The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 20, 2013 on Y&R

Kyle punched Fen. Michael agreed to hold off on a divorce for Fen's sake. Adam suspected that he was the father of Chelsea's baby. Tyler quit his job at Jabot. Sharon overheard Nick confess that he might not be Summer's biological father.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 20, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Y&R Recap 5-20-2013

At the Baldwins' condo, Lauren passionately kissed Michael and embraced him. Michael pulled away. Sobbing, Michael explained that whenever Lauren kissed him or placed her hands on him, he couldn't erase the images in his mind of her with Carmine. Lauren reminded Michael that he'd once believed that their marriage could survive anything. Michael replied, "That's when I thought it was us against the world, not each other." Sobbing, Lauren asked Michael what she should do. Michael again pulled away and told Lauren to leave him alone.

At the tack house, Nick placed Summer's hairbrush into a zip-top storage bag. He picked up and scanned a letter sent from GM Laboratory's Diagnostics Center. The letter explained that the tainted samples couldn't yield conclusive results. When Nick heard a knock at the door, he quickly stashed the letter and the bagged hairbrush beneath an afghan on the sofa. Sharon, carrying Faith's lunchbox, entered when Nick opened the door and noted that Faith had a habit of leaving her belongings behind.

Picking up on Nick's depressed mood, Sharon asked Nick what was on his mind. Nick mentioned the anniversary of Cassie's death. He added, "It doesn't get any easier, does it?" Sharon replied, "No. Cassie's death changed everything." Sharon suspected that something else was worrying Nick, and she asked about Avery. Nick said he and Avery were all right. He mentioned Summer's prom, and Sharon replied, "All grown up -- that would make anyone shaky."

Nick's hands touched Sharon's when she handed him the lunchbox. Nick said, "Your hands are all shaky." Sharon explained that she was having trouble discerning and working through her emotions in order to feel normal again. Nick said that sometimes keeping a distance from one's emotions wasn't a bad thing. Sharon replied, "This isn't about Cassie or the prom. What is it?" Nick insisted that the anniversary of Cassie's death had hit him and Sharon harder than they'd expected. Phyllis phoned, and Nick spoke to her briefly.

After the call ended, Nick told Sharon that he needed to attend to a problem concerning Summer. Nick added that Faith's sitter was upstairs with their daughter. Nick held Sharon's hand and noted that she was no longer shaking. Nick commended Sharon for carefully managing her illness, so she could be strong for Faith and Noah. Nick gently kissed Sharon's cheek before she left. After Sharon walked out the door, Nick retrieved the letter and the hairbrush and locked them away in a strongbox. He took the key along with him.

At Phyllis' penthouse, Kyle arrived after having received a text message from Summer falsely claiming that she needed to be rescued from a drunken Fen. Just before Kyle's arrival, Fen had reluctantly accepted a "dare" from a fellow classmate to "make out" with Summer. Fen climbed on top of Summer and tried to kiss her. As soon as Kyle arrived, Summer protested Fen's advances. Kyle became enraged by the scene and pulled Fen away from Summer. Kyle pointed his finger at Fen and yelled, "Never touch Summer again!"

Stunned, Summer stammered to explain and said, "It wasn't like that." Kyle replied, "He wasn't on top of you, and you weren't telling him to stop?" Courtney, Summer's trouble-making friend, noticed that Fen was about to hit Kyle with a candlestick. Courtney yelled, "Oh, my God!" Kyle quickly reacted by grabbing the candlestick and punching Fen in the mouth. Fen fell backward and landed on the floor. A male classmate videotaped the brawl.

Phyllis arrived and said, "What is going on, here?" Fen raised his head and wiped blood from his mouth. Summer drew a deep breath. Phyllis ordered Summer and Fen's friends to catch their waiting limousine downstairs. Phyllis demanded that Summer explain why guests had gathered uninvited in her home to drink alcohol and engage in fistfights. Phyllis reminded Summer that she'd told her parents she would be at her prom.

Kyle spoke up and explained that Summer had sent a text message claiming that she needed help. When he arrived, Kyle added, Fen had been on top of Summer, and she had been crying for him to stop. Summer said nothing. Phyllis sniffed Fen and said, "You're drinking! What were you doing to my daughter?" Fen told Phyllis that Summer had played the role of an innocent damsel after Kyle arrived. Fen added that he'd simply accepted a "dare" and had been challenged to kiss Summer.

Phyllis told Kyle to leave before Nick arrived. Kyle refused and said he'd stay to protect Summer and was prepared to recount the attack to Nick if necessary. Phyllis refused to let Fen leave and said she'd phone his parents and report that he'd been drinking. After Phyllis and Fen stepped away, Kyle told Summer that she shouldn't have lied to him when she sent the text message. Summer insisted that she needed Kyle's help and that he'd saved her.

Michael and Lauren arrived and demanded to know what had happened. Fen asked if his father wanted to hear the truth, or if he preferred to hear Kyle and Summer's "spin it." Kyle admitted that he'd split Fen's lip. Summer added that Kyle had defended himself when Fen attempted to hit Kyle with the candlestick. Lauren stepped up to defend her son. Michael yelled, "Let me handle it, for once!" Phyllis stood some distance away and seemed shocked by the discord she'd witnessed between Michael and Lauren.

Nick arrived. Lauren tenderly attended to her son's injury. Michael apologized to Nick and to Kyle. Fen held an ice pack against his injured mouth. Flippantly, Fen said, "I'm the one with the ice pack, but apologize for me. Yeah, that works, too." Fen begged Summer to admit the truth. Summer harshly noted that things had gotten out of hand. Fen added, "Just like you wanted them to." Nick warned Fen to watch his mouth.

After the Baldwin family left, Nick scolded Summer for pulling one over on her parents by serving alcohol and partying with her friends. Nick added, "Were you going to get in your car and drive?" Nick reminded Summer about the anniversary of Cassie's death, and he took away Summer's driving privileges for a month. Nick ordered Kyle to keep his distance from Summer. Kyle claimed that if Nick weren't always so strict and harsh, perhaps Summer might tell her father what was going on in her life.

Phyllis attempted to mediate, but she couldn't gather her thoughts. Nick glared at Kyle and reminded him that Summer was still a kid. Kyle asked why the thought of him and Summer dating drove Nick crazy. Kyle pointed out that he was only a few years older than eighteen-year-old Summer. Phyllis again attempted to step forward to end the fray. Phyllis sent Kyle home.

Summer told Nick that because he tended to overreact, she'd often summoned Kyle for help and that he'd saved her. Phyllis agreed that Nick acted like an insane person whenever Kyle approached their daughter. Summer echoed her mother's words. Nick warned Summer that Kyle would break her heart. Nick added that he didn't want his little girl to suffer. Summer insisted that she wasn't a little girl.

Nick demanded that Summer hand over her car keys to him. Summer unhappily complied. Nick told Summer that he loved her more than she'd ever know. After Nick left, Summer reminded her mother that she'd never backed down. Summer added that she'd never known her mom not to take chances. Summer cried, "I just want to take chances! I want to try."

After the Baldwin family returned home, Fen insisted that Summer had set him up. Fen added that his friends had challenged him to kiss Summer. Fen assured his parents that he hadn't attacked Summer and that she'd even kissed him back. Fen recalled that when Kyle arrived, Summer had yelled for him to save her. Fen seemed brokenhearted that Summer had so hurtfully rebuffed him.

Michael assured Fen that his broken heart would mend. Lauren added that a mended heart could be stronger than ever. Michael glared at Lauren. Fen recalled what had taken place between his parents. He cried, "Don't tell me a broken heart heals. You know it's a lie." Lauren's eyes filled with tears.

After Fen went to his room, Lauren told Michael that all the wonderful, special moments they'd shared meant more than a mere handful of bad times. Michael replied, "I wish that were true." Lauren begged Michael not to leave. Michael reminded Lauren that he'd once begged her not leave, but she had anyway. Michael opened the door and walked out on Lauren.

After Michael left, Carmine sent Lauren a text message. It stated that he missed her. Lauren sighed and shook her head disgustedly. Fen ventured out of his room and asked his mother why an apology no longer mended a broken relationship. Lauren embraced her son. Fen asked if his parents would divorce. Lauren cried, "I hope not."

Michael sought solace at Crimson Lights. He held the matchbook from the Geneva Pine's Motel in his hand and glared at the embossed gold lettering. He plucked out a match, lit it, and set the others ablaze. Michael watched the flames flicker. Afterward, he dropped the nearly consumed matchbook into a coffee mug. Michael seemed deeply depressed and lost in thought as he stared into space.

Sharon stopped by Crimson Lights and ran into her therapist, Dr. Watkins. The doctor noted that Sharon hadn't met with her in a few weeks. Sharon insisted that her medication was working well and that her support system was wonderful. Dr. Watkins asked Sharon about work. Tears welled in Sharon's eyes when she mentioned leaving Newman Enterprises after Victor returned to run the company with Adam. Sharon added, "Adam was a much better support system than my family was. I felt grounded and happy, and Adam was a huge part of that."

Dr. Watkins offered to consult with Sharon in privacy. Sharon broke down and cried, "It's happening again, and I'm so lost." Dr. Watkins and Sharon sat at a table on the patio to talk. Sharon cried that Adam had heartlessly pushed her away even though she'd given him everything on his terms. Sharon added that because she had so misjudged the situation, she questioned whether or not she'd gotten better at all.

Sharon recalled that the doctor had advised to her to stay away from Adam. Sobbing, Sharon said she wanted to go back in time when Cassie was alive because everything in her life had been a mess after Cassie died. Dr. Watkins promised that Sharon could get well again. Sharon said she'd hoped that regaining her health and spending time with her kids could be enough. Sharon admitted that she also yearned for someone to love her.

Dr. Watkins noted that Sharon desired what she had herself termed a safe haven. Sharon explained that she'd have to discover a purpose in order to keep herself going. Dr. Watkins advised Sharon to keep her appointments, so her medication could be appropriately adjusted. Sharon noted that she was confused and thought the grief over Cassie's loss was too much to bear. Sharon cried, "A piece of my soul is gone, and I can never get it back."

At On the Boulevard, Alex and Abby arrived and signed the guest register. Alex pointed to Carmine and told Abby that the bruises visible on the bartender's neck indicated that Carmine had either been involved in a bit of trouble or had acquired the telltale marks from engaging in kinky fun. Abby rushed over to Carmine and asked, "What happened to your neck?" Carmine tugged on his necktie and raised his collar to cover the marks. Carmine claimed that a drunken patron had choked him. Alex offered to help Carmine locate the offender from the bar's credit-card receipts so Carmine could press charges. Carmine brushed off Alex's offer.

After Alex was called away, Abby interrogated Carmine and asked, "Whose husband did you piss off? Please tell me you aren't stupid enough to mess with Lauren." Judging by Carmine's reaction, Abby noted that Carmine had engaged in an affair with Michael's wife.

Carmine changed the subject by mentioning that a pair of Abby's designer shoes cost the equivalent of Alex's monthly salary. Abby quickly dismissed Carmine's comment and said she didn't care. Carmine added, "Guys from the other side of the tracks are just for fun, not for romance." Abby ordered Carmine to end his affair with Lauren immediately if he had not already. After Abby left, Carmine said aloud to himself, "Easier said than done."

At the police station, Abby showed up after she grew tired of waiting for Alex at the restaurant. Abby happened to witness Alex playfully taunting Detective Sheryl Gordon about her investigations of the recent string of home burglaries. Paul joked that the two detectives could bust each other's chops as long as they did their jobs. After Paul and Sheryl waked away, Abby told Alex that it was a jealous husband who'd left his marks on Carmine.

Back at On the Boulevard, Carmine poured scotch into a glass and gulped it. Paul, sitting at the bar, asked Carmine if the booze was supposed to ease the pain from his strangulation marks or help ease his conscience. Paul ordered Carmine to stop disrupting Paul's friends' lives. Paul warned Carmine that he could easily be mistaken for a stalker. Paul advised Carmine to find a single woman to date. Carmine sarcastically thanked Paul for his advice. Paul replied, "I have some more: Stay away from Lauren -- for good."

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Traci quarreled over Phyllis. Traci pointed out that Phyllis had suddenly moved out of her own volition. Jack maintained that Phyllis didn't want to get between him and his sister. Traci agreed that Phyllis loved Jack, but, she added, Phyllis would always love herself first. Traci warned that Phyllis would never give him everything he needed.

Alone later, Jack phoned Phyllis and left a message. He offered to meet her for coffee to discuss the possibility of her moving back in to live with him. Jack told Phyllis he loved her. After the call ended, Jack longingly eyed a decanter of scotch sitting on the bar. Jack picked up the decanter and removed the stopper. When Jack heard Traci approaching, he quickly replaced the stopper and moved the decanter to a lower shelf.

Traci invited Jack to watch a movie with her, but he declined. Traci reminded Jack that even if Phyllis hadn't moved out when she did, she would have left eventually. Kyle returned. Traci greeted Kyle and invited him out to see a movie, but he, too, declined. After Traci left, Kyle told Jack that he'd been forced to become physical with an out-of-control Fen Baldwin. Kyle added that the fray had involved Summer.

Kyle told Jack that Nick had once again blown up at him about Summer. Jack said that Nick should know that Kyle wasn't at all romantically interested in Summer. Kyle replied, "Would it be so bad if I was interested in Summer?" Jack suggested that Kyle shouldn't battle with Nick over Summer. Kyle replied, "I just don't see what the problem is."

After Phyllis left, Summer phoned Courtney. Grinning, Summer reported that her dad had argued with Kyle. Summer happily announced that Kyle had replied, "So what if Summer and I want to date?" Summer added that she'd known all along that Kyle wanted her. While Summer gabbed on the phone with her friend, Phyllis went to the tack house to discuss Nick's unreasonable reaction to Summer's fascination with Kyle.

Phyllis reminded Nick that Summer was old enough to make her own decisions. Phyllis added that along with those decisions, Summer would make mistakes. Nick asked if Summer knew her mother had approached him as the "nice mommy trying to talk down the mean dad?" Phyllis noted that Nick was being completely irrational about Kyle. Phyllis asked if Nick's key concern was truly about Summer being interested in Kyle. Nick claimed he hoped to prevent Summer from making bad decisions. After Phyllis left, Nick phoned a lab and said he would be stopping by to pick up a paternity test kit.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nick reviewed the DNA test kit, but he hid it when he heard a knock at the door. He greeted Avery, who presented him with cranberry orange muffins and fresh coffee. He distractedly thanked her with a kiss, but she noted that his kiss was subpar, and she asked what was wrong. Nick informed her about the party Summer had thrown at the penthouse. Avery offered to postpone her meeting with Adam, but Nick urged her to go to work. Once alone, Nick pulled some hair from Summer's hairbrush and placed it in an envelope. He then swabbed his cheek.

Summer stopped by the Abbott house, and she hoped it was okay with Kyle that she picked up her things. He noticed a taxi waiting outside, and she explained that Nick had taken her car keys. Kyle commented that she'd gotten off easy, given how angry Nick had been. She called Kyle brave for standing up to Nick, and she asked if Kyle had meant what he'd said about them dating.

Kyle said that part of the reason for his statement had been to stand up to Nick, and Summer inquired about the other part. Kyle didn't want to jump into anything without thinking it through, and she referred to herself as a psycho stalker for sneaking into his bed, but he understood that she had just been trying to get his attention. Summer worried that she'd scared Kyle away, but he said that Nick had been better at doing so. She suggested that Kyle stop by her photo shoot, and he agreed to try to make it.

After Summer had gathered her belongings, she ran into Nick on her way out, and she testily asked if he planned to go off on Kyle again. Nick proposed that they talk over breakfast, but she said that she couldn't miss her photo shoot. He offered to join her there, but she didn't think that was a good idea, since Kyle might attend. She didn't want the men to fight, and Nick hoped that he wouldn't have reason to ever again.

Dylan tossed and turned as he slept in his warehouse home. He flashed back to being in Afghanistan, and he had tried to reach for his gun and had screamed Sullivan's name. Dylan awakened with a start, and Chelsea knocked on his door. She was glad to find him home, and she presented him with a toolkit labeled "#1 Dad" as a housewarming gift.

Chelsea apologized for waking Dylan up, but she marveled at the progress he'd made on his new home. He stated that he'd completed the layout, and she was standing where the nursery would be. Chelsea remarked that she felt at home, but she quickly clarified that she knew that she wasn't going to live there. He said that it wasn't much of a place to live, and most people thought the warehouse had been abandoned. She mentioned the flyers that had accumulated by the door, and one was for a spring fair and carnival. Dylan said that he was a sucker for such events, and he suggested that they go.

At the fair, Dylan won a stuffed bear, and Chelsea suggested that they name it Dusty McBearson Jr. They arrived at Madame Miranda's tent, and Chelsea grumbled that the fortune-teller was a con. Madame Miranda overheard and dared Chelsea to put her theory to the test. Dylan offered money for a reading, but Madame Miranda declared that she'd perform it free of charge for him. The psychic stated that he'd seen battle and that it still haunted him, but he needed to find peace.

Chelsea complained that anyone could have made such vague comments, and she started to leave. Madame Miranda noted that Chelsea was pregnant, and she advised Chelsea not to cut the father out, because he wanted to be involved. Madame Miranda requested ten dollars to say more, but Chelsea snapped that she wouldn't give her ten cents. Madame Miranda remarked that some people were afraid of the truth, and she exited. Dylan pointed out that it didn't take a psychic to see that Chelsea was pregnant, and Chelsea reiterated that the fortune-teller was a fraud.

Adam and Avery met at Crimson Lights, and he instructed her to put all her efforts toward taking Newman Enterprises private. He assumed that she had more time on her hands since her engagement was off, and he pointed out her bare ring finger. She wanted to stick to business, but he said that the last time they'd spoken, all she had wanted to talk about had been their exes. Adam inquired whether Avery still had feelings for Dylan, and she denied it, but Adam assured Avery that she could talk to him.

Adam questioned whether Avery was trying to get Dylan back. She warned Adam that he was seriously close to being out of line, and she swore that she wasn't hiding anything, but Adam found it symbolic that she wasn't wearing her ring. She thought that he was projecting his own situation onto her, because he was the one who had issues with Chelsea and Dylan having a baby together.

Chelsea and Dylan entered the coffeehouse, and Chelsea griped that she had no respect for bad con artists. She couldn't believe that Madame Miranda had talked about Dylan as if he hadn't been there. She added that a real psychic would have known that Dylan was the baby's father, but she fell silent when she ran into Adam. Adam inquired whether Dylan and Chelsea were practicing parenting with the stuffed bear, and Chelsea mentioned that Dylan had won the toy at the fair.

Avery noticed that Chelsea was starting to show, but Chelsea claimed that she was just testing clothes from her maternity line. Chelsea headed to the counter, and Adam joined her. He thought it was out of character for her to go to the fair, but she retorted that she'd be the judge of what she enjoyed. He told her to look in his eyes and tell him that she didn't regret leaving him, because he would have given her everything, and she'd be having his baby.

Dylan informed Avery that he was in the process of converting the warehouse into a home, but he added that he and Chelsea weren't planning to live together. Avery reported that she and Nick had worked things out, and Dylan was happy for her. Chelsea and Adam's argument escalated, and Dylan intervened. Chelsea said that she'd had a great day, and she rushed off to the photo shoot. An upset Adam declared that his meeting with Avery was over, and he walked off. Avery noted that Dylan had been very protective of Chelsea, and she realized that Chelsea was more to Dylan than just the mother of his child.

Nick looked at the envelope with the completed test kit, but he concealed it when Avery returned. She called Adam "as charming as gingivitis," though she conceded that Adam had been bearable until Chelsea and Dylan had shown up. Nick noted that Dylan and Chelsea had been spending a lot of time together, and Avery opined that she thought Dylan was falling for Chelsea.

Cane and Lily had breakfast at Crimson Lights, and they amorously discussed the romantic evening they'd shared the night before. He wondered if she had time for another round of lovemaking before work, but she had to leave for the photo shoot, and she hoped that it turned out to be worth all the hard work she'd put into it. Cane mentioned that he had a meeting with Katherine, and he and Lily agreed to meet in a few hours.

Tyler met Leslie at the Athletic Club, but he couldn't stay, because he wanted to get to the office to catch Lily before the photo shoot. Leslie surmised that Tyler hadn't taken Leslie's advice, but Tyler said that he'd confronted his feelings for Lily, and he had to meet Lily in person to tell her about a decision he'd made. He refused to let Leslie talk him out of it.

Tyler said that he'd considered Leslie's comment that Lily resembled Mariah, and he'd realized that Leslie had been right. Leslie pondered whether Tyler was holding on to Lily because Lily wasn't available, so Tyler wouldn't get burned again. Tyler said to trust him, but Leslie advised him not to make any life-changing moves so soon after Gus's death. Tyler declared that he wasn't fighting for Lily anymore. Meanwhile, someone took photos of Leslie.

Cane ran into Jill at the Athletic Club and asked if she'd seen Katherine. Jill questioned whether Cane and Katherine had been scheming behind her back, but Cane simply stated that he wanted to run some ideas by Katherine before he filled Jill in. Jill revealed that she had set up the meeting, but she had told Cane's assistant that it was with Katherine. Cane believed that Jill was up to something, and he reminded her that he intended to run the company his way.

Jill swore that she wanted Cane to succeed and the company to thrive, but she pointed out that she'd easily managed to steal an hour of his time with one call. She complained that his office was always in total chaos, and she recommended that he fire his assistant. Jill worried that Cane was too nice, and she believed that he needed to show a mean streak to be an effective CEO. Jill pointed out that Victor was one of the most unpleasant people on the planet and that was what made Victor successful.

Jill was afraid that Cane would let people walk all over him, and she insisted that she was lecturing him out of love, because he had to get tough to succeed. He promised to work on it, and she asked why he'd wanted to talk with Katherine. He announced his plans to expand Chancellor Industries, and Jill objected. He pounded his fist on the table and half-jokingly told her to "go to hell." He disclosed that he wanted to pursue biotech research, and he requested that she lead the project.

Lily prepared for the photo shoot at the design studio, and Tyler asked if she was ready for the big day. She said that she was putting on the finishing touches, and he was confident that she'd rock it. She corrected that they were in it together, but he stammered that it was time for him to walk away. Lily huffed that it was no time for games, but Tyler maintained that he was serious about resigning from Jabot. She refused to allow him to quit.

Tyler said that Lily didn't have a say, because it was his life. She argued that his resignation would impact her and her career, and she wouldn't let him trash it. He insisted that she'd be fine without him, and she assumed that he needed to take more time off to mourn Gus. She cautioned that running away wasn't the answer, and she scolded him for not following through with anything in his life.

Summer and Mason entered the studio with Oliver Jones, a photographer from Forrester Creations. Summer complimented Oliver's work, and Oliver and Tyler warmly greeted one another as old friends. Oliver went to set up, and Lily instructed Summer and Mason to get ready. Lily asked Tyler to stick around for the shoot, because she felt that he owed her at least that much.

Oliver led Summer and Mason through the photo shoot, and Summer struggled to look like she was having fun, but she finally loosened up when Kyle arrived. Kyle smiled as he looked on, and Summer and Mason hugged after the shoot concluded. Lily noted that Tyler had gotten into it, and he agreed that there was nothing like watching his hard work pay off. Lily encouraged Tyler to stick around to get the recognition he deserved, and he conceded that she was persuasive. Lily applauded everyone's efforts, but when she turned around, Tyler was gone.

Lily tracked down Tyler at the Athletic Club, and she suggested that they reach a compromise. He balked, and she asked if he'd like more vacation time or an assistant. He blurted that work wasn't the problem -- she was. Tyler explained that he'd tried to pull back and shut off his feelings, but he'd put her in a terrible position. Lily claimed that she could handle it, because part of the job was to remain professional and leave her feelings at the door.

Tyler wondered if Lily had feelings for him, and she became flustered. She contended that anything personal had to be kept separate from business, and she had too much invested in the launch to replace Tyler in the middle of it. Lily argued that quitting was selfish, but Tyler said that he was doing it for her. She lectured that Jabot employees were counting on him to make the campaign a success, but he said that her world was no place for an amateur like him.

Over the phone, Cane told someone that it was unacceptable if they couldn't deliver. He noticed Tyler and Lily in a heated discussion, and Jill asked what was going on. Cane guessed that Tyler and Lily were having some creative differences. Tyler took off, and Cane approached Lily, who informed him that Tyler had quit. Lily ranted that Tyler was acting unprofessional, but Cane pointed out that maybe Tyler wasn't doing his best work under the circumstances, so it could be for the best.

Tyler returned to the Athletic Club, and Leslie assured him that he'd done the right thing. She said that one-sided feelings only opened him up to pain, but he revealed that he'd gotten the impression that the feelings weren't just one way. Meanwhile, someone continued to snap photos of them.

Chelsea looked over the photos from the shoot and was impressed. Mason left for the gym, and Summer offered to meet him there so they could work out together. Chelsea went to send the photos to Chloe, and Kyle asked Summer to dinner. She inquired whether it was a date, and he responded that it was just dinner, but she happily accepted.

Dylan entered the studio, and Chelsea assured him that she was doing fine. He pretended that he was there to check on Dusty Jr., and he said that he wanted it to be their baby's first toy. Dylan hoped that his kid had a better gift for naming stuffed animals than he did, but Chelsea wanted their child to have a lot of Dylan's qualities. Dylan mentioned that he'd had a great time with her, even if Adam had ruined the afternoon. Chelsea declared that Adam couldn't hurt her anymore, because Adam was completely out of her life.

Adam tried to do some work at the penthouse, but he was distracted by thoughts of Chelsea. He flashed back to Chelsea stopping by in the middle of the storm to tell him something, but she'd clammed up when she'd spied Sharon there. Adam recalled Avery's statement that Chelsea was starting to show, and he pulled out a datebook. He began to count back the weeks.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

At home, Billy was in an amorous mood, but Victoria refused to be distracted from her computer. Billy thought it was because she was mad at him for not getting home in time for their baby-making tryst the previous evening, but Victoria said it was because she could not stop thinking about Adam's warning to her that if Victoria kept digging up secrets, she might find something she did not want to find out.

Billy kissed Victoria and told her that Adam was a liar trying to mess with her head. Victoria vowed that she would not be stopped by empty threats, but all the same, she wanted to know what potential blackmail threat was looming from Adam. Billy left the house after making a date with Victoria to resume their baby-making attempts that evening.

At his penthouse, Adam looked at his calendar and remembered a conversation with Chelsea when they were breaking up. Adam recalled telling Chelsea that he loved her and would have given her everything. Billy interrupted Adam's reverie and demanded to know why he should not beat Adam up. Billy commanded Adam to back off Victoria. Adam calmly said that he had warned Billy to keep Victoria away from him, or things would blow up at Billy's house.

Billy noted Adam's ironic reference to the bomb that Billy had deftly defused at Victor's wedding to Nikki. Billy told Adam that everything was just fine on the home front. Adam retorted that Billy had to mean that he had told Victoria about winning his restaurant in a poker game. Billy told Adam that the game had been a one-time thing. Adam begged to differ and let Billy know that Adam knew about the poker game in Ken's suite where Billy had won an additional $80,000.

Adam called Billy an addict. Adam asked if Billy really thought that Victoria would give Billy a free pass for lying, as he recounted some of Billy's other sins, including buying a stolen baby on the black market, an illegitimate pregnancy in Myanmar, and neglecting to tell Victoria that Victor had been in Los Angeles. Adam said that Victoria had to be more forgiving than he thought. Billy got hot, but asked what it would take to keep Adam's big mouth shut.

Adam was blunt when he told Billy to keep Victoria out of Adam's business. Adam explained that he had frustrated Victoria's first attempt to investigate him, but he did not want her prying into his affairs. Billy shot back that Adam obviously had a big secret that he wanted to keep hidden. Adam agreed and likened it to the gambling addition that Billy was hiding. Billy reluctantly succumbed but said it was a one-for-one trade, and once it was done, Adam would keep quiet.

Adam replied that it was his house and his rules. Billy said there was no deal and tried to leave, but Adam called Billy's bluff when Adam asked if Billy wanted to be there when Adam called Victoria, or if Billy wanted some time to run first. Billy knew he was beaten and asked what Adam really wanted. Adam told Billy to get Victoria off his back so that Adam could run Newman.

Victor went to Victoria to tell her that he was going ahead with Adam's plan to buy back the company's stock and restore Newman Enterprises to the family. Victoria saw it as picking Adam over her. Victoria also chastised Victor for not accepting Billy, whom Victor called "Billy Boy, " and making Adam the golden child. Victoria pointed out that even though Adam had saved Victor's life, Billy had defused the bomb that would have destroyed the house and everyone in it.

Victor replied that the two cases were different. By defusing the bomb, Billy had saved himself, as well, while Adam had risked his own life and could have died saving Victor. A frustrated Victoria noted that Victor would never accept Billy. Victoria turned the topic back to Adam and inquired about where Victor was getting the money to buy back the Newman stock.

Victor said that he had raised most of it, and the rest would be from Adam. Victoria huffed that Adam had probably stolen it from little old ladies. Victor confessed that all he wanted was to get the company back and to get his family back. Victoria snapped that it would never happen as long as Adam was involved. Victor said that he wanted his family together, and he wanted Victoria by his side.

Victoria thought that Victor wanted her there because he did not trust Adam any more than she did, but Victor said that just because he wanted her by his side did not mean that he had lost faith in Adam. Victoria said that Victor probably wanted her money. Victor said he did not need her money and that he genuinely wanted Victoria to work with him. He urged her to attend a meeting between Victor and Adam that evening, but Victoria said that she had plans with Billy.

Victor told Victoria that without her the company would not become the legacy that he wanted to leave to his grandchildren. He again urged Victoria to attend the meeting. Victoria agreed to think about it. Victor left after father and daughter exchanged "I love yous."

At Crimson Lights, Chloe was still not in a forgiving mood. She taunted Kevin about his cowardice because he had let her take the blame for his thefts. Kevin begged for forgiveness. Kevin said that he had stolen because he needed money to keep Crimson Lights going. Chloe said that Kevin was making excuses. Chloe told Kevin that they could sell the coffee shop, pay off their debts, and live off her income until Kevin got back on his feet.

Kevin said that he did not want to be a burden. Chloe disgustedly told Kevin that what he really wanted was the thrill of the steal. She said he wanted to be in debt so that he had a reason to justify his actions. Without giving Kevin a chance to reply, Chloe told Kevin to go to his community service job. After Kevin left Crimson Lights, Chloe pulled out a card and called a broker to made inquiries about selling the coffee shop.

Dylan and Chelsea met at her work studio to talk about the uncanny words of the carnival fortuneteller that they had encountered. Chelsea assured Dylan that Adam was out of her life. Dylan replied that when a person loved someone they always had a connection. Dylan said that when two people gave their hearts to each other, a piece of each heart stays with each person. Chelsea said that maybe she needed an exorcism. Dylan laughed and said that if Chelsea had not been so miserable with Adam, Dylan and Chelsea might not be raising a child together.

Chelsea apologized for not revealing to Dylan that he was her baby's father much earlier that she had. Dylan said that he was not upset. Chelsea replied that she had not known that men like Dylan existed. Dylan said he was not Prince Charming. Chelsea said that he was to her. Dylan joked that he looked terrible in tights. Dylan added that he could not tell the future, but he could tell Chelsea that he would be a good father to their child.

Chelsea was joyfully tearful when Dylan left the studio to pick up Chinese food for their lunch. Her mood was deflated when Adam walked in and immediately made fun of the teddy bear that Dylan had won for Chelsea at the carnival. Adam explained that he was there to apologize and to offer the house that he had shared with Chelsea to her, Dylan, and the baby. Chelsea said no to Adam's offer and explained that Dylan had purchased a place that he was busily renovating.

Adam observed that Chelsea was showing early. Adam told her that he had been looking back and remembering all their attempts to "work" on their marriage. Chelsea asked if Adam was implying that her baby was his. Adam asked if it was. Chelsea vehemently denied that Adam had fathered his child. Adam wondered if Chelsea was punishing him because he had hurt her. Adam accused Chelsea of denying him the one thing he really wanted, to have a real family.

Chelsea told Adam that he had chosen Newman over her. Adam started to make a threat about what would happen if he found out that Chelsea's baby was actually his, but Chelsea cut him off and said that the baby was not Adam's. Dylan returned and asked what was going on. Chelsea said that Adam was just leaving. As he exited, Adam told Dylan to enjoy the kung pao.

Chelsea told Dylan not to worry. She said Adam was having a hard time accepting reality. Dylan asked if Chelsea had any regrets. She said things had worked out for the best.

Chloe arrived before Chelsea and Dylan started lunch. When Dylan said that there was enough for two, Chloe prepared to leave, but Dylan told her to stay and have lunch with Chelsea, whom, Dylan suspected, was in need of a friend. Once Dylan had gone, Chloe was gleeful at how well everything was working out, but Chelsea was convinced that Adam would soon discover the truth, and everything would fall apart.

Chloe told Chelsea that there was only one solution to keep Adam from getting the upper hand. Chloe said that Chelsea and Dylan had to get married before the baby was born.

Dylan's knocked on Adam's door. When Adam answered, Dylan warned Adam to stay away from Chelsea. Adam noted Dylan's protectiveness. Dylan told Adam to back off because it was Dylan's family now. Adam asked, "Or?" Dylan said, "No or," before storming out of the penthouse. Alone, Adam made a call to Chelsea's doctor in an attempt to get more exact information about Chelsea's pregnancy.

Billy got home and found a note from Victoria that said she had a meeting. Billy started drinking. He took a call from his poker buddy, Ken, but refused Ken's request that Billy host a poker game at Billy's restaurant. Billy told Ken that he had more important things to think about.

Victoria had a meeting with an out-or-town private investigator. She said that she needed something solid, reliable and quick that she could use against Adam. The P.I assured Victoria that he could oblige.

Tyler and Leslie met at Crimson Lights to talk about Tyler's resignation from Jabot. Tyler said that when he had told Lily that he was resigning, she had been upset and clearly had feelings for him. Leslie said that Tyler had to realize that both Tyler and Leslie had been through a lot with their father and had both needed a support system. Neil had been there for Leslie, and Lily had been Tyler's support. Leslie told Tyler not to make more of Lily's feelings than were actually there.

Leslie urged Tyler not to mistake compassion for love. She told Tyler that he needed to talk to someone besides Lily, because if Lily did develop more intense feeling for Tyler, it would destroy Lily's home and family, just like Leslie and Tyler's family had been devastated by infidelity so many years before.

Cane met with Jill to talk about the new business venture that he had planned for Jill to head up. Lily, who was there to meet Neil, told Cane and Jill that Tyler had quit and that his resignation was a big blow to Jabot that she was going to discuss with Neil. As soon as Lily left, Jill asked about the state of Cane's marriage. Cane said that there was no problem, but Jill was not satisfied. Cane tried to get back to the topic of work, but Jill told Cane that he had made her love him like a son, and she felt compelled to give him some motherly advice.

Jill said that she had seen the way that Tyler looked at Lily and worried. Cane said that Tyler was a player and looked at all women that way. Cane said that Lily was not interested in Tyler and had let Tyler know that she was committed to Cane and her children. Cane said that he trusted his wife. Jill kept digging, so Cane finally admitted that he had been jealous and suspicious until he had realized that he could trust Lily. Jill warned that Tyler was not the kind of guy to give up, but Cane insisted that Lily was committed to her marriage. Jill was assuaged, but commented that she bet that Cane was very glad that Tyler had resigned and would no longer have a close working relationship with Lily.

Lily met Neil for lunch. They talked about Neil's missing journal and the fashion ad campaign before Lily told Neil that Tyler had resigned. Neil wanted to know what had happened, but Lily merely said that Tyler wanted to move in a new direction. Neil wanted to name a replacement, but Lily feared that the campaign would fail without Tyler's guiding hand.

Neil and Lily agreed on a plan, which Lily said she would execute. Neil left the restaurant and Lily called Tyler and asked him to meet her at On the Boulevard. When Tyler arrived, Lily apologized for her earlier reaction to his news. Lily told Tyler that the campaign would not succeed without him. She asked him to return to work. Tyler said he could not because of his feelings for Lily. Lily then asked if Tyler would return if Lily left the company.

Kevin arrived at the police station to begin his community service work. Alex was not very welcoming. Kevin was disappointed to be assigned data entry work, when the judge had indicated that Kevin would be writing anti-hacking programs. Alex told Kevin he would have to prove that he could be trusted first.

Neil arrived and asked if anything new had arisen about his case. Alex told Neil no and tried to brush him off. Neil said he had new information just as Leslie arrived in response to Neil's call. Neil told Alex that something else from his private journal had been posted on the GCBuzz website. Neil said that innocent people were being hurt and begged Alex to shut down the site.

Leslie said that if anything posted was actually from Neil's journal then the site could not be shut down. Neil said that a portion of what was posted was from his journal, but the rest was all lies and garbage. Neil had written that Cane had told lies to Lily and that was why she had turned to Daniel, but the posting made it sound like Lily would use any reason to cheat on her marriage, and that was not true. Neil said that someone had taken his private words and turned them into something ugly.

Neil asked what Alex could do. Alex said that the editor of GCBuzz had indicated that the gossip had arrived by email and that Alex could only find out who had sent the email by hacking into the site and that hacking was illegal. Kevin piped up and said that Alex should have mentioned that sooner because he had already hacked in and found that the email had come from NEWbiz. Neil was astonished. He told the group that "NEW" stood for "Neil Ellis Winters," and NEWbiz was his private domain.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Billy set up a romantic evening at home, and Jack stopped by to inquire whether Traci could stay with Victoria and Billy. Billy wondered why Traci couldn't stay with Jack, but Jack said that the arrangement wasn't working out, and Billy guessed that the issue was Phyllis. Jack explained that the women's animosity toward one another had compounded, and he worried that he could lose Phyllis if Billy didn't take Traci in.

Jack explained that he had convinced Phyllis to move in, but Traci's presence was a problem, and he believed that having Phyllis around kept him clean. Billy warned that it wasn't how recovery worked, but Jack maintained that his life was better with Phyllis in it. Billy said that it wasn't a good time for a houseguest, but Jack declared that Johnny would love having a doting aunt around. Billy revealed that he and Victoria were trying to make a baby, and they needed privacy. Jack pleaded that his love life was at stake, and Billy sympathized, but he put precedence on his own love life.

Billy fretted over the best place to put some flowers, and he disclosed that he'd screwed up the prior night by keeping Victoria waiting for hours. Jack begged Billy to host Traci, but Billy said that he couldn't woo Victoria with Traci watching. Jack lamented that it would take a lot more than flowers and candles to get Phyllis to move back in. Billy remarked that it might take an act of God, and Jack called him a genius.

Phyllis arrived at the Abbott home to pick up her belongings. Traci suspected that Phyllis was leaving because of her, but Phyllis told her to be happy that Phyllis would soon be gone. Traci was afraid that Phyllis' departure would drive Jack back to taking pills, and she questioned whether Phyllis was concerned about Jack's addiction. Phyllis snapped that Traci hadn't been there to help Jack through his recovery, but Phyllis had. Traci contended that Phyllis was the one walking out, and she asked whether Phyllis cared about Jack.

Phyllis pointed out that she was taking a step back to take things more slowly, but she realized that she'd never be able to convince the Abbotts of her sincerity. Traci argued that Jack loved people with his whole heart, and she thought he deserved the same in return from someone who was committed to him. Phyllis mentioned that she and Jack were still together, but Traci chided her for leaving. Phyllis explained that she didn't want to make Jack choose between Phyllis and his family, but Traci accused her of being afraid that he wouldn't choose Phyllis.

Phyllis walked up the stairs to her penthouse, and she asked a maintenance worker why the power was out. The man replied that there was a sinkhole down the street, and the building could be without electricity for weeks. He suggested that she find another place to stay for a while. Phyllis opened her door and prepared to call the Athletic Club, but Jack suddenly appeared. She wondered why he wasn't out of breath from walking up the stairs, but he simply replied that she needed to move back where she belonged -- with him.

Phyllis was suspicious that the building had suddenly become uninhabitable, and she accused Jack of paying off the maintenance staff. He admitted that was how much he wanted her back, and he informed her that he was making other accommodations for Traci, but Phyllis didn't want Traci to leave. Jack insisted that he wanted to share his home with Phyllis, but she didn't want him to have to choose. Jack assured Phyllis that he'd already chosen her. Phyllis told him to get the electricity back on if he wanted to visit her bed.

Jack returned home, and Traci tried to comfort him. He assured her that he loved her, but he needed her to give him a chance to love Phyllis, too. Meanwhile, the lights turned back on at Phyllis' penthouse, and Phyllis smiled as she thought of Jack.

At Adam's penthouse, Victor informed Adam that he'd told Victoria that they were moving forward with their plan to take Newman Enterprises private. Adam confirmed that the funding was in place, and Victor asked why Adam seemed troubled. Adam replied that he had a lot on his mind, including Victoria's attempt to thwart their plans. Victor countered that Victoria had her own suspicions about Adam, and he contended that Adam and Victoria had more in common than they thought.

Adam reiterated that he wanted to run the company with Victor -- as equals, and he questioned whether that was possible. Victor said that he'd be more comfortable if knew the source of the funds Adam had obtained to buy back the shares, but Adam told him to find comfort elsewhere. Victor said that he trusted Adam's judgment, but he felt that Adam had to reciprocate, and Adam pointed out that he already had. Victor requested that Adam sit down with Victoria to discuss how to work things out, because they all wanted the same goal.

At the Athletic Club bar, Victoria told Nikki that she'd hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on Adam, and Nikki thought it sounded like something Victor would do. Victoria asserted that Victor and Adam had no problem using such tactics, and she vowed to do whatever it took to keep Adam from leading Victor down a risky path. Nikki advised Victoria to let Victor handle Adam, while Victoria focused on growing her family. Victoria griped that Victor had a blind spot where Adam was concerned, and she wondered why Nikki was supporting Victor and Adam's partnership.

Nikki wanted to respect Victor's wishes, and she was certain that Victor wouldn't let anyone destroy the company. Nikki was confident that Victoria would never have to compete with Adam for Victor's affection, but Victoria complained that Victor was already pitting them against one another. Nikki contended that Victor wanted their family together, and Victoria conceded that Victor wanted her to be part of the business. Victoria mentioned that Victor had invited her to dinner with him and Adam, and Nikki thought Victoria should accept.

Victoria suspected that Victor had an ulterior motive to keep Victoria pacified in case his relationship with Adam imploded, since Victor wanted the company to be a legacy, and Nick and Abby had made it clear that they weren't interested. Kurt approached the women and asked how Nikki was feeling, and Nikki reported that the new treatment had been working well. Kurt said that Nikki looked great, and he wished them a good night. Victoria teased Nikki that Kurt had been flirting, but Nikki found the idea ridiculous. Nikki declared that she was madly in love with Victor, who suddenly appeared behind her with Adam.

Victor said that he was glad that Victoria had joined them for dinner, but she replied that Billy was waiting for her at home. Victor pointed out that Billy had kept her waiting before, but Adam said that they could reschedule around Victoria's husband and kids. Victoria called Billy to ask him to hold dinner, and Billy cautioned that their baby-making window was about to close, but she reminded him that it wouldn't have been an issue if he'd gotten home on time the night before. He swore that he was trying to make it up to her, and she said that she'd be home soon.

Adam stepped away from the table to take a call, and Nikki told Victor that Victoria wasn't happy playing second fiddle, but Victor insisted that he was making an effort to include Victoria. Victoria returned, and Nikki left to talk to Kurt at the bar. Nikki sympathized that Kurt's colleague had stood him up, and she remarked that at least it hadn't been a date. Kurt revealed that he hadn't dated since his wife had died, and Nikki contended that he couldn't hide forever. He said that he had his practice and hobbies, but she commented that no one should spend their life alone.

Victor recognized that Victoria wanted a position of power in the company, and he suggested that she should take over Beauty of Nature. Adam concurred, saying it was a good idea for her to focus on one arm of the business, so she'd have flexibility to deal with her family life. She groused that she would be on the outside of Newman as a whole, and she accused Victor of trusting Adam more than her. Victor said that he was trying to make everyone happy, but Victoria suspected that he was just hedging his bets.

Victoria berated Victor for offering her Beauty of Nature to placate her, so he'd have backup in case things with Adam didn't work out. She spat that when Adam was done, there might not be a company to run. Adam excused himself to make a call, and Victoria speculated that Adam was already selling off pieces of the company. Victor called her obstinate, but she barked that their conversation was futile, and she stalked off. In the foyer, Victoria overheard Adam on the phone, trying to get information about Chelsea's pregnancy from Chelsea's doctor.

Adam rejoined Victor, who asked why Adam had stepped away. Adam claimed that he'd provided the wire transfer instructions for the funding. Adam inquired whether Victoria had left, and Victor remarked that she had been frustrated. Adam opined that she'd turned down the opportunity out of spite, and Victor countered that she'd listened, but Adam argued that she'd walked out.

Billy was unable to reach Victoria, and he blew out the candles. Billy called Ken to ask if he was still interested in running a game that night. Later, at On the Boulevard, Ken informed Billy that there were serious players in the back room, including an insurance tycoon who was terrible at cards. Billy said that his night was looking up, and Ken asked about the plans Billy had made with Victoria. Billy noted that plans changed, and he asked who was dealing.

Victoria returned home and called Chelsea to request that they meet in person to discuss an important matter.

At Crimson Lights, Fen received a text message with a video of Kyle punching Fen. Fen threw his phone across the room, and Carmine picked it up. Fen grumbled that he was sick of the text messages and FacePlace postings about him making a fool of himself at a prom party. Fen relayed the events from the party, and Carmine regretted that his advice had resulted in Fen getting a busted lip. Fen asked what he should do, because Carmine was the only person he could talk to. Carmine asked about Fen's parents, but Fen lamented that they had problems of their own.

Fen swore that he hadn't hurt Summer, and he revealed that she had set up the whole thing to get Kyle's attention. Fen said that people were treating him as if he were a rapist, but he would never try to force a girl to have sex like Michael had. Carmine was stunned, and Fen revealed that Michael had served time for attempted rape. Carmine said that he had to get back to work, but he told Fen to call him if Fen needed anything. Carmine left, and two teenage boys ominously approached Fen. One of them called Fen a "perv," and he asked if Fen liked to play rough.

Carmine sent a text message to Lauren to tell her that he missed her. Meanwhile, Lauren watched her wedding video at home. Michael looked over her shoulder and commented that they had been very happy. "I never imagined it would end here," he sadly stated.

Lauren recalled the note that Michael had sent to her before their wedding, declaring it to be the happiest day of his life. She had read the sweet words and hadn't been able to wait to walk down the aisle, and she said that Michael had always known what to say to calm her down. Lauren stated that she had been sitting there alone, thinking that she'd ruined the best thing that had ever happened to her, and she had needed to hear his words and see his face. She repeatedly sobbed that she was sorry.

Michael told Lauren that he was fed up with apologies. She cried that she'd never meant to hurt him, but he matter-of-factly stated that she had, and watching their wedding video wouldn't change it. Michael added that it killed him to see how much in love they had been when they'd made promises that they hadn't been able to keep, but Lauren insisted that he'd made her feel loved and cherished from the moment they'd said their vows. He brokenly questioned why she'd turned to Carmine, but she couldn't explain why. Lauren accepted that Michael hated her, but she hated herself even more.

Lauren revealed that Fen had asked if she and Michael were getting a divorce, and she hadn't known how to respond. Michael swore that he could never hate her, but she countered that he couldn't forgive her, either. Michael stared at the frozen video and wished that he could look at her and see the love and hope that he'd felt on their wedding day, but he could only envision Carmine touching her and kissing her. Lauren asked where they went from there, and Michael tearfully replied, "No good place." He slowly walked toward the door, and she sadly turned off the video.

Michael told Lauren that he'd be staying at the same hotel, and she wondered what the next step was for them. He suspected that she already knew, and he suggested that they talk about it in a few days. Lauren believed that Michael had already made up his mind but just didn't want to say it, and she surmised that he wanted a divorce. A badly beaten Fen staggered in, and Michael and Lauren rushed to aid their son.

Friday, May 24, 2013

At On the Boulevard, Ken offered to give Billy a chance to win back what he'd lost, and Billy contemplated taking money out of the cash register to stay in the poker game. Billy replaced the cash and declared that he was out for good, and Ken said that he'd believe it when he saw it.

Victoria left Billy a voicemail about the romantic setup he'd created in their living room, and she remarked that he'd thought of everything except showing up himself. Chelsea arrived and asked why Victoria needed to talk about Adam, and Victoria revealed that she knew Chelsea's secret. Victoria explained that she had overheard Chelsea talking to an unconscious Adam after he'd been shot, and she was aware that Adam was the father of Chelsea's baby. Chelsea cautiously asked what Victoria wanted, and Victoria assured Chelsea that they were on the same side.

Victoria suggested that she and Chelsea work together to keep Adam in the dark, and she explained that she didn't want Adam to use a Newman heir to worm his way into Victor's good graces. Chelsea fretted that Adam was already skeptical, and Victoria disclosed that she'd overheard Adam on the phone, trying to get information from Chelsea's doctor. Chelsea concluded that Adam was trying to prove that the baby was his, and Victoria urged her to squash Adam's suspicions.

Billy arrived home and apologized for his absence. Victoria fibbed that she'd bumped into Chelsea and had invited her over to see Johnny. Chelsea thanked Victoria for everything, and she left. Billy was quizzical, since Victoria had never wanted Chelsea to be close to Johnny before. Victoria turned the topic to where he had been. Billy pointed out that Victoria had been the one who had been detained by a meeting.

Victoria asked again where Billy had been, and he presented her with a shopping bag that contained the masks that they'd worn at the masquerade ball at the Athletic Club. She recalled that the building had exploded during the ball, and he hoped that the masks would help them achieve a similar result. She remembered how ticked off Victor had been to discover that she and Billy were together, but Billy didn't want to think about Victor. Victoria agreed, and she griped that she couldn't believe that Victor had wanted her to play nice with Adam. She expressed her determination to take Adam down, but Billy disallowed it.

Billy complained that Victoria was doing everything she had promised not to do when she'd returned to work. He noted that she was frustrated and hurt, and she was focusing all of her attention on getting back at Adam rather than concentrating on her family. Billy pointed out that Victoria was acting like Victor, and he questioned whether that was the kind of person she wanted to be. She agreed that things had gotten way out of hand, and she realized that Adam and Victor's relationship didn't detract from her own relationship with her father.

Billy implored Victoria not to let her insecurities rule her, and she asked for his forgiveness, so they could get back to their plans. She put the mask over her face, but Billy said that he liked her better without the mask, and he pulled her into a kiss. He suggested that they make a baby, and she crowed that maybe she'd be able to give Victor something that Adam couldn't -- another Newman heir. An infuriated Billy demanded to know if that was why she wanted to have a child with him.

Victoria insisted that she wanted to continue to grow her family with Billy, but he contended that she had declared her sudden desire to have another child right after Adam and Victor had become best buddies. She called the idea ridiculous, but Billy thought that she was too obsessed with Newman Enterprises to put her family first. Billy refused to be Victoria's "stud pony" so she could best Adam, and he told her that they didn't deserve another kid.

Over the phone, Adam pressured Chelsea's doctor to reveal the conception date or due date of Chelsea's baby, to no avail. He hung up in frustration, and he examined his datebook. Adam poured a drink and circled a few dates.

Chelsea arrived to see Adam, and she asked that he respect her privacy. He feigned innocence, but she accused him of trying to get her private medical information. He confirmed that he had been unsuccessful, and she asserted that there was nothing more to tell him than what he already knew -- she was having a baby with Dylan. Adam remained unconvinced, and she noticed his datebook with the circled dates.

Adam asked Chelsea if the dates looked familiar, and she recalled that one had been her last night at the lake house. He added that it had also been the last night they had made love, but she snapped that the next morning, he had chosen Newman Enterprises over her, and she'd left. He noted that she'd returned several times with something important to say, and she claimed that she had hoped that he would have convinced her that she had been wrong to give up. Adam imagined that they could have conceived a child that night, but she swore that they hadn't.

Adam couldn't stop thinking about whether the baby was his, and Chelsea sympathetically stated that it was a hard situation for her, too, but the baby wasn't Adam's. She softly asked that he let her go if he'd ever cared about her, and she begged him to accept that she was having another man's child. Adam insisted that he had cared about Chelsea, and she replied that she still cared about him. She wanted him to be happy with the choices he'd made, and she requested that he let her be happy with hers.

Adam groused that Chelsea was "playing house with a heaping scoop of vanilla," but she asserted that she was starting a new life, and her baby's father would be part of it. Adam conceded that he wanted her to be happy, and she thanked him for understanding and for accepting the truth. She leaned in and tenderly kissed his cheek, and she departed. Adam refilled his drink, but he suddenly had a fuzzy memory of Chelsea talking to him at his bedside in the hospital.

Avery arrived at the warehouse in response to a text message from Dylan, and she asked if the building was a new construction project. She noticed a half-finished cradle, and she realized that it was Dylan's new home. She remembered all the work he'd done on his family's cabin and its furniture, and she observed that the cradle looked like the one he'd started to build for their baby. After an awkward pause, Avery asked why Dylan had summoned her, and he requested that she recommend a lawyer.

Dylan explained that Adam had been harassing Chelsea, and Dylan wanted to protect Chelsea and the baby. Avery had witnessed the tension between Adam and Chelsea, but she believed that Adam had loved Chelsea. She suspected that it was tough for Adam to see Chelsea moving on and having a child with another man. Dylan revealed that Adam had accused Chelsea of lying about the baby's paternity, and Avery asked if Dylan was questioning the same thing. Dylan unhesitatingly stated that the baby was his, and Avery couldn't imagine that Chelsea would lie, especially since Chelsea and Dylan had become closer.

Avery knew how much having a child meant to Dylan, and he assumed that Avery would start a family with Nick. Avery pointed out that she'd inherit three kids if she and Nick got married, but Dylan wondered if Avery planned to have kids of her own. Avery didn't know what the future held, and Dylan professed that any child would be lucky to have her as a mother. Avery insisted upon helping Dylan herself, and she hoped that they could be friends. She thought his case was pretty straightforward, since a biological father had a legal right to have a place in his child's life.

Lauren wanted to take Fen to the hospital, but Fen insisted that he would fine, and he tried to downplay the beating as just a fight with some kids from school. Lauren worried that it could happen again, but Fen doubted the boys would harm him after Carmine had scared them off. Michael tried to hide his wrath at the mention of Carmine's name, and Michael warned him that Carmine had attempted to kidnap Chloe. Fen remarked that Carmine was pretty cool, but Michael sternly demanded that Fen not hang out around Carmine.

Fen noted that it was a good sign that Lauren and Michael had been together in the same room. Michael took a look at the cut on Fen's face, and Fen noticed the abrupt change of subject. Fen was concerned that things weren't getting any better between his parents, but Michael assured him that they weren't getting a divorce. Fen remarked that at least there was one thing in his life that wasn't horrible, and he went to his room. Lauren asked why Michael had reconsidered, and he told her not to read too much into his comment, because he would have asked for a divorce that night if it wouldn't have hurt Fen.

Lauren said that Fen needed both her and Michael, and it could give them an opportunity to work together as a family. Michael thought that she was quick to assume that he could forgive her, but he agreed to pretend that he could in order to protect their son. Michael quipped that he thought he could be a pretty good actor when he had to, but Lauren had put him to shame. Lauren's phone beeped with a text message, and Michael grabbed it. Michael read a note from Carmine that asked how Fen was doing, and he spat that the message was from Fen's new friend. He threw the phone at Lauren and walked out.

Later, Fen asked Lauren whether she and Michael could really work things out, and Lauren claimed that both she and Michael believed they could. Lauren worried about Fen, but Fen assured her that if Lauren and Michael were okay then he would be, too. She swore that she loved Michael, but marriage wasn't always easy. Lauren explained that sometimes couples forgot why they had gotten married at all, but she and Michael were working hard to remember. Fen and Lauren hugged.

At On the Boulevard, Carmine looked on his phone at a photo of Lauren sleeping. Michael stormed into the restaurant and lunged at Carmine. "Leave my son the hell alone," Michael barked.

Kyle picked Summer up at Phyllis' penthouse, and he commented that she looked great. As they prepared to leave, Summer covertly dropped a condom into her purse. They went to On the Boulevard, where Kyle asked if he could get Summer a soda, and she suspected that usually his dates were old enough to drink. He said that he'd had his share of bad dates over wine, and he clarified that they were just having dinner. Summer doubted that the semantics would matter to Nick, but she was glad that Nick didn't know about their evening out. Over dinner, Kyle and Summer discussed their similar tastes in music, and he acknowledged that she had grown up.

Kyle walked Summer to the penthouse door, and she invited him in, since Phyllis was working late. He mentioned that he had to get up early for work, and she said that she'd had a good time. He suggested that they do it again, and she asked if it would be "just dinner" the next time. He commented that it had been simple and rewarding to have good food and good company. He planted a gentle kiss on her lips. Summer entered the penthouse with a huge grin.

Sharon entered the tack house with a bouquet of yellow roses, and she told Nick that she was glad that they'd decided to go to the cemetery when no one else would be there. She wondered when it would get easier to remember the day that Cassie had died, but she supposed it never would. Nick turned away, and Sharon realized that he was upset about more than just Cassie. He stated that nothing was more important than his daughters, and he admitted that he had been thinking about a decision he'd made years before that might turn out to haunt him.

Sharon asked what Nick meant, and he vaguely explained that he'd thought he'd made the right decision out of love, and he had put aside his doubts until he had been forced to look at what he'd done. A baffled Sharon said that he wasn't making sense, and he referred to it as some personal stuff that he was going through. She thought that Nick could benefit by talking to someone, and she wondered why he hadn't confided his concerns to Avery. He said that he hadn't told a soul about his secret, but it was all he'd been able to think about. Sharon offered to be there for him if he needed to unburden himself.

Sharon placed flowers on Cassie's grave, and she mentioned to Nick that she had left a picture that Faith had drawn in the car. She pulled out a book of poetry that Cassie had loved, and Nick recalled that Cassie had read it often. Sharon saw that Cassie had marked a page, and Nick recognized "Dreamland" by Lewis Carroll as one of Cassie's favorites. Sharon began to read the poem aloud, but she faltered and started to cry. Nick took the book and finished reading the poem.

Sharon said that she loved Cassie, and she wanted to light a candle in the chapel. Nick asked for a few minutes alone at Cassie's grave, and Sharon left. Nick questioned whether he had been living in a dreamland by making the choice he had made and convincing himself that the paternity test could have only turned out one way. He admitted that he'd gotten another test, and he wondered what would happen if it turned up with the result he didn't want. He bemoaned that if Summer turned out to be Jack's, Nick would lose a second daughter. Nick wasn't sure if he had the strength to face that possibility.

Nick mused out loud that he'd known that being close to Cassie would give him the answers he needed, and he could hear her voice in his head. He vowed to see his plan through, and he decided to send the paternity test to the lab and finally find out once and for all whether or not he was Summer's father. A stunned Sharon overheard.

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