admitted that receiving the separation papers had frightened her. Michael asked if Lauren truly meant what she was saying.

At the Athletic Club, Carmine entered a luxury suite, pulled off his shirt, and headed for the shower. Meanwhile, Michael told Lauren that he wanted to get to the bottom of the reason for their estrangement. The phone rang, and Lauren saw the call was from Carmine. Lauren ignored it, but when Carmine called again, Michael told Lauren to answer it. Carmine asked Lauren to join him in their favorite suite at the Athletic Club.

With Michael in the room, Lauren told Carmine it was a bad time, and she couldn't speak. Carmine reminded Lauren that she'd promised him one last night of romance. Carmine pressured Lauren to give him a face-to-face goodbye. Carmine said he'd be waiting for her. After ending the call, Lauren concocted a lie to Michael about business to explain why she had to leave immediately.

Michael was understanding because there'd been many nights when he'd been called away to work. Later, Lauren arrived at the Athletic Club suite and tried to back out of spending the night with Carmine. He poured her a glass of wine and said he just wanted to thank Lauren for having pulled him out of a dark period in his life. Carmine complimented Lauren for being so good to him. Lauren felt that they'd both been there for each other.

Carmine asked Lauren to tell him what she really wanted. Lauren said that she'd lied to Michael about having a business emergency in order to get out of the apartment. Carmine turned on the charm and seduced Lauren into giving him a final night of passion. Lauren said no, but she was unable to resist his kisses. They two fell back on the bed and began to make love.

At the coffeehouse, Chloe told Kevin that she'd done her part of their scheme, stealing the box of expensive trinkets from the Chancellor mansion. Chloe pressured Kevin to sell the items to raise the money they needed to pay off their loans. Kevin wasn't sure if he could follow through with the plan. Kevin hid the box out of sight to placate his wife, but Chloe wanted him to sell the stuff, not stash it.

Chloe suggested that Kevin find someone to buy all the items. Kevin said he couldn't hire a middleman to move the trinkets because they needed all the money they could get. Kevin asked Chloe to trust him to make the right decision about how to proceed. Chloe left to work with Chelsea on the fashion business, hoping that it would be the answer to their financial woes.

Later, Chloe met with Chelsea and asked her what Adam's reaction had been to the news that Chelsea was pregnant. Chelsea said that Adam had been unconscious, and she couldn't be certain that he had understood what she'd said. Chelsea was worried that someone else had overheard her saying she was pregnant -- Victoria. Chloe didn't want to speculate about what Victoria might do with the information. Chelsea feared Victoria would use the information against her.

Victoria, Billy, and Delia appeared at the office, and Chelsea seemed surprised. Chloe, on the other hand, had expected Billy to deliver Delia to her. When Delia mentioned babies, Chelsea locked eyes with Victoria. Billy lied and said that Delia had been talking about a friend having a baby. Billy thanked Chloe for allowing him to spend extra time with their daughter.

After Billy and Victoria left, Chelsea was sure that Victoria knew about her pregnancy because she'd made a comment about the importance of children having time with their fathers. Chloe pointed out that if Victoria knew about Chelsea's baby, she'd have told Billy. Chloe could tell that he was in the dark. Chelsea feared that if Victoria did know and blabbed to Adam, he'd take the child from Chelsea.

Chloe thought Chelsea was overreacting and suggested that she calm down. After Chloe left with Delia, Chelsea had severe abdominal pains. Meanwhile, back at their home, Victoria told Billy that she was worried about Chelsea and Chloe figuring out that they were trying to have a baby. Victoria thought Chelsea would use the information against Billy and Victoria. Billy listened as Victoria's fears spiraled out of control.

When Victoria mentioned Newman Enterprises, Billy noticed the newspaper on the floor. He showed Victoria the front-page headline that revealed that Sharon had been named acting CEO of the company while Adam was hospitalized. Victoria thought Sharon was using Adam's tragedy to gain control of the family business. Victoria wanted Sharon stopped.

Billy asked Victoria to concentrate on their baby-making plans, not Newman Enterprises. Billy told Victoria that she could not concentrate on Newman Enterprises if she was intent on becoming pregnant. Billy asked Victoria to make a choice. Victoria told Billy that there was no choice to be made. Victoria wanted to have a baby with Billy. When Billy went to care for Johnny, Victoria frowned as she looked at the newspaper.

Alone at the office, Chelsea was writhing in pain. She struggled to get to the elevator and hoped she was not having a miscarriage. At the hospital, Chelsea managed to reach the emergency room. She cried out for help and said she was afraid that she was losing her baby.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin was behind the counter, calling a fence. Michael appeared without warning and overheard Kevin's conversation. Michael asked his brother what he was trying to fence. Kevin said he was thinking of buying a fence for the house. Michael assumed that Kevin and Chloe had worked out their financial troubles if they were making improvements to the house. Kevin said they were still at the Chancellor mansion because of electrical problems at home.

Kevin noticed that Michael seemed happier. Michael told Kevin that the separation papers he had presented to Lauren had stunned her into realizing the importance of their marriage. Michael thought his life was back on track. Later, Chloe returned to the coffeehouse, and Kevin boasted that he'd made a small fortune by fencing the trinkets. Chloe felt guilty, but Kevin suggested that they give something to the charity, since they'd done so well.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Michael stopped by Paul's office at the police station. Paul wished that Michael hadn't resigned as district attorney, but Michael was glad that he would never have to press charges against his family and friends again. Michael added that he'd have more time at home, and he confided that even though Lauren had supposedly forgiven him, their marriage still seemed off. Paul thought that it was progress that she'd moved back in, but Michael revealed that Lauren hadn't returned home from work the night before and that she hadn't even left a message.

Michael couldn't imagine a retail issue that had taken all night, but Paul reasoned that Lauren might have wanted to concentrate on something she could control. Alex escorted Victor into Paul's office, and Michael excused himself to deal with a client. Victor asked if the lab had processed Marcus' DNA test yet, and Paul urged him to be patient, because they had to follow protocol to ensure that the results weren't thrown out of court. Victor declared that someone had tried to kill his family, so he couldn't afford to be patient.

Victor wanted Marcus stopped, but Paul asserted that they needed evidence first, and he had officers watching over Victor's family. Paul applauded Victor and Jack for getting the police involved, and he promised that he wouldn't let anything happen to the Newmans. Paul informed Victor that Christine had agreed not to prosecute Victor for his role in Stephanie's death, since Victor and Jack had assisted the police with getting Marcus' DNA. Paul added that Victor would have to answer to his conscience regarding Stephanie's death. Victor thanked Paul for his efforts, and he left.

Paul asked if Alex was settling into his new apartment, and Alex said that he owed Paul for giving him a job. Paul said that New York's loss had been Genoa City's gain, and he admired Alex's dedication. Marcus entered and announced that he was heading back to the state capital, and he declared that his constituents deserved a swift prosecution in the Newman case. Paul swore that he'd find the perpetrator, and Marcus departed. Alex chuckled at the thought that Marcus believed Victor and Jack's story, and Paul hoped that it was the beginning of the end for Marcus. Later, Alex handed Paul an envelope from forensics.

Lauren woke up next to Carmine, and she panicked when she realized that she had stayed all night. She reprimanded him for letting her fall asleep, but he mused that he'd wanted to watch her sleep, since it had been their last time alone together. Lauren hurriedly got dressed, and she blamed herself for letting things go too far. She told Carmine not to touch her or look at her, because she was committed to fixing her marriage. Carmine observed that she seemed upset at the thought of going home, and she contended that he didn't understand what it was like to devote his life to someone.

Lauren's phone rang, and she fibbed to Michael that she had slept in her office. Michael indicated that he was glad that she was okay, and he asked her to meet him for breakfast at the Athletic Club. She hung up, and Carmine questioned whether Michael had been fine with her staying out all night. Lauren said that Michael trusted her, and she swore that Michael would never find out about her night with Carmine. Carmine realized that Lauren planned to walk out as if nothing had happened, and she said that it would never happen again. Carmine reached for her hand, but she pulled away and left.

Lauren met Michael for breakfast, and he asked if she'd resolved her work issue. She complained that her Australian associate's expectations had been out of control, but she had taken the time to handle it. Michael admitted that he'd been worried that she'd moved out again, but she assured him that she was home, and she believed that if they stayed committed to one another, then nothing would ever separate them again. Carmine appeared across the room.

Lauren tried to hide her discomfort, but Michael noticed that she seemed distracted. He assumed that the prior night had wiped her out, and she blurted that she couldn't do it. He questioned whether she meant their reunion, but she clarified that she didn't want to talk in public and that she wanted to go home. She grabbed her coat, and Carmine watched as Michael followed her out.

At home, Michael asked if Lauren felt better, and she said that it felt good to be there. He revealed that he'd almost called her the prior night, but he hadn't wanted to push after they'd made headway, and she thanked him. He recalled that they'd spent too much time apart because of his job, and she promised that it wouldn't happen again. Lauren declared her intent to return to Michael and their home every night, because their marriage mattered more than anything. She wanted to focus on just being together after all they'd been through, and she snuggled up next to him.

Lauren said that she regretted the mistakes she had made, and Michael replied that they both did. She admitted that she'd run from him and their problems in the hope that she'd find answers, but their time apart had convinced her that she belonged at home, and she promised that it would never happen again. Michael vowed to put their rift behind them, and they hugged. Michael murmured that they could be stronger than ever. Meanwhile, Lauren's phone lit up with a message from Carmine.

Leslie waited to visit Gus at the prison, and Neil offered his unconditional support. She bemoaned that she'd helped to convict her father, and she wanted to apologize to Gus. Neil contended that she wasn't to blame for the judge's ruling, and he insisted that Avery would find another way to prove Gus's innocence. Leslie fretted that the unidentified DNA had been their basis for the appeal, and the judge had shot it down. Neil was confident that Leslie would find another way to free Gus. Leslie lamented that she had failed her father and her mother, because the killer was still out there.

Gus entered the visiting room, and Leslie wondered if he didn't want to see her. Gus assured her that he'd known better than to expect too much, and he didn't blame her for the outcome of the hearing. She understood if he hated her for testifying against him at the first trial, but he argued that she had been a scared kid who had lost her mother. Leslie wished that she'd looked into the evidence for herself, but instead, she had changed her name and had tried to forget. Gus accepted responsibility, because it had been his name she'd wanted to change. He said that he hadn't deserved Belinda or his children, and Leslie forgave him.

Leslie insisted that she would try to overturn the verdict again, and she refused to give up. Neil added that he knew Leslie, and she was a fighter who people had faith in. Gus said that he'd missed too much time with Leslie and Tyler because of the man he had been. Leslie promised that they hadn't gotten that far for nothing, and Gus said that the fact that they were sitting there together was proof that it had been worthwhile.

Paul summoned Neil and Leslie to the police station. Alex informed them that he had a warrant for Marcus' arrest. Paul declared that they were charging Marcus with Belinda's murder, because they had proof that Marcus had killed Leslie's mother.

At the hospital, Jack presented Adam with business publications to help get him up to speed. Jack advised Adam to take it easy and to watch his medications, and Adam said that he'd keep Jack's words in mind. Jack said that he was glad that Adam was okay, and Adam tried to cut him off, but Jack was aware of how frightening a brush with death could be. Jack stated that Adam had been there for Jack, and Jack wanted to help Adam to make a full recovery.

Jack explained that the shooting had been Marcus' doing, but he thought that Marcus had taken the violence to a new level with the gas explosion, and he vowed that Marcus wouldn't get away with it. Jack stunned Adam with the news that Jack and Victor were working together, and he revealed that they'd set a trap for Marcus. Adam suspected that Victor would want to put the bullet back in Adam after Victor found out that Adam had put Sharon in charge of Newman Enterprises, but Jack said that Victor already knew. Adam assumed that Victor wouldn't bother to visit, but Jack disclosed that Victor had been there before and after Adam's surgery, and he thought that Victor might surprise Adam.

Jack returned home and left a message for Phyllis about leaving for Istanbul the following day. He looked down at the spot on the rug where Stephanie had died, and John's ghost appeared and said that it was time for Jack to let it go. John contended that she'd never had a chance with Marcus for a father, but Jack regretted that Stephanie had died alone, even though Jack had been in the room with her. John conceded that Jack had screwed up, but he believed that Jack had made good decisions once Jack had gotten clean. Jack hoped that perhaps he could get justice for another woman who'd died too young because of Marcus.

John commended Jack for working with the police, and Jack pointed out that Billy and Abby could have died and that Nikki was still in danger. John realized that Jack was angry enough to work with Victor instead of against him, and Jack reasoned that while he and Victor loathed one another, they loved many of the same people, and they had the same enemy. John hoped that the trip to Istanbul would make Jack happy and that the time with Phyllis would be what Jack hoped for. Jack reminded John that John had told him that Jack needed someone in life to share his success, but John advised that Jack also needed love, family, and trust to survive.

Chelsea slept in her hospital bed, and she dreamed that Adam arrived with balloons as she held their baby girl. Adam gushed that he loved both of them, and he admitted that Chelsea's prior miscarriage had affected him more than he had been willing to face, so he'd turned to Newman Enterprises to avoid the pain. He continued that they had everything, and he would never let either of them go. Chelsea marveled that the baby had the best parts of each of them, and Adam called the tot perfect.

Suddenly, Chelsea's dream turned into a nightmare. A stone-faced Adam stood across the room with the baby in his arms, and he declared that their daughter wasn't a con artist, but rather, she was a Newman. He snarled that Chelsea had given up a baby before, and he walked out. Chelsea awakened with a start, and the doctor entered her room. Chelsea worriedly asked if she'd lost the baby.

The doctor assured Chelsea that both Chelsea and the baby were fine. Chelsea called the baby tough, and she mentioned that she had miscarried once before. The doctor cautioned Chelsea to avoid stress or any strenuous activity, and she instructed Chelsea to call if anything felt off. Chelsea said that she loved her child and would do whatever it took. The doctor offered to call Chelsea's family or the baby's father, but Chelsea said that she was on her own.

Chelsea looked in on Adam through the window. Victor appeared in the hallway and asked whether Adam was awake, and Chelsea replied that she'd just gotten there. Victor said that the doctor had reported that Adam was doing better, and Chelsea offered to let Victor go in first. Victor received a call and suggested that she visit Adam while he answered it. Chelsea entered Adam's room, and Adam declared that he knew what was going on.

Adam told Chelsea that Sharon had informed him about Chelsea's responsibility as Adam's next of kin, and he was sorry that he'd put Chelsea in that position. Chelsea insisted that it wasn't a big deal, but he knew that she wanted to move on, but instead, she had been stuck dealing with his problems. She pointed out that he had needed someone to look after him, and she explained that she'd thought that he'd want someone in his family to make decisions on his behalf. He remarked that Chelsea had once been his family.

Chelsea asked about Adam's recovery, and Adam reported that the blood clot had dissolved and that he would be released soon. He mentioned that he had previously spoken with another visitor about second chances, and he said that surviving a bullet had made him realize that he would do anything not to blow it again. Adam proclaimed that he had a chance to do things over again the right way and that he'd had time to reflect on his failures and shortcomings. He continued that he couldn't change the past or the damage he'd done, but starting that day, things could be different.

Victor entered, and Chelsea hesitantly left. Chelsea stood outside Adam's door, and her doctor handed her an envelope. Chelsea found a sonogram photo inside. Meanwhile, an emotional Victor thanked Adam.

Friday, April 5, 2013

At the Underground, Nick hugged Avery hello, and he praised her efforts to clear Gus's name. Nick wanted to celebrate that evening, and she hoped that they wouldn't be interrupted again. They kissed as Dylan walked in. Avery was surprised that Dylan was wearing an Underground shirt, and he explained that he was working to repay her for his bail. Avery expressed disbelief that Nick had hired Dylan.

Nick stepped out to take a call, and Avery told Dylan that he didn't have to pay her back, but Dylan pointed out that he couldn't leave town, so he needed a job. She wished that Dylan would work for someone other than her boyfriend, and Dylan joked that he could become a pool hustler. They lightheartedly bantered about Dylan's lack of pool skills, and he challenged Avery to a game. She called it a date, but she quickly recanted the statement. Nick glowered as he witnessed their obvious connection.

After Avery left, Nick told Dylan that a band was scheduled to play at the club the following night, and Nick speculated that there would be plentiful tips. Dylan realized that Nick wanted Dylan to make enough money to pay back Avery as soon as possible. Nick stated that he'd made the job offer for Avery's sake, but he would be glad when Dylan could leave town, so Avery could focus on more important things. Dylan said that he admired Avery's loyalty to the people she believed in, but Nick warned that Avery had moved on with someone who wouldn't lie to her.

Dylan defended that he'd never lied and that he'd tracked Avery down as soon as he'd recovered from his injuries. Nick recounted that Dylan had used an assumed name to check on Avery secretly, and Dylan contended that he'd wanted to be sure that she was all right. Nick sternly advised that Avery was fine and that she was with Nick. Nick handed Dylan a task list for the week, and he expected that Dylan would be able to pay back his debt in record time.

Nick informed Dylan that the Underground would be closed that night, and Dylan inquired whether there was a private party, but Nick remained vague. Nick dictated that Dylan would only be working nights, and he suggested that Dylan find a day job to pay back Avery and get out of town sooner. Dylan pointed out that he had to stick around until his court date. Nick volunteered to use the Newman name to try to get the charges dropped, so Dylan could leave town for good.

Dylan anticipated that the charges wouldn't just go away, but Nick boasted that one call from a Newman could wipe the slate clean. Dylan appreciated the offer, but he wanted to take responsibility by paying Avery back and making the court date. Dylan pondered how Avery would feel if Nick used his influence to sway an official, and he thought it was best to stay and see it through, no matter how long it took. Nick scowled.

At Jabot, Leslie pictured the look on Marcus' face when the police read him his rights, and Neil thought that Marcus' expression would be less smug than usual. Leslie realized that Marcus' arrest wouldn't make up for Belinda's death or the time Gus had spent in prison, but she still thought that justice would taste sweet. Neil said that it had been a long day, and he told her to take it easy. Tyler entered and handed Neil some layouts, and he wondered why Leslie seemed happy. She proclaimed that Gus was free.

Tyler incredulously stated that Gus's appeal had been denied, but Leslie disclosed that the police had matched the DNA to the real killer, Marcus, who'd had an affair with their mother. Neil explained that Marcus had referred to Belinda by a nickname, and Leslie had become suspicious. Tyler couldn't believe that Belinda's lover had killed her, and Leslie hoped that Tyler would eventually forgive Gus.

Avery arrived and reported that Gus's conviction had been vacated. Leslie thanked Avery for believing in Gus when no one else had. Avery asked a despondent Tyler if he was okay, and Tyler recalled that Gus had been horrible to Belinda. Tyler theorized that if Gus hadn't been such a bad husband, Belinda wouldn't have had an affair, and perhaps she never would have been killed. Avery argued that Gus wasn't guilty of murder and that Gus was a victim, too.

Avery and Neil excused themselves to get coffee. Leslie told Tyler that everything they had believed had been a lie, but Tyler still considered Gus to be a very bad person. Leslie thought that Gus had changed, and Tyler conceded that at least Gus hadn't lied about being innocent of murder, but he refused to look at Gus as a saint. Leslie argued that Gus had paid a high price for his mistakes, and she thought that their father deserved a second chance. She urged Tyler to try to forge a relationship with Gus and to consider what Tyler would lose by rejecting Gus again.

Avery informed Leslie and Tyler that Gus would be released soon, and she offered to send some information about organizations that could help with the transition. Tyler scoffed at the idea of helping Gus to find a job or a place to live, and Avery pointed out that a lot had changed in twelve years. Leslie pledged to do her best, and Avery left. Leslie ordered Tyler to adjust his attitude, but Tyler huffed that their criminal father could support himself, because Gus might have been innocent of murder, but he was guilty of many other things. Leslie implored Tyler to let go of his fear.

Leslie handed a contract to Neil, who told her to go home, but she suspected that she'd go crazy if she didn't focus on work. She considered the years Gus had spent stuck in prison, but Neil advised her to look forward to the future. She wondered what would happen when Gus was released, because her father was practically a stranger. Neil thought that the relationship was up to her, but he'd seen how Gus had looked at her with adoration and love. Leslie thanked Neil for trying to calm her down, but she was still worried about Tyler. Meanwhile, Tyler arrived at the prison and asked to see Gus.

Avery returned to the Underground, and she found the bar bathed in candlelight. She assumed that the electricity had gone out again, but Nick said that he'd closed the bar for her, and they kissed. Nick poured some champagne, and Avery called it the perfect end to a perfect day. He said that the night was about more than just her victory, but he wasn't good at making big speeches.

Nick said that he'd realized that everything could be gone in an instant, and he had to cherish every second. He felt that he was the luckiest guy in the world, and he had everything he wanted at that moment, but he desired a future with Avery. He proclaimed that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and he pulled out the engagement ring. Nick professed his love for Avery, and he asked her to marry him.

At Crimson Lights, Summer became irritated when Phyllis repeatedly sent text messages from the airport. Noah warned that parental interference didn't get any easier with time, and he griped that Sharon still gave him a hard time. Summer wondered when things would change, and Noah suggested that they ask Nick when Victor had stopped meddling in Nick's life. Noah claimed that he had a plan to keep his family from smothering him.

Noah announced that he planned to get his own apartment, and Summer suggested that they get a place together, but he flatly declined. He argued that she'd be a terrible roommate because she couldn't pay for rent. She reminded him that he had a trust fund, but he clarified that he couldn't access it until he turned 25. He realized that he wouldn't be able to afford much on his own, but he didn't want his parents' help.

Summer received another text message from Phyllis, and she snapped a photo of Noah as proof that she wasn't getting into trouble. Noah wondered what Summer had done to justify Phyllis' concern, and he gave her time to think of a response while he got a refill. While Noah was at the counter, Summer spied a text message on his phone with a naked picture of Adriana. Noah returned, and Summer asked him whether guys liked such bold gestures. He dodged the question, and Summer looked thoughtful.

Kyle returned home from a run, and he found Abby waiting for him to go over promotional ideas. She asked why he wasn't at the office, and he replied that he was going to work from home. She assumed that he was trying to keep his distance from Summer, but he commented that Summer was just a high school girl. Abby wondered what Summer had done to cause Kyle to hide out at home.

Kyle relayed Summer's coffee-spilling incident to Abby, but he conceded that he might pursue Summer if she were closer to his age. Abby cautioned him to stay away from Summer and to stop encouraging Summer by extending his friendship. Kyle said that Summer had been transferred to another division, so she wouldn't be bumping into him. Abby warned him not to count on it, because Summer had just asked her for advice about how to become more than just friends with an older guy. Abby added that if Summer was already taking off her clothes to get attention, Kyle had better be prepared for more.

Kyle stated that the situation with Summer had been handled, and he went upstairs to take a shower. Abby answered the door to Summer, who claimed that she wanted to get Phyllis and Jack's hotel phone number from Kyle. Abby said that Kyle wasn't there, but Summer observed that Kyle's car was outside. Abby simply stated that she'd send Summer the information. Summer thanked her, and she appeared to leave, but a moment later, she peeked through the window.

Abby finished a call and headed to the office. Summer sneaked into the house and ascended the stairs. A towel-clad Kyle exited the bathroom and found a naked Summer in his bed. "What took you so long?" she purred.

At the hospital, Victor stated that Adam had taken a bullet for him, and he questioned why Adam had saved his life, but Sharon entered before Adam could respond. She asked whether she was interrupting, but Adam invited her in. Adam reported that he was feeling halfway decent, and he mentioned that Jack had said that Sharon was doing a fine job at Newman Enterprises. Sharon clarified that she was just keeping the seat warm, and Victor remarked that it was only a matter of time before she ran the company into the ground again.

Sharon chided Victor for picking a fight, but Victor contended that Adam had been impaired when he'd put Sharon in charge. Adam asserted that he'd made a conscious decision, and he surmised that Victor was there to check on the company and not on him. Adam concluded that Victor's plan was to gauge whether Newman Enterprises was ripe for the taking, so Victor could take advantage of the situation. Sharon left to get back to work, and Adam questioned why Victor was still there. Victor said that they weren't finished.

Victor asked why Adam had leaped in front of the gun at the party, and Adam replied that there had been no time to think. Victor contemplated whether perhaps Adam didn't hate him as much as Victor had thought. Victor recalled that Adam had crashed the party to expose Victor, and he had expected that Adam would have preferred to see Victor dead. Victor pressed Adam to tell the truth.

Victor took a call from Paul, and he informed Adam that Marcus was about to be charged with Belinda's murder. Adam called it great news, but he remarked that he was tired. Victor volunteered to do all the talking, and he swore that he hadn't stopped by to talk about business, but about family. Adam asked what that had to do with him, and Victor recognized that others had accused Victor of testing his kids' love and loyalty. Victor said that Adam had proven himself to be every bit a Newman, and he apologized that it had taken a near-death experience for Victor to realize it. Victor declared that Adam was his son.

Adam was suspicious of Victor's motives, but Victor insisted that he was speaking from the heart, and he was grateful that he hadn't lost Adam. Adam said that Victor had no idea how long Adam had wanted to hear Victor say those words. Victor acknowledged that they had a lot of history, and he regretted that he hadn't had the chance to raise Adam, because Hope had wanted Adam to live on the farm. Victor knew what it was like to grow up without a father, and he was sorry that it had taken him that long to accept Adam. Adam asked if they could put an end to the war between them. Victor extended his hand, and Adam shook it.

Over the phone, Marcus ordered his attorney to run interference regarding the Newman case, and he declared that he had nothing more to say. He looked stricken when his lawyer informed him of some bad news. Marcus learned that there was a warrant for his arrest, and he snarled that if he went down, then he would take Jack and Victor with him.

Sharon almost spilled coffee on Dylan at Crimson Lights, and she was surprised that he was in town. He explained that he had left, but his return was a long story. He asked about her kitchen, and she replied that she'd barely had the chance to use it, because Adam had put her in charge of Newman Enterprises. They made some small talk, and Dylan started to turn away, but she asked when she could hear his long story. He revealed that he'd had some legal difficulties, but Avery was helping him.

Sharon commented that Avery was a good attorney, and she asked if Nick knew. Dylan sarcastically replied that Nick was ecstatic that Dylan had to stay in town for another month. Dylan added that he didn't know what he would do after the hearing, because he might have reason to stay longer. Sharon surmised that Avery was the reason.

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