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Nick learned that his DNA was not a match with Summer's. Chelsea and Dylan admitted their love for one another. Sharon turned to a stranger at a bar for attention. Chloe left Kevin. Victoria suspected that Billy was having an affair.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 10, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Phyllis helped Summer get ready for graduation, and Summer wanted to look perfect for what she considered to be the most important day of her life. Phyllis demanded to know what Summer was plotting. Summer answered a call from Courtney, and Phyllis searched Summer's purse and found the birth control pills. Phyllis asked how long Summer had been taking them, but Summer claimed that the pills were Courtney's. Phyllis urged Summer to think about it before she took such a huge step and to choose someone who really cared about her.

At the Abbott home, Kyle informed Jack that he planned to attend Summer's graduation. Jack offered to drive together, and he fondly recalled that he had been one of the first two people to meet Summer after Phyllis had given birth in an elevator during a power outage. Jack called it an incredible story, and he remarked that Summer had become a lovely young woman who had a special place in his heart. Jack asked if Kyle had found a place in his heart for Summer, too.

Kyle said that he wasn't in love with Summer, but Jack noted that Kyle was less adamant about only being friends with her. Kyle explained that he'd gotten to know Summer better, and he had realized that she was growing up. He added that he liked spending time with her, and he found himself with a dopey grin on his face when he was around her. Jack advised Kyle to slow down to avoid ticking Nick off, but Kyle swore that he could handle Nick. Jack warned that Summer's crush wasn't going anywhere, so Kyle should make sure to set the right expectations.

At the tack house, Nick called for Faith to hurry up getting ready for Summer's graduation. He stepped outside to pick up the newspaper, and he found an envelope from the lab on his doorstep. Nick stared at the envelope, and Faith ran downstairs with an orange juice stain on her dress. Nick left the envelope behind and took her upstairs to change.

Nick cleaned Faith up, and she answered the door to Avery and Phyllis. Nick asked where Summer was, and she made a grand entrance. Summer twirled Faith around as they admired one another's dresses, and Nick called Summer the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Summer responded that she was still just the plain old Summer who drove him crazy, and Nick said that was all he ever wanted her to be.

Nick and Phyllis snapped dozens of photos of Summer, and Summer invited Faith to pose with her. Summer and Avery took Faith to the car, and Phyllis perceived that something was wrong with Nick. He attributed his demeanor to it being an emotional day, and Phyllis called it the day that changed everything, but Nick hoped that not everything would change. Summer took a flirty photo of herself on her phone and sent it to Kyle, who sent her a text message that called her adorable. Nick asked if Summer was ready, and he said that he couldn't be prouder of her. As they embraced, he was clearly preoccupied.

Noah cuddled with a half-naked girl on the couch, and Sharon knocked on his door. He threw on a shirt and opened the door, and Sharon asked why he wasn't ready for Summer's graduation. Noah said that he was just running late and would meet Sharon later, but she strode in and discovered the girl on the couch. Embarrassed, the girl realized that Sharon was Noah's mom, and Sharon insisted upon waiting with Noah's friend while Noah got ready. Noah clearly couldn't remember the girl's name, and she introduced herself to Sharon as Zoe. Zoe rushed off to the bathroom to get dressed, and Sharon asked what Noah was doing.

After Zoe left, Noah told Sharon that he was a grown man, and it wasn't cool for Sharon to check up on him. Sharon reminded him that they'd had plans, and she hoped that the morning hadn't been an indication of how he intended to live his life in his own place. He explained that he'd thrown a party after a tough week at work, but she lectured that a young man with his smarts and abilities should be doing more than bartending. He countered that the day was about Summer, but Sharon pointed out that Noah wouldn't have made it to the graduation if she hadn't shown up. Noah wondered what was really going on with Sharon.

Sharon said that she had been disturbed by what she had walked in on, and she pressured Noah to decide what he was doing with his life. He knew that something else was wrong, and he urged her to talk to him. She admitted that she'd been struggling, but she couldn't seem to figure out what direction to go in, and she noted that they were both in the same boat. Noah implored her to stay strong while she found her way, because there was nothing she couldn't do if she put her mind to it. She offered to take his advice if he took hers, and she told him not to throw his life away partying. She affirmed that they would both be fine, and they hugged.

Lauren fussed over Fen, and he complained about having to wear a tie. She said that it was an important day, but he replied that a stupid ceremony wouldn't change anything. She wanted him to be happy and to go to college, but he didn't want to talk about the future, because he thought it would fall apart, just like their family. Michael snapped at Fen to stop it.

Michael griped that their house was filled with negativity, and they were all at fault, but he wanted them to put their problems aside and have a day to remember. Michael insisted that Fen didn't have to wear a tie and that he could even wear jeans if he wanted to, as long as Fen stopped wearing a gloomy expression. Michael declared that the day was special, and he suggested that they forget about the way things were for a couple of hours while they celebrated a milestone in their family. After a moment, Fen said that he wanted that, too, and Michael said that he loved Fen. Fen and Michael hugged, and Michael said that he was proud of his son. Fen hopefully asked if he could really wear jeans, and a laughing Michael said no.

At Crimson Lights, Carmine flirted with the barista by performing a card trick, but he messed it up. He said that it had worked fine the night before, and she commented that she bet that he said that to all the girls. Carmine ran into Paul, who demanded that Carmine not make waves at Fen's graduation. Carmine told him to save his breath, because Carmine had moved on. Carmine went to the patio and sent Lauren a text message to congratulate Fen for him.

Fen emerged in a tie, and he conceded that wearing it wouldn't kill him. Lauren thanked him and said that he looked handsome, and Fen asked why she had seemed rattled by the text message. She claimed that it had been business-related, but he wished that she didn't feel that she had to lie. Lauren suggested that they leave to get good seats, but Fen asked again for the missing piece. Michael said that he wanted to take pictures outside of the school, and they left.

After graduation, the Baldwin family returned home with Paul and Kevin. Paul remarked that it was too bad that Joanna and Scotty had needed to go back to the airport, and Kevin reported that Gloria had accompanied Jeffrey to the hospital for x-rays after Jeffrey had fallen off a chair while taking a picture. Paul suggested that Fen open his gifts, and Paul presented Fen with a key ring. Kevin gave Fen a card for free gas, and Michael tossed Fen a set of keys and said that he and Lauren had decided to give him a new set of wheels. Fen was stunned, and he hugged his parents. Michael and Lauren smiled at one another.

Paul asked if Fen had decided on a major, and Michael and Lauren anticipated that Fen could follow in one of their footsteps. Fen told them to stop, because he had no clue what he was going to do, and he was in no big rush. Fen received a text message about a graduation party, and he asked if he could go. Lauren suggested that he take his new car, and Fen thanked everyone for being there. Fen left, and Paul voiced his suspicion that Michael and Lauren were losing Fen. Kevin added that if Fen's family continued to fall apart, there was no telling where Fen would end up. In the hallway, Fen received another message, saying that the invitation had been a joke and that no one wanted him around.

At Crimson Lights, Fen sat glumly at a table, and a girl approached him and said to cheer up, because school was out for good. He replied that life sucked, and she invited him to a party with the rest of "the losers." He seemed offended, but she told him to take it as a compliment that he fit in with them. She told him of their plans to get high and listen to music, and he asked when and where.

Michael left a message for Fen to let him know that Michael and Lauren were going out. Lauren said that they were due at the marriage counselor's office in an hour, and Michael referred to their homework. She said that they were to make a list of questions that they wanted to answer over the course of their therapy. Michael questioned how they'd gotten to that point and why Lauren had turned to a man who was not worthy of her. Lauren replied that she only had one question, and she asked if Michael still loved her. Michael replied that he'd never been able to stop, no matter how hard he'd tried.

Jack gave Summer flowers at the tack house and told Summer that she looked radiant, and she chalked it up to being a professional model. Nick said that they had to get to the Athletic Club, and Summer invited Jack and Kyle to join her family for lunch. Jack asked for a rain check, since Victor would be there, and Summer said that she'd see Kyle later. Kyle and Jack left, and Phyllis presented Summer with her gift -- an engraved snowflake bracelet to symbolize how Summer had been born.

Jack and Kyle returned home, and Jack suggested that he and Kyle get dinner that evening, but Kyle said that he had plans. Jack guessed that the plans were with Summer, and he was surprised that Summer wasn't going to be out partying. Kyle revealed that Summer had preferred a quiet dinner with him, so perhaps Kyle was a good influence on her. Jack decided to try to find Phyllis for dinner, and Kyle told him to have fun. Jack left, and Kyle took a picture of himself making a funny face and sent it to Summer.

Jack arrived at Phyllis' penthouse, and she thanked him for sharing Summer's big day. Jack said that he wouldn't have missed it, because the day marked the end of one journey and the beginning of another. Jack asked if Phyllis was okay, and she worried that her baby was about to fly away in more ways than one. Jack assured Phyllis that she and Nick had raised a terrific girl into a young woman that they could be proud of.

Nikki and Victor prepared for Summer's graduation party at the Athletic Club, and Nikki sarcastically remarked that Victor hadn't gotten nearly enough gifts. He said that graduating was a big deal, and he wanted to indulge Summer. Nikki thought it was sweet, though she was surprised that Victor hadn't disowned Summer for interning at Jabot. Victor suspected that Summer had done it to be near Kyle, and he anticipated that the modeling was a passing phase. He looked forward to spoiling their granddaughter that day.

Summer's family congregated for her party, and Summer marveled over the huge pile of gifts. Nick said that Victor had gone overboard, but Victor declared that he was very proud of Summer, and Summer hugged him. Sharon and Noah arrived, and Sharon told him to congratulate Summer for her, but Noah said that she should do it herself. Sharon pointed out that she hadn't been invited, and Noah thought it would be fine if she stayed, but she didn't want to risk ruining Summer's day.

Sharon told Noah goodbye, but on her way out, Nick approached her and suggested that she join the party. She declined so she could avoid getting Victor riled up, but she stated that Cassie was looking down and smiling at Summer that day. Nick asked if she was okay, and she assured him that all was good. She implored him to be with his family, and he mused that she looked beautiful and kissed her cheek.

Summer received Kyle's text message, but she hid it when Nick moved behind her. Nick told her to ease up on whatever was going on between her and Kyle. Victor proposed a toast to the guest of honor, but Summer noticed that her glass was dry. As the guests refilled their glasses, Nick asked Noah to make sure Faith got home, and he headed for the door. Summer chased after Nick, and she insisted that Kyle had only sent her a harmless photo. Nick said that he had something to take care of, and he pleaded with her not to see Kyle that night.

After the guests left, Victor said that he had one more present -- for Nikki. He handed her an envelope, and she found an itinerary for a trip to Tuscany inside. He proclaimed that it was time they took their honeymoon together. She was thrilled, but she had trouble believing that he could walk away from Newman Enterprises. He said that the company was back in their family's hands and was stronger than ever, so it was time to enjoy their honeymoon. She questioned whether he felt comfortable with Adam in charge, and Victor contended that Adam was capable, so he wasn't worried.

At On the Boulevard, Sharon ordered a white wine from Carmine. He assumed that she wasn't having the best day, but she expected that it would get better. He volunteered to dazzle her with a card trick, and he successfully performed it. He said that practice was the only way to get good at things, and she asked if he was flirting with her.

Carmine said that he couldn't help flirting around beautiful women, and Sharon surmised that bartending was the perfect job for a carefree bachelor. Carmine admitted that it had been, but then he'd fallen hard for someone. Sharon asked if his feelings hadn't been reciprocated, and he revealed that he'd thought that they had been, but he couldn't believe how hard it was to let go. Sharon empathized about how much it could hurt.

Summer arrived at the Abbott home, and she greeted Kyle with a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Nick retrieved the envelope from the lab and read the test results.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Chloe mentioned that she had heard Kevin humming in the shower, and he said that he had found a new dream. Alex entered and quipped that he had found his two favorite criminals, and Chloe asked if he didn't get enough of Kevin at the police station. She informed Alex that they'd sold the coffeehouse, so there was no reason for Alex to lurk around. Alex said that there had been a robbery at the Heights, and he inquired whether Kevin knew anything about it.

Kevin feigned surprise, and Chloe defended that Kevin had been doing community service and that he wasn't stupid enough to commit a robbery. Alex pointed out that Kevin already had, and a guy who thought that he was smarter than the cops would steal again. Chloe asserted that they'd sold the coffeehouse and didn't need the money. Alex asked if they had any regrets about letting go of their business.

Alex inquired where Kevin had gone after he'd left the police station the night before, and Chloe confirmed that Kevin had arrived at Crimson Lights around 8:00 p.m. Alex said that he'd granted permission for Kevin to leave earlier than usual, and Kevin had had enough time to go by the Heights before he'd turned up at the coffeehouse. Kevin insisted that he hadn't done anything, and Alex asked to look around. Chloe demanded that Alex get a warrant, but Kevin told Alex to go ahead.

Alex found nothing, and Chloe told him to get a hobby other than stalking Kevin. She said that she knew her husband, and Kevin hadn't stolen. Alex doubted that Chloe really knew Kevin that well, and he left. Chloe worried that Alex would turn up at their house with a warrant, but Kevin bragged that Alex wouldn't find anything. Kevin declared that he wouldn't go to jail, and Chloe asked Kevin point-blank if he'd committed the robbery. When he silently stared at her, she asked how he could do that to her.

Kevin begged Chloe to trust that nothing bad would happen, but she feared that the cops would go through their house in front of Delia. She added that he'd sworn to fix things, but he got a sick high off of stealing things, and he'd chosen that over her. She blasted that Kevin wasn't a good example for Delia, and if Chloe forgave him, then she'd set an even worse one. She tearfully announced that she was going home to pack up her things, and she cried that she didn't want him around her or Delia anymore.

Nick read the DNA test results, and he sullenly stated that it was true. He stared at the letter, which clearly stated that the samples had not been a match. Noah entered and asked if Nick was okay, and Nick claimed that the paper was a bill for repairs at the Underground. Noah observed that Nick looked like he'd been punched, and Nick replied that it hadn't been what he'd hoped for.

Noah showed Nick photos from graduation. Noah commented that Summer wasn't a little kid anymore, and she still drove him nuts, but he was glad that they were a brother and sister who truly liked one another. Nick said that Summer was lucky to have Noah, and Noah went upstairs to pick up the rest of his things. Nick looked through the photos, and he gazed forlornly at one of Jack, Phyllis, and Summer.

At Noah and Tyler's apartment, Abby sashayed past Tyler with an armload of shopping bags. She said that his future depended on what was in the bags, and she asked where Noah was. She sat down on the couch, but she immediately jumped to her feet after a broken spring pricked her, and she remarked that it smelled like wet goat. Tyler asked who she was, and she replied that she was the answer to his prayers.

Tyler was incredulous that Abby was Noah's aunt, and she looked around and declared that it was just as sad as Noah had described, but she was there to rescue them. Tyler peered inside one of her bags and thanked her for the pillows, but he needed a plumber. She chattered that she'd ordered a pool table and a margarita machine, and she pulled out a dartboard and a lava lamp. Tyler said that he didn't need a decorator, but she huffed that not even bears could live in a place that dismal.

Noah arrived home, and he complimented the lava lamp. Abby said that she was running late, and she told them to invite her to the housewarming party. She left, and Tyler called her crazy. Noah lamented that he was in the same place as the kids he'd just watched graduate, with no idea of what to do with his life. Tyler thought that he could help.

Tyler mentioned that he'd seen some of Noah's photos, and he thought that Noah had a good eye. Tyler revealed that his photographer's assistant had just quit, and Noah could do some grunt work and get paid for the day. Tyler added that it could lead to more work if Noah didn't screw up, and Noah said that he'd think about it. Tyler declared that it was Noah's turn to deal with the plumbing, and he handed Noah a plunger.

At the Athletic Club, Lily asked if Cane felt like a rebel for taking time away from Chancellor Industries, and he promised that he would get a new assistant to help manage his schedule better. Lily asked him to pencil her in for dinner four nights per week, and Cane amorously stated that he'd note their plans in ink. She said that she missed him flirting with her, and he wondered if she regretted that he'd taken the job. Lily contended that he'd earned the power and respect, and it was important for the twins to see their father fulfilled and excited. She quietly added that everyone should be so lucky.

Cane finished a call from Japan, and he insisted upon talking about Lily. She said that Abby was invested in taking the makeup division to the next level, but Cane had the feeling that Lily missed being part of a new endeavor. He knew that Lily had left the fashion division for him and the twins, and he was glad she had, even though he knew that Tyler's feelings had been one-sided. She flashed back to kissing Tyler, and she stammered that she was sure that Tyler had his eye on someone else already.

Cane suggested that he and Lily go on a picnic with the kids over the weekend. He received another call from Japan, and he said that he had to take it due to the time difference. Cane stepped out, and Abby approached Lily and commended Lily's ideas for the cosmetics campaign. Lily said it had been easy compared to the fashion division, and Abby questioned why Lily had chosen to switch divisions. Lily explained that fashion had been all-consuming. Abby asked if she missed it, and Lily admitted that she missed some things a lot.

Cane returned, and Abby ran into Tyler when she got up to leave. She teased Tyler for his sloppy attire, and he said that she could use the bathroom at his place. Abby explained to Lily and Cane that she'd dropped off some things at Tyler and Noah's apartment earlier. Tyler said that it was good to see the Ashbys out on the town, and Abby warned Tyler against trying to steal Lily back. Tyler said that Abby would have her hands full with Lily, who would always put her cute kids and husband first.

Cane said that he and the twins were lucky to have Lily's time, and Tyler was glad to see them happy. Alex joined Abby, who pulled him aside to let him know that she'd already paid for a room at the Athletic Club. She offered to cancel her plans, but she purred that something happened to her on crisp, white, one-night-only sheets. Alex commented that he'd never slept on sheets like that, so he wouldn't know how to react, and she seductively asked him if he wanted to experiment.

Kyle and Summer nervously said hello after she'd kissed him, and she explained that she hated waiting until the end of a date to find out whether they'd kiss or not. He said that their date wasn't until later, but she wanted to plan ahead. She thanked him for attending her graduation, and he asked if she felt different. "Very," she flirtatiously replied, and she kissed him again. Jack and Phyllis walked in and asked if it was a bad time.

Jack announced that Phyllis had decided to move back in, and Summer excitedly asked if she had the penthouse to herself, but Phyllis said that Summer would move back in, too. Jack and Phyllis took Phyllis' bags upstairs, and once they were out of earshot, Phyllis voiced her suspicions that something was going on. Jack remarked that Summer and Kyle seemed to be adding a new layer to their relationship, and he thought that Phyllis sounded worried. Phyllis said that she had to trust Summer, and she hoped that Kyle had the same heart as his father.

Summer called the situation awkward, and she and Kyle agreed that there could be worse places to spend the summer. She asked if they were still on for that evening, and he promised her a quiet, private dinner. Phyllis suggested that she and Summer return to the penthouse for Summer to pack. Jack said that he liked having Summer there, and Summer replied that she liked being there.

At the penthouse, Phyllis packed her suitcases, but Summer was preoccupied with which dress to wear that evening. Phyllis said that she loved Summer, and she was glad that their relationship was different than the one Phyllis had had with her parents. Phyllis remarked that Summer had an amazing father, and Summer called Phyllis an excellent mother. Phyllis saw that Summer had taken a pair of Phyllis' shoes, and Summer said that she was going to wear them on her date with Kyle.

An unenthused Phyllis cautioned that she knew what Summer was planning, and it was a big mistake. Phyllis acknowledged that Summer was legally an adult, and she believed that Summer had enough sense to make the right decisions about life and sex, but she encouraged Summer to have fun with her friends on graduation night. Summer said that it was just another normal night, but Phyllis urged her to postpone her plans with Kyle.

Jack ordered roses for Phyllis' homecoming, and John appeared and observed that Jack seemed content. Jack said that John could be happy for him, because the house was full again. John pointed out that Traci wasn't there, and Jack argued that he loved her, but siblings shouldn't share the same roof. Jack continued that he and Phyllis were on good terms, and there was nothing to be concerned about. John reminded Jack that John only surfaced when there was something on Jack's mind.

Jack claimed that he had no concerns or fears, and he said that he'd thought of John because he'd been watching fathers with their kids at Summer's graduation. Jack knew that he wasn't a great father, but he was working on it, and he was proud to watch Kyle grow into a competent young man. He expressed his gratitude to John for being the best possible example, and he was sorry it had taken him so long to follow John's lead. John said that all he'd done was love Jack, and Jack replied that John had done so with dignity and patience. Jack thought that fatherhood was a lesson in humility.

At On the Boulevard, Sharon looked through her contact list on her phone, and a man at the bar checked her out. She left a message for Nick and thanked him for including her at the graduation. Later, Sharon spotted Nick at the bar, and she asked what had happened, but he didn't want to get into it. She mentioned that at Cassie's grave, he'd mentioned that he'd made a decision that he had been worried about. Nick replied that he'd had reason to be concerned, and he had to deal with it. Sharon pleaded with him to let her help.

Nick appreciated Sharon's offer, but he said that there was nothing she could do. She said that she could listen, and he admitted that he'd done something that would matter to a lot of people. She knew what it felt like to screw up, but she was sure that his heart had been in the right place. Nick called himself a selfish jerk who had done something unforgivable, but Sharon assured him that there was nothing he could do that she wouldn't forgive. He held her to it.

Nick overheard Kyle arranging for a special table at On the Boulevard that night, and he confronted Kyle. Kyle said that Summer wanted something quiet to celebrate her graduation, and Nick asked what would happen afterward. Nick reminded Kyle that Summer had been in high school until that day, but Kyle defended that it was only dinner and not a big deal. Nick replied that Kyle had no idea how big a deal it was. Kyle wondered why Nick adamantly hated the idea of Kyle and Summer being together.

Kyle swore that he wouldn't hurt Summer, but Nick contended that graduation didn't mean that Summer was all grown up, and he asked Kyle to do Summer a favor and walk away. Kyle said that it was Summer's night, and he suggested that Nick let her have it. Kyle departed, and Sharon understood that it was scary for Nick to see Summer slipping away after he'd lost Cassie. Nick vowed not to lose Summer, and he called Phyllis.

Summer asked Phyllis not to answer Nick's call, because Nick was irrational about Kyle. Summer begged Phyllis to trust her, and Phyllis wished for the day when Summer had a daughter who would put Summer through the same thing. Phyllis said that she and Nick might seem unreasonable, but it was part of being a parent. Phyllis proclaimed that she would always love Summer and be proud of her, and they hugged. Nick left Phyllis a message.

Nick cursed when Phyllis didn't answer, and Sharon warned him that alcohol wouldn't work for very long. She urged him to talk, but he said that he had to take care of something, and he left. Wayne, the man at the bar, asked to buy Sharon a drink, and she cautiously replied that she could buy her own. He admired that she was an independent woman, but he knew that he would have regretted it if he hadn't taken a shot. She questioned whether he was hitting on her, and he asked if that would be a bad thing.

Sharon toasted with Wayne, and he was glad that she'd taken pity on a stranger who had wanted to talk to a gorgeous woman. She said that it was time for her to get going, and he commented that he got tired of traveling as part of his sales job. He mentioned that he had a room at a motel, but she declined to join him, and he said that it was his loss. He noted that spending time with strangers was the easiest way to avoid heartache, and he said that it had been nice to meet her.

Phyllis answered the door to Kyle, who was carrying a huge bouquet of flowers for Summer. Summer gushed that they were perfect, and she called it the best day ever.

Nick arrived at the Abbott home, and he flashed back to Jack placing baby Summer in Nick's arms for the first time. Nick pounded on the door. "Well, if it isn't Summer's proud papa," Jack cheerily greeted.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kyle picked up Summer for their date at Phyllis' penthouse. Kyle told Summer that she was beautiful, and Phyllis told Kyle to take care of her little girl. Kyle agreed.

An obviously distracted Nick rang Jack's doorbell in search of Phyllis. A jovial Jack told Nick that Phyllis was at the penthouse, packing, and would soon be back. He asked Nick to wait for her, and Nick agreed.

Jack diagnosed Nick's dour mood as empty nest syndrome. Jack empathized with Nick's difficulty in letting go of Summer. As Jack left the room to phone Phyllis that Nick was waiting, Nick mumbled that he did not know if he could let go. Nick had a memory of the DNA results, which indicated that Nick was not Summer's father.

Jack returned to the room and found Nick looking at an array of photographs on the mantel. Jack said that he had put them out for Father's Day. Jack was convivial as he recalled a particularly touching story about an early photo of Kyle, taken before Kyle and Jack had become close and Kyle had learned to trust Jack and value Jack as his father. Jack assured Nick that Summer would soon feel that way about Nick again.

Jack told Nick that Summer was a lucky young woman to have Nick as a father. Jack added that while he himself would win no awards for parenting, Jack knew a good parent when he saw one. Nick hemmed and hawed until Jack finally asked Nick what was bothering him.

Before Nick could respond, Phyllis arrived and demanded to know what was bothering Nick. When Nick said that he did not know where to begin, Phyllis said to just start. Jack plunged in and filled the silence with how Summer's graduation had evoked memories of Summer's birth and Jack's part in it.

When Nick tried to interject, Jack said he was sorry, and Nick sharply told Jack to stop apologizing. Phyllis assumed that Nick's mood was caused by memories of Cassie's death. Nick became frustrated, told a stunned Phyllis and Jack that he should not be there, and then walked out.

At On the Boulevard, Billy told Carmine that he had purchased a racehorse. Carmine told Billy to stick to poker because Billy did well with cards. Billy told Carmine that the thrill of poker was the bluff, because Lady Luck was a tease that let Billy win just enough to keep him going back for more. Carmine agreed that there were lots of dangerous experiences, but he added that sometimes one found an experience that outweighed the risk.

Billy said he did not want to know about that then turned to greeted Kyle and Summer as they arrived for dinner. Billy showed them to a table and comped dinner as a graduation gift to Summer. As Billy attended to other guests, Summer told Kyle that her evening was incredible. Kyle said that it would get better and better. Summer glowed with the attention.

Kyle asked about Summer's future plans. Summer replied that she intended to go to college in Genoa City. Kyle smiled and said that Jabot would be very lucky. Summer was distracted by a text from a friend updating her on the graduation party scene. Summer smiled back at Kyle as she ordered appetizers.

Phyllis followed Nick to his place and demanded to know what was going on. Nick tried to hold it in, but Phyllis kept digging and speculating until Nick blurted out that he was not Summer's father because Jack was. Phyllis did not believe Nick, even when he gave her the letter that he had received from the lab, because Phyllis was under the impression that Summer's paternity had been determined by a test done shortly after Summer's birth.

Phyllis was devastated when Nick said that he had lied about the test, which had actually been inconclusive. Nick said that he had chosen the result that he had wanted. Phyllis hit the roof when Nick admitted that he had made both Phyllis and Summer believe that Nick was Summer's father. Phyllis did not accept Nick's apology and got hysterical when she realized what he had done.

Phyllis refused to let Nick comfort her, and when Nick asked if he could call anyone, Phyllis snapped out, "Jack!" Phyllis accused Nick of lying because he had not wanted Phyllis to be with anyone else, but Nick said that had not been the reason. Nick said that he had known in his heart that Summer had been his.

Phyllis said that Nick's reason was crazy. Nick said that after losing Cassie, he had been unable to believe that God would be so cruel as to take another daughter from him. Nick added that everything had worked out the way it had been meant to work out because they had gotten back together and raised Summer together. Phyllis scoffed at that and pointed out that they were divorced, and Summer's whole life was a lie.

Phyllis asked Nick if it had been worth it to use Summer as a Cassie substitute and deny Jack the right to parent Summer. Nick told Phyllis that Jack had not been there when Summer had been sick or hurt. Phyllis spat out that Nick had not given Jack the chance to be there. Phyllis accused Nick of being just like Adam, who had kept Faith from Nick. Nick said that it was not the same because Nick had not intended to hurt anyone.

Phyllis said that she was hurt, and Summer would be hurt. She questioned why Nick had waited for 18 years to finally tell the truth. When Phyllis bemoaned that Jack could have raised his daughter, Nick mentioned that Jack had a son. The light dawned, and Phyllis became frantic to find Summer, who, Phyllis said was with Kyle and had only one thing on her mind.

Summer and Kyle filled up on appetizers and decided to skip dinner. Kyle asked if Summer wanted to attend the graduation parties, but she said that she wanted to get a hotel room with him instead. Summer said that she was not trying to prove anything, but she liked him and saw no reason to wait. Kyle was impressed and told Summer that she was fearless about going after what she wanted, and he liked that. Summer's phone rang with another text.

Kyle inquired about dessert, but Summer said they could get dessert after. Kyle said that there was no pressure on them, and they could consummate their relationship any time, including the next day, when it would be special and not a footnote to graduation. Kyle added that he was not going anywhere. Summer thought Kyle was right. Summer admitted that she did want to attend some of the graduation parties and celebrate one last time with her classmates. Summer asked Kyle to drop her off at home to change clothes.

Jack met up with Billy in the bar and told him that Phyllis was moving back into the Abbot home. Kyle and Summer stopped in the bar to chat before they left the restaurant. Summer asked if Phyllis had sent Jack to chaperone, but Jack swore that his presence there was coincidental.

Phyllis reached Summer by phone at the penthouse. Summer said that Kyle had left, and she was changing to go out to some graduation parties. Phyllis was relieved after she got off the phone, but Nick was convinced that Summer was lying, and he wanted to storm over to the penthouse. Phyllis placed a call to Jack.

Billy asked Jack about "Romeo and Juliet," meaning Kyle and Summer. Jack said that he had no objections to a romance, but Jack did not think that Nick felt the same way. When Kyle returned to the bar and announced that he had dropped Summer off at home so that she could change clothes and go to some graduation parties, Jack congratulated him for being a gentleman and setting Phyllis' mind at ease.

Jack's phone rang. Phyllis told him that she would be home soon. Jack told her not to rush because he was at On the Boulevard, talking to Billy and Kyle. Unknowingly, Jack had confirmed that Kyle was not with Summer. Phyllis told Jack to have fun. Phyllis was very relieved when she hung up. Phyllis turned to Nick and demanded to know what they were going to do.

Lauren and Michael were at home, discussing their problems. Lauren said that if they had any chance to succeed at repairing their marriage, they had to follow their marriage counselor's advice. Michael agreed and got out the large envelopes that the counselor had given them that held instructions and items for a game that they were supposed to play. Michael took the first turn.

Michael rolled a six on the dice. That number corresponded to item six on a list that instructed, "Forgive your partner for something." Lauren was quick to let Michael skip that one, but he said that he could begin with something small. Michael made Lauren laugh when he forgave her for buying a disgusting tofu ice cream substitute.

Lauren rolled the dice and was instructed to tell what she most admired about her partner. Lauren hesitated, and Michael thought that she could not think of anything. Lauren touched him when she said that there were so many things to choose. Finally, Lauren said that Michael's honesty and dogged determination to find the truth were what she most admired.

Before moving on, Michael said that he wanted to take a crack at that one himself. Michael said that what he admired about Lauren was how good a parent she was to Fen. Michael said that if it were not for Lauren, Michael would have lost his relationship with his son. Lauren had tears in her eyes.

Michael put on the blindfold that was in is envelope and was laughing when he said that it made him think of a time when they had been in Barbados. Lauren laughed when she said that this time they were not taking off their clothes because it was a blind trust exercise, and she would prove that Michael could trust her to direct him to the kitchen.

Lauren told Michael he could trust her and then directed him into a coffee table. Lauren said that she had made a mistake and was sorry. Michael yelped that perhaps they were not ready for blind trust just yet. Lauren was horrified that the exercise had not worked and was fearful for her marriage. Michael told Lauren that they had been through worse things than a bruised shin. Lauren assured Michael that she was trying but did not know how to make her transgressions up to him.

Michael pulled the mask out of Lauren's envelope and told her that she could start by putting on the mask. Michael spun Lauren around until she was disoriented. He told her to take two steps forward, which she did, but when he told her to take two steps to the right, Lauren went left and would have stumbled against the sofa if Michael had not caught her before she fell. Lauren apologized for making another mistake, but Michael kissed her on the shoulder as he held her and told Lauren that he would never let her fall.

Fen met a girl named Raven at Crimson Lights and accepted an invitation to the "losers" party. When Fen arrived with Raven, the other attendees were indulging in drugs and underage drinking. Fen was hesitant to participate at first, but Raven assured Fen that she was not setting him up like Summer had. Raven did not approve of Fen's treatment of Jamie Vernon but was sympathetic when Fen said he had paid and was still paying the price for his actions.

Raven said that Fen had learned what it felt like to be one of the losers. Fen downed a beer and was soon laughing with Raven. Fen's phone rang. When Raven asked if it was Fen's mother, Fen said it was the mad texter, whom Fen suspected wanted something from him. A very cynical Raven agreed that people always wanted something.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Billy anxiously watched his phone, and he cried out in delight when he learned that he'd won a bet on a horserace. Victoria asked why he was grinning, and Billy referred to their night of lovemaking, but she suspected that it had something to do with the text message he'd just read. He claimed that he had been looking at the prior night's profitable sales receipts, and she half-heartedly congratulated him. He acknowledged that he'd been busy, but he wanted her to know that family meant everything to him, and he couldn't wait to make another baby with her.

Victoria apologized for jumping to conclusions, and she chalked it up to the hormone treatments making her crazy, among other things. Billy amorously asked if she wanted "other things" right at that moment, and she suggested that he take the morning off, so they could spend it in bed with no interruptions. She added that Johnny would be out at a play date for hours, but Billy received another text message. He requested a rain check for that night, and he hurriedly kissed her goodbye. A speechless Victoria watched him leave.

Nikki noted that Victoria's home seemed quiet, and Victoria explained that she had the place to herself. Nikki thought it would be optimal for Victoria to work on some illustrations for the children's book, and she announced that Traci's publisher was interested in setting up a meeting the following week. Victoria complained that it was too soon, but Nikki had confidence in Victoria's abilities. Victoria was skeptical, and Nikki wondered why Victoria was insecure. Victoria hesitated to trust her own instincts, but Nikki believed that it was the perfect opportunity for Victoria to be involved in something outside of Newman Enterprises. Victoria confided that she thought that something was going on with Billy.

Victoria said that Billy had seemed distant, and even though physically everything had been fine between them, she felt that Billy was pretending to be happy when he wasn't. She admitted that there was some tension with trying to get pregnant, but she didn't think that was the problem. Nikki pointed out that running a restaurant was demanding, but Victoria suspected that Billy had been using the restaurant as an excuse to cover up how he'd been spending his time. Victoria admitted that she thought that Billy was having an affair.

Victoria recounted the late nights Billy had spent at the restaurant and their missed conception opportunities. Nikki reported that Victor had missed plenty of nights together, but Victoria continued that Billy had made mysterious calls, and she'd heard him arranging to meet someone at the Athletic Club. Nikki questioned whether Victoria really believed that Billy was having an affair, and Victoria replied that she didn't know for sure. Victoria was determined to find a reasonable explanation, and Nikki urged her to try to talk to Billy again.

At On the Boulevard, Adam sat down at a table alone, and Sharon asked if he was meeting a brown-eyed brunette. Adam replied that he hadn't noticed his last date's eye color, and Sharon inquired whether he even knew the names of the women he'd gone out with. She assumed that his dates were just playthings to him, and he questioned whether she was insulted that she wasn't one of them. Sharon asserted that no one except Chelsea would mean anything to him, and Adam conceded that he owed Sharon an apology.

Adam said that he was sorry for everything that had happened between him and Sharon. Sharon understood that he had been hurting over Chelsea, and she recalled that she'd been angry when Nick and Phyllis had conceived Summer together. Adam clarified that he was apologizing because he had known that Sharon wasn't capable of a casual relationship, but he had gotten involved with her anyway. Sharon believed that he wanted more than just meaningless sex, but she thought that he didn't feel that he deserved to be loved. Adam surmised that Sharon wanted to be the person who loved him, but he declared that it would never happen.

Sharon barked that Adam would never have her love or anyone else's, because he wasn't worth loving, and even Victor could see that. She walked away, and an eavesdropping Billy remarked that her comment had been below the belt, but it was accurate. Adam told him to shove it, and Billy ordered Adam out of his restaurant. Adam snarled that Billy had gotten lucky to win the restaurant, and Billy said that it hadn't been much different from the corporate games that Victor and Adam played at Newman Enterprises, except Billy hadn't done it for his father's approval.

Billy warned that Victor's love was conditional, and he added that Adam would soon no longer be Victor's favorite child, since Victor had Newman Enterprises back. Adam asserted that as long as he and Victor were getting along, Billy could take advantage of Victoria being distracted to hide his gambling activities. Billy countered that playing poker didn't make him a bad father or husband, but Adam doubted that Victoria would agree. Billy reminded Adam that they'd had a deal, and Billy had lived up to his end, so it was Adam's turn. "Or what?" Adam asked.

Adam crowed that he was holding all the cards, because Billy no longer had anything that Adam wanted. Billy grumbled that Adam had traded his wife and child to sell his soul to Victor instead, and he thought that Adam wanted everyone to be just as miserable as Adam was. Adam refused to let Billy guilt him into keeping quiet, but Billy said that Adam would need a conscience for that to work. Billy reminded Adam that Billy had a gift regarding calling bluffs. Billy handed Adam his phone, and he dared Adam to call Victoria. Adam questioned where the fun would be in that.

Chelsea woke up in Dylan's arms, and he wished her a good morning. She remarked that waking up with him was becoming a habit, and he murmured that he hoped so. She said that there was no place she'd rather be, and they kissed. Chelsea said that she should get going to work, but she suddenly grabbed her abdomen, and Dylan asked if she was in pain. She proclaimed that the baby had moved, and she explained that it felt like a tickle. He put his hand on her belly and talked to the baby.

At the design studio, Gloria rambled to Chloe about her trip to Europe, and she was irritated that Chloe wasn't more enthusiastic. Gloria huffed that she knew that Chloe and Chelsea had suggested the trip to keep Gloria out of the creative process, but she thought that her efforts had proven that she was passionate about making the line successful. Chloe said that she was sorry, and she explained that she was preoccupied about Kevin. Chloe wished that Kevin was as psyched as Gloria to make an honest living, and she complained that his attitude was destroying their marriage. Kevin overheard.

Kevin requested a minute alone with Chloe, but she asked Gloria to stay. Chloe expected that Kevin only had more promises and excuses, and she stood by her decision to move out. Gloria was stunned, and Kevin snapped that it was none of her business, but Chloe revealed Kevin's stealing activities. Gloria questioned why he hadn't asked her for money, but Chloe barked that Kevin had preferred to risk his family and freedom. Kevin argued that he'd done it for his family, but Chloe maintained that their marriage was over.

Gloria conceded that Kevin was impulsive and idiotic, but Kevin said that she wasn't helping, and he threw her out. He begged Chloe to return home, and he inquired whether Delia had asked questions. Chloe retorted that she had, but it could have been worse if Kevin had been hauled away in handcuffs, and Kevin defended that the police had found nothing. He insisted that he wouldn't steal again, but Chloe said that she had heard his promises before, and she was done covering for him. Kevin wondered if she intended to turn him in to the cops.

Kevin worried that he wouldn't have another chance for a plea bargain or a reduced sentence, and Chloe said that he'd still chosen to steal. He argued that she'd started it by taking the money from Noah's house, and she resented the implication that she'd sent Kevin on a stealing spree. He contended that it only mattered if he got caught, and she implored him to think about Delia. He said that he loved Chloe and Delia, but Chloe pointed out that it wasn't enough for him to stop.

Kevin swore that he had needed one last job to get it out of his system, and he asked to go back to the way things had been. Chloe said that she couldn't just go back and that the cops wouldn't let it go, but he insisted that nothing tied him to the break-in. Kevin pleaded with Chloe not to turn him in, and she tearfully conceded that she wouldn't do that to him. He promised that he'd had his last fix, but she removed her engagement and wedding rings and replied that there was nothing left to say.

After Kevin left, Chelsea arrived at work, and she realized that Chloe had been crying. Chloe wasn't ready to talk, and she insisted that Chelsea give her an update first. Chelsea gushed that she'd never been better, and Chloe observed that Chelsea had the glow of someone in love. Chloe said that a rare man like Dylan wouldn't stay single for long, and she urged Chelsea to marry him. Anita overheard and concurred that Chelsea should settle down, but she believed that Chelsea should remarry the baby's real daddy.

Chelsea reiterated that Adam was out of her life, but Anita asserted that lying to Dylan would eat Chelsea up, and she urged Chelsea to tell the truth before the baby's birth. Chloe opined that Adam didn't deserve to be a father, and she mentioned that Chelsea had ended up in the hospital because of him. Chelsea explained that her visit had been stress-related, and Anita blamed the lie, but Chelsea contended that letting Adam back into her life would only cause more stress. Anita pushed Chelsea to consider the financial implications, but Chelsea ranted that money didn't fix everything and that love was what mattered.

Later, Chelsea declared that it was Chloe's time to share. Chloe confessed that she'd called it quits with Kevin and had given back her rings, and a shocked Chelsea asked if Chloe intended to get a divorce. Chloe cried that Kevin wasn't capable of putting their family first, and both she and Delia needed someone they could count on, but Kevin wasn't that guy. Chloe added that Chelsea was lucky that Dylan was.

At On the Boulevard, Chloe informed Billy that she and Delia had moved back into Katherine's house. Billy surmised that Chloe and Kevin had continued to experience electrical problems, but she confirmed that her marriage was over, and Billy said that he was sorry. Chloe disclosed that she hadn't told Delia yet, and she expected that Delia would be sad. Billy volunteered to spend extra time with his daughter, and he assured Chloe that he would be there for her, too. Billy pulled Chloe into a comforting hug as Victoria walked in.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan told Kevin that he'd gotten a call from the police about a search at the coffeehouse, and Kevin disregarded it as nothing to worry about. Dylan spotted Sharon crying on the patio, and he asked if she was okay. Dylan said that friends didn't judge, and Sharon asked whether they were still friends, because a lot had changed in his life since he'd arrived in town. Dylan said that he wanted her to be happy, and she mentioned that she'd felt good about a job interview that day. She added that Adam had destroyed her confident mood, and she was mad at herself for letting him.

Dylan said that he'd seen first-hand how Adam treated women, and he thought that Sharon could do better, but only once she stopped letting Adam hurt her. Sharon marveled that Adam had once been the only person who had helped her, but Dylan pointed out that she had more people in her corner, and life was too short to let Adam take her down. Dylan urged Sharon to go out and have some fun, and she vowed that was exactly what she was going to do.

Dylan stopped by the studio to take Chelsea to lunch, and she said that they'd just had breakfast. He encouraged her to replace the calories that the baby was burning, and she joked that he'd need a bigger couch if he intended to feed her every hour. Dylan softly inquired whether Chelsea planned to wake up in his arms every morning, and she commented that habits were hard to break. He told her not to break them, and he added that she had only been out of his arms for an hour, but he had already missed her. "God, I love you," she blurted.

At the coffeehouse, Gloria condemned Kevin for not considering the consequences of his actions, but Kevin replied that he'd thought of them every time the mortgage payment had been due. Gloria wondered why he hadn't asked her for money, but Kevin said that she'd had no liquid assets at the time, and he'd had to devise a "Plan B." Gloria noted that it had blown up in his face, and she instructed him to make things right with his wife. Kevin testily inquired whether Gloria was more concerned about his marriage or her job.

Gloria insisted that she was just trying to help, and Kevin conceded that he had become accustomed to his family fixing his mistakes, but they couldn't make Chloe love him. Gloria said that he could by proving that he could make better choices. Kevin griped that something always went wrong, and Gloria compared him to Jeffrey, who always went for the quick fix. Kevin recalled that people had told him that one day he'd have to pay up, and he wondered if losing Chloe was the price he had to pay.

Later, Kevin looked down at his wedding ring. He started to take it off, but then he slid it back on his finger and clutched Chloe's rings in his hand.

Sharon greeted Wayne at the Athletic Club bar, and he was glad that she had called. He said that he was in town for a week, and she suggested that they have some fun.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Anita ordered three dozen roses for Chelsea, and she asked the florist to put Adam's name on the card. Sharon ascended the stairs with Wayne, and Adam spotted them as he entered. Anita told Adam that there was something he needed to know.

Friday, June 14, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Leslie and Avery signed the documents to establish their new law firm, Clark & Michaelson LLP. Leslie asked if Avery was as terrified as she was, and Avery admitted that she was nervous to leave a high-paying corporate job to open a firm without any clients. Leslie announced that Leslie herself would be their firm's first client, because she needed Avery to help her access Gus's safe deposit box. Leslie explained that Gus hadn't put together a will, and the bank had informed her that she wasn't authorized to open the box.

Avery said that she'd file a request for the court to name Leslie and Tyler co-executors of Gus's estate. Avery excitedly declared that it would be her first billable hour, and she asked whether Leslie was sure that she wanted to find out what was in the box. Leslie lamented that she knew very little about her father, and it could be her chance to find out more. Avery warned that the contents could be something that Gus had never intended for Leslie to see.

At On the Boulevard, Lily gave Neil a framed photo as an early Father's Day gift, and he marveled that it was identical to one that had been stolen. Devon joined them and griped that it had been a rough morning, because Tyler had decided to go over every detail of the campaign again, even after they'd decided on everything. Lily defended that the campaign had to be perfect, and she and Devon argued. Neil called a time out, and he requested a nice lunch with his kids. Devon checked his phone and said that was impossible after what he'd just read.

Devon reported that the GCBuzz blogger had struck again, and he read an excerpt about how Tucker had used the glitz and glamour of the music business to suck in Devon. Neil defended that he'd written the entry when he'd first found out that Tucker was Devon's biological dad. Neil worried that his mistakes would continue to haunt him, and Lily questioned what he'd done and to whom. Neil didn't know what he'd done that had made someone angry enough to want to hurt him back.

Neil planned to let Alex know about the new post, and Lily hoped that the police caught the culprit. Lily departed, and Devon observed that the blogger had chosen entries that were connected to what was going on in their lives right then. Leslie approached their table, and Neil told her about the post on GCBuzz. Leslie found it hard to believe that Neil would have an enemy, and she advised him to make a list of the people he might have ticked off over the years.

Devon left to go back to work, and Leslie assured Neil that Devon would be okay. Neil agreed to compose a list of people who might want to hurt him, and Leslie sympathized that it wasn't easy to dig up the past, but she was available as his attorney. Neil declared that he was proud of her for branching out on her own, and she said that it was easy to be brave when she was inspired. She mentioned that Avery was looking into gaining access to the safe deposit box, and Neil remarked that at least Leslie had dug up her past by choice.

Leslie admired the photo that Lily had given Neil, and Neil found it strange that only very personal items had been taken. She concluded that it hadn't been a random burglary, and Neil considered it a violation that someone had taken things that were meaningful to him. He added that the worst part was that his loved ones had been targeted, and she wished that they could do more to catch the thief. He thought that maybe he could.

Leslie understood that Neil was upset, but she cautioned him that doing something rash wouldn't help. He vowed that he was done waiting for the police to catch the person who was publicly humiliating the people he loved, and she asked what he planned to do. "Fight back," Neil replied.

Cane interviewed assistants at the Athletic Club. He concluded one meeting, and he made a note that the candidate had been overbearing. He greeted another applicant, and she declared that she was the answer to his prayers. He explained that he needed someone motivated, organized, and able to prioritize, because he had problems doing those things himself.

Cane mentioned that Chancellor Industries had offices all over the world, but the young woman was distracted by a text message on her phone. Cane asked if he was interrupting her, and she claimed that she was a multi-tasker who knew a ton about social media. He said that he needed someone who was available at all times, but she reacted to another text message. Cane noted that her résumé didn't indicate much business experience, and he sent her a text message that stated that her "chances of getting the job are LOL."

Lily joined Cane when he was between interviews, and he groused that he hadn't been able to find anyone qualified. He asked her to hang out to see what he had been dealing with, and Lily took a nearby seat. A young woman named Hilary Curtis introduced herself to Cane, and he was impressed with her credentials. Hilary stated that she admired and respected Katherine for running a profitable, diverse company, and she noted that a large number of the top executives at Chancellor Industries were women.

Hilary desired the opportunity to learn from someone who had worked his way up, and she asked about the biotech division. A surprised Cane said that some board members weren't even aware of it yet, and she said that if he hired her, she'd make sure the board was informed. Cane thanked her and said that he would make a decision soon. On her way out, Hilary greeted Lily by name, and she claimed that she recognized Lily as the Face of Jabot. Cane chased after Hilary.

Cane was happy to have Hilary on board, and they said that they'd see one another at the office. After Hilary left, Lily approved of the hire, and Cane had a feeling that they'd all be working for Hilary one day. She was glad that Cane's time would be freed up for family, and she told him about the new blog post. Cane assured Lily that he didn't believe the rubbish about her cheating, and he hoped that the latest entry would be the end of it.

In the Athletic Club foyer, Adam tried to brush Anita off, but she said that they needed to talk about Chelsea and the baby. Anita mentioned that Chelsea was starting to show, and Adam sarcastically called the news fascinating. Anita said that it was obvious that he still loved Chelsea, and she urged him to forgive her daughter. Adam scoffed at the idea that he would grant a free pass after Chelsea had left him and had fallen into bed with another guy.

Anita said that she wanted Chelsea to be happy, but Adam was well aware that Anita's priority was his bank account. Anita pretended to be offended, and she begged him to listen to her, but he told her to go hit Chelsea up for cash. Anita snapped that it was no wonder that Chelsea wanted nothing to do with him, and Adam retorted he wanted nothing to do with Chelsea or her offspring.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor barked orders over the phone, and Nikki apologized for interrupting. Victor asked why she wasn't packing for their honeymoon, and she suggested that they cancel the trip, because it wasn't a good time to leave their children. Victor argued that their kids were grown, and he insisted that Nick and Victoria would be fine. She wondered if Victor had any concerns about leaving Adam in charge of the company, and Adam appeared in the doorway.

Victor told Adam that he and Nikki had been discussing their honeymoon trip to Italy, and Adam mentioned that there was a board meeting the following week. Victor instructed Adam to go ahead with the meeting, and he asked Adam to run the company while Victor was gone. Adam questioned whether Victor trusted him, and Victor asserted that Adam had proven himself to be loyal to Victor and the company. Adam suspected that Victor was testing him, and Victor admitted that he had a tendency to test his children.

Victor insisted that it wasn't a test or trick, and Adam reminded him that Adam was the CEO of the company. Victor pointed out that the company bore Victor's name, and Adam countered that it was his own name, too. Nikki found their banter exhausting, and she left. Adam asked if Victor really trusted him, and Victor replied that he trusted Adam as much as Adam trusted Victor. Victor departed, and Adam placed a call and reported that Victor was leaving town for two weeks.

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Victor asked if Nikki was in agreement about the honeymoon, and she conceded that the kids would be fine if they left town for a while. He thought that they needed the time away, but she was still surprised that he was leaving Newman Enterprises in Adam's hands, because she realized that Victor was testing Adam. Victor asserted that if Adam was as loyal as he claimed to be, then Adam had nothing to worry about.

Dylan and Chelsea stared awkwardly at one another, and she commented that there was no rewind button in life. He wondered if she wanted to take back the last 20 seconds, and she explained that while she'd meant her declaration of love, she hadn't meant to blurt it out that way. Dylan admitted that it had caught him off guard, and she repeated that she loved him, but he didn't know what to say. She suggested that he could tell her that he felt the same way.

Dylan explained that everything had happened incredibly fast, and Chelsea conceded that usually people knew one another's names before conceiving a child together. She accepted that he didn't love her, and he defended that he hadn't had a chance to think, but she realized that she'd been caught up in the fantasy of becoming a family. Dylan pointed out that he hadn't anticipated their relationship when he'd arrived in Genoa City, and Chelsea surmised that he was still in love with Avery.

Dylan stated that Avery was with Nick, but Chelsea doubted that Dylan could flip a switch to turn off his heart. Chelsea regretted saying anything, and she understood that he couldn't help how he felt or didn't feel. Anita entered and asked Chelsea to go to lunch, and Chelsea stepped aside to take a call. Anita commented to Dylan that Chelsea had always had a taste for the finer things, and an uncomfortable Dylan left. Chelsea told Anita to stop trying to stir things up, and Anita disclosed that Adam had stormed off before she had been able to tell him the truth.

Anita thought that Chelsea was making a mistake, but Chelsea spat that she didn't care about Adam's money, and she called Anita out on sending the flowers that had allegedly been from Adam. Anita believed that Chelsea had lost her mind to throw away a fortune, but Chelsea contended that she was more likely to find happiness with Dylan. Anita argued that Dylan wasn't the baby's father, but Chelsea wondered why that should matter to Anita, since Anita had kept Jeffrey out of Chelsea's life. Anita admitted that she had been wrong, and she didn't want to see Chelsea make the same mistake. Chelsea demanded that Anita keep the truth from Adam, but Anita replied that Chelsea couldn't stop her.

Anita swore that she'd never do anything to hurt Chelsea, but Chelsea recalled how Anita had taught her to cheat and lie in a series of scams. Chelsea had thought that real love was impossible, and Anita insisted that she'd tried to be a good mom. Chelsea wanted her baby to feel safe in a real home, and she knew that Dylan loved the baby. Anita said that she loved Chelsea with all of her heart, and Chelsea begged Anita to let Chelsea live her life the way she wanted. Chelsea threatened to cut Anita out of her life completely if Anita didn't keep her mouth shut.

Dylan approached Avery at Crimson Lights and joked that he should charge her rent for using his place of business as her office. She realized that he'd bought the place, and she guessed that he'd changed his mind about going back to school. He said that he wanted money for the baby, and she congratulated him on his coffeehouse acquisition. He noticed that she was wearing her engagement ring again, and he noted that they were both moving on, even though at one time he'd thought that she'd be the only woman he'd ever love. Avery said that she'd felt the same way about Dylan.

Dylan and Avery wished one another happiness, and he commented that he'd thought that they'd shared an epic love that only happened once in a lifetime. She said that things changed, and he asked when she'd realized that she could move on. She replied that it hadn't happened overnight, and she recounted that the more she'd gotten to know Nick, the more she'd wanted to be around him. She explained that it hadn't taken away from her feelings for Dylan, but she had accepted that Dylan was her past, and Nick was her future. Dylan contemplated whether he had been wrong about epic love, and maybe it could happen more than once for both of them.

At Newman Enterprises, Avery handed Adam her resignation letter, and he wondered if he had been the cause. She informed him that her heart had always been in private practice, and he called her a crusader for the innocent. He tried to entice her with a higher salary, but she declined. She assured him that Victor had amazing lawyers lined up, and Adam called lawyers a million a dozen, but he couldn't buy friends.

Adam realized that his comment had caught Avery off guard, and she stated that she was flattered that he considered her a friend. She divulged that she had told Dylan that day that it was possible for someone to have more than one great love. She added that she had once been like Adam, thinking that she'd never find love again, but then she'd found Nick. Adam quipped that Nick always got the girl, and Avery contended that Adam could, too. Adam declared his belief that there could be only one great love in a person's life.

Chelsea arrived at Crimson Lights in response to Dylan's request to talk. Dylan informed her that he'd seen Avery earlier, and an upset Chelsea got up to leave, but he pleaded with her to hear him out. Dylan stammered that he wasn't good at talking about his feelings, and he admitted that he and Avery had shared something special. Chelsea noted that he was using the past tense, and he affirmed that Avery was part of his past, but he didn't want to live in it.

Dylan proclaimed that he wanted to be there with Chelsea, and she assumed that he meant because of the baby. He revealed that it wasn't the only reason, and until that moment, he hadn't believed that he could have something like he'd had with Avery with someone else. Dylan said that he loved Chelsea, who smiled and hugged him.

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