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Dylan bought Crimson Lights. Michael agreed to wait 30 days to file for divorce. Billy gambled online. Victoria became suspicious of Billy's behavior. The Newmans regained ownership of Newman Enterprises. Nick announced that he and Avery were getting married.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 3, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, June 3, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea arrived to find Chloe angrily drying flatware with a dishtowel before slamming each piece onto the counter. Chelsea mentioned that she'd seen Delia, outside with her sitter, staring at the ground and crying that Mommy was mad at her. Chloe continued slapping the flatware down onto the counter. Without looking at Chelsea, Chloe cried, "Delia is innocent, but me and my occasional lapses of morals and ethics is not innocent, and the husband that continues to steal is not innocent by a long, long shot."

Equally as unhappy as Chloe, Chelsea cried that her entire life was based on a lie. Noting that she'd become just like her mother, Chelsea cried, "I'm running a lifelong con." Chloe reminded Chelsea that Adam had traded her in for a chance to run Newman Enterprises and would do the same for his yet-to-be born baby. Chelsea cited the readings of the fortune-teller as proof that Adam still loved her. Chloe downplayed the fortune-teller's reliability. Chelsea cried, "She knew things about me -- things that a stranger would not know."

Chloe insisted that Chelsea was looking for an excuse to change her mind, so she wouldn't have to tell Adam and Dylan the truth. Chelsea suddenly realized that Dylan was standing in the doorway. Dylan approached and asked if all was well with the baby. Chelsea said it was. Dylan proudly showed Chloe the ultrasound image of Chelsea's baby. As Chloe studied the photo, Dylan pointed to the shadowy image and happily noted that he and Chelsea had made the baby. Chelsea smiled uneasily.

Chloe told Dylan that she was ready to sell the coffeehouse. Chloe went to summon Kevin. Before Chelsea left, Dylan asked her to meet him later at the loft to celebrate his new business venture. Chelsea said she would, and she walked out the front door. After Chloe returned, Dylan asked her to tell him what was going on with Chelsea. Chloe explained that Chelsea had once been set to have a baby under different circumstances.

It had been a shock, Chloe added, when Chelsea later became pregnant by Dylan at a time when neither knew the other's last name. To prove that he would become a stable father and breadwinner, Dylan insisted that Genoa City was his home. He added that Chelsea's baby would be his, so he hoped his relationship with Chelsea would continue to move forward. Dylan reiterated that no matter what, the baby would always be his. Chloe nodded.

At the police station, Kevin showed up late to carry out his court-ordered community-service duties. Kevin, unapologetic, lackadaisically mumbled that he'd had things to do. Alex sternly reminded Kevin that he was being punished because he was a thief. Kevin rolled his eyes when Alex added that Kevin was supposed to be searching for another "punk thief" who'd broken into Neil Winters' home. Alex laughed sarcastically and said to everyone within hearing range, "He had things to do!" Kevin disrespectfully shook his head.

Alex, angered, announced that Kevin would spend a night in jail. Kevin protested. Alex reminded Kevin that Michael had used his connections to keep Kevin out of jail in the first place. Kevin explained that Alex's "scared-straight" jail sentence couldn't compare to the harsh punishments doled out by a man named Tom. Kevin mumbled about losing his business, his marriage, and his mind. Reaching the peak of frustration, Alex yelled, "You are going to lose everything, you idiot! I want to make sure you don't let that happen!" Letting his family down, Alex told Kevin, would hurt Chloe and Delia because they'd never trust anyone again.

After Kevin left, Abby arrived. She asked Alex about Kevin and noted that he'd needed money because Adam had "screwed" Kevin out of his investment. Alex noted that Kevin was a "junkie who felt a rush from stealing." Abby said that she'd never seen Alex so fired up. Alex moved close to Abby and asked if she'd ever been arrested by an officer who was "fired up." Abby mentioned being arrested each time she'd disrobed. She kissed Alex on the lips and said she might be able to relive her glory days.

After Kevin met up with Chloe and Dylan at the coffeehouse, Dylan made a written offer that Chloe agreed was fair. Kevin made a counteroffer, and Chloe pulled him away for a private conference. In hushed tones, Chloe insisted that Dylan's offer was generous. Kevin noted that the amount wouldn't cover their debts. Chloe explained that they could pay the bank and work out additional payments later.

Chloe told Kevin that Delia had taken a friend's doll just because she had wanted it. Kevin claimed he wasn't to blame. Chloe reminded Kevin that when he had stolen from strangers, he'd allowed her to be arrested. Chloe added, "You're a bad example, Kevin." She pleaded with Kevin to be the man Delia could look up to. Kevin approached Dylan and accepted his offer. Dylan said they could settle the transaction quickly, and he asked Kevin to stay on briefly to show him how to run the place. Kevin agreed. After Dylan left, Chloe embraced Kevin and told him she was proud of him.

At the Ashbys' home, Cane and Lily's family were the surprised ones when a giddy, tipsy Lily arrived at her surprise birthday party arm-in-arm with Tyler. Neil and Leslie glared at Tyler. Lily ran to Cane and noted that he wasn't in Chicago after all. Cane said, "It looks like the party started without us." Tyler explained that he'd been with Lily to glean project ideas from her before she moved on to a new project. Tyler added that he hadn't known about the party plans. Cane replied, "It was a small party just for friends and family, Tyler."

Devon gave Lily a present. He begged her to open it first because he'd have to leave early to rest if he was expected to fill his sister's shoes. Lily chimed in and noted that Devon and Tyler would make a great team. While Lily opened gifts, Leslie quietly spoke with her brother and cautioned him to keep his distance from Lily. Tyler left.

As the party wound down, Lily wished Devon well with his new project and told him he could phone her if he needed assistance. Lily mentioned that she and Abby would combine their efforts to form a marketing team. After the guests left, an intoxicated Lily teased Cane about claiming he'd gone to Chicago. Cane replied, "How could I leave you on your birthday? You're the woman of my dreams and the mother of my children." He added that he'd become worried when she was late.

Lily told Cane that she had wanted to have a drink with Tyler because it had been her idea to rehire him, so he could implement his brilliant marketing plan. Cane said, "You were just willing to walk away, huh?" Lily caressed Cane before pressing her face against his shoulder. She replied, "It's what I wanted." After Lily sobered a bit, Cane gave her a gift he'd hidden away. Lily opened the box and found sexy lingerie. Lily asked if the gift was for him or her. Lily put her arms around Cane and said, "I want you to take it off." The couple kissed and headed toward their bedroom.

Later, Lily went to the kitchen for a drink of water. She picked up her phone and read a disturbing article about herself. When the glass slipped from Lily's hand and crashed to the floor, Cane ran to see what had happened. Cane took Lily's phone and read, "Lily is looking for someone other than Cane to console her. She doesn't want realism; she wants magic. I wonder how long it will be before Lily will once again seek the comfort that she can't find at home?" Lily cried, "Who would do this?"

Tyler returned to On the Boulevard. Noah asked about Lily, and Tyler explained that he'd taken her home. Noah introduced two young women, Lisa and Missy, to Tyler and said they'd been invited to join the women to hear a band perform. Tyler noted that he had an early morning and needed to head home soon. Noah asked if Tyler had found an apartment. Tyler said he hadn't. Lisa invited Tyler and Noah to the apartment she and Missy had shared because they'd be moving out after graduation. Lisa added, "You guys should come check it out and watch the sun rise."

Lisa and Missy entered their apartment with Tyler and Noah. The women told the men they should expect to "party," and they both went to the kitchen to get cold beer for their guests. Noah asked Tyler's opinion of the apartment. Without showing emotion, Tyler agreed that the place seemed fine. Noah urged Tyler to "chill out." Tyler noted that he'd been to one too many parties already.

Lisa grabbed Noah and began kissing him. Missy stood beside Tyler, but he just sighed. Noah caught Tyler's attention and said, "Welcome home!" Lisa and Noah retreated to a bedroom. Tyler drank the last sip of his beer and said, "I should probably take off."

Neil and Leslie enjoyed drinks at On the Boulevard after they left Lily's party. Neil admitted he was relieved that Devon had turned down Tucker's job offer in London. Neil expressed relief that Lily and Tyler would no longer be working together. Leslie noted that the attraction between Tyler and Lily wasn't entirely one-sided. She added that Tyler was especially drawn to Lily because she was unobtainable. Leslie said she knew how her brother operated. Neil replied, "I know my daughter."

Later at Crimson Lights, Kevin logged in to the gossip site that continued to publish excerpts from Neil's stolen journal. Kevin studied the screen and typed on his keyboard. He said, "I am going to follow the bread crumbs all the way to your computer." Excitedly, Kevin phoned Alex and left a phone message. Kevin announced that he was close to discovering who was publishing Neil Winters' journal entries on the gossip site.

At Adam's penthouse, Avery arrived just as Madame Miranda was leaving. Avery told Adam that it was too late to draw up contracts. Adam explained that he'd summoned Avery as a friend. Adam added that they were friends in that their personal lives shared a connection. Avery sighed. She informed Adam that he'd create a problem if he continued to summon her every time he thought about his ex-wife and Dylan.

Avery accepted a glass of red wine, and Adam sipped scotch as he questioned Chelsea about the absence of her engagement ring. Adam suggested that Chelsea might still have feelings for "Sergeant" McAvoy. Chelsea noted that Dylan had been a lieutenant. She added, "Dylan and I have moved on, and you know that." Adam raised his glass and said, "Sex and love are two entirely different things." Adam told Avery that Dylan's heart was still with her. Avery replied, "You're trying to shove me back in Dylan's arms because you want Chelsea in yours."

Avery told Adam that she'd lost a baby with Dylan. Believing her loss was punishment for breaking her marriage vows, Avery explained that she'd internalized her hurt, moved to Genoa City, and focused her attention on older wounds. Avery told Adam that he focused his pain on Newman Enterprises. Avery added that though he'd let Chelsea walk out of his life, he'd kept part of her heart. Adam's lip quivered, and he replied, "Now what?" Avery replied, "Chelsea is reaching for happiness. Let her move on, and let yourself move on."

Adam admitted that he felt a pull on his heart that was perhaps the baby. Avery replied, "You think the baby is yours?" Adam said the same thought had likely crossed Dylan's mind, as well. Avery noted that Chelsea had had a colorful past, but she maintained that Chelsea had no reason to lie about who'd fathered her baby. Avery said she understood how Chelsea's pregnancy, which had resulted from a one-night stand, had hurt Adam deeply. Avery added, "Maybe this is some kind of fate."

When Avery mentioned that she'd found a life with Nick, Adam insisted that she'd ended up with a consolation prize. Ignoring Adam's remark, Avery added that Chelsea and Dylan had ended up with something wonderful, as well. Agitated, Adam asked when the world might give him something wonderful because he was long overdue for some good news. Adam expressed his appreciation for Avery becoming a friend. Avery promised Adam that something good for him could be waiting around the corner.

Chelsea summoned Madame Miranda to meet her at the Jabot loft office. Chelsea asked about the man other than Dylan that Miranda had spoken of earlier. Miranda replied, "The one who loves you and wants to set things right? His biggest regret is losing you." Miranda warned a stunned Chelsea that Chelsea would have regrets if she weren't honest with the man and with herself. Miranda said that the man with strength, power, and money missed the child he and Chelsea were supposed to have together.

Miranda added that Chelsea and her child would be loved and provided for in a way that no other man could match. Chelsea leaned forward and said, "Adam paid you to feed me this nonsense, didn't he?" Miranda said she was telling the truth. Chelsea replied, "How much?" Miranda suddenly lost her foreign accent and replied, "Miranda has a mortgage like everyone else." Chelsea noted that she could run a better con, and she cried, "Adam is going to regret trying to pull this one on me."

Chelsea arrived at Adam's just as Avery headed out the door. Chelsea was angry and told Adam that he thought he owned her and the person growing inside of her. Chelsea berated Adam for attempting to bribe her obstetrician, hiring a fortune-teller to play a mind game, and consulting with Avery to perhaps sue her for contempt. Adam explained that Avery had been invited over to have drinks and be a friend he could talk to. Chelsea laughed at the notion of Adam having a friend, and she told him to leave her and the baby alone.

Adam said he could do the math and naturally wondered if the baby was his. Chelsea assured Adam that the baby wasn't his. Adam replied, "Our life, our family, our dreams. It's not ours right now, but in time, it could be. I'll be patient, and if that means staying away from you and the baby, that's what I'll do." Chelsea nearly fainted, and Adam caught her. Chelsea insisted she was fine, but she collapsed again. Adam told Chelsea she needed to be evaluated at the emergency room.

Avery stopped by Dylan's loft. She noticed the little makeshift dinner table, lit taper candles, and take-out food. Avery told Dylan that Adam had agreed to back off and leave him and Chelsea alone. Dylan thanked Avery. Avery said that Dylan and Chelsea deserved to be happy. Dylan seemed relieved. Avery told Dylan that he and Chelsea should be able to enjoy every moment with their child. Dylan looked longingly at Avery when she added that he and Chelsea didn't need Chelsea's ex looking over their shoulder every step of the way.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

At the tack house, Phyllis helped Nick to clean up after he'd cooked dinner, and she marveled that they were acting civilized toward one another. They discussed the talk they'd just had with Summer and how difficult it was to accept their little girl becoming an adult. Phyllis could hardly believe that Summer would graduate in two days, and she asked how Nick was doing. He assumed that she meant his engagement to Avery, and Phyllis questioned whether there was a reason he was holding back.

Nick said that he and Avery were doing great as a couple, but he was a mess personally, because the anniversary of Cassie's death had been tough on him. Nick inquired about Phyllis and Jack, and Phyllis explained that she had moved out because she hadn't wanted to force Jack to choose between her and Traci. Nick noted that it wasn't like Phyllis to walk away, but Phyllis understood that Traci thought that Phyllis was bad for Jack, and she didn't want to risk hurting Jack again. Nick pointed out that the risk of hurting a loved one was always there.

Nick referred to how he had hurt Phyllis by going back and forth between her and Sharon. He hated that Phyllis saw herself as an emotional wrecking ball, and he recognized that she had been on the other end, too. He questioned whether Phyllis was being cautious with Jack for her own self-protection, and she admitted that she felt fragile after her past relationships had failed. Phyllis vowed to work past her issues, and she realized that she could wind up a lonely woman who would never again have her heart broken. Nick wondered if that would be worth the tradeoff.

At Dylan's warehouse, Avery declared that they were both due for happiness. She spotted the sonogram photo on the table, and she remembered seeing her own baby's sonogram picture for the first time. He asked if she was okay, and she said that his situation with Chelsea was different, so he didn't have to be scared. Dylan couldn't help but worry, and Avery assured him that the doctor had said that everything was fine.

Dylan was concerned that Chelsea's last pregnancy had resulted in a miscarriage, but Avery urged him to put his fears aside and enjoy the planning and dreaming phase, because he deserved it. He looked at the sonogram photo and remarked that Adam had been all over Chelsea. Avery thought that Adam had been grieving, too, and she believed that Adam had realized that he'd done a foolish thing by giving up the woman he loved.

At his penthouse, Adam insisted on helping Chelsea to the emergency room, and he refused to let her lose another baby. She asserted that her miscarriage hadn't been his fault and that it wasn't going to happen again. She swore that she could take care of herself, but she doubled over in pain. Adam lifted her into his arms and proclaimed, "To hell with this, we're going to the ER."

At the hospital, Chelsea informed a nurse that the pain had subsided. The nurse asked "Dad" to wait, and Chelsea replied that Adam wasn't the baby's father. Adam confirmed Chelsea's statement, but he said that he wouldn't go anywhere. The nurse wheeled Chelsea away, and Adam retrieved Chelsea's cell phone from her purse and called Dylan to summon him to the ER right away.

Dylan arrived at the hospital, and Chelsea assured him that both she and the baby were fine. She added that she'd heard the baby's heartbeat, and the dizziness and pain that she'd experienced were gone. He noted that everything had been normal at her doctor's appointment earlier, and he asked what had happened. The nurse reported that the doctor had cleared Chelsea to leave, and she advised Chelsea to watch her stress level.

In the corridor, Avery asked Dylan if Chelsea was okay, and Dylan reported that Chelsea's stress level had spiked because of Adam. Meanwhile, Adam visited Chelsea, who accused him of projecting his anxiety onto her. Chelsea swore that she'd be fine, but she needed to listen to her doctor's orders about stress. She said that it was exhausting running a fashion line and being pregnant, but they both made her happy. She added that dealing with Adam had no upside. She begged him to leave her alone, and Dylan entered with some water.

Adam said that he was glad Chelsea was feeling better, and he left. Chelsea apologized for scaring Dylan, and he replied that she'd have to do worse to do so, but he asked her not to try. She claimed that she'd just had low blood sugar, but he knew why she had been under stress. Dylan queried why she had been at Adam's penthouse, and she disclosed that Adam had finally agreed to leave her alone. Dylan inquired whether Adam had any reason to think that Adam was the father of Chelsea's baby.

Chelsea declared that Adam wanted the baby to be his, and Adam had a problem with not getting what he wanted. She contended that Adam had always complained that his siblings were entitled and selfish, but he was worst one, because Victor had left a huge void in his heart, and nothing could ever fill it. Chelsea got increasingly upset as she recalled that Adam had walked away from their marriage, and Dylan asked if she wanted to see the doctor. She apologized for letting Adam get to her, but she assured Dylan that the baby was hers and Dylan's, and all that mattered was that their child would have the best father in world.

Avery confronted Adam about what had happened, and Adam swore that he'd back off of Chelsea. Avery realized that he was frightened, and he imagined how awful it would be if Chelsea miscarried again. Avery assured him that the baby was fine, and she knew that Adam cared about Chelsea and that Chelsea cared about him. Avery pointed out that she and Dylan could finally be friends, but it had taken time. Adam questioned whether he and Chelsea should be friends, because he didn't need any more friends. Adam looked in on Chelsea and Dylan hugging.

Chelsea and Dylan returned to the warehouse, and she thanked him for everything he had done for her, including not freaking out about Adam. She said that Dylan never made her wonder when he'd let her down, and he promised that he never would, if he could help it. She proclaimed that the baby was lucky to have him, and so was she. Dylan murmured that perhaps he was the lucky one. Meanwhile, Adam brooded alone at his penthouse.

A frazzled Avery went to the tack house and told Nick that she'd just been at the hospital after Chelsea had had a scare with the baby. Nick noticed that Avery didn't seem like herself, and she confided that she had been pregnant once, but it hadn't worked out. She explained that she and Dylan had conceived a child, and that night had caused the memories to rush back, but she was glad that Chelsea and baby were okay.

Nick thanked Avery for telling him about her baby, and he said that it explained a lot about her not wanting to talk about having kids and her connection with Dylan. She apologized for not telling Nick before, but he understood that she'd done it when she had been ready. She was certain that Nick would tell her about what was going on with him when he was ready, too. Avery thanked Nick for being the person she could trust her stories with, because the past hurt less with Nick in her future. They held one another close.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin prepared to go through a box of files, and Chloe urged him to let Esther organize it, but he said that it was his mess to clean up. Chloe felt that he was taking care of the mess by selling the business and completing his work release. She showed him a picture that Delia had drawn, and she declared that she was proud of him. Kevin complained about having to answer to Alex, but Chloe commended Kevin for taking responsibility. Kevin grumbled that he was no longer his own boss, and he was right back where he'd started.

Kevin conceded that at least he and Chloe got to keep their house, and Chloe pointed out that he still had her, Delia, and new dreams. He griped that the old ones hadn't worked out, but Chloe argued that they weren't the same people they had been, and they needed to dream bigger. She gushed that she would be part of a major fashion line, and she fantasized about being the center of attention on the red carpet. He groused that there wasn't enough room in her fantasy for both of them.

Chloe envisioned introducing herself as the glamorous Mrs. Kevin Fisher, the wife of the man who had invented the future of technology. She said that Kevin could figure out the computer genius part, but he had to visualize it to make it happen. He fantasized about him and Chloe pulling off a heist as Bonnie and Clyde and getting away with it. Chloe snapped him out of his daydream, and she sat on his lap and noticed that he had a big smile on his face. He said that he'd found a new dream, and they would be just fine.

Gloria ran into Michael on his way into the Athletic Club. She announced that she was back from Europe, where she had spread the word about Chelsea's new fashion line. She noticed his luggage and realized that he had moved out. Over drinks, Gloria asked what had happened, and he explained that his and Lauren's problems had started with Fen's bullying incident. Gloria suspected that Michael's male pride had been an issue, and he chided her for judging him.

Michael urged Gloria to drop the subject, but she called Michael and Lauren an untouchable couple who had never fought or strayed. Based on Michael's silence, Gloria concluded that he had cheated, and she chastised him for being stupid and thoughtless. Gloria insisted that Michael beg Lauren for forgiveness, but Michael revealed that he hadn't been the one who had strayed. Michael divulged that Lauren's affair had been with Carmine, and Gloria remarked that Carmine was handsome "in a gigolo sort of way." Michael sarcastically thanked Gloria for her support, and he told to go back to Europe.

Michael complained that Gloria would have considered him a miserable excuse for a man if he'd cheated, but she accepted Lauren doing so, since Carmine was "a side of beefcake." Gloria called Lauren a fool, and she acknowledged that Michael had been nothing but a loyal and patient husband. Gloria asked how long the affair had lasted and if Carmine had been the first. Michael snapped that only Gloria could find a way to make him feel more miserable than he already had, and he asserted that Lauren was neither a saint nor a slut, but simply a flawed human being. Gloria suspected that it wasn't over between Michael and Lauren.

After Gloria left, Phyllis spotted Michael drinking at the bar, and she reported that she'd received a hysterical message from Lauren about Michael moving out. He stated that his marriage was falling apart, and Phyllis said that people hurt one another, but he had a marriage worth saving. Phyllis argued that Lauren had realized that she'd made a huge mistake, but Michael retorted that it didn't erase the images in his mind.

Phyllis recounted that she'd just had dinner with Nick in her former home, and the memories of them cheating on one another had subsided. Michael argued that Phyllis and Nick were divorced, but Phyllis encouraged Michael to give Lauren a break. Michael reported that Lauren had requested 30 days to change his mind, and Phyllis questioned whether Michael would love Lauren any less in that time. Phyllis contended that it wouldn't take more than a second for Michael to realize that it hurt badly, but would hurt even more without Lauren.

Lauren answered her door to Carmine, and she reprimanded him for dropping by, but Carmine defended that he knew that Fen was at a friend's house and that Michael had moved out. Lauren warned him to stay away from Fen and to stop pretending to be Fen's friend, but Carmine countered that Fen was a good kid who needed someone to listen, since Michael wasn't around. Carmine asserted that he was where he should be -- with Lauren.

Lauren told Carmine that they could never be together again, and he insisted that he wasn't after sex. He said that their relationship had meant something, and he swore that he cared for her. He suspected that she felt the same way, or their affair wouldn't have happened. She argued that she'd needed a friend, but things had gotten way out of hand. Lauren declared her love for Michael and repeated that the affair was over. "What if I don't want it to be over?" Carmine questioned.

Lauren was touched by Carmine's feelings for her, but she said that he couldn't change her mind. Carmine understood that Lauren had said vows, but he opined that Michael had broken his when he'd left her all alone. Lauren regretted that she'd broken Michael's heart, but Carmine noted that Michael wasn't fighting for her, and he smugly added that it might be safer if a would-be rapist left her alone. An offended Lauren snapped that Carmine didn't know Michael's heart and soul, and she told Carmine to let her go, because her heart was taken and always would be.

Carmine said that he remembered every second he'd spent with Lauren, getting to know not only every inch of her body, but also the person she was. He asked if she'd forgotten, and she remarked that the memories would fade. She requested that Carmine leave and never return, and he forlornly walked out.

Lauren stared out the window, and she called out for Fen when she heard the front door open. She faced Michael instead, and she surmised that he'd returned for his favorite tie, which she had been holding. She reached out to hand it to him, but he retreated to the hallway to retrieve his suitcases and pointedly set them down. He mused that he'd heard that a lot could happen in 30 days. "So much," she tearfully replied.

Phyllis ran into Carmine at the Athletic Club, and she observed that he didn't appear to be his usual "sex-oozing self." She happily informed him that Michael had just gone back to Lauren, and she chirped that when two people had that kind of love, nothing would get in their way. Carmine conceded that Phyllis might be right.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Victoria and Billy joked happily as they arrived home from breakfast with baby Johnny. Billy went to work so that he could be home early and spend the evening with Victoria and Johnny. Once alone, Victoria rhetorically asked Johnny what she should do with all the time on her hands.

Chelsea woke up in Dylan's home, lying against his chest. Dylan smiled at her and said that he had not wanted to wake her when Chelsea had fallen asleep the previous evening, so he had let her sleep in his arms. He apologized for the sleeping bag on the floor. Chelsea said that she had slept better that night than she had in a long time. Chelsea prepared to leave for work. She asked Dylan how she looked.

Dylan responded lightly that Chelsea looked like a person who had spent the night in her clothes. Chelsea laughed and said that she was very relaxed after a good night's sleep. Dylan was glad that Chelsea was okay and urged her to take the day off. Chelsea said that she would take it easy, but insisted that she had to go to work. Dylan told Chelsea that he would check with "Little Mac" later.

Chelsea playfully asked if that meant that Dylan and the baby would gang up on her and in the future it would be two against one. Chelsea became tearful and hugged Dylan tenderly when he said that it was the three of them because Dylan, Chelsea, and the baby were a team. After Chelsea left for work, Dylan made a phone call and said that he needed help.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin quickly closed his laptop when Chloe approached the counter. Chloe immediately jumped to the conclusion that Kevin was hiding something from her and that Kevin was plotting his next criminal activity as she called him "a lying, cheating waste of space." Kevin defended himself and told Chloe that he was working on his community service project. Kevin said that he had been warned not to talk about it and that was the reason that he had been so secretive. Chloe apologized.

At a nearby table, Tyler met with Devon to go over ideas for the new fashion line. Tyler said he needed coffee first. Devon asked if it had been a long night for Tyler. Tyler said that he had had some drinks and an offer of company, but he had not been attracted. Devon agreed that attraction had to go both ways. Devon continued that it never worked out when one person was attracted and the other one was not.

Tyler did not like Devon's interest in his personal life and insisted that they get down to business. Devon agreed and shared his ideas to improve the fashion campaign. Tyler rejected all Devon's ideas. Devon questioned why Tyler made changes to all Jabot's publicity efforts but thought that the media campaign for Chelsea's clothing line should be set in stone.

Devon suggested that it was because all the ideas were from Lily and that Tyler was letting his personal life interfere with his professional one. Tyler defended Lily's talent. Devon reminded Tyler that their job was to make the fashion line successful. He urged Tyler to concentrate on that and forget about Lily.

Lily met Alex, Neil, and Leslie at the police station. Lily was upset about the derogatory comments that had been emailed to her and was accusatory as she asked Neil how he could do such a thing. Neil hemmed and hawed as Lily got more upset but finally told her about the theft of his private journal and the consequences so far. Leslie pointed out that Neil was also a victim.

When Lily asked, Neil told Lily that he had not alerted her about the post because it had been removed, and he had not wanted to hurt her. Neil did not know how the information had been reposted. Leslie said that once something was posted on the Internet, it was out there, and anyone could copy the post and send it anywhere.

Neil added fuel to the conversation when he said that another post had been made and that this time it was about Neil. The post from Neil's journal told of his six-year sobriety, the demons he wrestled daily, and Neil's fears that some of the decisions that he had made and actions that he had taken during the time that he had abused alcohol would return to haunt him. Alex surmised that the post was a warning for Neil about potential retribution. Leslie said that she was "creeped out," and Alex asked if Neil could think of anyone who wanted to hurt him or his family.

Kevin arrived while Neil was pondering the question. Alex poked at Kevin for being late, but Kevin ignored the jibe and announced that he had the location of the computer that had posted the entries from Neil's journal the previous evening. Everyone wanted to know who and where. Kevin said that it was not that easy because the computer was a public one at the Athletic Club's business center.

Lily, Neil, and Leslie left the station to await developments, after Neil noted that only an employee or guest of the Athletic Club would have a key card that could access a computer in the business center. Alex called for a warrant. Kevin, obviously miffed, mumbled to himself that he had not gotten a thank-you. Alex remedied that when he rubbed Kevin's head and told him "good job." Lily went to Crimson Lights, where Tyler was on the phone, making arrangements to rent and share an apartment with Noah. Devon waited patiently for Tyler to finish.

Returning to business, Devon was very polite when he said that Tyler would eventually have to consider Devon's ideas. Tyler scoffed that Devon's input would not take the campaign in the direction that Lily and Tyler had envisioned. Devon insisted that Lily was no longer on the campaign. Lily arrived at the table in time to hear Tyler raise his voice and tell Devon that Devon did not need to tell Tyler how Tyler felt about Lily.

Billy got to On the Boulevard and found Traci and Abby sharing breakfast. They joked and discussed Traci's reasons for spending the reminder of her time in Genoa City with Abby instead of Jack. Billy suggested that Traci was in Genoa City because of trouble at home with her husband, Steve. Traci denied any problems in her marriage. Billy went to the bar. Abby made a sincere offer of help. Abby told Traci that she had grown up. She added that she was not trying to replace Traci's dead daughter, Colleen, but that Abby truly loved Traci and wanted to help if she could.

Traci was touched. She told Abby that when a couple lost a child, they drifted apart, and communication often became difficult. Traci said that she and Steve had reached a point where taking a break seemed like a good idea. Abby said that she was not the best at giving advice, but it seemed to her that not communicating was not the best way to fix a communication problem. Traci said that it was more complicated than that.

Dylan stopped by the bar and told Billy that he had purchased Crimson Lights and was keeping Kevin on for a while. Dylan said that he had some idea for sprucing up the establishment and for creating new customers. Billy expressed some doubts about Kevin's honesty and reliability but congratulated Dylan on his acquisition.

Dylan returned the favor by telling Billy that Dylan thought that someone was taking large amounts of cash from the register. Billy said he would look into it. Billy gave Dylan his last paycheck, and Dylan joked that the missing money was being used to overpay employees. Billy said that Dylan would learn soon enough how quickly the restaurant business soaked up extra cash.

Dylan said if that was the case, he had better start saving for his child's college fund. Billy laughed and replied, "College? Do you know how much preschool costs?" The men shared another chuckle. Billy congratulated Dylan, who said that he had been looking forward to becoming a father for forever. Dylan then asked Billy if it was weird for Billy to know that the child that Billy was raising with Victoria would have a half-sibling across town.

Billy asked if Dylan had met Billy's family. Billy said that his family had created a whole new meaning for "blended." Billy indicated Abby and said that Abby was his niece and his wife's half-sister. Billy told Dylan that Billy's family was like the Brady Bunch on steroids. Dylan said that he, Chelsea, and their baby would have their own thing, and it would be great. Dylan said that the baby had not been planned, but it was awesome.

Billy said that nothing in his life had ever been planned, but everything had worked out for him. Billy suggested that maybe it would be the same for Dylan and Chelsea. Dylan noted that there were lot of reservations and offered to work, but Billy said it was handled. He wished Dylan good luck with the coffeehouse and the kid. When Dylan left, Billy went to the register and removed all the cash from the till. Billy called Ken, who did not answer. Billy left a message asking Ken to deal him in. Billy added that his luck had not been so good lately, but Billy had a feeling that his luck was about to change.

Nikki was surprised to find Victoria busily baking and cleaning house when she dropped by for a visit. At first, Nikki thought that Victoria was pregnant, but Victoria sadly admitted that she as not having any luck in that area of her life. Victoria said she was cleaning because she could not think of anything else to do. Nikki told Victoria that it was okay to miss Newman.

Nikki added that Victoria could work there if she wanted because Nikki had faith that Victoria could hold a job at Newman and get pregnant at the same time. Victoria denied that she could go back. She said that Adam had set out to eliminate Victoria from Newman, and he had succeeded. Victoria said that she did not like losing, but seeing Adam win was even worse. Victoria said that she understood why Victor was grateful to Adam, but she thought that Victor was overcompensating.

Nikki said that maybe Victor was also trying to make up for not being part of Adam's childhood. Nikki also noted that Adam and Victor had bonded over the business. Victoria bemoaned that at one time Victor had treated her the same way that he was treating Adam at that moment.

Nikki stayed upbeat and urged Victoria to find her passion just as Victor and Adam had found theirs. Nikki spent a few minutes encouraging Johnny and complimenting his artwork. Nikki said that Johnny had artistic talent similar to that demonstrated by Victoria. Nikki reminded Victoria that as a child, Victoria had been a fledgling artist and writer, brimming over with stories to tell. Nikki suggested that Victoria could write and illustrate a story for Johnny.

Victoria said that she did not know where to begin. Nikki said that the story should start with, "Once upon a time, there was a little girl who believed that she could do anything that she wanted."

Chelsea was working when Chloe entered carrying a large basket that had just arrived for Chelsea. The basket contained lotions, relaxation candles, and other goodies, plus a ticket to the day spa at the Athletic Club. Chloe wanted to know who had sent it, but Chelsea said that she already knew. Chelsea's suspicions proved correct when she opened the accompanying envelope and read a note from Dylan.

Chloe was impressed and said that Dylan was perfect. Chelsea agreed. She said that the basket was not about romance, but about what had happened the previous evening. Chloe asked what had happened. Chelsea told Chloe that everything had changed. She filled Chloe in on Chelsea's argument with Adam, his interference, the bribing of Madame Miranda, and Chelsea's collapse.

Chelsea expected an "I told you so" from Chloe about Madam Miranda, but Chloe's outrage was focused on Adam, who she said was lower than pond scum and in fact was the fungus that lived on pond scum. Chelsea said that the collapse had worked to her advantage because Chelsea had convinced Adam that he was responsible for her stress. Chelsea added that Dylan had started asking questions, but she had convinced him that the baby was his.

Chelsea said that everything had changed with Dylan, and she genuinely believed that they could be happy together because she was falling in love with Dylan. Chelsea said that her only problem was that she did not like lying to Dylan. Chelsea wished that the universe would give her a sign that she was doing the right thing.

Chelsea's phone rang. It was Dylan calling to ask her to visit later because he had a surprise. Chloe told Chelsea that it was the sign that she had been wishing would appear. Chloe told Chelsea to take the day off and go see Dylan. At first Chelsea objected, but Chloe's insistence won out.

Abby went to the police station to invite Alex to lunch. He told her that he had to wait for a warrant, but Alex added that they could meet later for dinner or "whatever." Abby said that if it was "whatever," it could not be at her place because Traci was there. Alex said that his mattress was lumpy.

Abby chirped that this was what her 500 million was for. Alex replied that he was Latino and could not let her pay. Abby replied that she found that very sexy. Abby told Alex to work while she found a place for the three of them to be alone. When Alex questioned "three of them," Abby purred, "You, me, and whatever."

Ken returned Billy's call and invited Billy to a poker game. Victoria arrived with Johnny to have lunch with Billy and overheard the tail end of the call. She asked about it, but Billy said that it was just business. Billy left to get a high chair for Johnny as Victoria sat at a table and mused to Johnny that mommy was not the only one who could make up a story. Victoria wondered how Billy's story would end.

Nikki met Traci for lunch. After exchanging pleasantries, Nikki told Traci that she had a business proposition for Traci that involved Victoria.

Chelsea went to Dylan's warehouse. He was surprised to see her but happy that Chloe had insisted that Chelsea take the rest of the day off. Chelsea thanked Dylan for the basket and said that he was spoiling her and the baby. Dylan replied that it had been his intention to do just that. Dylan showed Chelsea his new couch, which was a pull-out. He said it was one step up from the floor, just in case Chelsea decided to spend another night. Dylan added that all Chelsea needed was a better pillow.

Chelsea said that Dylan's chest was fine. She hugged him and added that it was more than fine. Dylan hugged her back and said that he was returning the couch.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Michael returned home from a run, and Lauren expressed relief. She explained that she'd overreacted when she'd woken up and Michael hadn't been there. Michael realized that she had thought that he'd walked out again, and he assured her that he was sticking to their plan to put off the divorce for 30 days. She asked him if he believed that they could work things out, and he replied that they wouldn't know unless they tried. Meanwhile, Carmine placed an order over the phone to send something to Lauren.

Lauren received a box of chocolate-covered strawberries, and she opened the card, which read, "Thanks for the memories." She flashed back to eating strawberries in bed with Carmine in Lake Geneva. Fen returned home, and Lauren asked him to tell Michael that she had to leave to do something. She grabbed the box and left. Michael greeted Fen, and he reported that he'd moved back in the prior night. Fen seemed unenthused, and Michael realized that it hadn't been what Fen had wanted.

Michael inquired whether Fen was excited about graduation, but Fen didn't think that it was a big deal. Michael said that he was proud of Fen, but Fen questioned why Michael had moved back when nothing had changed. Michael contended that it wouldn't change unless he and Lauren made an effort to try for a different outcome, and he stated that love was always worth it. Michael swore that he loved Lauren, and he vowed not to give up on the people he loved without a fight.

Michael cautioned Fen that things still might not work out between Michael and Lauren, but he wanted Fen to be prepared for anything. Fen wondered why Michael bothered to go through the motions if a breakup was inevitable, but Michael maintained that they had a chance to make things right. Michael explained that he and Lauren were dealing with a lot of hurt and anger, and he wasn't sure whether they could overcome all of their issues. Fen asked Michael to stop talking around the issues and just be straight with him. Michael replied that it was difficult to be honest.

Lauren slammed the box of strawberries down on the Athletic Club bar, and Carmine remarked that it had been a gift. He asked if she remembered Lake Geneva, and she contemplated what would have happened if Michael or Fen had answered the door. Carmine wondered why Michael would have been there, and Lauren insisted that she was trying to make her marriage work and that her affair with Carmine was over. Carmine questioned whether she was afraid that Carmine would do something to ruin her marriage -- or that she would.

Lauren reiterated that she loved Michael and was committed to her marriage. Carmine claimed that the strawberries were an apology for showing up at her home, but she sternly told him that it had been the wrong way to go about it. He recalled their time in Lake Geneva as the most perfect day he'd ever had -- until she'd skipped out. She said that Fen had needed her, and Carmine replied that he needed her, too. Lauren begged Carmine to cease all contact with both her and Fen, because she was trying to move past their affair, and she needed Carmine to do the same thing. She walked out.

Lauren returned home, and Michael reported that Fen had gone to the gym. Michael asked if he wanted to know where she'd been, and she told him probably not, but she was done lying to him. She admitted that she'd gone to see Carmine. Lauren informed Michael that she'd returned a gift from Carmine, and Michael asked what had been. She incredulously asked if he wanted details, and he thought that he should hear it.

Lauren explained that she and Carmine had eaten chocolate-covered strawberries on their trip, and Carmine had sent her some as an apology for stopping by. Lauren adamantly stated that she'd told Carmine that it was over and that she was committed to Michael. She realized that it was difficult for Michael to hear, but she didn't want to lie to him. Michael said that they had a chance if they promised to stay honest with one another.

Carmine tossed back a drink, and Fen asked if he'd had a bad day. Fen said that they could talk, but his parents didn't want them to be friends. Fen started to walk away, but then he turned around and proclaimed that his parents didn't get to tell him how to run his life when they couldn't manage their own. Fen recalled that Carmine had listened when Fen had had no one else to talk to, and he wanted to return the favor.

Fen inquired whether Carmine was having woman troubles, and Carmine smirked and said that he'd love to tell Fen all about it. Carmine revealed that he'd had a connection with a woman, but she'd gotten back together with her ex. Carmine gushed that the woman was perfect, and she had gone back to her ex before, but it wouldn't last. Carmine recounted that he'd advised Fen not to give up, and he intended to take his own advice and make the woman see that he wouldn't let her go.

At Crimson Lights, Tyler told Lily that he and Devon had been discussing how the campaign would play out, and Lily remarked that she and Tyler had already put together the strategy to launch the line. Devon disclosed that he wanted to make some changes, and Lily asked whether he didn't agree with what she and Tyler had put together. Devon pointedly stated that Tyler was having a hard time letting go, but Devon was sure that Tyler would get there.

Lily asserted that the campaign was solid, but Devon argued that there was a lot at stake, and if the campaign went south, it wouldn't affect Tyler as much as it would the rest of them. Lily objected to making any changes to the campaign, since she and Tyler had spent countless nights and weekends perfecting it, but Devon said that he only wanted to make some adjustments. Devon swore that he would work it out with Tyler, and he refused to let the project cost Lily anything more than what she'd already given up.

Tyler prepared to leave to sign a lease with Noah, and Devon deliberately inquired whether Tyler had found the apartment when Tyler had been with the girl who'd wanted to hook up with him. Tyler explained that the girl had wanted to get out of her lease, and Devon remarked that it had been Tyler's lucky night. An irritated Tyler departed. Lily pressed Devon for information about the girl, and she assumed that it was another model. Devon commented that Tyler had no problem mixing business and pleasure, and he hoped that Lily was smarter than that.

Lily asked why Devon wouldn't explain the changes he wanted to make, and he replied that she wasn't on the project anymore and that he was just trying to do his job. She said that his job was to roll out the campaign, and Devon revealed that Tyler thought that Devon was only there to keep something from happening between Tyler and Lily. Lily insisted that she'd taken a step back to be with her family, and Devon questioned why she wasn't with them.

At the tack house, Summer commented that she was jealous that Noah was getting his own place, but Noah pointed out that he had to share it with a roommate. She suggested that she move in to help share the expenses, but Noah declared that Phyllis was her roommate. Summer whined that moms didn't count, and she asked if Noah had wanted to live with his mother when he had been 18. Sharon overheard as she arrived, and she confirmed that Noah hadn't. Noah said that he would always have time for Sharon, and Sharon mumbled that at least someone did.

Sharon claimed that she wanted to talk to Nick about Faith's play date schedule, and Summer mentioned that Nick was dealing with a plumbing problem at the Underground. Sharon imagined that Summer was excited about her graduation the next day, and Summer referred to the talk she'd had with her parents and Sharon about Cassie. Summer understood that Nick was scared of losing her, but she would always be "daddy's little girl."

After Sharon left, Summer asked if Noah would attend her graduation, and he joked that he wouldn't miss the chance to see her trip on her gown. Summer playfully hit him, and he wondered if she'd chosen a college yet. She declared her intent to go to Genoa City University, and he questioned whether Kyle had been a factor in her decision. He warned her not to invest her heart in the wrong guy, but she argued that Kyle could be the right guy. Noah resolved to let her make her own choices, and she hugged him for being a good big brother.

Later, Summer showed Courtney a picture of a dress on her phone, and Courtney reported that Summer had received a text message from Kyle, stating that he couldn't wait to celebrate with Summer the next day. Courtney wondered if he expected to celebrate naked, and Summer realized that her "first time" could happen the following night.

Courtney took Summer to a doctor's office, and Summer protested, because both she and Kyle were smart enough to have condoms, but Courtney reminded her that condoms could break. Summer didn't think that she needed anything else, but a doctor entered and asked how she could help. Courtney said that Summer needed a birth control prescription, and the doctor asked if Summer was sexually active. Summer replied that she was about to be.

At their new apartment, Tyler noted that the girls had cleared out fast, and he joked that Noah had been the cause. Noah said that they hadn't even moved in yet, and Tyler was already busting his chops, but he added that anything was better than sharing a bathroom with Summer. Tyler noticed that the girls had left a couch behind, and Noah suggested that they replace it with a pool table, or Summer would want to move in. Tyler thought that Summer would soon be a successful model, and she would be able to afford a nice apartment of her own. Noah said that maybe they should wait and move in with her.

Tyler wanted to get rid of the ugly couch. He and Noah tried to lift it, but the couch was heavier than they'd expected. They tried again, but Tyler dropped his end to check his phone. An irked Noah asked who was important enough for Tyler to give Noah a hernia. Meanwhile, Lily hung up after Tyler didn't answer her call. Lily called Cane and offered to treat him to lunch, but he was busy. She asked about dinner, and ultimately she just said that she would see him when he got home.

Noah and Tyler couldn't move the couch, and Tyler declared that the pool table was out, because there was no way they could haul the couch downstairs. Noah plopped down on the couch, and Tyler whipped off his shirt and retrieved some beers from the fridge. Noah toasted to new friends, a new start, and an old couch. "Let the adventure begin," Noah proclaimed.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon left a message for Nick to offer her help. Dr. Watkins overheard, and she complained that Sharon was no longer listening to her. The doctor recommended that Sharon double her sessions to twice a week, and she stressed the importance of Sharon becoming less dependent on the men in her life. Dr. Watkins understood that Nick was part of Sharon's support system, but it wasn't practical for Sharon to insert herself into Nick's plumbing problem. Dr. Watkins thought that Sharon was pursuing any relationship she could find because Sharon was terrified of being alone.

Sharon inquired why she shouldn't help Nick, but Dr. Watkins said that Sharon had a fixation on being the one to help him. The doctor suggested that Nick turn to his fiancée for help, but Sharon asserted that only she could understand Nick's grief over Cassie. Dr. Watkins knew that Nick and Sharon would always have a bond, but she questioned why Sharon kept going back to her toxic relationship with Adam. The doctor suggested that Sharon think about it, and they could discuss it at their next session.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor praised Adam's hard work to put the company back into their family's hands. Adam pointed out that he himself also got to reap the benefits, and Victor suggested that Adam throw a party at the penthouse. Victor offered to invite the rest of the family, but Adam wanted to hold off until they closed the deal. Victor asked when Avery would have the paperwork ready, and an attractive woman entered, looking for Adam. Adam looked her over and said that she'd found him.

The woman apologized for being late, and she introduced herself as Melanie Daniels. She explained that Avery had asked her to drop off some contracts, and Victor questioned why Avery hadn't handled it herself. Adam reasoned that they only needed signatures, and Victor was surprised that Adam was amenable to dealing with an assistant. Adam apologized to Melanie for Victor's behavior, and she presented him with the paperwork. Adam and Victor signed the contracts, and Melanie proclaimed that the company was officially theirs. After Melanie left, Victor scolded Adam for being distracted by Melanie.

Adam questioned which one of them would break the news to Victoria, and Victor cautioned Adam against using his success to harass his sister. Adam thought that was the point of having a party at the penthouse, and he wished Victor luck in getting Victor's other children to show up. Victor was confident that they'd be there, and Adam asked whether Victor intended to blackmail or bribe them into attending. Victor said that he could easily persuade his children, and Adam would find out one day when Adam had a family of his own. Adam asked when Victor would stop rubbing the fact that Adam didn't have a family in his face, and Victor told him to stop spending all of his time at work.

Adam pointed out that Victor had chided him for flirting and then had pushed Adam to move on with his life, and it took one to lead to the other. Victor swore that he just wanted Adam to be happy, and Adam declared that he was happy to be a major shareholder of Newman Enterprises. Victor said that the difference between him and Adam was that Victor had someone to go home to celebrate with, whereas Adam was going home alone. Adam noted that his penthouse would be filled with Newmans as soon as the invitation went out.

Sharon noticed Adam at a table at the Athletic Club. Melanie joined Adam, and Sharon stared as he gallantly pulled out Melanie's chair for her. Adam stepped to the foyer to take a call, and Sharon followed him. Sharon blasted him for trying to find a substitute who resembled Chelsea, when no one could ever take Chelsea's place.

Sharon admonished Adam for giving up on the woman he loved, and she noted that even though he'd had a hard time moving on, Chelsea obviously didn't have that problem. Adam shoved Sharon up against the wall and passionately kissed her. He hissed into her ear that he wasn't the one who had trouble moving on, and he walked away.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Phyllis and Avery ran into one another at On the Boulevard, and Phyllis mentioned that she and Nick had discussed his relationship with Avery. Avery assumed that Phyllis had provoked Nick, but Phyllis asserted that she and Nick had had a heart-to-heart talk. Phyllis recounted that she and Nick had reminisced about their children, but Avery wouldn't understand. Phyllis continued that it had been sweet of Nick to cook her dinner, and she and Nick had shared a nice conversation. Avery noted that Phyllis and Nick were in a good place, and Phyllis said that she just wanted him to be happy.

Avery questioned whether Phyllis had accepted that Nick was happy with Avery, and Phyllis responded that she wouldn't be a bridesmaid, even if the wedding happened. Avery was sure that Phyllis was thrilled that the engagement was off, but Phyllis said that she had been thinking about her anger and resentment, and it hadn't gotten her anything. Avery asked if they'd ever have a chance to be sisters, and she said that she wanted what was best for Phyllis. Phyllis realized that Jack was the best thing for her.

Jack carried the last of Traci's bags down the stairs, and Abby pointed out that Traci would only be minutes away at Abby's place. Traci chirped that Phyllis could move back in, but Jack remarked that Phyllis had cold feet. Jack thought he should ask Traci for advice, since her marriage to Steve was solid. Abby suddenly mentioned that she had a family event to get to, and she left. Jack noticed Traci's change in demeanor, and he implored Traci to talk to him.

Phyllis arrived at the Abbott home, where she found Traci about to leave, and Jack explained that Traci was moving in with Abby. Phyllis mentioned that Traci hadn't said anything when Traci had stopped by to apologize, and Jack was surprised to hear that Traci had done so. Traci said that it had been the right thing to do, and she departed. Phyllis said that whether Traci had moved out or not, it didn't change what Phyllis was there to tell Jack.

Phyllis rambled that she'd seen people go back and forth in relationships, and it was even more difficult when one person in the relationship was crazy. He assured her that there was no need to make a life-altering decision, but she didn't want to put it off. Jack understood that Phyllis wasn't ready to move in, and he agreed not to press, but she told him that she wanted him to do so. Phyllis started to inquire if Jack would still have her, but he silenced her with a kiss and welcomed her home.

Ken sent a text message to inquire whether Billy still intended to attend the card game that night, and Billy replied affirmatively. Victoria appeared in a sexy dress, and Billy wondered if she was attempting to seduce him. She offered to do so after they got home from Adam's gathering, and she realized that Billy hadn't checked his voicemail. She testily asked if Billy had something better to do.

Billy claimed that he had to close out the books at the restaurant, and Victoria whined that he had been working days so that they could spend nights together. Billy countered that he hadn't expected to spend their time with Adam, and Victoria insisted that she wanted nothing to do with Adam, but she intended to prove to everyone that she was no longer wrapped up in Newman Enterprises' dysfunction. Billy doubted that she had let go.

Victoria granted that Newman Enterprises wasn't out of her system, and she compared leaving the company to changing her DNA. She contended that they needed to be at the party because Nikki needed them, and Billy reluctantly agreed to go. While Victoria prepared to leave, Billy called Ken and said to count him out, but he vowed to win all of his money back, and they would have to pick up where they'd left off later. Victoria overheard the end of Billy's side of the conversation.

At the tack house, Nikki gave Nick a graduation present for Summer, and Nick marveled that it seemed like he had just been checking for monsters under his daughter's bed. He couldn't believe that it was almost over, but Nikki assured him that parenthood never ended. Nikki was happy that Nick had decided to attend the party, because Victor would enjoy sharing his big news with Nick. Nick replied that Victor might not be the only one with big news.

At his penthouse, Adam anticipated that Victor would be his only guest, but Victor urged him to think positively, because they had reason to celebrate. Adam remained skeptical, and Victor opined that Adam knew a lot about the family business, but Adam had a lot to learn about family. Melanie arrived, and Victor asked if they had a legal matter to discuss, but Adam said that she wasn't there in that capacity. Melanie went to get a drink, and Victor was glad to see that Adam was following Victor's advice. Adam was surprised when the doorbell rang, and he invited Nikki and Nick in.

Victor stated that he was happy Nick was there, and Adam huffed that he thought that Nick shunned all things Newman, but Nick contended that he had his reasons for showing up. Nick conceded that Adam was the right Newman to run the company, and he acknowledged that Adam and Victor's transition from all-out war to partners seemed to be working. Adam wondered if he and Nick could also set aside their differences, but Nick said that while he still despised Adam, he respected Adam's relationship with Victor, and he wouldn't do anything to get in the way. Nick looked forward to the chance he and Victoria had to get out of Victor's shadow.

Avery arrived and was surprised to see Melanie at the penthouse. Victor explained that Melanie and Adam had hit it off that afternoon, when Victor had expected Avery to drop off the documents. Avery revealed that she had been giving Melanie more responsibility to prepare her, because Avery intended to start her own practice, and she wanted to leave Newman in good hands. Meanwhile, Victoria coldly told Adam that he had managed to pull off a coup, and he replied that he couldn't have done it without her. Billy covertly used his phone to place bets online.

Adam expressed surprise that Victoria wasn't at home with her kids, and Nikki pulled Victoria aside. Nikki pitched an idea to turn Victoria's paintings into a children's book, and Victoria thought it sounded amazing. Nikki said that she'd already spoken with Traci, who had agreed to put a word in with her publisher. As Billy continued to gamble online, Abby observed that he didn't seem happy to be there.

Victor called for everyone's attention, and he announced that the Newman family solely owned Newman Enterprises once again. He crowed that one Newman was formidable, but a whole group was unstoppable. Victor continued that while he and Adam were at the helm of the company, all members of the family were invited to join them at any time. Adam toasted to Newman Enterprises, and Victor lauded the Newman family. Nick piped up with another announcement that would affect all of them. He declared that he and Avery were getting married, and he planted a kiss on a shocked Avery's cheek.

Nick corrected that he and Avery were getting married, but only if she would have him. She excitedly agreed, and he slid the ring back on her finger. Nikki hugged Avery, while Billy cursed at something on his phone. Victoria wondered why Billy was upset, and Billy said that he should offer his condolences to Nick, but he quickly added that he was kidding. Melanie told Adam that she'd never been close to being engaged, and he couldn't imagine loving someone that much.

As the party wrapped up, Adam asked Melanie to stay, but she said that she had an early morning, and she suggested that they get together again soon. Nikki thanked Adam for a lovely evening, and Victor called the party a success. Adam admitted that Victor had been right to suggest the get-together, and Victor and Nikki left. In the hallway, Nikki asked what Victor's secret agenda was, because she suspected that Victoria was right about Adam. Victor said that nothing Adam did was a secret. Meanwhile, Adam placed a call and said that everything had gone according to plan.

At the tack house, Nick told Avery that he'd chilled some champagne just in case, and she wondered if he'd expected her to turn him down. He worried that she'd only accepted his ring because they had been in front of people, and she inquired why he'd asked her to marry him that way. Nick said that he'd wanted to make a statement about how committed he was. He recounted that he'd counseled Phyllis to stop wasting her life by being afraid to repeat the past, and he had realized that hadn't followed his own advice.

Nick wondered if he'd made it impossible for Avery to say no, and she confirmed that he had. He apologized for putting her into that position, but she clarified that she wanted nothing more than to be his wife, so it hadn't mattered when or how he'd asked, because her answer would always be yes. They kissed.

At home, Victoria huffed that Billy seemed distant, and he blamed it on the restaurant, but she called him out on always using that as an excuse. She divulged that she'd heard him earlier on a call, talking about picking up where they'd left off, and he claimed that he had been setting up a second interview with a bartender. She warned that if she didn't know better, she'd think that he was having an affair. Billy told her to stop being paranoid, and Victoria retorted that he needed to stop being sneaky. He scoffed at the idea of an affair, and he went to bed.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan signed the paperwork, and Chloe congratulated him on becoming the new owner of the coffeehouse. Kevin grumbled that he was late for community service, and on his way out, he added that the roof leaked and that the espresso machine was possessed. Dylan commented that it was hard to give up on dreams, but Chloe noted that Kevin had created his own mess. Chloe went to check the back room for personal items, and Dylan wondered if he was crazy to take the place on. Chelsea reminded him that he'd said that it felt right, and Dylan replied that a lot of things did.

Chloe apologetically informed Dylan that she'd discovered more things to sort through, and he told her to take as much time as she needed, while he dealt with the roof. Chelsea handed Dylan his sketchpad, just in case he needed to draw more squares and rectangles. Dylan went to check out the leak, and Chloe teased that Chelsea and Dylan were already sharing cute inside jokes. Chelsea didn't want to chase Dylan away by admitting her feelings, but Chloe was certain that he was also into Chelsea.

Chelsea gushed that things were finally going great, and with Adam out of the picture, she could move on with the best man she'd ever met. Chloe remembered feeling that way after Delia had gone into remission and Crimson Lights had been profitable, but it hadn't lasted long. Chloe assured Chelsea that Chelsea, Dylan, and the baby had a shot to make it work, and she hoped that she and Kevin had a chance to make their own fresh start. Later, Chloe sorted through some things in storage, and she found her catsuit. She flashed back to modeling it for Kevin, and she threw it away.

At the police station, Alex blasted Kevin for not finding any surveillance footage that would indicate who had sent the excerpts from Neil's journal to the GC Buzz. Alex griped that he would have to a get a list of all the employees and guests who'd had access to the Athletic Club's business center, but Kevin had already obtained it. Alex conceded that Kevin had done well, and Kevin sarcastically asked if he'd get a gold star. Alex inquired whether it was painful for Kevin to deal with authority, and Kevin declared that he was a new man. Alex said that he'd heard the same story from addicts before.

Alex asked about Kevin's future plans, and Kevin grumbled that he'd probably fail at something else. Alex pointed out that Kevin and Chloe had the coffeehouse, but Kevin reported that they'd just sold it. Alex offered to put in a good word for Kevin for a computer job at the police station, but Kevin complained that it wouldn't keep his wife in diamonds. Alex cautioned Kevin against trying to pull off one last heist, because most criminals got caught. Kevin remarked that every once in a while, a smart thief got away, but according to Alex, Kevin wasn't that smart.

Abby arrived and told Alex about the party, and she commented that it would be hard to top taking over the world and getting engaged. She amorously added that they'd think of something. He suggested that they go to her house, but she reported that Traci had moved in. She insisted that she was fine with his lumpy mattress, as long as he was on it. Alex answered a call and had to tend to a burglary investigation.

Kevin returned to Crimson Lights, and he commented that it would soon be just another building. Chloe asked what had caused his change of attitude, and he claimed that he couldn't fight what had already been done. She said that she'd found her catsuit, and he perked up, but she told him that she'd thrown it away. She reminded him that the catsuit symbolized what they'd lost, and to honor starting over, she planned to dig it out of the trash and burn it. As she flounced off to retrieve it, Kevin pulled some jewelry out of his pocket.

At Dylan's warehouse, Chelsea and Dylan discussed giving Crimson Lights a more comfortable feel. Dylan contemplated changing the coffeehouse's name, and he and Chelsea tossed around ideas. She asked whether he'd considered any names for the baby, and he admitted that baby names crossed his mind every ten minutes. Chelsea disclosed that she'd only brainstormed girls' names, and she rattled off a few. They agreed that they both liked the name Emily, and Dylan admired the sound of "Emily Lawson," but Chelsea had "Emily McAvoy" in mind.

Chelsea asked if Dylan was okay with the baby having his last name, and he gushed that his dad would have loved it, because his father had wanted grandkids. Dylan thought that his dad would have been camped outside the delivery room, and he realized that Chelsea had never talked about who she wanted to go through labor with her. He assumed that she'd want Chloe or Anita there, but Chelsea stated that she'd like Dylan to be there, or "Junior" would never let him hear the end of it.

Dylan and Chelsea bantered about potential coffeehouse names, but he noticed that it was getting late. He said that he should take her home -- or not. They simultaneously moved toward one another for a kiss, which became increasingly passionate.

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New details revealed for upcoming Y&R and B&B crossovers
DAYS alum to play Johnny Depp in new film
Alley Mills joins General Hospital
Kate Linder's OpportuniTea postponed until spring 2023
Michael Damian reprising role as Y&R's Danny Romalotti
The Young and the Restless' Rory Gibson is engaged
Trevor St. John opens up about return to daytime, Y&R role
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