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Chelsea claimed that Dylan was the father of her baby. Nick questioned Avery's reasons for accepting his proposal. Adam and Sharon agreed to have meaningless sex. Before her surgery, Katherine asked Cane to run Chancellor Industries.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 22, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Sharon, at home, attempted to contact Adam by phone. She changed her mind and picked up her jacket and purse. Sharon was about to head out the door when Noah stopped by and said he had some news to share. Noah exclaimed, "Dad and Avery are engaged." Noah apologized for being the bearer of upsetting news. Sharon explained that she'd known about Nick's proposal but had yet to hear Avery's response.

Sharon assured Noah that she was pleased for Avery and Nick because she adored Avery. Noah told his mom that she didn't have to hide her feelings if she was truly upset about the engagement. Noah expressed his concern that his mom's bipolar condition might cause her emotions to spiral out of control. Sharon insisted that she was fine and that Nick's engagement wouldn't adversely affect her mental health. She added, "I accepted a long time ago that your father had moved on, and so have I." Noah carefully studied his mother's face as if to ascertain whether or not her demeanor betrayed her words.

Noah told his mom that his relationship with Adriana had ended. Noah quickly added that everyone, including his dad, had insisted that Adriana's sudden exit was for the best. Sharon replied, "Let's say that it is, but it doesn't make it hurt any less." Noah changed the subject and explained that he hoped to save enough money working overtime at the Underground to afford his own apartment.

Sharon noted that she, too, had begun another chapter of her life after leaving Newman Enterprises when Victor returned. Sharon added, "When life throws you a curveball, you've got to either duck or swing at it." Noah asked, "Swing at it how?" Sharon explained, "By knowing what you really want in life and that can be easy or as difficult as you make it."

At Crimson Lights, Adam angrily confronted Dylan, who'd been chatting with Chelsea. Adam, referring to Chelsea as his wife, asked Dylan if he'd slept with her. Chelsea crossly noted that she no longer considered herself to be Adam's wife. Adam pointed a finger at Dylan and replied, "So that's how you justify getting pregnant with him?" Chelsea rose from her seat and said, "Yes. I am pregnant." Adam asked if Dylan was the father. Dylan stood, fixed his gaze on Chelsea and said, "You're the only one who can answer the question."

Adam clenched his teeth and said, "Chelsea, don't do this. Don't play games with me." Chelsea appeared fearful of Adam. She replied, "You're right. The baby's Dylan's." Adam's chin quivered as he struggled to hold back tears. Dylan looked stunned. Adam wiped tears from his cheeks and accused Chelsea of pretending she was heartbroken about the end of their marriage. Dylan stepped forward to physically defend Chelsea, but Adam told Dylan that Chelsea was Dylan's problem. Chelsea seemed shocked and deeply hurt by Adam's callous reaction.

Adam glared menacingly at Dylan. Adam told Chelsea that it didn't seem to matter who could father the baby she'd so desired. Chelsea ran after Adam and cried, "You got what you wanted, too, Adam. I hope you and Victor are very happy together." After Adam left, Dylan told Chelsea that he couldn't understand why she hadn't already shared the news with him. Chelsea began trembling and tried to convince Dylan that the baby wasn't his responsibility. Horribly upset, Chelsea grabbed her purse and coat and headed out the door.

At the warehouse fashion office, Kevin confronted Chloe and attempted to apologize for his unkind remark when he had claimed that their "marriage wasn't about much." Chloe told Kevin that he was to blame for her refusal to discuss the issue. Kevin followed Chloe around the workroom and again offered a sincere apology. He claimed that he'd become alarmed when a police officer showed up and began questioning him. Chloe said she'd also been terrified by the possibility of being charged with burglary.

Kevin pledged his love to Chloe and told her that he was lucky to have his stubborn wife in his life. Kevin added, "Our relationship is incredible." Chloe sadly replied, "No, it's not. We're in a rut." Kevin blamed their unfortunate financial situation. Chloe noted that they had to consider their daughter's welfare and couldn't continue stealing just to add spark to their lackluster marriage. Kevin acknowledged that he loved Chloe's catsuit, but they agreed to find a way to spice up their marriage without breaking the law.

Chelsea arrived, still distraught after her run-in with Adam and Dylan. Chloe quickly sent Kevin on his way. An agitated Chelsea explained what had happened at Crimson Lights and noted that Adam believed that Dylan was her baby's father. Chelsea added, "This idea of yours wasn't brilliant. It was wrong, and now this is a huge mess!" Chelsea explained that Sharon knew about the pregnancy and had told Adam. Chelsea cried that she'd never imagined having to face an angry and hurt Adam at the coffeehouse with Dylan present.

Chelsea pressed her palms against her cheeks and insisted she would've handled the situation differently had she not felt cornered. Chloe maintained that Chelsea had made the right choice. Chelsea cried that judging from Adam's reaction, she feared that he would never let her have custody of the baby had she attempted to tell him the truth. Chloe assured Chelsea that her situation would improve. Chelsea shook her head and cried that her problems were just beginning.

After Noah left, Sharon phoned Adam and left him another message. She begged him to return her calls. Sharon heard someone knocking loudly at her door. When she opened it, Dylan, nearly breathless, announced that Chelsea was pregnant with his baby. Sharon was taken aback. Dylan admitted that he'd acted on impulse when he and Chelsea had made love. Dylan noted that before learning about the pregnancy, he'd planned to leave Genoa City.

Victoria arrived at her father's office and said she wanted to work with him. Victor said he thought they'd both agreed that she wouldn't return. Victoria explained that she'd already extended the olive branch to Adam and was willing to interact with her brother and accept his orders. Victoria said she hoped to rectify her mistaken assumption that Victor might be blind to Adam's efforts to grab power. Victoria explained that she'd fought Adam because she loved her father and had felt the need to stand guard over the family company. Victoria and Victor both vowed to trust each other.

Victoria was taken aback when her father asked, "How can you give it your all when you plan to deliver that child with Billy Boy?" Victor added that Victoria always plunged fervently into her work. Victoria explained that working would keep her from becoming obsessive about her fertility treatments. Victoria assured her father that she'd maintain her role as an attentive mother to Johnny and Reed. Victor smiled and lovingly embraced his daughter.

Victor was hugging Victoria when Adam sauntered in. Adam said, "So you two have kissed and made up?" Victor asked his daughter to leave so he could speak to Adam alone. Adam said Victoria could stay. Victor insisted he discuss an issue with Adam in private. Victoria seemed uneasy when Victor escorted her to the door. He winked at Victoria before closing the door.

Victor quickly picked up on Adam's distress and insisted his son tell him what was wrong. Adam explained that Chelsea was pregnant with some other man's baby. Victor pointed out that Adam and Chelsea's marriage hadn't yet officially ended. Adam explained that Chelsea had acted as if it didn't matter. Adam struggled not to break down when he added that the baby he and Chelsea had conceived would have been due the day before.

Adam explained that he'd drunk too much and had become sentimental when he'd paid a visit to Chelsea. Adam said he'd realized that Chelsea had moved ahead with her life while he'd been bedridden, recovering from his wounds. Victor sighed heavily when Adam explained that his firstborn, a son, had been lost when Chelsea miscarried. Adam cried that he'd clung to the belief that he and Chelsea could have reconciled, but he noted that Chelsea had seemed "so cold." Victor sent Adam home to rest his body and his mind. Victor later disclosed to Victoria that Adam was distraught because Chelsea was pregnant with someone else's child.

Sharon went to Adam's house and knocked on the door. Adam opened the door, and Sharon intently studied his face as she walked inside. Sharon cried, "Are you all right?" Adam didn't respond. He slammed the door shut and walked closer to Sharon. Staring deeply into Sharon's eyes, Adam lunged forward and kissed her passionately on the lips. Sharon wrapped her arm around Adam's neck and kissed him back.

Dylan returned to his motel room. He slammed his duffel bag on the bed. In an exaggerated movement, he yanked his arm away from the shoulder strap as if to separate himself from a burden. He sighed disgustedly and aimlessly wandered to the other side of the small, sparsely furnished space he thought he'd left forever. Appearing distraught, Dylan sat on the edge of his bed. He seemed lost in thought and stared off into space.

At the hospital, where Gus was being treated, Leslie cried to Neil that she felt responsible for her father's collapse. Neil assured Leslie that she wasn't to blame. Tyler showed up, and Leslie tearfully told her brother that their dad had suffered a heart attack and might not make it. Leslie acknowledged that she'd been impatient with her father because she didn't understand what he'd been going through. Neil comforted Leslie, and Tyler pointed out that many factors could have adversely affected Gus' life over the years.

Tears flowed down Leslie's cheeks, and she cried, "My dad is dying and all I can think about is all the mistakes I've made. I just got my dad back, and I don't want to lose him again." Leslie vowed that she would mend her relationship with her father if he recovered, and she urged Tyler to do the same. The doctor stepped out of Gus' room and explained that Gus had suffered a major heart attack. The doctor added that Gus was still drifting in and out of unconscious.

Leslie sent Tyler home and promised to call him when their father was allowed visitors. Later, the doctor told Leslie she could visit her father. Leslie peered through the window in the door before venturing inside. Leslie seemed alarmed when she saw the monitors and tubes keeping track of her father's vital signs. Leslie called out to her dad. Groggy and confused, Gus replied, "I'm so sorry, Rose."

After Tyler left the hospital, he went to the Underground. Though no other patrons were present, Tyler took a seat at the bar. He ordered a drink, and Noah told Tyler that the bar was closed. Noah poured Tyler a drink and chatted with him. Noah noticed that Tyler seemed upset. Noah encouraged Tyler to talk about what was bothering him. Tyler shook his head, but Noah refilled Tyler's glass and again offered to be his sounding board.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

At her apartment, Avery fussed over what to wear when she told Phyllis about her engagement to Nick. Nick learned that Sharon hadn't picked up Faith from school, and he couldn't reach Sharon. Avery offered to pick up Faith, but Nick said that Avery wasn't yet on the school's approved list. Avery suggested that she look for Sharon while he picked up Faith, but he thought that Avery would have her hands full, dealing with Phyllis. He hoped that Phyllis took the news better than Dylan had.

Sharon and Adam kissed passionately, but she pulled away, because she knew that he was reeling from the news of Chelsea's pregnancy. Sharon revealed that Dylan had stopped by to tell her that Chelsea was pregnant with Dylan's baby, and she honestly believed that Dylan had been shocked. Adam found it ironic that Chelsea had accused Adam of moving on with Sharon, while Chelsea had been hooking up with Dylan. Adam wished that he had known before he'd given Chelsea a settlement.

Sharon suspected that Adam wasn't angry about the money but that he was hurt because he'd wanted the baby to be his. She surmised that was why he had kissed Sharon. Adam insisted that the kiss had felt good, but Sharon thought that he had used her to forget his problems, and he apologized. She said that he had also made her feel good when she had felt sad or lost. Adam replied that he had a million things in his mind, but he still wanted to kiss her.

Sharon admitted that she wanted Adam, too, but she didn't think either of them was ready for something serious. He proposed that they just have meaningless sex, but her phone rang, and Sharon realized that she had forgotten to pick up Faith. Adam asked if he could help her deal with Nick, but she told him to stay out of it. Sharon asked if Adam would be okay, and he remarked that life went on. He added that Chelsea had a whole new life, and Sharon said that he could have one as well, once he put his old life behind him.

Sharon arrived home and found Nick, who informed her that Faith was at the tack house. Sharon claimed that she had been taking care of a business problem, but Nick revealed that he had called Newman Enterprises, and he knew that she didn't work there anymore. Nick suspected that she had been with Adam. She stated that it was none of his business, but he asserted that it was, because it affected their children. She called her slip a one-time incident that wouldn't happen again, but Nick warned that Adam was nothing but trouble. Sharon advised that Nick take a look at his own relationship.

Sharon worried that Avery and Nick were rushing into marriage, but Nick coolly stated that he wasn't interested in Sharon's opinion. Sharon chided him for giving her advice while keeping his own personal life off-limits, and she contended that his life affected their kids, too. Sharon relayed that Faith had confided that she wasn't excited about Avery becoming her stepmother. Nick said that Faith would adapt, but Sharon urged him to give both Faith and himself time, because it hadn't been long since he'd broken up with Phyllis.

Nick noted that he had dealt with a failed marriage before, and Sharon questioned whether he wanted it to be the last. Sharon implored him to be with Avery but to really get to know her before deciding if they could last. He said that he already had, but Sharon was doubtful. Sharon asked not to be seated next to Phyllis at the wedding, but she wouldn't mind sharing space with Dylan. Nick reported that Dylan was leaving town, but Sharon told him not to be so sure.

Sharon claimed that she just had a feeling that Dylan would stick around, but Nick was certain that Dylan would leave. Sharon conceded that Dylan could be hard to read, but Nick thought that she was withholding something. She reminded Nick that they no longer told one another everything, but he hoped that she would tell him if it was something he should know. She suggested that they live their own lives.

At her design studio, Chelsea talked to her unborn baby, and she swore that she'd get everything sorted out before she gave birth. She remarked that she hadn't had a dad growing up, and she didn't want that for her child, but she couldn't risk losing the baby to Adam. Chelsea continued that she hated lying, but she felt backed into a corner, and she was worried about the baby's father. Dylan entered and asked why. Chelsea covered by contemplating whether she'd ruined their friendship.

Dylan said that he and Chelsea were friendly and always would be, but she contended that a baby would change everything. He admitted that he had been surprised by her pregnancy, but it was nothing they couldn't handle. Chelsea apologized that he'd found out about it from Adam, but Dylan asserted that he and Chelsea were the only two people with an interest in the baby. She reiterated that she wasn't expecting anything from Dylan, but he couldn't turn his back on his kid.

Dylan said that he was getting accustomed to things not turning out the way he had planned, and Chelsea repeated that she didn't want anything from him. Chelsea commented that most guys in his situation would be ecstatic to be off the hook, but Dylan stated that he wasn't like most guys. She pointed out that they weren't in a relationship and that she didn't even know his last name. He said that it hadn't stopped them from making a baby, and he didn't want to pressure her, but he assured her that they were in it together. He suggested that they start with something simple, like the due date.

Dylan realized that he could do the math, and Chelsea nervously rambled that she hadn't talked to anyone about the baby. She found it strange to think about becoming a parent, and he reassured her that they had nine months to figure it out. Chelsea claimed that the baby would be born around Thanksgiving, and Dylan assumed that he would have turkey in Genoa City that year. He realized that he had interrupted her work, and he told her to let him know if she needed anything. As the elevator door closed, he revealed that his last name was McAvoy.

Later, Adam stopped by the studio, but Chelsea declared that they'd said everything they'd needed to say. He agreed, but he wanted to give her a gift that he'd bought for their baby. Chelsea reaffirmed that her baby wasn't Adam's, and he assured her that he'd received the message. She told him to take his gift and leave, and he blasted her for simply replacing the child they'd lost. She wailed that she had grieved their son, but Adam had shut her out, and there was no point in going over it again. Adam agreed that their marriage was over, but he'd bought the gift before he'd known that, and he had no need for it. He wished her luck in her new life, and he left.

Chelsea found a baby blanket inside the gift box, and underneath it was an envelope with a letter to "Baby Newman." She read the heartfelt letter, in which Adam had written that the baby had already had an unbelievable effect on Adam and that Adam had been working on a list of things to do together. Adam had disclosed that he'd had a baby blanket just like it, and he had vowed to do everything possible to be the dad his baby deserved. Adam couldn't wait to meet his child, and he'd signed the letter "Dad." Chelsea cuddled up with the baby blanket and cried as she flashed back to excitedly showing Adam some baby clothes.

Adam drank alone at home, and he answered a knock at his door. Without saying a word, Sharon walked in and removed her jacket. They began to rip one another's clothes off.

Phyllis and Jack arrived at the Abbott house, and he offered to carry her over the threshold, but she noted that they weren't married. He inquired whether she'd move that day or the next, and he said that he'd already talked to Mrs. Martinez about Phyllis' preferences. Jack called Phyllis the lady of the house, and she protested. He wondered if Phyllis had changed her mind about moving in.

Phyllis asked Jack if he ever thought about what would have happened between them if she hadn't gotten involved with Nick, but Jack replied that what was done was done. Jack added that he and Phyllis had both changed and grown, and the timing was right for them. She wondered what would have happened if she and Jack had stayed together, and she believed that she would have screwed things up another way. Jack admitted that they were a long shot, but he argued that long shots had the biggest payoff.

Phyllis warned that she and Summer had a lot of baggage, but Jack declared that he was ready for both of them. He suggested that they get Phyllis' things, but Phyllis wanted to talk to Summer first. Jack anticipated their first dinner together at home that evening, and she kissed him and said that she'd be back soon. Phyllis left, and John appeared and congratulated Jack. Jack said that John had been right in that success didn't matter unless he had someone to share it with, and he proclaimed that things were perfect. John stated that he wouldn't be there if that were true.

Jack said that John had wasted a trip, because Jack's life was going great. John observed that Phyllis had seemed reluctant to move in, and Jack rationalized that she was a little hesitant because they had been down the same road more than once. John cautioned that he'd witnessed all of Jack's relationships -- the good, the bad, and the disasters -- and Phyllis had been all three. John realized that Jack had never loved anyone like he loved Phyllis, but nobody had hurt him the way Phyllis had, either. Jack swore that it wouldn't happen again.

Avery stopped by Phyllis' apartment, and she observed piles of shopping bags from Istanbul. Phyllis pointedly said that it had been relaxing to get away from everything, and she presented Avery with some authentic Turkish spices suitable for a gourmet chef. Avery insisted that she wasn't one, but Phyllis cattily said that Nick thought so. Avery thanked her, and Phyllis suggested that Avery make her an exotic home-cooked meal as a peace offering. Avery said that she'd love to cook for Phyllis, but she didn't know if Phyllis would want her to after Avery disclosed her reason for being there.

Phyllis said that Avery dating Phyllis' ex-husband was enough to ruin her appetite, and Avery revealed that she and Nick were engaged. Phyllis noticed that Avery wasn't wearing an engagement ring, and Avery explained that she'd decided not to wear it until she'd told Phyllis the news. Avery pulled the ring from her purse and put it on, and Phyllis sarcastically called it lovely. Avery said that she'd wanted to tell Phyllis in person, and Phyllis feigned shock over the news, but Avery pointed out that Phyllis had known that Avery and Nick's relationship was serious.

Phyllis taunted that Nick was obviously on the rebound, and Avery conceded that things had happened quickly, but she and Nick loved each other. Phyllis spat that Avery and Nick didn't even know one another, whereas Phyllis and Nick had shared a real life and a child together. Phyllis asked why Nick wasn't there, and Avery said that she had wanted to be the one to tell Phyllis. Phyllis accused Avery of wanting to twist the knife, but Avery swore that she wasn't trying to hurt Phyllis. Phyllis retorted that she hoped Nick and Avery's marriage lasted longer than the marriage Avery had destroyed by sleeping with Dylan. Phyllis surmised that Dylan's arrival in town was the reason why Avery had been so quick to commit to Nick.

Phyllis snapped that it had been Avery's lifelong desire to have Phyllis' life, and she suggested that Avery make a play for Jack, since cheating didn't bother Avery. Avery recalled Phyllis' own affair with Ronan, and Phyllis admitted that she'd made a mistake, but Phyllis thought that Avery was a hypocrite who always justified her actions. Avery huffed that Phyllis' pathetic, empty life would be the last one she'd want to steal, and she accused Phyllis of destroying everything and then blaming everyone but herself. Jack arrived, and Avery stormed out.

Phyllis seethed as she informed Jack that Nick and Avery were getting married, and Jack was disappointed by Phyllis' reaction to Nick's engagement. She insisted that it was about her two-faced sister and not Nick. Phyllis added that Nick looked stupid jumping into marriage with Summer's aunt. Jack offered to be there for Summer, and he suggested that he help Phyllis pack. She realized that he was anxious for her to move in, and he couldn't wait to rechristen their bed. She proposed that they give hers one last shot, and they began to make love.

Avery was surprised to find Dylan writing in his journal at Crimson Lights. He stated that some unexpected things had happened, and she understood that could be difficult, but he said that they could also be incredible. She asked which one it was, and he responded that he wasn't sure yet. She pointed out that he had been ready to leave town, and she asked if his hearing had gone badly. He replied that there was something he had to deal with himself, and she offered her help. Nick appeared in the doorway.

Nick mentioned that he'd thought Dylan was leaving town, and Dylan said that he'd thought so, too. Dylan departed, and Nick asked Avery if Dylan was planning on staying, but she disclosed that Dylan had been vague. Nick inquired whether Dylan had summoned her again, and she said that she and Dylan had run into one another by coincidence, but she'd wanted to find out why he was still in town. She had gotten the impression that it had nothing to do with her, but Nick felt the opposite way.

Avery questioned whether Nick thought she was lying, and he found it curious that Dylan had been the first person she'd told about their engagement. Avery asserted that she'd wanted to make her feelings clear so that Dylan would move on, but Nick suspected that Avery was torn. Avery insisted that she loved Nick and wanted to be with him, but Nick didn't think that she was over Dylan, and he urged her to take time to consider it.

In his room, Dylan flashed back to being in bed with Avery. He had tried to fall asleep, but she had blurted that she was pregnant. He had asked her to leave Joe and marry him, because he had wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and their kids.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

At Jabot, Lily and Cane rushed in for a meeting with Neil, but Neil said that there was no need for them to apologize for being late. Cane observed that Tyler wasn't there, and Neil reported that Tyler was tending to other matters. Lily huffed that Tyler was probably with his new fling, and both Cane and Neil noticed her irritation. Lily pitched that Jabot launch the new fashion line with unknown spokespeople who were confident and adventurous in their style. Neil liked the combination of danger and romance in the pitch, and he instructed Lily to get started with Tyler right away.

Lily thought that she and Tyler weren't a good match to work on the campaign together because she wasn't daring enough, but Cane opined that she was a perfect fit. Lily walked Cane out, and he disclosed that he was on his way to be with Katherine for some blood tests before Katherine's surgery. Lily inquired why Cane had pushed for Lily and Tyler to work together, and he said that it was about time that he showed his trust in her. They kissed, and Cane left. Lily returned to Neil's office, and Neil asked what was going on between her and Tyler.

Lily explained that Tyler was just a flirt. She admitted that she liked that Tyler saw her as more than just a wife and a mom, but his flirting had reminded her of how much she loved her life. Neil believed her, and he vowed to be there if anything was ever bothering her. She said that she wouldn't have it any other way, and they hugged.

At the hospital, Leslie expressed relief to Tyler that Gus had regained consciousness, and she was glad that Tyler was there to support their father. Tyler clarified that he was there for her, not Gus. Leslie chided Tyler for ignoring her advice, and she said that not dealing with his feelings about Gus wouldn't make anything better. Tyler insisted that he wasn't ready, but she warned him that he might not have another chance. She conceded that they had deserved a better father, but she implored Tyler to make peace before it was too late.

Leslie asked if Tyler believed that Gus would pull through, and Tyler replied that Gus had every reason to. She regretted driving Gus away by setting her expectations too high, and she wondered whether she had somehow sabotaged things on purpose. Tyler suspected that she had just wanted the daddy she'd always dreamed of, and she resolved to build a real relationship with Gus. She realized that she didn't know much about her father, and she mentioned that Gus had murmured the name Rose when he had woken up. She asked if the name meant anything to Tyler.

Tyler said that the name didn't mean anything, and he commented that Gus definitely had secrets. Leslie surmised that Gus kept his secrets in the box that Gus had tried to hide. Tyler asked what was in it, but a nurse informed them that Gus was awake, and she instructed that only one of them go in at a time. Leslie offered to let Tyler visit Gus first, but Tyler insisted that she go ahead. She entered Gus's room and noted that he looked a lot better. Gus hated being so much trouble, but she told him not to apologize, because it was her fault for expecting him to be everything she needed at once.

Gus wished that he'd never reentered Leslie's life, but she swore that things could still work out. He promised to leave town once he was better, but she said that he'd have to get past her first, and she joked that not even Adrian Peterson could get around her if she wanted to stop him. Gus and Leslie realized that they were both football fans, and she declared that she wanted Gus to stick around so she could find out more about him. She asked him to start by telling her about Rose, because he'd called Rose's name earlier. Leslie figured that Rose was important to Gus, but Gus barked that Leslie had heard wrong.

Tyler paced outside Gus's room, and Cane asked what he doing there. Tyler revealed that Gus had suffered a heart attack. Cane expressed his condolences, and he relayed that Lily had covered Tyler's pitch at the meeting. Cane acknowledged that he'd been hard on Tyler, but he thought that Tyler and Lily made a good marketing team, and he promised that he wouldn't get in the way if Tyler didn't give him reason to. Cane wished Gus well and shook Tyler's hand.

Tyler returned to the office, and Lily reported that their ad campaign had been a big hit. Tyler revealed that he'd run into Cane at the hospital. He added that Gus had been admitted after a heart attack, and she offered to be there if Tyler needed anything. Tyler answered a call from a female friend and made dinner plans.

At her apartment, Leslie told Neil about Gus saying Rose's name, and Neil wondered why Gus had denied it. Leslie had a feeling that the answer might be in Gus's box. Neil cautioned that a man was entitled to his privacy, but Leslie contended that Gus had lied to her face, and maybe she could find out why. Neil advised her to leave it alone.

At On the Boulevard, Billy dealt with a series of snafus, and he complained that the restaurant was a money pit. Carmine contended that as an Abbott, Billy could afford it, but Billy countered that he was also a husband who couldn't throw money around. Carmine suggested that Billy set up another poker game to cover the repairs, but Billy insisted that the last game had been a one-time thing, and he vowed not to let Victoria find out about it. Carmine remarked that Billy wasn't the first person to keep a secret from a spouse.

Kyle arrived at the restaurant, and he congratulated Billy on acquiring the eatery. Kyle queried whether Billy had been thinking about the purchase for a while, but Billy vaguely replied that the opportunity had presented itself. Kyle wondered about Billy's role at Jabot, and Jack entered and asked the same question. Jack and Kyle hugged, and Jack assumed that Billy's new business venture had to do with Jabot. Billy invited Jack to sit down.

Billy maintained that he wasn't cut out for corporate life, and Jack scoffed at the idea that running a restaurant was the right career path for Billy. Billy contended that he liked being free to do whatever he wanted without anyone looking over his shoulder, but Jack worried that Billy could get into trouble. Kyle applauded Billy for just wanting to live his life, and Jack thought there was a missing piece to the story, but he reluctantly congratulated Billy. Jack announced that Phyllis was moving in with him, and Kyle seemed peeved. Jack hoped that Kyle would find a woman like Phyllis one day.

Jack asked what Victoria thought of Billy's new venture, and Billy replied that she understood his need for fulfillment, especially since she was back at Newman Enterprises with Victor and Adam. Jack proclaimed that the apocalypse had begun, and he asked if Billy was sure that he wanted the crazy hours and potential for temptation. Billy said that his temptations were in check, just like Jack's were.

At home, Lauren anxiously looked at her phone. Michael entered, but he turned away when he saw her. She stated that she had hoped that he'd be there when she had returned from work, and he stated that he'd had a busy day. She asked if that was why he hadn't returned her calls, but he explained that he hadn't known what to say. He revealed that he'd stayed at the motor inn, and they both admitted that they hadn't slept well. He announced that he'd made a decision.

Lauren asserted that both she and Michael should be involved in decisions about their marriage, but Michael said that only one of them was in it. She argued that she was there, but he accused her of avoiding what was wrong. He snapped that the thought of him touching her made her sick, and he demanded to know what was bothering her. He quickly backed off, but he had hoped that she would have forgiven him already. He realized that they'd never had a chance after he'd forced her to choose between him and Fen.

Lauren accepted responsibility for failing their marriage because she hadn't believed that Fen could bully someone, and she had instead blamed Michael for everything. She admitted that she had wanted to make herself feel better by trying to forget, but all she'd done was make things worse. Michael questioned how Lauren had made things worse, but Fen interrupted and was surprised to see his parents together. Lauren said that they had been in the middle of something, and Fen surmised that it had been an argument. Michael declared that they'd have no more arguments, because he was moving out.

Lauren asked if Michael planned to stay elsewhere for just a couple of days, but Michael said that he needed to live someplace else, because their attempt to reunite wasn't working. Fen berated Michael for giving up, but Michael swore that nothing would ever change his love for Fen. Fen stalked off, and Lauren wished that Michael would reconsider. Michael said that they both needed to figure out what they wanted. She was afraid that the longer he was away, the easier it would be to stay away, but he thought that it was a better option than staying and killing the love they still had.

Phyllis hugged Summer and admired her daughter's new look. Summer said that she'd missed Phyllis, and she asked about Istanbul. Phyllis revealed that she'd spent most of her time shopping, and she presented Summer with a bracelet. Phyllis wondered if the trinket was too young of a style for Summer, and she asked when Summer had become so grown-up. Summer claimed that she wanted to look more like Phyllis, because it was tough to pull off a look that was both glamorous and professional. Phyllis was flattered, but she was worried that Summer was trying to become a woman too quickly.

Summer argued that she was already a woman, but Phyllis encouraged Summer to revel in the short period of time she had to be a carefree 18-year-old. Summer changed the topic to helping Phyllis unpack, and Phyllis lamented that her advice had fallen on deaf ears. Phyllis revealed that she'd just have to pack again, because Jack had asked her to move in with him. Summer declared that she was happy for Phyllis, and she assumed that she would get to stay alone at the penthouse. Phyllis shot down the idea, and Summer suggested that she move in with Phyllis and Jack. Phyllis suspected that Summer wanted to be near Kyle.

Summer said that she was over Kyle because she was tired of being rejected, and she insisted that she just wanted to be closer to Phyllis. Phyllis warned that Summer couldn't manipulate a manipulator. Summer reiterated that she had missed being around Phyllis, and she added that she couldn't take living with Nick since he had gotten engaged to Avery. Summer grumbled that Avery was there all the time, trying to act like her mother. Summer begged Phyllis to talk to Jack, and Phyllis agreed.

Phyllis hauled boxes of her things into Jack's home, and Jack said that he'd already told the staff to turn a spare bedroom into Phyllis' closet. Phyllis inquired whether he'd meant it when he had said that Summer could stay there, and she asked about a long-term situation. Phyllis joyously revealed that Summer didn't want to stay with Nick because of Avery, and Jack wanted Summer to be happy. Jack considered Phyllis and Summer to be a package deal, and he wouldn't have it any other way. Phyllis thanked him with a kiss.

Summer ran into Kyle at On the Boulevard, and they made small talk about work. She asked if he was there with his girlfriend, and he replied not that night, but he expected to be seeing a lot more of his new love. Fen arrived to meet Summer, and Kyle departed. Fen rambled that he had a lot to tell her, and he apologized for treating her like he had owned her. He vowed not to be the sort of person who ended up hurting the people he loved the most, and he didn't want to give her reason to doubt how he felt. Fen said that he knew they could have something good, and he moved in to kiss her.

Summer pulled back and said that she liked Fen as a friend, but she was involved with someone else. Summer excused herself to help Phyllis move in with Jack, and she said that she was sorry that she couldn't be what Fen wanted her to be. Fen was obviously upset, and Carmine encouraged him to go after Summer. Carmine offered to arrange a poker game for Billy, but Billy repeated that he wasn't interested.

Lauren arrived at the bar, and Carmine said that it was perfect timing. She bemoaned that she wanted to crawl into bed for days, and he offered to join her and disappear together. Carmine poured Lauren a glass of wine, and he suggested that they go to a tropical paradise alone together. Lauren said that was exactly what she needed.

During a musical montage, Billy played with a deck of cards, but he put them back in the box. Jack welcomed Summer with a hug, and through the window, a livid Fen spied Summer and Kyle talking. Michael struggled against tears as he sat alone, while Lauren and Carmine laughed together. Tyler pulled a rose out of a flower arrangement, and he walked past Lily on his way out the door to meet his date. Cane returned to the office, and Lily raced into his arms. Leslie opened Gus's box and discovered a stack of letters from "R. Turner."

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nikki suggested to Victor that they go to dinner at On the Boulevard that evening, and Victor couldn't believe that Billy and Nick had chosen similar career paths. Victor thought that Nick's club would be successful, while Billy would run his business into the ground. Nikki insisted that she loved the restaurant's scallops, and she implored Victor to go for the sake of their family. Victor contended that Billy had married into the family, but Billy would always be an Abbott, and Nikki countered that Victor had once treated Adam like an outsider, too.

At the hospital, Cane assured Katherine that she would be fine, but she didn't think any part of being cut open to remove a tumor and look for cancer sounded "fine." Cane apologized, and she ranted that she had wanted to be alone. Jill and Murphy entered, and Jill warned Katherine to keep her voice down, because there were sick people in the building. Katherine objected to their presence, but Jill said that Katherine was stuck with them, and they were stuck with Katherine.

Murphy asserted that he had a right to be ticked off, but Katherine argued that the fact that Murphy and Jill had found out about the surgery didn't make the procedure less risky. Murphy wanted to be there to hold Katherine's hand, and he said that as her husband, he needed to talk to her about what she would want if the worst happened. Cane could only imagine what he'd think if Lily had gone through surgery and no one had told him, and he said that they all deserved the time with Katherine before the surgery. Cane refused to let anyone apologize for loving Katherine.

Cane admitted that he was scared, and he wanted Murphy and Jill there for his own benefit. Katherine realized that Cane had carried a heavy burden, and she was sorry. Cane was honored that she had treated him like family, and he implored her to let them all be there for her. Katherine took Murphy and Jill's hands and called herself a crabby old lady, and Murphy referred to himself as a crabby old man who loved her more than anything. Katherine requested that they call the rest of the family to tell them what was going on. Jill and Murphy stepped into the hallway to divvy up the call list, and Jill noticed Nikki talking to Dr. Costner.

Nikki thanked the doctor for explaining things, and Jill concluded that Katherine had asked Dr. Costner to call Nikki about Katherine's operation. Nikki was stunned to hear about the surgery, and she told Dr. Costner that she'd speak to him later. Jill revealed that Katherine had a tumor that would be removed and biopsied that day, and Nikki realized that was what Katherine had hinted about earlier. Jill groused that Katherine hadn't wanted any of them to worry, and Nikki agreed that was ridiculous.

Cane said that he was proud of Katherine, and she asked him for a favor. She decreed that if she didn't get through the surgery or if she became incapacitated, then she wanted him in charge of Chancellor Industries. Cane suggested that Neil or Jill would be prime candidates to run the company, but Katherine said that she wanted her voice to be heard whether she was still there or not. She requested that he give her an answer before she proceeded with the surgery. Cane swore that he would abide by Katherine's wishes. Katherine called him a good man, and she thanked him for giving her peace of mind.

Nikki visited Katherine and couldn't believe that Katherine had kept her condition a secret. Katherine countered that Nikki wasn't one to talk, and Nikki declared that she was relieved that everyone knew about her MS. Nikki advised that they both let the people who loved them help them get through the tough times. Katherine nodded, and Jill, Murphy, and Cane returned. Murphy told Katherine to hurry back to him, and Jill and Cane said that they loved Katherine. As interns wheeled Katherine down the hall, Katherine bellowed that she loved all of them.

At On the Boulevard, Avery spotted Dylan filling out an application, and she questioned why he was still in town. He replied that things had changed. Dylan explained that he'd packed his bags and had had no reason to stay, but he had considered what had been waiting for him in Chicago, and he'd realized that he no longer had family there. He said that he was glad that Avery would have a good life, and he added that he might have his own shot at one again. Dylan announced that he was going to be a father.

Avery was stunned, and Dylan noted that he had felt the same way when Chelsea had told him. He realized that Avery knew Chelsea, and Avery grappled with the fact that Chelsea was Nick's brother's wife. Dylan explained that he and Chelsea had gotten together on the night his dad had died. He insisted that it had only been one night and that he hadn't planned it.

Sharon returned Faith to the tack house, and Nick presented his daughter with some blueberry muffins. Faith excitedly reached for one, but she set the muffin down when Nick said that he'd made them, using Avery's recipe. Faith asked if Avery could stay away. Nick said that he liked having Avery around, and he couldn't tell Faith who to like, but it would make him sad if he didn't get to spend time with Avery. Nick assured Faith that she could tell her parents anything, because families got through things together. Faith cried that if Nick married Avery, then they wouldn't be a family anymore.

Nick reminded Faith that her grandparents hadn't been married for a long time, and he and Sharon were no longer wed, but they would always be a family. He named the various relatives who had only made their family bigger, and he insisted that when he married Avery, they'd still be a family. Sharon declared that she and Nick loved Faith no matter what, and Faith said that she loved them, too. Faith hugged Nick, and he sent her upstairs to look at a new book that Nikki had left for her.

Nick expressed his gratitude toward Sharon for not throwing him under a bus, but Sharon responded that she just wanted Faith to be happy. Sharon contended that Faith needed to know that Faith was still Nick's priority, and she was sure that Faith would like Avery again. Nick asked how Sharon's life was without Newman Enterprises, but she realized that he was really inquiring about Adam. She said that she didn't need Nick's approval any more than he needed hers, but he asserted that he just wanted to be sure Sharon was moving forward.

Later, Avery stopped by the tack house, and Nick offered her a blueberry muffin. Avery surmised that Faith had hated the muffins as soon as the girl had realized they were Avery's recipe. Nick said that he and Sharon had talked with Faith, and he understood that Faith was worried about losing her family. He realized that change was tough on his daughter, especially after his divorce from Phyllis, and he couldn't keep yanking Faith around. He continued that he loved Avery and wanted to marry her, but he couldn't take the step until he knew that she was completely over Dylan.

Avery said that she had been broken when she'd arrived in town, and she had tried to erase the memories, but she'd eventually put herself back together because of Nick. She admitted that she had loved Dylan, but it was over, and they'd both moved on. Nick asked why Dylan was still in town, and she hesitantly answered that he was staying for his baby. Avery revealed that Chelsea was pregnant and that Dylan was the father. Nick turned away, and Avery swore that her heart was Nick's. He questioned whether it was because she loved him or because Dylan was no longer an option.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe coldly told Adam that they were closed, and Adam called her charming as always. He handed Chelsea an envelope and said it was a gift she'd enjoy -- their final divorce papers. He suggested that Chelsea celebrate by having sex with a stranger, but he snapped that she already had. Adam added that Chelsea had gotten what she had wanted between her legal papers and her settlement, and Chelsea reminded him that she'd offered to give the money back.

Adam wondered whether Chelsea had gotten pregnant before or after he'd cut the check, and he said that she was a con to the core. He recalled that she had begged him to leave for Paris, but she hadn't gone anywhere, and he suspected that she would have gotten pregnant with a Frenchman's child had they moved. Chloe blasted him, but Chelsea said that she could fight her own battles, and she sarcastically thanked Adam for the paperwork. Adam snarled that Dylan had no idea what was in store for him, but he was glad it was Dylan and not himself.

Lily prepared for the Jabot casting call, but Tyler seemed distracted. Lily reported that Chelsea and Chloe would be there soon, and Tyler asked how many girls were auditioning. Lily replied that she'd whittled the talent pool down to ten young women who were all new to the business. Tyler commented that green was good, because they needed to capture the rush people got from exciting new faces. They both reached for a photo at the same time, and Lily uncomfortably stepped away when their hands touched.

Tyler tried to put the ladies who were there to audition at ease, and Lily grumbled that it wasn't professional to flirt. Lily asked what his girlfriend would think, and Tyler clarified that he'd simply gone on a date. Summer approached Lily and said that she was excited to be an intern, and she asked how she could help. Lily explained that it was a casting session for the new fashion line, and they'd get started as soon as Chelsea and Chloe arrived. Summer tried to cover her uneasiness that Chelsea would be there, and she stammered that there were more qualified people to handle the event. Summer started to leave, but Chelsea entered and locked eyes with Summer.

Chloe accused Summer of trying to weasel her way in to audition, and Summer nervously denied it. Tyler offered to let Summer try out, but Lily explained that Summer was just an intern. Tyler liked Summer's look, but he wouldn't know if she was right for the job until they got her on-camera. Chloe barked that Tyler hadn't designed the line, and Tyler asked Chelsea if Summer could have a shot. Summer insisted that she had tried to leave before Chelsea had gotten there, and Tyler wondered about Summer and Chelsea's history.

Summer asserted that she was just an intern and that she was leaving. Chelsea told Summer to wait, and she recognized that the night of the car accident had been awful, but she could tell that Summer carried the memory the same way Chelsea did. Chelsea said that she had been wrong to blame Summer, and Summer's voice trailed off as she mentioned the baby Chelsea had lost. Chelsea reasoned that there were both terrible and amazing accidents in life, but Chelsea had received a second chance, and she thought Summer deserved one, too.

After the casting session, Lily admired the photos they'd taken of Summer, and Tyler taunted that he had been right. Lily teased that she'd thought he was a confident guy who didn't need reassurance, and he cautioned her against mocking him in a stalled elevator. Cane arrived, and Lily asked if Katherine was okay. Cane reported that Katherine was still in surgery, and Lily suggested that they wait at the hospital together. Lily and Cane left, and Tyler looked dismayed.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe pushed Chelsea to change her mind about Summer, but Chelsea wondered if Summer might be the perfect face for the brand. Chloe reflected on how both she and Chelsea had thought they'd found the perfect mates in Billy and Adam, respectively, but they'd found better matches. Chloe noticed that Dylan was sitting on the patio, but Chelsea worried that she'd already ruined his life. Chloe pointed out that Chelsea had given Dylan an out, and she encouraged Chelsea to be grateful that she was free from Adam and to talk to Dylan.

Chelsea approached Dylan, and he offered her a seat. She assured him that she wouldn't faint, and he asked if she needed ginger ale or crackers, but she replied that her morning sickness was over. She covered by stating that she was lucky that it had only lasted a couple of days. He suggested that he fetch her some hot chocolate, but she revealed that she had been craving spicy food. Dylan remarked that his kid had his spice gene, and Chelsea struggled to hide her guilt.

Adam arrived at Newman Enterprises and said nothing when he found Victor in the CEO's office. Adam searched for a proposal to close a deal, but Victor reported that he'd already closed it. Adam was incensed because he hadn't approved it, but Victor insisted that he'd done Adam a favor, since Adam was clearly preoccupied with other things. Adam was irritated by Victor's subtle reference to Chelsea, but Victor reminded him that Victor was there at Adam's request.

Victor understood that it was a difficult time for Adam, and Adam said that he couldn't put a spin on his wife being pregnant by another man. Adam griped that he and Chelsea were supposed to have had a child together, yet he was a family of one. Victor declared that Adam was his son and that Adam had a family, and Adam dryly conceded that Victor hadn't written him off yet that week. Victor proclaimed that they were going to run the company together, and he wouldn't forget that Adam had saved his life. Adam said that there was only one way for Victor to prove that he meant it.

Victor asked what Adam wanted, and Adam replied that he wanted the CEO's office. Victor suggested that Adam take Sharon's corner office with a beautiful view, and Adam asked what had happened to being family. Victor said that there was a line around his old desk and chair, and Adam questioned whether Victor wanted to arm wrestle for them. Victor joked that he ate his spinach every night, and Adam backed down and agreed to take Sharon's office. Victor searched his pockets and threw the penthouse keys to Adam. Adam told him to enjoy the chair, and Victor chuckled as he settled in.

Adam led Sharon to the penthouse, and he informed her that it was his new place. Sharon realized that he'd purchased it from Victor, and Adam remarked that sometimes people burned sage to put a good vibe in a new home. She quizzically asked if Adam wanted her to help him burn sage, and he suddenly pulled her into a passionate kiss. They backed into the piano and began to make love. Later, Sharon eavesdropped from the stairs as Adam instructed Gloria to sell his house and everything in it.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Over dinner at her apartment, Leslie commented to Neil that Gus was more of a stranger than she'd expected. She admitted that she'd opened Gus's box and found some letters, but she had followed Neil's advice and hadn't opened them. Leslie realized that she was learning that Gus wasn't the man she'd thought he was on many levels, and Neil admired her for handling it well, but she didn't think she was. She wished that she could shut down her emotions the way Tyler had.

Neil said that he was happy that Leslie was in his life, and she replied that she'd never get tired of hearing it. She worried that Neil still seemed too good to be true, and she wondered when the other shoe would drop. Neil assured her that misguided fathers and unappreciative bosses didn't represent all men, and she said that she thanked God for Neil every day. They kissed, but she received a call from the hospital, and she asked how bad Gus's condition was.

At the Underground, Noah called Tyler over and introduced him to two beautiful women, Quinn and Donna. Donna asked if Tyler remembered them from the Jabot casting session, and the women griped that they hadn't gotten the job. Tyler flirtatiously gushed that no living man could ever forget them, and Noah agreed. Quinn conceded that there would be other gigs, and Tyler looked her over and remarked that there was only one Quinn.

Noah invited Tyler and the ladies to move to a table, but Quinn wanted Tyler all to herself. Tyler laughed and informed her that she couldn't change his mind about hiring her as a model for Jabot's line, but she claimed that she just wanted to have some fun in private. Quinn purred that she was staying at the Genoa City Motor Arms, and Tyler amorously stated that they could arrange something. He received a text message from Leslie saying that Gus was in trouble.

Tyler arrived outside Gus's room, but he didn't go in. Leslie and Neil appeared, and she was glad that Tyler was there. Gus weakly called for Davis, and Tyler mumbled that he couldn't handle it. Leslie said that Tyler couldn't run away, because their dying father wanted to see him. Gus was glad that Tyler was there, because there was a lot Gus had to say. Tyler said to tell him when Gus was stronger, but Gus said that could be a while, and he compared the hospital to prison.

Gus said that he knew that Tyler and Leslie were both good people and that he couldn't be prouder of them. He added that their mother would have been happy with how they'd turned out, and Leslie approached and asked whether Belinda had known Rose. Gus murmured that it had been another time in another life, and he'd messed that one up, too. His monitor began to beep, and Tyler ran out to get the nurse.

Neil comforted Leslie, and he assured her that she hadn't done anything wrong, but she regretted interrupting the nice moment between Tyler and Gus. The doctor reported that Gus was weak but stable, and he wanted Gus to rest, with no visitors. Neil hugged Leslie, and Tyler quietly left.

Neil escorted Leslie home, and he asked if he could get her anything. She was in shock that she'd almost lost Gus, and Neil assured her that it was okay to fall apart. She wailed that she'd thought that she'd have years to make up for the time she and Gus had lost, but she wasn't sure of how much time they really had left. Neil hugged her as she cried. Meanwhile, Tyler stopped by Quinn's room, and he said that he was in the mood for some company. Quinn said that she was all his.

At Adam's penthouse, Sharon told Adam that she was taking off because Avery needed to talk to her. Adam distractedly mused that it could be important, and Sharon asked if he was okay. He simply stated that they'd had fun, and she seemed disconcerted by his cool attitude, but she replied that she'd see him later.

Avery confided to Sharon that she feared that she was losing Nick. Avery confessed that Nick believed that the only reason Avery had agreed to marry him was because Dylan wasn't an option. Sharon questioned whether Avery had given Nick any reason to consider Dylan a threat. Avery insisted that she loved Nick, but Sharon pointed out that it wasn't an answer to her inquiry. Avery conceded that she had a history with Dylan and that they had been deeply in love, but she couldn't turn off a switch and not feel anything. Avery added that she'd thought Dylan had been dead, and it had taken her a long time to get over it, but she'd never lied about her feelings.

Sharon inquired whether Avery was sure that she was over Dylan. Avery admitted that it was possible that Dylan wasn't out of her system, but she wasn't in love with him and wasn't going back to him. She added that Dylan would always be part of her past, but Sharon thought that Nick wouldn't have doubts if that were all there was to it. Sharon knew that Nick's flaw was that he was in love with the idea of being in love, and she didn't want see his heart broken. Sharon advised Avery not to lead Nick on if there was any chance that Avery still had feelings for Dylan.

Victoria arrived home and found Billy about to leave for the dinner shift. She complained that she worked all day and he worked at night, but he promised that it would only be for a couple of weeks. She wondered if he still wanted to focus on their baby project, and she reported that it was a primetime to try to conceive. Billy assured Victoria that he still wanted to have a child with her, and he offered to be late. They kissed and headed upstairs, but there was a knock at the door, and Billy reluctantly answered it. Nick asked to speak to Victoria.

After Billy left for work, Victoria asked why Nick seemed upset, and Nick revealed that he'd proposed to Avery. Nick noted Victoria's lukewarm reaction to the news, and Victoria explained that it seemed sudden. He wondered if she objected to the idea, and Victoria asked if he was in love with Avery. Nick swore that he was crazy about Avery, but he had doubts about whether Avery was ready, and he didn't want to get burned again. Victoria urged him not to rush into anything. Nick replied that he didn't want to lose Avery, but he realized that he might never have really had her.

Victoria said that she liked Avery and that Nick had been happier since he'd gotten together with Avery, but there was nothing wrong with waiting. Victoria contended that if Avery was the one for Nick, time wouldn't change anything, but it would give Nick and Avery a chance to know one another better. Nick pointed out that he wasn't a beginner, and he had no regrets about his past marriages. Victoria noted that obviously he had questions about the future, and she advised that Nick and Avery should only get married if they loved one another with all their hearts, because anything less was a gamble.

Avery arrived at the tack house and called out to see if anyone was home. She found a note from Summer about staying at Courtney's, and she poured two glasses of wine. She turned on some music, and Nick arrived home. Avery declared her intent to blow his mind with love and commitment. She gushed that she loved him and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, and she asked what she needed to do to get back to the wonderful place they'd been in. He replied that he didn't know if they could.

Nick turned off the music, and Avery questioned how bad things could be. He asked why she loved him, and she listed numerous qualities she admired about him. She added that he made her laugh and that he had her back, and she could melt in his arms and let him be the strong one. She continued that she felt like she was floating when he looked at her, and she called him just about perfect. Nick asked why she'd loved Dylan, and Avery protested, but Nick declared that he had to know.

Avery insisted that Nick was the only man for her, but he hated how he felt. She swore that there was no reason for him to be jealous, but Nick complained that Dylan was always there, and he would always wonder if she'd chosen Nick because he was safe. Avery cried that she wanted Nick, but he heard something else behind her words, and it killed him that she couldn't be free of Dylan. Avery asked if Nick was calling off their engagement.

Chelsea thanked Dylan for walking her back to her office, and he said that they should get to know one another, since they were having a baby together. She said that he had the option to run instead, and he replied that he had no place to run and that he just wasn't that kind of guy. Chelsea asked what type of guy he was, and Dylan said that she could call him if she needed anything. He added that he believed in responsibility, and he promised to stick around for her and their child. Anita overheard.

Chelsea introduced Dylan as her baby's father, and Anita complimented his looks and remarked that he and Chelsea would have a beautiful kid. Anita asked what Dylan's plans were regarding Chelsea, and Chelsea explained that they were still trying to figure everything out. Anita quizzed Dylan about his background, and he mentioned that he was in construction but considering going back to school. Anita huffed that Chelsea was accustomed to the finer things in life, but Dylan promised that the baby would have everything he or she needed. Anita asked when Dylan and Chelsea were getting married.

Chelsea declared that no one was getting married, and she told Anita to stop pushing. Dylan said that he had to go but that it had been nice to meet Anita, and he left. Chelsea scolded Anita and said that her pregnancy wasn't a con, but Anita pointed out that Chelsea had made Dylan think that he was the father. Chelsea defended that she hadn't done it on purpose, and Anita warned that Chelsea hadn't thought out her plan if Chelsea intended to zero in on a carpenter. Chelsea contended that she was doing what was best for her baby, but Anita didn't think it was worth the risk.

Chelsea demanded that Anita keep her mouth shut, but Anita insisted that she was just looking out for the child. Chelsea snapped that all Anita cared about was money, and Anita advised Chelsea to make up with Adam and live like a queen. Chelsea maintained that she was done with Adam, and she reiterated that he could never find out that he was the father. Anita cautioned that Chelsea would never be safe, because Adam would find out that she was lying. Chelsea threatened to never forgive Anita if Anita exposed Chelsea's secret.

Anita knew that Chelsea was upset, but she encouraged Chelsea to follow her advice. Anita stated that she knew Chelsea hadn't meant to hurt her, and she wished that Chelsea wouldn't speak to her so harshly, because anybody could smell Chelsea's plan turning into a disaster. Anita opined that Chelsea had been out of the game too long and that too many things could go wrong. Anita insisted that she just wanted to protect Chelsea, and she warned Chelsea to end the con before it was too late.

At On the Boulevard, Billy was livid when Carmine called in sick for the next few days. Dylan entered and inquired whether Billy had seen his application, but Billy was hesitant to poach Nick's staff. Dylan said that he'd left the Underground, and Billy asked Dylan to tend bar while Billy got the employment paperwork. Adam arrived and ordered a scotch. Dylan said that he'd just gotten the job and requested that Adam not make a scene, and Adam swore that he wouldn't.

Dylan pointed out that Adam and Chelsea had been broken up for months, and he argued that no one was looking to hurt anyone. Adam mentioned that Chelsea had chosen to be a con artist, and he wondered if Dylan was an opportunist, since Chelsea stood to get a lot in the divorce settlement. Billy returned and stated that it would be bad for business if Dylan pounded Adam into the ground, but Adam said that he wasn't there to fight. Adam proposed that they play cards like they had the week before. Adam inquired whether Billy was back in action, and Victoria overheard.

Billy claimed that Adam had just made a crack about Billy's return to the restaurant business, and Adam went along with the ruse. Adam remarked that he was impressed that Victoria let Billy play around all the temptations, and he suggested that she keep an eye on Billy. She coolly thanked him for the advice. Adam complained that there was no action at the restaurant, but he was sure that Billy would fix that eventually. Adam turned to Dylan and sincerely asked him to take care of Chelsea, and he left.

Dylan filled out the paperwork, and Billy said that he'd see Dylan at work the next day. Dylan departed, and Billy asked if Victoria had forgiven him for embarking on his crazy venture. She wanted to know what Adam had meant about temptations, and Billy claimed that Adam had just been trying to get her to take her eye off Newman Enterprises. Billy added that he thought it was a mistake that she'd returned to the company, and she wanted to change the subject. He suggested that they close shop and go home to try to make a baby, and they kissed.

Dylan arrived at Chelsea's studio, holding a single red rose. He claimed that he'd been in the neighborhood, and she jokingly called him a liar. He admitted that he'd wanted to see her, and she apologized for her mother's behavior. Dylan said that the encounter with Anita had made the situation feel more real, and he mentioned that he'd gotten a bartending job and that he planned to start looking for an apartment. Dylan awkwardly handed Chelsea the rose, and he gently kissed her. He said that he'd see her the next day, and he departed. Chelsea couldn't help but smile.

Adam returned home and poured a drink. He answered the door to Sharon, and he brusquely asked what she wanted. Sharon explained that she'd forgotten her jacket, and she wondered if it was too late to stop by. Adam said that he'd had a run-in with Dylan that evening, and she asked if that was the only reason for his miserable attitude. Sharon noted that Adam had been cold when she had left earlier and that he seemed almost angry at her.

Adam claimed that he was tired and that he hadn't had the best day. Sharon reminded him that they'd just been together, and he curtly asked why she was acting hurt. He reminded her that they'd discussed that they were only having no-strings sex and that they weren't in a relationship. Sharon wasn't sure if she could handle it, and Adam asserted that it needed to stop.

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