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Phyllis, Nick, and Sharon had a discussion with Summer about Cassie's death. Lily showed up drunk with Tyler at her surprise birthday party. Michael intended to file for divorce, but Lauren asked him to give her 30 days to change his mind.
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Monday, May 27, 2013

At Billy and Victoria's, Billy rolled his eyes when Victoria claimed that he made it sound as if she wanted a baby for all the wrong reasons. In reality, Victoria added, he didn't really want to have a baby at all. Billy reminded Victoria that men tended not to "get all gooey" over the thought of having a baby. Billy added that he didn't want Victoria to use their baby as a trophy to impress Victor. Victoria explained that she could suffer through months of fertility treatments and still not conceive.

Billy advised Victoria to avoid stress by walking away from Newman Enterprises. Victoria refused to let Adam get ahead of her. Billy reminded Victoria that they didn't need the money and that she'd be much happier if she'd quit.

At Adam's penthouse, Victor became concerned about Adam after he declined his father's offer to celebrate the return of Newman Enterprises into Newman hands. Victor earnestly offered to help Adam with whatever was troubling him. Adam merely said, "I think I'm going to have to do this one on my own." Victor noted that he'd missed out on Adam's childhood. Encouraging Adam to open up, Victor said, "I want to be your father. I want to help you."

Adam said he was disappointed because Victoria's failure to approve a deal had caused Newman Enterprises to lose a lucrative contract. Adam noted that he'd given up everything to ensure that the company would flourish, so Victor should stop making excuses for Victoria. Victor assured Adam that they, along with Victoria, could effectively run the company. When Victoria showed up, Adam pointed out that she was over an hour late. Victoria noted that she'd been enjoying her happy, fulfilling home life. Victor admonished his adult children for bickering.

Adam offered to agree to a truce if Victoria would. Victoria remained quiet and sullen. Adam stepped away to take a call. Victoria warned her father that he should be suspicious of Adam's secrecy and private phone calls. Victor begged Victoria to accept Adam and become a team player. After Adam returned, Victoria accused him of trying to destroy their father's legacy. Adam berated Victoria and her other siblings for suing Victor for billions of dollars.

Miffed, Victoria noted that Victor had taken Adam in when no one else wanted him. In return, Victoria added, Adam had lied to and betrayed their father more times than she could count. Adam admitted that he'd done horrible things in the past. Adam recalled that he'd apologized and had even rescued a pregnant Chelsea from a frozen lake. Adam added that he'd delivered the baby that Victoria had later adopted. Victoria glared at Adam.

Adam reminded Victoria that he'd even taken a bullet in order to save their father. Victoria replied, "I am wholly behind Newman Enterprises, but if you're running it, that's not the Newman that I know." Victor piped up and said, "Billy Boy lies to you every chance he gets, and you're willing to give him a second chance?" A disgusted Victoria cried, "When all else fails, just blame Billy!"

Victor pleaded with his children to work together. Victoria told Adam that if he wanted Newman, he could have it. She added, "I choose Billy!" As Victoria hurried toward the front door, Victor yelled, "That is not what I wanted to hear!" Victoria left, slamming the door behind her.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe was surprised when Chelsea said that though Victoria knew that Adam was the baby's father, she'd agreed not to disclose Chelsea's secret to Adam. Chloe teased Chelsea when she recalled fortune-teller Madame Miranda's warning about not shutting out the baby's father. Chelsea vowed that she had no plans to trick Dylan into marriage. When Chelsea asked If Chloe was ready to head to work, Chloe explained that she had a meeting with Dylan about possibly selling him the coffeehouse. Kevin overheard, approached, and asked to speak to Chloe in private when Dylan showed up to discuss the business transaction.

Chelsea and Dylan stepped away to chat privately. Chelsea asked Dylan if he'd decided to forgo earning a degree in architecture. Dylan explained that he needed to earn a living with a baby on the way. Dylan added that the new direction his life had taken felt right. Chelsea replied, "I know what you mean." Chelsea and Dylan seemed at ease with each other.

Chelsea offered to help Dylan redecorate the coffeehouse. Checking her watch, Chelsea let it slip that she was on her way to have an ultrasound. Dylan said he would love to be present during the procedure. Chelsea tried to make excuses and claimed she wouldn't know the appointment time until her doctor's office phoned. Dylan said he'd love to hear the baby's heartbeat. Chelsea promised she'd contact Dylan to let him know her appointment time.

After Dylan and Chelsea walked away, Kevin asked Chloe why she was selling the coffeehouse without first discussing it with him. Chloe explained that it was crucial for them to pay back their bank loan. Chloe said she hoped to earn more money after Chelsea launched her fashion line. Kevin offered to come up with another plan to pay their debts. Chloe warned Kevin not to break the law because Michael surely wouldn't give him another break -- and neither would she.

Chelsea and Dylan rejoined Kevin and Chloe. Dylan asked Kevin and Chloe if they'd decided on a price for the coffeehouse. Kevin, appearing dazed, explained that they needed more time. Chloe seemed anxious to discuss the sale with Dylan. Before Dylan left, he reminded Chelsea to phone him after she heard from her doctor. Chelsea hesitated. Taking note of Dylan's anticipation of the appointment, Chelsea said she would contact him as soon as she could.

After Dylan left, Madame Miranda wandered into the coffeehouse. Kevin spotted the fortune-teller and said he would order her out. Chelsea told Kevin she would handle the woman and ensure that the fortune-teller didn't annoy any of the customers. Chelsea approached Madame Miranda and agreed to purchase the flowers in her basket at double the price if, Chelsea added, the fortune teller would agree to tell her everything she knew about the baby's father. Miranda narrowed her eyes and nodded.

Madame Miranda sat directly opposite Chelsea and held her hands across the table. The mysterious woman closed her eyes and told Chelsea that the baby's father wanted to be part of his child's life. Miranda insisted that the baby's father wasn't the person she'd seen Chelsea with at the fair. Miranda added that the baby's father loved Chelsea deeply and wanted nothing more in life than to have a child with her and make things right. Chelsea claimed that the person Miranda described didn't exit. Miranda gazed deep into Chelsea's eyes and said, "Ignoring reality won't make it go away. Ignoring a man with goodness in his heart is foolish."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club gym, Dylan ran into Billy and said Billy would have to find another bartender because Dylan hoped to purchase his own business. Billy warned Dylan that being a business owner caused trouble and strife. Billy added that owning a business wasn't worth the hassle because it damaged relationships. Dylan noted that his father had smoothly run a business for many years. Dylan insisted that he had great faith that everything would work out.

At Jabot's fashion division, Chelsea told Chloe that her life was unraveling. Chloe teasingly replied, "I told you that fabric wasn't going to work." Chelsea cried, "I mean my life!" Chelsea admitted that she'd met again with Madame Miranda. Chelsea said she had been told that she belonged with Adam. Chloe discounted the advice given by the strange woman who sold flowers. Chelsea noted that the fortune-teller had been quite specific.

Mocking Madame Miranda, Chloe playfully extended her hand palm up and replied, "Stay with Dylan! Where's my twenty bucks?" Chelsea cried that if Dylan accompanied her to the doctor's visit, he would find out how far along she was in her pregnancy. Chelsea, distressed, slumped into a chair. Chelsea noted that she never should have lied to Dylan about him being the baby's father. Chloe insisted that Chelsea would have to stay strong and not let Adam get to her.

At the tack house, Nick gazed at an envelope bearing a label from the hospital's diagnostic laboratory. He quickly slipped the envelope beneath a stack of papers when he heard a knock at the door. Phyllis entered and asked Nick to rethink Summer's punishment. Phyllis noted that Summer didn't understand the seriousness of inviting her friends over to raid the liquor cabinet. The teens, Phyllis added, hadn't planned to drive after drinking alcohol.

Instead of taking away their teen daughter's car, Phyllis suggested that Nick talk to Summer and describe the pain and grief the family suffered after Cassie's death. Phyllis explained that she'd received an email from Daniel. In the message, Phyllis said, Daniel had described the pain he felt and acknowledged that the anniversary of Cassie's death triggered an even deeper, incomparable pain for Nick, Sharon, and Noah. Phyllis added that Daniel would suffer regret for the rest of his life. Nick replied, "I wish Daniel didn't feel that way."

Phyllis told Nick that Summer didn't fully comprehend the events leading up to Cassie's death. To Summer, Phyllis added, it was just a story about an accident that occurred before she was born. Phyllis said she was concerned that Summer could suffer a fate similar to Cassie's. Nick recalled that the events that led to Cassie's accident had begun with a crush on an older boy. Phyllis told Nick that she wouldn't consider asking him to relive what he'd been through if she didn't believe it might help their daughter.

Nick said his aim was to protect Summer because he didn't want to lose her, too. Phyllis replied, "You're not going to lose Summer. She's your "supergirl." Nick tensed his jaw. He admitted that he'd made many mistakes. Phyllis reminded Nick that they would always be a family. Before Phyllis left, she promised to phone and set up a time for Nick to have a talk with Summer. Phyllis assured Nick that everything would be okay. After Phyllis left, Nick picked up the envelope and walked out his front door.

At Dr. Watkins' office, Sharon told her psychologist that the anniversary of Cassie's death had emotionally knocked her down. Sharon added that she and Nick had run into each other at Cassie's gravesite. Sharon explained that she and Nick had reminisced about their life with Cassie. Sharon said she and Nick had also talked about how their lives might have been different had Cassie not died. Sharon cried, "We lost everything, and sometimes I wonder if we had to."

Dr. Watkins asked Sharon why she felt she and Nick could have avoided losing everything. Sharon explained that she'd inadvertently overheard Nick talking at Cassie's gravesite. Nick, Sharon recalled, had told Cassie he planned to test Summer's paternity. Sharon noted that things could have turned out differently had they known that Nick wasn't the father of Phyllis' daughter. Sharon explained that she and Nick couldn't seem to make the shattered pieces of their lives fit together. After Phyllis became pregnant and gave birth to Summer, Sharon noted, the baby had filled an empty place in Nick's heart.

Sharon admitted that she was contemplating telling Nick that she'd overheard him at Cassie's grave. Dr. Watkins asked Sharon if her aim was to help Nick or to reach out to him because she wanted to feel needed by him again. Dr. Watkins warned Sharon that she might not be the most objective person to act as Nick's confidante. If Nick needed Sharon's advice, Dr. Watkins added, he would ask her for it. The doctor advised Sharon to keep her distance for her sake and for Nick's.

Sharon stepped out of Dr. Watkins' office and spotted Nick near the diagnostic laboratory. She told him she'd just finished her session. Nick claimed he was about to undergo a physical exam. Sharon questioned Nick about an earlier conversation when he'd said he regretted a decision he'd made. Nick claimed he didn't recall the conversation. Sharon told Nick he could talk to her, if he wanted. Nick thanked Sharon and rushed away. Sharon seemed let down.

Later, Nick stopped by the Genoa City Athletic Club gym and approached the punching bag. Billy noted that Nick appeared frazzled. Nick barked, "I don't want to talk about it. I just want to punch this bag of sand until all my problems go away!" Billy raised his eyebrows and backed away from Nick. Dylan and Billy watched Nick tenaciously punch the sand bag. Billy quipped that Nick's bad day must have gotten worse. Adam walked in. Referring to Billy and Nick, Adam joked that the men were members of his fan club.

Phyllis later returned to the tack house. She stepped inside and called out to Nick. Assuming Nick was upstairs, Phyllis yelled, "I believe that the sooner we talk to Summer, the better." Sharon descended that stairs. She said, "Phyllis, are you sure this is a good time to tell Summer about this?" Phyllis replied, "Nick told you?" Sharon mumbled that she'd found out. Phyllis nodded, but she seemed confused.

Phyllis told Sharon that it might be tough on Nick because it was so close to the anniversary of Cassie's death. Phyllis added that Summer needed to know that there were consequences to her actions. Sharon realized that she'd misunderstood Phyllis. Sharon awkwardly replied, "Oh! That's fine. You should talk to Summer about Cassie because it might give her some perspective." Phyllis asked what Sharon thought she'd initially meant. Sharon shrugged and excused herself so she could rush back upstairs to help Faith get dressed.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Young and the Restless aired a special tribute episode dedicated to Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor), who passed away on May 8, at the age of 84.

Y&R will address Cooper's death on-screen in the months ahead.

To learn more about the life of Jeanne Cooper, click here.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

At home, Sharon looked at a family album that included many photos of Cassie. Sharon was crying when Noah stopped in for a visit. When Noah asked how Sharon was doing, she said that she was always overwhelmed by grief around the date of Cassie's accident. Sharon told Noah that there were some losses that a parent never got over.

Sharon said that she should not be dumping her problems on Noah. Noah replied that he was not bound by any stereotypical role. Noah told Sharon that she had always been there for him, and he wanted to be there for her. Sharon said that her medications did not always even her out, and there was nothing Noah could do for her. Sharon told Noah that she wanted him to have his own life. They hugged.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea remembered a conversation with Adam in which she had lied about her baby's paternity. Chelsea believed that she had diverted Adam from questioning her baby's paternity when Chelsea had kissed Adam and thanked him for understanding and accepting the truth. Chelsea called her new doctor and asked to have a private conversation before the baby's father arrived.

Anita arrived just in time to hear the tail end of Chelsea's call. She started gushing because she thought that Chelsea had told Adam that the baby was his, but Chelsea was quick to state that Adam did not know the truth and never would. Chelsea stated flatly that her baby's father was Dylan. Anita questioned what Chelsea gained by denying Adam as the father. Chelsea said that she was gaining a father who was more interested in his child than his bank account.

Anita was more focused on the money and scoffed that Adam built empires while Dylan only built kitchens. Anita accused Chelsea of falling for Dylan, but Chelsea denied it. Anita reminded Chelsea that the first rule of the con was never to fall for the mark. Chelsea said that Dylan was not a mark -- that he was a man she cared for. Anita called Chelsea "Baby Doll" and told Chelsea that she was in a lot of trouble.

At the Athletic Club, Nick worked hard at punching the bag while Billy and Dylan worked out on weights and Adam just worked his mouth as he tried to get a reaction out of Dylan. Nick told Adam to shut up and leave Dylan alone. Adam said that Nick knew better than that. Nick replied that Adam was on earth to cause problems. When Dylan asked why, Nick said that Adam had deep emotional issues and wanted to cause pain. Nick added that Adam wanted all Victor's children except Adam out of Victor's life, which was why Victoria had left Newman Enterprises.

Adam corrected Nick and said that Victoria had left on her own, which was good for Billy, who was working on expanding his family with Victoria. Nick did not believe that Victoria had left Newman because she wanted to leave. Adam needled Dylan as he turned to Dylan and sought Dylan's tacit agreement when Adam said that having a child trumped everything else.

Billy was surprised to find out that Dylan was the father of Chelsea's baby and told Dylan that he should have told Billy. Dylan said that he did not even know that Billy knew Chelsea. Adam continued to try to pick a fight with Dylan, but Dylan told Adam to back off and concentrate on his own life and let Dylan concentrate on his. Dylan said that Adam had never been a father and did not know anything. Dylan added that Adam should keep his opinion to himself.

Dylan said that he had known plenty of guys in the Army, who were just like Adam, guys who did not think that they needed anyone. Dylan called those guys "frag bait" and said it never ended well for them. Dylan walked out of the gym without giving Adam a chance to replay.

Adam tried to make a joke, but Nick jumped in and said that he was surprised that Dylan had not knocked Adam's teeth out after the way Adam had been provoking Dylan. Adam said that he wanted Dylan to be aware that Chelsea was keeping secrets, like the miscarriage that Summer had caused. Nick apologized and said that he was sorry.

Adam said Nick was just another sibling competing for their father's love. Nick retorted that he was not competing for anything. Nick told Adam that as far as family was concerned, Adam would always be on the outside, looking in. Adam sniped that he was the one working beside Victor, and Nick was the one pouring drinks. Billy tried to make peace between the brothers, but Nick brushed Billy off.

Nick told Adam that he had left Newman for his own reasons, but he would never walk away from the ones that he loved. Nick asked Adam if he had ever walked away from Chelsea. Adam had no quick comeback as he slunk out of the gym. Billy thanked Nick for defending Victoria, but Nick wanted to know why Billy had not defended Victoria to Adam.

Billy said he had stayed out of the discussion, or he would never have heard the end of it from Victoria. Nick said that Billy was just looking out for himself because Billy had never done anything for Victoria. Billy hotly replied that he had married Victoria three times and that Nick could not even make it to the altar one time with the woman Nick said that he loved. Billy told Nick not to lecture him on commitment before he left the gym in a huff.

Anita accompanied Chelsea to her doctor's appointment. Anita said she was concerned about Chelsea and did not want Chelsea to end up in the poor house. When Chelsea said that there was no such thing, Anita pointed out that Dylan lived in one. Frustrated with Anita, Chelsea said that Dylan lived in a warehouse, not the poorhouse. Anita said that it was the same thing.

Dylan arrived for the sonogram before Chelsea got to have a private word with the doctor. Anita departed the hospital as the doctor escorted Chelsea and Dylan into the ultrasound chamber. Dylan was excited to see all the fingers and toes on the baby. Dylan and Chelsea both rejoiced when the doctor said that the baby was healthy and normal.

While Dylan waited outside and smiled at the sonogram, he remembered the sad day when Avery had told him that she had miscarried. Chelsea spoke to the doctor and asked that the doctor keep the information about her baby's large size private between Chelsea and the doctor. The doctor agreed.

Neil met with Devon and asked him to take over for Lily after explaining that it was the only way to keep Tyler with the company and put a damper on Tyler's feelings for Lily. Devon understood that Tyler was one step away from crossing the line but said that he would have to think about it because he had received a terrific offer from his biological father, Tucker, to head up a music company in London.

Neil was not surprised by the offer. Neil said that as much as he wanted Devon to stay on at Jabot, he would never do anything to stand in Devon's way because Neil always wanted what was best for family, and Devon was family. Devon told Neil that Neil was the only man that Devon would ever call father. Devon said that he would call Neil as soon as he made a decision. Neil told Devon to make the decision that was best for Devon and not the one best for Neil. Roxanne arrived as Neil left.

Devon told Roxanne that he had a lot to consider. Roxanne asked if she was part of his consideration. Devon told Roxanne that she was a huge factor in his decision making process. Roxanne asked Devon if he would stay in Genoa City if she said that she did not want to leave her friends and family. Devon jokingly pointed out that there were phones in London. Roxanne was not amused.

Roxanne said that they were not married, so it was obviously Devon's life and Devon's decision. Roxanne added that she had just thought that she was part of it. Before Devon could say anything else, Roxanne got up and stalked away from their table.

Avery met Leslie for lunch. Avery told Leslie that she had an idea that would change both of their lives. Leslie was intrigued when she found out that Avery wanted them to start a law practice together, called either, "Michaelson and Clark," or "Clark and Michaelson." Leslie said that she thought that Avery had a sweet deal with Newman.

Avery admitted that she did have a good deal with Newman but that she had no life. Avery told Leslie that Adam was a workaholic and expected everyone else to be one also. Avery said that helping Leslie's dad had made her feel good and that she did not want to spend her time drawing up contracts when she could be doing something that made a difference in people's lives.

Leslie said that she would think about it. Leslie changed the subject to Nick and Avery's broken engagement. Avery admitted that she and Nick had been going through a rough patch. Avery said that things were good between them, but they were not ready for a ring because Nick was going through something that he was not willing to confide in Avery. Avery got up to leave, and Leslie said that she would think over Avery's proposal and let her know.

Neil arrived at the table in time to hear Leslie's remarks and asked about the offer. Avery said that Leslie would fill Neil in. After Leslie told Neil what Avery was proposing, Neil told Leslie about Devon's pending offer and said that he felt like he was coping with a series of setbacks. Leslie said that if they did not find out who was posting Neil's private journal online, there might be a mass exodus at Jabot. Neil agreed but said he was glad that the latest post had been removed before Lily saw it.

Neil asked if the posts were causing Leslie to think about leaving Jabot. Leslie said that it was strictly business and a chance to stretch her wings. Neil said it was the same for Devon. Neil said it was a great opportunity that gave Devon a chance to work with his biological father and to find some peace. Leslie said that seeing her father had worked for her and could work for Neil also. Leslie noted that Neil had not seen his own parents for many years.

Neil got a call from Cane, who planned to tell Lily that he was going out of town overnight. Cane told Neil that it was a ruse to set up a surprise party for Lily. Both Leslie and Neil were eager to attend the party.

Avery ran into Adam on her way out of the restaurant. Adam asked why she was not in the office. He followed that up by telling Avery that her ex, Dylan, was busy working out so that Dylan could impress his new ladylove. Adam pretended to blasť when he said, "Baby this, baby that. Dylan is really looking forward to drool and diapers. Better him than me, huh?" Avery saw through Adam's demeanor and nailed him when she asked if he was sure about that.

Adam proceeded to the bar for a liquid lunch. Sharon approached Adam and told him that even though they were no longer together, she could use a friend. Adam coldly said that Sharon was out of luck because he was no one's friend. Adam left the bar, but Anita stopped him and announced that Adam would never guess where she had been. Adam sarcastically asked if she had been to the bank, depositing funds from her latest con.

Anita replied that she had been at the hospital, dropping Chelsea off for a sonogram. Anita said that it was a shame that Chelsea was having a baby with a man she barely knew when Chelsea had once been so madly in love with Adam. Anita told Adam that she was sorry for the way things had ended between Chelsea and Adam. Adam said that he had to go and rushed out of the restaurant.

Lily met with Tyler, who had no option but to return to Jabot after Lily explained that she would leave her position so that Tyler could keep his job without his feelings for her being an issue at work. Tyler said that Lily was not replaceable because she extracted the best from people, but Lily insisted that Devon would be just as great. Once Tyler agreed to return, Lily hugged him. Tyler ruefully admitted that Lily's solution guaranteed that everyone would get what they wanted, and Tyler would quit messing up Lily's life.

Tyler told Lily that it was goodbye, but Lily said that they would still see each other occasionally. Tyler said that he did have a new idea for a web series starring Summer and Mason. The web series would be about a couple of teenagers just out of school, looking for jobs and having a life. Lily started brainstorming with him. Tyler and Lily had several ideas about the web series and how it would showcase Chelsea's fashion line, before Lily got a call from Cane.

Cane told Lily that he had business in Chicago that would keep him away overnight. Lily hung up after telling Cane that she loved him and would see him the following day. After Lily ended the call, Tyler said that he had been about to ask Lily out for a drink as a way to wish her good luck in the future. Lily agreed to the drink and said that they could discuss more ideas about the web series. Devon appeared at the office just in time to hear Lily make the date with Tyler.

Avery met Nick at his place. She told him about her lunch with Leslie. She asked if Nick had been to the cemetery to see Cassie and if it had helped with the problem that he was having. Nick told Avery that he had taken care of what he had needed to take care of, and everything was good. Avery told Nick that the thing about love was that a person knew every emotion that the one they loved was feeling, whether it was pain or sadness or joy.

Avery said that love also meant giving space to the one a person loved when the loved one needed it. Avery asked Nick for assurance that what was on his mind had nothing to do with their relationship. Nick hugged her and told Avery that they were so much more than okay.

Dylan was smiling and looking at the sonogram when Chelsea emerged from the examining room. Chelsea was also smiling when she indicated the sonogram and told Dylan that he was in love. Dylan looked at Chelsea and asked, "Aren't you?" Chelsea laughed then and admitted that she was. Chelsea added that she was starving. Dylan invited Chelsea to lunch. Adam was watching as Dylan and Chelsea walked away.

Billy spotted Adam and asked why he was in the hospital. Adam said that he had a checkup and questioned Billy's reasons for being there. Billy conceded that he was picking up a prescription for Victoria. Adam told Billy to take care of his business and stay out of Adam's. Adam affirmed that he would keep mum about Billy's gambling for the time being. Billy growled that he would tell Adam to go to hell, but he was pretty sure that Adam was already there.

Billy left the area, but Adam hung around until Chelsea's doctor entered the corridor. Adam stopped her and asked to have a word.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jack and Phyllis snuggled on the couch at her penthouse, and he said that he had missed her. She asked if he planned to simulate an earthquake to force her to move out, but he hoped that it wouldn't take a natural disaster to get her to move back in with him. She assured him that they were still together, even if they weren't living under the same roof. He was fine with that, as long as she wasn't running away. She remarked that she only wanted to run toward him, and they kissed. Jack left as Lauren arrived, and Lauren requested Phyllis' help.

Lauren begged Phyllis to talk to Michael on her behalf, and she hoped that Phyllis would convince him to give Lauren another chance. Lauren relayed to Phyllis that problems with Fen had caused tension in their marriage, and ultimately Lauren had had an affair. Lauren added that she had told Michael everything, and she'd turned to Phyllis because Phyllis cared about Michael and had been in Lauren's position before. Phyllis asked why Lauren had entered into the affair, and Lauren explained that she had been angry at Michael for arresting Fen.

Phyllis wondered if Lauren had slept with an ex, but Lauren simply said that her lover had made her forget that her life had been full of arguments and accusations, and it didn't matter who it had been. Phyllis asked if Lauren still spoke to him, and Lauren confided that he had contacted her. Phyllis surmised that Lauren's lover had been an important person in her life, and she pointed out that she could find out from Michael who it had been if Lauren wouldn't tell her.

Phyllis was stunned to learn that Lauren's lover had been Carmine, and she couldn't believe that Lauren had thrown her life and marriage away for a bartender. Lauren defended that Phyllis didn't know him, and there was no reason to blame Carmine, because it had been Lauren's choice. Phyllis suspected that Carmine had provided Lauren with plenty of encouragement, but Lauren maintained that she had ended the affair and that she wanted another chance with Michael. Lauren again asked for Phyllis' help, and she pleaded with Phyllis to try to get through to Michael.

Paul ran into Michael at the police station, and Michael tried to rush off, but Paul asked if Michael was trying to avoid him. Michael denied it, and Paul inquired about what was going on with Michael and Lauren. Michael flatly stated that he planned to divorce her, but he had waited to file the papers, since it might push Fen over the edge. Paul noted that Fen was almost old enough for college, but Michael said that Fen had been through a rough year, and he didn't want to cause his son more pain.

Paul hesitated to offer Michael advice, but he knew the value of second chances. Michael griped that he'd given Lauren plenty of opportunities to tell the truth, but she'd continued to lie until he had confronted her with a mountain of evidence. Paul remarked that Lauren wanted to save the marriage, but Michael couldn't get over her affair with Carmine. Michael vowed to hold it together until Fen left for college, but then he intended to leave Lauren for good.

At Crimson Lights, Carmine greeted Fen, and he noticed Fen's cool demeanor toward him. Fen mentioned that Michael had warned him to stay away from Carmine because of Carmine's attempt to kidnap Chloe. Carmine insisted that he had put the past behind him, and he reminded Fen that he'd jumped into a fight to save Fen from two other boys. Fen conceded that Carmine had kept him out of the hospital, and Carmine said that he'd do it again, because that was the kind of person he was.

Carmine observed that Fen still seemed bummed out, and Fen confided that he felt that his parents were only staying together for his sake. Carmine reflected upon his own parents staying together for their kids, and he commented that it had made life worse all around. Fen questioned whether Carmine believed that Lauren and Michael should get divorced, and Carmine said that pretending to make things work wouldn't make a difference. Carmine thought that Fen was tough enough to deal with the truth, even if Fen's parents didn't think he was.

Billy showed Traci around On the Boulevard, and she wondered why he had bought the restaurant. He vaguely replied that it had just happened, but it had been a learning experience. She asked what Victoria thought about the purchase, and Billy claimed that it had been great for their relationship, since he had flexible hours to try to make a baby. Traci was glad things were working out for them, and he noted that she sounded surprised. Traci admitted that she'd had doubts about his marriage. Jack arrived, and he good-naturedly teased Traci for becoming the doomsayer of happy relationships.

Traci declared that she was happy that Billy had turned his life around, and Jack dryly stated that her dire predictions were reserved for Jack alone. Traci suspected that she wasn't the only one forecasting doom for Jack and Phyllis, and she asked for Billy's opinion, but she noticed that Billy seemed anxious. Traci concluded that Jack was trying to pawn her off on Billy, but Billy revealed that he'd already shot Jack's suggestion down. He insisted that Traci could visit anytime she liked after he and Victoria were out of the baby-making phase. Traci wasn't offended, but she still thought that Billy seemed troubled.

Jack advised Traci to stop worrying, and he left. Traci reiterated that she felt that something was wrong, and Billy said that he'd had enough interference. Traci asked who had been interfering, but he stated that it was just part of life. Billy said that he was glad she was there, but it was a mistake for her to try to run her siblings' lives. He wondered if they should be concerned about her, since she wasn't home in New York with her husband. He inquired whether she was trying to hide from problems of her own, and she denied it, but she quickly made an excuse to run errands.

Traci arrived outside Phyllis' penthouse, and she ran into Lauren. Lauren said that she'd been thinking about how she'd bullied Traci in their younger days. Traci called it ancient history, but Lauren pointed out that they'd never cleared it up. Lauren confessed that she'd treated Traci horribly, but she had seen the other side of bullying, and she didn't know if the hurt ever went away. Traci initially said that she had no residual side effects, but then she recalled that she'd recently been at a restaurant, thinking about ordering dessert, and out of nowhere, Lauren's cruel words had flooded into her head.

Lauren hated the things she'd said, but Traci asserted that she was no longer the insecure girl who'd turned to pills, and she'd moved on. Lauren mused that she'd never forgotten, and Traci agreed, but she was glad the subject of bullying was getting attention. Lauren apologized, but she knew that it couldn't make up for the pain she'd caused. Traci said that they couldn't change the past, but it was never too late to become a better person. The women hugged, and Lauren received a text message from Fen, asking her to meet him at Crimson Lights.

Traci visited Phyllis, who asked if Traci was ambushing her in her own home. Traci informed Phyllis that she'd stopped by to apologize. Phyllis expected that Jack had put Traci up to it, and Traci admitted that Jack wasn't happy with her, but it had been her own idea to say that she was sorry. Traci continued that she didn't regret trying to protect Jack, but she had gone about it in the wrong way by interfering and meddling. Traci revealed that she'd reconsidered, and she'd realized that she couldn't judge everyone based on the past.

Fen sent a text message to Michael with a request to meet. Meanwhile, Fen looked at Carmine, who nodded approvingly. Later, Lauren rushed into the coffeehouse and found Fen, and Michael followed moments later. They realized that Fen had sent them both messages. Fen announced that he'd caught on to their act, and he told them not to stay together solely for him.

Phyllis arrived at the bar at On the Boulevard, and Carmine guessed that she was a "Sex on the Beach kind of woman." She barked that his act wouldn't work on her the way it had on Lauren, so he could drop it.

Nikki asked Victoria why she'd quit Newman Enterprises, and Victoria replied that she could no longer bear to fight with Adam. Victoria vowed never to return to Newman as long as Adam was there, but Nikki realized that Victoria still loved Victor and the company. Nikki understood that Victoria felt cast aside by Adam, but Victoria pledged to start concentrating on her family. Nikki worried that Victoria was too much like Victor to completely walk away, but Victoria insisted that she could make her family enough, because Newman was causing her to lose sight of what was important.

Victoria mentioned that Nick seemed happier working at his club after he'd left Newman, and Nikki suspected that Victoria wasn't at peace with her decision to leave the company. However, Nikki was confident that Victoria would find her way. Nikki urged Victoria to focus on the fertility treatments and not worry about battling with Adam. Victoria lamented that she and Billy had already missed some windows of opportunity, and she wondered if she should just be happy with the children she already had.

Victoria remarked that she had expected Reed to be living there, but J.T. had suddenly called off the plan to have Reed stay with Victoria and Billy. Nikki asked if there had been trouble, and Victoria replied that everything had seemed fine when she had last talked to Reed, but she missed her son. Victoria commented that perhaps having another baby wasn't in the cards, but Nikki implored her to give it time. Nikki inquired whether there was another reason why Victoria was hesitant, and Victoria confided that Billy didn't seem very gung-ho about having another child.

Later, Victoria swore to Billy that she would never work with Adam again, and Billy informed her that he'd heard the news of her resignation from Adam. Billy thought that she'd made the right decision, and she thought so, too. He asked whether she'd call off her private investigators, and she said that she'd deal with that the next day, but she wanted to focus full-time on a baby sibling for Johnny. Billy said that he had something to tell her, and a deflated Victoria assumed that he didn't want to have a baby.

Victoria observed that Billy had been distracted, but he claimed that he had just been learning the ropes at the restaurant, and he assured her that he shared her desire to expand their family. He mentioned that Chelsea was pregnant again, but thankfully not by Adam, and he could tell from Victoria's reaction that she had already known. Billy suspected that Victoria knew more than he did, but she fibbed that she was shocked by the news. Billy accused her of keeping a secret, but she warned him not to dig up secrets, because he had no idea what he might find.

At Adam's penthouse, Victor pointed out that Victoria had quit because of Adam, and Adam grumbled that Victoria wanted Newman Enterprises either her way or not at all. Victor argued that Adam felt the same way, and Adam retorted that it was the way it should be, since he'd gotten the company back and was completely committed, with no distractions or attachments. Victor admonished Adam for referring to Victor's grandchildren as "distractions," but Adam contended that there was no place for kids in business. Victor asserted that he was a better man because he was surrounded by family and love, but Adam imagined how much more Victor could have accomplished without kids around. Victor questioned why Adam was so obsessed with Chelsea's child if that was how Adam felt.

Adam revealed that he had offered a sizable sum of cash to Chelsea's doctor to find out the date of the baby's conception, but the doctor had been too ethical to accept a payoff, so he had nothing except an instinct. Victor thought that Adam needed to be more than just a corporate titan, and he suggested that Adam find interests outside the company, including a family of his own. Adam said that Victor didn't need to remind him that he'd lost his chance at a family with Chelsea, but Victor urged him to create a new one with someone other than Chelsea or Sharon. Victor advised Adam to let people into his life, or Adam would end up a lonely man, no matter how much success he achieved. Victor opened the door to leave, and he found Jack on the other side.

Victor asked what Jack was doing there, and Jack said that he and Adam were friends. Adam asserted that he and Jack had no business dealings together, and Victor told Adam to take what he'd said to heart. Victor left, and Jack warned against taking any advice Victor had offered. Adam conceded that Victor might be right about a personal matter. Jack realized that Victor wasn't an easy man to talk to, and he hoped that Adam felt that he could confide in Jack after everything they'd been through on New Year's Day together.

Adam hesitantly admitted that he still loved Chelsea, but he couldn't risk losing Victor to have her. Jack counseled Adam to go for the woman he loved, but Adam said that the baby complicated things. Adam recognized that Jack had been through the same experience, and Jack recalled that he had prayed that Summer had been his, but things had ended differently, because simply wanting a baby to be his hadn't made it true.

Jack recounted that he'd had to accept the reality that Phyllis had been carrying another man's child, and he felt that Adam had to face the same thing with Chelsea. Adam pointed out that Jack and Phyllis had reunited, and Jack acknowledged that Adam might one day walk down the same path himself, but Adam couldn't expect things to magically become right with Chelsea. Adam noted that Victor had given him the same advice, and he wondered if he should take it as a sign. Jack departed, and Adam placed a call. "Is she there?" he inquired. A moment later, he told someone that he needed to see her.

At the Athletic Club, Victor asked Nikki if she was upset that Victoria had left the company, and he pointed out that Victoria would have more time to spend with her family. Nikki wondered if that had been his plan all along, and Victor admitted that he'd considered the possibility that spending time with Billy would make Victoria realize that her husband was "a useless S.O.B." Victor thought that if Victoria left Billy, then she might be willing to compromise with Adam and return to Newman, and Victor would welcome her with open arms.

Friday, May 31, 2013

At On the Boulevard, Phyllis called Carmine a sexy guy, and he replied that she wasn't so bad herself. She could see why Lauren had been attracted to him at first, and Carmine played dumb, but Phyllis flatly stated that she knew that Carmine and Lauren had been involved. She explained that Lauren and Michael were her best friends, and she asserted that Lauren planned to stay with her husband. Carmine inquired whether those were Lauren's words or Phyllis', and Phyllis questioned whether he thought the affair wasn't over.

Carmine refused to discuss his and Lauren's relationship, but Phyllis said that it had just been sex. Carmine spat that Phyllis had no idea what he and Lauren had shared. He insisted that he and Lauren had connected, and he had given Lauren something that she'd needed. Phyllis retorted that Lauren didn't need it anymore, and she warned Carmine not to make problems, because the affair was over. Carmine told Phyllis to be sure to tell that to Lauren.

Nick called the lab to put a rush on the paternity test results. Sharon arrived, and he said that he appreciated her being there, but he understood if she didn't want to stir up bad memories. She replied that they weren't all bad, and he agreed that they had a lot of good ones. Sharon insisted that she was happy to help him, and she hoped that his plan turned out the way that he wanted it to.

Summer arrived in response to a message from Nick, and she asked Nick to make it fast, because she had plans. Nick pointed out that Summer had been dodging him for days, and they had to talk about prom. Summer complained that he'd already taken away her car, but Sharon said that Summer didn't understand. Summer huffed that Sharon wasn't her mom, but Sharon stated that she was Cassie's mom, and they wanted to talk about the sister that Summer had never met.

Phyllis arrived, and Summer became unnerved by the adults' serious demeanor. Summer understood that it had been the anniversary of Cassie's death, and Nick said that it was more than that, because they'd never told her the whole story. Summer knew that Cassie had been killed in a car accident, but Phyllis stated that Cassie hadn't been the only casualty. Summer concluded that someone else had died, but Nick explained that while he and Sharon had lost a child, it had been their entire family's loss. Phyllis added that it had impacted Daniel, too, because he lived with the pain every day.

Phyllis pulled out a copy of an email that Daniel had sent her in the wee hours that morning, and he had written that he hadn't been able to sleep. In his message, Daniel had reflected upon the night that had changed his life forever, and he had recounted how he'd almost ruined his life by running away. Phyllis recalled that the Winterses had been affected as well, since Lily had joined Daniel on the run. Summer argued that Lily and Daniel were fine, but Phyllis contended that although Daniel had made a great life for himself, he still suffered pain from the night of the accident.

Nick explained that they were trying to show Summer that actions had a ripple effect of consequences. Sharon said that nothing was ever the same when a mistake ended in tragedy, and when Cassie had died, she'd lost more than a daughter. She continued that one day she'd had a happy family with only small problems, but it was hard for a couple to survive the death of a child. Sharon said that Summer had no idea of what one impulsive act could destroy.

Summer admitted that she hadn't thought much about the events that had happened before she had been born. Nick referred to Summer's car accident, which had changed Adam and Chelsea's lives. Phyllis didn't want the conversation to feel like a guilt trip, but she needed the words to sink in with Summer. Nick implored Summer to listen to what they and Cassie were telling her. Phyllis added that punishments hadn't worked, and she hoped that honesty would. Summer said that she was really sorry, and Nick and Phyllis hugged her. Sharon silently stepped away and retreated upstairs.

Phyllis hoped that they'd gotten through to Summer, and Nick was confident that Summer had heard them. Phyllis remembered how the pain that Nick had been in after Cassie had died had led to Summer's birth. Sharon listened from the stairs as Nick said that Summer had given him hope again, and Phyllis clarified that she wasn't saying that she was happy about what had happened, but if it hadn't, Summer wouldn't exist. Nick replied that he wouldn't change that for anything.

Michael, Lauren, and Fen returned home to talk. Lauren insisted that she and Michael were staying together to work things out, but Fen snapped that he wasn't blind, and he could see that they were miserable. Michael reiterated that Fen hadn't caused the problems between Michael and Lauren, but Fen contended that his whole life was a mess, and he deserved to know why Michael and Lauren couldn't stand to be in the same room together.

Lauren asked Fen to trust that she and Michael wanted to work on their marriage. Fen asked if the problem was that Michael had arranged to have Fen arrested, but Lauren swore that she wasn't mad about that anymore. Michael explained that sometimes people just happened to grow apart. Fen said that he might believe that if Michael and Lauren weren't talking, but he observed that Michael looked like he was about to explode, and Lauren was always crying. Fen was sure that something else had happened, and he declared that since he was in the middle, he had a right to know what it had been.

Michael said that there wasn't just one reason why his and Lauren's marriage was in trouble, but Fen angrily accused Michael and Lauren of not being straight with him, and he stormed out. Lauren thanked Michael for not spilling the whole story, but Michael thought it was too tough for Fen to hear. Michael conceded that he'd meant it when he'd said that there was more to their problems than just her affair, and she thought his statement sounded hopeful. He warned her not to read into it, because he had agreed to stay for Fen's sake, but Fen had seen through their pretense, so there was no longer a reason to stick around. She asked if they could find another one.

Michael couldn't see past what had happened, and Lauren begged him to try, because they both loved Fen and each other. She said that she truly believed that they belonged together, and she moved in close to kiss him. A repulsed Michael rebuffed the gesture, and he testily inquired if she would still be able to kiss him if he had kissed another woman and had caressed that woman's naked body. Lauren cried out in shock, and Michael said that it was hard to hear -- and even harder to live with it. Lauren swore that Carmine had meant nothing to her, and Michael admitted that he wanted to forgive her and wished that he could, but he couldn't. He said that he'd have divorce papers drawn up the next day.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe fretted that she and Kevin only had $432 in their savings account. Kevin said that it could be worse, and she thought that it would be if they didn't sell the coffeehouse. Kevin argued that it was the only thing they cared about, but she replied that they had each other and Delia. Chloe understood that it was hard to see their business go down the tubes, but she believed that Crimson Lights was no longer relevant, and she suggested that they move on, just like their customers had. Kevin contended that they'd put a lot into the place, but he agreed that being a good entrepreneur meant knowing when to cut his losses and walk away.

Chloe commended Kevin for being smart and reasonable, and she mentioned that she could take a loan against her share of the fashion business, but no bank would grant her one with the coffeehouse weighing them down. She declared that they had a buyer ready with a check, and they needed the money. Kevin pointedly said that there was another way, and she angrily concluded that he meant stealing. Kevin guaranteed that he wouldn't get caught, but she adamantly shot down the idea.

Chloe said that Kevin was out of his tiny mind, and she reminded him that she'd spent the night in jail the last time he'd gotten caught. She asked if he was really a criminal, and he claimed that he had been joking, but she stepped away to take a phone call. Fen entered, and he griped that things had gotten worse at home, because his folks were either splitting up or hating being together. Chloe said that she had to pick up Delia, who had a stomachache, and she commented that she didn't feel so good herself. Fen sent a text message to Carmine, saying that he could use a friend.

Carmine met Fen and asked what was going on. Fen said that he'd taken Carmine's advice and had told Michael and Lauren not to stay together, and it looked like they wouldn't. Fen commented that the reason his parents were having problems was a big secret, and no one would tell him the whole story. Carmine went to get some coffee, and Lauren found Fen. She said that she didn't like how they had ended things, and Fen asked if anything had changed. Lauren froze when Carmine returned to the table, and Fen asked what he was missing.

Carmine claimed that he had to leave to tend to an emergency at work. Fen asked about the odd look between Lauren and Carmine, and Lauren covered by saying that Carmine probably understood how she and Michael felt about him. She insisted that she hadn't given up hope, but it would take time for her to fix things with Michael. Fen wondered why she felt it was her fault, and she responded that it would be hard work for both her and Michael. She swore that they both loved Fen very much, and she said that she'd see him at home.

Summer approached Fen, who was surprised that she'd even talk to him. She told him that she was sorry, and he conceded that it wasn't all on her, because he'd known that she wasn't into him, but he'd let himself be pressured into kissing her. He confided that he was angry at his parents and their lies, and he noticed that it looked like Summer had been crying. She said that she was thankful to her parents for being honest with her.

As Michael packed, Kevin remarked that the rest of world had wanted to be like Michael and Lauren, who had been the poster couple for happy marriage. Michael grumbled that things weren't always what they seemed, and Kevin recognized that Michael had been blindsided. Michael commented that a person could live their whole life with a person and never realize that the other person was living another life without them.

Lauren returned home and asked Michael to hear her out. She asked him to wait 30 days before he filed for divorce, and she promised that she wouldn't fight him if he still wanted a divorce in a month. She pointed out that the courts were closed for the evening, and she requested that he sleep on the decision. He said that Kevin was waiting, and he brushed past her on his way out. Meanwhile, Carmine stared at the photo of a sleeping Lauren.

Chloe returned to Crimson Lights with Delia, and she surmised that Delia had wanted to spend the night in her own bed. Chloe suggested that the next time, Delia could invite her friend Brianna to spend the night at their house. Chloe answered a call from Mavis, Brianna's mother, who asked if Delia knew where Brianna's favorite doll was. Chloe relayed the question to Delia, who shook her head. After she hung up, Chloe unpacked Delia's backpack and found the doll.

Chloe asked why Delia had taken the doll, and Delia reasoned that Brianna had tons of dolls. Chloe scolded Delia for taking something just because someone had more, and she chided her daughter for doing something wrong and then lying about it. Chloe sternly told Delia never to take anything from someone's house again.

At the Ashby home, Cane told Neil and Leslie that Jill and Katherine were at a fundraising event, so they'd only have a small group for Lily's surprise party. Cane reported that he'd told Lily that he'd had to go to Chicago on business, and he had been able to set up the party while Lily worked late. He happily anticipated her reaction. Devon and Roxy arrived, and Devon revealed that he'd left Lily at the office with Tyler. Cane was surprised, because he'd thought Tyler had quit, and Neil explained that Lily was working on a different project.

Devon announced that he'd take over for Lily, and Neil was pleasantly surprised that Devon had opted to stay. Roxy asked when Devon had made up his mind, and Devon explained that he'd wrestled with the choice until he'd seen Lily with Tyler, and he hadn't liked the way Tyler had looked at Lily. Roxy was miffed that she hadn't been a factor in Devon's decision. Meanwhile, Leslie applauded Cane for taking the time in his busy CEO schedule to do something wonderful for Lily, and he mentioned that he'd followed Katherine's advice to balance work and family. He added that he'd used business as an excuse to hide the surprise celebration, and he couldn't wait to see Lily's face.

Roxy pouted that Devon hadn't considered her or their relationship when he'd contemplated whether or not to move out of the country. Devon saw no reason to debate the issue when he hadn't known what he would do, but Roxy complained that he hadn't discussed it with her until it had been a done deal. She thought that if they were as close as she thought they were, he should have included her in the process. He assured her that she was the process, because he wanted to be wherever she was. They kissed.

At On the Boulevard, Tyler contemplated what to order for dinner, and Lily insisted that she was only there for a farewell toast, but she rationalized that Cane had arranged for a sitter, so she had time. Lily gazed forlornly at her phone, and Tyler asked if he wasn't good enough company. She said that she had expected Cane to call, and she started to say that Cane couldn't have forgotten, but she quickly covered that it was nothing. Oliver joined Lily and Tyler, and Lily complimented his incredible photos.

Oliver asked about the plans for the campaign rollout, and Lily said to ask Tyler, because she was no longer working on the line. A surprised Oliver commented that Lily and Tyler were too good of a team to break up. Lily excused herself to go to the bathroom, but she drunkenly stumbled and remarked that she shouldn't have waited to eat. She didn't see an incoming call from Cane, and Cane told his guests that Lily wasn't answering. Neil asked where Tyler was, but Leslie didn't know.

Cane whispered to the guests that Lily was there, and he turned off the lights. Lily staggered in, clinging to Tyler's arm, and everyone yelled, "Surprise!" A stunned Lily managed a drunken wave as Cane stared at her.

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