The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 8, 2013 on Y&R

After Fen overdosed, he accused Carmine of giving him drugs. Word spread that Jack was Summer's father. Abby and Tyler kissed. Chloe kissed Billy. Dylan confided to Chelsea about what had happened in Afghanistan. Neil had flashbacks of being drunk at the Evanston Pub.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 8, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, July 8, 2013

At Sharon's house, Jack stopped by to ask Sharon if she'd perhaps overheard Summer mention clues about her future plans. Jack said that Nick and Phyllis hoped to find Summer in Chicago, where they'd traveled in hopes of tracking down their runaway daughter. Sharon said that Summer had only mentioned being somewhere far away. Jack noticed the family photo album Sharon had left open on the coffee table. Jack picked up the album and found a photo of the quite-young Sharon and Nick when they first married. Jack smiled and noted that a lot had changed over the years.

Sharon told Jack that just after Cassie died, she'd prayed every night that she could awaken back in time. Sharon added that she'd cursed God each day she had awakened in the present because Cassie was gone. As tears filled her eyes, Sharon noted that the old photos helped her recreate the past as if each event was unfolding for the first time. Jack agreed that a parent's love for a child was constant and timeless no matter what. Before Jack left, he thanked Sharon for taking him for a walk down memory lane.

After Jack left, Sharon opened the album to a photo of herself and Cassie. Sharon said, "It's not just a memory." Cassie suddenly appeared before Sharon. Cassie was a beautiful young woman. Sharon said, "I tried to picture you all grown up a thousand times, but all I could ever see was the sweet face in the photos." Sharon recalled fun times in the past when she, Cassie, Nick, and Noah had played games and ice-skated on the pond.

Sharon admitted that she'd begun reexperiencing the past more often lately than she had when Cassie first left them. Cassie replied, "We can't do it all again, Mom, as much as we'd like to." Sharon, sobbing softly, said that she'd heard Nick when he'd visited Cassie's gravesite and told her that Summer might not be his daughter. Sharon noted that Nick would be devastated and that she was the only person who could help because she understood. To comfort Sharon, Cassie tenderly slipped her hand into her mother's.

Sharon, imprudently cheerful, said that she could give Nick the love he'd need to withstand the emotional pain. Cassie lovingly cautioned her mother that Nick might not respond as Sharon hoped he would. Sharon stood and walked to the other side of the room. Facing away from Cassie, Sharon insisted that everyone would be furious with Nick after they learned that he'd passed Summer off as his own daughter.

Sharon expounded on her strategy to woo Nick at his lowest point. She dreamily added, "Even Avery will wonder if she knows Nick. There I'll be -- compassionate, understanding, and completely accepting. Nick will turn to me, and life will go back to the way it was meant to be." Sharon turned around to face Cassie. Sharon anticipated that Cassie would agree that her mother's fanciful plan was perfect. Sharon sobered suddenly when she realized that Cassie had vanished.

At On the Boulevard, Carmine uncrated a shipment of wine before the restaurant opened for business. Fen stopped by and said he hoped Carmine could help him "score some drugs." Carmine explained that he didn't use or sell drugs. Carmine added, "I thought you were smarter than that." Fenmore accused Carmine of trying to lecture him like his dad. Before Fenmore stormed out to find what he wanted from someone else, he said he'd been wrong to consider Carmine a buddy. Worried, Carmine attempted to phone Lauren, but she rejected the call.

Later, Carmine stepped into the alley to throw trash into a dumpster. Carmine gasped when he spotted Fenmore. The young man was passed out. Fenmore's upper body was slumped against another dumpster, and his head was cocked to one side. Carmine rushed to his friend's side and repeatedly attempted to rouse Fenmore, but the young man didn't respond. After Carmine spotted a small, zip-top bag containing powdery residue on the ground next to Fenmore, he quickly summoned emergency aid.

At the Baldwins' condo, Lauren was apprehensive because the day marked the end of a thirty-day waiting period. Lauren and Michael had agreed to undergo counseling and engage in relationship-building strategies before formally filing for divorce. Lauren told Michael that she shouldn't have expected them to repair their marriage in thirty days after what she'd done to him. Michael noted that they'd both made mistakes. Lauren cried that Carmine's constant barrage of phone calls and impromptu visits had further complicated her and Michael's efforts to reconcile.

Michael assured Lauren that the therapy sessions had helped him deal with their issues. Lauren began crying softly and told Michael she hoped he was ready to share their bed again. Lauren initially misread Michael's response. She insisted that their relationship was special and unique. Lauren added, "This last month has been such a privilege. I got to date you and feel the rush like I felt the very first time we were together." Sobbing, Lauren pleaded with Michael to give her more time to prove to him that they belonged together.

Michael told Lauren that he was grateful for being given time to appreciate her generosity. Michael teased Lauren about singing like Stevie Nicks in the shower, and he told Lauren he loved seeing her eyes light up when she laughed. Michael admitted that he'd been wrong to turn his back on Fenmore when their son needed his father the most. Michael promised Lauren that he'd never put anything above his family ever again. Michael added, "I'm in this marriage for the long haul."

Lauren embraced Michael, and he wrapped his arms around her. Michael ceremoniously ripped the divorce petition into pieces and declared the document to be null and void. Michael took Lauren by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Lauren peeled off Michael's shirt, and the couple sat facing each other on their bed.

Michael unbuttoned Lauren's blouse and tenderly kissed her bare shoulder. Their home phone rang. Michael saw Carmine's name on the caller-ID display before he answered. Michael said, "Stop calling my wife." Carmine quickly explained that Fenmore had been hospitalized after overdosing on drugs.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby stopped by to let Kyle know she was irritated because he had failed to show up to have breakfast with her at the office. Kyle became irritated when Abby suggested that he was preoccupied with Phyllis' kiss. Kyle explained that he was worried about Summer. Kyle insisted that he wouldn't have ended his relationship with Summer if he'd known it would cause her to run away. Kyle said he hadn't realized how much he cared for Summer until she after she was gone.

Abby suggested that Kyle phone Summer. Kyle said he feared Summer might smash her phone into tiny pieces if he did. Abby admitted that her own love life had become a mess. She noted that Alex was another in a string of guys that just weren't the right one for her. Summer added that she and Alex would remain friends because she might need a friend on the police force sometime. Kyle seemed unconcerned about Abby's dismal love life.

Changing the subject back to Summer, Abby mentioned the kiss between Phyllis and Kyle. Kyle admitted that though Phyllis had initiated the kiss, he hadn't held back. Abby insisted that Jack should know about the kiss. Kyle threatened to forever distance himself from Abby if she told his dad about the kiss. Kyle and Abby engaged in a heated argument over Phyllis and Jack's relationship. Abby maintained that Jack and Phyllis weren't good together. Kyle reminded Abby that Phyllis had made sacrifices for Jack and had helped him deal with his addiction to pills.

Kyle told Abby that both he and Phyllis had made a mistake. Kyle angrily added, "Dad doesn't need to know that you caught Phyllis and me kissing!" Jack had entered through the front door undetected and overheard Kyle's comment. Jack pressed Abby to tell him what she'd seen. Abby hesitated before claiming that Phyllis was solely responsible for the kiss. Kyle admitted to his dad that while setting up decorations for the birthday party, Phyllis had tripped, and their lips had met when he caught her. Jack became agitated and said he needed time to think. Jack ordered his niece and his son out of his house.

At Crimson Lights, Courtney phoned Summer. To appease her friend, Courtney told Summer that Kyle had been spotted at the coffeehouse earlier, mindlessly stirring his coffee. Courtney begged Summer to return because Kyle obviously missed her. Hurt and angry, Summer replied, "He may miss me, but he dumped me! The more miles I can put between us, the better." Summer noted that her parents had somehow "gotten to Kyle" and had ruined her life.

Courtney warned Summer that her parents were in Chicago, searching for her. Summer berated her friend for letting her parents know where she was. Courtney noted that Noah had expertly coaxed information about his sister's travel destination. Courtney added that Noah also knew about his sister's plans to seek a modeling job from an agency on Michigan Avenue. Summer assured Courtney that she could stall her parents long enough to make alternative plans.

Phyllis and Nick stopped by Midway Modeling in search of Summer. Nick told the agent about their missing daughter and showed the woman a photo of Summer. The agent said she'd recently spoken to a young woman who said she'd recently modeled for a new fashion line. The agent said she expected the young model to stop by and drop off her photos. Nick and Phyllis decided to wait at the office for a while.

After the agent returned to her office, Phyllis asked Nick how he planned to tell Summer that her whole life had been a lie. Nick replied, "Doesn't matter what I say to her. She's going to be devastated. We can't put it off any longer. She has to know."

Nick asked Phyllis how she'd convinced Kyle to break off his relationship with Summer. Phyllis mumbled that it shouldn't matter to Nick. Phyllis suddenly became somewhat agitated and added, "As horrible and unfair as it was to my daughter and to Jack, it just happened." Nick was confused by Phyllis' statement, but he noted that whatever she meant couldn't be as bad as what he'd done.

Phyllis blasted Nick for not having demanded a definitive DNA test years earlier. Phyllis told Nick that he'd been delusional to believe that her daughter had been his gift from God after losing Cassie. Nick worried that Summer might never forgive him. Phyllis began crying. She said Jack might never forgive her. As if her words sickened her, Phyllis recoiled as she explained to Nick that she'd kissed Kyle to make him break up with Summer.

Nick and Phyllis received a group text message from Summer claiming that she was on her way back to Genoa City. Phyllis headed toward the door, but Nick remained planted in a chair in the waiting area. He said, "I know my daughter, and you should know her, too. How can we be so sure she's telling the truth?" Phyllis agreed with Nick, but she decided to return home, just in case. Nick opted to stay at the modeling agency and wait.

Phyllis praised Nick for having been a great father to Summer. Nick said he'd tried his best. Phyllis promised not to turn Summer against him. Nick admitted that he was solely responsible for the storm that was about to bear down on them. Later, Nick decided to leave, and he gave his phone number to the modeling agent. He asked her not to mention anything to Summer because he wanted to surprise her. The agent told Nick she hoped he would find his daughter soon.

Abby and Kyle went to Crimson Lights. Courtney was sitting at a table on the patio, and she overheard Kyle and Abby talking about Summer. Referring to Phyllis and Kyle's kiss, Abby claimed that she'd been ready to drop the matter. Abby blamed Kyle for letting his secret slip after rehashing what had happened when Jack walked in the door. Kyle sighed and cried, "I've blown it with Dad. I've blown it with Summer. How the hell am I supposed to fix this?"

Courtney approached Abby and Kyle and informed Kyle that Summer would be happy to take a call from him. Kyle seemed relieved and seemed to trust what Summer's friend had to say. Courtney added, "You're a total slime-ball for breaking up with Summer, but that girl is so into you! I bet she'd come home if you called and told her how sorry you are." Kyle left the table and stepped away from other patrons to place a call.

Summer had just walked into Midway Modeling when Kyle phoned. Kyle said, "I want to apologize." He admitted to Summer that he'd been out of line to speak to her so harshly at his dad's party. Kyle claimed that he'd tried to push Summer away because he felt she didn't need someone like him. Kyle pleaded with Summer to give him another chance. Summer, relieved, took a deep breath. She agreed when Kyle asked if they could start over.

After the call to Summer ended, Kyle happily announced to Abby that Summer had accepted his apology and agreed to start over. Abby asked when Summer planned to return. Kyle noted that Summer would return after she dropped off some photos of herself at an modeling agent's office. Abby lifted her coffee cup and announced that the occasion called for a toast. Abby smiled broadly and said, "You'll be much better off with the cub than you would with the cougar!"

The agent at Midtown Modeling walked with Summer back to the waiting area after her interview. Summer thanked the agent for meeting with her. The woman replied, "I'm glad you came to us first. We'll definitely consider representing you." Summer noted that between the wonderful call from her boyfriend and the agent's optimistic news, it had been the best fifteen minutes of her life. Before the agent returned to her office, she shook Summer's hand and said she wished Summer only good things ahead.

Summer's mood was upbeat, and she laughed giddily. Her joy was short-lived when she turned and saw Nick walking toward her. Summer apologized for disappearing and forcing her father to search for her. Nick asked sarcastically if she thought he wouldn't be worried. Summer said she'd left town because she was mad at Kyle for ending his relationship with her. Summer blamed her parents' continual badgering. Nick replied, "There's a good reason for that." Summer angrily replied, "To keep me your little girl forever?" Nick stood close to Summer and said, "Something happened years ago, and I'm really hoping you'll forgive me for it."

Jack rested his elbows on his desk and cradled his chin in his palms. He brooded as he contemplated the shocking news he'd heard about Kyle and Phyllis sharing a romantic kiss. Jack balled his fists in frustration. He glanced down and fixated on a full bottle of whiskey on the lower shelf of the liquor cart. Suddenly Phyllis returned. She announced that both she and Nick had received text messages from Summer claiming that she was returning to Genoa City.

Phyllis said she'd hoped to find Summer at Jack's. Phyllis admitted that she might have been deceived. Jack angrily replied, "Deception is a terrible thing." Phyllis said she had something to say, but Jack claimed he already knew. Jack added that he'd heard about Phyllis kissing his son.

Phyllis didn't deny Jack's claim and said she had a good reason to kiss Kyle. Jack argued that Phyllis had nothing to gain from her reckless and selfish behavior. Jack ordered Phyllis to leave. Phyllis replied, "Not until I tell you this." Jack seemed even more confused and troubled. Phyllis hesitated for moment before instructing Jack to sit down.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chelsea noticed that Dylan had set up a spread of food at the loft, and she asked if Stitch was stopping by. Dylan hoped that she wouldn't get mad, and he revealed that he had invited Anita and Jeffrey over. She suggested that they cancel the plans, and Dylan reluctantly agreed. Chelsea started to call Anita, but there was pounding on the door, and Dylan let Anita and Jeffrey in. Jeffrey commented that it was an interesting building, and Anita disdainfully inquired whether Chelsea lived there.

Dylan called the loft an empty canvas, and he thought that he and Chelsea could make the place amazing. Anita fretted that Chelsea had invested all of her money in the fashion line, and Chelsea snapped that money wasn't the point. Jeffrey remarked that Chelsea didn't get that attitude from him, and he added that Chelsea had gone from a mansion on a lake to a swanky hotel to "this." Jeffrey joked that Chelsea was the opposite of upwardly mobile, and Chelsea bellowed that she'd had enough.

Anita insisted that she was happy for Chelsea, and Jeffrey commented that he didn't know Dylan from Adam, but he quickly clarified that be meant the biblical figure. Jeffrey conceded that Chelsea hadn't been a part of his life for long, and all he knew about Dylan was that Dylan was good with a nail gun. Chelsea warned Dylan not to buy Jeffrey's concerned father act, because Jeffrey had once pretended that Chelsea wasn't his child. Anita swore that Dylan was the real deal, and she believed that Dylan would be the father and husband that Chelsea deserved.

Chelsea told her parents that she and Dylan had been talking about names, and Jeffrey asked for what. Anita reminded Jeffrey of the baby, and Chelsea revealed that they were thinking about Emily or Scarlett for a girl, or Terry for a boy, after Dylan's dad. Jeffrey asked if Dylan's father had been a vet, and Dylan said no, but his father had taught him about pride and honest work. Jeffrey chortled that he was glad that he'd never met Dylan's dad, since they wouldn't have had much in common.

Chelsea berated Jeffrey for being proud of going for the easy buck while making judgmental comments about honest people. Jeffrey said that he hadn't meant any offense, and Dylan replied that he wasn't rich and that he didn't plan to be, if it meant spending more time away from his family. Dylan added that he wasn't Adam and that he didn't want to be, because Adam was smart enough to make millions, but Adam hadn't been able to make Chelsea happy.

After Jeffrey and Anita left, Chelsea commended Dylan for standing up to her parents. Chelsea disclosed that Jeffrey had tried to convince her that his dead twin brother had been her father, and she thought Jeffrey's supposed concern was a joke. She continued that money was all that mattered to both Jeffrey and Anita, but Dylan sensed a connection between Chelsea and her mother. Dylan thought that the women talked without saying a word, and he wondered what part of the conversation he was missing.

Chelsea claimed that she had been willing Anita not to say anything to mortify Chelsea, but Dylan suspected that there was more to it. He recalled that his mom had always known when he and his dad were keeping a secret from her, and Chelsea inquired about Dylan's secrets. He preferred to ask about hers, but she called him funny and pulled him into a hug.

Michael and Lauren arrived at the hospital, and they found Carmine in Fen's room. Lauren rushed to an unconscious Fen's side, while Michael ordered Carmine out. Carmine said that he was sorry, but he obliged. Lauren told Fen that she and Michael were both there, and she asked if Fen could hear her. Michael went to ask a nurse to get the doctor, and he demanded to know what Carmine had done to Fen.

Carmine reported that he'd found Fen and called Michael. Michael asked how Fen had overdosed, and Carmine revealed that Fen had asked him for drugs, but Carmine had declined. Carmine continued that he'd discovered Fen passed out in the alley, and Michael accused Carmine of giving Fen the drugs. Carmine contended that Fen had gone after what Fen had wanted, and Carmine hoped that Fen was strong enough to get through. Michael hissed at Carmine to shut up.

Carmine said that he hadn't wanted to see Fen in such a state, and he insisted that all he'd done was call an ambulance and then Michael. Carmine barked that he might have saved Fen's life, and he warned Michael to get off his back and focus on Michael's family. Michael returned to Fen's room, and a distraught Lauren worried that Fen couldn't hear her. Michael informed Lauren that Carmine had said that Fen had been looking for drugs, and Lauren blamed herself for Fen's overdose.

Dr. Flanagan informed Michael and Lauren that Fen had ingested a high dose of methamphetamines that had caused a cardiovascular collapse, and Fen was lucky that the paramedics had reached him in time. The doctor added that only time would determine Fen's condition, and he encouraged Michael and Lauren to stay and talk to Fen. Lauren received a text message from Carmine, and she said that they'd deal with him later. Michael got up to get some coffee, and Lauren pleaded with Michael not to go after Carmine. Michael said that he'd be right back, and he stepped out.

Michael returned with various drinks, but Lauren couldn't take seeing her son unconscious. Fen moved his hand and opened his eyes, and Lauren thanked God. Fen asked for water, and Michael held the cup as Fen sipped from it. Michael asked how and why the overdose had happened, and Fen rasped Carmine's name.

Carmine returned to On the Boulevard and poured himself a drink. He chugged back shots, and a customer asked him to share the wealth. Carmine tried to pick a fight, but the customer backed off and called Carmine a psycho. Carmine looked at photo of Lauren in bed.

Across the bar, Jeffrey handed Anita a drink and wondered if Anita knew that Adam was the father of Chelsea's baby. Anita told him to get his mind out of Adam's bank account, but Jeffrey pointed out that the baby could be soft and cuddly, or it could be made out of 24-karat gold. He demanded to know the truth.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis contended that she hadn't hit on Jack's son, and she asserted that she'd had good reason to kiss Kyle. She explained that she'd had to convince Kyle not to be with Summer, because it would have been a bad mistake. Jack scoffed at the idea of Phyllis seducing his son to protect Summer, and Phyllis blurted that Summer was Jack's daughter. She apologetically revealed to a stunned Jack that the original paternity test had been corrupted, and Nick hadn't taken a second test at the time.

Phyllis recalled that Summer had been determined to go after Kyle, and Nick had thrown up smokescreens, but Nick had no longer been able to control the situation when Kyle had developed an interest in Summer. Phyllis added that Nick had taken a new test, which had shown that Nick's DNA was not a match with Summer's, and the only other option was Jack. Phyllis declared that Summer was her and Jack's daughter, and a teary Jack processed that Summer had been his the entire time.

Jack asked if Summer knew the truth, and Phyllis disclosed that Nick was in the process of telling her. Jack recalled that he had held Summer when she had been born, and he tearfully stated that she had been his. He reflected upon all the years he had watched Summer with Nick and Phyllis, wondering how things could have been different. "What kind of person lies about the father of their child?" Jack spat.

Jack assumed that Phyllis had known the truth the entire time, but Phyllis swore that she hadn't, and she said that she had believed Nick's claim that Nick was Summer's father. Jack blasted Phyllis for not personally seeing the test results, and he snarled that it had been her dream to be pregnant with her lover's child. She insisted that she had been shocked, too, and she had only known the truth for a few weeks. Jack couldn't believe that she'd kept the knowledge from him for almost a month.

Jack contemplated what was he supposed to do, and Phyllis understood that he was angry and confused. She admitted that she had been scared to tell him, since she had helped him get clean, and she had been worried that the news would make him turn back to the pills. Jack sarcastically thanked her for deciding what he could handle. Phyllis argued that she had been waiting for the right time, and he asked when the right time was to blow everything up.

Jack wondered why Phyllis had finally decided to tell him. Jack didn't expect Summer to suddenly become his devoted daughter, and he mentioned Kyle, but his voice trailed off. Jack realized that Phyllis had kissed Kyle to distract Kyle from pursuing his own sister, and Phyllis explained that she'd been stalling to give Nick more time. Jack ordered Phyllis out of his house, but she didn't want him to be alone. Jack huffed that he wasn't her project, and he commanded her to give him half the courtesy she'd extended to Nick. He repeated his order to leave, and she hurried out.

Jack sat alone, and he flashed back to delivering Summer. Phyllis had asked if her baby was alive, and Jack had tenderly handed Summer over to her mommy for the first time. He smacked the table and started to head out, but John appeared and advised Jack to avoid adding to the mistakes he'd already made. Jack said that John had no idea what it was like to be deceived by the people he loved. John implored Jack to consider the news to be a gift, because Jack had adored Summer her entire life, and they shared a beautiful bond.

John urged Jack to think about how difficult it would be for Summer, but Jack was livid that he'd been robbed of years with his daughter and with Phyllis. John counseled that it wasn't the time to make decisions, and he instructed Jack to sit it out. Jack ranted that he and Summer had been lied to, and he refused to stay put. Jack picked up a liquor bottle, and John warned him not to relapse. Jack reasoned that he'd earned a drink, and John begged Jack not to undo his progress.

From Crimson Lights, Phyllis left a message for Nick, saying that her conversation with Jack had gone badly. She needed to know how Summer was, and she decided to head back to Chicago.

In a hotel room, Summer blasted Nick for preferring to lock her up rather than let her grow up or be happy. Nick repeated that there was something he had to tell her, and it was the hardest thing he'd ever had to say. Nick called Summer's birth a miracle, because Phyllis hadn't thought that she could have kids, and there had been a chance that Nick wasn't Summer's dad. Nick explained that Jack and Phyllis had been married around the time that Nick and Phyllis had become involved, and Nick had been in a bad place after Cassie's death. Summer realized that Phyllis and Nick had cheated on their spouses, and she was horrified that she'd been born out of an affair.

Nick recounted that loving Summer had gotten him through the toughest part of his life. Summer understood that Nick loved her, and while she was sick to her stomach about the affair, she thought they could get through it. Nick pledged that they would, but he said that there was more. He reiterated that there had been a question about who her father really was, and they hadn't known conclusively back then. Nick continued that he'd taken another paternity test, and it had confirmed that Jack was Summer's biological father.

Summer begged Nick to stop, because he was obsessed and would say anything to keep her away from Kyle. Summer snapped that Nick was just as bad as Phyllis, and Nick wished he could take back what he'd said and done, but he couldn't. Summer sobbed that Nick had been her daddy for her entire life, and Nick swore that he loved her and would always be her father, but Jack was her biological dad. She tearfully wondered why Nick had decided to tell her.

Summer sadly recalled Nick calling her "Supergirl," and she'd loved the stupid nickname even after she'd outgrown it. She realized that for her entire life, Nick had known that she might not be his, and she thought that she hadn't mattered enough for him to find out. Nick declared that Summer had been the greatest thing in his life, but she flatly stated that he wasn't her father. Summer cried that she didn't know how to deal with having someone else's life, because hers had all been a lie.

Nick insisted that Summer had saved his life after Cassie had died. He said that watching Summer grow up had been like seeing a million miracles in a row, and that would never change. Summer sobbed that it had all changed, and she questioned why Nick had waited to ruin everything. She commented that it had been a great day between the modeling agency and Kyle's call, and she suddenly realized that she had been falling in love with her brother. She asked if Kyle knew who she was, and Nick replied that Kyle wasn't aware yet.

Nick offered to take Summer home, so she could sleep in her own bed, and he promised that he and Phyllis would do everything they could to help Summer through it. Summer shook her head and said that she didn't have a home, a bed, a family, or a dad. She wailed that her life was all lies and secrets, but Nick insisted that she had people who cared about her and who would die for her. He swore that everything would be okay, and he reached out to her, but she yelled to leave her alone.

Nick said that it hurt him to see Summer hurting, and he wanted her to feel safe again, like the world was okay. She replied that it wasn't, and she couldn't stand to be with him. Summer whimpered for Nick to just go away, and Phyllis knocked on the door. Nick opened it, and Phyllis made a beeline for Summer, who told her to stop, because Summer blamed Phyllis, too.

Summer called Phyllis selfish and sick to listen to Summer talk about her feelings for Kyle, but Nick defended that Phyllis hadn't known until a few weeks before. Nick revealed that it had been his lie, and he accepted sole responsibility. Summer accused Nick of trying to be noble after he'd deceived them, and she asked if Jack knew the truth. Phyllis divulged that she'd just told him, and she understood that it would take time for both Jack and Summer to adjust.

Nick offered to take Summer home to rest, but she adamantly refused to go anywhere with him. Nick stepped toward her and called her his girl, and he swore that he would always love her. He said that he'd be at home, waiting for her when she was ready. He left, and Summer collapsed into sobs. Phyllis held Summer as she cried, and she assured her daughter that everything would be okay.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

At the police station, Kevin jokingly asked when he would get his badge and handcuffs. Paul quipped back, "Halloween." Paul said that computer techs were not law enforcement officers. Kevin got serious and thanked Paul for the job, but Paul gave the credit to Alex.

Michael rushed in and shouted that Carmine had tried to kill Fen, who was in a hospital bed, trying to recuperate from an overdose on drugs provided to Fen by Carmine. Michael demanded Carmine's arrest. Paul said that he felt for Michael but could not arrest Carmine without more evidence. Michael said that they had the victim, Fen's word, but Paul replied that Carmine's involvement with Lauren and the estrangement between Michael and Lauren gave both Michael and Fen a reason to lie.

Michael quickly assured Paul that he and Lauren had reconciled and were determined to leave Carmine in the past. Michael told Paul that as soon as Lauren had stopped taking Carmine's calls, Fen had gotten hurt. Paul decided to investigate and prepared to leave for the hospital. Kevin took Michael aside and expressed his happiness that Michael and Lauren were back on track. Kevin added that he wished he could say the same for himself and Chloe.

Lauren sat by Fen's bedside as Carmine peered at them through the glass in the door. Lauren noticed him and went to the hall. Lauren asked Carmine how he dared be there. Carmine said that he was worried. Lauren was outraged and told Carmine that he was the reason that Fen was in the hospital to begin with. Carmine said that he had only called to warn her, but Lauren accused Carmine of going to extreme lengths to get back in her life. Carmine grabbed Lauren's arms, but Lauren struggled and shouted for Carmine to get out.

Paul and Michael arrived just in time to witness Lauren's struggle. Michael charged at Carmine, but Paul stopped him. Paul told Michael not to make matters worse. Michael rejoined that Carmine had tried to kill Fen. Carmine interjected that Fen had not gotten drugs from him. Paul urged Michael to stay out of the situation and to let Paul handle Carmine legally. Michael agreed reluctantly.

Paul asked Carmine to go to the station to answer questions. Carmine agreed to accompany Paul, but was incredulous that Lauren did not believe him because of all that Carmine perceived that they had shared. Lauren asked Michael to promise that Carmine would pay for his crime and not get away with hurting Fen.

Michael and Lauren were waiting by Fen's beside when he awoke. Fen asked about the commotion in the hall. Michael told Fen that Paul had been there. When Fen inquired why, Michael asked if Fen was certain that Carmine had supplied drugs to him. Fen said that he was sure and wonder if Michael doubted him. Lauren said that she and Michael had fixed their marriage and wondered why Fen had not told them about his problems instead of turning to drugs.

Fen said that he had not been looking for drugs. Fen said that Carmine had sought out Fen and said that he could hook Fen up. Michael said that he believed Fen's explanation. Fen asked if Carmine would do jail time. Michael said that Carmine would never hurt anyone again. Fen looked smugly pleased.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki held grandson Johnny as she questioned Victoria's decision about Victoria's marriage to Billy. When Victoria said that she did not want to talk about Billy, Nikki said that it was only a matter of time until Billy knocked on the door, looking for Victoria. Victoria admitted that she was still very angry with Billy. Nikki replied that she had also been furious with Billy, but had reconsidered after Victor had arrived home and called Billy an unredeemable addict and a loser.

Victoria wanted Nikki's advice about whether or not to give Billy another chance. Nikki said that she was also an addict, and she knew how easy it was to slip. Nikki added that it would be hypocritical of her not to believe in second chances or to believe that an addict could change. Victoria said that she still had nightmares about being kidnapped, and she felt like Billy's gambling was a betrayal. Nikki said that was what happened to the family of an addict. Nikki told Victoria that Billy needed help, and Victoria's family needed help.

Billy ran into Delia and Chloe at Crimson Lights. Delia was glad to see him, and Billy clowned for her. Chloe took in Billy's disheveled state and sent Delia off for a doughnut. Chloe asked Billy if he had gotten drunk before or after his Gambler's Anonymous meeting. When Chloe demanded to know what had happened, Billy said that Victor had toyed with Victoria's love for Newman, and Victoria had started obsessing with her job, which had led to friction.

Chloe said that she sympathized up to a point, but all addictions had triggers, and Billy had to resist responding to those triggers in a self-destructive way. Billy said that he had been lost without his wife, and he had caved. Chloe said that while Victoria might not be on Billy side at that moment, she was, and Chloe was not giving up on Billy. Chloe added that she was not being selfless; she needed Billy in her life, and so did Delia.

Billy was encouraged and told Chloe that if his 8-year-old daughter could beat cancer, he could beat his gambling addiction. Delia appeared with a doughnut in time to overhear. She asked Billy if he was sick. Billy said that he had been sick, but that he was much better and intended to get well just like Delia had done.

Adam and Victor had a breakfast meeting at the Athletic Club. They got their business out of the way and then sparred about Adam's love life. Victor wanted to meet Adam's new flame, but Adam wanted to wait. As Adam got up to leave, Victor told Adam to do him proud. When Adam asked if Victor meant in love or business, Victor told Adam, "Both."

On his way out, Adam met Melanie on her way in to meet Victor. Adam asked if Melanie knew what to do. She replied that she should work the hidden agenda. When Melanie arrived at Victor's table, she acknowledged meeting Adam, but assured Victor that Adam was in the dark about Melanie's work for Victor.

Victor asked for tidbits about Adam. Melanie said that Adam was still working on acquiring the Broderick Group. Victor wanted to know how Adam would fund the project. Melanie said Adam would get the funds in the same place he had gotten the funds to buy Newman back, which was somewhere in Japan. Victor demanded to know how much Adam was paying Melanie to lie to Victor.

Melanie said that she was not lying and asked why Victor thought that she was. Victor said that Adam was not stupid and would never go after the Broderick Group. Melanie retorted that maybe Adam knew something that Victor did not. Victor told Melanie that if she was betting on Adam, she was backing the wrong horse, and he demanded to know what leverage Adam had on her.

Melanie bit the bullet and admitted that Adam had threatened her law career. Melanie asked if they could turn the situation around and she could go back to spying on Adam. Victor said that loyalty was very important to him. Melanie asked about Adam. Victor said that unfortunately for her, Adam was his son and got a pass, but she did not. Victor fired Melanie. Adam saw the encounter.

Melanie left Victor and joined Adam. Adam was surprised that Victor had caught on to Adam's scheme to use Melanie and expressed admiration for Victor. Melanie said that she did not care about their father-son one-upsmanship because she had just lost her job. Melanie told Adam that she would like to continue their romantic relationship. Adam told Melanie that she had failed him. He said that since Melanie was not useful to Victor, she was no longer useful to him.

Melanie demanded that Adam get her a more prestigious job than the one that she had held at Newman, but Adam was ruthless when he told Melanie that she had failed to live up to her end of the bargain. Melanie got tearful and told Adam that she was beginning to have feelings for him. Adam coldly told her that she was bright and beautiful and would find another job, but she had failed him. Adam got as far as, "Like father, like" before hesitating. He concluded the phrase with "Goodbye."

Leslie and Neil met for breakfast at On the Boulevard. Neil said that his new plan was to ignore the blogger and hope that the blogger stopped attacking Neil before anyone else got hurt. Leslie pointed out that Neil's silence could also cause the blogger to speed up the attacks. Leslie said that if Neil was backing off to spare her, then he need not bother, because she was all in. When Neil said that another reason was because he did not know what the blogger meant by calling Neil a coward, Leslie told Neil that his plan might work.

Leslie said that she needed a little of Neil's Zen because she had not been sleeping well. Leslie shared that she had been staying up rereading Rose Tyler's letters to Gus, and she had been profoundly disturbed. Leslie read one letter from Rose, which contained a heartfelt plea for Gus to continue his letters to Rose. In the letter, Rose said that Gus's letters gave her a reason to get up every day, and she did not want to give them up. Rose said that she did not care that Gus might never get out of prison.

Leslie said that she thought it was so sad that Gus had tried to make it up to Rose by leaving half of his estate to her and even sadder that Rose had died in a hospital in Evanston in 2007 without Gus ever being aware of her death. Leslie said that Gus had been trying to spare Rose more pain, and Leslie was glad that she had found out more about her dad.

After Leslie was called to see a client, Neil thought back in time to a bar in Evanston where he had been sitting in a booth with a drink in his hands.

Victoria went to see Billy at On the Boulevard. They exchanged small talk about her trip and Delia's illness. Victoria said that she had been talking to her mother about addiction and relapse. Victoria asked Billy about his Gamblers Anonymous meeting but noticed that Billy was distracted by a man signaling him from the bar. Billy said it was a supplier waiting to get paid, but the supplier could wait. Victoria encouraged Billy to go take care of his business.

The supplier was one of Billy's gambling pals. Billy tried to stop the man from handing him an envelope with money in it, but the gambler would not be put off. Victoria was lurking and emerged as soon as the gambler left. She told Billy that bluffing had always paid big for him. Victoria said that she had intended to give Billy another chance, but it was obvious to her that he had not tried to quit while she had been gone and equally clear that Billy did not care enough about Victoria and Johnny to even try. Victoria said that she would not be played for a fool and walked out.

Victor arrived home at the ranch in a very good mood. As he and Nikki played with Johnny, Victor told Nikki that she had gotten home from Washington just in time because Victor was planning a fundraiser for MS research the following week. Nikki quickly realized that Victor was trying to apologize to Nikki for the things he had said to Billy about addiction. Victor said that it was an important cause.

Nikki said there was a lot to do before the event. She asked Victor who was helping him. Victor said that he thought that Nikki could help him. Nikki laughed and said that she saw how it was; Victor had the idea and she did the work.

Victor asked after Victoria, but Nikki merely said that Victoria was off on an errand. Victor fumed that Victoria was off making up with her useless husband. Nikki cautioned Victor not to insult Billy in front of his son, but Victor said that the child was not old enough to understand. Victor asked Nikki what Victoria was thinking. Nikki said that Victoria was thinking about her family and the possibility of relapse in an addict's life. Victor told Nikki not to compare herself with Billy.

Nikki told Victor not to try to manipulate Victoria. Victor said that he did not have to because he was sure that Victoria would return to her senses and see what a disastrous choice Billy Abbot was for her. After Nikki left to put Johnny down for a nap, Victor received a phone call from Billy's gambling buddy, who told Victor that everything was falling into place, and events had gone just as Victor had said that they would.

At the police station, Carmine said that his detention was crap. Paul said that he just wanted to ask a few questions. Carmine said that he intended to remain silent until his lawyer arrived. Leslie entered the station and said that she was Carmine's lawyer.

Kevin went to Crimson Lights, where he ran into Chloe and Delia, who was delighted to see him. Kevin told Chloe that he had two pieces of good news. The first was that Lauren and Michael had reconciled. Chloe agreed that it was great news but added that it had nothing to do with their relationship. Kevin then told Chloe about his job with the police department. Chloe was pleased, but when Kevin said that he had taken the job for her, Chloe told Kevin that he had to take the job for himself and nobody else.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

At Crimson Lights, Avery left a message to check in with Nick. Chelsea noticed that Avery looked worried, but Avery claimed that she and Nick were just playing phone tag. Chelsea hesitantly asked for advice about Dylan, and she inquired whether Dylan had talked to Avery about the war, because he had refused to discuss it with Chelsea. Avery called Dylan a private person, but Chelsea worried that Dylan never spoke about that part of his life with anyone.

Avery revealed that she had asked Dylan about his first tour, but he had been tight-lipped. Chelsea inquired about the second tour, and Avery disclosed that she had just been grateful that Dylan had been alive. Avery realized that Dylan hadn't told Chelsea that his entire unit had been wiped out and that Dylan had been presumed dead. Avery tearfully recalled the morning that Dylan's father had stopped by to inform her of Dylan's "death." Chelsea wondered how Avery had coped, and Avery said that it had been months before she had stopped crying all the time.

Avery said that eventually, she'd found the courage to go online and read the obituaries of the men who had been killed, but she hadn't found anything about the incident itself. Avery added that she had no idea how Dylan had gotten home, and Chelsea assumed that Dylan didn't have anyone to open up to since his father had passed away, but Avery contended that Dylan had Chelsea. Chelsea swore that she'd be honored to listen, and Avery encouraged her to keep trying.

At the loft, Dylan thanked Stitch for his help with the bathroom plumbing. Stitch counseled Dylan to get all the sleep he could before the baby was born, because Stitch hadn't had a decent night's sleep since he'd been in Afghanistan. Stitch remarked that he would almost rather be kept awake by real danger rather than by the stuff in his head, and he commented that all they could do was live with what had happened.

Dylan said that he lived by building a home, getting engaged, and preparing for his child's birth. Stitch noted that Dylan had the framework down, but the rest of it would have to be filled in over time. Dylan acknowledged that he and Chelsea didn't have many memories, but making them would be half the fun. Stitch urged Dylan to open up to Chelsea, and he added that he knew that Dylan hadn't told her what had happened overseas. Dylan stated that everyone had a past, and he looked forward to hearing about Chelsea's.

Stitch contended that the things he and Dylan had seen and done during their tour was a part of who they were, but Dylan asserted that he'd spent enough time alone to know who he was. Stitch said that he would have been messed up if he hadn't talked about what had happened, and he warned Dylan not to destroy himself by keeping it inside. Chelsea arrived home, and she inquired whether the men had gotten a lot of work done. Stitch pointedly said that they'd made progress, but he had to leave, since his wife and son were due home the next day. Stitch told Chelsea to take care of Dylan, and he left.

Dylan excitedly showed Chelsea all the changes he'd made, and she couldn't believe everything that he'd done for her. She asked who took care of him, and he said that he took care of himself. She didn't feel that he was looking after himself the way he deserved. Chelsea begged Dylan to confide in her, and she assured him that nothing could change the way she felt about him. Dylan remained silent, and Chelsea realized that he wasn't ready, but she promised that she'd be there to listen when he was. Dylan murmured that maybe it was time.

At the Underground, Mason served Abby and Lily drinks, and Lily sympathized with Mason that Jabot had gone in another direction with the fashion campaign. Lily toasted to a fun and productive working environment, and Abby called her and Lily the dynamic duo of Jabot. Lily commented that the job had been what she had needed, with less stress and fewer late nights. Tyler overheard and remarked that they'd made good use of those late nights.

Tyler clarified that he and Lily had done some fine brainstorming, and Abby complimented their collaboration. Lily remarked that nothing lasted forever, except her marriage, and she mentioned that she was meeting Cane for dinner. Tyler asked if Abby was meeting anyone later, and he invited her to a party at his and Noah's place to celebrate Tyler's new gig in New York. Lily asked if he was moving away, but he explained that he'd work remotely. Abby said that she would be there, and Tyler told Mason to show up with a case of beer. Lily hoped that the job was what Tyler had been looking for.

Courtney stopped by Noah's apartment, worried because she hadn't heard from Summer. Noah reported that Summer was on her way home, and Courtney expected that Summer would be angry with her, but a clueless Noah anticipated that Summer would soon be back to her old life. Courtney noticed his guitar and asked if he played. He said that the instrument mostly served as a clothing rack, but he had recorded a few commercials and had played a few venues.

Courtney mentioned that she was majoring in music at Genoa City University, and she asked why Noah had given it up. He replied that he hadn't been able to see himself doing it for the rest of his life. Mason and Tyler arrived home with grocery bags, and Noah surmised that Tyler had invited people over. Tyler bragged that there would be models, and Noah remarked that he was glad he'd decided to stay in. Tyler invited Courtney to stay.

Some attractive women arrived for the party, and Courtney asked Mason for a drink, but he refused. Abby entered, and Tyler asked if her cop boyfriend would mind that she was there, but she replied that she didn't have a boyfriend. She inquired whether Tyler had anyone special, and he said not yet. She wondered why he had flirted with her, since she wasn't his type, and she noted that he'd invited brunettes. Tyler proclaimed that he needed to break old habits, and he gently touched her hair. He pulled her into the hallway, and they kissed passionately.

Abby pulled back, and Tyler wondered if she hadn't enjoyed their kiss. She admitted that she had, but she needed to go home. She explained that the "old Abby" would have jumped into bed with him, but she was trying to do things right. Tyler grumbled about his luck, but Abby assured him that it would change eventually. She kissed his cheek and wished him a good night.

At On the Boulevard, Cane encouraged Neil to quit working for the day. Neil said that he couldn't, since the new line was about to launch, and Cane marveled that his own life was balanced, thanks to his new assistant. Cane invited Neil to join him and Lily for dinner, but Neil remarked that he'd spent the day with Lily, and it was Cane's turn. Cane spotted Hilary, and he excused himself for his meeting. Neil flashed back to drunkenly setting down a drink on a coaster at the Evanston Pub. Jill interrupted Neil's thoughts.

Hilary informed Cane that she'd moved around some appointments to fit in a conference call, and Cane said that he didn't know what he'd do without her. She imagined that he'd be juggling, and he joked that he would be dropping the balls. Cane spotted Jill and suggested that they go over a contract together, but Hilary preferred to email it to Jill instead. Cane assumed that things were awkward between the women, and Hilary revealed that there had been another incident.

Hilary reported that Jill had said that Cane's job had taken a toll on his marriage, and Jill had warned Hilary not to take it as an invitation to push the boundaries of Hilary and Cane's relationship. Cane apologized for Jill's behavior, and he insisted that Hilary hadn't overstepped. Cane suspected that Jill was trying to rattle him so Jill could swoop in and take his job, but Hilary truly believed that Jill was only looking out for him.

Neil completed a phone call, and Jill asked if he was okay. He blamed his distracted demeanor on a long day, and he invited her to join him for dinner. He suspected that she might rather join Cane, but Jill huffed that Cane was with his "shadow." Neil mentioned that Cane had spoken highly of Hilary, and Jill griped that Hilary could do no wrong in Cane's eyes. Jill stated that she didn't share Cane's opinion, but Neil argued that Hilary had freed Cane up to spend time with his family, and Neil wanted Lily to be happy.

Jill didn't blame Neil for wanting the best for his children, and she confided that Billy was gambling again, but Billy had sworn that it was no big deal. Neil pointed out that denial meant that an addict was in pretty deep, and Jill didn't understand why Billy had relapsed, because things had been going well. Neil said that he'd been thinking about a time when he'd relapsed six or seven years before, but support from his family and friends had rescued him from that dark place. Jill hoped that it worked for Billy, too.

Lily arrived at the restaurant, and she commented to Neil that she was glad that the blogger's latest post hadn't gotten to him. Lily left to join Cane, and Jill inquired about the post, but Neil didn't want to talk about it. Lily approached Cane and Hilary, who were huddled together, and she asked what was so interesting. Hilary said that they had been going over a contract, but Cane's mind hadn't been on business.

Once alone, Cane asked Lily about happy hour, but Lily said that she would have preferred to spend the time with him. She noticed him glance at Jill, and she suggested that he go over and talk to Jill, but he refused to talk to anyone else when he had a gorgeous woman in front of him. Cane called Lily the most important thing in his life, and he kissed her hand. They pledged their love to one another.

Neil looked at his phone, and Jill asked if there was a problem. He disclosed that there had been another posting, and the blogger was making him and his family the target of malicious gossip. He read the blogger's words that Neil could try to ignore the posts, but it wouldn't change the facts. Jill asked what it meant, but Neil didn't have a clue.

Jill thanked Neil for dinner, and she wished him luck with the blog. After Jill left, Neil sipped his iced tea and flashed back to taking a drink at the Evanston Pub. He had looked at newspaper with a headline about Dru being presumed dead.

A despondent Summer curled up in bed in her Chicago hotel room. Phyllis said that it was time to get up, and she understood that Summer needed some time to get her thoughts together, but they had to go home. Summer declared that she wasn't going home, and Phyllis mentioned that Nick was waiting to talk to Summer. Phyllis thought it would be helpful for Summer to hear her father's side, but Summer snapped that Nick wasn't her dad, and she ordered Phyllis never to call him that again.

Summer expected Phyllis to say that DNA didn't mean everything and that Nick loved her, but Summer argued that he would have been honest with her if he did. Phyllis urged Summer to convey her feelings to Nick, but Summer didn't know what to say to everyone else. Summer bemoaned that everything she'd believed about herself had been wrong. She wailed that she had been proud to be a Newman and to be part of an amazing family. She cried that she was no one, and she didn't belong to anyone.

Phyllis insisted that Summer was the same amazing person she had been the day before. Phyllis added that she was still Summer's mom, and Noah and Faith were Summer's siblings, so Summer still had the same family. Summer stated that the Abbotts were her family, but Phyllis argued that genetics had nothing to do with it. Phyllis asserted that family was about experiences and tradition, and she urged Summer to think about all the times and holidays their family had spent together. Summer wanted the memories to disappear, but Phyllis said that Summer had a choice to walk away from her life and family, or Summer could deal with the issue head-on and become stronger.

Summer said that she couldn't do it, but Phyllis replied that it wasn't like Summer not to stand up and fight. Summer pointed out that she'd run away, but Phyllis contended that Summer hadn't done so when Summer had suffered an allergic reaction and had gone into anaphylactic shock. Phyllis recalled that Summer had worked hard to get better and had graduated on time, near the top of her class. Summer grumbled that she had also bullied and lied, and she sarcastically stated that maybe she was Nick's kid, after all.

Phyllis declared that Summer was Nick's kid, because Nick had raised Summer to be kind and compassionate, and those qualities would help Summer forgive Nick. Summer wondered if Phyllis had forgiven Nick, and Phyllis conceded that she hadn't, but she was working on it. Phyllis suggested that Summer do the same, but Summer replied that she couldn't do it alone. Phyllis promised that she would be there every step of the way, and they hugged.

Nick stopped by the ranch, hoping to talk to Victor and Nikki together. Victor reported that Nikki was planning an MS fundraiser, and he wondered if something was wrong. Nick confessed that he wasn't Summer's biological father. Victor pointed out that Nick had taken a DNA test, and Nick explained that the test had been contaminated, but he'd never followed up with a second one, because he'd needed Summer to be his. Nick continued that he'd had to know the truth when Summer had become serious about Kyle, and the second test had confirmed that Nick wasn't her father. A stunned Victor realized that Jack was Summer's father.

Victor called it a sick joke, because Jack had been trying to best him for decades by stealing the company and Nikki. Nick questioned whether Victor's feelings for Summer had changed, and he couldn't believe that Victor would abandon her. Nick recalled that Abby hadn't loved Brad any less when she'd learned that Victor was her biological dad, and he said that Summer loved Victor and Nikki. Nick warned Victor not to make it a competition with Jack at Summer's expense.

Victor agreed that Summer's welfare was more important than his rivalry with Jack, and he asked how Summer had reacted to the news. Nick lamented that Summer wanted nothing to do with Nick, and Victor advised Nick not to let her go, because she was part of their family and their hearts. Victor proclaimed that no matter what the test had said, Nick was Summer's dad.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Chloe called Chelsea, who was late to go over some samples, but Chelsea told Chloe to handle it without her. Dylan assured Chelsea that it was okay for her to go to work, but Chelsea insisted that he was more important. Chelsea prompted him to tell her what he had been through overseas, and he swore that he didn't want to keep secrets, but it was hard for him to think about. Chelsea asked if he'd talked to anyone, and Dylan informed her that Sharon had heard some of it, but not even he really knew everything that had happened.

Chelsea was surprised that Dylan had been close with Sharon, and he recounted that Sharon had offered him a job to repair the damage to her home after the storm. He mentioned that Faith had liked to help out, and they'd spent a lot of time together. Dylan said that Faith had reminded him of a little girl named Aura, who he'd met in Afghanistan. He revealed that Aura's family had saved his life, but it had cost them theirs. Dylan lamented that they were dead because of him.

Dylan recounted that he had been on routine patrol outside a village when their convoy had hit a mine in the road, and there had been a huge explosion. He remembered being knocked on his back during an ambush, and he'd looked for a gun to go down fighting. He had called to Sully, who had been like his little brother, and he had directed Sully toward his weapon. Sully had followed Dylan's orders, but there had been gunfire. Dylan bemoaned that it should have been him, and people had died because they had helped him, but his life hadn't been worth all of theirs. Chelsea said that it was worth it to her.

Chelsea believed that Dylan had survived for a reason, and he said that every day, he questioned why he'd made it back and others hadn't. He expected that his mom would have said that God had a plan, but he didn't know if he believed it. Dylan admitted that he hadn't told the full story to his dad or Sharon, because he hadn't been able bear reliving the worst parts. He revealed that when insurgents had attacked the village, Aura's father had begged Dylan to save Aura's life. Dylan had taken Aura out the back and had disappeared in the hills, and they'd spent weeks trying to find a safe zone.

Dylan recalled that he and Aura had left the village with only the clothes on their backs, and Aura had fought, but by the time he'd found the camp, she had been quiet and still. An emotional Dylan said that he had still heard Aura's voice inside his head, but he hadn't known how long it had only been in his mind, because the medic had told him that Aura had already been gone. Dylan blamed himself for being too focused on finding help, and he had owed it to Aura's family to save her. Chelsea assured Dylan that he had tried, but he replied that he hadn't tried hard enough, or Aura would still be alive.

Chelsea remarked that Aura had been a little girl with her whole life ahead of her, and it wasn't fair that Dylan had made it and Aura hadn't. Chelsea compared the situation to her car accident, when she and Adam had barely suffered a scratch, but their baby hadn't survived. She said that maybe Dylan's mom had been right, and things happened for a reason. Chelsea wondered if Dylan had gone through what he had to end up there with her and the baby. Dylan said that whatever the reason, he was glad he'd made it home, and they hugged.

Kyle arrived at On the Boulevard, and Billy grumbled that Jack could check up on Billy himself. Kyle said that he'd just gotten back from out of town and hadn't checked his messages, and Billy apologized for jumping down Kyle's throat. Kyle asked if everything was okay, and Billy said no, but he didn't want to get into it. Kyle requested that Billy close the restaurant for a private event that evening, because Kyle wanted to make things up to Summer by giving her the most romantic night of her life.

Billy said that he was in the same boat, because Victoria was barely speaking to him, but it was his own fault. Kyle suggested that Billy plan something special, but Billy thought it would take a lot more. Billy recommended that Kyle do more than feed and apologize to Summer, and he encouraged Kyle to perform a grand gesture. Kyle said that was why he was asking for Billy's help, and Billy handed him the keys and told him to lock up when he was done.

At the studio, Chloe struggled with trying to read Chelsea's handwriting, and Billy arrived to apologize for showing up late and hung over at breakfast. Chloe noted that at least he had pulled himself away from the tables to spend time with Delia, and he recognized that Delia deserved more than that. Chloe granted that she wasn't happy that he was gambling again, but she assured him that he was a good father. Billy told her not to put a positive spin on it, and Chloe stated that he was an addict, but if he wanted to get better, he had to work the steps and go to meetings.

Billy explained that Victoria had been ready to give him another chance, but then a guy had shown up to pay Billy's winnings. Chloe urged him to take it as a sign to stop gambling, but Billy grumbled that it wasn't that easy. Chloe volunteered to go to a meeting with him, and Billy said that he wouldn't blame Chloe if she wanted to cut him out of Delia's life. Chloe pointed out that Billy wasn't in total denial, but he needed to get out of his own way. She tenderly put her hands on either side of his face and called him a good father and a good man. She leaned in and kissed him.

Chloe pulled away and apologized, and Billy reasoned that she had just been trying to make him feel better. She offered to find him a meeting, but he told her to stay there and work, because it was his problem. She worried that he needed a friend, but he asserted that he needed to do it for himself, by himself. She encouraged him to do so, and he left.

At the penthouse, Phyllis offered to order pizza, but Summer recoiled at the thought of food. Summer thanked Phyllis for not making her go back to the Abbott mansion, because she didn't want to see anyone. Phyllis answered the door to Nick, and he said that he needed to see Summer. Summer snapped that he should stop trying to fix things, because he couldn't change that he'd lied to her. Nick conceded that what he'd done was unforgivable, but he couldn't bear losing another daughter. Summer bellowed that she wasn't his daughter, and she demanded that he stop calling her that.

Phyllis argued that Nick had done something without considering the lives it would affect, but she knew that Summer loved him despite what the test had said. Summer asked if Nick regretted it, and Nick admitted that he regretted hurting her and hiding the truth, but he didn't regret being her father. Summer barked that they would never know what their lives could and should have been like, because he had lied, and she retreated upstairs.

Phyllis knew that Nick wanted to make things okay, but it wouldn't happen anytime soon. Nick worried that Summer could cut him out of her life, but Phyllis believed that no matter how furious Summer was, Nick had always been Summer's hero. Phyllis contended that it was impossible for Summer to wipe out the years of memories and feelings, and Nick hoped Phyllis was right. Phyllis called him a wonderful father, but she said that it was time to let Jack be one, too. Nick didn't know how to stop loving Summer, and Phyllis said that he didn't have to, but he had to take a step back.

Later, Summer descended the stairs, and she looked at a framed photo of her and Nick before she put it facedown on the mantel. She received a text message from Kyle, asking her to meet him at On the Boulevard so they could talk. At the restaurant, Kyle presented Summer with a bouquet of yellow roses, and he noted that red roses were traditional, but she wasn't a traditional girl. He commented that it was one of the reasons why he was crazy about her. He explained that they'd had first date there, and he wanted to start over. Summer started to cry.

Kyle babbled that it had been a mistake to break up with Summer just because he had kissed Phyllis, and Summer was aghast. Kyle insisted that it hadn't meant anything, and he wanted to be with Summer. Summer blurted that they couldn't ever date, because he was her brother. She quickly explained that Nick had lied to everyone, and she was Jack's daughter. A stunned Kyle stammered that she was wrong, but she sadly confirmed that the story was crazy but true. He said that he couldn't deal with it right then, and he walked out on a teary Summer.

Sharon and Faith arrived at the tack house, but Nick wasn't home. Faith said that she was hungry, and Sharon offered to make dinner, so the three of them could eat together. Sharon remarked that she liked it when they did that, and Faith asked if Nick could marry Sharon instead of Avery, so they could be together all the time. Sharon explained to Faith that Sharon and Nick had been married for many years, and they had decided to be friends instead, but they were still a family. Sharon reminded Faith that their family didn't live together all the time, but Faith wished that they did.

Nick arrived home, and Faith ran into his arms. Faith reported that she and Sharon were making dinner, and Sharon told Faith to go upstairs to wash up. Sharon apologized for taking over Nick's kitchen, and he replied that it was cool, but she noticed that he seemed distracted. Sharon asked if Summer had gotten home okay, and Nick remarked that everything was not all right. He confessed that he'd made a choice to do something, and Summer hated him for it. Sharon couldn't imagine Summer hating her father, but Nick informed Sharon that he wasn't Summer's dad.

Nick said that he'd believed in his heart that Summer had been his, and he had needed her to be. Sharon replied that he didn't have to explain, because she knew what losing Cassie had done to him and their marriage, and he had seen a chance at happiness. Nick was amazed that Sharon could relate, and she said that as devastating as it had been to lose Nick and the life they had shared, she understood why he had made the choices he had. Nick complained that no one else did, because Summer could barely look at him, and he doubted that Phyllis would ever forgive him.

Nick had no idea whether Avery would stand by him, and Sharon assured him that he wasn't alone, because he had her, Noah, and Faith. Nick said that he'd have to tell the kids at some point, and Sharon suggested that they do it together. Sharon hugged Nick, and he thanked her. She promised that she would be there for him the way he had always been there for her, because that's what families did.

Later, Nick noticed Faith's bracelet, and she said it had been a gift from Summer, so they'd always be sisters. Nick stated that Summer loved Faith very much, and Faith declared that they were family. Sharon announced that dinner was ready, and Nick told them to get started, but he had to do something. Nick left, and Sharon looked dismayed.

Sharon observed that Faith had hardly touched her dinner, and Faith complained that she'd wanted to eat together. Sharon said that Nick had had to do something important, and Faith inquired whether she and Sharon were important to him. Sharon maintained that they were a family, even if they weren't together all the time. Faith asked if they could be, and Sharon said to leave it to her.

Jack left an urgent message for Kyle, and he picked up a liquor bottle as Traci walked in. She asked what was wrong, and he said that the woman he loved had been lying to him. Jack told a stunned Traci that he'd learned that he'd been cut out of the first chapters of his daughter's life, and he revealed that he was Summer's father. Jack explained that the DNA test had been compromised, and Nick had claimed Summer as his own. Jack added that Phyllis had known for weeks, but she had only just told Jack.

Traci wondered why the truth had finally surfaced, and Jack pointed out that Summer had been getting close to Kyle. Traci blasted Nick for playing God with people's lives and denying Jack the right to raise his child, especially after Jack had practically raised Nick. Traci asked who else knew, and Jack reported that Nick and Phyllis had told Summer, but Jack had been unable to reach Kyle, who was on a business trip. Jack was glad Kyle had broken things off with Summer before they had gone any further.

Jack disclosed that Phyllis had defended that she had been protecting him from relapsing. He thought about the time he'd lost with Summer, and he found it unimaginable that Phyllis had kept the truth from him for even a day. Traci understood the feeling of being cheated out of part of her daughter's life, because she would never see Colleen get married or have children, but it wasn't too late for him to share those things with Summer. Jack said that he wanted that more than anything, but Summer had to want it, too, and she'd spent her whole life with another dad. Jack didn't know where he would fit in.

Traci recalled that Abby had sustained loving relationships with both Victor and Brad, and she suggested that Summer could do the same with Nick and Jack. Jack hoped that it was a possibility, but he couldn't see Phyllis being part of it. Jack believed that Phyllis had committed too big a betrayal by choosing to protect Nick. Phyllis entered, and she contended that Jack knew why she'd kept the secret, but he called it a convenient excuse. Traci opined that Phyllis might have been right, because Jack was already looking for anything to dull the pain.

Jack defended that he hadn't taken even one pill since the first day of the year, but Traci pointed out that he'd been staring at the scotch bottle. Jack admitted that he'd wanted to pour himself into the bottle and drown, because he couldn't stand the agony of Phyllis keeping the truth from him. Jack could almost understand Nick's rationale, but not Phyllis', because he had thought that she loved him. Phyllis said that she did, and she asked Traci to give them a moment alone. Traci urged Jack to hear Phyllis out, and Jack asked what had happened to Traci's outrage.

Traci stated that she believed that Phyllis' concern was sincere, and she departed. Phyllis acknowledged that she should have told Jack the minute she'd found out, but he chastised her for protecting Nick. Phyllis asserted that she hadn't just been worried about Jack's addiction, but she had also been afraid of Summer's reaction. She insisted that she had just been trying to figure out how to break the news to Summer, and she hadn't wanted to hurt Jack.

Phyllis continued that she wanted Jack to have a relationship with their daughter. He got choked up, and she said that she had to live with Nick's choice, even though she wasn't happy with it. She pointed out that Nick had deprived her of raising her child with the biological father, but the only thing that mattered was that Jack and Summer were safe.

Phyllis swore that she had tried to make it easier for everyone, but Jack said that nothing about the situation was easy. She relayed that she had asked Nick to take a step back to allow Jack a chance to get to know Summer better, and Jack snarled that he had a few choice words for Nick. Meanwhile, Nick arrived at the front door.

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